Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Rats are Leaving the Sinking Ship

There are rats in nature and there are urban rats. Urban rats, like urban pigeons and seagulls in large harbors are all mutations on a theme. They feed on garbage and things tossed at them by those who want to feed the unfortunate. No doubt the instincts of those who feed them are good. Sometimes the results are not. Rats proliferate where there is a food supply. As is common in contemporary urban settings, considerations of hygiene are often trumped by concerns for profit. The back alleys of restaurants are very different from the restaurant setting inside. Both are often lit by lights that set a mood. The mood is different but those feeding in the back do not find the setting less romantic or filling than those inside.

Rats are considered vermin and for good reason. Those defined as rats in human form are held in no less contempt than the society of rats engineered by the lack of awareness on the parts of those who feed them. One way or another, all of these rats feed because of corruption.

You can dress a rat up in an expensive suit. If he’s got flash money and the company of other rats in suits and if those rats are powerful and if those rats are also connected to other powerful life forms in suits with flash money then... things can be pretty good for the rats. Sooner or later though, the rats become a problem.

It would take a stupid person not to see how very stupid George W. Bush is. An inquisitive mind, say a mind other than that possessed by George W. Bush, might well ask, “How could anyone as stupid and inarticulate as this man ever become president?” That’s a good question. There’s a simple answer to this. He became president because other men, who were neither stupid nor good, wanted him to be president. They wanted him to be president BECAUSE he was stupid and incurious. They wanted him to be president because he was easily manipulated.

Even with all of the money that these people had they still couldn’t expect that this stupid man could win an election to the highest office in the land considering his lack of understanding much of anything and given his comic lack of articulation. Even with all of the smoke and mirrors of publicity engines and powerful media forces, they still could not consider his winning the presidency a fait accompli. In fact, he never did win an election. It took rampant voter fraud to shoehorn this rube into the White House.

Getting this man into the White House was not the result of a few weeks or months of effort. This was a long range event. Getting this man into the White House had everything to do with the potential (fully realized over these years) of massive profits and the re-shaping of the world’s map. All of the areas of interest of the men and women who put this incompetent front man into the White House were researched and discussed among them over the course of a long period of time.

Those men and women who labored to put George W. Bush into the White House came to be called neo-cons. These men came from many areas of endeavor. Some of them owned large media conglomerates like Rupert Murdoch. Some have been working as agents for a foreign power while in the employ of the U.S. government, men such as Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and others. Some have been around or in government for a long time, men like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield and John Bolton. There are others that have been in the corridors of power for decades, men like Richard Armitage, Elliot Abrams and John Woolsey. There are men who operate behind the scenes like William Kristol and Robert Kagan, Mellon-Sciafe and David Rockefeller. There are other names behind these names and they’re all of a type, the same way that the urban-naturalized rats and pigeons and seagulls have characteristics and preferences.

It’s not the scope of this essay to list all of the players; were that even possible. The thing to keep in mind here, the point of this effort is to point out that all of the problems that are presently associated with the man in the White House are actually the responsibility of these other men, those named and those unnamed.

Why am I pointing this out? I am pointing this out because all of a sudden these men are blaming all of the things that went wrong on the man in the White House. Yes, the man in the White House is a stupid man, an incompetent man and a criminal in his own right. But he is not the author of the policies put in place and the actions taken by this administration. He is just an empty suit. He is the first high school dropout to get a college degree while remaining as educated as a high school dropout. He just isn't very bright and he isn't what he seems. I'm guessing some things happened to him when he was very young.

Things like this.

Now the rats that orchestrated the bloody wars and cruel social policies; the men and women who raped the economy, they are pointing at this man as the culprit. This man is lucky he can tie his own shoes. These men are saying that if only things had been done their way everything would be perfect. Things were done their way.

There’s more to it though. It might seem on the surface that their policies failed; anything but. Their policies have worked out just as they intended them to. Their arguments otherwise are a blind. They intend now to attack Iran. They are doing this at the urging of Israel which controls American foreign policy. This is because Zionism controls Israel’s foreign policy. Because the world is manipulated by smoke and mirrors and by presenting things as something other than they are, this criminal organization can do wonders. They set up events and then blame them on those that they wish to attack. The history and game plan of Zionism is as Byzantine as anything ever practiced on this planet but it all comes down to one thing, personal profit at the expense of others. It is a very powerful and very frightening movement and it imperils the peace of the world.

