Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Psychopathic, Mass-murdering, Sons-of-Bitches.

I have been watching this Blackwater saga unfold. I’ve seen the youtube videos of these sub-human psychopaths gunning people down on the highway; picking off whoever happened to be walking down the road, shooting into cars at random on the highway- generally, indiscriminately murdering whoever was in their path.

I have followed the testimony of eyewitnesses and have measured the magnitude of recorded assaults against the slim possibility that this is all a put-up job against beautiful people making the world safe for democracy. I have seen the large percentage of Blackwater personnel who were charged and discharged for all manner of violations and I have come to the inescapable conclusion that they are psychopathic, mass murdering sonsofbitches.

I am in awe... stark shrieking awe at the twisted minds that conceived the conditions and manifested the players that have engaged in these activities. I really can’t get my head around it. I shouldn’t be surprised, given what has been going on all along. I shouldn’t be surprised at legislation passed that exempted these vicious, murdering clowns from penalty for whatever they might do. I shouldn’t be surprised at America’s version of Elizabeth Bathory- Condolezza Rice- telling Blackwater to zip it up and not say anything. It’s par for the course. I shouldn’t be surprised at anything any more.

The thing that comes into my head so often these days is... “Knowing what I have seen and know to be the truth, according to my study of the matter; that matter being what has taken place these last seven years, what is it that I don’t know?” What I am saying is, “How bad is it really?” What I know is very, very bad. It is not a leap to assume, at this point, that it’s worse than I think it is.

But everything that has happened, all the horror bloodshed and lies are not the worst of it. The worst of it is that so many people do not care. It is beyond my comprehension that purportedly civilized people can stand aside and let these things happen. It is a comic absurdity, unrivaled in history- given that we are in the 21st century- that millions of people with claims to a religious and moral life can applaud the murders of millions as not only justifiable but according to the will of God. It’s comic, but it’s not funny.

I post at an internet forum which I have been visiting for some years. A wide spectrum of personalities and professions are operative there. They talk about everything under the sun. They talk about politics and sports, religion and sex. Very often they’ll ask silly questions or conduct polls so that they can chatter among themselves like chipmunks on a fallen log. There are some very smart people there. Many of them are sophisticated and urbane with presumptions of knowledge about all manner of things under the sun. Some few of them care deeply about what is happening in the world but most of them do not.

The worst of them are those who see the whole show as just the regrettable necessities of life. They laugh about the 9/11 cover-up and are convinced of the official story. None of them have studied the affair at all but they are experts’ none-the-less. They know what they know even when they don’t know it.

I’ve traveled to other forums and seen much the same thing. Some forums are more intellectually challenged and some more politically polarized but no matter where you go you find that people more or less fall into the same categories. Some of them are all about their own vanity and the argument is secondary to how they want to make themselves appear. The argument is just a perpetuation of how they were at five years old. “Look at me!” they scream and then they stamp their foot.

Some of them think the only good Arab is a dead Arab and there is no limit to the invective and disinformation they will get up to, regardless of the truth of the matter. Some of them are just lonely and everything they get up to is about getting people into their lives so that they can exhibit the attractive characteristics that are responsible for them being lonely in the first place.

Some of them are into feuds and everything takes a back seat to that. Some of them care about what is happening and they are an annoyance to the rest. You don’t get a fucked up world with Blackwater and Abu Ghraib and every other ugly situation without the tacit approval of the majority. Somewhere along the line all of them made deals with the psychopaths for the survival of their pedestrian dreams. They don’t much care except for the sake of conversation what happens to other people as long as it doesn’t happen to them. And because of this it will happen to them, on down the road. But for them it’s like a dental appointment two weeks off. It doesn’t become real until they are sitting in the chair.

It’s been known by some of us for some time that the private contractors in Iraq are a law unto themselves. We know about the people they killed in New Orleans post Katrina. We know that they amuse themselves shooting people at random. We know they think they are all Sgt. Nick Fury and that the joy of their lives is to make themselves heroes in their own mind while they gun down bystanders as if they were playing a video game. The people they kill are no more real to them than what they blow up on a computer screen.

