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Hey Buddy, Could You Help a Gentile Out?

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I’ve said a few things over time that I see repeated in places when I travel the internet. When you spiel out so many words, I suppose it’s got to happen now and then; “the president is Howdy Doody”, “Use a search engine, I’m not your research assistant” and some others. One of them is “9/11 is the litmus test”. Anyone who doesn’t flat out know and state that not only was 9/11 an inside job but that the Israelis and their catamites in the American government are responsible, is a gatekeeper or a disinfo agent. I’m not talking about that large segment of the population that is hothousing the de-evolutionary cycle to the point that they look like they are about to drop down on all fours and start feeding off of the landscape. I’m talking about those of us who claim to be informed and ignore or avoid what is inescapably true.

I like to refer to members of that ‘less than’ .2% demographic of a certain tiny minority with enormous financial and political clout, from the Zionist perspective, as members of The Tribe. The reason I do this is because there’s more than one tribe, even within this demographic and I don’t like to wholesale define anyone because it’s not true in my experience and until it is (grin- is that possible?) I’m not going to say it.

Something keeps coming up in my rear view mirror and through my windshield. It’s been tapping me on the shoulder for some time and I don’t know what to make of it. Maybe I’m just missing it. I see a lot of members of The Tribe, prominently out there in the alternative media; criticizing the Zio-Tribe, Gay manipulating, war on Christianity and Islam, board of directors, organization controlling, rainbow tribe, the Israeli, Palestinian genociding tribe, the powerful lobby engines tribe, the mass media, entertainment complex, tribe controlling scenario and all of the other tribes that are one and the same tribe that is causing such awful chaos and confusion in the world we live in. I see members of the greater, tiny tribe giving voice to myriad injustices that megaphone their way into our consciousness.

What I do not see are more than one or possibly two members of the greater, tiny tribe coming right out and saying that Israel is behind 9/11 and hammering it home. The vast majority of the vocal resistance coming from members of the greater, tiny tribe that works the alternative airways is just about completely silent on this. The other thing I don’t see is any strong voices from this tribe that considers the many questions that concern the holocaust. They found themselves a river they could “skate away on”. I saw one member with a video camera at Auschwitz and that’s been about it. Except for Michael Rivero and Brother Nathanial, I can’t think of anyone else and B.N. doesn’t have anything to say about the holocaust that I recall. Maybe I missed it?

Far be it from me to ever deny the holocaust. I have a hard enough time figuring out which holocaust they are talking about; the one they were in or the ones they were responsible for? When someone asks me about their personal holocaust, I say, “well, it was karmic payback for what they did in Russia but there weren’t enough of them to account for all the people they murdered in Russia so they’ll have to come back a few more times to pay that off.

When I look at the numbers of dead at Auschwitz, which originally stated 4.5 million and now states 1.5 million, I don’t even bat an eye thinking about how there could still be six million dead, when they themselves removed 3 million from the roles. I just assume they have a higher form of mathematics, which I don’t understand. I figure that’s how they got control of all the banks and how they manage to operate the way they do, without it making any kind of sense in terms of the explanations given. Sometimes it looks like outright criminal activity but I know that can’t be right because it’s against the law. Right?

When I hear about the German architect who was employed (forced) to build the gas chambers/crematorium emporium in 1948; soon to be a historical record of. I think this is just proof of time travel, no doubt based on that unusual mathematics modality. I observe that of the thousands and thousands of pages in the memoirs of Winston Churchill, Eisenhower, De Gaulle and the rest that there is no mention of gas chambers and crematoriums. These men were all elder statesmen at this time and I immediately think they must have had a collective senior moment.

When I see the Red Cross document that lists the number of dead in the camps or an analysis by them, I do wonder why the document wasn’t corrected to reflect the number of claimed dead. I mean, they’ve claimed this number since World War 1, even before the war when it happened, so everyone should have already known how many died even before they did. Right? Then I hear from Steven Spielberg that there are presently 250,000 holocaust survivors. From some centers of The Tribe, I hear there are upwards of a million. Of course, they reproduce, except for the ones sitting on those gay org boards of directors, mentioned earlier, who are fighting the good fight against Christianity and Christmas and Islam because of that non-usury thing.

When I read about members of The Tribe running Auschwitz with currency script, brothels, swimming pools and all sorts of amenities I think, “What the hell, if you’re going to be in a concentration camp shouldn’t you get a few perks?”

When I read survivors stories about how many were being gassed and burned by the day and the number comes to an enormous number a month, I think, “Man, they missed a lot of bodies.” The reviews for the book were glowing in their tribute. The book claims that 5,000 a day were marched toward the marshmallow roast just in Birkenau. There have been a lot of touching tributes, so many that it would make a certain type of Catholic priest blush at the prospect; or am I out of context?

What I don’t hear are members of The Tribe, writing in the alternative media about seeming disparities that a lot of gentiles are made uncomfortable by, because we don’t understand the math. You’d think they’d have some compassion for us.

What I think is that Stormin’ Norman Finklestein actually is serving a certain purpose by criticizing one thing and then granting huge support to another. I think a lot of the people jailed for holocaust denial may well be working for The Tribe as examples of something that they want impressed on the collective mind. First of all, holocaust denial has nothing to do with proving your case. That is not germane. The law states that you can’t deny it, period, proof or no proof so… you get these show trials and you get Irving, presently fudging all the borders of his former rhetoric. I’ll bet there are mysteries concealing mysteries that are all based on this higher math that I know nothing about. This is why I accept everything they say about the holocaust because I don’t know and I never learned the math. This is important for all of you to understand, just because something doesn’t seem to make sense and appears to be an outright lie, does not mean that it is. It means that you lack the technology to understand it and also lack the restraint exercised by all of your fellows who have the good sense to swallow it whole and get on with their day.

I just don’t understand all of the members of The Tribe who are so daring in their exposes about all manner of things and whose work I see all the time and which seldom if ever deals with who was behind 9/11, much less the realities of the holocaust, which they are in a position to explain to us but just don’t bother to. As I said, I fully accept the official version of the holocaust but I would appreciate having it clarified for me by some member of The Tribe that most profits from the official version.

You see, a lot of what is going on today depends very heavily on the official version. Without it there would be a very different state of affairs. The illegitimate state of Israel would be officially illegitimate instead of generally illegitimate.

I am making an appeal to all of the members of The Tribe, who are riding around on white chargers, in defense of the Palestinians and all manner of truth unveiling courageously, self identified with… types, to please help a gentile out. Please don’t say, “sure, which way did you come in”? Take a moment in your busy world tour in defense of the downtrodden and in the relentless exposure of heinous and enduring lies to let me hear what you have to say about Israel and 9/11 and about the holocaust. I genuinely need to understand a little something about the math that made it possible and I really need to understand why I don’t hear from you about it. Maybe nobody ever asked before. I’m asking now.

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Anonymous said...

"his is important for all of you to understand, just because something doesn’t seem to make sense and appears to be an outright lie, does not mean that it is. It means that you lack the technology to understand it and also lack the restraint exercised by all of your fellows who have the good sense to swallow it whole and get on with their day."

Well said Les...Excellent writing as usual.


Anonymous said...

And the transcripts of the ludicrous Nuremberg kangaroo court trials ... peddle-operated brain bashing machines, the electrified disappearing floors, the steam chambers (cheaper than the lice insecticide?), geysers of blood, designer lampshades, soap on a rope, and blah and blah and blah.

Apparently the Bolshevik jews (Russian and American variety) running the farce in Nuremberg found some of the eye-witness "proof" so totally asinine they figured even dumb ass Westerners would find it hard to swallow, so it was left out - pity, that I would really like to see, it would be priceless. Little green SS Spacemen from Mars zapping the self-chosen victims with death rays? Who knows. Anything a warped imagination can come up with I suppose. Maybe those honest injun testimonies are locked away in Bad Arolsen with the rest of the paperwork that would blow USS Liberty-size holes in their holey holoco$t scam.

Thanks for the article and the reminder of the dual issue litmus test for all those tribalists fighting the good fight online... Light unto the nations and all that crap.

