Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fubar and Rebar of the Spine and Mind

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.......

For the last week I've seen little if any news. I've been too busy being the news, at least inside my own head, where it's all been news to me; had a bone rattling Kundalini uprising, attended by a great deal of jet lag, weltschmertz and things unsaid, given space constraints and the lack of a need for the usual digressions. As is typical, all sorts of people I've never spoken to before want to get in touch with me and I have not been available for due to not being available, computer screw-ups and whatever it is they put in the water around here.

So... for a brief period this morning I went around to the headlines, the newsvines and the alternative and mainstream half truths and deceptions and rewinds; the re-fried beans and warmed over hash that is the result of forces bringing in the trash instead of taking it out; people and objects, ideas and fantasies in the process of being taken out. There's lots of confusion, delusion and unnecessary gun-play and saber rustling and the usual lies about who won an election or came out on top at the convention as the dark goblins preying on us, make the decision about who's going to lead us into perdition, or on to the conveyor belt, where those of us, still terminally asleep, can be packed into cans for the sustenance of cannibal nation, shortly to appear in the windshield instead of the rear view mirror, depending on what direction you are driving in.

What I can say is that the intensity has definitely ratcheted up from what I was noticing, since the last time I was noticing anything, except the news inside my head. Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Madness and slouching beasts are afoot and they are approaching the cities and citadels of our former copacetics. We are not copacetic now from what I can tell as it all gets shot to hell by senators and presidents and the usual assholes in residence, all under the financial heel of the Nosferatu Ashke-Nazis who seem to have no problem managing Cabin Boy Nation on it's pillow-biting journey of unfortunate self discovery. They can steal your fortunes, your futures, your progeny and morph out your attention, while still running the world's drug industries, the sex slave trade, the organ harvesting and the warmongering as they hyper-drive, into the twisted and tormenting defense of the lands they stole from the people they are genociding, while continuing pell mell in operating their fabrication nation as the sovereign crime country, for which purpose it was created; like it ever had anything to do with God or religion in the first place, unless your god is the devil and your religion is bloodstained currency sailing like a hovercraft kind of black magic prayer rugs.

Listen up people! Yeah I know you're watching Fox News and singing the blues about all those missing cheeseburgers and kneeknockers you haven't gotten around to yet and can't stop thinking about because except for all the other useless shit you are chasing after there isn't anything else that you do think about or rub your crotch in disrespect of. No, you won't be listening to me but... you'd better do something about these flesh eating psychopaths before you see your name up there in lights on the menu as The Daily Special. If you wonder where your children are, they're in the appetizer section unless they're on the dessert menu; if the age is right and they're cute enough. If you don't think this is a living breathing reality, you truly are a fool who's going to be made wise by persisting in their folly. When you get an apple stuffed into your mouth and see yourself brought in on a trolley. On your way to that moment you did all the right things to get yourself transformed into what usually shows up that way. What do you know? It does taste like pork and... you thought they didn't eat that. Well I hate to be the one to tell you but... right, I keep forgetting, you're not listening to me. So be it.

Onward it marches, the destinies of fools and gods, the destinies of the dependent and independent, the destinies of the bound and free as well as the destinies of the binders and the liberators. One of them is in short supply but that's the way it is in times of darkness. There are times of darkness and creatures of darkness. There are invisible creatures of darkness and visible creatures of darkness and the latter are your leaders and the ones who manipulate them and that all goes back to the source of darkness and that is located in the human heart and mind; at least the doorway in is located there; “seal the door where evil dwells”.

One might well ask how it is that the darkness and the confusion of the times can be so proliferative, pervasive and ubiquitous. How did it get all over the place so quickly? Well, there are vibrational regularities to periods of time. The car and the telephone and probably a whole lot of other things were all being invented at the same time. We may only know the single name that got picked out to be thought responsible for them but it you look a little deeper into the history of those moments, you find that similar things were happening all over the place. A certain degree of collective depravity, cruelty and relative indifference to human suffering was very present in ancient Rome. Certain personality types kept showing up. Everybody had to deal with it or they left town. Some would say that Rome fell because it became over-extended like modern America and some will tell you that it was the lead they lined the aqueducts and delivery systems with that brought about the insanity and all those big houses without children and the kind of things you find out if you read latter day philosophers of the time. Everybody had an answer or a theory, just like they do now.

