Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dreaming that She is You.

NOTE; some of you know that I have other blogs. One of them is Visible Origami and is about metaphysical things as opposed to the socio-political that this blog expresses. Many of you most likely don't go over there. As it is Christmas I thought I would depart from the usual fare and make this exception in topic just this once. This is reposted from Visible Origami. I hope you don't mind. The best of the essence of the season to you all.

Dreaming that She is You.

I have the most intense dreams. Sometimes they are as real as if I were right there like I am right here. Last night I changed into a young woman; late teens, early twenties... pretty, which I was aware of but not as much as I might have expected; not that I had much of an idea of what to expect. There wasn’t anything sexual about the dream. Inversely I was also attracted to the women in the environment more than the men but, as I said, there wasn’t anything sexual about the dream.

I was living in London in a community where people came and went. Suddenly I/she was in it and Apollonius, the mask layer of Les, the mask layer of the observer was gone. I was briefly touched when people asked about him but I couldn’t tell them anything. The biggest difference was in the way people looked at me. I had an instinctive wariness that was similar to something I have had most of my life. I realized it was this female thing I had either always had or developed as a result of the fighting arts and kundalini experiences.

A woman and her boyfriend came to the door of the restaurant that was a part of the community I lived in and I was talking to them about what we were like. The woman was one of those big horsy English ladies and she wanted to go somewhere else. It was as they were leaving that I noticed that it was because of me. She was threatened by my elfin appearance, even though her boyfriend was just hungry and hadn’t taken any particular exception to my appearance. There were a lot of little nuances of this sort. The most interesting feature was that being female wasn’t exactly the way you picture it if you are a man. There’s a non-sexual aspect to the whole thing that seems to transmit itself in a sexual seeming way that isn’t exactly that. It’s more like the difference between magnetism and electricity.

When I got up this morning I felt this sense of intense well being. I have to say that that is often the case. Still, this morning it was larger than usual and, as usual, was encompassed by this female energy that is a lot like waking up in bed with your mother when you are still in pre-pubescent status; the sensation follows me out of the bedroom and into my study where I sit each morning with my tea and tobacco and have my morning conversation with God. For me God is a mother and ever more so as time passes. It’s an interesting period of time. We talk and she tells me things and sometimes I will make these deep noises in my throat that vibrate in my ribcage and have something to do with harmonizing me with the levels beneath the phenomenal world.

Early in the 20th Century the cosmic clock moved into the sign of Aquarius. There is a lot of complexity in this and it needn’t be addressed here. One of the larger changes that this sign brings is the feminization of the masculine. You see it in the emergence of Goddess worship and the Gaia principle and you see it in the wider proliferation of bi-sexuality and gay lifestyle. It is essentially geared toward the intuitive nature. However, in the material world it can take on all sorts of expressions. On the grosser level, materialism is one of the perversions of the feminine. It’s funny that the impetus for comfort is civilization’s reaction to pain. Well, it isn’t funny. It creates pain aplenty of its own and worse, it creates despair and existential emptiness.

I find religions to be a great curiosity. You learn a lot about people by watching the way they dress the unknown. Most of the time it seems as if they are making a larger version of themselves, complete with all of the fears and prejudices that they possess in the smaller version. They are certain that God will smite their enemies and that God knows who that is and that the heathen are going to Hell. Another curiosity is that God is up in the sky somewhere. That doesn’t make a lot of sense if you are a metaphysician or a mystic but if you’re in the usual dualized (my word) confusion it makes a kind of unfortunate sense to see God as something you are not and never will be; even if both areas of physics tell you that the thing is a whole. Well, the child and the mother appear to be separate things but they’re not. It’s the way things look as opposed to the way things are that screw us up.

People talk about going to Heaven and seeing their loved ones who have passed on. No one is going Heaven who isn’t already there. The time to get to Heaven is while you are still in this body. Of course, depending on how you handle things here, Heaven might come looking for you or it might not. It depends on whether you are looking for it. A lot of people think that Heaven is something like Las Vegas and that is the appeal of Las Vegas. Or it could be L.A. or a lot of other places. Heaven is a land of impersonality. The ticket in is something you leave, not something you bring. The loss of this thing is the automatic keyed entry.

Just about everyone has a domestic argument going on in their head. Their mother and father are having a fight at the dinner table in their mind or in the living room while they lie in bed reaching for sleep. Regardless of what you understand about that limited perversion called psychology, or about anything regarding the seeming dual nature of things, there is only one objective and that is to bring your parents together in your mind and heart and make them one. Indeed, it is about the heart swallowing the mind. It’s called the Alchemical Marriage. It’s the objective of Tantra. It’s what Christ meant about grooms and bridegrooms. It’s union really. It’s more than coincidental that the letters for the words, 'unity', 'love' and 'death' in a certain mystical science all add to 13; but another time for that.

If you go looking for connections (and I suggest that you do) you find that two poles always create a third that postulates another and on and on. Whatever you were disappears by degrees as you follow along, no matter which direction you go in. It all comes back to the same place. Outward toward the light and noise or inward toward the quiet and the light; they touch. The jury is out on which one hurts more. And most of us need for the jury to be out in the hope that going out actually will prove to have been smarter. Well, your mother has to let you go. She knows what’s waiting out there but you don’t. It’s that love that allows for all that you have to suffer that lets you go because she also knows that you can’t miss finding her no matter how lost you get or how long it takes to find her again. It's not like you can't find her at any point along the way.

In materialism, which is very pronounced at this time, she can be turned into a dark goddess with a bloody aspect. We all heard when we were young how certain things were for our own good. It’s a hard irony to learn that the creator and the destroyer are one.

Every Christmas it happens to me. Sometimes it comes late and sometimes it comes early. I never bother with presents or cards. A fine table and the human joy of company does me and mine better than any trifle could. We prefer to give ‘presence’ instead. All year long we can do for one another and hopefully for those who cross our paths as well. But every Christmas the day comes when I wake up feeling too good to define and this joy just starts to wash over everything and I know it is because I feel gratitude and gratitude is the highest form of giving.

Gratitude is recognition of the inexplicable gift and automatically causes you to give yourself away. Nothing more is needed and it is the key to Heaven as well. Opening the door to Heaven is not about walking into anything but about having Heaven flow through the door into you and beyond. Yes... and that just results in more gratitude and more gratitude exponentially... just so.

The shoving desperation in the aisles and the clamoring for attention... the demands and insistence upon service and a speedy exit; the terrible violence of the marketplace rape of the uniformed heart... well... to each their own. You wrap the plastic and shiny things in colored paper and you say, “This is for you. It’s because I didn’t know how to give you myself.”

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yeah, it Feels Just Like Vietnam All Over Again.

You get the feeling we’ve been here before? Oh, some of the personnel are different, but some of them are the same. Some of them are a lot more inarticulate and incompetent but that’s how far we’ve come in a few decades. One should never under estimate the impact of progress even if it’s in the wrong direction.

Yeahh..... ummm... hmmm... Smell that? Smells just like Vietnam doesn’t it? Weren’t they fighting for democracy over there too? Ostensibly I mean. What’s the word for ‘gook’? Is it ‘towel-head?’, ‘camel fucker’? How do you say, “I give you long time G.I.” in Arabic?

You see, according to The Emperor Chimp, the result of the recent election was not to pull out of Iraq, it was to find new ways to win. It begs the question of why the old ways didn’t win and brings up the ugly fact that no way won in Vietnam; except of course we didn’t stay the course.

Yes, it’s escalation time. It’s also time to “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” The three card monte boys have set up shop around the corner and it’s a new and improved game. It’s the ‘same thing only different’. You got to love it. The only difference between the movies that were and the movies that will be is that in real time Kurtz was/is in the White House. Think of the ironies if they send Martin Sheen after him now.

Come January, the trained seals will be honking and flapping their flippers, balancing colored balls on their noses and pushing their stomachs in shopping carts right into the main Wal-mart store on Capitol Hill.

Of course there won’t be any real impact until 2008 and they could get a handful of thousands over there in the short term and then the attacks would go up and nothing would change except that things would get worse. Rahm Emanuel did his best to funnel the campaign money to war supporters and he’s hoping that will help when it comes to public perceptions of how important it is that we get victory with honor out of this no win situation.

Meanwhile there’s the big time international conversion of oil money from dollars to petro-Euro and the pending housing crash as well as the indications of runaway inflation... and... what I want to know is; who does central casting have in mind to play Jimmy Carter?

Most of the American public and a much larger percentage of the rest of the world KNOW that the American neo-cons, the administration of the cigar store Indian president and assorted thugniks and sundry interests were behind 9/11, so the war isn’t about what the war is about any way. A large amount of the public the world over knows that this war and the pending Iranian assault are the result of Israel’s control of American foreign policy. Nothing is what it is presented as, the same as Vietnam.

You got to feel for the American people. They turned out to vote in such vast numbers that not even Diebold could make a difference and now they’re gripping the cell bars again with their pants around their ankles and not a tube of KY in sight. Well, they’re used to it.

Hey, anybody seen George P. Bush? He was making news for awhile and now he’s just plumb dropped out of view. You know George P. would look right smart in a helmet and fatigues and... talk about a photo-op career move. Somebody ought to get a big banner printed up and photo-shop that sucker above his head on the QE2. The banner could say “Mission Bypassed” or something... “Mission Not Attempted”? You know what to do.

Somebody ought to get some yearbook photos of all those smiling sons and daughters of American politicians and make them known for their sacrifice in this demanding hour. I realize that Israel is pretty tied up with their land-grab genocide in Gaza but they too ought to do a little more than just blackmail Congress and yoke rob the media. After all, this is their war.

Has anybody noticed how much Donald Rumsfield looks like Robert McNamara? I just thought I’d throw that in.

The never ending war for never ending reasons; you got to love it. Bodies bursting in air, the sand reeling drunk with blood; it’s a good thing it’s already laying on the ground because it could hardly get up.

