Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Brave and the Beautiful Lives of Our Times.

We’ve been talking about the lying media and those who purport to be apart from the lying media as well as those who are actually presenting the truth; the voices in the wilderness, those that collect and present them, the urbane, the mundane, the articulate, the less intricate and the Jeremiahs on the mountaintop.

I’ve mentioned Rixon Stewart and Ragnar Johannessen. I’d like to add Mike James, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Paola Pisi, Len Hart, Joe Quinn, Henry See, and I see where it could get complicated to read this. Although the numbers are small comparatively, they are large for the purposes of this brief tale. It further complicates when I consider the brilliant individuals that contribute to this site with their commentaries and which I cannot list because then it becomes a list and stops being what it is about.

Some of these people I have met in person and some I have not. I may be in or out of favor at a given time with any of them but that is what the truth is about. We do not always agree until we agree. For those who love the truth, agreement is eventually a fait accompli; sooner rather than later after a small musical number and an arrangement of seats.

If I didn’t mention someone then maybe I forgot. Maybe I have not encountered you and also, maybe you wouldn’t be on my list in any case; “Many are called but few are chosen.”

I have always been interested in spiritual things. I am far less interested in material things and the state of my life provides the evidence of that. I’m not a person who goes to war to stop a war. I prefer to wage peace. Unfortunately, since I am contained in this physical envelope in this world we share, I am among you and I see things. As a human being I feel compelled to say something about some of the things I see and therefore controversy will ensue. I would rather not have to engage. I would rather dance in the meadow and prepare food for my friends but... there are those who object to my given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They do not object only to my right but yours as well. This I cannot countenance and so it goes.

I can’t say when I knew something was wrong about the 9/11 fable. It was probably very soon thereafter. When something puzzles me, I inquire and I inquire. So it is that I discovered Michael Rivero and www.whatreallyhappened.com and it changed my life. It is because I found this site that whatever has followed, has followed. Yes, I’ve been on the road to truth for awhile and that powerful desire was the first thing that opened my eyes, however... I would have known so much less and would never have met the people I mentioned were it not for Michael Rivero. You can learn a little about Michael at this location and in the succeeding one.

I think I speak for a great many people when I say that What Really Happened is where I get my news. Michael has the gifted ability to separate the truth from the bullshit and make it available to you. He’s a little like Fred Astaire with that. Primarily what I like about Michael is that he cares. When people care, they get my attention. Caring always involves some sacrifice. If you aren’t capable of sacrifice for the greater good, I don’t want to know you anyway.

On occasion people have said bad things to me about Michael. It comes with the territory. I’d be a fool not to look at what they say. The truth is more important to me than Michael. The truth is more important to me than me. There is no me without it. Otherwise you are living a lie and a lie will always come up against the truth eventually. Only the truth endures and that defines truth in a certain way where religion; metaphysics, archetypes, ideals, sciences, arts and language all touch but do not define. Everything touches something but the truth, like the cheese, stands alone.

After the first couple of times I didn’t bother looking anymore. I’m sure Michael makes mistakes. I know that I do. That doesn’t concern me. Intention concerns me and his intention is good. Things come and go and I don’t miss them. I’m not in this world to be here. I’m just passing through but I know I would miss what Michael does. It is important to me. It affirms me. It informs me. It’s essential to the trip. Michael is part of my roadmap and yours too.

I don’t think Michael or any of the others I mentioned does this for praise or profit. I don’t. I think we do it because it is the right thing to do. People seem to have a problem with doing the right thing. Part of the problem is that there are psychopaths among us who despise the right thing and delight in the wrong thing and the herd emulates them; serves them, sleeps with them, obeys them and wants to have what they have and figure that’s how you go about it. That’s not how you go about it. You don’t get what is yours by taking it from someone else when there is plenty to go around.

It’s not the right thing to murder people so that you can supplant them. It’s not the right thing to traffic in them and use them for canon fodder and target practice. It’s not the right thing to imprison people who object to the way you mistreat them. It’s not the right thing to rape and pillage and laugh about it over martinis with your banker friends. It’s not the right thing. It’s not the right thing. It’s not the way to go but fools will follow when bad men lead the way.

Michael Rivero has done something exceptional with his life and included you in it. I have tea with Michael every day but I never see him. It’s funny because for years we lived only a few miles from each other and I never even knew that he was there.

