Monday, December 26, 2011

The Horse Latitudes of Interim

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings and welcome to the post Christmas, pre-New Year's, Sargasso Sea. A momentary doldrum intrudes into The Horse Latitudes of Interim; creating a sort of, 'hobbyhorse in the swimming pool' effect. Of course, you don't have a current to carry you but you have the effect of motion. You might as well imagine that the bobbing and dipping effect presents the illusion of movement. We're all about illusion here on Planet Terra; or Tara, for you metaphysicians. As you can imagine, epidemic madness is the general resulting state, for anyone, not aligned with, or hooked into something meaningful. And so it goes (those of you, unable to even skim the dense, linked article, can move on to the part of this post which says, “End Transmission.......”). Or merely absorb this quote, “Those whom the god's would destroy they first drive mad”.

Here are the primary enemies of humanity; ignorance, greed, indolence, unbridled appetite for the material over the immaterial; meaning evolution is no longer an upward swing. We are not here talking about Darwinian evolution and never have been, as far as I know. The secondary enemies of humanity are banks, corporations and political, religious and social leadership. Some think it more convenient to blame secret societies for their ills but that is akin to blaming the day for the activities of the night, or the light for casting shadows. First ask, “Who am I”? Then ask, “Where am I”? Then ask, “What is this”?

There are other enemies to be sure but they can be located by observing the 'birds that flock together'. The original enemy is internal. The secondary enemy is external, according to the Law of Reflection. Some of the confusion can be noted in the barbershop window effect, where the repeating image curves out of sight. With me so far? Uh huh (grin). The question is, “Am I with me so far”?

The most common result of runaway materialism is insanity squaring itself; M=ic2. That's probably not correct but it was intended as humorous relief. In any case, as materialism progresses toward cosmic resolution, the total amount of nut-jobs expands, to the point that cannibalism becomes ordinary and I'm not kidding. It's not right this minute you have to worry about. It's down the road but... down the road is the direction set from right this minute. Everything is connected, for better or worse. One large migration is headed into an inferno of madness driven, chaos and confusion. One migration of indeterminate size is headed elsewhere. You can see the genesis of mutation for the benefit of control systems here. Nothing that means anything at the moment, in terms of social or religious constructs, bears any resemblance to the original and authentic construct. Since the morphed and mutated constructs have slipped beyond relevant connection to essence, they are inescapably bound for destruction.

I am standing on the dock waving my handkerchief, as the ship sails away, or I am waving from the ship, or, I am looking through a train window at another train passing and experiencing some kind of Twilight Zone effect. What is 'I'?

We note that Newt was unable to get the signatures necessary to get on the ballot in certain important states. Various reasons are given for this and none of them are the truth. The truth is that Newt has about the same level of support he had many months ago, which is nearly nothing. All of sudden, he became the front runner but... he was not and is not the front runner. 'They'; Zio-Ogre Media, simply said that he was. The reality manifested when they couldn't get enough people to agree to 'sign ze papers'. He has no support but 'they' are working on that through, 'perception management'. Romney isn't even close to Ron Paul in Iowa. I would say that Ron Paul's backing in Iowa is over 50% in reality and very likely that and more around the country, among those who have even heard of him.

Reality is that the old ways and the machinations of the entrenched elite, as well as the parasitical entities, that have become fully emergent over recent decades, is on their way out. That is how it is. They are going down and their reaction is to become worse than they have ever been, as a defense against their own demise. It is futile. They are going down, literally and figuratively. They are being unmasked and forces they weren't even aware of, have them in the crosshairs. Everything they do, works against everything they intend. It seems different because of perception management; depending on whether your perceptions are being managed. That is a matter of whether 'you' are managing them, or not.

This is an old story. There's nothing new here, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun”. People have a problem with this. People who believe in fairness and equality for all, cannot get their minds into a position to grasp how it is. You can argue that it shouldn't be. You can rail against it but you will not change it. It is like the caste systems that any idealistic thinker finds it impossible to accept the reality of. The formalized caste systems of India are present everywhere but they are expressed differently. Try to move up from the sidewalks of London to his Lordships table and see what I mean. It does happen now and then, simply to keep the illusion in place. It's like lottery tickets. Someone wins here and there, so that means you might win too. Sure you will.

