Monday, June 9, 2008

Fat Whores and Money Junkies in a Shake and Bake World.

My computer has been in the shop for two weeks and I have been loathe to write something on my wife’s foreign keyboard. It’s like wrestling anacondas in a Vaseline filled bath tub. Still, we’ll give it a shot and I won’t have to go on shying away from responding to the “Where are you?” emails for the same reason that I haven’t written anything here, there or anywhere.

I read the news, the same old garbage and lies competing for the attention of the duped and distracted. I look at the real life-real time genocidal holocaust being practiced on the Palestinians by the world’s only genuine (accept no substitutes) victim nation. The mind reels at the absurdity of the world’s most polished scam artists wringing their blood stained hands while plotting future reparations for what, in ten years time will look like a vicious aggression by the helpless against the longsuffering and blameless powerful. I’m disgusted with it but that’s not moving any mountains.

I see where Bush’s faith based munificence is just more funding for the kind of thing his daddy liked to get into during the Franklin Cover-up years. Most of this money (percentage wise) goes to Israeli interests just as most of the Homeland Security money does. I know that many, many people see what is happening but they just close their eyes and their ears and bend their shoulder to the wheel or try to muscle their way closer to the grease machine while they slip slide away from any pretense of integrity or self-respect.

I don’t know if America was ever what it thought it was. I do know that it now looks like a nation of fat whores in hot pants. Some of us are just made different. I can come to no other conclusion. Why would anyone sell out everything that made them human just so they could go down in history as a whore?

I think about all those world leaders posturing like serial killer clowns; avoiding their sworn fealty to their countries best interests while their citizens labor under an increasingly heavier hobnailed boot of want and oppression. Why is there no one anywhere who will stand up and speak truth to power? Why is there one Keith Olbermann for every ten thousand cackling hyenas? Why is there only one Ron Paul and one Cynthia Mckinney for every ten thousand coin operated robots?

Every one of these world leaders knows that 9\11 was an inside job. Every one of them knows who did it. I know who did it and I’m just some guy with Google access. How absurd is it that a former KGB officer who became Russia’s leader is the most honest of the world’s leaders? Why doesn’t Putin, or Chavez or especially Ahmanedijad stand up and flat out say what should be said? Why do shills like Chomsky and Palast speak relative truth on one hand and lie out of their asses on the other? Why doesn’t Seymour Hirsh say anything about 9\11?

What is it that keeps the leaders of the world, even the leaders who are in the gunsights of the psychopaths from saying what everybody knows? If I were the leader of any of these countries I would finance a movie that laid the facts out on the table. I would speak at the UN and call attention to it and demand that the world see it. There is enough truth out there now for even an amateur to make the case. I would go before the people of the world and I would alert them to the danger in their midst. Being a world leader I could do this. We need something more than this repeating generation of vipers whose main concerns are satisfying their self-interest. What happens when you close your eyes is that you can’t see where you are going. Try it and tell me if I’m wrong.

It should be obvious to anyone curious enough to explore the evidence that energy prices are being manipulated; food shortages are being orchestrated, terror attacks are being fabricated and housing debacles engineered to create a slave population. It’s patently obvious that Rockefeller’s eugenics program is in full swing. None of what is happening here is accidental. Aids WAS created in government labs (I’ll deal with that in the next essay.) and Jeremiah Wright was absolutely right in what he said.

Somebody hip me to it if I’m missing something. Somebody show me the courageous soul who fronts for a country who is telling the truth about what is going on. Isn’t this mysterious to anyone but me? Some ‘former’ political leaders in Japan, Germany and Italy have told us that 9\11 was an inside job. Why doesn’t any present world leader say so? Why doesn’t any world leader call an international conference and bring in Dr. Steven Jones, David Ray Griffin and others and lay it out? Why did Michael Moore skate around the issue? When did Oliver Stone catch Hitchen’s Syndrome?

Now we’re being told that Smokin Joe Lieberman is Mr. Greenjeans and that he is the altruistic force behind some global warming scam. MSNBC gave him a world class felating about it last week. I don’t think you can find a more unctuous, sanctimonious, self-righteous and smarmy hypocrite than Lieberman. If he’s one of the good guys then Charlie Manson was just a miss-understood performance artist. They should dig up his victims and hang them in MOMA so that the world can appreciate the intricacy and beauty of his message.

I am long past being tired of this endless bullshit with nary a contrary word. I guess that’s just the way it is. Things have to get really bad; really, really bad before the Nimrods and Nodwells wake up and smell the world on fire. It’s usually the case that when things have gotten that bad that you will be in the least effective position to do anything about it.

How can a large majority of the Senate and Congress continue to pass invidious laws that compromise The Constitution and The Bill of Rights? Surely they see what it means. Surely they all know that 9\11 was not done by Arab Muslims so why are they passing laws to protect us from a threat that doesn’t exist while making us ever more vulnerable to the dangers that do exist and which did 9\11 in the first place?

How can there have been only the lonely voice of Cynthia McKinney? You don’t pay any attention to the people with your best interests at heart. Yet you will give up your homes and your livelihood and your children’s health and lives to people and business interests that see you as sheep to slaughter. Have you always been like this? Have you always crucified your liberators and lavished obeisance and fealty upon your oppressors? You get what you deserve. Your country collapses around you. Your infrastructure is crumbling. Your children are like “so totally fer sure” dumber than the fenceposts over which they drape the concertina wire and no one in power anywhere is saying anything even when they are in as grave a danger as you. I’m looking but I can’t see. I can’t get the why and wherefore of the silence and complicity. Something is happening out of sight and it’s viral and nasty as anything south of the festering butt cracks of the fat whores who are your glorious leaders.

