Monday, April 29, 2024

"You Don't Have to Look for Hell on The Lower Astral Plane. There is Plenty of Hell on Earth, and Only a Fool Can't See That."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I've been doing one thing or another... along these lines... all my life. I've been told it's something I've been doing for much longer than that, so... I've seen a few things here and there in the process. I run into certain kinds of people. Some of them are very nice. Some of them are not. I expect the latter to improve over time because... that is what life is all about.

There's no point in my reading them the riot act, although I was once not so circumspect as I am now. I've improved because... that is what life is all about, and my position on my own improvement... these days... is to cooperate to the fullest because... success is speedy for the energetic.

However, sometimes people's only intention when it comes to me is to try to antagonize me. Once again... I'm better at handling that than I used to be, BUT... we come in all kinds of variety. We are not all sweetness and light. Some people give you diabetes syndrome just being around them. I am much more cut and dried. I am more frank and direct. I don't mean injury, but I expect that the effect is sometimes stronger than I intend it to be because I have a lot of chi.

I try to watch it, BUT... maybe sometimes you are supposed to say things... a certain way... to certain people because... it is impossible for them to hear anything when their own chatter drowns out everything around them.

There is this one fellow that comes around these posts, but not here... elsewhere. He pretty much knows everything. He's a fan; I wouldn't call him a student, because he hasn't learned anything if he is, BUT...he's a fan of some of those hardcore Hindu non-dualists. So... from his perspective, no one is doing it right, and it doesn't matter who they are.

He's a nitpicking and pompous pedant. I recognize what he is, and since most of it is grandstanding, and holding forth as the font of all insight and wisdom, and... knowing there isn't anything I can say to him... I just let his commentary slide by me, I'll skim his offerings at best, and every now and then something will catch my eye. So... a few days ago... in his most officious and supercilious manner, he says, “I don't believe in Heaven and Hell. I don't believe in guilt or punishment either.”

It made me laugh, and... I thought... this one deserves some form of response. Louise B. Hays used to dispense this sort of nonsense... in between cocktails. I guess he's above all that... suffering is probably afraid to even walk by his door.

Every founder of every religion... every avatar... has spoken of Heaven and Hell, and what awaits those who behave well and those who don't. All the conditions of life and mind... are... teaching devices, so we can learn to be better people so that we can... eventually become angelic in character and behavior.

In any historical period... terrible things happen to people. Some of them got drawn and quartered. Some of them went to the auto-da-fé. Look what happened to William Wallace, a rebel leader in Scotland. As a student of history, I am familiar with some of the ingenious tortures devised by the Khans for intimidation of the masses... their ideas of justice, and sometimes for their own amusements. Roman emperors had The Brazen Bull. Sometimes they employed the bull while they were feasting; as a form of entertainment.

There was Tamerlane, who froze hundreds... thousands of men in concrete... with their heads extended so that they could scream and cry until they could scream and cry no more. There was Vlad The Impaler who fixed thousands of people on wooden stakes. There were all those slaves... following the rebellion by Spartacus... who were crucified by the sides of the roads that led into Rome. I could... LITERALLY... go on and on with this. In modern times there was Bush The Stupid who poisoned countless numbers of Iraqis... which led to terrible birth defects that just keep on coming.

Are all these things, and the 99.999999999% of what I have omitted... are these not punishments? Are these not Hellish in nature; whether You believe in them or not?

People do horrible things to children. Look at what is happening in Gaza, BUT... these things happen all over The World. All of this is... the outworking of karma, and karma doesn't care if you believe in it or not, and it knows where you live.

I assume that the regular reader, and people in general... do not concern themselves with meditations on the awful things people are capable of. It is ever so much worse than you can imagine. You don't have to look for the Hells that exist on The Lower Astral Plane. We get plenty of Hell on Earth, and only a fool can't make that connection.

The reverse is also quite true, and there are people whose lives are unbelievably blessed in every area, and some of them get this over a string of lifetimes. Believe me! There are more things in Heaven and Earth than you have dreamed of... or had nightmares about. All Hells and Heavens are present in The Human Heart and Mind. Sometimes they are seed impressions. Sometimes they come to flower.

I do not fear Hell and I do not aspire to Heaven. I will go where God puts me and I am most grateful for it. I live ONLY to serve and to please The Divine. PERIOD! I may not be doing a bang-up job of it so far, but... I will improve because... that's what life is all about.

Right now... there are people locked in sound-proofed basements... chained in dungeons in Third World Hells, and awful things are happening to them. There are people being pursued by furies... and authorities... and mob enforcers. There are also people who are living in Heaven... while right here on Earth.

There are souls of such high elevation that they literally carry Heaven with them wherever they go. They routinely liberate and restrain people and forces; “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

The mass of the prisoners... held mesmerized in the housing projects of The Hive Mind... have no idea what is going on around them and out of their view. Sometimes they treat with angels unaware. Believe me! Few know what goes on around here, and what can go on around here.

I don't send people to Hell or Heaven. I don't hand out punishment or manipulate guilt. I am aware of these concerns in the hearts and minds of people I pass along my way. It is what it is. Like The Christ said; “the poor you have always with you.” This applies to anything you can think of, and you can find any of it too... if you go looking for it. I don't send people to The Bad Place, BUT... they do send themselves there... after The Lords of Karma have a talk with them.

Here are some things that may be worthy of retribution... may actually be retribution in action. The reader is warned that these are unpleasant things to see; not as unpleasant as some things that are readily available, but if you are overly thenzsitiff... you might want to give them a pass. Here is a little girl in the early days of being made ready for sexual transitioning.

Observe the physiognomy of the mother. Here is someone talking about what happens to transitioned kids when they become adults.

I can find hundreds of examples like this. I can find evidence of all sorts of horrors that people are visiting on each other from positions of authority. I'm not the kind of guy who sits around watching Faces of Death videos... horror films... or anything dark and disturbing, BUT... my job has always required degrees of research that most people haven't been exposed to.

For some reason, I can handle these outrages. I have a level of detachment that has been developed along the way; mostly it has to do with walking in all things contrary to The World... because I know that The World is all a projection of The Mind, and the mind is the source of all the evils you can imagine. It is the mind that imagines them. That does not make them unreal. They are real enough. Ask any of the people going through them; see what they have to say about it.

People routinely talk shit out of the side of their mouths about things they have no real experience or knowledge of. It's easy to sit back and pontificate about all kinds of things. People do. Thousands of people consider themselves experts on this or that, people like Jim Cramer... all those talking heads on all those networks. People like Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro cruise through life posing as one thing, until they are suddenly exposed as another; I do appreciate your work, Mr. Apocalypse.

I am nowhere on the scale of those giants I aspire to. I'm just doing the best that I can, and I'll get better. I know I will... because that's what life is all about... unless you are in the business of getting worse, as some folk are... or treading water for lifetimes... over the slow evolutionary course. It has to matter to you... more than all those other things that matter to you... or you don't get the hot-house treatment.