Anonymous said...

test to see if we are human beings who walk on two legs or sheeple with IQ's that would even make a sheep feel embarrassed.
I have said this before. My father was a war crimes investigator and never heard of the holocaust or gas chambers until it became the propaganda show years later.
Just like 9/11 you can look at the evidence or you can believe the fairy tales. The US is in a lot of trouble. Economically what happened to Germany in the 20's and 30's is and has happened to the US. Next we are going to get our own version of Hitler. This could be soon as 'Howdy Doody" seems to be falling apart at the seams. Nothing like having a punk for president.
I live in the US but if I had the money I would leave. it is a country of self indulgent non thinking sheep. It is a country where the word truth is a dirty word and education means I have been trained to do a job,not to think.
it is a country where the sky is full of long skinny clouds and no one wonders. Hell, does anyone realize how much it cost t do that? It is a country where skyscrapers fall down after a short fire and yet they still go in them. If it is true that a fire can take down a skyscraper then it takes a real low IQ to go in one.
yes, it is also a country where the sheeple can't do math. They believe all kinds of silly sh*t.

It is a country where you are measured by how much money you have and not by the strength of your character. It is a country of the weak, numb and dumb. Sadly, it is going to get a lesson on what it is like to be a sheep in a pasture.

Anonymous said...


Far be it from me to ever deny the holocaust. I have a hard enough time figuring out which holocaust they are talking about; the one they were in or the ones they were responsible for? When someone asks me about their personal holocaust, I say, “well, it was karmic payback for what they did in Russia but there weren’t enough of them to account for all the people they murdered in Russia so they’ll have to come back a few more times to pay that off.

I have seen a tv ad explaining that the brain on the herb is like an egg frying!

Well, let me state that the way that sizzles wants me to order mine sunnyside up!

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

peace be with you... if you deserve it,


wv: darn-tootin!

SouthernHungary said...

Brilliant,but as an aside,Finklestein does great work but he really did lose family in the war,the 'holocaust',so you can't expect him to ridicule or question his own families suffering,instead he attacks the 'holocaust'industry,the huge money making machine that exploits the dead,be they 6000 or 6 milllion.He plays an important part in awakening people to the hypocrisy.
David Irving,as you correctly say,is indeed squirming these days,but I guess that is better than more time in prison! However his original work tells the real storey no matter what he needs to say to protect himself and family these days-remember,he lost his home and 1 million pounds as a result of a foolish attemppt to chase that jew bitch in the courts.
These arseholes will chase you down,grind you into the dirt everytime if you expose them,it is indeed hard for some to stay the course of time,nevertheless they deserve our respct for what they tried to do.We must now carry forward their work.
Finklestein and B.N. have their place,but NEVER expect them to explain or even question that holiest of holies!

GTRman said...

There is a shift happening, its undeniable. I was a long-haired, pot-smoking anti-racist lefty type that, a few years back, thought that Adolf Hitler was quite literally the most evil man /demon ever to walk the earth. I also didnt know you could call someone a "jew". I thought that it was "offensive", the correct term being "jewish person".

Let me just say that things have changed. After becoming "jew-aware", a couple of years back, I decided to look into the "Last Tabboo"- The Holocaust. Just what were all these so-called "revisionists" saying? Many seem to be educated men, professors, historians, etc.

Its actually rather pathetic how quickly the myth dissolves under even brief scrutiny. No wonder they want "investigation" to be punished. All this talk of "I survived 6 death camps", you didnt. You dont survive "death camps", stooopid.

From Jon Stratton’s “Punk, Jews, and the Holocaust — The English Story” [Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies, Purdue University Press, Volume 25, Number 4, Summer 2007, pp. 124-149]

"..Punk in England was driven by two Jewish managers, Malcolm McLaren and Bernie Rhodes, but, more important, punk’s general politics of nihilism express in a cultural context the shock and trauma of the Holocaust. After almost three decades of near-silence, by the late 1970s the Holocaust was beginning to be named and talked about."

I posted this reply:

"“After almost three decades of near-silence, by the late 1970s the Holocaust was beginning to be named and talked about.”

I think that says it all. Next time something “really bad” happens in my life I shall endeavor to follow the jewish example and not mention it for thirty feckin years!"


"Hey! I just remembered. I was murdered in 1980! "

GTRman said...

The Tribe have a history of "projection"; that is, accusing the enemy of deeds / intentions that they themselves have committed.

With this in mind, I Imagine the really horrible atrocities took place in camps /gulags on the Soviet side of the fence.

One more thing: The germans are stereotyped as efficient, practical and intelligent. Zyclon B gas /pellets were not cheap. An airtight room is just as "good", but cheaper and non-toxic.
No-one in the entire 3rd Reich thought of that?

Too boring for propaganda?

As for the crematoriums that were burning day and night? Thats an awful lot of fuel to waste in a war-economy.

I urge folks to get over the"mindlock" on this subject and look into it.

Everything we are experiencing hinges on this terrible meme.

Anonymous said...

As I posted this I noticed there were 6 previous comments. Or was it 6 million? I'm not sure...

"If you want to control the opposition, then lead it!"

Anonymous said...

And remember, up until the Eichmann trial in Israel there was precious little discussion of the "holocaust". OF course, at one point it was believed that a minimum of 125-150 pounds of "coke" or coal was required to incinerate a corpse. Now, believe it or not, vehement defenders of "THE HOLOCAUST" are now proclaiming that 3.5 kgs. or 7.7 lbs of coke was all that was required to immolate a corpse.
See,"Roberto Muehlenkamp debunked on 3.5kg of coke cremations"

see this link as well:

However,if you're into abuse, name calling, and having camel mucous hurled at you if you don't believe, go converse with the fine communists at "rodoh". They even boast of having "stalinist moderators"

Timster said...

Sir, the holocaust is the most documented event in modern history. Beyond that fact there IS no discussion!...sheesh. When will you Gentiles get that through your thick skulls?

v-word: phagg

bholanath said...

I have it on reliable prophesying sources that the 'main event' and all veils and babylon will fall whence:
SM reaches 3 million (6 million/2) hits!
Thus sayeth the big whomever, and prepare thyself!

Anonymous said...

Just because the Holohoax doesn't make one bit of sense and didn't happen doesn't mean that we shouldn't believe it. Same goes for the government's 911 fairytale. And the housing debacle, who would have thought that selling homes to individuals with no docs would result in default. The banks secularized these loans, sometimes putting the same loan in two different tranches, then it all mysteriously blew up. Yeah, and who would have thought that decimating the manufacturing sector in the US would result in the American economy being destroyed beyond repair in spite of the green shoots we don't see anywhere. The banksters deserve those multimillion dollar bonuses because as Lord Blankfiend of Goldman Sacks said they work for a higher power. Then there is Fed chairman Bernanke's Quantitative easing (printing money out of thin air) and lending it to the federal government at interest. Why can't the government print its own toilet paper? Maybe you saw where an official of the Catholic Church is defending the pedophile priests on the grounds that it is not just priests who are degenerate but many politicians, preachers, organ trafficking Joooz, and business executives etc. Lots of things are like that. SIGH! Come to think of it damn near everything falls into this category. I guess we have to get with the program in this brave new world, or we will be left behind with only the truth as comfort.


Mark said...

Chemtrail denial is all you really need to understand what has happened to the majority of Americans. Is it any wonder that most U.S. citizens still don't know about the Gulf of Mexico? "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make crazy," or something like that...I don't remember because my cognitive abilities, just like yours, have been diminished by our toxic environment. But I try to do the best with what I still have left. It's a wonder any of us are still able to think at all.

Unknown said...

Thought provoking blog today.

Do Jews "Know?" Or are they in denial? Or are they actually unable to see and comprehend their collective effect upon the societies around them?

How about collective neuroses? Can you picture the whole tribe afflicted with the disability to recognize what they are doing? If you look up the definition of "neurosis," even at Wikipedia (of all places), you'll see that this is a tendency shared by most Jews. Especially if you've known many Jews. Isn't it odd how The American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) no longer uses category of "Neurosis?"

Its' a sure bet that many of the leading Jews are psychopaths. But how much easier is their job made when the reamining Jews are so neurotic they are immune from noticing the evil?

I once knew a saintly old holocaust survivor, a veteran of Auschwitz. As a young teen, she worked unloading trucks. one day the truck backed up and fractured her pelvis, rendering her unfit for work. Those nasty Germans! You'll never guess where they sent her! The put her in the hospital! This from her own mouth, about half an hour before she offered to lend me a lavishily illustrated coffeetable book about the Holocaust!

Anonymous said...

Exactly, precisely, perfectly on the mark Les Visible.

Very good comments thus far. Don't expect 'Love your life' (sic) to show up on this post (grin).

Fact 1: 9/11 was an inside job by Mossad and US secret service.

