Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Rats are Leaving the Sinking Ship

There are rats in nature and there are urban rats. Urban rats, like urban pigeons and seagulls in large harbors are all mutations on a theme. They feed on garbage and things tossed at them by those who want to feed the unfortunate. No doubt the instincts of those who feed them are good. Sometimes the results are not. Rats proliferate where there is a food supply. As is common in contemporary urban settings, considerations of hygiene are often trumped by concerns for profit. The back alleys of restaurants are very different from the restaurant setting inside. Both are often lit by lights that set a mood. The mood is different but those feeding in the back do not find the setting less romantic or filling than those inside.

Rats are considered vermin and for good reason. Those defined as rats in human form are held in no less contempt than the society of rats engineered by the lack of awareness on the parts of those who feed them. One way or another, all of these rats feed because of corruption.

You can dress a rat up in an expensive suit. If he’s got flash money and the company of other rats in suits and if those rats are powerful and if those rats are also connected to other powerful life forms in suits with flash money then... things can be pretty good for the rats. Sooner or later though, the rats become a problem.

It would take a stupid person not to see how very stupid George W. Bush is. An inquisitive mind, say a mind other than that possessed by George W. Bush, might well ask, “How could anyone as stupid and inarticulate as this man ever become president?” That’s a good question. There’s a simple answer to this. He became president because other men, who were neither stupid nor good, wanted him to be president. They wanted him to be president BECAUSE he was stupid and incurious. They wanted him to be president because he was easily manipulated.

Even with all of the money that these people had they still couldn’t expect that this stupid man could win an election to the highest office in the land considering his lack of understanding much of anything and given his comic lack of articulation. Even with all of the smoke and mirrors of publicity engines and powerful media forces, they still could not consider his winning the presidency a fait accompli. In fact, he never did win an election. It took rampant voter fraud to shoehorn this rube into the White House.

Getting this man into the White House was not the result of a few weeks or months of effort. This was a long range event. Getting this man into the White House had everything to do with the potential (fully realized over these years) of massive profits and the re-shaping of the world’s map. All of the areas of interest of the men and women who put this incompetent front man into the White House were researched and discussed among them over the course of a long period of time.

Those men and women who labored to put George W. Bush into the White House came to be called neo-cons. These men came from many areas of endeavor. Some of them owned large media conglomerates like Rupert Murdoch. Some have been working as agents for a foreign power while in the employ of the U.S. government, men such as Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and others. Some have been around or in government for a long time, men like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield and John Bolton. There are others that have been in the corridors of power for decades, men like Richard Armitage, Elliot Abrams and John Woolsey. There are men who operate behind the scenes like William Kristol and Robert Kagan, Mellon-Sciafe and David Rockefeller. There are other names behind these names and they’re all of a type, the same way that the urban-naturalized rats and pigeons and seagulls have characteristics and preferences.

It’s not the scope of this essay to list all of the players; were that even possible. The thing to keep in mind here, the point of this effort is to point out that all of the problems that are presently associated with the man in the White House are actually the responsibility of these other men, those named and those unnamed.

Why am I pointing this out? I am pointing this out because all of a sudden these men are blaming all of the things that went wrong on the man in the White House. Yes, the man in the White House is a stupid man, an incompetent man and a criminal in his own right. But he is not the author of the policies put in place and the actions taken by this administration. He is just an empty suit. He is the first high school dropout to get a college degree while remaining as educated as a high school dropout. He just isn't very bright and he isn't what he seems. I'm guessing some things happened to him when he was very young.

Things like this.

Now the rats that orchestrated the bloody wars and cruel social policies; the men and women who raped the economy, they are pointing at this man as the culprit. This man is lucky he can tie his own shoes. These men are saying that if only things had been done their way everything would be perfect. Things were done their way.

There’s more to it though. It might seem on the surface that their policies failed; anything but. Their policies have worked out just as they intended them to. Their arguments otherwise are a blind. They intend now to attack Iran. They are doing this at the urging of Israel which controls American foreign policy. This is because Zionism controls Israel’s foreign policy. Because the world is manipulated by smoke and mirrors and by presenting things as something other than they are, this criminal organization can do wonders. They set up events and then blame them on those that they wish to attack. The history and game plan of Zionism is as Byzantine as anything ever practiced on this planet but it all comes down to one thing, personal profit at the expense of others. It is a very powerful and very frightening movement and it imperils the peace of the world.