You have to really want to walk the high road. The sides are slippery the whole way along, so... you'll want to stay near the middle of the road. It's not for everyone. Apparently, it is hardly for anyone, BUT... if it matters all that much to you, as it does to some of us... you are on your way. Lots of people give it a cursory effort, BUT it is too strenuous and trying for their tastes.

I find every other option to be worse, but when you're lying to yourself... you can get pretty far along before you find all that out.

I don't spend any time thinking about Heaven and Hell. I do not fear punishment in my future and I am not weighed down by guilt about the past. I have an arrangement with the one who handles all of that. I suggest you all make a similar arrangement. Selfless service will wipe out the most egregious sins... so will The Greatest Commandment. So will Spiritual Wisdom. It is a fire that consumes all previous errors.

At the same time, I do not blow smoke up my own ass. I am merely the horse that carries The Rider. I have no interest in the things of The World so... why should The World have any interest in me? The faceless irritations in the crowd do not irritate me. I know why they do it. Often... these days... they awaken compassion in me... because I know why they do it, and... they'll get over these insecurities at some point. They'll go on to accomplish great things... perhaps... once they get themselves sorted, and stop listening to all the voices in their head... and decide to listen to only one voice... because... that's how life works, and that's what life is all about.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

"For Years, Intelligence Agencies have been Promoting Lies to a Public that Believes Most of Everything They Hear."

God Poet Transmitting.......

My... my... my... the level of crazy is off-the-charts. I am astounded... astounded I tell you... by what people can convince themselves of. I will, of course, proceed onward and pay it all no mind. There's bound to be intense collateral damage in times like these. One can't set up a roadside hospital round every corner they turn. The Walking Wounded are out in droves... following after Viggo Mortensen on The Road.

I remember the concert at Altamont. I was near the front on that day. Fortunately, we had brought our own comestibles. One heard the cries of “Don't take the brown acid!” from the crowd and the stage announcer all through the day. It's too bad they did not tumble to the other delivery systems. Certain twisted souls put loads of The CIA's worst into jugs of Red Mountain wine that were passed through the crowd.

I wound up running a field hospital there in the aftermath. My friend Richard wanted to kill himself. He was really invested in a more positive outcome. I could tell early on that it was going to go bad. From the first notes out of Carlos Santana's guitar... to the constant screaming from people in the crowd; “Sit down! Sit the fuck down!!!” It was a menacing atmosphere. People were too close together, and it was a bad crowd. I did not much like The Rolling Stones; too Satanic for my tastes. Well... they proved themselves that day.

People were lurching in all directions... their minds blown... their eyes all crazy and frightened. I did what I could. Calmness and an atmosphere of love... absent fear... can do marvels. I saw it that day.

Here it is years hence. I knew crazy had come to town. I'd been seeing it coming over the rise for some time. The sexually bent were not the only ones to come out of the closet. The Bad Guys... the really bad guys have come out of the closet too, and the crazy folk also. Oh! Let's be honest. They have been forced out of the closet... whether they know this or not. A lot of them seem to have yet to catch on. They will.

I ran into a flurry of reaction from The Taylor Swift post over at The Truthseeker. All kinds of people were responding to the Origami post that was yet to come. I'm guessing that's what it was... even though it hasn't gone up yet. It won't go up until tomorrow, and I am writing this on the afternoon before the day it got posted, which would be today for most of you.

I had to go back to the Swift post to see what I had said about the rumor going around that The Beatles songs had been written by Tavistock. I hadn't said anything. What!!! How did that happen? Oh well. It's still possible that I am the one who is confused, but... it is odd no matter how it came about.

There was not one fact put into evidence by the people reacting to comments I didn't even make in that post. There was an ocean of subjectivity. People FELT that it had to be true... this... that... and the other thing. Of course, facts don't care about your feelings. I got no video evidence from the people... assuring me with no evidence... that their take on the matter was evidence. Even though I had seen these musicians perform many times on film. I saw them on rooftops and in studios. I saw them on tour.

I asked for evidence of mysterious characters' writing... not only all of their songs but many of the great songs from several decades. I asked for evidence that they couldn't play their instruments... even though I had seen them play their instruments many times. Not a fact did I get from anyone. Once again... it all amounted to what someone said here... there... and everywhere about something for which... all we have is opinion.

I do not buy into anything someone tells someone else. Even when it has to do with spiritual teachings from someone I trust. I still check it out. I've been lied to by experts... in this AND in other lifetimes. I'm okay with trusting, BUT I am even more okay with verifying.

From the atmosphere I feel in the air... at a distance from me... there is a real sense that utter chaos could break out at any time... on a really large scale, AND with all the attention people are paying to lies of no substance... no one seems to be paying any attention to what Lady Nature has been getting up to, and what might... could... possibly erupt... or shake the ground... big time, here... there... and anywhere. It's tense if you buy into it, and just weird if you don't.

For years now... intelligence agencies have been promoting outright lies to a public that... in large numbers... believes just about everything they hear; The Earth is flat! Global Warming is going to kill everyone ten years ago! Israel is only protecting itself! Russia attacked Ukraine! The Killer Vaccines are good for you! All of the public figures in The World have been executed at Gitmo and then been replaced! Strategically captured photos at public events show the mask lines on the necks of the impostors. Wow! How convenient!

I do not know that I am right across the board, but I do find it strange that none of the people objecting to my objections have any proof... facts... smoking guns; they got nada to back up their claims. The truth is that I don't know, BUT something about these claims... just like Flat Earth... alien body parts in Campbell's Soup, and most of The World's leaders being executed at Gitmo... do not pass the smell test.

Some of the lies being told are outrageous. No sane person would believe them, BUT... the amount of people who are still sane is a lot less than it once was. Maybe the majority of them were crazy all along. They are observably asleep and dreaming. Why can't they have been crazy too, and all it took was a little pressure, and some constant prodding... to set them off?

Now... you have to remember... most of the perspectives held individually... or widely shared... are being broadcast through a controlled media. The Truth is universally banned from every informational outlet. Be very careful who you tell the truth to. They can set the dogs or the mob on you very quick like. What if someone were to take out Taylor Swift. Boy! That would be a serious shit-stirring event.

They've got something up their sleeves. You don't see this kind of ubiquitous uncertainty... carefully crafted, and dispensed... for no reason. Someone has got something in mind. We are sure to see whatever it is, as soon as they can get all the journalists agreed on The Story... whatever story it might be. If you are not in agreement... then you don't get the story. If you are not in agreement... your credentials will be revoked, and... you will be living in a van... down by The River! Maybe The Boss will drop by with some chilled Thunderbird wine.

Check this out! This should give some of the readers pause. I go out every late afternoon before The Sun goes down to meditate and pray. As I was opening the screen door a few minutes ago, I saw something moving in the breezeway before the courtyard. At first, I thought it might be a bird and the wind was lifting a feather or two.

As I got closer I saw it was an empty bag of chips... upside down, and... I picked it up, and... turned it over. Guess what it was? It was an empty pack of Funyuns! Right where I couldn't miss it... ten feet in front of the front door. This is the gods-honest truth! I don't see rubbish in that area of the property. You don't usually see rubbish anywhere around here.

