Monday, June 30, 2008

Isn't it Time that You Joined the 9/11 Revolution?

911 was an Inside Job

911 was an Inside Job
911 was an Inside Job
911 was an Inside Job

Note: I will keep adding images to this post as they come in. JMD sent in the black and white sticker at the top.

We don’t have guns. We don’t have banks. We don’t have storm-troopers and we don’t have a powerful media.

What we have is our convictions, our courage and our potential. We’ve done a lot of research and we’ve done a lot of talking and writing. What we have not done is taken the next step toward calculated revolution. A revolution always begins with ideas and ideals. These power the willing and cause the ranks to swell. Sometimes, often... the revolution becomes subverted and when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there. This is simplistic but most of you have a grasp of the minutiae and some sense of history; real history.

A couple of entries ago I asked for icons and images that could be put on stickers and made available for public viewing. Of course, I would never presume to suggest or encourage anyone to actually become proactive in a way that was illegal according to the laws of the ruling junta of psychopaths who did the dirty deeds and who spread the ugly lies. Let’s just be hypothetical and trust to our individual imaginations. I cannot know what you might imagine. But we shall see.

Some of you have sent in prototypes, which I hope will obtain some further polish if needed and find their way to this blog again where they will be made available to those who might see some further use for them. The dissimilar image was sent in by ‘notamobster’ and the two similar images were sent in by ‘Ang’. Shouldn’t these inspire further efforts? Yes... I think they should.

This is a beginning and it is my hope that this will inspire other creations that will lead to a further exercise of the creative imagination. We hold these truths to be self-evident. We the people are the revolution. We are each of us ‘V’ for Vendetta. We are an army of subversive possibility. One can only imagine the effect of things like this appearing on the backs of bus seats and in subway cars; as bumper stickers on any and all conveyances, as fliers and posters, on store windows and bulletin boards, on military vehicles in Iraq, on the apartheid wall, in national parks, in government buildings, on park benches, as blog icons, as a growing, visible cry for justice and for truth. Only you can know the multiple, byzantine possibilities that wait upon your will.

We have at our disposal a myriad of opportunities to make a difference in every day. What should be the result of seeing these stickers? Of course, the stickers present possibilities but they should also inspire one to imagine other possibilities. There is a wealth of opportunity at our disposal.

Imagine the world awash in images that appear around every corner. Imagine how far beyond this your imagination can take you. Imagine and act. We have nothing to fear but the fearmongers themselves and we don’t have to fear them because their whole house of cards is built on lies.

Let us begin to see ourselves as agents of the truth. It is a country that lives in the mind, which desires to materialize in form and flesh. We are the citizens of that unseen country. We must manifest it out of the wreckage of this vicious fire sale in which we presently reside. We know who the bad guys are.

Begin here. Begin with this and then carry it on into new extrapolations. Every one of us is a leader. Every one of us is an insurgent and a freedom fighter. Every one of us is every one of us. Sticker the world for truth and freedom. Hunger for justice and act accordingly. We have not used our imaginations. We have believed ourselves to be helpless and alone. We cannot conceive of any effort we might make against the appearance of such a pervasive and powerful machine.

Please help with images. Please use your imaginations. Please make one small effort every day to bring the truth before the eyes of the world. We are the real power. We are not meant to be slaves of a conscienceless minority who drinks the blood of children and dances upon the bones of the dead. I will leave you with your imaginations and a quiet moment in which to inquire of yourself... Quo Vadis?

Cave Dei Videt...

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Jacque Fresco; A True Renaissance Man.

I am not easy to impress. Amidst the wreckage of empire when few voices are heard beyond the bombastic bellowing of shills and clowns and cartoon characters; not to mention those of a much darker stripe... there have been... there are... all too few voices of true conscience. There is little passionate eloquence and even rarer... are there any whose technical vision sings like a modern day Da Vinci with a soundtrack by Mozart but... there are some few, some precious few. Buckminster Fuller would be one. Dean Kamen would be another and singing like some marvelous bird... high above the rest... with a song like that of some mythical creature out of the dreams of Lao Tzu by way of Atlantis comes Jacque Fresco.

What can I say about Jacque Fresco? My poor words can do no justice to the life of a man whose elegant vision and humble persona stand as a living embarrassment, a white hot fire of shame in evidence against the lives of the reavers and reprobates of this dishonored age. Here is a man of ninety two, whose regenerated innocence and love for humanity gives him the aspect of a man half his age; would that I, or anyone, had one small fragment of his talent and spiritual force.

Do I exaggerate? Is this just hyperbole? See the movie and you tell me. Read about his work. Study him and then look at our world. Look at what is happening to us at the hands of those who care for nothing but their own profit and importance and you tell me.

It is to weep my friends... to see what a pass we have come to. It is to weep at the callous indifference of those who have put their own citizens on the street; who allow the infrastructure to crumble, who have armed the troglodytes among us with tazers and clubs, made criminals of each of us and who manifest a terror in our minds whose source is none other than those who presume to protect us. It is to weep without comfort and to cry in a darkness that never had to be but... such are the times. The times are the times are the times.

Because I know that there is something sacred and enduring in the human spirit, I know that this veil of temporary darkness will be burned away by that indefinable impetus of freedom that dwells within our imprisoned hearts. Because I know that, for all the pain and sorrow this world provides, healing will come. It is because of this that I do not despair. It is from the evidence of the lives of men like Jacque Fresco that I know we were not meant to go down like a beast to the grave the hands of beasts.

What creatures are these, who storm the throne of dignity and love, who scatter the riches of our brilliant potential like wild apes run amuck in a paradise denied? Who are these men in suits that look to neither side as they proceed? Who and what is this generation of vipers that cannot see past appetite; who do not know the divine intention of righteous desire, who rape and pillage without conscience or consequence? I do not know these men, nor can I call them men at all.

