Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Hydra-Headed, Blood-Sucking, Bitch-Media Machine.

We read many an article on the world-wide web about mysterious cabals and individuals of prominence who are accused, singly and collectively of being the cause of the calamity, chaos and fear of these dark times. We hear about neo-cons and ZioNazis. We hear about Bilderberger and The Council on Foreign Relations. We hear about Bohemian Grove and ‘The City’ in London. We hear about bankers, bureaucrats and military industrial complexes. It is a sure thing that they all contribute to these conditions and that self-interest is the primary motive but... there is one thing that is most responsible for maintaining ‘the lie’ and for promoting the problems in this world than any single entity or collective. That thing is The Media.

The Media... there it is. Our perception of the appearance of events is controlled by those who control the flow of information. It is true that some portion of us do not rely on the media for our perspective on what happens ...and what these events and conditions may mean. It is true this number increases every day. However, it can be successfully argued that a definite percentage of the world’s citizens get their local and world picture from the mass media of network television, radio and newspapers. It might come as a surprise to you that the people who make up that portion of the world who get their information from mass media are also that portion of the world from which ballots and canon fodder are drawn to support the enterprise of the corporations that control the content and meaning of information.

Let’s take a breath and pause. Sometimes, stillness is a magnificent asset. It gives you time to clear the chatter in your head. Where is the chatter in your head coming from? Maybe it is coming from inside your head and maybe not. They don’t call it ‘the airwaves’ for nothing... even though ‘the ether’ might be more precise... as well as tending into the direction of actually seeing... or is that hearing? ...or would that be understanding? Well, the senses are the senses and they do sense. That’s their job. They report information to you. That’s the original deal. And then there is that which reports things to your senses that are different than what your senses tell you or... maybe you are dreaming?

Think about it.

Do you catch my drift?

People ‘know’ what they are ‘told’. People ‘think’ they know what they perceive and people perceive, often, according to what they are told. That’s all fine and dandy unless someone is lying to you. Think about it. Something happens. We can all agree that something happened. Kurosawa made a film about a rape. There was another film called “Memento”. There are films and books and many vehicles of information that go up and down the ladder of the senses; down to the most prurient and salacious, further toward disgust and depravity and the gates of Hell. Also they go upward toward higher ideals, philosophical constructs, the various arts and religions which are seeming companions on the road to realms where angels dwell and beyond.

Who interprets these messages? Who defines them? Who sets one against the other... who permits and controls the proliferation? for contrast and argument, sometimes for entertainment and sometimes for profit or whatever reason there may be? Who does these things?

Who tells you what to believe and what the information means? Who tells you what the truth is?

There is a new film out called 9/11 Chronicles, Part 1: Truth Rising. ...interesting stuff. There’s a portion in it where Geraldo Rivera has the bimbo with the short skirt from the Arizona airplane incident, fifteen minutes of fame, put-up job distraction game and Alex Jones and his people come in to chant that “9/11 was an Inside Job”. What Geraldo does says all any of us need to know about Bitch Media. What his show is about in the first place also speaks volumes. Geraldo is the fly, the Hollywood gossip writer that buzzes around the toilet in the movie “Meet the Feebles”. I suspect that Greta Sustern is buzzing along beside him in a companion dimension as another hydra head on the same body. I suspect they say to one another, “Let’s do lunch”. I suspect they feed on mysterious things. It’s a hydra of waving, snake-necked, talking heads playing with mirrors... smoking mirrors... mirrors reflecting smoke with Marfa Lights.

Sense and nonsense... The news and information of our time is not reported. It is manufactured and controlled. You say that you know this. Yes. But feel the pervasive sway. Observe the quality of the content and remember. It’s one body with many heads.

The most pervasive and insidious enemy of the people and the truth is Bitch Media. This is the control booth that forms mass opinion and precipitates the impetus that fires the engines of war. Money powers the smoke machine in pursuit of money and power and money is printed out of thin air to maintain the machine that pours out nothing but smoke.