There's not a kid or a teenager that lives within half a mile of here. I mention Taylor Swift and compare her to a pack of Funyuns yesterday, and then? How did that happen? What does it mean? I'll tell you what it means to me. It's The Divine having some amusement with me. That's how I read it. No one in this neighborhood... on this street... knows about or reads my blogs. That's a hell of a coincidence... isn't it?

Before I had turned the bag over... the thought hit me; could it? Could it possibly be? I mean... how many dozens of different kinds of chips and sundry... by how many different manufacturers are there? What are the odds? The odds are better that I would hit the lottery than that an empty bag of Funyuns should show up ten feet in front of my door the day after I write a post about Taylor not-so Swift being like a bag of Funyuns. Wow!

In the couple of years before I started these blogs, I wrote under the name of Apollonius at a forum at Slate called, The Best of The Fray. It was a hotbed of liberal and some conservative activity with a large population of Tribe Members. When Bush The Stupid went off about Weapons of Mass Destruction, I called it bullshit and started a countdown on the discovery of those weapons. Many of the others that were regulars jeered at me. I think I got to about Day 160 or so before I stopped. By that time, no one was jeering me.

A little later, I denied The Holocaust and provided chapter and verse of why it was bullshit. Boy! Did it rain on me then. I had been awarded a gold star some months previously. It put me in The Elite at that site. There weren't many of us. Others started calling out for my star to be revoked. Heh heh... big deal. So... you know what they did? They took away everyone's star instead, and then... shortly after... they closed all the forums of which there were dozens and dozens.

Truth will out. It always does. Not everyone will see it when it does. A whole lot of people hope never to see it. The Truth gets in their way, and they don't like that. I don't care if people want to believe a bunch of headshrinkers wrote the Beatles songs... Dylan's... and so many of the others. I find it preposterous, but... that's just me. I'm not going to call anyone names or... think ill of them. I'm not going to argue about it. I'm a pretty good judge of bullshit. I don't need to argue. If I were to argue... it would be an indication of some amount of insecurity on my part where there is none.

I can believe that The Stones... Led Zeppelin... Ozzie Osborne... Marilyn Manson... Metallica and so many others were influenced by The Dark Side, and its material representative, The Deep State. I observed Lennon get captured by The Dark Side later on... Sir (snicker) Paul also. Money does weird shit to people. It did weird shit to them. It is truly odd how huge sums of money will turn people into Communist proselytizers without them actually adopting a Communist lifestyle.

I got a little voice inside me that is never wrong. It's one of the perks of The King's Highway. It is what I listen to, and I hold everything up to it... that comes my way... to see whether it rings or clangs. Now... I'm nobody, and I don't claim to be anybody, but I know somebody who is somebody, and from whom all others flow. Everyone has this presence in residence, but few trouble themselves to awaken it. You got to make real noise inside to get that to happen, and then you must learn to go all quiet.

My job... my single task... is to proclaim the reality of God (and... highlight incongruities). Some will hear it here, and some will hear it within them as well... if it happens to have a ring to it. Most will just go right on by. One of these days they may stop by The Well for a bit longer. It could be lifetimes from now, BUT The Well is always there, and it is connected... through all time and space... to everlasting waters.

End Transmission.......

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I am several days of lunch readings into this article on Sufi Mysticism It starts to get compelling... more and more compelling as I continue to read it.

by Reynold A. Nicholson

Friday, April 19, 2024

"Karma is So... So Surgically Precise. It's a Thing of Beauty... The Way it Brushes A Person's Coat, and Doesn't Harm Them."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Given that the Israeli leadership keeps calling for the extermination of the Palestinians... the execution of all Palestinians...

... erasing Gaza from the face of The Earth... saying that they are fighting animals and should act accordingly (has PETA heard about this?)... I was not surprised that they attacked Iran last night, BUT... wait! Did they even do that? There is no talk of casualties or... much of anything. It reminds me of what happened when Iran reacted to Israel's unhinged assault on their consulate; in defiance of international law, and... again... there were no casualties.

What's going on here? Is this some kind of a metaphorical pillow fight? First, there was Tit. Then there was Tat. Now Tit has come round again. Will we hear from Tat today... or not?

I have never seen anything like this. It takes me back to those times... when Israeli agents would launch fireworks from the occupied lands... into the desert areas of Sderot, in order to have provocation to bomb Palestine, BUT... this isn't the usual, they cry out in pain when they strike you tactics. This is something new. Maybe next, Iran will put a Whoopee cushion in the chair of the Israeli ambassador.

Israel has been acting like a mad dog (has PETA heard about this?) since they got that sovereign nation status. Right off the bat, they started mass-murdering Palestinians. They were so psychopathically (it's an adverb, Sport) violent in the late 40s and early 50s that nearly a million of The Original Inhabitants had to look for somewhere else to be. I think some of them are still living in the desert in camps... somewhere.

I'm amazed at the double standard they were able to bring into play... following that Holocaust scam, and the founding of the religion of Holocaustianity. Damn! They have gotten some mileage out of that... haven't they? Now they can do evil shit... night and day... and if anyone complains... they can point their finger at them like that wicked witch in Oz, and scream Antisemitic!!! AND... they're not even Semitic!!!

It can't just be the control of The World Banking Industry that gives them such latitude. I know the control of The Media and entertainment industries allows them the freedom to create and shape the news... so... this power to cloud the minds of people... yeah... that's pretty intense, but... there has to be something more, AND... whaddya know? There is. It's occult force. They are practicing black magic on the rest of The World. No! I'm not crazy or deluded. It's a fact.

They use all kinds of methods, and I'm not going to be getting into that area because... it is becoming more and more irrelevant by the day. You see... their water is being cut off. The power they have been drawing on... to perform all these outrages against humanity is... being taken from them. It's part of the whole changing of the guard... that always goes down... when a new age comes to town.

There will be new villains for this new age, and it will... likely... still contain quite a few of Them because... they are perennials. It's what they do. Why... they've been at it since people started writing it all down back in the early BC periods.

For some reason... all this inexplicable nonsense that keeps going on for no good reason... keeps going on. It reminds me of Genghis Khan outside the gates of some unlucky town saying, “Well... you must have done something to offend God or I wouldn't be here to destroy you.” Yeah... he said something like that... used to say things like that. Am I digressing? Not really, given that there seems to be no rhyme or reason... no rational point... to so many things that happen... have happened... over the course of time.

Every day you hear about terrible things happening to individuals. Then you hear about whole towns, and cities, and even countries... now and then... that bad things happen to. Look at Ukraine! Look at Palestine! Look at East Palestine! Then there are those selective genocides of surgical precision... like all those people killed or left with ruined lives by... The Killer Vaccines that are... coincidentally... manufactured by the same people who are behind The Gazacide.

Karma is so... so surgically precise. It's like a thing of beauty the way it brushes someone's coat and doesn't harm them... on its way to flattening someone else. There are so many of these near-death brushes on the internet these days, cause... there are cameras everywhere now.

