Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Global War and Hunger Porn on the way to Fat City

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You vicious, heartless, selfish, feckless fools. You, who have voluntarily surrendered your humanity to an organized gang of satanic psychopaths. Was it for gain? Was it the bad end of a compromise gone wrong? Was it out of fear, after having come into a position, of losing the position and then you assume the position? Were you up for it anyway, you who bring the unwilling world to the doorstep of global war? You who are arranging the tableau, like a dinner table for the damned, ferrying ships bound for salvage, to be evidence in yet another false flag, waving blood red above the burning bodies of the duped and deluded who went into combat for bankers. The pens move and the weapons fire. Iran has done nothing to you. Their restraint has been admirable. In the mountains, ordinary human beings are skiing. They are walking through the pistachio orchards. They are dreaming their individual dreams, within the parameters of the collective dream. They are people like you and I. They have children, families and friends. They are not making war. We are.

The most powerful agency for calculated death and destruction is the fundamentalist, Christian right. Their sanctimonious, demagogic preachers, whip them into a lather of self righteous hate, manipulated and inspired by the very ones who committed the crimes that others are blamed for. These millions of deceived lemmings, march off the metaphorical cliffs of their own ignorance; titanic edifices of tamasic stone. They kneel before their crucified God and then proceed to crucify entire nations for the crime of being different. They are the ones who make it all possible, who cannot comprehend the meaning of the words they read from the book they claim to be infallible. Like rats in a maze, searching for the cheese, which bears no resemblance to the genuine article. There is no maze. These are the same people who would crucify the man again if he showed up today. These are the people from Big Hair Country. They came here to be led astray, while being informed that they should not be led astray. They came here to be selfish and indifferent, while reading about charity and good works. The only time they are inspired to do the right thing is when they can be observed, or champing at the bit to tell everyone about it.

Their missionaries go off to Africa, where they paint sugar water under the eyes of starving children, so that the flies will land there during the photo op. They are the merchants of Hunger Porn. They get hard looking at the centerfold. They dream of and wish for disasters so that they might weep crocodile tears. They're soap actors under the camera eyes of their cartoon associates. They're good decent people, just ask them. They are dumber than a retarded rock and proud, boy are they proud of themselves. Tell them the truth and watch their eyes catch on fire. Scratch the thin veneer of facsimile smiles and watch them bear their teeth, uh huh, Jesus is just alright with me.

Jesus is like a bad relative that you have to lock in the basement when company comes over. You can't let the real Jesus into the living room. It's a given that he will piss in the punchbowl, or you might be bobbing for road apples. It's a given that he would kick everybody's ass for twisting the timeless beauty of the awakened heart, into an ugly nightmare for anyone who isn't dressed up to celebrate the fruits of a poisoned mind. No, you'd have to lock him up, the same way you've locked him out. It wouldn't take long for what you say he says and what he actually says to develop into a free for all, where everyone runs around punching themselves in the face and taking a grim satisfaction at having gotten some good licks in; never, ever catching on to whose ass is being kicked and by whom.

There's nothing quite like the righteous fundie. There's no limit to the possibilities of disassociated and dissonant cogitation. There he stands on the doorstep, pointing toward the highway for the young girl with the child in her arms. There he stands, expounding on the welfare families and needy people who ought to go out and get a job like the one he has. It's obvious they are in that situation because they don't love Jesus. They love Jesus though and Jesus loves them, even if he does have to sleep in the basement or out in the garage.

In about six weeks we come to Dead Man's Curve, on the thruway of time and circumstance. Seemingly intelligent people have rationalized it as necessity. They have no choice, do they? Iran is all that remains of The Middle East in any independent way. They destroyed Libya and one of the modern wonders of the age, along with the most solidly constructed 'people first' system in the area. They bombed Afghanistan back into the stone age, which was no great distance to traverse. They beat the living shit out of Iraq and then, ah what the hell, they poisoned all of the unborn generations as well.

Look at it from their point of view, after having destroyed the domestic economies and looting everything in reach, there really is no alternative besides a world war. It's the one thing that will take people's attention off of their other crimes. They did it all. They're no slouch when it comes to 24 hour criminal focus. They're so bent they can roll from place to place. They sat around with their glasses of scotch and they tossed around the big ideas. Then they drafted the blueprints. Then they signed off on the construction and there it sits, stinking to high heaven. They went from PNAC to 9/11. Then they went to war but not before they went into official mourning, so as to jack up the outrage, like a monster truck. How did these special people get into the position where they could do all of these things? They are part and parcel of a particularly heinous symbiosis. One faction prints the money. The other faction receives it. If you don't go along with the program, you don't get any money. It's as simple as that and it's as serious as a heart attack.

They got sky box seats at the dream coliseum. What they see is what they see, from the position they are in. The perspective is what it is and it's colored by invisible gases that tailor the perceptions to end game result. The hired help moves around them, giving them the certain assurance that all is right with the world and that they are central to whatever is taking place. There's a special kind of thrill in sending other men off to die and to kill all sorts of people just cause they told them to. You and I are denied this form of rare delight. Oh, it could have been ours had we not gotten sidetracked by something.

