Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How Deep does the Darkness Run before The Light Appears?

If you have read here for any length of time then you know about The Truthseeker ...I am extremely grateful that I found this site. Rixon Stewart who operates it is one of my heroes; along with Michael Rivero at What Really Happened ... I’ll have more to say about Michael some time in the following weeks. For the moment I want to bring some information to your attention. This piece is written by Rixon and this piece fleshes out the same information. You can find these and a great deal more in this list of articles for the new and inquiring seeker after truth. Once you’ve read even a portion of these articles you will never look at the world in the same way again.

What makes these men remarkable as well as others, like Ragnar Johannessen at The People's Voice is their grasp of the information and their ability to separate the truth from the lies in the same way that mythical swan could separate only the milk from a mixture of water and milk. In these dark times, stranded in the Kali Yuga, millions of light years and kalpas and moments from the greater, pervasive light; figuratively speaking, we tend to celebrate hacks and whores like Tim Russert, instead of the real heroes among us. It’s my intention to counteract that in my small way by giving kudos where kudos are due. In the coming times, I will take a moment here and there to celebrate the real heroes among us, one of whom is Rixon Stewart. When you’ve got the time, read his list of articles hot-linked above.

I do not want to forget the call to arms in the last article which concerned using stickers as a revolutionary tool. We live in a time where visuals tear at our attention at every turn. It’s not a coincidence that The Devil card in the Tarot has the letter Ayin associated with the card’s meaning. Tony B., a long time reader of this blog is assisting in a redesign of my website and on that website will be a page where all of the stickers and banners, posters and bumper stickers can be downloaded and put to use. I want to do my part too. These images are sure to gain a lot of attention when the warriors among us begin to do their part in fighting back against the tidal wave of lies that threatens to engulf us on every side.

When you go to Google with the right keywords you get page after page of U.S. corporations closing their stores. This winter, millions will be unable to properly heat their homes, if at all. Food prices are climbing ever upwards. The price of gas affects every commodity across the board. The Zionist Israeli controlled American government is screeching like a cat with its nuts in a vise for war against Iran, while incapable of managing the conflicts in which they are already engaged. Crime is soaring as those on the bottom of the pyramid are unable to feed, clothe and house themselves. People are being thrown out of their homes. People are selling off their possessions; people are living in cars, under bridges, in parks and abandoned lots... and... it hasn’t even approached where it is headed yet.

The media has nothing to say. It’s all treacle and celebrity droppings. You would think there wasn’t a care in the world. It’s no surprise that the news is brought to you by the very people causing the problems. On a positive note, the Federal Reserve is in big trouble. It may well be that comeuppance is on the horizon and that is “a consummation devoutly to be wished.”

What all of this means can best be expressed in the old phrase, “caught between a rock and a hard place.” Or perhaps, “something’s got to give”, will serve just as well. Some would say that this condition is being engineered by those who engineered the circumstances which are bringing it about. That may well be. We shall see.

You have to be a fool or one immobilized by fear not to see what is taking place. It is in the cities, where the highest concentration of people in the greatest collective need; once the flow is interrupted, that we will see the conflagration manifest like California wildfires. Nature is a component I haven’t mentioned yet. How can anyone not see the patterns? How can anyone not see the direction? How can anyone imagine that this is just a momentary discomfort? It is increasing by the day and the downward curve is becoming more extreme ...and Nature is our mirror.

Of all the enemies of humanity, of which ignorance and materialism are chief, Zionist Israel stands at the front of the line as the single main cause of social and political unrest. Zionist Israel controls the American war machine, making it a hundred times more pernicious than it would be on its own. It also exercises vast influence in the European Union with its accommodating tools. Nowhere else, anywhere in the world, is there any force more responsible for present conflicts or engaged in drumming up new ones. All other efforts of evil intention pale by comparison. Zionist Israel today is the single greatest enemy to harmony among nations. When you add in the financial manipulations, the false flag terror attacks and media control it becomes patently clear that Zionist Israel is the Sauron of our times.

As the year winds up and winds down you are going to see, more than you ever wanted to, how very true this is. On a positive note, though it is hard to see, it is only the appearance of power which they possess. They do not possess the real power. That is in the hands of the people, though they cannot see it because of their obsession with and fear of appearances and that leads us back to Ayin. We are controlled by the way things look, not by the way they are. Once our minds are seduced by appearances, the whip hand of the heart’s primal fears becomes the slave master of our lives. All the shortages are manufactured, just like the lies that support them.

