Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Naked Emperor at The Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(people question my optimism and no doubt my observations and associations as well, on occasion. Mostly, the people who come here are in the same groove but there are the obvious departures with things like the optimism and who the bad guys are. It could be that because I am unshakeable on both that that is the reason-grin- anyway we try to address at least the first one today.)

The rich are different than us. It never fails to amaze me how people with more than they need, or will ever spend, are so insecure and grasping for more and more, as if money will insulate them from the vicissitudes of life and the terrors of the unknown. As a matter of fact, it puts them right in the gun-sights of the cosmos. The money and wealth thing is an ancient dance with a timeless resolution. It's as problematic for those who possess it as it is for those who don't possess it. It affects everything about your life but it mostly affects what you put value on and that has a great deal to do with your character and fate. It's been said that the 'love' of money is the root of all evil. That means even if you don't have it, you can still be victimized by it. America is a capitalistic society. That means that inevitably at some point it will become fascist. Imperialism is an extension of this. All systems that proclaim personal liberty in their founding documents, invariably wind up as a tyranny.

When a system like this goes into decline, as it presently has, it begins to fall at a certain arc, which steepens as it goes, until eventually one gets the impression that it simply fell off a cliff. The culture in decline is like the season of Fall. At first the leaves are very colorful, as befits the decadent tone of incipient doom. Then the leaves all get brown and finally there are stark and bare trees because the winds come. It's like that. At the end time of this kind of society, it is rule by corporations, which is why the nine vultures on The Supreme Court ruled person-hood for corporations. The laws of the land are set according to the imperatives of the market place. They no longer have to do with fair judgments, as a non respecter of class differentials. The laws become a defense mechanism for the powerful and well to do and a club and chain link fence for the poor and middle class, whose status they are responsible for. Since they are in the minority, they need all the advantages they can get.

Members of The Tribe, now openly boast about their control of the populace and the fact that the majority never reads the alternative press but gets their information from the media that they have near total control over. They have their pawns in place, whom they put forth and caused to be elected because they own the currency printing press. Because of their control of Wall Street, they can make the economy yo-yo any time they want to and this is applied as a control mechanism as well; just as it was when they engineered The Great Depression. They controlled who got elected through a combination of things; electoral fraud, media disinfo and saturation, as well as lots of money. This way they can make the laws and set policy. They inform their elected stooges about who they want appointed to the courts and all other similar postings. They control general perception and the flow of events, including false flags, which are used to bolster the population's fears about an external enemy, who is also domestically based. It's a climate of suspicion, designed to divert the mind from what they themselves are doing.

The movement of the culture and the enforcement arm of corporate will, moves relentlessly from bad to worse. One could hardly be faulted for questioning my optimism. However, I see the seeds and signs of their downfall everywhere and I know that the cosmos has a cyclicity that is the centerpiece of its operative schematic. This I can see everywhere, directly in Nature and indirectly in the culture, where Nature has been adapted. This is a given for me. I've looked at it long and hard and... I believe deeply as well. There is an order to things. Possibly many cannot see this but for me it's hiding in plain sight all over the place.

There is a certain clownish buffoonery that comes about in the last stages of the end game, where overblown caricatures dominate the public viewing arenas. This is attended by, in your face criminality, by the forces of business and in the political realm as well. We see this in Mr. Corzine. People know that looting went on though they may not know who really did it and what the circumstances were. This is like unto AGI, only different (grin) and, of course, the same predatory agents are engaged in most questionable activities. The whole war on terror thing is to distract from the real terrorists and their daily looting and mass murder around the globe. Now they are going after Russia and one of their members, an oligarch, is intending to run against Putin. It's not rocket science; identifying who is doing what and where. The Newtwit has come out of the lowest popularity percentage to lead all candidates for the GOP nomination. Nothing in real time has changed. It's all a fabrication. It's all smoke and mirrors. Public perception will be shaped and electoral fraud will take care of the end process. Yet I am optimistic.

I am watching a cycle in operation. I am seeing the stages through which it moves and am noting the absurdity and living satire of the present state and as I never tire of saying; it's all for the purpose of demonstration. You are being shown. Perhaps you are not paying attention but your attention will be seized at the time intended for that to happen. We know that evil destroys itself. This destiny is built into the nature of it. Why should we expect a different outcome this time? Isn't that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results? No one has ever taken over the whole world. Alexander came close but no one has ever accomplished it and no one ever will. As Lao Tzu has stated, “The world is a sacred vessel, at the mere touch of the profane, it recedes”.

What confuses people and compromises their optimism is the power of appearances at any stage of the game. It looks one way but it is, in essence, something else. Think about a man who on the surface seems well formed and impressive but whose bones are rotten and hollow. This is the case here. If there were any one thing that anyone should impress on their consciousness, so that it is an accepted truth that cannot be challenged, it is that 'appearances are deceiving'. The sole purpose of those manipulating appearances is deception; “By way of deception”?

Look at the uniformity of the universe. Look at the planets rotating around the sun. Look at the moon in the sky and its phases. Look at all of the circular states and conditions that are everywhere to be seen. Look at the tides. Look at the seasonal migrations of the birds. The whole thing is like some gigantic multidimensional clock, which is more than a clock but it does keep time. This should be cause for optimism. Pull the curtain back from the wizard. Look closely at The Emperor. Observe The Mad Hatter's tea party. Look at allegory and the mathematical precision of the cosmos. Look at what makes your computer function, both electrically and in terms of the manner in which it presents and processes information. Look at the internet and think of global telepathy and resonance. Think of consciousness unifying and creating a dynamic of judgment that is an extension of group consciousness. Yes, the group consciousness has been hijacked but this is The Apocalypse.

Look at the pronouncements of all the greatest books ever written. They are all similar when they talk about conditions and where they lead. Meanwhile, the circus goes on and the carnival and the games of chance continue. Chance is not as random as it seems and luck is simply one of Nature's laws that is not properly understood. When we think of the laws of Nature, from which we adapt the powers and routines by which a society operates, we need to keep in mind that there are a great many laws that the majority of us are unaware of. The discovery of new laws are tied directly to major advances in the state of our existence. Some of us discover some of these laws by self introspection. “The proper study of mankind is man”; gnosti seauton. Those so engaged have reason to be optimistic. Those not so engaged have reason to be pessimistic. A simple adjustment in one's basic perspective, effects immediate change.

