Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Apocalypse is one of Your Best Friends.

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They’re not just arrogant. They’re not just clumsy. They’re not just drunk or taking their own bad pharmaceuticals. They are transparent. In our minds an apocalypse has a negative connotation… uh huh… if we happen to be negative. If you did kill a lot of people for personal gain and have been at pains to suppress it then ‘apocalypse’ is not a happy meal and Jack the Ripper is wearing a Ronald McDonald suit.

It’s unfortunate how so much of the focus is on Iran while Saudi Arabia is getting billions to manifest bristling and massive defense systems and all of these defense systems are to defend lies. Now they keep making more lies. Their power is draining. As more and more people see the ridiculous inconsistencies between planes that never came from Yemen with printing cartridges that look like a kid’s electric, circuit board kit, I’m thinking even the committed political party materialists; Fox News, Newsmax, Peephole Magazine, Oprah Winfrey and come to Jesus funda-money, ‘rapture me with a swipe card’ people are picking up on it now.

The game is up so you can expect them to go for desperation and I can only hope that there is someone involved who still has some honor and any feeling for humanity who screws up the coming false flag and a lot of people don’t have to die. I’m hoping personal gain will win out and one of them will betray the others. I’m hoping any numbers of positive scenarios are going to happen. I am asking, I am insisting I am appealing, I am commanding, I command that you screw up this thing right in front of the whole world.

I’m on an extended delay. Should I go now and be traveling while it happens? Should I be in Italy? I’m staying where I am until this goes down. I don’t have to go there. The expense of going can be turned into a profit just by hiring someone to bleach the mold and maybe I lose some olives but I have plenty of oil still. I’m thinking about how evil is destroying itself. Do you want to see how? Think about a dinner table placement with a knife and fork and spoon. If you’re eating at Buckingham Palace you will even have variants, the purpose of which is to expose the people who don’t know how to use the cutlery (grin). That is how they do themselves in. They do it with the sharp instruments of their own pleasure, if you can call that pleasure. It’s not for me.

9/11 and the holocaust and probably we shall also see the holocausts caused as well. It’s epic and tragic and I believe in magic. I feel like I want to rock your gypsy soul right through the aperture of time and skinny dip with you in the pools of infinity and sunbathe on the rocks of time. It feels like that’s what’s on the table. What evil doesn’t know is that it is the thing that is going to be served to it and it’s getting preposterously dressed up to demonstrate it.

The apocalypse is our best friend in more ways that anyone can tell and I am going to be patient and opening and believing that they will screw up and the best things that can be done is for me to be as honest in my own life as I can manage. I call on the divine for help but that is my personal belief in the existence of it. It’s a certainty for me and I extend my love.

The world is awakening. Loving Lady Nature is awakening. It is all awakening and it is there on the table. I hope everyone who is involved in these things gets caught in the act by the right people.

We need to keep asking ourselves why we aren’t doing more to make this happen. I look at men like Jacques Fresco and Buckminster Fuller and I see the world that wants to happen and there are improvements on that too. I don’t want anymore of this old world. I want a better world and the apocalypse turns out to be our best friend.

People ask me about Mayan prophecies and 2012 but we are in 2010 and that has a lot to do with how 2012 turns out. We need to look right at it and do whatever we can in our own small way because for some reason, it seems like no matter how important we are or how insignificant, it all counts. We probably need to look at ourselves and not be engaged in anything stupid right now.

You can see how comical it is getting when funny isn’t funny but it’s funny. You can see how the news is not news but is fast food murder pastry.

I’d like to “keep on rocking in the free world” but it’s my own world that I am rocking in. I sure hope the rest of you can hear the music and make some moves. Whistleblowers should find a rise in the hill so they can be seen and heard and get Clarence Clemons -like so there won’t be an issue about picking up on what’s being presented. If you were born to run then you need to get out on Thunder Road and make it happen. All that great music from so many streams was not an accident. Maybe everything isn’t to your taste but just look at the thing. My taste in music is if it’s well done then it’s well done. Sometimes even top forty is immortal if you catch my drift.

You know they’re out there looking to make an even bigger problem now and they have been at this game for a long time. Somewhere in the back of my head for years, I kept hearing the lines, “remember, remember, the 5th of November” and I think that was John Lennon and I think I have the number wrong and it always used to puzzle me and still does because I never got the reference or there was something off. You have heard that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Liberty won has to be maintained to remain and when you have it solid you can stop paying the attention you should. That’s not a good idea.

I like to relax and party but I’ve seen the side of the road I was driving on. I’ve seen the things that wound up in the desert and the cans and plastic in the jungle and the ocean, as well as the bodies. I’ve seen the natural things too. I’ve seen the natural beauty and danger. I like having fun with Nature but I don’t test myself against her because she can kick my ass. One time on Brotherhood of Love acid I was in Joshua Tree National Monument with the devil and a bystander and wind dervishes came up and they were impressive mini tornadoes. They were caused by holographic cobras who were coiled and sucking the sand and whatever up into their nostrils and then blowing it out down to the ground and they would spin toward us. I was doing my Aikido thing with them and it was an incredible rush since I could feel the power of what could happen if I wasn’t doing my toreador thing to the max. At one point, the devil, who was a person of another name and who I saw periodically through the years, said, “I wonder what would happen if I just let it hit me.” He was doing what I was doing. So he stepped into one and it picked him up and threw him many meters away and blew his mind. The bystander at one point wandered off into the desert and too many things happened to relate here but some months later the bystander broke his back climbing with the devil. I don’t mess with Nature but I do like to play.

Are they after the Ark of the Covenant in Yemen? That's what the apocalypse is all about. It is uncovering all of the mysteries and the treasures. The meaning of the pyramids and all the rest, the Sphinx and what have you. It truly is the apocalypse.

