Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blitzkrieg der Wunderbar, Together we Are.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I want to talk about the weather today; the weather, real and manufactured, weathermen and Rosewood seeds by any other name getting you high. I want to wonder about the wonder and publicly wonder about some people we should wonder about, like the several fellows mentioned here. I'm no fan of Peter Schiff and don't for a minute doubt anything this, no holds barred, reporter has to say. Peter Schiff's whole vibe, tells me he wasn't even separated at birth from arch neon-con fascistic, Chucky Schumer, who plays the character from “Child's Play” in real life. The article tells the truth about life in America for anyone who isn't 'chosen'.

I wonder about Ron Paul and... please don't jump on me for wondering but... I've been wondering ever since he raised all that money last time and broke a lot of hearts, by dropping out when he should have at least stayed the course and used all that hard earned people's money to make his platform known to a wider audience at the time. I wonder at things he says that aren't necessary to say at the moment, which causes things like this to get said. Some of these things do not make points relevant to general public concern and it is either a case of being unaware of what that is or of having people in the background controlling policy and statements. I'm getting that uncomfortable 'stalking horse' vibe, like I got with Mr. Bought and Sold, John Kerry.

Watching Mossad Crime Boss, Rahm Emanuel light a 900 (well, maybe it was a little smaller) foot menorah across the street from The White House where no Christian crosses can be displayed, is nothing more than a “Fuck you gentile America, we own your ass”. Tell me how it is not?

The whole world is sitting on a powder keg, beside which stand grinning, Satanic Zionists, who have concocted a brutally transparent lie about Iran and nuclear weapons. This is the country that finagled missiles for their own defense from our catamite. BD, S&M sex slave country and then sold them, or tried to, to the Chinese. This is the country that did even worse, with their dual national spy, Jonathan Pollard.

These are the kinds of things you hear from the people he was spying for, as reasons for him to be released. A part of the argument for letting him out is that nothing really bad happened (bullshit) from what he did. You know, like when someone gets on an airplane with a bomb in their shoes, or their underwear but nothing happens because the same people who want Pollard released and were behind the shoe bomb and underwear bomb didn't want anything to happen, except to give cause for present day TSA (Tits, Slits and Asses). I carry a bomb in my pants everywhere I go, except I don't wear underwear; I prefer to use toilet paper instead. When I go to the sauna or something similar, people are always pointing and saying, “That's the bomb”, so I suppose I'll be in trouble too, if they ever check.

The problems with the economy goes directly to the bankers who are also, to a very high percentage, represented by these same people at the highest and most pervasive levels. That's inarguable, though it won't stop people trying. Meanwhile, all the lies concerning all of the things mentioned, are also created and controlled by these same people. Consider the enormity and implications of all of this. It is staggering! We know it is true but often do not connect all the permutations and associations that relate to the entirety of this global phenomenon.

I suppose since it is time to start singing that James Taylor song about down south, the reader might wonder why I got on this particular jag this morning. It's just what came up and started talking. My preference was to write something deep and meaningful (grin), that 'might' bring a rising resonance into the central chakra, instead, I'm at the Proctology department over at Visible General. I wouldn't mind being General Visible, if The Supreme Personality were in the chariot, though I prefer Starfleet Commander, usually; seemed like the time for a digression and maybe break up the flow just for a moment. Every now and then you have to step off the path and climb that small hill, so you can sit there for a moment and watch the path go by. I'm reminded of the Steven Crane poem, The Wayfarer. This is why Lord Shiva sits alone and is not welcome at weddings and most celebrations. That's the cost of truth. Is it worth it, you ask? That's a personal consideration that everyone makes for themselves and, trust me, one way or another, you have to make that decision and... one day after another, we all do.

Israel was created for the sole purpose of the things it is employed at. I'm pretty sure the cosmos has a plan in respect of that, or so I've been told. We need to be aware of what is taking place around us, as well as making it a visceral reality in our minds that appearances are a lie, or more properly, a blind and then we have to consider what we are capable of, in relation to anything and let that be a guide to what we engage in for maximum efficiency and minimum frustration. Remember The Serenity Prayer and Footprints in the Sand, which has a bizarre facet as you will see when you visit the link.

As most of us are aware, war looms in March, unless they want to alter the game plan, for one reason or another. Some of you may be unaware of a key feature concerning Israel and the US, in relation to the war making macrame that has knotted together the coalition of the willing and the duped, by way of deception. It's hot and heavy breathing, while seeking Armageddon, beneath the dashboard light; “What's it gonna be boy”? Why do I feel so much optimism? This rattles around in my head on a regular basis. Why do I feel like everyone on the planet, either has one of those things on their head from that film “The Frighteners” or some other codeword or sign? I feel like two men standing in a field, being schizophrenic ...and glad that I am actually only one of them.

Yeah, a lot of people are selling 'wolf tickets'. I used to hear all about them in prison and we all run into them here and there; at a poker table it's called something else and some of us get by, by doing that as a routine. Sooner or later you get called on it. I want to point out that Iran possesses certain armaments and other things that have not been reported on and that is what makes the situation so dicey and why they are even still around.

The purpose of demonstration, has two main components, in the movie now playing and it is critical, personally, to each of us, which of these applies to us. On the one hand, it is just that' a series of events devised to show you what happens, when certain things happen. On the other hand, it is about awakening qualities of being that can only emerge under certain conditions; well, you can get them other ways by simply seeking and practicing them but that is usually the province of singular souls. Most of the time we are put into situations that force them to appear. It's generally preferable to be working at acquisition beforehand.

The lack of these qualities is why the majority of bloggers dance around the truth. Sometimes, that is because of the profit motive and sometimes it is out of fear, but if the majority of us were to start calling it out on a regular basis, it would be much more effective than the Occupy movement and impossible to contain or control. We need to get our 60's outfits on and carry on the timeless tradition of kindred souls, in alliance for the greater good. If we shake the internet, the world will vibrate like a tuning fork. In a certain way, the internet is like the ether upon which the elements operate. Please make this ideal go viral my friends. Please declare and dissertate upon what is common knowledge for all of us. Follow the courageous lead of Mike Stathis. Let us raise the level, the intensity and the courage of the discourse. Call it out folks, if you can't or won't, please note the reasons already given. United we stand, divided we fall; strength in numbers, unity of purpose, blitzkrieg der wunderbar! If we raise our voices and state what is, changes in tactics will have to be made. They are getting away with what they are getting away with, precisely because we do so little collectively with what we have. We are the power. We are the spokespeople for the 99%. Let theme have their megaphones. We will be the bullhorns. Gore the ox with paradox, gliding on the lake. Honk! Honk! Reprobate!