When a culture is in freefall, like America and other parts of The West, it is always a combination of a few simple things and the negative expression of these things shows up in every related environment, which is why, all over America, law enforcement is out of control. The darkness comes down, or up from a certain location and presents itself into the minds of those most disposed to its whims and pleasures. The people thought to be in high places that inhabit the low places and who then, through the illusion of power and prominence, influence so many lesser minds, who then act out upon their fellows. It's all part of the movie. In times of darkness certain kinds of 'shit happens'. It happens in order to show the deceived, deluded and all the rest what happens when we give up our own sovereignty, out of fear and appetite. This kind of thing operates like an epidemic and it isn't too long after that when real epidemics follow.

The biggest problem in times of darkness, is believing the darkness is everywhere and ten times too powerful to compute or arrest. Actually, the darkness has no literal or real being, except what is given to it by the one considering or contemplating it. If the darkness is collecting on the outside then it can be assumed with authority that the light is concentrating on the inside in various places and quite possibly outside as well but it's not reported on because the darkness, which controls the avenues of public information, doesn't want these things to be known. If the darkness is going to go down then it damn well intends on taking the rest of us with it and that is why it looks that way.

You can hear the drums and the hoofbeats pounding on the earth as Shake, Rattle and Awe approach. You can hear the thunder of imaginary darkness, taking the final footsteps to convince you that all is lost and you have to crawl into the hole that it is in. That's why one of the biggest liars and manipulators of present history wants you to go see War Horse; wants you to believe that slavery happened differently than it did and that the people who did it are actually the heroes that ended it; that certain people behaved differently than they did and that history happened different than it did and that certain things happened that NEVER HAPPENED and that there are now more survivors, far more, than there was when they first started counting. Any fool can check the world census and find out what could or could not be so.

Who suffers the most from a lie? It would be the one who believes it. The one telling it is already suffering from something else. How useful can any lie be if it compromises your sight line and blinds you to what is before you? How efficient and helpful can any lie be unless you are the one telling it? There's no future for those who believe in lies. At least the liar can make off with a certain amount of profit in one way or another, for however long that lasts, until they have to return as the present victim of their former actions or, far worse, depending on the scale of injuries delivered. These miscreants have no clue as to the further regions to which they are bound.

Pay careful attention. It is on your doorstep. It can go a lot of ways from here. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then you had better have dependable and righteous heroes. Otherwise you can take this post and roll it up and stick it up your ass and set it on fire; save yourself the trouble of having your entire ass and everything connected to it set on fire further 'down' the road. We shall see.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:

Visible sings:


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!You blew my mind with that!

missingarib said...

righteous indignation -man I feel like covering my eyes hoping I'm not seeing what I'm seeing

thanks les for giving the thoughts/feelings some spoken/written architecture ( and funny to boot)
God bless you -man

Sherri said...

Brilliant. That is a prefect summary of the human amusement park.

I hear humans taste just like chicken :)

Anonymous said...

Love it. Hitting the nail all the way in and then some.

A Newby to this site.

Anonymous said...

SMOKING mirrors, indeed! Yo quiero Commander Visible with or without the chihuahua.

Timster said...

One of, if not your best, Les!

gurnyogb said...

You’re late, you look terrible. (grin)

Good to hear from you my friend.


Smyrna said...

Saludos El Vis,

The Russian elections are the key point in the near future, I believe. Duck and cover time if Putin goes. Looking forward to the next installment of 'Reflections in a Peyote Dish'.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,

H. L. Mencken, Born 1880 -- Died 1956, wrote an editorial for the Baltimore Evening Sun, in the July 26, 1920 edition:

"As democracy is perfected, the office of President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be occupied by a downright moron."