It is an uncanny thing. We see important people with expensive educations who work in tall buildings, filled with expensive technologies, whose sole purpose is to negotiate your mind into a position to labor and to die for money made up out of smoke for the promise of a life you are not allowed to live, all while they laugh at you and give you the finger... all while they humiliate you by proxy as they example the dumbest and most willing of our kind. It cannot be that they actually need more money because they can print all of the money they need. It must be that they actually enjoy the spectacle. They enjoy it most because it is at your expense. Apparently there are people who like to see you dance like a chicken on a griddle. It amuses them.

They know what they are doing and they think it is funny. What do you think? This is why I want to encourage everyone to see this Truth Rising video and then think about what you might do in a similar fashion. I don’t know Alex Jones or much about him. It’s just an example like the film “V for Vendetta”. There are so many of us that we could stop this thing in its tracks. We need to be inventive.

You know that Iraq was no threat to America. You know that Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. Does this logically imply that Iran and Pakistan are exceptions? You are Charlie Brown. Lucy is Bitch Media and the truth is the football.

Why did the blackmailed, controlled asset Christopher Hitchens do that waterboarding stunt for Vanity Fair? Given how incredibly out of shape he is, I have to wonder how badly they have him compromised that he would endure that kind of embarrassment. Nearly every senator and congressman in the formerly United States is in the same position... and shape.

Given that Bitch Media is the most powerful weapon in the hands of those determined to destroy and/or enslave us, does it not make sense that this is the very mechanism we must make use of for the revolution? Ergo; the internet... Ergo; the street where you live... Ergo; wherever you go... You know that 9/11 was an inside job and you know that the job of Bitch Media is to distract away from this in order to maintain control over that percentage of the people who are not capable of thinking for themselves so that they may isolate the ones who do see. When we can wake these people up the game is over.

Every one of you is a warrior for truth... or should be. If you haven’t been, make today the day that you decide you are. Do you really have a choice? Do you call that a choice?

Let us leave The Island of Dr. Moreau. “Not to go on all fours; that is the law. Are we not men?” I am not a beast. I am a man. You will not treat me like a beast. Say this to yourself. “You will not treat me like a beast.”

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible


notamobster said...

Ahh that old dog...the media. She's a ragged out old bitch, no doubt. But she has served her masters well. They could never have established the false paradigm which is our current reality with out her collusion.
This paradigm is that very same infernal, ever-constant distraction you spoke of. While the masses consume themselves with "Republican this", and "Democrat that" and left is right and right is wrong, the larger picture is being obscured.
The people can't see the forest for the god-damned trees. All these fucking trees! Planted as mere seeds in the minds of men, to grow and obfuscate the natural thought processes of the mind of man. (T.J. "I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man" I myself am consumed with this political machine, but only insofar as I am and have been since childhood, a warrior for the truth. It feels good to say it... come on, give it a shot. I AM A WARRIOR FOR THE TRUTH! So as we continue to trudge this slow, inexorable march toward the whatever future we build please bear in mind: "qui tacet consentit".

Also, check out this link, visible. It regards your reference to the chatter: "Maybe it is coming from inside your head and maybe not."


This technology is incredibly dangerous.

Ben There said...

Les -

You are absolutely right about the Bitch Media. There is no doubt in my mind about that. But the flipside of that (to me) is how the hell do we know what to believe, from any source? One can write anything on the 'net with no threat of consequence for dispelling false information. Then you've got conservative talk radio, convinced of the 'liberal b ias' of mainstream media. What a fucking joke. But seriously, short of being there at any given event in person, how are we supposed to believe anything at all?

Visible said...


I look in my heart while I read. If I find it in my heart then...wait...let me rephrase. I look inside myself and I see if it is so.

You have to trust something and I trust the divine original animating principle which I believe lives in me. That is the point of controversy.

How do you know it is God?

and then, back to where I was before I started rephrasing... I look in my heart.

notamobster; You're a jewel in the crown.