I’ve said it before. You have to trust somebody, sometime... These days, I’m just glad that someone makes it possible for me to trust them... the usual days of a fair shake and an even break are long gone in the mainstream but not where these souls swim. It’s still possible to get the truth if you know where to look and gratefully I do. It was because of Michael that I found The Truthseeker and Signs of the Times. It’s because of Michael that I found Uruknet and The People’s Voice even if one led to the other it is still what really happened to me.

I know that I left out some great people and efforts but I’m not writing War and Peace here. There’s only so much space. I’m just pointing out how I was helped in my understanding and led to finer things by some guy called Michael Rivero. Don’t be offended if I left you out. Tomorrow is another day.

Michael’s site is changing and some of us are going to be talking to each other now. I’m hoping for deeper colors but I will settle for the same deep truths. As a great Yogi once said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Let’s all spread a greater light by letting go of our own darkness. Because all the light wants is to come through. We only have to get out of the way.

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Anonymous said...

A fire in your belly Les. You know that.
Not everyone has it.
You both do brilliant jobs.
Thank you both very much.

kikz said...

i'll second tony's sentiment :)

Anonymous said...

Another person fighting the good fight, and one of my favorite internet writers, is a guy named David McGowan. He just recently started posting a bit regularly again after a long hiatus, and his latest series about Laurel Canyon, and his series about 9/11, are really good reads. Check him out at www.davesweb.cnchost.com

Visible said...

I read the series at Signs of the Times... gripping and revealing as well as hard to get a handle on.

Ben There said...

Thanks for this Les. Especially the link to the interview with Rivero.

Anonymous said...

Michael Rivero is an American.
The character and search for truth is an American trait.
All these little men who use us, hurt us, spy on us, lie to us, steal from us, murder in our name, slaughter us, and torture us are not Americans.
Just look at the words that these little NeoCons use:
"Homeland Security" is not American. It is not even an American term. We don't use the word "Homeland". We are not German or Russian. We are Americans. We talk about Our Nation, Our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights, Our quest for Freedom, Our quest for Human Rights.
We don't speak the words "Homeland Security" in our discourse. That is a foreign idea, by foreign infultrators.

The words these little men use give them away:
"Urban Moving Systems". Moving systems that are Urban. The Towers were moved. They were Urban. Urban Moving Systems.

But, without the news, and aggregates like WhatReallyHappened.com, we can't see the obvious before our eyes.

Visible said...

Apollonian; I will go ahead and post your comment later on but I'm not going to put it up now because the timing isn't right for this sort of thing. Then the one you want to see it will see it but it wouldn't do for it to be here now.

Anonymous said...

Editor Injects Additional Drama To Dialectic
(Apollonian, 15 Jul 08)

Okay Les: u're our editor--but note it isn't only about comrade "nobody," u know--most about that largest of all metaphysical issues, obj. vs. subj., esp. as it concerns abstractions, and even includes a little note on comrade "Nina," briefly, too.

Where else on all internet do we get such dramatic (in its way) dialectic?--only on ur blog, just about, in which u're such exponent of abstractionism--but also committed to truth as u are. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

notamobster said...

{principium individuationis} ***********************************truth; consciousness; rational thought. Some seek this truth on a universal plane, while others are only now becoming self-conscious(and thus have not become aware of the universal mind which is truth). GOD, in all of his manifestations in the human mind is and always will be TRUTH. The tie that binds the few who seek truth is this "principium individuationis". The irony of individualization binding a group together is one of the characteristics which makes mankind unique. The planets, in all their wonder cannot deviate from universal law. Whether friend or foe of truth, all must yield to it's power...eventually. Man is no different. The balance of natural law has tilted and nature will always correct herself. We can only hope that the beacons of truth shine bright enough to illuminate the masses before we are destroyed upon the savage coast by the very truth we so desparately seek. After my suggestion of Voltaire, Jefferson, Bastiat yesterday, I would to recommend a book by Richard Maurice Bucke. It's called "Cosmic Consciousness" This is not some new age mind trip. The book is an attempt to explain that ineffible light which seems to burn in some men (von Goethe, Muhammed, Jesus, Krishna, Whitman, Dante Alighieri, et al) and the stages of human consciousness.

qui tacet consentit

Willow said...

Hi Les!