I hope this is useful somehow because we are right there now. This is the moment and The Apocalypse is “shakin’ it here boss” or something (grin). Stay frosty.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

It's All a Matter of Degrees.

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You know, I don’t have much of anything. I want what any man would want, I think. I don’t know everybody. I don’t even know who I am. My life is stranger than you can imagine and trust me; that is an understatement. I look at this thing with Jeff Rense and Mark Glenn and I begin to see what is wrong with the world. I don’t know much about anything so I have to apologize for what I am doing here. I don’t know what happened and I don’t know anyone involved in a personal sense. I should be downstairs cleaning the kitchen maybe but I’m here instead.

I don’t have any money. You could say I depend on the kindness of friends, or the divine because somehow I get by. I work hard at what I do but I don’t make any money. I’m not complaining. I eat well and I don’t eat for enjoyment in the first place. I eat to live. I think survival has something to do with it.

I think I write really good songs and I can sing too but I’m not a very good musician and I have no ability at recording my work so it doesn’t sound like I think it could. I worked with and met people in music and I tried to do something but there were always these catches that I couldn’t live with because I don’t do what I do for money. Even when I did get a seeming break with Columbia Records, the producer destroyed the music by taking it off of old cassettes instead of DAT Masters and then did other ugly things to it. So I wound up in Tower Records all over the world but I sank like a stone and it should not have been. I wrote a kick ass novel and the publisher misspelled the title of the book in three places and left off the final draft so that it was full of mistakes and this is something a publisher wouldn’t do normally but he did it to me. It sank like a stone and I still can’t understand why there are more used copies of my book for sale on the internet than the amount he told me he sold and I got no money but money was not my objective. I only want to do the work and live and share. That is the sincere truth.

I have a lot of blogs that I write and a radio show that I do for free. I have no advertising on my sites. I am a pathetic person. If it wasn’t that my consort had some money I would be on the street but I work all the time. She isn’t happy with me now because I keep saying that it will happen for me just have faith but it has been a decade and I haven’t come up with much; just a lot of material and no money. You could call me a loser.

You probably wonder how I got this far in life. I worked hard at a lot of things. I really did try but I have a problem compromising myself to an industry that turns the truth into shit because the only thing that I have is my integrity and my invisible friends. I am still working hard and I am still broke and I don’t want anyone to send me money. That is not the point. I got this far so, don’t worry about me.

The point is that you can’t get anything to happen in this world without getting into bed with something that changes what you stood for and I can’t do that but I understand why people do make arrangements and I see in this Rense/Glenn affair what I see with the rest of you who have hurt each other and don’t trust each other because you have to get by and it is hard to get by without losing pieces of yourself in the process. It is all a matter of degrees I don’t have any degrees by the way. I didn’t even finish high school.

It seems to me that this is a house divided scenario. All of us have a single enemy with many personas and it drains our beauty and our drive. It killed the music. It kills everything we love and we sacrifice ourselves to make a difference and that is all a matter of degrees.

I wish I knew what to say but I don’t. I think we are doing the job on ourselves that the bad guys intended. I wish we could be more than that. I guess I have some years left so I hope I can get better at coming to terms with myself and the people around me but I can’t see any way around selling out which compromises the only thing I care about. I will go on writing and singing into the wind and for the entertainment of my invisible friends because that really was my audience all along or... anyone who might care to hear it actually and I don’t know where that’s going to take me but I’m just not going to get into bed with people who already screwed me over to begin with and none of it makes any sense.

I’m going to sing among my olive trees. They don’t have any money but they got olives. I found a dog on a rainy day by the side of the road that was as bedraggled as could be and which I now know was not more than a few weeks old. I was driving by and I had to stop. The dog couldn’t even climb up on the sidewalk. I had food in my car for my dog Poncho and I fed it and I took it home. It was so small. I called it Little Guy and I cared for it and I noticed that its shit was a funny color. One day I saw it by an olive tree eating olives. Raw olives are not tasty and it is funny because a member of The Tribe came to my house one day and was talking about how she had picked olives off of the trees and eaten them and how good they tasted. She was a friend of Lawrence Rockefeller. Have you ever eaten an olive that you picked from a tree? Think about it.

That dog did what it had to do to survive. I miss the Little Guy. Today he is a beautiful dog who lives with a dog handler. I was gardening and he jumped in my flower bed and I pushed him away and he landed on the tile deck and began crying out in pain. I said, “Please God, oh no, what have I done? I’m sorry.” I was weeping and trying to heal him with my heart and all within a few minutes he was okay and I was so grateful. The dog handlers replaced his hip because he had a problem they said. Did I cause that? I don’t know. He always seemed fine but maybe my careless push to a small puppy caused that. He’s fine now and the people who have him made a book of pictures like a real book that they sent us and I can’t think about that dog because I don’t want to admit to myself how much I wished I had been able to keep him but I didn’t‘ deserve him and I can’t afford him. I can hardly feed myself.

Still, this lady from The Tribe could eat olives from the trees. I can’t but I would if I had to before I would sell my ass but I guess I do one way or another so I hope all of you realize that we are all up against the same thing and Mark and Jeff are really, it seems, up against the same thing. I can usually judge someone by their voice and I like the sound of Jeff’s voice and Mark’s voice but it is all degrees. We all live by degrees. I do not like the sound of Alex Jones voice or Bill O’Reilly because it is beyond the degree I can live with.

We are a fellowship and a brotherhood of souls plagued by a common problem and the bad guys win if we let them push us by degrees. I hurt a lot for having to be the way I am and I am near tears writing this and I understand what all of you are up against because I am up against it.

My consort is a saint. She has really been a good friend to me and I have done my best but it is not enough because if I were any kind of a man I would sell my ass to make things right and it’s not like there is a money problem. That is just a perception so I cannot let it rule my life. I will not, even though I have spent my life trying to create things to share, give away what made it possible for me to do it in the first place to a critical degree so that it turns out that all I am really saying is smoking mirrors.

