Monday, November 16, 2015

The Satanic, Zio-Banker, Circle Jerk in Paris and other Transparent Lies.

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Let us bow our heads in recognition of what Arthur Topham believes and what I believe and what you believe and which was put best by George Orwell; “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Arthur has lost a battle but not the war and in the process he has proven that our greatest enemy is not the Zionist plague that seeks to dismantle every human freedom and authentic belief but rather the incredibly stupid majorities that make up a public body upon whom, the truth has still not dawned. How can they be so stupid and live? I'm guessing it is purpose of demonstration thing and for so long as they metaphorically and literally felate their foreign masters in their every thought word and deed, for just so long, life will remain uncomfortable for those of us who have to live among and pass by these strange Smurfs and Schmoos every day.

I don't want to stay overlong on this topic, except to say... and I wasn't there, mind you but... I think the players in the drama played the game according to the people who run the board and that is why it turned out as it did. You cannot play according to the rules of the people who run the game because the odds ALWAYS favor the house. I take my courtroom antics from Appolonius of Tyana and Jesus Christ. You might say it didn't work out all that well for Jesus but that would depend on whether you were numbered among those who believe Jesus was the one crucified, when it was Judas who got the treatment...or maybe you think Jesus was a Jew? First of all, avatars don't come out of religions, they establish them. There is a big difference between thinking you are fighting the good fight and justice will be on your side and coming into the room as a rep of the one who makes the rules. What justice is, is... a decision in your favor. Justice isn't wearing a blindfold by accident.

Truth isn't a word or a concept. Truth is a force. Truth is a power but few and far between are those who can represent it because the opportunity costs everything else. There are no half measures. I say this, knowing that as fucked up as I may be in the eyes of some and however many shortcomings I possess, not understanding this is not numbered among them.

I've said what I had to say about all that. Let us move on to the latest Powers that think they are, attack in Paris. You can be certain that this is the case and that the ruling junta put this together. How can I know this is so with such certainty? First of all, they are behind all of these things, regardless and secondarily because of two laughable headlines that appeared in the world press shortly before. I speak of this. Does this absurdity ring any Bin Laden bells? I speak also of this. Then there is the raving lunacy of this inevitable reach into the place where the sun don't shine. As we know for a fact, America funds ISIS under orders from Israel and hasn't touched them for all the years they have allegedly been fighting them. “Mr. Apocalypse is Coming!!! He's rising into view just like the sun.” The more the event is propagandized and the more it all slants in predictable directions, the more certain you can be that it is a Satanic, Zio-Banker Circle Jerk.

U2 is devastated by the attacks; me 3, only because the beat goes on with the dark armies of the elite spreading havoc around the world. The Zio Ogre organized this attack and until the world wakes up to who is behind the horrors of our time, these horrors will continue. Now to the most important fallout from this latest monstrosity. How does this play out into the complexity of the Russian gambit in Syria against the axis whores of NATO and sundry? These proxy armies of the Israelis take their marching orders from Tel Aviv and London and there's no telling what sort of false flags are on the menu between now and Christmas. The most powerful truth about these times and the one paid the least attention to by the most people is that there is a spiritual dimension to everything and that is most directly expressed in Mr. Apocalypse. Yes... you can see it as a force without specific shape... or you can see it personified as do I, in a conscious entity who has in its hands all of the many strands of destiny that are to be woven into a living carpet of being and... he is the weaver.

Yes... U2 and the rest of the crocodile tear entourage are devastated. They raise their voices in a chorus of outrage concerning this events perpetrated on the people by the very agents of darkness that they serve so willingly for no other objective than their own material gain. French premier, Hollande, parrots the soundbites written by his handlers, while working to effect every despicable change that is ordered by his masters. The same people who did 9/11 and 3/3 did this Friday the 13th massacre. One thing we know for sure now is that death metal can be hazardous to your health.

I hate to be Visible Storm Crow but I expect terrible occurrences on the horizon, even as I know that it all works toward good in the long run. As long as the public remains asleep, the cosmos requires ever greater actions to force awakening. This is just how it goes. If humanity needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the light, they will be. What an awful cost is ignorance and appetite, working in tandem like some Tweedledum and Tweedledee out of the mirror of the dark abyss. They seem like two but they are one... the darkness and its reflection. At some point an unknown star is set to burst into being and flood that mirror with light.

