Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ron Paul; nothing but net.

What are we to make of Ron Paul? ...pretty much nothing and everything according to the pig farm press and the low roar of the voices outside the muffled doors of the ruling junta. Ron Paul is doing something that no one else, so far, has been effective at. Dr. Ron Paul has found the pulse of the country and the sleaze-balls who hijacked the ship of state don’t like it one bit.

He won the Michigan debate with numbers of 70 to 80% according to the CNBC poll; so they took the poll off the site. He wins everywhere and he has won everywhere and the money is pouring in. Dr. Paul, barring some- “wink, wink, nod, nod” event is going to be a real factor in the election. Ron Paul looks like he might win.

There are a very few other honest candidates; relatively honest candidates (in my opinion)- Kucinich, Gravel and possibly John Edwards; candidates who would certainly be better than anything we have had to work with for awhile.

Al Gore could have well been one of the best presidents America had but he got gang-raped and neutered by a nasty band of thugs who knew that the whole country was ripe for the same thing. It was an orgy of excess and abuse. They stole everything that wasn’t nailed down and then they sent out for crowbars.

John Kerry was a stalking horse who never intended to win. What they promised or threatened him with we will probably never know but we can take it prima facie that that is what happened.

So far the media has been content to not mention the truth about the numbers and just ignore Ron Paul. Other times they just make up their own numbers and the people nod their heads and migrate for the icebox. If people don’t hear about him then he probably isn’t there. The debate moderators are content to smirk into their sleeves and play chutes and ladders with the process.

The commentators don’t mention him and when they do it’s with a mocking, ‘he can’t win’ contempt. The entire mainstream media is all of a piece, owned and manipulated by a small cabal of neo-con imperialists, centered in Tel Aviv, London and Washington D.C. At certain periods of history these same slithering reptiles appear again and again. They materialize in periods of confusion and uncertainty and they warp the mass understanding with a calculated series of events that herd the bi-pedal livestock along pre-determined routes. First they stoke their fear, then they grab their minds and their hearts and asses follow.

Whether it’s the sinking of a battleship, a Reichstag Fire or a 9/11- 7/7 series of false flag actions, they manage to facilitate the will of the bankers and fill the coffers with booty while the public is shaking their own.

You would think that people would catch on after awhile. For some reason this formula always works. It’s probably because most people just aren’t very bright. Those that are can be had through intimidation or a piece of the action.

Yes, this Ron Paul is a problem. He is catching the heart of the people and they are responding. Every public poll you see, whether it’s on MSNBC or CNN invariably shows Ron Paul with a massive volume of support. FoxNews says that a small handful of Ron Paul supporters are manipulating the data. A cursory look at the potential for this proves it is a lie and begs the question that if it is possible to do... then... why aren’t all of the other candidates doing the same thing?

There’s no difference between Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush. Her vote on the Lieberman/Kyl bill showed that. Her snuggling with Rupert Murdoch in the cloakroom tells us even more. I used to defend her. I used to hope for something from her. She sold her soul for the wrong kind of power. The same people that own Bush own her.

Obama is a callow poster boy for glamour over substance and the rest of the field doesn’t warrant an opinion.

I do not agree with Ron Paul on all of his positions. However, I am a utopian in a world that will never see it and my views on how things should be and what the right course ought to be are not important. I don’t represent the general views of the American people in any identifiable way. I’m not even an American anymore, if I ever was.

America seems to be blessed with a mysterious protection that brims forth in dark hours. All along the course of America’s short journey to the top of the heap she has been the beneficiary of some serendipity of the right people showing up at the right time. Even with all of the ugliness in her history and the continuous effort to control her for all the wrong reasons she seems to have always found her way forward. I begin to wonder if Ron Paul is not another expression of that.

I don’t know Ron Paul and I don’t trust politicians. Politicians can be expected to behave as long as the constitution is strong and a solid balance of power exists; as long as there is an informed public. I don’t know what Ron Paul plans to do about the pernicious influence of Israel upon American domestic and foreign policy. The biggest problem in the world today is Israel and unless they are brought to heel there is no telling where events may lead.

What I do know is that Ron Paul is most often captured telling the truth. Nothing is more undesirable for the present rise of fascism than truth-tellers. It is far more undesirable that they would seek the highest office in the land. Out of the blue here comes Ron Paul and there is no doubt that he has captured the popular imagination. It will be interesting to see what the criminals who are presently in control are intending to do about him.

Ron Paul appeals across the board to a very wide spectrum of the population. He has managed to position himself on every issue in a way that makes a strong connection with large blocks of voters. He is one scary guy and that’s a very good thing.