This prophecy was fulfilled in the reign of Bush II. Now we have moved down from imbecility to pure horror. It's Crustaceous the Circus Clown with his Magical DarkHeart, sploshing radioactive blood, coming home to a war theater near YOU! Conservatives thought W was their Christian "savior" and liberals thought O was their "messiah," two obvious antichrists in a row. Does this mean Americans collectively have become dark-hearted imbeciles? Lord forgive us, we know not what we have done or what we have become. We are slaves of Babylon the Great, and her Walls of Greed, Bloodlust and Fear must come tumbling down. We would flee from her, but her chains hold us fast. Only the Lord can remove them. If we would be free, we must individually and collectively drop to our knees in sackcloth and ashes, begging (as the beggars we are), "Lord, forgive us our debts. Blow the trumpets Lord, for on the 7th day you have promised to free us."

It is not so strange in this Apocaylpse that they are banging wardrums against the land that was Persia. The Persians defeated Babylon, and "Cyrus the Great" is on his way, a type of Christ. (See Isaiah 45) Babylon is prophesied to fall--our job is to prepare our hearts and help our neighbors.

So our mission is clear:

How do we dispel darkness?
With Light.

How do we get rid of ignorance and stupidity?
With Truth.

How do we stop the horror show?
Step away from the Circus Tent. Try to show love in all you do, for "perfect love casts out fear."

If we shine enough Truth and Light, humanity will begin to see clearly enough to walk out of the Dark Tent and step into the Day. Then the wiZards will have to fold up their canvas and slither away to Antarctica, because no one will be buying their bloody tickets any more. May each of us agree to lay down our weapons of warfare against God, and accept the righteousness of the Almighty. There is your Savior.--A voice, crying

Anonymous said...

A light shining in the darkness:

"They [Congress] may have supported this bill [NDAA] because—although it’s hard to believe—they think the military will only arrest active members of Al Qaida; or maybe, less naively, they believe that ‘at most’, low-level dissenting figures, activists, or troublesome protesters might be subjected to military arrest. But they are forgetting something critical: history shows that those who signed this bill will soon be subject to arrest themselves." --from Naomi Wolf's blog

Signs of military people waking up:

A Navy JAG officer (lawyer) recently said their offices were inundated with calls from flag officers who wanted a legal basis to refuse an order to attack Iran and to refuse to arrest American civilians without trial and render them to foreign prisons for torture. --from Video Rebel's blog

JerseyCynic said...

By the waters of Babylon

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post. Exquisite!

Anonymous said...

Nachos with jalapenos. Muchos Gracias, Mi Amigo.

nice landing,


wv; imedic - brothers and sisters in the know I kid you not; and mission well done {c;)

neal said...

If you give hope, and keep none back, well, that will not stay the same, and I will give what I can. That's it, all there is, I know it seems like no thing, but what else is there. There are thoughts, and prayers, but no money, or food, or rent, and that could be something, but not for those who are looking.

I have your back, really just looking out, and will not pretend that is not true. Maybe that is something, no more than a sad smile, I still think there is a lot of loss to be dealt with, and that is one of those things that needs to be paid out, seems just one, even when shared. Now that is crazy, more sensible things have resulted, that's not our fault.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blogs steadily for about one year. This post tops them all. But why, oh, why didn't you include a bit about that middle-eastern hob goblin who hobbles about our land with a satchel full of stolen military secrets slung over one shoulder and a brace of hog-tied missing children hanging off his other side? I think if you could get a good view of *that* into the average fluoride-head's mind, he might not act so mindless. Great Mencken quote from one of your visitors, btw.

Richie (Dana) said...

Well now Mr. Visible,
I certainly have missed you.
Now we know the real truth.....the magic is not confined to the "room".

At the present time, there is not a soul alive who can convey the realities of this existence quite the way you do. We are in quite a mess here and struggling to make sense of it all. The idiots surround us with their foolish and lying platitudes but you Sir, tell us the truth in such a way.....

Leaving that room and joining us out it the "real" world is extremely brave of you. Not in a physical sense, but spiritually.

Thank you for being a warrior of Light Vis, It is appreciated by those true beings who understand.


Anonymous said...

