Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dancing Dandelion Dreamsicles and Komodo Dragons.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses be dipped in God's dry martini and may you be wigged with divine intoxication; especially me (grin).

Incoming!!! Outgoing? Row, row, row your boating! Dancing dandelion dreamsicles, are melting in the atmosphere and making yellow snow that you can eat. The moist suspended particles are being sucked into a cloud of unknowing and bringing you golden showers and the sun is adding LSD to your acid rain. You may not be doing well with your stocks and bonds, if you consider what stocks are when you've committed some moral offense and they stick your head in one and bonds can bind, which is okay for the people into that kind of sex. What everyone really wants is a high fuckability index. Isn't that what you most want for Christmas? Ask Santa Claws. Perhaps after he climbs down the chimney he'll climb into bed with you and do an Al Pacino from The Devil's Advocate, with his claws on your back and then you'll sound like he was dragging them down a blackboard. It's the right time to drop the chalk. Pretend it's the soap. You'll be glad you did. Just call me Ben Dover. And be thankful! The best thing about Gratitude is that it leads to more reasons to be grateful. Keep at it and you'll soon be ululating like someone in a chador and... that is what you really came here for.

Ron Paul is surging as The Occupy movers are merging and aren't you glad it's not Rue Paul? Still we did get J. Edna Hoover (couldn't resist) and we're not being Un-P.C. It was just a word play that turned out that way. No! Turn this way and swing your partner and you too could hit an 'angel flying too close to the ground'. Round and round and round she goes and then she flies right up your nose (where's my K? Come on people), which is a little different and probably more desirable than a Whiffenpoof. I believe a Whiffenpoof is a bird that flies in increasingly tighter circles, until it disappears up it's own asshole. I couldn't find that on Google. This is probably because there are so many of them in important political positions at the moment; John McCain certainly comes to mind, who are going to be in other positions soon, when John Milton gets his hands on them; no, not that John Milton.

I was talking to Rudy Guiliani the other day and I asked him if he knew how to keep an asshole in suspense. He said, “No, How do you do it”? I said, “I'll tell you later”. Madeline Albright, or not too bright, or dimly lit, as the case may be, has been hanging out with Vladimir Putin, now and again and the other day, she told him she wanted a breast enhancement surgery and she was wishing she could get it done by one of those Philippine psychic surgeons who pull those chicken liver tumors out of people but, like in reverse ...and she wanted Putin to pay for it and she kept harassing him about it and saying that he owed her and I don't know why that is but that's what she was saying and finally Putin told her that he knew a way that she could get bigger, firmer breasts and it wouldn't cost a dime and half a million Iraqi children wouldn't have to die either and she asked him how and he told her just to rub some toilet paper between her breasts and it would automatically happen and then she went ballistic and asked him if he really thought she was stupid enough to believe that. She was really angry and half a dozen Iraqi children died, without her even having to help in the process. Putin reassured her that it would work and he did not think she was stupid, only cold blooded and genetically linked to the Komodo Dragon, which is why he uses the endearment; “My comode dragon”, when he is in the mood. She was still resistant to the idea and smelled a rat, even though Paul Wolfowitz was in another country at the time, blowing an exiled oligarch and she continued to rant and two more Iraqi children died but at least she seemed to be going into remission and that is when she asked him by what means did this process work, where your breasts got bigger and firmer from rubbing toilet paper between them and that is when Putin said, “I'm telling you it works, look what it did for your ass”. Can I get a witness! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and so on and so forth.

A dozen deranged dirigibles departed from Denver after Tom Brady wiped the floor with Tim Tebow and everything in the NFL now has a 'mop and glow' effect that kind of looks like Justin Bieber, who is to music what Mariah Carey is to compassionate trickle down, in the way that George W. Bush is a regular guy you would want to have a beer with, as long as his beer was half sulfuric acid and you got to serve it to him, with a napkin over your arm like John Wayne Gacy was the sommelier and “Yes, I would like two of your small boys and a glass of sherry with a Sandusky back”. Merry Christmas!!! and hold the mayo; no, not Gerard Mayo and not The Mayo Clinic either. Cancer research and treatment is to permanent cures what charity balls are to public assistance. They discovered long ago that producing more cancers, was a private prison industry like perk, to the medical community and I didn't have to see Breaking Bad to figure that out; not that there is any connection anyway.

Speaking of dead and missing district attorneys, with ruined laptops, does my ass look fat in these jeans? Having a young boys ass when you are old, is Nature's way of telling you you are doing the right thing, at least as far as your ass is concerned and not one fecal matter joke so far so that should put an end to those rumors about my lineage.

TSA all the way! TSA all the way! Speaking of Rahm Emmanuel, since it's Christmas; he's the kind of guy that would have dinner with Janet Napolitano and then sneak into her bedroom and go into the laundry hamper for some of her underwear and it's not like the next stop is Sothebys'.

“Bobby: I'd like an omelet, plain, and a chicken salad sandwich on wheat toast, no mayonnaise, no butter, no lettuce. And a cup of coffee.
"Waitress: A #2, chicken salad sand. Hold the butter, the lettuce, the mayonnaise, and a cup of coffee. Anything else?
Bobby: Yeah, now all you have to do is hold the chicken, bring me the toast, give me a check for the chicken salad sandwich, and you haven't broken any rules.
Waitress: You want me to hold the chicken, huh?
Bobby: I want you to hold it between your knees.”

And so on and so forth. Here's Johnny! Of course a lot of people don't remember or didn't hear about Jack being kinda, sorta in the mix when Polanski was chicken ranching and I know most people didn't read the little girls statement about how it went down and the back door sodomy portion and that's got nothing to do with the fact that they call a Vietnamese with more than one dog a rancher.

Yes, by now, people might well be wondering about me but I am wondering about you and how you are handling the holidays and I want to lighten the mood, in a pressurized vertiglio fashion, with a jump back Jack, see ya later' Michael Jackson, Battlestar Galactica magic ring on my finger, which does not mean we are engaged, unless you believe like I do, that this is a group effort; plenty of time for me to get all misty eyed, in the next two or three couple of days and... No, I do not want you to play Misty for me. Of course I wonder how many people get all my allusions and I am not under the illusion that most people do. Why don't you try to write about current events most days, without it being a looping redial. Remember, Dial spelled backwards says 'laid'. I can do commercials, as long as I don't get paid and ♫you should throw a brick today through McDonalds♫ Do it today! Speaking of used prophylactics, laundered and hanging on the wash-line, do you prefer safe and protected sex or retroactive abortion in the case of Sean Hannity? You know it's the end times when people actually make it a point to listen to people like this. These are the people that don't know the difference between an IUD and an IED. One's preventive and the other is proactive and I'm still pissed off about Patrick Tillman. Except for Giordano Bruno, I never lost a friend that meant that much to me that I didn't even get to see for a few lifetimes.

“Bobby: I move around a lot, not because I'm looking for anything really, but 'cause I'm getting away from things that get bad if I stay.”

Christmas is as Christmas does and if you need a holiday to behave the way you should all year long then you are definitely the sort of person that goes to church on Sunday; “One day of prayin' and six nights of fun. The odds against goin' to heaven, six-to-one”. Speaking of aptly named tunes, “still shakin it here Boss”.

Ah, we've come to the end of another broadcast, which is to mixed metaphors what mixed venues are to 'how the Hell did I get here in the first place'? I do not intend to chicken and egg this thing to death and no Iraqi children died while I was writing this, but a school bus load went down when Howdy Doody said that he was the 4th best president. Yes, there is a reason that you and I don't get elected president, or want the job and it definitely has to do with times of darkness and the kind of 50 foot tall 'Curse of the Demon' types that you meet in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The kind of people who think they can make a difference are the kind of people that prove it by making things worse. I have a far greater contempt for the people that still support this clown than I do for the man himself, who's just a freeze dried asshole that looks like a chicken butt ring, that these same people keep trying to convince me tastes like calamari. The place where you get the best calamari, is the place where they beat it on rocks, fresh out of the ocean and it goes to show that is the first place they pick to destroy the economy of. The Portuguese, The Italians and the Greeks are children. When you know that you can appreciate them the way I appreciate you (grin). Just kidding!

Baby, you know I love you. She didn't mean anything to me and now I appreciate you all the more because of it. It's a good thing that it happened. I only wish you had been there in a Doublemint Spearmint Gum sort of a way. If it weren't for threesomes, we wouldn't have the triangle but you go tell that to Pythagoras. He's still pissed that I confused him with Paracelsus. It's one of those Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger things, except it's not. Yeah, I do have a little background in the things you people excel at but I was being kind and self diminishing, because if I'm not, someone else is going to do the job for me. Merry Christmas!!! Merry, Merry Christmas!!! Catch the spirit but don't expect this posting to be an example of what it feels like. I love you and I thank you. I'm less than nothing without you.