These are dark times and I think we should all have a little more compassion for each other and take the left hand side of the bargain, even when we know we are right. I am willing to take the blame if it will heal the situation. I can only hope that all of us will do what we can to the degree that we can. Wish me well and know that I wish you well with all my heart.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

They'll be Singing, ♫Tears of Rage and Tears of Grief♫.

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I hate to do it to you people but I am compelled to give you some more Glenn Beck. I promise it will be revealing and eye-opening. Here is Beck with John Hagee in a way that promises to produce the truth by means of completely distorting it. It is fascinating to watch them set out to prove that The Mahdi is the anti-Christ. It’s in seven parts and it gives you all the time you need to scrutinize these men in an intimate circumstance.

Then I’d like you to watch a little Sheikh Hosein. It’s worth it simply for the question where he asks his audience for the name of a famous English Sheikh. I laughed out loud. If you want more from this brilliant thinker there is plenty to watch and you can pick and choose your subjects. Listening to him can be very rewarding, if you have the patience to let him express himself in his own way. I put these two items up for comparison. Listen to your gut as Hagee and Beck converse and while Sheikh Hosein discourses. Sheikh Hosein has a lecture on Riba (money loaned for interest) that is very interesting.

The truth has a certain elegance and restraint to it. Sometimes it can be a little rough because the truth doesn’t spend as much time in makeup as the lies do. Lies require cosmetics and strategic lighting. Truth possesses its own beauty (if you can see it), without the need for artifice and produces its own light.

I’m not a Christian. I’m not a Muslim. I’m what I found to be intrinsic to me after the rising of my Kundalini. It is self defining and is so for each and all of us when this event occurs. This event can be courted and accomplished by anyone, given the intensity, determination and focus that are required in your specific case. No excuses need be given. You want it bad enough, you get it. Your determination and intensity have to raise a ruckus, where the right ears are tuned for the hearing. If you aren’t getting what you want from a certain quarter than you are not making enough noise. I’m speaking from personal experience.

We know that the Zionist plague, that insidious virus, has taken over the banking world and is instrumental in many of the powerful governments of the world but the most telling impact and the least obvious is in the Jewdiciary. It is in the courts where the important things take place and one should make a calculated search to see just how much of a percentage of Zio-influence pervades in this arena. Consider the judges who were instrumental in critical court issues concerning 9/11.

I am bringing this up because of the effect it is soon to have on the foreclosure scamming that has been ubiquitous throughout the banking world. We know that the Witches of Endor are now on the Supreme Court. What we often do not realize is how deep it goes through the chain of command and out into the every day life of the donkey goy.

I used the term Jewdiciary for a reason. The readers know that I generally stay away from the direct term and I have my reasons for that. I use it in this instance to show the differential between my saying this and high mucky muck rabbis calling us donkeys. Anyone who wants to call me on my term usage had better explain about the donkey moniker first.

These are the people who are going to find themselves in several courts shortly. They are also going to be in the court of public opinion. Unfortunately both of these courts are mostly controlled by the same interests, since the court of public opinion is to a large degree controlled by the pronouncements of the mass media. As for the other courts, there is the outside leveraging of rulings and opinions and this takes place in chambers; in restaurants, on the golf course, at resorts and wherever those engaged in enslaving the rest of us, gather to scrutinize how to extract a few more nickels from the lumpen proletariat.

This is the big one, coming on the heels of one more compromised election of stooges pulling donkey carts, filled with products that have been processed for kosher tax. The donkeys have all been branded with the ranch logo of WOYA, which means ‘we own your ass’, pun intended.

Public anger is a fickle and unpredictable thing. It’s like a bunch of old paint rags, piled in a corner of the garage or basement. You know it’s going to combust at some point, you just don’t know when. Many things in these times might well have already happened at other times but these times are special and they are dependent on off stage cues. Everything has to be lined up. Everything has to be in place. Though it may look otherwise, we are about to enter the realm of ‘managed chaos’.

The presence of The Apocalypse cannot be overstated. Situations and conditions are being ‘revealed’ by the hour. This is incrementally exponential. It’s a logarithmic expansion of exposures; falling pants and curtains, upskirts and peepholes into the mind of darkness and being made public by the very engines whose job is to conceal or reinterpret them. Whatever they do only makes the situation worse because it’s out of their hands and the more control they seek to exert the less control they have. They’re aware of it but not aware of it. They refuse to believe that there is any power greater than their own and it’s pro forma that it will be exactly too late when they realize it.

The air is heavy with a portending deliquescence that shall bring an inescapable lachrymose compulsion into the doomed lives of the vampires in our midst and... I can’t believe I just said that (humor alert). We’re looking at ♫tears of rage and tears of grief♫ in which they will surely be asking themselves ♫why must I always be the thief♫?

They got that bailout in order to restore an impression of ‘business as usual’ returning to the mix, but they went ahead and practiced business as usual, which means they kept the money and just went on like nothing had happened. Now they are really going to need a bailout and all they have to offer is business as usual. They’re in deep shit and there’s no more fitting environment for them than this. Of course, for it to truly depict the deserving denouement, the shit needs to be set on fire and the compression factor of so much shit packed against itself, is eventually going to provide that. It’s one of those laws of nature where they don’t happen to be sitting on the judge’s bench.

This is the critical fact that escaped the incredible complexity of their plans for controlling the world. They may control a lot of things here in the visible world but they control very little in the world unseen. They don’t have a say in the automatic reflex of the universe in response to their deeds. They have no lawyers capable of arguing their case. They have no surety to guarantee their bail. They don’t play golf with this judge. They are in a world of hurt, which is composed of the pain they have caused on all sides around them.