Just as the Great Depression was manufactured to increase the holdings of the few, so is the present turmoil being manufactured to the same end. Just as the previous wars were created by the same group of conspirators for gain, from both sides of the conflict, so are the present wars an example of the same. As long as there is willing canon fodder to engage in these events, so long will they prevail. Until we as a people step away from the process, the process will go on.

Do not lay all of the blame upon the world and the criminal psychopaths. Save a portion for yourself. It does not continue unless you help to turn the wheel. You turn the wheel in the effort for personal gain and power. You turn the wheel to avert confronting your fear. You turn the wheel from ignorance and desire. You help them turn the wheel. Your blood and the blood of your loved ones grease the turning wheel.

Stand down and step away. We must all find our inner Gandhi. Alas... too often, it takes calamity to open the mind and in dire extremity, force it to relinquish its illusions, false values and fear. When there is nothing left to lose. When the suffering has become so great that life has lost its meaning, then... then you find your way, if you remain at all.

People have commented upon the uselessness of this information. People have talked about the futility of preaching to the choir. People say these efforts are pointless. However, I and many another like myself would not know what we know or speak as we do had not others before us shown the way. I celebrate all of you who have made these things the purpose of your life. I encourage the rest of you to do the same. Preaching to the choir is not futile when the mass of the choir increases. Every single effort helps the greater efforts of the collectively awakened to awaken the rest. Until I can find something more useful to do, I must continue with the little I can do as should we all.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting about the Devil card. A friend of mine just got the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot, and it gives mighty powerful readings. I performed a "medicine wheel" reading on myself--basically a card each for East, South, West, North and Center, which also stand for Air (thoughts/wisdom), Fire (inspiration/movement), Water (emotion/nurturance/cleansing), Earth (material world/manifestation) and Spirit respectively.

I got the card "Courir le Mardi Gras" which is the NOVT version of the Devil in the East--my thoughts are the source of apparent suffering. Also of interest was that the rest of the reading observed that I was in a very potent place in terms of being able to act within the world in a divinely inspired way, but that I need to face these fearful and deceptive thoughts that arise from my conditioning in the vEmpire's enterprise of Cuntrol [sic--see * below].

And like you said very eloquently I need to own up to my own complicit participation in the destruction of our true human birthrights to be free, natural and ecstatic beings creating and nurturing beauty, as well as the destruction of the planet itself. I do have tools to use in this process, and some of them work like chainsaws so I have to be careful.


*In Frostwolfese, Grunt is to laborer as cunt is to Vampire. I like to think of the onomatopoeia of the word (one that has come to us through the degradation of the Anglo-Saxon language and its previously egalitarian sensibility -- for the antecedent word is "Queynte" and from it we get hunt, country, cup and quaint as well as the word used as one derogatory-to-women that some valiant gals are trying to reclaim for all women), as the sound of vampire fangs biting into flesh, and through the process of synecdoche where the part stands in for the whole, that the sound cunt should mean vampire itself.

Hence my seeming misspelling of the word "cuntrol" above. It's hard not be contemptuous of the "cuntemptuous" and to remember to love all the parts of me, for like the Mayans say "I am another Yourself," and that includes the U.S. Government and the Zionists and the Fundamentalists and the Homophobes as well. And so too, they are another Gay Ivy-League Educated Feri-Witch Playwright-Body Percussionist Legal Secretary with $50,000 of debt owed to the Student Loan Cuntoration subsidiary of Cuntigroup. :)

Anonymous said...

You're right that we the people have power, and it need not emanate from massive organized protest or action.

There are things we can start doing right now, on an individual basis to change things.

For one, we can get off the hamster wheel upon which our rulers have placed us. The world of our rulers revolves around money. The best way to reign in the rulers is to take away their money.

So get off the hamster wheel, move to a cheaper place to live, get rid of your expensive car and buy an old clunker and a bicycle, take a lower paying job, reduce your income taxes, stop buying stuff from corporations, reduce expenditures of money as much as possible.

Ironically, although this advice seems repellent and counterintuitive to Americans who have grown up believing that a steadily increasing standard of living is a god-given right, in fact, my advice will make people less stressed, happier. I've followed my own advice and I've never been poorer or happier.