Anonymous said...

Insidious is the word Les.
Many people say 'you can't trust the news' and leave it at that. They don't go looking; they are just as dangerous as the people who believe the news! IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS contrary to what my grandmother told me. (Apologies for raising my voice).

Grantland said...

And gee, guess who runs and owns the media? Is it a mystery? Nope. Here it is:


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the reason the elite are manufacturing this situation is out of what they deem a neccessity in order to maintain their power. It is quite conceivable that this economic money based system could collapse at any point. What power would they have then? It seems that are taking measures to ensure the continuation of their positions in power in a post economic crash situation. This is the most plausible reason for their actions, its certainly not righteous though.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your analysis of the corporate dis-information media machine. However, I am wondering why you chose the terms 'bitch' and 'hydra' to describe it.

Bitch is a term most often used to denigrate females -- or to insult men by eqauting them to the feminine.

Moreover, the hydra is often represented as a many-headed female water snake. Thus, both of your descriptors, 'bitch' and 'hydra' equate the media with a monstrous feminity.

Seems to me the "raping phallus media" would have been more appropriate -- especially as the media is controlled by those with penis privilege, rather than visa versa.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is Chronicles Part 1 never mentions Israel - the evidence shows Israel played the major part in 9/11 to get the war against Iraq and the arabs off the ground. But Jones never ever goes into that and that is why the film is actually worthless

Anonymous said...

Good job Les! I've had this same thing on my mind for a long time now. It kind of started when I realized I thought about the past in black and white stills and news reels, a little jumpy, poor sound if any, twirling clock hands, calendar pages flying out of view.
The media is totally out of control. The pundit-thought shapers are laughing at their great fortune in finding a job at all. Sometimes if you watch, you can catch them at the game. Last year, Bush Sr. and Barbara-beautiful-mind were on Larry King promoting a foundation they'd started. King asked them about the VA Tech shootings. Bush said he hoped it would not promote an Asian backlash. Up until that moment, I don't believe anyone was thinking of an Asian backlash.
You understand in such a world you must have a press agent for everything, a spokesperson, because your life and your activities are translated through filters that match up with the mirrors. It isn't enough to perform our daily household chores, actually, we are creating asset wealth though maintainance of the environment. It isn't enough to go hungry because inflation denies us supermarket entry, we are protesting against GM and processed foods in support of leftist causes. They pig out at the G8? They are providing important interum employment to the hard-hit food and tourism industries though consumption of goods and travel services as a side benefit to promotion of world peace.
We could really do this job a lot better than them.

Anonymous said...

The NSA labels this "media portation..." as signaling. Not to worry if you study your physics 'but who does that!'... Know this folks, if you do not step up to the plate and understand what the elite
brain science' understands, you will fail and it will not be pretty and you will have no one to blame but yourself.

By now y'all have seen my writing style, and my speaking is not much better so if I can read and comprehend 'at these levels' so can you. Soon, us old delapidated bitches with leper marks and less than pretty wake up spells will be in the astros...so until then, shall we teach our lovely youngins the ropes....

The media is not going away so get on board check out signaling, mind control, brain science and get hip!

Visible said...

I'm sorry professor. I should have a sign on my blog but I don't. This is a "PC-free" zone. We consider PC thug action to be easily as bad as anything else faced by humanity.

I'm wondering if you get after the hip-hop and rap artists or are they allowed more latitude for the obvious reasons?

Anonymous said...

Great post Visible!!

It's the "secret" those Illuminati/Globalists know very well, that most people prefer to be "led to a truth" rather than seeking to know that we all are born, already knowing Truth.

The problem arises when the "institutions" such as the education system, religion, history, the media, the economy & sometimes even our own families starts manipulating that GOD given gift of Truth inside of us.

The internet has done wonders for those seeking enlightenment or Truth and the media is well aware of this fact.