Fact 2: The 6 million 'holocaust' is untrue since the Red Cross confirmed in 1948/49 that a total of 365,000 jews died in the workcamps of WWII and none of them by way of a gas chamber, rather they died by malnutrition and disease.

The members of the 13th tribe (the Khazarians) have so much trouble admitting these two simple facts.


Anonymous said...

Hi, You write some interesting stuff at times, This was good.

I'm of German descent on my mother's side and deeply offended at the holocaust libel.

If I'd been Hitler, I'd have figured that sterilising Jewish woemn would be a lot cheaper abd easier,

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece.

The move is on to make the "official" 9/11 story sacrosanct, just like the "Holocaust(TM)" story line.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad simply states the self-evident truth that many people do not believe the "official" version of events, and that an international investigation is warranted. And this is "hateful"?

Calling for a real investigation into a monstrous crime is "hate speech"?

The Jews know that once their 9/11 lies are fully exposed, their "Holocaust(TM)" lies will follow.


Anonymous said...

I dont get the math either. I figure if they can get you to believe in the big bang theory, they got you hooked. These are people who have,nt been humbled enough to accept that they know nothing of the mind of GOD and thus preclude the possibility of knowing. After all, in any theocratic discussion, one need only ask who made god and the conversation is over. And so a mythology must be invented to explain why your tribe owns the money supply, namely Ashkenazis.
The collective punishment that they are so proud in dishing out is genocide by any means and they have been having a field day lasting centuries now.We have been softened up to believe that world war 3 is inevitable and the sooner we fight it the easier it will be. Trouble is, people just are,nt buying it no matter what position in the political circle jerk they claim. Now it gets interesting.

Anonymous said...

Wars and money for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
9/11 and Israel, here:

brian boru said...

I learnt quite a while ago that if you want to know whether a writer or commentator is to be trusted just check whether he is prepared to name the jew and his hoaxes. If he carefully skips around the subject or misdirects you look elsewhere for the truth. Even a cursory examination of much of what is going on in the world today will demonstrate the decisive influence of the vampire race in just about everything that is going wrong. The crimes committed by these monsters in the last hundred years boggle the mind. Anyone who directs your attention away from these crimes is either one of the tribe or one of their agents and therefore is your mortal enemy. Because, unless the jew problem is dealt with, there will never be peace. Had these vermin never existed we would now live in an almost unimaginably different, and better, world.

Anonymous said...

A few observations that confirm that the tide is turning on the Jew.

1. The Germans are slowly but surely coming back to their senses:

Nervous Germany stages first Hitler exhibition

2. And the Americans are waking up:

Woman Shouts "Heil Hitler!" At Jewish Man

3. Germany's attempts to create a multi-cultural society in which people from various cultural backgrounds live together peacefully have failed, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Saturday.

"Multikulti", the concept that we are now living side by side and are happy about it, does not work, Merkel told a meeting of younger members of her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party at Potsdam near Berlin.

"This approach has failed, totally," she said:

Anonymous said...

well peoples,I hate to say this openly, but maybe the maths came from pork pie land aswell..neil.

Origen the heretic said...

RE: Brother Nathanael and the holocau$t:

' Holocaust Hype Articles '

Zionist Jewish Mind Control - A Case Study # 139
October 19, 2009
Historian - ‘Did Hitler Have Reason To Hate The Jews?’ # 436
July 5, 2009
German Jews Demand ‘No Mercy’ For Demjanjuk # 87
May 24, 2009
Hoffman On ‘Holocaustianity’ # 5
April 29, 2009
Jews Now Out For Williamson’s Blood # 0
April 29, 2009
French Comedian Faces Trial For ‘Anti Semitism’ # 0
April 29, 2009
Germany’s Forbidden Words # 83
July 30, 2008
How The Jews Prompted A German Backlash # 15
October 7, 2007

Admittedly, he doesn't harp on it, but he has told most of the truth about it. And he sure tells the truth about the rest of the zid crimes. BTW, you being in Euroland, ain'tcha one of them there thought criminals? :)

Rev. John

wv=sonma soma?

Anonymous said...

I like Norman Finkelstein, and I have great respect for him but for the reasons that may surprise many - he does everything he can to protect his tribe and he does it in an honorable way.

The most sober analysis of what Finkelstein is all about, in my view, is given by Dr. William Pierce:

The Significance of the Holocaust

In this September 2000 broadcast of American Dissident Voices, Dr Pierce points out:

"Today we'll look at what a Jew has to say about the Holocaust trick. The Jew is Norman Finkelstein. He is a professor at the City University of New York, and he's a leftist. Like some other leftist Jews, he's at odds with what he sees as a fascist government in Israel. More than that, I believe, is his concern that the greedier and more ambitious Jews will overreach themselves and bring disaster down on the heads of all the Jews. He's especially concerned that the Holocaust myth will come unraveled and result in an enormous Gentile backlash against the Jews. He would like to defuse the thing before it blows up. And so Finkelstein has just had a book published for that purpose. It is titled The Holocaust Industry, and his fellow Jews are not happy about it."

You can listen to the broadcast here:

American Dissident Voices

(search for "The Significance of the Holocaust " on the page)

Anonymous said...


You have crossed the Rubicon. You are past the point of no return now.

Congratulations, and god help you.

Anonymous said...

That's an excellent commentary. Some readers have questioned here why this situation might be. It might be that the semitic peoples (arab and jew) are by nature a particulary cruel and greedy lot. True or not I would claim nevertheless that they are the way they are because of their fascination for genital mutilation. This of course is so outrageous, catastrophically stupid, and performed at the very earliest opportunity means that coming up with some bullshit explanation for everything else they do is easy. Judaizers are by very definition circumcizers. It is incredible to know that we live in a world ruled by a tiny clique of baby cock-cutting and baby cock blood-sucking ghouls who are actually in the process of killing us all. What a world!

Anonymous said...

most of you should turn your computer off, go back and crawl under the blankets with your young young boy friends (I'm guessing a median age here of about 12 years old), and leave the discussion to those whose close relatives were there! That would include myself, and the Holocause did indeed take place. The fact that a larger percentage than was originally represented actually died of typhoid and starvation-related causes is hardly reason to minimise the event.

Casey Zander said...

Excellent article full of information, PDFs, videos, and links to other excellent articles "The Jewish Enigma"

Josey Wales ll said...


I shouldn't let it bother me when someone comments on Americans being such and such, like greedy, selfish, self involved (the Anon. guy at 4:08) I know I'm not and all my friends and family are not.

We are up against a conspiracy so vast and embedded that it's difficult to comprehend, yet will endure and come out the other side better and that means for all people suffering not just us.

Visible said...

Sure your close relatives were there. Over sixty years ago? I wonder how close that makes them?

I'd prefer that you refute with hard facts what I said because what I said is a matter of public record. Since you're a member of the tribe I would like you to explain to me about the missing 3 million from Auschwitz and also possibly about the tens of millions your tribe killed in Russia, Armenia, Iraq and so on and so forth.

Anonymous said...

It's important to remember most people don't understand why they are fat and reclusive, or why the majority of the fruit of their labor goes to someone else. If they can't understand that, or even try, well politics is a bit beyond them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous because there are pigs on the wing.

Using a stolen IP, wearing a tin foil hat.

Afraid of when the jack-booted thugs kick down the door and drag me off to their kosher torture chambers. Or when I try to fly and the Israeli security company running the airport says that they've got a question about the websites I've been posting on.

But dammit, it's got to be said. You're right, you're right, and I'm so glad that there are people out there braver than I am who will say it out loud. I'd be fired and ostracized if I mentioned any of it, but I've done my homework and you're right, right, right.

Visible said...

Rev John;

I don't deny it at all. I just want someone to explain it to me because my ignorance makes me confused due to less privileged modalities of computation. I'm trying to figure something out because there's so much power and money in it I think it might be profitable to my friends if I can explain to them how it works.

MaidenPEI said...

Re: TIMSTER post, "Sir, the holocaust is the most documented event in modern history."

Yes...FALSELY documented by the Jews to shine the light on themselves to look to the world like THEY are the victims instead of the REAL perpetrators that they are, working behind the scenes, in the dark, right under all of our noses, stealthily working towards their New World Order agenda.

One of their Modus Operandi is to blame others for their nasty deeds.

What they are keeping the world's attention away from is the REAL 36yr Holocaust (1917-1953) where THEY exterminated 20/30 MILLION Russian Christians.

