Monday, March 23, 2020

"Looking for Elbow Room Amongst the Rummaging and Rampaging Snouts of Hungry Ghosts at Apocalypse Smorgasbord."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings, my friends! It is a joy for me to be here today. It is a wonder as well, given the odds, over the long reach and... recent events. One of the lessons I take away from my recent encounter with pain and the inexplicable source and purpose of it is... There is something within us that is seeking to destroy us. This is not its conscious understanding of its efforts but rather the sure and certain outcome, because it's agenda and ambitions are for its own survival at all costs. There is, at the same time, something within us that urges and presses for Serenity and Eternity. You could say it is like the angel on the one shoulder and the devil on the other. Both of them use the mind as a trampoline of thought, projected and bouncing the formed, out of the formless aether, creating a projected pathway for its intentions.

You could call it our higher and lower nature. They want to go in different directions. In Times of Material Darkness, there is a greater support structure for the lower nature. More people are going in the direction of the lower nature, so it sets up a kind of cosmic tail wind that one MUST be aware of. The lower nature, whose masked persona is The Personality, believes it will sample all of the delights from the Smorgasbord buffet table but he/she/it are not the ones who enjoy these treats. It is the hungry ghosts and a vast variety of bottom feeding entities who are gorging themselves 'through' the self-deceived personality.

The higher nature is the True Self. Think of it as the luminous backing screen, upon which the Rolodexing, temporary personalities play out their little dramas upon and this is not just a feature of this life. It is attendant in every life and must be brought to heel and this is accomplished by standing guard at the gates of the mind and observing the trampoline. At the immediate appearance of any thought, in the moment it defines its intention, one either expels it with a snort, a shrug or whathaveyou, OR... it is nurtured and cultivated, shaped and refined, as a block of stone is, at the hands of a sculptor. HERE IS THE BATTLEGROUND and it is also... The Vale of Peace;

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

Pause for a moment, here on this day, which is preceded by many other days and which is also a port of departure for however many days remain. That particular number is known to very, very few. Consider what your plans of the day amount to. Is there a generally pedestrian direction to them, or is there some measure of metaphysical pursuits as well? Quo vadis? For most, such a question is irksome. “None of your business. It's my own affair what I get up to. What has it got to do with you?”

One is either working on the behalf of their freedom from the entanglements of this plane of enterprise OR... one is pressing ever deeper into the murk; ever deeper into the hot, dark center of the self devouring flame of prosaic, banausic appetite and desire. The Personality will go to ANY LENGTH to satisfy its docket. Like a Groomer, it tells you what you want to hear, in order to get what it wants. It lies and connives. It distracts and deflects. It conspires and plots. It will never stop and it will never evolve, on its own, into something finer. That is NOT WHAT IT DOES. It MUST be brought to heel OR... it WILL kill you. You cannot defeat a bear on its own terms. It is stronger than you are. You cannot grab it by the neck and force it to submission BUT... you can teach it to dance. There are those who have done so. The sublimation technique is pictorially defined by Strength- the 8th Trump.

Techniques abound in this regard. Some are simple and direct and some are Byzantine and convoluted. Some are deceptive and accomplish the opposite of what is advertised; authored by The Personality itself. I am not a fan of systems and infrastructures of New Age or Old Age architectures. I believe you FIND SOMEONE who knows the ins and outs of the whole affair, OR... they find you and you recognize them and surrender the whole of yourself to them. Fortunate are those who have found or been found by such a particular savant.

Okay... okay... I could go on at length about all of this. 'This' is what I consider to be the most important and ONLY game in town. Everything else is a waste of time and a waste of you. Yes... there are salient details that have not yet been addressed BUT they have been addressed in other postings and will continue to be addressed in future efforts. Perhaps the best thing right now... is... to give it some thought, OR... perhaps... an effort at NO THOUGHT, would be both salutary and restorative. There is something else that needs commentary at the moment.

