Sunday, July 20, 2008

When the Truth takes off Her Clothes, the World Disappears.

Telling the truth is like performing a strip tease. It is because of this that many people are offended. Nudity offends people who believe that their body, the visible and the more esoteric portions, is something to hide. Another reason that some people find the truth to be offensive is because they make personal profit from lies. It stands to reason that many people believe that the truth is ugly, or inconvenient. Why go to such lengths to conceal it otherwise? It can also be said that the truth is hidden because it stands in contradiction to the thing that conceals it.

We are constantly told that some product is ‘new and improved’. If it is new then how can it be an improvement on itself? It does not have a precursor. We have been told that it is “the same thing only different.” That’s not possible either. When someone looks at a lie, they are able to identify it as a lie by comparing it to the truth. How else can it be identified as a lie? So it might also be said that we know what the truth is, often without realizing that we do, or knowing how we know it.

Another interesting thing is how we can say something over and over and the sense of what we are saying escapes the understanding of the person it is being said to. Many times here, I have said that I do not like having to come to the conclusions that I come to. I do not like where my inquiries leave me. This explains why there is reluctance among the general public to recognize who the authors of 9/11 are. This is why people accept what the media has to say when it is apparent they are lying. This is why they do not question in public because such questioning leaves them exposed and being exposed is like being naked. Conversely, exposing the lies of powerful interests can cause problems when it interferes with their profits and agendas.

In the criminal world it is quite common for people to place the blame for their actions on others; to give false evidence and testimony, to engineer events for no other reason than to blame a rival and take him out of the game, or to draw the attention of the authorites away from themselves and on to their rivals. It is common in the political world to label your enemies and your rivals in such a way as to sway public opinion and have them defined in a negative light. Lies are the currency of the political and business world.

It is because Israel wants to remain the predominant power in the Middle East that they were engaged with western security forces to orchestrate and blame the 9/11 attacks on the Muslim world. There is so much information available now that only a fool or those criminally involved would pursue this bankrupt scenario. It is also to justify Israel’s hegemonic intentions that those fighting for their own freedom and survival would be labeled terrorists.

We now know that there is no Al Qaeda as an organized entity. We know that it is a construct of certain governments and their intelligence services, created as a boogeyman to generate fear in the common mind. We know that the only Al Qaeda cell that was ever uncovered proved to be a Mossad operation. We know that Bin Laden sightings and videotapes are all lies. We know who is telling these lies and we know why they are telling them.

I am a recording artist and a writer. It is not a good career move for me to say things that put me in an oppositional relationship with those who exert a majority control over the fields I work in. It is not a career benefit for me to say that they exert a majority control over these industries. You get ahead in this world by accepting and defending lies so that those who manufacture the lies will not feel threatened by your propensity to take your clothes off in public. Even when everyone involved knows that lies are being substituted for the truth, just about everyone plays the game.

Hamas is not a terrorist organization. Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization. Iraq had no WMD’s or ties to a non-existent Al Qaeda. Hundreds of thousands have died because of this lie and millions have been displaced. Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. Two things are major features of Afghanistan today; oil pipelines and record opium production. Iran is not constructing nuclear weapons but no one could blame them if they were. We are told that all the major players on the UN Security Council are in favor of punishing sanctions and possible military action against Iran. This is also a lie. These lies come to us through the media. The media is controlled by certain people and everything they report paints a picture that supports their motives and interests.

The lies being told are obvious and blatant. The evidence that follows the events of the last decade clearly shows that lies have been told. By now, a majority of the world knows that these were lies, yet the lies continue and continue. If it were not for the internet, the bloggers and alternative news sources on the internet, there would be nothing but lies.

We who undress the lies are made to appear as pornographers. We are indecent. We reveal things that people do not want to see. We have told you that many of Israel’s regional wars were instigated by Israel for control of other people’s land and water. We have told you that Israeli settlers living on occupied land, stolen from displaced residents, go every day into the lands where these displaced residents now dwell and beat and harass them; use them for target practice. We have told you how women and children die every day in their ghettos because they are refused medical treatment. We have shown you video tapes and we have the testimony of aid workers.

