Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rip Van Winkle Wakes up in Toad Hall.

The country is finally getting its act together. It’s haphazard but wide-spread. You can hear the hunting horns in the distance; the baying of the hounds. The foxes were running in a pack but they’re splitting off into every direction now. These foxes have human faces with all the characteristics of foxes. You know who I am talking about.

Behind the scenes, all the bagmen, all the moneyed interests... all the combines and collectives of pigs and wolves and hyenas that make up the corporate control net are switching the money supply to the other side. The Murphy game is afoot and the badgers are getting ready to run their game as it becomes time for all the faceless manipulators to morph into the tireless warriors for the good of humanity that they have been all along but were too humble and modest to take any credit for. Black’s going to be the new white, neo-cons are going to be the new liberals and FoxNews is going to tell you just how much we all love Hillary now that Rupert and Hillary are an item.

Yes, I shouldn’t slander the animal kingdom as I am doing and I’ll probably hear from PETA about it but it’s metaphorical. Even I am metaphorical.

Finally... finally... somewhere the final straw has broken the camel’s back and critical mass has been reached. You see it in the California convention of “No More Wars for Israel.” Even though they kept getting bounced from their hotels because of the kind of pressure that never lets Mearsheimer and Walt into a university lecture hall; the same kind of pressure that makes it impossible to put on the Rachel Corrie play; the same kind of pressure that allows for the torture, murder and starvation of the Palestinians to be presented as a Disney World attraction.

You see it in the Watertown meeting about the Armenian genocide and, despite all of Foxman’s efforts to derail it you see it become a congressional mandate just in time to piss off the Turks. You see it in the Ron Paul candidacy that is sweeping the country like a brush fire. You see it in the Dali Lama showing up at the White House or wherever they hosted him, just in time to piss off the Chinese and take our minds off Myanmar.

You see it in articles like this and this, and this...

Yeah baby, “Bring it on!”, “Let’s roll!”

It’s a curious thing. If the Zionists hadn’t actually non-stop practiced apartheid and genocide on the Palestinians -and weren’t presently starving them to death- we wouldn’t have all those photos and videos that so many people are watching. If they hadn’t used their unopposed power at every level of American life to shut down their critics from saying that they wielded enormous influence over American life it wouldn’t be so obvious as it now is that they wield enormous influence over American life. If every politician beside Ron Paul weren’t kissing their ass in the public square the American people wouldn’t know that they control the American political system. It’s all good...

...except for the deaths and dismemberments, except for the agony and loss, except for the collateral damage and the side effects and all the blood and tears and greed and lies and theft and dozens of other things... except for that it’s all good.

There’s a shift in the wind people. There’s a window of opportunity here. The serial killer that lives in the house had to go out for groceries or to buy more duct tape and we can go through that window. Be careful... he might come back soon. He might be tired and concerned but he’s not dead. Should we be careful? How many of us are coming through the window? Maybe we shouldn’t be careful. Maybe we should get really loud and the hounds will hear us... because the hounds are coming and the horns are blowing and something’s up.

Its make you wonder why, all of a sudden all kinds of strange things are happening. Did somebody throw a switch? Did it just all add up, one lie at a time; one life at a time, one scream, one tear, one bird of hope on the windowsill? Does it matter? Carpe Diem...

People, it is time for revolution. It is time to take back the country. It is time to pick up your pitchforks and rakes and shovels and march on the castle. It’s time to drag Dr. Frankenstein out of the castle and hang him from the lamp-post. It is time and past time to cut the monster to pieces and toss the pieces into the air so they turn into the bright confetti of freedom returned. It’s time for the sun to come out from behind the clouds and flash off of the confetti and set the sky on fire with music.

I probably sound like a lunatic but that’s okay with me. And who is responsible for this shift in the wind? That’s the first question. The bloggers are responsible and sites like

Signs of the Times
What Really Happened
The Truthseeker

...and courageous online newspapers like Uruknet are responsible and everybody who sounded like a lunatic in the neighborhood pub and lost their job teaching at the elementary school and universities for talking about the 9/11 cover-up and every soldier in harm’s way who said, “This is bullshit!” and wasn’t afraid to say it again. For all of the Pat Tillmans dead and alive... thank you.

