Friday, July 25, 2008

The Strange Moments of these Remarkable Times.

NOTE: I'll be on the radio tonight at Feet to the Fire Radio.

If someone were to ask me to define God, I would say, “Imagine the highest and deepest, most piercing and enveloping love. Then imagine you are on a highway out in the Midwest. On some of those highways you will sometimes see signs for a Las Vegas casino called Harrah’s. Well, you might see one in Bangor, Maine that says the distance is thousands of miles. Further on you see a sign which says ‘God; one million light years.’ That is how that feeling describes God in terms of definition and I am a million light years from there as I sit here now.” That’s the best I can do but that is probably wrong too because I am a million light years from my best as well. I hope I have satisfied your curiosity... it is that close.

Neither God, nor love can be measured and I don’t think greed and lust can be either. Feel like you are in an Escher painting? Me too... but you have to be able to imagine.

Last night I saw this I could say that the guy could use a makeover, Hollywood style. But we don’t want Hollywood in a situation like this. We want truth. So, some guy, antsy and uncomfortable against a brick wall will do for the moment. The t-shirt isn’t a bad move either. What it says is the truth. I don’t know why I kept listening. The production values are not to my standards but if I had to do it I probably wouldn’t accomplish the technical end any better. Let’s just say, that’s a definite. Speaking truth to power is something that you do not see. Young man, allow me to reach across the internet and shake your hand.

Then I see this and I hear the rumble of a distant engine. Willie Nelson has always been one of my heroes. And now he just proves why once again. Maybe we aren’t going down just yet. It could be that the battle has not begun. That’s another problem. How come nobody said much of anything all those years? Well, maybe they did and they got their head handed to them like The Dixie Chicks; those brave and righteous women whom contemporary America scorned and I cheered on but then felt like I’d farted at the dinner table. Good, I want to fart at that dinner table.

Then again, slander and ignominy come with the territory. You have to be willing to risk that for the good of yourself and others. In my book, other people come first. So why is it that only Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney and the rest of the fingers on one hand are the only people in our government to speak out against the lies and murders that have continued day after day after day? How come no congressman, no senator, stood out on the steps of congress and said I will not move from this spot until this senseless murder stops? How come? How come?

How comes it that a simpering psychopath like George Bush can take the White House without having been legally elected two times and nobody says a word? Sure, some of us spoke out but we aren’t important people. Even some important people spoke out but we didn’t hear about it and when we did we were told that they were traitors and giving comfort to the enemy; even though no enemy did 9/11, 9/11 was an Inside Job.

My father, not the nicest guy in the world, used to say to me, “You can’t piss in my ear and make me think it’s rain.” He didn’t leave me much or else I haven’t figured out yet why I went through what I did but he did leave me that... even if when he said that... it was raining. Those were not good days for young visible. Young visible had many a bad day. Young visible understands what happens to people simply for being themselves and young visible empathizes with other people when the same thing happens.

I became an accomplished liar to save my ass; not that it did. But you do what you have to, to survive. I often wished that I were dead but apparently not yet. Ghosts follow me. I know they are ghosts. I am not afraid of ghosts.

Is there a glimmer here? Is there some movement, some change in the air? Can it be that this young man standing against a brick wall; Willie Nelson, Jessie Ventura, Ron Paul and a host of others are going to juxtapose at the perfect moment? Will the forces of evil among us be met by the awakening forces of good struggling out of their dreams? I don’t know but I am with them, in my heart and in my body and in my mind.

Proof to me that there is a God is that I feel the way I do. I feel the surging course of a rising brotherhood. I believe in love and honor, what is decent, what is good. I have not always behaved the way I should. Like all of you, I am a work in progress. Still, none of us have risen to such heights only to sink to such depths of depraved psychopathy as has our congress and our courts and our leaders.

How it is that used car salesmen Gumby-bots came to be our icons and wardens, I cannot tell you. Was it bad TV, music, movies, sex for sex, sucking the moment up like a chemical drink for the fast food mind? Is it about the money and protection from the people you stole it from? I always feel that I am inside that Yeat’s poem when I think about these things.

I’m going to ask you all again, one more time ...and I will still ask you again and again because on this we depend, I’m going to ask you to wake up. I am reaching into your dreaming mind and shaking your metaphorical shoulder. You have to wake up and stand with that guy by the wall and might I remind you that is not the only wall? You have to climb out of your Matrix cocoons and wipe the slime from your eyes. You have to come into the moment and fill the moment with your presence, your sleeping beauty and your love.

Every Marine who loves his country needs to understand that what is worth dying for is worth living for and might want to read the words of the Constitution of The United States of America. Every officer and soldier in every branch of service needs to read what it says. Every citizen needs to read what it says. Thugs have hi-jacked your country. Treason has been committed. Sacred trust has been broken. You need to wake up. This is their single power... that you do not wake up. When you wake up it is over for them so... please... I beg you... wake up.

I’m just a guy standing in front of a brick wall, just like that guy standing in front of a brick wall. We are trying to reach you. You are not beasts. You are human beings. Rise and be counted.

Tyranny occurs because you allow it. You trade your freedom for comfort and then they take your comfort. It’s a no win situation. Maybe something is coming. Maybe something good is coming. Something good would be coming if all of you were coming and your intentions were for the greater collective good. Let’s face it; no one is safe when we permit murder in our names in order to go on sleeping.

