Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Fifth of Beethoven Black Label on the Fourth of July.

There’s a lull in the air... some driftwood hiatus in the long decline of principles and manners. I don’t know which one went through the door first. They tend to hang out with each other so... Yeah, they’re part of a crowd that used to come around but we don’t see them that often in recent times. I’m thinking they felt out of place at the usual affairs. It isn’t like the old days; former times. It’s almost like they never existed at all.

It’s a new scene these days. Sure, there was always a certain amount of shuck and jive. There was always the marauding instinct and the guys and girls who wanted to hump your wife or take off with your boy friend. Sometimes people got a little too drunk and they said the wrong things or got into a fight but... there was always a prevailing sense of what was right, or at least I thought there was.

I haven’t been in America in about five years now. Last time I was there they nearly wouldn’t let me leave; didn’t want to issue me a new passport. I’d gone to Maui for the winter as I had the year before. Things were different the first time. They were much different the following year. It was a tense progression. Finally, on the day before my companions and I were due to head back to Europe, it arrived.

I had left four years previous when I saw Bush coming. Something told me there was going to be trouble and I know trouble. They tried to stick me with twenty years when Nixon was rampant on a field of blood and then they tried to give me life when Reagan McDonald was in the ascendant; astrologically speaking.

America was always a problematic situation for me... they don’t take kindly to that Jeremiah thing. They don’t care for Cassandra. They prefer the Sisyphus, Step ‘n Fetchit, bend over and wait scenario. I always felt like I was tacking against the wind between Scylla and Charybdis, looking for mystical Ithaca only to find myself in Palm Springs by way of Cathedral City. No, they do not have a cathedral. Last time I was there Tom Wait’s had just finished painting a wide spot in the middle of the road.

I hitchhiked all over the place looking for something that just wasn’t there. It would show up a time or two but then it went away. There was no permanence. There was no candle in the window, no welcoming hearth. The love attracted me but it was very hard to find and it had an enormous costume closet that it would frequently disappear into and then I would be forced to follow after... which led me to all those roles in movies that never got released on this planet. I suppose that they might well be watching them somewhere else; in another time, in another place. I only ever saw them inside my head when I was in the desert or the woods or beside the sea looking for the man on the beach.

I met The Man on the Beach but it didn’t have anything to do with America as far as I could tell. It felt much more Asian...Oriental. For a moment I had that Yin Yang thing...East... West... one turning into the other... One minute it was Samurais in Kyoto and then it was knighthood in Camelot. It started to feel like everything was the same except for the outfits that kept coming out of that costume closet where love disappeared.

When I think about America, I think about an experiment. It’s not a country really. It’s an experiment. It was a canvas but the canvas wasn’t blank. There were rivers and trees, animals and people... some kind of landscape portrait which they gessoed white, so they could try some kind of modern art over the top and over the top it went. White can’t say much without black so they brought in a lot of different kinds of blacks for that chiaroscuro shades of gray thing and they brought in all the other colors they could find and they cooked it and stroked it and pushed it and pounded and formed it. They three dimensionalized it into the hollow of endless hands that ran it through every ritual and routine they could think of. They brought in lights and mirrors and music. They brought in ball room dancers. They wined it and dined it and then they took it home and they screwed it. They screwed it in every position and they photographed that ...and then decoupaged it on to an old dining room table and then they put it in a history book with footnotes and fables for the benefit of the need to believe.

Then they put it out on the street and they sold it for whatever they could get and every time somebody porked it, it got a little less attractive until they just spit on it and punched out its lights and then threw it away in an empty, weeded lot and used it for target practice. Every bullet was a sperm engine that made it pregnant with pigs. Now we find ourselves in the final chapters of The Last Exit to Brooklyn.

I am sure that some few tried to make love to it but the nature of the experiment made that an impossible thing. You wind up In Human Bondage. From The Great White Way to Las Vegas in the sand, it’s the thing that isn’t the thing, being sold as The Thing; the thing that doesn’t exist.

