Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Come Everything has to be the Way that it Is?

It is obvious that there are good guys and bad guys in this world. Some of the bad guys masquerade as good guys. It is obvious that lies are trumpeted and that the truth is suppressed. In between the really good guys and the really bad guys are the rest of us, swaying from one side to the other, according to the voices in the wind and the voices in our ears and in our heads.

It is obvious that 9/11 was done by people other than the people it was blamed on. It is obvious who some of the players are that were responsible for 9/11. We have motive, means and opportunity. We don’t know who is behind the people who are behind the people that work the gears and levers that turn life into an angry fist; a rampaging appetite, a ghetto, a wasteland, a dumpsite for living in. I could name names and ...far beyond what is circumstantial, they would be shown to be involved ...but I don’t know who is behind them. Where does the blame go? Why is there such evil activity in this always possibly beautiful world?

We know that there are people who want to take what other people have and make it their own. In the process of doing so they will change names and deeds and move it through official law processes as if it were or there were official law processes; counterfeiting the genuine article and basically selling Yellow Fever sewn into Indian blankets with whiskey and rum and the keys to the kingdom to anyone with a nickel in their pocket and then they try to pocket the rest and get the nickel back again.

We see the pressing disorder of the world; the ravenous grasping for raw materials and spoils of war. We see one country set against another at the behest of corporations who want to make money out of the conflict and they let you become a stockholder in the murder of the world and everybody gets a piece of the pie. It might be so small you can’t even see it but it’s yours. Big slices of pie go to people who could not in many lifetimes consume even a little of what they throw away and many go hungry because that seems to be part of the enjoyment factor of those who have too much and you are not allowed to eat what they threw away.

Everyone is compelled to emulate this activity in order to get their own bigger share and people wind up eating each other and finally chewing off their own foot and all of the rest of themselves until they disappear, having eaten up everyone and themselves and now there’s nothing left but space and nothing to eat and no one left to eat it, possibly... I don’t know.

There is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things and there are many variations of either on the way. Maybe it comes down to motive. Maybe it comes down to who and what you are. It should be clear to everyone that the best system is the one that works for everyone according to their needs and in reward for their efforts. Some will have more and some will have less. Some will want more and some could care less. I don’t want anything but to understand how to make our lives better and I don’t think I’m alone.

Something... somewhere... someone... is pushing to turn the world into a dirty ashtray. A great many people are helping by helping themselves to the idea that as long as your front yard is pretty it doesn’t matter what happens out back or in anyone else’s yard, or country, or mind or heart.

It’s obvious that galactic liners full of crap set sail every day for the needs of people who shop only to shop; an avocation. It’s obvious that television dials down your IQ the way you dial up the sound to shut out the voice of reason in your mind. It’s obvious that ‘snatch and grabs’, yoke-robbing, bait and switch, Badger, Murphy and three card monte games are the hallmark of the marketplace. It’s obvious that the same people that sell you the crap you don’t need also sell the weapons to the countries whose wars they arranged. It’s obvious that the people talking to you out of your TV set are part of the action.

The fact that you are not strapped down, facedown on a bed while an endless series of paying clients rape you for the amusement of people who also paid to watch is testimony to the fact that there must be another power that remains in your possession but which only a very few of you are using in your self-defense.

There is no excuse that can be given for what is happening in Palestine and elsewhere as a daily event. There is no excuse that can be given for Katrina or 9/11. The excuses given are poor excuses that shouldn’t work well enough to bilk a befuddled grandmother out of her Bingo money but apparently they do work. Someone had the nerve to write and tell me that they loved my work and the fact that I supported Jacque Fresco but that I did myself irreparable damage by saying 9/11 was an Inside Job and I should just stop talking about that because it was crazy to believe that our government would actually do something like that. I suspect that the last time this person got anywhere near the 9/11 story was the last time a Fox newscaster told them what to think on the matter.

The bad guys are the people who are telling you that more than you need is not enough. The bad guys are the marketers that want to do to the world’s food supply futures what they have done to the oil futures. The bad guys are the people who are doing all the bad things in person and by proxy every single day. You don’t need Steven Hawkings to tell you that these are the black holes in your universe or that they are so dark and materialistic that no light can escape.

If your head hurts because you are banging your head into the wall then the solution to ending your suffering is to stop banging your head against the wall. If your life is full of crap and your world is full of crap then maybe you should stop buying all that crap. If your leaders are lying sacks of shit then maybe you shouldn’t be buying those lying sacks of shit. If all it takes for you to lay down on that bed is for someone to whisper sweet nothings in your ear then you must be satisfied by sweet nothing. How can something be sweet if it is nothing?

It will not get better by itself unless you leave it alone. Nature seems to reward those who let Nature do its job. You can also change the chemistry by adding in the right elements and subtracting or neutralizing the wrong elements. Whether you look at it as a scientist or a meta-physician, two and two does not make three. Three buildings don’t fall down exactly the same way on the same day in the same place when only two planes hit two buildings when no comparable buildings ever fell down from fires that burned hotter and longer anywhere at any time. And if that is the case then the cause of the thing to begin with is something other than what you have been told. If it is something other than what you have been told then you are being lied to. If that is the case then the people who are lying to you are the people who did it, or are employed by the people who did it ...and that is why 9/11 is an inside job. Is this too difficult to understand?

I don’t know which part of “we the people” you don’t get but until you do, you are a never ending train wreck; a repeating disaster of your willful desire not to know what really happened and a continuing support module of the thing that is destroying your own way of life. It’s the same as going to the bathroom at the dinner table -and what is presently on your plate- but I guess some people will gladly eat shit if you serve it to them warm.

Think about it. If you don’t know how to pour a bowl of cereal, read the directions on the box. Add milk? That’s not my affair. Maybe you should buy yourself an erector set and toss burning paper airplanes at it. Throw rocks at it and see if it falls right down on top of itself. No, wait, don’t let anything hit it... crumble up a few paper balls and burn them inside the structure and then sit back and watch it dissolve like magic fish from the back of a cartoon comic book. Don’t forget to see Batman while you are at it. Shouldn’t it be better than this? In what specific way do you affect the thing entire?

I’m not going to change my tune, sooner or later you will pick up the beat.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

The Strange Moments of these Remarkable Times.

NOTE: I'll be on the radio tonight at Feet to the Fire Radio.

If someone were to ask me to define God, I would say, “Imagine the highest and deepest, most piercing and enveloping love. Then imagine you are on a highway out in the Midwest. On some of those highways you will sometimes see signs for a Las Vegas casino called Harrah’s. Well, you might see one in Bangor, Maine that says the distance is thousands of miles. Further on you see a sign which says ‘God; one million light years.’ That is how that feeling describes God in terms of definition and I am a million light years from there as I sit here now.” That’s the best I can do but that is probably wrong too because I am a million light years from my best as well. I hope I have satisfied your curiosity... it is that close.

Neither God, nor love can be measured and I don’t think greed and lust can be either. Feel like you are in an Escher painting? Me too... but you have to be able to imagine.