Every man and woman who has had the courage to stand forth in their lonely hour and tell their disbelieving neighbors and associates... thank you. Every minister who told their congregation that the real evil afoot was in the government empowered to serve them... thank you. We aren’t many but we are a lot more than we were and we are growing by the day.

Who is not responsible but even now is re-positioning themselves and revising their history and getting a new hair weave so that they can look like they were in the vanguard of every bright and beautiful thing? That would be the lying swine from the pig-farm press. That would be the faux investigative journalists and sundry whores who skated around naming the sources of our distress. They are the ones who sold their honor and their asses for a paycheck. They are the ones who bent over for the Murdoch’s of the world and squealed like the pigs that they are.

Yes, some big branch fell off some big tree and landed on Rip Van Winkle’s head and a whole lot of Americans woke up and they are getting rowdy and standing up and not backing down and whether Ron Paul gets elected or not he had a lot to do with it and a sincere and heart-felt thank you to him as well.

Make no mistake; they still want to bomb Iran and all of the sleazy Democratic and Republican candidates whose asses belong to Tel Aviv are all trying to out Bruce Willis each other. They’re talking tough, they’re standing tall. They don’t care how many other people’s lives it costs, they have the balls to make it happen. Make no mistake, just because a lot of people suddenly stopped getting confused, or found their stones, or discovered a standard bearer, the blood-winos aren’t going to be going to any vampire AA meetings any time soon.

Maybe I’m hallucinating, I wouldn’t be surprised. Sometimes you want something so much you can make it appear before your eyes for awhile. I hope I’m not hallucinating. I don’t mind going down for something I believe in. I don’t mind losing if I gave it everything I had... but I do mind going down quiet without a fight. I do mind getting down on my knees for merciless scum for whom that will never be enough. I mind my former country being a gigantic warehouse for lazy-assed big bellied, slow walking, junk-TV watching impotent Schmoos.

Watching the tide rise... seeing the people join together and strike a blow against the empire. Seeing the best part of people come forward and hang the cost... that makes me feel good. You know who you are. Don’t give up and give yourselves a hand. You deserve it.

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P.S. Folks, I'm going on the road in a few days and I don't know when I can post again. It was problematic last time and I didn't put anything up for six months. I hope it's easier to take care of that this time. Whatever happens, if I don't see you for awhile, I want to thank you for the support and for being the most intelligent and informed readers on any blog anywhere. You have my great gratitude.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gimmie that Ole 9/11, it's Good Enough for Me.

Tap... Tap... Tap... Is this thing on? Good morning people and thank you for joining me here today. I realize you all had somewhere else you could be and you’ll probably be there later. I’m a little shorthanded this morning. I’m usually shorthanded which is why I don’t like for my grasp to exceed my reach. In any case, I’ll be your narrator, dumb-waiter and masseur; I’ll only be doing Rolfing so keep that in mind. Help yourself to the buffet and feel free to take any of the colorful brochures that you’ll see placed about for your convenience. I hope your chairs are comfortable. I only had the designs within your mind to work with so you do bear some responsibility for your comfort. Everybody settled? Don’t hurry, take your time. I don’t want anyone to feel rushed, not now and not once we begin. Okay? Okay...

Before I have anything to say about anything I want to direct your attention to this link and ask you to please read the information entirely. This is important because everything I have to say is going to be connected to it. Read it carefully and follow the admonitions as they may present themselves. I’ll just step out and use the facilities so as not to be a distraction. Fifteen minutes should be more than adequate for even the slowest among us. If you want more coffee or tea or any of the other comestibles, help yourself. Let’s keep this informal and relaxed and I’ll be back with you shortly.

Well now, I feel about ten pounds lighter. We good to go? Any questions? No, I don’t have an opinion on the Patriots and Cowboys. Let’s try to stay on the matter at hand. I know I’m preaching to the choir but I’m hoping if we stay focused that some of this will leak out into the atmosphere. If anyone isn’t clear on what this concise presentation is indicating then I want you to go over it again. Feel free to run your finger across the screen and mouth the words. No one here is going to laugh at anyone if they’re... slow or... special.