We have shown you how the banks print money out of thin air and then loan it at interest to create debt. We have shown you how America has become a fascist police state by fabricating an enemy against whom they must protect you by removing your freedoms of movement, assembly and speech. We have shown you how bankers, corporations and governments create wars in order to profit from both sides of the conflict. Across the internet is a small minority of groups and individuals who reveal the truth and are excoriated for it by the lie machinery. They are strip teasing in a world where the naked body is against the laws created by those who use their lies to manufacture conflict, suffering and want so that they can line their pockets at the expense of us all.

Disinfo sites with racist intent, reprint the works of truth tellers so that the truth tellers will appear to be racist. Truth tellers find that they are ostracized. Truth tellers are the object of hacking attacks, slander and economic injury because the truth is not good for business. Truth tellers have no benefit to their efforts except for the satisfaction of doing the right thing.

I’m going to go right on undressing the manikins and monsters. They may be able to cosmeticize their faces but they cannot hide the lack of human features below the costumes that conceal their alien forms as the move among us. Others will do this same work. One day more and more people will take off their clothes until only the agents of lies and criminal behavior will remain covered and concealing their true forms.

The world is a lie and what the world conceals cannot be seen by lying eyes. They only see the world and fear what lies behind the world. Beneath the costumery of this world is hidden our humanity and our secret heart. Beneath the camouflage and masquerade lie our common brotherhood and our true self. My gratitude and congratulations to those of you who know that you are naked underneath your clothes... that are not afraid to show yourselves as you are because there is no shame in the truth. When the truth takes off her clothes then the world disappears.

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Visible said...

Hi Folks;

thanks for all the good input after the last string of comments.

I just wanted to say that my website is being reinvented with help from Tony and we should have a page up in the near future with all of the graphics for 9/11. At present I'm in the middle of packing for my trip to the South. Things will naturally evolve once I've made the journey and have myself set up again.

Anonymous said...

You know what? I too was afraid to be seen ¨naked¨ not after reading this, not am i no longer afaid of telling people how i see the lies, but i feel inspired to wrack it up a notch or two!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Les, about the Jews [zionists] the ones that say they are Jews, they are not, but are the synagogue of satan.

I'm wondering if you've considered expanding the state of zionism to include "all the governments of the world" [at least the influence]?

Freemasonry originated, you might say, in a garden with an apple,but much later the Egyptians and the Babylonians were masters of it [astronomy].

But the Jews in captivity were so impressed with it, they followed their new leader or God and bond together for a 2000 years struggle to one day "rule the nations"

Freemasonry is also Jewish which makes the Whitehouse and the Congress of the United States Jewish. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Just wondering if you or anybody else has pondered on that bit of insanity?

regards Duane,

99 said...

That was beautiful.

Duke said...

Peace be with the reader.

Talking about lies.

Friday the 18th July 2008 was Nelson Mandela's 91 birthday, and yet all the world, including Mandela, celebrated
his 90th birthday on Friday. Mandela
was born on the 18th July 1918.

Les, I hope you will refrain from
censoring this short message.


Anonymous said...

What is passed off as truth (or things we are told we should value) these days looks more and more like really bad porno to me, and about as far from natural as can possibly be, complete with wildly inflated points of interest and an increasing drive to be more and more overt and extreme to keep our attention. Yuck. Z

the_last_name_left said...

LV: It is because Israel wants to remain the predominant power in the Middle East that they were engaged with western security forces to orchestrate and blame the 9/11 attacks on the Muslim world.

It isn't only Israel that wants israel to remain 'predominant power'.

And when you say "they were engaged with western security forces to orchestrate 9/11" how do you know?

You don't.

You don't know who was on those planes.

You don't know who orchestrated 911.

You don't know how/why the towers fell.

You have supposition.

And you forget the evidence which points away from the conclusions you WANT to reach.

What about the reports of Pakistani ISI General Mahmoud supposedly wiring $100,000 to Atta in the days before?

How does that implicate Israel exactly?

What about the bombings in Tanzania in Kenya in 1988?