Are the things I stated not true? They are true. They cannot be denied and far more is also true. Look what happened to Russia. Do you want that to be you? Truth does not need argument or alibi. Truth need only be proclaimed. Use humor. Use satire. Use what you have. Is this in poor taste? Is it in poor taste compared to using Palestinians for target practice? Is it in poor taste, compared to emptying a clip into a ten year old girl, 'confirming the kill' and then walking away free? Is it in poor taste compared to Rachel Corrie? Is it in poor taste in comparison to the flotilla action? Is it in poor taste, compared to thousands of other examples of poor taste and psychopathic mendacity? Is it in poor taste compared to the millions dead and displaced in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere? Is it? Is it? They were behind all of this, as they are now behind the push for World War 3; these invented people who seek to replace the real people that they call invented.

How does this not come around to you sooner or later? Think about it. Think hard. It is on your doorstep.

His Rachel Corrie Moment
(In Memory of Asma al-Mughayr)

the cross-hairs fix
across the rooftops

wind from the south-
....five knots

and leading
across the space where birds
have flown

but now
in the cold Ashka-Nazi eye

the young girls form
moves in laughing dance

arms gathering the laundry
she dreams
and surely she must hope
of a world and a life beyond today

as finger tightens
upon trigger...

when it came
the explosion was

of such a force that...

he came too

like Romeo's ghost upon
the imagination's palanquin of night

the bearers of the darkness
they toiled
underneath the thrust

of bullet and finger touching
the silenced heart

blood like a fountain
sprayed upon the sheets...

....some secret code
that she read as
she fell dying to the roof


his Rachel Corrie moment come
round at last.

End Transmission.......

I'll try to get a radio show together for this weekend.


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Les,

Yes, we will be effected by the invented folks as they keep their contracts with the inventors. Their instruction manuels are written by a bunch of wealthy & royal inbreeds, so no one quite knows how to fix the messes they make.

Unfortunately, we are all involved since we have no where to run or to hide. Earth is all we have and we live in human community.

Yes, more speaking up is a good thought. I read somewhere to have a successful revolution at least a third of the population is needed.

So, all we need is 2.333 Billion and we have it in the bag.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Les Visible prabhu,

I hope you don't mind me taking the liberty to post your poem at Lasha Darkmoon's site.

I know she is a big fan of yours.

Your poem is very sincere.

Anonymous said...

the heart melted into rivers
pulled on the wilds of all art
carved through the tensioning moment
a spring of spontaneous sparks
perpetualy changing in motion
livening all everywhere
streaking the boundrys of instance
the heart fills the living great air
staring through living existance
a breeze of a loving embrace
a humiingbird sweeps through midnight
the warmth of a true lighted grace
a touch of skys vibrant heaven
through earth paradise calls
unity fills up the instant
one heart of all is in all


Visible said...

Absolutely not! I am a big fan of hers as well. She's one of the shining examples of the other side of the equation and no doubt one of the faces that would be desirable to see at the consummation of the alchemical marriage. She's that kind of living affirmation and a rare one indeed.

I'm playing with ideas for collaboration with Patrick Willis when I am there in his environs; God willing that circumstances permit and it would be great to be able to insert her into it, given the chance and technological availability.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your works Visible!

indeed, "Please make this ideal go viral my friends"

Mike Stathis is actually a very big time financialist, analyst, investor (likely multimillionaire and who likely tired of getting ripped off in the realm of finance by zio-nazis who have taken control of it).

"As the facts demonstrate, Mike Stathis is the leading expert on the economic collapse."

He has a standing offer of $100,000.00 to anyone who can prove him wrong on financial analysis (likely including why financial markets behave as they do, i.e. the zio-ogre factor).

More names to be added to the Stathis listings can be viewed here (for those interested, e.g. hasbara, sayanim, assorted other trolls)

by "Brother Kapner (fomer jew)

"THE DANGER inherent in Jewish rule is that Jews (I grew up in Jewry) are the MOST NEUROTIC PEOPLE walking the face of the earth. The MAJORITY OF JEWS are ON PROZAC.

Cry for America! Our nation is now controlled by those whose sole aim is to pursue what’s “Good For The Jews” and NOT what’s “Good For America!”"

about "Israel Cannot Wage a War against Iran without a “Green Light” from the US" - that is the "real US", not the DC US - which is Israel

i know that you have addressed these kinds of things already, but this is a weird coincidence of times:

"U.S. Special Ops Team Crosses the Border into Mexico; Escorted by Mexican Military"

i prefer to be a poet, but fate has called upon me to be but a messenger

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that The Tribe was invented. But that fact gives rise to a question - who invented The Tribe? If they were invented, someone (or a group of someones) had to invent them. You can't have it both ways. So who was it? I have no clue, I'm just asking...

Anonymous said...

Sickening, sickening, sickening. Here i am in the Northwoods of Minnesota in the middle of an FM radio wilderness and only a single AM reception that does not contain constant commercials. My two 'regular' stations are a branch of Minnesota Pubic Radio for FM pickup and CBC-Winnipeg over AM.

So lately, particularly in the morning go-to and also during dinner hour in the evening, over either network in nearly perfect counterpoint, come these drum rattles and blaring bugles decrying the 'horrors' of the Assad regime in Syria and that of Ahmadinejad in Iran. Funny how this works. It almost appears that there is a hidden hand pulling the strings of these media whores doing the broadcasting. Wonder who it might be.

They do interviews. It's somebody from the Heritage Foundation, Brookings Institution; American Enterprise Foundation, or even Foreign Affairs magazine. Okay, so no big secret. We all know who these people are, who cuts their checks. We also know their agenda: New World Order guided by Wall Street, City of London and Tel Aviv, with Central Headquarters presided over by Lord Rothschild.

It's like heavy artillery during the trench warfare stalemate in WWI. Except...only one side is doing all the bombardment: A softening-up mission. Demonization propaganda. Edward Bernays and Josef Goebbels all rolled into a set of the Biggest Lies Ever Told.

Public opinion perception management and control. Thoughtform manipulation. Attitude adjustment adumbration and asservation. Nothing new to most of the folks who regularly show up around this blog.