At the end of any particular age, where technology has outpaced morality, you always get the religious wars. You get that caveman mentality taking place in a Star Trek environment. You get the disconnected video game effect, of bodies smoking and burning on a screen somewhere. You get nuclear technicians who don't anticipate pipes freezing in the winter, during a meltdown. You get millions of people with headphones on, isolating their contact from their fellows. You get riots in department stores, during seasonal periods celebrating the joy of giving. You get the tiniest religion in the world, dictating to one of the largest religions in the world about what you can call your religious holidays and what you can and cannot celebrate, while they promote theirs without a second thought and then laugh at you in the bargain. They have been the motive force behind every conflict in recent memory and somehow that's okay because of all the retarded rocks and Jesus in the basement.

It's predictable. It's pro forma. It's a definite guarantee that very soon, very bad shit is going to be very, very apparent. In the meanwhile, approaching weeks, days and minutes, our gifted craftsmen are setting the stage, placing all of the pieces and strategizing all of the strategies, into a fail proof, fool proof, fait accompli with no damage to themselves. They've crunched the numbers and locked 'what if' in the basement with Jesus. However, history and certainly recent history, has shown us that all the planning in the world, doesn't mean anything when the people doing the planning aren't right in the head. This is one of the classic realities that accommodates evil in its unwitting suicide.

Thomas Cole, is a painter from the Hudson River School. He did a four part set of paintings called, “The Voyage of Life”. Great art is one of the chief defenders of faith in times of darkness. It reminds us of the dignity, beauty and possibilities of the inspired soul. It reminds us that things pass through us. They don't originate with us. Great art is proof of an invisible presence. Great art moves us and changes us by our exposure to it. It especially reminds us of what we have been and what we can be. It is a testimony to the struggles and triumphs of the human spirit, while surrounded by the wreckage of temporary defeats.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

To Choodle into the Armageddon Sunset.

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As they crank up the inevitable engines of war in search of deeper darkness, the brainwashing continues apace; not that it's all that hard to wash a fundie's brain, since that system already functions like sending a tank top to the dry cleaners.

The flavor of the month is about to change, well, it did change, sort of, last week or so. Anyway, what Red Adelson wants, Red Adelson gets, until he changes his mind. We've got revolving front runners, kind of like if a bunch of meth-infused 6th graders started to go nuts on a merry go round; or would that be Ritalin deprived? I don't quite get how Romney's wife makes 6.2 million off of around ten million- except for the “possibly much more” comment, when Uncle Mitt only makes 3 million off of 37 million at Goldman's Nut Sacks.

So the deal is, keep flipping the front runners so that the Obama Bo Bama Banana Dana, Murder and Poverty Express can “keep on choodlin” into the Armageddon Sunset. He'll be accompanied by disclaimers which state he doesn't support Israel, which should keep his support relatively high among those who believe the crap on the surface, when even the surface says that is a lie. Anyway, any fool knows there isn't going to be any election. Then again, there hasn't been an election in a long, long time.

Some people get upset about senior citizens eating cat and dog food. I guess they haven't seen all the creative things that Haitian families can do with mud. Given that some houses are made of adobe, you could almost make an argument for Haitians living in gingerbread houses; metaphorically speaking. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions in Clinton-Bushligula and other unsavory financial holding tanks of interest gathering donations, bobbing like Mylar balloons over the bed of a terminal cancer patient, endlessly circle the starved and blasted landscape below. Exactly why do these funds from so many sources still remain unavailable after so many years? Why did all that money that went to rebuild Iraq either disappear or remain locked up in Rothschild war profiteering battle field banks? Gee, you have to ask?

Well, it's fairly obvious that we need a row of inhabited lampposts, in a modern day flashback to Spartacus and the boys, along the golden roads to Rome redux; blow me once, shame on me. Oh well. “We who are about to die salute you”. That should be, “We who intend to live refute you” but the script girl spent the previous night in a hot-tub, jacked down on Quaaludes. The speed of stupidity equals ignorance squared by inert mass to the tenth power.

Onward we trudge through the mud and the blood and the bullshit and high waders aren't the solution. A kayak might work but then there's all those things that live below the mire line. The good and bad news is that anything will burn if the fire is hot enough. Can I get witless? Darling, you are.

Word has it that they are erecting a statue in the West Village, of Harris Milstead snacking on poodle shit. That's what the American wet dream is all about. When your mind is a Petri dish, this is the kind of thing modern art aficionados lose their lunch over. Harris will probably be snacking on that too, if it happens and the whole thing will be art; managed and ministered by the usual suspects who handle art the way they handle dead gerbils in the aftermath and possibly in the afterlife as well. I suspect in that latter case the gerbils are no longer dead and have been reverse Bonzaied.

Johnny can't read anymore but he can definitely jerk off. Contrary to folk wisdom it does not make hair grow on the palms of your hand. It does make it grow backwards inside your head though, until a trap door spider takes up residence, giving a whole new meaning to, “feed your head”. Of course, if this was just a movie it would probably be funny but it's real life. Real life calls for real solutions, like creating a nationwide energy retrieval system from wiring the bouncing legs of all those teenage girls text messaging the universe. No wonder the aliens never land. Would you come here if you had a flying saucer? I didn't think so.