Several times, of late, I have dealt with a recurrent problem and apparently... it didn't take across the board. I recognize that it never will because one comes up against The Personality in others. I wish to say what I am going to say with true restraint, delicacy and subtlety, where possible BUT... I am guessing this won't work because it hasn't worked, so I am left with the need for some degree of brute force, candid and frank declaration, take it or leave it and I don't care which of those it is, kind of thing and maybe... just MAYBE, I can soften it at the end.

At least twice now in recent times I have offended one person or another, who comes around my sites and in both cases it was a picayune matter and in both cases it was due to their attachment to some system or organization. In both cases, what I said was provably true, though I could have probably been more descriptive or presented it third party like. One of these came in a comment last night at Origami and I responded by providing several sources of corroboration for my initial and 'vague' reference. I DON'T say things that I haven't vetted. You may not agree with my conclusions or observations and that's fine but I AM NOT going to change my perspective to suit your eight year old, arrested development fit of pique, where I said Batman was Bruce Wayne, or Superman's ass looks fat in that skin tight suit and your feelings got hurt. Grow up! I don't expect you will BUT... it would be best for you. Otherwise you can whine and pout and act petulant, throw crayons, or roll on the floor in a tantrum, demanding that your imaginary injuries get kissed and made all better. SO.................................................

Here it is and this is for everyone and I'll bookmark this posting, in case you are the girl with the curl in your forehead, come late to the party at some time and place yet to occur. I DON'T WORK FOR YOU! I don't have to meet your expectations. I do what I do every single day of the week, all day long and even when I am sleeping and I do it for nothing but the joy of doing it, pretty much. The amount of donations I receive are PATHETIC but I never mention that or ask for them. YOU DO NOT PAY MY SALARY AND I AM NOT YOUR EMPLOYEE. P-E-R-I-O-D!!! There are one or three people who are regular contributors to my work and at the moment ONLY ONE PERSON who consistently sends me something each month. One person~!!! You would think what I write about must be meager fare indeed. Eh?

Others... whose work... well, I'm not going to discuss the merits of it but I will say it's much less in terms of volume and consistency of appearance, get SUBSTANTIALLY more in donations than I but they are CONSTANTLY asking for them. I NEVER ASK,,,,,,,,,,,,, NOT EVER. I do not rely on the reader for my bed and bread. I OWE YOU NOTHING. NOTHING!!! What I do I do out of the goodness of my heart and not for you but for my Lord and Master, whom I do not deserve to serve but who permits me to serve, regardless.

SOMEHOW... some of you have gotten it into your heads that I am the same person who was writing from this location last month, last year, several years previously. I AM NOT THE SAME PERSON WHO WAS HERE LAST WEEK. I am constantly changing BECAUSE that is my single and burning passion. Yes, I used to get upset with people sometimes. Yes, I have been brusk and dismissive but that guy isn't here anymore. I am still trying to be truthful at all times and so... someone's precious little feelings will get hurt inevitably here and there. Too bad. But I am not going to play your pathetic little games. I am NOT going to argue with you. Some of you come around looking only for an opportunity to pounce, to have a gotcha or aha moment. NOT SO EASY is it?

I am not your dancing chicken. You have no power to force or coerce me. I SET IT UP THIS WAY. Those who live by the gospel get fed by the gospel and God takes care of me. I do know the value of what I do. I am well aware of the resonance and hundreds of times by now I have heard about the impact of this work. I don't take it personally. I am only a servant and were I not inspired by celestial influence, I could not do this at all. It's not about me. I'm just a tool, a cog in a vast and incomprehensible machine that works to flawless perfection. It may not be so of me but I am being worked on in that regard.

So listen up! Whether you like what I have to say or not is irrelevant. I DON'T CARE. I'll be back here tomorrow with some new perspective of the same thing and I will do this until I am called to other things. In the meantime, if you don't like what gets said here, take a hike. Go get a past life reading from Ramalamayakshit. Get your aura cleansed by Rainbow Hallelujah Mistletoe. Get your chakras balanced by whatever Little Miss Muffet is working down at The Crystal Healing Center for Winnebago Ego Death Dilettantes. Have a latte! Seethe and simmer if you like. It don't mean shit to a tree.