It is a trial and a burden to live in these times. It is a horror. It is some penalty or challenge and I do not know which it is but... I do know that inspiration is not dead. I know that irrespective of all the pornographic and banal music which is the soundtrack of our times; the ill designed products, the terrible food, the endless mockery of television and radio, the whoring out of the children, the shaking and poisoned fat of neglected bodies, the imminent threat of damage and want, the ratcheting upward fear, the lies and indifference, the murders and theft and the perversion of every good thing on the altar of business... I know that all is not lost. When men like Jacque Fresco walk among us it is a sign from a better world that a better world may yet come here.

If I have any credibility with the reader I ask that you explore this man’s work. I ask that you watch him speak and take it for what it is worth for as much as your own life is worth. Jacque is not alone in his concern for everyone. Behind the crowd and outside of the reach of the Hollywood lights there are others working to the same ends. I tell you this because I know how many of you feel. I read the letters you send. I see the world in which you move. Do not despair.

It is a matter of personal sorrow to me that I am compelled to speak about the things that are the ordinary fodder of this blog. It sticks in my belly and it stifles my good spirits that I must talk about the evil at work and those who glory in its accomplishments. It is a rare thing for me to speak of the good and the possibilities of the good that lie within us... so forgive me. Please forgive me for my over-the-top testimonial to a man I have never met but whom I love as if he were my dearest friend.

It is a hard thing for me that there are so few who deserve any praise. Our leaders are liars and criminals one and all. The exceptions are so few that I can count them on the fingers of one hand. Where is there any celebrity who serves without the primary impulse to serve themselves? Where are the religious leaders who speak truth to power? Where are they? Where are they? Where is anyone in a position to speak who is not engaged in a convoluted effort of self-celebration? Why this deafening silence while the agents of your country are engaged in slaughter abroad for the profit of an elite class while the common life is trodden underfoot as if this were the London of Dickens?

Jacque Fresco is a better man than I. He knows something that I do not. He does not spend his time railing against injustice but has rather designed an entire world that is free of injustice. He does not dance with impotent words, devoid of impact. He creates. He has no time to be Don Quixote; that’s my job, I guess.

Take some time to look at this man’s work. Take some time to look deeply at just how deeply he has looked and then look into your own life and see what you have done with your time here. Take a look at the world of the newspapers and television. Take a look at the people on your streets, in the restaurants and all of the environments where we live out the moments of our lives. Ask yourself why the vision of Jacques Fresco is not the main focus of government and business. Ask yourself why Jacque Fresco and others like him are not household words. Who are our household words?

I will tell you why the vision of Jacque Fresco is not the primary industry of our time. It is because the vision of Jacque Fresco is for the benefit of everyone. It not only speaks of a world without strife and war; without want and injustice and the multitude of ills this present world endures, it also has the blueprint, the schematic... the ins and outs and the thing entire. It is detailed and precise and it works. It is a picture of everything we could be according to everything we really are. It is us in the future, if it is permissible for the future to be.

This world, as it is, is sick and ailing and it MUST fail. For all of the better motives and possibilities as yet unseen we must look to men and women like Jacque Fresco. When this world crashes, as it surely will in its present form, then, by the grace of the indefinable, I hope it is a vision like this which defines us. I have nothing left to give for this present world. Take some time to look at what this man has done and if you take away from what you see what I have taken away with me; I hope you will tell him how much you appreciate the time he took on our behalf regardless of what we may presently see.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

9/11... the Truth is Anti-Semitic...

Every now and then as time approaches for a new entry here... every now and then I just don’t know what to say. So I sit here and I think about it and it isn’t very long before my thoughts return, as they always do, to 9/11 and the prima facie evidence of both Zionist involvement in the act and the cover-up in the aftermath.

The terror State of Israel has had its hand in so many things; told so many lies, caused so many deaths that it has taken on a surreal appearance in my mind. Hardly does a day go by when I don’t learn of some new horror that they brought forth upon the planet. Hardly a day goes by when another new lie, or chorus of lies, does not whip across the landscape like rabid bats; routinely and persistently infecting the population with mind parasites of disinformation. We find out that it was Israel that shoehorned Idi Amin into power. We have found that the Entebbe Hollywood rescue was staged. We know now that Israel deliberately bombed the U.S.S. Liberty and that it was no mistake.

We’re told that it was Arabs that instigated the Six Day War and Yom Kippur conflict and then we find that the facts tell a different story altogether. We are told that Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations. The facts tell a different story. The deeper you look the more the story changes. It turns out that Hamas was originally an Israeli creation. I guess that one got away from them. When we look for Al Qaeda cells; a hard job because there is no Al Qaeda, we find that the only one that ever got exposed was a Mossad operation.

Grab an act of genocide in the last century and see who you find at the heart of the matter. How about the Ukraine? How about the Armenian Genocide? You don’t have to look far when it comes to Darfur and Sierra Leone either. All this and Michael Ledeen’s wife too?

The thing is, if you go looking for the truth and sifting the evidence it becomes glaringly apparent soon enough that Zionism and its proponents represent a cynical and viral threat to everything that isn’t them.

When you dissect the real events and official statistics of World War 2 and, of course, World War 1 you find that what you’ve been told is not what was... not at all. You can take what you find and consider it. You can turn it around and look at it from all sides. You can hold it up to the light to see where the light passes through and where the shadows are formed. The more you look, the more you study, the more a particular influence presents itself. Herein lays the key to the application and definition of Anti-Semitism.

If you look into Biblical associations and anthropological studies, as well as what remains of the history of earlier times you come to find that the original Israelis, remaining today are, in fact, more likely to be The Palestinians. Perhaps there is an argument for various peoples being original. There is an argument for anything. When you leave the truth out of the equation all that you have is argument without the possibility of resolution which is... exactly the way some people want it.