The first thing I want to say is that I shouldn’t have to be saying anything and I know that most of you agree with me on that. From shortly after this event, if not on the actual day it took place, many of us knew that something didn’t compute. As time passed, so much of the following evidence also did not compute. It became such a no-brainer that it seemed the very sky above had been darkened as if some hundred year bat migration had blotted out the sun .

Everything that has happened in America and abroad in the last six years can be traced to this single event on 9-11-2001. Everything that has physically happened; everything that has happened in the judicial and legislative branches, everything that has happened at the airports, everything that has happened in the changed perceptions of the public mind... all of the deaths in the Middle East, Guantanamo, the secret prisons abroad, the torture, the death squads- including Blackwater and Israeli and British black-ops has been justified, sanctioned and carried out because of this event. Everything that happened, happened because of a lie.

You can see that, can’t you? Take the official explanation and place that in one hand and then take what you just read in the link I provided you with and put that in the other hand. Print it out if you have to or just imagine that you are holding it. Either way is fine for our purposes. I just want you to get into the feel of the thing.

Now, I’m going to come away from the lectern and step down into the space in front of you. I want you all to close your eyes and extend your hands forward. I’m going to make some magical gestures and... Presto! Open your eyes. Yes, where formerly you held the official explanation in the one hand it has now been replaced by a pile of shit. In the other hand you are holding a small gold coin. Put the gold coin in your pocket so you can find it later. That’s the truth and you’re going to need that. I want the rest of you to move in an orderly fashion to the facilities; I think it’s safe to go in there now. Please dispose of the shit the way you would ordinarily do and I’ll wait here. I’m sorry, yes, I’m sorry but the dramatic effect was necessary in order to IMPRESS on your mind what we are dealing with here.

The Shitmeister-Fascists in the Bush administration, with enormous help from London and Tel Aviv pulled a magic trick, far less convincing than mine and left you with nothing but a big pile of shit, which would have been unpleasant all by itself but which has also resulted in millions of tortured, imprisoned, dead and displaced people in sundry locations around the globe.

Someone is asking how I know it was these fine folk who were responsible for the event. That’s a good question. If they weren’t responsible then how come they are the principal liars in the affair? If they weren't responsible then how come they are the ones covering it up? If they weren’t responsible then how come they are the only ones who have benefited from it? I need to add that there are financial and corporate concerns who have made out like bandits from this but since they are the ones who control these principals it all speaks to the same cabal. Are you stoned or stupid? Maybe a little of both?

Okay, that’s uncalled for... and, if you are stoned and/or stupid this is just going to make you more uncomfortable than you already are. It could ruin your high. I notice out in the back that some of you still have a handful of shit. Well, as long as it doesn’t bother you. The sad part is that I know as soon as I turn my back some of you are going to take a taste, the same way the kid who picks his nose in class does so because he thinks no one is looking or else he doesn’t care. Some of you are going to finger-paint the walls with it cause you think you are graffiti artists. Some of you are going to feel magnanimous and want to share it with your friends and some of you are going to tie a yellow ribbon around it or color it red, white and blue and recite the Pledge of Allegiance; the Pledge of Allegiance to Shit.

People think that as long as you can do something and get away with it that that makes it alright; especially if it serves a higher purpose and, as we all know, shit is often connected to higher purposes, isn’t it? Some of you are going to get creative and fashion the shit into nooses that you can hang from trees and over doorways as if it were some kind of strange mistletoe. You’ll be members of the same previously named participants in this shitcapade because continuous distraction is all important to your desired ends. Race riots and a population made hostile to itself is a necessary condition in order to bring into being those circumstances for which Posse Comitatus and other former protections were folded, spindled and mutilated- or just done away with. None of these things are happening by accident.

I’m going to give you another ten minutes now to re-read the information in the link and to chat among yourselves while I go outside and have a smoke.