I know who is doing it. I know why they are doing it. What I don’t know is how they keep getting away with it. We’re in the dark ages and the coming months are going to give you more evidence of it than you ever wanted. It’s a shame. We could do so much good for ourselves and for others but we just turn over in our restless sleep while the nightmare goes on and on. God help you when you do wake up.

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RML said...

Don't you feel it in the air, my friend? You hear it, I know: that refrain of melancholia strumming on your heart in that damn, damn minor key. . . now expanding from a single note to an arpeggio.

That damn minor key creeps up to my eyes way too many times now. Every exchange with strangers, store keepers, the cat in the yard whining to come back in. I look at them all, and they can no longer hide it. It can't be covered up. Our individual and collective "body elemental" is/are resonating to this damn minor key.

From Earth we came, to Earth we'll return -- that's the refrain. This is not a garden-variety dirge, no Mozart here. This is deep; this is Gorecki -- bass strings plucked from one end of the Solar System to the other. This is cosmic prophylactics. Like the old homeopathic wizards were want to say: "Feeling worse? The pain's more intense?" [a smiled pause] "This is good. A very good sign. You are getting better!"

We are feeling sad, minuscule, ignored, and yes, unloved. And, it seems to be getting worse. How can that be good? How can we be getting better when we're feeling worse?!! Easy, say the wizards. This worse, this mal, this dis-ease, is being resonated out of us. The mercy of the Law. The compassion of the Cosmos. But, all we feel is that damn minor key melancholy. But, when we look at it, really look at it, we know we are looking at effect, not Cause.

And this damn minor key melancholy is no "Gloomy Sunday" suicide-song, extracted from the depths of Nothingness to drive us all mad. No sir, not this tone. It's the mega, the meta, the supra of Minor Intervals. How could it be any other way? How do You (the One, the Creator, Great Spirit) clean the Augean stables in one day? It won't be water this time, no rerouting of rivers to clean all of this out.

It is and will be resonance.

Call it what you will, but the resonance has started. The Earth and all thereon feel it. Starting out Sad for sure, like the separations of death. But, for those of us who can feel it now for what it is, who can feel the tai chi of ultimate sadness intoned with ultimate joyfulness, we will come to know this damn minor key as our personal mantra of hope . . . for the change has started. And, isn’t that what we have been praying for?!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this what 'brain washing' consists of?
Build up, knock down, distract, build up, knock down, distract, and so on until we are all wondering aimlessly, 'Wha.. what... wh... where uh! What’s happening?!’
And then they give us what they want us to believe, reinforced, repeatedly- Wallah! A NWO. They are doing it on a massive scale, is all.

Samer Dallasheh said...

I just remembered what the Prophet (PBuH) said... And he was right.

He told them believers that the devil is out but his doors are open and in order to shut these doors people need to behave nicely, but if they behave in a bad manor the devil will just return and reclaim his earlier position.

Which is what happened.

FREE PALESTINE FREE IRAQ FREE AFGHANISTAN! let the Europeans go back to Europe!.

Phishybongwaters said...

I've been reading this blog for awhile now. I have to say, it's probably one of the best there is. I don't see anyone putting themselves out there like this.

And the way you manage to actually make it almost like poetry. Keep it up, you have inspired me to continue voicing my rants to the 0 readers, I'm sure you will continue you inspire.

Don't think your efforts are in vain, you are helping shift the media paradigm and open peoples eyes.

Thanks for the risks you are taking.

Anonymous said...

Everytime your sick nation rears clearer heads, one can almost hear
HAARP being warmed up for another round.

To the 99% of Americans who will never see this, (for my own reasons) as you make meaningless banter and sit stupefied waiting for the next episode while your government discusses nuclear options and cheerful chatter over lunch, and you order your billionth hormone ridden burger to widen your already fat asses, and make others pay with their blood for your insecure comforts, you are a nation of suckers.

Does this bother most Americans?

Obviously not in the least.

Anonymous said...

Visible Paints Grim Picture--But Also Beckoning Epiphany
(Apollonian, 9 Jun 08)

Thanks for ur essay, Les Visible: it tells a lot--like we the gentile people need to start to doing something somewhat fairly soon in meaningful way AGAINST THE OPPRESSOR DEBT POWER.

(1) First, PEOPLE MUST ARM. Buy guns and bullets, and much ammo. Think in military terms: (a) stay with people who are sympathetic--good Christians, for example.

(b) If possible seek most defensible terrain. Observe Les Visible feels more comfortable in Europe (as I understand). People must coalesce in similar fashion as Les Visible--go where it seems best to avoid trouble and to make a stand.

(2) Organize actively--Christianity is best, most effective basic anti-semitism. Nazism is good for some, but it must fit consistently w. overall Christian formulation/pattern. Reason is excellent common ground btwn Nazism and Christianity.

Of course one must avoid HERESY, Jew-bought and paid-for false "Christianity" which is easily discerned esp. when u see it is so Jew-friendly, like "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) heretics, led by such as Hagee, Robertson, and present Roman Vatican pedophiles.

(3) Remember, people will start and continue steadily to waking up as, in the natural cycle of history, things economic and political continue to get worse, Jews and Israel EVERMORE ISOLATED, and Jew bolsheviks as in guise of "Homeland security," BlackWater Inc., etc., seem evermore rampant.

(4) Speak in terms of CONCRETES: immediate problem is CRIMINALS in positions of political power, crooked judges (Jews and their allies among gentiles). And what integrates and holds this criminal power together is the going COUNTERFEIT CONSPIRACY (see for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud). "Consumer confidence" in phony replicated paper money is bound to deteriorate in continuing current HYPER-INFLATION.