Oh, there are some differences between Vietnam and Iraq. The terrain and the languages and a few other things but the blood’s still red and the pain is the same. Of course no one has figured out a way to make an omelet without breaking legs so I guess we just need to stay the course but we’re going to call it something different.

Oh the ironies, the ironies... chicken-hawks who wouldn’t fight and who profit from the deaths of those too callow to see the face of the real enemy still send others to die for their bank accounts. Wars are still manufactured for lies and swag. It’s a video game isn’t it?

Why don’t they just kill the people who start these wars? That’s the thing I don’t get. Shouldn’t there be some kind of constitutional amendment that says when a demagogue and a bunch of business interests get together that they should be put up against a wall and shot? Doesn’t that make perfect sense? I realize that the people in the wings won’t make as much from the pay per view sales but the outlay is so much less and... wait a minute... oh yeah, they make the guns and the bombs and the uniforms and the body armor and the pharmaceuticals and on and on and on. Stupid me.

That’s how it is down here. It’s about controlling the markets. Everything that follows is collateral damage and that’s easily amortized. By now that portion of us with a brain remaining know who is behind all of this. It’s uncanny isn’t it? Out of that whole Congress, where are the men and women standing up and crying, “Hold, enough!”? Where are the powerful voices of the powerful ringing out across the airwaves? You telling me all we got are the Dixie Chicks? Do you mean to tell me we have got to listen to Michael Kingsley Lite and Noam ‘wrong way’ Chomsky parse reality into bite sized canapés for our collective consumption? Where did all these watered down genuflecting piss ants come from? Where is the grass roots surge so great that it will topple this mountain of snakes into the angry sea? What’s up in condo-land? What is that horrific sense of despair that wanders like the wraith from The Frighteners along the shopping lanes of Mall-World in this festive hour?

Yeah, it’s like Vietnam but it’s not too. It’s a little worse and a little uglier because of what’s on the blueprints. You can’t see it in the framing or the concrete pour. We haven’t gotten to the fascia yet. I’m hoping Santa has a great big bag of coal for this Christmas Eve. I’m watching and I know how it ends because I’ve seen it before. It always ends the same way. The one thing you can count on is how quick the makeover happens for the ones who got away and took the plastic surgeons with them when they went.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Trouble in the Ivory Tower

I am honored to be a member of 9/11 Scholars for Truth, although I didn’t know I was a member until I got a letter informing me of trouble in The Ivory Tower and asking me to vote on the future of the movement. Before I get into what details I am aware of let me set a little background and stage some scenery for the points I want to make. I consider these points critical and I want them understood; not defeated by a lack of presentation or my own limitations.

For a long time I considered this site the definitive 9/11 Truth site. I have great respect for a number of the members and I appreciated their approach which was based on science and reason. There are some things wrong with the 9/11 Truth movement. Some of these things are the result of faulty reasoning and wild speculation that are often the grounds on which rational thinkers reject what they might otherwise thoughtfully consider. It’s what gets some people and groups the sobriquet of ‘tinfoil hats’ and ‘wild eyed conspiracy nuts’. The other thing wrong is the disinfo specialists. These are organizations like The US Government, organized religion and their sycophants, Main Stream Media, e.g. Popular Mechanics magazine and their talking heads, alleged experts and catamite journalists. On the one side are those who don’t know what they’re talking about and on the other side are those who may or may not know what they are talking about but are more than comfortable with lying for a position or paycheck.

9/11 Scholars for Truth has a remarkable membership of serious and distinguished academics, artists, former government officials and international figures. You may argue with their findings but you would need powerful front credentials and a dump-truck load of obfuscating bullshit to do it. You cannot argue with their education, experience and credibility. Of course, you could but minds capable of objective reasoning would wonder about this.

There is a third problem that attacks the credibility of any movement and that is ‘personalities on the make’, individuals who are using a platform of public interest as a springboard to the increase of their own celebrity. This is the major feature that kept me from being involved in certain Pro-Peace and anti-War movements. This is what keeps me and others with a sense of personal dignity from joining organizations whose purpose we might sympathize with but whose figureheads we hold in contempt. The issue of concern should always triumph over the ambitions of the barnacles, lampreys and ticks who attach themselves to the body of our best interests. We see this phenomenon in many areas of endeavor and the reform movements whose purpose is to transform these arenas.

It is contemptible that ill made personalities would engage in such antics. They do terrible harm, witness Ralph Nader and the 2000 election. These men and women put their career ambitions ahead of the public good and they kill our faith and they stall our desire to join in the effort to make this world a better place. Whether this is possible I leave to your capacity to believe and imagine... but I submit we should never stop trying. Let me offer my respect and admiration for all of you who have put your principles before the advancement of your personality. There are fewer of you than there should be but the impact of what you do upon the culture and the lives of your fellows cannot be overestimated.

Lately 9/11 Scholars for Truth has been exhibiting some bizarre behavior. We see discussion of theories such as the use of ‘high tech energy weapons’ and the idea that no planes were used in the attacks. Perhaps the first occurred, I don’t know but the latter is absurd... and though anything is possible, promoting this angle is harmful to the 9/11 Truth movement. It’s the kind of thing that makes you wonder just as the absurdity of the government's explanation makes you wonder.

These are ideas that Professor James Fetzer is advancing and he is doing other things as well. I am printing the letter I received as a member at the end of this article. Nowhere in the letter am I told that this is a privileged communication. I feel therefore that I can make it public since it was placed in my hands without a disclaimer. Secondly, we are about truth, therefore let the truth be known. If I have offended 9/11 Scholars for Truth and if this means I can no longer be a member so be it. Whatever details I might have included here can be found in this letter at the end of the article so let me use the rest of the space for my perspective on the matter.

I happen to admire a lot of what Professor Fetzer has done and appreciate his hard work and courage. I equally admire the co-founder, Dr. Steven Jones and many of the membership with whose work I am familiar. I cannot judge whether Professor Fetzer has gone off the rails but something is wrong and it is hurting ‘our’ efforts and it’s got to be fixed. Before we police the world we had damn well better police ourselves. The possibility that so many prestigious scholars might be compromised by juvenile ambitions and wooly thinking is offensive to me. This is just the sort of weapon that the enemies of truth lust after. It is potentially as devastating as whatever brought down the WTC.

We need to come together as one voice and we need to pressure Congress to empanel members from this distinguished community of scholars to present their findings in a public forum. If the new leaders of Congress refuse to do this; stonewall, delay, dance out of range or utilize any of the tactics of procrastination and attenuation then we may rightly assume that they are bought off by the same forces that brought the towers down.

There is no reason why such a large collection of eminent scholars and researchers should not be allowed their place in the debate that so far has never taken place. Let’s set the facts of what was observed to happen on the table and then let ‘both sides’ argue their findings before the court of public opinion. Let the chips fall where they may. Let the public hear both arguments as to how and why the buildings came down. Surely the evidence of one side or the other will prevail. Let us see what that may be. Is this not how it should be in a democratic society? Are we not always hearing about the public’s right to know?

Citizens of America demand your right to know. Members of the 9/11 Scholars for Truth, let’s get ourselves together. Let’s sort this out. What 9/11 Scholars for Truth should be engaged in is getting sympathetic members of Congress to open hearings into this sad, stinking mess. It is less important to be pushing theories and arguments than it is to bring the argument to center stage. This is the important thing. Congress MUST act. Our sole purpose should be to get them to act. We can present all of our arguments then. Sooner or later it must come to this. Therefore, the sooner the better. Let’s make it happen or I will begin to suspect everyone and I would rather not.

Here is the body of the letter I received. The links are inactive but if you are of a mind you can trace them. I have removed the return email for voting, that seems appropriate.

“Dear members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth:

Thank you for your commitment to the truth, and your willingness to participate in this journey for truth and justice relating to the events of 9/11.

A scholars group was founded on the initiative of Prof. Marcus Ford, who sent out a call via asking if there were other academics who questioned the official 911 story. About 30 responded and became the nucleus. In emails amongst the group, Prof. Jim Fetzer suggested a formal organization with himself and Prof. Steven Jones as co-chairs. The society was organized with two co-chairs, with no president or by-laws or treasury, and it was understood that the group would be a member-owned organization. Steven Jones, Alex Floum and Carl Weis formed a steering committee along with Jim Fetzer. Carl created the logos. Alex pushed the creation of a website, purchased the domain names for the website, and has at all times hosted the website. It was understood that this was done for the group, not for an individual. The original goals of the group were to use the scientific method to investigate the evidence and "let the chips fall where they may".

Since the group was formed, we have launched a website (, created a peer-reviewed online journal ( and a private moderated discussion forum for the participation of all members. We have made inroads in the mainstream media and have helped to "move the ball down field" for 9/11 Truth.

Problems have now arisen with the management of the website, currently in the hands of Prof. Jim Fetzer. Many members have pointed out that some of the material displayed there is no longer in accord with our original aims, and personal attacks on members have appeared. Positions are being promoted which are disputed by the scientists specializing in physical sciences from Scholars For 9/11 Truth.

Attempts to correct this situation have failed. As of this date the web site continues to promote assertions which many of us consider to be both discrediting and unsupported by the evidence (ray-beams from space caused the demolitions, mini-nukes were used in the WTC towers, real commercial jets did not hit the WTC towers, etc.). We feel that the promotion of these ideas functions to distract from and discredit much of the other basic strong material challenging the official story of 9/11 which already exists - the stand down, the war games, the insider trading, the many strong points of evidence on the demolitions, etc.