So... anyway... I'm here to say that the fun and games are over for The Deep State and its enablers. It's over for Israel. It's over for the former Movers and Shakers and Masters of The Universe. This happens every so not very often... like thousands of years go by, and you only get those mini-apocalypses. People can't be expected to be aware of these sorts of infrequent occurrences... when most of them are on their way to The Golden Corral... with a fixed look of purpose and determination in their eyes. Someone has to feed The Fire Down Below.

Yeah... The Out of Wack Factor has reached a critical mass, and so... an avatar has been sent down from The Luminous Lands to sort it all out. You're probably feeling indications of his presence every day and mistaking it for something else. When a storm is on the way, you get all kinds of signs of it's coming. The wind picks up. The sky gets dark. There might be thunder and lightning. I'm not saying this is a storm. It's more than that. It contains some storms to be surgically applied... in specific locations, BUT... it includes all sorts of other things too.

I'm not going to go into The Details because I don't have The Details. That's not my department. I'm just saying... something is coming and... it's big... it's humongous. It's going to affect everything... living and dead... in some way. I shouldn't use the word Dead because... nothing is ever dead. It's only transiting from one state to another. Physics ought to have learned you that, but so many of you can't even do basic math anymore Or speak intelligently. Fortunately, (if you see it that way) there are not that many intelligent people around anymore.

The reason I bring up the very... VERY odd nature of events that just transpired between Iran and Israel, and their bouncy castle... flag football... slap-arounds, that was very much like a hissy fit between two aging queens in the produce section of Rancher's Market... any time day or night, given the demographics of the area... is because it doesn't make sense. Whenever something doesn't make sense, there is a reason that is being kept out of view.

At this time... there is a herd of elephants in The Room. All doorways in the corridors of power lead to The Room, and what they are talking about in The Room... is not what they are talking about publicly. The Heat IS on! If we transpose The Room to represent The World within, and everything else being The World without, perhaps this makes it easier to understand.

When The Avatar comes... when God sends his angels... it's not all something that happens on the external playing fields of Megiddo. It is also... very much happening in The Mind, and especially in the minds of those who have been messing with The Machinery for their own gain. The Avatar comes to... set... things... in... order. The Avatar comes to balance the scales.

He is as much in the form-making areas of The Mind... as he is in the crystallized externalizations of the Mind.. in those locations where The Mind has projected thoughts... that materialized into things consistent with the meditations of The Mind... whatever The Mind has energized with the desire to bring into form. So you get Beauties and The Bestial, and the more advanced the state of Materialism... the more toward the bestial it inclines. It's math! It's always math and it always adds up. If it doesn't add up then YOU are missing something... or YOU... left something out.

All of this meandering today is to tell you to be watchful... about all the inexplicable things... that increasingly make less and less sense. The Joker has entered the deck. Each deck has two Jokers, so... two Jokers are in the deck... shuffling and dancing with the rest of the cards.

Things are appearing in the minds of those who have been messing with everyone else's weather. Pressure fronts are building that they cannot escape. Where are you going to run when it's all happening in... your... mind? This is also taking place... at a wider reach... in The Hive Mind. The whole world is going to be turned upside down before it gets turned right side up.

For some, this will be literal. For some this will be metaphorical... allegorical... spiritual... or at a distance. It will happen in their world... or it will happen in their minds, depending on how much they know about how things really happen.

It will occur exactly as it needs to on a case-by-case basis. This is not the time to go running wild in a panic... tearing at your hair or crying in the streets. Step back and remain calm. Then... all the people who are running wild, and tearing at their hair... while screaming in the streets, will... not... run... into... you.

On The Mental Plane, thoughts are weather. On The Emotional Plane, feelings are weather. You might want to get in out of the weather.

You may see this as some form of hyperbole... an over-dramatization... a lacking of context and material evidence; what are you... blind? The more still you become... the more poised you are... reliant upon The Divine in all things... the more the howling chaos of worlds in collision will go right on by you. It's another kind of Passover.

End Transmission.......

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Some selections from The Bhagavad Gita
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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

"Even Now... The Coiling Darkness... has Made Itself a Home... in the Hearts and Minds of Many of The World's Leaders."

God Poet Transmitting.......

A bishop was stabbed in Sydney. He had been outspoken about COVID lockdowns and The Killer Vaccines. He's had things to say about The Israeli genocide in Gaza. The People You Cannot Criticize decided to animate some of their cancer sleeper-cells that are embedded in humanity.... like Hassan-i Sabbah had his Hashshashins in every country, waiting to strike at the heart of any who would oppose his agenda.

The psychopaths among us have been throwing their weight around more and more of late. They're all comfy and confident about ruling The World. They think they got their dominoes in order. It's the classic tale of hubris that we see again and again in this world. This world was made for this sort of thing; being The Temple of... The Purpose of Demonstration... that it is.

Expect the appearance of ever-greater chaos as Election Season goes into a higher gear shortly. The Deep State likes to use Fear and Confusion for crowd control. Advanced Materialism creates an atmosphere of subjectivity in The Hive Mind. Do not forget that we are at the further end of The Cusp Period between the ages. A whole lot of eggs are getting broken. A whole lot of omelets are being made; not all of them are edible.

I wish to point something out here. It is a permanent... and lasting reality that exists... regardless of The Weather moving across the mind's screen. Because of the pervasive atmosphere of subjectivity... people come to believe that The Weather is more than the weather. It's certainly another form of Bread and Circuses.

It's whatever it takes to hold your attention... while your pocket gets picked... while you get herded this way and that... while you believe what you are told, and... do not question the sources that are telling you... whatever they are telling you. It's in the nature of subjectivity.

There is an intransigent collective of cinderblock heads who believe that The World Leaders know what's going on, and are doing their best to control... whatever it is that they think they know... for the greater good. This is not true. Most world leaders are common hoo-ers. (which is what they call them in North Jersey)

Most world leaders sold their souls in order to be world leaders because The World is not controlled by world leaders. It is controlled by bankers... who are controlled by demons... who are controlled by The Prince of Darkness OR... The Shadow of God OR... The Left Hand of God OR... The Face of Carnal Hunger and Worldly Ambitions OR any number of names... that people give... to The Sower of Confusion in this world.

The Devil is God, the... way... that... The Wicked... see... him. There is no devil in actuality other than The Mind within a certain bandwidth. Hermes Trismegistus (or thrice greatest) says (in The Emerald Tablet)

“Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity. It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee. This is the strong force of all forces, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing.”

Please note the Bold Text that refers to The Superiors and The Inferiors... which are also called, The Supernal and The Infernal. The Power spoken of is beyond... above... Good and Evil. That is the point being made. Both Evil and Good serve the agenda of The Master of Both.

You may consider it unfair to be trapped between Good and Evil... on the playing fields of existence... where The Purpose of Demonstration is acted out, BUT... you put yourself here by Wanting, AND... it is only Wanting that keeps you here. Some twisted actors are obsessed with the idea of ruling over us all. They are actively seeking the power to do this. They do not possess this power, BUT they think they have enough of what they need... to proceed....until they find, and acquire it, WHICH... is NEVER going to happen.