Out of control now... no compass, no rudder, no sails... Harbor Lights might be playing in the background but I can’t hear it.

We’re in unknown country now. Anything could happen. Anything does happen.

Only Love is strong enough to power and direct the changes needed. We seem to be increasingly insulated against that. We’ve locked our doors. We’re pretty sure that it won’t be love that comes knocking. If the van is rocking it is probably because Lawrence Bittaker is inside. People are saying Will Smith’s latest movie isn’t as good as the last one. The last one was one of the worst pieces of shit I ever saw (almost as bad as Independence Day with the Judd Hirsh scene at the end). Now I’m hearing it was a pretty good movie. I guess that’s how history got to be the way it is. You could be right there looking at it happen and it turns out that nothing you saw was real.

In my mind there is an hour glass with the sand slowly falling. Grain by grain it falls until the sand has passed and then it turns itself over again. I tap my fingertips on the table. I stare into space filled with images by Bosch. I guess it’s no surprise that he painted the New York City skyline in the fifteenth century.

I’m no saint. I’ve tried to do good... but I’ve made my share of mistakes. It took me some time to understand what good was. It took me some time to understand the motive had to be love. As much as love can be seen as unbridled, Love is also restrained. It took me some time to learn restraint. I have been reckless, impetuous and a fool but... I have learned. Pain is a marvelous educator and loss is a fine reminder. Five of Cups, Eight of Cups.... Mad Hatters with counterfeiting machines, counterfeiting love and money; where does it end except in sorrow and regret?

I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know how you get up every day and expect it to get better while it only gets worse. I don’t know how you can stand it. I would be dead or in prison if I had not left because I could not stand it. I never could. Shit with Hollandaise Sauce is still shit. Hypocrisy is not beautiful. Lies are not necessary to protect the truth. Flags are not fashion accessories. Fish don’t ride bicycles. Pig don’t fly, though sometimes it seems that they do with all the shit raining down upon us.

I wonder if the reason people can stand the smell is because their own smell is that much more intense. Real people die and become Tom and Jerry cartoons. It’s not just costumes and drama. It’s real people in movies that should never have been made. It’s an absence of love. We have to love something, we must love something but we’re not sure what that is any more.

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Anonymous said...

Somehow, this story about an animated robot movie for kids seemed appropriate.

While the real-life grown-ups on TV were again rebooting Vietnam, the kids at “Wall-E” were in deep contemplation of a world in peril — and of the future that is theirs to make what they will of it. Compare any 10 minutes of the movie with 10 minutes of any cable-news channel, and you’ll soon be asking: Exactly who are the adults in our country and who are the cartoon characters?

Humanity is not dead in “Wall-E,” but it is in peril. The world’s population cruises the heavens ceaselessly on a mammoth luxury spaceship that it boarded in the early 22nd century after the planet became uninhabitable. For government, there is a global corporation called Buy N Large, which keeps the public wired to umpteenth-generation iPods and addicted to a diet of supersized liquefied fast food and instantly obsolete products. The people are too bloated to walk — they float around on motorized Barcaloungers — but they are happy shoppers. A billboard on the moon heralds a Buy N Large outlet mall “coming soon,” not far from that spot where back in the day of “Hello, Dolly!” idealistic Americans once placed a flag.

Wall-E for President By FRANK RICH

Published: July 6, 2008

SO much for a July Fourth week spent in idyllic celebration of our country’s birthday. This year’s festivities were marked instead by a debate — childish, not constitutional — over who is and isn’t patriotic. The fireworks were sparked by a verbally maladroit retired general, fueled by two increasingly fatuous presidential campaigns, and heated to a boil by a 24/7 news culture that inflates any passing tit for tat into a war of the worlds.

Let oil soar above $140 a barrel. Let layoffs and foreclosures proliferate like California’s fires. Let someone else worry about the stock market’s steepest June drop since the Great Depression. In our political culture, only one question mattered: What was Wesley Clark saying about John McCain and how loudly would every politician and bloviator in the land react?