Some of us know that a large portion of the car-bombings in Iraq and terror events across the world are not accomplished by so-called terrorists. We saw a good example when those British agents were captured in Basra. We know that British and Israeli murder teams are running loose in Iraq alongside their American counterparts. We have seen the photos and read the accounts by those with the courage to tell the tale. We see the build-up against Iran moving in the same inexorable pattern as it did for Iraq. It is blatant and there to be seen.

What do people think when they think about Blackwater? Do they think it is ‘regrettable’? Do they think it is necessary? Do they think it is a mistake that will be cleared up? Did they see Erik Prince explain how it is all a misperception and what a fine bunch of lads he has deployed against a despicable enemy? I don’t think people think at all. I think they’d rather not hear about it and don’t care if it happens or not. After all, it’s not happening here. Is it?

Let us watch this peculiar drama unfold. I know what the evidence is going to say. I know that it will show that Blackwater is composed of an army of psychopathic, mass-murdering sonofabitches. There is a lot of evidence and I’m curious what our honorable congress is going to conclude about the matter. It’s not a question of whether these men have done what they are accused of. Let’s see how they handle this.

I wonder about all of the Chatty Cathy’s in their coffee klatch world, both the seeming real and the virtual. I wonder about what they will think and do when they hear the machine guns chattering; what they will do when they are being tazered, what they will do when they are being herded, what they will do under the aegis of all the humiliating events that are visited upon those who never thought to arrest the process when they had a chance.

When I meet someone new I always remind myself that they have three faces. They have the face they show me when we meet. That is who they want me to believe they are. Then there is the face that emerges over time as life takes us through the circumstances of whatever relationship evolves; as life throws up the challenges to their honor and honesty. Then there is the face that emerges when they are in danger. That is their true face. It is there that you see what they are composed of. One of these days Blackwater is going to be knocking on their door.

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Anonymous said...

dead on the money visible. or dead for the money when discussing these empty-headed, black-hearted killing yourself and others, i have paid attention to all of this unfolding for quite some time. no matter what happens my thoughts always come back to something george carlin wrote; " i think the human game was up a long time ago, when the high priests and merchants took over." unfortunately for the rest of us that can not remain emotionally unattached to the outer 'theatre' all of the time, there's merit to his observations. like you wrote; it's comic, not funny. the trickster spirits are here to remind us of not only the humor of life, but the absurdity. thanks for another rant. always in my thoughts, love mark.

Anonymous said...

I just went looking for a word stronger than 'inevitable' for the fact that Blackwater will be knocking on your door.
It was Sandline in Australia when the people didn't agree with the government.
The march of the mercenaries will be... merciless! Like the people who drive them.
But what if...? No! But... No.
The armed forces of another country - maybe. But your own armed forces will not be there for you.
I really hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Can't you just see them planning it? If they were going to create a utopian free market, a conscripted army just wouldn't do.

Anonymous said...

I often feel like I am the only one who is truly offended by this blatant abandonment of humanity. Reading your words has become not just therapuetic but necessary to keep my sanity. I love your comments about the "true face" and the fact that most of the sheeple think nothing is wrong because of their blatant ignorance. If people don't want to wake up then they don't deserved to be saved but where does that leave the rest of us....are we just another minority which can be swept away?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. I feel exactly as you do.

This is especially true:

"I don’t think people think at all. I think they’d rather not hear about it and don’t care if it happens or not. After all, it’s not happening here. Is it?"

They don't think, they don't care to think, and they don't care because it's not (yet) happening to them. If/when it does, I can guarantee that they'll wonder, "Why me?" So help me God, that is what they'll ask! I know this because non-thinkers are everywhere, and that's what they always say.

Only fools think that ignorance is bliss. Ha! Whether it's passive or active ignorance, the results are often the same, aren't they. People do swallow/believe a whole heap of shit (lies) in their lives, don't they. What I don't get is why so many do it so willingly.

"regrettable necessities of life". Fuck! That's exactly how many people react or respond, whether on the Net or in person. Fuck!

And yes, many are so damned convinced that they "know" all about something that they haven't even thought about for longer than a minute, in most cases. Most of all, humans are lazy. We are. More in mind than even in body. They let others do their "thinking" for them. They don't read, research, investigate, analyse, discuss, or decently debate squat. Well, nothing beyond 15 seconds, in my experience!

I've learned a lot. Still, I don't know much. Yet, I will do the work, at least attempt to learn a thing or two about something before I develop an opinion or take a position on it.