As I mentioned recently, tears are going to appear in the fabric of the illusion that has passed for reality here on terra not so firma. We’ve only seen a little of that as yet but it is going to get seriously woo woo pretty soon. In the moment of their greatest triumph pending, comes the specter of their greatest defeat. No one has ever taken over the world. It’s never happened and there’s a reason for that. You can argue about what the reason is but you can’t argue about whether there is one or not.

I know I keep repeating the same thing but this is what I found when I went looking in the wilderness of the unknown, that sits and reaches into incalculable distance, beyond the parameters of the known that we use to fence in our little shared reality, here in the court of Maya. Outside this little playpen is a land where you find what you bring and it is shown to you in terms of how enduring it is beyond the temporary days and nights in the Empire of Dreams. I found that no matter what garment you put on something, it is the same thing underneath and either there is something beneath the clothes or there isn’t anything at all. It’s a simple thing.

Those who bring darkness find a deeper understanding of darkness. Yes, the bad guys go out there too. Those who are in search of what is true, find that their faith in what they could not see has provided a light to illuminate its presence. The end result for these donkey masters is captured in the lyrics of The Band as they complete the chorus, ♫come to me now you know we’re so low and life is brief♫

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hey Buddy, Could You Help a Gentile Out?

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I’ve said a few things over time that I see repeated in places when I travel the internet. When you spiel out so many words, I suppose it’s got to happen now and then; “the president is Howdy Doody”, “Use a search engine, I’m not your research assistant” and some others. One of them is “9/11 is the litmus test”. Anyone who doesn’t flat out know and state that not only was 9/11 an inside job but that the Israelis and their catamites in the American government are responsible, is a gatekeeper or a disinfo agent. I’m not talking about that large segment of the population that is hothousing the de-evolutionary cycle to the point that they look like they are about to drop down on all fours and start feeding off of the landscape. I’m talking about those of us who claim to be informed and ignore or avoid what is inescapably true.

I like to refer to members of that ‘less than’ .2% demographic of a certain tiny minority with enormous financial and political clout, from the Zionist perspective, as members of The Tribe. The reason I do this is because there’s more than one tribe, even within this demographic and I don’t like to wholesale define anyone because it’s not true in my experience and until it is (grin- is that possible?) I’m not going to say it.

Something keeps coming up in my rear view mirror and through my windshield. It’s been tapping me on the shoulder for some time and I don’t know what to make of it. Maybe I’m just missing it. I see a lot of members of The Tribe, prominently out there in the alternative media; criticizing the Zio-Tribe, Gay manipulating, war on Christianity and Islam, board of directors, organization controlling, rainbow tribe, the Israeli, Palestinian genociding tribe, the powerful lobby engines tribe, the mass media, entertainment complex, tribe controlling scenario and all of the other tribes that are one and the same tribe that is causing such awful chaos and confusion in the world we live in. I see members of the greater, tiny tribe giving voice to myriad injustices that megaphone their way into our consciousness.

What I do not see are more than one or possibly two members of the greater, tiny tribe coming right out and saying that Israel is behind 9/11 and hammering it home. The vast majority of the vocal resistance coming from members of the greater, tiny tribe that works the alternative airways is just about completely silent on this. The other thing I don’t see is any strong voices from this tribe that considers the many questions that concern the holocaust. They found themselves a river they could “skate away on”. I saw one member with a video camera at Auschwitz and that’s been about it. Except for Michael Rivero and Brother Nathanial, I can’t think of anyone else and B.N. doesn’t have anything to say about the holocaust that I recall. Maybe I missed it?

Far be it from me to ever deny the holocaust. I have a hard enough time figuring out which holocaust they are talking about; the one they were in or the ones they were responsible for? When someone asks me about their personal holocaust, I say, “well, it was karmic payback for what they did in Russia but there weren’t enough of them to account for all the people they murdered in Russia so they’ll have to come back a few more times to pay that off.

When I look at the numbers of dead at Auschwitz, which originally stated 4.5 million and now states 1.5 million, I don’t even bat an eye thinking about how there could still be six million dead, when they themselves removed 3 million from the roles. I just assume they have a higher form of mathematics, which I don’t understand. I figure that’s how they got control of all the banks and how they manage to operate the way they do, without it making any kind of sense in terms of the explanations given. Sometimes it looks like outright criminal activity but I know that can’t be right because it’s against the law. Right?

When I hear about the German architect who was employed (forced) to build the gas chambers/crematorium emporium in 1948; soon to be a historical record of. I think this is just proof of time travel, no doubt based on that unusual mathematics modality. I observe that of the thousands and thousands of pages in the memoirs of Winston Churchill, Eisenhower, De Gaulle and the rest that there is no mention of gas chambers and crematoriums. These men were all elder statesmen at this time and I immediately think they must have had a collective senior moment.

When I see the Red Cross document that lists the number of dead in the camps or an analysis by them, I do wonder why the document wasn’t corrected to reflect the number of claimed dead. I mean, they’ve claimed this number since World War 1, even before the war when it happened, so everyone should have already known how many died even before they did. Right? Then I hear from Steven Spielberg that there are presently 250,000 holocaust survivors. From some centers of The Tribe, I hear there are upwards of a million. Of course, they reproduce, except for the ones sitting on those gay org boards of directors, mentioned earlier, who are fighting the good fight against Christianity and Christmas and Islam because of that non-usury thing.

When I read about members of The Tribe running Auschwitz with currency script, brothels, swimming pools and all sorts of amenities I think, “What the hell, if you’re going to be in a concentration camp shouldn’t you get a few perks?”

When I read survivors stories about how many were being gassed and burned by the day and the number comes to an enormous number a month, I think, “Man, they missed a lot of bodies.” The reviews for the book were glowing in their tribute. The book claims that 5,000 a day were marched toward the marshmallow roast just in Birkenau. There have been a lot of touching tributes, so many that it would make a certain type of Catholic priest blush at the prospect; or am I out of context?

