Tuesday, April 16, 2024

"Even Now... The Coiling Darkness... has Made Itself a Home... in the Hearts and Minds of Many of The World's Leaders."

God Poet Transmitting.......

A bishop was stabbed in Sydney. He had been outspoken about COVID lockdowns and The Killer Vaccines. He's had things to say about The Israeli genocide in Gaza. The People You Cannot Criticize decided to animate some of their cancer sleeper-cells that are embedded in humanity.... like Hassan-i Sabbah had his Hashshashins in every country, waiting to strike at the heart of any who would oppose his agenda.

The psychopaths among us have been throwing their weight around more and more of late. They're all comfy and confident about ruling The World. They think they got their dominoes in order. It's the classic tale of hubris that we see again and again in this world. This world was made for this sort of thing; being The Temple of... The Purpose of Demonstration... that it is.

Expect the appearance of ever-greater chaos as Election Season goes into a higher gear shortly. The Deep State likes to use Fear and Confusion for crowd control. Advanced Materialism creates an atmosphere of subjectivity in The Hive Mind. Do not forget that we are at the further end of The Cusp Period between the ages. A whole lot of eggs are getting broken. A whole lot of omelets are being made; not all of them are edible.

I wish to point something out here. It is a permanent... and lasting reality that exists... regardless of The Weather moving across the mind's screen. Because of the pervasive atmosphere of subjectivity... people come to believe that The Weather is more than the weather. It's certainly another form of Bread and Circuses.

It's whatever it takes to hold your attention... while your pocket gets picked... while you get herded this way and that... while you believe what you are told, and... do not question the sources that are telling you... whatever they are telling you. It's in the nature of subjectivity.

There is an intransigent collective of cinderblock heads who believe that The World Leaders know what's going on, and are doing their best to control... whatever it is that they think they know... for the greater good. This is not true. Most world leaders are common hoo-ers. (which is what they call them in North Jersey)

Most world leaders sold their souls in order to be world leaders because The World is not controlled by world leaders. It is controlled by bankers... who are controlled by demons... who are controlled by The Prince of Darkness OR... The Shadow of God OR... The Left Hand of God OR... The Face of Carnal Hunger and Worldly Ambitions OR any number of names... that people give... to The Sower of Confusion in this world.

The Devil is God, the... way... that... The Wicked... see... him. There is no devil in actuality other than The Mind within a certain bandwidth. Hermes Trismegistus (or thrice greatest) says (in The Emerald Tablet)

“Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity. It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee. This is the strong force of all forces, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing.”

Please note the Bold Text that refers to The Superiors and The Inferiors... which are also called, The Supernal and The Infernal. The Power spoken of is beyond... above... Good and Evil. That is the point being made. Both Evil and Good serve the agenda of The Master of Both.

You may consider it unfair to be trapped between Good and Evil... on the playing fields of existence... where The Purpose of Demonstration is acted out, BUT... you put yourself here by Wanting, AND... it is only Wanting that keeps you here. Some twisted actors are obsessed with the idea of ruling over us all. They are actively seeking the power to do this. They do not possess this power, BUT they think they have enough of what they need... to proceed....until they find, and acquire it, WHICH... is NEVER going to happen.

They can cause all kinds of confusion and chaos on their way to finding out that it is never going to happen... mostly by convincing that aforementioned collective of cinderblock heads... to follow along after them... do their bidding... go in fear of them... listen to weather reports, and play with themselves while they wait for something to happen.

You might think of what is coming to be like the sinking of The Titanic. Many more people were killed besides the few who were assassinated for opposing The Federal Reserve Act. We're talking about a much bigger boat here. No boat has ever been built...to match in size... The Ship of State... that sails on a river of darkness. A single cinderblock is a hefty item. Imagine millions of cinderblocks!

It's possible for certain people to gain The Appearance of a great deal of temporal power. You see... arrangements got made... previously... in another location... concerning the roles that get played out here, AND... as stupid as it might seem to you, there are people who desperately want to play The Bad Guys, AND... there are periods that occur in the endless transitions of existence... from one state to another... where there are a lot of perks that come with being a bad guy... especially a really bad guy.

You might remember that we have said here... many times... that The Avatar might well come in The Hearts of Humanity in this instance... simply because of the size of the population, AND... I should point out that... no matter what anyone might think... that's the real reason that everyone is here at this time... be they Good... Evil... or a cinderblock head.