Every day people write me asking for help or prayers and it's not inconsiderable what gets asked but without fail I come to the fore deck. This is not because I am all sweet and wonderful and such a great human being. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT. I live to serve. It IS my joy. Maybe you don't understand this because you don't get it and because it doesn't apply to you. Maybe you suspect my motives and this is because your own motives are suspect. You think this or that about me BECAUSE it is true of YOU. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. Ageless Wisdom says it is so and I KNOW it to be. I am not insecure or able to be hurt by anything you say. I don't answer to you. Now... if for some reason this is somehow not clear to you, well... that's too bad.

Hopefully this is no longer something that has to be repeated after this and if it is, I'll just refer you here to this post. Thank you and good day.

Today's Song is;

Well... for some reason... yesterday made me feel like Pocketnet is a big waste of time BUT... mere days before I was moved by some number of things I did not see anywhere else. It ebbs and flows I guess and sometimes dead shitbirds come in on the tide and sometimes there are unicorns in the waves and I know because I've seen them on acid so.... heh heh... let's give Pocketnet another chance, shall we?

les visible at pocketnet


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

No false fronts. Love it! A true transducer of WHAT IS.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible Dog Poet.....
ALL 'Shiva's Dogs' live to serve.
Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

robert said...

Dear Visible Fiery One,

Though it seems presumptious to comment on your work of joy in service, reflections from other perspectives may provide a cross reference to the readers.

Ah, the mystery of the human personality, created by the ancient perception that our being is separate from the One Ineffable Being.

Persisting even after we grow closer to realizing that we are actually one with the One, perhaps in a reflexive energy phenomenon?

Where light is, no shadow can coexist.

We observe that in nature, as light radiates and diffuses with distance (inverse square law), the darkness winds around the spaces left unilluminated, tendrils of shadow seeking union.

This push back from the pressure of radiance is a reflexive feature of the phsyical manifestation, so just physics on the psychic plane?

If our enthusiam or vitality dims for a moment, the darkness encroaches to reclaim its "territory" like water swept with broom on a slope returns to occupy the space it once held.

Just a speculative riff on why there is a shadow pressure from the personality, even recorded in the life of the Christ Yeshua.

He was master of it, as expressed for the entire Universe to witness but, nonetheless, like our personalities, it followed Him everywhere, obedient like a loving dog, still hungry for attention and reassurance of being loved.

We are advised by the revealed wisdom to embrace and love our little self's, not attempt to eliminate it. If the personality exists based on spiritual law, this wisdom makes for common sense!

Anonymous said...

He’s not worth your time and attention
Non iligimati carbundum

Anonymous said...

robert's post is humorous at best.

Visible said...

Troll... Snark... and all-round bad vibration... low level nasty... passive-aggressive filters now in place at all blogs... tighter than a gnat's ass... if your comments do not appear here, our recommendation is any one of the Disquis forum site, comment areas, where you will find your milieu. We are sorry to have to employ this but the times they are a stressing and you few are the sort of examples of failed lives that do not gel with the rest of the upward bound.

Shield's up!

G said...

Nice Star Trek reference...

I still can't get over that you think Trump is a good thing, Visible. That's hilarious!

Visible said...

Sometimes it helps to look at the reasons for something, which in my case, are ALWAYS right there to be seen. It used to confuse me that people didn't get what was right in front of them. Then I had that Eureka moment. I realized they didn't want to get it and it served their purposes to misquote me, take me out of context, or simply add things whole cloth to statements I never made. Once I realized that there are people virulently opposed to anything I say and do and shall ever be, I was able to understand what was going on and simply shrug my shoulders and head off on my way. So... as you can't probably understand, I won't bother to address that.

Child of God said...

To G

In reply to your comment about Trump and the rest of Babylon, which is collectively Man's institutions, all of which are used to enslave humanity under satan.