Most all of these players on the grand stage of the moment are fools. They are ridiculous caricatures of themselves. Bill O'Reilly, with his umbrella, threatening to punch someone out is a bombastic and clueless embarrassment. We look at these talking heads and we assign importance to them because they have wide ranging face power. They make a lot of money. This pings on the subconscious and causes the masses to grant fealty. They are not important and they are nothing more than unamusing clowns. There is a reason for all of this reality TV that is not reality. There is a reason for all of the crazy and moronic spectacles of the moment. If you are treated as if you are stupid, you naturally accommodate to that subliminal invasion and act accordingly.

The whole gamut of the field of entertainment, music and the arts has been brought to its present state as evidence of something. This should be cause for optimism. The power within is greater than the power without. If the universe is behind you, nothing can be against you. The shadow, as has been said infinitum here, has only the power that you grant it. It is only a shadow. The hollow men are just that. Things can change in a twinkling and will at some point and then appearances will be redefined. The name Adam means, 'namer of things'. This is how you create your world and how it comes to be a prison in many cases. We have to name things correctly. We have to identify where the real power lies; not the appearance of power. We have to know the difference between shadow and substance. We have only ourselves to blame if we are seduced into believing what is not or ever will be true and “waking up is hard to do”.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent. Stay the course! We all r dealing with a people who are stubborn without reflection. Crookedness is in their very nature.

Pete said...

Do I need to even say it that I was having many of the exact same thoughts yeaterday. Reading this blog is becoming an exercise in reading my thoughts from the previous day. Instead of the healthy man with rotten bones analogy I was using the McMansion with termites analogy, same principles at play. A reason for compassion is to think of my own shadow and to know how hard, at times, my limited awkening has been, for me and many others. The awakening we individuals are experiencing with all of its attendant ups and downs, is being experienced en masse by society. Imagine awakening and starting shadow work with no context for it. The great scythe of nature is an in your face, yearly reminder of the imperanence of worldy things and yet so many continue to pursue worthless trinkets at the price of their soul and a guaranteed 26,ooo year time share on the wheel of karma. Oh well, it is what it is. Demonstration, how could it be for anything else.

kikz said...

tribe's latest

open discussion of killing gentiles in their universities...
via whr this am.

um... when bubba sixpack redjacket gets a load of this..
he ain't gon' be too damn thrilled... ya know? i think at some point, there'll be a new open season to hunt.
i wonder if 'tags' will be issued w/the license like for gators:)?

how fukin long are we gentiles to put up w/this?


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Coherence Les!!!

In my sleep meditations this morning just as I woke, I was thinking "strip off their masks Mother".

These people unmasked are so gruesomely ugly yet will elicit no pity, no one will stand behind them-or even know their names when they are standing-naked and alone under the Light.

the gardener

PS-there is a lot of LIGHT being shined on these caricatures-these actors-these grotesque players.

Anonymous said...


You are obviously a very evolved soul and much of what you say resonates with me. I read the rehash of "the Protocols" you referred to in a recent post about the "enemy of mankind". I just want to point out that greed knows no boundaries--nor does evil. Greed and the perception of earthly power that wealth encourages fuel hubris and bring calamity, but it is not confined to Jews.

It has always ocurred to me that our Creator (whether or not the Gnostics were right) spread out the truly righteous throughout all religions, races and the nations they inhabit. Greed is a human thing, not a Jewish thing. There are plenty of poor Jews and rich Christians...so what? Whenever people start labelling one group as universally evil and responsible for the woes of others, it creates the excuse for more evil. Don't you think?

Jews don't control the mass media in this country--the military-industrial-complex both owns and thus controls the bulk of the mass media in America which has resulted in the dumbed-down pablum they pass off as news today. Check out the corporate ownership flow charts and this becomes apparent.

I can look around and ascribe blame as good as the next guy, but it certainly won't be based on race, genetics or religious ideology. The real battlegound is in the heart of every soul--in the heart that will be weighed in the balance with a feather. To deny the spark of divinity--however clouded--within any living soul is to deny your own divine nature.

I wrote the following after an epiphany on the vernal equinox of 1985:

To the Travelers:

To those that wake from walking dreams

and realize life’s not as it seems,

whose synapses span the aeons past

and find themselves aware at last

upon this finite world of dust

enslaved by hunger pain and lust,

do not forget the Decree Divine

that sent you to this place in time:

unlock the doors and reclaim the keys

of the knowledge his by the Pharisees

and let all there enter who do desire

the Baptism of the Holy Fire

The Arc has long since ceased to be

the Scepter of the Holy Tree,

the New Jerusalem shall be erected

in the hearts of those who’ve been elected

to break the walls of the nation states

whose evil deeds have sealed their fates

and rule them with the flaming heart

that God intended from the start

so man might finally come to be

evolved in his divinity;

Let darkness recede before the Throne,

God not ought have to rule alone.


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Les:

That about sums it up.

Perhaps a modern version of give them "bread" & circus, might be "processed and poisoned food & happy pills".

Or "give them cake", modernized to "give them crack".

Nice narration,

Anonymous said...

Another home run Les. This really resonates for me.


Visible said...

HSH: you are absolutely an unequivocally wrong and spreading disinfo. Google 'Jews own 96% of the media and then I would appreciate you refuting and proving it. And I said nothing about Jews being the only one's about wealth, nor did the link I used indicate anything like that. Please do not project and invent my meaning.

Anonymous said...

Great piece Visible,
HSH is a paid shill.

from a remote area of Oregon

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Les,

ALL of what you say resonates with me. I have been reading your blog since day one. I've followed your links and verified through much research that you are absolutely on the right path and your intention here is to get others onto that path or their own right path.

I'm laughing more and more inside as I watch these tyrants prancing about like mafia kings or clowns and your average tube watching idiot just doesn't see it.

This is the night. This is a house infested with cockroaches and the master of the house just returned. These are several cans of industrial strength insecticide - enough to get the job done. This is a finger reaching for the light-switch.