They can cause all kinds of confusion and chaos on their way to finding out that it is never going to happen... mostly by convincing that aforementioned collective of cinderblock heads... to follow along after them... do their bidding... go in fear of them... listen to weather reports, and play with themselves while they wait for something to happen.

You might think of what is coming to be like the sinking of The Titanic. Many more people were killed besides the few who were assassinated for opposing The Federal Reserve Act. We're talking about a much bigger boat here. No boat has ever been match in size... The Ship of State... that sails on a river of darkness. A single cinderblock is a hefty item. Imagine millions of cinderblocks!

It's possible for certain people to gain The Appearance of a great deal of temporal power. You see... arrangements got made... previously... in another location... concerning the roles that get played out here, AND... as stupid as it might seem to you, there are people who desperately want to play The Bad Guys, AND... there are periods that occur in the endless transitions of existence... from one state to another... where there are a lot of perks that come with being a bad guy... especially a really bad guy.

You might remember that we have said here... many times... that The Avatar might well come in The Hearts of Humanity in this instance... simply because of the size of the population, AND... I should point out that... no matter what anyone might think... that's the real reason that everyone is here at this time... be they Good... Evil... or a cinderblock head.

It doesn't matter, AND... it's a moot point to me... whether The Avatar does come as a single individual... or a series of individuals... or in The Hearts of Humanity... where a place has been made for his appearance BECAUSE... it will likely be all of these.

So... let me point out... in the framework of eternal verities and laws... like... for instance... The Law of Cause and Effect, and The Law of Opposites... repelling and attracting, AND ancillary minutiae... and, of course... lest we forget... Yadda yadda as well; if The Avatar is to appear in certain hearts of humanity... it is very likely... according to Laws of Correspondence and other somesuch... that... something else will be appearing... nay... is already present... in the hearts of those where The Avatar will not be making an appearance.

Even now, The Coiling Darkness has made itself a home in the hearts and minds of many of The World's Leaders... the rich and powerful... the famous and celebrated... the veritable Who's Who on Mammon's guest list for the big gala to be held... once The World is finally subjugated by The Ones Who Want it So Fucking Bad. This gala will not be held... not on this plane anyway. Quite another gala... has been inked-in... in its place.

It's all going to be happening internally... for those seeking, and praying... and serving, AND... for those taking, and preying... and self-serving. What will be going on Out There will be nothing more than weather, and... the outcome was already decided long ago. The real action is going to be going on inside of each and every one of us. It's all in your mind... happens to be true.

Those who are under the spell of The Fallen Kings... who are under the spell... of The Ring of Power, will not pass Go, BUT... will continue to the sure and certain denouement that ALWAYS attends the destiny of such. Those who are caught up in the aspiration for Unity... of which Love is the first emanation... will continue on to the sure and certain denouement that ALWAYS attends the destiny of such.

The much-anticipated dawn that breaks, WILL BE... breaking within... upon the darkness of the human mind. The Light will be the message itself, and the message will be the spontaneous celebration of Unity... through the shared experiences of The First Emanation. If Love is in your heart, then... Love is in your heart.

There is to be a vast sorting out, and that portion of the program has already begun. Like, will be drawn to like... through the magnetism of shared desires. There are invisible tractor beams that are much like The Gulf Stream, and other such forces that have been in operation here for a long time. You are headed where your treasures are.

All this uncertainty and nonsense... that presently exist... as powerful distractions... they may play well before the audiences so disposed toward them, BUT... for others among us... near and far... a long awaited visitor, and his friends... are on the way.

End Transmission.......

We are linked at another site each time one of these posts appear. We... occasionally... show up at other sites too, but this one we are always present at. It is The Truthseeker.

Today, a reader added a link to the posting that featured a fine presentation of that Tom Wait's song, “Come On Up to The House.” I wore out my copies of his first 6 albums. I won't say anything further about it. Anyway... Tom was as fine a poet/balladeer as anyone who has written in the last hundreds of years. It's worth your time to listen to this cover of the song by another artist.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

"Not One of These Spiritual Impostors has The Balls to Speak Out about Israel and Gaza, and You Know Why... Don't You?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

Well... the lying sacks of shit that work for The Sex Toy Media are at it again. They get more ludicrous by the day.

Gee! I wonder what it could be that is causing this? It couldn't be The Killer Vaccines, could it? They were calling it myocardial something something before. I'm guessing they needed a new buzzword title. Of course, The Sex Toy Press is owned and operated by the same people who brought you The Killer Vaccines, so... I'm assuming they're not going to call something like... The Gentile Elimination Protocol.

Except for a handful of extremists... most of whom are certifiably insane, and... probably working for The Overlords... as some kind of false front... for a non-existent resistance, there are very few of us who will say what's what out loud. Most of those making a living at this sort of thing are hedging their bets. They say things like... “oh! It's terrible what is happening to The Palestinians but they attacked Israel and Israel has a right to protect itself.”

Did Israel have the right to steal the land of their neighbors and then herd their neighbors into ever smaller, and smaller confinements... outdoor concentration camps... with concertina wire... encircled by machine gun nests? Did they have the right to instigate wars with their neighbors, and then claim that their neighbor started it?

Do they have the right to do medical experiments on their neighbors, and to harvest their organs? Do they have a right to kill their neighbor's children; to use their neighbor's families for target practice? Do they have the right to run a bulldozer over a woman's body who was protesting The Occupation and then laugh and joke about it? Do they have that right?

Did they have the right to fake a holocaust to cover for their murders of tens of millions of Russians, and then use that fabrication as an excuse to invade the country of a people they have no genetic connection to? Do they have the right to accuse anyone who confronts them on their crimes with cries of, Antisemitic! Meanwhile, they are not Semitic. Is this why they have outlawed the 23 and Me DNA testing kit in Israel?

Why would the Red Cross say there were only a quarter of a million inmates in the camps that they were eye-witness to, and state that the cause of demise in the camps was Typhus? Why would their own almanac show an increase in their population over the war years if so many of them were exterminated? Now you can't find it in the search engines. They are scrubbing the information... making it harder to get.

How can they lower the body count by 3 million in one camp and still claim 6 million dead? Perhaps someone could explain this to me because I have a hard time with Chinese algebra.

Everything they have done has been accomplished with occult forces. That well is running dry. The Avatar is coming and he's going to clean house. He is already cleaning house, and even if you can't see the connections between events in the moment... you will see... soon enough. You will be compelled... forced to see. Truth doesn't care about your feelings.

Some things make me very tired. One of these is the vacillating... mealy-mouthed rationalizing that people with power... influence... position and name recognition get into so that they can appear to be on both sides of the fence at all times..

What is happening in Palestine... at this time... is a direct response to the agitations of Mr. Apocalypse, and The Will of The Avatar... to bring into broad daylight... the incontrovertible evidence of the horrors being perpetrated there. The whole world is watching! One can no longer engage in ritual appeasements to the servants of The Dark Side and have the expectation that an army of coolies will sweep the evidence away during the night.