However, it's the education systems & religions, which worry me more because unlike the internet, there seems to be very little as far as an alternative to the indoctrination going on in the education systems and religion, are concerned.

So yeah, our Truth "struggle" will have to continue to abit longer...overcoming those who seek to enslave us, is in our genetic makeup, it's the Truth...and as the saying goes, the Truth shall set us free!!!

Visible said...

You should note that my comment concerning the Alex Jones video had nothing to do with who were the perpetrators and I was at pains to indicate that I was not promoting the film. I used the film as an example for the topic of the article which had to do with The Media.

This blog is on record as to who the perpetrators of 9/11 were and concur with your statement. That may be one of the reasons that Jone's sites seldom reprint my work and possibly a reason that many another does not as well.

Anonymous said...

The zionist terrorist propaganda cartoons that pass for the "news" in America will only be succesful in their goal of controlling us all if you are stupid enough to believe their lies in the first place.

Practice critical thought.

Unfortunately most Americans have no idea what that means.

Anonymous said...

Professor Dickhead,

Stop acting like a bitch.

Penny said...

I like to think that what seperates, the people whose perceptions are shaped by the msm, and those who are not, is superior intellect lol.

That may not always be the case so it seems more likely that it is an inquisitive mind coupled with a huge dose of cynicism. Possibly a rebellious streak?

I always notice, people who accept the edicts of the msm, never seem to think beyond what is said, not even a little bit.

"Sometimes, stillness is a magnificent asset."

It really is, wonderful for clearing the mind.

Your response to ben wrt looking into your heart, was great.

Does it resonate within you?
Is a good way to assess.

Great post and I liked the song too!

notamobster said...

Bravo, Bradley! I couldn't have put it better myself. visible, thank you. That means a great deal from one with your abilities.
Professor... see Bradley's reply. I try to avoid the personal comments, but that was funny. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dang Les, maybe u should use the C word 'cun...' and see what que'ue yu bring up LOL

Anonymous said...

You need to check out this woman's blog to see the hypocritical double speak in her work.

I could argue in defense of Visible's freedom of speech and native intent all night but just a gander at the Khymer Rouge lipstick dyke's site says it all.

Anonymous said...

not too much analytical thinking need go into the response to the post. it is what it is, msm media is your control tower, we move accordingly to it unless you see thru them, whether its a bitch, bastard, cunt, lapdog media is of no big concern, it needs to be dismantled. HOW?

Anonymous said...

Media programming actually refers to programming the target audience.
Use the senses to access the brain.
Once a person has been programmed for long periods, they are unlikely to ever be de-programmed.
Don't believe it? Try to change the point of view of a life-long TV addict!
la Vie, le Chien.

Anonymous said...

The media, as said here, is every bit as responsible for the disaster unfolding around us as the corrupt politicians and satanic elite pulling the strings. Until they have their various exotic control systems fully in place they still need the complacent willingness of the majority to sit back and passively allow them to murder their way to their NWO. Eventually they won't need the public passive consent or the media, as they'll control us all and remove those dissidents who cause trouble, but until then the media is drenched in the blood of millions of their victims.
The "shock and awe" carnival the media reveled in when the Iraq turkey shoot began was a particular low point for all the professional media slaves sat behind their consoles and cameras and editing suites. Presumably none of them were aware that below the fascist's pretty explosions, human beings were being roasted alive, and they were the lucky ones, as others sustained horrific injuries in a country with a medical community that was about to be destroyed along with Iraq's bridges, water mains and general infrastructure.
The disgusting and immoral media is every bit as much to blame for all this, and come the day we are strong enough to pull these creatures from their dark lairs, they will also be held to account, along with their masters.

Anonymous said...

Another great post. Stuff that needs to be said and broadcast, not unsaid and ignored. Thanks les, In my cups reading your stuff lifts my spirits and strengthens my belief that we will break through eventually. The 100th monkey is coming.