I'm not saying that caste systems are appropriate or desirable. My view has nothing to do with it. Yours doesn't either. Things are what they are. Reincarnation takes care of every desire you have, to be somewhere on the pecking order. Go to the bottom and rise to the top. Rise to the top and head for the bottom, or simply tread water in the doldrums. That is how it is on Planet Earth. Earth is a launching pad to many other places. Fair, expresses itself in many ways, not necessarily here. This is the boot camp planet, where what is desirable is not desirable. It's the place where you get your values and priorities straight, by seeing where your choices take you. It looks grim but its not. It depends on you. No matter what, it still comes down to who you know, not where you are and what you can do but who you know. I won't add any more to that. I've already gone on ad infinitum about it.

For better or for worse, you are where you are, in the times in which you find yourself. What you are is the determinant. What you are and who you are, is the determinant. It is all about your capacity for self-recognition. The less self recognition resident in you, the more your identity is conferred by surrounding forces. Your greatest defense against being swallowed up, is self recognition and that is precisely why Bitch Media is engaged in telling you who you are. It is to their profit and gain for you to be who and what they say you are, until they tell you something different. An informed public is either an aware or deluded public, depending on who is informing them.

Now, we are going to see what happens when 'push comes to shove'. Keep in mind that the seemingly great power of external force, is only as consistent and reliable as the power it receives to act out. The moment the power switches to another routing configuration, or switches off, all of the official and enforcement vehicles no longer operate. They stop moving. The transiting age DEMANDS transformation. It is cyclic and cannot be opposed by any temporal means. If you were a tree you might observe the power of your command, that your leaves not tremble in the wind. That's a good analogy and it doesn't matter how it looks at the moment, depending on how your perceptions are being managed. What matters is how it is.

The Horse Latitudes are one thing. The Whore Latitudes are another. Decadence is not enduring. The fall of a culture is not suddenly arrested and reversed. Demanding that something be so, to suit your engineered identities, in order to support your appetites, or your need for acceptance, falls on deaf ears. Some things may prosper and proliferate for certain periods of time. History can be altered. Bait and switch can be global. Vice can replace virtue and be generally accepted as so, for the purpose of demonstration. Lack of restraint and the arrogant dismissal of all humility and modesty can seem trendy and cool. Fashion can make the ridiculous acceptable and desirable, for the purpose of demonstration. Lady Gaga can be grown in a septic, hydroponic tank and mainlined as an incarnation of Lady Nature ...but not for long. Sure, it can seem to go on for awhile, according to your watch, but that is relative time. This is all being engineered for the purpose of demonstration and not by the ones who think they have the remote control in their hands.

Just when you think you have the whole world in your hands, it extends out of your reach, for the sole purpose of showing you what happens when your grasp exceeds your reach. What reason could there be for people who have far too much and want more? Is there any sanity to be found in this? Crazy is as crazy does and no matter what you have or who you are led to believe you are, for however long it happens, it's worse than nothing if you can't enjoy it. There is no more bitter pill than getting what you wanted and then realizing the cost and what attends it. Ah well, so it goes.

End Transmission.......

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Anaughty Mouser said...

Greetings Sir. Thank you so much for your musingd. Family, friends and emotions are also nearer to the surface during the Christmas holidays.

Soon 2012. Stay tuned for developments one could only imagine in novels.

John Lenon's 'So this is Christmas' hums in my head.

Peace brother.

Onward Christian soldiers...


grassapelli said...

And the enemies of the soul...Anger, Lust, Greed, Attachment and Ego. Elementary. Or, at least, one for each of the elements, fire, water, earth, air, ether.

McKenna Fan said...


Anonymous said...

Nice. Well spoken sir!

Allison said...

Takin' that Twilight Zone train to Willoughby. Good one Les, especially the tee and leaf analogy.

Mr Blister said...

"There is no more bitter pill than getting what you wanted and then realizing the cost and what attends it."

A few blog posts back you mentioned in passing, "Breaking Bad". Not living in the states, I had never heard of it so I looked into it, acquired it, and over the couple of few weeks, watched all four seasons of the show. Whew, what a dramatic representation that show is to your above quote. Thanks for the tip, Les.

JerseyCynic said...

We ARE all connected Les. Must have been all those vinyl records I played as a kid! I was able to lift myself above the needle to realize that all our songs are connected in the same groove. And if you're "stuck in a groove" time for a cleaning -- or -- apply cigarette lighter!!