What I don’t hear are members of The Tribe, writing in the alternative media about seeming disparities that a lot of gentiles are made uncomfortable by, because we don’t understand the math. You’d think they’d have some compassion for us.

What I think is that Stormin’ Norman Finklestein actually is serving a certain purpose by criticizing one thing and then granting huge support to another. I think a lot of the people jailed for holocaust denial may well be working for The Tribe as examples of something that they want impressed on the collective mind. First of all, holocaust denial has nothing to do with proving your case. That is not germane. The law states that you can’t deny it, period, proof or no proof so… you get these show trials and you get Irving, presently fudging all the borders of his former rhetoric. I’ll bet there are mysteries concealing mysteries that are all based on this higher math that I know nothing about. This is why I accept everything they say about the holocaust because I don’t know and I never learned the math. This is important for all of you to understand, just because something doesn’t seem to make sense and appears to be an outright lie, does not mean that it is. It means that you lack the technology to understand it and also lack the restraint exercised by all of your fellows who have the good sense to swallow it whole and get on with their day.

I just don’t understand all of the members of The Tribe who are so daring in their exposes about all manner of things and whose work I see all the time and which seldom if ever deals with who was behind 9/11, much less the realities of the holocaust, which they are in a position to explain to us but just don’t bother to. As I said, I fully accept the official version of the holocaust but I would appreciate having it clarified for me by some member of The Tribe that most profits from the official version.

You see, a lot of what is going on today depends very heavily on the official version. Without it there would be a very different state of affairs. The illegitimate state of Israel would be officially illegitimate instead of generally illegitimate.

I am making an appeal to all of the members of The Tribe, who are riding around on white chargers, in defense of the Palestinians and all manner of truth unveiling courageously, self identified with… types, to please help a gentile out. Please don’t say, “sure, which way did you come in”? Take a moment in your busy world tour in defense of the downtrodden and in the relentless exposure of heinous and enduring lies to let me hear what you have to say about Israel and 9/11 and about the holocaust. I genuinely need to understand a little something about the math that made it possible and I really need to understand why I don’t hear from you about it. Maybe nobody ever asked before. I’m asking now.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Vampire Bankers host the Invisible Siren Chorus

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♫Row, row, row your boat, gently down the streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream

I haven’t been in the US since 2003 and that was on the island of Maui, HI. I haven’t been on the mainland US since 1996. I don’t have a sense of the place. I know it’s not like the parts of Europe that I live in where I seldom even see a police car and where the police are uniformly (heh heh) polite. The places that I am weren’t even much affected by World War 2. They weren’t and aren’t strategic for any reason, except for growing food.

My objectivity narrows and widens, depending on my state of mind and degree of awake/aware. At times, when I look at the world around me, through the vari-colored lenses of the media; Zionist owned, Zionist influenced, Zionist threatened and Zionist-free, I get the impression that the whole world is on a dreamboat that is sailing for the rocks, while the Invisible Siren Chorus sings from a promontory. The lighthouse is actually a holographic projection machine that presents the impression that white sand beaches and naked volleyball games await. It’s apparent that BP had been in the night before, with dump trucks filled with sand.

We approach that November whirlpool by the day. Pundits and prophets from the various realms of industry and random mountaintops have all indicated that November is bringing that critical straw for the camel’s back. Chiropractors in three piece suits are standing by; not because they care one way or the other about the camel but because someone has to stand around and speculate and look busy, while the people responsible for the state of things sneak out of town.

The primary, flesh-based enemy of humanity is the bankers and chief among them is the central banks. There are various other consortiums like the IMF which are dedicated to world wide economic slavery of anyone and everyone but themselves. They are joined by those who operate and feed upon the fantasy football game at Wall Street; wherever Wall Street may be in whatever urban location it feeds in. The politicians are a secondary concern. They serve the will of the bankers. The bankers serve the King of Hell through the proxy of their own self interest. The bankers create the wars for profit. They create them any time and anywhere that profit can be realized and they fund both sides of the conflict in order to own the economy on either side at the war’s end.

The chief weapon of the bankers is usury. They print non-existent money and then loan it out so that more is paid back in interest over time than the actual principle of the loan. They manipulate the markets to inflate and deflate the value of homes and they run foreclosure mills to steal these homes whenever they get around to doing it.

When times of crisis appear, they manufacture political movements that give the impression of necessary revolution that returns the power of political choice to the individual voter but it’s just another scam for the same reptiles to stay in control of the system until it has been entirely looted. Linking to Media Matters is not an endorsement of the site. I don’t doubt that they also work for the bankers.

Humanity has to throw off the yoke of the bankers and destroy forever the power and proliferation of fiat currency and fractal banking. The war on Islam has as much to do with non-interest bearing loans as it has to do with anything else. Whatever solution humanity may come up with concerning the bankers it has to be done and done soon. I do not favor the guillotine anymore than I do exile to a desert island. Either of these solutions is fine and any other solution that removes these psychopathic predators from the embedded state in the rank and file of the human race is also fine, so long as it is comprehensive and irrevocable.

Every problem facing humanity and every society, presently extant, can be solved by disempowering the bankers. All genocides and most world calamities are brought about through the efforts of bankers for personal profit. Most natural disasters are exacerbated by bankers in the aftermath; once again for personal profit. Israel is the illegally manufactured capital of the banker world and it also must be neutralized in whatever way is expedient and permanent.

Humanity needs to get a clue that there is no greater problem and no other problem behind nearly every problem than bankers and banks. The presently escalating foreclosure mill scandal is proof of this, as are the bailouts and the BP cover-up, along with the Carbon Tax scam and, once again, just about anything you can think of.