Faster and faster, those who would lay the rest of us low are exposing themselves more and more. The pathway to clear vision is being swept by those who would adumbrate our sightlines ~ and in the process revealing their open flanks and their stinking asses.

The Seven Deadly Sins and those who celebrate their adherence are right there in front of the grandstand showing off their stuff, strutting and preening all the way. Obfuscation and spin render many obtuse souls demented and cemented to the programming and the false fronts with their pomade, promises and pretentious prognistications. But even among Iowa Republicans Rick Perry got only ten percent of the terminally deluded to opt for his steershit.

Oh it's a telling time, alright. Tell you what, folks: If the Chosen and their puppets take the plunge into the Persian melon they will soon discover that Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv and the elite addresses along that string will need more than an Iron Dome to curtail a certain curtain. Ironic, isn't it, to think that Patriots will be of no avail either as the rain from on high interrupts their little garden parties.

Blood lust? Take it from those who invented the sport, that it's not over even if the fat lady had gone double tremolo amidst the willing wailing of the tenor sax. Ah yes, the whole matter is more or less human ~ unless you consider the dimension of intention under the cross-pollination of suspension. And that only holds provided the spirit is willing and the rest of the apparatus simply don't give a damn.

Think it's funny, huh? Well, funny money's been around since before my old man turned three and anybody who thinks that's the Age of Reason had better start reading someone with ideas non-resonant with the maunderings of Jean Jacques Rousseau and even Maximillian Robespierre for that matter. Marat got what was coming to him, dontcha know.

They rule for now. We are still very early in the year according to Constantinian consistency, 2012. We do indeed live in teresting times. And as the Yogi intoned: "It ain't over till it's over.

-stickman...16 Capricorn, 33 Anno Eros

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back Mr. visible.
Kind of like a ballast in this stormy sea. Thanks for the succinct description of our present status and hoping the snooze alarm will eventually wake up our sleeping population.
From a far out outpost in Lebanon

wv: oushi--IDO sushi

Anonymous said...

I wonder if "ol' scratch" as you've called him, leads the Rothschild's and guests in song at the festival of light dinner table.

"Silent night...

holy night....

All is dark
all is blight.

drown this virgin

and bring me a child.

Holy tender and mild"

Tender and mild AND a good source of protein! Try one today!! 4 delicious races!! Race a' Roni!!

Anonymous said...

Dude. That post was a rail-splitter.

You really nailed it with this part - "Who suffers the most from a lie? It would be the one who believes it. The one telling it is already suffering from something else. How useful can any lie be if it compromises your sight line and blinds you to what is before you? How efficient and helpful can any lie be unless you are the one telling it? There's no future for those who believe in lies. At least the liar can make off with a certain amount of profit in one way or another, for however long that lasts, until they have to return as the present victim of their former actions or, far worse, depending on the scale of injuries delivered. These miscreants have no clue as to the further regions to which they are bound."

I have been realizing with a vengeance lately, and on an ever-increasing basis, that the people closest to me are all liars - while I believed the opposite was true. It's like a veil is falling away from my eyes. Friends, family members - the closer they are to me the more it's happening - and I am seeing them for the very first time and they have this MADNESS about them. This lying, snarling, "why me?" kind of thing going on. My parents, my siblings, my business associates, my girl friend - in one fell swoop they all outed themselves as being darkside puppets over the last few days.

And I constantly hear people saying things like this, "I wish I could be on another planet right now; I can't take this; it's one bad thing after another." I hear this everywhere I go...

Wild shit.

Thanks for the post I was going through Visdrawals...

ChewyBees said...

5 seconds of having to see and hear the 'nightly news' reports over the holiday and I had to go sit outside in the cold until it was over. Everyone just keeps buying it. And you can't give a contrary point of view, or the sheep will bleat you crazier than the fucking TV.

There's a sign upriver from Niagara Falls that reads 'point of no return'. You don't want to go tubing past that point. America and the west ignored that sign a long time ago, floating along in a delusional flotilla, wondering what all the noise is about up ahead. Unfortunately, they can't hear the people yelling from the shore for them to paddle over to safety. And even as they watch with last minute horror and realization (shock and awe?) as the morons ahead disappear over the edge, they still cannot tear they senses away from the directions they have been sent.