End Transmission.......

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Richie (Dana) said...

The rapacious wit of Mr. Visible strikes again.....Ha ha.
My God Vis, for an empty mind, you sure have a lot going on there.

I wanted to thank you for the movie recommendation which I watched last night and your radio show which were both excellent.

A jolly good time to you all.


Anonymous said...

Ben Dover? Didn't he used to hang out with Phil McCavity?

Happy turn-of-the-year


Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks.
"A freeze dried asshole".
That's exactly right.

I meant to ask you,
what type of tea do you drink?


Visible said...

I drink Morning Thunder when I can get it; otherwise I drink first blush Indian or Sri Lanka grown on certain farms and ordered off EBay.

Anonymous said...

Man, would I love to see the Vis live. Sitting around the fire...(hey, where's my K ?)


Rob in WI said...

Your Christmas lampoonery is a real treat during this vulgarized cultural tradition, which usually puts me into a month long gagging spell. Listening to hypocrites, including many of your targets, recite "Peace on Earth, good will toward men", and other BS which is the last thing they want.... Just sickening.
So I like your plan. For the grandkids, I'll be entertaining them with Zappa's "Uncle Bernie's Farm". My kid used to love it at their age. Merry Christmas one and all!! Rob

Anonymous said...

LOL, "freeze dried asshole". Yeah, there's a lot of'em out there and they are waaaaaayy past their expiration dates. Thanks for keeping me smiling, Les. I need that. My reasons for being merry right now are only because it puts us nearer and closer to "apocolypto". Love & Hugs, Serena

Rob in WI said...

Is Morning Thunder not readily available? Had to start avoiding caffeine and other stimulants about ten years ago, but used to drink alot of it, and never had a problem finding it. Owell.

Visible said...

That tea and unfiltered American Spirits are not available in Europe

Anaughty Mouser said...

Catching the yuletid spirit on a Visible power glide. Spearmint double you pleasure double your fun.

Licking my wounds. I have had to do some deep soul searching - which is very tough because I think she stole my soul when she left with my heart.

Merry Christmas!


WV: uncesi
The act of unnecessarily and unabatedly obsessing about your recent BPD ex-girlfriend (grin)

-BPD Borderline personality dissorder

Lightray said...

Hello Vis,
when I was a kid Linus told Charlie Brown and I the true meaning of Chistmas. Boy, was that thumb sucking, blanket carrying kid wrong! He left out the $. Pretty soon his pretty speech will be censored because the ACLU will cry hate speech against... who exactly? Oh well, it doesn't matter. Someone's always offended. Maybe next time around we'll give Abe Foxman the hammer and spikes. Sarah Silverman will star as Mary making rape jokes. Bob Dylan can deny HIM his share of filthy lucre due to the never ending tour three times on 60 Minutes. Don't forget to click your ruby slippers Bob when you make that famous wish.

Ho!Ho!Ho! Santa all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth and sanity. Too much to ask for you say? Oh well, I'll listen to the calming, delightful sounds of Lady Gaga singing the praises of Judas. Mind numbing music for the Apocalypse. Fellow Americans, if elected I promise a chicken smoking some pot and 365 Christmases a year.
God bless us all everyone!

Dwayne Herbert Mt. Dew Camacho said...

Why hells yea! If it's gonna be that kinda party I'm gonna stick my dick in the mash potatoes and dry hump them. W000! Yee haww! P.S. I'll distract the dvn and pilfer some K for ya...go ahead nobody is looking.

Alpha Simplex said...

Ben used to hang out with Neil and Bob, dining on finely cultured, condom flavored calimari. Lap dancing the night away, divers to the Galactic prophylactic Symphony. Dreaming of a weekend at Bernie's and burning Bush brush burns, across the stubbled chin. Baby, baby, baby Bieber bump me, all through the darkened day, Whoa Nellie, pass the genetically perfect nano nettie pot, please. I think a see a monster and it's on the way. Hmm, Kay? Lustful burning balls of fire, tripping across the chemtrail sky. Praying for the Fukushiva rain, settling for Gorgon Gaga snail trails. Put it on a Ritz. Please.

Really cracked me up there, cracker. Much thanks and have a blessed day.

"Justin Bieber, who is to music what Mariah Carey is to compassionate trickle down, in the way that George W. Bush is a regular guy you would want to have a beer with, as long as his beer was half sulfuric acid and you got to serve it to him, with a napkin over your arm like John Wayne Gacy was the sommelier and “Yes, I would like two of your small boys and a glass of sherry with a Sandusky back”

You're a Nut. Love it.

Al Oud - The Loot Plain Lout of Luton said...

Protracted sax♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫☺phonics

♫you might wanna miss this♫it ain't gonna be a very merry christmas♫and as you can see♫it's mostly all about buisness♫and how about you and me♫is are hour presence free♫mask or raiding tragic cumwidth me's♫sha-la-lal-ah-la-la (and ooh, too)

Anonymous said...

Simply brilliant :):)

Frohe Weihnachten!

DaveR said...

Time for your brief musical interlude:

"The Whiffenpoof Song"

Rudy Vallee, 1927

Bing Crosby

Anonymous said...

I now honestly believe that there is nothing you can't do. You know what I do for a living and how few people get to do it. You make me seem ordinary at best.


Visible said...

I'm watching Honeysuckle Rose for the second time today, I'm at the part when Willie and Diane are singing about loving you being easier than anything I'll ever do again. If you haven't seen this film, you should and I am going to watch Pure Country again after this. I come out of the same hills and valleys as the rest of you and I appreciate craftsmanship. I may be a hopeless romantic but I am proud to bear that definition. I still have tears and laughter left.

Alpha Dialex said...

Blubbery, bumping babes babbling on about Britney, bedecked in battery acid and cum stained Burberry bikinis, beach themselves on the battered, radioactive and bloody coasts of Babylon. Unknowingly lubed up and loaded for the cosmic correction, never noticing the bumble bees have left the building. Justifiably angry, sentient seagulls circle over the surf. Lunch is coming. This wasn't the pearl necklace of bastardized baubles they conspired or bargained for, in the bread basket of their debaucheries. Lazily day dreaming about the return of Jack Tripper, in sanguinely sheer, see through tighty whitey's. Singing do wah ditty ditty, ditz do me. Attention was diverted long enough collectively, for the unconscious desire of Divine deliverance to become reality. The Core Exit is nearing finality and MTV won't be covering. Hurry up, text Janet and Chrissy, our photo opportunity on the King's red carpet of vanity is deservedly forming. The Tripper King arrives, wearing spiked stripper boots, tighty whiteys jacked firmly. Leaning over the sand castles they constructed in honor of his second coming. Jack was late and his densely compacted Lincoln Log poked through the back of his stretched out shorts, mightily. Deuces are gonna run wildly. Singularity stares blindly upon the uncaring, flouridated gaze of humanities devising. WW III soon coming, to keep them company.

Alpha Silex said...

Nice to see that NASA may have finally found ourselves. I often wonder if what they are staring at, is just a massive fun house mirror, pointed back in out direction:


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Late, but worth the wait. You're almost giving George Carlin, Judy Tenuta, and Robin Williams a run for their money, dude! Great read, and yes I got the morals of the story too.

(Of course I'm ignoring the commercial holidays. I'm just glad I won't go to market again until AFTER I don't have to listen to that annoying music anymore. I swear, isn't forced listening to Christmas carols against the Geneva Convention? I mean, Jingle Bells? Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? GIVE ME A BLOODY BREAK!!!!!!!!!!)

katz said...

yeah, well, my fav show is the "Little House on the Prairie" Christmas show where the girls get a tin cup of their own, and a peppermint stick. I love them all. Edwards, and Pa. Ma.

And, all this Christmas spirit is about love. I love Christmas, even when I can't feel it. Nobody will talk me out of it. Happy Holidays won't cut it, it's too generic for me. Jesus is the ideal man, and everyone should celebrate his birth. Jesus was a Palestinian, you know?

If you want to celebrate a holiday, you should celebrate them all. but, don't be afraid to say which one, IMHO.

the ego of this paper-President is astounding. his wife, too. sickening ego is apparent when you look at the DC scene. it's so secular, so aggrandizing, so pathetically egotistical. so mendacious. almost all of them are hollow suits. God spare me from the blindness.

that's why I love "Little House on the Prairie". Pa is like Jesus. I love them both, they are the ideal men. It cleanses me from the dirt that exists. after I watch it, I am verclempt.


missingarib said...