There's going to be so much food for the moon soon that the moon is going to turn pink from Pepto Bismol overdosing. It's just like what happens if you drink a couple of quarts of carrot juice every day. The people who can afford that deserve to turn orange. Then they can move to Denver and become celebrities. Yes, shit for brains is finally home on the range, where the deer and the antelope are going to be on barbecue standby for that big refrigerator grill, replicating all across the wide prairie; abandoned urban lots, woodland clearings, road side pullovers and under the over passes. Dead in the flood drains is the new under over.

Meanwhile, Porky Pig's extended family is running the show. Of course, Porky's been supplementing his daily crack allowance with oxycodone and he's got one rabid silver back gorilla of a habit on his bacon location. This has, quite 'frankly' made him less sensitive and sympathetic to the needs of others. I guess you can say that goes for the whole extended family of porcine, reptilian hybrids, tending the massive flocks of “Idiocracy” rejects. The mental health graph of public well being now only goes from neurotic to batshit crazy, with 'insane' being the median. There's a drive by pharmacy in your future, coming to the corner block of your street, real soon. Well, there would be if you had a future.

Of course, it's not all bad and worse. There is some good and better. It's hiding in foothills and abandoned mountain ranges, in places where the minerals have already been sucked dry. It's deep in jungles and on islands with no beaches and there are islands of consciousness too, connected by invisible webs of resonance that span the globe and vibrate into the hearts and minds of those who might well have read a book in the last year or two. It's out there and in there but not necessarily in the first place you show up, to see if it matches up, with whatever demonstrations you put into place to get it to reveal intrinsic nature.

No and yes, there are good things seeking to be born into a world, where the children of what has yet to make an appearance, will dance on the mountaintops for joy in a new morning of rebooted time, where innocence is celebrated and broken hearts are made whole by the adhesive of a resurgent love but... later for that. Right now we must, perforce, look into the gaping maw of demagogues and deviants who have ridden the high speed trains of collective, insensate puerility and rampaging appetite to doomsday's break. We are on the plains of apocalyptic resolution, where countless legions of Teletubbies march into the teeth of the cosmic, thresher combine. You won't have to ask again why the sky is blue. Barney the Dinosaur is waving that construction flag into the single lane bypass. Ronald McDonald is at the other end. You got to go slow during this unfortunate bottleneck but there's a sense that, somehow, this indicates one last opportunity to simply stop the car, get out and pick your way over the plastic barriers and then through the rebar forest until you can climb the kudzu hill and make it into the woods, if the snipers don't get you first.

I always thought when we got to Brave New World, there would at least be a ready source of Soma but I suspect that's par for the course. Brave New World without Soma is a ripoff, to say the least. I guess you all know that Aldous Huxley got shot up with LSD on his death bed and allegedly said, “Now I see”? Of course, the same got attributed to Sam Kinnison as well, when those drunken idiots in a pickup truck crashed into him and then got out and started moaning about the damage to their truck. Actually, what Sam said was "I don't want to die. I don't want to die." then he said "But why? 'Okay, okay, okay." Then again, Sam wasn't wearing a seat belt. Nietzsche also was reputed to have said something to the effect of, “Now I see”.

I'm guessing there are many other examples and variants. What do you think you will say, given the importance of the moment?

Hmmmm... well, we have indeed come to the end of another transmission and I'll see you at the next one if there is one. Meanwhile, keep in mind that things are not what they appear, nor are they generally what you hear. Everything happens for a reason, even if you don't know what that reason is.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Sandusky Principle and the Hive Mentality.

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The Penn State basketball coach said, "The passion, the love that he gave almost gave you a sense that you wanted to give it back to him," Let's see if we can extrapolate that into other quotes. The president said, “The way these men willingly go and die in foreign lands 'almost' makes you want to do it too”, or something like this, “The way a strategic collection of men can turn their eyes away from the sexual abuse of children almost makes you think they were involved too”.

I hate to mention Kali Yuga so much, along with 'times of darkness' and 'for the purpose of demonstration' but that's definitely where we are and what we are. Our physical extensions are dramatizations of what is going on in our being, in reaction to the world around us. It's either pulled out of us without our consent, or with it. Resistance also occurs by degrees but we are shaped more forcefully by the relentless chatter that surrounds us. By chatter, I mean every kind of influence, whether recognized or sub rosa.

I don't know that Joe and so many of the others were engaged in a ring of consciousness, whose focus is the signature dish of this age, but there's no getting around the fact that the despoliation of innocence is one of the chief thrills of kiddie jumping. The other thing is that we get jaded and then bored with the things we've already done. We've become desensitized to the behavior of others and the events that go on in the world, especially those that are far off from us and these conditions and a couple of similar kinds, all contribute to potential and possibility. I don't want to say where there's smoke there's fire, especially since this is Smoking Mirrors, but my mind does linger with certain considerations.

