Wednesday, April 24, 2024

"For Years, Intelligence Agencies have been Promoting Lies to a Public that Believes Most of Everything They Hear."

God Poet Transmitting.......

My... my... my... the level of crazy is off-the-charts. I am astounded... astounded I tell you... by what people can convince themselves of. I will, of course, proceed onward and pay it all no mind. There's bound to be intense collateral damage in times like these. One can't set up a roadside hospital round every corner they turn. The Walking Wounded are out in droves... following after Viggo Mortensen on The Road.

I remember the concert at Altamont. I was near the front on that day. Fortunately, we had brought our own comestibles. One heard the cries of “Don't take the brown acid!” from the crowd and the stage announcer all through the day. It's too bad they did not tumble to the other delivery systems. Certain twisted souls put loads of The CIA's worst into jugs of Red Mountain wine that were passed through the crowd.

I wound up running a field hospital there in the aftermath. My friend Richard wanted to kill himself. He was really invested in a more positive outcome. I could tell early on that it was going to go bad. From the first notes out of Carlos Santana's guitar... to the constant screaming from people in the crowd; “Sit down! Sit the fuck down!!!” It was a menacing atmosphere. People were too close together, and it was a bad crowd. I did not much like The Rolling Stones; too Satanic for my tastes. Well... they proved themselves that day.

People were lurching in all directions... their minds blown... their eyes all crazy and frightened. I did what I could. Calmness and an atmosphere of love... absent fear... can do marvels. I saw it that day.

Here it is years hence. I knew crazy had come to town. I'd been seeing it coming over the rise for some time. The sexually bent were not the only ones to come out of the closet. The Bad Guys... the really bad guys have come out of the closet too, and the crazy folk also. Oh! Let's be honest. They have been forced out of the closet... whether they know this or not. A lot of them seem to have yet to catch on. They will.

I ran into a flurry of reaction from The Taylor Swift post over at The Truthseeker. All kinds of people were responding to the Origami post that was yet to come. I'm guessing that's what it was... even though it hasn't gone up yet. It won't go up until tomorrow, and I am writing this on the afternoon before the day it got posted, which would be today for most of you.

I had to go back to the Swift post to see what I had said about the rumor going around that The Beatles songs had been written by Tavistock. I hadn't said anything. What!!! How did that happen? Oh well. It's still possible that I am the one who is confused, but... it is odd no matter how it came about.

There was not one fact put into evidence by the people reacting to comments I didn't even make in that post. There was an ocean of subjectivity. People FELT that it had to be true... this... that... and the other thing. Of course, facts don't care about your feelings. I got no video evidence from the people... assuring me with no evidence... that their take on the matter was evidence. Even though I had seen these musicians perform many times on film. I saw them on rooftops and in studios. I saw them on tour.

I asked for evidence of mysterious characters' writing... not only all of their songs but many of the great songs from several decades. I asked for evidence that they couldn't play their instruments... even though I had seen them play their instruments many times. Not a fact did I get from anyone. Once again... it all amounted to what someone said here... there... and everywhere about something for which... all we have is opinion.

I do not buy into anything someone tells someone else. Even when it has to do with spiritual teachings from someone I trust. I still check it out. I've been lied to by experts... in this AND in other lifetimes. I'm okay with trusting, BUT I am even more okay with verifying.

From the atmosphere I feel in the air... at a distance from me... there is a real sense that utter chaos could break out at any time... on a really large scale, AND with all the attention people are paying to lies of no substance... no one seems to be paying any attention to what Lady Nature has been getting up to, and what might... could... possibly erupt... or shake the ground... big time, here... there... and anywhere. It's tense if you buy into it, and just weird if you don't.

For years now... intelligence agencies have been promoting outright lies to a public that... in large numbers... believes just about everything they hear; The Earth is flat! Global Warming is going to kill everyone ten years ago! Israel is only protecting itself! Russia attacked Ukraine! The Killer Vaccines are good for you! All of the public figures in The World have been executed at Gitmo and then been replaced! Strategically captured photos at public events show the mask lines on the necks of the impostors. Wow! How convenient!

I do not know that I am right across the board, but I do find it strange that none of the people objecting to my objections have any proof... facts... smoking guns; they got nada to back up their claims. The truth is that I don't know, BUT something about these claims... just like Flat Earth... alien body parts in Campbell's Soup, and most of The World's leaders being executed at Gitmo... do not pass the smell test.