Who did Cater, Brezinzki, then Reagan fund in Afghanistan in late 70's early 80s? Who was it that went to Kosovo to join KLA?

I've known muslims who certainly do believe in Al-Qaeda. If they believe in it, does it not then exist by default?

Sure, it might well be a fabrication of CIA, and Brezinzki, but if muslims believe in it, how can you say it "doesn't exist"? How do YOU know it doesn't?

Do you think there is no-one in middle east intent on attacking america and american/western interests? Do you think they are incapable of feeling vengeance sufficient to at least try to attack USA/west?

LS: We know that it is a construct of certain governments and their intelligence services, created as a boogeyman to generate fear in the common mind.

But what if muslims believe in it? What if muslims believe they are members? Is that a real threat or not? Surely it is naiive beyond belief to assume so, no matter what the history of the origin of the group is.

LV: Lies are the currency of the political and business world.

Do you accept lies are told about Israel?

Rivero repeats one particular lie, about Israel, time after time: the fabricated Sharon quote about "we the jews control Israel."

The quote is fabricated. But do the enemies of Israel care about that?

Why assume that the supposedly factual basis of your beliefs isn't distorted by lies? The least thing to do with Israel is so highly contentious, it's worth remembering "Fools Rush in where angels fear to tread......"

And bizarre to blame Israel alone, when it's american troops that occupy Iraq - american industry and military that demands oil - american forces that are scattered across the world. These are the results of american action, regardless of any influences upon USA.

Why not see Israeli action as dependent on USA rather than the other way around? The world makes much more sense like that.

And note - americans if they're anything are apparently pathologically self-excusing. "Oh we only want to help!" They seem incapable of accurate self-analysis, and seem inacapable of taking responsibility. America attacks mid-east - "Oh it's the jooos' fault!". American democracy fails - "Oh it's the joooos!" Ameerica commits war crimes - "It's the joooos!"

Note also, that self-excuse has a long history of transferring blame onto jews. The historical record is full of it - do you imagine people nowadays are immune to such an historical commonplace?

If you don't think America is the dominant party, then explain how Israel influenced american policy to result in the exact same behaviour BEFORE Israel even existed......central america, cuba, spanish war, phillippines, mexican war......blah blah blah. How did Israel influence all that when it didn't even exist.....

Present USA policy follows a long historical trend which reaches back to long before Israel's existence. Tell me the point that USA policy changed under influence of Israel? When? Tell me how american policy changed, because I see no difference.

[And see if you can reply without suggesting I must be working for mossad or some other absurdity. I'm not a jew, and I have nothing to do with Israel whatsoever.]

Anonymous said...

As has been said previously, the lies only work if you are dumb enough to believe them in the first place. It should come as no surprise that year after year Americans prove themselves to be the most ignorant people on the planet. They, with rare exception, are the walking dead.

I hope all goes well with your move, Les, and I look forward to your new website.

notamobster said...

"If it were not for the internet, the bloggers and alternative news sources on the internet, there would be nothing but lies"**************************** Has anyone read up on the coming Internet 2.0? It will without a doubt, allow for the unlimited transfer of mind-numbing crap at blistering speeds, but almost as certainly have the ability to quell popular dissent and ease the burden of monitoring by transferring all information through centralized locations. How then, will be able to continue this strip show? The war-pigs, chicken hawks, and other madmen will most certainly attempt to control this last, great bastion of truly free speech...I mean, after all, someone has to protect the mouthbreathers from those who would call into question the many false dichotomies established to keep the serfs occupied(left-right, black-white, Jew-Gentile, Catholic-Protestant, Shia-Sunni, et al).

Anonymous said...

I felt some change in your tone, a bit more positive. There is hope, the truth is being revealed, perhaps not in our time frames but the light is spreading, and the light is truth, and the light reveals the dark.
To Duane:
Yes, I believe most of us have come to the same conclusion and hence pondered the insanity. From Wall Street to Washington to Hollywood a greedy race of dupes have been set in motion. The sad thing is I believe most of them have no idea they are being duped. Maybe they've just bought into the "chosen ones" lie.
I know this much, if we don't participate in the fear, if we don't participate in the lies, then we have the ability through our positive energy to bring the dark to light, the clothed to their nakedness. If we choose to participate with the dark then we will remain a slave to it.
Things are going to get better, they may get worse first but ultimately they will get better.
Believe it.