Last night I saw this I could say that the guy could use a makeover, Hollywood style. But we don’t want Hollywood in a situation like this. We want truth. So, some guy, antsy and uncomfortable against a brick wall will do for the moment. The t-shirt isn’t a bad move either. What it says is the truth. I don’t know why I kept listening. The production values are not to my standards but if I had to do it I probably wouldn’t accomplish the technical end any better. Let’s just say, that’s a definite. Speaking truth to power is something that you do not see. Young man, allow me to reach across the internet and shake your hand.

Then I see this and I hear the rumble of a distant engine. Willie Nelson has always been one of my heroes. And now he just proves why once again. Maybe we aren’t going down just yet. It could be that the battle has not begun. That’s another problem. How come nobody said much of anything all those years? Well, maybe they did and they got their head handed to them like The Dixie Chicks; those brave and righteous women whom contemporary America scorned and I cheered on but then felt like I’d farted at the dinner table. Good, I want to fart at that dinner table.

Then again, slander and ignominy come with the territory. You have to be willing to risk that for the good of yourself and others. In my book, other people come first. So why is it that only Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney and the rest of the fingers on one hand are the only people in our government to speak out against the lies and murders that have continued day after day after day? How come no congressman, no senator, stood out on the steps of congress and said I will not move from this spot until this senseless murder stops? How come? How come?

How comes it that a simpering psychopath like George Bush can take the White House without having been legally elected two times and nobody says a word? Sure, some of us spoke out but we aren’t important people. Even some important people spoke out but we didn’t hear about it and when we did we were told that they were traitors and giving comfort to the enemy; even though no enemy did 9/11, 9/11 was an Inside Job.

My father, not the nicest guy in the world, used to say to me, “You can’t piss in my ear and make me think it’s rain.” He didn’t leave me much or else I haven’t figured out yet why I went through what I did but he did leave me that... even if when he said that... it was raining. Those were not good days for young visible. Young visible had many a bad day. Young visible understands what happens to people simply for being themselves and young visible empathizes with other people when the same thing happens.

I became an accomplished liar to save my ass; not that it did. But you do what you have to, to survive. I often wished that I were dead but apparently not yet. Ghosts follow me. I know they are ghosts. I am not afraid of ghosts.

Is there a glimmer here? Is there some movement, some change in the air? Can it be that this young man standing against a brick wall; Willie Nelson, Jessie Ventura, Ron Paul and a host of others are going to juxtapose at the perfect moment? Will the forces of evil among us be met by the awakening forces of good struggling out of their dreams? I don’t know but I am with them, in my heart and in my body and in my mind.

Proof to me that there is a God is that I feel the way I do. I feel the surging course of a rising brotherhood. I believe in love and honor, what is decent, what is good. I have not always behaved the way I should. Like all of you, I am a work in progress. Still, none of us have risen to such heights only to sink to such depths of depraved psychopathy as has our congress and our courts and our leaders.

How it is that used car salesmen Gumby-bots came to be our icons and wardens, I cannot tell you. Was it bad TV, music, movies, sex for sex, sucking the moment up like a chemical drink for the fast food mind? Is it about the money and protection from the people you stole it from? I always feel that I am inside that Yeat’s poem when I think about these things.

I’m going to ask you all again, one more time ...and I will still ask you again and again because on this we depend, I’m going to ask you to wake up. I am reaching into your dreaming mind and shaking your metaphorical shoulder. You have to wake up and stand with that guy by the wall and might I remind you that is not the only wall? You have to climb out of your Matrix cocoons and wipe the slime from your eyes. You have to come into the moment and fill the moment with your presence, your sleeping beauty and your love.

Every Marine who loves his country needs to understand that what is worth dying for is worth living for and might want to read the words of the Constitution of The United States of America. Every officer and soldier in every branch of service needs to read what it says. Every citizen needs to read what it says. Thugs have hi-jacked your country. Treason has been committed. Sacred trust has been broken. You need to wake up. This is their single power... that you do not wake up. When you wake up it is over for them so... please... I beg you... wake up.

I’m just a guy standing in front of a brick wall, just like that guy standing in front of a brick wall. We are trying to reach you. You are not beasts. You are human beings. Rise and be counted.

Tyranny occurs because you allow it. You trade your freedom for comfort and then they take your comfort. It’s a no win situation. Maybe something is coming. Maybe something good is coming. Something good would be coming if all of you were coming and your intentions were for the greater collective good. Let’s face it; no one is safe when we permit murder in our names in order to go on sleeping.

You’re not dead yet, you’re just sleeping. The Constitution; what did Bush call it? It’s not dead either. The revolution is on if you are. You can die in your sleep. You can live in your dreams or you can take a stand, even if it is only in your mind and you can help to tip the wheel and turn the corner and grind the circumstance beneath the wheel until it is a fine powder and you can take that powder and put it in history's musket.

The good can only endure if it can endure in you. If you sell out your honor and your birthright for a mess of potage then where are you? Some things are worth the trouble. The fate of everything you care about is connected to the way you are. Be there for yourself and each other, wherever ‘there’ is ...be there. In this moment be there and the world will change.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Free Expression; Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

When you enter this, “Les Visible” in Google you find my web page as the first possibility. When you click on it some strange things happen. They happen to me and they happen to other people. That is the only reason that I know something strange happens. I don’t go there usually. It’s just a page with links to what I do and I already know how to get to those places. Other people go there and then they tell me about the anti virus installer that appears. Strangely, when you just type in www.lesvisible.com everything is okay. So...

This has gone on for awhile now. I kept asking my host to fix the problem. I didn’t know what the problem was. Maybe the problem wasn’t my host because they couldn’t find anything. I’m not a geek. Picture me as a guy on his hands and knees, feeling for the wall, looking for the light switch and trying not to cause harm on my way to seeing what is going on... feeling my way.

I have a friend who is going to help me to transform my site into a small, simple, user friendly place where people can experience my words and music and maybe buy something if they want to. If they don’t want to that’s okay too because you can read and/or listen to most of my work for free anyway... at least in a lossless sense. You can even download it and take it home with you. I’m not a businessman and I don’t think I ever will be. I’m not good at it. I like to create things. I’ve got to eat too but I seem to manage that and I don’t want much; that helps.

So far my engagements with record companies and book publishers have had a bastinado experience to them; or is it a sjambok? Whatever it is it hurts and makes me feel like ‘Villiam’ Hays in Midnight Express. So I just mosey along in search of the light and somewhere to stand out of the traffic. But shit happens. Shit happens when you talk about Israel. Google gets strange about your presence. Blogger suddenly makes it impossible for you to control the appearance of your page. You don’t think I want the blog to look this way do you? This is what I got because everything else is worse.

I’m not a paranoid. Usually I think it’s my fault because I don’t understand what’s going on. Like with the record companies and book publishers, I couldn’t understand why I never got any money for my work; why there were more copies of my book for sale in used condition at various site than there were actual books sold, or so I was told. But enough about me; I expect this sort of thing happens to other people too. Is it the luck of the draw? Am I stupid? Maybe my work isn’t very good anyway and that’s how it goes. I don’t know.

Strange things happen to strange people and I’d have to agree that I’m pretty strange. Maybe the things that I see aren’t real at all.