We awake will be amazed and amused. They will be shocked and dismayed. It is approaching and it cannot be denied us.

"Man will never be free until the last politician is strangled with the entrails of the last priest." Voltaire

Auberon Barnable

gurnygob said...

what HSH said......

HSH I was wondering if you could explain these two lines for me. I am a bit slow when it comes to the deep stuff.

[unlock the doors and reclaim the keys of the knowledge his by the Pharisees]


Anonymous said...

You know it, Les.

Times are changing.

We shall overcome...

Tim Tebow

Anonymous said...

Excellent. The cosmos are constantly moving and man can not yet see the 70% that is currently dark matter.Man can not see even 2% of the visible cosmos YET. BUT old Neut (NUEK UM NUET the reptile) Knows it all! BLA HA HA!

Thanks for the free speech zone.

Anonymous said...


I believe the "optimism" that you and some of us feel out here in real-life has to do with the perceived "awakening" of humankind around the world, and especially here in the US.

When you look at polls that give Ron Paul 75% of the vote,...even though you know the game's rigged
and we are just waiting for the "management technique" that will be employed to compromise or eliminate Mr. Paul,...you come to hope that the "good folk" of our country / world are beginning to stand on their own two legs, identify the criminal class among us, and,...
hopefully,...begin to take action and to live our lives in a manner that supports our belief system. I know that many Americans are creepy, crap-desiring souls who have been raised on TV ads and idiot "teachers" who haven't a clue,...

However,..many Americans,..at their core,....many Americans care deeply about the founding principles of the US, they care about true adherence to fair,equitable laws that are enforced equally among the rich and poor,...but I think I lot of Americans have been waiting for "them" to come on in and save our asses,...i.e. the politicians, the business leaders, the police or military,...many folks think that "things are bad,..but someone will save the day",...

Perhaps now they are realizing that the only person saving them will be themselves, through their own positive actions in defending and redefining what freedom really means......

So the crowd is beginning to fight back hopefully, though some have been fighting since November 22, 1963 for such a thing, I think more and more folks are seeing the outlines of a future they do not wish to participate in,...


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves-The life of an Insane Family

Anonymous said...

Excellent, as always, Les!

Re. "Chance is not as random as it seems and luck is simply one of Nature's laws that is not properly understood."

Not sure if I get that part (unless it means that you make your own luck) - could you possibly explain a little?



Anonymous said...

The Porch

The circle of life gets smaller,
closing in as we get burned.
Age can take us by the hand,
harshly, teaching what we’d learned.

Lessons learned, but not applied.
lost lives of vagrant intent.
Hapless souls running around,
seeking blame, on someone to vent.

Curtains dropping, on oh so many,
in lives of hand-built regret.
Gambles we chose, to help us through,
probably, not a great bet.

Isn’t that what life’s about,
the wager of our choices?
Outcomes left to idiot chance,
circling, smaller, quiet voices?

All of that, it does amaze me,
still, so many want to stay.
Fight the odds, and stick around,
as if there’s still something to say?

How many souls even get there,
so joyously, when looking back?
Knowing the path to get here,
was it always the right track?

End it now, or, linger on,
what way does it really matter?
Lives of hope, scattered about,
damaged souls, deeply shattered.

But isn’t that the evil thing,
never knowing what’s to come?
Today may be corruptly fucked,
tomorrow, brightly lit for some.

To never see around the bend,
to know little of our chances?
A life complete, knowledge with age,
our life clock slowly advances.

Sitting on the damned front porch,
it’s mainly what I’m good at now.
Life was fun, I had a good time,
perhaps the porch is my final bow?

RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Visible said...

Frankie, I see most of what is called luck as an expression of Grace and also a feature of serendipity where one is in sync with the cosmic order so that the usual results don't occur like they do for most people. I experience all sorts of things that one might call luck but I don't it that because I believe every single event in my life, no matter how insignificant it may seem is an expression of the divine interacting with me.

Mouser said...

Greetings Visible, good post.

HSH; Fuck off.

"Man will never be free until the last sabats-goy politician is strangled with the entrails of the last zionist priest." Mouser

kikz said...


bullshit meter pegged.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation on luck Les ;)


Mouser said...

Greetings Visible, good post.

HSH; Fuck off.

"Man will never be free until the last sabats-goy politician is strangled with the entrails of the last zionist priest." Mouser

Anonymous said...

I think they just found a competitor for Bwak!


lightandlongshadows said...

You knocked it out of the park today, muchas gracias.

"The culture in decline is like the season of Fall. At first the leaves are very colorful,..." Superb analogy, great imagery.

"The shadow, as has been said infinitum here, has only the power that you grant it. It is only a shadow." Woot! To forgive myself, I forgive them. To forgive is to forego.

Is water ever concerned whether it will make it back to the ocean?

The cirle will not be squared, the folly is hilarious. The things we impose upon ourselves, shrugs and smiles.

Anonymous said...

Just for fun,...but if we are going to have to live within the Hatter's Tea Party,...we may have need of some.....Me!


Plant me, tend me
Wet me, feed me
Light me, weed me
Grow me, groom me
Splice me, mate me
Hide me, help me
Want me, take me
Hang me, dry me
Piece me, price me
Sell me, roll me
Smoke me, feel me
Plant me, love me



RJ O'Guillory
Wbster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Les.
The way people view money never ceases to amaze me. I worked at an attorney's office once upon a time. The attorney approached me as one of his client's was just leaving and informed me of what a good catch this man would be for me, then launched into how much money the man had and he was only 32 years old. I said, "oh, but what kind of person is he?" The attorney looked at me as if I had sprouted two heads.
As for NitwitNewt; he's like watching a dog return to its own vomit.

Anonymous said...

Stickman Sez

Consider this as indicative of the Great Divide in the consciousness and acculturation of he American people. Les, you point out the absurdity of the Neutered GingerGrinch leading the Republican field according to the 'polling' organizations. Now take a close look at the simple physiognomy of the dude. I mean look at the Neutered one's face, his complexion, his eyes! Famously, it was asked whether you would buy a used car from Richard Nixon. But eye of Newt?

The consciousness and cultural divide, IMHO, has to do with precisely the programming, the limning of a realityscape; which is the entire province of the Boobtoob and its Zionist programmers.