Unable to take another minute of this din, I did what any sensible person might do and fled to the movies. More specifically, to an animated movie in the middle of a weekday afternoon. What escape could be more complete?

Among its other attributes, this particular G-rated film, “Wall-E,” is a rare economic bright spot. Its enormous box-office gross last weekend swelled a total Hollywood take that was up 20 percent from a year ago. (You know America’s economy is cooked when everyone flocks to the movies.) The “Wall-E” crowds were primed by the track record of its creator, Pixar Animation Studios, and the ecstatic reviews. But if anything, this movie may exceed its audience’s expectations. It did mine.

As it happened, “Wall-E” opened the same summer weekend as the hot-button movie of the 2004 campaign year, Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11.” Ah, the good old days. Oil was $38 a barrel, our fatalities in Iraq had not hit 900, and only 57 percent of Americans thought their country was on the wrong track. (Now more than 80 percent do.) “Wall-E,” a fictional film playing to a far larger audience, may touch a more universal chord in this far gloomier time.

Indeed, sitting among rapt children mostly under 12, I felt as if I’d stepped through a looking glass. This movie seemed more realistically in touch with what troubles America this year than either the substance or the players of the political food fight beyond the multiplex’s walls.

While the real-life grown-ups on TV were again rebooting Vietnam, the kids at “Wall-E” were in deep contemplation of a world in peril — and of the future that is theirs to make what they will of it. Compare any 10 minutes of the movie with 10 minutes of any cable-news channel, and you’ll soon be asking: Exactly who are the adults in our country and who are the cartoon characters?

The rest of this article is online at the NYT here

Anonymous said...

Not even Bob Dylan in his prime could have done this. You are pure magic.

Alan the Red said...

Don't tell me that you ran away, Les? Ain't that what Americans always did in times of trouble, otherwise how did they come to be in America in the first place? Home of the Brave and Land of the Free my arse; Land of the gutless wonders who always fled from oppression in every country in the world is more like it, plus their slaves, of course.

All those years of listening to all that shit from Yanks about "I've got my big gun and they can't take away my rights." has turned out to be just one big joke, hasn't it?

Hey, wanna buy a worn out "Don't tread on me" flag? LMAO

Visible said...

If running away was my style I wouldn't have gotten locked up so many times. One can't consider all the things that I am presently and relentlessly up to being the same as running away... your worship.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, where is the Love! It is behind the mask of hate. Strip away the hate and presto you find love "it never fails!" Love resides in dangerous territories and is the oxymoron 'deceiver' of us all, secondary to where it is 'seek and you will find...'

Love exists everywhere and is greatest of all!

There are masks of hatred over America but America is as beautiful as any other named place in the infinate...I wish her a Happy Birthday "all the barbeque and fixins to go with it" and hope and pray she will shine bright the love of all to all as we strip the hate mask away "my dream"...

Let not the deception of hate rule and release what is know as the creme de la creme of all that exists "love"

Happy Birthday America, share your goodness in our world and beat down the evil that dwells amongst us. In all purity let our light shine in the world;, lend a helping hand and fear not; for the light of the world is a token to ALL mankind no matter what mask of hate refuses to strip down to the truth!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain Bro.Havent been back in 8 months now and not sure i ever will.I hope there are no family tragedies that force me back there any time soon.Luv your stuff,been lurking around s&m since 05.

Anonymous said...

Your Lordship,
Where is the love? We haven't had cause quite yet to pull out the guns. They haven't come to take them, they haven't declared martial law yet, and they aren't throwing old ladies in FEMA camps. Unfortunately, at first I suspect the guns will come out to kill eachother over food and other necessities. Perhaps later, after some carnage the guns will get pointed at the right people. I dunno.
In the mean time, they just take our rights inch by inch.
Les has it right, we here in the U.S. are a big experiment, but we still hail to the Queen and all the European royalty.
I'd like to suggest a movie on Google, "Esoteric Agenda" watch the full movie version.
Lord, I'm no fan of what we've become, but I am here, my family is here - we have to be somewhere.
In the end, I think things are going to work out much better than most folks realize but we have a few years of pain ahead.