Some of the lies being told are outrageous. No sane person would believe them, BUT... the amount of people who are still sane is a lot less than it once was. Maybe the majority of them were crazy all along. They are observably asleep and dreaming. Why can't they have been crazy too, and all it took was a little pressure, and some constant prodding... to set them off?

Now... you have to remember... most of the perspectives held individually... or widely shared... are being broadcast through a controlled media. The Truth is universally banned from every informational outlet. Be very careful who you tell the truth to. They can set the dogs or the mob on you very quick like. What if someone were to take out Taylor Swift. Boy! That would be a serious shit-stirring event.

They've got something up their sleeves. You don't see this kind of ubiquitous uncertainty... carefully crafted, and dispensed... for no reason. Someone has got something in mind. We are sure to see whatever it is, as soon as they can get all the journalists agreed on The Story... whatever story it might be. If you are not in agreement... then you don't get the story. If you are not in agreement... your credentials will be revoked, and... you will be living in a van... down by The River! Maybe The Boss will drop by with some chilled Thunderbird wine.

Check this out! This should give some of the readers pause. I go out every late afternoon before The Sun goes down to meditate and pray. As I was opening the screen door a few minutes ago, I saw something moving in the breezeway before the courtyard. At first, I thought it might be a bird and the wind was lifting a feather or two.

As I got closer I saw it was an empty bag of chips... upside down, and... I picked it up, and... turned it over. Guess what it was? It was an empty pack of Funyuns! Right where I couldn't miss it... ten feet in front of the front door. This is the gods-honest truth! I don't see rubbish in that area of the property. You don't usually see rubbish anywhere around here.

There's not a kid or a teenager that lives within half a mile of here. I mention Taylor Swift and compare her to a pack of Funyuns yesterday, and then? How did that happen? What does it mean? I'll tell you what it means to me. It's The Divine having some amusement with me. That's how I read it. No one in this neighborhood... on this street... knows about or reads my blogs. That's a hell of a coincidence... isn't it?

Before I had turned the bag over... the thought hit me; could it? Could it possibly be? I mean... how many dozens of different kinds of chips and sundry... by how many different manufacturers are there? What are the odds? The odds are better that I would hit the lottery than that an empty bag of Funyuns should show up ten feet in front of my door the day after I write a post about Taylor not-so Swift being like a bag of Funyuns. Wow!

In the couple of years before I started these blogs, I wrote under the name of Apollonius at a forum at Slate called, The Best of The Fray. It was a hotbed of liberal and some conservative activity with a large population of Tribe Members. When Bush The Stupid went off about Weapons of Mass Destruction, I called it bullshit and started a countdown on the discovery of those weapons. Many of the others that were regulars jeered at me. I think I got to about Day 160 or so before I stopped. By that time, no one was jeering me.

A little later, I denied The Holocaust and provided chapter and verse of why it was bullshit. Boy! Did it rain on me then. I had been awarded a gold star some months previously. It put me in The Elite at that site. There weren't many of us. Others started calling out for my star to be revoked. Heh heh... big deal. So... you know what they did? They took away everyone's star instead, and then... shortly after... they closed all the forums of which there were dozens and dozens.

Truth will out. It always does. Not everyone will see it when it does. A whole lot of people hope never to see it. The Truth gets in their way, and they don't like that. I don't care if people want to believe a bunch of headshrinkers wrote the Beatles songs... Dylan's... and so many of the others. I find it preposterous, but... that's just me. I'm not going to call anyone names or... think ill of them. I'm not going to argue about it. I'm a pretty good judge of bullshit. I don't need to argue. If I were to argue... it would be an indication of some amount of insecurity on my part where there is none.

I can believe that The Stones... Led Zeppelin... Ozzie Osborne... Marilyn Manson... Metallica and so many others were influenced by The Dark Side, and its material representative, The Deep State. I observed Lennon get captured by The Dark Side later on... Sir (snicker) Paul also. Money does weird shit to people. It did weird shit to them. It is truly odd how huge sums of money will turn people into Communist proselytizers without them actually adopting a Communist lifestyle.

I got a little voice inside me that is never wrong. It's one of the perks of The King's Highway. It is what I listen to, and I hold everything up to it... that comes my way... to see whether it rings or clangs. Now... I'm nobody, and I don't claim to be anybody, but I know somebody who is somebody, and from whom all others flow. Everyone has this presence in residence, but few trouble themselves to awaken it. You got to make real noise inside to get that to happen, and then you must learn to go all quiet.