The waters must be diverted, farther upriver from the sign. The entire flow of damnformation blasted at everyone must succumb to a catastrophic failure and silence in order for a great many people to look to the shore again.

As a sidebar, I posted earlier this week that we all need to quit flying the flag of a fictional cartel above our own. Individually we need to take our own flag and fly it high above the flags of damn-nations. Things do not have precedence above life. How in the hell humanity lost that pearl of great price is beyond me and blatantly obvious all at the same time.

As for the officers of the military, they have a binding oath that supersedes political and commercial by-laws. It is the only contract they are truly bound to. As much as we are all prodded to 'support the troops', let's do it in the manner most important, by reminding them that they are still bound to the people long before some jergoff organization.

Anonymous said...

It's claptrap or reverse propaganda unless 'mr. righteous fury' runs for candidacy. If they haven't done a nationwide psy-ops on this writer yet, there is no excuse not to run for a Congress or Mayoral seat at least.

ChewyBees said...

Since poetry is a common post here, I wanted to give one of my own. It's only slightly better than my 'roses are red' piece...

I sing a song of sixes
With a pocket full of lies
I’ve stolen all your savings
I’ve taken your whole pie!

And when my pie is baked
A song of woe I hear you sing,
"Where have all my fancies gone?
Now where are all my things!"

Look there in your hands I’ve clasped
You have those chains to hold
Place them by your bleating heart,
Perhaps there they’re not so cold!

Alas, you did not listen
And instead you thwart my plan
And found the love and warmth you need
From within your fellow man.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lovely Les Visible,

This recent message came from Pat Robertson's "god" re the 2012 election:

"The future of the world is at stake because if America falls, there's no longer a strong champion of freedom and a champion of the oppressed of the world."

Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. . .ha. . .ha. . .sick joke from a false prophet. Pat needs a vacation from his stinky studio brain farts in exchange for a fresh outdoors irradiated tour of the bombed out ME (courtesy of US of I) to see if the people feel free and "unoppressed" now. Doesn't even have to go overseas. . .seen Detroit lately? Pat obviously travels only from mansion to studio by smoked glass limo with a stop at the drive through for another order of freedom fries, dipped in red.

Richie (Dana) said...

A tribute to Beings of Light.

A very remarkable thing about this place are the people attracted to Les Visible.
The comments I read here, straight up, blow my mind.

They wait in the shadows.
They feel the pain and do not speak.
They are silent, yet knowing.
Visible pulls the trigger and they come out of the woodwork.
I refuse to name you because you know who you are.
Visible starts it and you always finish it, and then some.

You zombies may be critical, but that is because you see not.
Go ahead guys, tear it up. The fact do not have a fucking clue what is happening here because your own evil nature has blinded you.

Mr a world buried in political name the kettle. We just respond.
There is no need to make something of this beyond what it already has become.

My sincere respects and thanks to all of you.


Smyrna said...

Good point you make regarding the invention of the telephone and car, and 'collective depravity' etc.

This phenomena does the heavy lifting. The Debil, Zio-Ogre and its ilk just has to plant the seed and water it now in this day and age with the technology. Dynamic Lifter!

A pure example from nature of the phenomena is the story of the starlings or blackbirds in Britain in the 1960s who worked out punching holes through the foil cap of milk bottles to suck out the top inch of cream. At the very same time, the same introduced species of bird in Australia started doing it.

There was a bloke in New Zealand who invented mechanized flight just before the Wright Bros, but was chosen by history to be ignored etc.

Cheers Vis, enjoy the sun.

mayaseri said...

Glad to hear from you.As the scales fall away from my eyes there is a peace be still thing that fills my soul with ultimate peace in knowing as you so often put it that it is all under control, control of the one who makes everything possible as there is but only one source of power and that is the source that you work for and I believe in.

Thank you sir.


hello my name is Hans Peter said...