If you are driven by ignorance and appetite, it is not only a direction but a location, just as is intention in whatever manner it is expressed. One's heart is like a lamp that throws its light upon one's thoughts and those are the singularity of what is illuminated. There might be all sorts of other possibilities upon which the light might land but it does not. It lands only on what is uppermost in the mind. When a common perception of reality, which is not real, is broadcast and maintained by the agents of disorder, then disorder is the fruit of that shared deception and it will continue until the sun of true reality breaks upon all the webs of lies that carry the currents of the false light into the cities of the world. They are not to be blamed for their obeisance and allegiance to all things that are wrong. They don't know any better. As a great world teacher once said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Is the story of that teacher a literal tale, exactly as has been told with so many variations in all the variations of the original, which we no longer possess? It is not my place to pass a judgment on that. I only know what logic and reason suggest. I know that the truth is concealed and that what conceals it is the veils of our own ignorance and these veils are formed from the smoke that rises from polluted fires. Once again, this is why bhakti is the stronger counsel in these times because it generates a smokeless flame. It is this flame that burns up the darkness and all of its creations within. It is no easy road but what other road is there? What other road is there?

This is what it is like in the enclaves of the 1%. Here are two relative corruptions that speak to the morality of of major players in these times. On the one hand you have this lovely example. And... some of you might remember my tale of accidentally walking into a bathhouse of whose nature I was unaware. Here is the other relative corruption mentioned. If you are using Chrome it will prompt you concerning a translation. Otherwise, Google translate will certainly help. It shouldn't be all that hard to accomplish. It should be as clear as clear can be that those who prey upon us are not engaged in an agenda for the greatest good. These are beasts and far worse than beasts in human form. They are not shy about taking responsibility for what they do. They are proud of what they do. No one else is making these sorts of statements. What is that about?

Everywhere you go these days there are profound and telling statistics that confirm what madnesses are afoot. I personally wish my destiny had chosen a more convenient time for my relocation (grin) and a better state of readiness and ability but... so it goes.

These last hours and last night, Visible has been watching the three extended segments of The Lord of the Rings. It is amazing how it mirrors our times on so many levels, individually and collectively. I think my favorite character is Samwise. Frodo wouldn't have gotten far without him. There are stronger personalities with more heroic cachet perhaps but if any of us would model ourselves upon Samwise with all the attendant humility and sacrifice, we could not go wrong. My feelings about the trilogy has not changed since I read the whole thing in two days while at The John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane at St. Elizabeth's in DC. Consider what they have turned it into these days and you have a good example of what real insanity is.

My enemies, such as they consider themselves to be, like to make a big deal out of my being locked up there, as was Ezra Pound. However it is a timeless verity that one cannot approach the greater truth without having gone mad but... is that madness? Is what the world considers to be madness really mad when the world itself is mad? This is a conundrum for consideration. I know according to certain yardsticks that I could hardly be considered sane and I celebrate that. I consider it a state of honor.

At this point in the trilogy on the screen, Pippin is kissing the ring of Denethor. The final battle is coming and also Mount Doom and the wonderful many meetings that follow. One certainly will find out whether they are a romantic in the process of watching this spectacle. War is a ugly thing at best but in a world where the very elements that compose us are at war with one another, war of one sort or another is a constant. One must pick their battles as they are responsible for their intentions. Our intentions define us and at any point they can redefine us. Where there is life, there is hope.

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There won't be a radio broadcast this Sunday. Sometimes it just isn't in the cards.


mike m said...

France should have took nitwityahoo's warning to heart when he threatened them after they said they would recognize Palestine as a state.

Jesus couldn't have been jewish, he didn't seem to be a narrsissistic psychopath.

Another "miracle" passport.

Tom Brady is having quite the season, again.

Ray B. said...

Hi, Visible Storm Crow! Wear the 'mantle' with pride, seeing who the other Storm Crow was...

Vis, I'm glad that you got to see the extended version of "The Lord of the Rings." There is a proposed super-extended version, with all that Peter Jackson actually wanted to be in there, and will be waaay to long for a movie screening. We'll see.

As I have mentioned before, I believe TLotR is a 'guide book', not just a novel. There are just too many 'coincidences' between what I encountered in the British Isles and TLotR species. Not exact, but close enough.

There is even a parallel in 'events'. In the books, Elves had been distant from humans, considering themselves outside our fight. Ironically, the love of Arwen for Aragorn caused her to be unable to 'return' with the Elves, and forced her father, Elrond, to back the humans at Helm's Deep. This led to the delay in overrunning which allowed the time for Gandalf and Rohan loyalists to arrive, won that battle, and saved Rohan for the battle at Minas Tiris. And ultimately, the end of Sauron...

Here on our Earth, (Real) Elves had been remote from humans - even considering us as thoughtforms, we had fallen so far. The (Real) Elves thought it was our personal choices which brought us this low. Sad, but our responsibility...

Then, one of what I call Stone-Circle-Entities informed the (Real) Elves that we had been 'helped' into our state by our own personal 'Sauron', whom I call the 'farmer'. Not only that, the 'farmer' had infiltrated and influenced the (Real) Elves. Once they had digested this piece of unwelcome news, the (Real) Elves joined Higher Humans and other higher beings in performing a 'sweep' from high-to-low on various bad guys. (Not just on planet Earth.)