Wow, vis, Wow you got me laughing out loud -man you sure can crack that whip, loud and clear ,no hacking away at the proverbial Gregorian knot -the rifleman got nothing on you (grin as you do)what a Christmas treat

thank you

MyDarkSide said...

Something about reading this latest installment utilizing the voice of Groucho Marx in my head just seems to work....

Visible said...

you guys do md proud. Poncho had 5 seizures tonight and I am losing my mind watching country western films cause I am a loser. I have always been that. God rest ye merry gentlemen. I got real problems at casa visible. Despite what you might think, Poncho is my best friend. For two days this has been happening.

Steve said...

Prayers, thoughts and healing to you and Poncho Vis.

katz said...

you are no loser!
prayers up for your Poncho.
and prayers up for your state of mind......peace.

stay in the moment, until it's safe again.

Alpha Silex said...

Prayers out for Pancho, pronto.

neal said...

Fits and western stuff, that is some romance, not so sad. That Salvation Army Lady dropped the Bell, when I spoke that recursive blessing, but still it broke.

That is a hell of a thing, the last bowl poured out, in time, and it was only noticed, and marked, by those who were there.

Oh well, that's just a will-o'-the wisp, and gets misty, being dialed in is what it is, where the hammer and the nail chase tails that don't get it.

Pent-Up Dragons, and those pending, don't stare without wanting that old stuff to add up, that's just numbers, and birthdates, and seasons.

But it's not pretty, and always kind of funny, but not really. Those tails break off for a reason, some things should stay where they lay, hunger for salvation leads to problems in digestion, maybe it is funnier when chasing that tail leads to circles, maybe some mazes, for the course.

Hair like Cupre, eyes like the deep Green Sea, rosy marks moving around the Palms, merely Christ's Mess, and Happy Conception on the Equinox, for what that is worth.

Anonymous said...

Vis --

My thoughts and prayers are with you. This too shall pass.

Peace and Love,


Anonymous said...

"Janet Napolitano and then sneak into her bedroom and go into the laundry hamper for some of her underwear"

Good luck Rahm, you won't find any. Read somewhere the CIA uses them at Gitmo, better than waterboarding. Show a terrorist a picture of Jan and those XXLs and they will confess to anything. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed got off easy.

Great post Les, I needed that. Merry Christmas to all. Hope Poncho gets better. I lost my Basset hound twelve years ago and have never got over it.


Rob in WI said...

Sorry if you find this insensitive, but Poncho may leave. I know about seizures, being epileptic, and, waking up with chewed tongue and very painful joints is familiar. On waking, my first thought has always been, "still here?". Been through this many times.
My favorite personal dog friend was named Flicka. Watching her die, her hindquarters totally dysfunctional, at age 14 (she was 8), was a real test of my adolescent sanity. Probably failed. Be well, Visible, you have many friends; visible, invisible, animal, and virtual. Love, Rob

Kathryn55 said...

Prayers for healing for Poncho & comfort & strength for you. Bless you,Les. I eagerly look forward to reading your posts! Brilliant! Thank you for brightening my world!

Anonymous said...

Patrick Fitzgerald and Gerald Fitzpatrick! Oh the irony!

Sim said...

My love to both you and the little guy, Visible.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Vis and Poncho. I know what it means to lose such friends. Maybe he was missing your other recently departed friend. Love them and let go...And maybe you can see them on the other side soon.

B. Bombay said...


Man oh man. Please don't say that. You are no looser. For some reason I saw the hurt in your words and had to write. Good luck with Poncho.

Ben G.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
a posthumous pre-emptive merry christmas from me.

for my part I am trying to see why things mmight ne not so bad, why I think they are (and always have), what I would have as the alternative (and would I be 'happy' with that), and entertaining doubts (maybe it's me that's the problem and careful about elevating by putting others down, a common shortcoming) - I DOUBT THOSE DOUBTS. and I am changing, and for the better, largely thanks to your blog and direction pointings, even the silly parts that I pick up on somewhat.

and a happy NEW year, if there is one.

wv: asperses . the real cost of that kind of calimari. or viper aspertions as Helen Thomas said, "You can say anything you want about the president, but ", or was that about the persident's butt? merry calimari and a happy new ring trilogy. shit, it's catching.

Richie (Dana) said...

The world of lies tricks you into believing that things are pretty straightforward and simple. A lie is like a flash frozen sentence suspended in space. You can walk around the damn thing and see it from every side. You can break some icicles off of it, or take out a row of letters. The really sick part is how stupid they always are.

Point is, you can figure it out.

Now the truth on the other hand is not quite so easy. It is a very big mistake to try to play with the rules of lies when dealing with the truth.
The truth is an endlessly variable experience with infinite possibilities.

I can always break up a lie, but I dare you to tell me the truth. If you have the eye to see, then that is not an easy task. Are you God that you can tell me what the truth really is?

Lies can always be put into a box. You can wrap it up nice and put a pretty bow on top. Here are some nice Christmas presents for you, all in nice little boxes......
I started a list but you guys are way too smart, so it is not necessary. You know the drill...

This Christmas, just ask for the greatest gift of all time. Ask for the presence of the Divine. I would never guarantee that this would be easy to do, and you do not get to walk around it, but oh my, is it worth it. If you get your Christmas wish, then you will automatically get a view that is way beyond a group of frozen, dead letters.

Do not restrict truth with the chains of Scrooge. The truth is not confined to a sentence and can never be put into a box.

The truth is, you do not need to make the effort to figure out which is truth and which is lies. All you really need is the Divine.

BTW******Merry Christmas******

Les; Many of us are right with you as far as animal friends are concerned. Be well my friend, irregardless of the destiny of Poncho.


Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas!

‘X’ means ‘Christ’: The Saviour!
Look into your heart;
‘Tis the key: Merry Christmas!

Pax y'all!

pax verbum
BIG on Faith, small on religion

Anonymous said...

Comfort and peace to the universe-souls of our Poncho, Visible and all

Lee said...

Dude, stop it, you are killing me. Man, I'm still busting up from the "Oral and Annal Roberts" routine.

Every time I read your stuff, the more I'm convinced we are joined at the hip. Your reference to the old black and white movie," Curse Of The Demon", took my breath away. That, is one of the most scariest movies I have ever seen. I grew up near rail road tracks when I was a kid. One summer night I went for a walk about 3:00 in the morning and something swooped behind my head. I ran home as fast as I could without looking back as I imagined a demonic face chasing me the whole time. It was probably a bird or a bat, but of all the scary movies I saw, you had to mention that one. What a coincidence.

I went for a walk today and wished every one a Merry Christmas. Just trying to reverse that mean and nasty trend I emailed you about.

Thanks again for the kind words.

Merry Christmas and God Bless all of us.


P.S. Word verification was "dedles". What's up with that, more coincidence?

Alpha Silex said...

Hear, hear, Richie.....Les Visible is a great friend of all Manimals. Pancho will pull through. We all will, to the other side. Sending out psychic vegetarian Pupperonis to Pancho from Philly.....Silvia, if you get a second, shoot me an e-mail. alphasilex@yahoo. Blessings, everyone. We can all use it.

WV: mongin
Mongin, but not on manimals.

John C (UK) said...

This is a strange story, not the fact that he is being blackmailed by the Israelis, but the very mysterious expensive medicine that he buys.

Anybody else thing the guy is getting 'stone'd or am I reading too much into it?

Visible said...

People are taking me literally; not a good idea. I have no formal association with the followers of The Rosy Cross; "may the roses bloom on your cross". I meant that for all practical purposes I am. The truth is that I have no idea what or who I am. That may change but for the moment that is how it is.

I got up this morning and things are profoundly different. I drank a lot of wine last night. I don't 'usually' go that route and watching Honeysuckle Rose and Pure Country put me, well, I guess you can imagine.

I was told that everything has changed for me now and that is certainly the case. Poncho is no longer my dog. Yesterday and most days, Poncho follows me everywhere. Today it is like I don't exist. He doesn't look at me. He didn't come into the bedroom. He follows Susanne everywhere now. I spent yesterday in anguish about him. I wept many times. I cried out for help but his attacks continued. Now it appears to have straightened out. Susanne just left with her mother and the dogs. I am completely alone. They never go anywhere at this time and usually we don't travel with the mother.

I woke up this morning and my invisible friend was gone; back now. I tried to reach him but it was like static or a CB radio out of its parameters. I would get short bursts and at one point he said he was busy. How can God be busy?

After about 15 minutes he was back. He told me that he had hidden something from himself. He likes to do that sort of thing. It is why he hides inside of us and then goes looking. He said he had discovered something monstrously evil that he had concealed from himself. That is why he was busy. He destroyed it. I can tell that things are very different. It doesn't mean evil is gone. I was reassured (grin) about that but, the whole game plan now is something else. that's why Poncho has realigned. I guess we'll see about all that.

