Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kings of the Short Run in the Land of Flaming Shit.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Sunday is 10/10/10. The government and other professional liars have had something to say about the date. Everything the government and media say are lies, or the groundwork for lies to come. All of it is especially, sculpted soft stool from the Dairy Queen machinery of a banker’s ass. You’re expected to eat and enjoy it, without knowing the composition or the source. The complexity of their intentions can be summed up quite simply. They want to take you to the point where you don’t know what the ice cream is made of, or where it came from, to the point where you line up with your cones in hand and wait in a rapt, religious hunger to obtain it from the source. Your eyes should gleam with gratitude as you walk away, knowing that you have seen one of the key mysterious out workings of God. You are free to speak in tongues as soon as your tongue is freed up for the opportunity. Fecallalia is the new glossolalia and you are now tanked up with shit for your own part in the performance. Please be creative with your lies. You’re playing musical chairs in front of a crematorium.

You are not dead. You are dreaming but the dream grows dark, when you are surviving on a dead man’s shit.

Humanity has many enemies. It has as many enemies as there is room in the mind to contain them. The most enduring and powerful of these enemies is the most invisible when it is most obviously before your eyes; appearing as something else. There is only one enemy and that is your mind. It is also your best friend, depending on who is in charge of it. Your life is either a virtual cathedral or a toilet designed as the object of desire. Gold plated shit-nacks are the bronzed baby shoes of your dreams that died in the cradle. It doesn’t really matter if you’re Chuck Berry lying face up under a glass table or lining up behind a banker’s ass. It’s still you. it’s still shit. The first place it happens is in your mind. A lot more people would understand the allegory of the temptation in the Garden of Eden and the resulting civilization if they studied all of the meanings of transposition or, maybe not. Maybe you need to know what the apple is. Maybe you need to understand the dynamics of the cosmic attractive force. Maybe the best way to understand how the mind works is to empty it first. Anyone who can empty their mind and relentlessly keep it empty for a period of time will get a first hand education on how the mind works and all of the implications as well.

The mind is divided or the mind is single.

In an age of darkness, those present are in their particular states of awareness based on past behaviors. Attending them are some amount of wolves and some amount of shepherds. There are more wolves than there are shepherds. Most shepherds are solitary and they are attended by wolves who have been converted to friends of the flock. I do not mean to disparage wolves. The sheep are not actually sheep and the wolves are not actually wolves, even though they are.

There are a lot of ways to say something and a lot of ways to understand what is said. All of this is dependent upon one’s relationship to the mind. It’s one reason that false prophets and true prophets nearly always preach to the choir, except in The Apocalypse, when a certain trembling, radiant vibration begins to quicken the baking ingredients in the bowl and in the oven.

We are now in the moment of accelerating change. We are all seeing it in states of relative difference depending on the mind’s capacity to be independent in its observations; depending on who is in control of your mind. This is the critical purpose of media and entertainment control. You can think of a casino, where super bowl bets are being taken. You can think of either team as representative of a particular end result. In this game, both teams expect to win and the spectators follow the teams into the dressing rooms at the end of the game. There are a lot of ways to say something and a lot of ways to understand what is said.

In times of darkness, the leaders of the countries of the world are generally individual expressions of the worst of us. In times of darkness, the ability to see is generally compromised by the attraction for those activities with the most dangerous consequences. In times of darkness, it is dark. What is most praiseworthy in times of light are viewed with a greater contempt in times of darkness. Up appears to be down. All of what is really true appears to be false and all of what is false appears to be. In times of darkness, most people will eat shit if you serve it to them warm. In times of darkness, the greatest danger is the people who believe the lies. They are the army of darkness, moving in the darkness of their mind. That mind is lit with a false light; the kind of thing you see in swamps. Swamps and the serene peaks of high mountains are all states of mind and dream settings for allegorical plays that can well move from one to the other or anywhere else that can be imagined as a stage.

10/10/10 is interesting if you have a binary bent (inside joke). The future looked good until it went. Some of us are maintaining a more or less consistent purpose and some of us are hoping for Bucky Dent. (rhyming feature off).

Shit does and does not happen. Shit is a dirty word in the minds of the people who serve it; in all respects of the word ‘serving’. I consider it a useful and definitive word and the people playing the moral high ground game about not using it are very often the people who are trying to turn your life into shit and who routinely do things you would never do while making laws against it and they definitely don’t want you to smoke or snort the good shit and I’m not talking about crack or cocaine. Different elevators go to different floors. The reason for this is because they don’t want you to help their victims out of the shit or affect, in any way, their trademarked shitanny. Justifying etymologies aside, it’s a useful word. It’s also something it should be okay for children to say and... that’s where a lot of interesting things happen because; the people controlling the use of language, legally and culturally, are most often the people who fuck, pimp and then kill your children and don’t want to lose the option, nor your permission for them to do so, which they get any number of ways. In times of darkness these things are routine.

Everything in life that is important to you is affected by the degree to which you compromise your integrity to allow; assist, engineer, something you want to happen. Integrity is like money. There is value in it. It gets bought and sold so... it must have some value. It has power too.. Money has power and I could just say that the reason you are confused is because you are part of the problem but you can circulate in your streets. Given what I personally experienced during a certain period at the end of spring this year, I think we are in a position to free ourselves to a large degree in this present time period. I hope not to annoy those who still separate the world into real and unreal compartments or whose minds are like condominiums but a clock is a clock and no one knows what time it is.