I went to a news item about John McCain and it didn’t make sense to me. He was talking about Iran threatening Israel. I never see Iran threatening Israel. I do see Israel threatening Iran but, once again, I must be missing something. I see something about Barack Obama at the same site. He’s talking about pulling out of Iraq and I can’t understand what all those massive permanent military installations are about or why I get the feeling that there’s one body with two heads giving the illusion that something different is possible when neither side acknowledges that 9/11 was a government operation. I don’t understand why Israel, with one of the most powerful military capacities in the world, is made to look like a frightened virgin surrounded by an outlaw biker gang.

It’s even weirder when this frightened virgin is hammering a population in apartheid and doing what looks to me like really evil things and it’s perfectly okay. Every day they push the Palestinians deeper and deeper into a smaller corner. They do things that would earn universal condemnation for anyone else, yet tweedledee and tweedledum keep saying that nobody is going to hurt their pal, this frightened swooning virgin. I can’t get a handle on it.

It’s crystal clear that Israel was neck deep in 9/11 but we went to Afghanistan. It’s crystal clear that they and their agents fabricated the lies that caused the Iraq War. They’re the ones who caused this. It’s crystal clear that Israel and her agents are steaming and scheming and shouting from the rooftops that Iran needs to be taken out. There isn’t anyone else calling for this. So, how come Israel isn’t acknowledged as the real problem creating all of these problems? Does my saying something about this have anything to do with what happens on my website on Google and at Blogger? Sergy Brinn is not answering my calls. Doesn’t Google own Blogger?

We hear that the internet is about to turn into a pay per view cable station. It’s something called Internet 2.0, apparently a lot of things won’t be available anymore or much harder to find. Hmmmm.

I think that’s not going to work because we will always find a way. I’ll go right on writing my blog no matter how weird the colors get and people can still come to my website without using Google. What about Usenet? What about all of the possibilities that are there that we haven’t even thought about or that really smart people in a basement are thinking about right now?

Look people, I don’t care how much money you have. I don’t care how draconian you get. I don’t care how many guns and planes and ships and bombs you have, you don’t have enough. There is something in the human spirit which cannot be denied. Dark times come and go. The reptiles that are presently making the world look like something out of Hellraiser just don’t have the juice for the long haul.

I submit that what is happening right now is evidence to convict. Of course, the players don’t think so. They think they’re at the top of the food chain and they can do whatever they want. That’s what they think. But there is something mysterious in life that is not under their control and that seems to find its way past their battlements and sentries.

You can’t kill the dream of freedom. You can’t turn us all into Christopher Hitchens. You can’t wipe out the Palestinians. You can’t turn us all into swishing manikins in malls. You can try to brutalize our love but you can’t make love into something it is not. There’s a deep and secret power in life that is greater than you. You will never be as great and powerful as this. Your day is going to come and all your armies and police and propaganda won’t save you. Every day you act out on the world’s stage. Every day you provide the damning evidence of your vile behavior. Every day you write the script for what is to come. Every day you weave your destiny and you will arrive at the appointed place at the appointed time. None of your tears and excuses will militate against the evidence that you provide every day.

You think you’ve got the world by the balls but due to an unshakeable truth in the mix it is you who will become the victim, transformed in the wink of an eye by a power you do not comprehend. Mark my words, your days are numbered and all the shiny illusions will vanish in a moment and there you will be in the solitary wreckage of the world you made. None of us have to do anything. You will accomplish this all by yourself. Remember, it’s never too late, until it’s too late.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

When the Truth takes off Her Clothes, the World Disappears.

Telling the truth is like performing a strip tease. It is because of this that many people are offended. Nudity offends people who believe that their body, the visible and the more esoteric portions, is something to hide. Another reason that some people find the truth to be offensive is because they make personal profit from lies. It stands to reason that many people believe that the truth is ugly, or inconvenient. Why go to such lengths to conceal it otherwise? It can also be said that the truth is hidden because it stands in contradiction to the thing that conceals it.

We are constantly told that some product is ‘new and improved’. If it is new then how can it be an improvement on itself? It does not have a precursor. We have been told that it is “the same thing only different.” That’s not possible either. When someone looks at a lie, they are able to identify it as a lie by comparing it to the truth. How else can it be identified as a lie? So it might also be said that we know what the truth is, often without realizing that we do, or knowing how we know it.

Another interesting thing is how we can say something over and over and the sense of what we are saying escapes the understanding of the person it is being said to. Many times here, I have said that I do not like having to come to the conclusions that I come to. I do not like where my inquiries leave me. This explains why there is reluctance among the general public to recognize who the authors of 9/11 are. This is why people accept what the media has to say when it is apparent they are lying. This is why they do not question in public because such questioning leaves them exposed and being exposed is like being naked. Conversely, exposing the lies of powerful interests can cause problems when it interferes with their profits and agendas.

In the criminal world it is quite common for people to place the blame for their actions on others; to give false evidence and testimony, to engineer events for no other reason than to blame a rival and take him out of the game, or to draw the attention of the authorites away from themselves and on to their rivals. It is common in the political world to label your enemies and your rivals in such a way as to sway public opinion and have them defined in a negative light. Lies are the currency of the political and business world.

It is because Israel wants to remain the predominant power in the Middle East that they were engaged with western security forces to orchestrate and blame the 9/11 attacks on the Muslim world. There is so much information available now that only a fool or those criminally involved would pursue this bankrupt scenario. It is also to justify Israel’s hegemonic intentions that those fighting for their own freedom and survival would be labeled terrorists.

We now know that there is no Al Qaeda as an organized entity. We know that it is a construct of certain governments and their intelligence services, created as a boogeyman to generate fear in the common mind. We know that the only Al Qaeda cell that was ever uncovered proved to be a Mossad operation. We know that Bin Laden sightings and videotapes are all lies. We know who is telling these lies and we know why they are telling them.

I am a recording artist and a writer. It is not a good career move for me to say things that put me in an oppositional relationship with those who exert a majority control over the fields I work in. It is not a career benefit for me to say that they exert a majority control over these industries. You get ahead in this world by accepting and defending lies so that those who manufacture the lies will not feel threatened by your propensity to take your clothes off in public. Even when everyone involved knows that lies are being substituted for the truth, just about everyone plays the game.

Hamas is not a terrorist organization. Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization. Iraq had no WMD’s or ties to a non-existent Al Qaeda. Hundreds of thousands have died because of this lie and millions have been displaced. Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. Two things are major features of Afghanistan today; oil pipelines and record opium production. Iran is not constructing nuclear weapons but no one could blame them if they were. We are told that all the major players on the UN Security Council are in favor of punishing sanctions and possible military action against Iran. This is also a lie. These lies come to us through the media. The media is controlled by certain people and everything they report paints a picture that supports their motives and interests.

The lies being told are obvious and blatant. The evidence that follows the events of the last decade clearly shows that lies have been told. By now, a majority of the world knows that these were lies, yet the lies continue and continue. If it were not for the internet, the bloggers and alternative news sources on the internet, there would be nothing but lies.

