Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Israel and 9/11 are Siamese Twins.

When you put ‘Mossad 9/11’ into Google you get around a million hits. You get around 700,000 when you put in ‘Israel 9/11’. If you put in ‘Mossad was behind 9/11’ you get more than a million.

When you start reading about the connections between Israel, Mossad and 9/11 you find so much information and you also find the same people showing up over and over again. You find information that connects to other information in various ways. The more you read and the more you study, the more you come to the same conclusion. You finally realize that Israel and the CIA with the help of an assortment of werewolves and vampires in the business and political worlds did 9/11.

It begins to hit you early on. There’s just too much coincidence. Early on you realize that it couldn’t have been Al Qaeda who did this. After all, high ranking members of the CIA say there was no Al Qaeda. After you have waded through the curious matter of Cheney refusing to scramble any jet fighters; Arabs who were supposed to be on the planes being found alive and well in their home countries, the five dancing Israeli Mossad agents, three high rise buildings coming down into their own footprints at the speed of free fall and the endless following connections... you realize... you should realize that what you have been told is not true. At this point you might go and see who owns the corporations that bring you the news.

Maybe you look into what followed afterwards. Maybe you study who was responsible for lying America into the Iraq War. Maybe you study who is pressing for an Iranian invasion. Maybe you observe the dreadful genocide being practiced on the Palestinians.

There is so much more to research and study. You find out that Michael Chertoff, the head of Homeland Security is an Israeli/U.S. dual national. But did you know that the Deputy Secretary of H.S., Paul A. Schneider, the Secretary of Operations of H.S., Fred L. Schwien and the Secretary for Technology for H.S., Jay M. Cohen are the same as Chertoff? Maybe you then find out that Joe Lieberman is the Chairman of Homeland Security. But did you know that Barrack Obama is on that committee?

What about that Mukaskey appointment?

The more you dig around the more you find the same people coming up over and over again. When you look at the PNAC membership and when you look at characters like Michael Ledeen and a host of other scoundrels, you consistently come back to Israel. What options do you have when you consider the information you have gathered? You either conclude that Israel is deep into whatever happened or... some unknown force wants to make it look like that. Then you have to consider that since the majority of the world’s major media is Zionist owned then who, who makes it look the way it does? ... Well, it always comes back to the same thing.

No one can say that 9/11 benefitted the Arab world. The one who benefitted the most was and is Israel. The old sayings of “Cui Bono” and “follow the money” add a great deal of weight to what already is a fait accompli. There are exhaustive time lines available and maybe someone will find things like this valuable. There are in depth articles that are enough to make the dead horse you are beating scream for you to stop.

The more you look the more you find the same thing. It should be added that no nation on Earth is more famous for false flag events than is Israel. I might also include the Mossad motto, “By deception ye shall wage war”. On and on it goes.

The internet is awash in information. Some of it found its way into the mainstream and some of it is alternative news and some of it has strange provenance. Even if you discount most of it, for whatever your reasons may be, you are still left with more evidence than you will ever need. If you’ve got any kind of name power and you say anything about these things you will find that the truth is anti-Semitic. You will be hounded out of town.

I’ve ruminated about how this particular force of Zionism could have so much power and it seems to go back to the banks and the interest charged on money printed out of thin air. It seems like this power is the power of money. When you look at how the power of money was used to gain control of the outlets that process the flow of information and manufacture the news well... what can I say?

Whoever these people are they’ve had a certain intention all along. To what bright future does this intention incline? Shall we all have tea in paradise tomorrow once they have achieved their ends on our behalf?

There have been thousands of articles written about this. Some of them are finely detailed and there for the reading by anyone curious enough to do so. No one could cover all of the ground in a short essay. In any case, it’s not proof we need. We have more proof than reasonable judgment requires. Many people see what is going on and many, many more do not.

It was the perfect scam for a particular people to set themselves up as the eternal victim. To criticize them is tantamount to pushing over a baby carriage. We are led to believe that this ‘chosen people’ were expelled from dozens of countries over time but the reasons are obscured. It is implied that it was all because they were disliked for what they were and seldom is much said about what they did. They say that where there is smoke there is fire. In this instance there is so much smoke you cannot see the fire but you can certainly feel the heat.

Now they’re put CFR member, General Norton Schwartz in charge of the Air Force. Since he’s the first non-fighter pilot put into that position in a long time it makes you wonder about dissension in military ranks over the ongoing neo-con world-wide murder spree. It also might cause you to give thought to that missing nuke and the killing of Tony Carnaby by the Houston Police. Of course you might flash back to other replacements in the military, notably the one that led to General Petraeus.

Once you have accepted that 9/11 was done by the only people capable of doing it. Once you have reasoned out that the ONLY foreign country who could have been involved and not caused an immediate war would be Israel well then... This is why it was so important to blame it on a non-existent terror group that was conveniently hosted by a country whose turf we were after and who had unforgivably shut down the world’s opium supply, well then... it really is two for one night at Little Caesars. Once you have accepted what all the evidence tells you, that 9/11 was an inside job done by Israel and her agents in the United States you have to know that they fully intend to do it again. Houston... we have a problem.