Watching and waiting.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, the link might help


siamsaim said...

Vitamin K always has that special affect :) I felt a little dizzy as i read your post - at the same speed i think you wrote it.

All those clowns in government taste the same to me. And i am not even a cannon ball

Alpha Silex said...

Poncho is on loan, as we all are. Man, animal, manimal. Manimal was cacelled in the 80's. Wasn't much of a loan. The rest of the family borrowed Poncho temporarily and he will return. My new addition and best buddy, Mr. Mojo Rising is following me everywhere, much more than usual. He's off pouting whenever I'm doing anything other than paying attention to him. It's amazing how animals communicate through the eyes. He can feel what I'm feeling and I had to talk to him last night to reassure him that everything is going to be alright. We've been together for three months now and if God didn't love us both, we would have never found each other, no matter how much longer there is to be had. Maybe God is busy, letting evil down gently. Telling it that it's finally time to go. Wow, just got to your last paragraph, doesn't sound far off. Very weird that I went to a karaoke joint tonight, sang my balls off and got a lot of very positive feedback. Walking home through a dark, quiet neighborhood, I saw a car coming and moved to the other side of the street. Red and blue lights ensued, was give a breathalyzer while walking. Four pigup trucks in all. They gave me a ride home, due to "liability" and we had a very nice, pleasant chat once I got back to my complex. These two officers and I met before, they remembered me very well. It's good to see that humanity is still alive and kicking, even with the local jackboots. All will be well. Merry Krishnas, friends.

Alpha Silex said...

Holy hairy Hayzeus!


Anonymous said...

wow, must have been one hell of an acid trip to write this article!

Anonymous said...

Via Kathy
Oh dear Vis,
Your distress is palpable. My light is only a flicker but I send it your way as every little bit helps.
perstr- pester you with lots of love

Visible said...

Thanks all; Siam, I don't have any K that's why I sent out an appeal that, like all the others will be routinely ignored. No, I was just me and that was that. I have different lens filters. I've only been using a couple of them for awhile but now I am breaking them out of storage and utilizing them, so, expect a rash of new personalities; I hop it's not a rash (grin).

Boy is Poncho weird now and ever so calm, doing things he hasn't done before. I have been having a non stop conversation with the ineffable today. Because of what happened in recent hours I am getting a huge upgrade or so I am told and I am not going to recognize myself shortly and I was told that was why Poncho doesn't even see me.

Animals are the first to notice or respond or not respond. I was told that everything is going to be happening very quickly and none of it unpleasant but that I was going to find myself saying, "I've got to sit down. I can't process all of this".

My relationship with the ineffable has been more or less static for some years, with a gradual incline over the last few where I am more consistently in contact. Now it is most of the time. I have never had that before except when I'm high and then it is constant and direct. Now it's like that regardless of what state I am in.

Yesterday I drank a really large amount of wine. Any other time I would have been pounded sand the next day. I woke up today like nothing had happened at all. That really is supernatural and I am told to expect that to become routine; not the wine (grin), the supernatural aspect.

I'm told everything has been changed, the pending details of my trip, The Minority report analogy of events that were going to happen have now been altered and I am told there is no telling where I may land or disappear into. Thank god I'm told it's all positive. I realize I had a lot to drink yesterday and am doing some apricot liquor today because I can't deal with what I'm feeling and it is providing a buffer.

I'm told that's not going to work either shortly. Good thing as I don't like drinking. I love my black tea high.

It's too strange because I don't really feel any anxiety but the sense of awe is pretty strong and I am recognizing how similar awe and dread can be. I'm thinking that line about the fear of god is the beginning of all wisdom is actually talking about awe.

Poncho finally recognized me and came upstairs, then he went and sat on the bed in the bedroom down the hall. He has never done that before and seldom even goes in that room except in the morning when he will sometimes come in to crawl under the comforter with me, heh heh, I just got the connection with comforter.

Now he's in the room. His seizures were quite different from the ones in the past and I could tell he was seeing someone or something and now he looks like a dog who has seen a ghost. It is an unmistakeable look.

Well, I've been told whatever it is that is happening is happening now and to expect radical alterations in my design, probably a good thing (grin). I've never really liked myself so maybe that will change too.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Terrific did shred again on Sunday; begging the question "does Jerod Mayo have enough to overcome the lack of quality players on D to help win a Super Bowl?" With TB12 at the helm anything is possible but if anything is possible, I'd prefer that apply itself toward a little justice towards the other names you mentioned in this bit... a lot of justice... still, Tommy gets this one and he surpasses Joe Cool at the top of the heap. Go Pats!

Smyrna said...

Shamans are always being rewired and tinkered with. You might as well have a drink while the tradesmen are doing their thing.

That 'fear' is Awe. As in being privy to the incomprehensible magnitude, intelligence, and power source that is this, (for want of a better word), Computer Program. Is that what you mean? Being given a tour of that will get you wise.

The other 'fear' is what feeds religion, which reciprocates.

Visible said...

You will note that Anderson stepped in for Carter, which was a huge loss and you will note that though being at the bottom of the defenses they become awesome preventively and their opportunistic takeaway thing is ratcheting up like no tomorrow.

They are peaking at the right time. It's too bad I don't bet because I missed only one game this past week and every single outcome benefited The Pats. When it gets to crunch time it is the coaching that tells the tale and I admire Bill Belichik more than I can say.

It's teamwork that does it and if you are not a team player you do not stay on a Belichik or a visible team. If you don't put the team first, there's the highway Jack and I live and die by that maxim. People around here might criticize my occasional following of sports and it is occasional except when it gets to crunch time but

I was an athlete most of my life. I am still to some degree. It made my bones strong and is carrying me later in life and everything down here is a competition. What? You prefer one theater over the other? God isn't engaged in that?

I live vicariously through people I admire, like Tom Brady and yes, Michael Vick too. I'm the dog poet, how do you think I felt when I heard about that? But I hold out redemption. I am forgiving just as I would wish to be forgiven and I don't hate anyone. I can honestly say that. I can also still strike people out, if they want to pick up a bat and I can still manage a screen play and hit someone besides Wes Welker, if they are open and I know better than to throw into coverage. I might surprise you.

As I have said, I don't like myself because someone who should have liked me to begin with never had a good word to say about me but my heavenly father is different and I know it was him in both cases and he did it to me out of Love.

My knowing that is the big difference in how I finally (read right now) turned out. I'm actually a pretty good guy now, even I think so, now and again.

Yeah, I like sports. I like to play them and I do live through other people who perform them and if they are not a decent fucking human being I don't like them no matter how good they are, like Payton Manning and others I could mention but when they do impress me, like Wes Welker and Julius Edelman and 'Nit' something or other, that linebacker for The Pats, I celebrate their accomplishments but they have to be a good guy. I like Larry Fitzgerald. I like Devin Hester. I like people who bring it because I bring it every goddamn minute that I can 24/7 and I expect no less... quietly.

I'm always watching to see who makes the grade in my book but I'm forgiving too, as I wish to be forgiven. I have my flaws and I don't hide them. I put them out there even when I don't have to. No one can say I came into their hearts under false pretenses and now you have made me cry. Mentioning my game references is tantamount to someone important finally doing one of my fucking songs.

Visible said...

Smyrna; that is what I meant and your bringing it up is confirmation.

Anonymous said...

I thrive on rejection. I cringe at success. I love bad reviews when I've given my best and the worst part of all is to sing in the shower alone..I need you. (not you exactly, referring to an audience.) Did you skip the Rosey Cross admonishment for vulgar expressions? I prefer your "nice" over "naughty" Under all that coal is a visable diamond. Stop cursing yourself or not doesn't really matter.

Visible said...

No post today because I would take it right out to the edge of Gonzo and for me that's not good or... it used to not be good. Now everything is different. I could sit on the toilet now and not know where the waste might come from, which would defeat the point of sitting on the toilet and puts paid to all that talk about good intentions and the highway to Hell.

I'm watching The Matador at the moment with one of my favorite actors, Greg Kinnear and Pierce Brosnan who I usually can't stand but in this movie he plays himself. I liked him in Lawnmover Man too. Maybe that is why I can tolerate him and I do hold out hope that he will dig himself at some point. He's the worst of that Brit type and by the way Gurney Gob. I realize what an insult I laid on you since you are Irish and I apologize. British people, do not land on my ass about this many of you make up some of my most enduring friends and your women are liquid smoke. I've yet to meet kinkier and more liberated European women that the English, although the Germans are close.

