Wednesday, November 25, 2015

There be Real Holocausts and False Holocausts and Far too Many Moral Cowards.

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In a time of the greatest media saturation ever and in a time when 96% of the media is in the hands of six corporations that are all Zionist, Jewish owned, it stands to reason that fabricated lies are the order of the day and the truth lies beaten, bleeding and alone in a dark alley. It has gotten to the point that you can assume that most everything you hear from these sources are lies, designed to support their world domination agenda. The common mind is relentlessly seduced day after day and official terms of definition are given to all of the members of the small minority, who refute the lies that are being told. Anytime someone stands up and expresses what is OBSERVABLY true, they are slandered by the status quo and called 'truthers' or anti-Semites, or something else.

As for being anti Semitic; the people applying this term are not Semitic to begin with. They are AshKeNAZI Khazars. DNA tests have proven this, just as it has been proven that it is the Palestinians who ARE Semitic. This is why the Khazar's are seeking to genocide them out of existence and routinely murder them with government and military assistance every day. They burn alive women, children and men. They run over Palestinian girls and then step out of their cars and gun them down. They empty entire clips of automatic weapons into prepubescent school girls and then their courts acquit these psychopaths. This happens in some fashion every day. The truth is that the Palestinians are the ORIGINAL residents of this location and the AshkeNAZI's are interlopers and invaders.

They are engaged in changing the names of every Palestinian town. They are engaged in wiping out Palestinian history. When these invaders arrived after World War 2, they poisoned the Palestinian wells and mass murdered them, finally driving 700,000 Palestinians into exile. This is provable truth. To support their rights to murder these people they fabricated the biggest lie of the century called The Holocaust, which is now their state sanctioned religion of Victimhood and it never happened. There were no gas chambers and no mass extinctions or graves. The ground at these so called death camps has been tested with spectroscopic instruments and other means and there is no evidence of mass deaths. Now, when you go to Israeli owned Google you find all reports and articles on this have been expunged and replaced by Crass Media accounts that provide specious counter arguments. This is a recent occurrence. We did not bother to go deeper into the page count to see whether the articles are further back or simply gone. In any case all the most powerful official documents put Jewish deaths at under 300,000 and most of those were from Typhus. The lies were all engineered by Jewish torturers at Nuremberg who crushed Nazi officers testicles to control their testimony. Under torture people will say anything. Let us keep in mind that in the years prior to this the Jewish Cheka and powerful Jewish Soviet administrators killed tens of millions of Russians. You can see them right here. It is all there to be found if you care to look and the Russian Holocaust was a REAL Holocaust and only one of many done by the same people. Up to 60,000,000 were tortured and killed. This is ten times 6,000,000 and this one really happened.

The Bolshevik Revolution was a Jewish engineered and operated revolution. Dialectical Materialism was a Jewish invention.

Now, in recent times, they have been at it again, as Western Neo Cons in control of Western Foreign Policy have done similar in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon... it goes on and on and these are all Jews. You can't dispute it because I can prove it. Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Richard Pearle, Michael Ledeen and many another. Of course, Counterpunch won't tell the whole truth but maybe it's better than nothing.

Obviously these people have a centuries long Satanic tradition of attempting to destroy and destroying the countries they inhabit and making war on everyone else. You may not want to know this but any inquiry will lead you to the same conclusions. People are afraid of the truth; afraid to know it and afraid to speak it but... not all of us afraid.

Alleged truth-tellers turn out to be liars and disinfo agents, as is clearly shown here with Glenn Greenwald. Why would anyone of his acquired stature LIE about the Dancing Israelis? It is because he is a liar and the whole thing with Snowden and Assange and all the rest is to create an impression of truth being told in order to effectively lie later on, to greater advantage. You NEVER hear these guys criticizing or exposing Israel. None of the exposed intelligence EVER points to those who benefited the most from every evil thing done. Even though it is widely known, among those who have taken the trouble to study it, that Israel was behind 9/11, none of the exposed intelligence secrets EVER indicate any of it. Do the fucking math!

Why is the war in Syria going on? Because Israel wants Syria as a subjugated satellite nation. They stole the Golan Heights in a war they fabricated and then blamed on the people they attacked in the first place; just as it was in the Six Days War and all those other wars that THEY engineered. Their bombing of the U.S.S.S. Liberty was an effort to create a wider war and to draw more powerful nations into the conflict, so... they attacked an American (their best friends in the world) Navy ship and murdered the sailors aboard. This sort of thing goes on and on and on and never stops because all these nations that might protest are OWNED by the Satanic international bankers that print all the domestic currencies. It IS what it IS.