How come we never hear about THAT Holocaust???????

Quote: " The political theory of Communism was entirely Jewish from its inception whilst the Bolshevik Revolution was funded by Jewish bankers.

Thus the two apparently diametrically opposing theories - communism and capitalism - both stemmed from the same people.

Their intention (as it is still) is the destruction of the existing social systems, attacking religion and the family in order to establish a Jewish-controlled state over a voiceless proletariat.

The Judaic Communist epoch of mass murder has disappeared into history in one of the great vanishing acts of all time.

Only practised deceivers, with all the sleight of hand of the most accomplished stage magicians, could pull off such a coup against the rest of humanity.

The ability to trick mankind into focusing nearly all expiatory sentiment, monuments and commemoration on Judaic victims and brand the words "war crime" and "holocaust" - on Germany and upon Germans alone as their proprietary trademark, must be regarded as one of the most masterful achievements of psychological warfare in the annals of illusion."

Source: anholocaust.html

* The First Holocaust Of The 20th Century - The Christian Russia Holocuast Perpetrated By The Jews

* Jewish Perpetrators Of The Christian Russia Holocaust Transform Themselves Into "Survivors" of The "Holocaust"

Max Stihl said...

"Except for Michael Rivero and Brother Nathanial, I can’t think of anyone else and B.N. doesn’t have anything to say about the holocaust that I recall. Maybe I missed it?"

Anonymous said...

I can speak on their behalf,
1. Questions about the Holocaust: I will change topics into some kind of strawman mocking your theory that WORLD WAR 2 NEVER HAPPENED! It is a package deal. You either agree with my version of things in total OR you don't even believe ww2 Happened at all.
2. Questions about 911. A lot of time and money has been invested in brain washing. There is no need for NEW material with 911. We can just use old faithful. I will say something using the word DENIER. You are some kind of denier. Puppy Denier, Tissue Denier, Hamburger Denier, who cares. The word alone in any variation proves you to be a walking atrocity against all that is good. Your answer to all 911/Israel questions is 'denier something'
3. Jewish Holocausts. Quite simply, A jew is NOT jewish, when guilty. See, when it LOOKS BAD, that only Jewish journalists get into the white house, they are WHITE journalists now. Jewish slave owners in America, that money elite who could afford them, all BECAME WHITES when guilty. Iraq war? WHITES did that. Bolshevist slaughter of Russia and Ukraine and where ever? WHITE communists did that.
4. you have the least problem with ANY of this? Easily solved: that makes you an ANTI-SEMITE! You are aware that Arabs are Semites and Jews are Eurasian Caucasians? Then you are an anti-semite. You know what Khazars are? you are an anti-Semite. WHAT YOU SAID IS TRUE AND CASUALLY PROVEN? like too many of the tribe got controlling seats in this or that? Then you are an ANTI-SEMITE!

Only anti-Semites question these things. Just as the Talmud teaches that for you to slap a jew is the crime of SLAPPING YOUR GOD and punished accordingly, all these topics of you having questions, is blasphemy. You question the WORD OF GOD. You question the math of God.

Go watch TV. If that cute cartoon has message placement that Palestinians make exploding alarm clocks or people disloyal to Israel (your God) are domestic terrorists to be tortured without trial, JUST DON'T MENTION IT.

Don't be Denier anti-Semites.
BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE TOLD and go eat your baloney. It is good baloney, after all, you did pay your kosher tax for us to chant our magical spells over it.

Anonymous said...

Their answers:
1. Holocaust is what we say or you are saying WW2 never happened at all.
2. Israel and 911: makes you some kind of denier. As a denier, you are guilty of all forms of denier, from global warming, to 911, to holocaust, to the gay gene.
3. Jews and Russia. Like civil war slavery, 911, or ALL jewish issues, when a Jew is guilty, he is forever more a WHITE. Any 'jew' involved in any such things, is called WHITE NOW. Whites did it.

Disobeying Jewish 'advice' is the crime of slapping God. Go back to your TV and stop thinking so much.
Goy brains don't need to 'think'. The Tribe will think on your behalf.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Circumcision is to facilitate rape.

Reduces the chance of injury don'tcha know.

Says a lot about the cultures that practice it no?


wv:ephydrie - Kinda says it all...

Origen the heretic said...

Come on Les, you know the answer: All you have to do is sell your soul to Satan like all the zids have. Fat City! Fame! Fortune! But I know you and I and most of the readers here would add another 'F' word to that -- namely Fuck That.

Rev. John

wv=laymi -- down to sleep etc.

Anonymous said...

The people at the top of the pyramid think they own the world outright.The people in the trapezoid believe it because they need money to live and even to keep god alive in the churches.Money became like god and the top of the pyramid decides if money shall be paper,gold,or silver.When in reality money is anything that you can exchange for goods and services,seashells,beads,chickens or cold beers.The only thing I can see that will change it is if we the people either starve out or blow the top off the pyramid.We have nothing left to lose,I don't see what the holdup is.

gene kalmes said...

I think it is also important to point out Benjamin Freedman's speech in 1961 points out that 92 percent of those who call themselves Jews but are not of true semite blood but rather the Khazar tribe that migrated (kicked out of) Asia....Turkish Mongrel hordes of mercenaries who were hired to rape rob and pillage men women and children...and worshipped the phallic symbol and a do what thou whilst philosophy on life....

moved into Eastern Europe/Russia Khazaria and decided to adapt Judaism as an official religion (they would go on to adapt or hijack Catholicism, Christianity, Atheism and every other ism can be traced to these control freaks)and these people were identified in the Bible as "Those who call themselves Jews but who are not"

Benjamin Freedman was in the Woodrow Wilson Cabinet during World War I and present at major events of World War II, and as a Jew realized the con game in the works and spoke out about it.

Regarding the holocaust many more of the Jewish victims were of true semite blood and not of Khazar AshekeNAZI blood)along with other conflicts of human interest,
gypsies, pre Vatican two
Catholics, Christians, protesters....etc.

The Rothchild banking system funded both Hitler AND Winston Churchill....there would have been no Holocaust had Hitler and Churchill not gotten the money they needed to finance this attrocity....

There is method in the madness of a One World Order and the Holocaust makes the financiers of the Holocaust the victims who declare themselves the right to declare, "Never again!"

And go on to justify the best defense is an offense laws for everyone as they march to the one world order they so cleverly designed like a Russian Doll....a doll inside a doll inside a doll...and declaring to the world, "Listen to us, we will keep you safe (well some of you anyway)...

So while I feel your article is courageous Les, I think the bigger picture needs to be understood. The devil is indeed in the details and Benjamin Freedmans speech is easily found on google and it is mandatory listening and reading for anyone who would want to consider themselves open minded jurors....

Great work, very brave.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!, You are a brave man.
Your deed reminds me of this great story:

Another brave man who left his tribe behind:

Anonymous said...

All together now: There's no business like Shoah business, like no business at all!

Anonymous said...

.....they look like they are about to drop down on all fours and start feeding off of the landscape...

Sounds like you have been people watching in England Les :)

I dont'now what makes you thing that a certain peoples have so much influence over events!

Could it be that you are just normal...

Kindest regards


lobsterman said...

Free e-books by Michael Bradley at on the:

Psychobiological History of the
Western World from circa 80,000 BC
until 9/11
A Biological or Anthropological explanation for
what Dr. Noam Chomsky has called (November 11,
2002 in Toronto) "The Israeli-American-Turkish
Axis of Evil".

Chapter 4. The Decline and Fall of Esau's Empire?

For those people who have taken the trouble to read "Esau's Empire,
Foundation: the psychobiology of religion", the very first article on my
Home Page, it should be very clear that the world's biggest problem is
Caucasians are the most aggressive among the existing "major genetic
groups" or "races" of humanity.
Within the Caucasian race, the biblical Jews and particularly the postbiblical
Ashkenazim "Jews", represent the most aggressive major,
cohesive and socially influential ethno-religious groups among modern
Caucasians in Western Europe and North America.
Arab-Islamic fundamentalists are presently the most powerful and
militant ethno-religious group in the Middle East.
Together, they have historically goaded Western so-called "civilization" ever so-called "onward." Together, they have since 9/11
either provoked or orchestrated the current "War Against Terrorism"
and the planned "Attack on Iraq" that can presently bring the world to
the brink of a nuclear war.