But i wonder if all this hype isn't beginning to tell elsewhere as well. Public opinion polling reveals that the American people are tired of war and are not yet all hot to trot vs Syria and Iran. Will they buy another 911 ~ another Inside Job ~ another False Flag operation? Maybe, for a little while if it's sufficiently dramatic.

So does the world get a very special Valentine? Does all hell break loose just in time for Passover? Only your hairdresser knows for sure.


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Another penetrating insightful post Judge Viz, a courageous stand for the truth of our times, and yes, I find it pleasing as well (grin).

But do penetrate deeper beyond the minions, go past the nitwityahoos, bushes, roothchilds, rocks, chenies and name him. His will goes unchallenged, his plans unhindered, our misery feeds his soul like cocaine an addict, he will write history this point forward with our blood, because we have not named him.

He is there and he can be named. Call on the angelic spirit of Rachel Corrie ~NAME HIM!~


wv: vingr ...its not always honey

est said...

this is a simple equation

they want us to be afraid
like they are

they know damn well
they don't belong there

and they want us [here]
to feel the same

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you for your post.

"Meanwhile, all the lies concerning all of the things mentioned, are also created and controlled by these same people [zionist false-jews]. Consider the enormity and implications of all of this. It is staggering! We know it is true but often do not connect all the permutations and associations that relate to the entirety of this global phenomenon."

You said it!

I recently read a fascinating fact of just how invented the tribe really is, get this;

There was no one in the world speaking Hebrew until 1880 when a khazarian linguistics professor used the old testament to INVENT a language he taught to his son.

To go with the invented language was invented a 'country' called first Palestine by Rothschild which still bears the Bauer hexagon on their flag.

Invented was the term 'anti-semitic', actually meaning "anti zionist false-jews" since none of these ashekenazi khazarians are semitic, while the people they are genociding off their own land are.

We have all had our fill of Racheal Corrie moments.


"The coward dies a thousnd deaths, the brave only one."

"I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees."

Oh God in heaven I pray you will give us the courage and strength to stand up against the evil empire of the zio NWO and all its minions.

Brother in arms,


Lee said...

Dear Sir Visible.

I agree with you that Iran has capable weaponry not unknown to us.

If Iran employs the Russian/Pakistan jointly made Bhramos Cruzer missile, the Fifth(I almost typed Filth)Fleet has no defense. This has even been acknowledge by the Pentagon.

As I commented in other blogs, it is Suicide. Gas will go sky high, the worsening economy will get worse. But worst of all, our young men and women will die needlessly.

The comfortable settings here in America will change. Perhaps when their children are offered as a sacrifice on the altar of
American Freedom, the scales of blindness will fall.

Terrance said...

Hello Visible....since no one else has mentioned the thrive I will. It ain't over till it's over!....


Notagoy said...,8599,2103264,00.html


It's on.

May God damn israel/USA if they start a war with Iran said...

"‘US, Israel discuss ‘triggers’ for Iran attack’
December 29, 2011

In other words the U.S. and Israel are now looking for ways to justify attacking Iran"

I just got to rant.

American/Nato soldiers need to wake the fuc* up and refuse to start a fight with the peaceful country of Iran.

Any soldier who engages Iran in the Straights of Hormuz is a fool. Iran has said embargo against their oil (which is an act of war) will result in them closing THEIR Straight of Hormuz.

It will not be Iran but America/Nato who draws first blood.
Any soldier dumb enough to involve themself in this propaganda deserves their own fate.

Killing is a sin unto God.
That means any killing in that cloaked in war for one's country.

Russia and China are going to pound the shit out of israel and Amerika. And you know what? They will deserve it for being a big, blind bully.

Anonymous said...

Beloved, as this year draws to a close - too mnay coincidences and so much solace in allof your posts.

Battelstar Galactica ref sealed the deal.

Notice how this year Christmas is back with a bang after last years incredible paralysis with the whoel happy holidays thing!

Here's some more info from the ages for your travels -

I'll be watching this sweet movie - "The Other End of the Line" -

There are things in this world more enduring than the shadow, so Let GO and Let GOD.

Love always.

Anonymous said...

How do you know you are getting accurate information ... corporate media has been know to lie.


Heh, heh - you mean like NBCNNBCBSFOX reporting the 17 arab highjackers taking out WTC1,2+3?

...if MSM lips are moving they're lying.

The House of Rothschild is now sacrificing their sons (USA, Israel) to Baal for the creation of a NWO - bet on it.

What f**king pawns!

Peter of Lone Tree said...


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

Everyone is getting into lather over the tribe and its machinations. The tribe has a lot to answer for and they ultimately will. The tribe did not decide to depopulate the planet, they only volunteered to be instrumental in carrying it out. Wake up folks, all this tribe noise is like blaming the stone carver contractor who carved these diabolical plans into neon granite for all to see in Georgia. Nor is blaming the mysterious stranger who provided the Guide Stone monument designs and who paid the contractor, responsible for the decision to depopulate the planet. He can be dealt with in naming him, and how we be with, in naming him.

Judge Viz blogs have become my cyber home and for the most part, the Viz message resonates well with me (I find them pleasing). Sovereignty Certitudes piss some off and stimulate yet others to deeper reflections. Some even suspect in my spare time, I tell God what to do (grin).

Certitudes for consideration.
Prior to our earthly birth experience, we were one with the Creator, and we each come from that, which for all intents and purposes from our monkey mind perspective, is infinite. The context for the choice to come here and experience these lives, has its basis firmly rooted in said infinity. You can not imagine just how fucked up hilarious it is to see us woefully interpret these lives, from the limited three and four dimensional perspective. All self assured that what we see and experience from limitedness (2000 bytes/sec), constitutes relevance of said context when we are capable of 400 billion b/sec consciousness bandwidth, provided we have chosen to do so (sadly none do).

Those lacking Certitudes are the loudest and on about what truth is. Sovereignty Certitudes may be right or wrong and that is irrelevant. My highest guiding principles are Harmony and Unity, I intend no wrong, and if my Certitudes are wrong, that is business between me and the creator. Right or wrong and in the face of the Creator, I stand up, say and fight for my truth and service. Some might even say, contrasted beside pathetics without Certitudes, is also pleasing to the Creator.



onething said...

Hmmm...intriguing. I think his name is Jehovah.

Anonymous said...

What Sovereignty said..... @ Thursday, December 29, 2011 11:38:00 PM Smoking Mirrors

Sovereignty I don’t know, and probably most people reading your comments don’t know, what the fuc* you are on about. I don’t mean to be cheeky or hurtful, but why don’t you just come right out with it, whatever it is.