I'm a big fan of Michael, too. That's how I found you. I read his site every day and that's how I found the rest of the folks you talk about. Truth tends to create chaos in limited, calcified structures. The attractor aspect of chaos creates momentum and acceleration. Keep it up! That's our mission. You go, dude!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Visible, I really appreciate the link to the interview with M.R.. Man, just consider what our world might be like if people of his ilk were the ones heard loudest above the din rather than the liars and whores that give us our "information", and if passionate HUMAN BEINGS like him had positions of greater influence (I dare not say power, as I don't think they are inclined to seek that kind of power - the illusion of which will hopefully be the current psychopath's undoing) that would actually encourage the casually interested but timid to pursue paths of truth and justice and value these things above all else. To inspire rather than dictate, to lead by example rather than by decree backed with force.

It is vitally important, I think, that those coming to realize what is at work here and what is at stake, realize that there are people that not only hold these principles of truth and honesty in the highest regard, but are willing to DO something about it and risk everything that is supposed to be of value, but really isn't in the end. Anyone can lose a job, a home, even an entire family - it happens every day all over the world. It may be coming to a street near you someday if things are as bad as they appear to be, I don't know.

I just can't get on board with the notion that there is no good/evil paradigm, unless there is an external factor influencing human behavior. Too much straight-up horrific EVIL being done right before our eyes, and precious little concern about it. I feel there is something unseen at work here because I need to believe that we are not naturally inclined to such extremes of darkness, although a spin through history certainly would indicate otherwise.

Your work is important as another voice and I hear the chorus getting louder here in my neck of the woods (Midwest USA), I really do, I just don't know what it will take for the populace to finally decide to stick their necks out and say "enough", then take action to ensure that their wishes are fulfilled. Fear is a very powerful thing and distorts pretty heavily. I just watched "V for Vendetta" again last night and maybe we really need some time in that cell and a little taste of "nothing left to lose".

Thanks you for your work and for pointing out others who are on the same path. I read every essay here and many of the places mentioned. I read all the comments and seldom chime in as I feel intellectually challenged compared to some of the posters here, and reading back what I just wrote confirms that after all the words, I should have just said "thanks". Z

Alan the Red said...

You want some truth? The Truthseeker seems to lack the courage to post any; it seems hung up on Henry Makow. LMAO

Here you are:


Do enjoy. This is good too:


And my favourite of all:


Hey, have a nice day y'all!

Anonymous said...

I might be as fond of Michael as I am of you. I have thought about this, like a little girl counting positives with my fingers ... "I like him because"
I like you because no matter how dark the skies, how evil and wicked are the subjects, you have eternal joie de vivre. I like Mike because he is a great wise-cracker. The difference is evident in your voices. You have a sensuous baritone, Mike is a little nasal. When you guys are on the radio together it is Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis all over again, only better.
You can't see me swirling with glee, dancing all over the living room when you and Mike do net radio. What a high!
On the other hand, only five fingers each, I get human qualities from both of you, compassion, inspiration, strength and unwavering courage.

This is a fan letter to you both.

Love, Nina

Anonymous said...

If you don`t mind Les I would like to mention a website I discovered about a week ago.


Like Smoking Mirrors and some other sites very informative.

Anonymous said...

Besides being one of the most gifted and versatile writers I have ever seen you are shameless in your appreciation of others. These would be the darkest of days without the internet. Where would we go?

The song that comes with the post is off the charts too. It's some kind of Gil Scott Heron thing with Joseph Campbell on the keys. There has to be light up ahead. I think it's why we keep trying :)

I'll be seeing you beyond that mysterious island.

Anonymous said...

"I just can't get on board with the notion that there is no good/evil paradigm, unless there is an external factor influencing human behavior. Too much straight-up horrific EVIL being done right before our eyes, and precious little concern about it. I feel there is something unseen at work here because I need to believe that we are not naturally inclined to such extremes of darkness, although a spin through history certainly would indicate otherwise." -- Z
Z, one of the writers Les praises, Laura Knight-Jadczyk has a website entitled Quantum Future Group Sites Master Index which I recommend for study of "evil paradigms" and "external factors."

Visible said...

Here is something I just sent to Nobody in an email

"I apologize.

I didn't want to put that comment up but I hate to be a censor. I guess I knew it was over the line and i guess I know now that I had better take a stand here. I would appreciate it if you would give me a break as a fellow team-mate when the opposing pitcher slips a curve ball by him. I try to be fair and sometimes just wind up being stupid. I catch heat for different things because of what I say and because I'm not a Grand Master but I should at least have the ability to protect my friends from unprovoked and insidious attacks.