Every day, the agents of Zionism carry out murderous vendettas against those whose land they would steal and those who oppose their intentions. Their control of the world press and their use of slander and blackmail are remarkable. The largest portion of their power over the men and women that do their bidding comes in the form of blackmail. These rats in suits are not the most moral or high minded among us. In this regard it would be safe to say that they possess no morals at all. It follows that they have been engaged in things during their career that they would not want revealed. The Zionists are well aware of these activities and in many cases engineered the settings in which they took place. A certain portion of your elected representatives are in just such a fix and can only do what they are told. Zionism, though extremely powerful, is not the sole author of our present evils. Their interests and designs dovetail with those of any number of rats in suits who want things at the expense of others. Together they manipulate circumstances to gain what they desire.

Because of the basic corruptions of life, eventually rats become a problem too great to ignore and something must be done. Collectively the peoples of the world possess a far greater power than the society of rats. The good news is that eventually life will become so unbearable for those tormented by rats that they will rise up against this condition and the rats will be returned to a manageable number. You won’t get rid of them, not in this world. But you can control them; far better that you do so than the other way around.

Now, the rats that sank the ship are leaving the ship on one set of guy lines and boarding a different ship on another set of guy lines. They are blaming the captain who is going down with the ship. Nearly immediately they are soon at work destroying the new ship and blaming it on Muslims or Liberals or whoever disagrees with their agenda. But the truth is, there would be no problems with Muslims or Liberals or whomever else were it not for the rats in the suits.


Anonymous said...

I wish you were right Visible but I think they are just moving people around - nothing will change. It's all too ingrained, most will put up with the way things are. Real change seems like too much trouble. New blood with the will, the power and the backing of the majority of people to make radical changes for the better of all is needed. I don't see that happening in my lifetime (20-30 years).
This goes for the whole world really.

Anonymous said...

another super posting Visible. Tony's probably right but it still needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

A most heartening essay in all its tragic proportions.
I had been thinking along these same lines this morning, "How is it that a drug hazed cheerleader ... ?"
Together they manipulate circumstances to gain what they desire.
The easy way, like instant espresso, microwave popcorn, boil in bag rice. This is progress.

Anonymous said...

another super posting Visible
Indeed. Super in its authenticity. Many times anchored in distant harbors I have watched roaches crawling the guy lines.

Anonymous said...

very nice segue

Alamaine said...

Of course, there are all kinds of reasons to vilify the current administration and those who put it (them) there. Using "rats" is one way, something that the propagandists in 1930ies Germany used to their advantage, bringing back memories of the Black Plague and all kinds of other horrors. We can read what the effects were, some of which have been used by those who were condemned against others who fell further down the human food chain, the social structure.

While people tend to key-in on beings that they dislike (or misunderstand) to insult their human "counterparts," using terms like "pig" or "swine" or "snake" or others that obviously have some Middle Eastern origins (not eating some meats, Garden of Eden, etc), the thing that they choose to forget is that all vile behaviours are uniquely human. While we might immediately recognise this, we also have to see that those we might call "rats" are probably those who would identify others as being "laboratory" critters for their own experiments, pointing to what is to them characteristics that are similar. There are many several examples of how this has been accomplished throughout history, usually through medical research where rats, again, take centre stage.

The unfortunate thing is the four-legged forms of mammals and others in the "animal kingdom" do not do things for the same reasons that humans do. Usually, the four-leggers' motivations are purely instinctual, relying on their natures to control their urges and drives. Rats, in particular, respond to humans in the ways that are symbiotic, being attracted not to rat filth but to human dirtiness, waste, and corresponding complacencies. The Black Plague, for example, was in a period before washing and bathing were popular diversions. Pigs eat discards, converted into meat that was once a source of not only nutrition but trichinosis. Snakes merely look suspicious and lascivious with their shapes and those ever-active tongues.

When we characterise humans and their behaviours, we must be careful to NOT malign those walking on all fours whose existences are determined by their own needs, mostly centred on the will to survive and not taking unnecessary advantage of those around them, usually existing among humans based on human-specific behaviours (such as living in sewers and on massive amounts of garbage), fighting only when threatened or needing to eat. We can see some humans who -- at times -- go about on all-fours only when they've lost their capacities to reason, resembling only in human minds other mammals or even reptiles.