There’s no oil shortage and there will be nothing like an oil shortage by the time the new hydrogen cars, already coming off of the assembly lines, are available across the board. I hear they are even pumping oil back into the ground. Whatever the truth of that, there are enough lies everywhere else to make you wonder. New technologies are on the verge of sweeping away the world as we know it. This oil crisis is being engineered by the same forces that are up to all the other nasty shit going down. The food crisis and the sub-prime mess are also not accidents. They all dovetail to a clear purpose. These are not accidents any more than The Great Depression was, nor is it an accident that you are facing another.

My advice to you is to stay away from urban centers. Pay attention to who gets chosen for the running mate in either party; this may prove to be more important than the main candidate. Keep in mind all of the mutations and incremental gelding of The Constitution and ask yourself why the incumbent would need such a capacity for martial law. Ask yourself if all of the oil and food and economic problems are not part of the whole agenda. Ask yourself why, if it is not so... why does it look so compelling in that regard and why does every move ‘they’ make continue to enhance that appearance?

You may find this to be a powerful statement.

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Anonymous said...

Recent appearance of the fortmer Chaplan Lindsey Wiilams with his last book "The Energy Non-Crises" slightly restores the otherwise rottem image of "A Good Christian".
That's nice... But then - what?
Dear Less, what are YOU doing with all this information you are digging out? How do YOU live with it the next, the one more day?
Masses escape to be informed. The case is the simple biological survival.
But YOU and OTHERS who do not, how we all are going to move through the other day?
Chances to " get together to kill The Spider" are slim. Other exits are suicidal.
How are YOU doing?

Visible said...

Well, it's not a walk in the park but when I consider the alternatives there really are no alternatives. Anyway, I don't actually live here. I'm just visiting. There will be a candle in the window when I decide to head home.

Anonymous said...

Lots of us know Israel was behind 9-11, but the fact that we know it doesn't change anything. Knowledge is not power, after all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are correct. All the evidence for who the perpetrators were is there on the net for those who want to find it.
Most I tell this to do not want to know.
The put options on the airlines involved in 9/11 is also a rich area for research ..... billions were made by those who knew the shares for American Airlines et al were going to plummet. One, Buzzy Krongard, a high-up in FBI ? who went through revolving door into a N.Y. investment co. made a fortune on 9/11. Tel Aviv v involved there mucho too.
How to put a stop to this cabal ?
Well, there's China and Russia. Every Russian understands who was behind 80 years of communist hell - why those same nice folk who live in Tel Aviv.
My feeling is that oncoming natural cataclysm is ultimately going to take care of the problem - a few rather large waves will sweep the coastal areas of the world away in one or two careless and terrible moments.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense such as that spouted by Lindsey Williams only damages your credibility. Please do better research on the peak oil front.

Certainly some shitty little country may find it extraordinarily profitable to exploit geologic realities, but then again, that's been their game all along, misery mongers.

Visible said...

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Visible said...

Sorry... I didn't have my thoughts in order. Let me try again.

Maybe you should read a little more carefully. Where do you get the credence to connect me with Lindsey? Doesn't the link say something like (my words). "I even hear they are pumping oil back into the ground." I put it out there as something to hear and reflect on, not something I am pushing as real.

I'm highly suspicious of people who post things like you have anonymously. I'm more suspicious of people who attack people without showing their reasoning for their conclusions.

You may be right on the mark about your judgment of this man but you haven't given us anything to go on. You're wrong about my credibility being affected because in no way did my presentation call my credibility to account. You'd have been better served going after certain of my other conclusions which 'are' an expression of what I believe.

Eugene said...

Hierolysoma Est Perdita!

Culitvate the world inside and the world outside will be what it already is...a fleeting image.

Western culture before the "redeemer complex" (John Lash) of Judaism, Christianity and Islam believed and lived with the "others", ie the daimons of imagination, ie the genius of self recognition, ie true man in the world. When the tri-eraser came along...His-story was written by the victors....and your story, my story and everyone elses story gained a character better not had. Yet this character is part of the cycle of time, same as any other, ie nothing is broken, all is moving right along.

Nevertheless the sun both gives life and destroys it. So then below the sun is not what is important. It is to know what is inside you. Daimon, genius, fire of fire, etc. Since this element has been calcified over by the tri-eraser it must take ever larger hammer swings to break the shell.

Our mind is this shell. The external world has also become shell like as western civilization has become boy in the bubbleish, ie cut off from true self, ie knowing daimon, genius, real inward principle. It was this principle that gave each recognition of the natural world, instinct, knowing in the change of wind, knowing in ripples on the water, knowing plant speech, etc.

Do you think the tri-eraser can destroy that which is the only true thing? Can the shadow truly overcome the substance? Never. Take heart in that "this too shall pass". We may all die in the grip of the shadow as seeds do eventually shatter the shell. But the seed which is new is really the oldest thing there is...in that it carries the message laid in it from the beginning...of all seeds and this cannot be extinguished. The shell and shadow will pass away, the light of the seed will dawn beyond the shells suffocation. It only takes one to refill the entire landscape.

The pencil is a moebius strip as the eraser gives way to the newly inspired lead.

Jerusalem is Destroyed!
Hep Hep Hooray!