You are my friend, Nobody, and I will defend you. You are an excellent writer and thinker and I am guessing you are an excellent person too. So, if I can still make amends... let me say that this will not happen again.

Maybe I should just watch myself more, I'm entirely too friendly and trusting and that comes back at me in my life. I want to go on being friendly and trusting but maybe I should also bring back my abilities to be a bouncer and stop acting like a wimp bending over backwards for people who never really contribute anything.

I'm really sorry I let this one go by. You may not think so but you are a big part of this place in my mind and certainly worth it.

I'll put this up on the blog immediately.


I feel like I owe a public apology to the readers here as well. I'm not sane in the common vernacular, not by any stretch so, I don't operate like your well balanced personality.

I don't like censorship and I do go out of my way to permit most anything unless it's just ad hominem. In real life things are handled differently but on the internet I don't want to come off behaving like so many people do and I see now that 'my' results are not what they should be.

For some wonderful reason I don't get much flack or any of the rest of what I see flying around but if you are going to walk across certain meadows you will pick up hitchhikers on your pants legs along the way. I promise to try to brush them off before I come into the blog again.

If my casual editorial behavior or inconsistency as a writer has driven some of you good people off I hope you will give me another chance.

Anonymous said...

I believe that there are far more people out there who see the truth clearly than you might think. Don't be fooled by the MSM, their job is to ridicule those who dont parrot their BS. I travel extensively for work and I talk to many people around the planet. I haven't met many yet who think the 'official narration' is true. Quite the opposite actually. Keep up the good word.

Anonymous said...

Oh What A Tangled Web Weaved When We Work To Deceive OURSELVES
(Apollonian, 16 Jul 08)

Dear editor of SmokingMirrors: I noted ur comment at 5:09 pm, yest., 15 Jul, and now I see my original is not up--as u'd promised, so what happened? Does ur comment at 12:17 pm have anything to do with it? U said u "apologized," but it isn't really clear what for, exactly.

Needless to say, surely u understand we have quite a complicated dialectic going--which I never fail to find endlessly interesting.

U're like a chess-player who makes the game ever-more complicated--nothing wrong with that. And I must say (again) u're amazing artist of the abstract. As u surely know, my criticism is in keeping that abstraction minimally connected w. reality--but I along w. others have always admired and complimented u for ur consistent logic, given ur abstract weavings.

So don't think I'm trying to complain beyond what u'd ultimately admit was reasonable--and I'm certainly not demanding anything whatever as I understand I must be satisfied w. what I get.

I'm just doughtily pursuing the dialectic, good comrade editor, that's all. It really seems to me this dialectic could be kept more straight-forward and simple. And u'd be working a lot less hard (as u indicated u were in a previous blog entry, over at ChurchOfNobody.blogspot.com, if I remember correctly) if u only just simply carried on in that straight-forward manner--what's wrong w. that?

Finally, note the very best thing of all, never doubt for my own preferred appetite, is that informative dialectic. For I'm sure u try to do ur best--it's just, like Sherlock Holmes, I continue to search for that most telling info, and I see we've come to another twist in the winding course.

CONCLUSION: Why not just do the easy thing, publish my entry--and let "nobody" ignore it as usual?--I'm sure he's quite gratified to see u apologizing to him--it surely made his entire week. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Visible said...


here's the deal. You will see the 'post deleted' item; that is you. It was up for the better part of an entire day and it was a mistake for me to put it up. Without provocation you attacked a well-liked poster and then backhanded another. I let your latest comment in so that you could see this one. Unless you turn into somebody else or learn some manners you can't come around here.

Anonymous said...

I saw it. If this was some Libertarian forum I could sort of understand, but its not, is it. It is a socio-political blog. It is not the analyst's couch, not the rubber room, not someone's personal torture chamber and not someone else's twitters text messaging repository. These episodes are eerily reminiscent of the old Godsend days, this wholesale craving attention, using me as his little coal trolley to connect into an imaginary triad of nonsense dialectic, the end result of which is more and more and more spotlight. How much is enough? That's like asking when is a psychopath satiated. Psychopaths are like water, always seeking the easiest route through which to flow. And then, when they find it, they flood the joint and everybody has to evacuate to higher ground.
When we are "talking to each other" in the new WRH, you think Mike will let psychopaths shove him around? Run little coal trolleys back and forth between the hot glow of stagelights? I would think no because psycopaths, trolls and hackers are all born from the same bad seed. They lack human emotion, they are absent shame, embarassment and humiliation. All of it, every word, every action, is up-front, in your face distortion to make themselves the superstar.