The insurance industry is a close relative. The noxious laws against individual farming efforts, courtesy of Monsanto (My Satan) are also proof of this. The rise of egregious legislation to outlaw herbal remedies and the ongoing suppression of so-called illegal drugs (another industry run by bankers) by pharmaceutical companies is also proof of this. The pacification of world population by prescription drugs and the dumping of prescription drugs into the water supply is also another tactic of the bankers, to accelerate stupidity and confusion in the mind of the masses. So is whatever it is they are spraying in the sky.

The efforts of the entertainment industry, in tandem with the mass media, are another engine of assault against the sanity of the mass mind. It’s a variable pincher approach from all sides, with the given impression that they are independent operations. They are part and parcel of a holistic threat against the survival of the human race.

Your enemy is the bankers and their weapon is the financial system as it is regulated by the central banks. Humanity should take all of their money out of the banks and consider other possibilities. None of these possibilities would be worse than the condition in which you find yourself now. Put your money in Muslim banks; convert it to precious metals, take it out of the system one way or the other. I realize that many people won’t do this because many people are in support of the problem because many people don’t have the will or intelligence to recognize the problem. Many people, if they clearly knew what the problem was would say, “Well, I don’t believe it anyway.”

The world has never relied on the majority of people to effect change. Ten percent of us do just about everything that matters, except get in the way. Six percent of us cause most of the problems and ten percent of us solve them or walk away, depending on the darkness of the age.

Stop the bankers and dismantle the system as it presently exists. There is no other problem and there is no other solution. The bankers and the moneylenders, who are the same animal, are the source of nearly every problem. They are the reason that natural evolution and improvement on existing conditions is universally retarded. They are the reason for Stone Age medical practices; neighborhood crime, environmental pollution, wars, famines and probably plagues as well.

The Rothschilds and other banking families are at the top of the black pyramid of human suffering. The hidden aristocrats, the ones who own so much of the land and property everywhere are a part of the same predatory crimes against each and every one of us. They created communism as a seeming alternative to capitalism. They create alternatives, which are not alternatives, every time they need to defuse and redirect the anger that they have churned up as a preface to more war. They dress out an enemy in their media and then they massage the animal brain of the sleeping masses into a collective aggression against it.

The bankers are your problem. Stop the banks. Deconstruct them to the ground and make it a capital crime to engage in any of their former practices. You don’t have a choice.

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La Vierge Sperme Danceur by Les Visible and The Critical List

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kings of the Short Run in the Land of Flaming Shit.

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Sunday is 10/10/10. The government and other professional liars have had something to say about the date. Everything the government and media say are lies, or the groundwork for lies to come. All of it is especially, sculpted soft stool from the Dairy Queen machinery of a banker’s ass. You’re expected to eat and enjoy it, without knowing the composition or the source. The complexity of their intentions can be summed up quite simply. They want to take you to the point where you don’t know what the ice cream is made of, or where it came from, to the point where you line up with your cones in hand and wait in a rapt, religious hunger to obtain it from the source. Your eyes should gleam with gratitude as you walk away, knowing that you have seen one of the key mysterious out workings of God. You are free to speak in tongues as soon as your tongue is freed up for the opportunity. Fecallalia is the new glossolalia and you are now tanked up with shit for your own part in the performance. Please be creative with your lies. You’re playing musical chairs in front of a crematorium.

You are not dead. You are dreaming but the dream grows dark, when you are surviving on a dead man’s shit.

Humanity has many enemies. It has as many enemies as there is room in the mind to contain them. The most enduring and powerful of these enemies is the most invisible when it is most obviously before your eyes; appearing as something else. There is only one enemy and that is your mind. It is also your best friend, depending on who is in charge of it. Your life is either a virtual cathedral or a toilet designed as the object of desire. Gold plated shit-nacks are the bronzed baby shoes of your dreams that died in the cradle. It doesn’t really matter if you’re Chuck Berry lying face up under a glass table or lining up behind a banker’s ass. It’s still you. it’s still shit. The first place it happens is in your mind. A lot more people would understand the allegory of the temptation in the Garden of Eden and the resulting civilization if they studied all of the meanings of transposition or, maybe not. Maybe you need to know what the apple is. Maybe you need to understand the dynamics of the cosmic attractive force. Maybe the best way to understand how the mind works is to empty it first. Anyone who can empty their mind and relentlessly keep it empty for a period of time will get a first hand education on how the mind works and all of the implications as well.

The mind is divided or the mind is single.

In an age of darkness, those present are in their particular states of awareness based on past behaviors. Attending them are some amount of wolves and some amount of shepherds. There are more wolves than there are shepherds. Most shepherds are solitary and they are attended by wolves who have been converted to friends of the flock. I do not mean to disparage wolves. The sheep are not actually sheep and the wolves are not actually wolves, even though they are.

There are a lot of ways to say something and a lot of ways to understand what is said. All of this is dependent upon one’s relationship to the mind. It’s one reason that false prophets and true prophets nearly always preach to the choir, except in The Apocalypse, when a certain trembling, radiant vibration begins to quicken the baking ingredients in the bowl and in the oven.

We are now in the moment of accelerating change. We are all seeing it in states of relative difference depending on the mind’s capacity to be independent in its observations; depending on who is in control of your mind. This is the critical purpose of media and entertainment control. You can think of a casino, where super bowl bets are being taken. You can think of either team as representative of a particular end result. In this game, both teams expect to win and the spectators follow the teams into the dressing rooms at the end of the game. There are a lot of ways to say something and a lot of ways to understand what is said.