I was astonished to see how much money these spiritual teachers are making. The poorest among them have tens of millions of dollars. The richest have hundreds of millions of dollars! There is one thing that is shared in common by downtown whores and uptown whores... sidewalk whores and hotel suite whores... they are ALL whores!

These non-dual teachers... of what cannot be spoken about... are the worst kind of moral relativists. They like to give the impression that they are above it all, and not touched by the ugliness of the day... at the levels far below the exalted states that they occupy. Not one of these shameful impostors has the stones to speak out against Israel and The Gazacide, and you know why... don't you? It's about their stinking money.

If these overfed hypocrites say anything about the genocide PRESENTLY GOING ON in Gaza... something's going to happen to their money.

They may be able to talk all kinds of bullshit about things that don't matter; embrace The Void... embrace the emptiness... of that which cannot be spoken about... yet they never stop fucking talking about it. Here's how it is; there are the worlds of form and the planes of formlessness. God is formless UNLESS God takes form in us... or a cow... or a rock... or anything else. It's all God.

God has rules or... one might say that existence has rules... rules of God and rules of Nature. Obey them and it will go well with you. Do not obey them and it will not go well with you. Follow the rules and aspire to The Divine, and... one day... you will become a conscious aspect of The Divine. You will become a conscious immortal... each star in the sky is a living example of this.

You don't need to know any more than this; Love others... engage in selfless service... forget yourself and immerse yourself in The Unity of All Things. This is what God does. Go and do the same. There's not a whole lot more than this to it. Aspire to be divine or desire to be demonic. Be spiritual or be carnal. Those are your choices.

I've decided that I should probably be a guru too. So... from now on, I am going to be Guru V (pronounced Gurr-roo-vey... or groovy... if you are in a hurry.) I will start to talk like these other dancing dilettantes on the highway to Hell. I'll dress the part. I'll be as remote as yon mountain tops but... yet... a simple man of the people. I know how to do that shit, and as a particular district attorney once said about me to the jury, “he's an actor... can't you see that? Of course, he sounds sincere and looks innocent. He's an actor!!!”

I guess I was a pretty good actor cause they cut me loose, and that had NEVER happened before in that state with those charges. So I think I could play this part, and I would remember. Oh yes! I would remember... not to say a goddamn thing about Gaza, or else... there would be no money and no prestige. The Perks would all go away, and The Media would crucify me BECAUSE that is what they do to you when you tell the truth... except... not this time. This time is different, and I'm not going to play that role anyway. I'm going to tell the truth.

Real spiritual teachers are warriors. They are not glad-handing used car salesmen. They are not Gleem-smiling androids. They use the sword of discrimination to cut away the veils of illusion. They are armored with The Qualities of God. They liberate people. They do not bind them. When you set someone free it is like opening a bird cage. Goodbye Bird or... The Bird can pay you to remain in the cage.

Real spiritual teachers KNOW who they are representing and they take that seriously, so... they don't prance around banging the willing or the stupid, whichever they run into first. They don't acquire large bags of money, and they don't hang with all those people who... one way or another... directly or indirectly... are killing all those other people in Gaza!

They tell the truth or they say nothing at all... whether you like it or not. They do not perform before huge crowds. Charlatans do that... not spiritual teachers. Spiritual teachers do not promote themselves as spiritual teachers. You might not even notice them in the street. They serve as they go. They are not attended by a brass band that plays, “Look at me!” every time they do something for the cameras.

The last thing on the mind of a true spiritual teacher is The Money. Some people charge for it, and some give it away for free. The ones who give it away for free know the value of it. They know you can't put a price on it. Next time you hear one of these glib speakers who are telling you that everything is nothing and nothing is everything, find out how much money they have.

Everyone who is staying in line because they are afraid of what it will cost them... to tell the truth... is committing suicide. Even if you don't die right there... everything that made life worth living is gone, so... what's the point? You tell me. They are not going to tell me what to do or what to say. I don't work for them. They are about to find that out. They are about to find out that a whole lot of us don't work for them... right about the time that they find out who they are working for. I guess that wasn't very non-dual was it?

End Transmission.......

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But I do have part 2 of The Wu Wei trilogy.
This is one of the most beautiful and
articulate pieces I have read in a long time.


Monday, April 8, 2024

"Lady Nature is too Wise, and... too Everlasting, to be Stopped by Criminal Minds from The Land of The Short-Eyes."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In a few short hours... I will be deep into the green foothills of Naplandia. It is my custom nowadays... to take daily horizontal respites in this manner. It is a part of my full-time discipline of alchemical regeneration... now that I don't do anything else... that I can put into words... well... besides writing these posts.

Days belong to The Divine in all his shining Sun-God glory... its tiny counterpart is concealed within our envelopes of flesh, in a thrumming resonance with that star-gate portal... between the spiritual and material world... which is The Sun.

Nights belong to The Divine Mother and all that we are heir to... through her marvelous beneficence; the romance that flows from her loving heart, and the moon globe crown and stars... upon her head... that radiate the music and poetry she inspires... in those who are fortunate enough to awaken to it and hold still for it to pass through them. She is... as well... a dark fire within The Earth, and from her ceaseless magic... springs all that is green and life-sustaining.

She dances, and all the colors of The World stream from her fingertips and eyes. Centuries ago she was bound by dark spells... and since... she has been tormented day and night, BUT has yet to give up any of her deeper secrets.

For some of us, it is like that bet between The Sun and The Wind... as to who can first remove the traveler's cloak. The Wind went first, and blow as he might... the traveler only pulled his cloak tighter around him. Then it was The Sun's turn. He shined down upon the man, and it was not long before the traveler removed his cloak.

We are supposed to learn from this... the lesson that attends the applications of Love, and force. Some never do. Some entire countries are devoted to the use of force; “Use force, and... if that doesn't work... use more force.”

I might add that it is The Sun who creates The Wind.

How... inexplicably... have I been blessed... to dwell under The Sun... Moon... and Stars... in timeless harmony with their specific, and timeless messages... to the specific locations within the heart... mind... and soul.

Everywhere around me, I see the earthbound... sleepwalking... fireflies and moths... drawn, and driven into the fires of exterior passions. Like sparklers... they blaze so brightly... for a moment, and then... go dark. Candle flames and incandescent lights await them on all sides, but... what if the wind stops, and the candle flame is stilled? What if... what if?

Okay.... let's turn to Breaking News of The Day. No... it's not Ashley-Amber-Jennifer Juniper Biden on tape... lamenting the leaving of her diary in the wrong place at the right time. It's not the coincidental nature of Low-Rent Charlie Sheen... Hunter Biden... dropping off his laptop in the wrong place at the right time.

It's not The Fabulously Disappearing Nikki Haley's new children's book; “The Ill Wind in my Nethers.” It was supposed to be, “A Croquet Team Runs Through It,” BUT... it did not meet the industry standards of enough LGBTQ content... speaking of which, let's... briefly... turn our attention to the latest reversed Kundalini film work on Balenciaga. They are shoehorning so much gay content into everything in films that... there is no longer any room for your feet. The good news is the burgeoning fetish subset... that will be attending to your feet, and... especially... your children's feet.

