Sunday, July 13, 2008

Money, Honey ...and Face Time in Your Dreams.

For those of us still capable of independent thought, there is a question that arises in the mind. It is a perplexing question. Why is it that when people gain some measure of power, through money, influence or by association... why is it that so many of them choose to embrace corruption over principles and reputation? Why would so many potentially good people go bad and not care about the loss of their ideals and good name?

If you’ve got forty five minutes I’d like you to watch this video because I think it’s a simple place to start. I was turned on to this by the good people at Wake up from Your Slumber. They’re a good resource for ‘tell it like it is’ and the article is a good one too. There are some others as well. If you haven’t read this you probably should do that too. In my sidebar, I have some trusted sites. They are very few in number. I know there are others. It is my decision to link only those sites that ‘collect and disseminate’ real news and to let you find the individuals on your own. It’s just not my nature to have hundreds of blogs and sources listed. I can’t guarantee that all of these people will tell the truth all the time.

The sites I have listed are very discrete in their advertising. They don’t want their message compromised. What am I trying to say here? It mostly comes from this article. I’m hoping I’ve given you enough links now and that I can flesh out the broader approach with my usual form of dialectic.

We know that the neo-con control ‘bots lie. We know that the mass media lies. When the mass media isn’t lying then it isn’t saying anything at all; sins of omission. Nowhere in mass media are you being told that Karl Rove left the country. Early days? Maybe. We know that most of what we see and hear is being manipulated to provoke military and economic action against nations that DO NOT present a credible threat to the one’s planning these holocausts, present and future, and who are also the ones we most need to be protected against.

I get the uneasy feeling that many ‘so-called’ truth sites are compromised as much as the disinfo sites. The disinfo sites have the most money by a wide margin. However, as more and more people are waking up to the fact that they are being fed nothing but lies, various alternative sites... so called truth sites are also raking in large container loads of money and may well be no more than agents of disinfo letting ‘some’ truth thru so the people will not think the light at the end of the tunnel is a train.

It’s hard to know who to trust but that may be the result of our granting wider latitude than we should. Maybe we need to set stricter guidelines in our minds about what comprises self-promotion and selling out. Here’s the thing. The more money you have, the bigger the bullhorn you can buy. The more noise you can make, the more attention you receive and the more money you make. Maybe it’s a matter of class; dignity, honor, principles, manners, fidelity... something... something. When does a person’s capacity to tell the truth and to be effective as a guiding light turn into a Broadway musical staring them playing the good guy while being employed by the bad guy? Think about it.

I’m not going to name names here. That is rough country. Maybe some of these people think they are the good guys but they need to expand to get the message out so that they can buy a bigger bullhorn to exhort a larger crowd that one day they can turn the whole thing around and flowers will fall out of the sky instead of bombs and the world will be sane and everybody will have a piece of ground to call their own.

Unfortunately it is the nature of the beast to expand and grow until it turns into the same fascist enterprise tomorrow that it was fighting yesterday.

Nancy Pelosi said she would do one thing and she did another. She’s an incredibly unprincipled whore, no different than Karl Rove. I guess we should expect that. Money comes from somewhere and money is influence and a bigger bullhorn. In the end, what comes out of the bullhorn is whatever the money that bought the bullhorn wants to say. But what about the people who are supposed to be telling us the truth and whose sites are virtual Wal-Mart’s of product? The truth is supposed to improve our lives but it seems only to enrich people who have sacrificed the truth for their own self interest. Are they just misguided? Are they so enamored of their own bullshit that they can’t see what they have become? This I do not know.

I spend all my time working on these things and I have the luxury of being able to do that. Because I am careful about my appetites and don’t really want anything, I can afford to do this. I don’t get a bigger bullhorn though. Like a number of others, I just muddle on the best I can and hope it makes a difference. Where do you draw the line?

You make yourself a better person and you make the world a better place. I believe that. Even with all the armies of darkness laying in ambush in the cemeteries of night, I believe this. Meanwhile so much of the world is on a life support system of ipods and cellphones or locked into some religious machinery that promises them a better life hereafter.