In times of darkness, the leaders of the countries of the world are generally individual expressions of the worst of us. In times of darkness, the ability to see is generally compromised by the attraction for those activities with the most dangerous consequences. In times of darkness, it is dark. What is most praiseworthy in times of light are viewed with a greater contempt in times of darkness. Up appears to be down. All of what is really true appears to be false and all of what is false appears to be. In times of darkness, most people will eat shit if you serve it to them warm. In times of darkness, the greatest danger is the people who believe the lies. They are the army of darkness, moving in the darkness of their mind. That mind is lit with a false light; the kind of thing you see in swamps. Swamps and the serene peaks of high mountains are all states of mind and dream settings for allegorical plays that can well move from one to the other or anywhere else that can be imagined as a stage.

10/10/10 is interesting if you have a binary bent (inside joke). The future looked good until it went. Some of us are maintaining a more or less consistent purpose and some of us are hoping for Bucky Dent. (rhyming feature off).

Shit does and does not happen. Shit is a dirty word in the minds of the people who serve it; in all respects of the word ‘serving’. I consider it a useful and definitive word and the people playing the moral high ground game about not using it are very often the people who are trying to turn your life into shit and who routinely do things you would never do while making laws against it and they definitely don’t want you to smoke or snort the good shit and I’m not talking about crack or cocaine. Different elevators go to different floors. The reason for this is because they don’t want you to help their victims out of the shit or affect, in any way, their trademarked shitanny. Justifying etymologies aside, it’s a useful word. It’s also something it should be okay for children to say and... that’s where a lot of interesting things happen because; the people controlling the use of language, legally and culturally, are most often the people who fuck, pimp and then kill your children and don’t want to lose the option, nor your permission for them to do so, which they get any number of ways. In times of darkness these things are routine.

Everything in life that is important to you is affected by the degree to which you compromise your integrity to allow; assist, engineer, something you want to happen. Integrity is like money. There is value in it. It gets bought and sold so... it must have some value. It has power too.. Money has power and I could just say that the reason you are confused is because you are part of the problem but you can circulate in your streets. Given what I personally experienced during a certain period at the end of spring this year, I think we are in a position to free ourselves to a large degree in this present time period. I hope not to annoy those who still separate the world into real and unreal compartments or whose minds are like condominiums but a clock is a clock and no one knows what time it is.

Things are not what they seem. We are not what we seem to be and I am not what I seem and the degree of any particular feat of comprehension depends on the shit that hangs in the balance. Some shit can be translucent and some shit is truly opaque. Your own shit is not translucent, it’s opaque. You can see through it though to the degree that your integrity possesses any fire to burn through it.

The bad guys don’t stop until they are stopped by the return effect of their own shit and that is clock dependent as well. A lot of people think that it’s the male end that you don’t want to piss off because he might kick your ass but it’s the female end that you have to look out for, as any man who abuses her will learn to his extreme distress because, like they say, payback is a bitch. The only way you come into this world, barring special circumstances, is through a woman. I consider this to be one of the most important things for any man to know. You have only to look at the possibilities of birth and the feelings of the one who bore you into delivery to get an idea of the potential. We think we are moving around under our own power and the people in power especially think this way, with the exception of what they name the thing that is the source of their soft stool, ice cream cone. Did I say something about serving it to them warm? Hmmm...

Some of us work in the outback, also called the wilderness and it’s a kind of address. That’s where you find all the things nobody wants because they don’t know what it is though they pass through it on the approved routes. A Rosicrucian said something about it being in a public place and people passing by it all the time without recognizing it. One might consider Nature as a starting point. One might also consider that nature is a feature of every one of us and we cannot escape because we all behave according to our own nature until we change it or it is changed; circumstances vary.

People are too afraid of what can save them to be able to avail themselves of the opportunity. Conversely they are too attracted to what intends to destroy them to be able to see through the shit that is selling it to them. It’s all individual cases and it all has specific details but I am here to tell you that if there was ever a time in your life when you should sincerely try to be your own true self to the greatest degree that you can find possible, that time is now.

One thing that doesn’t turn into shit is integrity. There are other force fields of armor plating that also don’t turn into shit. One’s tank can empty and the replacement fuel is shit. That’s okay for a car but not okay for you. It may look like these fiends and abusers are living the high life. It may look like anything because they can make almost anything out of shit and get you to believe in it and even worship it but it can come to no good end and it will come to an end. It always does.

We get confused. We walk on by. Somehow we think that if we can just get to a certain place then we can have the time to think about it and some of us will spare no cost or expense... the cost and expense of others and even their own, though they may not think so. Clever and smart; greedy, psychopathic, indifferent due to self interest or anything like it that you want to put here are all Kings of the Short Run in the Land of Flaming Shit and it can look like a real good time. It could look like a “hot time in the old town tonight” and sometimes you can hit that every other weekend and sometimes it’s the wrong weekend. That is all a matter of personal choice and personal choice is governed by integrity. You can’t have too much of that unless you use it for the flash but it won’t stay around very long and neither will you.

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Songwriter by Les Visible

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fear is a Magnetic Force and often Appears as Anger.

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I’ve been watching Alan Grayson for awhile. He’s a congressman from Central Florida. He’s been a truthful and relentless gadfly against the vampire establishment of Zionist Jewish bankers and general, corporate malfeasance. Though he hasn’t named these miscreants as to their claimed and fraudulent native origins, he has certainly gone after the machinery of human oppression on a regular basis. He’s pretty much alone out there when it comes to honesty in a politician and stands out as a glaring anomaly in terms of right and wrong and those who don’t know the difference, except as it applies to personal profit and expediency in relation to self interest at all levels. What he talks about in this video exposes just how venal and evil the operations of the international banking community are.

It should be clear to anyone with a little more intelligence than a turnip that the bailouts were nothing more than calculated theft from ‘the people’ in order to cover the inconvenient results of Wall Streets greed and mistakes and to allow for wholesale robbery in name of protecting the system.