Every day, the agents of Zionism carry out murderous vendettas against those whose land they would steal and those who oppose their intentions. Their control of the world press and their use of slander and blackmail are remarkable. The largest portion of their power over the men and women that do their bidding comes in the form of blackmail. These rats in suits are not the most moral or high minded among us. In this regard it would be safe to say that they possess no morals at all. It follows that they have been engaged in things during their career that they would not want revealed. The Zionists are well aware of these activities and in many cases engineered the settings in which they took place. A certain portion of your elected representatives are in just such a fix and can only do what they are told. Zionism, though extremely powerful, is not the sole author of our present evils. Their interests and designs dovetail with those of any number of rats in suits who want things at the expense of others. Together they manipulate circumstances to gain what they desire.

Because of the basic corruptions of life, eventually rats become a problem too great to ignore and something must be done. Collectively the peoples of the world possess a far greater power than the society of rats. The good news is that eventually life will become so unbearable for those tormented by rats that they will rise up against this condition and the rats will be returned to a manageable number. You won’t get rid of them, not in this world. But you can control them; far better that you do so than the other way around.

Now, the rats that sank the ship are leaving the ship on one set of guy lines and boarding a different ship on another set of guy lines. They are blaming the captain who is going down with the ship. Nearly immediately they are soon at work destroying the new ship and blaming it on Muslims or Liberals or whoever disagrees with their agenda. But the truth is, there would be no problems with Muslims or Liberals or whomever else were it not for the rats in the suits.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Nancy Pelosi to the White Courtesy Phone

Nancy? I’ve got the American people on the phone here and they wanted to say a few things to you about representing them according to their best interests. Of course I can’t let them speak all at once so what I’m going to do is channel a few of the major streams of collective concern. One might assume that you already know about these concerns, after all, that’s supposed to be your job. As I understand it, your job is to work toward the realization of the American publics’ needs and wishes. Your job isn’t to decide what is best for the American public based on who is applying the greatest pressure on you to promote their interests. That’s the job of the Republicans and they were thrown out of control because of systematic abuse. If you want to avoid having the same thing happen to you then you need to take off the red mini-skirt and thigh high white boots and try not to sell your ass unless it is for the good of the American people.

Here are some of the things the American people want you to do. I know that this is what they want because I have seen thousands of comments at websites all over the internet that express these desires and positions. If you don’t address these issues and bring them up for discussion and action then it goes without saying that you have combined the two oldest professions into something less honest than either of them is by themselves.

You must address the influence of Israel on American policy. AIPAC must register as the agent of a foreign power. There should be a detailed investigation into Israeli spying in the US and the results should be made public. The people have a right to know. The people have a right to know how much impact Israeli interests had on causing the Iraq invasion. Unless the truth has been made against the law it should be okay to reveal it. Either one and one is two or it is not. Just look at the evidence and add it together and let’s see what we have.

You must reverse the administration’s actions concerning Posse Comitatus and Habeas Corpus. You must reverse that enemy combatant thing. Failure on your part to do any of this confirms that you support these things or that you don’t have the sand to do the job you are required to do. There’s no need to get complex about it. It’s either one thing or the other.

Let’s move to 9/11. A majority of the American people know that the administration was somehow involved in the attack. The evidence of this is overwhelming. Therefore it needs to be publicly investigated. Applying all of the 9/11 committees suggestions is pointless if it is not known who carried out the attacks. Let the chips fall where they may. It is in the interest of the American people to know what happened on 9/11. The American people need to know why Dick Cheney had the Air Force stand down after the attacks. Experts who are not dressed up like whores need to investigate the peculiar manner in which 3 towers fell to the ground so quickly and all in the same way and nearly all at the same time. The coincidence is too remarkable to be ignored. If you don’t do this Nancy then you are a part of the whitewash. Here’s the thing Nancy, if Al Qaeda wasn’t behind this attack then everything America is doing in respect of it is all based on a lie. We’ll all be the better for knowing.

You need to form an investigation into Diebold. If you can’t do this, if you don’t see the importance of it then you are too stupid to be doing the job you have.

The sheer volume of illegal acts on the part of the Bush administration demands investigation. When such an investigation reveals actual treason on the part of members of this administration then the proper actions should be taken. If you can’t do this you need to find some other occupation. Perhaps you can go back into public relations where lying is the approved form of behavior.

America wants to know what happened and why. America wants some justice out of the carnage of the last six years. America does not want to just sweep it all under the rug and get a bunch of smoke and mirrors about bi-partisanship and moving forward. Crimes have been committed. I’m telling you what the American public wants. It’s your job to see that they get it.