My job... my single task... is to proclaim the reality of God (and... highlight incongruities). Some will hear it here, and some will hear it within them as well... if it happens to have a ring to it. Most will just go right on by. One of these days they may stop by The Well for a bit longer. It could be lifetimes from now, BUT The Well is always there, and it is connected... through all time and space... to everlasting waters.

End Transmission.......

Links may appear at GAB. Let's see if we run into anything informative or entertaining=

I am several days of lunch readings into this article on Sufi Mysticism It starts to get compelling... more and more compelling as I continue to read it.

by Reynold A. Nicholson


Anonymous said...

It seems the stage is set for a huge fire. Literally or figuratively , all that is needed now is that one spark, that one event that will throw the match into the pyre. It seems inevitable that it must happen to reset the balance of the world before a new age can be ushered in.
As an aside. All these pro H protests happening at these colleges? I wonder if it isn’t generated by the victims themselves to stir up more chaos to achieve whatever goal they have in mind. Just a thought .I don’t know but don't take anything at face value anymore. I hope it’s Lady Nature that throws the match. I trust Her.
Peace to all if you can find it.

Dude said...

Truly Wonderful.

Faith will make you look stupid until it starts to Rain. ~ Noah

0 said...

Reminds me of the little book Siddhartha by Hess.

What comes comes, Time for the Accounting.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

My, what people believe. Psychotic? Stupid? Just get the feck away from me!!! The ultimate delusion is sausage casings gettin' preggers. RABBIT TEST WAS NOT A DOCUMENTARY! Stupid movie from way back, that I don't recommend anyone see.

Still waitin' for the native ghetto rats to attack the illegal immigrants for their gubment issued debit cards. That should be fun to watch. I'm sure the crime rate will be lower in a few months if and when. . . And if enough stores close, maybe the casualties can be harvested for meat if they're freshly 'transferred' to the Otherside.

Visible said...

Siddhartha caused me to read everything Hesse wrote. He was profoundly inspired. There are three short stories at the back of Magister Ludi. In one of them... this fellow sits by a river bank and something remarkable happens. Hesse was seriously ahead of his time. Hopefully he didn't miss the 60s in another form.

0 said...

hehe dang, makes me wish I experienced the 60s... didn't iterate till 1975.

I do remember at the end of the siddhartha book, after siddhartha had gone to town and earned monies and spent monies that he wandered out of town and ended up at a river with another older guy who tended to those crossing the river... ended up seeing all the faces of iterations of form of those who come and go dancing down the currents of the river...

All my books are boxed up now. In preparation for a change.

I also bought several other of hesse's books but I think I liked siddhartha the best. Some of the others read like Balzac and his droll works. Curiously the farther down the seeking path I went, the more discerning and selective I became. I'd look at everything offered but after a while you just sorta see thru things while seeing them. Doesn't take long at all now to know whats what with that which I choose to interact with.

Take it easy!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Don't Worry about What's Going on Out There. That's for People too Stupid to See that They've been Swept Up into a Mob."

striding apparatus said...

Star Swami LV! Greetings and Salutations.
I pick up those bags and dispose of them in the community hive receptacle for the good of the collective. (/s)
The other day a nice black lady said you do a good job thank you and I said thank you and you're welcome.
See what kind of world we could have without these interlopers of evil.
Of course those bands were backed by the usual suspects but they still had to learn how to play and you need backers to practice all day.
A rural bud could go out tour after playing for decades on the six string axe, he went with an engineering career.
I am like his therapist or sounding board and he revealed that he is in fact loaded to the gills with the filthy lucre, I would still love him like a brother if he was broke and in rags.
The experimental gene therapy could be contributing to the off the charts bat guano terminal madness?
These things happen when you push God away in every way all day.
Still praying and giving thanks after every meal and walk, praying for deliverance from the one who roams the earth looking for souls to devour, praying for elders and those true people online that are part of God's Fifth Column. (h/t-WSL)

Anonymous said...

It was reported that George Soros funded the anti Israel protests at the college campuses in America last week.

Maybe George Soros is a good guy?

Visible said...

Many psychopaths love dogs. Norman Bates wouldn't hurt a fly. The Hallmark of a Satanist is chaos and disorder. Any kind of confusion is good. All kinds of things get reported... heh heh... right. I know those rich colitch students are hurting for geld. Most of them are Soros's kinsorcs.

Visible said...

This is a Flat Earth Free Zone. That means... no matter what tactics you employ, I am immune to them. It was an interesting effort, but this isn't a subject any sane or even reasonably intelligent person would engage in. What a thousand miles an hour has got to do with The Earth being round or flat... is beyond me. It's like saying water is wet because The Sun is hot.



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