Maybe you come across this Ashke-Nazi thing and the Khazar origins and you find that there’s this DNA conflict about what Semitic is and what it isn’t. The Palestinians are Semitic and the Khazar Ashkenazis are not. The Sephardic Jews certainly are. In 1960 there were 500,000 Sephardic Jews and 12,000,000 million Ashkenazim. Do the math. Apply your brain and the tool of reason.

Enter 9/11 and the question... to whose benefit does this event incline? Why were there five dancing Israelis? What does Odigo mean? Why was the security of all 9/11 airports in the hands of ICTS? Why were they in charge of the London Tube and The Madrid Train Station? I don’t have space here- not nearly enough space... to list the damning connections between Israeli intelligence; security firms, dual national neo-cons and sundry.

The argument for Zionist Israeli involvement in 9/11 is so apparent and prevalent that the conclusion is inescapable and without any competing, rational or fact based argument for anyone else, anywhere, anyhow. We could insert Sherlock’s famous quote about the improbable here. We could insert the rules for scientific inquiry here. We could insert all sorts of helpful things but we don’t need to. It’s that obvious. It is where the truth leads us and that is why the truth is anti-Semitic.

This is why there was no real inquiry into 9/11. This is why Bush and Co. opposed any inquiry for so long and then turned over the keys of a sham investigation to someone like Philip Zelikow. They first tried to give it to that paragon of murder, Henry Kissinger; David Rockefeller’s man on the scene. That was too outrageous even for the Nimrods among us.

Why would the president of the United States be so adamantly opposed to an inquiry? This is damning enough. We hardly need to look further. On down the road so many things came out. The BBC shot itself in the foot with its WTC7, Madame Cleo commentary about the building falling before the building fell. Now the plague of accusing letters pouring in to Michael Rudin’s email box requires another mad effort at obfuscation and they’ll be using the redoubtable Nick Kollerstrom for that.

Nearly everyone now knows that 9/11 was an ‘in house’ Zionist neo-con hit job. But you can’t go there because ‘the truth is anti-Semitic’.

Where is the plane wreckage from the Pentagon attack? Where is the camera footage from every event everywhere? Where is all the missing evidence that would be all the administration needed to prove what happened, if it happened the way they said it did? That they choose not to use the compelling evidence, that they have destroyed evidence, is also proof that the evidence says other than what they say it does.

I’ve called for a general sit down strike against the vampire machine. I think we need to use a few other tools as well. Someone reading this article has the ability to do something useful. Someone... make an icon, a logo that says “9/11 was an Inside Job”. Make it smart and sexy and effective and let us put it up in a prominent place on our blogs. You can see me wearing the t-shirt that I designed right here on this blog. We need to print stickers and stick them up everywhere we go; at bus stops and on buildings... everywhere. We need to take a page from the “V for Vendetta” playbook and become a revolutionary force for truth by plastering the world with guerilla art that screams in Technicolor to every passer by. We need an advertising campaign no less slick than Coca-Cola. We need to make noise and be subversive and use all the humor and irony that can be mined. It needs to appear on The Hollywood Sign. It needs to show up on every park bench and on staked signs in the middle of national parks. It needs to appear along the Colorado River in The Grand Canyon. It needs to be a routine skywriting event.

We must go where the truth leads us and have no fear about offending those who are telling the lies. We need to shame and expose and ridicule the merchants of fear and disinformation. We need to take it to them. We need to push for critical mass. You wonder what you can do? You wonder what any one individual can do? This is what you can do. You can become “V for Vendetta” in your daily life. Get a little bag and fill it with stickers and put them up everywhere. Be creative. Leave messages everywhere. Stick them up in the office bathrooms. Put it on bulletin boards. Buy a small box ad in the newspaper and think... think about all the possibilities that have not been mentioned here.

This is a war we can win. This is a war we are winning, just as the overlords are losing their wars abroad. Put some adventure into your life and remember... the truth is anti-Semitic.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Camptown Ladies Sing Behind the Concertina Wire.

In this world it is altogether likely that every one of us has known someone who drank too much and had a driver’s license. As we reflect on those people that we have known, it is safe to assume that all of them have encountered at least one of the following; received a D.U.I., been arrested, been fined, lost their license, been imprisoned, been in an accident, been injured, injured someone else, killed someone, been killed or after experiencing one or several of these possibilities found their way into a recovery program. Of this latter number, it’s safe to assume that some of them went on to experience more of these options before they found their way back into recovery again or were no longer in a position to.

We’ve all known people with more machismo than good sense; people that take offense far too easily or simply imagine it. We’ve all known people who are sure they can kick our ass and are not shy about letting us know this. Our experience has been that when they drink, it’s much more likely that they are going to look for a situation in which they can act out their violent tendencies.

In this life we have encountered people who believe that every man or woman, whether they are single or attached, is fair game. Lies and intimidation are standard items in the tool belt of the amoral personality.

We may not have all met but we have all heard about individuals who kill for personal gain and for whom there are no barriers of conscience when it comes to getting what they want. We’ve heard about people who do terrible things to animals, children, men and women or anything that crosses their path. We know they are among us but they don’t have purple skin, tell tale horns or distinguishing marks. They look like you and me. I once went to a Halloween party dressed the way I always do and someone asked me who I was supposed to be. I told them I was a serial killer, “We look just like everybody else.

We all know people that are screwed up in one way or another. We may even be one of those people. All of us are screwed up on some level even if we are only insecure. It’s really a matter of degree. There seems to be some acceptable parameters between which we can freak freely and then there are the points at which we cross the line. It’s a hard line to see. It’s not the same line in every place. We may know when we cross it and we may not but there is always some consequence, if it is only in our minds.