Russia did NOT violate Turkish air space. Turkey arbitrarily created an extended security zone into Syria of some miles. Erdogan is seeking to create an Islamic state in Turkey and he wants his piece of Syria that Israel has promised him. Zionst Ersatz (instead of Eretz) Israel demands all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates and they intend to kill everyone sitting on the land who is in their way and turn the rest into a slave population. This is what is going on with Syria. This is why the USA and NATO, under orders from Satan Worshiping Israeli Bankers created and fund IS, or ISIS or Daesh or whatever you want to call this rag tag terror army of religious extremists. It is to wipe out the present government of Syria and turn the landscape into a killing zone.

Bad things are loose at every level as psychopathic corporations enforce their will upon the populations. Children and others are being paralyzed and blinded by mandatory vaccines. The Devil is loose upon the world and that means whatever force it is that stands in opposition to it is also loose but less evident, for the moment and less you think this is fantasy as some of you vain intellectuals maintain. How is it possible for one to exist without the other? We may not always know the difference between good and evil and many don't but it is certain that some variation of either must exist because this is a world of opposites. You can't have the world we know without night and day, hot and cold and so on and so forth.

Why do you see the things that are said here today, being said here again and again? Shouldn't once be enough? Absolutely not. The truth is that the truth is seldom said at all and this is because the majority of people are moral cowards and lack confidence and conviction in and about the truth. The truth is very inconvenient. However, not telling the truth and living a lie costs lives. That might be okay if it was only your own but it is not. Every one of us who embrace the great lies that proliferate and replicate across time are complicit in the deaths of the people who die because of the force of these lies. Yes... that might be their karma. Yes... there are numerous arguments concerning the why and wherefore of all of this but for me it is simple. There are things I KNOW to be lies and things I KNOW to be true and I am responsible for what I know. If I know the truth and do not speak it because I am afraid, or self interested, or lazy or indifferent, that is on me.

Yes... we could be diplomatic about the expression of it all in such a way as to avoid offending the feelings of others but... is that really possible? It is not and the people of which I speak have no feelings insofar as they apply to the greater number of us. They don't give a shit about us. We are in the way or we are Eloi to these Morlocks. The greater and more widespread is the presence of Materialism, the greater the proliferation of psychopaths. These soulless husks must be called on their propensity to inflict injuries upon the larger populations. We have NEVER said that those of whom we speak about today are representative across the whole of the demographic of those who identify as Jews. This is not the case. There are many fine human representatives who are Jewish, just as is the case with Muslims and everyone else. However, those who refuse to acknowledge what is said here and easily proven and those who choose to share in the profits generated by these lies, are also complicit in the evil brought forth by these lies. I am immune to any arguments to the contrary about what has been said here today because it is all PROVABLY true and we and others have proven it many times by the presentation of fact.

The fact is that according to their own measurements, the population of Jews INCREASED during the World War 2 years. How is that possible according to the Holocaust narrative??? I feel no need to add more than this at the moment. Just because it is unpopular and dangerous to say the Holocaust is a LIE is no proof whatsoever that it is not a LIE. As long as this world is populated with so many moral cowards, horrors such as those perpetrated will go on. However, I am certain that all is not as it appears and I am certain change is coming and I am certain that we shall see the light break on the darkness of this world. You, of course are free to believe what you like. This is what I believe. This is what I believe and this is what I know.

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There might be a Thanksgiving radio broadcast tomorrow. Whether you will hear it is a matter of available technology. Regardless... may you all be in deep consideration of all those things you have to be grateful for tomorrow.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Vampires and Werewolves and Bankers Oh My!

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The sad tragedy of Materialism is that it always ends in disorder or ruin and because it is greed and acquisition driven, one can see that sooner or later very few people wind up with all the money and resources and very many people wind up with next to nothing and most of those, the ones who don't fall by the wayside, are trapped on hamster wheels and stressed to the limits of their endurance. These few whose single minded pursuit of the goods and fortunes of others are all about control and contempt and they pay certain companies well to polish and defend their image while behaving like vampires and werewolves except that you are likely to encounter a bit more compassion from the vampires and werewolves.

The material world is made into a fairy dusted realm of possibilities for all and the myth is perpetuated by those who own the currency presses that provide them with unlimited resources to buy all of the information producing industries so that they control what people see and hear and believe to be true and which is not true at all. They mix up the desire features with the fear features and the fantasy features and you got a world that it is hard to feel comfortable in but you are told that is possible if you work hard and do the right thing. Quite the opposite is true because the mostly, truly, materially successful are most usually criminals who have jockeyed their way into positions of power where their crimes are no longer punished because the laws don't apply to them. They own the courts and the legal system. We saw this clearly during the bailouts and the monumental frauds that took place. We saw this in the Israeli orchestrated attacks on 9/11. Most people don't realize how many records and financial data; how many strategic agencies and detailed investigations were wiped out on that day. The costs of the attacks were huge. It changed the world as we know it and not in a good way and the people who profited the most from it were the ones who did it. There have been a number of 'crimes of the century' and this was one of them. This was probably the most significant of them because it changed the world we live in and the ones who carried out these attacks, then created Homeland Security and the NSA replication, the TSA and all those wars on countries that had nothing to do with it but who stood in the way of the imperial dreams of the country who did engineer 9/11 and who is supposed to be the best friend of the country they did it to. The ironies abound.