We who undress the lies are made to appear as pornographers. We are indecent. We reveal things that people do not want to see. We have told you that many of Israel’s regional wars were instigated by Israel for control of other people’s land and water. We have told you that Israeli settlers living on occupied land, stolen from displaced residents, go every day into the lands where these displaced residents now dwell and beat and harass them; use them for target practice. We have told you how women and children die every day in their ghettos because they are refused medical treatment. We have shown you video tapes and we have the testimony of aid workers.

We have shown you how the banks print money out of thin air and then loan it at interest to create debt. We have shown you how America has become a fascist police state by fabricating an enemy against whom they must protect you by removing your freedoms of movement, assembly and speech. We have shown you how bankers, corporations and governments create wars in order to profit from both sides of the conflict. Across the internet is a small minority of groups and individuals who reveal the truth and are excoriated for it by the lie machinery. They are strip teasing in a world where the naked body is against the laws created by those who use their lies to manufacture conflict, suffering and want so that they can line their pockets at the expense of us all.

Disinfo sites with racist intent, reprint the works of truth tellers so that the truth tellers will appear to be racist. Truth tellers find that they are ostracized. Truth tellers are the object of hacking attacks, slander and economic injury because the truth is not good for business. Truth tellers have no benefit to their efforts except for the satisfaction of doing the right thing.

I’m going to go right on undressing the manikins and monsters. They may be able to cosmeticize their faces but they cannot hide the lack of human features below the costumes that conceal their alien forms as the move among us. Others will do this same work. One day more and more people will take off their clothes until only the agents of lies and criminal behavior will remain covered and concealing their true forms.

The world is a lie and what the world conceals cannot be seen by lying eyes. They only see the world and fear what lies behind the world. Beneath the costumery of this world is hidden our humanity and our secret heart. Beneath the camouflage and masquerade lie our common brotherhood and our true self. My gratitude and congratulations to those of you who know that you are naked underneath your clothes... that are not afraid to show yourselves as you are because there is no shame in the truth. When the truth takes off her clothes then the world disappears.

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Songwriter by Les Visible

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Trouble with Naalin is the Will to Live.

Do you ever think about the point inside the point inside the point inside the point? What I mean is how connections that seem to be one issue can be gathered together to be the same issue but with an entirely different perspective? I guess I’m talking about intentional enigmas; convolutions, shell games, ironies, conundrums and more things than I can recall at the moment.

I’m talking about Naalin in Palestine. People live there. Yes, they are people. Human beings like you and me, trying to survive. It’s odd... sometimes I wonder why people try to survive when everyone wants them to be dead. Is life all that great? For some people it isn’t. My life is not nearly as troubled as the lives of these people and I would rather not be here but I am. Why even bother to live in a world like this? Well, that’s life.

Naalin is in trouble and that is one point. Inside that point is another point that, so forth and so on ... maybe I won’t have to say this again; coming back to the point.

Here is an interesting map of Shrinking Palestine.

What’s wrong with this picture? Here are a people who have been living somewhere for centuries. One day some big dogs walked into the yard and started to kick them out. They wouldn’t go away. No matter how many of them died. No matter how deplorable the conditions in which they lived, they would not go away.

There are between 1.5 and 2.0 million Sephardic Jews. There is somewhere between 8 and 11 million Ashkenazi Jews. The Sephardic Jews are Semitic and the Ashkenazi Jews are not. There weren’t any Ashkenazi Jews when The Bible was written. In the ninth century, the Khazar’s converted to Judaism. Depending on whom you listen to one is descended from the other, or not.

We are told that in World War Two, six million Jews were executed by the Nazi’s. This becomes problematic when weighted against official Red Cross numbers. This becomes even more problematic when the death count at Auschwitz has been lowered by millions over time but somehow, six million were still executed. I’m not a mathematician but I can tell that something doesn’t add up.

Anyone who questions these numbers is subject to opprobrium and even imprisonment, even though the numbers themselves have been changed by the very people they were supposed to have happened to, as can be seen at the Auschwitz gate or by researching. At the same time, anyone who questions what has happened to the Palestinians at the hands of these same people is ignored, even as the condition of these people is ignored by the general public and it is happening right now which I guess is not the same as, “Never again.”

This event, termed “The Holocaust” was used as the reason to give a part of that land called Palestine to surviving Jews as a homeland. Apparently some accommodations had been made for The Palestinians who were already there and had been since long, long ago.

Quite promptly these new emigrants began to drive the former residents from their land. I would need a few more lifetimes to catalogue what followed and you wouldn’t be around to read it. But you can find the details; even with the population of the towns being purged and the names changed, the evidence is still there.

People were getting along, more or less (as people do) before this happened. People are not getting along now. As a matter of fact, the new Israelis are now treating the Palestinians the same way that the Nazi’s treated the Jews. Let’s add some irony and say, “Go figure”.

I’m going to leave all of this for wiser minds to decide... go back to the map and take a good look and tell me why this is okay. Explain to me why it is okay for this to be happening. Keep in mind that many of the problems which exist in the entire region are tied to this, are justified by this and have their genesis in this and that the reason for the problems is that there are a lot of powerful lies that... no matter how artful may be the attempt... cannot be transubstantiated into truth. Keep in mind that 9/11 was because of this whether you accept the official line or the scientific postulate. Keep in mind that it seems to have something to do with God; who God is, what God is, which God is and God is not answering the phone, which is probably why it turned into a business deal where truth gets bought and sold only... only...

You can’t buy or sell the truth. You can only buy and sell a lie.

However... in present time... people are suffering and dying because somebody doesn’t want them to be where they used to be and the world is having tea and talking about soccer and sex. Do you not find this odd? I do. I have spent some amount of time weighing all of the variables and I don’t get it. There is enough for everyone. There is room for everyone but... not if some people have to have more than they can possibly use. As Lao Tzu put it, “What sort of men are these, who never hunger, never thirst, yet eat and drink until they burst?”

Why is it that so few of us care about what is happening when everyone will eventually suffer because of it? Or do people think that this won’t come back on them? It’s not their problem? Then why is The Holocaust their problem? Something funny is going on. Why should something that’s been over for sixty years be so much more important than the same thing happening to someone else at the hands of the people it happened to sixty years ago?

I do not know what to make of this. The people of Naalin do not know what to make of this. Meanwhile, the people of the richest country in the world are living under increasingly fascist rule because of an attack launched on them, in part, by these same people in order to make possible an attack on the entire Middle East. At the same time, their economy is collapsing and they are watching movies, playing video games and bellying up to the vanishing buffet. It makes my head swim.

This I do know. One day you will be in Naalin and no one will pay attention.

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Songwriter by Les Visible

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Brave and the Beautiful Lives of Our Times.

We’ve been talking about the lying media and those who purport to be apart from the lying media as well as those who are actually presenting the truth; the voices in the wilderness, those that collect and present them, the urbane, the mundane, the articulate, the less intricate and the Jeremiahs on the mountaintop.

I’ve mentioned Rixon Stewart and Ragnar Johannessen. I’d like to add Mike James, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Paola Pisi, Len Hart, Joe Quinn, Henry See, and I see where it could get complicated to read this. Although the numbers are small comparatively, they are large for the purposes of this brief tale. It further complicates when I consider the brilliant individuals that contribute to this site with their commentaries and which I cannot list because then it becomes a list and stops being what it is about.