These times in which we are living appear like a drunk lurching down the sidewalk. There is no vision and there is no room for honest speech and action. The police are behaving like private contractors. The people have lost their own integrity and replaced it with empty rituals of obeisance to a corporation Jesus or they wander in the flesh-pits of instant gratification. Their leaders are hollow vessels filled with sound-bites and false promises. Ron Paul can only be a good thing by comparison.

Until now there has been nothing that has stoked the fires of possibility with the same power. Most of the people know that 9/11 didn’t happen the way they said it did but that hasn’t come to much. Most of the people want out of Iraq and know that lies led you into it but that hasn’t come to much. Most of the people know that Bush and his handlers are criminals but that hasn’t come to much. Most of the people voted in a new congress that had assured them they would make the necessary changes and that has come to nothing.

Nothing is going to happen until you have the sense to support and vote for honest men and women because nothing can change until there are people in a position to change things. Given what we’ve seen of the swine at the helm I would say that Ron Paul could be in a lot of danger. But maybe, as I said, this is another one of those times where America is the beneficiary of some mysterious force. If that is the case then, America- you have my congratulations. If not, you have my deepest sympathy from a distance.

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Anonymous said...

In (almost) the words of an immortal:
We don't need another hero
We don't need to know the way home
All we want is life beyond the corporations

Unknown said...

Great article visible. I sent this in to the Smirking Chimp among many others and he said, "you are a stunningly ignorant fabulist" Jeff Tiedrich, the editor said that. I guess there's more than one smirking chimp around.


Anonymous said...

I saw this at truthseekerDOTcom and as a real Ron Paul supporter I want to thank you for writing this. He is our best hope.
Everyone should go by and see what he is about. TURN THE COUNTRY AROUND!

Cicely Odoms

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is the real deal.

Visible said...

Dear Readers;

For your consideration

Anonymous said...

Once again your words are right on point. I have put faith in Ron Paul because of the lack of ability to believe in anyone else. However he is still a politician, and has been for some time. Will he not inevitably "cave" as all politicians have done in the past? Or my biggest fear, and what would signal the official reign of Fascist America (although it really started long ago, is that the corrupt elite will just kill him. Has anyone heard on who is planning to be his VP, is this not the guy we really need to know about?

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul for POTUS or we're doomed....not that we aren't doomed already but with President Paul, God might just pardon us.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Les! :)

Anonymous said...

Let's hope this worrysome electronic voting machine problem is resolved satisfactorily before the election...

Here's a quote from commentary about reports of security issues with voting machines discovered during a cursory survey conducted in California (the author terstifies to Congress occasionally on issues related to computer security and related topics):

"Despite the limited time, the teams found ways to breach the physical security of all three systems using only “ordinary objects” (presumably paper clips, coins, pencil erasers, and the like); they found ways to modify or overwrite the basic control software in all three voting machines; and they were able to penetrate the backend tabulator system and manipulate election records."
(from: )

Here's another post on the subject:
"More California E-Voting Reports Released; More Bad News"

The challenge for the Evil Ones this time around is how to steal the election again without getting caught, which is becoming harder and harder thanks to more light being shined on the subject.

The best part about living in an apartment full of roaches is watching them scatter and run for cover when we turn on the Light!

-The Village Idiot

Anonymous said...

I used to vote for the democratic party platform. But the DLC is so corrupt now that you can't tell them from the GOP....

I'm going to write in my vote for Ron Paul. If Dr. Paul is not assassinated before then, his plane has a mishap, the weather....the, the whatever "they" dream up.

Just like Paul Wellstone, Carnihan (sp), JFK Jr.,

Anonymous said...

Humanity was doomed from the start, evident thoughout the cycles of history. Ron Paul is like a big group hug where everybody is optimistic and sincere and then goes back to pursue wanton and wasteful lives driven by the sheer thrill of exploitation. Vengence, blame and dishonesty are a part of the human package that we don't seem to be able to disentangle ourselves from in any lasting way.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is great but so was JFK and look what happened to him when he tried to stamp out the corrupt Federal Reserve. These slimeballs won't let Ron Paul mess with their program.

I think it would be better if Guiliani won so that he can really run the US into the ground. The US is broke, sinking ship and a guy like Guiliani or Billary will ensure it's demise and the world will be a better place for it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks visible. Here's a great doco that you and everyone in this nation should see:

Those who ignore the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.

Anonymous said...