This sweep has been successful. Now, only the bulk of (injured/programmed) humans are left. (This is why the human baddies are starting to look incompetent. Their former masters are gone or on our side.) Even (injured/programmed) humans are being slowly 'Cleaned'. The sheer numbers cause this one-by-one 'process' to be slow.

So, the bad news is that we still exist within the crumbling baddie-structure. The good news is that it is hollowed-out, and cannot sustain its 'grip' or long-range perspective. Just a matter of time...

(And yes, what I have called the 'Turning' still exists - and is still 'moving', whatever that means. Interesting times... *grin*)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

An interesting analysis:

Sock monkey said...

Milking the kali yuga till the blood bath runs right thru ya

Anonymous said...


Soooo well put. Truth is very expensive, and one must keep in mind the pearls-before-swine thing, and also the falling-on-deaf-ears thing. One thing about living in extreme poverty (as I do on most days) is that almost every person you see in the day-to-day is a deaf swine. Pass through them and hope you don't get killed (I think they would if they could get away with it). I am dreaming of moving to Hawaii (one maybe two years) and I believe I will make it. You are fortunate in that you already live in Hawaii (hope you get a new place OK). You are also fortunate to have this group of non-deaf non-swines to show your pearls (pearls indeed) to.

My daughter is looking at Captain Cook. (I however am thinking fed govt subsidized housing where I can walk to Waikiki Beach). My daughter has taken up the ukulele (she uses the non-guitar tuning, my dog has fleas) :(

Easy to tote around the uke. Ukulele was my third instrument as a child (first piccolo, second harmonica).

For another road regarding, "that teacher," check out part four of the fifth revelation. There you may hear the angels. We are not left bereft.

God bless us each and every one.


Magdelena < cat person

Anonymous said...

They do love their numbers don't they? Was Friday the 13th too obvious? What's
on the pot for Christmas?

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Visible. Thanks for keeping the light on. Much love to you, sir.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Les. Another great post. Love and best wishes, A

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Arthur Topham both winning and losing is not only a perversion of law and justice perpetrated on Mr. Topham, it was also a Canadian sized cream pie to ALL our collective faces.

In 2003, the bar was set. This being the persecution and punishment inflicted on Ernst Zundel via the treasonous, evil and yes, insane "truth is no defense" proclamation of the presiding judge. How then might Arthur Topham prevailed?

In 2003 'O Canada' sailed full steam into the Yehuda Triangle (New York - London - Tel Aviv)
and out sailed Zio-America Jr.

Right in front of God and everyone..

Coming soon..
Holoco$t denial and/or 'anti-Semitic' anything is illegal in Zio-America and Zio-America Jr.

Ray B. said...

Scary article:

"US Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans"
by Janet Phelan, 15.11.2015
A Bill has just passed the US Senate, mandating that the US Department of Veteran Affairs ensure that all veterans receive immunizations (vaccines) per a draconian schedule.
Sec. 101 of Senate Bill 1203, named the 21st Century Veterans Benefits Delivery Act, states that the Department of Veterans Affairs will be tasked with the mandate to “ensure that veterans receiving medical services under chapter 17 of title 38, United States Code, receive each immunization on the recommended adult immunization schedule at the time such immunization is indicated on that schedule.”
It is believed that those who refuse will, under this Bill, lose their medical benefits.
Senate Bill 1203 was authored by US Senator Dean Heller, Republican from Nevada. It passed the US Senate on November 10, 2015 and now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.

zazz said...

Hi Les,

Some great words in this article, as usual. For e.g., "At some point an unknown star is set to...". Hope it will be many unknown stars at once.

One small observation on the article. If one is not "numbered among those who believe Jesus was the one crucified", then by extension, it would not be the great world teacher who once said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” That would be Judas too. He may have actually believed that 'they know not what they do' because he didn't understand why 'they' thought he was Jesus.


Anonymous said...

pierre said..(2 glasses, sorry)

not sure what to say , except Fukushima is on it's way, Trump this. (hope I am wrong).
best 60 seconds of your time to see the end of the world.
(Durnford also arrested and legally, levitically, phariseeicly and talmudically traumatised last weeek )

and more analysis of the BS from

although, Jesus only quoted the scriptures and God.
(Jesus might have been invented , but that is besides the point, we need the immunity that doesn't exacerbate the disease).

one good thing about the Bataclav BS, it got Visible's juices flowing. perhaps that is the scales of Justice and Truth happening. hopefully whogiveashit is listening, and has the power and the glory, as they sing.

Visible said...

Just another thing to wonder about.

Anonymous said...

Your life's journey is never completely in light or darkness. Your destiny lies of a path of conscience that is illuminated by compromising shades of grey.

PeaceLes... God save the sheeple!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Monsters of the Unreal are Marching into the Minefield of Exploding Cowpies.



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