"The Grasses - by Rumi

The same wind that uproots trees
makes the grasses shine.

The lordly wind loves the weakness
and the lowness of grasses.
Never brag of being strong.

The axe doesn't worry how thick the braches are. It cuts them to pieces. But not the leaves.
It leaves the leaves alone.

A flame doesn't consider the size of the woodpile. A butcher doesn't run from a flock of sheep.

What is the form in the presence of reality? Very feeble. Reality keeps the sky turned over
like a cup above us, revolving. Who turns the sky wheel? The universal intelligence.

And the motion of the body comes
from the spirit like a waterwheel
that's held in a stream.

The inhaling-exhaling is from spirit, now angry, now peaceful.
Wind destroys and wind protects.

There is no reality but God,
says the completely surrendered sheikh, who is an ocean for all beings.

The levels of creation are straws in that ocean. The movement of the straws comes from an agitation
in the water. When the ocean wants the straws calm, it sends them close to shore. When it wants them
back in the deep surge, it does with them as the wind does with the grasses.

This never ends."

Anonymous said...

Great post! Well written. Let all the comments come about how you are a fear monger or whatever. You're right, they have an agenda. They are agents and they are watching us.. And most importantly, they are scared!.. Their world will soon come crashing down when the scales tip in our favor with the spreading of the truth. I have brought many to it myself and I know others are doing the same..
We are growing, not shrinking and they know it.. As their fear grows so will their rhetoric.
Keep up the great work my friend..

Anonymous said...

Counterfeit Conspirators Reduce In Era Of Blog Concreteness
(Apollonian, 17 Jun 08)

Note former Pres. candidate Ron Paul (see DailyPaul.com) has also isolated the "Neo-Con" conspirators (see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref., also Mike Collins Piper, "The High Priests of War").

So what's "neo-con's" specific power?--COUNTERFEIT (see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)) fraud/scam/conspiracy. And I saw Richard Perle recently on video (about power of AIPAC) who smugly remarks if any politician defies Israel they won't be re-elected--simple matter-of-fact proposition, dollars and cents.

COUNTERFEIT fraud is actually most successful and sublime fraud ever known to mankind--literally, the "big lie." But frauds must come to an end--as they must eventually pay off more and more people to be quiet.

Problem w. such COUNTERFEIT fraud is, like Ron Paul, masses of people look at it in too abstract fashion, not seeing it as gross criminal conspiracy it really is (and eventually evermore becomes).

Presently then, people STILL prefer leaving things in hands of such criminals, but less and less as things continue to degenerate as at present rate--"inflation," for instance, entering "HYPER-" status intensity (approaching Weimar Germany -type).

Thus basic, root problem is that Talmudic SUBJECTIVISM, I say again--see RevisionistHistory.org, TruthTellers.org, and Come-and-hear.com for best expo on Talmud. Then there's HERETICALIST problem, esp. "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.), also Pelagianists ("good-evil"). Hereticalists are legion nowadays still.

And it's same problem (9-11) as USS Liberty instance (see UssLiberty.org), Jews actually imagining they could get USA (and CFR-Bilderberg) to nuke Cairo, back then.

INDUCTIVE LOGIC continues to build for large masses of people--"it's Jews, stupid" (see ConspiracyPenPal archives, "It Wasn't Arabs," Nov 03)--but the conclusion is understood as EPIPHANY for most.

And History will CYCLICALLY culminate for "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, in over-all JEW-EXPULSION--as of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. Roman empire.

Socio-biologically (see KevinMacDonald.net), parasites will destroy the host/victim, parasites becoming themselves over-populated, topmost Judeo-conspirators "falling-out" w. one another--as we see now in CFR-Bilderberg (Walt-Mearsheimer, "The Israel Lobby") conspirators pointing finger at Israel.

And the "presidential" sweepstakes is a choice btwn "Manchurian candidate," a traitor whose father was a traitor (see UssLiberty.org, again)--against a black lawyer guy, a shyster-flack, who speaks well, married to "Mrs. Grievance," presently being run by CFR-Bilderberg--"good cops vs. bad cops."

Hence then immediate prospect must be a "Thermidorian" -type reaction to present Judeo-conspirators who will try to blame Bush for everything, Bush the buffoon, the decoy--who "liberated" all those dear Iraqi people, with all the depleted uranium so well spread out and distributed, with "only" a million casualties dead.

Thus it should be interesting in Minnesota when "Republicans" convene to nominate McCain at same time Ron Paul supporters convene.

Thus it's interesting simple thing 17th amendment (to US Constitution) was never ratified (see TheLawThatNeverWas.com). Thus states and state legislators must still send proper US Senators to convene--but surely not in Wash. DC which is Israeli (and queer) occupied territory.

Thus as things continue to degenerate for Judeo-conspirators, we should know some things more definitely soon enough. Jews and queers trying to kidnap all those Mormon kids in Texas, over 400 of them, was a little too much to swallow, as we see.

Thus blogging art and mighty INTERNET have thrown such light of induction and EPIPHANY at same time upon previous era of COUNTERFEIT conspiracy in culmination of Spenglerian "Decline of the West."

