Monday, April 8, 2024

"Lady Nature is too Wise, and... too Everlasting, to be Stopped by Criminal Minds from The Land of The Short-Eyes."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In a few short hours... I will be deep into the green foothills of Naplandia. It is my custom nowadays... to take daily horizontal respites in this manner. It is a part of my full-time discipline of alchemical regeneration... now that I don't do anything else... that I can put into words... well... besides writing these posts.

Days belong to The Divine in all his shining Sun-God glory... its tiny counterpart is concealed within our envelopes of flesh, in a thrumming resonance with that star-gate portal... between the spiritual and material world... which is The Sun.

Nights belong to The Divine Mother and all that we are heir to... through her marvelous beneficence; the romance that flows from her loving heart, and the moon globe crown and stars... upon her head... that radiate the music and poetry she inspires... in those who are fortunate enough to awaken to it and hold still for it to pass through them. She is... as well... a dark fire within The Earth, and from her ceaseless magic... springs all that is green and life-sustaining.

She dances, and all the colors of The World stream from her fingertips and eyes. Centuries ago she was bound by dark spells... and since... she has been tormented day and night, BUT has yet to give up any of her deeper secrets.

For some of us, it is like that bet between The Sun and The Wind... as to who can first remove the traveler's cloak. The Wind went first, and blow as he might... the traveler only pulled his cloak tighter around him. Then it was The Sun's turn. He shined down upon the man, and it was not long before the traveler removed his cloak.

We are supposed to learn from this... the lesson that attends the applications of Love, and force. Some never do. Some entire countries are devoted to the use of force; “Use force, and... if that doesn't work... use more force.”

I might add that it is The Sun who creates The Wind.

How... inexplicably... have I been blessed... to dwell under The Sun... Moon... and Stars... in timeless harmony with their specific, and timeless messages... to the specific locations within the heart... mind... and soul.

Everywhere around me, I see the earthbound... sleepwalking... fireflies and moths... drawn, and driven into the fires of exterior passions. Like sparklers... they blaze so brightly... for a moment, and then... go dark. Candle flames and incandescent lights await them on all sides, but... what if the wind stops, and the candle flame is stilled? What if... what if?

Okay.... let's turn to Breaking News of The Day. No... it's not Ashley-Amber-Jennifer Juniper Biden on tape... lamenting the leaving of her diary in the wrong place at the right time. It's not the coincidental nature of Low-Rent Charlie Sheen... Hunter Biden... dropping off his laptop in the wrong place at the right time.

It's not The Fabulously Disappearing Nikki Haley's new children's book; “The Ill Wind in my Nethers.” It was supposed to be, “A Croquet Team Runs Through It,” BUT... it did not meet the industry standards of enough LGBTQ content... speaking of which, let's... briefly... turn our attention to the latest reversed Kundalini film work on Balenciaga. They are shoehorning so much gay content into everything in films that... there is no longer any room for your feet. The good news is the burgeoning fetish subset... that will be attending to your feet, and... especially... your children's feet.

So... back to the bombshell news... if it's true that is... about the container ship... that hit the bridge in Baltimore... being filled with toxic COVID medical waste. Yikes! The story... if it's true that is... gets worse and worser, and this all leads me to my take on the matter... if it's true that is.

A great deal is happening at those points where The Cosmic is hitting The Material Aspect. It's Mr. Apocalypse... moon-walking like Michael... through the formerly hidden, and presently being revealed. Everywhere you look... toxic revelations are surfacing... by magical means... like bodies wrapped in cinder blocks and chains... mysteriously floating to the surface.

This is The Big Secret hiding in Plain Sight, with The Deep State playing Whac-A-Mole, and... just not having enough whackers, and especially lacking in tallywackers. It's like trying to hide the dawn by putting your fingers over someone's eyes. The Dawn gets in everywhere like water finding its own level... Mr. Apocalypse reveals, and... Lady Awakening identifies what is revealed.

You CANNOT stop the changes that The Turning of The Age brings. You CANNOT manipulate reincarnation to stop the appearance of the forces of change... personified in those who came back to do something about it; whatever It happens to be. Lady Nature WILL... FIND... A... WAY. Lady Nature is guided by wisdom... too deep and everlasting... to be hindered by the temporary criminals from The Land of The Short-Eyes. There is a reason it is called, Ageless Wisdom.