Behind all of these obscenities and profanities reside The Satanic, International Bankers. If you are on the right side of their agenda, you share in the spoils of all those assets stolen from the wider public. It depends on your level of importance, however much you reap ...and your level of importance is determined by what you are willing to do to rise to that level. This is how the psychopaths, like the cream, rise to the top, only it hardly resembles cream when it arrives.

Materialism feeds on spirituality. It feeds on the higher qualities and ones moral sense. It feeds on every good and decent thing and turns them into the same substance that your food turns into once the necessary things have been removed. Materialism moves inexorably from function, to dysfunction, to raving insanity. It moves from order into disorder. It move from a promise of impossible freedom to ubiquitous tyranny. It does it in stages and the human mind never contemplates what passes from point A to point Z. It never thinks more than a few moves ahead and this is how all the horrors that come to pass, come to pass. It doesn't move from light into darkness in a single bound. It goes there in increments. It moves through ever deeper shades of shadow until it is black as a moonless night and you never get how it is that you got there.

In this world are groups of people committed to taking as many others into perdition with them as possible. Some of them are consciously employed at this and some of them are unconsciously employed and being manipulated by those who are consciously employed. It can be very hard to understand why things are the way they are. The reason for this is because we, as mortals coming and going in limited time sequences have little idea of the big picture. We come and go and come and go and take no recall of previous residencies with us. All we have is what we made of ourselves in these comings and goings. The measureless panorama of existence is divided into days and nights of Brahma, which are demarcated into a Kalpa each, which are segmented into Yugas, at least during the day of Brahma. It's complicated. Here's a small taste of how it goes. There's no guarantee that this is completely accurate. It doesn't matter, it is beyond our comprehension no matter how it sorts out. The important feature to keep in mind is that there are times of greater light and greater shadow and we are in a time of greater shadow and that accounts for everything that is going on and why most people don't get what is going on but... a time of greater light is approaching.

You can visualize the reasons for this by thinking of life as a massive apartment like structure with viewing decks from every floor. Some floors are near the ground level and some are up near where the clouds live and the view varies all along the way. The people on the upper floors see things that are not possible for those on the lower floors to see and each floor builds its idea of reality around what they see from the viewing deck of their level. When people from different floors talk about what they see, it comes into conflict with each other. They are not all seeing the same thing. People argue about these perspectives but seldom convince each other. People see what they see and they identify their world accordingly. You only see what it is possible for you to see. There's no point in arguing with anyone.

There are elevators in this apartment structure and that is a saving grace and certain disciplines cause the elevator to power on and move up the floors to different levels and viewing stations. There are also stairwells with windows on every landing. I think you get the idea. This is rather crudely explained but is should be sufficient. You can also think of it as like a video game that is stocked with many levels and you have to accomplish certain actions in order to move from one level to the next. There are challenges and things that are hidden which must be uncovered. It becomes increasingly difficult to move up as you get to the final levels. I've done some of this in the past. One game I remember took me months to beat. I don't play video games anymore. Like everything else with me, there is a time limit on all of it and the savor gets lost and the thrill is gone.

As hard as it is for me to say it, life is a game or... let us say it is like a game and you should play to win or not play at all and the nature of the game is defined by what you are after. There is an old scriptural phrase that says, “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” What you are after defines the road that you are on. “Someone once said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” One could substitute 'admiration' and even 'devotion' for flattery.

When you have written several thousand of these postings, you cover a lot of ground. Commentary becomes anecdotal, objective, subjective, shapes in broad strokes and shapes in detail. Sometimes it goes one way and sometimes it goes another and sometimes it stays in particular slots, on particular tracks that some might say go on for too long. At no time have we pleased everyone here and there has never been the intention of doing so. If you don't like what you are finding at any point in time you can always go back a few years and maybe you will find what you are looking for. For all we know, whatever was meant to be said to you has already been said (grin).

We know now that the Paris attacks were another putup job. They're all putup jobs and they are all done by the same people. If there were no higher authority, it would be far worse than it already is. Given that there is not only a higher authority but an interpenetrating authority that also made everything out of its own substance, one can readily presume, should one believe this to be true (and physics proves it) that we are living in a scripted movie. Movies and dreams are very similar and any enduring philosopher who was at all concerned with the truth knows and has said that life is a dream. It is a web spun into being by the weaver and it entraps the hearts and mind of everyone who puts their faith in it. That is its job. Everything that makes and maintains and destroys the structure of fabrication that we live in and move through has a job to do. You may like one end of it a lot less than another but it is what it is. Your world is built around what you like and don't like. You have named everything in it and if someone named it before you and you assumed the name and meaning given, then it is yours also.