CONCLUSION: Key then for liberation and EPIPHANY is keeping things CONCRETE for people's understanding which was heretofore abstract and mysterious--as Fed Reserve "inflation," etc. Keep up ur excellent blog-work, expo, and dialectic, Les Visible. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I love the place where you live, dear Less!...
(I think I know where it is). Glory to you.
Allow me a little bark toward some of your "amonymous" commentator:
Goody! Do you really think that the "communist Hell" is hotter than yours? Don't you have a suspision that your brains are profoundly washed?

Anonymous said...

Time for another reality check. The jews (now I know not all jews are born evil and more power to those 50 or so) will do to your country what they did to Russia at the the start of the 20th century, Germany shortly thereafter and every other country that plague of the planet has staged their coups d`etat in and murdered from the inside out. Since 2004 they have been trying to goad america into more preemptive war crimes on Iran and Syria. I wonder how the Russians and Chinese (and some other countries) would respond. Do you americans want to pick a fight with some real opponents?

Perhaps one day the sheeple of america will collectively wake up (enough) and save yourselves from the deep end. The world will watch with baited breath.

As we all know, the leader of the cia/mossad created boogeyman "al qaeda" is a zionist jew terrorist from california named adam pearlman.

Anonymous said...

It's not the jews. They are just visible scapegoats.

annemarie said...

Superb synopsis V. All roads lead to...the usual suspects!


Anonymous said...

"Israel does not have the right to exist as in the form of the abomination of there self worship and hate for their neighbors"

Lamentations ->

Ezekiel 22 ->

Expose the filth that they do so that all will know that the evil they have done to other will be done to them in observance of the truth of what goes around comes around.
"Now, thou son of man, wilt thou judge, wilt thou judge the bloody city? yea, thou shalt shew her all her abominations."
God will not be mocked by his once choosen ones soon they will join with the fate of sodom.

Anonymous said...

Ok, lets break character for a second. Massive massive luls.

Ok, resume acting nutty.

Anonymous said...

the Jews are visible scapegoats? So then, Wolfowitz, Feith, Pearle, Chertoff and his posse at Homeland Security, Larry Silverstein, the right wing settlers, the motive forces behind the millions killed in Russia, the ones who declared war on Germany years before any wars BY Germany, the ones who refused to let aid into the camps, the ones who refused the emigration of the Jews from Germany, the heads of the major banks that finance the wars, the heads of the Federal Reserve, the present Attorney General, AIPAC and her spies, the ADL and Foxman, the ecstasy dealers, most of the members of PNAC, the heads of the media, these are all scapegoats? Can you imagine how much more I could add to this list? Like the movers behind the Armenian and Ukraine massacres, the attackers of the U.S.S. Liberty, The Lavon Affair and not to mention 9/11? These are scapegoats? Yes, it's always someone else even when it was them all the time.

Anonymous said...

The leaches at the top think they are doing these things for everyone's overall benefit, ie. the end justifies the means. But they have lost the way. The main indicator is that they have to constantly lie about what they are doing.

Thank Goddess there are bright souls like you pointing it all out. This planet would be in much better shape if you were ruling it.

And I don't care if this comes across as adulation: I love you Les!

Anonymous said...

Kevinburger, what are 'luls'??

ellis t

Anonymous said...

For you "Peak Oil" lunatics, Mike Ruppert has been outed as a shill a long time ago! Beside it being an immense scam, many of you have failed to read an article that was reported on (Rothschild) Reuters of all places of a water fueled car. The car can run on any type of water, whether it bottled, tap, sea, coffee or tea!
Les, by the way I was a little tough on you two or three posts ago..sorry. This post is excellent, but you keep popping up on Rivero's bullshit show. This Rivero guy keeps on taking shots at christians and it is pissing me off-what would the world look like today without the message of love in the Gospel. He thinks he is "intellectual" but is part of the current paradigm running the show. Don't let anyone distort reality, we are not in Iraq for Oil or to combat Islam, we are in the middle east to destroy Israel's enemies and in the meantime collapse militarily (and economically) like the USSR did in order to bring out a "new world order"! We in the USA are F*cked!

petkov said...

It's all well and good. By now even Joe 6 pack knows something funny is going on and he is being lied to. OK. We established that. Good. Great.
Now the real questions begin: What can be done to change all this? Can anything be done? Anything at all? Obama went infront of APAIC and kissed their ass. None of the presidential candidate s will do anything at all to resolve the REAL problemS. So, tell me where does that leave us?
Writing more useless blogs and preaching to the choir? Come on, Americans, you claim to live in a functioning democracy! Do something and stop being sheeple instead or more blogging.

Visible said...

Petkov; I don't like to refer to someone as a dickhead but you seem to qualify. You come stomping in here now and then, half sneering and half whining about useless blogs while you yourself have a blog called "Cutting through the Bullshit." This makes you a hypocrite. Actually bloggers are the cutting edge of awareness right now. It is bloggers who have materialized a new media in the midst of the shitheap of the present status quo.

In the past no one heard any of the things that bloggers now present. Bitch Media wouldn't hire them. There was nothing but empty McDonald's styrofoam containers blowing across the empty lot of the collective mind like something out of American Beauty.

Finally... chest pushing your way into virtual rooms where you do not live and shouting for everyone to recognize you and then not having anything to say when they do is not the hallmark of a great communicator. I think your real problem is that you don't appreciate other people getting the attention that you feel is due you.