If enough people follow this advice, the twin beasts of government and corporations will be strangled by a lack of funds.

Anonymous said...

Yu never fail to amaze me.


Anonymous said...

Of course if McVeigh wasn't executed at all, that explains a few weird headlines

Dec 13, 2000: McVeigh wants to stop appeals and be executed

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that there are sites like yours that have helped point me in the direction of truth. And you are right that the key is in reaching out and sharing knowledge. Each has a piece of the puzzle and -- together -- we can get the whole picture.

As for preaching to the choir, I am thankful to have found sites like yours because I honestly thought that my suspicions on 9/11 and the links to Israel were perhaps a little out there. I started to worry that maybe I was becoming a anti-semitic or a neo-nazi for even considering the possibility.

Now I realize that the truth is what it is. The evidence points where it points. To refuse to call the criminals out because they happen to be Jewish makes no sense. No one is worried about anti-Arab sentiment being fomented by talk of "Islamofascism" -- why should we keep silent if the perpetrator is Jewish? The truth is what it is -- and we should not hate all Jewish people simply because Zionists are hiding behind the shield of the memory of the Holocaust in order to commit their crimes. But to remain silent to protect the innocent Jews from American anger really means that we stand by and let the Arabs take that anger and suffer as we seek revenge for something that it appears they have no real ties to. If we stay silent -- we are racist because we are saying that sparing Jews suffering is more important than getting justice for the victims of 9/11.

Sites like these give me the courage (and links to evidence) to speak out. I've opened the eyes of some of my family members. I'm working on getting the courage to tell others. It is hard -- because I do worry about being labeled anti-semitic. My daughter's best friend (and the best neighbors we have) are Jewish. I really don't want to lose that friendship -- but I have to find the courage to risk it so I don't lose my country instead.

Anonymous said...

Well, it has been coming for some time now and the messenger is more liken to moses 'bad speaker...' and thus most have yet to get it 'there is no Aaron to fill the gap'...

There is a reconcilliation going on in world finance now secondary to the Van Buren Trust issue. The trust is to protect American assets but the banks 'jewish interests' have ripped off the trust for so long now, they are gasping for air and going for the jugular...just to keep position. They are using highest technologies known to mankind but they can't win for this is not a battle in the flesh but of the spirit and they cant even come close to grasping such!

Soo, hang on for our being here in the flesh is temperal and change is bound to come. Fear not for that which is against us shall not prosper!

kikz said...

luke skywalker, alice,percival, persephone, dante...too many to name.
we're in good company :)

campbell has always had good stuff to help us understand our hero's quest and its required 'initiation' into the shades...

gird yer loins chillunz' it's going to be a bumpy ride >:)

but here we are, The Hero with a Thousand Faces :)


Anonymous said...

kwawhwDear Anonomous 6:59, how can the US possibly be racist when Obama is running for its president? It doesn't matter if he does not win, the US has proven they're not racist. Some feat, huh?

In other words, the thing we see appears to be winning when something else, its opposite, is actually taking place. Yes, the thing we see runs a campaign so abyssmally deep and devoid of light it cannot be imagined by ordinary people living ordinary lives. No specks of color behind shut eyelids, nothing there to feel your way about in such a place. It could make one crazy, something Jose Padilla could have told us all about if he had a mind left, that being the whole point behind torture.
Racism, it seems to me, is just outsourced, privatized war complete with outsourced, privatized torture, carried on by the commoner fearfuls waged upon the ordinary who succumb to fear of their brethren. And the root of all war is, you know what it is. The perpetual manifestation of fear.
The elderly Majong ladies of Brooklyn have a word for it. They'll often warn "Don't let the evil eye get you."

Anonymous said...

Until Americans free themselves from the claws of the eternal evil, the eternal terrorist, the eternal warmonger and murderer, the eternal parasite and destroyer of all things good and human-the jew-things will get worse and worse until one day it will explode like a balloon being filled with too much air. The signs are all around us that the process is already taking place but we refuse to step away (at least as much as we can). I try to step away. I don`t know if I`m too succesful but at least I try.

It`s as clear as daylight that the sociopathic, megalomaniac jew terrorists are doing everything they can, using their international terrorist and warmongering agency-the American Government and all the obsequious traitors that work for those inbred reptiles (and that Obama turkey scares me as much as Bush & co.), to kick off their third world war crime. Heaven help us.