Some of these people I have met in person and some I have not. I may be in or out of favor at a given time with any of them but that is what the truth is about. We do not always agree until we agree. For those who love the truth, agreement is eventually a fait accompli; sooner rather than later after a small musical number and an arrangement of seats.

If I didn’t mention someone then maybe I forgot. Maybe I have not encountered you and also, maybe you wouldn’t be on my list in any case; “Many are called but few are chosen.”

I have always been interested in spiritual things. I am far less interested in material things and the state of my life provides the evidence of that. I’m not a person who goes to war to stop a war. I prefer to wage peace. Unfortunately, since I am contained in this physical envelope in this world we share, I am among you and I see things. As a human being I feel compelled to say something about some of the things I see and therefore controversy will ensue. I would rather not have to engage. I would rather dance in the meadow and prepare food for my friends but... there are those who object to my given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They do not object only to my right but yours as well. This I cannot countenance and so it goes.

I can’t say when I knew something was wrong about the 9/11 fable. It was probably very soon thereafter. When something puzzles me, I inquire and I inquire. So it is that I discovered Michael Rivero and www.whatreallyhappened.com and it changed my life. It is because I found this site that whatever has followed, has followed. Yes, I’ve been on the road to truth for awhile and that powerful desire was the first thing that opened my eyes, however... I would have known so much less and would never have met the people I mentioned were it not for Michael Rivero. You can learn a little about Michael at this location and in the succeeding one.

I think I speak for a great many people when I say that What Really Happened is where I get my news. Michael has the gifted ability to separate the truth from the bullshit and make it available to you. He’s a little like Fred Astaire with that. Primarily what I like about Michael is that he cares. When people care, they get my attention. Caring always involves some sacrifice. If you aren’t capable of sacrifice for the greater good, I don’t want to know you anyway.

On occasion people have said bad things to me about Michael. It comes with the territory. I’d be a fool not to look at what they say. The truth is more important to me than Michael. The truth is more important to me than me. There is no me without it. Otherwise you are living a lie and a lie will always come up against the truth eventually. Only the truth endures and that defines truth in a certain way where religion; metaphysics, archetypes, ideals, sciences, arts and language all touch but do not define. Everything touches something but the truth, like the cheese, stands alone.

After the first couple of times I didn’t bother looking anymore. I’m sure Michael makes mistakes. I know that I do. That doesn’t concern me. Intention concerns me and his intention is good. Things come and go and I don’t miss them. I’m not in this world to be here. I’m just passing through but I know I would miss what Michael does. It is important to me. It affirms me. It informs me. It’s essential to the trip. Michael is part of my roadmap and yours too.

I don’t think Michael or any of the others I mentioned does this for praise or profit. I don’t. I think we do it because it is the right thing to do. People seem to have a problem with doing the right thing. Part of the problem is that there are psychopaths among us who despise the right thing and delight in the wrong thing and the herd emulates them; serves them, sleeps with them, obeys them and wants to have what they have and figure that’s how you go about it. That’s not how you go about it. You don’t get what is yours by taking it from someone else when there is plenty to go around.

It’s not the right thing to murder people so that you can supplant them. It’s not the right thing to traffic in them and use them for canon fodder and target practice. It’s not the right thing to imprison people who object to the way you mistreat them. It’s not the right thing to rape and pillage and laugh about it over martinis with your banker friends. It’s not the right thing. It’s not the right thing. It’s not the way to go but fools will follow when bad men lead the way.

Michael Rivero has done something exceptional with his life and included you in it. I have tea with Michael every day but I never see him. It’s funny because for years we lived only a few miles from each other and I never even knew that he was there.

I’ve said it before. You have to trust somebody, sometime... These days, I’m just glad that someone makes it possible for me to trust them... the usual days of a fair shake and an even break are long gone in the mainstream but not where these souls swim. It’s still possible to get the truth if you know where to look and gratefully I do. It was because of Michael that I found The Truthseeker and Signs of the Times. It’s because of Michael that I found Uruknet and The People’s Voice even if one led to the other it is still what really happened to me.

I know that I left out some great people and efforts but I’m not writing War and Peace here. There’s only so much space. I’m just pointing out how I was helped in my understanding and led to finer things by some guy called Michael Rivero. Don’t be offended if I left you out. Tomorrow is another day.

Michael’s site is changing and some of us are going to be talking to each other now. I’m hoping for deeper colors but I will settle for the same deep truths. As a great Yogi once said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Let’s all spread a greater light by letting go of our own darkness. Because all the light wants is to come through. We only have to get out of the way.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Money, Honey ...and Face Time in Your Dreams.

For those of us still capable of independent thought, there is a question that arises in the mind. It is a perplexing question. Why is it that when people gain some measure of power, through money, influence or by association... why is it that so many of them choose to embrace corruption over principles and reputation? Why would so many potentially good people go bad and not care about the loss of their ideals and good name?

If you’ve got forty five minutes I’d like you to watch this video because I think it’s a simple place to start. I was turned on to this by the good people at Wake up from Your Slumber. They’re a good resource for ‘tell it like it is’ and the article is a good one too. There are some others as well. If you haven’t read this you probably should do that too. In my sidebar, I have some trusted sites. They are very few in number. I know there are others. It is my decision to link only those sites that ‘collect and disseminate’ real news and to let you find the individuals on your own. It’s just not my nature to have hundreds of blogs and sources listed. I can’t guarantee that all of these people will tell the truth all the time.

The sites I have listed are very discrete in their advertising. They don’t want their message compromised. What am I trying to say here? It mostly comes from this article. I’m hoping I’ve given you enough links now and that I can flesh out the broader approach with my usual form of dialectic.

We know that the neo-con control ‘bots lie. We know that the mass media lies. When the mass media isn’t lying then it isn’t saying anything at all; sins of omission. Nowhere in mass media are you being told that Karl Rove left the country. Early days? Maybe. We know that most of what we see and hear is being manipulated to provoke military and economic action against nations that DO NOT present a credible threat to the one’s planning these holocausts, present and future, and who are also the ones we most need to be protected against.

I get the uneasy feeling that many ‘so-called’ truth sites are compromised as much as the disinfo sites. The disinfo sites have the most money by a wide margin. However, as more and more people are waking up to the fact that they are being fed nothing but lies, various alternative sites... so called truth sites are also raking in large container loads of money and may well be no more than agents of disinfo letting ‘some’ truth thru so the people will not think the light at the end of the tunnel is a train.

It’s hard to know who to trust but that may be the result of our granting wider latitude than we should. Maybe we need to set stricter guidelines in our minds about what comprises self-promotion and selling out. Here’s the thing. The more money you have, the bigger the bullhorn you can buy. The more noise you can make, the more attention you receive and the more money you make. Maybe it’s a matter of class; dignity, honor, principles, manners, fidelity... something... something. When does a person’s capacity to tell the truth and to be effective as a guiding light turn into a Broadway musical staring them playing the good guy while being employed by the bad guy? Think about it.

