Saturday, January 9, 2021

"The Full Steam Ahead of a Burn em and Turn em Material World in True Poison Nightshade Flower."

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Unusual for me; I find myself in the same state as I was in before we wrote the last posting. I don't usually step out of the same river twice. Yes! Of course, it's all the same river on its way to the ocean which empties the river of itself and into itself. I get the sensation that we are caught up in a time-lapse, fugue state, deja vu. I don't think we liked it then either.

I've no idea how it will play out now. There's nothing unusual about that. I seldom do. What I keep hearing in the back of my head is, “What are you concerned about? It has nothing to do with you.” Did you ever get the feeling, along with all kinds of hard evidence, that there was a great deal more going on with your life than you were being informed of? If that is the case, as I am sure it is with some of you, these are not the times you would choose to finally be informed in. It is where you find yourself, however.

I get well-intentioned warnings from people about how my world might change when the bad guys come to power. The bad guys, like the poor, you ALWAYS have with you and they always appear to be in power the way you get high tide and low tide. There is NEVER a time when God Almighty is not in charge and THERE NEVER WILL BE. So... though I thank you for your cautions, they don't apply to me. I'm just here to talk about God and I will continue to do so until God posts me to another consulate somewhere in his mega multi-galactic empire, of which this less than a pebble planet we are inhabiting is of no great significance.

I don't get it, my friends. You say you believe in God. You agree with me that God is Real, yet... we don't act with the proper assurance in that regard, I don't think. If God is an everlasting presence and the SOURCE of ALL POWER, then what does anything anyone else gets up to matter at all to me? It doesn't. I would rather Humanity suffered less than it does, but I know that Humanity is willful and give them the full steam of a burn em and turn em material world in full poison nightshade flower and they will race and trample upon one another to get to the Gates of Perdition. I have seen this Literally. I am seeing it.

I have mostly lost what little faith I had in Humanity. I've watched the line between Good and Evil get blurred out of recognition and I have watched Humanity follow it like a doomed sheep. Down through the paddocks to The Killing Floor (hmmm, sounds like a line in a country-western song). This latest outrage of The Mask Zombies is too much. I had no idea there were so few of us. I suppose I should have known but I'm always trying to walk on the sunny side of the street, even when it's raining. Still, I do know that The Sun brought the rain and every other weather in its bandwidth into being. This is ONE of the reasons why I know it's going to be okay in the long run; the short term too if you are In the Moment with God.

Not much has changed since I took that LSD half a century ago. I saw it then and I see it now. I would sit on the incline of a hill at some large gathering. There might be music. Surely there was conversation and I would watch Humanity as it was pulled and pushed by the various hungers that clamor at the mind AND... the more you feed them? The bigger they get. People have a holocaust of hunger in their bellies. It consumes everything you throw upon it and then, eventually, it consumes you. To say that 'the world is on fire' is to speak a literal truth but Truth for most people is confined within the bandwidth of the senses and Truth cannot be kept confined.

Perhaps I shouldn't say that; that I have lost what little faith I had in Humanity. I know that the same spark of eternal spirit shines in each of us, under greater or lesser coverings of darkness. Human evolution is made so slow by the circuitous meanderings of the mindset fire to by appetite.

There are certain principles that should be uppermost in the mind. One of them is that the greater the concentration, the greater the heat. The reverse applies as well, and it grows COOLER in the more rarefied atmospheres of Liberation. It explains; “why the Himalayas?” I can well understand the desire to be apart from the common scurrying after shiny objects. I have tried to live that way when fortune permitted. Now I have that delightful privacy which is not private at all. “Tell us, Greta, just why do you want to be alone?” I would have said to the reporter, “It is because of you that I like to be alone.” It's a gift. It's like I can't control it (grin).

You don't have to worry about LIFE. People do and the attention they water their concerns with, causes them to grow into a jungle one cannot see through or around. A person can say the same thing over and over and it's just sounds moving through the air. It's squiggles on a page or a screen. It should be saying something. It is saying something. Why isn't it heard?

Remember the Meher Baba poster that was everywhere once? “Don't worry. Be happy”. Could be that that is all there is to it. You can't enjoy things if you own them because then they own you. That's how God stays liberated and free. He's in it but not of it. Don't get entangled! Don't get ensnared! Let everything ripen and fall. Life has consequences. One should be able to figure that out. There are also areas of existence beyond consequences, beyond Good and Evil. This is the key to being like a child. Their world is not yet colored in with right and wrong. The terrible irony of it all is that we are carrying the answer to every problem we have, or ever will have, with us every moment of every day.

The World is in a very strange place right now. It is in a period of swift transition. There are powerful forces animate within large objects and they are moving toward each other. Contact is certain. The outcome is not. Right now, the forces of darkness are outing themselves in remarkable fashion. Though they are unaware of why they are doing it, it is standard protocol. They cannot be fully aware of why they do what they do or they would not do it. This is something to keep in mind. People whose intention is to deceive you have already deceived themselves and are working at a disadvantage to begin with. All they have in their favor is weakness on your part. People believe what they want to believe and convince themselves that it is true, only to find that it does not even exist. Buddha's words cannot be improved on, “All life is pain caused by ignorant desire.”

The answer is clear as clear can be. Don't want anything except God and everything else will come along in the slipstream. What is intended for you is on the way and anything you might think you want you can dream into being. That is all that we are up to here and you see it all around.

Fear is stalking the country in these times. It is most prominent in the hearts of those who are doing wrong. These times are not your ordinary bio-rhythmic cycles. There are specific times when The Almighty God sticks his oar in. This is one of them. So... whereas it has been taken for granted that those with enough money and power can get away with anything, it is to be proven otherwise. God IS, IN FACT... very real. More real than you or I, and the only thing that makes us real by being resident within us. It is all about God and as soon as you tumble to how real that is, you will be all about God.

I don't know if some BIG surprise is right around the corner or not. What I do know is that the poor facsimiles they have shoehorned into office are going to provide all sorts of tragic amusement. It may not come to pass and then it might and, of course, the one thing for certain is that it won't turn out the way we assume it will.

My prayers are with you and regardless of what may come to pass, near at hand, or far away, God is present and there to be relied on by any who would avail themselves of that presence.

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