Surely, if you are not a part of the solution then you are a part of the problem. The price of oil is just going up and up and it affects everything else. It affects industry and the manufacture of goods. It affects the transportation of those goods. We are looking at a perfect storm of immense proportion. It is because of Israel’s warmongering against Iran that the price of oil has gone up. You might think it stupid that speculators would bid so much for something that is still widely available. But should the Straits of Hormuz be shut down somebody is going to make a lot of money.

Iran may be its own kind of maverick nation and you may not like how they do things according to their idea of how things are but they don’t have a history of aggressive action against their neighbors. Israel’s history is filled with non-stop aggression against everyone besides themselves, regardless of whether that aggression takes the form of physical attack, economic attack, propaganda attack or guilt milking. Any time now they are going to go and get the Litani River. That’s the purpose of the news concerning rockets that don’t exist being sent to Lebanon by Iran.

I don’t know what to tell you. You, the people, surely do need to assert yourselves by some form of revolutionary action. You don’t have any choice. Sooner is better than later. I want to tell you that but I don’t have a big enough bullhorn. You can’t hear me. You can’t hear The Palestinians or a lot of other people because they don’t have any bullhorns either. You aren’t reading the real truth sites. You aren’t even reading me right now. You’re driving through Disneyland and Jack the Ripper is in the back seat.

There are no dials on my keyboard to turn up the volume. I’m driving alongside you and I see who’s in the back seat. I’m waving at you and pointing but you can’t hear me. It’s like that scene in The Hitcher.

No matter what anyone else does, you have to find your principles and identify your intentions. After that you have to find your place in the moments of your time and see if you can’t find some healing and harmony while evil destroys itself and everyone who believed in it. There is one thing that none of us can avoid... we all have to live with ourselves. Wherever you are, even if you can’t hear me, I hope you are encouraged to see a little clearer and try a little harder.

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Anonymous said...

Please include Christopher Bollyn in your sidebar of trusted sources. I'm amazed you haven't already.

Visible said...

I don't link to individual blogs. It can become a kissfest LA style if you're not careful. I don't want to link up with anyone I don't know because the truth is more important to me than the appearance of relationships and so it should be to you as well.

I admire Bollyn. Bollyn has even published some of my work on occasion and I felt complimented by that. He's been attacked by the police and driven from his home. So have I. And I have been in prison a time or two also... not for things I did but for things I said. The truth is a lonely endeavor.

I don't know that Christopher Bollyn wants me to link to him. He hasn't contacted me about it. I don't ask people to put me on their blogs. I wrote Mike James in Germany and he said he would contact me but he never did.

I reach out to people. I tell them I like their work. Often I don't hear back from them. Sometimes I hear back from them and then it fades or I make a friend.

I would like to think that those of us who care about the truth, people like Rixon Stewart, Mike Rivero, John Kaminsky could come together... there's quite few I admire and I'd like to work in concert but no one asks.

I try to highlight what I come across in my blogs.; That's my way of doing it. I don't know if there is some order of truth writers. I haven't been invited to join. I do belong to ancient brotherhood that I am initiated into. It runs back to the rishis and shamballa and beyond.... brotherhood of light workers sort of thing.

I'm really in to helping and making a difference but people don't come around much. I'm a recluse it is true but I'm not desirable to the bog time flow. I don't compromise. I have no price. You can't pay me off so...

I just do what I do.

Anonymous said...

This is why most Americans no longer vote. When Bush first became President, how many actually voted, 40% or less wasn't it?

The media isn't working anymore in trying to get one another to think there still is a voice of the people in the political system.

People now know better, and I guess have given up. Not given in.

Like that lyric from the band, The Who, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss". America's everyday people won't be expecting any change soon. Especially if Hillary gets back into the Whitehouse, will be the final proof that the entire system is nothing but a corrupted selective mafia.

Most already know this, just that they will be rubbing it in our faces, is all.

petkov said...

You actually BELIEVE this bits about the reptilian people and the other stuff? Gosh and you do appear normal. You fooled me, bro. Nothing more to say. Yeah, there is a world conspiracy of start rich guys but that's ALWAYS been going on. Nothing new or need reptilian people.

kikz said...

speaking of music...

reading this piece and just generally observing the world spinning...

phil collins'
Land of Confusion

keeps looping in my consciousness.

Willow said...