So... back to the bombshell news... if it's true that is... about the container ship... that hit the bridge in Baltimore... being filled with toxic COVID medical waste. Yikes! The story... if it's true that is... gets worse and worser, and this all leads me to my take on the matter... if it's true that is.

A great deal is happening at those points where The Cosmic is hitting The Material Aspect. It's Mr. Apocalypse... moon-walking like Michael... through the formerly hidden, and presently being revealed. Everywhere you look... toxic revelations are surfacing... by magical means... like bodies wrapped in cinder blocks and chains... mysteriously floating to the surface.

This is The Big Secret hiding in Plain Sight, with The Deep State playing Whac-A-Mole, and... just not having enough whackers, and especially lacking in tallywackers. It's like trying to hide the dawn by putting your fingers over someone's eyes. The Dawn gets in everywhere like water finding its own level... Mr. Apocalypse reveals, and... Lady Awakening identifies what is revealed.

You CANNOT stop the changes that The Turning of The Age brings. You CANNOT manipulate reincarnation to stop the appearance of the forces of change... personified in those who came back to do something about it; whatever It happens to be. Lady Nature WILL... FIND... A... WAY. Lady Nature is guided by wisdom... too deep and everlasting... to be hindered by the temporary criminals from The Land of The Short-Eyes. There is a reason it is called, Ageless Wisdom.

If you could... just for one moment... get a glimpse into the majesty and magnificence of The Presence, and Residence of Divine Luminous Wisdom, you would put aside your doubts forever about who wins out in the end. Your troubles.. that are caused by your doubt... fear... and hesitancy, are all about your lack of possessing the requisite amounts of Faith... Certitude... and Determination. ASK... FOR... THEM!!! Ask for them until you get them!!!

When The Divine says, “Don't make me come down there!” Then you know it is time to REALLY get loud and relentless about it. Do not stop until you have... the asked for... Faith, Certitude, and Determination.

I know that The Readers see one outrage following another... Evil sprouting like pestilential weeds... seemingly everywhere. Where is the good news? You wonder. You wonder if Mr. Sunshine and Optimism... (it's all guuuud...) is blowing smoke up your ass. No! I am not. That said... yes... The Synagogue of Satan has been making war on its neighbors for decades. There is no darkness they will not stoop to inhabit! And... they have spies everywhere!

The Land of The Free is encircling The World with military bases. It is imprisoning its patriots at home, and... with the aid of The UK... killing far and wide. Both of these and The EU too, are the witless... compromised tools of Satanic Bankers.

Now I have heard... from two separate sources... that bottomless pit dweller Silverstein... who owned The Twin Towers... is also the insurance beneficiary on The Dali container ship... that hit The Key Bridge in Baltimore. That would be astounding... if it's true that is. This sounds like something someone made up for the pure convenience of coincidence, BUT... there are people repeating this.

Yes... it is understandable that The Reader is uncertain about the pipe dreams we spin here. I only transmit what is transmitted to me, and not... by any stretch... the larger amount of it. These are the things I am told. Time will tell and we shall see, and... I do not own a pipe.

HOWEVER... this you should already know... regardless of anything you may hear from me; Avatars do come and go. We have ample proof of that! God is Real. You should already know this. God is all-powerful. You should already know this. God loved us so much that he sent his only son to cleanse the sins of The World and provide a way to salvation for the willing. You should already know this.

How and when The Divine will come to our aid... this you do not know. This I do not know either, BUT... that he will come... there should be no... doubt... on... that... account.

About The Eclipse... Let me point out that nothing happens on the day of The Eclipse. Let us employ some allegory here. Your movement through existence... is similar to the movement of planets through space; smaller bodies around larger bodies... smaller systems of bodies around larger systems...until... at some point... everything is moving around a mysterious central core. That central core might even be invisible.

While The Eclipse passes, you can imagine it as yourself... walking along a circular corridor... to a door at the end of the hall. The passing of The Eclipse is similar to opening the door and passing through it. You are then in another corridor, and it takes some time for you to familiarize yourself (if that even happens) with this new environment of... different stages of change... that you pass through on your way to the next door. The corridors you walk on are all slightly elevated, so... you are moving in a spiral.

As The Eclipse passes... the submerged portion of your mind is imprinted with new data... that relates to what you will encounter... in this new corridor. Also, certain other features planted long ago will be awakened. You won't know anything about any of it until portions of it surface along the way. It was like this during the 2012 End-of-The-Mayan Calendar. No one noticed much, BUT... look at what followed, and the same with The Great American Eclipse of 2017... look at what followed. Then that Blood Moon Eclipse a few years ago... look at what followed.

I'll be napping so that my conscious mind does not interfere with the transmissions, BUT... part of me won't be sleeping. I'll navigate the matter just fine. I already negotiate passage through an entire world of erratic, and disoriented somnambulists every day and night. It's like it's a gift. It's like I can't help myself.

So... here is my handy-dandy primer for how to circumnavigate the minions of evil... zombies... sleepers... dreamers, and the terminally freaked-out; rely on The Divine... let go completely, and let The Divine carry you through the corridors... while you let all stress and tension bleed out of your aura, and your various bodies and sheaths. Pay attention at all times. Stand guard at The Gateway of The Mind. When in doubt... evict everything... because that which cannot be evicted belongs there, AND... practice The Greatest Commandment.

If you can do all of this... as if they were the basic components of your day job, and your moonlighting too, something very remarkable will happen to you... after however many days... weeks... or months are required for you personally to do this... until it is doing you. You'll know when that happens.

End Transmission.......

Keep your eyes open for a network TV Special Flat Earth Testimonial when The Sun, Moon, and Earth line up and The Moon curves around The Earth... somehow. Be watchful. You will spot the other Frisbee People... at various locations of Best Buy... in the TV section on the day of the broadcast. They will stand out like someone reading The Urantia Book in a gay sauna. Of course, there will be no getting around your being asked what you are doing there in the first place.

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Analyses by Lin Hsî-kung of several of the Books of Kwang-dze

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

"Where Unity can be Discouraged... Tyranny is Born. These are The Combat Zones of The Ignorant Armies of Night."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Jack Smith... who plays a prosecutor on TV, and Inspector Javert in real life... is very unhappy (well... he's always unhappy, just look at his face) because the judge in his bullshit... selective prosecution of Donald Trump... about documents, and presidential privilege... is giving signs of playing fair, AND... all... of... this... is a sign that ♫ the time's they are a-changing ♫ Inspector Jack Javert is very unhappy about what this judge might do.

I noticed it... was it a few weeks ago or a few months ago? I can't remember now. I can't remember which were the parts where time went by extremely fast, and then extremely slow. Anyway... I noticed a shift... in the appearance... of the fortunes of The Once and Future President.

At some point in time, and... not that long ago... The Fix went in and a change was noted... in The Voices in The Wind. Most people cannot hear these voices because they are background sounds, and most people... in Times of Material Confusion... only hear The Surface Chatter. One of the things that advanced Materialism causes... is a pervasive subjectivity. Objective capacity recedes... The Critical Eye is blurred. It accounts for the ability of The State to push Political Correctness and Communism in costumes of otherness.