While we would rather focus on 9/11 research and activism, and do not lightly bother the members with this matter, the "dirty laundry" and non-scientific theories raised by Jim Fetzer are now very public. For example, one of the largest papers in the Twin Cities has covered this -- -- and a well-read blog says "scholars for 9/11 Truth [are] tearing one another new impact holes over speculation on space-based beam weaponry", see In addition, the website now prominently displays a letter titled "Scholars: On Its First Anniversary" which contains inaccurate statements and ad hominen attacks. All of the momentum and progress made by the Scholars is rapidly being destroyed by the current situation. Many of the members strenuously dispute the accuracy of Jim's statements as quoted in these articles, and can provide detailed refutations. These statements are damaging the credibility of the group and, we are concerned, the entire 9/11 truth movement.

Moreover, Jim is using the website as his personal blog, posting non-9/11 related political commentary from a liberal perspective. While there is nothing wrong with a liberal or conservative perspective, we believe the site should be non-partisan.

The current scholars website & group will shortly become two websites & groups. The hope is that both efforts will contribute to the goals of achieving an end to 9/11 cover-ups and wars, that members of both groups will conduct themselves with civility and common sense and have fidelity to the scientific method and its results.

Group Structure 1: This group is proposed to have an elected steering committee in charge of the website and its contents. Administrative positions will be limited to one year. Important decisions affecting the whole group will be submitted via email to the membership.

This proposal emerged from discussions on the Scholars for 9/11 Truth Forum as a means to return the web site to the guiding principles of applying the scientific method, performing experiments and analyses, and publishing results and findings with civility. While novel theories would be welcome, and openly discussed, only theories well supported by evidence would be promoted.

A new website is being created which will be attached to the peer-reviewed Journal of 9/11 Studies. (Click to see the beginnings of this new site, and to see the Journal contents, and its advisory board.)

This proposal is backed by all of the members of the ad hoc committee as well as an overwhelming majority of members participating in a straw poll on the group's forum.

Group Structure 2: Jim Fetzer has proposed an alternative structure for the existing website ( In this proposal he would appoint a board which would have control of the website and could appoint members and webmaster by 2/3rds majority. The board would not be bound by the guiding principles set out above but would be free to establish its own. (Members Kevin Ryan, Steven Jones and others have declined to be part of Jim Fetzer?s proposed re-organization.)

We ask you to select which group structure you would prefer to be registered with. You may also opt for both group structures, or neither.

Whichever group structure receives the majority of member votes [by Dec 6 at 5 pm eastern] may become entitled, but will not be required, to use the name, domain, logo, and all the links which have been attached. Negotiation on this area is proceeding (and Jim Fetzer may be accorded use of the "" site address as a matter of courtesy even if the majority chooses Group 1.)

Membership is closed during the voting period.

To sum up, the two choices before you are:

1. Group Structure 1, with a new website associated with the Journal of 9/11 Studies, run by an elected committee, and stressing theories for which there is strong empirical evidence, OR

2. Group Structure 2, with the website run by Jim Fetzer, and a board that he appoints.

To vote simply "reply" to this email

You may elect to register with "1" or "2" by simply typing the number in the subject line of your reply.

If you wish, you may elect to remove your name from the membership listing entirely at this time by typing "Remove" in the subject line. You may also elect to remain on both websites by typing "Both" in the subject line. Any vote in which the meaning is clear will be accepted no matter how expressed.

Members who do not reply by 5:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time on December 7, 2006 will be placed in a pending category on both sites for further consultation.

If there are queries regarding this proposal contact the membership administrator at

Please expect to see an email from Prof. Fetzer shortly outlining the advantages of remaining with his website.”

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Rats are Leaving the Sinking Ship

There are rats in nature and there are urban rats. Urban rats, like urban pigeons and seagulls in large harbors are all mutations on a theme. They feed on garbage and things tossed at them by those who want to feed the unfortunate. No doubt the instincts of those who feed them are good. Sometimes the results are not. Rats proliferate where there is a food supply. As is common in contemporary urban settings, considerations of hygiene are often trumped by concerns for profit. The back alleys of restaurants are very different from the restaurant setting inside. Both are often lit by lights that set a mood. The mood is different but those feeding in the back do not find the setting less romantic or filling than those inside.

Rats are considered vermin and for good reason. Those defined as rats in human form are held in no less contempt than the society of rats engineered by the lack of awareness on the parts of those who feed them. One way or another, all of these rats feed because of corruption.

You can dress a rat up in an expensive suit. If he’s got flash money and the company of other rats in suits and if those rats are powerful and if those rats are also connected to other powerful life forms in suits with flash money then... things can be pretty good for the rats. Sooner or later though, the rats become a problem.

It would take a stupid person not to see how very stupid George W. Bush is. An inquisitive mind, say a mind other than that possessed by George W. Bush, might well ask, “How could anyone as stupid and inarticulate as this man ever become president?” That’s a good question. There’s a simple answer to this. He became president because other men, who were neither stupid nor good, wanted him to be president. They wanted him to be president BECAUSE he was stupid and incurious. They wanted him to be president because he was easily manipulated.

Even with all of the money that these people had they still couldn’t expect that this stupid man could win an election to the highest office in the land considering his lack of understanding much of anything and given his comic lack of articulation. Even with all of the smoke and mirrors of publicity engines and powerful media forces, they still could not consider his winning the presidency a fait accompli. In fact, he never did win an election. It took rampant voter fraud to shoehorn this rube into the White House.

Getting this man into the White House was not the result of a few weeks or months of effort. This was a long range event. Getting this man into the White House had everything to do with the potential (fully realized over these years) of massive profits and the re-shaping of the world’s map. All of the areas of interest of the men and women who put this incompetent front man into the White House were researched and discussed among them over the course of a long period of time.

Those men and women who labored to put George W. Bush into the White House came to be called neo-cons. These men came from many areas of endeavor. Some of them owned large media conglomerates like Rupert Murdoch. Some have been working as agents for a foreign power while in the employ of the U.S. government, men such as Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and others. Some have been around or in government for a long time, men like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield and John Bolton. There are others that have been in the corridors of power for decades, men like Richard Armitage, Elliot Abrams and John Woolsey. There are men who operate behind the scenes like William Kristol and Robert Kagan, Mellon-Sciafe and David Rockefeller. There are other names behind these names and they’re all of a type, the same way that the urban-naturalized rats and pigeons and seagulls have characteristics and preferences.

It’s not the scope of this essay to list all of the players; were that even possible. The thing to keep in mind here, the point of this effort is to point out that all of the problems that are presently associated with the man in the White House are actually the responsibility of these other men, those named and those unnamed.

Why am I pointing this out? I am pointing this out because all of a sudden these men are blaming all of the things that went wrong on the man in the White House. Yes, the man in the White House is a stupid man, an incompetent man and a criminal in his own right. But he is not the author of the policies put in place and the actions taken by this administration. He is just an empty suit. He is the first high school dropout to get a college degree while remaining as educated as a high school dropout. He just isn't very bright and he isn't what he seems. I'm guessing some things happened to him when he was very young.

Things like this.

Now the rats that orchestrated the bloody wars and cruel social policies; the men and women who raped the economy, they are pointing at this man as the culprit. This man is lucky he can tie his own shoes. These men are saying that if only things had been done their way everything would be perfect. Things were done their way.

There’s more to it though. It might seem on the surface that their policies failed; anything but. Their policies have worked out just as they intended them to. Their arguments otherwise are a blind. They intend now to attack Iran. They are doing this at the urging of Israel which controls American foreign policy. This is because Zionism controls Israel’s foreign policy. Because the world is manipulated by smoke and mirrors and by presenting things as something other than they are, this criminal organization can do wonders. They set up events and then blame them on those that they wish to attack. The history and game plan of Zionism is as Byzantine as anything ever practiced on this planet but it all comes down to one thing, personal profit at the expense of others. It is a very powerful and very frightening movement and it imperils the peace of the world.

Every day, the agents of Zionism carry out murderous vendettas against those whose land they would steal and those who oppose their intentions. Their control of the world press and their use of slander and blackmail are remarkable. The largest portion of their power over the men and women that do their bidding comes in the form of blackmail. These rats in suits are not the most moral or high minded among us. In this regard it would be safe to say that they possess no morals at all. It follows that they have been engaged in things during their career that they would not want revealed. The Zionists are well aware of these activities and in many cases engineered the settings in which they took place. A certain portion of your elected representatives are in just such a fix and can only do what they are told. Zionism, though extremely powerful, is not the sole author of our present evils. Their interests and designs dovetail with those of any number of rats in suits who want things at the expense of others. Together they manipulate circumstances to gain what they desire.

Because of the basic corruptions of life, eventually rats become a problem too great to ignore and something must be done. Collectively the peoples of the world possess a far greater power than the society of rats. The good news is that eventually life will become so unbearable for those tormented by rats that they will rise up against this condition and the rats will be returned to a manageable number. You won’t get rid of them, not in this world. But you can control them; far better that you do so than the other way around.

Now, the rats that sank the ship are leaving the ship on one set of guy lines and boarding a different ship on another set of guy lines. They are blaming the captain who is going down with the ship. Nearly immediately they are soon at work destroying the new ship and blaming it on Muslims or Liberals or whoever disagrees with their agenda. But the truth is, there would be no problems with Muslims or Liberals or whomever else were it not for the rats in the suits.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Nancy Pelosi to the White Courtesy Phone

Nancy? I’ve got the American people on the phone here and they wanted to say a few things to you about representing them according to their best interests. Of course I can’t let them speak all at once so what I’m going to do is channel a few of the major streams of collective concern. One might assume that you already know about these concerns, after all, that’s supposed to be your job. As I understand it, your job is to work toward the realization of the American publics’ needs and wishes. Your job isn’t to decide what is best for the American public based on who is applying the greatest pressure on you to promote their interests. That’s the job of the Republicans and they were thrown out of control because of systematic abuse. If you want to avoid having the same thing happen to you then you need to take off the red mini-skirt and thigh high white boots and try not to sell your ass unless it is for the good of the American people.