You didn't miss anything in the jewsmedia L. Comrade Dear Leader the chosen majestic messiah finished off what was left of the bill of rights. The slow dry hump known as poking a stick at Iran continued. The debt charade continued as the magic messiah asked for another trillion, chump change these days. In the land of fruits and nuts someone set a bunch of carports on fire because his mother was detained in Germany for not paying doctor bills(?) Hell I don't even follow the programming but some family members have the idiot box babbling at all times like an electronic pacifier. Doom or be Dooomed, carry on.

DaveR said...

@hello my name is Hans Peter said...

Just a point of clarification (and because I lived there for 30 years and liked it) "the land of fruits and nuts" as you put it, refers to
San Francisco. Los Angeles is correctly referred to as "Lala Land." More specifically the arsonist was going off in a small section of Lala Land called "Hollyweird."

Allison said...

Awesome post Les !! Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Kiss Quetzocoatl for me.

D. Carl Larson said...

Just another podium of truth that we are already aware of. Yet, your the fool Les because you can take it back to the asshkanazi's but no further. Because of this, it's just a people who are evil instead of evil itself.Keep addressing satans children and satan wins because he's in control.

PK said...

Our Savior is their demise.

Parzival said...

Nail biting amusement...
These are the best seats in the house!

Anonymous said...

Nice Readin ya Again Vis.

I have to admit I've missed my daily dose of sanity and it's a desert out there on the internetz.

Sooooooooo I was thinkin.

Everyone of us is going to die. What's so hard to understand about that ? Don't ask me, but I'm pretty sure most everyone thinks they won't.

Did you succeed ? A big house , savings , a soft comfy life a trophy Wife ?

You're all set now baby ! Just lay back in the Barcalounger. You're on cruise control.God's impressed.He likes rich people Best. Cause you're cleaner leaner and meaner than the rest.

Well there's eternity and then there's this. What are ya gonna do when you get to the other side and find out you don't have a ticket to ride ? Fuck you figured you were covered.

You're not asshole. You're not even on the passenger list. And this is a ticket money can't buy.

Better get Cracka Lackin Bitchez cause some of us weirdos already got a Cosmic Humvee with vanity plates and a retirement package second to none.

Here's a little poke in your poppin fresh tummy. I love when you giggle like that you big dummy.

Patrick V1.0

Anonymous said...

From the title to the last paragraph - another divine message - Thanks for your works Visible!

so, does the world of flesh and lies look better or worse from your current physical locale ...?

Visible said...

Actually, it's better, given that it takes a lot longer to post comments or to make blog postings... but anywhere is anywhere; it's what you are that counts.

Well Larson, thanks for the criticism based on zero awareness of who I am and what I do; much less the effect of any of it. The best part though is the pompous all knowing shit, without a shred of followup or detail.

You tend to get this sort of thing from people whose names begin with their first initial; the kind of person who gets out of the shower to take a piss.

Sorry if I appear harsh. One can either be tactful or truthful. I'm on a case by case basis.

Anonymous said...

sorry people,have been wallowing in the self pity's of a broken heart for days and days,thinking about all the girls who stole a bit from it,,,,thankyou girls,I have to say yep that hurts.....

have decided their is only one girl for me now,and I am going to give myself fully to her,

hope your doing ok lord visible's,

respects neil

Josey Wales ll - jedi said...


When we see a color, lets say red for instance, we say its red.

The fact of the matter as I understand it is this. All light that is cast upon that "Red Object" is absorbed by that object, if the only color that is not absorbed by the object is "Red' that is what its NOT.

So, that object is every color but "Red" since it cannot absorb or integrate that color "Red" into its being or essence.

Although it appears "Red" it is everything but "Red".

By right if someone is looking at a bright "Red" Ferrari and asks what color it is we should say, all colors but "Red" since "Red" is not absorbed but reflected.

Appearances, are to say the least misleading, and we are taught many "truths" that are the complete opposite, as in the above example.

Einstein, for an example was a complete douchebag, and his teory of relativity garbage, desingned to misdirect us away from Nikola Tesla, and the powers in the ether.

There are many forces, physical and non, faster than light, and can be proven today. Yet, that restricting nonsense, from yet another tribe member has cost humanity a fortune.