"Create your own roadshow"
~Terrance McKenna

Visible said...

I lust say it is funny about the name thing. Now I am only getting the former.

Yeah, as far as Dramas go, Breaking Bad and Deadwood say it all.I expect Game of Thrones to become epic too.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned Ron Paul. I believe if he can gets elected ,symbolically it will have great significance.The people are finally seeing the light and are ready to break the chains that bind them. TPTW will be furious. On the other hand if this Planet Earth is as you say , nothing new under the sun, etc. Then how or why should things get better? This is where I am confused. I mean if each of us get more evolved maybe we get to move on to a better place but then do things just keep repeating themselves in cycles here as always? Or perhaps, Planet Earth can become a more evlolved dimension?? I didn't think there was any fixing the world, that as you say it is here for the purpose of demonstration. Confused ,I suppose I will remain unless you can elaborate in your own special way

Visible said...

That doesn't mean the same condition repeats over and over again like Groundhog Day. It means the cycles come and go. That includes golden ages and everything you've ever heard of in its time. "There is a season to every purpose under Heaven".

Robin Redbreast said...

I got hung up on the name thing a wee while back
As you say - I'll answer to whatever - only words :)
Just want to wish yourself and readers all the very best wishes, it being Christmas and all!!
Keep it up!!

thelevelshift said...

Thank you for spelling it out again.

Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All.

I found that "Northern Exposure" from the 90's did a good job of representing the journey.

Masher1 said...

I can't shake the feeling that Ron Paul is just another huge trick. Show them one face hide the other until it's too late sort of thing. Beware of the herd mentality it might just be another tool used against you and your life. I will just point at the time line of Mr hopey/changy and say "fool me once,shame on you. fool me twice, same on me"

Blasting new paths through the muck IS NOT OPTIONAL and i fear Ron Paul is a real tasty candy with a muck center core just waiting for you to all to suck off his disguise.

Be most careful of your choices as your track record has led to this muck filled result.

Anonymous said...

Ah...I see.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's mini-drama about Manly P. had me wtf-ing for a while, that is, until I forgot about it. But it seemed to come up again with the comment here in ref to blaming secret societies being like... 'blaming the day for the activities of the night.' So, it's wtf all over again.

It's ok, I think. WTF has become a familiar friend. (c;

Keeps me straight too.

Hey, when you gonna cover the gay thingy?


Visible said...

I had to think about putting this up but since it is all over the place now, here it is. You probably remember Babaji, David Bruce Hughes. appearing on these blogs and excoriating me for misrepresenting Krishna. Anyway, be forewarned, there is some number of sexual bondage photos and photos and apparently there is a lot more than this, videos etc.

Visible said...

Hall was not referred to today. That's actually a reach. When I discuss certain things it is usually because someone brings it up, or emails me.

I seldom get into this whole secret societies thing on my own. There's some gay stuff here, if you are interested, in my last link here in the comments. You might call it gay irony.

As for discussing it from the metaphysical end, certain things have to happen first; they will

Anonymous said...

It's "Visible" people!

Anyhow, great one again Les!
hahaha I keed I keed!
over an out .....Jimmy

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Sometimes it feels like the last straw is about to land on the camel's back but every now and then I get the feeling that some sort of benevolent force is blowing away that final straw. I get a bit hopeful when I read things like this ... ... and this ...

Of course I know that it's quite likely that nothing will come of either action but it is good to see a few awakened ones taking some kind of action. And then there's Occupy which many tut-tut about because they think it has not delivered a clear, consolidated message. I prefer to think of Occupy as being in the mic-check phase and the message will be delivered in good time. A movement has to attract your attention first and I don't think anyone can deny that Occupy has done that.

Visible said...

I have no plans for anything. I just don't expect to be here for any great deal of time but I wasn't talking about next month or even next year. I was just talking about sooner or later and I might be around a good long while only not around.


If you are going to send vicious comments, anonymous of course, they won't get printed. I will point out that you're completely wrong and a liar though. I never promoted Babaji but before he turned on me out of the blue I did mention visiting his ashram, nothing wrong about that. I had no idea of what was going on there and neither did anyone else. This all just appeared. Like I've said many times. there are plenty of real things to get after me about without making shit up. Anyway, the point is what I get up to, not him.