For such is Ron Paul's only problem, rhetorically: his tendency to keep things so abstract, in intellectualist fashion, failing to inform the people more pointedly about COUNTERFEIT fraud/scam/conspiracy.

For people don't and never will, on large scale, understand "inflation"--as it's far too ABSTRACT.

Note finally, Les Visible at end of his blog essay may well be describing that same Christian-type EPIPHANY as of original Apostles (see Christian New Testament, "Acts Of The Apostles," ch. 2) who suddenly lost their "fear of the Jews." It wasn't too long after till that culminating Western triumph of St. Constantine the Great for the definitive culture-wide JEW-EXPULSION--which is what people need merely envision more realistically for something simple in concept and most practical to removing present oppressive debt power.

CONCLUSION: Just imagine, for example, world-wide debt forgiveness--just remove and confiscate the Jews, and take what they got--somewhat like French Revolution. And don't forget to prosecute Jews' complicit gentile lackeys too. Simple, Concrete--and perfectly JUST--exactly as the good doctor would order. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I guess some cat named Barber who works for the Financial Times penned a pseudo hit piece on the 9-11 truth movement over the weekend. This has truth activists scurrying about in a frenzy pointing out the obvious flaws in Barber's journalistic integrity.

Progressing up the food chain, the Financial Times is owned by Pearson LLC (google them for fun), of which a majority stake is owned by The Economist of which a majority stake is owned by the House of Rothschild.

The point is, no one of any political significance is blowing the suicide whistle because no one has a better idea of what to do with 6.5 billion soon to be hungry (if they're not already) humans. That's about it. Follow the food chain right to the top and it should become painfully clear that a whole hellava lot of people are scheduled to die. Upsetting the apple cart at this point would inhibit the whistle blowers' prospects, as well as their families' prospects, for future survival.

Anonymous said...

You did fine on your wife's keyboard!

I am always trying to wake people up, open their eyes, get them to question what is going on around them. But it is depressing. First they they respond by saying that things couldn't possibly be this bad. ( Hellooo!) Or what I have spoken can't be true. So they ask you for proof, you show them the info, and suddenly their mind shuts down and there is no body home. I think it's because they would have to stand up and take some responsability for what is going on, when they would rather go back to watching the next instullment of "The Worlds Next Super Model, or American Idal." The people around me are depressingly brainless. I come close to throwing up every time I hear "Bush is doing his best to keep us safe."

Thank you for being here for us. I never get tired of reading your articles. It keeps me going when I think I'm not making a difference.


Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad has called into question the 'official' version of 911. See:

The reader comments will help lift you out of your gloom. The word truly is spreading; the pendulum has reached its zenith (if that's the correct term) and is now swinging back.

Nil desperandum, les. Chin up, dear boy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Les

As always the truth shines through each and every word that you speak. It is very sad that most people choose not to see it and even sadder because one day real soon they will wake up and be hit blind sided to the truth but lo and behold it will be to late for them to do anything to save themselves or there familys from the hell on earth they will indure.
They will fully reliase they are and always were just slaves to the elite who have taken over this country. There is no food or oil shortage but just another way to control us slaves. The next step is gun control Just like the Hitler of the past the Hitler of the present know without guns in the peoples hands there will be no struggle but thank God there are some of us who have the sense to see whats going on and will have a fighting chance to pretect their family. Everyone i have tried to help see the truth about what is going on just laughs and think i have lost my mind. Am i angry at them not at all i feel sad because most have the brains but no common sense to see what is slapping them in their face. I call them brain dead.I read in one of the blogs to get with christians but people be aware, I fully believe ib every word in the bible know Christ as my savior but do not attend the churchs most are decived and have already been overtaken by the enemy.Have you asked yourself where the pastors are that should be warning the people about what is happening and screaming warnings from the pulpit. Rember CHRIST warning- BEWARE OF WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING!!!!! Most pastors live to collect your hard earned money and could care less about you, What they claim they use your hard earned money for never reaches that desternation but pays for their over priced homes, expencive cars and their many vacations while we the people lose our homes, hope to have the money to fix our car repairs and have enought left over to pay our bills and feed our familys. By the time they take illegal income taxes from our hard earned money then tax us on everything else it is a wonder we have enough left to live on. We pay for all there pleasurs while we struggle to make ends meet.You know folks they sit back and laugh at our stupity and how easy it is to rob us.Most are to busy watching sports and all other t.v. that was brought about to keep our minds gluded to what will happen next on the soaps and realty shows while they scheam their next step.Wake up folks we are one step from a total police state and marshal law, when it happens it will be to late for those who chose to remain blind and deaf to all the warnings this may be the final call for you to come to your sense it is not IF it is going to happen BUT when it is going to happen, and it will happen. And when it does May God help us all.Please dont be blind, stupit or deaf but wake up and get perpared or you will make your family pay the price for your stupidy. Slavery has never ended folks it was just hidden behind the elite who rule this country and its people, and you will remain their slaves until you get smart and wake up from your deep sleep'

Anonymous said...

Btw, the FT article can be found on For what it's worth, I thought it was rather good from one point of view; namely, the FT is part of MSM. It doesn't really matter who owns it, they are running a 9/11 article that isn't just parroting the official line.

When non-political friends can tell me that they think 9/11 was an inside job(!), I know the word is spreading.



Wonderful job my friend! I found your link at the social network
Your writings are very powerful and justified. Continue to help the world expose the lies the tyrannical government uses to push its agenda of global slavery. 911 TRUTH will win in the end!

We will never forget.
We will never forgive.

Anonymous said...