Anonymous said...

"Of all the enemies of humanity, of which ignorance and materialism are chief, Zionist Israel stands at the front of the line as the single main cause of social and political unrest. Zionist Israel controls the American war machine, making it a hundred times more pernicious than it would be on its own." -Les Visible

* * * * *

Note "Zionism" Could Do Nothing Without Preceding Counterfeit Conspiracy, Talmudism
(Apollonian, 2 Jul 08)

I'd like to pt. out to our noble dialectic thesis-giver, Les Visible, there's one group of people (at least) who must necessarily precede Zionist Israel, and those are the COUNTERFEIT conspirators of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref. What then is causation/essence of this counterfeiting, but willful Talmudism?

For these counterfeit criminals are thus enablers of Israel, which after all, is mere enforcer/"player."

Note then these COUNTERFEIT masterminds aren't necessarily "Zionists" at all, merely making use of Zionists--THOUGH THEY ARE (these counterfeiters) MOSTLY, HEAVILY, AND PRE-EMINENTLY Jews without the slightest doubt.

Observe further, infamous "neo-cons" "dual-loyalists" are themselves almost all members of CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy (see for expo/ref.), these conspirators surely not all "Zionists."

Hence I submit (again) "Zionists" are really to great extent "fall-guys," surely even "scape-goats," though quite willing, for the real problem which is simply the same old Jews, specifically Talmudists. See,, and for good expo on Talmud.

For I submit again, it's really Talmud which must be taken under examination most seriously, and Zionism is itself mere Talmudism put into action, indeed Zionism merely a part of the overall Talmudic treatment/activity which Talmudism is murder and enslavement of gentile humanity, this in fully ritualistic fashion.

For Talmudists veritably make themselves God, perpetrating thus gross fraud upon people, esp. in form of heresy and hereticalism which renders people subject to fraud and conspiracy. And how can there be "good Jew" any more than there's "good" Talmudist or good psychopath?

And one of most pernicious of such heresies/delusions is surely that of Pelagianism which inveigles people to imagine they're "good," and this as they oppose "evil" "racism" and anti-semitism, for further examples. For how could one be "good" or "evil" unless one had perfectly free, hence God-like, will?

For what is racism but virtue of loyalty to one's people in obedience to 5th of original Ten Commandments, "Honor thy race (parentage)"? And note racism is necessary and axiomatic as one MUST be loyal to some race, mixed or non-mixed, the entire racialistic conundrum just a great farce which surely makes the topmost conspirators laugh.

CONCLUSION: Thus ultimately the great question gets down to nature of reality--is it objective or subjective? What is truth? asked Pontius Pilate (Christian New Testament, Gosp. JOHN). And how then can there be truth without that criterion of objective reality, as for science? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

nobody said...

Hi Les,

Speaking of stepping away from the wheel - remember the guy in the Matrix who even though he knows the steak is not real still prefers it? It's a powerful temptation. I've stepped away from the wheel. And it's a hard row to hoe. Still I'd rather be penniless than eating a fake steak.

BTW that thing I mentioned in the last comments is up. It's a bit less focused than yours. But really it's the same idea. See if anyone grooves on it. It's called DIY subversion.


w said...

9/11 was an inside job all right, that's beyond doubt at this point.

Pardon my ignorance, with respect to Oklahoma City, wheres the beef?
I just don't understand the tangible benefits any Govt or Covert Op could have reaped from that
horrible tragedy; for example, was there sweeping legislation similar to the Patriot Act put into law in the aftermath of the attack that I wasn't aware of? Can someone explain in layman's terms why&how the OK City attack was not exactly what the viewing public was lead to believe?

Anonymous said...

Quote: "I celebrate all of you who made these things a purpose of yor life..."

With and by your talant, would you celebrate on these good pages the life of Ezra Pound?
With and by your talant, would you remind to your thankful (permanent) readers about this great American poet, who was snached by Mossad during the WWII from Italy in order to be put in a jail for his "anti-Jewish" propaganda?
Coming from you, Les, it should become quite powerful.
Just to remind ( or for many to learn for the first time) of the great poet and the Mossad's intervention in his destiny.
Also, thinking of you...

Visible said...

There is a new metaphysical essay here The Spiritual Path is a Slippery Slope

Unknown said...