Reality Check and admission. Personally, i have never allowed the One-Eyed-God into my home. However, when at a friend's house where the set is on, or perhaps in a hotel room where the device is the only show in the joint; only moments lapse before inner control over my perceptions gives way to the hypnotic demands of that medium.

Yes, with all my alleged awareness and purported rising consciousness level, my own perspectives are swept up into the vacuum tube, or currently its digital upgrades. The metaphor of the vacuum tube is more precise, however, because that is the effect of the commanding presence in the room.

Now consider the circumstances of Boobus Amerikkkanus, the Great Overwashed (to update H.L Mencken), the everyday working stiff who has just put in his hour's commuting adventure on top of those eight hours toiling for the Man. Frazzled nerves and bored body compounded by a lowgrade headache and he's ready for a few cans of Bud Blight or Miller Swiller, a bag of chips and some quality time in the easy chair where the Magic Box can transport him into a dee[er dimensional daze.

Alienated via the contemporary dearth of true community, psychically divorced from his spouse and totally out of it with his texting tweens and teens; Joe Sixpack truly does not have a life. Circumstances have devolved him into an ersatz human being who actively seeks out a medium that can enhance the deadening quality of his existence. That medium is all too easy to find and it is all too ready to define for him that which is real and that which is beyond the pale.

Nineteen Arabs armed with boxcutters magically managed to shut down U.$. air defenses for a couple of hours. They also magically propelled complex airliners into aerobatics which would be the envy of professional pilots with 10,000 hours of flying time. Those airliners also magically tumbled Twin Towers designed to withstand a direct hit from a Boeing jetliner. My rationalist, materialist, academicist, atheist, Darwinist, Marxist, positivist, utilitarian and existentialist friend claims to be able to read between the lines on teevee noose and dismisses viewpoints differing from the official 911 line as "magical thinking conspiracy theories".

So you see, it's not only Joe Sixpack who's been programmed. Cognitive Dissonance describes a huge swath of the 'educated' elite, who for professional and affinity group reasons, consciously or unconsciously act as gatekeepers for the programmed realityscape and thus, even if self-professed 'revolutionaries' are, in the words of Eldridge Cleaver slightly rearranged, part of the problem, not the solution.

We are, however, at a time of transition, nearing the locus of a cosmic moment of grace, where even those we feel to be among the terminally deluded, suddenly experience the scales being yanked off their eyes. We will forgive them for their temporal lapses and welcome them into the great turning via the Wheel of Karma.

Anonymous said...

I am teaching my children much of what you say here, and they are beginning to understand.

I would also like to add that I wear a uniform and many of us are not going along with the program.
My mind is my own.

Anonymous said...


"The IDF tank told the women and children to come out of the house. Then a man came out of the tank - shot and killed two of the little girls and paralysed a third from the waist down while their grandmother waved a white flag."

Jewish zionist killing at its best.

I have three daughters...

Coming to a western country near you - secret police death squads and FEMA concentration camps.

Prepare thyself to be slaughtered by the zionist dogs of war!

L.L.O. said...


"At first the leaves are very colorful, as befits the decadent tone of incipient doom."

For some reason when I read this line... I don't know, everything you have been saying seemed to be wrapped up in it one way or another.



Visible said...

7:41 PM

My father wore a uniform for 30 years. One brother was in 20 years, Delta Force. All the other brothers and myself were in for varying lengths of time. I am gratified to hear what you have to say about your mind being your own. I suspect there are more of you than most might think. Thank you for showing up and making my day.


Stickman, 'eye of Newt' Bwhahahahah. 'Contemporary dearth of true community' exactly. This is the whole point in seeking to create one. This is where survival and quality of life are maximized.

Richie (Dana) said...


I know I probably will not get any answer to these questions but I am asking anyway.
What the fuck is so attractive about making a fool of yourself for all to see.
Do you make money for doing this? If so I am very curious to know how much?
You seem to have a disconnection to reality and seem to think this is somewhere in the past when folks like you could tell any bullshit story and have people hanging on every word.
Times are changing my friend, so if you wish to lead others astray, you really need to take a zio refresher course or however you idiots are trained for this foolishness.
For the life of me I cannot see why anyone would ever choose to knowingly write such trash.

Thank you Les and all,


Jon Doe said...

Yeah, it is pretty clear that the USA is in a state of decline culturally and financially. America still has a lot of influence in the world but the nation, as a whole, is rotting from the inside. More and more Americans are waking up to a nation which is not the nation they believed they lived in. As the nation keep falling into decline, the dirty slime balls in control will become more transparent. Those in control are going to have a harder time hiding who they are and what they do. It is only a matter of time before massive social unrest comes to America.

kikz said...


love the 'nod' to diderot ;)

well done! >:)

Visible said...

Check it out people. This is what needs to start happening in different ways around the planet.

Anonymous said...

Les, many thanks for your latest post and especially for your latest link. I cried with joy, and I don't cry often. Just imagine if people could spontaneously come together like that. Superb! Please, everyone, imagine it.


Visible said...

Given today's climate the part with the security guard was off the charts. Inspiring.

Allison said...

That flash mob was entirely too cool, goosebump stuff. Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Stickman - The first person you described is my husband. The second person would be my boss. How'd you know?

I throw what I can to each of them and can only hope a 'ping' goes off somewhere inside them.

It's so difficult for me to develop useful skills in this atmosphere without any help other than what I find here.

At least I can get a 'ping' here every time.

Thanks to you people.


Richie (Dana) said...

I am not able to stream video at my current location but will have to watch later.
I did have a very strong emotional reaction.
It can only be the mind of the One.



amarynth said...

I wish we could do this completely flash mob style ... but alas.

Just to answer a few frequently asked questions about Visible's upcoming visit.

There are 3 phases ..

VISIT WITH VISIBLE - 15 to 19 January - Personal and group time with Visible and his other guests. A little informal, as the gatherings flow.

CORE WEEKEND - 20, 21, 22 January - More formalized group work starting at about 11 or 12am and going on to when it is done.

MORE VISIT WITH VISIBLE - 23 to 27 January - Personal and group time with Visible and his other guests. A little informal, as the gatherings flow.