‘Kay, I’m back. We’re in the home-stretch of this lecture and I’d like to move into the future and make you mindful of a couple of things. First, I want to remind you that even when you are herded together behind concertina wire all is not lost. So you’re still in pretty good shape no matter how it looks. You are in far better shape than the Iraqis or the Palestinians who are quietly starving to death in Gaza. You can still do a whole lot to help yourselves if you can manage not to be further manipulated by the psychopaths who have led you down the garden path this far.

There’s an election coming up and just about all of the candidates are a floor below the level of a crack-whore paying for a fix in lieu of money. These candidates are cum-dumpsters for the sperm of the anti-Christ. I’m trying to be kind here and also because words fail me in adequately describing them. But you have a couple of three choices that are still human. These would be Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel. Whether you be Republican or Democrat or something else you should be able to find something close to what you are looking for. I would have liked to have added Bill Richardson to this mix but I’m not sure he isn’t a Clinton employee and I’m open to being enlightened by anyone who is of a mind to enlighten me.

The aforementioned Shitmeisters have it in mind to use Ron Paul’s popularity to split the vote in such a way as to ensure the success of their own client. You have to remember that this is something of a blind also because they could put either party in office but it serves their need to give you something different in appearance; to give you the impression that you succeeded at something.

The truth is that you could all just get together, since you should be good and fed up now and just put your candidate into office. You have that power. If you turn out in such numbers that shake the ground on which you stand, no amount of voter fraud will do much good. I would think that Ron Paul has the best chance of success since he appeals to a wider spectrum overall than the others but don’t let me influence you in this regard. Pick one of these men and don’t let go. The best thing that could happen is if two of them wound up running against each other. This is not impossible. You can make this happen. Am I a dreamer? Song follows minus Yoko.

You need a leader who can speak like this, you need to take your country back or it isn’t coming back. You have to resist the pernicious influence of lies and reclaim your mind. You need to find your backbone and wake up the way King Theoden did. You can’t wish in one hand and shit in the other. You got to get mad and not take it any more. If you can’t see what’s in front of you then you are going to walk off the cliff. It would be a crying shame for humanity to have come so far and come through so much only to find itself whimpering in the darkness because they didn’t let their little light shine and now it’s gone out or... something.

Okay, I think that’s about enough for now. I’d like to thank all of you for coming in here today. I know you’re all busy people and you have a life somewhere. Feel free to stop in any time, I’m always here. Mind how you go and don’t forget to take one of the Handi-wipes with you on your way out of the door.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ron Paul; nothing but net.

What are we to make of Ron Paul? ...pretty much nothing and everything according to the pig farm press and the low roar of the voices outside the muffled doors of the ruling junta. Ron Paul is doing something that no one else, so far, has been effective at. Dr. Ron Paul has found the pulse of the country and the sleaze-balls who hijacked the ship of state don’t like it one bit.

He won the Michigan debate with numbers of 70 to 80% according to the CNBC poll; so they took the poll off the site. He wins everywhere and he has won everywhere and the money is pouring in. Dr. Paul, barring some- “wink, wink, nod, nod” event is going to be a real factor in the election. Ron Paul looks like he might win.

There are a very few other honest candidates; relatively honest candidates (in my opinion)- Kucinich, Gravel and possibly John Edwards; candidates who would certainly be better than anything we have had to work with for awhile.

Al Gore could have well been one of the best presidents America had but he got gang-raped and neutered by a nasty band of thugs who knew that the whole country was ripe for the same thing. It was an orgy of excess and abuse. They stole everything that wasn’t nailed down and then they sent out for crowbars.

John Kerry was a stalking horse who never intended to win. What they promised or threatened him with we will probably never know but we can take it prima facie that that is what happened.

So far the media has been content to not mention the truth about the numbers and just ignore Ron Paul. Other times they just make up their own numbers and the people nod their heads and migrate for the icebox. If people don’t hear about him then he probably isn’t there. The debate moderators are content to smirk into their sleeves and play chutes and ladders with the process.