Your question: How deep does the Darkness Run before The Light Appears?
My answer: As soon as Jesus Christ will return.
Please go to and you will see that we truly are in the last of the last days.
Antonietta Wheeler

Visible said...


I'm not always good about answering questions that show up here and for that I apologize. I see the questions but I don't register that they are addressed to me.

First off about why Oklahoma City. That's easy; to set the stage for 9/11 and the whole terror bullshit serenade. Possibly to intimidate law enforcement. As a dry run to sort out how aftermaths are handled. Consider the location; the heart of America. To strike fear... Ultimately, I don't know. What I do know is that the evidence is dodgy.

About Ezra Pound; I have actually thought about that because I was locked up on the same ward in the same building as he was- "The John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane at St. Elizabeth's Hospital for about two years once.

But there are so many things to do and only so much time and so much me. But I will consider it. Thank you for the kind words.

notamobster said...


Think back to just before the OKC bombing. This is actually something I have a good bit of experience in. It was a textbook counter insurgency. For a couple years prior to OKC local militias were popping up all over the country. The largest being the Michigan Militia. One of the networks did an episode of 20/20 (or whatever)on it. The government couldn't figure out how to stop it, so they used guilt by association. Shortly after they (the feds) blew up the Murrah building the news media went wild with accusations of T. McVeigh being in the Michigan Militia. I know 1st hand that he was not, in fact a member, all of the members I knew were normal, honest, hard-working citizens (police, firefighters, prior service, some doctors, lawyers, salesmen and construction workers). He had attended 2 meetings (I was there on the conference call that week which his membership, or lack thereof was discussed), but the media association with the Militia movement was just what the doctor ordered. Membership fell off immediately from 36,000 to just over ten, then another 7,000 were lost over the following 12 months.

The government successfully turned public opinion against the militia, and many states quickly passed laws banning paramilitary training and gatherings for such purpose, thus ending the (non-aggressive) insurgency.

Unfortunately for the task masters, the American attention span proved to be incredibly short and the ire could not be sustained to usher in the more sinister and pervasive laws they wanted. Then, in a miraculous turnabout for those who would seek to enslave us, 11Sept01 came and went and Americans have been more than willing to forego Liberty in their lazy quest for security. With 9-11 came a new boogeyman, who fortunately didn't look, sound, act and live like the rest of America. He wasn't your neighbor, he was an evil "islamo-fascist", hell bent on destroying you because you can eat at McDonalds and drink coffee from Starbucks.

nobody said...

Oh Les,

Just quickly - thanks for pointing me at truthseeker. That archive of 'crucial' articles is a cracker. As soon as I've finished ploughing my way through Dave McGowan, that'll be my next project. Can't wait!

BTW. The OKC bombing was the excuse for rushing through a bunch of pre-prepared legislation. It was a kind of 'soft-opening' for the Patriot act. Also, it seems that all the evidence pointing to the ATF's wickedness at Waco was in the Murrah building. Oops, all gone. Shades of WTC 7 and it's repository of data connected to Enron. And... it also served to crack down on the various right-wing militias. In spite of the fact that they disavowed having anything to do with it. For what's coming they had to be smashed. And they were.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have a concept. I cannot make a mockup for you because I don't use typography on my photoshop. And my Illustrator and Quark are on the Mac which is broken. But I think my concept is worthy of submission. People that have the working software that I can't use today will know how to do it.
Twilight Zone had this neat swirl with its beginning music, you remember it?
Next, on a white field, that field having the scale of a local printer's commonly-used size such as a self-stick mailing label. (You dont want to go circular because you will have to pay for the die.) with cadmium red Helvetica Black typography lower case as a repeating sentence diminishing in size as it moves to the center of the vortex.
Can you see it? In essence, you're providing a collective soundtrack via suggestion. Psyops.

Peace, Nina

Robert said...

An article: "Do you know any heroes around here?" at may be of interest.

kikz said...

mornin les...

headzup frm noby...

wrh down since lastnite CST, hacker attacks all wk long, and their servers took a hit.

they'll bb onair asap...

just wanted ta let y'all know.

tres spooky when mike is offair.

Visible said...

Thanks Nobody. I saw that and assumed the worst.

Anonymous said...

And with all the gloom and doom in the horizon, the darkness will be setting on America right before the comming Presidential fiasco called election.

They say S--- happens but have you ever seen so much of it, go south, so fast, in a hand basket before in your life?