I love your site and visit it often. I was wondering if you knew anything about "chaos theory"? I've been looking into it and find it rather interesting especially when applied to what we are experiencing now in the world.

Chaos theory suggests that a "shot" of the unexpected, the uncertain is something to be embraced rather than regulated or feared. Chaos tends to undermine structures that have become too calcified, rigid and inflexible. It allows limited closed systems to open up to alternatives (example: the net). This, in turn, actually allows for more freedom and creativity.

Another aspect of Chaos is what is known as the "butterfly effect". You know, a butterfly flapping its wings in China causes a tornado in Kansas. The point is that often social changes and movements start with one person or small groups of individuals who simply refuse to collude any longer with the system. It's an act of utter defiance that, given factors of attraction, accelerates exponentially (ex:Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus strike).

In other words, sometimes it looks as if people are asleep or doing nothing. Yet, the reality is, something is being born however slow it may be. Your idea of stepping away from the machine is correct. We do this in small ways but they catch on as they accelerate. A fine example of this is how Linux is taking off. Once Microsoft ruled the world but someone thought their OS kinda sucked and developed a new one and GAVE IT AWAY FOR FREE. Well, after the Vista fiasco, MS is scrambling because, in a utter act of defiance, more and more people are turning to Linux, cooperating in its development and free software downloads and updates. Linux is the OS on the Mars probe, not MS.

Change takes time and movements gain momentum over an arc. You are doing the right thing and your voice IS being heard and your ideas ARE being considered. Day by day, hour after hour, small decisions lead to other choices to alternative actions taken and creative ways of turning away from the machine. Keep going, brother. We need your voice and the voices of all those who say NO MORE.


Visible said...

Petkov, maybe it's a language thing. The article is contrary toward, not for that particular item and if you had been paying attention you would have put that together and also understood where I was coming from too. Like I said, maybe it's a language thing. I can understand that. The other options are that you are in willful disregard or... whatever it might be. In any case, you are wrong and the prima facie evidence of the post shows that so... carry on.

Yes, Willow, I am familiar with chaos theory. It dovetails into my perception that everything is under control but that few see it. Most think the world is under the control of the bad guys. They are actually actors playing out a Shakespearean tragedy of their own invention (with some diabolical assistance prodding them to epiphany).

Thank you for the good words. We shall continue until the mission is complete and then we shall continue as we go from there.

Anonymous said...

You ever get the feeling you're standing on the beach, the surf circling around your ankles and you can see a tsunami coming?
I had been thinking there was no way another 60's moment could be avoided now. Maybe people are waiting for the western deathtoll to reach 50,000, and maybe not. Gaming the people's right to know isn't working anymore. The glaring physical effects contradict the ommissions and outright fabrications. The people no longer have to know all the intracasies of the dance steps to know the hustle. The very air itself is a vast smog of anxiety, the atmosphere of calm before the storm while the waves collide into one another.
The good part is that nothing can be done to censor sensitivity. The bad part is something's up, and everybody knows its up to no good.

Anonymous said...

Les, you and Rixon Stewart are the only ones I truly trust (please don't let me down). I think you are absolutely right in exercising extreme caution in endorsing (or even mentioning) other websites. The agents of disinformation are in high gear on the web right now (even providing disinfo about the disinfo agents!) Disinformation is what got us into this mess in the first place, so we must be extremely vigilant and skeptical about our sources.
Bless you, Les. I love it that you're poor, and can't be bought :)
Susan B.

Anonymous said...

Please also include

Their "money" page
has a few videos on the banking scam.

Anonymous said...

Karl Rove left the country in order to avoid a subpoena issued by congress? It`s like you said, Les, I sure didn`t see that printed in the "newspapers" or mentioned on the "news". I guess they just forgot. Hey, no one is perfect, right?

Should there ever be anything resembling Justice in America all the mass murdering, international terrorists in the government will be dangling from ropes.


If those inbred reptile, parasiting, cowardly, murdering, born evil jew terrorists try to attack Iran or Lebanon again it will be another nail in their rodent coffin. Of that they can rest assured.

Anonymous said...