Here are some of the things the American people want you to do. I know that this is what they want because I have seen thousands of comments at websites all over the internet that express these desires and positions. If you don’t address these issues and bring them up for discussion and action then it goes without saying that you have combined the two oldest professions into something less honest than either of them is by themselves.

You must address the influence of Israel on American policy. AIPAC must register as the agent of a foreign power. There should be a detailed investigation into Israeli spying in the US and the results should be made public. The people have a right to know. The people have a right to know how much impact Israeli interests had on causing the Iraq invasion. Unless the truth has been made against the law it should be okay to reveal it. Either one and one is two or it is not. Just look at the evidence and add it together and let’s see what we have.

You must reverse the administration’s actions concerning Posse Comitatus and Habeas Corpus. You must reverse that enemy combatant thing. Failure on your part to do any of this confirms that you support these things or that you don’t have the sand to do the job you are required to do. There’s no need to get complex about it. It’s either one thing or the other.

Let’s move to 9/11. A majority of the American people know that the administration was somehow involved in the attack. The evidence of this is overwhelming. Therefore it needs to be publicly investigated. Applying all of the 9/11 committees suggestions is pointless if it is not known who carried out the attacks. Let the chips fall where they may. It is in the interest of the American people to know what happened on 9/11. The American people need to know why Dick Cheney had the Air Force stand down after the attacks. Experts who are not dressed up like whores need to investigate the peculiar manner in which 3 towers fell to the ground so quickly and all in the same way and nearly all at the same time. The coincidence is too remarkable to be ignored. If you don’t do this Nancy then you are a part of the whitewash. Here’s the thing Nancy, if Al Qaeda wasn’t behind this attack then everything America is doing in respect of it is all based on a lie. We’ll all be the better for knowing.

You need to form an investigation into Diebold. If you can’t do this, if you don’t see the importance of it then you are too stupid to be doing the job you have.

The sheer volume of illegal acts on the part of the Bush administration demands investigation. When such an investigation reveals actual treason on the part of members of this administration then the proper actions should be taken. If you can’t do this you need to find some other occupation. Perhaps you can go back into public relations where lying is the approved form of behavior.

America wants to know what happened and why. America wants some justice out of the carnage of the last six years. America does not want to just sweep it all under the rug and get a bunch of smoke and mirrors about bi-partisanship and moving forward. Crimes have been committed. I’m telling you what the American public wants. It’s your job to see that they get it.

An investigation has to be opened into Cheney’s meeting with the energy bosses. An investigation has to be launched into Halliburton. An investigation has to be launched into the media conglomerates and the manner in which they fabricate news instead of reporting it. The FCC has to get active about all of these media mergers.

America wants to know why nothing was revealed concerning the Five Dancing Israelis and their Mossad connections as well as the many Israelis who were arrested for espionage after 9/11 and then quietly deported. You can read a fascinating article here

Big Problem

about a big problem that America has. If you can’t do something about this we will have to assume that you are compromised. It is unfortunate that certain ugly truths have to be revealed but that’s life. We’re always better off for knowing why certain things are happening.

The question of Palestine must be addressed. Here is the main reason for nearly all so-called terrorist activity. Solving this problem will make the whole world a better place. Unless you don’t want the world to be a better place then you must fix this awful chronic problem once and for all. If you do not it will get worse and worse and sooner or later something really bad is going to happen. Bad things are happening right now. This is how it’s done Nancy. Demand that Israel move back to the ’67 borders and declare a Palestinian State and partition Jerusalem. That’s it, no arguments. Israel can put up their fence then. They can close off their borders if they want. They have the fourth most powerful military on Earth, they’re not likely to be threatened by a Palestinian state and it would create enormous good will for them.

The rich should be taxed significantly. The more they make the more they should pay. There should be no argument about this.

The homeless situation needs to be addressed and health care needs to be addressed and the lobbies that oppose these things must be ignored.

Alternative energy must be aggressively promoted and all of the Bush actions against the environment must be repealed and the gerrymandering across the land undone.

America is either the land of the free and a working democracy or it is not. If it is then the will of the people must be carried out. If you do not do this Nancy then you should be removed from office because you are not doing your job. Should the evidence reveal that the bush administration should be impeached- and it most certainly will, then these proceedings must begin. The people of America demand this. Make it happen or else.

NOTE: I've never asked my readers for anything except to have open minds. My site isn't jazzed up with ads and though I have a Paypal button on my site, I don't take it seriously and... neither do my readers (grin). But I'm asking you for a favor now and that is to send this article out to anyone that you feel ought to see it. I'm asking you to help get it linked as widely as possible. If every reader sends it on to just one source that will be an immense help. I appreciate those of you who do this already but with this one article let's try to get it out there. Thank you.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

By The Rivers of Babylon

Thought I might let the dust settle for a couple of days. Now with the announcement that Virginia has gone for Webb it feels comprehensive enough to speculate on what appears and what may be.

We know that there is a great propensity for an unfortunately large number of democrats in both houses to play the whore. It is up to the people of The United States, the people who voted for a change in leadership to hold their feet to the fire. There will be certain energies at work to simulate the appearance of change without actually effecting change.

Personally, I hold the proponents of political correctness in equal contempt with the fascists. Both of these forces are negatives in respect of the greater good of humanity. The whoring for special social interests is not better than the whoring for corporations in terms of damage to the maintenance of balance at home and abroad. The democrat’s chief challenge is to see the uncompromising press of the gay agenda and more radical abortion proponents in the same light as the deep pockets corporations. At the same time, the religious fascists need to be kept at the same distance from policy as AIPAC. The bottom line for good government, despite all the smoke and mirrors and obfuscations at work, is ALWAYS, the greatest good for the greatest number of people. And mind Vox Populi.

At the moment there is a great deal of surface chatter about cooperation between the Republicans and the Democrats. Like a slippery eel moving through an ocean of mucosa, this seemingly noble call to a unified perspective is bullshit. It is bullshit moving through an ocean of bullshit. Under no circumstances should the Democrats cooperate with the Republicans on ANYTHING... unless... it works toward the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

That worst of all presidents in American history, George W. Bush, is mouthing what can only be called, ‘a load of crap’ about working across the aisles with the opposition... yadda, yadda, yadda. This is the same crap that he came up with when first he ran for the highest office in the land; that he was a ‘uniter’, not a ‘divider’. The observable facts are that he polarized the government and the people beyond anything ever accomplished before. George W. Bush is, among many things, a liar, an incompetent, a whore, a mass murderer, a fascist and a demagogue. He is also, as Bill Clinton perfectly defined him, “a turtle on a fence post”.

The people of America showed up at the polls in such numbers, seeking a change of course, that not even Diebold was able to do anything about it. Voter fraud is only effective when the margins are close. The margins were not close. The people spoke and now the people must be obeyed. My heart is very much with John Conyers who intends to proceed with impeachment hearings, despite Pelosi’s indication that she won’t let it come to a vote. This is not Pelosi’s decision. This is the decision of the people and whether Bush should be impeached or not relies entirely on the evidence that emerges.

The Democrats have a mandate to investigate and bring more than a little of Brandeis’s disinfecting sunlight on to the sausage makers in the sub-basement. We need a real life Sinclair Lewis novel to rise out of the moment and be written on the sky above our heads.

The country of America has been in the hands of a criminal organization for six years. At no time in that period did the ruling junta show a single sign of policing itself... not once was there an honest disclosure of anything.

Today a great many Americans are feeling the joy. Today there is a sense of common purpose in the people. But the people must remember that this new government is not seated until January. A lot of things can happen between now and then. It is in the critical days leading up to the transfer of power that America faces its greatest dangers and challenges.

The solution to Iraq, like the solution to the Palestinian genocide is fundamentally simple. These things are always simple. They are simple the way the legend of Alexander and The Gordion Knot is simple to understand. Never mind that he did not ultimately conquer Asia. Situations become complex due to interests on the part of cabals who do not have the good of the greatest number of people uppermost in their mind. Complexity occurs when the waters are muddied by those who profit from confusion with the intent to get their way. When powerful temporal forces want to get their way then complexity and confusion are their tools.

Right at the beginning, some few of us proclaimed that the Iraq incursion would lead to a fundamentalist state. We knew this because no other force is so well organized in that locale. Some few of us also posited that the only solution was to divide Iraq into three separate states and to arrange a ‘written in stone’ agreement about the oil reserves that would benefit each of the states equally. This is the immediate solution. In time to come, Iraq has the opportunity to reunite; should the people be in common agreement about this and should the leadership possess an honesty to effectively achieve it.

In Israel and Palestine the solution is a withdrawal to the ’67 boundaries and the recognition of a Palestinian state. The common lie is that The Palestinians refused to recognize the state of Israel. In fact, it was Israel that refused to recognize Palestine. Their actions over the decades reveal all we need to know, should we be capable of avoiding the complexity and confusion. Israel’s use of false flag activities is well documented. It’s a useful ploy when hegemony is the objective. Israel’s superior might guarantees their security as does the slavish obeisance of the world’s super power. It’s a no brainer. Give the Palestinians their land and an autonomous government. A larger more powerful country always triumphs when they grant easement to a smaller more vulnerable people. That it has not been done is because it does not serve the wider intentions of those seeking their own gain.

The construction of a Palestinian state will effectively reduce Terrorism to a very manageable level and bring a universal sense of diminishing tension.

Every problem can be solved with ease and expedience when the greatest good for the greatest number of people is considered. America could be a wonderland if they could manage to get the rich off their backs. The time is here. Here is one more opportunity to do the right thing. Far too often the right thing has been sacrificed for the venal interests of a small handful of vampire bats.

I do not expect that there will be a fine and noble revolution in the hearts of the people and their leaders. The world is the world is the world. Balance is the key. You may not get all of it right and we may not all prosper but you can listen to the angels of your better nature and you can try to do the right thing, should you know what that is. If you do not know what that is then reconsider the comment about the angels of our better nature. We shall see.