It's not important and it has no impact. The usual reptiles want to create dissension but are in no position to since I am at the rudder, so, it's just wailing in the wilderness, without the benefit of Mother Nature being grateful for it.

Rob in WI said...

I think most of us who read your blogs, comments, and may comment ourselves, know that you are not promoting a nefarious agenda. You present your mind's eye through your heart. If we were to all agree with you, all the time, it would be our confession that we have no mind's eye, or heart; another breed of sheeple. I personally love the way you make pictures, and even movies, using words. You have a gift. I'm privileged to have experienced it. Happy NY all, whatever it may bring. Rob

Anonymous said...

"Just when you think you have the whole world in your hands, it extends out of your reach, for the sole purpose of showing you what happens when your grasp exceeds your reach."

You wrote this for me. Recently a family member succeeded in stealing a really large inheritance I was supposed to get. I agonized over this and could not sleep for a while, but have come to terms with this event in exactly the way you have stated.

The money was supposed to be out of my reach for the purpose of instruction. A multi-faceted benefit will accrue to me from not receiving the money that is greater than the benefit I would get from having the money. I will have to go on at the materially abased level I am at, but that material abasement is ironically what has brought me to truth so how can I not be happy with that?

Anonymous said...

The zio-media is now informing us that Russians really have have enough of Putin and his wicked ways.
All ahead of the March Russian elections, of course. Seems like Putin is the only thing standing between Israel and Israel's's designs for Iran.

These ziofreaks really do believe that they can exert their control over the entire world. Everything they touch turns to shit.


Allison said...

Ya know Les, I was watching the sky the other morning an in less than an hour numerous airplanes had sprayed enough of whatever the hell they are spraying and completely blocked out the sun. I must agree that this is the kind of stuff of which biblical legends are made. The gods cant be too happy.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

What an absolutely beautiful website the Babaji link was on.

I didn't pay much attention to the photos. Who hasn't seen like or worse before?
Those are actually quite tame compared to many mainstream magazines and the WWW.

But the website itself is beautiful, with many transcendental articles and photos, etc.

Also the comments speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

good site

Anonymous said...

Hi, Les! The road you describe is precisely the one I'm walking. Blessings upon you.

It's so good to hear the voice of a fellow traveller coming from out of the darkenss that, for the moment, surrounds me. Yes, I understand. It's all for the purpose of demonstration.

"In faith, there is enough light for those to wish to see, and enough darkenss to blind those who don't" -Blaise Pascal


siamsaim said...

Ron Paul has his work cut out in cracking some nuts. I guess those featured below are hard core Obmanaughts.

'Wat if yo baby get ammonia of a pair of shoos. it just aint worth it' ....................

Anonymous said...

Vis, is it true that you are going to be on Jeff Rense's radio show pretty soon...can you give us a date and time? I noticed that your blogs are linked to, quite frequently, from And you mentioned that Jeff Rense has been a good friend of yours, over the years.

Which brings me to this little aside, and I'm sure you already realize this, but I thought I'd bring it to your attention, anyway, because it is kind of puzzling to me, and I thought you could set me straight...

I don't know if Rense still broadcasts on GCN or not - I know he did for a long, long time - but GCN (Genesis Communications Network) is an ABC affiliate. And that means it's fully controlled by Disney (Disney owns ABC, and GCN pays Disney/ABC affiliate fees). And I'm sure you've heard of COINTELPRO? can be reasonably inferred that anybody who broadcasts on a station that is an affiliate of ABC's (i.e., a business entity under the direct aegis of Disney), can only say what the elite want them to say (and you don't get much more elite, and COINTELPRO-ish, than Disney/ABC).

In other words, rattlesnakes don't commit suicide. In other words, it could be reasonably inferred that every syllable out of Jeff Rense's mouth (and that of his guests') is given a hearty thumbs-up by the puppet-masters well in advance. In other words, it could be reasonably inferred that Jeff Rense is not going to be allowed to give out any information to the unwashed masses, that truly helps to bring down the men behind the curtain.

And I find all of that to be extremely interesting. And I'd be very interested in reading your thoughts on the matter, Vis, if you have some free time. And if not, please let me know when you will be on Jeff's show, as I'd love to tune in. (FYI: Alex Jones broadcasts, or used to, on GCN, as well.)

Triumph Of The Swill by Lenny Reefenstähl said...