"I get the uneasy feeling that many ‘so-called’ truth sites are compromised as much as the disinfo sites. The disinfo sites have the most money by a wide margin." -Les Visible

* * * * *

Addiction To Lies Continues To Render Only Death--And Never True Happiness
(Apollonian, 13 Jul 08)

Les Visible with his exposition is like an accurate mortar or howitzer--or a battleship which has "bracketed" the opponent. Thus Visible keeps up an evermore accurate and telling fire, but he and we are still amazed at such (seeming, anyway) little effect upon the opponent. But Visible still does heroic work, nonetheless, and I propose to demonstrate below.

Problem then is hitting this enemy enough times--evidently. For what has happened, socio-biologically? Answer is humanity has expanded and increased its numbers so much that now what's taking place is a big KILL-OFF, a "culling" of the herd, so to speak. Thus we practical socio-biologists strive to grasp the actual truth.

And note the kill-off continues so inexorably to go on, no matter what people do to try to stop or alleviate the problem.

For observe: ever since High Middle Age (roughly about 1050 A.D.) Western humanity/civilization has expanded, its population increasing amazingly. Not even the great Black Plague of 1349 (the first large outbreak) was able to hold such pop. growth down.

Steadily, consistently throughout the centuries NOTHING could stop this incredible population increase. But observe ironic consequences of this incredible population EXPLOSION--which also, of course, required a simultaneous technological improvement to go along.

This incredible pop. explosion then simply bred-up a tremendous mass of INFERIORS AND WEAKLINGS, and all these (evidently) have now to be expended and liquidated--and we aren't done yet with the great remaining kill-off.

Such then is simply necessary and overwhelmingly plain socio-biologic conclusion. And note there's no "good-evil"--it's just simply a socio-biologic functioning. Getting hung-up on "good-evil" only compounds the problem to see accurately for the real TRUTH--and OBJECTIVE REALITY.

And note we try and try to figure out the great WHY for all this orgiastic slaughter and killing--and surely some understand--but not enough, not yet, despite eloquence of such as Les Visible.

I also like the outstanding video recommended by Les Visible on the "money" problem--it's just elaborated COUNTERFEITING (see also for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud), which video does good job of describing (replication of paper receipts--COUNTERFEITING).

Thus we see how brilliant these COUNTERFEITERS really are, as Visible pt.s out in his above-cited quotation; THEY KNOW HOW TO INVEST their counterfeited funds, indubitably.

We (patriots, I submit) then, are up AGAINST GENIUSES, and that's part of the problem--it's why even Visible's eloquence has such little (seeming, at any rate, so far) effect.

So now, given my above prologue, I'll broach (ONCE AGAIN) my theory which is consistently ignored by the smug victims and future victims of this incredible KILL-OFF socio-biologic mechanism: people, u need to try to strive to endeavoring, to making serious attempt TO GET OFF THIS "DRUG" TO WHICH U'RE ADDICTED so hopelessly regarding "good-evil"--for it doesn't exist, and it continues to kill u steadily--as by blinding ur poor minds.

Just CUT this stupid balderdash folks: U'RE JUST LYING TO URSELVES--why?--it makes u feel good?--to pretending like little boys and girls u're "GOOD"?--what good is that if u're dead?

But people still prefer being "good" to being alive and happy--well, alive, anyway. And as long as this utterly, thoroughly insane obsession/addiction w. "good-evil" continues, WE'RE DOOMED--as that depleted uranium continues to be sown and salted evermore throughout the earth.

People, esp. dumb-shits, talk about "morality," but note such moralism is just word for logic btwn ends and means--that's all (in all truth).

For there's NO POSSIBLE "MORAL" VIRTUE above HONESTY by which to grasp that necessary TRUTH.

And what's killing people is this idiot lies and lying regarding "good-evil," once again, which morons, fools, inferiors, and weaklings pretend is to be valued above HONESTY and truth. For only TRUTH will make us FREE (Gosp. JOHN 8:32).

Thus I pt. out Jews, foremost liars (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), ARE NOT "EVIL"--they're simply agents fulfilling simple socio-biologic function, removing over-populated gentiles, that's all.

Thus even if we removed all Jews--and there were still stupid, brainless gentiles and hubrisitc inferiors and weaklings who believe in "good-evil," for thematic example--the basic PROBLEM WOULD REMAIN, and another mixed-race group would arise, pretending they're God (and so aggrieved with "persecution," etc.), and they'd then take-up where Jews left off, that's all.