Let us transfer that template to a particular group I call King Bolan's Buddies; transfer it to those engaged in governmental policies in any powerful country. They operate out of a hive mentality and that also 'almost' rhymes with something else. The selection of those filling the roles in any profession is something achieved by an intentional agency, for the purpose of the control of any given majority. This is why the police are exhibiting a certain uniform and unpleasant types of action against the public. This is why many corporations are headed by the people who head them and why they behave as they do. The orders come from those who control the money, because you can't get the money otherwise. So anything you hear about, whether you like it or not, is being done because someone is paying someone to do it. The payment doesn't always have to be money. It can be power, celebrity, sex or whatever people consider desirable but can't manage on their own.

You could say the Sandusky Principle is about some form of currency translated into action. At first glance you might say, “No, it's just a despicable weakness that manifests in morally bankrupt individuals”. Superficially that is true. However, at a deeper level, this sort of thing is being initiated and managed for specific reasons. These reasons have to do with impacting the general consciousness, with altering the consciousness of those so engaged and as a part of a larger agenda to affect society on many levels for increased power and profit.

It is improbable that one could go to any larger media outlet and not run across at least one story about gay concerns. There must be a day when it doesn't happen but it wouldn't be very often. You are dealing with a very small minority, where a tremendous series of changes are affecting the entire assemblage. My mention of this is not a criticism of that lifestyle, not that that makes any difference because ANY MENTION that is not wholly positive and supportive is undesirable to the greater intention of certain vested interests. I bring it up as a matter of observation to point it out as an associative part of a wider intent.

Everything has some relationship to sex; politics, art, religion, commerce, whatever; it has a sexual connotation so, controlling the means, mediums, performance, perception and whatever (grin) is a serious, heavyweight necessity for those seeking the general control of everyone.

War and all forms of aggression are a type of sex. Bullets and swords penetrate and rape is an attendant and similar thing. Torture and bondage are on the same train. These things are also now acceptable for consenting adults, although I don't know where adult figures into it. Monty Python had a film called, “Eric the Red”. I think that is what it is called. In this film, the gods were portrayed as children. It explained a great deal. I'm not saying that's how the gods actually are or whether they are. I'm saying that it's not too difficult to see it that way given what you see down here.

The reality of ones state of being at any time has to do with whether one is in control of oneself or not. If not, then something else is and this goes all the way to the top of the familiar pyramid of human powers and positions. Into this equation we have to factor relative degrees of control and also states of being that can alter the degree of control. There are many things we do and do not do that can compromise and elevate our degree of control. Any man can appreciate a beautiful woman. Some will be motivated to approach her. Far fewer will act aggressively toward her and fewer still will plot to abduct and violate her or achieve that through other dark avenues. In times of darkness the general propensity for anything dark is greater. That's a mathematical certainty.

This same principle applies across the board to everything. Many might appreciate the beauty of a different culture and some large number may dislike it but fewer will plot to destroy it and among those are those who are engaged in all the other controls that make it possible to deceive the public into supporting such actions. I should point out that it doesn't matter if you are personally handling the weapons that kill these people. If you support the policies that legitimize the effort. If you buy into the package, you share in the rewards of its contents. This is the same thing as being in the gang that engages in an armed robbery where someone is killed in the process. Legally it isn't going to matter whether you pulled the trigger. The punishment is the same as if you did.

This is the year of the dragon and it is a water dragon. Revolutions, aggressions, anger and the like are indicated on the negative side. In tandem there is also this consideration; “The presence of the Star of External Flower of Romance indicates the occurrence of infidelity, extramarital affairs and relationship distress in the year 2012. Steady long term love relationships and marriages are not spared so do not take it for granted. Hearts will be broken, feelings deeply hurt and heartaches abound if you’re hit by it. Make sure you sleep facing your relationship direction based on your Kua and have Feng Shui protection in your bedroom”.

“The Tiger, Dragon and Phoenix (a Rooster that symbolizes Phoenix) appear in the year’s pattern of influences” and “The 2012 Eight Character chart has every element EXCEPT Fire. This missing element rules creativity and intelligence which are vital ingredients for success in this competitive world today”. This is probably more than you want to know but some will seek to reason out or intuit what these things mean, because life is cyclical and cycles bring reoccurrence; keep it in mind. The indications are that 2012 is going to be better than 2011, at least for those so engaged in making it better, for themselves and for others. For myself, although indications were otherwise and indicative of conditions presented in the quotes, I have experienced an inexplicable, complete and positive turnaround in respect of this. It can be very difficult sometimes to make sense of how things come about but only a fool does not take advantage of serendipitous opportunity.

Some changes are in our hands and and some are not but even the ones that are not can be made more fortuitous by a willing submission to that transiting force, with an open eyed and accommodating mindset, seeking understanding and responding to the implications and results that come out of it; done in a positive fashion.