The May 6, 2010 issue of Science, Journal of the American Academy of Sciences, has finally confirmed that modern human populations have significant Neanderthal genetic admixture. This study by the Max Planck Institute of Leipzig under the overall leadership of Dr. Svante Paabo also included some researchers from the Harvard University School of Medicine.

Behind the scenes, it seems that this DNA study's dramatic reversal of the Paabo-Stoneking Cell article of July 15, 1997 insisting that there was no Neanderthal DNA in modern humans was due to the fact that Harvard researchers came up with data that contradicted the 1997 study by Svante Paabo (then at the University of Munich) and Mike Stoneking (then at the University of Pennsylvania).

Personally, I have always suspected that this 1997 study was purposefully concocted or even commissioned to please North American Jews and to further Israeli interests. In the 1997 study, Svante Paabo and Mike Stoneking claimed to have re-created part of the Neanderthal DNA sequence to an "acceptable" extent (2%) and then to have compared it to human DNA (but the complete human genome wasn't mapped until 2005). In short, Paabo and Stoneking were comparing nothing much to nothing at all. Dr. Alan Templeton, a geneticist at the American University in St. Louis, characterized their 1997 study as "a statistical house of cards."

Josey Wales ll said...

Hey Les,

What bothers me is this.

The (blank's) have looted the U.S. from Madoff to the $2.3 Trillion disclosed by Rumsfeld on September 10th,2001, and everything else culminating in the present crisis.

They know we know and those that don't will learn soon enough.

Many are heading back to that skid-mark they made in part of the ME.

I would think, knowing several people from the tribe, that they will try and destroy our fleets in the Gulf and of course blame it on IRAN, and then expect them and others to destroy all our troops in the ME.

What's the old biblical story about them stealing all of Egypt's gold and leaving them destitute?

I would check Fort Know and all our other locations because we may have nothing there and if there's something it will be Tungsten bar's with gold plate.
There is absolutely no limit to their treachery. Even through we've helped them get a country they now hate us. They will destroy all that is good, that isn't theirs.

In addition I would expect them to try and finish-off the U.S. economy and try and make us incapable of retaliation. Maybe a group of nukes they've planted in the U.S. years ago and using for extortion.

They know they are in every country and those that get killed in the shoot-out at the Skid-Mark-Coral will be of no consequence because they will still have other homes in other countries and will not be there for the fireworks, and they'll have money, power and a civilian power structure already set-up in other countries power centers. They think they have all the bases covered and will escape intact.

So they view themselves as untouchable. They view the rest of us as animal statistics (if that).

They fear retaliation, and so the BP calamity, and the mortgage fiasco were part of the plan to bring us down for good.

We must be prepared in case this is the case.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Rense writer Judy Andreas wrote one of the best articles ever on this subject and should be read for the first time or revisited.

Copernicus Kidd said...

Hey Les,

GRRRRRR-ATE post - as Tony the Tiger would say. I had never noticed that about Brother Nate -- but you're absolutely correct. I will look forward to his position, since a position he MUST have. After all, there's a good chance he reads your column, no? One more thing, since internecine warfare seems to be the theme as we cross into Scorpion SubContinental Jungles and backstabbing galore gore gore. Have you heard any of this bicker banter coming from Mark Glenn over Jeff Rense? It seems like he is more or less saying that Jeff works for the "Joooooos" and to never visit his site again. I know you are far too cosmic to bother yourself with such North American melodrama. The only reason I give this sucker any second thought is because Glenn dropped the Alan Sabrosky interview way back whenever. And I know Les Vis wasn't much impressed by the Army Prof . . . and you raised good points at the time .... But but but, he did "pass the litmus test" as you put it, and months ago at that. So alls well that ends well . . . new webbot report is floating in the ether, just waiting for me to pluck it down. Apparently they've gotten some STUX on their net, and have gone stone age. Thats okay, since everybody must get stoned.

Gordon Pratt said...

Why call the alleged muder, mostly by gassing, of six million people a holocaust, when holocaust means complete destruction by burning?

Because in this context holocaust is a blasphemous pun on Holy Ghost.

European American said...

When I was a kid reading the label on some bottle in the kitchen and those letters, when spelled out, sounded like some kind of mysterious foreign word; had a spell over people, a power. Even my parents seemed to not address the issue when confronted. More often than not, it was just a symbol with either a "K" or a "U" inside of a circle. "Hey mom, what does 'K•o•s•h•e•r' mean? There was silence, I recall.

Well, maybe they really didn't know what it meant? Or, maybe they did and they wanted to keep me out of that program long enough for me to stumble onto it's meaning and understanding on my own. I don't really remember what was ever said on the subject. It just never came up. Thought it had to do with some "religious stuff" though. But looking back, I always felt something was amiss, something STRANGE.

Since then, I have grown to distrust that word/symbol; like it's somehow connected to toxic scum. And now there is something in that bottle, jar or can that you would see oozing from some orifice in a very hard core prono flick. If I put my attention on it I could smell a stench rising up, too. But I don't put my attention there, in fact, I do my best to avoid purchasing such items.

That's what this is about. Avoiding their touch.

Who in the Fuck do these "vampires of the Talmud" think they are?

Chosen people?

Anonymous said...

Youtube - Illuminati and Israel

Jewish minority is very organized and go together after anybody they don't like.
Gentile is not.

paolocaruso said...

The TCM (Turner Classic Movie)Channel was showing Marlena Deitrich movies. I watched two of them. ONe from 1934 Morrocco and the other The Blue Angel, from 1930. In Morrocco was Dietrich plays sordid woman with blatant lesbian tendancies. IN the Blue Angel, she play Lola who corrupts students and then their professor.

I can see why the Germans of that time were critical of Hollywood and film producers who glorified Deitrich's character and normalized debotchery.

The interesting fact is that the US honors Dietrich as being a hero and an active spy for the allies. Destroying a country's morals seems to be a consistent strategy of the west.

Rabbit said...

Les I honestly think the main reason not many of "the tribe" as opposed to "The Tribe" mention Holocaust [TM] questions or the obvious Israeli involvment in 9/11 is due to self censorship rather than deliberate deceit. Fear, fear of the inevitable attack which descends on anybody who steps into these areas. I know because I am one small voice who has done so on both fronts, see my name url to see what I mean.

I am one who has withstood it, and yet my profile is not much, the bigger you are the harder they will go after you and if I still had a family life I wanted or needed to protect, I would long since have been silenced. These days more people know the ugly truth about Israel and Zionism than do not, it is just that only the few dare speak it aloud yet.

Ah but the wheel is turning my friend. It is better to be on the bottom rung of the wheel of fortune, as it turns than it is to be be on the top. Rejoice in our present difficulties, for we are riding the crest of an upswell.

Strum said...

Ah Mr. Visible you've done it again.

Very clever, say it without saying it.

"collective senior moment." priceless.

This could be the spark that starts the fire that burns these evil bastards out of their ratholes.

I'm pretty surprised reading the comments how few objections there are though, maybe we are just preaching to the choir and now is the time to take these questions to a wider audience.

Anyway, and whatever, you are a beacon of reason and wisdom in this benighted world Les, may the powers of the universe protect and empower you.

Rock on


schondie said...

Hi Les

One revisionist/historian who has raised my suspicions is David Irving. There's something not 100% about the man.

He has flip-flopped too many times about where he really stands on many points.


Anonymous said...

You know I have always had such a hard time understanding any type of math beyond geometry.

So their magic bullet cosmic super tribe math would go so far over my simple little head, that it would rach orbit.

simon said...

You have said that 911 is the litmus test many many times. Yet when ahmadinejad made his historic speech spelling that fact out at the UN in front of all the world you made no comment. I thought that was a lost opportunity.

Visible said...

Simon; that makes zero sense. There are thousands of events every day that I don't comment on and the world does not come here to hear what I have to say. I can't remember a statement as bizarre and so far out in left field that it's no longer even in the stadium. There's got to be some other point to this and the sense I get it that it's connected to something I'd rather not know.

Michael said...

