Monday, April 29, 2024

"You Don't Have to Look for Hell on The Lower Astral Plane. There is Plenty of Hell on Earth, and Only a Fool Can't See That."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I've been doing one thing or another... along these lines... all my life. I've been told it's something I've been doing for much longer than that, so... I've seen a few things here and there in the process. I run into certain kinds of people. Some of them are very nice. Some of them are not. I expect the latter to improve over time because... that is what life is all about.

There's no point in my reading them the riot act, although I was once not so circumspect as I am now. I've improved because... that is what life is all about, and my position on my own improvement... these days... is to cooperate to the fullest because... success is speedy for the energetic.

However, sometimes people's only intention when it comes to me is to try to antagonize me. Once again... I'm better at handling that than I used to be, BUT... we come in all kinds of variety. We are not all sweetness and light. Some people give you diabetes syndrome just being around them. I am much more cut and dried. I am more frank and direct. I don't mean injury, but I expect that the effect is sometimes stronger than I intend it to be because I have a lot of chi.

I try to watch it, BUT... maybe sometimes you are supposed to say things... a certain way... to certain people because... it is impossible for them to hear anything when their own chatter drowns out everything around them.

There is this one fellow that comes around these posts, but not here... elsewhere. He pretty much knows everything. He's a fan; I wouldn't call him a student, because he hasn't learned anything if he is, BUT...he's a fan of some of those hardcore Hindu non-dualists. So... from his perspective, no one is doing it right, and it doesn't matter who they are.

He's a nitpicking and pompous pedant. I recognize what he is, and since most of it is grandstanding, and holding forth as the font of all insight and wisdom, and... knowing there isn't anything I can say to him... I just let his commentary slide by me, I'll skim his offerings at best, and every now and then something will catch my eye. So... a few days ago... in his most officious and supercilious manner, he says, “I don't believe in Heaven and Hell. I don't believe in guilt or punishment either.”

It made me laugh, and... I thought... this one deserves some form of response. Louise B. Hays used to dispense this sort of nonsense... in between cocktails. I guess he's above all that... suffering is probably afraid to even walk by his door.

Every founder of every religion... every avatar... has spoken of Heaven and Hell, and what awaits those who behave well and those who don't. All the conditions of life and mind... are... teaching devices, so we can learn to be better people so that we can... eventually become angelic in character and behavior.

In any historical period... terrible things happen to people. Some of them got drawn and quartered. Some of them went to the auto-da-fé. Look what happened to William Wallace, a rebel leader in Scotland. As a student of history, I am familiar with some of the ingenious tortures devised by the Khans for intimidation of the masses... their ideas of justice, and sometimes for their own amusements. Roman emperors had The Brazen Bull. Sometimes they employed the bull while they were feasting; as a form of entertainment.

There was Tamerlane, who froze hundreds... thousands of men in concrete... with their heads extended so that they could scream and cry until they could scream and cry no more. There was Vlad The Impaler who fixed thousands of people on wooden stakes. There were all those slaves... following the rebellion by Spartacus... who were crucified by the sides of the roads that led into Rome. I could... LITERALLY... go on and on with this. In modern times there was Bush The Stupid who poisoned countless numbers of Iraqis... which led to terrible birth defects that just keep on coming.

Are all these things, and the 99.999999999% of what I have omitted... are these not punishments? Are these not Hellish in nature; whether You believe in them or not?

People do horrible things to children. Look at what is happening in Gaza, BUT... these things happen all over The World. All of this is... the outworking of karma, and karma doesn't care if you believe in it or not, and it knows where you live.

I assume that the regular reader, and people in general... do not concern themselves with meditations on the awful things people are capable of. It is ever so much worse than you can imagine. You don't have to look for the Hells that exist on The Lower Astral Plane. We get plenty of Hell on Earth, and only a fool can't make that connection.

The reverse is also quite true, and there are people whose lives are unbelievably blessed in every area, and some of them get this over a string of lifetimes. Believe me! There are more things in Heaven and Earth than you have dreamed of... or had nightmares about. All Hells and Heavens are present in The Human Heart and Mind. Sometimes they are seed impressions. Sometimes they come to flower.

I do not fear Hell and I do not aspire to Heaven. I will go where God puts me and I am most grateful for it. I live ONLY to serve and to please The Divine. PERIOD! I may not be doing a bang-up job of it so far, but... I will improve because... that's what life is all about.

Right now... there are people locked in sound-proofed basements... chained in dungeons in Third World Hells, and awful things are happening to them. There are people being pursued by furies... and authorities... and mob enforcers. There are also people who are living in Heaven... while right here on Earth.

There are souls of such high elevation that they literally carry Heaven with them wherever they go. They routinely liberate and restrain people and forces; “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

The mass of the prisoners... held mesmerized in the housing projects of The Hive Mind... have no idea what is going on around them and out of their view. Sometimes they treat with angels unaware. Believe me! Few know what goes on around here, and what can go on around here.

I don't send people to Hell or Heaven. I don't hand out punishment or manipulate guilt. I am aware of these concerns in the hearts and minds of people I pass along my way. It is what it is. Like The Christ said; “the poor you have always with you.” This applies to anything you can think of, and you can find any of it too... if you go looking for it. I don't send people to The Bad Place, BUT... they do send themselves there... after The Lords of Karma have a talk with them.

Here are some things that may be worthy of retribution... may actually be retribution in action. The reader is warned that these are unpleasant things to see; not as unpleasant as some things that are readily available, but if you are overly thenzsitiff... you might want to give them a pass. Here is a little girl in the early days of being made ready for sexual transitioning.