People who serve and support temporarily existing power structures are like people who rely on the constancy of the wind. That is not a characteristic of the wind. It does have consistency of recurring states of expression but even these are subject to change without notification and phrases like 'winds of change' are accepted aphorisms of general parlance. The same as having the wind at your back implies that this is not always the case. Some number of change resistant and deluded tin horn emperors are going to be finding that out, along with whole groups of people who have just perfunctorily assumed they have the controlling authority for, “My way or the highway”. Mr Apocalypse has put on his dancing shoes and you're going to see a great many protective covers, ripped off of a lot of concealed furniture, sundry items and corpses. The main event is about to begin and the beguine is sure to follow.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Bad Case of Chosen People Syndrome.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I'm no prophet but a middle range expert on the obvious. While most minds are focused on the heinous, political escapades of anal fixated, Republican, Israeli buttboys and girls and the sold out, warmonger Obama with his new Orthodox chief of staff, the rest of us are wondering what's wrong with you. New bumper sticker; “Hey Obama, do you think you could rule any better with that menorah jammed up your ass”? Well, there goes decorum and politesse right out the door and innuendo. I'd like to be nicer, if this were a cleaner, greener landscape. I'd like to be deferential and exceedingly more humane and forgiving. I try to do my best under the circumstances but the circumstances demand calling them out and calling them on it. The times demand that the villagers pick up their pitchforks and rakes and storm the palace gates.

Johnny Depp was by the White House playing Stepin Fetchit for the Stepin Fetchit in Chief, probably at the behest of Tim Burton, as a sort of friendly gesture in this land of friendly fire and collateral damage. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt stopped in the other day. No doubt their excuse had something to do with garnering attention for their favorite charities; much like Bono doing a sunglasses ad during the Bush administration; all hot and bothered about AIDS in Africa and the low profit return on his charity. Billions are hanging like unreachable mangoes above the devastated landscape of Haiti, serving as nothing more than interest bearing vehicles for bankers. You pitiful, miserable, poor excuses for upright walking entities. The Punisher is coming and he IS GOING TO kick your asses... in “all the old familiar places” and so on and so forth.

Anyway; about not being a prophet... under the radar of the obvious, big changes in the human schematic are burbling and bubbling and talking sub rosa about massive migrations coming, along with the confusion of previously, more or less, well ordered relationships and Bishop Pike economies, along with great opportunities in the servitude industries; take a hike pilgrim. You didn't go to Wharton and the closest you got to The Ivy League was when you were working for that landscaping contractor re-pointing those brick walls that they build to keep your sort out. Don't worry, Roland ,the Headless Thompson Gunner is on the way.

Yesterday was one of those Woo Woo periods where some unnamed and yet to surface evil was being distilled in the laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein, post modern, recently of Fort Detrick. I could feel it in the air; bad guys up to bad things. Bad guys that don't understand the principles of risk, in counterpoint with the unpredicted, juxtaposed to free will and the dictates of fate. It didn't work with Napoleon either. He bled his country white under the guise of patriotism, all dressed up like a hot chick, who'll do anyone at any time but you know she only has eyes for you. Uh huh, it's chicks with dicks time for the STD shore leave express. You can't tell nobody nuthin. . You can't tell nobody nuthin.

That's the biggest problem in any time or situation. People are so goddamned confident about their certainty of direction and action. Those bankers and brokers and corporate creeps are all monkeys reaching into the vase for the avocado and they just can't let go of it and so they get caught by the trapper and wind up on a spit. It's scrambled monkey brains and grits for the demons in the pits.

I'd like to have more sympathy. I'd like to have more compassion. I'd like to see things come back from sideways but the wide boys won't accommodate. They like the death and destruction. They like to think they're mobbed up like all those wanna be gangsters over at The Yonkers Racetrack, with that brittle blonde on their arm, ten years past her use by date. What the Hell. They didn't want to talk to it anyway. They just wanted to fuck it. Now they limp along, in mutual contempt, at the paramutual window and playact like something out of the, yet to be written, “Wiseguys and Gun-molls”. He owns a hardware store. She owns an attitude and the closest they've ever been to The Mafia is when they walked by a flash-mob in the mall.

There's a reason for bringing this up. As has been stated ad infinitum, the main problem is not the vampire bats in the roof rafters of the ship of economy and state. It's all the little people pretending to be a part of the operation. They're the people who make it possible for shit on a shingle to be made with the actual ingredients and served to everyone else. They'll tell you they like the taste but a lot of people don't mind eating shit if you serve it to them warm. A lot of people don't mind the deaths and the destruction as long as they are employed. They believe what serves their purposes to continue on into the support net of lies that hold them up and allow them that safe detachment, from the awareness of the impact of what they do and who they serve.

It's the same thing with religion. How out of touch do you have to be to invest trust and fidelity into the presumed legitimacy of the world's biggest drag queen; dressed up in ermine and encrusted hats that look like they belong on the head chef at the Mardi Gras, at the after parade buffet? How really dumb do you have to become to actually believe that The Prince of Peace wants you to slaughter goatherds and their families? How fucked up do you have to get to perform in videos, while pissing on the dead and dismembered, piled up around you, that you were so brave and collected as to kill with your vastly superior weapons? You're going to Hell, buddy. How twisted can you get to really believe that God hates the same people you do? That's not God. That's The Devil, fool.

