Thursday, April 11, 2024

"Not One of These Spiritual Impostors has The Balls to Speak Out about Israel and Gaza, and You Know Why... Don't You?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

Well... the lying sacks of shit that work for The Sex Toy Media are at it again. They get more ludicrous by the day.

Gee! I wonder what it could be that is causing this? It couldn't be The Killer Vaccines, could it? They were calling it myocardial something something before. I'm guessing they needed a new buzzword title. Of course, The Sex Toy Press is owned and operated by the same people who brought you The Killer Vaccines, so... I'm assuming they're not going to call something like... The Gentile Elimination Protocol.

Except for a handful of extremists... most of whom are certifiably insane, and... probably working for The Overlords... as some kind of false front... for a non-existent resistance, there are very few of us who will say what's what out loud. Most of those making a living at this sort of thing are hedging their bets. They say things like... “oh! It's terrible what is happening to The Palestinians but they attacked Israel and Israel has a right to protect itself.”

Did Israel have the right to steal the land of their neighbors and then herd their neighbors into ever smaller, and smaller confinements... outdoor concentration camps... with concertina wire... encircled by machine gun nests? Did they have the right to instigate wars with their neighbors, and then claim that their neighbor started it?

Do they have the right to do medical experiments on their neighbors, and to harvest their organs? Do they have a right to kill their neighbor's children; to use their neighbor's families for target practice? Do they have the right to run a bulldozer over a woman's body who was protesting The Occupation and then laugh and joke about it? Do they have that right?

Did they have the right to fake a holocaust to cover for their murders of tens of millions of Russians, and then use that fabrication as an excuse to invade the country of a people they have no genetic connection to? Do they have the right to accuse anyone who confronts them on their crimes with cries of, Antisemitic! Meanwhile, they are not Semitic. Is this why they have outlawed the 23 and Me DNA testing kit in Israel?

Why would the Red Cross say there were only a quarter of a million inmates in the camps that they were eye-witness to, and state that the cause of demise in the camps was Typhus? Why would their own almanac show an increase in their population over the war years if so many of them were exterminated? Now you can't find it in the search engines. They are scrubbing the information... making it harder to get.

How can they lower the body count by 3 million in one camp and still claim 6 million dead? Perhaps someone could explain this to me because I have a hard time with Chinese algebra.

Everything they have done has been accomplished with occult forces. That well is running dry. The Avatar is coming and he's going to clean house. He is already cleaning house, and even if you can't see the connections between events in the moment... you will see... soon enough. You will be compelled... forced to see. Truth doesn't care about your feelings.

Some things make me very tired. One of these is the vacillating... mealy-mouthed rationalizing that people with power... influence... position and name recognition get into so that they can appear to be on both sides of the fence at all times..

What is happening in Palestine... at this time... is a direct response to the agitations of Mr. Apocalypse, and The Will of The Avatar... to bring into broad daylight... the incontrovertible evidence of the horrors being perpetrated there. The whole world is watching! One can no longer engage in ritual appeasements to the servants of The Dark Side and have the expectation that an army of coolies will sweep the evidence away during the night.

I was astonished to see how much money these spiritual teachers are making. The poorest among them have tens of millions of dollars. The richest have hundreds of millions of dollars! There is one thing that is shared in common by downtown whores and uptown whores... sidewalk whores and hotel suite whores... they are ALL whores!

These non-dual teachers... of what cannot be spoken about... are the worst kind of moral relativists. They like to give the impression that they are above it all, and not touched by the ugliness of the day... at the levels far below the exalted states that they occupy. Not one of these shameful impostors has the stones to speak out against Israel and The Gazacide, and you know why... don't you? It's about their stinking money.

If these overfed hypocrites say anything about the genocide PRESENTLY GOING ON in Gaza... something's going to happen to their money.