Visible said...

Last name on the left. I certainly do have proof of all these things and have detailed it at length in many many posts. You're a disinfo agent and your disclaimer at the end of your comment is highly suspect.

The truth has been stated and convincingly presented by any number of people and nothing you say is going to impact on that.

I don't say this to be rude. I know what you're up to and I'm not the only one.

Duke? what the hell are you talking about? Maybe you should post some cake recipes and let's see if I reject them. You might have had a post rejected before but that happens when someone bangs the same drum over and over saying the same exact thing and everyone gets tired of it.

Anonymous said...

Please return to your beautifully crisp font and color scheme of a few weeks ago. This site used to be visual delight, but the new "blobby" font makes it unpleasant to look at and very hard to read. The content is still great, but the presentation ain't.

Anonymous said...

Les --- just wanted to say you're beautiful. And your music's pretty darn good too!

Anonymous said...

Well said Les.
It seems to me that the only truth we want is the truth we feel comfortable with which, when we look at it, is nothing more than a denial of the truth it’s self. The truth sets us free, but how free we want to be?
How much truth do we want? I blame myself for the lack of truth in my own life. I blame myself for feeling so comfortable with all the lies I have allowed others to feed me.
I feed on these lies day and daily; I depend on them as I depend on water. I for one have sucked quite happily, all my life, on the waters of deceit and for the most part they, the lies, I have told myself and others and the lies I have excepted as truth from the world have served me well. However, what happens when the sweet taste of a lie turns bitter? What happens when the waters of deceit begin to dry up, its course blocked by the dam that is being built by the busy beavers of truth that gnaw away at the forest of lies and expose the truth?
We discover that we have been living in a Matrix of our own making.
Welcome to the matrix. Yes, we have finely realised the truth. The world we thought we new is nought but a lie. It has vomited its lies to us are whole life long and we for are part have been quite happy to partake in the feast.
Stunned with this new revelation we begin to thirst for the waters that never run dry.
Here we stand at the edge of the world looking out over the vastness of space and time. The web of gossamer threads that we accepted as truth covers the landscape as far as are wakening eyes can see. One by one, they begin to unwind and snap under the realisation that we now perceive.
We are free. We always were free. Let us stay free.
The amazing thing about truth is that it never changes. What was truth from the beginning is still the truth today and always will be despite what the world tells us. A lie on the other hand is always changing to suit the latest trend.
Yours truly

Visible said...

As I've said a number of times here, there's nothing I can do about the fonts or several other features any more. Blogger has cut off my control of these things. What you have now is the best work around I could come up with by making adjustments with what I could control.

I'd have left the blog the way it was and never needed to change but blogger did something to screw up what I had and it became unreadable. it has cost me some time trying to get it to work. It no longer makes paragraphs either and I have to go through an arduous routine to get them done. It won't recognize links and that takes time too.

As you may know, Blogger doesn't actually respond to anything if you write them. I'm wondering if this is some kind of harassment for what I do because I can't see any other reason. It doesn't make sense when you think about it. I'm working on it but probably won't give it any serious attention until I move on to my other house.

I'm sorry about this. It annoys me as much as it does you.

Anonymous said...

Well Not a are right...The U S policy hasn't changed, were still spreading the evil around the world, but that because you and many more like you think the only Jews are in Israel.

The Whitehouse is full of them, only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

To believe the party line [the Bush bull shit] one would have difficulty putting the right foot in the right shoe.

You might have better luck promoting "Oswald did it". It took me awhile to finally understand, as Les does, why one such as yourself decides to defend something that defy's common sense.

I have a dumptruck full of, coincidential,circumstancial,incriminating evidence,coupled with lies and contradictions that defy good logic.

You on the other hand have a dump truck full of bull shit.

with the very best regards
Duane. and good luck with Oswald.

Visible said...

