Friday, January 28, 2022

"NONE OF THEM Comes Close to Being as Important as Having The Gene to Search for God."

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I go through The News every day. This includes a VERY FEW trusted resources, The Crass Media, and The Sewer Press. You will see examples from each in the links below. They all tell a kind of truth, they titillate and tell salacious and ridiculous lies, or... they fearmonger. They work the gamut of attraction and aversion. They seek to whet your appetite or to ignite apprehension in you. It is what they do because they feed on your attention. Your attention provides them with the currency to go on doing what they do and to live off of the proceeds.

The sensationalists, like Stew Peters, Hal Turner, and others must work hard for The Money. It astounds me sometimes, the fabrications they spin, when The Truth, these days... is far more riveting than the lies.

These days it comes down to who has the most money for lawyers. Lawyers are professional muddiers of the water. Their job is to entangle and untangle. They don't do a great deal of the latter because they might expose themselves in the process. Lawyers don't work with sunshine. Sunshine is a disinfectant, Lawyers are a bacteria and you see them most in times of cultural decline. This country has been protected by The Constitution and The Bill of Rights for a long time now. I don't know what the future may hold. I do know that this year is what the I Ching would call a Changing Line. The I Ching is also called The Book of Changes. I spent a lot of time with that book. I had it with me when I was in prison.

I discovered that the book was not about what it appeared to be about. It is the same with The Tarot. The Tarot is not a fortune-telling device. That is a perversion of the original intention. What is the point of telling The Future with something... when you can, INSTEAD... change The Future with it through attentive meditation on the images? Life is in flux. A few things are set in stone (so to speak). The rest is mutable. Like The Tarot, the I Ching is really about Archetypes. You use these systems to activate The Archetypes within, so as to come into resonance with them, and have yourself transformed.

You can accomplish the same thing... simply by sitting in The Sun and presenting an emptiness to be filled. You do not have to sit directly in The Sun because the light of it goes everywhere. It comes in through your windows. It also shines through your window from within, should you permit it to. Most do not want anything shining through them because it gets in the way of their appetites, desires, and ambitions. You have to get out of the way for The Sun to shine through you. People possessed by The Separated Mind do not want this. It is like death to them. Indeed it is Death. It is the death of The False Self.

I have often said that I am a student of Phrenology. I should have added that... in the practical sense, I am really a Physiognomist. I don't really pay any attention to the bumps on a person's head. I do observe features like cranial construction and how it presents through a person's appearance. The lines on your face, your hands, and your feet, all tell a story about you. This is more precise and revealing than having your cards read by Sapphire Moonchild Morning Glory in a purple pants suit. Astrology is also more precise than a random tossing of Yarrow stalks, coins, or cards, but where do you find an astrologer who has The Gene? You might as well throw runes or knucklebones. None of this matters, either you have The Gene, or you do not.

Some fortune-tellers read tea leaves. Some will ask the client to spit their tea onto a surface. If they have The Gene... they can tell you what your future looks like.

I have been curious about seeing beyond the moment all of my life. I have intensely and extensively studied Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Physiognomy, Gematria, and related occult sciences for decades. It is a kind of hobby of mine. It hasn't gotten me too far. Early on, I learned that I did not have The Gene, and YOU MUST have The Gene. If you have The Gene, the hand reveals itself, and the life patterned by the liver is uncovered to your sight. Very few people have The Gene in this area of inquiry. I was much improved by not having The Gene so that I could study the deeper aspects of The Sciences.

Still... one does pick up a great deal of knowledge and insight simply on the academic plane. People who have studied Biology know a great deal more about it than people who watch Nature documentaries. However... for every ten thousand botanists, there is hardly ever one Luther Burbank. He had The Gene. For every hundred thousand Madame Cleo's you might still not get one Nostrildamus or Mother Shipton. This causes me to ask if ANYONE has gotten anything of any value from Nostrildamus yet... in any case? Do we actually know anything from his inscrutable quatrains?

There have been many more prophets than anyone can name or remember. Take a look at The World around you. How have the prophets improved the general lot of Humanity? I can assure you that great benefits have come to us through the lives of those who set a higher standard for themselves but... it is hard to pinpoint the influence. Then again, The Sun sustains every living thing on this planet and has for a great length of time. How many of us are aware of that on a sort of regular basis? No... we have more important things to think about; more important things to do. I... fortunately, do not have more important things to do.

When I talk about The Gene, I am really talking about this; "These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation, and the company of the great-souled ones." This is the really important gene to have. Talents are nice and they do travel with you in your long journey, but of all the genes one might possess... for whatever talents, NONE OF THEM comes close to being as important as having The Gene to seek God. It is a profound blessing and accomplishment to be driven to seek The Source of one's Being.

Strangely enough... there are individuals here who take violent and inflamed exception to anyone talking about God. It is as if coals of fire have been placed on their heads. They are outraged beyond any reasonable expectation. It drives them mad. As we have said many times, the thief... when he looks at others, sees a thief. The insincere see someone who is insincere. The liar hears a liar. Everyone projects their deficiencies upon others in the world around them. Look at how those who have sought to help The World were treated by The World. I'm not talking about Social Reformers who comprise the greatest mass murderers The World has ever seen. I'm talking about those industrious in the higher octaves of the human heart. I am talking about the servants of Higher Love.

If it is your intention to serve Heaven, you MUST be free of self-interest. That is one of the absolute requirements for The Job. You must possess Impersonal Love. You cannot charge for the service. You cannot perform the service with expectations of profit or reward. It must be 'the waters of The Spirit freely given.' You must walk the talk. If you can meet that criteria then it does not matter what people might say about you. They are ONLY talking about themselves. This is one of the enduring truths of life. The animals come to the drinking pond. The deer sees a deer in the water. The lion sees a lion. The snake sees a snake. This is why you must learn to see beyond appearances, otherwise, it is a bunch of self-revealing claptrap. Everyone outs themselves ALL THE TIME, whether they know it or not.

This is why I have studied the arcane arts throughout my life, to help me better understand the warp and woof of what people are and why they do what they do. There are those who can look not at... but into others, and see from whence they have come, and whence they are bound. I KNOW this to be true because I have met such people. It is not a common occurrence but it has happened to me several times. That's mentioned in the Shankara quote I inserted earlier.

If you are on the caravan bound for that spiritual oasis, past all Fata Morgana and mirage, you do not mind the barking of the pariah dogs who follow for a time. It is not what you are listening to. It is ALL music to your ears now because Divine Harmony has chosen to reside in you. It is a waterfalling melody that drowns out everything else you might hear. Whatever you make a place for, create the suitable environment for, WILL come to live in you. You have residents within you at this very moment. You invited them in through your thoughts, words... and actions. The Key is to Still the Reactive Mind and to stand guard at The Entrance to Thought. The power and potential of this are immeasurable.

There is a strong and ceaseless wind blowing today. This rarely ever happens here. Such days are indicative of changing times. Perhaps you have heard of The Winds of Change? The Wind also carries messages and warnings of things to come, for those with ears that are tuned to hear them. I used to marvel at the voices in the wind at different times, and in different states of consciousness. If I had The Gene, I would say there are indications of something big coming up or down The Pike. I don't know which end of that spectrum you are on (grin).

It does not matter what is coming unless it has your name on it. That can be good, and that can be bad news. I don't know what arrangements you have made for yourself. If it has naught to do with you then its impact will be nil. Go with God and God will go with you.

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