Excelent, excelent article. However, I wouldn't be surprised if some powerful individuals are already cooking up a most devious plot to neutralize and destroy Dr. Paul; a difficult task nevertheless, as this candidate does not appear to have any real skeletons in his closet. Standing up to corporatism, but not having mainstream media support has been, historically, a not very good hand in the game of U.S. politics.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Les,

I agree with the gist of what you're saying, but not the substance. Or is it the other way around?

e.g. "Al Gore could have well been one of the best presidents America had..." Not in my opinion. Gore is another tool. Corrupt, self-serving, etc.

"So far the media has been content to not mention the truth about..."

Agreed. The msm has been quite content to not mention the truth about pretty much everything and everyone. They likely wouldn't utter the truth if their mouths were full of it!

In any case, I don't see politics or voting as the solution to anything. Voting or not voting isn't going to change much. Imo, politics is an endless abyss into which I'd rather not venture.

Lest some mistake me as utterly cynical, that isn't the case, I see solutions but I regard them as having to come from within. One by one, collectively. Also, I feel that we can affect real change by hitting them where it hurts, in the wallet, by living rationally, sustainably, simply -- by taking no more than we need for example, as but one example.

I put no faith in any politicians. Not even Mr. Paul, no matter how worthy he might appear (now). I put my faith in a higher power, and in the power of love and goodness and decency. In spite of what I witness all around, I still believe in these things.

fwiw, we had a provincial election here yesterday and I'd decided a few years back not to vote again. While walking down the street yesterday I saw an election sign in someone's window, and I smiled as I passed it, feeling emotionally free from the process. It was a surprise and new feeling to me, this particular one. Quite liberating. Later last night I scanned the election results and felt neutral, calm and detached, unlike how I'd felt in the past whenever I'd voted.

btw, I'm not advising others to not vote. Just sharing my thoughts on it.

Also, I like what Tony quoted, it resonates, especially this: "We don't need another hero." HalleluJah!, and that we each need to be heroes, be the change that we want to see in the world.

Anyhow, that's my take on it.

Thanks again Senor V. Make care ever'body, annemarie :)

Visible said...

I not in active support of Ron Paul. I disagree with some of his positions and my position on politicians is pretty clear also.

That said, I do believe there are darker roads and roads less dark and given that these words are spoken 'into' the material realm I would like to encourage people to explore their options. What they choose isn't going to impact on me one way or the other.

I do think Al Gore would have been a much better president than gwb and that the country would not be in the same place as it is now.

We're all influenced by the darkness to some degree. We are not all struggling for the light. I can't accept that everyone at the highest level is a shit. I believe they may be hamstrung to a degree but that positive change is not impossible or we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.

Onward and upward.

Visible said...

My, my, what is this?

I think I'm starting to like Ron Paul more and more.

Anonymous said...

"If Voting Changed Anything, They'd Make It Illegal" said Emma Goldman

If I were to ever vote again , I'd cast my vote for Mohandas Ghandi. ;)


nolocontendere said...

I can't help it. Paul seems to be a breath of fresh air and people are responding to what he says, but the game's over and we've lost. The juggernaut will crush him and the filthy agenda will go on as planned until natural disasters will make all else irrelevant.
Get your hopes up and be active if you need to but be prepared in all ways to weather the coming storms.

Anonymous said...

Nice article, but Al Gore? Get real. With all the comments on politics being a shell game designed to divide and distract us, Les and his readers should know better than to entertain the notion that Al Gore would have been good or better (let alone "one of the greatest") for even a nanosecond. The guy is the consummate insider. His global warming hysteria is the worst kind of phony science and scare tactics. His daughter even married a Schiff family scion. Can't get much more inside than that. He's a fascist masquerading as a kind-hearted gentleman, shilling a totalitarian agenda.

And John Edwards is CFR, too.

Singing Sparrow said...

Well for me Kucinich also talks truth and is my kind of fighter.
Ron Paul is a wonderful breath of fresh air but I grew up with his type and there are deep reasons why I left the "heartland". Basicly because he and his type while good people would have people like myself and Kucinich remembering where we came from-families who couldn't afford to help us get an education.
I don't believe in Ron Paul's kindly cowboy persona. I am a socialist because life has taught me that no one makes it alone and I would rather have opportunities for more people rather than only for the fastest, meanest, toughest or their children.

Joy said...

Ron Paul is infinitely more likely to be killed than to be elected. But every day he speaks some truths, the PTB lose a little ground. And if they end up having to kill Ron Paul, things could really get wild. I just wish Ron Paul would not parrot the 9/11 lies.