I don't think there's any doubt that the "Holocaust" is based on myths, it's the extent of those myths which is the question. Hitler's attitude to the Jews was mostly motivated by a wish to ethnically cleanse Germany of Jews and his reasons for this were mostly based of the Jews affiliation to Communism. Indeed there's plenty of evidence to suggest that Jews came into and left the concentration camps for extradition quite regularly. Indeed far more Jews could have been saved if it hadn't been for the Zionist's insistence that Jews should be sent to Palestine rather than other locations.
Indeed a decent non-Zionist Jew Rabbi Weissmandel had many questions in that regard including "IS IT TRUE that in 1941 and again in 1942, the German Gestapo offered all European Jews transit to Spain, if they would relinquish all their property in Germany and Occupied France" .
It's also true that the Nazis actually appointed a German judge to investigate alleged crimes committed by Germans on concentration camp inmates. One of the Commanders of a concentration camp was "found guilty of maltreatment of prisoners and posted to a penal unit".This in addition to allowing Red Cross inspections
If only the Americans & Israelis could start such a system.
Incidentally Georg Konrad Morgen was actually tortured by the Allied (mostly Jewish) prosecutors in the Nuremberg trials in an effort to get him to sign off on another popular myth, using the skin of Jews to make lampshades , and that other nonsense making soap out of Jews.
I must say , being British myself, that the more I look into the situation which prevailed in 1939 the more I'm astounded that Britain entered the war to fight the Germans. True Hitler was a cad but by 1939 there were no concentration camps and by that time the Jewish Communists had already killed up to 30 million Christians in their gulags plus another 8 million deaths in the Ukraine (Holomodor) when they stared millions to death, much like they are trying to do now in Palestine.
Hitler was well aware of that & I believe it was his main consideration in his anti-semitic views. True Germany invaded Poland but then again so did the USSR.
Even Churchill as early as 1920 was aware of the Jewish Communist Link when he wrote "There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution, by these international and for the most part atheistic Jews."
It would certainly have more sense to stop Communism at that time rather than to declare war on Germany. In 1937 Churchill warned about the 'Hebrew bloodsuckers' & undoubtedly Hitler wanted to cleanse Germany
I have to say personally if I was German I would be more interested in the 11 million Germans that died AFTER the war in concentration camps run by these Communist Jews rather than pay homage to something which is being largely exposed as a Zionist myth


Pstonie said...

Ahmadinejad also called for a new world order recently.

Good guy? Still a politician. They make a living by telling people everything they want to hear in order to get control.

Problem -> Reaction -> Solution

Dimitri said...

As usual Les, a post that makes people think and that's the most important. Of course you shake the most inner feelings of mankind's illusions, this is what you are good at.

Just have a look at the time line of antisemitism :

Yes, or surprised? It's an endless list of Jews being expelled throughout history. Why? Is it safe to say that indeed the 'Chosen Ones' have the perfect answer. Or not, because any answer on this is based on absolute myth and nothing else.

On the one hand they are glad to have killed the Jesus as stated in their own bible, the Torah, and on the other hand they show their hatred to Mel Gibson for portraying this fact in The Passion of Christ. But hey, the World already knows the Chosen Ones have Reality kneeling at their fake altar. Mostly because they are the masters of that other fake stuff: paper money.

Imagine, for the Gentiles here, for just one second you are born an Jew and your parents, family, friends and teachers tell you all the time you are part of the Chosen Race by God. If this 911-like type of lie is repeated over and over again, wouldn't you believe it? Then, would it not be possible you start to see the rest of the world as inferior? Can you imagine the shock when you start to learn about this so called Holocaust?

Can you now see the inner part of some of the responses made by the Chosen Ones to this post of Les?

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up now-

The Wobble Factor in the Inferior Realms.

Frog said...

In my life, Jews have been more helpful and honest in general than Whites and Muslims/East Indians/etc. Not to say that I have not been cheated and hurt by them directly too. Eh, I've been stabbed in the back by every religion and race I think.
Still, this is the small picture for me.
I grant you Les that what you write is true, the Tribe of vampires destroys us. Like the vampire, they do so with our tacit permission and cooperation.
Still, we must not forget the small picture. One soul to one soul. Lest in our wrath for the tribe we hurt innocents.

Frog said...

Let me throw in another comment Les. First, a link:

This is a book on Treblinka. A very straight forward and scientific demonstration that the gigantic murder claimed by the Holocaust industry could not have happened. It was a transit camp. People no doubt died there, but not nearly to the degree advertised. Good reading and information and *still available* on Amazon.

Second link:

Jews against Zionism. Now these rabbis don't comment on the Holocaust other that it was a terrible time for Jews. Fine. One sided but true enough. Karma can be a bitch.
Still, they comment that the modern state of Israel is an abomination, a land gotten through deceit and Jewish blood sacrifice rather than what it should be: a gift from God.
Here is a quote from the page: "All of the leading Jewish religious authorities of that era predicted great hardship to befall humanity generally and the Jewish People particularly, as a result of Zionism."
Here is another:"Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, did not mince any words. Straight to the point he called Zionism "the work of Satan", "a sacrilege" and "a blasphemy". He forbade any participation with anything even remotely associated with Zionism and said that Zionism was bound to call the wrath of G-d upon His people."
Finally:"How far this unbelievable Zionist conspiracy has captured the Jewish masses, and how impossible it is for any different thought to penetrate their minds, even to the point of mere evaluation, can be seen in the vehemence of the reaction to any reproach. With blinded eyes and closed ears, any voice raised in protest and accusation is immediately suppressed and deafened by the thousandfold cry: "Traitor," "Enemy of the Jewish People." "

End of Part 1

Frog said...

Part 2
Like you said though, they subscribe to the six million dead version of the Holocaust.
Maybe it's shame that keeps most of the Jewish alternative commentators quiet. Or fear. After all, by their own law; eye for an eye, they are due for a honest, real holocaust in payback for their crimes in other places like Russia and on 9/11 and King David Hotel and Gaza and...
Whatever. I left the Catholic Church as I became aware of the crime and corruption that my weekly tithe contributed to. I now knock on the door of and spend time with the Divine and am grateful of the word and support and strength the man Jesus gives me. Still, when I read about the most recent crime that the church in Rome is accused of, I feel angry and ashamed. I cringe at what people called "Christians" do and say in the USA in general. I follow the words of Christ and seek the divine daily.
After getting a bunch of abuse from my fellos, I hide. Perhaps like some of the Jews who still have souls left. How many times does a guy have to be assaulted, called a freak, a nut job for telling people about what the priests do, what the zionists do, what 9-11 is really about, what probably really happened during the so called holocaust. Talking to people about these things brings down shit upon one's house. Figuratively and literally. I have three kids. I teach them what I know as best I can but I teach them to be quiet until they are older and stronger. What else can I do for my family? It's almost the right time to speak loudly about these things but... I still think that one who speaks too loudly will wind up like Admiral Morrison (father of Jim and speaker about the USS Liberty attack) or Senator Lindbergh (Father of Charles Lidbergh Jr. and grandfather of baby Lindbergh).
I hope this is not too convoluted. We face a great beast, a lot of blood on its hands, ready for more. A lot of people speak parts of the truth, but speaking about other parts or too many parts invites a kidnapping or unfortunate accident, probably of one's loved ones. You are all in my prayers folks, we need the Divine more than ever.

GTRman said...

Circumcision of new-born= psycho-sexual trauma (victim)

Chosen people propaganda+ bat mitvah=
"The world is yours!" ( superiority complex)

Result: All around us!

Armchair psychology, yes.

Doesnt explain the women, though...

Anonymous said...

Les is being linked in . . . Oklahoma! And in a very good article too.

Frog said...

It's evening where you are, right Les?
Have a good and restful night then. Sleep in the arms of the Almighty, Les. Take care and fly safe.

Visible said...

heh heh... it's only 8:00 and I'm a night owl. Drinking black assam tea, watching the new Wall Street in a small window, working on various projects and keeping the mind empty and fixed on the awareness of that; working out pretty well a few weeks into it.

Here's a little note for everyone who wants to make a huge difference in their life and doesn't mind an extended commitment to that end. Look up Holistic Horizons/ Robert Gray colon cleansing on the net and order the kit. It takes around 3 months to complete the program. You get a skin brush with it.

There is no system that comes anywhere near this and the impact is enormous. I've done it a couple of times and am now about to start again as soon as I arrive down south.

I'm not going to describe just how powerful this experience can be. You'll have to have the initiative to find out. I'll say this... you do it and you will find all kinds of power to do the things you wish you were doing but can't seem to remain focused on.

You'll also have all sorts of new things come into your mind to compliment the process. It transforms your body from the ground up and it does it right into the deepest parts of the tissue where so much fear and other poisons are stored.

Final comment; you will get really high.