Some people are staying for the whole time, and others come in for the first part or the second part and core weekend only.

- During the Visiting, I'm sure someone will suggest and make arrangements for field trips. We are not organizing field trips outside of what may come up in the group. I get requests for a trip to the Yucatan - this is 2,500 kilometers away. We're not organizing anything like that.

- Budgeting Basics - Visitors are responsible for their own travel costs and their own accommodation costs. As soon as I know how many people will be down for the Gathering, and how many are sharing, I can be exact on the accommodation. Currently budget on $15.00 for a shared room per night. Double that if you do not share. Besides some meals which we will offer because it is just easier this way to have people eating together while we are gathering together, people are responsible for their own meals. There is a little kitchen in the apartments in the aparthotel and I will probably put some basics into each shared apartment. (This is just because I know this is the kind of stuff that I do).

- Travelling - Besides helping as much as we can with traveling and directions, I'm the wrong one to ask for route planning. On the US side I will almost certainly lead you wrong, and on the Mexico side we will have a telephone assist if necessary. We will pick up from the airport and make clear where the Gathering Venue is and how to get to places. Depending on how many people come, the Gathering Venue may be changed so, I do not want to announce this now. Full travel details are here on the event tab - with a map - http://www.les-visible.com/the-community/events/viewevent/12-meet-up-with-visible.html.

I will send a detailed city map to those that are travelling in by car as soon as you confirm.

- Local Trips - Chihuahua is a big modern city - and driving conditions are as in other big modern cities. I would suggest to take Local Cabs costing just about around U$ 5 to go anywhere. This is a good and cheap way to travel for short in-city trips. The accommodation and meeting venue and supermarket are within walking distance. (I hope you all are fit and at least some are happy sitting on seating cushions (grins).

- As for the rest, I'll do a email to everyone again to finalize accommodation costs as soon as I can and as soon as a few more people have made their decisions.

Again, you can find me here to make arrangements : http://www.les-visible.com/contact-names-for-les-visiblecom.html

Anonymous said...

Les --

I guess the time has come to identify The Tribe once and for all...

Who are these murderous degenerates? They have an identifiable religion and its proper name is The Cult of Aries and their ram cult was ushered in by the Jews, the Greeks, the Egyptians, Persians etc. to replace the The Age of the Bull, Taurus.

Aries The Ram was considered an exclusively male deity, as Aries is the 1st sign of the Zodiac. As an exclusively male deity he is worshiped through male homosexual sex. The Ram is also a warrior -- so homosexual warriors were its elite soldiers -- this is most clearly shown in the Spartans.

The horn of the ram is seen as a spiral, so the cult of Aries worships The Typhon or the Whirlwind and all the destructive forces associated with it including murder, lying, bloodshed, human sacrifice, etc... But above all the others THEY WORSHIP THE CHAOS caused by the whirlwind.

The Ancients called the cult of Aries after the God Cronus -- Time, which divides eternity and causes death.. thus human sacrifice etc. The Egyptians called this God Set. The Semites called this God Jehovah. The Greeks called this God Apollo... Apollonian... The Phoenicians called this God Moloch/Baal...

Why Jerusalem as a center for the Ram Cult? Because it guards the lowest point on Earth where Moloch/Jehovah rules. This is the other node of the mountaintop where he was offered sacrifice.

Why the promised land? Simple...

Jerusalem was already the Egyptian capitol of the God Set before the Exodus. The Egyptian Habiru (Hebrews) already worshipped Aries the Ram -- thus the EXISTING center at Jerusalem for the Ram cult was promised to them as an inheritance.

This cult was also practiced in Greece under Apollo and this is what unites Masons and Jews -- the worship of the Ram -- warlike, lying, perverted God of chaos and debauchery) as opposed to pleasure ruled over by Mercury Dionysus...

The irony here is that worshipers of the Ram are trying to rule the coming age of Aquarius.... Never gonna work....


wv blescu -- Blesscu Les:)

Anonymous said...

Les, I have continued 'snorting'
to clear my mind and then picture my most favored Deity as you instructed. I would like to share the results of approx 2 weeks worth of this exercise with all of you. I feel remarkably more peaceful, more forgiving, less anxious and less angry at what is happening on center stage. Today you once again said something that made me feel optimistic. My mantra for the next few days will be 'the Universe is behind me' as I travel on my journey to become a better person.

Anonymous said...

Les, most excellent. Thank you.
stickman, well sed, very well sed.
Ride it out, from Minnesota

Anonymous said...

Les --

In order to understand the ritual sacrifice aspect of 9-11 please refer to the following translations of Revelation 9:11:

New International Version (©1984)
They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon.

New Living Translation (©2007)
Their king is the angel from the bottomless pit; his name in Hebrew is [Abaddon,] and in Greek, [Apollyon]--the Destroyer.

English Standard Version (©2001)
They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon.

New American Standard Bible (©1995)
They have as king over them, the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has the name Apollyon.

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

When you understand that the Greek Apollo or Apollyon -- is the same God as Set (Satan) and Jehovah, as well as Chronus Saturn -- all of them in service to the degenerate ass-eared god Aries... then it is quite clear that 9-11 was an open attack on humanity by what we generally think of as Satan (Set)--

Who rules over the Abyss
and whose capital is at the entrance to the BOTTOMLESS PIT of the ABYSS(symbolically always thought of as THE DEAD SEA, the entrance to the LOWEST POINT ON EARTH)...

This is also why the Egyptians erected the original Temple to Set on the Jerusalem Mount(city of Peace, another glyph for City of Death, the eternal peace) where it stood protecting the entrance to the Abyss at the Dead Sea...


Anonymous said...

One should read and watch Deepak Chopra as he has through his teachings, taught of the universe, the self, and the power to have it all!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

HSH said, and I agree.

"To deny the spark of divinity--however clouded--within any living soul is to deny your own divine nature."
"You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity."

"Every natural fact is a symbol of some spiritual fact."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Recovering Telezombie said...

"Stickman said:

Reality Check and admission. Personally, i have never allowed the One-Eyed-God into my home. However, when at a friend's house where the set is on, or perhaps in a hotel room where the device is the only show in the joint; only moments lapse before inner control over my perceptions gives way to the hypnotic demands of that medium.