A government is only as good as the people that represent and administer it. When the majority of its agents are mindful of the law then the rule of law will generally apply. It’s an imperfect world, if only because you cannot please everyone. Balance is the key and balance is normally present when the majority is mindful of the law.

Evil and its permutations is not a new invention or perspective. Evil has been around for as long as there is a history to study. It hasn’t been the same thing over the long course of time. It changes and often doesn’t appear to be evil at all until it comes into bloom. Sometimes what is good turns out to be evil and sometimes what seems to be evil turns out to be good. It’s a hard thing to define and often harder to control because evil can afford the best lawyers. Evil very often has a whole lot of money. Money is the after shave that evil likes to put on before an evening of date rape and dismemberment.

We’ve always had evil. It’s something you manage. You manage it the way you control garden pests. You manage it like highways, with rules of behavior that become laws because most everyone agrees it is a good idea to set certain limits on speed and inaccuracy. One thing that is certain, evil should never be allowed to make the laws that govern our lives. In this case evil can be defined. In this case, evil is what happens when the laws are not a reflection of the will of the people but a reflection of special interests whose meals and means are realized out of the people.

When evil gets control of the mechanism of government then they make the laws. They hire the enforcers and the lawyers and they go on a rampage of theft and murder which does not end until they destroy themselves or are driven back into the darkness by what we will metaphorically refer to as ‘forces of light’. Evil doesn’t come to some moment of epiphany and decide to be good. Evil doesn’t push itself away from the table and say, “I’ve had enough now.” Evil is like a fire. How much wood can you throw on a fire before the fire says, “Thank you, that’s enough for now”?

When evil gets control of a government, one of the first things it does is to go after the control of information and news. Evil is most effective when it can create enemies against which it must defend itself and which legitimizes the manner in which it conducts business. Evil gets a handhold on government when the governed cease to pay attention to it. This is why a wise man once said that, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” One of the goals of evil when it takes control of government is to circumscribe your freedom into increasingly smaller circles. This is why, their in house news organs will proclaim that the enemies which they created hate your freedoms. This government takes your freedom in order to protect you.

When a people become too comfortable in the excesses of a material society they are easily distracted. Comfort is also highly addictive. People who were formerly good cease to have a problem with killing to maintain their comfort level. For a small minority it is impossible to have too much comfort and they enhance their comfort surplus by taking it from the rest of the people. There’s no limit to this. This minority has something very much like a serious alcohol problem and they also believe that they can kick your ass and take whatever you have whenever they want it; be that your women, your money or your life.

One of the things that evil is especially good at is in appearing to be reasonable. The lawyers that evil employs are all reasonable men. A short while ago, evil took control of the government of the most powerful nation on Earth. You know those maps that you sometimes see in subways and at bus stops? They say, “You are here.” That’s where you are.

Things will get worse and worse until either cataclysm or revolution occurs. The worst part of the equation is not the evil that is in control of the government. The worst part is the enablers; those who serve evil for what it brings them in power and prestige, those who serve evil out of fear, those who serve evil out of ignorance and those who serve evil so that they will not wind up like you.

Maybe some higher power will serendipitously burn away this evil from our midst and maybe we are required to act collectively and maybe then and only then will some higher power come to our aid. We all have our own idea of what lies beyond the bandwidth of the senses and what lies beyond the gates of death. Some believe in a beneficent God and some believe in nothing at all. What is certain is that no one knows the mind or the nature of whatever it is that is or is not.

Sooner or later, particular events- or the unbearable pressure of an increasing confinement and want- is going to make the people move. This can take various forms from panic to violent outrage. My suggestion is that it is time to step away from the machine. It is time to put down your tools and stop contributing to the thing that is tormenting you. A non-violent revolution is a difficult movement to stop. There will no doubt be violence but it does not have to be yours.

While there yet remains the illusion that you are free, you must join in an international strike that shuts off the flow of money and goods that serve the interests of the evil which has stolen your government and perverted your laws. A slave does not have the same options and that time will come if you continue to row, row and row down this less than merry stream.

The money changers must be driven from the temple once again. Evil must be driven from the corridors of power back into the darkness of its natural habitat. Before you can do this you must drive your complicity with evil from your own heart and cut back on senseless craving.

You have seen- and will see- nothing positive from any of your donations and efforts to support any candidate. You have seen nothing come from the outcry for an end to illegal wars. The machine rolls on. The machine will not roll on if the people will that it should stop. This very year you will have evidence enough of what must be done. Deny the beast its fodder and it will eat itself alive.

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P.S. I hope everyone who is capable will donate what green energy they can to Michael Rivero at What Really Happened; he's been one of the most powerful forces for making the truth known that we have had in this last decade. Apparently he could use a little help right now.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Israel and 9/11 are Siamese Twins.

When you put ‘Mossad 9/11’ into Google you get around a million hits. You get around 700,000 when you put in ‘Israel 9/11’. If you put in ‘Mossad was behind 9/11’ you get more than a million.

When you start reading about the connections between Israel, Mossad and 9/11 you find so much information and you also find the same people showing up over and over again. You find information that connects to other information in various ways. The more you read and the more you study, the more you come to the same conclusion. You finally realize that Israel and the CIA with the help of an assortment of werewolves and vampires in the business and political worlds did 9/11.

It begins to hit you early on. There’s just too much coincidence. Early on you realize that it couldn’t have been Al Qaeda who did this. After all, high ranking members of the CIA say there was no Al Qaeda. After you have waded through the curious matter of Cheney refusing to scramble any jet fighters; Arabs who were supposed to be on the planes being found alive and well in their home countries, the five dancing Israeli Mossad agents, three high rise buildings coming down into their own footprints at the speed of free fall and the endless following connections... you realize... you should realize that what you have been told is not true. At this point you might go and see who owns the corporations that bring you the news.