As long as we can see auditoriums of people waving and screaming for the likes of a Hillary, Obama, or the insane McCain you can rest assured nothing will ever change. I would vote for Michael Jackson before voting for any of this trash. At least we know what he is. There is a diabolical force in control of world events. Even if it were possible to remove it, in a few short years people would stick their head back up their ass and things would revert to “normal.” A wise man once said “the problem with normal is it continually gets worse.” The system is too corrupt to change and most world leaders are on the same page. Even if America were to crash and burn ( a distinct possibility) taking the rest of the world down with it, what would rise from the ashes? My guess is the same evil forces, and we would be right back to where we started. For change to come about, the vast majority of people need to get it figured out. Not likely.
Maybe there is something to Ascension, maybe the celestial forces will ride in to save the day. It is readily apparent we need help and we need it NOW. Everything is speeding up. I read the Schulman Resonance which flat lined around seven for eons has been increasing over the last twenty years. It is around twelve of so now and this translates into a twenty four hour day only being sixteen hours long. (even though the clock still reads twenty four hours this time is squeezed into sixteen hours, kind of like time dilation in physics) Things aren’t what they appear.


Anonymous said...

We're at the point now where only pitchforks and torches will change anything. America has slept through the burgler in the house. America has become AmeriKa the gulag.

Visible said...

Thanks for the great comments folks. It keeps mer going. Isn't the internet great? All I have to do is mention McKinney and it shows up on her website.

Landers; I know what ahmanedijad said. My point is that there are no specifics. What is the problem with saying specifically who did it? It was done by Mossad in collusion with the CIA. Saying there is something rotten in Denmark is not the same as giving the GPS coordinates.

The phrase about normal always getting worse is by Bruce Cockburn from the song of the same title.

And as ever, seeing Thne Village Idiot alwaya makes my day. I'm starting to suspect (have suspected) that he is someone I know not letting me in on that fact.

Visible said...

oh... and RML and Fud... brilliant work Rumi meets Spengler.

Anonymous said...

If 99% of americans were not Nimrods and Nodwells your country, and the rest of the planet, would be in a much better condition. Americans will never be intelligent, mature or responsible enought to have anything other than your phony "democracy" and corresponding mass murdering, warmongering, international terrorist "leaders". And we all know what eternal evil stole and controls your country. Be proud of yourselves you godly "christians"!

But your "judeo-christian" terrorism will not last forever. Of that you can rest assured.

I am glad to see you are back, Les, and I look forward to all your future articles.

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Mr. Visible,

Today it felt like you were speaking my mind.

I too dwell on how the vast majority can be so completely oblivious of this reality, and I'm led to the obvious truth that if any of our rants would make any difference, They would have already shut us down... but keep up the good work; it makes some of us feel just a little bit better.

profnasty said...

Now THAT is writing! Well said and well said. Thankyou for putting it down so eloquently. It is now linked at my miserable site, Sorry for that. Really, I am in awe of your statement. Basically it is a question. The answer...God help US.

nobody said...

Don't you hate foreign keyboards? I spent years on those stupid things. What's wrong with foreigners? Why can't they just speak English, ha ha?

Otherwise, as I've said before, the first and most obvious target is the media. If they can't be taken they should be destroyed. Attacking hard targets is madness. The media is a soft target. Towers and cables first. With the flickering blue light removed the scales fall from the eyes and action becomes possible. Others who enforce, to a great extent, do so because of their media delusion. Smash the delusion and if allies can't be created at least dissent can be sown amongst the motherfuckers.


Anonymous said...

Les, the majority of the people in the usa are ignorant and dumber than a box of rocks. They have been victimized in the gov't schools and mesmerized by the BS on TV and various other media.
Consider also the "Stockholm Syndrome" where the subjects identify with their aggressors in hopes of receiving less harsh punishment. The people really are afraid to do anything which could jeopardize their income/lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are back. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks! Look, most of my friends and folks I know here in Oregon know what's going on. They know 911 was an inside job. They know what's coming down the pike. They are not stupid or blind. We know the whole oil scam is like the rolling blackouts we had in California when Enron was screwing around with the electricity. Everybody I talk to knows. They're eyes are open. They just don't know exactly what to do.
Most of these people have kids and houses and debts up the ying-yang;they have parents and pets and responsibilities. They don't feel they can just run away from it all. Some don't know if they should stay or leave...and where do you go? How do you start over? What country would take us longer than 90 days? At this point lots of us are stocking up on dried beans, rice, flour, pasta, canned goods; installing rain catchers and water purifiers, planting veggies. Doing something however dorky, stupid or useless it seems. They are scared.
Many of my friends do small acts of rebellion and protest. Quietly. Why draw attention to it? I suppose instead of chiding everybody for being blind, deaf and dumb, let's assume that there are some folks who DO KNOW what's going on and are quietly doing something about it...under the radar. Undetected. This is the best way to deal with the situation; of surviving. Think of these folks as termites in an already deteriorating house.
You see you've got to have something in place when it all come crashing down. Nature abhors a vacuum so there are people creating alternatives...they're just doing it quietly.

Ben There said...

I think we missed you, dude...

Anonymous said...

We are in an old war of spiritual dimensions and the right hand path is one of harmlessness: right speech, right thought, right action. What is "right" is dependent upon many factors that influence the response in the lineage of the moment. However, the striving to do it right is what counts as a purification yoga, which includes finding the courage to learn from experience when right wasn't really.
Our brothers on the left hand path work to amplify the astral glamours and vices of humanity and how they do this is also dependent on many factors.
Choose your way: Be harmless. It is the only real refuge in the holographic world of fleeting impermanence.

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd written that.
That was very well said.

I too do not wonder a bit about what is going on, but WHY nobody who counts is doing a fucking thing about it.

I will circulate widely.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic article. It's spreading far and wide for me to have gotten it sent to me.

I disagree only with those who believe that humanity is intrinsically bad and corrupt.