Anonymous said...

USA Far From Dead: Christian Patriots Have Only Begun To Fight
(Apollonian, 6 Jul 08)

I like Les Visible esp. when he gives us good beginning theses to most excellent dialectic wherein I, for one example, can find a place for my own info. Mighty Internet was such great thing as it gave us blogging art, which then gave us revolution in DIALECTIC, info, journalism, etc.

Jacque Fresco didn't do it for me at all, but still it was good opportunity to send my honest reaction/response and see what I'd get. Hey, whatever else might be said, I learn: we want most constructive dialectic, and I'm glad to know I produce for lots of different types of editors.

Hence then question for this dialectic essay ("A Fifth of Beethoven...") is how and where USA fits into history and thus "Decline of the West" by Oswald Spengler? Les Visible gives good prologue/intro, and indeed good comrade Les, life certainly sucks, doesn't it, within Greek Tragedy?

So my counter-thesis (which is not against Les Visible himself, never forget--for we must appeciate honest theses-givers who begin these mighty and most informative dialectics) is USA was and still is great both in actuality and potential--WE JUST NEED TO GRASP FULL CONTEXT.

Thus Les Visible has to move around a bit for purpose of his own best comfort--whatever works to get the best dialectic, I say. And Mike Rivero ( also feels the pressure fm conspirators (ck for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy), as we see, and that's why he then features Curt Maynard (see keeps infernal conspirators off balance very well, the scum.

Note then fundamental reality for humanity has always been that lonely battle of TRUTH versus lies--thus organized lies and conspiracy. And for practical purposes then, that conspiracy always ultimately develops and depends on great COUNTERFEITING scam (see for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)).

And again, it's cyclic (according to Spengler) and socio-biologic (see lies and conspiracy are going to win their battles and dominate for their fair share of time--life sucks.

But note then, in great cyclic progress of things, PARASITES inevitably become over-populated and begin to fall-out with one another--AND THAT'S OUR CHANCE, our only chance, and we then simply try to make most of it. US Constitution was magnificent monument, but lies got to it, and here we are.

And the greatest hero of TRUTH inspired St. Constantine the Great (Roman Emp., 4th and 5th cents.) for world's definitive Jew expulsion and crushing of lies, conspiracy, and COUNTERFEITING, but hey, like everything else, lies got to that too, and now present-day counterfeit conspirators fund professional liars and false prophets invoking Christ to supporting Israel in this very day(!)--life sucks, indubitably.

Thus by keeping our eyes peeled we spot out topmost conspirators, and duly PLOT STRATEGY.

Thus my advice remains same as it ever was, is, and must be for all patriots everywhere--as for Les Visible and Mike Rivero: it's still TRUTH versus lies, lies then organized and elaborated most sublimely--AND IT'S ALWAYS A CYCLIC PROCESS, historically and socio-biologically.

Thus Truth requires objectivity, and lies are always founded in SUBJECTIVITY. For what is a liar, but a subjectivist?--a subjectivist who is so insistent (also addicted and obsessed) to denying objectivity. Lying is just insistent, over-zealous subjectivity gone wild, gone insane.

Thus we patriots must go to the "grass-roots"--as demonstrated by our greatest hero of the most profound literature, Christian New Testament (NT). And we must rally the people--of any race, etc.--on basis of TRUTH which then REQUIRES objectivity. Subjectivity exists, of course, and has its place, but it must make way for objectivity, thus truth, as appropriate.

Hence then Christian soldiers are most virtuously patient and never doubt it's "darkest just before dawn" in great cycle of things historic. Biggest mistake (which was inevitable) Judeo-conspirators made was allowing MIGHTY INTERNET, gift of the Holy Spirit--because proverbial anti-semitic "cat" is out of the "bag" now, and it's only matter of how topmost masterminds will attempt to "spin" things.