The French you ask? Yeah but they are out of my league and no, I haven't so much as kissed another woman since I got together with Susanne but now she thinks I should. That's how cool she is. I don't even know if the equipment works anymore except for the mourning wood; no real drive, feel like I already slept with everyone.

Back to The Matador. Is it the friendship angle that makes me write this comment? Is it something else? I don't know. What I do know is that I am changing right in front of my own eyes. The Ineffable keeps saying to me that it is Christmas and I know you spent most of them alone, or with people you picked up for the occasion and only had one birthday party..."visible, Christmas is coming. What do you think that means"? Man, I don't fucking know... more Baileys I guess. What happens if you drink two of those suckers in a single day? I'm about to find out but I am typing and walking and doing like there was nothing going on but same old same old which means it ain't the same old same old. I guess I really could "drink a case of you and still be on my feet... I would still be on my feet".

Visible said...

Well, if it doesn't matter why did you bring it up? While you are at it, would you explain what you are talking about? I don't get it. Regardless, I promise to go fuck myself for being a human being. Trust me, I will.

kikz said...

all aside...

happy solstice

Anonymous said...

Bingo. Jesus has left the womb and so has Visable. Get some rest. Nobody wants to hear your crazy K talk especially when so many are hanging by a thread. You "get" it?
You can't skate on a river when the ice is melting. There are many who depend on you to get them to the other side but who wants to follow Delerium. With exceptional talent comes responsibility and leadership. I guess "sinking" is art but to me I hear stinking thinking. Baileys and Mirth to you and your Invisibles. If your going to judge it's okay then.. to be judged, right?

Anonymous said...

"I promise to go fuck myself for being a human being. Trust me, I will." I promise to go 24 hrs. w/o cursing myself signed...it doesn't matter if you do or don't curse yourself cause it taint nobodys business what you do cowboy.

katz said...

Lordy, Les Visible. This is Christmas, for Christ's sake! why does it have to be so down, or so up? Can't people just seek inner peace, and spread some smiles, and maybe go outside and do something for others to show it? Even if you don't feel it, do it. Fake it until you make it.

Alcohol is not going to do anything but make a person more depressed. It doesn't solve anything, and it wastes time.

I'm praying for peace. That is something that only comes from love.


The strong survive.

Anonymous said...

Pats talk with the Dog Poet, shit that's like somebody really important to talk Pats with! The day is officially Made.

With you, my man, on being an athlete and the love of the game; convinced that the spirits who are coming & going enjoy watching too... what else can explain Eli to Tyree? the tuck rule? etc...

The authenticity of the moments that make the game "must see" shine so brightly but far above the ubiquitous low vibe that sponser them that I understand how "non-athletes" miss the legit theater and mastery that is on display routinely. Having also come the path of the not-quite good enough to make a living, but good enough to have experienced the thrill and reward of victory, acheivement and teamwork in sports, I applaud your frequent nods, especially those in the direction of the flying Elvises (bring back Pat Patriot!)

Plenty of dark in the world and applause also for your exposition of and rise above the Penn State shower stall that comprises the Norm environment of the sleepers. On game day, NFL style, there's a magic that's as visible as the Metrodome roof collapsing as Favre departs in shame... a sublime "fan boy" thank you LVDP!

I did notice Mr. Anderson do a Neo impression and cover nicely for one of the few guys who's guns are worth the price of admission, but do believe that Patrick Chung needs to get healthy so Matthew Slater can get back to covering kicks,


Anonymous said...


Terrance said...

Hey Visible!.....happy that Poncho's feeling better...got the Xmas Blues.... Just not feeling it.... Too much unraveling going on!...good on you and yours!

Cici said...

See, this is what I love about you. You're a fantasy mix of everything a herald should be, quirks especially.

Gypsy Scholar said...


Left handed people don't cut their wrists with their right hand... this points to an assassination by the Blair Government.

Frustrated and angry, but defiant. For retired surgeon David Halpin, this has been a long and tireless search for the truth. Today, the legal battle to re-open the inquest into death of Dr David Kelly was thwarted, after a judge refused to allow a legal challenge to the government's refusal to hold a full inquest."

onething said...

I don't get half of them and I look a lot of things up. Of course, there's something else going on, some sort of whimsy...that particularly charms me.

I've heard a lot of bad things about Putin, and he may be a real bastard, but I can't help but like him and have some sort of wild hope where he is concerned.

I suspect he might have one trait that is just what the world needs.
He might actually love Russia. Americans, many of them, think that they have this love. But Americans are not a real people. They are an incipient people, so come back in a couple centuries and see if we've jelled, and how.

Russians are always casting sidelong glances at other great civilizations and feeling inferior. But not really. In reality they love themselves, and not in a bad way. They love their culture, their language, their art, their history, their religion and their land.

It is probable that base submission of themselves, and to one rather inferior in significant ways, is too galling for Putin to allow. IF he is a real Russian.

Visible said...

This is the kind of shit we are up against and this is front page news. I got no beef with any personal choices and I will be the first person to defend you... but this is the most important news of the day


I don't think so, as the empire falls for all sorts of reasons. I got a lot on my mind sometimes but it's only for awhile and then I am right back. I didn't get this far without a titanium spine.

Alpha Silex said...

Awesome to hear that Poncho is doing better! I didn't mention that I thought it was really funny when you made the Sanchez reference. I was watching the game on Sunday night while posting something on here and I thought of that name. Very, very funny. Good to see you like football too, even though it sounds like you're a Pats fan! I'm not a big fan since they beat my Birds in the Super Bowl. It was a great game though and I still have a lot of admiration for their talents (not Belichick, boo!). Can't stand Manning either. Very few share my sentiments about him. Big block headed, whiny baby. Wahhhh, POOR Peyton. Must be tough, life as the Golden Child. If I'm a guru about anything (not), it's fantasy football. 17 years of VERY successful results. When I was shut down at home in Aug-Sept, I ended up with 30 leagues, since I did not have time to organize a money league this year. You should see of these teams. 26-4 this past weekend baby! Yahoooooo! I've been out of vitamins for ten years, since my days as an after hours club promoter in the city. I have to agree with Smyrna, sometimes the Shamans gotta be squeezed! Make it all nice, light and fluffy for me bunghole. LOL

neal said...

Pierce Brosnan, check out the movie "Nomads", circ. 1986, I think. He dies in the beginning, Adam Ant leads the demons that curve his life back into that- it's really sort of good, for those that remember the 80's, and some of the hauntings.

I don't know why they say that is a throne, the self on the toilet. Why put lipstick on a rock with chains, and the watching of a animated feast?

I use a lexicon for that bible stuff, there is that whole fear being awesome reverence, in the sense of a brooding, crushing weight of realization, and not so much insignificance, just what one really is in relationship the the whole.

Being spelled out by that could chase one up the nearest tree, with all these tubes and wires. The coyotes will wait at the bottom, and do that laugh and cry thing. You could join in with that party, and become Les, so others can become.

That whole best of possible words by being ground down, is usually not what people want to hear, and for most, that looks good, for however long that will take. I know nothing, but all these omens and agreements will have their way with everyone, regardless of the commitment needed to draw out some soulful kisses, for the course.

I won't even kiss the Sky. That comes and visits when I am most vulnerable, which is almost always.

I am in awe of your teaching. I will not walk away, that would land right here, and that tour would get simply bled into the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

Well, good grief!....is better than no grief. I hope to God that Poncho gets better.

Alpha Silex said...

That will be the victorious Times Square photo of the 21st century, after the war was declared over in Iraq, for the 21st time. The H.M.S Pussytickler must have been one hell of a float.

A favorite line from a drill instructor of mine at P.I., one of the few times they were being light:

500 sailors go out to sea for six months. When they come back, what do you have?

250 couples.

Robin Redbreast said...

Dear Visible
Sending you much love at this time.
Much appreciation and gratitude for what you do.
As you keep saying - this is all for the purpose of demonstration.
They don't own you-
As you know - you keep on giving - cos that's you.
Don't let the bastards......

Visible said...

Poncho couldn't be better. He is exhausted though. I went in to lay down and when I woke up he was in my arms and Alfie was on the other side. This has never happened before.

They are the two male dogs. Are you talking about The Eagles? You know I'm a Philly boy, that is where I met Guru Bawa in his mainline ashram on Overbrook. My new novel has a lady that went to Bryn Mawr.

They could have had it all but with that kind of talent it can take a year or so to jell. They will be fearsome giant killers till the season ends and they still have an outside chance of making it. It has been a crazy year. There is literally no telling what might happen. I missed just one game this week because I am in the groove.