I think both the objections to the 'anti-feminist' language, and the objections to the PC mafia are a) both fair and valid points, and b)complete distractions that (have) dissolve(d) into pointless hostile argument.

Life's a bitch
But as the late great George Carlin said - you can bet your ass the people responsible for all this cruel, pointless, hateful, destructive, thieving, lying murderous shit - are men

simon (an bloke)

Anonymous said...

The Mass Media, the "free press", the right of the people to be informed of the Federal Government and its national propaganda of either/or being informed of the Federal lies or not to be informed of the truth.

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams and their secret creation of the "fourth branch" of government in of the people, by the people, for the people.


Alan the Red said...

Hi Les,

I do so love these people commenting about the fascist world we find ourselves living in and whining about how we have to "get back to Christian values".

Now have you ever read "God, the Original Fascist"?


And, of course, this also goes for those new found "Christian" friends of yours at The Truthseeker.

It's strange how they switched from supporting John Kaminski to now publishing Henry Makow's boring rants about women, but then again, God was the original misogynist too.

Hey, now y'all have a nice day now. Remember, Jaysus is coming to "save us". :-)

Visible said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

kenny said...

Let's not forget that there are no laws against the media lying.
I'm not one for more legislation but I could support one with the appropriate penalties.Unfortunately it won't happen.

Also, thanks for your thank you to me a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

Bradly, what womans blog do you refer to?

Anonymous said...

scroll up to the professorwhatif comment and click on the name and you will see.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
RML said...

It's Hard out Here for a Pimp...

The “Bitch Media” – as you so rightly describe it – has become the McCluan reality of Empire Media. Media that does not and cannot differentiate between “news” and propaganda. What we find to be magna cum dumbfound is that Americans, as a nation, we could care less. We seem to be following/mimicking the soviet model, albeit in the early stages. We are getting our feet wet in the stupefaction of empire. In the microcosm of hiphop, the world is comprised of bitches, 'hoes, dogs, and the man. This is how empires are structured.

The 'man' in the empire is the smallest piece in the pie-chart, but carries the most weight because the man has the baddest weapons, the most wealth, and the big-ass dogs guarding the castle. The rest of the society (easily 90%) is made up of dogs (crackers), bitches and hoes. The difference between our empire and say the Soviet empire is in ours, we can (still) bitch in writing read-by-the-public, whereas they would go to the gulag if they posted written complaints about their empire.

We here in amurika can (still) bitch and whine in public/in writing, they could not. And the only forum left to bitch and whine is the Internet, which the man is working fulltime to turn our Net into the Chinese model (crime families, because they are basically stupid, steal ideas from each other so that their bitches and hoes don't figure it all out, turning first on their own dogs before coming after the man.).

Hiphop, like true gangstas, take it all down to the basics, to the street-level of life. They existentially accept the ground rules: don't fuck with the man, but you can fuck anything and everyone else. In fact the man encourages and promotes this divide-and-conquer motif, knowing that the dogs, bitches and hoes will come after him if they stopped fighting among themselves.

So, we’ll keep doin what all punks do: pretend'n to be bad, pretend'n to be a big dog, pretend'n to keep our bitches and hoes in line, fine-tuning the hydraulics on our Escalades … just like the man wants.

You know it's hard out here for a pimp
When he tryin to get this money for the rent
For the Cadillacs and gas money spent
[1] Because a whole lot of bitches talkin shit
[2] Will have a whole lot of bitches talkin shit

Visible said...

that is fucking brilliant.

nobody said...

Les you swine!

That was the best thing I never wrote, ha ha.

Frankly I think the media is the answer to nearly every question asked here. It's the mechanism that allows truth and perception to differ so wildly. If you can control it as a bloc you have a means to turn an imagined narrative into reality. If you can imagine a drama narrative, you can imagine a news narrative.

But really I've already said every goddamn thing there is to say on this. But I did have a new thought.