I’m not going to name names here. That is rough country. Maybe some of these people think they are the good guys but they need to expand to get the message out so that they can buy a bigger bullhorn to exhort a larger crowd ...so that one day they can turn the whole thing around and flowers will fall out of the sky instead of bombs and the world will be sane and everybody will have a piece of ground to call their own.

Unfortunately it is the nature of the beast to expand and grow until it turns into the same fascist enterprise tomorrow that it was fighting yesterday.

Nancy Pelosi said she would do one thing and she did another. She’s an incredibly unprincipled whore, no different than Karl Rove. I guess we should expect that. Money comes from somewhere and money is influence and a bigger bullhorn. In the end, what comes out of the bullhorn is whatever the money that bought the bullhorn wants to say. But what about the people who are supposed to be telling us the truth and whose sites are virtual Wal-Mart’s of product? The truth is supposed to improve our lives but it seems only to enrich people who have sacrificed the truth for their own self interest. Are they just misguided? Are they so enamored of their own bullshit that they can’t see what they have become? This I do not know.

I spend all my time working on these things and I have the luxury of being able to do that. Because I am careful about my appetites and don’t really want anything, I can afford to do this. I don’t get a bigger bullhorn though. Like a number of others, I just muddle on the best I can and hope it makes a difference. Where do you draw the line?

You make yourself a better person and you make the world a better place. I believe that. Even with all the armies of darkness laying in ambush in the cemeteries of night, I believe this. Meanwhile so much of the world is on a life support system of ipods and cellphones or locked into some religious machinery that promises them a better life hereafter.

Surely, if you are not a part of the solution then you are a part of the problem. The price of oil is just going up and up and it affects everything else. It affects industry and the manufacture of goods. It affects the transportation of those goods. We are looking at a perfect storm of immense proportion. It is because of Israel’s warmongering against Iran that the price of oil has gone up. You might think it stupid that speculators would bid so much for something that is still widely available. But should the Straits of Hormuz be shut down somebody is going to make a lot of money.

Iran may be its own kind of maverick nation and you may not like how they do things according to their idea of how things are but they don’t have a history of aggressive action against their neighbors. Israel’s history is filled with non-stop aggression against everyone besides themselves, regardless of whether that aggression takes the form of physical attack, economic attack, propaganda attack or guilt milking. Any time now they are going to go and get the Litani River. That’s the purpose of the news concerning rockets that don’t exist being sent to Lebanon by Iran.

I don’t know what to tell you. You, the people, surely do need to assert yourselves by some form of revolutionary action. You don’t have any choice. Sooner is better than later. I want to tell you that but I don’t have a big enough bullhorn. You can’t hear me. You can’t hear The Palestinians or a lot of other people because they don’t have any bullhorns either. You aren’t reading the real truth sites. You aren’t even reading me right now. You’re driving through Disneyland and Jack the Ripper is in the back seat.

There are no dials on my keyboard to turn up the volume. I’m driving alongside you and I see who’s in the back seat. I’m waving at you and pointing but you can’t hear me. It’s like that scene in The Hitcher.

No matter what anyone else does, you have to find your principles and identify your intentions. After that you have to find your place in the moments of your time and see if you can’t find some healing and harmony while evil destroys itself and everyone who believed in it. There is one thing that none of us can avoid... we all have to live with ourselves. Wherever you are, even if you can’t hear me, I hope you are encouraged to see a little clearer and try a little harder.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Hydra-Headed, Blood-Sucking, Bitch-Media Machine.

We read many an article on the world-wide web about mysterious cabals and individuals of prominence who are accused, singly and collectively of being the cause of the calamity, chaos and fear of these dark times. We hear about neo-cons and ZioNazis. We hear about Bilderberger and The Council on Foreign Relations. We hear about Bohemian Grove and ‘The City’ in London. We hear about bankers, bureaucrats and military industrial complexes. It is a sure thing that they all contribute to these conditions and that self-interest is the primary motive but... there is one thing that is most responsible for maintaining ‘the lie’ and for promoting the problems in this world than any single entity or collective. That thing is The Media.

The Media... there it is. Our perception of the appearance of events is controlled by those who control the flow of information. It is true that some portion of us do not rely on the media for our perspective on what happens ...and what these events and conditions may mean. It is true this number increases every day. However, it can be successfully argued that a definite percentage of the world’s citizens get their local and world picture from the mass media of network television, radio and newspapers. It might come as a surprise to you that the people who make up that portion of the world who get their information from mass media are also that portion of the world from which ballots and canon fodder are drawn to support the enterprise of the corporations that control the content and meaning of information.

Let’s take a breath and pause. Sometimes, stillness is a magnificent asset. It gives you time to clear the chatter in your head. Where is the chatter in your head coming from? Maybe it is coming from inside your head and maybe not. They don’t call it ‘the airwaves’ for nothing... even though ‘the ether’ might be more precise... as well as tending into the direction of actually seeing... or is that hearing? ...or would that be understanding? Well, the senses are the senses and they do sense. That’s their job. They report information to you. That’s the original deal. And then there is that which reports things to your senses that are different than what your senses tell you or... maybe you are dreaming?

Think about it.

Do you catch my drift?

People ‘know’ what they are ‘told’. People ‘think’ they know what they perceive and people perceive, often, according to what they are told. That’s all fine and dandy unless someone is lying to you. Think about it. Something happens. We can all agree that something happened. Kurosawa made a film about a rape. There was another film called “Memento”. There are films and books and many vehicles of information that go up and down the ladder of the senses; down to the most prurient and salacious, further toward disgust and depravity and the gates of Hell. Also they go upward toward higher ideals, philosophical constructs, the various arts and religions which are seeming companions on the road to realms where angels dwell and beyond.

Who interprets these messages? Who defines them? Who sets one against the other... who permits and controls the proliferation? for contrast and argument, sometimes for entertainment and sometimes for profit or whatever reason there may be? Who does these things?

Who tells you what to believe and what the information means? Who tells you what the truth is?

There is a new film out called 9/11 Chronicles, Part 1: Truth Rising. ...interesting stuff. There’s a portion in it where Geraldo Rivera has the bimbo with the short skirt from the Arizona airplane incident, fifteen minutes of fame, put-up job distraction game and Alex Jones and his people come in to chant that “9/11 was an Inside Job”. What Geraldo does says all any of us need to know about Bitch Media. What his show is about in the first place also speaks volumes. Geraldo is the fly, the Hollywood gossip writer that buzzes around the toilet in the movie “Meet the Feebles”. I suspect that Greta Sustern is buzzing along beside him in a companion dimension as another hydra head on the same body. I suspect they say to one another, “Let’s do lunch”. I suspect they feed on mysterious things. It’s a hydra of waving, snake-necked, talking heads playing with mirrors... smoking mirrors... mirrors reflecting smoke with Marfa Lights.

Sense and nonsense... The news and information of our time is not reported. It is manufactured and controlled. You say that you know this. Yes. But feel the pervasive sway. Observe the quality of the content and remember. It’s one body with many heads.