Yes, with all my alleged awareness and purported rising consciousness level, my own perspectives are swept up into the vacuum tube, or currently its digital upgrades. The metaphor of the vacuum tube is more precise, however, because that is the effect of the commanding presence in the room."

Excellent comment!

Been reading these blogs for a few years. This 'Stickman' guy is among the most astute contributors I have seen here.

I look forward to an awakened world where there are just not enough landfills to take all the dumped trash tubes.


Anonymous said...

pierre said..

bit of good in everything, even Zio movies, but there is stuff in Star Wars that has popularised the good fight and the need for the spiritual integrities.
that's a point isnt it, to keep up the programming they need to offer the sweeteners in the jars with rigged lids, and appeal to the consumers they pays their money and thinks they are choosing.
then there's the subliminal points, what's their angle, what's the main message. fun to play the game from this side of the credibility paradigm.

late in the stage I looked into David McGowans take on the Apollo project,
Wag the Moondoggie
another one bites the dust (or rather, doesnt kick up the dust on the moon). the good thing is its now water off this duckies back. I expect to be lied to.

wv: gasel of fun in a barrel of monkeys.

christopher o'brien said...

When culture becomes static and top heavy w/ control structures and/or players, that's when the trickster emerges. This amoral force (or mechanism) of change topples control structures and makes way for the novelty and change needed to pull culture forward. Its like spiritual capitalism--instead of material growth and spending--we have cultural equability and a furthering of collective spirit.
Or something like that.... *smile*

davd griffith said...

Really well said. Thanks for the clarity.

Words matter, the meaning matters and when I run through the list of headlines at Rense.com, your lovely gift of wrapping a juicy title around your posts allows them to stand out..... all sparkly.

There is a sense - for those of us old enough to recognise the truth of ' all the world's a stage ...' - that what was a serious, engrossing and sometimes awe inspiring play has become a bit of a grubby pantomime complete with campy Dames and not so good natured audience participation.

'I want my money back!'

Nah ... not really. Can't go by appearance and anyway I've still got a small role where I get to raise the standard on a daily basis. If I don't, those in my care suffer.

It's a great education to be in the dying days of an empire when many just don't care about fluttering flags or falling standards.... think I'm mixing metaphor.

Hooray for the Divine and a sense of humour.

Anonymous said...


when you responded to frankie, about luck being an outpouring of grace, and a feature of serendipity, i thought of all the instances, where i found myself in a world of trouble, and came out of it unscathed, in some instanced the other actors acted uncharacteristically. what you said makes total sense


Anonymous said...

Les --

Two further points about the inherent warlike homosexual worship of the Ram cult. Since Aries is the first sign and it is male, ergo there is only one God if you worship Aries.

That Set and Satan are the same God is proven by Set's full name, which was Set-On. There was also the good God, Osiris-On, the other aspect of the positive and negative polarity contained within the overall yin-yang aspects of the original Egyptian God known as On. In Hebrew Set-On is spelled Stn and can be pronounced Set-On or Satan...

The Ram cult was responsible for doing away with all female God's and ascribing them male qualities -- the most famous being Solomon as wise -- the position previously held rightly by Sophia...

As I stated before Set was the God of chaos, destruction, death and homosexuality, because as a destructive god it cannot create life, only make war and kill...

That the Talmudic sect within Judaism carried on the worship of the Ram as personified by Baal, Jehovah, Apollo, Chronos Marduk(or any other pissed off mountain Gods with a penchant for sacrifice, thunder and lightening .. can be proven by the first two published Talmudic scholars of the Middle Ages, both of whom had the first both named Baal.

In a nutshell the Old Testament is the story of the overthrow of heterosexual Bull worship, by destructive, warlike, homosexual worship of the Ram.

Within that context you have another story of the Good God constantly punishing the Jews for 1st) not giving up worship of Taurus the Golden Bull and then 2nd) for the improper worship of Aries as exemplified by them engaging in the degenerate Babylonian/Greek/Egyptian worship of the Ram -- Baal/Stn, instead of the true Good God as preached by the prophets, most clearly seen by reading Jeremiah.

This is what Christ meant by the Synagogue of Stn within the Temple. These were Ram cultists engaging in murder, usury, human sacrifice and homosexual orgies all in honor of Aries -- and hiding their activity behind the strict Temple laws of the Pharisees, who condoned and engaged in this behavior themselves.

And anyone who doubts the primacy male homosexual acts held in honor of the Ram -- all one needs to know is that the expression "RAMing it in" was an ancient colloquialism for forced anal sex.

The hatred among the Egyptians was so strong against the Set cult, they threw them all out of the country twice. The Hyksos Baal/Appolo worshiping warriors invaded and took over Egypt. They were called the Hyksos Shepherd Kings. They worshiped Apollo Set under the guise of Jehovah, the same blowhard, lying, jealous, usurious, butt-fucking killer who ended up as Jehovah. The Egyptians literally felt they were being ruled over by a priest caste of Devils. After much internal fighting, the Egyptians managed to round up all 400,000 Habiru (Hebrew) followers of Set and run them out of the country followed by a second expulsion some 250 years later.

The last Exodus was the Habiri (Hebrew) worshippers of Set who were sent to Jerusalem to revive the Temple on the Mount in Jerusalem, already built by the Egyptians for housing Set and thus rightful inheritance from their God Set-On Baal,Jehovah, Apollo...

Hope this makes things clear as mud--


wv hounless -- Ever since my dog died, I've been hounless

And anyone who doubts the cult of the Ram performed forced anal rape to glorify their gloriously twisted deity's perverse desiresit might help to know that the ancient phrase

Volunteering in Uganda said...

I see most of what is known as success as an concept of Acceptance and also a function of serendipity where one is in synchronization with the cosmic obtain so that the common outcomes don't take place like they do for most individuals. I practical knowledge almost everything that one might telephone success but I don't it that because I believe every individual occurrence in my lifestyle, no issue how minor it may seem is an concept of the beautiful essential me.

KrayZ8 said...