CONCLUSION: So I, for one, thank Les Visible once again for his outstanding dialectic and expo by which we continue to observe like scientists and socio-biologists upon this incredible problem which so much frustrates poor, pathetic, tragedy-afflicted humanity. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

D.L. said...

I've been coming here from time to time (mostly from Rivero), for about a year. Best, most focused post ever, and I will link it in my next post on my site, geared toward rural/remote preparedness,
(the first line of "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield). and I won't accept donations or sell stuff either, and don't trust sites which do (unless they sell preparedness stuff)

Franz said...

Les vs. HAL!

Fine post, the dilemma is real. And to the Anon who notes that Americans barely PRETEND to vote anymore, right.

I mean, how many rigged decks do you play against till you know, just know, the house is busy laughing so hard you can hear the game table shake?

It's HALs biggest scam right now.

HAL is the Coptic word the ancient Gnostics had for "delusion, distortion, fraudulence and hallucination." The world, even then, was ruled by the same thing ruling it now. Call it Maya, HAL or the Neocons, it all comes out the same.

The Gnostics then, like Les Visible now, become the unofficial legion of truth with one task: Expose HAL, because enough light destroys its power. How much light and how long it takes is one of the most powerful weapons in HAL's armory: Delusion wants us to think it is unconquerable.

The Gnostics hammered one point again and again: HAL is lies and hot air, mostly. We overestimate it. All the elites on earth and all their evil can be chucked off in one day. But the light needs to be a bit stronger. It's not enough yet.

Homer, read the right way, shows that it's happened before. The Gnostics liked him. Homer wrote two books, one about a war at Troy and one about the aftermath.

In the first book, evil elites are everywhere, snarling orders and arranging wars.

In the second book, except for one adrift king, THERE ARE NO ELITES.

HAL can be beaten. We can beat it because we know. We know that it HAS been beaten. Our history starts with Homer who said so in plain Greek.

Anonymous said...

Rixon is human like the rest of us. I know him (just from frequenting his site)to be a true truthseeker. There are many truthseekers out there that will not let David Icke ever get to their minds podium for consideration-just because of Icke's belief of what is at the top. Even if you reject that, Icke's 'Big Picture' still holds together. Icke is anything but lazy and his books do give credit to other researchers.

Anonymous said...

Not YOU again !? Good Christ, man,
don't you EVER wind down?
Guess not.Ah, well, that's why the
Big Guy in the Sky gave us the Net.
Or Web.Or spiders.Whatever.Spiders
are so archetypal. I lived in this
old place in Leavittsburg, and I
swear, Les, I would wake up and SEE
a spider, about the size of a fucking dog, crouching in the doorway.Who needs that? Make it go away! No, I'm OK. Really.
You like movies? I don't. Just saw
Hell Boy # 2, whatever.Appears this
Mexican guy owes his career to
Ron Pearlman, the inimitable John
Hurt gets a name check, and I get
my head blown off with Computer
Graphics Imagery.Again.Whatever.
I did notice How Sexy hollywood finds Ocuult Symbolism, that's if
you find sexy having occult symbolism stuffed down your throat.
Being an astrologer, I'm pulling
rank here. Like, now that you've
stumbled aross Symbols in the
Modern Age, you monkeys, how much
$$$ can you bottom-feeders stir up?
Can I have my money back, please?
I AM a senior citzen.Whatever.
OK. The reason we're here.
This Internet business's a bitch.
Never thought I would experience
sensory overload. And having spent
most of my life seeking out, and
embracing, sensory overload, well,
you're not talking to an amateur here! But, I opened Pandora's Box
several decades ago(lifetimes,whatever) and old Karma
just refuses to quit rearing Her
ugly head, politically and you-name-it.I guess what I'm trying to
say is, in a Constitutional Democracy, the People wind up with
the Government They deserve.Period.
Therefore: how many people are still capable of THINKING of such
things, little on agreeing with V,
when he said," People should not be
afraid of their government, government should be afraid of their People." Whatever.

From: Jack Donahue

Oleary said...

The answer to the first question is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts abaolutely.
An answer as to what can be done about it can be found in a play written by my son Sean O'Leary, "Wine To Blood". He concludes the play about the Spanish civil war by saying:
"I don't know if there is a Utopa, but I am certain that we must act as though there can be."
Hal O'Leary

Anonymous said...