We live in a world of accommodations. If we don't accommodate then we are outcasts. There's arguments that can be made for either and it still depends on what you are after. You can't find the same things in both places. For some, the possibilities of having the same things over and over is all they are after and they get that. They get every permutation of all the relationships that happen in the entire dynamic. Sometimes they are giving it out and sometimes they are taking it in. This world repeats itself over and over again. The objects and environments, as well as the fashions and music and all the embellishments and particulars, change routinely ...but the dance that goes on here doesn't change. Some people tire of it and some don't. Suffering can be hard and many of us feel we get more than our share more often than we like but there are many positive aspects to suffering and depending on your objective and what you are after determines the value of your suffering and the quality of your life; compared to what?

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Monday, November 16, 2015

The Satanic, Zio-Banker, Circle Jerk in Paris and other Transparent Lies.

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Let us bow our heads in recognition of what Arthur Topham believes and what I believe and what you believe and which was put best by George Orwell; “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Arthur has lost a battle but not the war and in the process he has proven that our greatest enemy is not the Zionist plague that seeks to dismantle every human freedom and authentic belief but rather the incredibly stupid majorities that make up a public body upon whom, the truth has still not dawned. How can they be so stupid and live? I'm guessing it is purpose of demonstration thing and for so long as they metaphorically and literally felate their foreign masters in their every thought word and deed, for just so long, life will remain uncomfortable for those of us who have to live among and pass by these strange Smurfs and Schmoos every day.

I don't want to stay overlong on this topic, except to say... and I wasn't there, mind you but... I think the players in the drama played the game according to the people who run the board and that is why it turned out as it did. You cannot play according to the rules of the people who run the game because the odds ALWAYS favor the house. I take my courtroom antics from Appolonius of Tyana and Jesus Christ. You might say it didn't work out all that well for Jesus but that would depend on whether you were numbered among those who believe Jesus was the one crucified, when it was Judas who got the treatment...or maybe you think Jesus was a Jew? First of all, avatars don't come out of religions, they establish them. There is a big difference between thinking you are fighting the good fight and justice will be on your side and coming into the room as a rep of the one who makes the rules. What justice is, is... a decision in your favor. Justice isn't wearing a blindfold by accident.

Truth isn't a word or a concept. Truth is a force. Truth is a power but few and far between are those who can represent it because the opportunity costs everything else. There are no half measures. I say this, knowing that as fucked up as I may be in the eyes of some and however many shortcomings I possess, not understanding this is not numbered among them.

I've said what I had to say about all that. Let us move on to the latest Powers that think they are, attack in Paris. You can be certain that this is the case and that the ruling junta put this together. How can I know this is so with such certainty? First of all, they are behind all of these things, regardless and secondarily because of two laughable headlines that appeared in the world press shortly before. I speak of this. Does this absurdity ring any Bin Laden bells? I speak also of this. Then there is the raving lunacy of this inevitable reach into the place where the sun don't shine. As we know for a fact, America funds ISIS under orders from Israel and hasn't touched them for all the years they have allegedly been fighting them. “Mr. Apocalypse is Coming!!! He's rising into view just like the sun.” The more the event is propagandized and the more it all slants in predictable directions, the more certain you can be that it is a Satanic, Zio-Banker Circle Jerk.

U2 is devastated by the attacks; me 3, only because the beat goes on with the dark armies of the elite spreading havoc around the world. The Zio Ogre organized this attack and until the world wakes up to who is behind the horrors of our time, these horrors will continue. Now to the most important fallout from this latest monstrosity. How does this play out into the complexity of the Russian gambit in Syria against the axis whores of NATO and sundry? These proxy armies of the Israelis take their marching orders from Tel Aviv and London and there's no telling what sort of false flags are on the menu between now and Christmas. The most powerful truth about these times and the one paid the least attention to by the most people is that there is a spiritual dimension to everything and that is most directly expressed in Mr. Apocalypse. Yes... you can see it as a force without specific shape... or you can see it personified as do I, in a conscious entity who has in its hands all of the many strands of destiny that are to be woven into a living carpet of being and... he is the weaver.

Yes... U2 and the rest of the crocodile tear entourage are devastated. They raise their voices in a chorus of outrage concerning this events perpetrated on the people by the very agents of darkness that they serve so willingly for no other objective than their own material gain. French premier, Hollande, parrots the soundbites written by his handlers, while working to effect every despicable change that is ordered by his masters. The same people who did 9/11 and 3/3 did this Friday the 13th massacre. One thing we know for sure now is that death metal can be hazardous to your health.

I hate to be Visible Storm Crow but I expect terrible occurrences on the horizon, even as I know that it all works toward good in the long run. As long as the public remains asleep, the cosmos requires ever greater actions to force awakening. This is just how it goes. If humanity needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the light, they will be. What an awful cost is ignorance and appetite, working in tandem like some Tweedledum and Tweedledee out of the mirror of the dark abyss. They seem like two but they are one... the darkness and its reflection. At some point an unknown star is set to burst into being and flood that mirror with light.