Anonymous said...

That poem Visible my tears cannot justify what I am feeling. On behalf of my nation, my beloved Palestine I thank you. Our land is your homeland if you should ever come.

Abdul Hamid

bholanath said...

Devi -

Thank you for the Hindu-Mayan connection link.
Fascinating and informative, based on authoritative Vastu traditional hereditary knowledge.
Putting together the pieces of our true history.


Anonymous said...

There is only one universal law worth remembering - Balance. Just, let it go.

willie said...

I feel pretty confident in announcing that nothing significant will ever happen in the course of human history that will affect anything more than segments of the total planetary population. Chagrin exists only on an individual level. Daddy ain't takin' the T-Bird away anytime soon - except individually, as has always been the case.

Rumor has it that Godot is finally in town. I guess we will just have to wait and see....

neal said...

Sovereignty, I don't think that shape shifting is going to work out too well in this place, maybe you should leave the kids alone. If so, maybe leave your self along, too much is almost funny, maybe tragic, certainly ironic, for awhile. Maybe you need to hang out there, just to be refreshed. If not, that could be dangerous, or maybe interesting, but there just is not even time to play that, there are more important, and deserving ones to be shared. Either way, pick something, and stop playing around, it's not the time for that kind of foolishness.

Take that for what that is worth, from something that used to know better than to broadcast.

You should maybe consider not making war on this place, if you could find choice through the matter.

Now that is the valley of decision, the ball has bounced into your court, not that it's really your court.

Blessings, and good luck, and pray I do not have to play you, you would not like it, most do not.

Visible said...

BUT "We've already said, go now, go now, before you see me cry". Or would that be too moody for our blues?

Couldn't help myself P.

Anyway, couldn't get the radio show together because everything is going on around me and I'm not going to see Poncho Moonlight for awhile; not that he cares right now. He's totally zonked out with the rest of the crew since they got more treats in one night than they usually get in two weeks.

I couldn't possibly sleep, because there's the road and I'm Jack and Ow! he heh. Just watched "Once" again. If you haven't seen the film you have missed a beauty.

Susanne is catching some sleep but I'll just soldier on until "It's time for you to go", no, I am not Buffy St. Marie, anyway, I'm going to go watch Pure country again and maybe a little bit of "A quiet Life" or that film about a guy that carries his icebox all around Ireland. I'm looking forward to visiting with my friend Jim in Ireland this summer if I survive the rest of it.

I'm one of those people who will sleep in the grave as far as well, you know. What's the point in going to bed when you got to catch a plane hours before it gets light AND you can sleep on the plane. If you do go to sleep you wake up more tired because there wasn't enough of it.

Anyway, sorry about the radio show. I still might get it together but it won't be here. Right now I have to just take the quiet moments and look around at this place where I spent the last 11 years. Somehow I know it's not going to be the same room again after this.

Mostly I wish I could explain to Poncho. Susanne understands but the Ponch has never been apart from me for more than 3 days. Good thing 'the one' lives in all our differentials and the same way I can now cue up video Skype on my netbook I can talk to Ponch no matter where I am.

Just filling time folks, don't mind me. I got a couple of hours yet and it's the still of the night and I just want to take this opportunity to tell all of you how much I love you and how much you are the reason that I am a better person than I thought I might turn into. Yeah, I am aware of a couple few things and it's not anything terminal, some of us can't die. It is more about the fact that change is sometimes more transformative than death. Death is easy. It's the fear of living that ruins it for most folks. I hope you don't think me unsympathetic but there are some hitchhikers I don't pick up.

Anyway, time for a movie. Keep on keeping on.

Richie (Dana) said...


I was impressed to speak to you yesterday when you said you did not know anything. I ran out of time, but I say it now.
I do not think you are stupid and unknowing at all.
You do have some wisdom that most of the world would not see.
You hang in there my friend.


btw..My girl is half Irish....hehe

Richie (Dana) said...

Hey Vis,

If things get a little dicy out in the big bad world, you can always get your little room back in your mind to calm things down.
After 11 years you own it.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Ron Paul and what he did with the money in 2008: he used it to build up the organization and support that he has today.

I spent quite a bit of time campaigning for him back then, and I do not believe any of it was wasted.

MachtNichts said...

From one traveller to the other, have a good trip, Vis, I probably missed your parting hour. Nevertheless, may your travels be fruitful and safe. When you are on the road there are always surprises. May yours be pleasant. Love Silvia

wv: fawedic, roll the dice and fare thee well

Anonymous said...

safe journey lord visibles....neil

siamsaim said...

Ron Paul may get to run but he is only there to help the half cast guy get reelected. If 40% of Amerikan's are on food stamps - as reported - then they will soon drop the Texan when they are informed of his ideas on social security.

The game is easy to see - easy i tell you. Trust in your instinct Mr Visible. It's the best we all have to go on.

siamsaim said...

If one looks at the obsessive compulsive behavior called for during jewish holidays and festivals, it can only be compared to the ritualistic behavior observed in people with Autism. Is that not a fact?

Brian Crossland said...

Hi, Les and all,
Halfway through your writing i was thinking "so true..we are all Palestinians"
Then the bit about Russia,
Then your poem. My 10 year old daughter sitting next to me.
God bless you Les,
I am enboldened by tears.

siamsaim said...

Sovereignty ....

Please don't take this personally. But you spout complete shit. Who the fuck needs to be preached to re. your personal blind beliefs.

I lied - take it personally

Anonymous said...

About War in March; I hope that does not happen for all kinds of obvious reasons. However, it seems that this kind of talk gets posted alot everywhere ie Rense..
War will happen in Novemeber, War will happen in July etc etc. It doesn't happen and thank the heavens for that but why do you think March is now the month?
Who & what delivers this info about the where and when to you?
How certain is this ?

gurnygob said...

What Richie (Dana) said.......

Thanks for that Richie, but the truth is I am on a steep learning crave and probably out of my depth in this place (Les’s blogs) I am grateful for the scraps I pick up while hanging around under the table. I hate it when some of the wiser folks like Sovereignty start speaking in riddles and I am left scratching my arse looking for understanding. I think Neal mentioned something about Sovereignty ‘playing with the kids.’ Well said Neal.

BTW, half Irish is better than no Irish.(grin)

Ps. Les have a good safe trip, may God be with you.

Love gurnygob.

amarynth said...