Satan, your kingdom must come down
Satan, your kingdom must come down
I heard the voice of Jesus say
Satan, your kingdom must come down
I'm gonna pray until they tear your kingdom down
Pray until they tear your kingdom down
I heard the voice of Jesus say
Satan, your kingdom must come down
Satan, your kingdom must come down
Satan, your kingdom must come down
I heard the voice of Jesus cry
Satan, your kingdom must come down

Child of God

Le Rocher said...

Hey Everybody - Well, well, well, Les why do you keep answering the swine??? Ignore them - we all do. Living to serve on the planet of the Damned is at best futile. Many out here among us have the same ideals, especially myself, and for all the effort, whom are the ones that hate me the most? my own family, what's left of them anyway. Service is a very long, single span in the bridge from here to there. And now that the means have finally come around to do a good thinning of the herd, those trying to find their way across that bridge, at the last minute, "Walking to Perdition" find nothing butt toilet paper awaiting them. "Let them eat...toilet paper"

The last time I delivered a load of produce to the Fine, Wonderful folks of the NYC area, I had enough. As I left the area I stopped and shook the dust from my sandals, it has taken a while but the proverb has finally come full circle.

I never did get how you could have dislocated the shoulder? But does it really matter? just another learning of the process ??? Personally I have been very fortunate; not shall a bone be broken or a mark be cast. Although, structural defects are in the spine. Got repaired by a mechanic from a different mold. I'll be enlisting this guys profession into the surviving community when the time comes.

The shit that is happening now I have been waiting for my entire life. This newest discourse is but another ONE of the combined destruction's that have befallen this poor planet since the story of 'The Tower of Babble'. And in the end nothing will matter anyway, because it was then that the Human condition was hard-wired to continue this endless cycle of humanities weakness. So, what to do?

Physician Heal Thyself.

It is now WAY past the twilight of reasoning with those of no consequence. Don't let yourself fret over explanations. It's just a waste of good air. Those of us out here that wish we had the means to contribute to the cause understand - "What is and What Shall Never Be" wealthy being foremost. However the end may be divvied up - our Les Visible friendships are priceless. And with that never shirk the responsibility that from which you are the center piece, just as this one is the corner stone and all these others here have their designated descriptions.

Remember everyone - "Life is but a Fantasy"

On a singular note - Remember, you have to head shoot the Zombies to get them to stop moving.

Don't forget to wash your hands, keep your "Social Distancing" and await for the next greatest TV Commercial slogan to divide the masses of sheeple. Oh and BTW - when the $1200.00 checks start rolling in we will all have the means to contribute.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...



Child of God said...




All of mankind are enslaved under satan until they adjoin with God, because satan, those who run Man's institutions, stimulate Man to awake, whilst at the same time they work to keep Man in the dark.


One has to keep an open mind, because at the end of the day even if one sees they don't see everything, so they cannot possibly KNOW.

Which is why we must TRUST IN GOD and remain humble :o)

Child of God

Andy said...

Ask yourself this. When is the last time in recorded History that all the Christian churchs (catholic, Baptist, mormon, protestant, Methodist, Jehovah Witness), all the Mosques, all the Buddhist Temples, all the Jewish places of worship, all the native american, scientology,
kabbalah, pagan, even the Hotel California is closed and the Satanists didnt assemble for a week to Express their spirituality?

***All the faiths in the world took a knee to the virus. In doing so, the all silently exclaimed, "Hail King Virus! The one True God!"

I mean, just like God, you cant touch, smell, feel, hear, taste a Virus. Takes as much faith to believe in it as it does God. Wait, someone on TV told you it was real. You believe someone on TV, you never met before and never will about a Virus but wont believe the friends and family that you known your whole life who tell you bout God???!!

Earth! What a strange place!!!

Dear C.O.G, last time I heard of the Children of God it was a satanic pedo cult covered by a guy running a "love and light" website called zen garden. Rense used to promote it until the owner confessed.

Stop yelling at Satan! The more you yell at him the more real he is. If you ignore him???? He doesnt exist. Lol "seek yeah first the Kingdom". It doesn't say "First ye yell at the devil and tell eveyone what to do."