Saturday, November 4, 2006

The Great Nigerian Terror Scam and Diebold Double Squeeze

Well what do you know? Here comes the handy dandy all purpose Nigerian terror threat complete with an announcement from an administration source that remains anonymous because he/she/it is not authorized to speak on these matters; neither is he/she/it empowered to think before speaking. And a special bonus... it’s set to happen in the first week of November. And what’s the date of the last day of the first week of November? It’s November 7th. Man... the script doctor is a pro.

Nigerian Terror Scam

and it’s right there on Fox News. It’s hard to find anywhere else but I’m sure it’s lurking... lurking.

All kinds of really cool things are happening. The Israeli’s rounded up the men of Beit Hanoun, loaded them into trucks and are taking them somewhere

Let's Do Lunch

No doubt for one of those extended Palestinian meet the IDF brunch get togethers.

Lieberman’s storm-troopers are whacking on Ned Lamont’s supporters

UberSturmfuhrer Lieberman

Now why would this Zionista need to employ such tactics if he is ‘actually’ as far ahead in the polls as the catamite press claims he is? Unpublished (in the catamite press) polls have recently been showing Lamont within 4 percentage points, that’s why. But whether these polls are any more accurate than those manufactured by mass media, one thing we do know, you don’t go into this kind of panic mode unless you are threatened. And-

The US wants to take over all of the UN peacekeeping forces

Stinking Bloody Bag of Shit

Now you probably know that this is being engineered so that the Iraq exit strategy will result in UN forces taking over for American troops and thereby laying this stinking mass of bloody shit right in the lap of the rest of the world who had nothing to do with this illegal invasion and, in fact, opposed it from the giddyup.

And, all over the country Diebold voting systems are showing Republican choices no matter who you vote for. Now, in all fairness, the head goat cheese at Diebold says these are just mere ghosts in the machine and regardless of the fact that he raises money for the Republican machine and also, outrageously, stated a few years ago that he would do everything in his power to help the Republicans win, we should not assume that he is the cynical, lying, manipulating vampire bat that he appears to be. I’m sure we all feel his pain at the HBO special that got aired on Thursday. But-

Wouldn’t you think if there was a ghost in the machine or some sort of a glitch that it would err for the Democrats equally as much as it would favor Republicans? Natch... it’s all Republican favoring. Okay boys and girls, what’s the biggest mystery here? The biggest mystery is that, after the wing nuts have stolen the last 3 elections and given all of what is surfacing at the moment- that no one is doing anything about it. Not only does this bogus system continue to be employed but it keeps expanding across the landscape. Are you people insane or just chicken shit? Both?

We’re down to 3 days left. Three days... 72 hours... 4320 minutes... 259,200 seconds. Meanwhile, across the land... millions are masturbating to computer porn... millions are spraying on Kabuki face lacquer and messing with their hair while chatting on their cell-phones... millions are sleeping under bridges and in doorways... millions are working on getting their bellies into the kind of shape where they need a shopping cart to ferry it through the potato-chip soft drink aisles... millions are waving their hands in the air to a Jaysus who is no more real than the Elvis hair on the heads of their preachers who, more often than not, are paying same sex internet escorts for buggery and amphetamines... millions are pouring across the border in search of the opportunity to get their bellies into the kind of shape that American citizens have raised to an art form... while the majority of the nation sits in a big mess of cottage cheese that some might call an ass and which given enough time will weld to the pleather beneath them, soldiers are dying in a made for TV war for the publics right to de-evolve into hogs rooting through edible murk in the Wal-Mart sub basement of their minds.

It’s a beautiful thing.

It appears that The Empire has something worse than a case of Herpes. This is the first nation to go fuck itself AND give itself an STD.

How do you get patriotic about a country like America? I’d really like to know the answer to this. What is it that you’re patriotic about? Is it the freedom? Sport... that’s long gone. Is it about the super markets and malls? Is it because Jaysus is break dancing across the landscape like a fat transvestite, farting out some perverted gospel of wealth and selective salvation that is inhaled like Rush (that would be amyl nitrate to the uninformed) in the moment of orgasm? Is it the purple mountain travesties... the looted plains... the amber waves of pain? Is it about network TV? Is it about navel jewelry and 13 year olds hooking for outfits at the strip mall? Is it about Hollywood? I can’t see it.

Maybe it’s about the crime and the school shootings and the wet making excitement of snipers on the freeway and disappearing children. Is that what it’s about? Is it about working two jobs and being able to buy a house with no money down and only interest payments up until the time the principal kicks in and you lose the house? Is it about the magic of oil prices dropping and low unemployment that comes around for a few weeks before an election and then shoots through the roof again?

Could it be about the ubiquitous opportunity to not only have your health ruined by the fast food industry and processed food manufacturers; not to mention ‘death by spinach’ but also to then be in the hands of the health industries massive premiums with minimal benefits AND their allopathic slice and dice pharmaceutical enhanced march to the grave?

Is it for the opportunity to fight in manufactured conflicts if you’re not rich so that you can play chess with death in hopes of an education on your return that will never give you parity with the sons and daughters of your elected representatives and their fat cat employers who cheer you on from the sidelines?

What’s your love of country and patriotism based on? I think it’s based on an imaginary dream about a non-existent country. I think you have no clue what your country is about and where it’s headed. I don’t think you have a clue who you are or even what you stand for beyond a handful of exaggerated principles that no one lives up to and a snatch bag of bombastic aphorisms.

You’d better get a clue. No hand is going to come out of the sky and snatch the ship of state back on course. Things don’t fix themselves unless you alter the conditions from which these dread pathologies emerge. They used to lock people up for talking to themselves but none of us have to worry about that now because too many people are doing it.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Why is Karl Rove Smiling?

In a fairer world, where opportunity is constant and honest effort not compromised by the necessities of deceit and deal-making for advancement, a man like Karl Rove would not be smiling. A man like Karl Rove would be out of a job. Karl Rove exists because the collective dishonesty, fear and confusion of the human race have given him the tools to apply the Karl Rove formula successfully on behalf of himself and his clients.

Of course, the Karl Rove formula would not have nearly so great an impact if it did not directly benefit that portion of the world whose main intent is profit and control. This is a club of individuals. If it is a conspiracy it is a conspiracy after the fact. Quite naturally, people of a certain temperament and intent are brought together by common interest and condition. Homeless people recognize each other. Junkies recognize each other. Whores and John’s recognize each other. Criminal and spiritually minded folk encounter each other in the course of their movements. There’s a certain magnetism that exists in life. You can deny it but that doesn’t affect it.

The rich and the powerful, the ambitious and acquisitive, all gravitate to a common feeding ground. They play in the same recreation zones. They shit where they like. I call them, ‘the big dogs in the yard’

One thing everyone should realize, in order to avoid dangerous encounters and to have a pre-cognitive awareness of the events that ebb and flow like ocean tides; micro-cosmically and macro-cosmically, is that there are those among us who are not human. They wear a human mask. They walk and dress and talk like humans but they are not human. You need to know this. Power and wealth does not confer virtue. Celebrity is not indicative of intelligence or insight. Connections are not a determination of anyone’s intrinsic value.

When a people are deceived there is not much you can do for them. Events must run their course. People must suffer to learn. If they refuse to be attentive to begin with they ‘will be’ informed of the value of attentiveness after the fact.

Many of you are caught in circumstance. You have families and jobs. You have responsibilities. You have to weigh the degree to which you will allow your conscience and your honor to exist based on the possible cost to what you value. Some few have cut all connection to anything but the truth. For everyone else, the truth is an enormous and unaffordable inconvenience. It is into this space between what you have and what it means to you that Karl Rove operates.

Karl Rove fixes things for big dogs. Karl Rove is not a big dog. You may think he is a big dog but he is not. He facilitates events and conditions in the lives of small dogs in order to benefit the desires of big dogs. Big dogs are not human beings. They are not even dogs. I use that image for the sake of argument. The needs of human beings are not the same needs as those of big dogs. The needs of human beings are of no importance to big dogs. Human beings exist for big dogs for the same reason that cows exist for ranchers. As simple as that seems it is the whole of the dynamic.

It is the hope of human beings that things will not become unbearable. They hope that they will be allowed to go about their business and their lives and enjoy some part of it. Sometimes this is so and sometimes it isn’t. This particular time is not a good one for human beings; especially for human beings trapped in circumstance.

Why is Karl Rove smiling? Why do your leaders seem so certain of things in direct conflict with appearances to the contrary? They are big dogs. They do not have to abide by the rules that you assume to be in force. These rules are only in force in appearance. In practice they are in force until the big dogs decide to alter them to their needs. It has always been so.

The only way to get the big dogs attention is to realize that any one handful of small dogs can tear a big dog to pieces. There are far more than a handful of small dogs for every big dog. There are so many small dogs that most of them would never even get close to the action if it were to start to happen. Sometimes a revolution is the only way out. It becomes the only way out when the other agencies that were available to the small dogs have been nullified or compromised. When you cannot vote, you must rebel. You may not want to but you have to. The space you inhabit will get more crowded, more small, more lacking in amenities and finally so absent of oxygen that you cannot even breathe. This is how it goes.

Karl Rove and the other dogs are not going to be struck down on the road to Damascus and rise up in joyful epiphany. They are going to enslave you, hook you up to milking machines and herd you through the Judas Gate on to the killing floor. They are going to do this in concert with a number of small dogs who have taken their place in the schematic due to self-interest and survival.

Today you find yourself at a point in history. One could say that you would always find yourself at a point in history; some are more bearable than others. Some offer more hope. The world is not a perfect place but there is often enough balance to allow you to breathe and to grow and to survive in a relative harmony within the imperfections. Sometimes you can make your choices and rely upon the archetypes and intangibles to support what is collectively defined as good and decent.