You’re not dead yet, you’re just sleeping. The Constitution; what did Bush call it? It’s not dead either. The revolution is on if you are. You can die in your sleep. You can live in your dreams or you can take a stand, even if it is only in your mind and you can help to tip the wheel and turn the corner and grind the circumstance beneath the wheel until it is a fine powder and you can take that powder and put it in history's musket.

The good can only endure if it can endure in you. If you sell out your honor and your birthright for a mess of potage then where are you? Some things are worth the trouble. The fate of everything you care about is connected to the way you are. Be there for yourself and each other, wherever ‘there’ is there. In this moment be there and the world will change.

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God in Country by Les Visible


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Les, for putting words to what I know many of us feel. You can see it all around here where I live - right in the middle of "God's country" in the American midwest. Something has happened to me and I can "see" things I never would have before. People are stunned, scared and reacting in many different ways. Most continue to be in denial, and I totally understand why. The myth is very powerful, and the truth is terrifying. Many, many people are arming themselves. Gun dealers are doing a huge amount of business around here. Others talk about what to do "when it hits". On some level, lots and lots of people know intuitively that something is coming, they just haven't had time to distill that internal message down to its true essence. Fear still rules their process. Lots and lots of shoulders are being gently tapped, but the time for a solid slap to the face is nearly at hand I'm afraid.

Unfortunately, it seems that we here in America are going to need to have ALL of our freedoms taken away before we act as one, but that might be very, very close to happening with any number of potential triggers casting us all the way into living what many of us that pay attention know is the eventual outcome. It certainly isn't easy to live in America right now,
but I can't see running off anywhere being any "safer", and I intend to stay right where I am because here is where there is the greatest potential to do the good work that can cause real, lasting change.

Here is how I see it, if anyone cares. The cause of most of the problems that are currently flaring up in the world are not simple ones. The TRUE cause is usually about 3 or 4 layers beneath what is cited as the cause, and few are able to get past what they are fed. "Hmmm, our banking system is in trouble because those horrible, irresponsible lowlifes with no self discipline took out mortgages they couln't afford? Makes sense to me - it's the POOR peoples fault!". Heck, that kind of discernment takes time, EFFORT, and critical thinking skills, not to mention suspending the overwhelming crush of cognitive dissonance that is epidemic here. Too many distractions and some heavy medication as a cherry on top.

The solution is not a simple "tweak" of our current model that will make all of us magically get along and respect one another. It certainly isn't as some of my die-hard capatalist friends think, for all the brakes to be taken off so "markets" can finally, as Ronald Reagan promised, raise all our boats with the majesty of trickle-down. Any notion that electing a new group of "leaders" will change anything substantially is folly - it will only put a new face to the lies and make us feel like we have "done" something. I believe that we are saving it all up for when it gets really, really critical, and hope that the response is so overwhelming that we rid ourselves of the parasites that have ALWAYS caused our misery once and for all, but I'm afraid that when the stuff hits the whirling blades, the response will be misdirected and fail, and we will blow our load without touching the true enemy. I want to see the whole, entire mess be taken down to the cellar so we at least have a chance of rebuilding something worth saving in the future. We'll see.

The problem is immense and is one that has plagued humanity for almost as long as there was humanity I think. The solution, as dark and scary as it may seem, is going to have to be immense as well, or we just get half way there. I've got your back, brothers and sisters. Let's go all the way, shall we?


notamobster said...

vis- I have the US Constitution, Declaration, and Bill of rights in PDF if anyone would like a copy to read. I read them all, once a month. I also have them on parchment; triple matted and framed in mahogany on the walls of my house. I also have the Articles of Confederation(pdf), and the complete writings of Thomas Payne (pdf), should anyone be interested. Just let me know.
For those not familiar, Thomas Payne was a man of striking brilliance. He argued for equal rights of blacks, women, and indeed every human being. For speaking this universal truth, he was resigned to die alone, a pauper and a drunk. I say this, because I want these folks to know what coming. When you stand up and speak the truth, people get really angry. When you question everything they think they know, they will get violently upset. You WILL lose family, and friends, and the high esteem of your co-workers. I want you to be prepared. People will despise you for the truth, but don't let that stop you. We are not, each of us the lone ranger; wandering aimlessly in pursuit of truth. "We are Legion" and growing every single day. There is a movement afoot to reclaim the Constitutional Republic of Texas. A free Republic based on the universal rights of man. While I don't expect this to gain much traction any time soon, it is yet another shining example of free individuals yearning to cast off the yolk of tyranny.

Wayshower said...

I lurk around your blogs, Les, but I'm with you all the way - and there must be hundreds, nay thousands already, like me. Keep on giving us your inspiration.

a GrebBear said...

Boxed in by walls ... so they think.
Ha ! Ridiculous !!
I don't know how to be 'there' ... I'm there.
My imperfections create doubt in my light ... but, I'm awake now ! Thank you for poetically articulating what I can not; waking people up can be a painful art. I seem to crush toes and/or trumpet poorly in all attempts ?? Seems the sleeping won't read neither ??
Only the wakened can fly, walk through walls ... seize the day.
Truth, Peace, Love, Light
; -)

shivaprakash said...