By their actions they shall be known. The mass buffoonery is a direct result of their desperation. Like you, I expect this to intensify, possibly until even the most somnombulent sheeple can see through the veil of maya. The Light doesn't judge or assign value, it simply exposes all, good, bad, and in-between alike. When the Light comes on it's up to us to understand what we're seeing. When we seek the Divine we build perception, an important survival tool in times like these.

Les, few people have the ability to be both concise and eloquent; you are one of them. This piece is as solid as the proverbial "uncarved block" of the Sutras. Bravo and Thanks. Please keep it up!

Friends, you are the Howlin' Pack, the communal harmony of the wild ones in the shining silver light. There is indeed freedom in the wilderness. Thanks.

Peace, Love, Faith,


MachtNichts said...

You have to forgive me for this one, Vis, concerning shadows, different cultures and growing up, called nostalgia. I am almost halfway between having lived in the old country and living in the new world which promised so much in the beginning. Now it seems like people want to go in reverse and leave the new world. To me it doesn't make sense anymore. Your shadow is the same anywhere in this world.

"Hodmezoevasarhelykutasipuszta" - that was the name of a little town in Hungary out of one of my - then - favourite movies "I often think of Piroschka" from 1955, which I watched for the first time in the 60's. Kind of the 'heile Welt' everyone wanted after WW II.

It is something to behold what all the great thinkers have to say and gain some insight according to one's disposition. Personal experiences while growing up - I don't think I'm quite done yet - are priceless. Live and learn and the carnival continues. Peace, Silvia

Oh, and I found two "Piroschka" Restaurants, one in Asuncion, Paraguay, and one in Cape Town, background story and all. For whatever that is worth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis and fellow misfits..

I hear you're going down Mexico way. I believe the perfect dance partner for the Dog Poet awaits you there.

Patrick V1.0

Visible said...

Like Stickman, the only time I watch TV is in a hotel room where I will watch BBC News. I can only take it for so long and then I have to turn it off.

This brings me to something I used to do when I had a guest in the house. I was managing a resort and so I had a lot of perks. One of them was every paid cable channel you can imagine except for porn.

I would ask the person to sit down next to me and watch the TV. Then I would wait until I saw they had been sucked in and I would interrupt their attention and explain to them what happened and ask them this time to watch themselves and see if they can catch it. Then I would interrupt them again when it happened again as it always did. It usually turned into a fascinating little incident due to a couple of other features but, this is what I notice when I sit in front of a TV (when I used to years ago). I am aware of myself watching and then, after a few minutes I am no longer aware of myself watching.

Some might say, "Well, that's the point isn't it? You're supposed to be engrossed and caught up in the procedure". Then I say, but what about when it happens in real life? And it does and the hypnotic lack of detachment can have mortal implications. Being awake and self aware is synonymous with being alive. As one gains a greater sense of this, no matter where they are, or what is taking place, they can see that they are at a somnambulists convention followed by dinner and drinks at The Overlook Hotel.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for implying you said something you did not and for sounding preachy as well. Some of your readers said I must be being paid to write my crap, that I am a shill, yet I assure you it was all my own crap and no one is paying me for it. And to answer one of your reader’s questions, I mistyped a letter in my poem—the line should have read: “…of the knowledge hid (not “his”) by the Pharisees…”

As to my contention that the defense industry controls a large swath of the mass media in the U.S., I offer the following which is from an independent media watch dog group. The link is below. It is pretty startling stuff:

In 2009, General-Electric’s revenues were $157 billion—almost $40 billion more than the combined revenues of the other “Big Six” media conglomerates—which are Walt Disney, Viacom, News Corp., Time Warner, and CBS

A large part of GE’s profits comes from its defense contracts. General Electric manufactures and maintains engines for the F-16 Fighter jet, Abrams tank, Apache helicopter, U2 Bomber, Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV), A-10 aircraft, and manufactures various other military equipment.

In the media realm, GE owns and controls a staggering array of TV and cable holdings:

Television networks: NBC Networks, Telemundo, Ion Media (partial stake).

Cable: NBC Entertainment, NBC News, NBC Sports, NBC Television, NBC Universal, CNBC, CNBC World (Arabia, India, Asia, Europe), MSNBC, Bravo, SyFy Channel, Telemundo, USA, Oxygen, Weather Plus, Mun2, Sleuth, Chiller, Universal HD, A&E Networks (16%; includes A&E, the History Channel, History en español, the Biography Channel, Military History Channel, Crime & Investigation Network, A&E HD, the History Channel HD, History International), the Weather Channel (partial), SyFy Channel HD.

Production and distribution companies: NBC Universal Television Distribution, Universal Media Studios

26 television stations, owned under the “NBC Universal” division. These include NBC affiliates, 46 stations, Telemundo affiliates, and a small number of independents.

International Channels: 13eme Rue (France), 13th Street (Germany), Studio Universal (Germany), Sci-fi Channel (Germany), Calle 13 (Spain), Sci Fi Channel UK, Movies 24 (UK), DivaTV (UK), Studio Universal (Italy), Universal Channel (Latin America), CNBC Asia, CNBC Europe, 18 Hallmark Channels (worldwide), KidsCo
Programming: NBC Network News, NBC Universal Global Networks, NBC Universal International Channels, The Today Show, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, Dateline NBC, Meet the Press, Early Today, CNBC, Squawk Box, Mad Money, CNBC World, CNBC Arabia, CNBC-India TV-18, Hardball with Chris Matthews, the Rita Cosby Specials Unit, Morning Joe, Mun2, Sleuth, A&E [partial], the History Channel [partial], the Biography Channel (partial), ShopNBC (27%).


Below is a list of major funds and institutions holding GE stock:


Regards, HSH

Visible said...

In any case you would only have to inquire more deeply into who is running GE but, as I said, Google "96% of the media is Jewish owned".

I didn't not think you were a paid shill since I had seen you before and enjoyed earlier contributions of yours. There's an ongoing effort to make Israel and Zionist Jews blameless; parcel the real guilt off to The Vatican or whatever spurious fantasy gets manufactured by those trying to throw us off the scent. After years of inquiry and study, I remain inflexible as to who the players are. We can agree to disagree.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Crown of Creation and the Da Vinci Toad.

tmcfall said...