Look Last name on the left, I'm not going to debate with you any more. The quote by Sharon was made to Peres, not Netanyahoo and it was made on the radio. I'm not your research assistant and the quote is authenticated and well known.

Your double speak about the numbers is bullshit and there is a vast compendium of facts that show the numbers have been fudged. One of them is the official Red Cross figures. There is much much more and I'm sure you know.

What is most telling is how you avoid the Cheka and Urkrainian mass murders and who was responsible. Interacting with you is futile, so is giving you a stage where you can practice your disinfo, like your claims about M. Rivero.

So this is our final communication. I suggest you go elsewhere in search of an audience. I don't care for intentional liars and those who think merely saying someone didn't say something is enough to make it so; as per the Sharon quote. I even saw it in the Israeli newspapers and engaged in discourse with Israelis who agreed with what Sharon said.

None of these things need be discussed however. What Israel does every day in Palestine says it all.

I'll conclude by wishing you well and saying, Goodbye.

Anonymous said...

There's really no doubt as to who or how they did it (unless you're a moron or a sycophant). The only thing holding this whole ball of wax together is the enormous amount of US dollars held by Japan, China, Oil Sheikdoms, et al, which will become piles of stinking goo should someone of official importance state the obvious. Does anyone really believe these goons fooled Chinese intelligence? No wonder Greenspan ran up the debt load just as fast as humanly possible. It was an insurance policy. At this point they're all just praying these criminals will go away in November and not push the red button in the meantime.

Big Dan said...

I've been watching you. I put your website up on the links on my blog.

Anonymous said...

“…..central America, cuba, spanish war, phillippines, mexican war, blah blah blah”

Hmm. Blah blah blah. That “Afghan Pushtun” that posted here a couple of weeks ago sounds just like you. Everything you say has that hollow ring about it. I think you are lost. I doubt you will make any converts over here. Try Voice Of the Whitehouse walter storch He is another disinfo guy that is full of shit.


kikz said...

bon voyage les:)

and may the webdesignergodz smile on tony :)

stay neKKid :)

Anonymous said...

Great post, Les Visible.

I just read a blog of a racist disinfo site blogged by one Curt Mayonnaise who is well- known for racist attacks and blatant race baiting.

I let this person know that he/she/it has been exposed for what they are and to warn others.

Thank you, les Visible. that post is so timely.


nobody said...

Hey Les, good stuff.

May I go sideways momentarily?

I'd often wondered at the cobbled together, patchy nature of Jewish culture. In fact, it's technically arguable that they don't have one, or not one that resembles culture as it's ordinarily understood. This is explicable due to them being 'place-less' but then again, so were Gypsies. And yet Gypsies seem to have a coherent, consistent culture. Anyone seen Latcho Drom? It's fantastic. It draws a single unbroken line from the Rom in India to Egypt to Morocco to Spain to France to Romania.

The greatest difference between Jews and Gypsies, I think, is in the Jews' ability to merge with whomever they live with and then, invariably, to re-interpret those people's own culture for them. Gypsies on the other hand have zero interest in such things. They're too busy with their own culture. And hats off. I fell in love with the music years ago and love it still.

But forget them. Let's switch to America. Hollywood and the media (it's hardly worth differentiating, but whatever) shape and define American culture. Who can tell now what's American and what's Jewish? Or rather, what's American that hasn't been presented through a Jewish lens? Good luck with that chestnut. It's interesting that we call Hollywood a 'dream factory'. Whose dream is it? Who are these people to tell us what our dreams should be? And how does the positing of dreams and the reinterpreting of culture differ so very greatly from lying? Apart from the subtlety?

Really, and this is my actual point (on-topic at last), it appears that the Jews' greatest single talent is their mastery of perception and misrepresentation. Between: Freud's analysis of the human mind; Edward Bernays' deconstruction of wishes and disires; and the Hollywood people who distilled the monomyth, we see a constant obsession with reality and perception. And sure enough, preceding all of these, the Protocols of Zion dwell lengthily on the rightness of misrepresentation. To paraphrase them - the truth is for losers.