Linda, I think Visible is traveling and will be for some hours yet. I'm just keeping the house clean, feeding the cats and posting the comments.

The March date that I heard of, is via Clif High's work .. here

And of course, no, nothing is certain.

DaveR said...


Thanks for the song. It saddened my day in a good way.

Thanks again everyone for the wonderful posts and wishes. I'm really glad I'm not the only one thinking of 'the things left undone.' I guess everybody gets up and leaves in the middle of the show. There's no other time really, since there's no intermission.

Lee said...

It's all in name only:

How sad that people wear their religion on their sleeves these days.

This house, where I am only a guest, decorated for Christmas shortly after Halloween.

On the 27th, they all came down.

It's like ogling over a baby until the diapers need changing.

Just sharing my observations.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I know Vis is in for a warm welcome in Mexico. As if things aren't always amazing enough with him, then along comes this meet-up where his energy and mind will combine with others to produce an exponential increase in the world's good factor. Contrary to popular perception, good is most emphatically NOT dead. It has just been reluctant to poke its head up too much lately with all the toxic sand being kicked up in the sandbox by the perpetual bullies.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

I like what Ron Paul says against the CIA and against US Imperialism, but his Libertarian domestic policy doesn't appeal to me. If it wasn't for the pollution controls on cars and industry, I wouldn't be living in an American city. And without restrictions on public smoking, I would have had very few work options. The Libertarian reverence for Property Rights looks to me like more of the same old Rule by the Rich that we've "enjoyed" in the past. Whose property is the air that we breathe?

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
Here's a Ron Paul article I wrote just for this occasion:
- Your invisible pal, Dick

Anonymous said...

This is good:

est said...

here's hoping passage
was troublesome free

a warrior has courage
and is never afraid
to face the next day

Moe Flats said...

"Last, but not least: Call upon God within your mind if you feel the barrage of bad thoughts is too much for you to handle. It works for me EVERY TIME I do it. I was just mentally attacked, and as long as I prayed I remained perfectly calm and free of unwanted thoughts. I actually felt GREAT even though a "storm" of horrible thoughts was upon me. I just want whoever is reading this to know that I am pretty imperfect and it STILL WORKS. The Bible says "He who calls upon the name of God will be saved". Try this and you might get a taste of Heaven itself IN THOSE MOMENTS you ordinarily would be on the verge of losing your mind! I did."

Notadickdeadeyeorotherwise said...

"You’re (Deadeyedick) dead wrong in saying ‘Israel’s neighbor’s receive more aid than Israel’ from the USA. That is a lie and you know it is. Israel by far receives more than anyone. The $3 billion is a joke. THe real number is $30 billion minimum & this has been proven on Sibel Edmonds podcasts w/ CIA’s Phillip Giraldi. Plus,the best source you can come up and a wild accusation like that in which you link the whole paragraph to is the “Israeli National News”? LMAO! Come on, you’re a hasbarat, right? A Shabbaz goy maybe? You do know that’s an Israeli propaganda mouthpiece for the IDF? Just like DebkaFile is Mossad?"

Anonymous said...

To "not a dick": I'm using the official figures and arguments used by those economists. How does this make me a shabbas goy? Me: "The sky is blue." You: "Ni##er lover!"
- Dick

Anonymous said...

For a very long time I have felt imprisoned in my relationship. I joined a team in prison ministry as I thought I could learn from that and share my inner feelings of severe invalidation.

A friend spoke the eagle story to me and suddenly it became the tie that held several longstanding spiritual thoughts together for me. I hope you are encouraged by this piece. It was revelation for my life. I'm expecting great things more than ever before, resting and relaxing more than ever and laughing freely with caring friends who understand. I'm free.

Waiting on the Lord

Freedom is possible. Freedom from brokenness. There is a plan, and it may not be the one you considered before.

A female eagle tests the male by sequentially dropping larger and larger sticks from a high flight. The male that successfully captures the largest one before it strikes the ground is her mate for life. They fly thousands of feet in the air, lock their talons and twirl in the air.

They both do this for practice. Those skills will become important.

After making a protective nest, there comes a day when the eaglets must leave their perch. The mother beats her wings causing a great disturbance. With her own feathers skattering around the nest, the eaglet is sent cascading from the height. As it falls it realizes that it's muscles aren't strong enough for flight. The eaglet usually quits in exhaustion. The male eagle, as with the sticks before, swoops down and captures the helpless young bird after which they rise in strength to new heights.

Isaiah 40:31 says that "Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on wings as eagles, they will run and not get weary, they will walk and not grow faint."

So whose wings do we hope for and whose strength to we count on to make this happen?

I have focused on this passage for fifteen years, expecting to rise up and gain strength. It really hasn't happened, and that hasn't hurt my faith. I've practiced waiting. I've expected that it will happen on His schedule.

But maybe it's all different than I thought. Maybe it has more to do with surrender than it does with waiting.

I can be confident here. Just as the male eagle has proven his ability to rescue the helpless eaglet by proving himself with sticks, Jesus has proven himself as a rescuer of those with all kinds of diseases and afflictions. No natural obstacle including that of death kept him from accomplishing His purpose.

And just as the eaglet, we can surrender with confidence, knowing their is a proven Savior that is more than able to cause us to rise up and soar high above even the hurricanes in our life. He can renew us.

So let me challenge you to live as an eaglet. Surrender. Be sure that in your exhaustion He will swoop below you and rescue your circumstance that will allow you to renew your strength for future flight such that you may mature and carry others who need help. He will take you higher than you could ever fly on your own.

Reconsider this passage. Rest when it all seems too difficult. Others will wonder why you don't panic in your falling. Trust the one with the strongest wings and watch His word unfold in your marvelous life.

The truth is that no matter how warm and comfortable we may be in our strong perches, we will one day be swept out of the nest. Every one of us will need to confront our own inadequacy, our inability to soar. Believe me. There is an eagle waiting who is more than able who passed the test for you. Put your trust in Him.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Anonymous on December 31, 2011 12:48:00 PM:

The deadeyeblog's author also said that "He [Ron Paul] has frequently expressed the desire to allow Israel to “deal with its neighbors” without US approval or intervention."

Ron Paul has promised to dismantle the US government and allow the Oligarchs to rule the country without regulation. I don't see any improvement in that.