If you are driven by ignorance and appetite, it is not only a direction but a location, just as is intention in whatever manner it is expressed. One's heart is like a lamp that throws its light upon one's thoughts and those are the singularity of what is illuminated. There might be all sorts of other possibilities upon which the light might land but it does not. It lands only on what is uppermost in the mind. When a common perception of reality, which is not real, is broadcast and maintained by the agents of disorder, then disorder is the fruit of that shared deception and it will continue until the sun of true reality breaks upon all the webs of lies that carry the currents of the false light into the cities of the world. They are not to be blamed for their obeisance and allegiance to all things that are wrong. They don't know any better. As a great world teacher once said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Is the story of that teacher a literal tale, exactly as has been told with so many variations in all the variations of the original, which we no longer possess? It is not my place to pass a judgment on that. I only know what logic and reason suggest. I know that the truth is concealed and that what conceals it is the veils of our own ignorance and these veils are formed from the smoke that rises from polluted fires. Once again, this is why bhakti is the stronger counsel in these times because it generates a smokeless flame. It is this flame that burns up the darkness and all of its creations within. It is no easy road but what other road is there? What other road is there?

This is what it is like in the enclaves of the 1%. Here are two relative corruptions that speak to the morality of of major players in these times. On the one hand you have this lovely example. And... some of you might remember my tale of accidentally walking into a bathhouse of whose nature I was unaware. Here is the other relative corruption mentioned. If you are using Chrome it will prompt you concerning a translation. Otherwise, Google translate will certainly help. It shouldn't be all that hard to accomplish. It should be as clear as clear can be that those who prey upon us are not engaged in an agenda for the greatest good. These are beasts and far worse than beasts in human form. They are not shy about taking responsibility for what they do. They are proud of what they do. No one else is making these sorts of statements. What is that about?

Everywhere you go these days there are profound and telling statistics that confirm what madnesses are afoot. I personally wish my destiny had chosen a more convenient time for my relocation (grin) and a better state of readiness and ability but... so it goes.

These last hours and last night, Visible has been watching the three extended segments of The Lord of the Rings. It is amazing how it mirrors our times on so many levels, individually and collectively. I think my favorite character is Samwise. Frodo wouldn't have gotten far without him. There are stronger personalities with more heroic cachet perhaps but if any of us would model ourselves upon Samwise with all the attendant humility and sacrifice, we could not go wrong. My feelings about the trilogy has not changed since I read the whole thing in two days while at The John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane at St. Elizabeth's in DC. Consider what they have turned it into these days and you have a good example of what real insanity is.

My enemies, such as they consider themselves to be, like to make a big deal out of my being locked up there, as was Ezra Pound. However it is a timeless verity that one cannot approach the greater truth without having gone mad but... is that madness? Is what the world considers to be madness really mad when the world itself is mad? This is a conundrum for consideration. I know according to certain yardsticks that I could hardly be considered sane and I celebrate that. I consider it a state of honor.

At this point in the trilogy on the screen, Pippin is kissing the ring of Denethor. The final battle is coming and also Mount Doom and the wonderful many meetings that follow. One certainly will find out whether they are a romantic in the process of watching this spectacle. War is a ugly thing at best but in a world where the very elements that compose us are at war with one another, war of one sort or another is a constant. One must pick their battles as they are responsible for their intentions. Our intentions define us and at any point they can redefine us. Where there is life, there is hope.

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There won't be a radio broadcast this Sunday. Sometimes it just isn't in the cards.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Spinning Twisting Convoluting Hula Hoopla of Horseshit.

European Afternoon Edition.... On the 'other side' of the planet.

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The world is thought born. Material physicists have proven this using something called math. If this is true that means that something or someone 'thought it into being'. We are potentially, the highest expression of a manifest life form on our particular planet (although most of us don't act like it). Of course there might be higher life forms of which we are unaware but we'll leave that speculation for another time. If we were thought into being, according to MATH ...and we are, by extension an expression of the thinker ...that would imply that we think our lives into being and the world as it exists for us is defined according to the same process. This accounts for what The Buddha had to say on the matter and the recurrence of variations upon the theme of, “as a man thinketh, so it he.”

Most people who argue absurdities, like Richard Dawkins, do it selectively. They do not address the truth of the universe being thought born. Another consideration is that they always use the abuses of religion as the primary example of how there can be no god. Their argument is that there could be no superior being with superior powers who would logically permit the sort of things that go on here. Or, they counter with another argument that if there is a god it must be The Devil because what goes on here is a clear expression of this and accounts for all that survival of the fittest jargon and which also justifies the 'by whatever means are necessary', survival and prosperity of those most fit over the wants and needs of those deemed less fit. This further accounts for their penchant for masturbating to old photos of Ayn Rand in a swimsuit, ...or Adam Smith if they are more inclined in that direction. It seems more and more of us are going to be more and more inclined in this direction.