Maybe you look into what followed afterwards. Maybe you study who was responsible for lying America into the Iraq War. Maybe you study who is pressing for an Iranian invasion. Maybe you observe the dreadful genocide being practiced on the Palestinians.

There is so much more to research and study. You find out that Michael Chertoff, the head of Homeland Security is an Israeli/U.S. dual national. But did you know that the Deputy Secretary of H.S., Paul A. Schneider, the Secretary of Operations of H.S., Fred L. Schwien and the Secretary for Technology for H.S., Jay M. Cohen are the same as Chertoff? Maybe you then find out that Joe Lieberman is the Chairman of Homeland Security. But did you know that Barrack Obama is on that committee?

What about that Mukaskey appointment?

The more you dig around the more you find the same people coming up over and over again. When you look at the PNAC membership and when you look at characters like Michael Ledeen and a host of other scoundrels, you consistently come back to Israel. What options do you have when you consider the information you have gathered? You either conclude that Israel is deep into whatever happened or... some unknown force wants to make it look like that. Then you have to consider that since the majority of the world’s major media is Zionist owned then who, who makes it look the way it does? ... Well, it always comes back to the same thing.

No one can say that 9/11 benefitted the Arab world. The one who benefitted the most was and is Israel. The old sayings of “Cui Bono” and “follow the money” add a great deal of weight to what already is a fait accompli. There are exhaustive time lines available and maybe someone will find things like this valuable. There are in depth articles that are enough to make the dead horse you are beating scream for you to stop.

The more you look the more you find the same thing. It should be added that no nation on Earth is more famous for false flag events than is Israel. I might also include the Mossad motto, “By deception ye shall wage war”. On and on it goes.

The internet is awash in information. Some of it found its way into the mainstream and some of it is alternative news and some of it has strange provenance. Even if you discount most of it, for whatever your reasons may be, you are still left with more evidence than you will ever need. If you’ve got any kind of name power and you say anything about these things you will find that the truth is anti-Semitic. You will be hounded out of town.

I’ve ruminated about how this particular force of Zionism could have so much power and it seems to go back to the banks and the interest charged on money printed out of thin air. It seems like this power is the power of money. When you look at how the power of money was used to gain control of the outlets that process the flow of information and manufacture the news well... what can I say?

Whoever these people are they’ve had a certain intention all along. To what bright future does this intention incline? Shall we all have tea in paradise tomorrow once they have achieved their ends on our behalf?

There have been thousands of articles written about this. Some of them are finely detailed and there for the reading by anyone curious enough to do so. No one could cover all of the ground in a short essay. In any case, it’s not proof we need. We have more proof than reasonable judgment requires. Many people see what is going on and many, many more do not.

It was the perfect scam for a particular people to set themselves up as the eternal victim. To criticize them is tantamount to pushing over a baby carriage. We are led to believe that this ‘chosen people’ were expelled from dozens of countries over time but the reasons are obscured. It is implied that it was all because they were disliked for what they were and seldom is much said about what they did. They say that where there is smoke there is fire. In this instance there is so much smoke you cannot see the fire but you can certainly feel the heat.

Now they’re put CFR member, General Norton Schwartz in charge of the Air Force. Since he’s the first non-fighter pilot put into that position in a long time it makes you wonder about dissension in military ranks over the ongoing neo-con world-wide murder spree. It also might cause you to give thought to that missing nuke and the killing of Tony Carnaby by the Houston Police. Of course you might flash back to other replacements in the military, notably the one that led to General Petraeus.

Once you have accepted that 9/11 was done by the only people capable of doing it. Once you have reasoned out that the ONLY foreign country who could have been involved and not caused an immediate war would be Israel well then... This is why it was so important to blame it on a non-existent terror group that was conveniently hosted by a country whose turf we were after and who had unforgivably shut down the world’s opium supply, well then... it really is two for one night at Little Caesars. Once you have accepted what all the evidence tells you, that 9/11 was an inside job done by Israel and her agents in the United States you have to know that they fully intend to do it again. Houston... we have a problem.

There’s no oil shortage and there will be nothing like an oil shortage by the time the new hydrogen cars, already coming off of the assembly lines, are available across the board. I hear they are even pumping oil back into the ground. Whatever the truth of that, there are enough lies everywhere else to make you wonder. New technologies are on the verge of sweeping away the world as we know it. This oil crisis is being engineered by the same forces that are up to all the other nasty shit going down. The food crisis and the sub-prime mess are also not accidents. They all dovetail to a clear purpose. These are not accidents any more than The Great Depression was, nor is it an accident that you are facing another.

My advice to you is to stay away from urban centers. Pay attention to who gets chosen for the running mate in either party; this may prove to be more important than the main candidate. Keep in mind all of the mutations and incremental gelding of The Constitution and ask yourself why the incumbent would need such a capacity for martial law. Ask yourself if all of the oil and food and economic problems are not part of the whole agenda. Ask yourself why, if it is not so... why does it look so compelling in that regard and why does every move ‘they’ make continue to enhance that appearance?

You may find this to be a powerful statement.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Creeping Madness of the Collectively Unhinged Mind.

(Note, Les Visible will be on the radio for two hours tonight at this location I believe my portion starts at 8:00 Central Time)

Now back to our blog entry already in progress.

It’s madness. It’s like the kind of incipient madness or creeping insanity that appears shortly after your father or your boy or girlfriend; or one of your children begins to drink too much, too often, or gets into the wrong drugs, or develops some chemical imbalance for whatever the reasons are.

I liken it to standing on the lip of a gigantic toilet bowl and watching it flush. There are stairs running down to where the water whirlpools and as you descend, at each level, you see things you never saw at the other levels. You also find that experiences that happened now and then begin to happen all the time and that new experiences that never happened before appear and they... they also become commonplace as you descend. You never see at what moment you were surrounded by a howling madness. Is it the rushing water inside the toilet? Is it the rushing noises inside your head?