Visible said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this on the radio show last night. I've got a bunch of VHS cassettes that are not going to last much longer and they contain my television show which I did for several years in NYC and other affiliates. I've got an electric tape cleaner and a four head Toshiba VCR which I've never used. My problem has been with the NtSC/PAL situation that has made it difficult for me to transfer these tapes to DVD disks.

Is there anyone out there who might want to try to do this for me? I can't pay you the usual studio rates, that's prohibitive but I can give you the VCR and tape cleaner as well as pay expenses and work out some kind of a recompense on top of that for your efforts. It's a shame to lose these shows because some of them are really funny; at least the audience liked it. More people were watching it in my town of Woodstock NY than were watching Saturday Night live which I deliberately went on the air at that time as a statement concerning.

Anyway... anyone let me know and I'll ship it all out to you.



Pstonie said...

I could do that for you. I've got a TV card in my PC which can record PAL or NTSC, which will produce video with the same quality as it comes from the video machine. You don't have to pay me anything, it's really just video conversion which I do for "fun" and it's the least I can do for all I've learned here.

So unless there's someone closer (than South Africa) or someone has access to some studio equipment which would probably be able to restore the quality of the tapes somewhat, let me know and I'll send you my address.

Anonymous said...

twisting inner zionisms
doctored in the farm
damaging the nervous system
takin out the calm
harming all around us
with terror lies and hate
trading souls to death
slaves is all they make
filching off the poor
corrupting with intent
spending sacred life
system is hell bent
drifting into nowhere
a losing track of time
the living of the moment
rebalanced needs to find.


GTRman said...

Do it!!! And get'em online!

I had a professional hydro-colonic last year. Good, but not that good. As I understand it has to be a series, as Les describes. If we get over a few body-phobic attitudes, there are many things we can do to get out the accumulated poisons, mucus, etc.

Some folks have been doing it for thousands of years!

Anonymous said...

For comprehensive coverage of the era of the destruction of a successful non predatory capital system that threatened the global hegemony of 'Z' Britain in exports and trade so was marked for dissolution see wintersonnenwende dot com
Non biased and all writers scholars listed, authenticated copies of actual documents and a wellspring of truth.

Anonymous said...

"...can you spare a Gentile a dime?" I thought that I might be about to read about a HUGE disparity in how the recent economic downturn has affected the two groups. Been curious about that. Cui Bono and all. Probably can't be determined except for publicly claimed wealth, say Forbes 500 before and after. Nevermind the Two TRILLION $ that the Tribe-dominated Fed will reap in either paid back loans or forclosed assets. OUR Treasury "printed" those $2,000,000,000,000 and then handed then to Ben-Shalom Bernanke who won't tell us who he and Timmy gave that cash to or how much they gave. (Hmm. Never before noticed that BS were his first two initials). Think the Fed will give it back to US after they get it back? Nah, better to keep charging US interest on OUR money. Chutzpah 1, Gentiles 0.

Origen the heretic said...

Les, I've got a VHS<->DVD recorder so all you'd need to send would be the tapes. I'm in Idaho, and since you wouldn't let me donate, this could be a small contribution -- I pay return shipping + DVDs.

Rev. John

Todd said...

The older I get and the more that I see, I come closer and closer to accepting the fact that these people really are the chosen people and that my kind were born only to serve them. They are on average significantly more clever than the average gentile, but more importantly, they are DRIVEN. To me -- one of the cattle -- it seems almost pathologically so. They never stop working, never stop scheming in order to achieve their goals, and no "success" is ever enough. They NEVER rest on their laurels. Further, if crossed, they can be the most ruthlessly vindictive people one can possibly imagine. Whether this unrelenting drive comes from God or elsewhere, it can't be denied by reasonable people.

At long last, reality compels me to admit that there is simply no way I could ever match their sheer energy.

They are this world's winners [period]. So.....maybe they really do deserve to rule?

gene kalmes said...

Hey Les,

send your VHS to
Any and All Video
attention Rob
6420 bridge road
Monona Wisc

He's my associate at our video studio. We can put them on DVD....

or transfer them to Pal from NTSC or vice versa or secam ....

Can you pay shipping and blank tape stock?

Depending on how many tapes it won't be much....

Is your VCR pal or ntsc? are you in Europe?

Either that or call a high school kid and offer them a few bucks...High school kids are usually quite handy at such things....Can even offer them work credits or intern credits if you tell the school it's practical work study....

I have a high school kid painting my house as we seriously a phone call to the office will usually gittherdone....ask for a kid who has experience with video and computers and I'm sure they will hook it up...

Or send it to us...I'll make sure it gets done and sent back....also a radio shack might sell you a digital converter so you can just upload it to youtube....

actually you can play it right into a newer camcorder, digitize it and upload it to youtube....

many inexpensive options...

hope this helps.

simon said...

Ahmadinejad's 911 speech at the UN was not just another news story.

I do not reply to you lightly. I have been reading smoking mirrors for too many years now not to know that you are intolerant of direct criticism, aggressive in your counter and far more highly skilled in your wordcraft than I will ever be and that having to read your reply will almost certainly cause me pain, But –

911 was probably the single most important geo-political event/crime since WWII. The agenda of the TPTB has been to try and air-brush it from history and stifle all true debate and investigation. As you yourself have said, many, many times, “911 is the litmus test”. 911 has been your clarion call. As it has been for many others. Your highly skilled articulation and lucidity on this subject above all others has been for me at least a chief, perhaps the chief reason for following your blog for almost a decade.

Yet here was, for the first time, a powerful and high profile head of state challenging the orthodoxy and making the true circumstances of 911 the main point in his keynote speech to the annual general assembly of the UN - forcing world-wide attention and headline msm coverage no matter that the msm would prefer not to cover it.

This was a very important and signal event. A tipping point even. Yet it has passed by with scarcely a mention, if that. And not just by yourself, but by many of the most popular ”alternative “news sites. I can’t let that pass by without asking why. If that offends you then I apologize.

Zellie said...

Found this:

“We are the intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest Great War but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of nearly every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it.”
- Marcus Eli Ravage, the authorized Jewish Biographer for the Rothschild dynasty wrote this in an article in The Century Magazine, January 1928, volume 115, no. 3 pp 346-350

Anonymous said...

Welcome and kudos Gene Kalmes (1:17AM).


wv: orisa
"Call the khazarians the synagogue of satan that they are orisa you going to kowtow to the ashkenazis at the cost of your liberty and life?"

Visible said...

It's not like that at all Simon. I'm aware of what I write before I write it so it's not like I've got an out of control emotional situation that just needs a nudge. I honestly didn't get the importance of commenting on Ahmanedijad and my hesitation in that regard is primarily due to his pussy footing around and not calling things as I think he should.

Maybe it's because he's a politician but he's not direct as I prefer and I don't care for comments that say it was done to prop up or save a dying or failing Zionist government. It's more dramatic than that. He could state a number of compelling circumstances that would put certain information right before the eyes of the world but he doesn't and I am not sure whether it is an excess of caution or intimidation that is the reason.

As for my calling attention to it, it called attention to itself. I try to bring up things that are not so publicized in the mainstream. I personally think that it wasn't anything that I needed to make a comment about. I've written about Ahmanedijad on numerous occasions. The idea that I failed or erred somehow because I overlooked something you implied to be obvious leaves me shaking my head. The amount of things I could comment on are beyond the range of a thousand bloggers all working at once. It seemed to me to be an unnecessary needle cloaked in a certain way. I could be wrong. I go by an intuitive response mechanism that I like to think mirrors the comments but I could be off on that too.

I respond as I do for two reasons. One of them is that I think it's the most honest way to go about it. I can easily give the impression that I am wise and restrained in all things; that's a role anyone with a certain level of awareness can play but I choose not to do this. There's a tendency for some of the readers to see me as being something more than what I think I am and it is much more prevalent in the emails than it is here in the comments. So, I make it a point to be somewhat cantankerous and reactive because I think it's also the right way to be.

I used to go ahead and get blasted on occasion in order to convey a certain impression but that was over the top and a negative for the intent of the work. I'm not going to explain why I talk and act weird now and then but it should become apparent to a scrutinizing mind.