I believe there is one group, hidden and always moving in secret, who works very hard to inject evil and ruin, war and disease into our daily lives, and then pull a "look over there, not at me" to make us believe it is the "human condition".

No. It's not. Humans, without the subliminal influence of this group, don't want war, have a native sense of fair exchange, and an over-riding intention to make things go right.

My 2 cent's worth. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My first Kommentar from Europe, where life is 30% as messed up as in Amerika. Global climate change is being shoved into our thorax, taxes are indirectly on the increase. Sarkozy, Merkel and Brown are maneuvering us into a European "Soviet" Union. Merkel was a Stasi agent, doubleagent for the west in the DDR. I´ve been there, where you are now. It´s all dejavu for me. You must never allow distractions, false phrophets (ODAMA) and his ilk to seduce you into a lower-your guard-state of mind. The hydra UNGEHEUR, dwell upon Kafka just for a soft moment and it does become vivid,and when your deepest fears are overwhelmed you know you are winning and that realization is the quintessence of being. When comes not consciously, it emerges from the collective will and primal brain stem, some call it survival instinct. Half of mankind doesn´t even spare a moment wasted in contemplation of their meserie, they lurch, wave-like flows trampling the weaker warriors knowing the sacrifice means losing half or more. Amerika is not there, not at that point just´s evolutionary, a natural state of balance, a massive sparking discharge of electrons flowing with noise, energy and kinetics. The potentials are building now!

ericswan said...

The fact is no one wants to do the work. It's the "American Idle" avatar where good things happen to good people.

If you look really hard at the "unfolding" you will see that fuel shortages, joblessness, collapsing currency etc. has all been test driven and shown to be a very successful modus operandi. The key to it's success was that all these things were happening to a people very far away and a very long time ago.


Anonymous said...

"Otherwise, . . . , the first and most obvious target is the media. If they can't be taken they should be destroyed. Attacking hard targets is madness. The media is a soft target. Towers and cables first. With the flickering blue light removed the scales fall from the eyes and action becomes possible. Others who enforce, to a great extent, do so because of their media delusion. Smash the delusion and if allies can't be created at least dissent can be sown amongst the motherfuckers. Yoroshiku" 3:18 AM -"Nobody"

* * * * *

Patriots Must Not Lose Sight Of Essence Of Conspiracy
(Apollonian, 9 Jun 08)

Les Visible will surely be gratified I can make use of "nobody's" dialectic for useful analysis and info here on Visible's evermore invaluable blog. For "nobody" is quite instructively mistaken, and we all can learn and observe a quite valuable lesson here and now.

For "nobody" utterly (and typically) fails to perceive the problem regarding Judeo-conspiracy (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy), the greatest strength of which conspiracy is surely at pt. entailing most effective component of dupes/suckers, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, most of whom can well be "turned" and dissuaded fm their anti-Christ madness. See also more Apollonian expo on JC problem at under "commentary" heading.

Thus JCs are very strength of Judeo-conspiracy outnumbering all the Jews and queers put together, for a total of at least 20 to up to 70 million in USA, depending on the (particular political) issue.

And crux to dealing w. JCs is simply removing and/or neutralizing their "Sadducean" (of modern-day) leaders, like Hagee, Robertson, and the Roman Vatican pedophiles--which can relatively easily be done.

Note that attacking the "media" directly would be worse than useless as "Jews-media" (see, "Who Rules America?" for expo/ref. on Jew media monopoly) is simply creature of fundamental COUNTERFEITING fraud/scam, the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref.

For even if one were TOTALLY successful in removing some aspect of such "media"; it would be replaced almost immediately, almost effortlessly--as long as COUNTERFEIT mechanism was still intact.

For it is that COUNTERFEIT instrument which is MOST ESSENTIAL to Judeo-conspiracy, never doubt.

And it's that COUNTERFEIT scam which must most essentially be taken out and removed--which gives Judeo-conspirators all their practical power. Removing JC leadership, the "Sadduceans" is essential POLITICAL step to removing Fed counterfeiting.

Neutralizing JCs isn't that difficult if patriots only use a little skill for theology, beginning w. essential idea Christ WAS NOT A "JEW," the Sadduceans making use of that subtle EQUIVOCATION fallacy, confusing "Jew" w. Judean.

Note "Jew," by definition is follower of Pharisees/Talmud, of which Pharisees, pop. of Judea at time of Christ was mere 5%.

All the "rapture" theology is utterly false, having been installed only since 19th century. JCs merely need be reminded it is utterly sinful to betray one's country in favor of a foreign gang of criminals and murderers (Israel) who worship the devilish Talmud (see,, and for good Talmudic expo).

And needless to say, it is utterly sinful to assist murderers stealing the homeland of rightful Palestinian owners, and colluding and working to destroying and murdering the world--this is surely NOT the way to heaven. Truly, "rapture theology" is purest anti-Christ balderdash, no matter what else is said.

Note it's always going to be a political battle, regardless of military exigencies, as that Fed counterfeiting instrument is so much the key to things, the engine driving ZOG-Mammon and Orwellian "perpetual war." And again then, political key to this infernal Judeo-conspiracy is that essential dupes/suckers component, the JC hereticalists.

Otherwise, note the absolute necessity of speaking to the broad masses in terms of simplest CONCRETES--which is Ron Paul's only failing, he keeping to that relatively impenetrable intellectuality which passes most folks by--it's nothing less than grossest tragedy of rhetoric.

For Fed is otherwise simply a huge, large MYSTERY to most folks as are abstractions in general, like "inflation" and "weak" and "strong" currency, like the US dollar. One may as well be speaking Greek.