Anonymous said...

weaves through the fingers
flows through the toes
binding and nurturing
opens the closed
rising and reaching
calming the tense
eternitys motions
the feild of wide sense
wildflower rainbow
butterfly dove
circles of wholesome
drawn of above
patterns and lotions
breeze through the air
of all loving everything
grand mother care


Anonymous said...

old farmer barleymow
goodness and kind
trees and the birds
gardens of mind
waves of the mighty
far the winds blow
tide to the currents
of eternitys flow
shakes the foundations
circles and weaves
vibrance awakens
the doves and the seeds
winding and stirring
of rising intent
of all peace consumes war
by the heart and the sense


Anonymous said...

@ Gregory F. Fegel said..., December 31, 2011 6:29:00 PM

respectfully to Gregory (and apologies to Visible for mucking-up his blog with this) and not that it matters much, as even if RonPaul manages to circumvent the lock-down zio-ogre has on every aspect of society in the usA -including on all elections, one man will make little to no difference, however this isn't what Ron Paul plans to do:

"Ron Paul has promised to dismantle the US government and allow the Oligarchs to rule the country without regulation. ... ."

Paul wants to dismantle corrupt DC which is already under total control of the Oligarchs and besides general massive theft and corruption, it takes away daily "democracy" from people in the usA and "spreads" it to other people (who don't seem to receptive to paying for this "gift" in trade for their lives and resources); it wages perpetual rape, pillaging of resources, death, unending talmucid chaos and destruction to millions around the globe - all on behalf of itself and at behest of war-profitiers (i.e. mostly zio-ogre). Go Ron, go! Dismantle away.

Paul wants to restore the US government to the rightful owners which are not those few in DC. It belongs to individual 50 states, i.e. the people, as it was originally intended and set-up. The power, false-authority is now wrongfully in the hands of a few out-of-control public servants, who, by deception and under influence of total corruption, have wrongly deemed themselves "the government" (DC, much state and local public servants), who can and do easily steal the wealth of the nation under guise of "helping the children", "national defense" (not offense), etc., who already answer to no one, but their money masters - i.e. the Oligarchs.

Ron Paul wishes all people, meaning children, women, men, gays, straights, "dopers", consumerists, materialists, spiritualists, etc., to have more choices - i.e. 50 or more instead of the 1 now available - (most are under illusion that they have 2 choices "democrat" and "republican", but even these 2 are only 1 - vis-a-vis the dictates of the Oligarch). He believes that by returning the power to the 50 states, there will be less chance of 1 group becoming corrupted and too powerful, as has already occurred.

Paul believes that things like welfare for children, equality for gays, drug issues, etc. can be better handled by each of the 50 states vice the "one-law-fits-99%-while-the-1%-are-law-unto-themselves"

Wouldn't 50 (plus) choices be preferable?

Imagine - 1 state may legalize use of things like marijuana and outlaw alcohol (arguably much more destructive than pot) while 49 may not. If one can't live with the laws in the other 49, one can move to the state that allows such activity. 1 state or more may have a very small amount of poor, while other states have more; e.g. California - many poor, but until 2007, it had the 8th largest economy in the world. How does the 8th largest economy in the world go broke? Corruption - just like that in DC, but instead all 50 states going down, only 1 goes down (which likely won't happen even if things are really as bad as zio-ogre media wishes people to believe)... etc., etc.

The zio-ogre psychological war and lie machine is running full speed right now, main target - Ron Paul and anyone else who refuese to tow the zio-ogre line...

Besides, people gotta learn to get what they need and no one, will do it for them. So don't wait for or rely on any politician, even a Ron Paul - Peace now!

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

funny, my comment to Stathis site

got deleted within hours (wholesaling again I suppose), but yours doesnt appear there now either. hmmm....

drives me further to the right / far left branch.

wv: unchi. but it doesnt hurt anymore (just like a chocolate milkshake, only unchi - says Coco monkey mind.).

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

nice @wait

on a wing and a prayer indeed.

silly old song that came to mind.

job to do: put up the wire roof to protect my chickens from eagles.

wv: hydramin . water water, but not too much. balance.

Richie (Dana) said...


I was trying to tell you something about yourself. Get out from under that table my friend. Try this.

In Western Society, the feeling of unworthiness and rejection has been reinforced by very evil so-called religious doctrine of the Christian churches, especially the Catholic Church.

Religion, and here I mean mainstream institutionalized religion, is based on ossified dogma, dispensed by stratified hierarchies whose stance is also clear-cut. If you want to join the institution, you accept the package dictated to you. It is an all or none effect. For a decision to be reached about the religion there is mental coercion and a compunction to comply! When the compelling and restrictive, destructive officiousness becomes an imposed paradigm for earthly existence, then religion becomes the dictatorial tool to devastate. As history amply demonstrates, mindless religious compliance unleashes a deadly force of Darkness whose rejection is often even more catastrophic for those who want to be left alone. Harken back to the vanquished on Charlemagne's field of battle and feel the oppressive, sadistic compunction of the losers to accept Christianity or be beheaded. Alas, there is not where we want to be in metaphysics. But the blackmailing coercion has not really ceased.
It has been modified and disguised. Religious help, when it is not being abused and used as a cover for spying, as some evangelists have done for the USA and the Vatican in Third World Countries, is invariably given with strings. "Read and regurgitate the catechism and accept it, otherwise you will not be fed!" And so we come to Science, that bastion of free-thought and experimentation, or so it wants you to believe that it is. You are no more free from the theoretical and experimental constraints of science than you are of the dogmatic rigours of religion.
If a scientific fellow you want to be, you will, per force, toe the line. In any subject deemed scientific, if you want to pass exams and make a living from the teachings of that faculty, you must, by order, submit to the dogmas of the day. And this goes for medicine, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, hydroponics, whatever. Fail to regurgitate the dogmas and you fail. Stray from the dictated, restrictive path and the thought police in the form of Disciplinary Boards, Regulatory Boards , Government Licensing Boards, Funding Boards, etc., will see to your professional death.
These disciplines want adherents, disciples, sycophants, robots, brainwashed automatons who will prosper on the prescribed prejudices of the epistemological branch concerned. Religions, of course, are even more sinister, and give themselves a deific right of dictatorship, the most dangerous role of all, and in their fraudulence assume the Keys to the Kingdom, leaving one in no doubt that it is their hierarchies, their very own Archons, not even God, who dictate exactly who enters the Pearly Gates and who does not.
Dr. J. S. Chiappalone


amarynth said...

Thought to post a quick note - Visible arrived safely - its a blast!

gurnygob said...

Thanks Richard.


kikz said... all begins with the dogma of original sin...

glad viz got in ok... hope y'all hav a blast!