God hasn't got anything to do with any of this crap. What kind of a moron supports torture of people completely unconnected to the events they are being tortured for? What kind of moron doesn't get that the events and acts that are used to legitimize the torture, were actually carried out by the people running your government? That's right, the people doing the torture are working for the people who did the things these people are being tortured for. So tell me, how can they possibly answer the questions? Since it has already been publicly admitted by members of the very agency that created it, that Al Qaeda does not exist; who exactly is it that you are killing?

Since it is a known fact that Qaddafi was working on a currency for the African continent how is it that you, you fool of a Schmoo public, can watch news broadcasts that make no sense, in content or context and believe something that you don't even understand in the first place? How is it that you can sit there with a Budweiser in one hand and your dick in another and not be affected whatsoever by the destruction of an underground water project that WAS one of the wonders of the world? How can you cheer and wave your flags, while the most evil nation on Earth, created as a territorial refuge for the bankers that have looted and bankrupted your country, not only murder their neighbors on all sides but do it with your money and the lives of your children? You got Chosen People Syndrome. It's like Stockholm Syndrome, only a lot more people die. Repeat after me, Jesus was not a Jew. Are these people behaving like the guy you have turned into Elmer Fudd in a robe? You are on the verge of receiving everything you deserve.

Well, you're not reading this are you? You're wondering if it's safe to break out that Kim Kardashian blowup doll for a little polyurethane, deep lung time; given that your wife left for her mother's fifteen minutes ago and doesn't appear to have forgotten anything that came to mind since she left. There sits the photo of your, “young and dumb and full of cum” dead son on the mantelpiece over the gas fireplace. He sure looks good in his military suit. He'll sit there forever young till the end of your days. He died for his country. No, as a matter of fact, he died for the profit of bankers who have no country. He died for worse than nothing. They all died for worse than nothing and in the meantime, the bankers are making war on you too. They took your job and now they're going to take your house and the president of your country takes his orders from them.

Yeah, well, business as usual on the precipice of Hell. Dark clouds on the horizon for the doomed empire of useless shit; full time worshipers at the First Church of Plastic Kitsch. You bet, she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes. She'll be breathing fire and dressed in awesome attire; ready willing and able to show you the meaning of, “ashes to ashes and dust to dust”.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Great Shadow at the Gates of Ruin.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Tramp, tramp, tramp goes the feet of the fiends and fools. The Earth is going to swallow them and stupid has no cure. Romney this, Santorum that, the whole shebang is out of wack, as welcome as a heart attack and they keep coming on.

Trrrap, trrrap, trrrap goes the fingers on the table, underneath the table, dark shit is taking place. It's in your face. It's in your face.

Do not despair my friends. What you are seeing is the last gasp of the carcinogens eating themselves alive. You live under the fetid umbrella of a wanna be one world government. It has never happened and it never will happen and that is proof positive that it is in breakdown mode. The difficulty all of us are dealing with is the terrible power of negative appearances, which shield the brilliant light of cosmic change. Think of it this way. There is a wall, or a curtain, as you prefer, which stands between you and the world you are about to enter. The light is acting upon the wall or curtain but the dynamic of its effect has not yet appeared. There are tiny holes shining in places where the light has burrowed through. At the same time, the entire wall and curtain has become so thin and porous that soon it is going to exponentially impact upon the structure and integrity of the aforementioned. All of a sudden the light is going to break through at hundreds of locations. Following that the structure can no longer hold together and will come crashing down. This is happening internally and externally.

The terminally obstinate and stupid are having to use all of their will to hold together the illusion that stands between them and the truths that they have hidden from themselves. Denial is going to start breaking down all over the place, as the reality of conditions makes itself known in the minds of those who can no longer hold out against what they have been refusing to admit. Do not be surprised when awakening begins to happen big time all over the place.

The tyranny of the few over the lives of the many has been held in place by the collective belief in the curtain wall. This is what has sustained the condition of every man for himself and the enduring lie that these people and those people are our enemies. The tyrannous few have prospered and flourished due to their ability to misdirect our attention into hollow lies of no substance. They have done this by amplifying both appetite and fear, seasoned with confusion and doubt. An atmosphere of collective doubt and uncertainty has kept the populace chained to the engines of diabolical industry in which they forge their own chains.

When awakening occurs it is going to reverse the various mental and emotional climates that have created and maintained an environment of subservience to something they formerly did not understand and their very unknowing was sufficient to keep in place. Awakening is going to create a force of consciousness that is going to backwash into those who were previously, seemingly in control of our every day reality. Suddenly, just like that, their confidence and will, their ability to manage is going to desert them. The best example that I can give is what happened when Sauron's forces swept out of The Black Gate to confront Gandalf, Aragorn and the rest of the legions from Minas Tirith. The situation was grim. There seemed to be no hope but our heroes were determined to fight to their last breath. It was better to die in that moment than to submit to a fate worse than death. Then it was that The Ring went into Mount Doom and the eye of Sauron, the will that held the whole operation together, was instantly diverted from it's purpose of holding together the armies of darkness, which were assailing all that was good and decent in the land. In that moment the force of the will of the evil one was removed from its attention upon his servants and they lost their minds and went off running in all directions, pursued by fear. It was over. That ring which was the power of command; “one ring to rule them all, one ring to bind them”, was unmade in the fires where it had been originally forged. The Great Shadow had lost its instrument and the shadow was no longer great. The Great Shadow is not unlike that curtain wall. The Great Shadow became a tiny wraith of darkness, which ran off to gnaw on itself in the darkness and plot for its return. The shadow never dies but it is occasionally much diminished.

