Sunday, July 23, 2017

Don Quixote and the Lamb of God Walk into a Bar...

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In times of material darkness, the proliferation of psychopathy increases, at inverse proportion to the loss of manners, civility and compassion. The greater the press of materialism, the more manners, civility and compassion, as well as civilization are at risk. It's a kind of death race really. Materialism is like a Kudzu vine that eats everything in its struggle for all of the light and nourishment there is. At the same time it has a property that... once it has killed everything else, it kills itself.

Sometimes things are amusing because they are so outrageous that you just have to laugh, like this juxtaposed with the commentary that attends it. There's something to be said for homeless fashion becoming haute couture. Materialism is also a form of insanity and it is progressive. The feminization of the urban male is in full swing. The price of wearing these vanities is a clear evidence that some people have too much money.

It goes without saying that the divine feminine has been suppressed and marginalized through most of the Christian era and as a supplicant of Green Tara's, I am very much in favor of her elevation to her rightful status but the intent of those presently engaged in the destruction of natural sexual identity is not elevating the divine feminine to her rightful status. It is about the destruction of society and the reduction of humanity to a mongrel state. One needs only to look at any form of modern entertainment to see the reality of this.

In this time of apocalypse; and it is a time of apocalypse, primarily because it is a time of material darkness, the big guns are coming out against the big guns. Of course the writer is not a big gun and the subject is not a big gun but the forces at war behind the activities taking place are. Just as we are in a time of the seeming inevitability of catastrophe in one form or another, there is something else taking place, we could see it if we understood how appearances lead directly or indirectly to cause but our minds don't usually work that way unless they are trained in that regard. Some of us are trained observers and most of us are not. Because of this we are for the most part unaware that evil is in a terrible war with itself. The greater the force of material darkness, the more intense the struggle with evil against itself. It is important to realize that in the beginning when the supreme author empowered the Elohim to form this world and... well... all the worlds... it was set in stone (metaphorically speaking) that when Evil was created for the purpose for which it exists, it would be imbued with certain characteristics and certain limitations that would exist for perpetuity and so they do. Let me be more precise, certain conditions were brought into being at the inception of all things and they stand and remain as the constant infrastructure of every passing age.

The ages change like the seasons and the seasons are in concert with that. Everything is in concert with that. It appears to us that there is this time and that time; this historical period and that historical period, it's just colors changing, trends varying and all of this occurs in order to set up a revolving sequence of stages for the testing, refinement, elevation and 'the reverse' of us. It's an up and down kind of thing and many of us experience the heights and depths in order to give a completeness to the whole of our being. It doesn't have to take the torturous routes that it takes but that has something to do with our personal mystery and what that demands, because of our lack of awareness which leads to our personal misery that requires extreme lengths of time to satisfy whatever it is that is driving us, be it guilt, fear, questionable desires or anything in the wide gamut of possibility. We are whipped on the wheel of fire until we can say, “Hold! Enough!” and put ourselves in the hands of the one who was what set us forth and which is the ONLY resolution to that mystery... the monster Sphinx within that haunts our days and nights.

There is a single answer to every question under the sun. There is a single solution to every problem and that is the ineffable. However long it takes you to come to that understanding is up to you, in part. Sometimes we have to go through things for Karmic reasons and sometimes we have to go through things to tell a tale, if our life happens to be one of those examples that the ineffable likes to use to make a point.

It could be that I don't know what I'm talking about and in the cosmic sense, I don't. I've never hid that fact though. I don't do what I do out of any desire for material profit because it would be hard to show where that was the case. I don't do this for any reason other that service. I have been lucky in some regards; very unfortunate in others but truly fortunate in those areas where it really matters and have been blessed to discover the great and indefinable pleasure that service is. These aren't words. There is a mystical satisfaction in self forgetting. Whether I am believed on this issue is immaterial. It is either true or it is not and for some length of time I have cared very little what anyone thinks because of that very fact; it is either true or not. It is either true or not and the validity and power in that rests particularly on that. It is either true or it is not.

This is one of the most important things that any soul can come to realize and once you do and more important than that, because you can't realize it otherwise, you have to agree to rest your life and your fate and everything you love or ever will love upon the unwavering conviction that you abide by that... that it is that important to you that it is either true or not and you are driven and inspired to be true.

None of us, save the Lamb of God and certain of the elect can claim to have been consistently true but those of us who know some small amount about the mercy of God know that redemption is an absolute certainty for the contrite of heart and from that point onward it doesn't matter what you may have done in a life that no longer applies before the throne of judgment because you have been forgiven and that life no longer exists in any relevant way. These are simple truths but they are unknown to the larger part of the population. Quite frankly, these days, most people don't care. That is the result of the force of Materialism. It is not important whether no one else knows or believes these things. What is important is that you do. If you do then there is real opportunity that through the process of metaphysical osmosis you will be in a position to bring realization to the minds of those you meet and pass in this life and there is no greater honor nor joy than this. This is the highest state that one can aspire to, to be a willing servant of the ineffable.

In this life we can expect some amount of sorrow and joy; both are fleeting in this temporary world but if one embraces that which is not temporary then one can exist in the eternal and the temporary will be nothing more than images passing through the window. Their importance is relative to the value placed on them. If all of your value is placed on the supernal then the infernal is cock-blocked, essentially. Some might object to my use of that word but they would be the ones who are unaware of the phallic nature of existence. This is the cause of so much of the fundie ugliness that permeates our world, that makes sex appear evil so that guilt can be used to control the masses. It is also what drives people into perversity. It should be clear that organized religion is the devil's handmaiden.

If you want to breathe the free air then there are sacrifices that have to be made. They aren't really sacrifices, they only appear that way, as is the nature of manifest life. You have to give up fitting in because you can't fit in with the one thing and stay in the good graces of the other. “You cannot serve both God and Mammon.” that seems like a specific statement but it is much more wide ranging than that. You cannot please the world or those who are in subjugation to it. You can love and serve them but you cannot share in the illusions that they hold most dear as the basis for their lives. People have dreams and those dreams will be dashed but... in the meantime, those dreams are of great importance and many people will resort to anything to see them fulfilled. This is something to keep in mind because I have been a serious victim of it more than once... not paying attention, I've been an expert at that; trusting all without due diligence, being loyal to the wrong people, tossing all caution- all self regard and self respect to the wind out of a Don Quixote mindset... white knighting my way through minefields of jealousy, envy and most especially FEAR. People fear the unknown and do not like having things pointed out that are beyond the parameters in which they confine themselves in order to feel safe. I was given information a long time ago. I thought everyone ought to know these things. There is a very good reason that the wise (which I was not) conceal certain features of existence; “cast not your pearls before swine.” Well, I was meant to do what I did and to take the blows that came in order to learn what I now know. I feel like I used to be a human ping pong ball (grin). That's over though. That's over and so is so much more. God is great! God is magnificent! God is more wonderful and beautiful than any words can say and I am living proof of that. My dear friends, I wish I had the power and influence to generate the changes needed for one and all... great and small... heh heh ...but short of that let what you have read today be my testimony in that regard. Rely on the ineffable.

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