The commentators don’t mention him and when they do it’s with a mocking, ‘he can’t win’ contempt. The entire mainstream media is all of a piece, owned and manipulated by a small cabal of neo-con imperialists, centered in Tel Aviv, London and Washington D.C. At certain periods of history these same slithering reptiles appear again and again. They materialize in periods of confusion and uncertainty and they warp the mass understanding with a calculated series of events that herd the bi-pedal livestock along pre-determined routes. First they stoke their fear, then they grab their minds and their hearts and asses follow.

Whether it’s the sinking of a battleship, a Reichstag Fire or a 9/11- 7/7 series of false flag actions, they manage to facilitate the will of the bankers and fill the coffers with booty while the public is shaking their own.

You would think that people would catch on after awhile. For some reason this formula always works. It’s probably because most people just aren’t very bright. Those that are can be had through intimidation or a piece of the action.

Yes, this Ron Paul is a problem. He is catching the heart of the people and they are responding. Every public poll you see, whether it’s on MSNBC or CNN invariably shows Ron Paul with a massive volume of support. FoxNews says that a small handful of Ron Paul supporters are manipulating the data. A cursory look at the potential for this proves it is a lie and begs the question that if it is possible to do... then... why aren’t all of the other candidates doing the same thing?

There’s no difference between Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush. Her vote on the Lieberman/Kyl bill showed that. Her snuggling with Rupert Murdoch in the cloakroom tells us even more. I used to defend her. I used to hope for something from her. She sold her soul for the wrong kind of power. The same people that own Bush own her.

Obama is a callow poster boy for glamour over substance and the rest of the field doesn’t warrant an opinion.

I do not agree with Ron Paul on all of his positions. However, I am a utopian in a world that will never see it and my views on how things should be and what the right course ought to be are not important. I don’t represent the general views of the American people in any identifiable way. I’m not even an American anymore, if I ever was.

America seems to be blessed with a mysterious protection that brims forth in dark hours. All along the course of America’s short journey to the top of the heap she has been the beneficiary of some serendipity of the right people showing up at the right time. Even with all of the ugliness in her history and the continuous effort to control her for all the wrong reasons she seems to have always found her way forward. I begin to wonder if Ron Paul is not another expression of that.

I don’t know Ron Paul and I don’t trust politicians. Politicians can be expected to behave as long as the constitution is strong and a solid balance of power exists; as long as there is an informed public. I don’t know what Ron Paul plans to do about the pernicious influence of Israel upon American domestic and foreign policy. The biggest problem in the world today is Israel and unless they are brought to heel there is no telling where events may lead.

What I do know is that Ron Paul is most often captured telling the truth. Nothing is more undesirable for the present rise of fascism than truth-tellers. It is far more undesirable that they would seek the highest office in the land. Out of the blue here comes Ron Paul and there is no doubt that he has captured the popular imagination. It will be interesting to see what the criminals who are presently in control are intending to do about him.

Ron Paul appeals across the board to a very wide spectrum of the population. He has managed to position himself on every issue in a way that makes a strong connection with large blocks of voters. He is one scary guy and that’s a very good thing.

These times in which we are living appear like a drunk lurching down the sidewalk. There is no vision and there is no room for honest speech and action. The police are behaving like private contractors. The people have lost their own integrity and replaced it with empty rituals of obeisance to a corporation Jesus or they wander in the flesh-pits of instant gratification. Their leaders are hollow vessels filled with sound-bites and false promises. Ron Paul can only be a good thing by comparison.

Until now there has been nothing that has stoked the fires of possibility with the same power. Most of the people know that 9/11 didn’t happen the way they said it did but that hasn’t come to much. Most of the people want out of Iraq and know that lies led you into it but that hasn’t come to much. Most of the people know that Bush and his handlers are criminals but that hasn’t come to much. Most of the people voted in a new congress that had assured them they would make the necessary changes and that has come to nothing.

Nothing is going to happen until you have the sense to support and vote for honest men and women because nothing can change until there are people in a position to change things. Given what we’ve seen of the swine at the helm I would say that Ron Paul could be in a lot of danger. But maybe, as I said, this is another one of those times where America is the beneficiary of some mysterious force. If that is the case then, America- you have my congratulations. If not, you have my deepest sympathy from a distance.