The only ones in Bradys way are The Steelers. Some would say it was The Ravens, speaking of birds, but they have pushed their people too hard. They ignore concussions so that now an independent authority is being brought in. That is because of The Steelers. Ben is hurting. On the other side you have the emergent 49'er and we all know what defense means.

When I learned about fighting it was always about defense which is why I don't like karate. If you show up where I'm going I can show you some nifty shit, which doesn't mean someone can't come around and kick my ass but, just sharing. This also makes the Ravens tough but their quarterback is like GQ boy Sanchez. If they got their hands on Rivers they could not be stopped.

Notice how Aaron Rodgers is doing commercials and now lowly Kansas City handed them their heads? The NFC is where the heavy shit is going to go down with the 49'ers, Packers and Saints. It's going to be a fun year and do not discount Houston on the other side. Defense wins when it comes down to the big time moments.

I'd have to throw the Pats out but look at their takeaways against Tebow nation in their home court and the only team they have a losing record with. It is going to be interesting. A side note; I am a very good poker player cause, as a telepath, I know the tells. When I say good, that doesn't mean I win large. It means I don't usually lose but stay around even with some winnings because I don't like taking peoples money. Years ago when I won big a couple of times it left a nasty taste in my mouth so I set limits if I get into a game.

Anyway. It is too damn bad that you money guys didn't have visible talking to you because my average losses for the season are 2.5 and against the spread I am at 76% and I never bet a dime.

I know a lot of you won't be happy about me talking about these things but keep in mind I am always thing about my creator and you should be too and we will get along just fine but don't push me around or dictate to me. It doesn't work and remember.I do this for free. That's right my friend. I get up every day and I pour myself out for free.

I have been doing this for you for years and what have you done for me? Really, let's be clinical here. What have you done for me... any of you? Imron and Ghana and a couple of others like Esteban are the exceptions. The good news is that I don't need your help but it is the thought that counts and what do I do with what the few give me? I share it with others. Yeah, email Susanne and ask her. She's not all that happy with my generosity sometimes.

I'm being human and vulnerable with you right now for a reason. Get your shit together because it is about to hit the fan and I am still getting on a plane and going into the hornets nest when I don't really have to. What have you done for me lately? Think about it... What have you done? I don't need anything by the way but it's the thought that counts, at least it does with me.

Visible said...

So Alpha, you were in the core or similar? Man, revelations do not cease around here. By the way, I know what Semper Fi means, even though I was not a Marine. I did answer the call for my country; even leaving my country was answering the call.

You know, I really miss you guys and have been missing you for years. Brotherhood is not just a word with me. I don't know why I am like this right now. It's just how it is.

I truly apologize if I disturb you but I have no control over that and I can dance and I still don't know what I am doing. I never have.

Visible said...

Poi Dog, thank you! And I got the Jazz wend too. http://sixsongs.blogspot.com/2011/12/holiday-classics-mele-kalikiamaka.html

Sorry I am too lazy to hot link

Alpha Silex said...

No shit, I had no idea there were some background with you. Everyone in my family was born in Pittsburgh, except for me (of course), Florida. I've lived in the suburbs here since I was a year old. I was in a really bad car wreck when I was 16. Pinned in the car which was wrapped like a U around the pole, for almost two hours. Should have been killed or in the very least, lost my left leg. Had major reconstructive surgery at HUP and had teachers come to my house the first half of my junior year. I never was a fan of the education system and really didn't care to get in the whole college scene. For lack of anything better to do and the sheer challenge of it, decided to give the Corps a shot. I was only in for a few months and began having problems with that leg, ended up being medically discharged. I intended to build it back up and go back in, but with a two year wait period for possible re-enlistment, realized the brain wash job a year and a half into that and decided against it at Woodstock '94 of all places. LOL
To be continued shortly, dinner is ready.....

Mattyhill said...

I'll have some of what you're having! You are my favorite bi-polar blogger, and I'm betting you're smart enough not to take meds, it dulls the creative manic outbursts. You are a bright kaleidescope in a cacophany of regular, boring flashlights. (P.S.-I obviously don't know that you are bi-polar, really none of my business, just an observation!)

Alpha Silex said...

Was in a second car wreck while my friend was driving, two years later, the month before getting the green light to swear in. My friend flipped his '79 BMW forwards, end of end and estimated 10 times after skidding off the road doing 71 in a 35. I had no seatbelt on, the car landed on the roof and as the car was flipping can clearly remember thinking "well this one got me". His girlfriend was thrown from the car and the other two were hanging upside down by their seatbelts. I was drunk as a skunk and once we realized that everyone was amazingly OK, my friend told me to take off so I wouldn't get an underage drinking and that's another story in itself. The Bucks Courier Times called it a miracle. I won't tell you here what the salvage guy said after my first accident, when my Dad took me to see the car.
I have respect for service members because I know that their intentions are right, based on what they know. I would never have entertained the thought of making that kind of commitment, knowing what I think I know now. Hopefully, they see the light someday and I'll just leave it at that. Were you in the Navy?! The D.I.'s would rip on them at any chance, but ALWAYS jumped right to saying, "Navy Corpsmen? Good to go". I just think the jokes are funny.

Sports are rapidly losing my interest. The bandwagon jumpers for the Phillies really pissed me off. Where the hell were they, three years ago? Exactly. I was going to games at the Vet, back in the 80's when no one gave a shit and after the one year in '93. I no longer watch baseball, as I don't want to be associated with costume wearing, front running frauds who claim to be the "biggest fan" (for the last three years). I love football, but with the times the way they are, still follow closely in a detached manner. I'm not surprised at how the Eagles year has turned out. Yes, still a shot, but throwing a ton of money out there doesn't guarantee anything. That's an amazing percentage you have there! I'm usually pretty good with that myself, can't exactly say that though. Nice. As I said to my Mom recently, the sharpening of "mind" for prognostication purposes is what I enjoy the most about doing things like fantasy football. The potential for money has nothing to do with it. You should see some of the teams I've had through the years. I've been cursed at plenty by league members, believe me.

amarynth said...

For someone who authored and published two books this year, with a third one being proofread and edited now, and continued with a number of blogs that helped almost all of us almost on a daily basis, and is now traveling to meet with whoever wants to meet, I think Visible is demonstrating something to us - I don't quite get it myself, but I know something is brewing.

Don't know about you all, but my heart is fairly broken about the state of stuff generally and mostly I simply endure and seek. Christmas Cheer? Well, internal happiness, contentment and giving thanks, yes, but singing about Reindeer right now does not feel right or good!

Visible, thanks for the blogs, the books and for the demonstrations. The visit arrangements are coming together and a good and instructive time will be had by all! Just don't disappear on on us now already. There is time for that spaceship stuff later (grin).

The good news ... Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World Soft Cover Book will be available at Amazon within 5 to 7 days.

We will have it for sale from the Les Visible Store tomorrow (we're slower than Amazon in shipping but we will also be a tad cheaper).

And for those of you who cannot wait, here is a secret secure link where you can order it today already.

Let me remind all that Visible profits very little from his writing endeavors. 30% of net sales go into the New Shangri-La Community Kitty.

Alpha Silex said...

I have no doubt that you're a great poker player. A degenerate gambler friend who I don't talk to now, but have know forever said I'd probably be a good one. I know the way I am and I don't play, as I don't desire to be consumed by it. So tell me, does Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" play in your head as you're getting your game face on? LOL Tell the truth now. If they ever pick Gaga for the Super Bowl halftime show, what are the odds that she is flagged for violating the "tuck" rule? I hope they don't bring her on for that, but I'm sure they will. Something told me last year that it may have been the last one. The Steelers were my AFC team for a long time, being that my family is from there. Don't ask me why, but Hines Ward really rubs me the wrong way and Big Dummy is why I now vigorously root against them. Cracked me up when they were talking about his football IQ the other night. That's about as far as that goes for the Rapelisboner.

I'm with you about karate. I took it the summer before bootcamp, as a means to help strengthen my lag and balance. I liked the line training we learned at P.I. A mix of various forms that focus on using your opponents energy against them. I can hold my own, but will always say that I could potentially get my ass kicked by anyone on any given day. The best form of martial arts to practice in my mind, is to walk away.

Funny you should post the other thing you did. While I was washing my balls in shower before dinner, I was thinking about when your hardcopy book was going to come out. It gave me a hard on and I dropped the damn soap once again. Thank God Sandusky was already gone. Physically, but not in mind. Just can't get him off of my mind. Once you are seduced and touched by a Sandusky, things are just never the same again......*SIGH*
I'm not bringing in anywhere what I'm used to right now, but hopefully I can send a little something next month. A little means a little, probably enough to get you, Susanne and her Mom lunch or something. That way she can't break your balls to much. :)

WV: reick
I'm not going to touch that one. Not even with Lady Gaga's ten foot pole.

gurnygob said...