I've also always thought that money and power corrupts people, until I started to study psychology, psychopaths and specifically ponerology. After recently reading Lobaczewski’s “Political Ponerology” and Cleckley’s “Mask of Sanity”, I’ve changed my opinion totally, and found in this research answers that comply with all of my experience of both the “real world” and spiritual searching. I just wonder what your thoughts are regarding “psychopaths in suits” , and if you ever considered this mental defect as the real common factor of all this corruption and lies?

Thanks for great article,

Visible said...


The source of the psychopaths, the energy they feed from, is the cause in my opinion. Call it The Devil, materialism, the reptile brain or what have you. To me, psychopaths are 'stolen cars' being driven by malevolent entities. They make think of themselves as an individual with a name but the are a stolen car.

They influence the negative potential in others and this makes their appearance and effects seem greater than their numbers would indicate. Our Present state of the culture is a natural breeding ground for them.

notamobster said...

Anonymous - Jack Donahue (the mad hatter) - I agree the people get the government they deserve. The "governor" are a direct representation of the governed. I do however disagree as to the assertion that we are a "Constitutional Democracy". We are no such thing. The word Democracy is thrown about to confuse the sheeple and further obfuscate the treachery. This nation is a limited Constitutional Republic. Ben Franklin said "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner, Liberty is a well-armed lamb, contesting the vote". He informed several bystanders when asked, upon exiting the Constitutional convention "what have you bequeathed us?" "We have given you a Republic, if you can keep it."

Our forebears knew exactly what the future of this nation would be, because unlike so many today, they knew how to read... Read of the Greek city-states, or perhaps the Roman Empire. There is a natural progression of laziness and complacency which arises when humans become comfortable being "governed". I would advise anyone reading this to read Voltaire, Jefferson, Bastiat. Maybe the articles of confederation are in order... "Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else." — from Government ~ Frederic Bastiat

The Constitution was written to limit the govt. It was the codification of natural law and a utilitarian view of govt. The people are simply remiss in their duties, just as the Romans were. Thus, we will get what we deserve, as have all lazy, careless societies of the past. There are those of us, who like our ancient compatriots, scream from the rooftops of our impending demise. As with the fate of our ancient brethren, we are being ridiculed, next we will be violently opposed, then, when it's too god-damned late and the FEMA Camps have been closed and the bodies properly disposed of, our truth will be accepted as always having been self-evident.

Anonymous said...

1. Revolution... well, the fact of the matter is that the only way you will be able to get a real change is to vote for Obama. JUST KIDDING! Really, the only way for the DEEP level of corruption to be ferretted out would be for a military takeover. It will take a number of intelligent, creative, and well-liked military officers to plot out a siege of the White House (and really, the whole of DC) and round up the guilty to stand trial. Re-manning the posts of political officials will have to come from within the military to ensure a less horrible transition period. Remarks about fluoride/'scription poisoning and gun-grabbing are understood -- the "people" will not be able to do this on their own. Praying for a massive uprising are completely futile. Once you make this HONEST realization, you can begin strategizing.

2. I've had enough run-ins with karma and deja vu and psychic promptings to trust that there is another "field" to consider. After you reclaim your "self" from the literal and figurative chains that restrict your mind, you truly can possess a special power of change that helps you see through obstacles.

3. Blogs and alternative news sites are great -- even (and especially) dis/misinformation sites!!) The people who seek out information beyond the spectrum of the mainstream have already made the most difficult leap. I had a buddy who was a military man and a fan of Bush. We had the same disdain for corporate media and the fake economy, but the one thing that allowed him to cheer on the war(s) was his belief that human life was not inherently valuable. It took years of passionate, intelligent arguments before we found that this was the source of the difference in our respective belief systems. Even though I consider this point to be an unforgivable character flaw for this gentleman, I would trust him with my life and he'd be the first guy I call when martial law hits -- mainly because he has a bunch of guns... Anyway, my point is that people who can THINK beyond the cultural limitations need to be recruited as friends. MoveOn/org is not going to sponsor the revolution -- it will take those from all belief systems to come together under the common theme of taking ideas to their logical conclusion. Smart people will figure out the big brother agenda if you showe 'em a few of the mile-markers.

