Friday, April 19, 2024

"Karma is So... So Surgically Precise. It's a Thing of Beauty... The Way it Brushes A Person's Coat, and Doesn't Harm Them."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Given that the Israeli leadership keeps calling for the extermination of the Palestinians... the execution of all Palestinians...

... erasing Gaza from the face of The Earth... saying that they are fighting animals and should act accordingly (has PETA heard about this?)... I was not surprised that they attacked Iran last night, BUT... wait! Did they even do that? There is no talk of casualties or... much of anything. It reminds me of what happened when Iran reacted to Israel's unhinged assault on their consulate; in defiance of international law, and... again... there were no casualties.

What's going on here? Is this some kind of a metaphorical pillow fight? First, there was Tit. Then there was Tat. Now Tit has come round again. Will we hear from Tat today... or not?

I have never seen anything like this. It takes me back to those times... when Israeli agents would launch fireworks from the occupied lands... into the desert areas of Sderot, in order to have provocation to bomb Palestine, BUT... this isn't the usual, they cry out in pain when they strike you tactics. This is something new. Maybe next, Iran will put a Whoopee cushion in the chair of the Israeli ambassador.

Israel has been acting like a mad dog (has PETA heard about this?) since they got that sovereign nation status. Right off the bat, they started mass-murdering Palestinians. They were so psychopathically (it's an adverb, Sport) violent in the late 40s and early 50s that nearly a million of The Original Inhabitants had to look for somewhere else to be. I think some of them are still living in the desert in camps... somewhere.

I'm amazed at the double standard they were able to bring into play... following that Holocaust scam, and the founding of the religion of Holocaustianity. Damn! They have gotten some mileage out of that... haven't they? Now they can do evil shit... night and day... and if anyone complains... they can point their finger at them like that wicked witch in Oz, and scream Antisemitic!!! AND... they're not even Semitic!!!

It can't just be the control of The World Banking Industry that gives them such latitude. I know the control of The Media and entertainment industries allows them the freedom to create and shape the news... so... this power to cloud the minds of people... yeah... that's pretty intense, but... there has to be something more, AND... whaddya know? There is. It's occult force. They are practicing black magic on the rest of The World. No! I'm not crazy or deluded. It's a fact.

They use all kinds of methods, and I'm not going to be getting into that area because... it is becoming more and more irrelevant by the day. You see... their water is being cut off. The power they have been drawing on... to perform all these outrages against humanity is... being taken from them. It's part of the whole changing of the guard... that always goes down... when a new age comes to town.

There will be new villains for this new age, and it will... likely... still contain quite a few of Them because... they are perennials. It's what they do. Why... they've been at it since people started writing it all down back in the early BC periods.

For some reason... all this inexplicable nonsense that keeps going on for no good reason... keeps going on. It reminds me of Genghis Khan outside the gates of some unlucky town saying, “Well... you must have done something to offend God or I wouldn't be here to destroy you.” Yeah... he said something like that... used to say things like that. Am I digressing? Not really, given that there seems to be no rhyme or reason... no rational point... to so many things that happen... have happened... over the course of time.

Every day you hear about terrible things happening to individuals. Then you hear about whole towns, and cities, and even countries... now and then... that bad things happen to. Look at Ukraine! Look at Palestine! Look at East Palestine! Then there are those selective genocides of surgical precision... like all those people killed or left with ruined lives by... The Killer Vaccines that are... coincidentally... manufactured by the same people who are behind The Gazacide.

Karma is so... so surgically precise. It's like a thing of beauty the way it brushes someone's coat and doesn't harm them... on its way to flattening someone else. There are so many of these near-death brushes on the internet these days, cause... there are cameras everywhere now.

So... anyway... I'm here to say that the fun and games are over for The Deep State and its enablers. It's over for Israel. It's over for the former Movers and Shakers and Masters of The Universe. This happens every so not very often... like thousands of years go by, and you only get those mini-apocalypses. People can't be expected to be aware of these sorts of infrequent occurrences... when most of them are on their way to The Golden Corral... with a fixed look of purpose and determination in their eyes. Someone has to feed The Fire Down Below.

Yeah... The Out of Wack Factor has reached a critical mass, and so... an avatar has been sent down from The Luminous Lands to sort it all out. You're probably feeling indications of his presence every day and mistaking it for something else. When a storm is on the way, you get all kinds of signs of it's coming. The wind picks up. The sky gets dark. There might be thunder and lightning. I'm not saying this is a storm. It's more than that. It contains some storms to be surgically applied... in specific locations, BUT... it includes all sorts of other things too.

I'm not going to go into The Details because I don't have The Details. That's not my department. I'm just saying... something is coming and... it's big... it's humongous. It's going to affect everything... living and dead... in some way. I shouldn't use the word Dead because... nothing is ever dead. It's only transiting from one state to another. Physics ought to have learned you that, but so many of you can't even do basic math anymore Or speak intelligently. Fortunately, (if you see it that way) there are not that many intelligent people around anymore.

The reason I bring up the very... VERY odd nature of events that just transpired between Iran and Israel, and their bouncy castle... flag football... slap-arounds, that was very much like a hissy fit between two aging queens in the produce section of Rancher's Market... any time day or night, given the demographics of the area... is because it doesn't make sense. Whenever something doesn't make sense, there is a reason that is being kept out of view.

At this time... there is a herd of elephants in The Room. All doorways in the corridors of power lead to The Room, and what they are talking about in The Room... is not what they are talking about publicly. The Heat IS on! If we transpose The Room to represent The World within, and everything else being The World without, perhaps this makes it easier to understand.

When The Avatar comes... when God sends his angels... it's not all something that happens on the external playing fields of Megiddo. It is also... very much happening in The Mind, and especially in the minds of those who have been messing with The Machinery for their own gain. The Avatar comes to... set... things... in... order. The Avatar comes to balance the scales.

He is as much in the form-making areas of The Mind... as he is in the crystallized externalizations of the Mind.. in those locations where The Mind has projected thoughts... that materialized into things consistent with the meditations of The Mind... whatever The Mind has energized with the desire to bring into form. So you get Beauties and The Bestial, and the more advanced the state of Materialism... the more toward the bestial it inclines. It's math! It's always math and it always adds up. If it doesn't add up then YOU are missing something... or YOU... left something out.

All of this meandering today is to tell you to be watchful... about all the inexplicable things... that increasingly make less and less sense. The Joker has entered the deck. Each deck has two Jokers, so... two Jokers are in the deck... shuffling and dancing with the rest of the cards.

Things are appearing in the minds of those who have been messing with everyone else's weather. Pressure fronts are building that they cannot escape. Where are you going to run when it's all happening in... your... mind? This is also taking place... at a wider reach... in The Hive Mind. The whole world is going to be turned upside down before it gets turned right side up.

For some, this will be literal. For some this will be metaphorical... allegorical... spiritual... or at a distance. It will happen in their world... or it will happen in their minds, depending on how much they know about how things really happen.

It will occur exactly as it needs to on a case-by-case basis. This is not the time to go running wild in a panic... tearing at your hair or crying in the streets. Step back and remain calm. Then... all the people who are running wild, and tearing at their hair... while screaming in the streets, will... not... run... into... you.

On The Mental Plane, thoughts are weather. On The Emotional Plane, feelings are weather. You might want to get in out of the weather.

You may see this as some form of hyperbole... an over-dramatization... a lacking of context and material evidence; what are you... blind? The more still you become... the more poised you are... reliant upon The Divine in all things... the more the howling chaos of worlds in collision will go right on by you. It's another kind of Passover.

End Transmission.......

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