When extremists and that which is not human have grasped the controls of the world there is, sadly, only one option. That option is revolution. Revolution is never pleasant but sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes a sacrifice is demanded so that all you have worked for and believed in will not be lost. Sometimes you have no choice.

There are two kinds of revolutions, violent and non-violent. History has shown that neither of these is pristine. They each will contain elements of the other. In a non-violent revolution, especially in a materialistic culture, it is enough for a majority of the citizens to refuse to show up; to just stop contributing. The world of the big dogs will grind to a halt if the small dogs don’t show up, if the small dogs just sit down. You will never get the big dogs to agree to make the world a fair and human place but you can ‘compel’ them to adjust the scales. You can force their hand. You can do this.

If Karl Rove is still smiling on November 8th then you know what happened. You should be in no doubt of it and you should just collectively agree to stop. I know that it might be tough for awhile. I know that you might have to tighten your belt. However, your relative potential for suffering in respect of this will not hold a candle to what many have suffered for the same thing in the past.

If you cannot collectively force the big dogs to make big adjustments then you are deserving of your fate. You will deserve what follows. If some honor and conscience remains in you, should events not turn out fortunate for you, then it is your duty and it is your only option to wipe that smile off of Karl Rove’s face and off of the faces of the big dogs that he serves. Whatever it takes, that is what you must do. The alternative is quite simply, unacceptable.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

In a Pillbox somewhere, Shaping the Common Good.

I close my eyes and I can see thousands of bodies scrambling over scaffolding and foundations. I hear two way radios squawking, the varied pitch of power tools and the rumble of heavy trucks as a structure begins to emerge in front of us and inside of us. It’s the new moment. It’s the brand new tomorrow.

A conveyor belt stretches from a great big pillbox of a building, where they recycle and re-constitute the past and it flows from there into another great big pillbox of a building where the clay-like, gray substance is shaped and stamped and bent to its designated need and then lifted by cranes or humped by workers to wherever it gets fitted into the scheme of things.

Looking at the thing in front of us and inside of us, it’s hard to tell what it’s going to look like at the end. It seems grand and hopeful from a distance but up close, it looks scary and intimidating. On the walls of surrounding buildings, street artists work to glorify the construction. Mostly it looks like the son’s of Diego Rivera and Tom of Finland got together to celebrate the new worker’s paradise; even if Tom of Finland never had a son. There will always be offspring. That’s what Saruman told Rick Santorum and he showed him what he meant and Rick said it was good and a lot like pro-life.

There was a common purpose and a common joy in the hearts of those who worked to build the moment, to build the future; because everyone knows that the future is now. Even if they didn’t, there were great banners proclaiming it which had been painted over the muscled forms of Tom and Diego figures as they wrestled horses and raised girders.

As I stood there I thought of the sweat pouring off of John Henry’s back and I found myself whistling, “I’ve been working on the railroad.” You can’t be there and not feel something. Whether you’re Donald Rumsfield or Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the origin of poetry is always red. It’s no matter if it sings in the blood of an aristocrat or a field-hand. The other colors, when they come dancing from the portals of the imagination, all defer to the common red of our one passion to be free or to bind. Liberty itself could have no meaning without confinement or slavery. In this sense one might say that those who enslave us are the primary architects of our freedom.

Soon, some small portion of those eligible, will exercise their right to determine the final shape of the building and the use to which the building will be put. They will vote for their agents who will become the articulation font for their hopes and dreams. At the same time, other agents will transform their primary intention with the transposition of ‘ones’ and ‘zeroes’ into some more cohesive arrangement of the total for, ‘their own good’. It’s always for your own good. It may not look like it, but remember... you have never known what it looks like. It has only been when it was shown to you afterwards that you knew what your own good looked like.

All over the country, in all of the places where the same building is rising, in another pillbox of a building, tireless workers are shaping your votes the same way that the workers are shaping the soft substance of the recycled past into the parts of the building as it becomes the whole. Your votes are being shaped to reflect the final perfection of the building as it comes to embody your collective will as it is shaped by your agents who best understand what that will intends.

Somewhere in the bowels of the machine, adjustments are being made, colors are changing, the letters in the names are rearranging and what you really wanted is being forged into the perfect image of your unspoken and formerly unknown desires.

Yes, we have often struggled with ourselves and with others. In the teeming, bubbling crucible of our times we felt it all and from this has come our certain knowing of what we most wanted and we knew it to be true in the very moment that we heard it announced through the speakers in the ceilings and in our heads. “Yes! That is what I wanted. Thank you for helping me to understand that.” Everywhere, people are embracing each other. They are dancing in the street. Bunting is whipping in the wind. Brass bands are proclaiming our joy and children with shining eyes are wondering at the import of this great moment of common understanding.

There’s not a dry eye in the house and, for a variety of reasons, there shouldn’t be. There are some who may be wondering how many divisions the Pope has and why anyone would ask a question like that. There are some who will not be happy because they were incapable of seeing how the building contained all of the things they had always wanted. You can well assume that these people never knew what they wanted and still do not. However, in this glorious time, there will be places set aside for them where they can learn, under the loving hand of those who do know, just what it is that they do not know.

As is proper, a massive shroud has been raised all around the building at this time. How can you unveil something if it is not veiled? You cannot. So... now you can hear the sounds, like a child (left in the car outside a tavern in 1958) can listen to The Shadow on the radio and see it all come alive in his head. It’s real enough. Behind this screen the final touches are being added. The excitement is keen. Soon will come that moment when the labor is done and everything waits for the thing to be seen. In the small pillbox of a building, the votes have all been shaped to the closest tolerances of those who determined the nearest approximations of the will of the people. By some strange trick of magic, as the votes were being cast, the building itself was being reshaped to accommodate the impact of each single vote as it was re-birthed in the small pillbox of a building and... it was all done simultaneously.

All of the shaping of the votes was not accomplished in the little pillbox of a building. Some votes did not need to be reshaped. Some were reshaped by events as they were manufactured in another pillbox of a building. Some were reshaped by information about the events manufactured in another pillbox of a building. Anything can be reshaped in a pillbox of a building somewhere; bodies, hearts and minds... all.

Some of the votes were shaped in pillbox buildings where education was shaping the minds that manufactured the votes that were reshaped in the small pillbox of a building. Things were reshaped in marketplaces and offices and watering holes and community events which were further shaped by events and information that had been manufactured according to the time needed for the final result of shaping the vote that shaped the building that manifested the present as you dreamed it into being with the help of your agents who articulated your intent.

It really is a perfect world and all of us helped in some small way to make it what it is, even if we only did it through our agents or only helped according to things we received that were made in a pillbox somewhere. What we wrought was all the result of what we were and what we knew after we ourselves were reformed and remanufactured by whatever it took to bring us to this point. Can’t you hear the hammer hit the steel? Can’t you feel the music in your blood? Can’t you see destiny gleaming up ahead where she sits? That shining city on the hill...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

She's Every Woman in the World to Me

(every now and then I feel like writing something like this, so here it is)

It should come as no surprise that the dunes in the desert resembles a woman's breasts and if you trudge enough you will come into hollows that resemble something else and you might even learn the true meaning of pounding sand and the irony attendant.

It always surprises me this thing people have about old bones and bodies evacuated of spirit- like bowels in surprised emptiness. Whoops and aloha. These stinking things. These desiccated things. These mummies of arrested development in search of a rapture. "Marines don't leave Marines behind." I'm not going to get into the mathematics of the thing but, in reality, that Marine left you behind the moment he left. And if you think that blood-soaked bag of offal is something you want to mount on the shelf of memories, be my guest.

I think Ann Coulter is a bag of Mexican diarrhea left flaming on a well deserved suburban porch but she's right about the 9/11 clueless widows in search of their Brittany Spears moment. Dead bodies are carcasses. They are worse than old clothes and they really stink; this gives some indication of the life all your loved ones lived. Now, some, they can rest in state for I give you long time G.I. and roses bloom in your mind when you pass but it doesn't include the lumpen proles.

It's a culture of death. It's roadside altars and Filipino memorials to some ill formed wretch in search of a dream. They all die by the side of the highway because the highway is all that they thought to be real. It adds special luster to Bruce, or it did before he went and decided that awful folk music was a good career move.

You get down on your knees people and you wail about migrating nitrogen. You don't miss anything but the importance these people gave you and now they are gone. You'll all be gone and you'll all wail like you lost something while you spent you whole life not looking for the only thing that matters. Sure, you were young once and you may well have had a moment of passion apart from the usual focus. Now you think your 9 year old ought to get a navel piercing and be on one of those young model sites because she'll get a college education. No, she won't. She'll get dicks galore and be a total slut competing for air time with the canon fodder that's been used up in order to give her that space.

You can't push freedom and suppress sex. I'm sure someone must have told you this but maybe not. I remind myself of one thing only while I am here; I'll be gone soon and thank God for that. I don't know how I wound up down here, I must have checked the wrong box... but going? That's a breeze.

Your careers, your loved ones, everything you ever imagined and hoped for is... dust, or sand... shaped like the mother you ignored and arched out across the landscape like forever had a fence. And she was the sugar that never stopped being sweet. She was the arched eye over the boxed canyon. She was ceaseless vigil for the incurious. She would have fucked your brains out but you went for Kellogg instead. If it doesn't rot your teeth it ain't the real thing.

And it wasn't once or twice that did it. It was thousands of times to the same Inn with no room and the knives and the blood and the security fences. Every single day along the same rails, dreaming of the woman in the dunes but never greeting her in the moment of discovery, never drinking at the deep well beside the palms; just pounding sand.