Anonymous said...

intrinsic instability when pressurized

It occurs to me that love is like acetylene.
You get too much you get too high…
not enough and you can’t bond worth shit.


Anonymous said...

hey, anonymous Saturday, December 31, 2011 6:25:00 PM:

this is for you:

thanks for reminding me of something that I forgot....

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

That's great news about Vis's safe arrival. Joy and blessings to all of you! The rest of us will try to keep our envy down to a respectable degree.

Robin Redbreast said...

Have a fantastic time together

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

2nd attempt.

pierre said....

funny, my comment to Stathis site

got deleted within hours (wholesaling again I suppose), but yours doesnt appear there now either. hmmm....

drives me further to the right / far left branch.

wv: phydig. dig a little deeper into all those career scientists and it, too, follows the dictates of the money. theres a limit to my cynicism though.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Anonymous on December 31, 2011 at 6:29:00 PM:

You talk about Ron Paul's alleged opposition to Zionism, but when I visit his website and read his speeches, I find that while he advocates eliminating foreign aid to Israel (and everybody else), he also says that Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish State, and also to "defend itself" as such.

Ron Paul reminds me of Ronald Reagan. Their plan is to pracically eliminate government and allow the private sector to run things - which results in a tyranny of the corporations and Oligarchs. One of the chief purposes of government should be to ensure that the rights of the common people are not trampled by the wealthy and the corporations.

You say that Ron Paul endorses "State's Rights". So Californians can change their State's name to Aztlan and declare Spanish their official language. Groovy. The Balkanization of the USA sounds good to me. We'll abolish the US military too, right? I'm for that.

Obama swore he was a Peace candidate and he turned out to be just another Neocon. I'm suspicious that Ron Paul won't deliver on the anti-Imperialist agenda he advocates, but he will give the Oligarchs more power by emasculating government. Perhaps you're right - if the States become autonomous, perhaps the People's Socialist Republic of Portland (Oregon) can become a reality instead of a joke. I'm for that too.

An isolationist US government, no overseas US bases, no federal military, Balkanization of the States - if I thought Ron Paul could deliver all that, I might vote for him. It's the half-way shit that worries me.

Anonymous said...

The Holy Priesthood of Liars!

Men of dark secrets…and lies!
‘Obedience’: rot;
You know who you are: liars!

pax verbum
Big on Faith, small on religion

Anonymous said...


Into 2012 we be;
As lambs…or…lions?
That’s the biggest mystery!

pax verbum
Big on Faith, small on religion

Anonymous said...


Sacrificed – just like Gesu;
Slaughtered – by the same Evil.

Pax Vobiscum - especially to all my suffering Brothers and Sisters in Palestine; Inshalla!

pax verbum

Anonymous said...


Justice? Ha! When will it end?
There are no more tears!
Inshalla! God’s Will Be Done!

Fear NOT...make Your peace with The Lord - whatever that means to you; in My Father's House there are many rooms...and ALL are welcome!

Pax y'all! And may this year be the year of year's! DV

pax verbum
Big on Faith, small on religion

Cici said...

So very glad you're safe and sound - I can't believe you're so close to me and firm plans to get there still elude me but I'm working on it...

neal said...

pax verbum, that is some paradox, now that can be carried by some wind. If that stays put, so the wind, now that's something to behold.

That probably won't stick around, maybe last forever.

we don't make the rules, just try to leave it up where it needs to be. That could be some howling, for the course. Say put, or not, it's all seeming to be required, or both, for the little parts. Up in the air, that is the whirlwind dept., and that is not agreeing to most anything, just swirling around. There is making rules, and the unmaking, one thing tends to feed the other, and that is some beauty, for the course. Now that would be a drum, just beauty, not really scary, after awhile.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I know one thing not half way about Ron Paul which makes him the only Republican candidate to even be considered human, let alone worth anyone's vote.

Ron Paul is the only one of them who has not promised in public, in front of God and everyone, to commit premeditated mass murder in the interests of a foreign nation. Israel.


All the rest of them are the stuff of which rat terrier's dreams are made.

amarynth said...

Visible asked me to post a note. He will be back as soon as he can. Just taking some time to deal with some of his own issues currently, and of course preparing for getting together.

We're having a blast all round - not all roses, not all thorns, but a lot is being learned by all.

katz said...

I'm voting for Dr. Ron Paul. I've met him, and he is real.

You have a chance to vote for an American First, this time. Last time, his wife ended up in the hospital ER room, and he had to drop out.

Don't miss this opportunity. Register Republican to vote in the primary.

As for state's rights over this Federal albatross? Who needs the Feds, if all they can do is impose fascist laws, and benefit Israel and corporate interests? Who needs them?

States have all the laws we need. States have divorce laws, estate laws, criminal laws, contracts laws, tort laws, civil rights laws, and cover every need. So, what is the point of this ridiculous Federal government? More war?

Think about it. You have been brainwashed to believe that the "USA" is the greatest, whatever.

Texas should leave the "USA".
We don't need them to ruin our lives and strip search us at airports.

Anonymous said...


Obama has demonstrated that he's not really a human. It's apparent that there is something missing. He give me the creeps. All of these candidates have had the hunamity filleted out of them. They've been hollowed out, some moreson than others.

Ron Paul still has a bit of humanity left but it is expressed obliquely and skewedly. He is, to be sure, the only one of the lot who is willing to state the obvious about the 'get-Iran' warmongering.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Homer: I agree with you about Ron Paul versus the other Republican candidates. However, if Cynthia McKinney becomes the Green Party candidate for 2012, I plan on voting for her. Unlike Ron Paul, McKinney is a 9/11 Truther. See: Ron Paul Calls 9/11 Conspiracy Theories About CIA … Nonsense.

The corporations, banksters, and Oiligarchs rule the USA, and they have since 1776. Emasculating the US government will just make the corporate/Oligarch Feudalism become official. Problem is, getting rid of the government is throwing the baby out with the bathwater, because we need some of the good things that government does for us.

Stop US foreign aid to Israel, and the CIA, banksters, and Oligarchs will just find another way to fund Israel. If we emasculate the US government, we will just be giving the Oligarchs carte blanche. What we need to do instead is make the government control the corporations and the Oilgarchs. - GF

Gregory F. Fegel said...

P.S. Homer: Throw the baby (US government) out and the bathwater (corporations, banksters, and Oligarchs) will still be in control and they'll be more powerful than before. - GF

Appleshisha said...