Another very interesting article from a brilliant man....keep up the good work.

You know, I read a lot about the same stuff most of you regularly read...about the current economy, US constitution, globalization, global warming etc etc & it doesn't require a Phd to see what is the root cause of the problem & who are the people behind all this.

When you tell people to wake up.....the way I see is that many people do hear you & understand exactly what you are saying & agree it makes perfect sense, but the problem starts when it comes to committing to join the fight....cause committing to join the fight means one has to downsize the current American lifestyle substantially & not many are ready for it as years & years of comfort living has made them so used to that its very hard to give it up. In my honest opinion this is at the core of the problem when it comes to standing up against all the bullshit going on in US (& elsewhere for that matter).

As an eg: Apple released iPhone......& many people went crazy to own one.....& this kinda pushed up its price enormously.....and just for a moment imagine.....all those who wanted it so badly even before its release changed their mind & said "no" to its buying......Apple would panic & may be even drastically cut the price just to sell it......This might seem a trivial example...but this logic applies to everything in the modern world......If we people are desperate for all the stuff that we want (above & beyond basic neccessities) the evil monsters will have control over us.

So, standing up to fight them is standing up to fight against our desires.....Just remember....the world will be the way we want it.....its in our hands. So, instead of blaming them (evil) lets do some self-reflection & start fighting our own daemons in our heads & the evil disappears by itself....

Anonymous said...

Our system needs a massive overhaul. I would have voted for Ron Paul, but even he could not utter the truth about 911. We have to rise up as one and first of all CHANGE OUR FOREIGN POLICY. The following lyrics seems like something Les could have written;


This is our country and our fathers made it free
But we are rarely heard or seen
Foreign favorites seem to steer our country's course
Risking our own security

They kept us busy, just trying to survive
Working hard to make ends meet
We paid no mind to things like Palestine
And the injustice that it wreaks

The enemies are among us
Or so they say, the cells are nearly everywhere
Religious fanatics, always ready to fight
The Phantom Captain leads us there

We watch the car bombs and the gore on TV
The patsy always is the same
Mercenary death squads and spooks behind the scenes
Deception always is the game

The old ones warned us about foreign friends
Washington told us long ago
And Ike saw the industry of military might
He warned us it was going to grow

The enemies are among us
Or so they say, the cells are nearly everywhere
Religious fanatics, always ready to fight
The Phantom Captain leads us there

Our complicit Congress ignores the peoples will
They feign withdrawal to appease
We imitate our favorites and we occupy their lands
And set ablaze the Middle East

And if the Captain tries to take us to war
Let him not do it in our name
We will take his ship from him and sail home to peaceful shores
Tend to our country once again

The enemies are among us
Or so they say, the cells are nearly everywhere
Religious fanatics, always ready to fight
The Phantom Captain leads us there

Big Dan said...

You good guy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the page color change. I could never tell after reading your articles if my head hurt from the color contrast or the ideas and thoughts you wrote. Now I know. Excellent work again.

Anonymous said...

What I'm wondering is why America's Christian community is so silent? Politicians used to live in fear of the power the Christian movement.
It's since the gay laws took effect that politicians no longer view the American average American Christian as a group to be feared. Most neocons have now been brainwashed into hating all none Jews and Christian. When they should be praying for Muslims, they instead want to kill them.

And when I watch Creflo Dollar, and Copeland, Meyer's, the 700 Club and Olsteen, instead of filling the hearts and minds of the congregations with warnings of the approaching anti-christ and demonized peoples increasing in power around the world. They now focus on material gains, mainly money.

I enjoy this site Smoking Mirrors, because it reminds us that we are not along in our fight against what seems an overwhelming evil. When we fall, we can dust ourselves off, thank God for helping one learn from the mistakes and ask for a better direction.
The cunning and highly intelligent powers that go beyond the non-physical realm are trying now more then ever to reclaim something it can never keep or have.

If Psalms 109 represents 2009, then the anti-Christ will reveal itself in early Spring.

And sadly, seeing how America's TV Evangelists have turned houses that are suppose to be places of worshipping and the appreciation for God's Son, now is a place to do business. (an insult to Jesus, as he showed how much he hated people using places to be for the worship God, used to change money)

One will not find the answers from these Sunday Christians that the bible tells us are "False Prophets" for profit.

We will have to ask God for guidance. We cannot win over evil without divine intervention.

Hope springs eternal. So I have not given up on other peoples will to do what is right.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what Willie Nelson can do, but he is willing to try. Were you referring to Yeats' "The Second Coming"? I think it would be appropriate. To hope for some 'great leader' come and make everything OK just isn't going to happen. Somehow the people need to be able to read the writings of Tom Paine, Randolph Bourne, Lysander Spooner, Major Smedley Butler, Frederic Bastiat and, yes, Les Visible.

a GrebBear said...

Hey Shivaprakash,
Well said !!
Its all about choices ... our decision making. 'Their' power over the masses is minuscule, a house of cards. If the masses were to wake up and see ... even a crumb of truth is an unstoppable force of good, over 'their' lies, greed, "PATHETIC EVIL" ways !!
As Notamobster says,
"We are Legion" !!!
We don't need all the answers, we just need a few basic principles to live by ... I'm open to what the beautiful, 'awake' community of this wonderful blog may suggest and in addition, I will offer my own.
Truth, Peace, Love, Light

Life with a pretext of giving

Shawn Grebliunas
; -)

ps. I'm not able to post a comment the first try ... foolish pricks !! We are AWAKE !!