People are led away into Egypt... (metaphorically speaking) into The Land of Darkness... when they cease to be in control of their own minds. When you are no longer master of your thoughts... someone else steps in to fill that position. When you are no longer master of yourself... you are a slave to someone else... or something else. That is how we come to see all the obesity... sexual perversity, obsessions... drug and alcohol addictions, appetites out of control, and... everything else.

This is how The Usual Suspects are able to stir up all the racial hatred. They are not The Dark Lord's exclusive minions; all religious fundamentalists, and people who use holy books, and ancient scripture as clubs, and for crowd control... are also his minions... all control freaks... all letter of the law addicts... all Jacobins... all sybarites... catamites... and occupiers of The Golan Heights... are his minions.

The basic tenet of the operating philosophy of The Dark Lord is... Divide and Conquer, followed by... sow discord and confusion... followed by... setting every man against his brother. Where Unity can be discouraged, Tyranny is born. These are known as The Ignorant Armies of The Night. These are those who strive in blind opposition to each other... because appearances... deceived them into believing... what was convenient for those who rule over them.

These systems of manufactured and managed conflict are at the heart of The Protocols of Zion... The Frankfurt School, and The Kalergi Plan. Even though this plan is right there to study, and the proponents of it are named... Wikipedia says it is... a debunked far-right, antisemitic, white genocide conspiracy theory. They got pictures and everything...

BUT that scion of fair play, The Khazarian Southern Poverty Law Center begs to differ. When you read the... exceedingly brief... commentary, you find they didn't debunk... refute... or disprove a damn thing, and it is just what its critics say it was and is.

Here is a direct quote from The Khazarian Poverty Law Center;

“the Kalergi plan as a distinctly European way of pushing the white genocide conspiracy theory on the continent, with white nationalists quoting Coudenhove-Kalergi's writings out of context in order to assert that the European Union's immigration policies were insidious plots that were hatched decades ago in order to destroy white people.[9] Hope Not Hate, an anti-racism advocacy group, has described it as a racist conspiracy theory which alleges that Coudenhove-Kalergi intended to influence Europe's policies on immigration in order to create a "populace devoid of identity" which would then supposedly be ruled by a Jewish elite.”

Is that not exactly what is happening with the present forced migration effort... spearheaded by Rothschild bagman... George Soros? It's as plain as the nose on their faces! This all comes back to the argument of whether you will accept someone's poisonous lies... or believe your own lying eyes.

Now... I don't really know if Obama's significant other is a tranny... or whether Biden and a shit-ton of other high-ranking politicians... like The Clintons and too many other names to list... have been taken to Guantanamo and been executed and replaced... or whether there really is a cabal of white hats... much like those multicolored ninjas that Benjamin Fulford was always going on about. I don't know if all the seemingly preposterous theories I see batted about... like tetherballs in the minds of retards... are true or not, but...

... have any of you ever seen any of Fulford's multi-colored ninjas... or Icke's shapeshifting reptiles... or been told why and how The Earth came to be flat? I hold with Hamlet that there really are more things in Heaven and Earth, and I HAVE SEEN certain things... many times... now and again, BUT... there are certain lines I don't cross because I am a trust, but... verify kind of a guy.

The only time I take something on trust alone... is on the authority of someone I trust, and that includes very few people indeed, and NONE... OF... THESE... PEOPLE... have ever said anything about these matters. Of course... none of them were around when all of these bizarre theories started making the rounds. Do you REALLY think the government... who is behind all this shit to begin with... did not notice the obvious mask-lines... around the necks of public figures... BEFORE they released these photos?

I believe that The Divine uses ALL world leaders for The Purpose of Demonstration at all times. That doesn't mean these world leaders... are inspired leaders... who have appeared in the hour of our need. There is something awfully contrived about this persecution of the former president, and now? Now... all of a sudden there is a shift in the atmosphere. How come the court allowed for that bail to be lowered? How come he couldn't get the first amount to begin with? How come this and how come that?

The Deep State controls public perception. This I know; The Deep State controls public perception. I've watched Trump speak lately... something very strange is going on there. He's just repeating himself... over and over, and bragging, in the most embarrassing fashion, and... I don't know. It seems... weird.

A great many things are off about stalking horse Kennedy and his Google divorcee running mate. I don't want to get into details here. Details are not my bailiwick, and I would be here till next year... at this time... if I started in on only The Details I have run into, and the obvious, and not so obvious... arguments that follow in their wake.

I'm getting a strong... strong whiff of something that crawled into the darkness and died there. I am certain that The Avatar is already at work in The World. I am certain a golden age will follow in the aftermath of his departure. This is how it has always been... even though the times between such events are great, BUT... this... and other considerations are a given for me. All the rest of this... this... whatever it is... I just don't know.

I don't want to contend with those who have thrown all their hopeful eggs in Trump's basket. I don't want to run around saying that impostors are not wearing masks... that leaders are not being replaced... cause I don't know. I don't know!!! BUT... most of it sure sounds like something that got cooked up in the backrooms of The Deep State. Much of it sounds like the usual fare of confuse and control.

The forces that change this world are Spiritual Forces! The World is NOT changed by individuals in power... by smaller or larger groups of our betters, forging the constitutions and infrastructure of the ever-changing world we (temporarily) live in.

If The Cavalry gallops into town... it is because invisible forces are riding with The Cavalry. If forces are mustered on battlefields... it's because some combinations of the original players in The Bhagavad Gita... have returned for the sequel, so that the people who got killed by certain people last time, can kill the ones who killed them... this time. If you're not scripted for those scenes... you won't be in them.

If huge cities rise, and then fall into ruins... if nations rise and fall... if people live and die... it is because The Invisible Director...arranged for it... because the players demanded it... by the actions they took previously... to ensure the specific outcome.

I don't see The World the way most people do... that it's all a crap shoot... or that the better team wins... or that our feeble individual wills... decide the course of destiny... in any larger sense. This is ALL accomplished outside the sensory bandwidth... for The Purpose of Demonstration, and the entertainment of The Divine... whose Lila it is. Creation is The Dream of The Creator, and we take parts... or we don't take part... in the never-ending play of dramas performed... lives saved and lost... yadda yadda, and... yadda yadda.

Sometimes The Creator wakes up in the mind of one or more of his creations, and... that is a very good thing for the one it happens to, and everyone who runs into them. It is a consummation devoutly to be wished. It is what I aspire to; not all this nonsense going on Out There. That dance of mortality... is a never-ending heartbreaker... of never-ending loss. There is ONLY... ONE... THING... worth having, and... it is always with us. We may get lost... for a very long time... in a very long series of lives, BUT... it NEVER does!

This one thing worth having is easily found, if... you... want... nothing... else. Otherwise, you are wasting your time. Nations rise and fall. Leaders come and go. People live and die, BUT... not really. I'm not exactly sure of what's going on Out There, BUT... I got a pretty good idea of what's going on In Here.

End Transmission.......

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