I forgive you.

Much love


Richie (Dana) said...

Wow Vis,
You are having a time.
We are all on the same path here. One thing that should be obvious is that Les just happens to be a little ahead of some of us on that path. Could this knowledge be the reason you are here?
Every now and again, I catch a glimpse of him, just around that bend there.

I am honestly amazed at how well you are doing this.

Listen up people.
We all better hope the fuck we do half as well when we get to that bend. Do not box this up with any preconceived brainwashing.

The biggest thing in your life is coming your way, and you ain't getting out of facing it.

Listen here Mr. Visible.
I am grateful
Somehow God has used you to speak a certain message that gets to certain people on this planet.
I believe myself to be one of those people.
The only thing to do is give thanks.


Kray Z8 said...

Brother Vis,

Speaking only for myself, the only thing I expect from you is authenticity, and you don't disappoint. You being yourself is enough; that's why I keep coming here.

I'm glad your pup is better and that you've been updated and thanks for the heads-up. Semper Fidelis, keep howlin'.

Peace, Love, Unity,


Anonymous said...

if you're gonna toy with our affections, at least put it under the tree

Anonymous said...


I lived on the freakin' Main Line for 4 years during grad school, in various places between Devon and Merion(very near where the colossal Albert Barnes Art Collection was). Had some insane wonderful friends in Haverford. Then I lived in West Philly for 20+ years. I had to get out of the city. I just couldn't deal with it any more.

I didn't know many native Main Line-er types that weren't a dysfunctional mess. Sad but true. There's somehing truely evil swirling around that locale. Bad vibes permeate the air.


Alpha Silex said...

Thank you Amarynth,

Will definitely be ordering direct, after January 1st. If we make it there or the spaceships don't decide to evacuate beforehand. Gotta make the most of the trail in this mixed season. I like the fact that Vis mentioned to keep in mind the holidays are a difficult time for many. It has been good to see people point this out. I'm going to help wrap some gifts for a local youth shelter, the next few days. These kinds of things can help us through and no matter what material things we have to offer, out time and positive energy can help bring light to others. Sandusky Claus better bring something nicer for the children this year!

Happy Solstice everyone.


Anonymous said...

Apologies to Visible et al, for this, but an in-broad-daylight-in-full-view massive robbery by and for sole benefit of global tribalist-chosenites, with aid of tribal-controlled useful idiots, involving multi-billions of $$, stolen from thousands of people holding accounts with MF Global, has occurred recently.

It is so blatant and massive a crime, that even a main-stream, conservative woman (who is, so far, still clueless on zionism, i.e. she hasn't made the connections with global/ussa finance and zionist crime cabal), is now calling out the corrupt USSA government, calling for general strike and shut down of all financial markets in USSA and execution of those involved, as well as says civil war is coming next.

With a little help (where Visible and company may come in) - this could be event that brings full-destructive force of Mr. Apocalypse upon those in need

for any interested - here's the audio/video of this woman describing the robbery and what should be done about it


Thanks Visible for permitting this input on your blog

Visible said...

Okay, I got my head screwed back on. I probably could have done it yesterday but it needed to be rethreaded and, what with the holidays and all... The tech also changed the air and the oil, so if I appear sharper and more together you can thank him. This sort of thing happens to me a couple of times a year and used to be more unpleasant than it is now. That's to the good.

I'm not bipolar, manic or any of that. I am a schizophrenic of the chronic type. That's what the doctors all said and it's incurable. They said that too and I suffer from depression but not so much as I used to. My take on that is that if you are badly beaten as a child, and I was, it messes up the serotonin flow. I'm not complaining. Neither of these things are as bad as they could be and I manage, more or less.

Anyway, apologies all round. Thanks for not hammering me cause I was already doing that on my own (grin) and that's a very funny comment about putting them under the Christmas tree. Okay, off to work.

Alpha Silex said...


I don't talk to my corporate, brainwashed brothers anymore. One of them has lived on the Main Line since he was married in the early 90's and indoctrinated into an elitist pig Christian cult. Well, that's what a few of us think it is anyway. He's a really good person, but it doesn't seem like he's been the same, let alone happy, since getting into that "culture". I totally know what you mean there. It's a very strange area. His wife was raised there and while I went through an extremely difficult time from late '05 to '09, she was completely non-existent and did absolutely nothing, despite her perfect Christian background and the shit she loves to spout out her mouth to make herself look/feel good. Honestly, I never gave a crap, but my Mom called her on it a couple years ago and now my brother hasn't been talking to Mom since. She said something about it to my brother, not like it was to the wife directly or creating any kind of scene in front of others. I can say without hesitation that my Mom is a Saint, with all the crap she's been through from my life alone and they are complete phoneys, in my book. It's a shame, but the Apocalypse truly shows people's true colors, no matter who they are in relation to you. It's better than wasting time, emotion and energy on "relationships" that are completely superficial. It's good you got the hell out of there. Money and living in a ritzy area don't mean jack shit. That's the first place where cannibalism will come back into vogue and it will probably be their blue blood babies on the menu for the first course. Lady Canibal-ba-baal can be the poster "girl". Fuck em, but I truly do wish them the best. For real. A big reason while I'm legally changing my name, other than thinking it's funny.

Alpha Silex said...

"Schizophrenics" are just off-aspected psychics, from what I gather. You're on track, fuck the labels.

WV: terston

Um, my previous post applies to Terston Howell the III too.

Gypsy said...


The complete absurdity of attacking Iran's nuclear sites.

The result will be many Fukushima like meltdown events and concommitant destruction of israel.

The atmosphere will be filled with radioactivity for hundreds of years.

Are the zio PTB planning to live underground for centuries?


Gypsy Scholar

Anonymous said...

death of the euro
a financial cloud
corporate clowns
dumbfounded actions
defeated of sense
failure consumes
the war it invents
empires broken
colonialist split
the withering features
of falsehoods last grip
the caves and the dungeons
where tyrants drown
at the feet of all peace
the heartand the crown


Richie (Dana) said...

Alpha Sandusky Silex

I really enjoyed your stories. It felt like having a beer with your buddy on the front porch on a warm summer afternoon.
We have the big bully USA that everyone see's on the news and then we have the real Americana. Just a bunch of decent regular folks who never meant harm to anyone. I never did buy the story that this is all our fault. We did not create this fucking mess and I am not taking responsibility for it.

In 1753 a young man left Manchester England on a sailing ship for the new world. He was 21 years of age. he lived out his days in the Boston area and died in his 80's when he fell from the rafters in his barn.
That man's name was Richard Dana and he was my great, great, great, great grandfather.
I often think about that guy and the way it must have felt to escape the bullshit and build your own life in peace.

Things are a bit more complicated these days, but I am looking for the right ship just like my grandfather before me.


Anonymous said...

As we used to say, and were convinced of and truly believed some time in the 60's and 70's, only acid can save the world. I am glad that you had the courage to use the LSD25 word ! Not many dare do so today. But it remains true : only the 3 or 4 major psychedelics have the power to awaken. Meditation is a long route, and why meditate if one is not awake yet ? That mostly don't work and -seeing the degree of today's brainwashing and control - simply takes too long. Better meditate AFTER the self-therapy, and may the acid rain turn out to be LSD !

Alpha Silex said...

It's about as insane as above ground nuclear testing. They plan on going underground to go get eaten by the gnomes and aliens. Elitist pig snout tastes better microwaved....That Schiff interview is fucked up. Not surprised at all.

wv: giness
I'll have a giness with that radioactive pig snout, said the gnome to the alien.

Anonymous said...

Gasoline is approaching $3 a gallon. And dropping fast.

Time for another war.


Terrance said...

Looking for some love, just a little bit of sympathy.....people can't love themselves, so how can they love me?

gurnygob said...

There is a Very interesting video on truth seeker site about a rabbi who named the awaited Jewish messiah just before he died. He said the messiah would come soon after Ariel Sharon died. Well as we know he is dead, more or less, they are keeping him alive even though he is in a deep coma. If you look at his medical care record over this period they seem to be going to quite extraordinary lengths to keep him alive. Food for thought ??????????????


Anonymous said...


David Icke on the coming WW3.

State of the world 15 min video of the planned global war.

Not a big Icke fan, but this is phenominal in its truth.

My only question is where are those orchestrating this thermonuclear war going to take refuge?

Anonymous said...

The grift that keeps on grifting

amarynth said...

gurnygob, nice video that. I liked it. Reminded me of when I was little and asked the local pastor who the antichrist was, and he worked it out for me. Of course, he was wrong.