Some blogs got big in a hurry because they had Bitch Medias money behind them. For most of the rest of us it has happened, in whatever small way it has happened, due to holding to principles and possessing some measure of articulation. The consistency eventually finds an audience. Stop pretending you're a small dog barking at shadows and do something if you want something done. Don't harangue others as if you just got appointed stepfather to the world.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for sometime now, but this is my first comment.

There is so much evidence and logical coincidences that leads anyone with common sense to conclude what is going on and who is doing it. All the different pieces of the jigsaw puzzle all fit together perfectly. But all I keep on asking myself is.... WHY!

We can talk about psychopaths and megalomaniacs till the cows come home but it still doesn't give me my WHY. Why collectively, collude, conspire and enact such an intricate agenda that will only result in mass suffering and destruction?

I just don't get the WHY. Maybe that's because I'm not a psychopath. Maybe you have to be one for it to all make sense.


Visible said...

You made me laugh. I was just going to say something as I was reading your post and then you said the very thing I was going to say.

Esoterically it is more than this. This life and all the civilizations that sleep in the sand. The multitude of incalculable dramas and destinies played out across the expanse of time interpenetrated by eternity is all a dream. It's all a movie. People play their parts. It's mostly ignorance and desire that account for all of the suffering. Those who have, partly freed themselves from these two villains know this.

Samskaras... that's what it is. And we'd like to heal the world but you cannot heal a world in which people are determined to hurt themselves and others. Sometimes you must watch and do nothing. That is why they call it 'unbearable compassion'.

Do what you can as you go along. Every day brings a myriad of opportunities to be useful. Being useful is one of the key ingredients of immortality. Never despair... never give up. Strive hard. Because the help is unseen it is hard to have faith. But it is there and there is a doorway out.

The world is the world is the world. The world, the flesh and the devil (and the deep blue sea?). There are many definitions and many intricate disciplines and destines. For me, everything is under control. I'm just along for the ride and hoping to be useful.

Anonymous said...

Patience Is Necessary Patriot Virtue
(Apollonian, 18 Jun 08)

"Petkov," u should exercise some patience and READ the blogs, and entries thereto, u pretend to complain about--specifically for my entry above. Note further, more Apollonian eloquence, analysis, and expo to be found at NewNation.org, under "commentary."

Otherwise, note things take place in way of a CYCLIC-type process, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Socio-biologically (see KevinMacDonald.net), parasite disease-of-opportunity, preying upon the people, eventually must kill host-victim, parasites themselves becoming over-populated. There's strong evidence this parasite over-population is already happening, topmost conspirators beginning to seriously fall-out w. one another--as Walt-Mearsheimer ("The Israel Lobby") CFR-Bilderberg conspirators (see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref.) pt. finger at Israel.

Thus as blog-dialectic art steadily transforms culture, observe, according to recent Harris Poll (I'm pretty sure), over
50% of people mistrust Corporate mass-media, only 30% still largely trusting, over 40% preferring MIGHTY INTERNET and blogs like Visible's SmokingMirrors.

Observe those magnificent Irish (land of my own ancestors) REJECTED the EU treaty despite massive corporate media propaganda.

CONCLUSION: I'd say most critical thing for people to do presently is to cement the Christian solidarity more explicitly, attacking "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.) heresy more directly and most actively. So note then patience is patriot virtue too as u keep ur eyes peeled for patriot opportunity. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

"We can talk about psychopaths and megalomaniacs till the cows come home but it still doesn't give me my WHY. Why collectively, collude, conspire and enact such an intricate agenda that will only result in mass suffering and destruction?" -"Spiller" 12:49 AM

* * * * *

"Spiller" Plays Too Dumb
(Apollonian, 18 Jun 08)

"Spiller," u're simply not paying attn. or even reading the blog dialectic (responses) which dialectic is so much the substance of revolutionary advance/improvement/enhancement to previous culture's journalism, so corrupted.

Further, u don't seem to even understand basic mechanics of modern culture/socio-biology which is dominated by literal CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE of COUNTERFEIT conspiracy (see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud) at bottom of ZOG-Mammon empire/beast.

Thus ZOG-Mammon runs Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace," as in Iraq/Afgan--is that so difficult to comprehend? So "Spiller," u need (a) to get a clue, but before that, (b) try to grow a brain. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

nobody said...

uHow confused we all are. Way back when, people used to wish confusion upon their enemies ('Confusion to Bonaparte!'). I'm of the opinion that this confusion is crucial. Before action comes thought. Who can act if they can't think?

How might one confuse people? The media obviously. And just in case anyone figured out what the media was up to, it would pay to run this skein of confusion around the media also.

Don't be confused. If you're prepared to entertain the thought that there are people out there with unlimited ambition that would ideally enslave all mankind, how could they let the ultimate weapon, the best and only means of inflicting confusion, be anything other than bloc-controlled?

The fact that it's bloc-controlled is so obvious. We all saw it in the run up to the current Iraq slaughter. The entire media, to a man, impossibly sang from the same songsheet.

To know who runs the media we need merely look to those who are never mentioned. It is not the corporations, the MIC, or big oil. All of them get bagged out regularly.