How fortunate we are to have heroes constructed for us who remind us of what is worth having and aspiring after. Meanwhile, due to Israeli control over domestic police force training and the wide spread use of steroids, Americans are getting an ever increasing dose of this. Then, at the cutting edge of the new arriving age, certain nations are reacting as all nations must eventually need to react, if they desire to avoid terminal enslavement, followed by death and worse. I knew I should have moved to Iceland awhile ago.

Mr. Apocalypse needs to be mentioned with regularity because he is either responsible for or indirectly (as far as perceptions go) involved in everything going down at this time. This particular item is both humorous, tragic and revealing, all at the same time.

As Materialism moves through all of its progressive stages toward dissolution, we find that the entertainment sector and all of the various theaters of the various arts and OF COURSE, the areas of politics, religion and the marketplace are becoming more and more populated by psychopaths. These hollow vessels are becoming increasingly more numerous as are the outrageous nature of their demands. You can find page after page about these ridiculous poseurs. Simon Cowell insisted that he have a more flattering light shining upon him than does upon his co-stars wherever he may appear. Marilyn Manson insists on a bald toothless hooker in his hotel room when he is on tour. Steven Tyler, when he fancies a girl in the audience, insists that she be taken and placed naked in the shower for him upon his return from the stage. He doesn't care for them rubbing up against sweaty guys in the audience.

You see one side of these people in their direct and indirect encounters with you, whether on stage or through the various media they appear in, or on. This is all stage managed to an excruciating degree, so as to give a particular impression of them and it is effective, I suppose, except when they go off and they do go off with regularity.

All of these phenomena are being pressed out into different stages of exposure via the agency of Mr. Apocalypse for the purpose of demonstration. We are meant to see all of this and we are meant to aspire or decline within our hearts and minds, according to the judgment of our value systems or lack of one. All of this naming and desiring and pursuit to, or flight from, are necessary to the routing process that takes us to our next place of residence. What we think here and what we feel here, what we say here and what we do here, all play a part in the sum total of what we become in the crucible of manifest experience.

Some have wondered why I even bothered to engage the Flat Earth Nimrods. Some have even gotten on my case about it, as if I were somehow swept up in the whole hoopla of horseshit. Some forget I have been doing this for years and had everything you can think of thrown at me and some of it has been creative, convoluted and pernicious as all get out, even to the point of arranging scenarios where nothing happened and then spinning a web of lies concerning it. No... I had my reasons for engaging and also for giving a period of space and time to the endeavor because it seemed clear to me that something other than what seemed to be going on was going on. More comments came flying in about it than about any other looney tune orchestration that has ever manifested here and nothing, ever, has been so patently fraudulent. I rejected more comments than I posted; some because they were ad hominen driven and some because they were mirrored statements or piggy back statements seeking to reinforce each other. These latter are classic site hijacking tactics.

I noted an unmistakable similarity in both the arguments and in the denigrations directed at me for not embracing the possibility of this amazing revelation that has had all of us fooled for... like... forever and I was informed that my cynicism was going to result in these paragons of liberated thought to forever see me in a new and less favorable light (unlike Simon Cowell), or simply go away and never return again. This last is probably the most wonderful result I could hope to expect and I can only implore those who said this to follow through on it. Please...

In any case, I have mentioned many times here how I am one who studies trends. I am also one who applies logic to conclusions drawn from my observations. In this particular case, since I knew something else was going on behind the whole flat earth fantasy, I wanted to give it enough time to show me what it was and I needed to interact to see what kind of reactions came to pass. I can now say that this Flat Earth thing is a disinfo operation and it is most likely something that has been set up to defame the truther movement and make it look delusional. It would be very effective to be able to pull in the 9/11 Truth movement and other truth movements into an associative proximity with the Flat Earth thing. I am about 99.99% certain that this is what is going on. I know there are some very stupid and gullible people out there but to believe that the earth is flat well... there isn't much I can say that isn't said already by the very existence of the idea itself. The thing is... some number of the arguments and reactions coming at me were thoughtfully crafted and directed more at my unwillingness to want to give it a turn on the dance floor, much more than my believing it or not. Some measure of outrage was generated by my disinclination to even want to look into it. I have never been motivated to consider the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny either and they are far more likely to exist than a flat earth. The idea of promoting a flat earth was chosen, I believe, simply because it is so absolutely off the wall and once enough people got sucked into it, they could use it to discredit other movements that are spot on. Once again it all comes back to Mr, Apocalypse. The dark side knows that the unveiling and revealing is taking place and they are scrambling in every direction to hinder and hamper the inevitable.

I will close my side of any further discussion on this matter by saying that there will be no further discussion on my part and it is very likely that any discussion of it from any quarter is likely to fall into a lava tube and disappear. Now... if that makes me a Luddite or one who is in denial about this fabulous flat earth scam... so be it and if I lose readers over this, let me assure you that these are definitely the sort of readers I would be near ecstatic at the thought of losing. In the words of Dirty Harry, “Go ahead, make my day.”