Visible, I have a request. Would you consider writing some about life purpose, how to key in and how to live according to one's personal life purpose? Or is there only one?

Visible said...

I'll take it under consideration for the next V.O. and maybe it will come into the flow.

Alpha Silex said...


Thank you for the kind words and for sharing that story. It sounds like you are carrying on in his spirit. Blessings. Have a Heineken on the porch for me.

Alpha Sandeucesky

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

and a happy equinox to us downunders, and those upenders who are drinking and watching the MS&M.

wv: preolvan. drug to make you blind and depressed about what's coming and not tuning in and preloving (posthating).

Anonymous said...


Just a few links to pass on:




The first two are appalling, but informative. The last is an introduction to common sense economic principles with many references. Very well done.

Here is a short excerpt: "So Ron Paul and the Austrian School of Economics would leave us to the predations of the bankers without any control over them.

Pitting the Austrians against the Keynesians is a classic Hegelian Dialectic ploy. I liken it to a game of tennis where the 'opponents' are actually co-operating in putting on a show and captivating the spectators attention when, as in this case, we should be looking outside the court. Perhaps at Douglas' Social Credit, for instance. But more on Keynes and Douglas in a moment."

Merry Christmas to all!

wv: distesti.....wtf?

Anonymous said...

I Love You All..


Feels good to have your energy back.

walking hawk

Thanks Visible.

Alpha Silex said...

A must read if you want to have a Merry Fucking Xmas and maybe, a New Year:


wv: surre

Surre. Righhhhhhhht, Britney.

Anonymous said...

have been having a read of mr highs latest,of which mr lash has commented on aswell,this court case shocked me when I heard of it as the name of the person involved has a name very close to myself and people in my family...in no way has this court case got anything to do with myself,and I only found out about it when it was mentioned ....also I agree with mr high,it has to be said the current bunch of toilet dweller tyrant regime wont be tumbled with a court case as it is them that own the court system,it would take 50 years under extreme absurd circumstances with bombs going off everywhere,and the same tyrant would not of learnt his lesson....
what ever lesson that may be...

so whoever you are with this court case...if you are a loner or group of individuals exploring methods to take down the toilet dweller,may all the strength of humanity be with you...
if you are intelligence services,everything you do will fail.....
empires time is up,colonial dictatorship is finished...it doesnt work,and is to be confined to the anus of history from where it was born....

am sorry I have been away for a while,there were things that needed attention,


Bwak's effeminate mouth said...


Larry (Sinclair): Yeah! He (Wayne Madsen) put out an article sometime in April or May of 2010 about Mans Country in Chicago and verified that both Obama and Rahm Emmanuel were members of Mans Country and that he had spoken to people who confirmed that Obama was a regular there.

This story just won't go away and it is consistent in the telling. IF Obama serves another term look for Larry Sinclair to be 'suicided' for 'national security'.

Anonymous said...

mountain flower
rainbow streak
clap of instance
union sweep
chord of essence
note of mind
chasing river
earth divine
flying bird
opened course
piercing cloud
living force
spark of paradise
feild of sense
potent truths
crush lies intent


Anonymous said...

"...military officer who had become a rogue warrior enraged by the system and everything to do with war. At one point he notes 'Commanding officers can order me to slaughter people (for no reason whatsoever) but they don't let me write Fuck on the planes because they say that's obscene.'"

Anonymous said...

tried to desecrate my empathy
draw falsehood through my mind
poisoning the senses
frustration makes me blind
devalued of the moment
stripped of what is peace
in conditions of false servitude
to societal disease
but where the thunder rattles
the flute begins to play
songbirds fly existance
the boughs begin to sway
the beauty of the atmosphere
where the hearts divine
along the ancient path
a moment of all time


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

Bobbing for Road Apples on Constitution Ave.

Anonymous said...

My dear brother;

It is an honor and privilege to be of service to you and all of my fellow brothers and sisters. I have been watching for your next step up the ladder, congratulations; you earned it {c;)

If, Poncho was planning a ride to his home country of Mexico with you this incredible January and learned he wasn't accompanying you I suspect he was having his heart and mind prepared for your departure. Early Dog Poet with drawls in order to be less of a burden on Susanne and you all's mother whilst yoo's a ways. Prolly see the same thing with some of the dogs' in this pack that hangout with you in the land of the Mayateca when it is time for you to depart. The struggle of unconditional love; for one's self? We are all worthy of the love and forgiveness we seek outside for the child that we have hurt on the inside but, maybe it cannot become a cure until the mirror is a one<way reflection of the truth of who we are. I am you and you are me and together it becomes we. "When two or more gather with their minds on the One, then I too am present." The Sun

I love you crazy phucker!


wv; nolin- a non-linear heart and mind on a one-way trip to magnificence!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, most important... HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a MERRY NEW YEAR to you the One, brother Sun, sister Solstice, and to all of you little frozen rays as well!!!

Love brother,


wv; entsi; why'd you go to Mexico? I went entsi some brothers and sisters, tambien!

Alpha Silex said...

I thought some of you guys would find these interesting, in light of our musings on black holes, vortexes and such:

Apparently, the Shamans must get squeezed from a roll of Bounty:


This was really cool too:


wv: sessec
Wait a sessecccccccccc, screams the shaman, as he's squeezed back to Bounty.

Anonymous said...

Vedic Roots of the Partridge in a Pear Tree..

"No matter how mundane they may become over the years, so many religious and cultural traditions from around the world can be traced back to their Vedic roots. On this Christmas Eve, we're happy to share with our Sun readers the Vedic origins of the well known Christmas carol, 'Partridge In a Pear Tree'."


Anonymous said...

My dog Fergie was epileptic and had seizures - he lived to be 17 1/2 years old. That's old for a Wheaten Terrier.

Does Poncho have epileptic fits? Does he thrash about, foaming at the mouth and sweating (his coat all damp after a fit)? Then that might be it. I hope it's nothing serious anyway.

You write superbly, Vis. Can't tell you enough how much I appreciate and enjoy your writings!

Where i work they strongly advise us to say "Happy Holidays" and frown on us saying, "Merry Christmas!" PC, you know. So I say it loud & clear each chance I get. Fuck 'em.



Visible said...

Oh it is definitely epileptic seizures. Thanks for the good words and Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis, nice post. I have a question - you mentioned in another thread that you were not long for this earth (I'm paraphrasing). I presume this means that you are moving on to higher realms of consciousness. Which begs the question: Will you still maintain your blogs? I'm not being facetious here, just wondering how it works. If you ascend (or whatever you call it, "Give it a name" - Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead, great movie), but, again, if you ascend, do you still get to dabble here on the Earth Plane? I hope so, because it would be a bitch if you moved on and couldn't blog anymore. Hopefully, you'll set me straight on this. Happy New Year everybody...

Anonymous said...

These vampire squid attempting to control all life on planet earth just won't stop the death boogie. Their behavior in these last days of Kali Yuga reminds me of the 'die off' that happens when one attempts to detoxify the body of pathogens. The parasites (oh, excuse me, the "Vatican controlled muppets") have one last gasp of fun with the host prior to complete expulsion.

Those of us who are on the path of consciousness evolution are already wise as serpents regarding the zio-elites and their depopulation Jim Jones picnic, stocked with goodies like; MSG, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, genetically-modified-fried- dyed and laced with genocide deep fried suicide on the installment plan. They've been ever so kind to provide fluoridated kool-aid to wash it all down.

I do not care to awaken those who would just as soon kill you as hit the snooze button and roll over for 'jus' a little more sleepy time', because the nightmare of the American Dream is unbearable without heavy duty narcotics prescribed by your phriendly pharmacist. In case anyone reading these words is still on the fence about their intentions, please read this link about how a man who forages local food is being made an example of for anyone who doesn't want to party at the depopulation potluck (sorry, I am still working the hyperlink thang out):


They are forcing Americans to eat shit and die while they continually persecute organic farmers and wild foragers. Oh, the inhumanity. Woe to humanity. I am going to smoke some sacred sage and pray for our Invisible Allies to make themselves very visible to our parasitic rulers. May my sherpas guide me to enlightened paths. Here's hoping that I see friends and other Smoking Mirrors trippers on my astral travels. I am fascinated by the cenotes of Mexico and I'm sure that their appeal is much more deep than tourists splashing around in them. The Mexican Cenotes are the home of the Rain God.

The time to travel is now, friends.
Happy trails to you, Les, and may the universe dust this planet with cosmic boric acid to rid herself of these genocidal, shape-shifting cockroaches.

Unknown said...

oh i'm going to use those jokes till they get wore out.especially the one........one about a mesican woman and flies.....,well bohdisatva take care,fake care,care take,well im snot as good as yew.



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