And it is a battle for our hearts and minds, our bodies, mostly our souls. For the most part, it does look like the fokkers are winning. But honest to God, what are they actually winning?

I was wondering why we were being shown the Burma protests so much. Then a thinking person on the Net suggested that it was just another psy-op to warn and frighten the rest of us, so that we'd "think twice" before ever hitting the streets in protest again.

Ditto for the tazer incidents.

Then another person, a professor named Nick Turse, wrote a lenghty account of his awful experiences with the NYPD. And the scope of the police corruption, the militant violence, and the vile and illegal actions of the NYPD are breathtaking. Sadly, not surprising to me, but breathtaking nevertheless.

Are we looping? Endlessly? Until we all get it right? Alas, seems so...

Do any of these people even have a conscience? Anymore? I'm not just referring to the Blackwater and the NYPD and the soldier goons. I'm also referring to most ordinary people. What is wrong with all of them? Us?

It's no damned wonder that most people can't tolerate solitude or silence. And that they have to move in packs, and "belong" to stupid cliques, groups or organizations, etc. They have to be constantly doing something. Constantly engaged or entertained. Busy, busy, busy. Droning little bees, are we? But we ain't makin' much honey baby. They're just killing time, making busy-ness. Or more landfill, more useless things. Or trouble!

Distracting or gorging our *selves* to death. Feasting on others people's needs, rights, time, misery, or blood. The lights aren't on, nobody's home. fuck.

I only have to look at/into nature, and I sense/perceive everything there, I feel light, calm, and at peace. I look into the delightful faces of babies and I feel happy and joyous. I saw a young couple kissing in the park and I felt mellow, serenely excited for their affection. But I turn my eyes, my ears or my head, and see everyone and everything else and it's a tragic/comic circus, featuring us. We're the freak show!

I'm an ordinary person, live a rather ordinary life, went to ordinary schools, etc. And though I happened to follow a 'road less travelled', my experiences are definitely not extra-ordinary. So why the fuck do I see what so many other ordinary ones do not?! Why don't they care? Why do so many care to keep themselves so uselessly, so unproductively, and so counter-intuitively busy, most of the fuckin' time? Why?

Is it because I had a rough childhood? Can't be. Many people had rough childhoods, many far, far worse than mine. So what is it? Did something get irreparably broken in them way back when? Did they surrender? Is it chance, fate, lack of courage...? What! What is it that makes some (seeming minority) of us (feel or think) so different from the rest, from so many others? Am I wrong about this?

Yesterday a man at the corner store was lamenting to me that "you can't even touch your kids"; "you can't touch them or you'll get in trouble, and if you don't touch them, then they'll get in trouble". He was frustrated with the laws in this country because he wasn't allowed to beat his kids! I told him that I'd never beat my son (who's a young adult now). He often remarks what a good person my son is. He says that his parents used to hit him when he needed it, and it was good for him! He said that if he doesn't hit his kids, they might grow up to become drug dealers or prostitutes! I answered that if you hit and abuse your children, chances are better that they'll rebel or act out or look for trouble, than if you don't. And that you can discipline and teach your children without hitting them. That hitting them is abuse and it does no good whatsoever. That macho man longs to beat his children! The ones whom he indulges/spoils with expensive, overseas, summer-long vacations, expensive toys, etc. The ones whom he claims to work so hard for so that they can have a better life than his, the ones he claims to love so much!

I'm re-reading a great book, The Body Never Lies, by Alice Miller. Miller suggests that many of the problems in this world are directly related to childhood violence, that they stem specifically from child abuse (physical or verbal), and she postulates that the 4th Commandment to "honour thy father and thy mother" should be abolished. She makes a sound case too. And I wholeheartedly agree with her. We do not need a commandment/order that tells us to love (honour/respect) our parents. If parents love their children, they will be naturally and automatically be loved in return. It's really that simple.

Sorry, I'm going on and on again. There's just so much (everything and everyone) that's connected.

Methinks I'll end here, now...Post, toss, or edit as you see fit.