It's difficult, but these techniques can be deconstructed. Here's my half-arsed stab at it -

- The blizzard of lies. We get so many lies that by the time we've disproved one, three more have popped up.

- The blizzard of shit. These aren't lies so much as a complete waste of time. Any irrelevant shit will do as long as it's not the main game. Paris Hilton anyone?

- The Gordian knot. These are absurdly complicated 'impossible riddles' that cannot be solved. You'll spend your life trying and get nowhere. They appeal to the human desire to solve problems and get to the bottom of things. Sure enough, there is no bottom. Alexander was the man on this one.

- The hints for the clever. This is the double layering for those smart enough to know they're being lied to. Hints are dropped so that we can cleverly figure it out for ourselves. Wrongly, natch. Think 'No more war for oil'.

- The wrapping of the ego. This is where the lie is bound to one's perception of self. To smash the lie is to be forced to question who we thought we were. Ugly stuff, it's a variation of a nervous breakdown. To a certain extent this is tied in with everything listed here.

- The besmirching of truth. Sure enough, à la your piece, those with the truth must be reviled. That's why Bill White, the Megaphone Nazi over at Stormfront, posts your stuff.

- The false opposition. In the face of a nascent opposition, it pays to take it over and make it your own. Me, I reckon that that's what communism was. The US Fed didn't fund it for nothing. And then there's Amy Goodman. But really, there's a ton of it.

- Limited hangout. A variation of the preceding. All is conceded except for a single crucial fact or culprit. Is it worth a separate entry? Sure, why not.

- The totality. Or as I like to call it, the 'truth and the way'. This is the capstone, the true crowning glory, and is a summation of the preceding three. Here, no alternative voices ever occur and lies are all you get. The media is actually an impenetrable bloc. Apart from this only-just-got-here-and-soon-to-be-gone internet, who knew anything else? Prior to this, there was nowhere to turn. Pen, and the anon above shouldn't really blame themselves or others who've never heard a true word spoken. How can you blame someone who knows no better? But importantly, the greatest aspect of the totality is that the say-so of the liars assumes god-like inviolability. In the face of 'all lies, all the time' the only people who know the truth are the liars. They are the only people who possess the 'truth and the way'. They ain't self-impressed for nothing. And of course, it stands to reason that those with opposing views are viewed as heretics and treated as such.

Just to round it up, it's not really so surprising that Jewish people have no discernible culture of their own. I don't think they've got any room left in their heads given that their minds are so perfectly devoted to the art of misrepresentation. If you were all things to all people and none to any, who would you be? You'd almost have to pity these people. Almost.

PS. I was just struck by the cuttlefish. Not literally of course - just as a concept. A cuttlefish is a little squid who is the single greatest master of disguise in the natural world. Has anyone seen them on the TV? If not, go hit youtube. They're unbelievable. There is no surface that they can rest on that they cannot perfectly replicate in colour and pattern (and texture!). You have to see it to believe it. Scientists wondered at them and decided that by all rights they're one of the smartest creatures on the planet simply on the basis of their, um, graphics processing ability. Running with that computer metaphor (ayah! a metaphor within a metaphor) they're like a computer with a zillion terabytes of visual ram. The flipside of this is that their regular 'memory' is actually a dead ordinary 64Mb or so. Can you dig it?
PPS Why did I post this here? You'd think I didn't have my own blog, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

The veil of lies succeeds because most people are not that interested unless it directly effects them. I have raised these issues with groups of people and the apathy is stunning, far more interesting to discuss house prices or the latest fashionable holiday resort. Point out that Israel had a hand in the murder of 3000 on 911, and hundreds of thousands since, that the Bush administration was complicit, that America has a history of false flags and all the rest of the evidence, and people simply turn off their minds, whether boredom induced or because they have been trained since birth to do that when confronted with the truth.

But if our economies continue their precipitous slide to who knows where, this may all change. Happy and successful people may then start to suffer and ask questions about the real world they live in. They are then just a few mouse clicks away from having their preconceptions rocked to the core.

In the weeks and months ahead we may just see an explosion of interest from the greater public, and we need to redouble our efforts to convince people that we are telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les, for being unafraid.

Visible said...