The only mob never mentioned in the media is the owners of the Reserve Banks of the world. The media is theirs. They couldn't pull off monopoly control of the money supply without it. That the media also runs confusion for the banker's enablers, the aforementioned corporations etc stands to reason. The bankers need them and let them hitch a ride. But when it comes to the crunch (coming soon!) all of us will run around like heads with no chickens fighting each other whilst they stand immune.

Attack the banks if you want. For as long as the bloc-controlled media exists the only certainty is confusion. No attack will succeed. Attackers will be portrayed as terrorists, foreigners, whatever it takes. Those subject to the banks will be set upon each other.

Only with the destruction, or ideally decapitation, of the media can the banks in turn be destroyed.

And wouldn't it be nice not to be confused?

Anonymous said...

For any bono-fide, red blooded, 100 %, grade A American, claiming a belief in Jesus Christ, having researced even the least of all the controversy and contradictions and believed the lies of George Bush and his secret Nazi party of Zionist warmongers, who directly or indirectly had duties of responsibility on that tragic day [sept 11th 2001.

Then I have this to say....come that final day when we all shall be brought before the throne
and be judged for what we believed to be the truth and what we believed to be a lie. Then you are going to have one hell of time trying to convince Jesus Christ, you believed it was Him who died on that Cross.

In order for anyone of any good common sense and logic to believe "Washington", you would have to take that common sense and logic and flush it down the toilet.

As far as Israel goes, there are more Jews on Capitol Hill then there are in Israel and like Les says...the combination of those, produced 911. Our government is just as Zionist as Israel.

Howard Dean was asked a question in Hebrew from a Rabbi, while making a speech during his run for the Presidency....and heard him answer the question in Hebrew ....Fluently.

They say they are Jews, they are not, but are synagogue of satan, and this government is among that congregation.


Anonymous said...

An evul Emmanuel Goldstein in a cave is plotting! I hope mommygov can save me since everything it touches turn to a steamy turd.
The terror is being practiced on the "un-people" of the world. T.W.A.T. (the war against terror) is a scam like global warming. Now that nothing is made here "veee villl keep u safe" homeland cash cows is the last bubble.

Visible said...

Chapter 9 of Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World is now up Here

RML said...

A Few Thoughts:

1) We know who the bad guys are, their origin, their motives, their redundant objectives. We even know their names!

2) Various sources -- throughout all history -- have been fingering them and their machinations. This has been going on since the Book of Enoch [how we got entangled with them is implied in Enoch. These "Watchers"/fallen ones petitioned/pleaded/begged with Enoch to intercede on their behalf with the Creator. In other words, they drew us into their schema, and we have been stuck with them ever since.].

3) That we know who they are and what they have been and are up to has done what to stop their chicanery and manipulations? I would have to say, nothing. Herein is both the problem (the equation) and the solution. To be honest, we engender a bit of a swag in our capability to finger them and their stratagem.

4) After decades of personally studying them and their ways, I have reached somewhat of a realization as to what to do about it. The parallel study of Gnosis, and Those throughout history who have borne the Truth, reveal a very interesting course-of-action that is worth investigation. And that is?

5) Consciously and willfully boycott them. Ignore them. Do what you do with a bully. Turn your back on them. Emphatically proclaim your freedom from them and their manipulations. They have no power EXCEPT what we give them. If we write them out of our script, what happens to them? They fade from the screen-of-life. We do what Enoch should have done millennia ago --feel nothing for them. Detach from their outcome, as it truly is not our outcome. They have infected our DNA with their plight. Screw them, says I. (Do a fast from their influence. They have no power, but what we give it.)

6) They are void of Inspiration and Creativity. All they can do is copy and repeat. If we consciously pursue our own genius (genesis), seek the muse inside us, share in our personal transcendent moments, there will be no space in us left for their schema.

Anonymous said...

Finance/Money...is now the machine which keeps the wheel turning 'wheel being humanity'. Long ago humans put this machine at the helm thus is very archaic by default. The whole concept is destructive for the reliance on such an old form is liken to watching a piece of fruit rot and keeping in the fruit bowl. There is no logic at some point. Our 'human level' existence 'literal' is rotting secondary to this finance/money concept and again all by default. You can blame the Zionists, or the Monarchs, or US Government... but at the end of the day it is what it is. So much energy worldwide is squandered on this concept and we are all slaves to it.

At some point we all will venture into a realm that does no such business "sweet" hang in there folks, take joy in the things you can and stay kind 'if you can'...

The money masters are on tilt, the whole thing is apt to blow. Thousands of years money...of this and is so dumb in nature, well logically is not rocket science.

If you take finance/money out of the equation what is left to work with...think about this, factor it in and you will find peace. Is the best offer...

w said...

I have been reading your blog for a little while now and frankly I really
enjoy it, being an American I always find it refreshing to hear another
person's perspective; especially when it relates to such important matters
as 9/11. Speaking of 9/11,I believe it was an inside job, that's got to be
an over used phrase on this page.

