Friday, October 20, 2006

Slouching Toward Washington.

Eighteen days and what? The drums are silent. I haven’t even seen a smoke signal. There’s this strange sensation in the air that the republicans are acknowledging the coming defeat and that there will just be a power switch and life will assume a new form. But it doesn’t jell. This party stole the presidential election in 2000 and has participated in proven voter fraud with each succeeding election. Would they really go quietly? What’s going on out there?

Those whose business it is to control the world are not concerned about Democrats and Republicans. For them it’s mix and match. It doesn’t matter which set of horses they hook up to the buckboard. They’ve got the reins and the horses go where they are told. It doesn’t matter if the blanket is red today and blue tomorrow. Still...

There’s a palpable sense of payback hanging in the air. It’s waiting for the moment. We’re all waiting on the moment. A lot can happen between here and there. This is a practical world. This is the world where they say, “Hey, its business, it’s not personal.”

So I’ve been listening to the leaders saying that they have no plans for impeachment. I don’t believe that. I can’t see how they can avoid impeachment proceedings.

The landscape is so still from where I sit. It looks like there are whole production crews at work making everything look normal. It all seems so much more normal than it is. And that’s disturbing. It feels like everyone is waiting for something. This is usually how it is before something very large rears up on the horizon. I can’t shake the feeling that this event, whatever it is, is just now having the final touches of makeup applied before it’s... Showtime!

Let’s think about it. If you believe with the majority of Americans that the administration was behind the 9/11 attacks then you know there’s not much they wouldn’t do to maintain control. If you look at the way Afghanistan and Iraq stand at either side of Iran you can see something has been planned out over a period of some years. Now, just what that is may not be entirely clear but it’s not good, whatever it is.

Boss Hogg and the smirking chimp have both got those smirks on their faces. They’re both saying that the Republicans will keep control. However, the numbers say that is impossible, at least in The House. So that means they are up to something. When you see all the small news items about voting computers that won’t boot up and purging voters along with the many pronouncements of trouble expected at the polls, you should wonder. What I can’t get my head around is this paperless voting. I understand that you don’t get a receipt but what I don’t understand is WHY. How is it that this can happen and keep happening? All their ATM machines give receipts. Why wouldn’t you get a receipt? Printers don’t cost much. Is it the paper? Is paper an endangered resource? It sounds like child’s play... zip... zip... kachung... and it’s in your hand. Where is the one who set this up? How did this happen? How come nothing has been done? That’s a very murky place. I can’t see anything.

The chimp says that ‘they’ want to attack us again. He says they’re coming. So he needed that enemy combatant thing. Then there’s the Halliburton contract for 400,000,000 to build domestic detention centers. Why would you need something like that? Is someone rioting that I don’t know about? All these things when you put them together tend to create the outline of something unpleasant. Olmert is running around Russia and other places trying to drum up the destruction of Iran. He’s not getting anywhere.

There’s so much to consider; Russia, China, Japan and North Korea... full on civil war in Iraq. Looming on the horizon is the housing crash in the first part of the New Year. I keep coming back to martial law. It’s a handy dandy fixall and has the extra bonus of being good for us. It would be for our protection.

Funnily, whatever terrorists that there may be, they aren’t very well organized, certainly not as well organized as all of the global police forces and intelligence agencies. It really is just a law enforcement concern. It’s not a war; that’s just a convenience for those profiting from the conflicts.

There’s a phrase about going to the well one time too often. Voter fraud this time around won’t fly. They can’t continue as they have with only that in the playbook. They have to have something else and I don’t doubt that they do. They’re in this continuous war mode. The schematic is to have a series of endless conflicts. The parallels to 1984 are astounding.

So you see all these things. You look at PNAC and AIPAC and that whole 9/11 thing. You see “booga booga!” everywhere. Shapes are shifting but not into anything definite. It’s just a weird amorphous fog that deadens perception. There’s a heaviness, a lassitude that is cranking the wheel of time toward some uncertain destiny.

I don’t know what to think. Each day I wait for ‘that’ headline. But the suspension of event continues. It’s like sitting in the theater waiting for the production to begin. You can hear stage hands moving scenery around and the footsteps of nervous entertainers. There are metallic sounds and some desultory tuning up in the orchestra pit. What’s going on back there?

The Persian Gulf will soon be filled with ships. But why? Did Iran do something? Not that I know of. There’s no international consensus on Iran. Iran isn’t rattling any sabers, just going about their business. What would we need with all those ships there? That is a mystery.

I always hope I’m wrong. My instincts tell me that it’s any time now; one critical moment and then the chain reaction. We’ve seen their tactics and their footprints. They do have an M.O. One can ponder over many a possibility- but focused analysis always comes back to the few things that we know them for.

Well, this is just a camp follower. This series of posts is just to keep the discussion alive and to ask everyone to keep their eyes open. This critical election is far more critical than it might appear. Worlds hang in the balance. The suspension of habeas corpus and related alarming events all speak to something dark indeed. These things are not accidental or unrelated. They all have a connection to a wider plan. They are all part of making something easier. What would that be? Surely you can think of conditions that would benefit from such actions. It always comes down to cui bono for me. Things are much further along in the wrong direction than most people are aware of. Quite suddenly it could get very clear.