It may be that occasionally you awaken for a moment or two and in a temporary clarity you stand, if you can still stand, stunned at the horror of what you see and smell. Within the stench of the dung and its marinade you sense deeper horrors; things dead and worse than dead. There is the palpable odor of sulfur; brimstone as they used to call it. Brimming... Creeping... down in the water- you’re that close now- you can see that it’s not water anymore. There’s a deepening mist and uncanny shapes are dancing there. It’s nothing you’ve ever seen before. Sooner or later this water that isn’t water takes you. Perhaps you will come to dance in this mist or maybe you have much further to go yet. I do not know if there is an end to such a passage. I don’t want to find out.

This is what I think of when I encounter something like this. This is what comes to mind when I look at the rift that has opened in the balance of power in the former United States of America. This is what I am reminded of when events like this are commonplace, unpunished and generally ignored.

What new world is this? Where did this world come from? Through the passage of time and by imperceptible degrees this world has replaced the world we knew. That world has gone. What waits further on down the remaining stairs?

How is it possible in a place like America that someone like Nancy Pelosi can be in a position to demonstrate to an obtuse and indifferent population that hypocrisy and sanctimonious preening are now the trademarks of fair and able dealing? Is this the new choreography of our times? What is the source of this crawling on one’s belly before the tribunal of a shitty little country far away? What commands this aging Barbie Doll to drag herself in some strange estrus backwards with her hindquarters in the air? Is this the new face of the nation? Is that my lunch on the carpet? Was it not in my stomach only a short while ago? Where am I? The howling maelstrom below me has drowned out my thoughts so that I can no longer comprehend them.

How have I come to such a pass that when I hear this news that I leap to my feet punching my fist in the air and crying, “Oh, that’s great! That’s fantastic!”? I did too. I felt a surge of exultation when I read this and my heart cried out for more. Here is evidence of that mysterious power that abides in the hidden chambers of the human soul. Here is a blow against the empire.

When I hear the demon spawn of one of the empire’s chief agents of darkness call out for the assassination of a 9/11 truthseeker, when I hear him offer to pay for the bullets and when I see no mention of it in the captive media of a shitty little country far away, I realize that nearly anything can happen now and that massive events are gathering for their moment on the stage while the pressing crowd of sleepwalkers mill about among each other like the dancers at The Overlook Hotel.

I look at the rains in Iowa; the tornadoes, the punishing heat in the East, the tremors in the Earth all round the benighted globe and I wonder if there is not some real truth to the prophecies and portents. The world has gone mad. The madness has been whipped into a Starbucks froth by psychopathic kitchen workers. The froth exudes a heated mist that is like the mist that rises from the raging toilet waters. It creeps into the streets and merges with the air. The people breathe it in and begin to tear at their bodies and the bodies of others. Something tells them there is something hidden inside of them. Something tells them there is something hidden in the bodies of the others and that once finding it there will be peace. There will be an end to appetite. Something tells them that the mist will dissolve once they have found the secret center of the world; once they have torn it from their ribcage or the ribcages of their fellows. They will hold up this bleeding, glistening thing and the darkness will depart. Cut... fade to black.

If you do not step away from the machine people then... you must go down into the water. If you will not cease to participate then you must share in the certain result. Your blood and the energy which it contains is the fuel that fires the beast. It is your ignorance that orders the course from the bridge. Your souls are the food that feeds the alien creatures who exhort you to continue. They are damned long ago. They want your company in the world beneath the waters that are not water.

The machine cannot continue unless you continue. You are the power that turns the wheel. Step away from the wheel. As one more slithering entity calls out for the murder of a truthseeker you must now call out for justice. We are in dire need of a new Nuremberg. Those who have killed without conscience must be called into the dock. Justice must be done for the dead and dishonored. The evidence is vast and convincing; the perpetrators known and identified.

Can you hear the rushing of the waters? Can you see the events near and far that tell you the water, which is not water, is uncomfortably close? Can you feel the wind that drives the specters in the mist? Will you go or will you step away from the wheel?

There were no Muslims involved in 9/11. 9/11 was executed by agents of a shitty little country far away. It was executed by agents of your own country. It was executed with the assistance of agents in London and other countries across the world. The entire concept of terror was created and manipulated by those who seized the reins of power by unlawful means. It was accomplished by those whose sworn duty is to protect you. It is they who created this danger out of nothing to rob you of both your humanity and your freedom. It is they who softly and sonorously implore you to gather beneath the umbrella of their outstretched arm so that you might be safe from a danger that has no substance but what they have manufactured. They are the danger. There is no other.

You stand at the crossroads of decision. You stand at the point of an opportunity that will not come again for a long, long time. You must decide if you will believe a lie that presents itself before you in the trappings of power or whether you will find the power within yourselves.

Break free from the prison of your ignorance. Awaken from your sleep. Do as those Afghans did. Even the temporary passage of death is far, far preferable to the chains of the merciless psychopaths whose intention is your enduring enslavement to a lie grown strong from the vital nutrition of your fear. I can think of nothing more to say.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

They're Killing Us Darling. They Really Are.

Note; Les Visible will be on the What Really Happened Radio Show tomorrow at 8:00PM Central time (Thursday)

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog essay already in progress.

Some while ago I didn’t known very much. I probably know less than that now; the same way Bob Dylan was so much younger in his back pages. Still, I’ve been looking into two remarkable pieces of research entitled “The Extremely Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident” and “the Brucellosis Triangle” courtesy of Don Duca. I couldn’t hope to review these books within the limited confines of the usual 1500 words but it looks like they are killing us. It really does.