While it may be true that the human brain is three-fold, reptilian, mammalian, and human, subscribing to the predominance of one aspect ignores the existence and interplay of the other two. As humans, being consumed with thoughts of our own individual and collective superiority, we would unnaturally think of others of our own kind as resembling those of another kind only because we would not want our foes to share in our delusions of grandeur. Other mammals and even reptiles are convenient for their traditional roles as subjects of abuse and ignorant epithets.

But, by the use of smoke and mirrors, anything can be viewed any which way. We might be caught up by the way the smoke rises from the source and is reflected by the glass and evokes certain images in our brains (considering that the smoke might have some interesting effects on the brain and the looking glasses might not be ground to provide accurate reflections -- even if we could see "straight"). This is what this administration hopes for, people being driven to distraction through various forms of hallucinatory influences to the point of seeing people with four legs or crawling on their bellies, doing things that no other mammal or even a reptile would (if they could) consider.

Anonymous said...

huh? that is one of the lamest, dense and confused nonsense making thing I've read in a long time. Is there such a thing as a constipated Vegan?

Anonymous said...

Shit! I meant the comment above not the article. Just wanted to clarify

Anonymous said...

The road to truth is long and lined the entire way with annoying bastards. And the defeatist trolls are forever singing their sad and lonely, fearful tunes. As Buddha once said "Life Is Suffering" get over it and "Stand Up And Shout~No More Bushit"!!!

Anonymous said...


YES! That is what I tell people–all these bastards are dovetailing with each other, so it gives them added power. Secret socieities, yes, I beeive they are there, but they add with greater power as they are all sharing common goals.

Juicy Fruit gum-couple years ago, having the sugar replaced with Aspartame? Conspiracy? Fucked if I know, but all these bastards want stupid people to control.

Didya check this?

Note also that Israel is working on nanotech robot hornets which will attack and kill Palestinians who want their land back.

I was reading this:

Where I read: This is why we find that in Judaism’s rule book–meaning the Talmud–that everything is geared towards what benefits the tribe, and in particular, the rabbis who ‘cannot be punished with Hell’ and before whose writings and sayings ‘God stands in awe’. It is not as much concerned with bringing the soul to the paradise of the next world as it is concerned with making a paradise of this one, the rights and well-being of non-Jews be damned in the process.

What a religion! It benefits a tribe and worships Rabbis–no wonder Zionism is going to enslave us all if we don't stop it. Keep writing, V. Write all you can as much as you can before they shut you down.

Anonymous said...

Mister Visible,
I wholeheartedly agree with Mister Alamaine. Why are you picking on pigs and rats and crawling things and flying things. Don't you know they are G-ds creatures? Wonderful in their own right.
Or were you trying to tell us that Mister George W Bush and the other people you are writing about are G-ds creatures? They are Mister Visible and what a wonderful group of people they are. Is that what you are doing Mister Visible; in your own wonderful way, letting us know that you think they are wonderful people as well?
G-d and I agree with you Mister Visible. Mister Bush is our Saviour. Eventually He will quieten the world. He will beat plough shares into swords and put down the lamb and exalt the Lion. You will be able to give Him your tired and hungry people and He will find work for them and put them out of their misery. And He will feed them with a few loaves. And house them in Halliburton accommodation, so I believe, Mister Visible. This sounds all too wonderful, I must go and pray to our Lord and give Him thanks.
May the Lord bless your every waking moment.
Sollie Leberwitcz
ps. No time for Rabbi Hashem, must pray.

Visible said...

Gee Sol, I could have sworn I made a distinction between urban altered life forms and those in nature for the benefit of an allegory that was designed to construct an idea to... never mind, I forgot what I was talking about.

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily for publication.
Have you seen this Visible?
Very disturbing, most disconcerting.
Especially the last 2 or 3 chunks

CNBC Big Brother - Big Business.


Anonymous said...

Hey V, check this vid. Our soldiers, after decimating Iraq, teasing a boy with a bottle of clean water. They don't give a shit to make sure the kid gets it, either. Last words from our boys: "And he still doesn't get it!"

Anonymous said...

Hey V, check this vid. Our soldiers, after decimating Iraq, teasing a boy with a bottle of clean water. They don't give a shit to make sure the kid gets it, either. Last words from our boys: "And he still doesn't get it!"

jomama said...