You know Les, oftentimes I wish we were next-door neighbours. Close enough to sit and chat and chill together. But the fact is that we are already connected. And I'm certain that we've "met" before, and will again. You, me, and many others who are drawn here, to you, your words, your thoughts, yeah, we've met before :) And while I'm somewhere between a Luddite and a technophile regarding this internet thing, I must say, "Isn't this grand." :) :)

The Blackwater savages, the NYPD savages, all other savages of all stripes, the ones committing hateful acts or the ones being malignantly indifferent to the plight and pain of others, they don't (yet) realize that they are really destroying them-selves. I almost feel sorry for them. I can't say that I truly, deeply do (most times), I just ain't as good as that ole' Gunga Din. ;)

Take care. Write on. Rock on! annemarie

chant down babylon. music is the key..........peace.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my dear Les, fucking perfect!! "They know what they know even though they don't know it". Scary ain't it? I actually worked with some ex-military who were pissed that they never had the opportunity to kill someone. They are out there, very sad. Peace, Love, Dan from Olympia

Anonymous said...

What a sad state of affairs in this country that so many have believed to be so great of a nation. Is that why we sit idly by and do nothing? We are in a state of shock and denial that has not lifted yet? Or do people just prefer to look the other way because it is not our loved ones that are being slaughtered by Blackwater? Either way, it is a no win situation for the American people. Those who are in deep denial will be the most shook when they awaken from the falsehoods of this administration. What a selfish stubborn lot. Maybe they just don't want to admit they were wrong. Heavy sigh - America as we thought we knew it, is dead and gone forever. Face it, the sooner the better. America is gone; Americans are not though. Do we stage a modern day tea party or just watch some more television and shop while we still can? The choice is ours. Unfortunately, I think I know the answer to that.

Suzy Q

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les,
I wonder ( question ) too.
I've found some answers here :
peace, al b.

Anonymous said...

as much as my first comment was in praise of Les and his brilliant words but I get as much joy as reading the comments by people. I love the post after mine when it references what makes us see things that others don't. I too had a tough childhood, and as a result I have unrelenting loyalty to my little sister, but does that mean that you have to be shit on to see the world for what it is? I remember growing up under the facade of you can be anything you want, even president...what a fucking lie!!! I often think of the movie the Matrix in these times and wish the masses would see the symbolism of the actually Matrix itself. Yes we are not being used as batteries by machines but most people are so plugged in they only see the so called "reality" that is being presented to them. MTV, E Channel, CNN, etc its all the same shit; a story that is scripted to create the desired effect. If anyone has any thoughts please tell me, because I feel so lost all the time. My sister is gonig to be 17 and with the world the way it is how can i guarantee she will get another 17 years. The door is just about closed and it seems even those who seek to expose the corruption (Alex Jones I refer to here since I don't fully trust him) seem to also have their own slant. How can we just establish something based on truth, no angle no slant just this is what really happened on this day and it is so different from how the told you. I get even more frightened as this fever pitch to attack Iran is drummed up. We have already had the false-flags on the big cities to motivate them and now it feels like its time for something in the Heartland of America, the midwest which is where i reside. Will it really take that to wake people up because if it does it's already too late; the police state is here it's just not fully institutionalized at all levels of government.

Hopefully this heartfelt rant makes sense if you all have the chance to read it. I have to have hope for those who mean the most to me but in these times it's hard to put faith in anything.

Love Ronnie and thank you all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Did you see that article (erm... probably wrh) where all the Iraqi locals called the blackwater guys 'mossad'? Interesting huh?

Anonymous said...

Right fucking on Les, one of your best. I used to work with a few ex military who were pissed that during there tours, they were unable to kill someone. Sad but true, they are out there. "They know what they know even though they don't know it. Perfect !! Peace, Love, Dan from Olympia

Anonymous said...

At its root, as everything turns out to be, is a sneaky way to get to Iran which will turn out to be a sneaky way to get it on somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

While I am so dissappointed as you and others on this planet at the disgusting acts being performed by these so called "leaders" "humans", I am more disgusted as you all are at OUR COLLECTIVE response, or rather LACK THEREOF...when will we stand and be counted, or will some extraterrestial energy have to save us from ourselves? All of what has and is happening in the last six-seven years is clearly indicative of the fact that NO,WE ARE NOT ALL ALIKE, that is quite do we reconcile the acts of these heathen, barbaric beings as something normal and acceptable les ye be likeminded! fuck these so-called christians, holier than thou mofos, they are all SATAN's children, EVIL,PERIOD! actions speak a whole lot louder than words, so fuck what they say, it is what they DO THAT SHOWS WHO THEY ARE!!!PLAIN AND SIMPLE WICKEDNESS

Anonymous said...