Thus essential CONCRETE to continue emphasizing is that COUNTERFEIT quality/nature/essence--this is what people, the broad masses, can understand--again, COUNTERFEITING. Don't waste ur breath speaking about an abstract like "inflation" except as mere effect to fundamental COUNTERFEIT conspiracy.

And never forget "conspiracy" itself is fundamental item to very story of Christian New Testament (NT).

Judeo-conspirators then are just a bunch of criminals (again, COUNTERFEITERS, at root of things), and as people evermore grasp this simple CONCRETE and perceptibly verifiable fact, they will be encouraged and strengthened for resolve. Our proper task, including Les Visible, is to GUIDE and inform the volk through the fog of confusion and abstractions which only demoralize and dishearten the people.

CONCLUSION: Hence note patriots don't necessarily have to be Christians themselves--they only need be able to speak in such terms in order to affect that essential component of Judeo-conspiracy, the JCs WHO DO take NT seriously. And it doesn't take a Christian to be able to note and remind JCs that Christ, again, WAS NOT A "JEW." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Awake to the reality of what is evil in the world
or awake to the truth of who i am.
i think i am going for the second.
Welcome back Les, missed you.

Anonymous said...

For all the commentators out there who call americans nimrods are all hypocritical shit!
Your leaders are better? The 9/11 truth movement started on the internet in the US by americans (not that frog Meyssan). People around the world must understand that americans are being brainwashed by television-there are studies out there that demonstrate the effects of TV on the mind particularly its hypnotic effects. Furthermore we are one of the only countries in the world where flouride is put in the water, why? to keep us docile and drugged up. Otherwise we would rise up and make right because we are a proud, fair and hardworking people! Europeans are hypocrites! When the US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan didn't they also go along? Where are the Arabs calling for 911 truth? It looks like the king of saudi arabia and those other princes and sheiks also sold their country, honor, and people to Mammon! Particularly you fucking Arabs are such hypocrites, Palestinians are being murdered daily and you blame westerners? The westerners are the ones that go to the west bank and walk palestian kids to school (to be exact danish women have gotten beaten up for it). Some other arab stated Europeans back to Europe, tell that piece of shit that there are more of his ilk in Europe than in saudi arabia! and by the way this f*ck should read his history more so he can find out that Islam started with the invasions of Europe and have continued until the end of the 18 hundreds, but you can't expect some camel jockey to have self criticism after all "allah" wills it..

Les, I really used to like your blog but you got to be too anti religion, particularly anticatholic. The same people that brought you 911 brought you "pedophile priests"- most of whom have died and cannot defend themselves from the money hungry jew lawyers. why don't you wake the fuck up?! It is because organized religion is completely absent from society that we have "whores" (the bible would say harlots} running us into the ground. You too at times are a little brain washed and need to see through some of the bullshit..but then again we all have flaws don't we.
keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les.....I have been waiting for you and another great inspiration.

If your waiting for some great world leader to turn the world around? If your waiting for the righteous and the truth to come to the light, DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH.

Sound logic and good common sense dictates....It would be humanly impossible to bring the world to a WORLD GOVERNMENT without the cooperation of the WORLD'S GOVERNMENTS.

"And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed from his prison,"
And shall go out to deceive the nations, which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Ma-gog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

Les...I keep repeating and repeating It takes a whole entire world ... to unify the whole entire world...just like it takes a whole entire government "to murder a President and tell a lie". Just as it takes a whole entire government to pull off 911.

All the nations have been deceived Les, all the nations, in all the four quarters of the earth.

And the whore you speak of Les is the same whore St. John tells of some 2000 years ago.

And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgemnent of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters;
With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

Familiar????? I'd say a very good representaion of the Senate and the Congress.

If your looking for the great hero Les, forget it.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against the spiritual wickedness in high places."

It is humanly impossible to break Satan's design [the spiritual wickedness] for mankind, for he knows humanity better than humanity knows itself.

Satan's conspiracy is absolutely brilliant, for the human mind has not the capacity to recognize such brilliance.

"And shall go out to deceive the nations, which are in the four quarters of the earth", not humanly possible is it? And because it is not humanly possible, the Apostle Paul tells us who it is. Satan loosed out of his prison.

You're asking mankind to do what GOD tells us mankind has NOT the power to do. [to defeat the devil in his war to destroy mankind and the earth]

GOD will send Jesus to defeat the devil in that final battle which will destroy the earth.

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away and there was no more sea.

What we are witnessing on this earth, are those who have hidden themselves throughout the four quarters of the earth,[as world governments]to bring about the unification of the world and a World Order.

It tells us so on the back of that piece of toilet paper we use for a buck. NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM.

It took me a while to finally let go of America and the land that I love. I cry over that some times Les...I cry because all I have done for my country is...cry.


Visible said...

The oddest things have been going on lately. I got a letter yesterday from someone who complained that I was picking on the Russians in this essay and I was actually praising him. He's one of the few world leaders standing up to the reptiles.

Now I hear I am especially hard on the Catholics. I hardly ever talk about Catholics and never as a group. I've gotten after the Pope on rare occasions for being an empty mouthpiece who in no wise uses his considerable power for good but...

Well... I don't know. I agree with you on one thing. I used to like my blog too.

Anonymous said...

How do you do it... turn out essay after essay of such acute insight and gripping prose? I've been reading your blog for months and much of what you write sticks with me for a long time and makes me change how I live my life. A good example of this is when you wrote that you can't change the world with your ass chained to a shopping cart. That phrase pops into my mind at random moments and really makes me think about the choices I'm making on a daily basis.

Thank you for putting yourself out there in a very public way and daring to write what so many of us think and feel, but very few of us take the time, or effort, or have the courage to put into words. You are the proverbial prophet crying in the wilderness. These are dark times and getting darker. It is as though time is telescoping and things are happening at a greatly accelerated rate. Humanity is standing at a precipice. I know without a doubt that we will very soon face things heretofore unimaginable. The only hope we have is through unity with others committed to truth and light. You are a catalyst to bring us together.