4. Fantasy football. I recognize that professional sports are the dominant distraction for men -- chicks have celebrity gossip, dudes get sports. These are entertainment industries that do not encourage mental or emotional growth, nor do they teach any valuable information. That being said, I am gung-ho with fantasy football. As commissioner, I get to send out newsletters and message board posts to my league, and because I'm "that guy," I make sure to denounce the 9/11 myth and talk political smack whenever I want. Once in a while, I notice the less aware teams in my league engage in discussion or simple elevate their thought process because of enhanced knowledge of these topics. My meandering point -- get people aware, not necessarily mobilized for war... An understanding of the dynamics will make making the right dicision easier once the craziness starts.

RML said...

Viz --
I've got a question for you. A question I’ve been asking myself as of late: "What would be different (with me and my world) if my imaginary "Truth Screen" became a reality? Truth Screen?! It’s a device/invention that shows if someone is lying (like bio-kinesiology/muscle testing -- one's body does not lie.) Say, we have this mechanism (truth screen) placed over our TV sets and we can bloody well SEE when someone is lying. We could see them lie.

[This would be cool, yes, & a hell of a lot of fun.]

So, where does that take us? We bask in the shared knowledge that, yes, these bastards have been lying all along. . . Just like we've been saying! [here is where I ask my question to myself] When everyone can see the lie as plain as day, what has changed? What is different, now that we all see what the few of us have seen all along? Am I a happier, more content person? Has my love coefficient expanded? Am I more in tune with the Cosmos? Am I suddenly more compassionate, more kind, more loving to the least of these?

So the neocons admit that they were behind the bulk of 9/11 ... that they (like true bottom feeders) encouraged and let the whole thing happen. What does this give us? What have we gained?
We've known the truth all along, and that fact has amounted to what? Now that the entire planet knows these d-bags were behind it, what then? What was gained by the Nuremburg Trials when today, the very reason that the Nazis were condemned and executed is the very same thing that these d-bags did when they initiated a "war of aggression." Then, as now, all we gain is a revenge release.

The behavior and the reaction to the behavior don’t seem to change.
So we’ve reached our goal of full disclosure. What then? The same consciousness will be in power. When I walk outside of the push-to-disclose, what really changes? I am not asking this as a rhetorical question but, as a query that does not have a simple, knee-jerk reaction.

Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Let's explore this reptilian theory with an interesting quote from the Book of Enoch. The book of Enoch is reported to have been in circulation around 500-300 BC.

Chapter 16 vs 2-5 And now to the Watchers, who have sent thee to pray for them, who in the beginning were in heaven,....say in heaven have you been, secret things however have been manifested to you, yet have you known a reprobated mystery....And this you have related to women in the hardness of your heart, and by that mystery have women and mankind multiplied evil upon the earth....Say to them Never therefore shall you obtain peace.

Chapter 17 vs 1....They raised me up into a certain place, where there was the appearance of a burning fire, and when they pleased they assumed the likeness of men.

The old "Beam me up Scottie" routine. Of course Enoch had no idea of lights ....[the appearance of a burning fire].

To the poster who thinks "reptilian being" is preposterous....


Anonymous said...

Yo Les:

You often wonder why the masses are so oblivious to what is happening to them, courtesy of neo corps and AIPAC owned gov.

Would you believe that now that 70% of America is being fluoridated, we are living in a controlled fog.
The Russians didn't give prisoners fluoride to make their teeth cavity free.
Fluoride screws teeth up!
The Tavistock plan is working rather well. What kind of toothpaste do you use? Good luck!
Don't forget aluminum laden deodorant, MSG (fat)in every box and can on the shelf, irradiation of all produce killing all living enzymes, aspartame, which is carcinogous. Everything we eat is pretty much over processed crap! No wonder everybody looks like they are in a zoned out state.
I don't even want to bring up the pharma and DU which is spreading throughout the world.
The tiny group of power hungry whores with no conscience have us goyim by the balls.
We better get on the case or soon we will get a free ride on a white box car with shackles to an already build interment camp (600/800 facilities)
with guillotines.
Hopefully the masses will wise up before it is too late