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Maybe the Times they are a Changing.

“Come gather round people wherever you roam and admit that the waters around you have grown, you’d better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone for the times they are a changing.”

I’m not sure I got the lyrics right. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard that masterpiece by one Robert Dylan... but I am certain I got the intention right. Things are changing. Right in the midst of these dark and dreadful times, the truth is coming out.

It seems that now, on the edge of the precipice, with the world poised to fall and all human destinies hanging in the balance that some mysterious wind is blowing fresh air into the room; this crowded room filled with fat, self-satisfied men smoking expensive cigars.

Here is the room my friends, only a moment ago there were young boys with painted eyes and girls playing at being a woman before such a promise had even come to their minds... here they are, used and screwed and thrown away, just like all those sacred pieces of paper upon which your posterity was writ large and then used as toilet paper by these same men, just as the boys and girls were... over and over again.

We have many young boys and girls and we do not care. You have to travel back a little way. You have to travel back to where the frog prince of the empire informed you that these pieces of paper were, in fact, just toilet paper. You must travel back to the point where he said it would be easier if he were dictator. You have to keep traveling back and that shouldn’t be hard because, after all, you were traveling forward when it happened... weren’t you? You don’t remember?

Okay, I understand that. It’s not easy to remember things when you weren’t paying attention in the first place. What are these cracks I see in this perfect vase? What is this vase fitted to catch a monkey’s hand... reaching in to snatch a mango or an avocado... whatever that pearl of great price might have been; whatever the succulent fruit... painted boys and girls dreaming of breasts to come while the men with cigars applaud their taste and their vision to have found them before the breasts have formed.

The greatest plunder is to steal something before it happens and then you can re-sell it to your friends as only slightly used; “see back of carton for important disclaimer and terms of use.” Accept no substitute. Ah... but you must close your fist to grab the mango... the avocado... the young boy... the young girl. Yes, you must close your fist to snatch the prize. And the vase does not permit escape with the fruit as well. Surely it is your life that is the cost of closing your fist inside the vase. Surely it is your madness that does not permit you to let the fruit go. Surely it is your life.

Cracks appear in the mirror. Even the most clueless among us is beginning to catch on. What is the cause of this? Why is the truth suddenly coming to light? After all, Blackwater has been gunning down men, women and children since the start of the affair. They are not connoisseurs. Connoisseurs don’t screw them after they are dead. So I am assuming they are not connoisseurs. Why would you mess up your own bottom line? But that is the nature of evil to shoot itself in the foot. Bear with me. I think I am coming to a point. What is this force that is causing the whole world to see what’s going on? What is this force snatching us back from the precipice? Is it snatching us back? Is it an illusion? Are we doomed? Will we survive? Well... should I stay or should I go? Dear reader... you must solve the mystery... but I see-

...mercenaries unmasked. I see players unmasked. I see plots unraveling. I see the fruit disappearing inside the closed fist as the monkey in his madness cannot let go of the disappearing fruit and his shiny red ass is exposed while his madness consumes him. I see light at the end of the tunnel. I see things like this slipping into the public eye. I see Bill O’Reilly and Anal-Cystbaugh melting down into the disappearing fruit inside the vase. I see break dancing neo-cons undressing before our eyes so that the wide, soft underbelly that covers the small flaccid genitals is exposed to the weapons of their own design. I see rats running for cover. I see the whole grand design falling apart in front of their eyes... more importantly... in front of our eyes.

Why is the truth showing itself so much right now? We haven’t seen much of the truth over these last years... these years that have taken forever to go by. What is the meaning of this? Was there some clue in the buckshot face of that aging lawyer on a bird hunt? Was it all a set-up to catch not only the bad guys but also the willing participants of an enormous, unwilling witness of a public with their eyes wide shut?

All I know is what I feel and it feels like spring. I walked outside my door this October morning and my wife said to me... “Look, visible... there are buds forming on the bush. That shouldn’t be happening... but it is.