I've recently come to the conclusion that the rats are really psychopaths.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mister Visible
More ‘rats and dogs’ Mister Visible.
Joseph Alois Ratzinger, Professor of Dogma, University of Regensburg - Pope Benedict XVI.
The Pope is visiting Turkey. I think he's gone there to organise Armageddon for the Christian people.
Well, I can’t think of any other reason a Catholic and a Moslem would get together can you Mister Visible?
I think Ariel had a hand in this. All part of the plan to reduce the world population and make conditions more favourable for we Jewish people to manage and control.
Manage the World - I like the sound of that Mister Visible. We have placed a ‘New World Order’ with the ‘Powers That Be’ and we get to manage the processing of that order ourselves. That Ariel’s an ‘old dog’ isn’t he Mister Visible?
The pope has already told the Moslem community that Islam is a violent religion, so who better to start Armageddon. ‘The Decider’ works in many mysterious ways Mister Visible.
By the way, G-d told me to look up ‘love’ in my dictionary. I couldn’t find it but do you know what I found instead -
dogma - a religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof.
Isn’t that what a fantasy is Mister Visible?
Now that's a revelation.
May the Lord bless your every waking moment.
Sollie Leberwitcz
ps. My good friend Rabbi Hashem sends you his dogma.
pps. (Lucky you).

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily for publication Visible

Virginia Senator-elect Jim Webb
A heartening piece of news

US needs more of 'em.

Visible said...

Tony- thank you for that. I saw it and had what I imagine were the same thoughts. My heart rose when I heard what Webb said. I can just fancy what it must have been like.

Personally I would love to punch that coward's lights out myself and then I'd deal with the SS just as I once had to with the cops. I got my ass kicked a few times by the boy's in blue but I got my licks in first; love to tell you the tales some time. When you gonna come visit me? I've got this beautiful little house in Souhern Italy now and I'll be there soon. Got a teepee going up and two guest trailers as well as a huge Mexican hammock in a gazebo; where I'll probably sleep myself but where any guest can send me back into the house if that's what they want.

Think about it. Life goes by you know and then we all wonder why we didn't do the things we could have.

That may not have necesarilly been for publication but everyone should damn well see it. God bless Senator Webb- one of the few who is not a slimy bought off little shit or a Zionist buttboy.

Thank all of you for your support and good words. I'll have something up tomorrow; just haven't been able to say too much as I wait and watch.

Anonymous said...

Mister Visible, Mister Visible,
G-d has given us a cure for what ails Ariel Sharon - Oh. Wonder of wonders!
Israeli medium can cure Ariel Sharon

That Uri Geller is a miracle worker Mister Visible.
You know he can bend spoons with his mind, don't you.
Oh. Wonderful rapture! Maybe he had something to do with Ariel's telepathic ability.
This is a great day for the world Mister Visible.
I must tell Rabbi Hasham about this.
May the Lord bless your every waking moment.
Sollie Leberwitcz
ps. My good friend Rabbi Hashem... I must find him, Yoo-hoo! Rabbi Hashem.

Perspective from Downunder said...

Mr Visible, yr on the right track with the Bush scenario. A front man, most certainly. That is quite obvious to most questioning people.

However your digression to the Israel lobby and Zionism is far fetched. Think about who is controlling who. The US has huge influence and control over Israel. In fact without their support Israel would have difficulty surviving. It suits US policy in the middle east to have an "Israel". They are a perfect foil and a necessary counterweight in US foreign policy. Of course in return the Israel lobby does have considerable influence. But we must use our common sense and keep perspective, the US is the most powerful and influential force in the world and looks after it's own interests first, not Israels or anyone else.


Anonymous said...

jomama is right; Bush is a psychopath. Like many psychopaths, GWB can be likable and fun to socialize with as long as you never trust him. Bill Clinton is a much smarter psychopath than Bush. If a war had turned unpopular on Clinton's watch, he would have declared victory and pulled out.

Anonymous said...

why yes, Visible... I agree

NB: could it be Ms. Visible rather than Mr. ??

no worries, all this vermin is being watched very closely now and, especially, at every moment of their darkest turns...

all of you people in this world just have to believe it will be a better place full of love and peace instead of hatred and war...

spreading joy in your comments could be a good start rather than some of you trying to dismantle and dismember Visible's keen, in-tune and on-time insight into our world and what the fuck HAS been, and still IS, going on...

kudos, Visible ---------> ;)



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