There's a lot to be said for having all manner of crucial industries publicly owned. Sure we can argue about whether this industry or that would be better off under private ownership, but no one will win the argument that everything should be privately owned. Some things MUST be publicly owned. It's been made perfectly clear to me that the two single most crucial industries in any given nation are its money supply and its media. These two are the hammer and anvil that make all other powerful entities like the corporations fall into line.

This will never happen of course. It's a weapon far too powerful to be surrendered. Which is why it'll have to be destroyed. Blow up the towers, cut the cables...

Visible said...

i foolishly have given my password to a couple of people because I often have to go away and when I do go away I don't take a laptop or think about the internet so... sometimes things go up here that I might not have let go up here. There's nothing bad about them. They're just a little... uh... exuberant maybe, or something like that. I've made some adjustments now.

I'm not upset about it and it doesn't change anything in any of my relationships. I guess maybe it embarrasses me if that's possible.

So, everything is the way it was before except a little different and no big deal.

Carry on... nothing to see here.

notamobster said...

I have a few rather perplexing questions. As I read through the endless pages of bullshit which make up this "series of tubes" we call the "internets", ever seeking to meet out the truth of this world around me, I come to various conclusions and contradictions (arrived at by seemingly intelligent people - maybe this contradiction is by design).
NO DOUBT THE BANKS OF THE WORLD ARE CONTROLLED BY THOSE OF JEWISH DESCENT(and their appeasers/useful idiots). The media machines which promulgate the swill of these Israeli infidels seem to be owned and operated by one of two camps, JEWS or JESUITS. One group exclaims that the Israelis are responsible for many of the worlds ills (agree), and the other agues (quite convincingly)that the JESUITS are secretly in control. 'Alex Jones is a Jesuit CIA disinformationist' cries the anti-Jesuit crowd. (I am not a supporter of Alex Jones, as he has created a cottage industry which affords him an incredible lifestyle-feeding on the very same fear he claims to be trying to destroy). Alex jones puts out an incredible amount of sensitive information, but could he be the carrot laid ever-so-carefully in the snare to catch the foot of those rabbits who would wander, hungry for truth, into it's trap? Why would a man, who is so potentially dangerous to the global elite, be allowed to create a media empire, and report unchecked on their activities, if not by design? Are the Israelis and Jesuits in concert with one another? Why did Tony Blair convert to Romanism (Catholicism). Now, rumors are flying about that Presidente Jorge Arbusto is considering the conversion. The Pope was a Nazi. The Roman Empire is still in control of a very large swath of the world. I apologize for the confusing rant, the whole thing has me running in circles in my head. I guess the questions I would like input on are thus:

Who is running things? Are they working together toward a common goal? Are the camps pursuing, independently, the same end through different means? Why does lettuce make a sandwich better? (circles in my head - I'm having an ADD moment)Basically, intuition aside, how do we use the information whose veracity may be in question, to prepare for the coming catastrophies?

Visible said...

not a mobster;

the external visible situation is controlled on the inner planes by entities that have been at this work for centuries. The visible is controlled by the invisible, the same way your mind controls your hand.

kikz said...

diderot should've said...

man will never be free until the last banker is strangled with the entrails of the last priest. >:)

Visible said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Visible said...

but he did didn't he? more or less. The actual quote was;

“Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest”

This is my favorite though

“Watch out for the fellow who talks about putting things in order! Putting things in order always means getting other people under your control.”

I liked Jacque, always have.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This blokes gotta be Public Enemy #1

Dodgy One said...

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Anonymous said...

Historic/Socio-Biologic Drama Requires Patience, Honesty
(Apollonian 11 Jul 08)

Hey thanks much to Les Visible and "notamobster," above, for the excellent dialectic which so often gets generated on the best blogs. I've already gone into extensive detail, but I'll reiterate upon basic, general issue broached by "notamobster."

(a) Once again, note basic battle for human: lonely truth vs. lies, lies then organized, conspiratorial--as memorialized forevermore in sublime Christian New Testament (NT) literature--which literature note, doesn't necessarily require any religious or mystic -type "faith" for appreciation.

