Thursday, July 18, 2024

"Some Atheists are Good People, BUT... I Know... It is Always Easier to Corrupt Someone... Who doesn't Believe in God."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Zeitgeist is a German word that means, Spirit of The Times. It could be a person... place... or thing; like Woodstock, for instance. It embodies the beliefs and ideas of a time; the trends and patterns.

We have Zeitgeist and we have The Great Man Theory, which at some point will be The Great Woman Theory as the times feminize, which is one of the reasons for all the gender nonsense... because people are interpreting a spiritual principle... on a carnal level; it's kinda like The World making you its bitch.

Which of these does Donald Trump... Elon Musk and all the others fall into? Are The Kardashians forerunners of anything besides Satanic Modeling? I hope not and I doubt it. They are something constructed in a laboratory at Tavistock or Mk Ultra. It used to be that parts of material existence were separated from each other. Now... especially due to Social Media... They want as wide a grasp of everything as They can get... because They ALWAYS... want it all.

Cultures are no longer left in more mysterious hands... to be what they become. They are shaped to the ends of the people who profit off of them, and that is where the Kardashian phenomenon comes from, BUT... what about Trump... Musk... Putin, and others? Did their cultures call them forth or are they shaping it... or both?

I've mentioned many times that I watch Trends and Patterns. They speak more to me than the personalities that appear in them. I played sports as often as I could when I was young. Even in my 30s, I would get together with friends and we would play baseball against local and black teams. I've always had the gene for anything in sports, whether they were on a field or a table, and would only euphemistically be termed sports. Games is probably a better term for some of them.

So... it stands to reason that I would watch sports more... once I stopped playing them, and while I played them too. However, my watching was always based on my heroes, as soon as they stopped playing, I stopped watching. I followed boxing when Muhammad Ali was boxing. I followed basketball when Michael Jordan was playing, and the same with Tom Brady. Once they stopped. I stopped watching.

I'm trying to make a point here... in a field other than the ones I am using for examples. These heroes I had... were side-piece heroes. They weren't my real heroes. As time passes, I find it harder and harder to have heroes because everyone seems to have feet of clay. They might say and do all kinds of things, BUT... they don't say certain things or do certain things because that would piss off the ones they pay fealty to.

I can't take Trump and Vance any more seriously than I take any of the other performing clowns because they get on their knees for Israel, and I do not, and I will not. There is no Israel. There never was except in the historical logs... masquerading as religious scriptures... where all they did was talk about themselves. They were always The Good Guys, BUT... their behavior said otherwise... as it most certainly does now.

There is a Palestine. There was always a Palestine, and when they try to say there is no Palestine, I don't look for ways that I can find agreement with them. When I see people who are not members of a certain religion... kissing an old wall... for no reason I can understand, and wearing a beanie that should have a propeller on the top of it. (What happened to the propeller?) I wonder what their reasons are.

t all comes down to The Money, doesn't it? They've been plotting to take control of the country since before Andrew Jackson... our greatest president... sent them packing. Then they sank the Titanic and used every lever and twisted arm to get that Federal Reserve happening, and... it was a fait accompli after that. Then it became a landscape of perpetual war... because... nothing makes money like war.

War doesn't just make you money from armaments, and manufacturing via loans to those businesses... where the interest is a piece of the action. It also gets you booty... and territory, and debt; an endless... endless... return on debt. Anytime I see anyone kissing the ring... that is... spiritually... The Devil's Sphincter Ring, my interest wanders after the footprints of my real heroes.

It was easier once when all you needed was a good... strong arm and a sword, and you could take what you wanted. There were still the obligatory alliances... treaties, and agreements. As The Church came more and more into the picture... selling the idea of a currency... that no one could see... while grabbing and stabbing for every bloody nickel to be found... they had to be appeased as well or they could ignite The Rabble... The Canaille against you.

Nothing gets people up like prevailing superstitions... manicured and manipulated by The Priest Class. I'm not saying God does not exist. God most profoundly does exist, just not the God they are selling. That's a Disney character... well before Disney, which the people with the wall also control now.

There was a time that CNN gave you real news because all the other guys were lying without respite, so it seemed like a good idea at the time. Then THEY took that from Turner by the usual methods, and now it's the biggest liar of them all.

Well... Turner didn't turn out so well either. That's what Money will do to you. Money fucks you up unless your will is aligned with The Divine. You can't look into The Palantir unless you are Aragorn.

So... Trump and Musk may mean well. I always think of those idealized souls who go to law school because they want to help people. No one tells them the larger percentage goes to law school for other reasons, because a law degree is a license to steal, AND The System was put into place by those lawyers to begin with. It's amazing that The Founding Fathers managed to set precedents well ahead of time, though this is rarely acknowledged.

They knew something... didn't they?

I always feel like public figures with big egos are not as smart as those who know how to subsume that aspect of their being into The True King over all. Musk's romance with transhumanism, strikes me as similar to skin diving in a sewer. You also have to be an atheist. I imagine there are good people who are atheists, BUT I know it is always easier to corrupt someone who doesn't believe in God.

There is this tendency in The Hive Mind to believe that Lucy really will hold the football for Charlie Brown to kick.

Hope is the last to die. Hope is ONLY real when what you are hoping in... or for... is real. Then it becomes Faith. Hope is Faith in the early stages... where things can always go either way.

People are so easily fired up by bombast and brass bands. It's what turns them into cannon fodder for Our Glorious Leader, BUT your glorious leader works for The Bank. That is another Litmus Test for me. I look to see if one is serving Mammon or God. I know that most people can't tell the difference, given the nature of appearances, BUT... I can tell the difference. If you fail that Litmus Test then you can't be trusted.

Both Trump and Musk are really likable guys from a certain perspective. Putin does not seem to be as much, but I trust him more. I sometimes muse about what it takes to be Putin in the face of the Banker Armies arrayed against him through ZATO. He's got to have higher guidance. I look at what he does for his people and his nation, and I don't need any further evidence.

That is what makes it hard with Trump and Musk. Trump does a great many of the right things... then he acts in a mystifying fashion... as if he were getting instructions from somewhere else. Musk does and says many of the right things, especially in comparison with his peers. Ben Carson likes Trump and I like Ben Carson. Maybe I'm just a Pollyanna. I've always had the tendency.

I don't believe things just because they are what I want to believe. That is a self-deception I cannot embrace. The pain of the inevitable disappointment is too egregious for me.

People everywhere are turning over rocks at the moment and that's going to result in some good things, and no matter how they scrutinize Trump... they can't find anything. That speaks volumes... unless you include his hanky panky with The Devil's Minions.

I look at what is happening in Palestine and anyone who is not outraged about that is much less human than they might have been. God is watching, and... we are in one of those rare intervals when he is acting too... via those vessels who have proven capable of seeing it through in an unwavering fashion. We shall find out who that is in time, as we do everything else. It's why we came here...

...and one more thing.

End Transmission.......

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