That unwelcome guest... the one no one invites to dinner... the truth... it’s starting to show up. This press that we were certain was the special bathroom graffiti wall of our oppressors is now carrying new messages. When these whores suddenly find their conscience then you know the tide has turned. Even Chris Mathews is having an epiphany. Suddenly every tarted-up slut on the boulevard is turning into Tom Paine. What a mystery is this?

Maybe things do fall apart and cannot find their center. Maybe something was holding the center all along. It is too bad so many had to die on their way to us finding this out but at least some of us aren’t dead yet. Somebody is letting some light through the curtain. Maybe they figure it’s time for everyone to be a hero now. Maybe we are all good guys and when we sink the big lie the same way they hung Saddam we can all go back to the way things were supposed to be and pat ourselves on the back at the same time.

Thank you... better late than never... our friends in the press. Thank you for having shanghaied your own self respect back to the table in Myanmar. Thank you everyone in disguise... who appeared to be a self-serving asshole... but who is now is revealed as a hero of the people. Thank you that now... as the tables are being turned- that you were so deft at the affair- that we can no longer tell ...that the same people are still sitting there.

You know... when they bring in Hillary and the whole world changes and we know that it’s all going to be better now... just like it used to be... why, I’ll bet there’s going to be some kind of an awesome group hug and amnesty for all in one nation under god... that is until the same thing happens all over again but this time they got all those unpleasant constitutional protections out of the way.

Whatever the case may be, the tide has turned somewhere out of our sight. You can’t see it but you can feel it. I admit, even I am grateful for the respite that I see ahead. Something sure is up. The truth doesn’t come out of hiding like this for no reason. Maybe there is a god after all... or maybe everybody is in the changing room getting ready for the next act out there on Desolation Row. I have to wonder whether the ‘wheel in spin’ will throw the hamsters off their rhythm or whether it’s just to make them run faster... I don’t know. It’s almost like being at a rave in Ibiza and the DJ is changing the songs so quick that everyone looks like a snapshot of somebody caught off guard.

I hope its real cause I want to believe. I really do. Because if we all get smoked again in the aftermath... more fool I... more fool you.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Psychopathic, Mass-murdering, Sons-of-Bitches.

I have been watching this Blackwater saga unfold. I’ve seen the youtube videos of these sub-human psychopaths gunning people down on the highway; picking off whoever happened to be walking down the road, shooting into cars at random on the highway- generally, indiscriminately murdering whoever was in their path.

I have followed the testimony of eyewitnesses and have measured the magnitude of recorded assaults against the slim possibility that this is all a put-up job against beautiful people making the world safe for democracy. I have seen the large percentage of Blackwater personnel who were charged and discharged for all manner of violations and I have come to the inescapable conclusion that they are psychopathic, mass murdering sonsofbitches.

I am in awe... stark shrieking awe at the twisted minds that conceived the conditions and manifested the players that have engaged in these activities. I really can’t get my head around it. I shouldn’t be surprised, given what has been going on all along. I shouldn’t be surprised at legislation passed that exempted these vicious, murdering clowns from penalty for whatever they might do. I shouldn’t be surprised at America’s version of Elizabeth Bathory- Condolezza Rice- telling Blackwater to zip it up and not say anything. It’s par for the course. I shouldn’t be surprised at anything any more.

The thing that comes into my head so often these days is... “Knowing what I have seen and know to be the truth, according to my study of the matter; that matter being what has taken place these last seven years, what is it that I don’t know?” What I am saying is, “How bad is it really?” What I know is very, very bad. It is not a leap to assume, at this point, that it’s worse than I think it is.

But everything that has happened, all the horror bloodshed and lies are not the worst of it. The worst of it is that so many people do not care. It is beyond my comprehension that purportedly civilized people can stand aside and let these things happen. It is a comic absurdity, unrivaled in history- given that we are in the 21st century- that millions of people with claims to a religious and moral life can applaud the murders of millions as not only justifiable but according to the will of God. It’s comic, but it’s not funny.