If you could... just for one moment... get a glimpse into the majesty and magnificence of The Presence, and Residence of Divine Luminous Wisdom, you would put aside your doubts forever about who wins out in the end. Your troubles.. that are caused by your doubt... fear... and hesitancy, are all about your lack of possessing the requisite amounts of Faith... Certitude... and Determination. ASK... FOR... THEM!!! Ask for them until you get them!!!

When The Divine says, “Don't make me come down there!” Then you know it is time to REALLY get loud and relentless about it. Do not stop until you have... the asked for... Faith, Certitude, and Determination.

I know that The Readers see one outrage following another... Evil sprouting like pestilential weeds... seemingly everywhere. Where is the good news? You wonder. You wonder if Mr. Sunshine and Optimism... (it's all guuuud...) is blowing smoke up your ass. No! I am not. That said... yes... The Synagogue of Satan has been making war on its neighbors for decades. There is no darkness they will not stoop to inhabit! And... they have spies everywhere!

The Land of The Free is encircling The World with military bases. It is imprisoning its patriots at home, and... with the aid of The UK... killing far and wide. Both of these and The EU too, are the witless... compromised tools of Satanic Bankers.

Now I have heard... from two separate sources... that bottomless pit dweller Silverstein... who owned The Twin Towers... is also the insurance beneficiary on The Dali container ship... that hit The Key Bridge in Baltimore. That would be astounding... if it's true that is. This sounds like something someone made up for the pure convenience of coincidence, BUT... there are people repeating this.

Yes... it is understandable that The Reader is uncertain about the pipe dreams we spin here. I only transmit what is transmitted to me, and not... by any stretch... the larger amount of it. These are the things I am told. Time will tell and we shall see, and... I do not own a pipe.

HOWEVER... this you should already know... regardless of anything you may hear from me; Avatars do come and go. We have ample proof of that! God is Real. You should already know this. God is all-powerful. You should already know this. God loved us so much that he sent his only son to cleanse the sins of The World and provide a way to salvation for the willing. You should already know this.

How and when The Divine will come to our aid... this you do not know. This I do not know either, BUT... that he will come... there should be no... doubt... on... that... account.

About The Eclipse... Let me point out that nothing happens on the day of The Eclipse. Let us employ some allegory here. Your movement through existence... is similar to the movement of planets through space; smaller bodies around larger bodies... smaller systems of bodies around larger systems...until... at some point... everything is moving around a mysterious central core. That central core might even be invisible.

While The Eclipse passes, you can imagine it as yourself... walking along a circular corridor... to a door at the end of the hall. The passing of The Eclipse is similar to opening the door and passing through it. You are then in another corridor, and it takes some time for you to familiarize yourself (if that even happens) with this new environment of... different stages of change... that you pass through on your way to the next door. The corridors you walk on are all slightly elevated, so... you are moving in a spiral.

As The Eclipse passes... the submerged portion of your mind is imprinted with new data... that relates to what you will encounter... in this new corridor. Also, certain other features planted long ago will be awakened. You won't know anything about any of it until portions of it surface along the way. It was like this during the 2012 End-of-The-Mayan Calendar. No one noticed much, BUT... look at what followed, and the same with The Great American Eclipse of 2017... look at what followed. Then that Blood Moon Eclipse a few years ago... look at what followed.

I'll be napping so that my conscious mind does not interfere with the transmissions, BUT... part of me won't be sleeping. I'll navigate the matter just fine. I already negotiate passage through an entire world of erratic, and disoriented somnambulists every day and night. It's like it's a gift. It's like I can't help myself.

So... here is my handy-dandy primer for how to circumnavigate the minions of evil... zombies... sleepers... dreamers, and the terminally freaked-out; rely on The Divine... let go completely, and let The Divine carry you through the corridors... while you let all stress and tension bleed out of your aura, and your various bodies and sheaths. Pay attention at all times. Stand guard at The Gateway of The Mind. When in doubt... evict everything... because that which cannot be evicted belongs there, AND... practice The Greatest Commandment.