All that phony heroism. All those bad horns and all that blood. All those high blown speeches that sent children out to hang on barbed wire as if Christ had never happened at all. All of that because you were afraid of your own sexuality. You couldn't dance round the fire could you? You couldn't imagine that fucking was the prime imperative besides finding God; and we differ there too... same energy, different objective. But you know. You know every time you close your eyes and dream. You know that the REM of your waking life is composed of the unwritten sonatas of all the people you didn't fuck. So you fucked them other ways... with cluster bombs and land minds and phosphorous. There ain't no sex like the sex that literally burns away the body you admire. Young, dumb and full of cum is not a blue jeans ad.

You let Israel drop a million cluster bomblets on Lebanon in the final four days AFTER the peace was declared and they're your buddies aren't they? How come they are your buddies since they're about 3 percent of you and blacks ain't included? Speaking of holocausts.... Speaking of holocausts.... That PR action doesn't make the meter jump at all compared to what happened to black people. Life is suffering. It ain't different nor embodying a higher quantification of pain than that of a Native American, an Iraqi or an Armenian.

Your government is riddled with whores. It doesn't matter which version of it sits in judgment of the world it wants to own. So many times you get warned and all you want to talk about is your makeup and your cellphone batteries and your boy/girlfriends. You want to go right down to the ladies only night and blow the gay male stripper because that's your fantasy. Guys want an angel that dresses like a slut. Everybody wants something that is impossible and no one takes the smorgasbord that God loaded the table with. "Thank you; I'll see the librarian with the glasses now. That will be all Mildred."

All across that reach of sand... that obscuring and gritty magnificence of dreaming jewels in their microscopic uncountable perfection of 'we the many' and out of which so many things, most ironically... glass... is made and all across that wonder of breasts and pussies with oasis reaching pubic hair and cool. Cool water and the ageless serpent, scorpion and rat...

See, people really think if you walk all the way into the desert without water you will die. People really think that nature can kill you and they think it's dangerous out there. It is, it is dangerous precisely because you are there. She likes me.

She shows me all her dark faces and she frightens me and makes me run and then she hunts me and then she rolls me around on the sand and kisses my belly. She never hurts me. You hurt me. You hurt her. And, you hurt. Well, it will all be over soon and people will be making plans for your ariva dirt nap. You'll go, others will come, you'll come back and wonder where you were and it all comes down to learning how to stay out of your way.

You're the killers and the harm this planet has. Everything else is fine except for you and when you are at your worst you are banal. And when you are banal you are really dangerous.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Slouching Toward Washington.

Eighteen days and what? The drums are silent. I haven’t even seen a smoke signal. There’s this strange sensation in the air that the republicans are acknowledging the coming defeat and that there will just be a power switch and life will assume a new form. But it doesn’t jell. This party stole the presidential election in 2000 and has participated in proven voter fraud with each succeeding election. Would they really go quietly? What’s going on out there?

Those whose business it is to control the world are not concerned about Democrats and Republicans. For them it’s mix and match. It doesn’t matter which set of horses they hook up to the buckboard. They’ve got the reins and the horses go where they are told. It doesn’t matter if the blanket is red today and blue tomorrow. Still...

There’s a palpable sense of payback hanging in the air. It’s waiting for the moment. We’re all waiting on the moment. A lot can happen between here and there. This is a practical world. This is the world where they say, “Hey, its business, it’s not personal.”

So I’ve been listening to the leaders saying that they have no plans for impeachment. I don’t believe that. I can’t see how they can avoid impeachment proceedings.

The landscape is so still from where I sit. It looks like there are whole production crews at work making everything look normal. It all seems so much more normal than it is. And that’s disturbing. It feels like everyone is waiting for something. This is usually how it is before something very large rears up on the horizon. I can’t shake the feeling that this event, whatever it is, is just now having the final touches of makeup applied before it’s... Showtime!

Let’s think about it. If you believe with the majority of Americans that the administration was behind the 9/11 attacks then you know there’s not much they wouldn’t do to maintain control. If you look at the way Afghanistan and Iraq stand at either side of Iran you can see something has been planned out over a period of some years. Now, just what that is may not be entirely clear but it’s not good, whatever it is.

Boss Hogg and the smirking chimp have both got those smirks on their faces. They’re both saying that the Republicans will keep control. However, the numbers say that is impossible, at least in The House. So that means they are up to something. When you see all the small news items about voting computers that won’t boot up and purging voters along with the many pronouncements of trouble expected at the polls, you should wonder. What I can’t get my head around is this paperless voting. I understand that you don’t get a receipt but what I don’t understand is WHY. How is it that this can happen and keep happening? All their ATM machines give receipts. Why wouldn’t you get a receipt? Printers don’t cost much. Is it the paper? Is paper an endangered resource? It sounds like child’s play... zip... zip... kachung... and it’s in your hand. Where is the one who set this up? How did this happen? How come nothing has been done? That’s a very murky place. I can’t see anything.

The chimp says that ‘they’ want to attack us again. He says they’re coming. So he needed that enemy combatant thing. Then there’s the Halliburton contract for 400,000,000 to build domestic detention centers. Why would you need something like that? Is someone rioting that I don’t know about? All these things when you put them together tend to create the outline of something unpleasant. Olmert is running around Russia and other places trying to drum up the destruction of Iran. He’s not getting anywhere.

There’s so much to consider; Russia, China, Japan and North Korea... full on civil war in Iraq. Looming on the horizon is the housing crash in the first part of the New Year. I keep coming back to martial law. It’s a handy dandy fixall and has the extra bonus of being good for us. It would be for our protection.

Funnily, whatever terrorists that there may be, they aren’t very well organized, certainly not as well organized as all of the global police forces and intelligence agencies. It really is just a law enforcement concern. It’s not a war; that’s just a convenience for those profiting from the conflicts.

There’s a phrase about going to the well one time too often. Voter fraud this time around won’t fly. They can’t continue as they have with only that in the playbook. They have to have something else and I don’t doubt that they do. They’re in this continuous war mode. The schematic is to have a series of endless conflicts. The parallels to 1984 are astounding.

So you see all these things. You look at PNAC and AIPAC and that whole 9/11 thing. You see “booga booga!” everywhere. Shapes are shifting but not into anything definite. It’s just a weird amorphous fog that deadens perception. There’s a heaviness, a lassitude that is cranking the wheel of time toward some uncertain destiny.

I don’t know what to think. Each day I wait for ‘that’ headline. But the suspension of event continues. It’s like sitting in the theater waiting for the production to begin. You can hear stage hands moving scenery around and the footsteps of nervous entertainers. There are metallic sounds and some desultory tuning up in the orchestra pit. What’s going on back there?

The Persian Gulf will soon be filled with ships. But why? Did Iran do something? Not that I know of. There’s no international consensus on Iran. Iran isn’t rattling any sabers, just going about their business. What would we need with all those ships there? That is a mystery.

I always hope I’m wrong. My instincts tell me that it’s any time now; one critical moment and then the chain reaction. We’ve seen their tactics and their footprints. They do have an M.O. One can ponder over many a possibility- but focused analysis always comes back to the few things that we know them for.

Well, this is just a camp follower. This series of posts is just to keep the discussion alive and to ask everyone to keep their eyes open. This critical election is far more critical than it might appear. Worlds hang in the balance. The suspension of habeas corpus and related alarming events all speak to something dark indeed. These things are not accidental or unrelated. They all have a connection to a wider plan. They are all part of making something easier. What would that be? Surely you can think of conditions that would benefit from such actions. It always comes down to cui bono for me. Things are much further along in the wrong direction than most people are aware of. Quite suddenly it could get very clear.

But right now there’s this big nothing going on. North Korea is just a fizzle. All of the news is on the back burners. You’d think there would be more electricity and hustling suits. It’s all so dead calm. Eighteen days.

Friday, October 13, 2006

25 Days and even The Crickets are Quiet.

It’s quiet... too quiet. You could almost hear The Eisenhower and all the support and strike ships steaming toward the Persian Gulf. That is, if you knew about it, but you don’t; seems like that would be a big deal, newsworthy, certainly more newsworthy than a small plane crash in New York City. Just in case, there’s also going to be minesweepers and sundry showing up as well. Gee, I wonder what they’re going there for. Tune in the last week of October and you might find out.

Adolph ‘the butcher of Beruit’ Olmert is jumping up and down and screaming about Iran; Iran needs to be destroyed now before they start dropping nuclear fueled ski-resorts on Tel Aviv. The weird thing is that Iran doesn’t pose any kind of a nuclear threat so it’s got to be something else. Also, this has been in operation since before the Afghan and Iraq incursions, which were all about making an Iranian Sandwich; lots of Ketchup, hold the mayo maybe it has to do with oil or something. Lucky North Korea, they don’t have any oil.

Iran would be in much bigger trouble if Israel had some sort of major influence in the media and a little (or a whole lot of) behind the scenes clout in powerful Western democracies. Luckily, all they’re managed is to control the small venue lecture circuit and Off Broadway theater action. So they’ve been real successful in stopping anyone who wants to complain about their genocide against the Palestinians or those who makes plays about peace activists crushed by snarling Askenazi’s in bulldozers. Thank god they’re strictly small venue. Imagine if they could convince some large super power to get involved in their “Toast Iran Now!” hysteria? That couldn’t be good.

It hasn’t come up yet that the Speaker of the House is gay and lives with his chief of staff. I’m wondering what negotiations are like in the back room? Maybe its time release, set for the first week of November. Everything that happens from now on in is timed for maximum impact according to the experts with the degrees in maximum impact.

I’m wondering if this whole Republican gays-in-the-closet thing is really just another part of their routine. See, it’s gotten to be such a piece of cake, duping the American people, stealing elections and bitch-slapping the Democrats that they just had to have a challenge. It had stopped being fun. Well, of course they knew they could win any time they wanted to, even if they went out on the rubber chicken circuit and sodomized underage immigrant children as after dinner entertainment at fundraisers (and who says they don’t?). But this gives the illusion of a horse race. Hell, Diebold has had to put extra hackers on the payroll, just like the post office does at Christmas.