We know they’re killing us in Iraq. We know that they are killing us in Palestine. We may not know that this is us but it is. We generally know that they poison the water and the air. We know what the epidemic consumption of soft drinks and fast food results in. We know some things are bad for us but we do them anyway. One argument is that you don’t get out of here alive anyway so, “eat, drink and be merry”. I don’t know how merry you can be when you consistently live wrong but that’s your call. Free choice... “Don’t tread on me.” Talk is cheap Mr. Doormat.

There is a lot of spooky conjecture going round which may not be conjecture. After all, if the people running the show have been found to be lying, merciless psychopaths then it’s not a stretch to correctly assume that there are no limits to the evil they will do. I present depleted uranium as but one well known and documented example.

As I read these books it seemed to become frighteningly clear that the large majority of most new pathogens and inexplicable disorders have been manufactured in government labs. There’s an enormous amount of material available on the subject. You might want to look into some of it once you’ve had the chance to look at Jessica Alba’s baby pictures.

If you wanted to you could find many, many similar articles to this one. I would suggest that you would find out a great deal by looking into Fort Detrick and particularly Dr. Carlton Gajdusek. Here’s a very well presented little polemic. But let’s not digress away from Dr. Gajdusek who got a Nobel Prize which is par for the course in this crazy wonderland of one pill makes you bigger and one pill makes you small and one pill makes you very sick until you’re not at all. Here's an interesting thread.

I don’t need to put any more links into this post. I only include what I do in the hope that it will spur you to look on your own. The sheer weight of the information will make you feel like you are being two-dimensionalized in a ninety ton press. No, I’m going to move right along to my usual reasoning and analyzing according to what seems more likely than anything else.

From what I have studied it is pretty clear to me that a certain group of psychopathic, nightmare entities are actively engaged in selective elimination of certain populations and the subjugation of the rest. It’s the kind of ‘clear to me’ perspective that is paralleled by the increasingly evident certainty that Tel Aviv, Washington and London carried out the 9/11 attacks; the London tube bombing and the Madrid train station; all under the watchful and protective eye of ICTS. Darn, I included another link. It’s the same kind of ‘clear to me’ perspective that tells me Gaza is being genocided for land and land alone. It’s the kind of thing that stops puzzling me when I see where Netanyahu was on 7/7 and where Olmert was on 9/11.

If this was all of it then you might rightly call coincidence but there’s so very much more that you can’t be honest or true if you come to any other conclusions. As I’ve said before, I don’t want to have to believe what I actually know. This is just where the evidence took me. When you throw in Cui Bono and follow the money it’s a fait accompli to arrive at the inescapable truth; which you arrive at no matter where you start looking as long as you keep looking.

Unless you’re still looking at Jessica Alba’s bimbo bomb (and that would be strange since I don’t think she’s sold the rights yet... but she will) then you know that on the surface it is observable and experiential fact that ‘they’ are genetically altering seeds. They are flooding the market with toxic consumables from cellphones to aspartame. They are engineering economic crises and wars for profit. We know these things. They are on the news. They are being exposed by henchmen of the perpetrators and routine science continuously finds myriad links between the products of this culture and mushrooming health concerns.

So... given the tip of the iceberg information presented in the first part of this article... what reasonable mind would come to any other conclusion than that they are killing us?

I’d be a glum kind of a guy had I not the comforting knowledge that evil always destroys itself. That’s the good news. The bad news is what happens in the process and the fact that evil reproduces just like anything else when the soil is right. For me the main sources are materialism, ignorance and unbridled appetite. I see most of the rest of what we collectively agree to be evil, or undesirable, as offspring and by products of these three.

It looks like Jeremiah Wright was ‘right’ and you can find, once again, a tremendous amount of argument in support of his statements by searching from that end just as you can find your way round to all of the same again by looking into David Rockefeller and his eugenics program. All roads lead to the same hellish illusion crystallizing into the shadow land of this dark moment in time.

Do I have a solution? I might have to think about that and wind up having to use an analogy or parable. Just as you can’t change someone’s mind who doesn’t want to change it, or warn someone who doesn’t want to be warned, your options for saving the world and winning the heart of the richest and most attractive girl or boy in the kingdom are limited. Metaphysics and the ancient science of ageless wisdom have answers for all of this but this isn’t the place for that and very few people have any curiosity for the deeper mysteries of life.

Let’s just say that you affect life the same way that a stone thrown into a quiet lake affects the entire surface of the lake. You do your best or you do your worst or you mostly battle with a personal inconsistency like the majority of us. There have been better times and there have been worse times but this is the time we are in. In this time, for some, it is also independently and simultaneously the best and the worst of times and they will change into one another as day follows night. The one solution I know of is that if enough people just refuse to work or participate in the mind games of the overlords then the machine will stop running. If enough people say, “Enough” and refuse to play the game, the game will come to a halt. Conversely, if enough people shut out the media it will die from lack of attention. Your attention feeds them. If enough people write in Ron Paul and Jessie Ventura and Cynthia McKinney for president; if enough people throw away their cellphones and shut off their TV’s, if enough people stop going to the movies and sporting events, if enough people stop in mid stride... who knows what will happen?

Anything noble or great has always begun within the visions and efforts of a small group of souls. It’s important to know what the right thing is ‘before’ you act. It’s important to know when to act and when not to act and when to act up. We’ve always had the ability to strike fear into the hearts of the monsters who feed upon us. We’ve always had the ability to drive a stake through the heart of the vampire. It is the conviction and courage that we lack. Somehow life finds a way to make us discover our sand. Sooner or later the truth becomes inescapable. They’re killing us in a thousand calculated, callous and ugly ways. It must not be all that bad because ignorance, appetite and materialism are dancing a jig in the town square and everybody is stamping their feet and clapping along.

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Oh... by the way... as if I even needed to add this.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fat Whores and Money Junkies in a Shake and Bake World.