While I am so dissappointed as you and others on this planet at the disgusting acts being performed by these so called "leaders" "humans", I am more disgusted as you all are at OUR COLLECTIVE response, or rather LACK THEREOF...when will we stand and be counted, or will some extraterrestial energy have to save us from ourselves? All of what has and is happening in the last six-seven years is clearly indicative of the fact that NO,WE ARE NOT ALL ALIKE, that is quite do we reconcile the acts of these heathen, barbaric beings as something normal and acceptable les ye be likeminded! fuck these so-called christians, holier than thou mofos, they are all SATAN's children, EVIL,PERIOD! actions speak a whole lot louder than words, so fuck what they say, it is what they DO THAT SHOWS WHO THEY ARE!!!PLAIN AND SIMPLE WICKEDNESS

Anonymous said...

is it true that that dumn mofo (princ) took the name plate from the congressional hearing the day he testified? how low can these freaks go?

Visible said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Visible said...

My God... I am awed by the commentary here. You people break my heart. You have brought tears to my eyes and affirmation to my heart. I thank you deeply. I have been out touring with my music so I haven't had a chance to check in for a few days but this is just so much more than I had imagined possible that so many really fine people would show up on my doorstep. I haven't slept much the last few days so forgive me if I am emotional right now but THANK YOU!!! so much for showing up and giving a shit.. You know, we may not be doomed after all.

I have to go. I just wanted to give a general response and tell you that you overwhelm me and to thank you sincerely and truly from the bottom of my heart. God rain his love upon you. I have to go to bed. You inspire me.

Anonymous said...

The Master Race

--- has arrived ---

Anonymous said...


I am new to your site and am proud to be here among thinking people. How refreshing! I am interested in sending you an article, but cannot find your email. The email address is not necessary if you have no objections to posting articles on your comment section.

I am renewed by your spirit; thank you. Sincerely.

Suzy Q

Visible said...


you said something before if I recollect. Lots of comments, lots of blogs... lots of words. Hopefully the truth comes out more often than what we are used to otherwise it's a waste of time.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for responding so quick. I hope I am correct in assuming you don't mind if articles are posted in your comments.

I think there might have been another Suzy Q here before. I have been reading for a while but just posted the most recent of Suzy Q's. (now Suzy Q #2) !

I found this article to be compelling and hope you and your readers do also:

Do you happen to know anything about this pseudo-named author 'Sorcha Faal?' just curious, as always!

Peace and Godspeed, Les Visible. I am so pleased to meet you, even if only in this cyberspace. I cannot imagine this world without this last mode of freedom of speech. And how long will this last for? Burma is something to watch right now..we may be next. I am not a defeatist; merely a realist. A very watchful one like yourself.

Suzy Q #2

Anonymous said...

Mercenaries - once were illegal.


Anonymous said...

Amerika's future lies 150 miles S. of here in MX. Saw it again last week. Pigfuckers like Carlos Slim in gated communities and everyone else--98%?-- kept in line by Blackwater type death squads. Or in Brasil. Everywhere in Juarez they tell me it is so much worse than you read about. Many more women disappear are killed and sold into sex slavery. Ice, crack, booze, tobacco, cases of ammo and RPGs in small vllages. Dreams of huge pits of burning bodies, flies, and piles of worthless currency.

Anonymous said...

The mercenary article (above) is from the Chicago Tribune and is about the White House actively recruiting 'South African police officers and soldiers, most of them white veterans of the old apartheid regime, who have left their jobs to work as private security contractors in Iraq'
from BuzzFlash
They are vicious bastards.
This link works


Basti said...

It's insightful to see that all the wackos don't hang out at DU and the Huffington Post or do you all have account there and there.
None of you seem to live in the real world. I pity you if ever the real world coming knocking on your door.

Anonymous said...