And here comes another one, that's worse than the other one, so waltz me around again Willie

And yes "the light will appear when Jesus returns".


Boris Epstein said...

Les, thanks a lot for another great article and for the link to the English version of "9/11 Flase Flag". That is an excellent video indeed.

Singing Sparrow said...

I can't believe the antisemitism from people who believe they are enlightened. notamobster is the cleareest voice here explaining what happened at Oklahoma City and why.
Do you all remember the story of the immigrant woman who was pregnant and her house was surrounded by a mob because they were told that the attackers of Oklahoma City were from the Mid-East? She was so terrified that she miscarried her unborn child.
I know that we are headed into a long eclipse from which we will be changed forever but good god in heaven must we revert to the hideous paths taken before? We need to accept responsibilty and quit looking for the scapegoat.

Anonymous said...

It could get much darker. The NAFTA Superhighway will do it. A few more summer natural disasters, the awakening by the general public that there isn't going to be any rebound, a lot of people just hanging on will be in dire straits, homeless and hungry, no place to turn, anything can happen. We're in it already, this is what the beginning looks like. There is a possibility it won't end. An Occupation that never leaves. They are very determined.

Visible said...


You don't get the feeling that maybe... uh maybe... you're amplifying something in a mountains out of molehills kind of way. You indicate a quantity and intensity that I just don't see. Maybe it's different tolerance levels.

All that aside, antisemitism sometimes seems like unavoidable self-defense; not that I even know what it means anymore.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Semitism: Mere Product Of Induction, Common-Sense
(Apollonian, 6 Jul 08)

"Clymela," regarding "anti-semitism," the process, as in any criminal--or even purely scientific--investigation, is really quite simple, beginning with INDUCTIVE LOGIC. Thus one gathers evidence, and takes note of things within objective ("God-given," according to Christian terminology) reality.

And observe as one continues to keeping that scientific eye, gathering that evidence, hypotheses occur. Thus, most likely suspects are required to do some "explaining" as Lucille Ball had to do for husband Ricky Riccardo.

And as Sherlock Holmes put it: "once the impossible is eliminated, the remainder, no matter how improbable, is the necessary solution set."

And suspicion is confirmed when Jews reply to effect they don't have to explain to "anti-semites," invoking "moralism"-Pharisaism, always their trump card, as u invoke in ur typical presumption, counting upon "morality" to disperse logic, reality, and truth.

And then there's just the sheer OVER-WHELMINGNESS of all this inductive evidence against Jews, dearest Clymela--what's ur actual problemo?--see See also for incredible, most brilliant examples of more induction on wide assortment of topics, esp. for present-day.

Did u know, for example, the Columbine highschool massacre of 1999 was simply a Jew mass-murder of Christian kids by Jew psychopathic teen-age gangsters?--then covered-up by assigned FBI agent, a Jew by name of Fuselier, whose OWN SON was a member of "trench-coat mafia" which perpetrated said massacre?

Thus Jews, beginning with their mastermind leaders (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) gain control of a nation by means of bribery and COUNTERFEITING (see for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)) and erect a false religion of "moralism"-Pharisaism which destroys reason, law, justice, and even inductive logic--as it has for u, "Clymela."

Of course we're "enlightened," dearest Clymela--as inductive logic is what leads me to hypothesis and conclusion u urself are a Jew. For why else would u suggest induction is "hideous path"?--and who/what else, but Jew, would fail to capitalize the word, "God"? U're the one, dear "Clymela," who needs to "accept responsibility," face reality and induction, and quit lying to urself.

CONCLUSION: For anti-semitism is obedience to God--esp. in this day of "fear of the Jews," Jews throwing people (like Ernst Zundel--see in jail for disputing and rejecting holohoax lies--who do u think u're kidding, dear Clymela? What USA and world needs is decisive, definitive JEW-EXPULSION, indubitably. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

All who enter herein, Greetings and before my fairwell point you all in the direction mentioned bt Antonionetta Wheeler. Therein lies the answers to all problems that man will never ever ,ever solve. Go to .... . Nothing to pay nothing to join all is for free. Keith

Anonymous said...

6 years ago, i was in france and hungering for truth...and started surfing the net..." c'est là que j'ai tombé sur truthseeker".
eversince then i've been a vivid gleaner...i wish to say thank you to you and other courageous people like you



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