If you can do all of this... as if they were the basic components of your day job, and your moonlighting too, something very remarkable will happen to you... after however many days... weeks... or months are required for you personally to do this... until it is doing you. You'll know when that happens.

End Transmission.......

Keep your eyes open for a network TV Special Flat Earth Testimonial when The Sun, Moon, and Earth line up and The Moon curves around The Earth... somehow. Be watchful. You will spot the other Frisbee People... at various locations of Best Buy... in the TV section on the day of the broadcast. They will stand out like someone reading The Urantia Book in a gay sauna. Of course, there will be no getting around your being asked what you are doing there in the first place.

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Analyses by Lin Hsî-kung of several of the Books of Kwang-dze


M - said...

The Tarot card I pulled "symbolizing this New Moon in Aries" was... drumroll, please...

The Two of Cups. It's message covers the next 2 weeks, until the Full Moon on April 23rd:

"Sometimes referred to as the Lord of Love, the 2 of Cups symbolizes balance and symmetry, solidarity, romance, and creative unions. Simbiosis is the key. We must surrender to love and open ourselves to the loving acceptance of the world around us and to the Everlasting."

In my deck, it is a romantic card and although it shows a couple about to embrace, the 2 of Cups refers to a union of opposites of any kind. Spiritual, physical, creative, etc.

Blessed Be.

0 said...

"If you can do all of this... as if they were the basic components of your day job, and your moonlighting too, something very remarkable will happen to you... after however many days... weeks... or months are required for you personally to do this... until it is doing you. You'll know when that happens."

Its a curiousity of cutting Habits that once cut deeply enough they entrain all things thru that channel... Best to cut them willfully versus aimlessly huh. Whats cut has to be recut if wrongly cut inducing incorrect understandings. Maybe thats why Death exists. The reset for they who cannot reset themselves willfully.

Chop Chop.

I did see that Anna pushed a new article claiming the American Federal Dollar is now available if ones gone and done their Self choosing thing by filing their 928 paperwork. I wonder if that AFD is the same as the Dept of Treasury Treasury Dollar Bill thats called out on the under money creation. Sure seems like theres an aim to setup a two tiered caste system in the states... leaving American Citizens as the main taxpayers using FRN's while setting up they who played along with Annas "restoring the republic" to be able to swap their FRN's for gold back dollars in some Global family bank... Seems the eclipse is being used more as a signal.

For what, time will tell and we shall see huh. :)


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

0 said...

And its Gone... haha... just passed over my place. Didn't feel a thing. Did enjoy the darkness. Dog didn't even notice. Eh.


0 said...

As a random aside...

"Its a curiousity of cutting Habits that once cut deeply enough they entrain all things thru that channel... Best to cut them willfully versus aimlessly huh. Whats cut has to be recut if wrongly cut inducing incorrect understandings. Maybe thats why Death exists. The reset for they who cannot reset themselves willfully."

You ever hear of the aspden effect? has to do with using an non-ferrous rotor embedded with permanent magnets around its circumference in radial configuration, where when you spin up the rotor, the permanent magnets Stir the unformed soup such that if you Stop the spinning rotor, you have an inertial window of about 30 seconds to spin it back up where it Doesn't force an extra inrush current to get back up to speed. It infers there is something the permanant magnets have altered which reverts to its original ambient after seconds pass.

I wonder if thats where Habits are Held. Such that they are till the anchoring form no longer exists or has its state willfully altered by the inhabiting consciousness.


BrotherJ said...

Couldn't see much beyond the skies here, too cloudy, but sure was felt in the heart. Animals seemed to have a better sense of things, without the spectacles, just from observing the crows and squirrels. They missed out on all the hype, fortunate fools that they are.

I was kind of hoping to see the comet, silly named thing on the 120th anniversary of Aiwass' messages.

Elsewhere, the writing is on the wall even if mostly left unsaid:

It seems like these people are the last major obstacle for the manifested blessings that are coming to this world, resumed. Though there's still a share of cleaning up to do all around.

Eric said...

I just had a very remarkable synchronicity. I was researching a book by Richard, duc de Palatine entitled "Alchemical Regeneration". Clicked off of it, came here and in the first paragraph of today's post, the words, "alchemical regeneration." Maybe I should go back and get the book.