Again, thank you and may you be blessed.

Anonymous said...

A 'Comments' poster who signs themself 'fedup' has copy/pasted this very same 'Fat Whores...' article over at:

Thought you'd like to know.
They also gave a link to your site, so maybe they are a regular visitor here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les

Very eloquent put - especially this summation: "I know who is doing it. I know why they are doing it. What I don’t know is how they keep getting away with it."

You aren't alone! Most of the peoples in the developing nations on the receiving end of the munificence you describe are in the same boat - of not knowing the "how", but knowing exactly the "who" and the "why".

Please see this response to a remarkable multi-part essay by one named Axel Brot - a self-proclaimed intelligence agent:

"The Missing Link – Full Spectrum Deterrence"


Begin quote

The plebeians of course well understand that they are being made a meal, and why, but not the complexities of how the tangled web of competing interests and deception games on the Grand Chessboard, and the systematic local covert-ops and co-optations in their own backyards, are gradually doing it to them such that even the right of self-defense is being stripped from them.

Since they are unable to diagnose the mechanics of their being made a meal with any degree of precision, they are also unable to come up with efficacious antidotes in their own self-defense even as they are being deftly carved up and served on the platter of neoliberalism and neoconservatism.

Most invariably end up fatalistically lamenting on this and that cleverly planted red herrings and contrived puppet shows in synchronous harmony with their drum-beating ruling elite, while also realizing fully well that all the dazzling and exploding effects eventually only lead to the same 'pre-ordained' destination of servitude.

End quote

Zahir Ebrahim

Anonymous said...

You ask HOW are they getting away with it?

II Thes 7-12 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work; only he who now letteth will let, untill he be taken out of the way.

And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his comming;

Even him, whose comming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

And for this cause GOD shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie;

For they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

I do believe the great Restrainer [he who now letteth, will let] has been taken out of the way.

Pretty obvious who they are? and obvious why? But how you ask?

It's almost like a world wide mass Hypnosis upon the face of the earth or if you're inclined to believe the WORD, one might interpret it to be THE STRONG DELUSION causing the inhabitants of the earth to believe the lie.

And in no wise enter into it [the new Jerusalem] anything that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, OR MAKETH A LIE; but they which are written in the Lambs book of life.

In every mention of the Lake that burneth with brimstone..Liars are among those mentioned. LIARS, and that is exactly "who they are". LIARS.

This whole entire fiasco is directed by those who are unseen,unheard,and unbelieved spirituality that blankets the earth.

It's a mystery HOW they can get away with murder isn't it. Mankind has not the mental capacity to recognize the unseen.
In order to be believed, it must be seen.

Well Les wanted to know HOW and I give you my rendition of HOW.


Anonymous said...

Most people view the issues at hand with less than 90% of the factors applicable and this is chaotic! The frustration and name calling is a result. First of all the state of the planet is secondary to cause and effect factoring in what science has named gravity. Keep drilling with those lasers 'get that oil and gas no matter what the cost and don't forget to keep the price down' and we will succeed in tearing the earth apart internally, we will get earth quakes, tsunami's, and the friction will stir up our biggest and brightest volcano's! And then factor in the battle of the Nation's held by the leaders of the same. Why would any leader put his own at risk to relieve others fears... '9/11' Take laser quantum teleportation entanglement swaping (google it) zap with said technology never to be caught "Y2K ammo" ( La Palma is so unstable that it might lose one of its flanks during a volcanic eruption in the near future. This would cause a ‘mega tsunami’ with massive waves up to hundreds of meters in height. Cities like New York, Boston, Lisbon and Casablanca would be all but wiped from the face of the planet)and folks this is just the tip of what the leaders out there deal with! Yeah the lil guy is just that till he or she steps up and has to make decisions at these levels!

The USA took a hit "9/11" because it had a choice at Y2K and failed to execute its agreements/obligations to the free world. The more folks sulk in it the more helpful to the leaders 'keeps the US from further punishment for the same crime' wait till they take the teleportation laser and hit the flank of that volcano and take out the east that is some action! Point being, Nations in the free world want their sovereignty 'freedom' as much as each of us do and deal with 90% more of the actual factors across the board to make it a possibility. Go figure! Not to diminish 9/11 but what we had coming over the Y2K nixed agreements 9/11 is liken to a tap on the hand. At the top the stakes are extreme and high, so step outside your box...and think!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you for the post. I understand your dilemma about posting anonymously but please understand that due to the sensitive subject matter of what you are saying, it is sometimes wisest to post anonymously. Because of surveillance of the internet, you do realize, don't you, that after reading your posts, people like myself tend to become somewhat paranoid and wonder if it is really you who is speaking or perhaps an agent provocoteur testing the waters to see who might respond and.... ? I mean, you post things that the media does not talk about, 9/11 Mossad, the sex cover-ups at the White House, and given past abuses of the agencies who rule us, infiltration by the FBI, planting spies among the common people, it is a logical conclusion that one might wonder why certain blogs do not allow anonymous postings.....forgive my paranoia, dude. I am very thankful that you are willing to speak truth to power, but it is not without perils. Witness the dead microbiologists who were important enough to be silenced. That being said, I think that being anonymous is being prudent.(set aside for a moment that nothing is really "anonymous") I think that willing to have trolls or other morons who will use anonymous to attack you, is a price one must pay. I appreciate the willingness to let me speak. Thank you, and don't let them get you down. Peace :)

Visible said...