My computer has been in the shop for two weeks and I have been loathe to write something on my wife’s foreign keyboard. It’s like wrestling anacondas in a Vaseline filled bath tub. Still, we’ll give it a shot and I won’t have to go on shying away from responding to the “Where are you?” emails for the same reason that I haven’t written anything here, there or anywhere.

I read the news, the same old garbage and lies competing for the attention of the duped and distracted. I look at the real life-real time genocidal holocaust being practiced on the Palestinians by the world’s only genuine (accept no substitutes) victim nation. The mind reels at the absurdity of the world’s most polished scam artists wringing their blood stained hands while plotting future reparations for what, in ten years time will look like a vicious aggression by the helpless against the longsuffering and blameless powerful. I’m disgusted with it but that’s not moving any mountains.

I see where Bush’s faith based munificence is just more funding for the kind of thing his daddy liked to get into during the Franklin Cover-up years. Most of this money (percentage wise) goes to Israeli interests just as most of the Homeland Security money does. I know that many, many people see what is happening but they just close their eyes and their ears and bend their shoulder to the wheel or try to muscle their way closer to the grease machine while they slip slide away from any pretense of integrity or self-respect.

I don’t know if America was ever what it thought it was. I do know that it now looks like a nation of fat whores in hot pants. Some of us are just made different. I can come to no other conclusion. Why would anyone sell out everything that made them human just so they could go down in history as a whore?

I think about all those world leaders posturing like serial killer clowns; avoiding their sworn fealty to their countries best interests while their citizens labor under an increasingly heavier hobnailed boot of want and oppression. Why is there no one anywhere who will stand up and speak truth to power? Why is there one Keith Olbermann for every ten thousand cackling hyenas? Why is there only one Ron Paul and one Cynthia Mckinney for every ten thousand coin operated robots?

Every one of these world leaders knows that 9\11 was an inside job. Every one of them knows who did it. I know who did it and I’m just some guy with Google access. How absurd is it that a former KGB officer who became Russia’s leader is the most honest of the world’s leaders? Why doesn’t Putin, or Chavez or especially Ahmanedijad stand up and flat out say what should be said? Why do shills like Chomsky and Palast speak relative truth on one hand and lie out of their asses on the other? Why doesn’t Seymour Hirsh say anything about 9\11?

What is it that keeps the leaders of the world, even the leaders who are in the gunsights of the psychopaths from saying what everybody knows? If I were the leader of any of these countries I would finance a movie that laid the facts out on the table. I would speak at the UN and call attention to it and demand that the world see it. There is enough truth out there now for even an amateur to make the case. I would go before the people of the world and I would alert them to the danger in their midst. Being a world leader I could do this. We need something more than this repeating generation of vipers whose main concerns are satisfying their self-interest. What happens when you close your eyes is that you can’t see where you are going. Try it and tell me if I’m wrong.

It should be obvious to anyone curious enough to explore the evidence that energy prices are being manipulated; food shortages are being orchestrated, terror attacks are being fabricated and housing debacles engineered to create a slave population. It’s patently obvious that Rockefeller’s eugenics program is in full swing. None of what is happening here is accidental. Aids WAS created in government labs (I’ll deal with that in the next essay.) and Jeremiah Wright was absolutely right in what he said.

Somebody hip me to it if I’m missing something. Somebody show me the courageous soul who fronts for a country who is telling the truth about what is going on. Isn’t this mysterious to anyone but me? Some ‘former’ political leaders in Japan, Germany and Italy have told us that 9\11 was an inside job. Why doesn’t any present world leader say so? Why doesn’t any world leader call an international conference and bring in Dr. Steven Jones, David Ray Griffin and others and lay it out? Why did Michael Moore skate around the issue? When did Oliver Stone catch Hitchen’s Syndrome?

Now we’re being told that Smokin Joe Lieberman is Mr. Greenjeans and that he is the altruistic force behind some global warming scam. MSNBC gave him a world class felating about it last week. I don’t think you can find a more unctuous, sanctimonious, self-righteous and smarmy hypocrite than Lieberman. If he’s one of the good guys then Charlie Manson was just a miss-understood performance artist. They should dig up his victims and hang them in MOMA so that the world can appreciate the intricacy and beauty of his message.

I am long past being tired of this endless bullshit with nary a contrary word. I guess that’s just the way it is. Things have to get really bad; really, really bad before the Nimrods and Nodwells wake up and smell the world on fire. It’s usually the case that when things have gotten that bad that you will be in the least effective position to do anything about it.

How can a large majority of the Senate and Congress continue to pass invidious laws that compromise The Constitution and The Bill of Rights? Surely they see what it means. Surely they all know that 9\11 was not done by Arab Muslims so why are they passing laws to protect us from a threat that doesn’t exist while making us ever more vulnerable to the dangers that do exist and which did 9\11 in the first place?

How can there have been only the lonely voice of Cynthia McKinney? You don’t pay any attention to the people with your best interests at heart. Yet you will give up your homes and your livelihood and your children’s health and lives to people and business interests that see you as sheep to slaughter. Have you always been like this? Have you always crucified your liberators and lavished obeisance and fealty upon your oppressors? You get what you deserve. Your country collapses around you. Your infrastructure is crumbling. Your children are like “so totally fer sure” dumber than the fenceposts over which they drape the concertina wire and no one in power anywhere is saying anything even when they are in as grave a danger as you. I’m looking but I can’t see. I can’t get the why and wherefore of the silence and complicity. Something is happening out of sight and it’s viral and nasty as anything south of the festering butt cracks of the fat whores who are your glorious leaders.

I know who is doing it. I know why they are doing it. What I don’t know is how they keep getting away with it. We’re in the dark ages and the coming months are going to give you more evidence of it than you ever wanted. It’s a shame. We could do so much good for ourselves and for others but we just turn over in our restless sleep while the nightmare goes on and on. God help you when you do wake up.

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