To Anonymous at 12:10:00 PM (and various other times)

You keep saying inshalla and repeating it as if it's some kind of magic. We usually say something + insha'Allah. For example, I might say to you, "I'll see you later, insha'Allah". Insha'Allah means "if Allah wills it". We use it because things are not under our control and we're not sure if things will go the way we would like :)

Mouser said...


Though you walk in the valley of the shadow of death, fear no evil for the Lord is thy shephard and you shall not want. Trust in Him who makes you to lay down in green pastures. He shall deliver you from all evil, for He is God.


Mouser said...

After being contacted by pro-zionist persons I am forced to clarify my opinion that the zionist false-jews are the Synagogue of Satan is just that, my opinion. I have no concrete proof to back up this opinion.

Sincerely, Mouser

Gregory F. Fegel said...

katz wrote: "Texas should leave the "USA"."

The most recent Census showed that the population Texas is 37.6%Hispanic and 45% White. "The Texas State Data Center projects that by 2020, Hispanics will make up the majority of Texas’ population, while Anglos will fall to the second-most populous ethnicity. By the year 2040, Hispanics will account for over 50 percent of all Texans, while one-third of the population will be Anglo."

When Tejas seccedes from the USA, it will be one step closer to reuniting with Mexico. Perhaps then the schools in Tejas will correctly teach that the Alamo was defended by a bunch of pro-slavery Anglos trying to steal Tejas from Mexico to make it another U.S. slave State.

California is 37.6% Hispanic and only 40% White. Viva Ron Paul!

But if the NWO Balkanizes both the USA and Mexico, maybe there won't be a Mexico for Tejas and California to join. - GF

the BCth said...

Hello all,

Chris Knowles' recent effort to peek behind the Ron Paul mythos is an eye-opener.

May 2012 bring us over the threshold into the dawn of a new age.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Anyone who grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania like Paul did, doing chores and working as a family with a family like Paul did; can’t be all bad.
Or hardly bad at all.

Paul grew up on a Pennsylvania dairy farm. He later worked at the family owned dairy processing facility.

“Ron Paul’s first job was making sure no dirty bottles made it to the filling crates,” he was paid a penny per bottle; when they were old enough, the Paul boys — all five of whom shared one bedroom — took over the summer milk routes to give the drivers some time off.”

When he turned into some secret devil worshiper or racist redneck or illuminati/mason or any ite, ist or other, I don't know and I don't believe for a second there is anything like that to know.
I believe it is a bunch of something Ron Paul does know a little bit about; pure Bullshit.

Bottom line is this man is the only one who has said no to premeditated mass murder, here and abroad.

He's risking (and might very well lose) his life for the common good and for the nation he believes in, far more than I do that's for sure.

I think a lot of people are afraid of Ron Paul because they're afraid of a whole lot of other things too, the least of which is maybe a little exercise and a few blisters might be coming their way. a few perks might be lost. Aw shucks.
How heartbreaking..

Ron Paul doesn't condone nor perform abortions either. And he really is a doctor, not some bullshit doctor on paper doctor. I'm pretty sure he considers abortion premeditated murder also.
and erring on the side of life is hardly a capital crime. Is it?

But Paul won't stop you. If you do it, it's YOUR business. Maybe that's something else people are afraid of.
They need someone to tell them what they do is ok.

In the end there ain't no Ron Paul or OBarnum or anyone else gonna be there with you, alibi in hand, either reaping the rewards or (gasp) yeah..


Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,

Thank you for the eagle post. Yes, the Lord is a strong eagle, for he covers us with his feathers and hides us under his wings. This false "War on Terror" is an actual war OF terror against humanity. This is the Serpent's final season of deceit and destruction, and then the Eagle will crush the Serpent in his talons. We have protection until then:

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”
. . .
You will NOT "fear the terror" of [this present dark war of] night,
. . .
You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked [wizards lurking behind the raising curtain].
. . .
You will trample the great lion and the serpent [Satan].
"Because he loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him . . . and show him my salvation.”--Ps. 91 (edited)

We can all have hope because the Wicked is in process of being revealed, and then comes the revealing of the Lord in bright splendor, to rescue us and destroy the Darkness. Remind us, Lord, to call on you in our trouble.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

To call on the Lord when in trouble and then to forget when the all clear comes is the number one propensity of humans beings.

Not very respectful, very intimate or very convincing, is it?

One might even say ... wicked.

Modern society is a horribly conflicted miasma.

The Lord as our order taker.

Lord fetch me this, fetch me that, deliver me from evil, lift me to heaven, etc., etc., etc.

Oh good, thanks, now dismissed.

The demons are just as honest and sincere in their actions and likely more loyal to their Lord.

You think?

bholanath said...

Take a hike.
The eagles and the serpents are both my friends.
Most insane humans and their insane off-planet 'lords' are not.
Please relocate far far away.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Tob Homer: Like Ron Paul, Obama claimed to come from humble origins and, like Ron Paul, Obama claimed to be anti-war and a 'man of the people'.

Ron Paul wants to legalize drugs. I think that if drug-taking should be considered a matter of personal choice, so should abortion. BTW, if the State can tell a woman that she can't have an abortion, shouldn't the State also have the right to enforce a limit on the number of children a woman may have (to limit population growth)? Ron Paul's anti-abortion stance is an exception to his otherwise Libertarian agenda.

I want very much to see an end to the US wars of aggression, the US Empire, the US military bases overseas, the globally-oriented US military, and the USA's Military-Industrial-Academic Complex. However, I don't want to support a Candidate or a Party that promises to eliminate regulations on industry, environmental protections, and social welfare programs and replace them with the anything-goes rule by Oligarchs. Cynthia McKinney is a far better choice than Ron Paul. -GF

katz said...

Ron Paul voted against both bail outs, while Obama voted for both of them. That told the story who owed Obama. So, you can't compare a decent man like Ron Paul to a plastic bankster puppet like Obama.
Now, Obama is sending US troops to Israel and is going to attack Iran. That comes after he became a war criminal and attacked and destroyed Libya.

Further, you finally have a chance to vote for someone decent, but he needs a landslide vote. So, stop complaining and get out and register republican and help take over the party.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Here's a little something for you:

It was on Henry Makow's the other day.

It leaves little doubt that Paul is just a Jewish tool.

Did you know there is 'another Jacob Schiff'?

He turns out to be Peter Schiff's great granddaddy.

Aren't they grand?



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