Remember the look on Spurious George’s face when they told him that Florida had gone for Gore? I’ve never forgotten that. It was a telling moment and so were his comments at the time. See, he knew the fix was in. Just like he knows it now... or does he?

As it stands at this moment, the Republicans lose both houses of Congress. Their best case scenario is they lose The House and tie in The Senate. Meanwhile, as things go, it won’t get better for them. It just won’t. And the country is fed up. Those polls are inflated as best they can be. Meanwhile, on Main Street, America is lifting its fat face out of the mashed potatoes and wondering not only who farted but who went and shit their pants at the dinner table. You can hide a fart. If you’re good, and some of us are, you can make it convincingly clear that it was the chick in the glasses sitting next to you. If you’re legendary, and some of us are, you can run your hand up the inside of her thigh at the same time. But... when you shit in your pants at the dinner table, all someone has to do is check. And this is one of the reasons we need immigrant workers in America.

This is the Republican’s dilemma, not only did they shit their pants at the dinner table but they also shit on the living room carpet, rolled around in it and then finger-painted, “Bill Clinton made me do it.” all over the walls and stole the silverware and got caught. They didn’t do it just once. They did it day after day for six years- even Gerry Mandering can’t save them now.

So what do you do when you’re guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors AND having dead puppy porn on your computer? What do you do when it becomes common knowledge that you consider your most loyal supporters to be embarrassing idiots? And don’t start in about how that happens to be true and is also proof that the Republicans didn’t lie one hundred per cent of the time because here is a single example that makes it only 99.9999999999999999999999999999999% of the time. It doesn’t matter that they are in fact deluded sub-normal lalaland refugees in search of a heavenly Gerry Springer with a snow white double-wide coming down out of the sky. What matters is that they got nailed again. And even if these pinheads from the planet Nodwell still don’t catch on or understand what that means; and it’s fifty-fifty either or in Vegas as of 9:00AM, all kinds of other people who have been fence-sitting are going to wonder what you actually think of them and for many others it’s just one more turd in the punchbowl too many. The laws of attrition are not under review at this time. You may in fact be screwed. But, hold the phones...

Don’t worry. That’s just on paper and paper isn’t something voters are going to be taking home with them after they leave the voting booth. It’s not like they were using one of Diebold’s ATM machine where they get a receipt. You can’t make computers give up voting receipts. It doesn’t work like that. See, when you vote, the hard drive that fractates the Ethernet florin data mine has to migrate dual defecators through the FSB and present technology hasn’t gotten to that point where two of them can go in the same hole at the same time; although that's one of the things Core2Duo was supposed to fix. It’s not the same as at the ATM’s, that’s why you have to stand in line and wait for the next guy. See what I mean? Okay, moving right along.

It does look grim for The Washington Yankees and if they pull it out in the ninth against really impossible odds; meaning, no way would it be legal- and hasn’t been yet- but this time it would have to be mega-noticeable illegal and it would mean that the window dressing can come off now and you really get to see what that enemy combatant stuff was all about. But... what if... what if something really, really bad happened such as some guys from the neighborhood dress up as Iranians and blow up an enormous pig in a kosher deli? They wouldn’t have to be Iranians. They just have to look like Iranians. It’s worked lots of times before and even when the people behind the false flag ops got caught it didn’t matter; The USSS Liberty and The King David Hotel and lots of stuff.

Well then, Armageddon could get it on and they’d forget about being idiots because now they would be idiots caught up in a rapture and everybody else would be scared shitless and there would be a huge immense mess of dead bodies and screaming headlines and suddenly there would be enemy combatants all over The Homeland like rabid PacMan creatures and you can bet that would make election fraud look like unarmed donut theft and throw in the panic vote for the Fear Machine and yeah, that might work.

We’ll have to see. I don’t know myself. I know something is coming. How can it not? This is so exciting! I've already eaten all of my popcorn and the movie just started. I think I’ll just slip up into the lobby real quick and get some more and I’ll see you all later if there’s still a theater and still a later.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Walking Dreams and Running Lights

I watched when a bad actor made it impossible for
the poor to have
decent lodging because crime
was a growth industry whose time had come
I watched when he created the homeless realm
when he opened the institutions and set them free in the streets
of the new institution
I watched the men who helped him
I watched the businesses turn normal life
into a stress factory treadmill with new speed settings
I watched the world compress and become a hungry mouth
I watched the world walk into its own mouth and
chew itself up
and spit itself out
and walk away in pieces searching
for what it could not find...

I saw the beginning of the end in real time
I saw a generation of vipers drinking
two thousand dollar bottles of wine in New York City
at lunch
I saw the cocaine run like sand through an hourglass
I saw it fuel a bacchanalia of blood stained money
rubbed on young girls breasts
that had been pierced with nails in search of a crucifixion
I saw bodys mutilated and branded and
Tattooed without identity
Identity would not come
The mob was still the mob
a mob of mutilated and branded and tattooed nobodies
and the mouth was still open.

I watched and then I ran

I saw a moment of great possibility
There was a moment and then
the moment was gone
and I saw
I saw the monkey son of the pedophile king march out of Texas
I saw his shiny red baboon’s ass
I saw him prance and strut and I
saw him drink blood from a silver cup
I saw children squeezed in the wine press
and their cries distilled into liquid
I saw it mixed with tears and
saved in wooden kegs
for the party at the world's end
I saw dead people
I saw the same men who had been the other men when
the whole thing started but
it started long before in the minds of the mob
from the beginning when the wheel began to turn
and spin until
it became a wheel of fire that
you could see with your eyes closed
I saw each separate moment follow-
each separate moment
I saw the undead wipe their asses with documents
that had held the world intact
I could not read the words any more they were
buried in shit

I saw people watch and play with their hair.
I saw people frown and stare into their cell-phones
I saw people shrug and go to the movies
I saw people drop their pants and bend over
I saw them wait
I saw them wait and wait and wait

I saw them scream that they were waiting
but nobody came

I saw people looking in the mirror and nobody looked back
I saw endless loops of porn
I saw stars and stripes moving in the back drop
I saw it become impossible to believe and I saw it
get worse.

I ran

I ran away because

there was no power on Earth or
inside of me that could prevent people
from achieving what they desired
in order that suffering might ascend the throne
and hold them in his lap
and tear their flesh for the pleasure of his court

I saw the creatures of the dark wrap themselves in false light
and proclaim the presence of something
that sat inside the mouth

And they marched into the mouth
they ran, trampling one another on their way
into the mouth.
I saw bodies ooze like toothpaste
through chain link fences
that lined the highway into the mouth

They did not see a mouth
They saw a fairy land of things
They saw things glowing and glistening
and beckoning and they wanted to touch the things
That were not there but only waved
like luminous swamp angels from the always
unreachable beyond

The soundtrack changed
The music got hard
the laughing faces and hard eyes
watched the children undress
and then they did what they wanted to
to the children
they did it with lights and cameras
on a stage set inside their minds
they went all the way back
and fucked themselves before they could fall in love

the mouth laughed
It sounded like bells
everything sounded like something it was not
everything looked like something it was not
everyone pretended to be someone they were not
it was not hard to lead them into the mouth

In the massive cities where the millions
upon millions rubbed against each other
from the friction of their passing
there came a heat that ignited into awesome fires
that swept along the boulevards
and avenues
and it was a conflagration of hunger that was
fanned by a whirlwind

water became more precious than gold
death became entertainment
the enormity of suffering became scenes in a picture book
those things that were the hinges of civilization
those virtues that had maintained the balance that
kept the underworld behind the magic gates
these things melted
and were re-forged so that whatever they had been
was irrecoverable and
could not be remembered

and they watched and they laughed
and they walked into the mouth
they looked at themselves in the mirror
they painted the face of death with
lipstick and danced with the dying flesh
in imaginary ballrooms
they dined with corpses and toasted their success
they were important
and then they were forgotten
and they never knew
they never knew
they looked back and could see only
a grainy movie playing something that was
and they could not remember if it had happened
or not...

And I ran and I hid and I woke up
and it was only a dream
but it was still happening
like the wheel of fire behind closed eyes
and i woke up again and
again and again
and so did the dream
the dream had been asleep too
each time in a different place
the dream was coiled like a serpent
and the serpent rose up and up and
the dream became a cape that concealed the serpent's body
and in the black night of the cape
you could hear cats outside the window
that looked out on the dream
they were calling
and there were noises and shapes
and everything that was a part of the dream
changed the dream
and far away where it could not be found
was the point of the origin of the dream
and it was longing
and it sang in the oceans like separated lovers
it sang between the space that could not be traversed
by those who longed for what was there
and it penetrated everything
and it made everything yearn
and the dream made the object of desire out of itself
and then it walked into the mouth

and the mouth was the gateway to the moon
and the teeth were the transport of the flesh and the data
into new objects of desire that went in search
of the faces that looked into the mirror

and some few
some nameless few became the stars
and they were self-contained and they did not long
and they shined into the dream
and they knew nothing but to shine
and all of their joy was in the shining
and they could not do more than bathe the
worlds in their light for ever and ever

they could not cry for all the inexpressible sorrow and loss
they could not change the course of things
they could only shine

and I ran
and I ran out of the market and
into the places where no one goes
and there was no one
and all that it was- was to stop
all that it was- was to stop
wanting anything
and the pain would go away
all that it took was to know that the pain
was in everything
and all that the pain was
was everything changing
for as long as there was a dream
things would change
and it would hurt
and everything would hurt
and somehow it was worth the pain
to hurt enough to feel alive
even though it was only a dream
that the stars shined into

it was so much more
than could be known by anything but the silent stars
who knew the place of infinite return
who were the running lights of history
who were the beacons of memory
in a forgotten land
who were the signposts and the heralds
of every golden age
that got trampled underfoot by the mob running into the mouth

it went on forever
it just went on and on
until it went on and on...