Visible said...

Word up Nina

Well said!

I hope my apology and new diligence will serve

nobody said...

Hey Nina,

You're definitely cool. You nailed it in handful of words. I hope you pop in here often.

Otherwise I've already expressed my appreciation to Les elsewhere. Just so that no one thinks I'm an ingrate or anything...


Anonymous said...

What Comes First?--Truth Or "Moralism"?
(Apollonian, 17 Jul 08)

In interests of our dialectic, I have simple straight-forward question: Les Visible insists Apollonian must abide by "manners." But do these "manners" entail "good-evil" trumping or equating truth/honesty?--or do truth and honesty come FIRST, before any such "good-evil" or moralism? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I read all the same news as you do. Its so long ago I dont recall how I first happened upon WRH but Ive been back regularly ever since.
Apart from his heart being a bit too set on the idea of a jumbo hitting the pentagon its all good :)

the_last_name_left said...

Mike Rivero supports fascism.

Mike Rivero supports racism.

WRH is a propaganda mouthpiece for the far-right.

You're too frightened to publish the evidence. Sycophancy is all you can handle.

That's fair enough, I suppose. But at least you might drop your self-congratulaory claims about TRUTH, HONESTY, FREE-SPEECH etc?

And you should stop congratulating Rivero and WRH for it too.

Why not rise to the challenge instead of reducing yourself to censorship?

If you had the courage of your convictions, you would. But as you won't - the rest of us must conclude you're a charlatan and your words are hollow. Or worse.

kikz said...

to the 'last brain cell left'...

i don't care if you are JC incarnate..

no matter how polite, 28 postings is obsessive. get another hobby.

the_last_name_left said...

Ok - thank you for at least printing one comment.

Rivero and Maynard are pretty close. They promote each other. Specifically:

--Rivero has at least two Curt Maynard articles hosted at WRH.

--Rivero used to frequently link to Maynard's articles.

--Rivero had Maynard on his radio show, Feb 5th, 2008

These are some quotes from Curt Maynard:

Never trust niggers! Never speak to niggers, never give them anything, never do anything for them, and NEVER turn your back on them. Pretty soon our government is going to have to allow us to cull the nigger herd, because if they don't, nigger crime and its consequences might just blow up in their face.

Curt Maynard AKA PCAPostate


Just doing what blacks do best, rioting! For photos of these black females [all hideously ugly] see HERE

Curt Maynard AKA PCApostate


....any sane and honest white person should avoid blacks, they cannot behave in a civilized manner, they themselves prove everyday that they hate and resent whites and they cannot seem to stop raping our women and murdering us and our children. The PC Apostate says, "screw em," they need to apologize to whites!

Curt Maynard AKA PCApostate


If you have a rape problem it's easy to solve, get rid of the blacks, bingo - no more problem.

Curt Maynard AKA PCAPostate


If I were a Meskin I'd probably kill me a few niggers tonight in retaliation, but then again I'm not a Meskin so this is merely an observation and comment. Look at this insolent nigger female above - she needs to be lynched [In my Constitutionally protected opinion]

Curt Maynard AKA PCAPostate


Three Videos of Ernst Zundel Explaining the Reality [non-Kosher version] of National Socialism and what it Means today and what it Meant 75 Years Ago.

Curt Maynard AKA PCAPostate


Hey Whitey, look at her face carefully, because if you refuse to support measures to control niggers, this'll be your daughters face in a few years. Have no sympathy for the nigger, all they want in life is tight pussy, loose shoes and a warm place to shit, and they'll attack anyone that attempts to prevent them from having these things instantly.

Curt Maynard AKA PCAPostate


I'd like to see Whites gang up on niggers, like niggers have been ganging up on Whites, and see blood flowing in the streets.

Curt Maynard AKA PCAPostate


I'd like to see a nationwide campaign led by Whites targetting the black community and its inabilty to stop murdering Whites. No Justice, no peace niggers!