Anonymous said...

One reason tyranny has arrived is that we (the people) spent so long believing that the Third Reich was the last word in 'evil' (sic) that anything else didn't really matter to us - our cartoon images of the Third Reich seemed so frightening that we felt we had nothing to complain about. I remember, for example, when Reagan mocked people who thought that the FBI was some kind of American Gestapo. In fact, that it's exactly what it was, only it was far worse, for it made J. Edgar Hoover into the most powerful man in the US for half a century, without the least figment of real accountability. Gestapo boss Heinrich Mueller didn't enjoy a fraction of the power and influence Hoover enjoyed during the Hoover 'half century.' But all this is by the way now - it's too late. There's no point trying to shut the door after the horse has bolted.

RML said...

No Payne No Gain

If we have a problem, it would be that we are not aware of what has been taken from us. Because we are not experiencing the actual pain from the actual event (like using a local, and in some cases, general, anesthetic to block pain) we fail to feel, sense, or see what is happening to us.

Is there any hard and fast statistical data that shows the percentage of Americans on meds which dull, anesthetize, or block various physical and psychological pain? I don't know, somewhere I'm sure there is. But it would seem there is a correlation between the percentage of Americans who are medicated and the percentage of Americans who see nothing wrong with what is happening to what our Forefathers bequeathed to us, with their lives and sacred freedoms.

I would imagine that a case could also be shown that the percentage of Americans who use strictly "natural" (i.e., not pharmaceutical) remedies for pain and long-term malaise, would equal the percentage of people (for numerical explanation purposes) who are currently experiencing the pain of loss, the loss of our core morality. And, what is this core morality?

America, divinely inspired (yes, by a “Christianity” that present-day Christians would, en masse and without objection, burn-at-the-stake), was created as a society that would not, could not, revert back to what had plagued the Western World since the days of Hammurabi.

You remember the Code of Hammurabi: the earliest set of laws initiated in the hell-hole we have created in modern-day Iraq. The Code was all about cause and effect: you commit a crime, you pay for it. This was Babylonian Law, for better or worse it has been with mankind since 1780 BC.

And, around 1780 AD, the Founding Fathers, after three thousand years of elitist manipulation of the basic laws of behavior, came up with a conglomerate codification that would set the stage for the equality of mankind.

Yes, they had slaves, yes they were basically the aristocracy of the Colonies. But among them, there was enough foresight to demand the placement of the Bill of Rights into the Constitution. If it were not for these Jeffersonian initiatives, the new American Constitution would have quickly degenerated back into a system of aristocratic exploitation.

Read the Constitution -- without the Bill of Rights -- what do you have? A garden variety set of rules and regs to maintain a status quo with force, money or religion.

The Bill of Rights set a new standard, a new code of ethics and morals, that spoke to the requirements of goodness. Take the time to read them. They were given to you as a hard-earned gift by enlightened souls who declared their independence -- not from a British Monarchy -- but from thousands of years of monarchies, and eons of religious determinism.

When they signed their name to it, they signed their death warrant. When was the last time you took a stand like that for the betterment of your fellow man?

Some of the Founding Fathers saw to it that the base inclinations of man could be thwarted when (not if) avarice, dishonesty, wickedness, and all the other indications of the base and self-absorbed centralization of government creeps in. The use of the phrase "enemies foreign and domestic" meant exactly that. When the government no longer serves the people, but the people are forced to serve it, the Bill of Rights provided and demanded the Right and the DUTY to expel these interlopers from our midst.

So, how do you KNOW that there are interlopers in our midst? It is simply seen when it is obvious that we are living and working for the government, not the other way around? How do you know?

The only way to know if and when requires a sense of goodness, of decency, and to regard the Bill of Rights as a checklist. If our (our meaning anyone of us citizens) basic Freedoms are being curtailed, withheld or removed, we are no longer living in the Republic for which the Bill of Rights stands.

And, it was understood at the Founding, and for many years afterward, that the PAIN of experiencing oppression, or the absence of the gifts inherent in the Bill of Rights, would cause an uprising; actions to throw off the oppressive yoke.

The Founding Fathers assumed that living without the yoke was of a sufficient positive moral experience that oppression would not be tolerated. They realized intuitively one of the maxims of Behaviorism: taking something away causes the greatest pain.

So what has happened? Why have we passively allowed the current systematic neutralizing of our inalienable Bill of Rights? Where’s the reaction?

There is very little reaction because it appears that whatever medications we are collectively on has deaden our sensitivities to the soul-pain that we should be feeling. We are anesthetizing not only the pain, but we are blocking-out the ability to see the cause of the pain.

Ignoring or desensitizing ourselves to Natural Law does not suspend Its operation. Everyone in the world knows that Americans are going to reap what they have sown. Everyone ... but the Soma-fied.

Visible said...


That is the single most remarkable thing I have ever read here including my own work. Well done and very, very well said.