Here you can see another perspective on what is happening and the spin that is applied to justify certain activities and to hide the truth concerning them. Day by day the crime and disinformation accelerate as the disciples of evil seek to destroy the very system that they have fed off of for so long. Like the male black widow, engaged in the performance of a biological imperative, they hope to tie up the legs of the female, who is ten times their size, screw her and then get away with their lives, while the famished female sets about attempting to consume her lover. They think they’ll get away with it. They have in the past. They think it’s a simple game to hamstring the few remaining protections in the system for long enough that they can flee to another location, beyond the havoc they have caused.

I’ve been hearing from people more and more lately about the internet being shut down. In some cases, the same people have brought it to my attention multiple times in the same day. I respond by telling them that the internet cannot be shut down. Every time What Really Happened or The Truthseeker goes off the air for a few hours or longer, I am inundated by inquiries concerning them and all the apprehension and paranoia that attend these events. In nearly every case, the problem was something internal that got repaired by the webmaster. This is not to say there is no concerted effort to shut down the real truth sites. These are certainly in motion or on the drafting table but, as Michael Rivero has shown, there’s more than one way to skin a vampire.

We live in a world where the power of appearances molds our relationship to what ‘seems’ to possess the greater power to control and influence our lives. This is understandable in terms of those who lack the capacity to see beyond appearances and who possess very little in terms of objective reasoning skills. It is less understandable in terms of those who have the ability to see behind the curtain but who still think the wizard is a force of immense power instead of a sideshow charlatan.

Pardon me if I wax metaphysical for a moment. It might help to say that metaphysics occurs in a world outside the registry of the senses, while ordinary physics exists within those parameters. In fact, ordinary physics also exists outside of these parameters but is able with mathematics to prove certain verities in the way that algebra and other higher math systems can postulate the existence of something that cannot be directly viewed. The proof of this can be seen in any number of the wonders of technology as it exists around us.

We have an understanding of certain laws of Nature. One might think that we therefore have an understanding of most of the laws of Nature. This is not the case. In various situations we do not understand certain laws of Nature that we use in countless ways. We might not understand what’s going on but observation has made it possible for us to exploit them. Electricity is a good example of this.

Rather than get into explaining how I understand certain things to be true, I’m just going to state them and you can use the hints presented so far in this article to theorize about, prove or intuit the truth of what I say. It shouldn’t be hard for you to do this. You don’t have to understand the nature and composition of a certain mysterious, over-riding force. You never will anyway. You don’t have to apprehend all of the fundamentals and possibilities of the dynamics of the universe, as they apply in our observable world. All you need is a grasp of certain principles and you can prove the consistency and predictable operations of anything by simply watching and performing tests on what they do and allowing your observations and tests to sort themselves out in your mind to the degree that you are able to do so.

We make ourselves stupid by embracing a bias about the things we study. We shouldn’t make value judgments and place limits on things we don’t know enough about in the first place. Our ability to exploit the virtues of anything is confined by our own willing ignorance, concerning the possibilities of their potential. You can apply this to almost anything.

Evil destroys itself. Here’s how it does it. Evil is a negative exploitation of a system that uses the creative intelligence of the criminal to bypass the rules of the system or to turn seeming loopholes in the system against its inbuilt policing system. However, the system is a comprehensive thing and eventually it will react against violations to the degree of the violations. If you throw a ball against a wall it will bounce back at you. If you bounce the ball like you might in a racket ball court in order to outwit your opponent or to compromise his ability to respond, the ball will eventually respond in the same complicated manner for you. Eventually, no matter how intricate or clever your perversion of the system, the system will come back on you with the same degree of cleverness and intricacy in an automatic way. This is a basic explanation of Karma as well.

We are presently seeing this in operation, courtesy of The Apocalypse, which is a feature of a much more cosmic system that also contains the other system already mentioned. Evil knows only as much as it needs to know to perform its acts of self interest and to protect itself- more or less- against retribution. But... only the wise and the virtuous can understand the deeper meaning of this system, because the essential meaning and operation of this system cannot be fully known by those who willfully pervert it because that implies that they don’t understand its operations, which are essentially wise and virtuous beyond human comprehension.

Stop worrying about what you think the bad guys can and will do. Be more concerned with your own operations within the schematic of existence. The system protects those who are harmonized with its greater intentions. The system is conscious. Ordinary physics has already proven that the universe is thought born. Ponder that. There is only one force, period. This force is applied for both good and evil and is on temporary loan to both. It can be withdrawn at any time. It doesn’t matter if you see this system as an inflexible operation of mathematical principles or as a conscious and omniscient entity. It could well be both. A study of Greek and Roman mythology will repay big dividends to those who are honest with themselves in their manner of inquiry.

At certain points in human history, this mathematical or conscious force makes necessary adjustments, because of great imbalances that always appear like clockwork at predictable places. We are in one of those places. A new age is coming about and the previous age is being recycled. This one force is turning itself to new instruments, while also summing up the integrity, or lack of integrity, in the instruments that preceded them. You can call this ‘judgment’ or you can call it the outworking of natural law. It doesn’t matter what you call it.

Get your own house in order and enjoy the brilliant ironies and teaching moments of what is going to be presented for your attention, should you be paying attention. Paying attention is the difference between life and death. Really paying attention is called ‘concentration’.

I may be required to step away from all of this shortly and that includes my former hopes for a community and practically everything I’ve been engaged in until now. It’s not in my hands and I have to go in the direction that opens before me. I don’t mean to be mysterious but no small portion of it is a private affair. I say this in advance of any absence on my part that might occur and I’ll probably say not much more than this about it. Everything will be as it should be, even when it’s not what we might have had planned for ourselves. Things change and sometimes not the best of intentions can influence them back to what they formerly seemed to be. Those of you who have made plans concerning me should rethink them as they may no longer be possible.

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