It doesn't matter, AND... it's a moot point to me... whether The Avatar does come as a single individual... or a series of individuals... or in The Hearts of Humanity... where a place has been made for his appearance BECAUSE... it will likely be all of these.

So... let me point out... in the framework of eternal verities and laws... like... for instance... The Law of Cause and Effect, and The Law of Opposites... repelling and attracting, AND ancillary minutiae... and, of course... lest we forget... Yadda yadda as well; if The Avatar is to appear in certain hearts of humanity... it is very likely... according to Laws of Correspondence and other somesuch... that... something else will be appearing... nay... is already present... in the hearts of those where The Avatar will not be making an appearance.

Even now, The Coiling Darkness has made itself a home in the hearts and minds of many of The World's Leaders... the rich and powerful... the famous and celebrated... the veritable Who's Who on Mammon's guest list for the big gala to be held... once The World is finally subjugated by The Ones Who Want it So Fucking Bad. This gala will not be held... not on this plane anyway. Quite another gala... has been inked-in... in its place.

It's all going to be happening internally... for those seeking, and praying... and serving, AND... for those taking, and preying... and self-serving. What will be going on Out There will be nothing more than weather, and... the outcome was already decided long ago. The real action is going to be going on inside of each and every one of us. It's all in your mind... happens to be true.

Those who are under the spell of The Fallen Kings... who are under the spell... of The Ring of Power, will not pass Go, BUT... will continue to the sure and certain denouement that ALWAYS attends the destiny of such. Those who are caught up in the aspiration for Unity... of which Love is the first emanation... will continue on to the sure and certain denouement that ALWAYS attends the destiny of such.

The much-anticipated dawn that breaks, WILL BE... breaking within... upon the darkness of the human mind. The Light will be the message itself, and the message will be the spontaneous celebration of Unity... through the shared experiences of The First Emanation. If Love is in your heart, then... Love is in your heart.

There is to be a vast sorting out, and that portion of the program has already begun. Like, will be drawn to like... through the magnetism of shared desires. There are invisible tractor beams that are much like The Gulf Stream, and other such forces that have been in operation here for a long time. You are headed where your treasures are.

All this uncertainty and nonsense... that presently exist... as powerful distractions... they may play well before the audiences so disposed toward them, BUT... for others among us... near and far... a long awaited visitor, and his friends... are on the way.

End Transmission.......

We are linked at another site each time one of these posts appear. We... occasionally... show up at other sites too, but this one we are always present at. It is The Truthseeker.

Today, a reader added a link to the posting that featured a fine presentation of that Tom Wait's song, “Come On Up to The House.” I wore out my copies of his first 6 albums. I won't say anything further about it. Anyway... Tom was as fine a poet/balladeer as anyone who has written in the last hundreds of years. It's worth your time to listen to this cover of the song by another artist.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

M - said...

That is an excellent way to offer up your Posts to readers who've not been to your site! (Re: Truthseeker)

0 said...

"This is what its taking shape as per my observations.

If 1 FRN can be exchanged for 1 AFD, and 1 AFD is equal to 1/10th of an ounce of Gold, then everyone Buying Gold directly with their FRN’s will be cheated into having only 10 AFD’s per ounce of Gold when they go to Sell their Gold for "American Federation Dollars”.

They who take their FRN’s and exchange them 1:1 for AFD will end up with their 1 AFD being worth currently about 234 FRN’s as divided into 1ounce of gold. ie. I take 1,000 FRNs and get 1,000 AFD’s and I instantly see my profit in Gold.

Because 1 FRN does not have the same backing as 1 AFD which is backed in 1/10th of an ounce of Gold. It takes currently almost 2400 FRN’s to buy 1 ounce of Gold. If one AFD is 1/10th of an ounce of gold, then its worth about 240 FRN’s.

As of today: 4/16/2024

1 FRN (federal reserve note) = 1 AFD (american federation dollar) This swap increases value.

2399.91 FRN = 1 oz gold

1 oz gold = 10 x 1/10oz gold

1 AFD = 1/10 oz gold

Thus if you bought physical gold with FRNS and then go to sell those gold ounces for AFD you will be getting taken advantage of since the Correct Play here is to swap FRN’s for AFD directly while the window is Open, and then you get a 1:1 value swap, thats actually a 1:240 swap since the AFD is backed by 1/10th of gold ounce."