As for Al Gore, (sigh) he is very slightly less repulsive than GW Bush. But he is even more a part of the older and smarter faction of the PTB. Al Gore's daughter Karenna is married to Andrew Schiff. Andrew is the great grandson of Jacob Schiff, central banker and Fed founder. Jacob Schiff also funded Trotsky. his partner's son-in-law. (Yes the bankers funded both communism and nazism, just like they fund terrorism today)

If the Rothschilds are the world's #1 family, the Schiffs are arguably #2, intermarried with the Rothschilds for over 200 years. This is what the very aristocratic Gores are part of. I am glad that Al Gore is not an alcoholic idiot, but he has no interest in democracy or the constitution.

Anonymous said...

Hello Annemarie
Most everything you write rings true, usually I don't vote either (if there is someone worth voting for I do).
I love Tina Turners voice so there is prejudice in what I quoted.
Mmm, we make the world what it is. It's a bit messy now though. Like all people who won't admit to problems, the collective ‘we’ will have to reach rock bottom before anything changes, I think, and even then I recon it's in the lap of the Gods.
Someone wrote before here, sex and money is the cause, I think just power. Whatever accumulates power, that’s the tool to use (sex, drugs or rock’n’roll).
Greed is an insidious thing; quietly going about its infectious business, accumulating. While we 'have' it's very difficult to 'not have' and share. So maybe rock bottom will do it. Long way to go though.
My sister and I were nurtured in a wonderful family; socialist type environment, sharing, looking out for others, much freedom, great friends, etc. We have grown up with completely different adult needs though; mine simple, hers – being always in fear of the security of her future and as such always wanting more. Now I know women have an ingrained thing about security but this is beyond that and of a matter of course rubs off on her partner.
Mind you I do have complete trust in my Creator and the laws he has in place for us and I do rely on them 100%; whereas she has no great religious conviction. Maybe we do need to go back to the Commandments, take them seriously and apply them more to our lives?? Don’t see that happening.
Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

There you go ... next!


Anonymous said...

I actively supported Paul in 1988 for his libertarian presidential candidacy, mostly b/c of his drug stance (a "wide stance" of legalization, lol).
You are correct that the Repukes have done just about everything (short of their proverbial plane crash) to derail him -- I got a close view of their tactics residing in his district at that time -- when he decided to run for Congress again, the Dem. in his district switched parties & received Gingwretch annointment in the Repuke party -- this was 1996. The Repuke smear machine went into overdrive, Paul supported legalized drugs, alternative lifestyles, &c. They failed to keep him out, and failed again in 1998, supporting a conventional Repug in the primaries. But now the RNC will be pulling out all the stops to destroy "Dr. No," & they will probably go to any length this time.

Anonymous said...

America is blessed with a mysterious protection that brims forth in dark moments?
Which secret forces uncovered the CIA dumping a couple hundred thousands pounds or so of cocaine onto your streets?
You've increased opium distribution, worldwide!
Legalized torture of children..

I'll stop there.

There's an old saying here in Canada,
"Too many politicans are so backwards they could only walk futher away even while facing the truth."

What it means is their vision is bleary. Just blank and souless stares behind dark shining eye's.

Still, we can take a good look around as our vision is quite clear, is it not?
The world looks likes it's going to hell to some and just going through a phase for others. Is this the part in history where lots of people die and the world goes through massive geological upheavals? So who will allow that to happen? Politicians, the news, us? The cable media does what it is told and tells people what to think. Don't blame them for false reports. Those viewers who do think , Ignoring the MSM will send the right message right back at them. It's not a protection, that's more like a reaction.
Same as when you return an item at the store, the quality is way below it's advertised value. The freedom fries, just didn't sit right. That even though there are a couple millions viewers out there who are content with prescription politics.. most folks hate being played around with and react swiftly enough to send'em in a tailspin. Shame on a fool? No.
It's a worse shame you didn't get life without parole.
Worse still, is letting the media get away with those in your face lies. By simply the press of a button on our TV remotes, we can go from being told virtual prez Hillary will in another year be moving back into the WhiteHouse to some stripper trying to get me to buy stuff of her as she and her friends posie as a college chicks and flash their boobs all over the place. Knowing that the constant barrage of BS coming from political/media buildings is getting weaker, (or is it getting stronger?) and even though it is coming from people who are well educated and really do know everything there is to human nature. They seem to have a cut-off switch when it's clear the project didn't take. When our emotions are closer toward anger then fear, then that's when they really start to panic and the highly trained media maggots dig in and exploit disaster or family affairs to get us all to forget the latest bad story in the WhiteHouse.

Basically what it's all about is not running from the crime scene is what government does best. When it's caught with it's hand in the drug cartels and funding terrorist cells and money schemes..