"As for NitwitNewt; he's like watching a dog return to its own vomit."
Great analogy Serena!!!!
He is a disgusting, vile piece of shit and he exterior matches his true colors..hideous
Tom in Tempe AZ

tmcfall said...

I would love to come down for the core weekend, only have 8 days and my car is on it's last legs. Anybody coming through Phoenix on their way down? I can pay my own way! If it's meant to happen, it will!
Tom in Tempe AZ

Visible said...

Tom Contact Amarynth at www.lesvisible.com

There are people coming down from various points I think and you can surely drive and park in an American border town and then take the bus down.

Anonymous said...

Pierre at 3:28

The hardware is there on the moon. The tire tracks from the moon buggies are visible. Just google it. There are high resolution photos.

You had to be alive during the era of the competitive frenzy that characterized the space race between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R Any attempt to fake it would have been exposed and thoroughly debunked long, long ago by the Russian space establishment.

The space race was the biggest international non-war pissing contest to see who could launch the biggest rockets and who could get there first and win the hearts and minds of whoever in the process.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree! Corporate America is invading the world putting a strangle hold on the Euro and invading the Middle East with regime changes all to expand Corporate Control on Governments and turn people into sheeple like the Corporate Citizens here in the U.S. Just give me comfort, I don't care about having liberty is their sad mind set. Now the Corporate Powers are now going after Putin in Russia, he's seen as an obsticule in the Corporate World Affairs! This ripe for Revolution from the grass roots fighting the good fight! To be forewarned is to be Forearmed !

Anonymous said...

tmcfall: I like the analogy too, but I can't take credit for it. It's from the bible; second Peter, verse 2:22. Serena

Anonymous said...


For THIS crowd, you ain't good enough shill not to be fingered.
Try elsewhere...

Anonymous said...

Mandocello: Having just read Dave McGowan's 'wagging the moondoggy' post of May 2011 last night-I was going to post that link-fantastic serial Dave's got going on there at his site-one of many great serial postings of his... but I'm in agreement with Pierre... and I am old enough to remember running home to watch the landing on the tv and feeling like then like I would approx 30 years later watching that endless loop of the 'plane being absorbed into the building'... like it was FAKE.

so give Dave's site a try-here it is again (his last one dated May 12, 2011) on Apollo 14 http://davesweb.cnchost.com/Apollo14.html

the gardener

PS-RJ... I am trippin' on your info-in the backbeat of my mind is 'Uranus is now at 0 ARIES' ready for an Aries ride. Saddle up!

Van Allen Radiation Belt anyone said...

"Any attempt to fake it would have been exposed and thoroughly debunked long, long ago by the Russian space establishment."

I don't think so.

The Russian hierarchy is controlled by the international jew bankers same as America, England, etc.

Putin Medvedev & Co. will play precisely the role assigned to them by the international psychos or they know they get a ride down the Russian equivalent of Dealey Plaza in the back seat of the limo or a short walk along a Russian Starlight Ballroom hallway.

They will play whatever good guy/bad guy role assigned to them in this international jew farce just as every Russian government has since the jew coup of 1917. The same goes for all nations controlled by the international jew bankers.

I don't know about anti-Christ but the jew Masters of the Big Lie sure are the anti-Midas - everything they touch they turn to shit, Occupied Palestine for example. Come to think of it, Occupied America is heading the same way.

Anonymous said...


Dude. Buhrilliant post. Your prose in combination with content is beyond mahvelous.


Anonymous said...

via Homer, Wednesday, December 14, 2011 2:53:00 AM
I don't mind complicity in a good nourishing meal however I do when it comes to tax payers and voters being complicit in the slaughter of thousands upon thousands of their innocent fellow beings. How say you!
Les, the flash crowd – very innovative.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..


Obviously I mind the slaughter of all "innocent fellow beings," as you so very well put it.

If not from morality then from cowardice, fear of the karma.

I plead nolo contendere.

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to instigate an argument vis-a-vis the Appollo moon landings.

Let's just say that if the evidence is up there on the moon , then it's there. If not, it would have been debunked. The moon is only a quarter million miles away. There are space-based spy cameras in use by by several nations that can photograph any one of us, using various wavelenghts, effectively 'seeing' through the walls, with a resolution of mere centimeters.

Don't assume that the Appollo landing sites haven't been the object of some intense scrutiny over the past 40 years from earth and space-based cameras.

As our Vis responded to a post the other day about Mark Chapman not being the guy who shot John Lennon--the forensics just don't support a non-Chapman mystery shooter.

Moreover there are some who cling to the notion that Paul McCartney was replace by a stunt double in 1966, and neither John George or Ringo could tell the difference, and that the Beatles were a total fabrication of the Tavistock Institute from 1962 onwards.

That said, I do believe that 911 was an inside job, set up and enabled by Mossad & Co., and that the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was in all probability brought down by a U.S. missile to avoid another crash in D.C.

But fer Chrissakes don't get too carried away with this moon landing bit. The hardware is either up there or it ain't. The footprints are either up there or they ain't.



ChewyBees said...

I think we will find that the doomsday prophecies, such as Revelations, are going to apply to the very people that wish to escape it. It matters not whether they deny it or pray against it, they proclaim themselves its victim in their every action and inaction.
The hoarders and destroyers are set in placing their own selves in the midst of their own destruction. As a reflection of what Vis said, no man or government has ever conquered the earth. There too, all that have tried have done so for the purpose of extending their fraud, extortion and immoral lives at the expense of millions of other lives. It is no different for the rich man. For one man to be rich thousands if not millions if not billions of others must languish in the depths of poverty and despair. The rich man cares not who suffers or dies. The end game is elimination of the rich man.
All lords and kings, all statesman and executives, all judges and lawyers fit nicely into this mold. And a mold upon humanity they are.

Stephen said...

<[...] this is what I notice when I sit in front of a TV (when I used to years ago). I am aware of myself watching and then, after a few minutes I am no longer aware of myself watching.

This is important. As in important, cubed.

Anonymous said...

As for this blog's name "Smoking Mirrors" was also a character in Grant Morrison's graphic novel "The Invisibles" see:

Named after Tezcatlipoca see:



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