Hello basti

Thank you for reading our posts
When Blackwater comes knocking you at least now will know who they are
I'm sorry basti, but you sound to me like a typical (as we call you in Australia) Yank
You believe your own press
You (USA) are not and have never been the centre of the universe
You ride rough shod over all you encounter
This is not the way to win friends and influence people
Make enemies - Yes
When China subdues your government (peacefully), I'm sure the rest of the world will breathe a sigh of relief
Unfortunately the rest of the world believed you too when you told us ‘we are the greatest’ – poor fools they (as it appears)
We have let you have your way and now it’s time to pay

ps I am in your age bracket (and worked in your industry) and watched as Sandline subdued our dock workers (a very tough crew)
So I do know how mercenaries (and governments) work

Anonymous said...

Nina said...

At its root, as everything turns out to be, is a sneaky way to get to Iran which will turn out to be a sneaky way to get it on somewhere else.


It's been said before (I've read it several times in different places) that Iraq is the strategic target. Iran is the pivotal target. Egypt is the prize.

Could this be what you're thinking of (or alluding to) Nina?

On another note, I've just started reading "Walden and Civil Disobedience" by Henry David Thoreau. I'd heard of it many a time, and last week while finishing my comment in this thread, somebody walked in and handed me this book, as a present. It was first published in the U.S. in 1854 it's somewhat astonishing to read Thoreau's take --and that of some of his contemporaries, particularly some of buddies including Ralph Waldo Emerson who were called Transcendentalists-- on society back then. Specifically how among his chief complaints/criticisms were that society/people were appallingly materialistic, were unnaturally, unhealthily preoccupied with time, and constantly in a hurry (believe it or not!), obsessed with efficiency, lacking any/much discernible spirituality, how unconscionable it was for a nation (the U.S.) to boast of being a beacon of freedom while it engaged in slavery, how it was better to respect what is right (or righteousness) rather than respecting the law, since many laws were made/written without decency or righteousness in mind. Etc...

Have only just started it and I can't stop going "WOW!" Yet a part of me isn't surprised that many of Thoreau's observations/sentiments are the same or remarkably similar to those discussed here because I've long felt that we are not making any real progress, and that the main difference between now and then (and that can be any past era in popularly recorded history, near or far) is that we have more toys, gadgets, technology, information access...we have gained more "knowledge" and some better toys/tools but we have not really improved, progressed to becoming truly civilized or truly decent beings. I feel that for the most part, we're just as savage and as warlike as we've long been. --But maybe not always been.? Not sure on this point.-- Somewhere along the way, we became corrupted and we're stuck in corrupt mode.

It's almost as if we make baby steps towards real, valuable civilized human /physical growth and sometimes spiritual growth, but then we falter or fail. Like one step forward, then two back. Hope this makes sense?!

Anyhow, thought this was worth sharing.

Thanks again. And make care, annemarie

Boris Epstein said...

An excellent article, Les! Thank you.

Here's what I am afraid may be happening - people are aware of what blackwater and the like gangs are, they just hope it is a neighbor's door they will come a'knockin' on. And they could care less for that poor bastard.

That's my feeling for some reason...

Anonymous said...

Hey now, chattering chipmunk #356,452, here, and since we OWN
the black helicopters, you'd better
be a little nicer to us, there,
citizenerer...unless you want to
see black plastic hitler hats on
your front porch...huthuthuthuthut...our
spanish-speaking stormtroopers are
now globalizationer...

Anonymous said...

12/31/2007 11:13:44 PM

Happy Fucking New Year!

Another year has gone by and a few more steps closer to the edge of falling into the abyss.

The puppet George Bush and company has successfully stirred up the world’s hatred for the United States of America to a nice hot glow.

Blackwater, Bushes Gestapo force has successfully shit in our collective American nest. Uncontrolled cowboys set loose to do as they please it seems, have shown the world what American capitalization is about. War for profit.

Why the hell are we sanctioning blatantly American mercenaries to be in an area of the world that our regular armed forces are putting their asses on the line 24 hours a day to do the job that their commanders send them out to do, and have a bunch or unregulated wild assed cowboys go out and continue to show us as the ugly American with no respect for the good people that we are supposedly there to help?

Is it a failure of our leadership in government or is it going just as planned? I doubt that anyone with one half of a wit would allow this shit to happen unless they intended it to be just the way it is. Do you notice that the American media is somewhat subdued and quiet about it, talking more about what the next puppet we will elect than what is really important in the world?

God save us from these greedy, immoral, incompetent assholes.



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