(b) Thus basic metaphysical (philosophic) dichotomy is objective reality vs. subjective--similar to reason vs. mysticism, though "mystic" isn't necessarily deliberate lies. Lies are based and founded upon mysticism/subjectivism, but that doesn't mean such mysticism/subjectivism in and of themselves are necessarily bad--lies and lying are further, deliberate, malicious elaboration.

(c) Thus Judaic Talmud is then foremost institution of subjectivism (see RevisionistHistory.org, TruthTellers.org, and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo), which Talmud was EXPLICITLY repudiated by NT in Gosp. MARK 7:1-13. There are further notes of course, but Talmud surely arises out of prior war philosophy/mentality. Don't forget lesson of Greek Tragedy: life sucks, esp. for this condition of warfare, bane of "sinful" humanity.

(d) Ultimate elaboration of lies, hence fraud and conspiracy, is COUNTERFEITING (see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) conspiracy) mechanism by which topmost conspiratorial masterminds end SIMPLY BUYING EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. "Jesuits" (though not necessarily all of them) are simply one of the various items bought, bribed, and extorted by conspiratorial masterminds. Jesuits are mere enforcers/administrators.

(e) People generally have difficulty grasping objective/subjective dichotomy and its profound significance, but note dramatization makes it easier to grasp, esp. in form of "good-evil" fallacy/delusion, and consequent moralism-Pharisaism, which is so effective upon children, which even most adults don't out-grow--known then in Christian theology as "Pelagian heresy."

Further, observe this hereticalism extends in rationalistic -type form/application, not merely confined to formal religious-style mentality.

For there is no "good-evil" in determined universe according to absolute cause-effect. Talmudism then is simply mechanism, socio-biologic (see KevinMacDonald.net), by which nature harvests the weaklings, losers, and inferiors, removing excess over-population, and this all works in CYCLIC manner in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

(f) So what's next necessary historical phase up-coming?--JEW-EXPULSION, which topmost conspirators anticipate and seek to exploit, perfectly willing to sacrifice stupider lower-level Jew-bolshevik types (including queers) who imagine they're so heroic, "persecuted," etc. Such is significance of recent CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy (see TheNewAmerican.com for best expo/ref.) Walt-Mearsheimer issuance of "The Israel Lobby" betrayal of their junior partners who help enforce topmost conspiracy in "good-cops vs. bad-cops" fashion. "THERE IS NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES (conspirators)."

And such then additionally, is significance of "Manchurian candidate" McCain who champions "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.) heretics ("rapture bunnies") and Israel "bad-cops" VERSUS communist-style United Nations (UN) pretending to "democracy" "good-cops" of negroid shyster, Obama, who rather seeks out more conventional rationalistic-styled Pelagian-type hereticalists.

(g) For remember further, socio-biologically, subjectivist conspirators suffer same inevitable problems of any predators or disease--their success naturally breeds OVER-POPULATION by which they (1) kill the host-victim gentile population they feed upon, and (2) consequently must begin in-fighting themselves--this also is significance of Walt-Mearsheimer incursion upon erstwhile co-conspirators of Israeli terror-state, modern "MURDER-INCORPORATED," sowing and salting earth with depleted uranium, the "Samson option" being enacted practically before our very eyes.

(h) Thus we observers and socio-biologists (amateur and practical as we are) remain patient as things historic and political continue to reach/approach "critical mass," HYPER-INFLATION continuing to rage, Jews evermore ISOLATED--they now plainly the only ones ever to profit fm all the successive, on-going disasters. Note less and less people, no matter how dumb, seriously believe it was "Islamo-fascists" responsible for 9-11.

CONCLUSION: Toughest, foremost problem remains Pelagian hereticalism in large hereticalist-complex which underlies ZOG-Mammon beast/empire within continuing Spenglerian "Decline...." Thus Christian patriots simply remain honest and most rational, patiently recruiting army of revolutionaries, working for that liberating Jew-expulsion, in emulation of St. Constantine the Great of 3rd and 4th cents. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Basically, intuition aside, how do we use the information whose veracity may be in question, to prepare for the coming catastrophies?