CONCLUSION: Perhaps conspiratorial masterminds have dug holes in mountains of Antarctica where they hope to retreat. Keep up ur good work, Les Visible, as it generates most useful dialectic and info. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

As John Lennon said "love is all you need". Unfortunately Americans (controlled by jew reptiles-go figure) apparently don`t know any more about "love" than they do about critical thinking or morals or ethics or so many other things human. But what would you expect from arguably the biggest worldwide terrorist in history. I know not all Americans are hopeless robots and people in other countries exhibit the same lack of human characteristics, but Americans are, well, Americans.

On the 4th I did nothing. I went for a walk and got some exercise. And I enjoyed my day.

Be glad that you live abroad, Les. If I could get the hell out of here I`m sure I would first chance I got. But who knows what the future holds?

America is an experiment in its final throes. But what comes next? There are scary times up ahead.

Anonymous said...

Reading most of the comments in here, what comes to mind is the phrase "Hey, what happened to the tunes, man?"

This was said in a South Park episode, where the hippi's basically do nothing but get togther , stand around and hope for the best.

-Involute Mirage

Anonymous said...

If its any solace, there are people who love themselves and love what they do. You know this, you've made it clear. We don't have to be a hero to feel this way. Hero is relative. It reads of worshipful throngs.
About your site problems, after all you've said, it points to a password hacking by a/or a few trolls. What these strange colors and fonts are doing is making the sites look foolish, I mean c'mon, bright peach?
You could put a redirect on each of your pages and start over again where you are. It takes a lot of time to feel at ease with a host's system somewhere else when you could save training time by doing what you already know, but doing it on a clean slate. Before you do anything else, try changing your passwords.
As much love as we desire with which to surround ourselves, there is as much interference to blocking love. In fact, that's the real war. On some other planet they will recall Earth and philosophize about why human beings actually fought in a War On Love? They will know about this because this was how it all ended.

Anonymous said...

Hey, John Lennon might have said "All you need is love", but America shot him. He should have stayed where it's safe, in Liverpool. There's no guns in Liverpool; they're all just down the road, in Manchester. )0(


Anonymous said...

Yes Les, departing is still an after thought for myself 20 years after. It was during those early homeless days arriving, grief stricken people moaning silently while passer-bys flinched nervously. Maybe I took the last train out to Baghdad, but never regretted it, and since that departure have never once been accosted by envy dripping Ami´s (amerikans). It´s given me seven wonders and a seventh sense ever since. They say that persons of Celtic descendency have these abilities to feel the future,it´s gaping wide painful birth, and hence they migrate like the Buffalo on the praire in anticipation of the windswept bush fires. I´ve lived that alternate parallel universe, broke on through to the other side, yet still feel myself suffering in the other American Welt. Maybe that explains my self abuse, getting what I deserve rather than be blindfolded as a Benedict Arnold and shot in the head. Spinning too fast. One can never truly escape, for me it what evolution, so any critique as to a motive cannot be accepted. I travel in time, Einstein was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Flim flam Apple.
Honest elections and death to the Fed.

Visible said...

I'd like to take this moment to thank those of you who come here and say things in the elegant and penetrating way that you do. I certainly would not have continued or improved at what I do, if that is the result, were it not for the splendid company. I suppose that actually relates to my entire life; sans kindred spirits I would have been a boat adrift in less welcome quarters. Hmmm... well I was anyway, now that I think about it (grin).

I don't tell you often enough how you shine in my mind. Many of you I do not know. The truth is that I do not even know those of you that I think I know because it is still cyberspace. But I do know you in the way that I know myself as myself and that is what brotherhood is about after all.

We're all brothers and sisters exchanging the envelopes in which we reveal ourselves to each other in order to facilitate ourselves, in order to discover ourselves, so that we may be ourselves.

I'm grateful for this.