Why must everything get hijacked? Politics,religion, America, music secret societies. More demonstration I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why over 90% of 'normal' people in society seem unable to process true information about the destructive control that the zio NWO is exerting on them? i.e. they can't process 9/11 truth, zionism, central bank usury, NWO etc.

I stumbled upon a possible answer in the form of a question:

"Are you talking to the 'herd'?
The herd can’t perceive, because they have got their face up the rear of the animal in front of them."

Something about this quote struck me as true.

Visible said...

I don't know why you would ask me about Jeff and not already know where he broadcasts at. It would seem to be the first thing to do. Here is the details on Jeff Rense Radio. as far as I could find.

I should mention that I have been in the American armed forces and you know what kind of shit they have gotten up to. I've also bought food made by major corporations and driven cars made by large manufacturers.

I don't know too many people in broadcasting that haven't had to make their way through a minefield. If you have actual details of Jeff working for The Dark Lord as some kind of Saruman of the alternative airways, the best thing is to provide the details and the same goes for me of course.

All I know about Jeff is how gracious he has been to me; how kind and supportive. I don't know any more than that. You'll have to help me out but I got to tell you that people being employed under many circumstances is not what's needed to affect my judgement of them. What I need is 'direct' evidence of working against the best interests of the human race.

Also, when you're anonymous... well. There are people who don't like Jeff for all kinds of reasons. Michael Rivero is on his network too. Oh well, got to head out for a bit.

Visible said...

I'll be linking this in the new Petri Dish today but I'll put it here too. Patrick certainly knows how to make something come alive. One of the comments is amusing enough also to call your attention to it, as is Patrick's beautiful response to it.

Continuing on the matter of being on Jeff Rense's radio show, let me point out that I post on Blogger. Blogger is owned by Google and a lot can be wondered at about some of what Google gets up to. My comments section is certainly messed with from the inside. My visits numbers are played with on occasion and lots of people don't even get through and think its me. Does that mean that Google controls what I say? It does not.

I'm not one hundred percent familiar with Jeff but I would say, like all of us, he's been places and done things he would have done differently according to hindsight. I have never run across anything on his part that has disturbed me yet. I could be wrong about anything but I would be frozen in place if I spent all my time thinking about it. I am the sort of person that follows my inner guide. If I have to backtrack, or apologize for something, I do it but I'm not going to go through life thinking everyone is thoroughly corrupt because all of us are corrupt to some degree until we are realized.

I fly on planes that are owned by corporations that are possibly owned by other corporations that do bad shit. I have utilities in my house. I have money in a bank; not much money. I'm pretty close to as poor as you can get but live well because I don't want anything. There's no getting out side the system unless you live in a cardboard box somewhere and you are still not out of the system, you are only more dependent than it.

I said that Jeff has been a friend to me. That doesn't make us fire and ice inseparable friends. It doesn't mean we won't be either. In the meantime he prints everything I say and that alone should mean he couldn't be much compromised by those mysterious dark forces that some of us know so much about without, usually, presenting much to go on. I'll go write about that today at Petri Dish and we'll see what comes of it.

Greg Bacon said...

Thank Odin that "Merry Conspicuous Consumption Day" is over....which means there are only 363 shopping days left till Xmas 2012!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Warps and Woofs, Woo Woo and Wiffenpoofs.

Anonymous said...

*If I were inside you* I would fold my tent and never leave you.

My cheeks are soaking wet over the love that left me...fuck you visible for making me feel so much...

Visible said...

Look fool, don't come around any more. You are a liar because you said I was promoting him. I was not. That was your lie. Get it? I hope so. Otherwise I was pleasant with him and nothing more. I'm the one who posted about him and his shenanigans. I am not responsible about knowing about him beforehand. You are playing a game and trying to get me going. It's not going to happen. I see right through you, you anonymous coward. You'll need to find somewhere else to be heard.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis -

Well, I was going to let the whole Jeff Rense/GCN thing drop...but at the last second, I thought it would be prudent to do a little Googling and dig out what I could about Jeff Rense's background. It made sense, I thought, for me to do this, in an effort to round up more info about Mr. Rense, examine it critically, and then use my own mind to decide whether or not his connection with GCN was anything but innocent. (Assuming there was anything to find, that is - which there was.)