My issue is this: Why should every messenger, every person who is in the know,
every individual who has the courage to say the unsay able load the message
with all of this divisive, conflict producing elements? To me, 9/11 is the mother
all rotten tomatoes of the 21st century, lets focus on that, there is evidence everywhere,
right now... AIDS,Holocaust,etc cover ups, yes there is evidence, but it murkier;grayer more ambiguous. To some it is not Gray at all and I respect that position,this is my point: 9/11 is here and now slapping us in the face. And no, I'm not jewish.

Its time to unite behind one issue in my humble opinion, so as not to distract,or
divide an already divided public.
Lets solve one issue at a time. Expose the rest later when we
have full public support.
Is this a fair assessment?
Am I just a stupid American?
Should I stop using the term "we"?

Anonymous said...

Friend, you overlook the fact that since Israel was behind 9/11 that exposing 9/11 also exposes Israel. There's no getting around that and that is why there is such a veil over the mix. Think about it.

Samer Dallasheh said...

What you don't know about Palestine:

Unlike what the Zionist claim "Land without People to people without Land"

Ibn Battuta,

1304 - 1377

Makes the History Of the Jews look like one big fantasy.

What a HOAX zionism is...

Its just another Crusade to base their forces inside Palestine then to carry out more war expeditions against the Muslim Nation (What you know they hate usury that bad!)

After studding history i see this...

The Canaan's are the true owners of this land, how about that lets go find them and give them it and drive out the Zionist? or how about that, we give it to the people who lived here before Adam and EVE?.

Or should we give it to the people who lived there for over 2000 years?

That is Muslims, Christens?

Sens Islam is not a nationality nor Christianity, so lets give it to 4 billion people?.

Or how about we give it to the Arabs who lived there for 1400 years?

Sens already its been proven they never left this land sens the 7th century till 1948.

Beside the Falahin are people who insanely lovely land they never leave or immigrate unless if there is a reason to do so...

But whats important is this, remember 1099? will i do.

The pope went fucking nuts to go outside the will of God and claim the land belongs to him...

So he sent these people to fight there that when they entered they killed 40 thousand none Christens in Jerusalem...

What did the pope say?:

THE MUSLIMS HIT CHRISTENS! TORTURE THEM! Its the PROMISED HOLY LAND OF THE GOD JESUS! (Yes they do worship a man) ISLAM IS ANTI CHRIST etc etc... Most important fact to state is that there was no gold... People were poor as hell and very weak under Saljuk rule... They didn't hit christens or torture them...

The true reason was: To populate a new region because there was over population in Europe, To establish a new super power in the middle east from there to conquer more land, to hit the heart of Islam, to gain personal benefit for the pope and for his war against the European kings (POPE VS KINGS, their war was:Who rules Europe?).
etc etc...

Now Zionism:

The promised Jewish Land (Though most of its citizens are not Jews by blood, sens they cant trace back their tribe for 2000 years to Judea tribe), the empty land, full of goods, full of sweets, the dream, the safe haven etc etc etc...

What they didn't know, is that they didn't study history carefully enough.

Yes, they don't know that Palestine defeated 7 Crusades. 7!!!.

one Zionist Crusade? is this a joke?, this is pitiful. They think they can conquer like the Christens.

But its been 60 years and their country is shrinking and beside Iran is going to fuck the shit out of them (don't worry they are not insane enough to use Nukes).

They can't win... Every time they kill a leader some one else comes...

Only Nasrallah can defeat them he is the New Salah el Din, Sunni And Shi'aa united. Islam nation rebuilding...

(by the way the Islamic nation has been going through deterioration for the past 200 years, but now people are seeing this and fixing it)

skilpad said...

I think that the Internet is part of the problem, one of the samskaras that enthrall and, ultimately, distract our attention and therefore our life force.

We free thinking individuals think we're so clever that we have pressed this instrument into service of our own subversive ends.

Maybe the joke's on us.

It's a well known historical ploy by oligarchs to provide some means for the populus to let off some steam rather than have it build and blow and upset the apple cart.

Sure, we have access to tons of subversive content online - more than ever in the history of mankind, much of which is directly contrary to the best interests of the powers-that-be. I would posit that not only is it tolerated, but in fact encouraged.

Is it a coincidence that the increasingly flagrant excesses and abuse of power of the Bush junta parallels the growth of the internet as the new medium of (virtual) activism? I think not.

We rant and rave in our blog posts and comments, then feel like we've done something. We've done nothing! We're spewing our words into the ether, blowing our energy into abstraction - energy that should be honed in quiet contemplation and directed through real, direct, offline ACTION.

Sure, our words reach millions of people. But those people don't know each other, or even OF each other, and they're never emboldened by their mutual recognition to reach for the pitchforks and clubs and band together to run the shysters out of town tarred and feathered on a rail...

Think about this the next time you want to write on your blog or even read others' blogs: where is your energy going? What is it feeding? In the service of which demon or deity are you pouring out your energy? For, if the compelling vision of Alex Grey were to be believed, that might be our only real choice.

Pointing out the extent to which the Bush regime - and those who would follow him - has become an instrument of the darkest of forces is all good and honest work. The risk in it is that we end up unwittingly playing their game and working in furtherance of their goals.

Anonymous said...

Think about this the next time you want to comment on a comment on someone's blog. What is the point of your comment on a comment on someone's blog? Isn't it just furthering the same dynamic of the very thing you were commenting on when you commented on someone's blog?