Curt Maynard AKA PCAPostate


Watch this video and tell me if blacks really should be included in the human race

Curt Maynard AKA PCAPostate


Here is an excellent example of why whites should not be forced to live around and/or work with blacks.

Read this story and watch the accompanying video - one can't help but notice that this woman isn't fully civilized, her uncouth primitive nature and lack of intellect reveal beyond any doubt that she should not be allowed to live among civilized white people.

Curt Maynard AKA PCAPostate


So, Les Visible, what do you think of Rivero and WRH giving a lot of support for Curt Maynard?

What do you think of Rivero having Curt Maynard on his radio show?

Why would Rivero have Maynard on his radio show?

What do you think of WRH hosting at least two articles by Curt Maynard?

What do you think of Rivero being so close to a promoter of nationalSocialism (*NAZISM*) ?????????

the_last_name_left said...

no surprise to read kikz05 responding to my post - he features on Maynard's blog.........



Seems Maynard is familiar enough with Les Visible and SmokingMirrors too, huh?

Small world? sure......

the_last_name_left said...

thank you - and respect to you for publishing my post.
In your article you write:

Michael has the gifted ability to separate the truth from the bullshit and make it available to you.
Intention concerns me and his intention is good.

Ok, allow me to present another example of how Rivero clearly does not live up to the attributes you credit him with?

Take the "No More Wars for Israel Conference"

Rivero heavily promoted this conference, as did a lot of far-right, fascist, and neo-nazi groups. The fascists clearly knew what the conference was really about - a means to use Mordechai Vannunu and Palestine as a way to attack Israel/zionism/jews, and to promote holocaust denial. The list of speakers made this clear - the involvement of Maynard, Joe Fields (Nordwave), Willis Carto, John DeNugent etc.....

When the conference was "stopped" by the hotal hosting the gig, Rivero made a big song-and-dance about "censorship" - claiming it was "the forces of zion" - etc etc.......

He never mentioned that the most likely reason the hotel balked at hosting the gig was holocaust denial and the presence of fascists, neo-nazis etc......

Rivero broadcast from the conference on his radio show, as the attendees protested against the conference being stopped. He interviewed John DeNugent about it. See here:

Listen to it - see if Rivero EVER MENTIONS the presence of white nationalists, fascists, neo-nazis, holocaust deniers......

Not to do so was misleading his audience. It purposefully distorted the reality. How can it be "well-intentioned" to hide and protect fascism etc?

One of the speakers at the conference was Eileen Fleming - she was invited as she is associated with Mordechai Vannunu, whom the conference was dedicated to.

Eileen Fleming later wrote about the conference:

"I certainly feel used....."


Why did she feel used?

She said:

.....[I] repent that I did NOT investigate the histories of those involved.

Many friends warned me there would be White Supremacists/WS there-I thought they would be in the audience; NOT speaking!

I would never have been a part of the event if I had known that!



The conference continued on Sunday, but I had already split and found out on Monday that some of the speakers, who spoke on Sunday, were white supremacists. I thank god I was not in attendance, for I abhor and detest any ideology which presupposes any person is superior to any other.


Eileen Fleming can maybe claim she wasn't aware white supremacists were part of the conference - she can maybe claim she didn't know the backgrounds of the people involved - but Rivero cannot make that claim! Those people are the same ones Rivero links to week in, week out.

So whilst Eileen Fleming was "appalled" to find such people involved wit the conference - Rivero never once mentioned it/.

That is deceptive. That does not show "good intentions". It's protection and promotion of white nationalism, fascism, neo-nazism.

How come what appals Eileen Fleming Rivero sees fit to ignore? What sort of "good intentions" is that? What sort of "honesty" is that?

After the conference, Rivero even carried the organisers LIES about claiming the conference was only two days, and the white nationalist speakers etc were not part of the conference. Except Rivero never even mantioned who the people supposedly "not involved" were.........

This is completely deceitful. It betrays the worst of intentions.

More here:

And here:


Anonymous said...

The negative comments about WRH are the same ones I heard the same people say about the newspaper "Spotlight".
Take heart, with the internet it's far easier to get the truth than it was 20 years ago. Turning on the internet device is far easier than driving 100 miles round trip to purchase a copy of Spotlight. The truth hasn't changed but it's easier to
get and more of us see it. Thank you for your work!!!

Robert said...

A new article on how many Jews died at the WTC on 911.



Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

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