Has Every faith in the world submitted in unity to anything ever happend in recorded history of man? I spent 15 plus years studying religion. Every faith that has ever existed on the earth.
It has never happend ever in the history of man that I have found.

The above may seem like a lack of faith. As I said many times, This is not about living in fear… it's not. You need to be aware of this situation we are in. Because when every religion stopped expressing its spirituality all at once?????!!!! Something wicked this way comes!!! 

Good article. Thanks old dude.

Andy said...

Yes, those renditions of Spirituality have existed for thousands of years and in one month, they all closed their door and turned away the masses because they are afraid of the flue.

If GOD be GOD?? the Government should be a lesser entity. It seems Death has become the God of this world and the virus its false prophet. Hmmmmmm....

"Whoa to you oh earth and sea!

As per Ray's comment. Yes! You feel everything. There ain't a word in this world yo describe its intensity. It's not God who judges us. Its us who judge us. "Prepare a table before my enemies", "By the same measure you hold others? It will be added into you." Everytime it felt as if I was being "digested" excruciatingly painful doesnt even described it. I have been through that process more than a few times. I own every wrong, I ask for forgivness and I forgive everyone. I hold nothing against anyone. I have had many reasons to do so. However, I dont as best I can. Its impossible to know every wrong. We don't know everyone we affect.

You are correct, that is what is termed as the "fire" we walk through to get passed or "The great throne Judgment". We see our lives pass before our eyes, then we see ourselves as others saw us and then we feel their pain. Yes! Christ died for our sins. Again, it is not Christ who judges us. We do.

He did say, "will there be any faith left on earth when I return."

I await your latest Mr.Vis. are you still doing podcasts? Hope your body is healing. I am praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Visible said...

Well said Andy. Podcasts and even videos (believe it or not) are on the menu. It would be nice if I could do both today.

I don't even notice the shoulder dislocation but the bone bruise I suffered while they were putting the shoulder back it relentless. It diminishes slightly each day. Ah well...

Visible said...

That Dylan song may be the worst thing I have ever heard from him and he is my favorite writer of that century. I'm not going to give my impressions. I(t should be prima facie.)

Andy said...

I just read last night "The Cold, Hard Daylight of Temporary End Times" again. Ite been along time since I read that when ir came out. Hine site is 2020.(Grin) Talk about an excellent display of the intuitive mind. (for demonstration purposes.) Wow! Well done brother Les! Well done! This is the reason I come here "time" to/too/two "time". Mutiple occuances of synchronicity.. very very serendipitous. Only the ineffable (as the gospel of Philip proclaims) can work things like that through a willing vessel.


I do like a few of the commenters. Some not so much. Still, preference is irrelevant to "offence" or "love" for that matter. Where no offence is accepted, no offense is rendered and the Offence remains with the offender. Fuck me? Unfuck you. Lol

Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the word, and everyone looks like tiny little ants.

Remember sometimes a spiral can look like a circle, a wave, a flower, a door, a frequency and even a life. It is only in added dimension that it can be viewed properly.

You know of course,

#1. Coincidence is born of juxtaposition.
#2. Synchronicity is born of multiple occurrences of coincidences.
#3. Serendipity is born of multiple occurrences of synchronicity.
#4. Miracle is born of multiple occurrences of serendipity.
#5. A world is born of multiple occurrences of miracles.
#6. Life is born of multiple occurrences of worlds.
#7 and he rested.

One more time,

I'll be around, I'm gonna head up to the Hopi Rez, now that some of the language in their 3000 year old prophecy is manifesting and have a look for little while. "Dont go outside, eveyone stay put."

Until then.

Infinitely NOW!


P.S. stop being so hard on yourself. Lol I have 19 broken bones, been shot, stabbed a few times, through the window of a car 50 mph. We are getting too old for that shit. (Big toothy grin)

Andy said...

I'm sure you caught that line brother Les in that song I gave you a while back.

"Little more right now, a little less what's next??? (grin)
Act like tomorrow's ten years away.

* full head tilt, best lunatic laugh.


See ya around old dude!

Much love!



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