This is where we are at this time. Every effort is being made to prop up this wall but it is entirely futile. At its moment of greatness power; its greatest appearance of power, it is at its weakest point. Awakening is not going to be reserved for those of us already awakening and for those determined to sleep but who WILL BE awakened. It is also going to occur in the minds of the minions of darkness and then you are going to see them turn on one another. They will not be able to contain their bowel loosening fear, which attends the awareness of the collective public eye being turned upon them. Millions of previously deluded Christians, who have been manipulated by a fantasy born out of a perversion of their scriptures, are going to awaken to an understanding of what has happened to them. It's not going to be pretty. Don't think the perpetrators don't know about this. It's the reason for the Patagonian exodus and a few similar ventures. However, 'nowhere to run and nowhere to hide' applies.

As I write these words a certain window is opening and very good things are going to pour out upon very good people. After a time that window is going to close and another window is going to open and for those with the wit to take advantage of it, mercy is going to be made available. Then that window is going to close and then the punisher is coming. This is the time of summing up; the dispensing of judgment to all living things according to what is deserved and what is necessary. You can believe what I am saying, figure it may or may not be true, or disavow it entirely, it doesn't make any difference. What will be will be and it can come quickly.

This has all been a staged drama for the purpose of demonstration. Everything has been and always will be under control. In times of materialism people lose their rudder. They lose perspective. They lose faith and hope. Those are attendant conditions that accompany the darkness in its journey through and beyond. Our personal darkness, whatever degree of it is possessed by any and all, is resonant with the greater darkness. This accounts for the fear and uncertainty by proportion and degree dependent. The same can be said of the children of light, the rainbow warriors who labor and do battle in these times. It's no different than Middle Earth and neither will be the result.

No one should be all that surprised that evil has prospered to the degree that it has. No one should be surprised at the state we find ourselves in. No one should be surprised that it looks dark and dreadful and that demons are dancing to the drums of war. It is the logical outcome of all the things that have led up to it. However, everyone should and will be very surprised at how it is going to turn out. It is no surprise that your leaders are fools and whores who have extended themselves into a barren field where they will reap the whirlwind. This is precisely what they are marching to. Any one one of them that thinks they will escape in the final reel is dreaming. This has all been directed and guided to the inevitable result. The selfish and insatiable greed of the privileged and their abuse of the lesser classes is all being duly noted. Every single living thing is under the lens. Every thought word and deed is recorded by invisible agency. Believe it or not, it's no never mind to me, outside of resident compassion.

As has been stated in the last transmission, many of you are suffering and will suffer keen losses. The point and reason of that will be made clear in time. I am not immune to this myself and am suffering in my own way. These are the stations of ascent on the path to realization. It's no shame or trial to be stripped bear, when the most priceless thing in the universe is what replaces any and all things that must go by the wayside.

What is the point of faith and belief unless they have been brought to the point where they can be of actual use? How does this happen? They are tested against circumstance. They are refined in the crucible of existence until their temper is beyond question. Do not desert yourself in your hour of need. You see what's going on around you. You're not like that. Be what you truly are and all will be well with you.

End Transmission.......

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Songwriter by Les Visible

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fubar and Rebar of the Spine and Mind

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May your noses always be cold and wet.......

For the last week I've seen little if any news. I've been too busy being the news, at least inside my own head, where it's all been news to me; had a bone rattling Kundalini uprising, attended by a great deal of jet lag, weltschmertz and things unsaid, given space constraints and the lack of a need for the usual digressions. As is typical, all sorts of people I've never spoken to before want to get in touch with me and I have not been available for due to not being available, computer screw-ups and whatever it is they put in the water around here.

So... for a brief period this morning I went around to the headlines, the newsvines and the alternative and mainstream half truths and deceptions and rewinds; the re-fried beans and warmed over hash that is the result of forces bringing in the trash instead of taking it out; people and objects, ideas and fantasies in the process of being taken out. There's lots of confusion, delusion and unnecessary gun-play and saber rustling and the usual lies about who won an election or came out on top at the convention as the dark goblins preying on us, make the decision about who's going to lead us into perdition, or on to the conveyor belt, where those of us, still terminally asleep, can be packed into cans for the sustenance of cannibal nation, shortly to appear in the windshield instead of the rear view mirror, depending on what direction you are driving in.

What I can say is that the intensity has definitely ratcheted up from what I was noticing, since the last time I was noticing anything, except the news inside my head. Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Madness and slouching beasts are afoot and they are approaching the cities and citadels of our former copacetics. We are not copacetic now from what I can tell as it all gets shot to hell by senators and presidents and the usual assholes in residence, all under the financial heel of the Nosferatu Ashke-Nazis who seem to have no problem managing Cabin Boy Nation on it's pillow-biting journey of unfortunate self discovery. They can steal your fortunes, your futures, your progeny and morph out your attention, while still running the world's drug industries, the sex slave trade, the organ harvesting and the warmongering as they hyper-drive, into the twisted and tormenting defense of the lands they stole from the people they are genociding, while continuing pell mell in operating their fabrication nation as the sovereign crime country, for which purpose it was created; like it ever had anything to do with God or religion in the first place, unless your god is the devil and your religion is bloodstained currency sailing like a hovercraft kind of black magic prayer rugs.