Strike a golden spike.

kikz said...

les, what can i say.... stellar output, as usual:)

America, divinely inspired (yes, by a “Christianity” that present-day Christians would, en masse and without objection, burn-at-the-stake)

i lovez ya hon... but um..
these hep cats were deists :)

kikz said...

sigh.. my longtime link has gone 404..

but this one seems an interesting place to poke around :)

Anonymous said...

1. “The hope of a better nation - or better world – is bound up in the progress and enlightenment of the individual.”

Do you meet very many enlightened individuals?

2. “Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve” (George Bernard Shaw)

Don’t complain, enough said!

3. “The constitution of the USA will work only in the context of a moral society. It is wholly inadequate for governance of any other.” (Primary author of the constitution, John Adams)

We got what we deserve.

4. "You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test.'' —Townsend, Tenn., Feb. 21, 2001 (unelected George Bush)

God help us.


Anonymous said...

There was Senator McCarthy. R.P. Oliver said the following in a closed speech to a group of patriots, in 1968:

Some of you may remember the old story about the college girl who went to bed one night, and finally dropped off to sleep, but in the early hours of the morning she heard the clock strike two and she felt the door of her room was slowly opening. Terrified, she tried to call out in the darkness, but a handkerchief was whipped over her mouth and she felt strong arms lift her from the bed. She was carried downstairs, thrown into the tonneau of a large and luxurious Rolls-Royce that set off at high speed. After a long ride she was lifted out and carried into the large hall of a vast and palatial mansion, up marble stairs, and into an elegantly appointed room, where she was thrown on the bed. Only then did she see her captor clearly. He was a strong and handsome man attired in faultless evening dress. He stood by the bed, looking down at her speculatively and silently. She tried to speak, and at last she was able to say whimperingly, "What, oh, what are you going to do to me?" The man shrugged his shoulders. "How should I know?" he said. "This is your dream."

The story is absurd, of course, but it owes what little humor it possesses to its equivocal play on the mystery of our own consciousness. A dream is by definition a series of sensations that occur in the brain when both our senses of perception and our powers of will and reason are in abeyance, so that we have no control over that flux of sensations. But it is, of course, a well-known phenomenon that when we dream that we are dreaming, the dream ends and we awaken. Then the conscious mind takes over and we are again responsible for our thoughts, and must face a day in which we must be responsible for our actions, which, by their wisdom or folly, may determine the rest of our lives. Our dreams may give expression, pleasant or painful, to our subconscious desires or fears. But in our waking hours we must, if we are rational, make our decisions on the basis of the most objective and cold-blooded estimates that we can make: estimates of the forces and tendencies in the world about us; estimates of the realities with which we must deal; remembering always that nothing is likely to happen just because we think it's good, or unlikely to happen just because we think it's evil.

If ever we have had need to appraise carefully and rationally our position and prospects, the time is now. In the outer quadrangle of Brasenose at Oxford, if I remember correctly, there is in the middle of the green sward a solitary sundial, whose bronze plate bears the chilling inscription, "It is later than you think." I assure you, my fellow Americans, that it is now later -- much later -- than you think.

(R.P. Oliver was Professor of Classics from 1953 until his death in 1994, and he was Director of Research at U.S. Army Signal Corps during the Second World War; I've copied another part of the secret speech, published only after his death, below, a part which also deals with Senator McCarthy)

When I left the mephitic atmosphere of Washington late in 1945, I had no great misgivings about the future of our nation. On the basis of the best estimates that I could then make, I was confident that our future was assured by a popular reaction which I deemed inevitable within the next five years. I felt certain that the secrets of Washington would quickly become known and that our nation would be swept with moral indignation and revulsion when Americans saw exposed to the light of day even a small part of the foul record of the diseased creature that had squatted in the White House for so many years, surrounded by his appalling gang of degenerates, traitors, and alien subversives. (...)

And when the McCarthy hearings started, only a little later than I had predicted, I said to myself, "This is it at last! This is the beginning. And soon will begin that great exodus of panic-stricken rats fleeing from a just retribution."

But I was wrong again. Instead, a friend of mine was right. He was at that time a member of the Central Intelligence Agency, which at that time included some Americans. And he happened to be in Wheeling, West Virginia, on the 9th of February, 1950, when Senator McCarthy made his famous speech in which he stated that there were 57 members of the Communist Party or of the Soviet espionage apparatus in the State Department in positions of responsibility and that the State Department knew that they were there. After the speech, my friend found an opportunity to talk to McCarthy alone. He told him, "Senator, you said there were 57 known Communists in the State Department. If you had access to the files of my agency, you would know that there is absolute proof that there are ten times that many. But Senator, you do not realize the magnitude and the power of the conspiracy you are attacking. They will destroy you -- they will destroy you utterly."

But Senator McCarthy merely shook his head and said, "No, the American people will never let me down." He was wrong too, you see.

They weren't really Soviet agents, but simply communists. They had become anti-Soviet in the late 1940s, after Stalin had made it clear that the Soviet Union wouldn't give up its nuclear sovereignty (the Baruch plan). It seems like Stalin was really a pan-Slavist nationalist. The following article by Francis Yockey sheds some light on the events of the time:

Anonymous said...