If you'll recall, this was my basic formula regarding Jeff Rense:

Jeff Rense = GCN Broadcasting (yeah, yeah - I KNOW... he doesn't broadcast with them any longer, but he did up until two years ago) = ABC affiliate = Disney Owned = COINTELPRO.

Now, since I'd already put that basic formula together, well, I took your advice, Vis (about doing one's research, and digging out facts instead of just speculating), and I dug a little deeper and I found the following tidbits of information, about Jeff Rense:

Jeff Rense's dad was Arthur Rense, who was at one time the public relations director of Douglas Aircraft Corporation (currently known as McDonnell-Douglas; a major, massive, prolific United States weapons contractor.)

In addition, Arthur Rense (Jeff's dad) was at one time the public relations director of the Summa Corporation (guess who the owner of Summa Corporation was? - one Howard Hughes, that's who; and anybody who doesn't know that Howard Hughes was up to his eyeballs in CIA goings-on, well, they just haven't done their homework - but don't worry, I did some of that homework for you, as you can see for yourself, immediately below).

"Summa Corporation was the financial umbrella under which Howard Hughes's fortune was maintained. Most recently, another Summa 'asset' hit the news: the $350 million Hughes Glomar Explorer vessel that Hughes built at the behest (and the expense of) the Central Intelligence Agency." - from The Washington Post, April 1, 1975.

Now, Vis, do you not find this interesting? Howard Hughes was a major weapons contractor, and his ties to the CIA are well-documented. And Jeff Rense's dad was the public relations director, at one time, of both Douglas Aircraft (now McDonnell-Douglas, one of the biggest weapons contractors in the world), and the Summa Corporation (Howard Hughes's personal company, which built a $350 million vessel for the CIA.)

Vis, I would truly appreciate the chance to read your response regarding these facts that I've uncovered...I most assuredly would. I know in my heart of hearts that you are merely looking for the truth, just like everyone else. Now, personally, I find it curious that Jeff Rense's father worked as a "public relations director" for two companies that were deeply connected to the military industrial complex. And, in my opinion, it isn't much of a stretch to come to the conclusion that Little Jeffy's dad was CIA all the way.

One envisions little Jeffy, with his father's agent-buddies all around him, out in the backyard, when he was just a lad.

Agent Smithers: "Hey, JEFF! Wanna play Let's Destabilize the Middle East"?

Little Jeffy Rense: "Gosh, YES Agent Smithers - when I grow up I wanna be JUST LIKE YOU - just like you and MY DADDY..."

I await your reply, Mr. Visible...keep it real, man.

Power to the people. Right on. Etc.

Visible said...

You definitely would not want to come up against me in a courtroom. First of all, his father has squat to do with him. Furthermore we need to investigate the extreme paranoia Hughes was driven to and his need to completely surround himself with Mormons and why Mormons?

My father spent 30 years in the military and you know who the U.S. military is connected to. Need I continue with this line of thought?

I guess you don't know anything about Jeff being with Clear Channel's Premiere network before GCN or being forced out because Coke was all over the station about his reportage on aspartame?

So, he finished his contract and left. After that Alex Jones approached him to be on his network and effectively worked him over. So Jeff left there.

If he was what you say he is he would have stayed. Now he's on his own and there is little he doesn't print that I am aware of but that is neither here nor there. I know a bit more than I'm saying and I'm not going to get into that. Suffice to say, none of this is going to work with me.

In conclusion, what Jeff is or is not has no impact on what I do and he's never said a word about my changing my message one bit. I'm wondering why you aren't over at Petri Dish where this whole conversation is actually taking place and where LorieK showed up to put in her two cents.

You realize that you have used nothing but very loose circumstantial evidence and innuendo right? You do realize this? I know you're pulling my chain. What I don't know is why, or what your purpose is or who you are and that is probably the heart of the matter.

This is the material world. One can't operate at certain levels of influence at any point and not run into the devil. It's how one deals with that aspect that counts. My own situation puts paid to that on my account and whether one credits it or not, I have invisible friends every bit as real as the people everyone else sees every day and they tell me all kinds of things.

Of course, I could be deluded but I'm not and they are dead on accurate over time about everything. I'm wrong on occasion, or not fully informed but that is my fault because I don't listen closely enough or ask in the first place. I'm getting over that though.

Anonymous said...

Visible Origami
Sunday, February 13, 2011
There's no Easy Way around the Stones in your Path.