Listen up people! Yeah I know you're watching Fox News and singing the blues about all those missing cheeseburgers and kneeknockers you haven't gotten around to yet and can't stop thinking about because except for all the other useless shit you are chasing after there isn't anything else that you do think about or rub your crotch in disrespect of. No, you won't be listening to me but... you'd better do something about these flesh eating psychopaths before you see your name up there in lights on the menu as The Daily Special. If you wonder where your children are, they're in the appetizer section unless they're on the dessert menu; if the age is right and they're cute enough. If you don't think this is a living breathing reality, you truly are a fool who's going to be made wise by persisting in their folly. When you get an apple stuffed into your mouth and see yourself brought in on a trolley. On your way to that moment you did all the right things to get yourself transformed into what usually shows up that way. What do you know? It does taste like pork and... you thought they didn't eat that. Well I hate to be the one to tell you but... right, I keep forgetting, you're not listening to me. So be it.

Onward it marches, the destinies of fools and gods, the destinies of the dependent and independent, the destinies of the bound and free as well as the destinies of the binders and the liberators. One of them is in short supply but that's the way it is in times of darkness. There are times of darkness and creatures of darkness. There are invisible creatures of darkness and visible creatures of darkness and the latter are your leaders and the ones who manipulate them and that all goes back to the source of darkness and that is located in the human heart and mind; at least the doorway in is located there; “seal the door where evil dwells”.

One might well ask how it is that the darkness and the confusion of the times can be so proliferative, pervasive and ubiquitous. How did it get all over the place so quickly? Well, there are vibrational regularities to periods of time. The car and the telephone and probably a whole lot of other things were all being invented at the same time. We may only know the single name that got picked out to be thought responsible for them but it you look a little deeper into the history of those moments, you find that similar things were happening all over the place. A certain degree of collective depravity, cruelty and relative indifference to human suffering was very present in ancient Rome. Certain personality types kept showing up. Everybody had to deal with it or they left town. Some would say that Rome fell because it became over-extended like modern America and some will tell you that it was the lead they lined the aqueducts and delivery systems with that brought about the insanity and all those big houses without children and the kind of things you find out if you read latter day philosophers of the time. Everybody had an answer or a theory, just like they do now.

When a culture is in freefall, like America and other parts of The West, it is always a combination of a few simple things and the negative expression of these things shows up in every related environment, which is why, all over America, law enforcement is out of control. The darkness comes down, or up from a certain location and presents itself into the minds of those most disposed to its whims and pleasures. The people thought to be in high places that inhabit the low places and who then, through the illusion of power and prominence, influence so many lesser minds, who then act out upon their fellows. It's all part of the movie. In times of darkness certain kinds of 'shit happens'. It happens in order to show the deceived, deluded and all the rest what happens when we give up our own sovereignty, out of fear and appetite. This kind of thing operates like an epidemic and it isn't too long after that when real epidemics follow.

The biggest problem in times of darkness, is believing the darkness is everywhere and ten times too powerful to compute or arrest. Actually, the darkness has no literal or real being, except what is given to it by the one considering or contemplating it. If the darkness is collecting on the outside then it can be assumed with authority that the light is concentrating on the inside in various places and quite possibly outside as well but it's not reported on because the darkness, which controls the avenues of public information, doesn't want these things to be known. If the darkness is going to go down then it damn well intends on taking the rest of us with it and that is why it looks that way.

You can hear the drums and the hoofbeats pounding on the earth as Shake, Rattle and Awe approach. You can hear the thunder of imaginary darkness, taking the final footsteps to convince you that all is lost and you have to crawl into the hole that it is in. That's why one of the biggest liars and manipulators of present history wants you to go see War Horse; wants you to believe that slavery happened differently than it did and that the people who did it are actually the heroes that ended it; that certain people behaved differently than they did and that history happened different than it did and that certain things happened that NEVER HAPPENED and that there are now more survivors, far more, than there was when they first started counting. Any fool can check the world census and find out what could or could not be so.

Who suffers the most from a lie? It would be the one who believes it. The one telling it is already suffering from something else. How useful can any lie be if it compromises your sight line and blinds you to what is before you? How efficient and helpful can any lie be unless you are the one telling it? There's no future for those who believe in lies. At least the liar can make off with a certain amount of profit in one way or another, for however long that lasts, until they have to return as the present victim of their former actions or, far worse, depending on the scale of injuries delivered. These miscreants have no clue as to the further regions to which they are bound.

Pay careful attention. It is on your doorstep. It can go a lot of ways from here. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then you had better have dependable and righteous heroes. Otherwise you can take this post and roll it up and stick it up your ass and set it on fire; save yourself the trouble of having your entire ass and everything connected to it set on fire further 'down' the road. We shall see.

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