Anonymous said...

don't think there's any doubt that the "Holocaust" is based on myths, it's the extent of those myths which is the question. Hitler's attitude to the Jews was mostly motivated by a wish to ethnically cleanse Germany of Jews and his reasons for this were mostly based of the Jews affiliation to Communism. Indeed there's plenty of evidence to suggest that Jews came into and left the concentration camps for extradition quite regularly. Indeed far more Jews could have been saved if it hadn't been for the Zionist's insistence that Jews should be sent to Palestine rather than other locations.
Indeed a decent non-Zionist Jew Rabbi Weissmandel had many questions in that regard including "IS IT TRUE that in 1941 and again in 1942, the German Gestapo offered all European Jews transit to Spain, if they would relinquish all their property in Germany and Occupied France" .
It's also true that the Nazis actually appointed a German judge to investigate alleged crimes committed by Germans on concentration camp inmates. One of the Commanders of a concentration camp was "found guilty of maltreatment of prisoners and posted to a penal unit".This in addition to allowing Red Cross inspections
If only the Americans & Israelis could start such a system.
Incidentally Georg Konrad Morgen was actually tortured by the Allied (mostly Jewish) prosecutors in the Nuremberg trials in an effort to get him to sign off on another popular myth, using the skin of Jews to make lampshades , and that other nonsense making soap out of Jews.
I must say , being British myself, that the more I look into the situation which prevailed in 1939 the more I'm astounded that Britain entered the war to fight the Germans. True Hitler was a cad but by 1939 there were no concentration camps and by that time the Jewish Communists had already killed up to 30 million Christians in their gulags plus another 8 million deaths in the Ukraine (Holomodor) when they stared millions to death, much like they are trying to do now in Palestine.
Hitler was well aware of that & I believe it was his main consideration in his anti-semitic views. True Germany invaded Poland but then again so did the USSR.
Even Churchill as early as 1920 was aware of the Jewish Communist Link when he wrote "There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution, by these international and for the most part atheistic Jews."
It would certainly have more sense to stop Communism at that time rather than to declare war on Germany. In 1937 Churchill warned about the 'Hebrew bloodsuckers' & undoubtedly Hitler wanted to cleanse Germany
I have to say personally if I was German I would be more interested in the 11 million Germans that died AFTER the war in concentration camps run by these Communist Jews rather than pay homage to something which is being largely exposed as a Zionist myth

Michael L.

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish available now-

The Zombie Bankers meet the Hellhounds of Abaddon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les and Fellow Travellers and Truth Seekers, from the Rotten State of Denmark.

In this country one used to learn in school, that we were the first to abolish slavery and slave trade in the world.
Actually, we were the last!

This all happened long before I was born, but to the degree I identify with this nation, I am ashamed at our participation in the Afghan and Iraq wars.

Which brings us to "The Tribe", and their insidous pushing of this mayhem.

I wrote this to you earlier, and I repeat it now, as you brought it up again.
Our local ziorag "Goldburg", celebrating jewish identity and culture, with articles such as "jewish gangsters in the US" (so you thought there were only italian gangsters? Shame on you!)
or "they were jewish, pimps and whores" etc., or "Great piece of Art,made from jewish gold teeth" etc., brought a whole page photo of "the heroic jew" (Greenblatt or so?), who defended David Irvings right to free speech.
After the extradition of Zuendel and Germar Rudolf to german prisons, which the media wasted not one word on, nor Amnesty for that matter, Irving went to Austria, got arrested, was mentioned in the media, and is now out again, while others rot in jail.
Another distraction maneuver, smoke and mirrors.
When we talk about irv, theres someone we DONT talk about.

Irving is not really a "holocaust denier", rather hes a hitler apologist.
Alexander Barron wrote a book, where he claims that he was taken to Irvings nazi temple, where irv donned his fuehrer outfit and tried to rape him.

Hmmm. Seems that both Irv and barron are jewish, so what is one to believe here?

I met a danish nazi, (no I am not one myself, but they are actually permitted here, just as the commies, so I can talk with them, without fearing catching a criminal virus or so) who told me they had brought irving to Denmark, for a closed event, where he betrayed their wish for discreteness, resulting in violent clashes with "anti fascists", somebody loosing their jobs, and irv generally was a "pain in the ass", to which I replied, "isnt that what you usually claim about the jews?"

Holocaust? Its a jewish religious practice. Look it up, Encyclopedia Brittanica etc.

Holocaust, from the bible,is a burnt offering to G*D, so that must mean that a jew burning another jew, as a sacrifice to G*D.

There were pretty many jews and part jews in the nazi leadership, not to mention their probably decisive role in the sponsorship of "Adolf Hitler Superstar Roadshow", probably the biggest stadion act before "the Rolling Bones".

Chabad lubavitcher and Bnai Brith leader, rebbe Mendel Schneersohn, involved in gentile blood sacrifice and ritual murder, stated about the holohoax: " A rotten branch on the tree of jewry needed to be sawed of".
And so on and on and on.

Ill check out that colon cleanse, got a four week supply of the "arise and shine" version.



gene kalmes said...

Grrrr....Desertpeace deleted the following comment from its site....on their blog about a Rabbi calling Gentiles Donkeys....I moved it here knowing Smoking Mirrors is much more open minded...It is laughable the criteria Desertpeace uses to delete commentary....especially when you read what they don't delete...

This is what was censored....

From a defensive stand in military planning....One must assume their opposition is fully armed and ready to take out their perceived enemies....

Quite possibly hiding secret weapons and technologies that only need their enemies to bite on the look like the aggressors....

As stated by G Edward Griffin and used repeatedly to bring sleeping giants into wars....aggravate, isolate, facilitate....

Aggravate...."You are a donkey!"

Isolate..."You no longer have a job, a home, the right to grow your own food and we are coming for your guns"

Facilitate..."We are removing local law enforcement, allowing you to keep your guns temporarily with a shortage of ammunition...and by the way there is a food shortage go ahead and kill thy brown skinned neighbor for the last can of beans on the shelf (or white versa)...

Great chess players think several moves ahead, great judo experts use their opponents momentum against them....and quite often, the most patient, the tortoise wins the race....(to borrow from the long term villainy of the Fabian Society)

And as a collective looks crazier and crazier as they try and provoke a fight....the slow to anger looks to be the most rational among us....

So by doing nothing violent in retaliation we Isolate, aggravate and facilitate the downfall of the true aggressor....

Their plan B is to run underground into bunkers and try and gas us or poison us....

Good, let's hold our breath, take our chances with a good God and seal them into their underground bunkers....

Enjoy your close quarters Donkey Kings....

(this was written to counter being called a donkey and nothing in this commentary condemns any race but those who would purposely agitate for conflict...)

Anonymous said...


Here's one for ya:

Tribe member Pam Geller call for a boycott of Campbells soup as they've committed the unforgivable sin of marketing 'muslim-friendly' soup.

Tribe member Geller made no mention of the KOSHER Symbol (TAX) already placed on the Cambpell's soup label and sold throughout the world.

I don't tend to pay attention to any person of the tribe who spouts against the tribe. Examples are numerous. Brother Nathaniel being one of them.

It's part of the MO - they have to give the appearance of opposition when in fact none exists. It's a convenient charade they like to play to lend the appearance of legitimacy to an otherwise illegitimate group of people. Much like the ONE party system of the US government. They're all beholden to the tribe regardless of the 'political affiliations'.

Anonymous said...

really great writing!
re: David Irving, he is a great and fearless historian. instead of retirement-he is taking tour groups through the concentration camps. his every word is under a microscope and the Jew is lying in wait to put him back in jail. every citizen of every country should demand repeal of the Jews ``hate crime`` bullshit legislation, it`s a fraud. you know, if someone kills you, it really makes no diff if they love you or hate you, you're still dead, the crime is the same and the last thing we need is Jew lawyers and judges speculating about someones motivation! i wont defend the Nazis, but i think England and Rothschild were the instigators of ww1 and ww2. Germany was set up, when Hitler figured out that he was set up, he went of the rails

Siamsam said...

Uncanny man - as they say where I come from>

As I started to read your post I though: hey man this guys writng my thoughts. As I read on I knew for certain that you had.

I am not in the least upset by this though, as I know you have been tasked with scribing them as only such a brilliant wordsmith can.

I said in a previous post comment that those Zombie movies were predictive. I think recent events vindicate my thoughts on that one.

Funny how so many rocks are being turned over of late. I always suspected Jones, and had my suspisions about the takealeak guy. Gallaway was always in the frame from when he exposed himself as being a complete immoral twat whilst taking part in UK Bigbrother. He actually licked milk from a saucer whilst dressed as a cat. I knew at the time that this was just a way of getting him max exposure for his future roll - and I was right on the money again. Hey I'm good :)

Anyhow, keep up the good work Les.

Kindest as always


PS what am I thinking now?

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