There is a new chapter of Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World Here

Chapter 11.

notamobster said...

Duane - Poor, sweet, innocent Duane.... I try to stay away from the direct personal attacks, but you're an imbecile! Please, let me re-write my previous entry in simpler terms, so poor, sweet, innocent, Duane can understand. Is there another language I could put it in to be a bit easier understood. Que prefiere? Here it is... the same meaning, in easier 3rd grade English...


Has anyone done any research on the coming internet 2.0? It's going to allow the government and global elites to monitor our electronic communications easier (bad shit coming our way)(in re: Visibles comment about the internet being the only place to get the truth - they are trying to take that from us too). They (elites/govt)have to protect the mouth-breathers (public-at-large) from those who would question their utter nonsense(by those who would question I of course was referring to most of us on this blog).****************************************************************
YOU SAID: "It took me awhile to finally understand, as Les does, why one such as yourself decides to defend something that defy's common sense.

I have a dumptruck full of, coincidential,circumstancial,incriminating evidence,coupled with lies and contradictions that defy good logic.

You on the other hand have a dump truck full of bull shit."
(see above)What in the ever-loving-fuck are you talking about?
"but that because you and many more like you think the only Jews are in Israel"

Your ignorance is boundless, Sir. Please, don't presume to put words in my mouth, or assume that you know my thoughts. I am well-aware of the dual citizenship of most of our "leaders", and men of industry; as well as their predilections toward Zionism. Oh, and what were you talking about 'defending something that defies common sense'?

I have read Sarte, Francis Bacon, Walt Whitman, Nietzche, and volumes innumerable from some of the greatest minds to ever have graced this planet, but I seriously think I just lost 30 IQ points trying to understand where that attack came from, and what the hell you were talking about.

RML said...

Perhaps the Truth is not really the issue. We’ve always had the Truth, and we’ve always know the lie. Could the problem be our collective ever-expanding inability to discern Truth? We have lost both Logic and Intuition. Historically, Logic centered out of academia, Intuition out of common sense.

We have abdicated and surrendered our sentience -- willingly pawned it to politicians, churches, pharmacology & medicine, and the ever-present fear -industry of Goldstein wrecking havoc on our beloved homeland.

We are what is wrong with us. In this free-will universe, we have resigned our purpose and function. Vacuumed-out our essence and handed it over without protest. The Fabian/Social Darwinist aberration has succeeded in its reindoctrination. We are heretofore to regard ourselves not as the "Lesser God," but as the "Great Ape." This corruption has been going on for quite some time... and it is relentless.

What do we do? Teach discernment, learn how to read vibrations, rely on our Intuition, find our “Natural” self, and try not to fall for the same old crap.

Peace, Bro.

Anonymous said...

"It doesn't require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires to peoples minds."

- Samuel Adams

Visible said...

Last name on the Left.

I know you'll come by here so I want to leave you with some parting thoughts. I decided not to publish any more of your rants because my regular readers have had enough of this sort of thing for awhile.

The thing is, you don't provide any more proof than you accuse me of not having.

As for Sharon's quote, it doesn't even matter if he said it. It's true anyway... look at the cause of the Iraq War and the major players in 9/11. Look at the media control. Look at Congress in estrus to the lobby.

Look at what is happening in Palestine.

The particular holocaust you refer to is not my area of interest to affirm or deny. I don't probe too deeply into lies, just far enough to see that they are lies. this is not to say that I think this holocaust or any other holocaust is a lie but that lies swirl all around it. I never wonder about the presence of gas chambers or ovens... I'm not on a crusade about the business. The best I can say is that it makes me tired and I don't want to hear about it any more.

Present time is my concern. I am more concerned with the holocausts taking place right now. When I do refer to this particular holocaust it is because it is being used to justify all sorts of murder and mayhem. I'm also not pleased that this is considered the only one that was important, as if tens of millions of Russians are not important even thought they died at the hands of a Cheka which, strangely, you don't address.

I'm concerned with blood money being milked out of nations for armaments and devices that are being used to kill people who were driven off of their land and are now being killed and tortured on the land they were driven to.