The most pervasive and insidious enemy of the people and the truth is Bitch Media. This is the control booth that forms mass opinion and precipitates the impetus that fires the engines of war. Money powers the smoke machine in pursuit of money and power and money is printed out of thin air to maintain the machine that pours out nothing but smoke.

It is an uncanny thing. We see important people with expensive educations who work in tall buildings, filled with expensive technologies, whose sole purpose is to negotiate your mind into a position to labor and to die for money made up out of smoke for the promise of a life you are not allowed to live, all while they laugh at you and give you the finger... all while they humiliate you by proxy as they example the dumbest and most willing of our kind. It cannot be that they actually need more money because they can print all of the money they need. It must be that they actually enjoy the spectacle. They enjoy it most because it is at your expense. Apparently there are people who like to see you dance like a chicken on a griddle. It amuses them.

They know what they are doing and they think it is funny. What do you think? This is why I want to encourage everyone to see this Truth Rising video and then think about what you might do in a similar fashion. I don’t know Alex Jones or much about him. It’s just an example like the film “V for Vendetta”. There are so many of us that we could stop this thing in its tracks. We need to be inventive.

You know that Iraq was no threat to America. You know that Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. Does this logically imply that Iran and Pakistan are exceptions? You are Charlie Brown. Lucy is Bitch Media and the truth is the football.

Why did the blackmailed, controlled asset Christopher Hitchens do that waterboarding stunt for Vanity Fair? Given how incredibly out of shape he is, I have to wonder how badly they have him compromised that he would endure that kind of embarrassment. Nearly every senator and congressman in the formerly United States is in the same position... and shape.

Given that Bitch Media is the most powerful weapon in the hands of those determined to destroy and/or enslave us, does it not make sense that this is the very mechanism we must make use of for the revolution? Ergo; the internet... Ergo; the street where you live... Ergo; wherever you go... You know that 9/11 was an inside job and you know that the job of Bitch Media is to distract away from this in order to maintain control over that percentage of the people who are not capable of thinking for themselves so that they may isolate the ones who do see. When we can wake these people up the game is over.

Every one of you is a warrior for truth... or should be. If you haven’t been, make today the day that you decide you are. Do you really have a choice? Do you call that a choice?

Let us leave The Island of Dr. Moreau. “Not to go on all fours; that is the law. Are we not men?” I am not a beast. I am a man. You will not treat me like a beast. Say this to yourself. “You will not treat me like a beast.”

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Fifth of Beethoven Black Label on the Fourth of July.

There’s a lull in the air... some driftwood hiatus in the long decline of principles and manners. I don’t know which one went through the door first. They tend to hang out with each other so... Yeah, they’re part of a crowd that used to come around but we don’t see them that often in recent times. I’m thinking they felt out of place at the usual affairs. It isn’t like the old days; former times. It’s almost like they never existed at all.

It’s a new scene these days. Sure, there was always a certain amount of shuck and jive. There was always the marauding instinct and the guys and girls who wanted to hump your wife or take off with your boy friend. Sometimes people got a little too drunk and they said the wrong things or got into a fight but... there was always a prevailing sense of what was right, or at least I thought there was.

I haven’t been in America in about five years now. Last time I was there they nearly wouldn’t let me leave; didn’t want to issue me a new passport. I’d gone to Maui for the winter as I had the year before. Things were different the first time. They were much different the following year. It was a tense progression. Finally, on the day before my companions and I were due to head back to Europe, it arrived.

I had left four years previous when I saw Bush coming. Something told me there was going to be trouble and I know trouble. They tried to stick me with twenty years when Nixon was rampant on a field of blood and then they tried to give me life when Reagan McDonald was in the ascendant; astrologically speaking.

America was always a problematic situation for me... they don’t take kindly to that Jeremiah thing. They don’t care for Cassandra. They prefer the Sisyphus, Step ‘n Fetchit, bend over and wait scenario. I always felt like I was tacking against the wind between Scylla and Charybdis, looking for mystical Ithaca only to find myself in Palm Springs by way of Cathedral City. No, they do not have a cathedral. Last time I was there Tom Wait’s had just finished painting a wide spot in the middle of the road.

I hitchhiked all over the place looking for something that just wasn’t there. It would show up a time or two but then it went away. There was no permanence. There was no candle in the window, no welcoming hearth. The love attracted me but it was very hard to find and it had an enormous costume closet that it would frequently disappear into and then I would be forced to follow after... which led me to all those roles in movies that never got released on this planet. I suppose that they might well be watching them somewhere else; in another time, in another place. I only ever saw them inside my head when I was in the desert or the woods or beside the sea looking for the man on the beach.

I met The Man on the Beach but it didn’t have anything to do with America as far as I could tell. It felt much more Asian...Oriental. For a moment I had that Yin Yang thing...East... West... one turning into the other... One minute it was Samurais in Kyoto and then it was knighthood in Camelot. It started to feel like everything was the same except for the outfits that kept coming out of that costume closet where love disappeared.

When I think about America, I think about an experiment. It’s not a country really. It’s an experiment. It was a canvas but the canvas wasn’t blank. There were rivers and trees, animals and people... some kind of landscape portrait which they gessoed white, so they could try some kind of modern art over the top and over the top it went. White can’t say much without black so they brought in a lot of different kinds of blacks for that chiaroscuro shades of gray thing and they brought in all the other colors they could find and they cooked it and stroked it and pushed it and pounded and formed it. They three dimensionalized it into the hollow of endless hands that ran it through every ritual and routine they could think of. They brought in lights and mirrors and music. They brought in ball room dancers. They wined it and dined it and then they took it home and they screwed it. They screwed it in every position and they photographed that ...and then decoupaged it on to an old dining room table and then they put it in a history book with footnotes and fables for the benefit of the need to believe.

Then they put it out on the street and they sold it for whatever they could get and every time somebody porked it, it got a little less attractive until they just spit on it and punched out its lights and then threw it away in an empty, weeded lot and used it for target practice. Every bullet was a sperm engine that made it pregnant with pigs. Now we find ourselves in the final chapters of The Last Exit to Brooklyn.

I am sure that some few tried to make love to it but the nature of the experiment made that an impossible thing. You wind up In Human Bondage. From The Great White Way to Las Vegas in the sand, it’s the thing that isn’t the thing, being sold as The Thing; the thing that doesn’t exist.

Out of control now... no compass, no rudder, no sails... Harbor Lights might be playing in the background but I can’t hear it.

We’re in unknown country now. Anything could happen. Anything does happen.

Only Love is strong enough to power and direct the changes needed. We seem to be increasingly insulated against that. We’ve locked our doors. We’re pretty sure that it won’t be love that comes knocking. If the van is rocking it is probably because Lawrence Bittaker is inside. People are saying Will Smith’s latest movie isn’t as good as the last one. The last one was one of the worst pieces of shit I ever saw (almost as bad as Independence Day with the Judd Hirsh scene at the end). Now I’m hearing it was a pretty good movie. I guess that’s how history got to be the way it is. You could be right there looking at it happen and it turns out that nothing you saw was real.

In my mind there is an hour glass with the sand slowly falling. Grain by grain it falls until the sand has passed and then it turns itself over again. I tap my fingertips on the table. I stare into space filled with images by Bosch. I guess it’s no surprise that he painted the New York City skyline in the fifteenth century.