You know, this happens a lot. Because my name is Les Visible people think that it's some anonymous internet name. That is the name on my passport. I perform and write under that name and I'm not hiding from the thugs because my life isn't in their hands.

Contrary to what many imagine, the dark side knows very well that there are powers with which it cannot contend. I do not mean to imply that I am some kind of regent in that regard; merely that I incline toward the light and seek the protection of the light and have the secure knowledge that the light is ALWAYS more powerful than the darkness.

Anonymous said...

You should read this even if you don’t want to believe it….BUT
Because of the two party system that YOU subscribe to only because you were raised and programmed that way

We the people have totally lost control of the VOTTING SYSTEM….your vote just fucking don’t count no more.

I will give you two facts that are hard to not notice, if you think for your self just a little bit…

Bush wining a fonny vote, which is the same way the next president will be PUT IN OFFICE, by the same power that will PUT IN OFFICE who the hell ever they want.. Guess what, it will probley be CLIT-UN she has been sold and bought by the SHEEP HEARDERS that you the sheep believe in.. until you are willing to give up on the two biggest LIRERS, the
Demon-crats and repub-la-scums, and if you are going to vote, for our sake vote something else, any one is better than the two choices they have you believing you have to choose from…

THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THE BULL CHIT GOING ON every one has to vote for some one else.. That will make it hard for them to lie about who actually won… even then who knows

I said two things were obvious…. You wont like this one, but read and think, you are just delusional if ya don’t see …..the ILEGAL DRUG WAR is exactly why things have gotten the way they are. This is the #1 tool to train thr sheep to only do what you are told. You believe it so strongly that when any state votes for medical marijuana, the federal gov. just has to say fuck you and your vote, and ya all just lay down and obey. (at least most sheep) And in some cases, Arizona for instance, the governor of the state just said fuck you and your vote. As did Denver’s MAYOR, all because the sheep wont stand up for their rights and they know this.
I know that you each know down deep that the war on our streets is the single biggest cause of DEATH in the U S, and if you would look around for your self, the rest of the world also. And yet you still can not see past the lies that you are fed about how, with out the drug war you just would not be happy,
and then some one you know gets shoot in a random shooting. Does that make you happier than you was when you just thought that the drug war don’t effect you?

Unknown said...

can you elaborate on your statement that Chomsky and Palast "lie out of their asses on the other?"

also please elaborate on the term "relative truth" in regards to them. are you making the claim that you possess absolute truth?

normally i would patiently wait for a response, but in this case i will make an assumption that you are responding to Chomsky's "who cares?" statement in regards to 9/11?

alot of people have misunderstood that because it was said so bluntly and in many people's perception callously. but if you put yourself in chomsky's shoes as a social critic for going on five or six DECADES now he has seen and studied more than one bloody coup and so is understandably insensitive.

all the guy meant was chasing after the perps is a waste of time because they thoroughly cleaned up the place. he was saying that the chance of landing evidence that would nail them in a court of law was slim to none.

whether or not this turns out to be the case is still to be seen but so far its turning out to be true no?

what specific names do we have another than the ISI general, the 19 patsies, the odd behaviour of Dubya, and links to Marvin Bush and the guy who said "pull it"?

do we have the names of the dozens or hundreds who wired up the buildings and were in on the cleanup job? no, we don't.

and suppose that we did. would that really solve the problem? these sorts of things have been going on for decades and are symptomatic of a broken system. Chomsky is saying lets come up with a new system rather than chase after symptoms.

i'll throw this one out there. in my opinion we should eliminate the station of President. come up with a new system where the highest rank is either Governor or Sherriff.

i.e. carve the United States into the 50 states it is made up of or even the 3200 some odd counties it is already made up of and then for national defense just rely on that old standby of Minutemen.

i.e. if people protest that with no president and no national army we can't defend ourselves from potential Eurasian aggression. to answer those critics we can then point to the Minutemen.

of course Minutemen are ineffective versus a ICBM or even suitcase nuke so there are other issues to deal with besides the granularity of the USA. but perhaps nuclear weapons can be addressed somehow. it makes more sense to me to strategize on how we can address them rather than complaining.

with 50 governors the possibility of a conspiracy having effects on the entire world is effectively nullified. the most a conspiracy could effect would be whatever state governors were "on the take" as they say.

if it was carved into counties governed by Sherrifs what is the probability that a large percentage of 3200 Sherrifs would join a conspiracy? seems low to me.

anyway i've said enough and am just very curious what it is that Palast and Chomsky have lied about so I will now shutup and listen to your response. :)

Anonymous said...

great post again...i am aware of what is happening to my country, my world, and myself...yes, modern society is a sham, circus, and imax wow glitter show all in one...I am preparing, though slowly to not frighten my wife, daughter, and family or friends...what do I prepare for?...for when they want to come for me and mine; I will go down, but on my terms with my "clan", with my dreams no one can steal, copy or live through...the time for change is, as I prepare for that day of days, I will enjoy my love of sports---nfl, nba, mlb,and the other alphabet soups:)...I will also continue to enjoy each minute, hour, and day as something special. as one more memory of peaceful existence to help mitigate that "day of days" which is crouched around the next corner, waiting to grab me as I come want to awaken people to change this terrible, wretched hell-hole world around...I praise you for it!...I do not share your optimism, which is why I silently, gradually prepare for the "final battle" which I will fight & lose life fighting it...but, my end will be such an end, I will take many of those freaks down with me, with no regrets, sorrows or coulda, woulda, shouldas my plan depressing?, lacking hope?, it is my cross to bear, my private, don't lament me or my clan's passing, don't seek revenge for me or the other innocents...stay focused, alive, and brave to make over this cursed planet into something better for all who are left to enjoy; Providence knows they will certainly need it.

I bid you Adieu




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