If the incredible penetrating vision of some guy who is linked in your comment on someone's comment on someone's blog is to be believed then even if you don't have any answers maybe that's a new wrinkle that can also be debated in comments on comments on someone's blog. And maybe nothing will still get done.

What's your point? What's your solution? And why do you have a blog? I like what I get here. It inspires me and apparently a lot of other people too. Basically it seems like you're saying that we are all fucked no matter what we do. I don't buy that. I just don't.

If the comment you commented on hadn't been made then you wouldn't have been able to comment at all and I don't think you got the point of the comment because it said pretty much what you were saying only better and it illustrated the belief of the writer independent of the blog and goes a long way toward pointing out that he is well aware of all of these things. At least that is how it looks to me.


skilpad said...

@K.C. : You are mistaken in thinking that my comment was in response to any other comment on this blog. To be honest it's not even a comment on Les's blog post on Israevil and 9/11.

It was more a general comment on the sad state we find ourselves in as people who see evil, recognise evil, and then can find no better way to act on it than bleat about it endlessly online.

My point, again, and since it was apparently too subtle (in spite of my hamfisted attempts at clarity), is that this endless online navel-gazing and tut-tutting is not merely futile, but because it consumes time and energy that could be channelled into effective action means that we are actually playing right into the hands of the evil we decry.

And no, I'm not saying "we're fucked no matter what." I'm more saying: I wish Uhmerikans would get off their McButts and actually do something about their steady collective slide into fascism. They've become an emasculated pale shadow of the revolutionaries who stuck it to the Empire all those years ago.

Through the sneaky deception wrought by the mainstream media the liberal majority of Americans believe themselves to be in the minority. How deliciously ironic! That was really the second main point I was trying to make: that we be eternally vigilant against deception, even in the most unexpected places.

Fervour, no matter how righteous, is always blind.

You ask me what the solution is? There is much that can be done but all of it will require purity of purpose, strength of conviction and, moreover, courage. More courage than is required to diss other blog commenters and engage in the online hating that is, sadly, often seen on these pages.

Collective acts of civil disobedience can and does topple illegitimate regimes (q.v. India, South Africa and more recently Nepal).

* Organise online, act offline.

* Organise mass public demonstrations in ways that the mainstream media cannot ignore or misrepresent.

* Stop paying your taxes en masse. YOU are the patsies whose future has been sold to the vultures in the Federal Reserve. Take it back. Stop feeding the demons.

* Become (more) self-sufficient for your basic needs.

* Stop feeding the consumer juggernaut by becoming more modest in your consumption of the world.

What other ways can you suggest of effective action? What can we in the rest of the world do to support your actions?

Anonymous said...

With all due respect bokkeman you are wrong about what we blog/comment here.
All of what you say we do; Les, we the rest, say we do the things you suggest.
Also for newcomers we encourage and reinforce this style of living/life.
There are other people out there like me!
It is hard to spread the word:
I haven't paid taxes for 30 years
I live frugally (I own nothing)
I buy local (farmers markets)
My interface with corps in minimal (no insurances, stay away from big brand names, etc.)
I reject and will not participate in Christmas, birthdays, special gift days (mothers, fathers etc.)
My work helps others (support the community)
I share what I get/have
I have no regard for authoritarian mannerisms
And I'm white!! (just to clarify)
I live in a wealthy country
I am educated
I encourage friends to do as I do; they see me as a crook (or a nut)

Les will know who

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bokkeman,all of this on-line posturing and gesturing subtracts from the energy that would aid in solving the problem. Many people spend their lucnh hours listening to the likes of Paul Harvey and Rush Limbaugh. The aforementioned serve a purpose, to diffuse the anger of the workers so that they will not direct it at their antagonizers. Maybe we who come and read Les' blog should follow our 'leaders' and conduct a pre-emptive strike on those who would subjugate us with their lies and propaganda. Wars need propaganda on the homefront, soldiers need bullets on the war front.

GodSend said...

Spiller is 'on' to something with his analogy of the Jigsaw Puzzle. I refer to it as The Puzzle.

This is a great post by Les - right 'on the money'! BUT - as others indicate, the 'WHY' question is not answered. Zionism, Israel, Neocons, 9/11, USS Liberty attack, Dov Zakheim missing $Trillions, Mukasey AG appointment, Libby pardon, Dimona disclosure by Vanunu (a convert to Christianity), the coming Grand Depression, the Indonesia tsunami, etc, etc., etc., are ALL pieces of The Puzzle.

You can find ALL the important pieces of The Puzzle put together on my website - including The Answer to the 'WHY' question - and A LOT MORE!

Les has a good chunk of The Puzzle figured out BUT he has a blind spot in his perceptive eye! That blind spot is rejection of Jesus the Christ as THE central piece of The Puzzle.

OK, Les, let's SEE! you put this Comment up - followed by the inevitable onslaught of Christ Deniers! Once you are able to put Christ at the center, EVERYTHING makes sense - and the only question remaining will be: "WHEN?" (exactly).

You will not be free, until you know the Truth.

"I AM" IS The Truth! HE is the Alpha and the Omega.



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