But right now there’s this big nothing going on. North Korea is just a fizzle. All of the news is on the back burners. You’d think there would be more electricity and hustling suits. It’s all so dead calm. Eighteen days.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm... You're not wrong mate.

Eugene said...

Second that. I feel the big deal in my bones and easily see the helter skelter on the faces. All it takes is that one event that sets the whole domino show in motion. The worlds been hyped to the gills with fear and booga booga and this fish should not forget the rivers of blood it has swam.

How can the upcoming question and answer session we call the "end" find its answer in 'gee arent all the rotting bodies nice'?

Is this the best we as a species have to offer? How is it that talking monkey has as its best conversational material g-o-d and when the discourse is especially heated those opposable thumbs and attracting clubs to best resolve the dispute? What a mockery.

Heres what that conversational material has given us: "Thou shalt not worship naked in the woods" vs "Thou shalt worship in giant edifices with little children" or "Thou shalt kill all who presently inhabit your inheritance and you so know you deserve it".

What is this dream? What is this place? How does a world wide helter skelter answer our purpose? Are the words/concepts love peace joy happiness justice all lies? Merely frothing spittle out the mouth of talking monkey we stick in our ears till its time to brain something?

Anonymous said...

consistency, thy name is Visible.


Anonymous said...

What's coming is clear: One World Government. It will emerge from the chaos brought on by the collapse of sovreign governments all over the globe in the aftermath of the coming mid-east 'war' initiated by the immiment attack on Iran. At least, that's the plan. What else could it be?

The up-coming 'important' election is nothing but a red herring. TPTB have both parties in their hip pockets, so don't expect any policy changes based on the party in charge even if widespread chaos doesn't break out.

Another red herring is the desire for a voting maching receipt. What good would it do? Any result could be printed on it, while the true vote in the machine could be completely different. Not to mention the fact that a bunch of individuals waving their receipts will mean absolutely nothing in the face of the "official" vote totals held by the machines.

Anonymous said...

Les I can only agree.....and I think we are in for the N word soon too. No, not the racial epithet but something far more sinister and species encompassing. I am truly scared for America....but then there is this going around too.

One Citizen's Bill of Impeachment

When in the course of the history of this Republic, survivor of Rebellion, of the Great Depression, and of many wars, an Executive violates its contract with its citizens to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and fails to so uphold and defend its basic principles, putting the nation itself in jeopardy, and subverting its very purposes, then the citizens must exercise their right to reject such governance not only by the power of the vote but by petitioning the Legislative to institute proceedings of Impeachment against the Executive to reclaim the balance of the three branches as invisioned by the Authors and enshrined in the words of the Constitution itself.

To that end, We draw up this bill of high crimes and misdemeanors not only multitimes manifest but continuing, to the great harm, and maiming of this Republic, whereby we urge that the current President, Vice-President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and Secretary of the Interior be impeached, removed from office, and rendered subject to prosecution for crimes against both the domestic and international order at trials by a jury of their peers, the ordinary citizens of the United States of America.

Wherefore, we list the wrongs inflicted upon us:
Waging war by lies, distortions, and a secret agenda;

Basing domestic policy on various grandiose usurpations of both the Legislative and Judicial functions;

Suspending basic rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights and in Common Law;

Refusing to carry out the express intent of legislation by invoking the expediency of sign-off statements;

Misusing the Armed Forces, and subjecting troops to retaliatory punishment by an Enemy;

Creating new enemies, and destroying American prestige with aggressive, hegemonic, and destabilizing policies;

Subverting the freedom of the press with paid propaganda disguised as open journalism;

And in general, exercising an Incompetence so willful that its consequences may take generations to repair.

in the trust we still have in the wisdom of the Founders and in the courage of the Legislative and the Judiciary to document and to pass judgment, and to rectify the CRIMINAL wrongs enumerated.

Herewith we pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor:

Stuart L. Markoff, Baltimore, MD

Don't pussy out on me. Copy, paste and send to the fucking white house, and add your name to it. I sent mine with the header "You are on notice. You have been served."

Also, I will be sending money to a charity in Gaza, as my response to 10/17/06. FUCK THEM.

Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

"They all have a connection to a wider plan. They are all part of making something easier."

my feelings exactly. I'm waiting too. I'm stocking up on food and water. I don't know what else to do with these feelings beyond this - and keeping my eyes wide open as I move through my day to day routines.

nolocontendere said...

Quite right. The propaganda shills are at the breaking point trying to paint a normal veneer on it all. There is a widespread palpable sense of impending calamity that the fascists are desperately trying to contain until they pull the switch for the big show. I think they're about to try to remake the entire world, hoping to emerge on the other side in the catbird seat. We're in for a rough ride.

Asass said...

Not looking good people

U.S. Army North up and running

Staff report

U.S. Army North, the Army’s newest service component command reached full operational capability Monday, which means that it is fully manned, equipped and ready to assume its mission.