An investigation has to be opened into Cheney’s meeting with the energy bosses. An investigation has to be launched into Halliburton. An investigation has to be launched into the media conglomerates and the manner in which they fabricate news instead of reporting it. The FCC has to get active about all of these media mergers.

America wants to know why nothing was revealed concerning the Five Dancing Israelis and their Mossad connections as well as the many Israelis who were arrested for espionage after 9/11 and then quietly deported. You can read a fascinating article here

Big Problem

about a big problem that America has. If you can’t do something about this we will have to assume that you are compromised. It is unfortunate that certain ugly truths have to be revealed but that’s life. We’re always better off for knowing why certain things are happening.

The question of Palestine must be addressed. Here is the main reason for nearly all so-called terrorist activity. Solving this problem will make the whole world a better place. Unless you don’t want the world to be a better place then you must fix this awful chronic problem once and for all. If you do not it will get worse and worse and sooner or later something really bad is going to happen. Bad things are happening right now. This is how it’s done Nancy. Demand that Israel move back to the ’67 borders and declare a Palestinian State and partition Jerusalem. That’s it, no arguments. Israel can put up their fence then. They can close off their borders if they want. They have the fourth most powerful military on Earth, they’re not likely to be threatened by a Palestinian state and it would create enormous good will for them.

The rich should be taxed significantly. The more they make the more they should pay. There should be no argument about this.

The homeless situation needs to be addressed and health care needs to be addressed and the lobbies that oppose these things must be ignored.

Alternative energy must be aggressively promoted and all of the Bush actions against the environment must be repealed and the gerrymandering across the land undone.

America is either the land of the free and a working democracy or it is not. If it is then the will of the people must be carried out. If you do not do this Nancy then you should be removed from office because you are not doing your job. Should the evidence reveal that the bush administration should be impeached- and it most certainly will, then these proceedings must begin. The people of America demand this. Make it happen or else.

NOTE: I've never asked my readers for anything except to have open minds. My site isn't jazzed up with ads and though I have a Paypal button on my site, I don't take it seriously and... neither do my readers (grin). But I'm asking you for a favor now and that is to send this article out to anyone that you feel ought to see it. I'm asking you to help get it linked as widely as possible. If every reader sends it on to just one source that will be an immense help. I appreciate those of you who do this already but with this one article let's try to get it out there. Thank you.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

By The Rivers of Babylon

Thought I might let the dust settle for a couple of days. Now with the announcement that Virginia has gone for Webb it feels comprehensive enough to speculate on what appears and what may be.

We know that there is a great propensity for an unfortunately large number of democrats in both houses to play the whore. It is up to the people of The United States, the people who voted for a change in leadership to hold their feet to the fire. There will be certain energies at work to simulate the appearance of change without actually effecting change.

Personally, I hold the proponents of political correctness in equal contempt with the fascists. Both of these forces are negatives in respect of the greater good of humanity. The whoring for special social interests is not better than the whoring for corporations in terms of damage to the maintenance of balance at home and abroad. The democrat’s chief challenge is to see the uncompromising press of the gay agenda and more radical abortion proponents in the same light as the deep pockets corporations. At the same time, the religious fascists need to be kept at the same distance from policy as AIPAC. The bottom line for good government, despite all the smoke and mirrors and obfuscations at work, is ALWAYS, the greatest good for the greatest number of people. And mind Vox Populi.

At the moment there is a great deal of surface chatter about cooperation between the Republicans and the Democrats. Like a slippery eel moving through an ocean of mucosa, this seemingly noble call to a unified perspective is bullshit. It is bullshit moving through an ocean of bullshit. Under no circumstances should the Democrats cooperate with the Republicans on ANYTHING... unless... it works toward the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

That worst of all presidents in American history, George W. Bush, is mouthing what can only be called, ‘a load of crap’ about working across the aisles with the opposition... yadda, yadda, yadda. This is the same crap that he came up with when first he ran for the highest office in the land; that he was a ‘uniter’, not a ‘divider’. The observable facts are that he polarized the government and the people beyond anything ever accomplished before. George W. Bush is, among many things, a liar, an incompetent, a whore, a mass murderer, a fascist and a demagogue. He is also, as Bill Clinton perfectly defined him, “a turtle on a fence post”.