They may be able to talk all kinds of bullshit about things that don't matter; embrace The Void... embrace the emptiness... of that which cannot be spoken about... yet they never stop fucking talking about it. Here's how it is; there are the worlds of form and the planes of formlessness. God is formless UNLESS God takes form in us... or a cow... or a rock... or anything else. It's all God.

God has rules or... one might say that existence has rules... rules of God and rules of Nature. Obey them and it will go well with you. Do not obey them and it will not go well with you. Follow the rules and aspire to The Divine, and... one day... you will become a conscious aspect of The Divine. You will become a conscious immortal... each star in the sky is a living example of this.

You don't need to know any more than this; Love others... engage in selfless service... forget yourself and immerse yourself in The Unity of All Things. This is what God does. Go and do the same. There's not a whole lot more than this to it. Aspire to be divine or desire to be demonic. Be spiritual or be carnal. Those are your choices.

I've decided that I should probably be a guru too. So... from now on, I am going to be Guru V (pronounced Gurr-roo-vey... or groovy... if you are in a hurry.) I will start to talk like these other dancing dilettantes on the highway to Hell. I'll dress the part. I'll be as remote as yon mountain tops but... yet... a simple man of the people. I know how to do that shit, and as a particular district attorney once said about me to the jury, “he's an actor... can't you see that? Of course, he sounds sincere and looks innocent. He's an actor!!!”

I guess I was a pretty good actor cause they cut me loose, and that had NEVER happened before in that state with those charges. So I think I could play this part, and I would remember. Oh yes! I would remember... not to say a goddamn thing about Gaza, or else... there would be no money and no prestige. The Perks would all go away, and The Media would crucify me BECAUSE that is what they do to you when you tell the truth... except... not this time. This time is different, and I'm not going to play that role anyway. I'm going to tell the truth.

Real spiritual teachers are warriors. They are not glad-handing used car salesmen. They are not Gleem-smiling androids. They use the sword of discrimination to cut away the veils of illusion. They are armored with The Qualities of God. They liberate people. They do not bind them. When you set someone free it is like opening a bird cage. Goodbye Bird or... The Bird can pay you to remain in the cage.

Real spiritual teachers KNOW who they are representing and they take that seriously, so... they don't prance around banging the willing or the stupid, whichever they run into first. They don't acquire large bags of money, and they don't hang with all those people who... one way or another... directly or indirectly... are killing all those other people in Gaza!

They tell the truth or they say nothing at all... whether you like it or not. They do not perform before huge crowds. Charlatans do that... not spiritual teachers. Spiritual teachers do not promote themselves as spiritual teachers. You might not even notice them in the street. They serve as they go. They are not attended by a brass band that plays, “Look at me!” every time they do something for the cameras.

The last thing on the mind of a true spiritual teacher is The Money. Some people charge for it, and some give it away for free. The ones who give it away for free know the value of it. They know you can't put a price on it. Next time you hear one of these glib speakers who are telling you that everything is nothing and nothing is everything, find out how much money they have.

Everyone who is staying in line because they are afraid of what it will cost them... to tell the truth... is committing suicide. Even if you don't die right there... everything that made life worth living is gone, so... what's the point? You tell me. They are not going to tell me what to do or what to say. I don't work for them. They are about to find that out. They are about to find out that a whole lot of us don't work for them... right about the time that they find out who they are working for. I guess that wasn't very non-dual was it?

End Transmission.......

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But I do have part 2 of The Wu Wei trilogy.
This is one of the most beautiful and
articulate pieces I have read in a long time.



M - said...

I feel very fortunate that I am a Zio-turd.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of Indians flooding into Israel to work as slaves in the construction industry

0 said...

hehe ... The irony of whores being used to define the two faced/infinifaced cracks me up.

Whores are the ones who are not hypocrites, meanwhile whores in every Other field are the worst kind of hypocrites.