Some who come here may regard my work more highly than another. Some come here for the company and some come here for whatever their reasons are. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about any of that. I started out with no readers at all and at one point I had tens of thousands of people coming and going each day, when I was still in the good graces of certain larger sites that linked my work. Then I started to talk about god too much and I was no longer welcome at these sites, where the webmasters are atheists. I didn't think about that at all either and I just went right on writing what I write for the benefit of those who gain some measure of enjoyment from coming here. I don't care if it's tens of thousands, or only thousands as it is these days. If it were hundreds and less than hundreds I would do it because it is what I do.

I do the best that I know how to every day and I pray every day that the ineffable will remove my shortcomings and make me a better person. This and a few other obsessions consume my attention and intention and more than this I cannot do, so... what you get is what you get. I can't do more than this until I can. I make mistakes. I note them and I endeavor to do better. That's it folks. Take it or leave it. That is how it is.

I have been here long enough where I have experienced people professing a great affection for me who, the moment I don't say what they want me to say, or the moment I forget to walk on eggs on their behalf, turn upon me with a fury akin to Hellfire and stalk off consumed with resentment and incapable of shaking it off and some have sought to hurt me in any way that they could. That is hardly what I would call great affection and it certainly isn't love and if one's appreciation and affection can be washed away so easily, it was never there in the first place. I learned long before I started doing this that people are fickle and undependable much of the time and you are lucky to know even a few resolute and loving souls with sincere hearts. I can say that I know more than a few so I am a rich man indeed and although I have forgiven everyone for their, in several cases, grave offenses against me, they are incapable of returning the favor and none of my offenses have been grave, Certainly I have been less than diplomatic on occasion and certainly I have been abrupt but I assure you... far far less so than many people who are far more widely celebrated than I, like Krishnamurti and.... ah... you know what, I don't want to start listing all the names or talking about some of the things that got done by people like Idries Shah. Let's just say that there are offenses and there are OFFENSES. I am very comfortable with the level of my own. If all it is is having been rude here and there or inattentive to the expected stroking so many people seek from me well, I can live with that. I should also add that not everyone who acts out in a strange and unexpected fashion (as I have done a few times) is doing it impulsively or unconsciously. Sometimes they do it to see where you are at. Sometimes one needs to know things about people BEFORE one gets more deeply involved with them.

Anyway... this whole posting is of a piece and interconnects from beginning to end and this is the end (grin).

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Tribe Frog Marching of Arthur Topham to Calvary

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“Sex is the mysticism of materialism and the only possible religion in a materialistic society.”

“An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit”

Well, it looks like the cavalry has landed in Canada. Canada, as you should already know, is the most Zionist Banker controlled country on the planet. However, Zio-Ogre Butt Boy, Stephen Harper, is no longer the catamite ruler of the Zio-Occupied Canadian States and so the Tribe Frog Marching of Arthur Topham to Calvary (grin) is no longer the cakewalk it started out as. With Gilad Atzmon now about to testify in Kangaroo Court on Tuesday in Arthur's defense and this being Wednesday and there being no news that I can find, I am at a loss for further commentary on this particular feature, except to say that I know Gilad and I have heard him speak and he is very impressive and very convincing. Regardless of the original intent of anyone involved in the effort to bury Mr. Topham, you may be sure that a circus atmosphere is going to be the terra firma environment of this particular but by no means unusual or unique travesty of justice, which is just one more example of the pro forma policy of all Anti Gentile endeavors on the part of the world's Morlock contingent. The Zionists are the cannibal flesh eating Morlocks and the rest of us are the Eloi... for the moment.

Over recent time, I have less and less enthusiasm for talking about these hideous monsters. It is very hard for me to avoid it. The reason is that if, “the love of money is the root of all evil” and they love money more than anyone else and have more money than anyone else, it stands to reason that they are either directly or tangentially connected to a very large percentage of the evil in the world. Since they own or control most of the world media and entertainment industries as well as most of the publishing houses and over ninety percent of the art galleries, their influence on human perception of what is and what is not is very great. Given their predisposition toward the enslavement of the human race, it is to be expected that they spend less than none of their time on what is real and more than all of their time on what is not, in order to control the perceptions of humanity.

Yes, I know how that last paragraph reads. That's okay because it is intentional and for effect, which makes it okay. How's that for logic? As I have been at pains here to express on more than one occasion, I did not come to that which I believe, due to any predisposition on my part. My primary impetus is the drive for truth and I go where the truth leads me. What that means is that when I take all of the facts and impressions that I have discovered and analyzed and compared... and distilled... I am left with what I am left with. It would have been far better for me, in the material and social sense, had I come to different conclusions. Yet... after years and years of inquiry, after years and years of study and sorting and sifting... the same conclusions were always arrived at. From this point I have the option of lying to myself and... by extension, lying to everyone else, or... simply telling the truth as it has presented itself to me and letting the chips fall where they may, granting also that the devil can take the hindmost, which seems to be a particular attraction for the devil and his worshipers in the first place. One of the ceremonies that you come across in Satanism in its various forms is the osculation of the devil's posterior as an expression of devotion and fealty. The devil expects you to kiss his ass and if you are not so inclined then things may not go as well for you as you might like.