The people of America showed up at the polls in such numbers, seeking a change of course, that not even Diebold was able to do anything about it. Voter fraud is only effective when the margins are close. The margins were not close. The people spoke and now the people must be obeyed. My heart is very much with John Conyers who intends to proceed with impeachment hearings, despite Pelosi’s indication that she won’t let it come to a vote. This is not Pelosi’s decision. This is the decision of the people and whether Bush should be impeached or not relies entirely on the evidence that emerges.

The Democrats have a mandate to investigate and bring more than a little of Brandeis’s disinfecting sunlight on to the sausage makers in the sub-basement. We need a real life Sinclair Lewis novel to rise out of the moment and be written on the sky above our heads.

The country of America has been in the hands of a criminal organization for six years. At no time in that period did the ruling junta show a single sign of policing itself... not once was there an honest disclosure of anything.

Today a great many Americans are feeling the joy. Today there is a sense of common purpose in the people. But the people must remember that this new government is not seated until January. A lot of things can happen between now and then. It is in the critical days leading up to the transfer of power that America faces its greatest dangers and challenges.

The solution to Iraq, like the solution to the Palestinian genocide is fundamentally simple. These things are always simple. They are simple the way the legend of Alexander and The Gordion Knot is simple to understand. Never mind that he did not ultimately conquer Asia. Situations become complex due to interests on the part of cabals who do not have the good of the greatest number of people uppermost in their mind. Complexity occurs when the waters are muddied by those who profit from confusion with the intent to get their way. When powerful temporal forces want to get their way then complexity and confusion are their tools.

Right at the beginning, some few of us proclaimed that the Iraq incursion would lead to a fundamentalist state. We knew this because no other force is so well organized in that locale. Some few of us also posited that the only solution was to divide Iraq into three separate states and to arrange a ‘written in stone’ agreement about the oil reserves that would benefit each of the states equally. This is the immediate solution. In time to come, Iraq has the opportunity to reunite; should the people be in common agreement about this and should the leadership possess an honesty to effectively achieve it.

In Israel and Palestine the solution is a withdrawal to the ’67 boundaries and the recognition of a Palestinian state. The common lie is that The Palestinians refused to recognize the state of Israel. In fact, it was Israel that refused to recognize Palestine. Their actions over the decades reveal all we need to know, should we be capable of avoiding the complexity and confusion. Israel’s use of false flag activities is well documented. It’s a useful ploy when hegemony is the objective. Israel’s superior might guarantees their security as does the slavish obeisance of the world’s super power. It’s a no brainer. Give the Palestinians their land and an autonomous government. A larger more powerful country always triumphs when they grant easement to a smaller more vulnerable people. That it has not been done is because it does not serve the wider intentions of those seeking their own gain.

The construction of a Palestinian state will effectively reduce Terrorism to a very manageable level and bring a universal sense of diminishing tension.

Every problem can be solved with ease and expedience when the greatest good for the greatest number of people is considered. America could be a wonderland if they could manage to get the rich off their backs. The time is here. Here is one more opportunity to do the right thing. Far too often the right thing has been sacrificed for the venal interests of a small handful of vampire bats.

I do not expect that there will be a fine and noble revolution in the hearts of the people and their leaders. The world is the world is the world. Balance is the key. You may not get all of it right and we may not all prosper but you can listen to the angels of your better nature and you can try to do the right thing, should you know what that is. If you do not know what that is then reconsider the comment about the angels of our better nature. We shall see.

Saturday, November 4, 2006

The Great Nigerian Terror Scam and Diebold Double Squeeze

Well what do you know? Here comes the handy dandy all purpose Nigerian terror threat complete with an announcement from an administration source that remains anonymous because he/she/it is not authorized to speak on these matters; neither is he/she/it empowered to think before speaking. And a special bonus... it’s set to happen in the first week of November. And what’s the date of the last day of the first week of November? It’s November 7th. Man... the script doctor is a pro.

Nigerian Terror Scam

and it’s right there on Fox News. It’s hard to find anywhere else but I’m sure it’s lurking... lurking.

All kinds of really cool things are happening. The Israeli’s rounded up the men of Beit Hanoun, loaded them into trucks and are taking them somewhere

Let's Do Lunch

No doubt for one of those extended Palestinian meet the IDF brunch get togethers.