Yes there are those residents of MiddleEarth who are shadows or fell copies of the real and which work for the present Saruman/Sauron complex. Some are merely deceived and will come to understand in time and some are fabrications without light merely for the purpose of confusion which is how, "Legion is my name." came about.

They muddle my colors in appearance to the external mind and bend the contour of the shape but cannot actually distort the point because the point is origin and upon that point ALL things depend for existence whether their existence is real or not.

No matter. The game is already over. The battle is already won. We are in the aftermath and sorting out. People may believe what they like. The truth is not affected by belief. First comes truth. Then comes belief... First is the thing in which you have the faith. It is there or it is not. Upon that depends everything. If it is.... then all problems are illusions or... opportunities.

At this point, the circus is still confined to particular stadiums... more or less. The time will come when that will be different and some of you can see that 'now'. The thing is that we should realize we are within the sheltering arms of the one who runs the show.

We may have a different name for it. We may be accustomed to a particular manner of approach for a time but it all blends into a single shining incomprehensibility of safe and sound. That is where we are now and where we will be regardless of appearance and the key is to be assured of this.

Well, I'm going on here so... just to let you know how much I appreciate being part of this and of you.

Everything comes and goes. Let us continue in our joy of realization that it just gets brighter upon the approach.

Anonymous said...

Actually, lord cerne. I read how murder and bar fights that involve British thugs using knives is on the increase in London.
It's was probably what sped-up George Harrison's lung cancer, later on. That is, soon after he was stabbed in the chest by a crazed British fan.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if one can "comment" to the best English literature , you delivere to us, the best we can read for the past (at least) 30 years...
I bow to you, as we still remember what is the literal genius is.
Quote: "...I don't know how you can stand it. I would be dead"

after all I am not a host to my soul,
after all I am not unique,
after all I have no name to my soul...

after all these choices I am making,
after all decisions I made,
enters Love, when I lye naked
after all my wishes are dead,

after all - it may not sound -
but I am bound to know a Lie,
thus I am coming to the Town,
where souls come to cry...

after all I am in the crowd,
fighting for the Eternal Life,
( a bloody handful of the proud souls
that refuse to dry)

after all - this world is a clinic
in a psychiatric disarray,
what the last sarvey to say?

after all I might surrender:
(time to grow, to freeze in light)
"soul", I say, "do you remember
that was ME who has taught you to fly!"

notamobster said...

Lord - do not the brittish football fans riot? Did my eyes deceive me, or did I read of a young English lad who was beaten and stabbed to death in the street? Are there not child predators amongst your country men? Oh... Do tell us who began the slave trade? Britons I'd imagine. Did not the Union Jack whip in the wind from one horizon to the next and one century to another? I do not say this meaning harm to your refined English sensibilities, but rather to point out what is in point-of-fact basic human nature. No doubt there are many fine word-smiths among this crowd; but let's be realistic folks... When we peek behind the curtain to see the man "who is the wizard" do we not all see the same fraud? Whether American, Brit, French,or Pole - human nature is self - interest! Love and truth are aspirations! The Divine is not monopolized by any faith, or country, or creed, but by truth. Universal and unequivocating truth! The unfortunate condition of man in his most basic form is exactly the opposite. We must teach ourselves to find truth. There were no days past when truth and justice prevailed... England has never cornered the market of Justice! The thing that binds the readers here is their predilection toward truth. We are (or mostly)trying to find the same thing. America has done many horrible things, but let us not forget her sacrifice to secure Europe through 2 World Wars. I hate the politicians and the citizens who have allowed them to run amok for almost 2 centuries, but she, America is still the grandest of Dames. She is showing her age, and her skin is spoiled with jaundice and liver spots,but she is not finished dancing. There will come a reckoning, as has been the course of all Republics...
America's strength lies in the promise she embodies (or embodied). Her people have grown comfortable and lazy. Her leaders have allowed her to be corrupted. But the spirit of her birth and promise of her brief existance, will remain , ever bound to the soul of man which yearns to be free.



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