I'm concerned about some people being called terrorists who are fighting for their lives and concerned about people with all the munitions engaged in genocide who are apparently the good guys. They just don't look like the good guys to me.

I get around. I saw the names of the men who owned the slave ships that brought the black Africans to America. I study things. I may miss some things... but this enormous amount of detail... names numbers... events... it can't all be bogus. So it makes me wonder.

You say you're not anonymous. Last name on the left is not a name. You assure me that you are not a member of a particular group but I go by the walks like a duck talks like a duck measuring tool.

Anyway, I'm explaining myself as best I can. I don't have anything to do with any of the people you mention except that they sometimes reprint my work. A lot of people do that. Google tells all.

Basically I don't like injustice and human suffering. I believe that there is a divine agency that rules the cosmos and that free will is a part of that and that summing up and reincarnation are a part of it. I think it's the same people with different names and skins killing each other over and over across the ages. I try to help people see and I hope and pray that I will be able to see better in order to.

I'm not perfect. I am a work in progress. I'm no fascist. I'm not a political animal at all. I just want to be a part of the awakening and help where I can. This will annoy the darkness but the darkness has no power over me.

I'm a recluse with invisible friends that I like to hang out with. I spend my time creating songs and stories and writing blogs. Otherwise I'm in Nature or engaged in arcane things. I'm not much interested in this world but I can't close my eyes to the suffering caused by those who do it because they enjoy it.

This isn't for you alone, this commentary. It's for everyone, friend and those who imagine themselves a foe. This is a dream. Life is a dream... sometimes a nightmare. I am gainfully employed by something I cannot describe and I try to do my best.

As for the accuracy of my work... there are thousands of people who could have called attention to errors in what I say and many sites that would not print my work if I were a liar. I do make mistakes and I have publicly corrected the few times they have occurred... but you and those who are like you are sleeping and dreaming that the end justifies the means and it doesn't matter who you hurt because there's no one watching and the authorites don't care or are paid off or are in on it so go with the winners.

This is why I say you are dreaming because it isn't how you think it is at all.

I'm going to take a more severe hand with this section of the blog. I won't ice out criticism. I need it but I will be more watchful.

Love all around.

Anonymous said...

True or False one still needs discernment to figure it out. As far as I am concerned communication venues are "all" capable of being true or being false and as long as humanity is in tact it was and is a fact of life.

The concept of information and how it is relayed is archaic for the most part 'the Internet or technology of the same may or may not evolve beyond this issue of ignorance/or lack of discernment...'

I still see 90% of information available out there as self serving versus informative...Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Nicely said Les.
Nothing annoys me more than people who tell falsehoods, blatant falsehoods, and get angry or indignant when you pick them up on it or show the falsehood is skewed.
I do not understand.
It may be a form of bullying?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it is an aspect of the ashenazi culture to be fanatical.

Fanaticism is always antithetical to human civilization and law.

When fanaticism is unbridled and unleashed upon a nation, then chaos and war ensues...until the fanaticism is defeated,


Anonymous said...

NOT A sincere rant was intended for LAST NAME ON THE LEFT. terribly sorry.

will look before I leap from now on.

regards Duane

Visible said...

I'll take that question Petkov,

Why am I not letting your comments appear? First of all, this is the first time that I haven't let you up. You always say the same thing. You come along and say that blogging is pointless and a waste of time and implying that I am a waste of time too. You don't explain what you are doing coming here and reading if it is a waste of time but we'll let that slide.

You don't say anything that anyone really wants to read and it is always the same thing. It's like to are tagging a wall with grafitti. Go tag some other wall.

I left off another comment from a poster that I am more prone to post. He seems a good soul but I can no longer afford (in my mind) certain terms which can be used by the enemy to discredit me by association. Choose your terms well and make a useful point, even if you are just saying hello. As a former bouncer and sometimes bodyguard this is an area where I know how to handle the situation./////////

Thank you Duane for being so cool, that's the right stuff.

notamobster said...

DUANE - My apologies,too, sir. I was reacting to a perceived attack, and could not for the life of me, fathom where it came from.

visble - point taken...



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