As part of Army transformation, USARNORTH was formed to become the dedicated Army service component command to Northern Command, the unified command responsible for defending the homeland and coordinating defense support of civil authorities.

Located at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, USARNORTH achieved initial operating capability in September 2005, and is responsible for specific missions, including:

• Execute homeland defense and defense support of civil authorities missions.

• Provide training and readiness oversight of certified weapons of mass destruction—civil support teams.

• Conduct the Army-to-Army portion of the theater cooperation mission with Canada and Mexico.

• Coordinate the activities of defense coordinating officers and their elements assigned in each Federal Emergency Management Agency region.

• Organize up to two task forces that, with augmentation, can become joint task forces and deploy within the operational area to command and control Department of Defense forces responding to homeland defense or civil support operations.

For the past 12 months, USARNORTH has been building its organization, readiness and mission capability. USARNORTH officially assumed the Army component command duties from Forces Command on Oct. 1.

Anonymous said...

It's quiet, cuz they's buzy.

The way the nazis see it, it doesn't matter how many folks vote against the GOP - they're in control, and intend to stay there.

Anonymous said...

Badkitty may be right. Remember back in August 2001, when Bush disappeared into his Texas ranch and the biggest news for a whole month was him "clearing brush." And the media spin at the time was, "Wow, this guy's such a lazy asshole, taking the longest vacations of any president ever . . ."

And actually, they surely were putting the finishing touches on the next month's New York event.

Old song, my new words:

East Side, West Side,
all around the town,
The streets are full of asbestos
from the towers falling down.
George is back from Texas.
Me and Mamie O'Rourk,
we know what he was there planning
for the people of New York.

East Side, West Side,
all around the town.
There were three thousand people
in those buildings falling down.
Dick and George and Rudy!
Me and Mamie O'Rourk,
we know your plan worked fantastic
on the sidewalks of New York.

Anonymous said...

yur the best at this. Its clear why you get linked so much. Are you safe?

Anonymous said...

Fair day Mister Visible,
Rabbi Hasham and I have just been talking about when next our Messiah George will smite someone or something. We are of the same mind in this matter and feel that He is about to smite his own people, not the goyim of Iran or Syria but the people of his own beloved country, the USA.
You may well ask why we feel this way.
Look at all of the internment camps Mister Halliburton is building.
Look at all of the difficult laws being conjured up to oppress anyone who may dissent.
Look at all of the wonderful tools being brought forth to control the masses.
And look at all of the extra Home Guard being pressed into service.

in order to protect the American people

I think He may let everyone know, very soon, that He is and will be 'Commander in Chief', ‘the Decision Maker’, for ever and ever, Amen.
And, again, smite anyone who disagrees.
Surely George W Bush is our Mashiach, our Saviour, the Blessed One.
Blessed be the decision makers for they will inherit the earth. (G-d, just this minute, popped that one into my head.)
May the Lord bless your every waking moment.
Sollie Leberwitcz
ps. Rabbi Hashem says “Yes - much smiting to come”.

Visible said...

you're too cool. How come I know we are going to win no matter what?
How come I know that?

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, but it might be that the powers are going to wait and see if a change of the blanket color will result in a push for impeachment and war crimes trials. It will be hard to wait until the actual transfer of power before the wheels start to turn in that direction. Until the January tranfer of power there is still ample time for mischief and even after that there can be martial law following some event like a newer new Pearl Harbor.
As far as our Navy on the way to the Persian Gulf it can be for the express purpose of being "attacked" so we can play the outraged victim who must once again lash out in self-defense. The poor, poor weak United States of America! Always getting picked on by the bullies of the world!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, but it might be that the powers are going to wait and see if a change of the blanket color will result in a push for impeachment and war crimes trials. It will be hard to wait until the actual transfer of power before the wheels start to turn in that direction. Until the January tranfer of power there is still ample time for mischief and even after that there can be martial law following some event like a newer new Pearl Harbor.
As far as our Navy on the way to the Persian Gulf it can be for the express purpose of being "attacked" so we can play the outraged victim who must once again lash out in self-defense. The poor, poor weak United States of America! Always getting picked on by the bullies of the world!

Anonymous said...

You're a smart guy, so why do you think it makes any damn difference to vote Democrat over Republican?

Visible said...

Well, I could argue many a concept but let's just say, 'the lesser of two evils'

I'm also not going to let the fascists steal my faith or my hope. That would mean they won.

anyway, I'm pretty clear here about how I see the Democrats and you don't catch me shilling for them.

Anonymous said...

Walk softly and carry a big stick.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog; reading through the lines is half the fun. I don't think you're really suggesting that the solution is to vote Democrat. If it is, then that might be the only place where I might disagree. They are all "shit weasels" to me. Personally, I am hoping that a few powerful people might start questioning the official story. Wouldn't it be grand if we could convince a few big wigs to make a scene during awards shows and the like? If we could get them all organized, and just keep it coming, or organize a tour of rock acts which also know 911 was a lie?

Alas, the plan needs money.



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