There is very little difference between Materialism and Satanism, except that Materialists may be unaware that they are Satanists. Regardless of that they will still behave like one. Most people haven't read Anton Szandor Lavey's writings. I have. What you cannot fail to notice is that the philosophy expressed as Satanism is indistinguishable from the basic philosophy of any materialist. This is something important to keep in mind when you interact with people of this genre. You can expect similar experiences from either one.

Satanists and Materialists are drawn to the same theaters of operation. In the worlds of politics, religion, the arts and entertainment and the marketplaces of the world, you will find many more of them than you will in other locations... usually ...but... these are the times of the greatest material excess that has ever been seen and so we can now find these types nearly everywhere. The media, entertainment, publishing, music and art, all promote this philosophy, either in a direct celebration of lifestyles or indirectly by suggestion. The idea is to make it all seem normal and even a positive expression of one's being. This is why we hear statements like, “greed is good”, “You've got to take care of number one”, “he who dies with the most toys wins”, and “god is dead”. One of the primary tenets of Materialism is that there is no god. I'm not here to debate that question of is or is not. That is a personal conclusion that one comes to.

There is only one reason that there are Holocaust Laws and that is to protect the lies told which support the idea of it. This massive non-event that is touted around the world and which has drained billions upon billions of dollars from those pressured into supporting it and believing it... never occurred. What did occur is the Russian holocaust of tens of millions that was brought about by those who claim to be the victims of their own holocaust and the one is a defense against the exposure of the other. Clear and indisputable documents exist which prove that one of these events happened and that the other one didn't. All would be well for the psychopathic liars and profiteers, except for Mr. Apocalypse. He's the most powerful, most unseen and most mysterious force in the world today. We literally don't have to do anything. What needs to be done is beyond our capacity in any case and the motivation to do anything is nothing more than an invitation to add to the confusion and chaos that is taking place..

I don't want to give the impression that we are powerless and helpless in the face of so much that needs to be stopped, or re-routed, or changed. We are not but we are rendered powerless and helpless ...and worse, when we don't know what needs to be stopped, or re-routed and changed and we cannot know until we have changed ourselves, or allowed ourselves to be changed. We are the problem, all of us, we are the problem. The predators would have no chance to feed upon the rest of us if we were not engaged in all the pursuits and attractions that make us prey. It's a collective clusterfuck of those who are not confused because they are uncompromising agents of the darkness who are not restrained by any effect of conscience or compassion. Then there's everyone else; most of these have no idea who they are, only some vague and ever changing idea of what they want, until they get it... if ever and then a small minority of souls who are at a certain plane of awareness and who serve as they go and who may or may not be flawed or hampered in one way or another, carrying some burden as a kind of cosmic handicap, lest they get the idea they are more than what they are and which they might not know either. The more I read about and hear about the various titled masters of the last however many decades, the more I've lost any sense of hero worship whatsoever except for a very few and of course the really big heavyweights who were beyond the usual human limitations... or at least that is the picture you get.

Well... I don't know what's happening in Canadian Noahide Land. I know Gilad showing up has to be a very positive development and I expect there is more waiting in the wings. This is a big deal. The nasties are seeing the tide of destiny swing against them all over the world, even as the appearance of their power seems to increase. The most critical thing we need to remember is that this is all happening for a reason. There is a purpose to life and I don't care how cruel and malevolent the circumstances may appear at times. There IS a benevolent power that shapes our ends to the most positive final result. We may not be able to see it. We may only experience a partial or minuscule taste of it here but it awaits us. It is coming, while at the same time it is reeling us in ...and not even death or the greatest tragedies can deny us the completion of the miracle and majesty of our high destiny. That moment is coming, be it ever so far or seem only so far in the distance beyond this moment in time and regardless of whether it is true that we already are everything we can ever be ...but we can't see it. Well... if we can't see it then it isn't so (yet) except in some ideal sense on the ideal plane and I don't care how many pop tart new age mumbo jumbo artistes say otherwise. Sure... maybe we are already perfect but... unless we are in direct experience of it, we are not.

So... let the storm winds batter the shutters and let the cold creep beneath the door. Let the rain beat down on the shingles and let the temporary madness spin like a tornado to and fro... it will not last forever. Even as it seems to be coming to an ever greater appearance of power, it is dying. It is some kind of a cosmic truth that as soon as anything temporal comes into the ascendant and begins to extend itself beyond the borders of its being, it begins to falter and fail. It's all right there in the simple statements of Lao Tzu. Nothing I could say would be an improvement on any of that so I will end this days reflections here.

Good luck and many blessings Arthur!

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