Lieberman’s storm-troopers are whacking on Ned Lamont’s supporters

UberSturmfuhrer Lieberman

Now why would this Zionista need to employ such tactics if he is ‘actually’ as far ahead in the polls as the catamite press claims he is? Unpublished (in the catamite press) polls have recently been showing Lamont within 4 percentage points, that’s why. But whether these polls are any more accurate than those manufactured by mass media, one thing we do know, you don’t go into this kind of panic mode unless you are threatened. And-

The US wants to take over all of the UN peacekeeping forces

Stinking Bloody Bag of Shit

Now you probably know that this is being engineered so that the Iraq exit strategy will result in UN forces taking over for American troops and thereby laying this stinking mass of bloody shit right in the lap of the rest of the world who had nothing to do with this illegal invasion and, in fact, opposed it from the giddyup.

And, all over the country Diebold voting systems are showing Republican choices no matter who you vote for. Now, in all fairness, the head goat cheese at Diebold says these are just mere ghosts in the machine and regardless of the fact that he raises money for the Republican machine and also, outrageously, stated a few years ago that he would do everything in his power to help the Republicans win, we should not assume that he is the cynical, lying, manipulating vampire bat that he appears to be. I’m sure we all feel his pain at the HBO special that got aired on Thursday. But-

Wouldn’t you think if there was a ghost in the machine or some sort of a glitch that it would err for the Democrats equally as much as it would favor Republicans? Natch... it’s all Republican favoring. Okay boys and girls, what’s the biggest mystery here? The biggest mystery is that, after the wing nuts have stolen the last 3 elections and given all of what is surfacing at the moment- that no one is doing anything about it. Not only does this bogus system continue to be employed but it keeps expanding across the landscape. Are you people insane or just chicken shit? Both?

We’re down to 3 days left. Three days... 72 hours... 4320 minutes... 259,200 seconds. Meanwhile, across the land... millions are masturbating to computer porn... millions are spraying on Kabuki face lacquer and messing with their hair while chatting on their cell-phones... millions are sleeping under bridges and in doorways... millions are working on getting their bellies into the kind of shape where they need a shopping cart to ferry it through the potato-chip soft drink aisles... millions are waving their hands in the air to a Jaysus who is no more real than the Elvis hair on the heads of their preachers who, more often than not, are paying same sex internet escorts for buggery and amphetamines... millions are pouring across the border in search of the opportunity to get their bellies into the kind of shape that American citizens have raised to an art form... while the majority of the nation sits in a big mess of cottage cheese that some might call an ass and which given enough time will weld to the pleather beneath them, soldiers are dying in a made for TV war for the publics right to de-evolve into hogs rooting through edible murk in the Wal-Mart sub basement of their minds.

It’s a beautiful thing.

It appears that The Empire has something worse than a case of Herpes. This is the first nation to go fuck itself AND give itself an STD.

How do you get patriotic about a country like America? I’d really like to know the answer to this. What is it that you’re patriotic about? Is it the freedom? Sport... that’s long gone. Is it about the super markets and malls? Is it because Jaysus is break dancing across the landscape like a fat transvestite, farting out some perverted gospel of wealth and selective salvation that is inhaled like Rush (that would be amyl nitrate to the uninformed) in the moment of orgasm? Is it the purple mountain travesties... the looted plains... the amber waves of pain? Is it about network TV? Is it about navel jewelry and 13 year olds hooking for outfits at the strip mall? Is it about Hollywood? I can’t see it.

Maybe it’s about the crime and the school shootings and the wet making excitement of snipers on the freeway and disappearing children. Is that what it’s about? Is it about working two jobs and being able to buy a house with no money down and only interest payments up until the time the principal kicks in and you lose the house? Is it about the magic of oil prices dropping and low unemployment that comes around for a few weeks before an election and then shoots through the roof again?

Could it be about the ubiquitous opportunity to not only have your health ruined by the fast food industry and processed food manufacturers; not to mention ‘death by spinach’ but also to then be in the hands of the health industries massive premiums with minimal benefits AND their allopathic slice and dice pharmaceutical enhanced march to the grave?

Is it for the opportunity to fight in manufactured conflicts if you’re not rich so that you can play chess with death in hopes of an education on your return that will never give you parity with the sons and daughters of your elected representatives and their fat cat employers who cheer you on from the sidelines?

What’s your love of country and patriotism based on? I think it’s based on an imaginary dream about a non-existent country. I think you have no clue what your country is about and where it’s headed. I don’t think you have a clue who you are or even what you stand for beyond a handful of exaggerated principles that no one lives up to and a snatch bag of bombastic aphorisms.

You’d better get a clue. No hand is going to come out of the sky and snatch the ship of state back on course. Things don’t fix themselves unless you alter the conditions from which these dread pathologies emerge. They used to lock people up for talking to themselves but none of us have to worry about that now because too many people are doing it.