Visible said...
We might try to go down and visit Babaji and have one of there Hare Krishna meals which is some of the finest food in the world. Wouldn't that be cool showing up on his doorstep?
Sunday, February 13, 2011 7:56:00 PM

Visible said...

I'm going to allow your anonymous arrogance this one last time. There's nothing wrong with dropping in at an ashram when you have no information concerning anything out of the ordinary.

All this other nonsense came to light later, so you are not only a liar but a shit stirrer and an anonymous coward. You're not going to impress anyone here with this crap. Everyone here is aware of how this man blew me off and slandered me, so I don't know what sort of traction you expect to get.

I assure you it will be none. This is the end of your welcome here. My suggestion is to take your BS to another location where something like you would be welcome. You've done nothing more than waste our time here but that is the end of it. Good luck with your next demonstration of dishonesty and low character.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Heavenly Wine and the Purpose of Demonstration.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I might add that people go to ISKCON temples all the time just for the prasadam.

Nothing wrong with this, in fact it is encouraged.

I can even imagine the Devil going to the Sunday feast disguised as a monk or a mild mannered blogger, just to get his hands on some of that prasadam. It's that good!

I'm pretty sure I saw him asking for seconds..

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Vis. One for the book!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't brag about running this country, as the oligarchy is feeling more emboldened to do lately.

The current state of affairs is nothing to crow about, but they do it regarding every American institution (even though they simultaneously deny it, or whine, "But other countries do it too, or are much, much worse!")

May their crowing come back to bite them in ways they couldn't imagine. May they eat lots of crow, the Crow of Odin. May Crow's wing span unfold inside of the deepest, dankest crevices of their bowels.

Thank you, Brother Les and Teacher Crow. Thank you.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Visible wrote: "Nothing that means anything at the moment, in terms of social or religious constructs, bears any resemblance to the original and authentic construct. Since the morphed and mutated constructs have slipped beyond relevant connection to essence, they are inescapably bound for destruction."

Wow, what a profound and meaningful statement.

I think that most of the stories presented by the ancient religious scriptures were originally about Divine Creation, the Cosmos, astronomy, cyclic time, cyclic catastrophe, - and also about Divinity and Spirituality, usually in an astronomical context - and most of it coded in poetic metaphors. For example, Shiva is a God, but he also personifies or embodies the earth's Polar Axis. The identification of Shiva with the Polar Axis is explained in the Vedic scriptures, and to say so does not diminish Shiva's additional identity as a Spiritual Being.

Some people want to interpret the ancient scriptures in primarily Spiritual terms, while discounting or dismissing the astronomy. My opinion is that to dismiss the astronomy in the scriptures is to dismiss some of its most vital elements and messages. What, for example, is the Submarine Fire of Agni, and why does it appear in the form of a horse at the end of a cyclic World Age?

I am in awe of the fact that our ancestors wanted to warn us about the Ice Age cycle and they incorporated that information into so many of their stories or scriptures.

In the Vedic tradition it is said that the Nairukta method, which interprets the Vedic scriptures as Cosmology and astronomy, is as old as the Vedas themselves.

I'd like to know what the ancient people who composed the scriptures meant by all those peculiar stories - both Spiritually and astronomically. They went to a tremendous effort composing those stories and handing them down through countless generations until they were eventually written down. It is unfortunate that we have forgotten the original meaning of those stories, and it would be particularly unfortunate if we lost those stories altogether. Everything dies, of course, including stories, and all that endures is the imperishable Consciousness.

Still, of what we have inherited from our ancestors, what is most precious is their stories or scriptures - whether we understand them correctly or not. Because those stories contain the information that our ancestors most wanted us to know.

My grandmother, Grace Burns, said that we were descended from the Scottish poet Robert Burns, and as I write this, at just after midnight on January 1, 1012, the radio on my desk is playing one of my ancestors' songs. - GF

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

We two have paddled in the stream,
from morning sun till dine;
But seas between us broad have roared since auld lang syne.

For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.
- Robert Burns

God bless us, one and all.

Anonymous said...

One Tory MP david cameron said: It was set up five years
ago before he was even the Democratic nominee and continuing
in Cairo. Mr Gove also david cameron argued that the government has been negotiating cease-fires with many, but remains embroiled in a bitter, fitful
struggle with the Kachin minority in the country's history.

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