I’m no saint. I’ve tried to do good... but I’ve made my share of mistakes. It took me some time to understand what good was. It took me some time to understand the motive had to be love. As much as love can be seen as unbridled, Love is also restrained. It took me some time to learn restraint. I have been reckless, impetuous and a fool but... I have learned. Pain is a marvelous educator and loss is a fine reminder. Five of Cups, Eight of Cups.... Mad Hatters with counterfeiting machines, counterfeiting love and money; where does it end except in sorrow and regret?

I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know how you get up every day and expect it to get better while it only gets worse. I don’t know how you can stand it. I would be dead or in prison if I had not left because I could not stand it. I never could. Shit with Hollandaise Sauce is still shit. Hypocrisy is not beautiful. Lies are not necessary to protect the truth. Flags are not fashion accessories. Fish don’t ride bicycles. Pig don’t fly, though sometimes it seems that they do with all the shit raining down upon us.

I wonder if the reason people can stand the smell is because their own smell is that much more intense. Real people die and become Tom and Jerry cartoons. It’s not just costumes and drama. It’s real people in movies that should never have been made. It’s an absence of love. We have to love something, we must love something but we’re not sure what that is any more.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How Deep does the Darkness Run before The Light Appears?

If you have read here for any length of time then you know about The Truthseeker ...I am extremely grateful that I found this site. Rixon Stewart who operates it is one of my heroes; along with Michael Rivero at What Really Happened ... I’ll have more to say about Michael some time in the following weeks. For the moment I want to bring some information to your attention. This piece is written by Rixon and this piece fleshes out the same information. You can find these and a great deal more in this list of articles for the new and inquiring seeker after truth. Once you’ve read even a portion of these articles you will never look at the world in the same way again.

What makes these men remarkable as well as others, like Ragnar Johannessen at The People's Voice is their grasp of the information and their ability to separate the truth from the lies in the same way that mythical swan could separate only the milk from a mixture of water and milk. In these dark times, stranded in the Kali Yuga, millions of light years and kalpas and moments from the greater, pervasive light; figuratively speaking, we tend to celebrate hacks and whores like Tim Russert, instead of the real heroes among us. It’s my intention to counteract that in my small way by giving kudos where kudos are due. In the coming times, I will take a moment here and there to celebrate the real heroes among us, one of whom is Rixon Stewart. When you’ve got the time, read his list of articles hot-linked above.

I do not want to forget the call to arms in the last article which concerned using stickers as a revolutionary tool. We live in a time where visuals tear at our attention at every turn. It’s not a coincidence that The Devil card in the Tarot has the letter Ayin associated with the card’s meaning. Tony B., a long time reader of this blog is assisting in a redesign of my website and on that website will be a page where all of the stickers and banners, posters and bumper stickers can be downloaded and put to use. I want to do my part too. These images are sure to gain a lot of attention when the warriors among us begin to do their part in fighting back against the tidal wave of lies that threatens to engulf us on every side.

When you go to Google with the right keywords you get page after page of U.S. corporations closing their stores. This winter, millions will be unable to properly heat their homes, if at all. Food prices are climbing ever upwards. The price of gas affects every commodity across the board. The Zionist Israeli controlled American government is screeching like a cat with its nuts in a vise for war against Iran, while incapable of managing the conflicts in which they are already engaged. Crime is soaring as those on the bottom of the pyramid are unable to feed, clothe and house themselves. People are being thrown out of their homes. People are selling off their possessions; people are living in cars, under bridges, in parks and abandoned lots... and... it hasn’t even approached where it is headed yet.

The media has nothing to say. It’s all treacle and celebrity droppings. You would think there wasn’t a care in the world. It’s no surprise that the news is brought to you by the very people causing the problems. On a positive note, the Federal Reserve is in big trouble. It may well be that comeuppance is on the horizon and that is “a consummation devoutly to be wished.”

What all of this means can best be expressed in the old phrase, “caught between a rock and a hard place.” Or perhaps, “something’s got to give”, will serve just as well. Some would say that this condition is being engineered by those who engineered the circumstances which are bringing it about. That may well be. We shall see.

You have to be a fool or one immobilized by fear not to see what is taking place. It is in the cities, where the highest concentration of people in the greatest collective need; once the flow is interrupted, that we will see the conflagration manifest like California wildfires. Nature is a component I haven’t mentioned yet. How can anyone not see the patterns? How can anyone not see the direction? How can anyone imagine that this is just a momentary discomfort? It is increasing by the day and the downward curve is becoming more extreme ...and Nature is our mirror.

Of all the enemies of humanity, of which ignorance and materialism are chief, Zionist Israel stands at the front of the line as the single main cause of social and political unrest. Zionist Israel controls the American war machine, making it a hundred times more pernicious than it would be on its own. It also exercises vast influence in the European Union with its accommodating tools. Nowhere else, anywhere in the world, is there any force more responsible for present conflicts or engaged in drumming up new ones. All other efforts of evil intention pale by comparison. Zionist Israel today is the single greatest enemy to harmony among nations. When you add in the financial manipulations, the false flag terror attacks and media control it becomes patently clear that Zionist Israel is the Sauron of our times.

As the year winds up and winds down you are going to see, more than you ever wanted to, how very true this is. On a positive note, though it is hard to see, it is only the appearance of power which they possess. They do not possess the real power. That is in the hands of the people, though they cannot see it because of their obsession with and fear of appearances and that leads us back to Ayin. We are controlled by the way things look, not by the way they are. Once our minds are seduced by appearances, the whip hand of the heart’s primal fears becomes the slave master of our lives. All the shortages are manufactured, just like the lies that support them.

Just as the Great Depression was manufactured to increase the holdings of the few, so is the present turmoil being manufactured to the same end. Just as the previous wars were created by the same group of conspirators for gain, from both sides of the conflict, so are the present wars an example of the same. As long as there is willing canon fodder to engage in these events, so long will they prevail. Until we as a people step away from the process, the process will go on.

Do not lay all of the blame upon the world and the criminal psychopaths. Save a portion for yourself. It does not continue unless you help to turn the wheel. You turn the wheel in the effort for personal gain and power. You turn the wheel to avert confronting your fear. You turn the wheel from ignorance and desire. You help them turn the wheel. Your blood and the blood of your loved ones grease the turning wheel.

Stand down and step away. We must all find our inner Gandhi. Alas... too often, it takes calamity to open the mind and in dire extremity, force it to relinquish its illusions, false values and fear. When there is nothing left to lose. When the suffering has become so great that life has lost its meaning, then... then you find your way, if you remain at all.

People have commented upon the uselessness of this information. People have talked about the futility of preaching to the choir. People say these efforts are pointless. However, I and many another like myself would not know what we know or speak as we do had not others before us shown the way. I celebrate all of you who have made these things the purpose of your life. I encourage the rest of you to do the same. Preaching to the choir is not futile when the mass of the choir increases. Every single effort helps the greater efforts of the collectively awakened to awaken the rest. Until I can find something more useful to do, I must continue with the little I can do as should we all.

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