Notamobster, we are in catastrophy at this time. As long as no one is brought to account for the damages, populations in general will hobble along on the leftovers, piecing together what appears to be normal life and business as usual. The poorest among us get poorer and jury rig the way, the middle class is fairly well destroyed. We have been shifted back into the Dark Ages of serfs, monarchies and approved atrocities. This IS humanity's inescapable destiny. The only way out is love.


Ben There said...

Readers of this blog will enjoy the movie "Wall-E":


Visible said...

thank you Ben.b I've 'Ben' up for 24 hours so I can't look at it now but I will tell you to look at Monsters Inc the movie...

Anonymous said...

Just saw an 80's era John Carpenter flick called "They Live." Set in the outskirts of LA in a society destroyed by greed and injustice, it is not a great movie, but it does relate to this blog. Main character wanders through a burnt out LA populated by starving homeless people whose encampments are being bullozed and whose residents are being attacked by thugs in uniform from a fascist police state. Eventually he discovers a pair of sunglasses which allows him to see the subliminal messages being beamed by the overlords everywhere. For example, he notices a full-color billboard of a bikini-clad babe on a Caribbean beach. Then he puts the sunglasses on, and the words "Don't Question Authority" appear in huge black and white letters. It's the same with every ad he looks at; underneath the slick ad copy and splashy photos, brief commands such as "Obey", "Marry & Reproduce", "No Independent Thought" and "Consume" appear again and again. Even more alarming are the overlords themselves, grisly metallic skeletons draped in Brooks Brothers suits and driving Beemers.
One of them was a dead ringer for John Kerry. Pre-dating "The Matrix" by more than a decade, this is a flawed but interesting B flick about the perils of seeing too clearly through the murderous status quo.

Justin_n_IL said...

Nice spotlight Les. I myself work towards spotlighting the lies of the Christendom "distorted Gospel assembly line".

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:21, yes, rated b movie or not, it was a great film! In the process of evolution, a number of us were born with the retina adjustment enabling a permanent truth sunglasses effect. Such a genetic feature made it difficult during our childhoods. As we grew, we learned to keep it to ourselves. You know how that goes. A lot of people absolutely do not want to hear that we've been taken over my a mob who systematically sold off the whole joint and threw everyone not just into the Dark Ages, but worse, the clownish French courts of the crazy Loueys. Is there any difference between then and now besides the date we are told it is?
i-am-a-warrior-for-truth, not a cake-eating beast.

Anonymous said...

I have one more remark for you Visible. Excuse me please for remarking so much. The truth can come to us with a bright peach background anytime, as long as its the truth. It matters none what colors you wear as long as you wear truth.
Free Being in the Radiant Sunlight

Anonymous said...

Dodgy One, thanks for the like to TFN - I laughed my ass off. Z

Anonymous said...

To Not a Mobster:

According to the book of Revelation in the Bible, the Antichrist, a world leader and the false prophet, a religious leader, most likely the Pope (this Pope or the next and possibly the last one, who will be named Peter - see the prophecies of St. Malachi) will try to place on everyone on earth the mark of the beast 666, this could be through a chip or some other device and people will not be able to buy or sell without this mark. If you don't accept the mark, they will kill you.

God gives us a warning: those who accept the mark of the beast, will be condemned to eternal hellfire.

The Pope is the most likely candidate to convince the masses, since he is a religious leader and very influential in the world, as you can see from his frequent visits with world leaders. He has also brought together through his ecumenical endeavors other religious leaders, Rabbis, Buddhists, Hindu priests, Moslem Imams, and liberation theology Episcopal, Methodist and other Christian denomination leaders of the left. The pope has also been getting very cozy with Israel and Rabbis.



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