Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Psychopathic, Mass-murdering, Sons-of-Bitches.

I have been watching this Blackwater saga unfold. I’ve seen the youtube videos of these sub-human psychopaths gunning people down on the highway; picking off whoever happened to be walking down the road, shooting into cars at random on the highway- generally, indiscriminately murdering whoever was in their path.

I have followed the testimony of eyewitnesses and have measured the magnitude of recorded assaults against the slim possibility that this is all a put-up job against beautiful people making the world safe for democracy. I have seen the large percentage of Blackwater personnel who were charged and discharged for all manner of violations and I have come to the inescapable conclusion that they are psychopathic, mass murdering sonsofbitches.

I am in awe... stark shrieking awe at the twisted minds that conceived the conditions and manifested the players that have engaged in these activities. I really can’t get my head around it. I shouldn’t be surprised, given what has been going on all along. I shouldn’t be surprised at legislation passed that exempted these vicious, murdering clowns from penalty for whatever they might do. I shouldn’t be surprised at America’s version of Elizabeth Bathory- Condolezza Rice- telling Blackwater to zip it up and not say anything. It’s par for the course. I shouldn’t be surprised at anything any more.

The thing that comes into my head so often these days is... “Knowing what I have seen and know to be the truth, according to my study of the matter; that matter being what has taken place these last seven years, what is it that I don’t know?” What I am saying is, “How bad is it really?” What I know is very, very bad. It is not a leap to assume, at this point, that it’s worse than I think it is.

But everything that has happened, all the horror bloodshed and lies are not the worst of it. The worst of it is that so many people do not care. It is beyond my comprehension that purportedly civilized people can stand aside and let these things happen. It is a comic absurdity, unrivaled in history- given that we are in the 21st century- that millions of people with claims to a religious and moral life can applaud the murders of millions as not only justifiable but according to the will of God. It’s comic, but it’s not funny.

I post at an internet forum which I have been visiting for some years. A wide spectrum of personalities and professions are operative there. They talk about everything under the sun. They talk about politics and sports, religion and sex. Very often they’ll ask silly questions or conduct polls so that they can chatter among themselves like chipmunks on a fallen log. There are some very smart people there. Many of them are sophisticated and urbane with presumptions of knowledge about all manner of things under the sun. Some few of them care deeply about what is happening in the world but most of them do not.

The worst of them are those who see the whole show as just the regrettable necessities of life. They laugh about the 9/11 cover-up and are convinced of the official story. None of them have studied the affair at all but they are experts’ none-the-less. They know what they know even when they don’t know it.

I’ve traveled to other forums and seen much the same thing. Some forums are more intellectually challenged and some more politically polarized but no matter where you go you find that people more or less fall into the same categories. Some of them are all about their own vanity and the argument is secondary to how they want to make themselves appear. The argument is just a perpetuation of how they were at five years old. “Look at me!” they scream and then they stamp their foot.

Some of them think the only good Arab is a dead Arab and there is no limit to the invective and disinformation they will get up to, regardless of the truth of the matter. Some of them are just lonely and everything they get up to is about getting people into their lives so that they can exhibit the attractive characteristics that are responsible for them being lonely in the first place.

Some of them are into feuds and everything takes a back seat to that. Some of them care about what is happening and they are an annoyance to the rest. You don’t get a fucked up world with Blackwater and Abu Ghraib and every other ugly situation without the tacit approval of the majority. Somewhere along the line all of them made deals with the psychopaths for the survival of their pedestrian dreams. They don’t much care except for the sake of conversation what happens to other people as long as it doesn’t happen to them. And because of this it will happen to them, on down the road. But for them it’s like a dental appointment two weeks off. It doesn’t become real until they are sitting in the chair.

It’s been known by some of us for some time that the private contractors in Iraq are a law unto themselves. We know about the people they killed in New Orleans post Katrina. We know that they amuse themselves shooting people at random. We know they think they are all Sgt. Nick Fury and that the joy of their lives is to make themselves heroes in their own mind while they gun down bystanders as if they were playing a video game. The people they kill are no more real to them than what they blow up on a computer screen.

Some of us know that a large portion of the car-bombings in Iraq and terror events across the world are not accomplished by so-called terrorists. We saw a good example when those British agents were captured in Basra. We know that British and Israeli murder teams are running loose in Iraq alongside their American counterparts. We have seen the photos and read the accounts by those with the courage to tell the tale. We see the build-up against Iran moving in the same inexorable pattern as it did for Iraq. It is blatant and there to be seen.

What do people think when they think about Blackwater? Do they think it is ‘regrettable’? Do they think it is necessary? Do they think it is a mistake that will be cleared up? Did they see Erik Prince explain how it is all a misperception and what a fine bunch of lads he has deployed against a despicable enemy? I don’t think people think at all. I think they’d rather not hear about it and don’t care if it happens or not. After all, it’s not happening here. Is it?

Let us watch this peculiar drama unfold. I know what the evidence is going to say. I know that it will show that Blackwater is composed of an army of psychopathic, mass-murdering sonofabitches. There is a lot of evidence and I’m curious what our honorable congress is going to conclude about the matter. It’s not a question of whether these men have done what they are accused of. Let’s see how they handle this.

I wonder about all of the Chatty Cathy’s in their coffee klatch world, both the seeming real and the virtual. I wonder about what they will think and do when they hear the machine guns chattering; what they will do when they are being tazered, what they will do when they are being herded, what they will do under the aegis of all the humiliating events that are visited upon those who never thought to arrest the process when they had a chance.

When I meet someone new I always remind myself that they have three faces. They have the face they show me when we meet. That is who they want me to believe they are. Then there is the face that emerges over time as life takes us through the circumstances of whatever relationship evolves; as life throws up the challenges to their honor and honesty. Then there is the face that emerges when they are in danger. That is their true face. It is there that you see what they are composed of. One of these days Blackwater is going to be knocking on their door.

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