It seems the one thing nature AbWhores is Falsity. (falsecity)

Allow Falsity to grow for to long and the garden goes to Rock or whatever the normal natural state of that location was prior to it being groomed with bullshit to grow the lies of hypocrites.

Ah well. Hopefully its not long now. Still boxing everything up.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The Balfour Treaty was an abomination. Before I knew better, I was one, but after I learnt the truth, I find zionists are the stupidest, most delusional pieces of garbage out there. The treaty should be VOIDED! Nostrils to the sky.

'Tank' de gods fer de innernet!

M - said...

OOOPS! I meant to say "I feel very fortunate that I am NOT a Zio-turd."

albunn said...

Damn, that was good! I'm amazed at the multitude of brainwashed and blind masses out there. They must support the carnal illusion. Fear strikes and it's impossible to get through the ego. There will be a reckoning soon.It's overdue. Dummy Trump is no savior. They're all compromised and enslaved......A

Visible said...

M; I should have gone with my instincts but then I thought there might be a joke that I was missing.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of religion, or freedom FROM religion? I will take the latter, thank you.

All that bull$h!t about freedom of religion just means keep the ca$h flow streaming in, and all manner of heinous “religious” practice embeds itself into the psyches damaged by it, twisting and perpetuating itself into the hideous monster it eventually becomes feasting upon it’s own organs, then wonders why it’s so hungry and thirsty all the time in the aftermath of it’s “freedom” as the little sword shaped cuntry in the middle e makes so obvious, while the rest of the world squeals about their religious “freedumb”, alongside.

That article about LeVey yesterday is a prime example and exhibit A, where all “freedumb”of religion leads to and also illustrates the narrow gap between Judaism and Satanism, for what it’s worth. At least that was my takeaway.

It is curious how this mantra “freedom of religion” came to being, owing to the fact that the root word of religion is “to bind” or, “restrain”. It’s an oxymoron.

If this realm’s “free” religions weren’t on the azz end of rational philosophy, thought and science as they are now, perhaps my criticism of them wouldn’t be so harsh, but at this juncture, they’ve brought nothing but corruption, criminal waste and destruction disguised as “freedom” into our midst. Because it’s all religion now.

Sorry, after that GrooV kick azz post, it must have triggered something.


Sukh said...

I'm at yesterday's Origami and Visible links there to a fellow by the name of Rupert Spira, God bless him. I followed the link and then went to the "Introduction" tab at the top.

Around 4 videos down the page, there is one entitled "Key Questions on Non-Duality"

If you start at around the 25 second mark, you'll see that Robert provides various names for the idea of "Moksha".

At around the 35 second mark, he provides the term "illumination".

...and he is but finished saying the word...and it's as if the ambient lighting protests, shifts, and the video goes dark!

I wonder if there was something more going on there.

Here's the link:

Link to Rupert Spira's Website, Introduction Tab

Anonymous said...

You mean hypocrites like Dave from "his glory" with the big zionist flag over his left shoulder?

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"We Need Good Guys and Bad Guys for The Ongoing Drama of The Purpose of Demonstration as God Makes His Points."

nina said...

I think I've found you, Vizzy!

Visible said...

I did not realize I was hiding. I've been doing the same thing in the same place without respite for years. There is something strange about this. We shall see what comes about. Interestingly I was just talking about you last night.

Chillease said...

Of course it is murder to a degree the world has never seen. Of course you are correct in this. Say some prayers for Candace Owens who, even as a young mother of precious young children has sought to bring some of this to light. We had our erstwhile semi-hero Trump come out with his latest. Any who "want the destruction of the. chosen. people. and it seems or simply speak out against Zionist ways should be put to death". Hard to fathom his shooting both feet off but then, he's always been known for doing the same w/ his large mouth. What I want as a 70 year old US citizen, is a Godly reset whatever that may be. I fervently want Jesus to "have it His way" finally even if it is "uncomfortable". Cheers Vis and thank you so very much for helping us to understand huge ideas as best we can. Liz



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