I post at an internet forum which I have been visiting for some years. A wide spectrum of personalities and professions are operative there. They talk about everything under the sun. They talk about politics and sports, religion and sex. Very often they’ll ask silly questions or conduct polls so that they can chatter among themselves like chipmunks on a fallen log. There are some very smart people there. Many of them are sophisticated and urbane with presumptions of knowledge about all manner of things under the sun. Some few of them care deeply about what is happening in the world but most of them do not.

The worst of them are those who see the whole show as just the regrettable necessities of life. They laugh about the 9/11 cover-up and are convinced of the official story. None of them have studied the affair at all but they are experts’ none-the-less. They know what they know even when they don’t know it.

I’ve traveled to other forums and seen much the same thing. Some forums are more intellectually challenged and some more politically polarized but no matter where you go you find that people more or less fall into the same categories. Some of them are all about their own vanity and the argument is secondary to how they want to make themselves appear. The argument is just a perpetuation of how they were at five years old. “Look at me!” they scream and then they stamp their foot.

Some of them think the only good Arab is a dead Arab and there is no limit to the invective and disinformation they will get up to, regardless of the truth of the matter. Some of them are just lonely and everything they get up to is about getting people into their lives so that they can exhibit the attractive characteristics that are responsible for them being lonely in the first place.

Some of them are into feuds and everything takes a back seat to that. Some of them care about what is happening and they are an annoyance to the rest. You don’t get a fucked up world with Blackwater and Abu Ghraib and every other ugly situation without the tacit approval of the majority. Somewhere along the line all of them made deals with the psychopaths for the survival of their pedestrian dreams. They don’t much care except for the sake of conversation what happens to other people as long as it doesn’t happen to them. And because of this it will happen to them, on down the road. But for them it’s like a dental appointment two weeks off. It doesn’t become real until they are sitting in the chair.

It’s been known by some of us for some time that the private contractors in Iraq are a law unto themselves. We know about the people they killed in New Orleans post Katrina. We know that they amuse themselves shooting people at random. We know they think they are all Sgt. Nick Fury and that the joy of their lives is to make themselves heroes in their own mind while they gun down bystanders as if they were playing a video game. The people they kill are no more real to them than what they blow up on a computer screen.

Some of us know that a large portion of the car-bombings in Iraq and terror events across the world are not accomplished by so-called terrorists. We saw a good example when those British agents were captured in Basra. We know that British and Israeli murder teams are running loose in Iraq alongside their American counterparts. We have seen the photos and read the accounts by those with the courage to tell the tale. We see the build-up against Iran moving in the same inexorable pattern as it did for Iraq. It is blatant and there to be seen.

What do people think when they think about Blackwater? Do they think it is ‘regrettable’? Do they think it is necessary? Do they think it is a mistake that will be cleared up? Did they see Erik Prince explain how it is all a misperception and what a fine bunch of lads he has deployed against a despicable enemy? I don’t think people think at all. I think they’d rather not hear about it and don’t care if it happens or not. After all, it’s not happening here. Is it?

Let us watch this peculiar drama unfold. I know what the evidence is going to say. I know that it will show that Blackwater is composed of an army of psychopathic, mass-murdering sonofabitches. There is a lot of evidence and I’m curious what our honorable congress is going to conclude about the matter. It’s not a question of whether these men have done what they are accused of. Let’s see how they handle this.

I wonder about all of the Chatty Cathy’s in their coffee klatch world, both the seeming real and the virtual. I wonder about what they will think and do when they hear the machine guns chattering; what they will do when they are being tazered, what they will do when they are being herded, what they will do under the aegis of all the humiliating events that are visited upon those who never thought to arrest the process when they had a chance.

When I meet someone new I always remind myself that they have three faces. They have the face they show me when we meet. That is who they want me to believe they are. Then there is the face that emerges over time as life takes us through the circumstances of whatever relationship evolves; as life throws up the challenges to their honor and honesty. Then there is the face that emerges when they are in danger. That is their true face. It is there that you see what they are composed of. One of these days Blackwater is going to be knocking on their door.

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