Visible said...

Sorry, the comments had to languish, given they went up almost immediately upon my departure. There is an odd timing that says, no matter how short the nap or when I take it, comments will arrive as soon as I am gone.

O, you have a facile mind. I see where you were going with that and it sounds like an accurate representation in a different format.

Israel is surely toast. This is them... in willful participation... in their own destruction.

That is a very interesting coincidence given the meanings of the words.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"They Want Us to Believe A Gay Jesus is Dancing with Eunuchs in The Catacomb Sewers of The Great Cloaca in Fat City."

BigLoner said...


Vis, Great link to Yoichi Shimatsu and his covid / medical waste angle.
The Karma about toxic goop meandering its way to Bidens $$$ turf was spot on, irony similar Columbia Shuttle's disintegration dropping Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon's radioactive body parts over Gulf War Bush's ranch as well as USS Liberty & JFK assassination LBJ's Texas itself.

According to Wikipedia, payload specialist Ramon brought aboard a shitload of talismans ....a miniature Torah from one death camp, a rusty barbed wire mezuah from another & even one of Rabbi Scheerson's lucky dollars. I dunno, did he arrange all this shit on top of of his iodine-based disintegrator laser prior to his blasting away at the New Mexico-launched target rocket? I've seen stuff like this before at casinos. Chain smoking little old ladies roll in on wheel chairs loaded with oxygen bottles. They set up trinkets on a tray & once the shrine is saddled & waiting they start feeding the slots. You've got to ask yourself you feel lucky...Well, do ya? As luck would have it Ramon's unredacted first SIX pages of diary pages were recovered intact as they were a pristibe passport.

I'm getting Tangential here...& I ain't talkin' bout no gay nudist publication either, so need to get back to Shimatsu & focus on  Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers & industrial sabotage. Conspiracy folks say the ship was hijacked....& it probably was. But who are the terrorists?

Psertain psychopaths have a propensity to hack Siemens industrial computers as was the case with PLC-driven centrifuges being instructed to run wide open throttle within Iran's uranium enrichment facility. Heck, Like kids driving uncle Billie's old heap to the dump & laying a brick on the gas pedal. After Israel owned up to being the perp, someone suggested that such a rogue code could escape into the wild....who knows where 'it' would strike next.As a side note, in 1981 I Siemens PLCs were quite perfected. So for Murder, Inc.s destruction of Iraq's nuclear reactor (Operation Opera) it was just as expedient to send Ilan Ramon & the F16 boys to blow it up conventionally.

Sure enuff, down the road TEPCO FuckUShima reactor's Seimens-controlled core coolant pumps fucked up contributing to meltdown. Don't hardly make no sense unless maybe Japan cast the wrong Palestinian vote at the UN.
Giant container carriers have more multiple engines and propeller shafts. Unless they are battling a tidal surge or nasty cross currents, axial trusters / jets on the side of the ship can almost enable the ship to do a 360 within its own least on calmer water. A common denominator would have to be in place to override & sabotage all these systems, even down to the emergency lighting.
Did the sleepy sniffer go off the reservation re: Palestine? Did Elvis leave the bridge (ship's bridge that is) to be replaced by Lucky Larry?
All of Yoichi Shimatsu's stuff can be found on Rense. Left column, all the way down. I may have a case of false memory, but I think I read somewhere that Yoichi paid Perdue U tuition by working in a South Chicago steel mill. I too like to tie stuff together with strings, like Mr. Romper Stomper did in 'Brilliant Mind'. US Steel. Republic Steel. International Harvestor, Interlake Iron Coke works, Allied Chemical sulfuric acid works, Must be all the valuable trace minerals found in a certain environment that makes for a special craziness.

Jess Sayim,
Big Loner

Guldur said...

How... inexplicably... have I been blessed... to dwell under The Sun... Moon... and Stars... in timeless harmony with their specific,......
- it is really some 10 days ago, I had the same thoughts and immediatelly come to the conclusion so name our band´s new song "The Sun, The Moon, The Stars" ... unbelievable! For sure I am determined to name it like this even more now!
Be blessed (as you are) always!



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