Les, keep up your deligent efforts Thank you

Regards, O3zone Dan

kikz said...

rml's askin...
When everyone can see the lie as plain as day, what has changed? What is different, now that we all see what the few of us have seen all along?

forgive, if this sounds yodaesque and should be more properly on visibleorigami...:)

the vibe is different!
discernment... of false light (lies) is one of the first steps on the path to evolution of consciousness and true freedom :) without development of this faculty, one remains chained in Plato's cave, in darkness and ignorance.

the journey's solo, but even momentary company can give hope, and steel ones' resolve to continue when the path gets rough. :)

here's a quote that sums it up, from Chrichton, who's done research on the 'working celtic cross'.

"May our songs shine like light then and awaken the child of light within the mind of Man. And with coming of the dawn that they might see where the path they stumble along in the darkness is leading them.
Let those who awaken first begin to sing as One so that the Intelligence might hear their illumination and stay the hand of destruction
For a Mother does not want to smother her children nor a Father to strike them, but wishes them only happiness"

Visible said...


that's a difficult issue because it is a personal issue. Evil is part of the world. Evil also destroys itself and those who attach to it. When we learn what we learn, it changes our perceptions and our world. It doesn't always change other people's worlds.

There is a Buddha that is called the Buddha of Infinite Compassion. This is the Buddha that sees what is happening and knows that he cannot interfere. Understanding this is more complex than this simple presentation but the key to it is there.

This isn't the only world. This is a place where these things happen and where we, the players and the participants are given the opportunity to define ourselves by our actions.

I like to think that I am on the road to Shamballah. I'm moving to Shamballah but I am passing through here. Let me behave as if I were in Shamballah even though no one else knows about it or where it is... it is still there.

Follow the light and understanding will come. Few persevere but for those who do comes a reward beyond comprehension.

dzinto said...

I don't think their primary motivation for betrayal is money. The idea that as soon as they get the power, they are immediately showered by golden rain somehow does not appear realistic. I think fear is more probable. First of all, the fear to be ridiculed by the media immediately as they get out of line. Fear of massive organized campaign directed by AIPAC, for example - usually the distance from more or less bold statement to tearful apologizing is less than one week, everybody witnessed multiple telling examples. Fear to lose the prestige they just have earned - in their eyes.

Anonymous said...

One dynamic affecting all of us, especially the powerful, is the ever shifting inventory of our dependencies. Increased consumption follows increased power and what was once difficult to track becomes voodoo science.

The Greeks had many schools of thought to approach this omnipresent dilemma, my favorites being Epicureanism and Skepticism which seem to be dearly encouraged here. Thank you for that.

I'll add to the Musical theme with a righteous and spiritual chestnut of the coming confrontation of We The People and our bastard child, The Republic.

The Gates of Delirium

Stand and fight we do consider
Reminded of an inner pact between us
That's seen as we go
And ride there
In motion
To fields in debts of honor

Stand the marchers soaring talons,
Peaceful lives will not deliver freedom,
Fighting we know,
Destroy oppression
The point to reaction
As leaders look to you

Choose and renounce throwing chains to the floor.
Kill or be killing faster sins correct the flow.
Casting giant shadows off vast penetrating force
To alter via the war that seen
As friction spans the spirits wrath ascending slowly to redeem.


Anonymous said...

I would like to say to RML when everybody knows what only a few knew, and still nothing is done about it, we are worse off in every way, personally, impersonally, locally, globally. Its quite a moment.
We can simplify it with a little parallel. For example, let's say a relationship you are in appears to you to have fallen apart and you spend agonizing months, maybe even years, asking yourself is this real? You compromise, you adjust, you argue with yourself day and night. And then, when all of your worst suspicions are unavoidably confirmed, what do you do, what do you do? The answer in our little parallel is pretty simple, right? If nothing is done, if nothing is remedied, we become ill from the sheer weight of living a lie.
This is the real tragedy. This is why there must be closure.
I've understated everything in this post, intentionally, so you can magnify it to whatever scale you perceive it to be. The situation we are in at this time is one we've read of, lived in, cast coins over, more times throughout the history of Earth's revolutions around the sun than there are numbers to calculate the movement.
The answer is always the same. The answer is courage.

Peace, Nina



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