You, be at peace Les, there are strong forces at work, and good will prevail, and you are a good and loyal friend to it and us.


Robin Redbreast said...

Glad to hear from you Visible
Great post and you have been missed.
Still trolls trolling away
Away away away
Love you Visible
LLPP xxxx

LINDSEY said...

Who REALLY runs our world? search "israel Did 911" and search "ZionCrimeFactory" for proof.
"US Rep. McKinney has accused the pro-Israel Lobby in America (AIPAC, ADL, etc) for ruining her political career.She refused to sign the pro-Israel pledge from Congress and took a pro-Palestinian stance. Because of this, she said “war was declared” on her by them. In 2009 she told TIU's Ognir that “more than 99% of Congress work for Zionist-Israeli interests.”

Les, I have tried to contact you to promote this WONDERFUL article, but to no-avail. Here it is as a comment to your site.


Kevenj said...

"If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then you had better have dependable and righteous heroes. Otherwise you can take this post and roll it up and stick it up your ass and set it on fire.."

Excellent. Just.. fucking excellent.
Welcome back Les.

European American said...

I just wonder if I'm going to end up shooting some crazed Fascist, Steroid enhanced, Bullying Bastard, Psychotropic Pill Popping FRS SWAT Cop in this lifetime?

Who would have thought that coming from a Jain?

The Realist Report said...

Absolutely phenomenal post Les, keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

piere said....

thank you our Dark Knight@C

"If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then you had better have dependable and righteous heroes. Otherwise you can take this post and roll it up and stick it up your ass and set it on fire.."

just about sums up the movie "The Thing" remake I just watched. Imitative alien being, hubritic boss, and decent Heroin and burn, baby, burn.

an yes,like anonymous, everything I am considering these days is up for grabs, starting with me, but in no way including "I", this indominatable thing that is fearlessly ALL.

wv: ingulit. MSMfull of fear of guilt I 'ainna intoit 'cuz I uses me intuit.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Great post Judge Viz!


Appreciate you adding to the bandwidth here in Judge Viz’s Court. Einstein was indeed a dickhead and Mrs Einstein did most of the work he took credit for. We are limited to only have half our science because his limit on the speed of light.

In Alchemy lab we are precipitating precious metals from black hole beam interference traveling at C squared and at frequencies so fine, they travel right through the crude instruments and idiots attempting to measure them.

The theory of everything is surprisingly simple, verifiable in simple experimentation, and does away with the problematic made up neutrino particles, dark matter (only from dark minds) and the big bang. Creation did not happen in an instance; it is an ongoing continuing process and metals in the crucibles are just one proof of that fact. The growing earth is another, and many more are evident when we start looking for them.



Visible said...

Hi Folks, I'm sorry not to be able to hotlink this, you are going to have to cut and paste but look what Patrick Willis did to the newest Petri Dish!!!

and now look at what he did to this one before this!!!

Man! I don't know what to say.

neal said...

Albert, just please stop disparaging his visions, that's speaking to a serious lack of understanding, it's not entirely his fault. That is to be expected, you do not follow that math, if you are not there. And then you whine about the lack of squaring, when you choose not to shine, now that would be some equation.

Up is down only when these ones make time to remember. He has his faults, but the visions remain true, but lonesome, sometimes.

a female Faust said...

am here because of this video, which is , as I understand, a visual/audio re presentation of the above.... i had a question....wanted to...

pausing to compose, she looks up at her screen and notices the email address. much better. now, delete the comment, or leave it as a short prelude for those few in the audience, off season at the Meta Magick Theatre?

...wanted to... return the favor. i feel the need to warn you that the following is perhaps a bit ... upbeat. A little optimism, however, if it is well -founded, and -written, might be just the thing. ... selected by the author, here submitted in the hopes that the repayment is in kind, and not only theoretically:

"The Spirit Immortal" - a poem

...thoughts, such as these, such as those whose referents i think, i thought, i saw in the symbols above, are at their hearts entirely optimistic, are they not? if thoughts can be said to have hearts.... thank you. be seeing you.



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