Observe the physiognomy of the mother. Here is someone talking about what happens to transitioned kids when they become adults.

I can find hundreds of examples like this. I can find evidence of all sorts of horrors that people are visiting on each other from positions of authority. I'm not the kind of guy who sits around watching Faces of Death videos... horror films... or anything dark and disturbing, BUT... my job has always required degrees of research that most people haven't been exposed to.

For some reason, I can handle these outrages. I have a level of detachment that has been developed along the way; mostly it has to do with walking in all things contrary to The World... because I know that The World is all a projection of The Mind, and the mind is the source of all the evils you can imagine. It is the mind that imagines them. That does not make them unreal. They are real enough. Ask any of the people going through them; see what they have to say about it.

People routinely talk shit out of the side of their mouths about things they have no real experience or knowledge of. It's easy to sit back and pontificate about all kinds of things. People do. Thousands of people consider themselves experts on this or that, people like Jim Cramer... all those talking heads on all those networks. People like Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro cruise through life posing as one thing, until they are suddenly exposed as another; I do appreciate your work, Mr. Apocalypse.

I am nowhere on the scale of those giants I aspire to. I'm just doing the best that I can, and I'll get better. I know I will... because that's what life is all about... unless you are in the business of getting worse, as some folk are... or treading water for lifetimes... over the slow evolutionary course. It has to matter to you... more than all those other things that matter to you... or you don't get the hot-house treatment.

You have to really want to walk the high road. The sides are slippery the whole way along, so... you'll want to stay near the middle of the road. It's not for everyone. Apparently, it is hardly for anyone, BUT... if it matters all that much to you, as it does to some of us... you are on your way. Lots of people give it a cursory effort, BUT it is too strenuous and trying for their tastes.

I find every other option to be worse, but when you're lying to yourself... you can get pretty far along before you find all that out.

I don't spend any time thinking about Heaven and Hell. I do not fear punishment in my future and I am not weighed down by guilt about the past. I have an arrangement with the one who handles all of that. I suggest you all make a similar arrangement. Selfless service will wipe out the most egregious sins... so will The Greatest Commandment. So will Spiritual Wisdom. It is a fire that consumes all previous errors.

At the same time, I do not blow smoke up my own ass. I am merely the horse that carries The Rider. I have no interest in the things of The World so... why should The World have any interest in me? The faceless irritations in the crowd do not irritate me. I know why they do it. Often... these days... they awaken compassion in me... because I know why they do it, and... they'll get over these insecurities at some point. They'll go on to accomplish great things... perhaps... once they get themselves sorted, and stop listening to all the voices in their head... and decide to listen to only one voice... because... that's how life works, and that's what life is all about.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The longer I am here, the greater my contempt and loathing of this place becomes. Now, is that evolution, or devolution. I DO NOT AGREE WITH HOW IT WORKS! I consider it the realm of the demiurge, and that it should be abandoned, but it seems my opinion is in the minority. But hey. I can be and am an arsehole and a bastich about it. Cheap entertainment.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


0 said...

"Roman emperors had The Brazen Bull. Sometimes they employed the bull while they were feasting; as a form of entertainment."

Would that be the same bull as the one found in the film immortals?


0 said...

Faces of Death huh... I remember those... back when renting videos was still a thing.

Used to be a site called as well that had alot of shocking fatalities or injuries that one could peruse.

I was never much of a horror buff, but the ones that were over the top I found hilarious. Dead Alive, Army of Darkness, Evil Dead's, etc. I don't like hurting anything, but I like being constantly Hurt even Less... so I will do the needful to the level of force required for the advancing party to get a clue or check out stage left if they can't figure out that this ain't the droid they're looking for. Course if I'm evaporated in the nuke blast on DFW, that works too.

I too am pretty detached, given all they show in their programming. It will be helpful for when this all Goes hot here right around the corner.

Good time to get some clotter and surgical staples. Just in case, better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Times pretty much Up.


Visible said...

Yes... that is it. It is truly sad, man's inhumanity to man.

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"That Part of The Operation is like The Subconscious Mind. A Lot Goes on There, but You Can't See It... Except in Dreams."

Asil said...

Yes, so many dreadful and deeply disturbing forms of torture used by the irredeemable evil governments of the world, from the very beginning of even the most crudely structured society and continuing on into the future. The question I have from the first knowledge of these things is who are the people that perform the acts for the tyrants? That is what I never can understand. So we have the sociopaths and the psychopaths that actuate the pain. Both taking pleasure from such horrendous acts, unfathomable to those of us with a soul.
The horrors of destroying children with hormones and surgery has moved torture into a category far surpassing anything I could have imagined. The video of the ugly monster with the little boy, the evil insipid and mentally ill doctor haunts me. The “mother” with the appropriate hair cut is a lesbian, filled with hatred and jealousy of the male sex. The demeanor of the little boy suggests confusion and it is apparent he is being manipulated. I was initially confused until I heard the “monster” say she was so grateful because she doubted that “she” could have survived male puberty. This is unreal and yet it is condoned and promoted! How can this be accepted as normal? What happens next? What can be more grotesque or depraved? I am not sure but there will be a reckoning.

M - said...

Nobody ("I am no one"):
Are surgical staples used for the purpose of self-defense. Can one dispense (shoot) them into the foreheads of one's enemies - aka "Double Tap"?



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