Don't know whether you will allow me to respond to RML's posting, Les? but whether one believes that antidepressants are no more effective than a placebo (below), or that they are a lifesaver (in my case), 'medications' have little to do with the 'lack of consciousness' in the majority of the population. I am 'medicated', but most assuredly I feel the pain of being enlightened about current developments. Rather, I believe the prevailing ignorance and apathy has more to do with the fact that people aren't hurting enough yet. Yes, the fascist state is 'off and running' in terms of foreign policy, but in terms of domestic impact... well, it's down on paper, but it hasn't had it's full impact yet. Once that happens, then people will wake up to the reality. Of course it will be too late by that stage to do anything (which is what makes it so unbearably painful for the rest of us), but nothing will change until we reach the end of Niemoller's poem: "And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up."


Anonymous said...

Excuse me Les for a moment if you will...

This guy Karl and is right on mark up to the point of Bridas (he asserts not Brit but other..." controlling the pipeline "reason for 9/11 and war over there (Iraq, Afghanistan, and now headed toward Iran...)" I tried to get thru to Karl via rense e-mail to no avail...Bridas is joint/owned by BP (Brit petrolium) and BP is in the major corp stocks (See SEC site...)

Whilst y'all are hooking up with the man upstairs could you please request some insight to this issue of England et al 'our supposed comrade in the US'and the plan to sink our ship as they run off with the loot! I would at least like to bump that F up to a D.

Fear not for the transformation from here to there via wormhole is change not an end. The real megatrend is not just gonna hit the USA it is going to convert from a wormhole to a black hole and I think most folk know what a black hole is.

If the world can't institute justice... well, inevitably the Universe takes care of itself.
Glory to God in the Highest!

Visible said...

And a big Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible is such an interesting guy. He carps on and on about how others should do something, yet what does he do? If everyone decided to resist the regime by writing a blog, with links directing people to a web page which tried to drop a trojan onto their computers, well, what would that accomplish? And if the bait page, where one published everyone's laments had a link to a page with a domain name of "", with an "interview" with someone named Michael Rivera, but then when you clicked elsewhere on the page it turned out that it was just a place holder for the domain name, and that for the time being it directed you to bunch of links to UK banks, offshore banks, and the like, would everyone who landed on that page, especially after experiencing the trojan on the other page, think that something odd was going on?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Les.

When I read your articles (and some others) and see people like the young man in the youtube video I realize that there are still a few, brave, decent, intelligent patriotic Americans left. More power to you.

I believe in a collective awakening, in a good, respected, friendly America that represents us and not the eternal evil who have inflitrated this country and the traitorous filth that work for them.

It is our duty as Americans to stop the disease before it leads us all into the abyss.

Visible said...

I posted this comment because I thought you should all see it. I don't know anything about this, but, as I said, something strange is going on; after all, I'm the one who brought it up in the first place.

So... whatever. truth is, I'm just some guy who lives with his wife and her mother and our dogs. I don't own much, probably less than most of you and I have about 3 Euro in my pocket at this moment.

I think I would be called lower middle class. I might be middle class, I don't know. If you are talking about just me then you would be talking about nearly flat broke but living by the gospel which I am told is okay.

Anonymous said...

A poem for you Les, you are not alone.

Awaken now ye truthful souls
The time has come to prevent their goals
For 200 years they’ve distorted the truth
They’ve lied and cheated, they’ve perverted our youth.

Of whom do i speak, the question you ask
The ILLUMINATI exposed at last
“The who” you say “what are they”
Evil people, that regard us as prey.

Come now ye people, open your eyes
Clean out your ears and hear their lies
How long must you bow to their evil deeds
Clean out your garden, remove the weeds.

The Bushes, The Blairs are but a mere speck
Scratch the surface to reveal the rest
The Zionists and Freemasons to name but a few
There’s a web of deceit conspired by a Jew.

911 came first, 7/7 did follow
With terrorists, knife crime and immigration to grow.
The fear that they’re spreading is part of their goal.
A world wide government with us to control.

Fear nought, ye people of morale stock
As soon the redeemer will bring us to flock
Have faith, rejoice and stand your ground
As Satans spawn will be brought down.

Anonymous said...

I noticed you don't post my comments. Want to change things. Call Pat Robertson, Olsteen, Copeland and Creflo, and start protesting out front of their houses of money worship with huge cards that read "Jesus won't be coming at you with open arms when you arrive with a bible in one hand and a cattle prod stuck in an Iraqi's body".

America has in total, lost it.
The church has been overthrown by satan, or the people who really care for the truth would be seeing American Christians front - right -center, protesting the sadistic crimes you carry out on the world with your 13 stripes and smiles on your faces, in the name of love for freedom.

Take your sick and twisted version of care and corruption to hell with you , if that's how Americans truly think.

nobody said...

Wow, all good stuff. As for McCarthy, I wonder if he isn't due for some re-analysis.

Does anybody here not hate the bloc-media? Are we confused as to where their heads are at, or what agenda they're following? Me I've got them pegged as the marketing division of international banking. Sure they're occasionally lent out to various corporate capos but that's to keep the capos happy and to otherwise muddy the issue of who runs things. The complete absence of any mention of the Fed as privately owned should be enough to tell us whose media it is. Then there's the simple fact that if the media wanted to bring down the Fed they could. And that's why if you wanted to own the money supply you'd have to also own the media. Private ownership of the Fed would fail otherwise. Sure enough, the media hasn't mentioned them, and the Fed remains untouched. Straightforward stuff.