"What!? Nawwww. That's nothing" just waves, smiles, keeps waving and very slowly inches away, pointing in different directions to try and divert our attention.

Final note; If the stories of people who have died and went to hell and back are true. There seems to be a very special place for politicans. They are indeed the devils greatest tool and will have their final reward.

Nothing to be happy about. Afterall, they earned it.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul 2008!!
It's extremely likely he won't make it on the ballot. Let's make history and make him the first write-in candidate to win.

Anonymous said...

Spread the word on Ron Paul AND watch your local papers and the mainstream big papers as they continually butter up candidates like Hillary, Guiliani etc. but hardly ever divulge anything on Paul except to say things with negative cannotationsa bout him.

The corruption in Washington is so thick and deep it's really going to take the MASSES of PEOPLE to get Ron Paul elected and it's time for the PEOPLE to stand up!!!

Do you now understand the picketing of the Vietnam war? We are once again in an un-necessary war and NOBODY is out on the strees of D.C. threatening our policital war criminals. THE PEOPLE have to stand up!

Is this getting through to you yet? You cannot continue to sit on this. THE PEOPLE have to RISE UP if you want to get your freedoms back, your country back etc.

For the People by the People!

Anonymous said...

I have followed the career of Ron Paul for many years. He has been remarkably consistent in his talk and his walk, frequently being the lone voice in Congress to speak against the egregious pandering to special interests and destruction of liberties. I applaud his efforts heartily, and I will almost certainly vote for him, given the chance.

However, it is my opinion that the ONLY reason he is receiving any attention at all from the MSM at this time is that he is intended to be the wedge used to guarantee the election without serious repercussions of the DemocRat candidate, be that Osama, Billary or whomever. In this he follows, wittingly or no, in the footsteps of Nader, Perot, T. Roosevelt.

I don't know whether to laugh, or cry.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Ron. If he wins the general election, TPTB will just blame it on hacked electronic voting machines and get the Supreme Court to declare the winner. Maybe who the next winner 'is' hasn't been decided yet, but who the next winner 'isn't' definately has been.

Visible said...

new essay at

Anonymous said...

They gave Dr. Paul about 15 minutes on PBS Lehrer Friday & actually let him speak w/o cutting him off Faux Noise style. Sorta nice considering the utter smear jobs Murdoch was busy with on Faux USSA and in Oz today.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could write as well as you..

Visible said...

Thank you for the kind words, hopefully you are not wrong.

Writing well and how to write well are no secret. It is true that some of us have the benefit of a natural inspiration but that's only of so much use without concentration and application. One of the real keys to writing well is writing often.

Anyone who has primed a pump knows that the first thing you are going to see is dirty water. As with most things (and we are speaking metaphorically here) people are inconsistent in terms of continuous application whether it be meditation or something like the martial arts or a musical instrument. As a result people seldom experience the benefits of what effort can accomplish.

As you continue to work the pump the water clears. After awhile you can take your hand off the pump and the water will keep running.

Another key to being good at anything is enjoying the doing of it; loving to do it. Without this it is hard to maintain an interest.

So, practically speaking, one should never set out to do something they don't love to do in the first place and it's good to remember that one can come to love something simply by staying at it because mysterious things happen that encourage one.

People are basically lazy but love never tires. Of course, we all have our daily chores and these are probably harder to love than anything else. But I always used to tell myself that whatever I was doing I was in the music business and that the actual music was just around the corner.

Almost anyone can be a good writer. Some people can make recipes entertaining. It's just a matter of priming the pump. You have to realize that a lot of what you do is going to be worthless and just throw it out. There are angels (just using one example of a mysterious force that everyone who has tried what I am talking about runs into) that help every determined soul. You don't have to think of them as angels. You just have to do the work and believe and just like nature, what is hidden in the earth appears one day.

I apologize for the triteness of what I have had to say but I could think of no simpler way to do it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Les.
I know if the fire in your belly isn't there not much happens.
And I also know concentration is a big thing. And laziness. And...
I don't think I want it bad enough.
It's just such a pleasure reading your work!
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

...It's just such a pleasure reading your work!
Thank you.

I'll second that. Hear! Hear :) :)


LanceThruster said...

Ron Paul, much as Les Visible, speaks with a frankness and integrity that has long been missing from our political discourse. Though I have voted Dem to try to keep out fascists like Bush, I will not vote Hillary under any circumstances. I hope RP makes the cut.

Anonymous said...

Ay carimba! I just skimmed that link Tony provided about Blackwater mercs in Iraq disarming U.S. soldiers. Holee shit. Sorry, don't want to go wayy off topic. Besides, don't know what else to say about this. wtf




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