URL here: https://bellerian1.substack.com/p/the-frn-to-afd-to-gold-3-card-monty

Its unclear if the AFD is the same as the Dept of Treasury Dollar Bills noted on the usdebtclock.org. Its quite the underhanded play. Potentially explains those CEO's selling off stock for FRN's in preparation for the exchange Window opening up.

Inbreeders gonna inbreed. Time to treat them like Wild Hogs.


0 said...

"Connected with the pinal gland is a nerve called the
"pingala" in secret writings. This nerve crosses the spinal
cord at the base of the skull, in the medulla oblongata,
and follows down the right side of the spinal cord to its end.

Likewise, connected with the pituitary body, is the nerve Ida, which crosses the spinal cord at the same place where the Pingala crosses, follows down the left side of the spinal
cord to its base. Here the two nerves converge into the
body through the semi-luna ganglion, where they merge into the solar plexus.

The divine esse which has been differentiated by entering these two glands has become Mary and Joseph, the mother and father of the holy child. This material,
this actual substance, enters the solar plexus where it combines with the Holy Breath and the seed is born the bread is made which is intended to be eaten in the "Father's Kingdom."

The first seed is formed in the solar plexus of every
individual, commencing at the age of twelve, which we have designated as the age of puberty. Thereafter, it is formed every 29 1/2 days, this taking place in each individual at the time of the month when the moon is in the
sign in which the sun was at the birth of the individual."

Quoted from the god-man book by Carey. [page 48]


0 said...

"Glorify means to illuminate to give light glow ray. The passing of the seed over the crossed nerves, and its passage into the pineal gland does, in very truth, cause
the illumination the Flash of light, the raising or illumination of consciousness of the individual in which this process is allowed to take place.

For it is man that prevents its accomplishment.

After the crucifixion the "body" of Jesus is claimed
by Joseph, and it is taken by him into his own tomb, where
no man had ever been laid. This Joseph is the same
Joseph the father of Jesus, the pineal gland, for no
other man, no seed had been absorbed by the gland previously, for this is the first seed that has been saved. In other words, the Son returns to the Father, the seed returns to its source. The Father and the Son have become ONE.

No other explanation save a physiological one can make clear this statement of Jesus. "And greater things than I do, ye shall do, for I go unto my Father." The first seed
that has been saved apparently makes this statement.

When the first seed is saved, the entire body is changed.

It vibrates at a higher rate, the fluids are purer. In 29 l/2 days another seed is born, and the material from which this seed is formed is of a more refined substance, of
greater power. Therefore, when it is crucified, is it not
of greater power than the first seed?

The third seed will also have been raised to the third power, and so on. The entire body is changed by the raising or saving of each
seed. Paul says, "Ye are transformed by the renewing
of your minds." The mind, the brain, is indeed renewed
by each seed that is carried into the pineal gland, with
the accompanying oil. "And the ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion, with songs and everlasting joy."

This, then, is the process whereby the WORD, which
is also GOD AND SEED, regenerated, transforms the
Adam man, so that he becomes the "LORD GOD from

More from the god-man book by Carey, page 52.

What one Seeks, one May Find, if one Persists long enough. Can't share what one doesn't possess first.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Time to Change is Now, BUT... The Force of Crazy... in The Visible Equation... Makes this... Most Extremely Difficult."

Strider Was Here said...

How we love that LV!
Praying like crazy thankful for everything and what a demonstration.
The Cosmic Firewall means that no one psychopath or group of them will ever get the precious ring?
Good, good, and I try to tame the demon energy and use it for good whenever possible.
The wanting of the wymyns is survival and not my fault God made them so wonderful.
What irony they will also steal your rib and open the box of evil! (wink)
Reading about Rudolf Steiner who predicted vaccine world over 100 years ago, Julius Evola and others, vintage B & W movies and music.
Crash course before the No Such Agency takes over and this revealing is wonderful especially with comrade Johnson of the kabuki controlled Grand Old Politburo who serve external paymasters.
Family is chock full of TDS mental illness and it is fun to mildly irritate them with Trump memes or say best not to laugh at the misfortune of others as God may hear it.
I hated memes at first but now use them as a weapon as Comrade Stalin said about education.
Be well and cut the floor up with some moves when Mr. Apocalypse arrives.



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