And how about tailgunner Joe? I don't know if he believed his own line about Soviets or not. If he did he was a fool. And if he didn't and merely used it as a subterfuge for his campaign to decapitate Jewish control of the media he made a huge strategic error. His campaign fell apart because people ceased to believe the Soviets were quiet the menace he described or that the people he attacked were Soviet. His false label merely burnished the armour of their false victimhood.

And sure enough, he's now a touchstone of evil. Hollywood portrays him as one of the greatest villains ever. But they would, wouldn't they?

notamobster said...

Vis - you struck pure crude on this one - the responses are worth their weight in gold. Keep with it folks. ######
How do we communicate with each other during and after the catalyst? The internet sites which may be deemed enemies of the state will most certainly be shut down. How then, do people of a like mind 'communicate'?
BTW - I can't post without multiple attempts either - and what seems to be an ever-increasing-in-length "word verification".

Visible said...

I haven't rejected any comments recently. I even posted the comment by the person who is making wild insinuations that don't seem to go anywhere just a few comments above this and who doesn't know how to spell Rivero.

there are various unusual patterns taking place.

If your comment didn't go up it might not have come through. My counter and many other things are behaving strangely and that is just how it is.

I am sorry for whatever may be happening but I don't know why it it happening and I'm just going to go on writing through the wreckage until it clears up or I disappear.

I don't know what's going on. I'm just doing what I can on my end with increasingly less capacity but with no fewer good intentions or industry.

Visible said...

Chapter Six of the occult thriller, "The Whine" is now up Here

Anonymous said...

Hi Les. I've been lurking around your website for a very long time and could never quite summon the courage to leave a message. I have been afraid to give my opinion and thoughts on the internet, like I think many are afraid to speak their mind. I cannot put my finger on what I should be afraid of, but the feeling is real. You, however, have made me less afraid. Enough so, that I at least now I leave a message. Thank you for giving courage, inspiration and love.
Katinka from the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Just a quick response to RML. The Constitution was presented to the states in 1787...minus the Bill of Rights. Neither James Madison or Thomas Jefferson apparantly gave it any thought....or maybe they did?

Patrick Henry voice was the loudest as he campaigned for the Bill of Rights.

The states decided it was necessary to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added;

Interesting how Madison when forming a government of the people, by the people, for the people, he left the people out. He had to be reminded of that.

Visible said...

I'll be on the radio tonight Here

Justin_n_IL said...

Hello Les,

I just listened to I'm a New Age Twinkie. RFLMAO. Excellent song I might say. First time I've listened to any of your music. Just wanted to compliment your music.

Anonymous said...

How to Comment on LV's blogs

Type comment.
Fill-in blanks including captcha.
Preview comment.
Wait about 20 seconds.
After preview shows in yellow box under existing comments, scroll up and correct typos.
After all typos are corrected in-the-comment-typing-box, you will see your ID info is still there.
The publish and edit features on your yellow "preview" waste time and confuse.

I am more and more convinced the web is experiencing a monster revolution. This is going to displace a lot of the little guys. They will become the millions of wandering Iraqis looking for a place to settle.

Anonymous said...

... How do we communicate with each other during and after the catalyst? ...

I was playing a favorite CD recently of music composed in the late 60's and started wondering how I'd found out about it in the first place. The best I could recollect was having heard it playing somewhere, a music store or a friend's house. So here's the point, it doesn't matter how we get somewhere, what matters in this context is that we always do. Les says this repeatedly in agazillion different ways, the literals in our midst tend to need manuals. We did not depend on anonymous communications before the web to know what was going on. It is my observation, we accomplished a lot more before we got so busy typing. Sure, the web has many positives, but we need to balance the act by standing back a little from the neon lights hanging outside every glittering come-on.
I don't want to live my whole lifetime, this time around, so some anonymous geek can leverage it. This isn't what made the web in the first place, you have to note what is happening is supermarket inflation in different packaging.


RML said...

The medium ("Smoking Mirrors") IS the message. That's why we're all here. . . Mr. Viz.

Anonymous said...

The internet sites which may be deemed enemies of the state will most certainly be shut down. How then, do people of a like mind 'communicate'?

Sorry to be using up so much of Les's capacity with comments, but this remark from notamobster intentionally innocently addresses immediate issues that are racing to the forefront faster than a supplemental makes it through the house and senate.
When the free exchange of communication is lost between the common people, the common people go to where they can speak. Word gets out. People can't tolerate illiteracy. All of life is about learning. Have you ever tried to stop learning? It isn't possible. Even when you think you are goofing off, you are still learning. When people are not permitted to communicate, to be "themselves", they leave and go to where they can feel comfortable.

notamobster said...

To clarify when I mentioned the catalyst before, I was referring to the next "catlyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor". The next event will be so horific, so gruesome that the American people will scream for the blood of some darker skinned people in a far off land, and be willng to give up whatever is necessary to insure that it doesn't happen again. The beast of global government will be unleashed upon us in that moment. How are people who saw it coming going to communicate? Or will we all just be on our own?

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with big_dan

notamobster said...

Thanks Nina - I'm mostly just wondering because I don't have any terribly close associations around the country, and news will most certainly be censored (it already is). It'd be nice to communicate with folks of a like mind. Hell, I may see some of you the FEMA concentration camp.

Anonymous said...

We never had any freedom. Did you not see the chains of economics and money around your ankles? Let the failed banana republik collapse who gives a rat's ass my only fear is the next system of human exploitation will be even worse.

kikz said...

my guess is ham radio or skip/shortwave?

though getting a license will put you on the radar for being bothered by FEMA/ State Emer. Mgmt. and probably DHS
in the event of widespread communications breakdown.

plenty of info online, inre clubs, classes, eqpt., etc. if not interested in acquiring a license, it just might be prudent to find/befriend an operator in your local community for networking and news.

Robert said...

Everyone should be warned about these medicines.

Only a person with a healthy and strong heart should watch.

Please pass this link on.


notamobster said...

vis- if you will permit me to stray off topic - I'd like to direct the reader to this site:

It is a veritable "who's who" of Zionist leaders in this country. It is dated, and there are many new additions to the list. I came about this after reading that the 2 men to be put in command of America's Air Force are both Jewish, so I looked to find a list. Their predecessors were fired after a series of mishaps (the largest of which-inadvertent shipping of nalcm- is absolutely impossible - intimate knowledge here)involving nuclear weapons.
The 'catalyst' will almost certainly be nuclear, or biological. With the recent news of nuclear 'misplacements' and ricin being found in a hotel in Vegas, they manage to keep the thoughts in the public consciousness.

notamobster said...

Today - former XO of Air Force Chief of Staff (just months prior to mishandling) found dead of gunshot in his home.


6 Airmen dead in the weeks preceeding nuke mishandling


deputy assistant sec of the af found dead (just after mishandling)


Several Commanders replaced in months preceeding the nuke mishandling at Minot. This is the best link because it gives comprehensive story.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, thanks for this post. Everyday more and more people wake up and reach out each other with the truth....and these forces of 'evil' will be met by all of us who give a damn and know that ultimately no one has real power over us(at least not for long) except that which we bestow to them. So then, we have to simply take our power back- demand it back and never stop doing so!

And to anonymous from the Netherlands....its ok to be afraid to speak the truth. Sometimes it is scary to take a stand, sometimes it takes courage, but to deny the truth living in your heart and mind is to betray yourself. You have power to affect change, believe it!!
And once you start taking a stand, you will be filled with new found confidence.

To RML, good points on the sedation of so many,(who understandably want to block pain), but who are also often then stuck in a self-imposed fog of ignorance as well.

Change can start to happen by speaking out...yes, on blogs, in conversation, in music, in speeches, in poetry, in signs, videos, and ultimately in greater actions, never doubt it!!


Robert said...

Madeline 'the deaths of the Iraqi children are a price we're willing to pay' Albright shows her true socialist colors.

The Socialist International is the worldwide organisation of social democratic, socialist and labour parties. It currently brings together 170 political parties and organisations from all continents...including the United States.

National Democratic Institute

Board of Directors

Madeleine K. Albright, Chairman
Rachelle Horowitz, Vice Chair
Marc B. Nathanson, Vice Chair
Kenneth F. Melley, Secretary
Eugene Eidenberg, Treasurer
Kenneth D. Wollack, President

petkov said...

Don't you people understand that ALL of USA's riches that it ever had is because it was robbing others' riches and labor? Starting with the indian, sorry Native American's, then going with the black slaves onward to today. So Iraq Iran and whatever else they want to attack occupy is just the latest country in the LONG strings of countries USA has used in its 220 something years history of existence? SO ALL of your nice lifestyle you have been able to enjoy ever since the day you were born was because of what USA has done to somebody else?
So before you start criticizing Bush or Cheney or or whoever you MUST renounce ALL of your material riches you own and refuse them. NOW. Otherwise you are NOTHING but JUST a big giant hypocrite. Bush is NOT doing anything different that Reagan or Nixon did. or any of the USA presidents from the past did.
ALL you who post here: look that simple truth in the face. If you really dislike what Bush is doing, then renounce ALL your ill gained material goods; they all good somebody else's blood and sweat over them.
Stop bitching about thsoe "evil" men, USA has always been and always will be an imperial country stealing other's riches.
You are truly funny bitching about Bush and whoever when you are directly benefiting from the past actions of some other evil man, be it Reagan or Nixon or whoever.
I dare you to publish my comment on your blog. Also I dare ANY of you to challenge me and disprove me wrong:

Visible said...

This isn't the way to draw traffic to your blog. I posted your comment not because of a dare but because, although it was badly written; not helpful, doesn't have anything to do with this blog, entertaining or so on and so forth... I published it because it means a lot to you for reasons beyond my understanding.

You are in the wrong place. Nothing you say applies here, in fact we do what we can here about these very things. So, either you are more or less deranged or this is another silly putty sock puppet. I won't print any more of this sort of thing but, for the record, I did this so that you could see this. Be well.

Anonymous said...

"Treason has been committed. Sacred trust has been broken. You need to wake up. This is their single power… that you do not wake up. When you wake up it is over for them so… please… I beg you… wake up."

Some of them are indeed awake. But you see, most of them don't go just on orders---they go, even if awake, for the men who DO go just "on orders." That is the tragedy, they go and kill and die for each OTHER, in service to the lies we all were told.



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