Things are not what they seem. We are not what we seem to be and I am not what I seem and the degree of any particular feat of comprehension depends on the shit that hangs in the balance. Some shit can be translucent and some shit is truly opaque. Your own shit is not translucent, it’s opaque. You can see through it though to the degree that your integrity possesses any fire to burn through it.

The bad guys don’t stop until they are stopped by the return effect of their own shit and that is clock dependent as well. A lot of people think that it’s the male end that you don’t want to piss off because he might kick your ass but it’s the female end that you have to look out for, as any man who abuses her will learn to his extreme distress because, like they say, payback is a bitch. The only way you come into this world, barring special circumstances, is through a woman. I consider this to be one of the most important things for any man to know. You have only to look at the possibilities of birth and the feelings of the one who bore you into delivery to get an idea of the potential. We think we are moving around under our own power and the people in power especially think this way, with the exception of what they name the thing that is the source of their soft stool, ice cream cone. Did I say something about serving it to them warm? Hmmm...

Some of us work in the outback, also called the wilderness and it’s a kind of address. That’s where you find all the things nobody wants because they don’t know what it is though they pass through it on the approved routes. A Rosicrucian said something about it being in a public place and people passing by it all the time without recognizing it. One might consider Nature as a starting point. One might also consider that nature is a feature of every one of us and we cannot escape because we all behave according to our own nature until we change it or it is changed; circumstances vary.

People are too afraid of what can save them to be able to avail themselves of the opportunity. Conversely they are too attracted to what intends to destroy them to be able to see through the shit that is selling it to them. It’s all individual cases and it all has specific details but I am here to tell you that if there was ever a time in your life when you should sincerely try to be your own true self to the greatest degree that you can find possible, that time is now.

One thing that doesn’t turn into shit is integrity. There are other force fields of armor plating that also don’t turn into shit. One’s tank can empty and the replacement fuel is shit. That’s okay for a car but not okay for you. It may look like these fiends and abusers are living the high life. It may look like anything because they can make almost anything out of shit and get you to believe in it and even worship it but it can come to no good end and it will come to an end. It always does.

We get confused. We walk on by. Somehow we think that if we can just get to a certain place then we can have the time to think about it and some of us will spare no cost or expense... the cost and expense of others and even their own, though they may not think so. Clever and smart; greedy, psychopathic, indifferent due to self interest or anything like it that you want to put here are all Kings of the Short Run in the Land of Flaming Shit and it can look like a real good time. It could look like a “hot time in the old town tonight” and sometimes you can hit that every other weekend and sometimes it’s the wrong weekend. That is all a matter of personal choice and personal choice is governed by integrity. You can’t have too much of that unless you use it for the flash but it won’t stay around very long and neither will you.

End Transmission.......

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smile-y edna aka Anna Graham said...

Yeah,something smells terrible in Denmark, Hungary and the Gulf o' Mexico, too.

They like their numbers, yes they do. The number I'm thinking about is 10/20/2010 -- nice symmetry that.

Obama is bugging out come erection time. Smart move, that. I would too.

haha vw: promblea. Houston, we've got a promblea

bholanath said...

Happy Navaratri! (heh)

Visible said...

You got it! and I am major league covered for the whole nine days, consciousnesswise. I love them all but I'm really looking forward to Saraswati at the end.

Lili said...

Sunday is actually 10/10/3 but I get your meaning. October 10 2010= 10/10/3

Gee Bruno said...

You are the American Celine, without all the ellipses.

The problem in the Garden of Eden was following the human will rather than the Divine Will, that is, "eating of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil."

God is real. His Will for your life is perfect, and perfectly good. A person may deny that, our entire society is now structured to ensure that he or she will deny it, but it is true. He created you, He is progenitor, he wants your joy and happiness. Nature an example of his creative profundity, his fecundity, his endless and wonderful power to imagine.

But in the Garden we made and make continually the choice to ignore his perfect Will, and follow our own imperfect, corruptible human will.

And the shitstorm followed.

The way past the Angel guarding the return path to the Garden is through prayer, or as Les notes, the "emptying" of the mind. Meditation. Whatever.

What you are doing is silencing the rabid dog of the left hemisphere, and letting the right hemisphere tune in on the Divine Channel. Instructions to follow, for attentive listeners.

This channel is always broadcasting, always available. All you have to do is believe. Just as you believe invisible signals will reliably be sent to your mobile, so can you trust that these Divine emanations will be sent to the tuner that is your brain.

Distractions, structures of sin, keep people from tuning in.

Tune them out. Turn on, not to altered serotonin carnival rides (preparatory only), but to the real channel.

Enough. Basta! Had a powerdream last week that suggested tomorrow tententen would signal the 3 Days of Darkness, ending on the 13th October, 93rd anniv. of Fatima. All will have the Truth shown them, the terrible consequences each of us have suffered for the following of the human and not the Divine intention.

That is all "sin" is: following the human as opposed to the Divine will.

Progenitor wants our joy. Forever. He made us out of love to be love.

The Age of the Divine Will is upon us.

Tear down thy Vanities, as Ezra Pound said.

Giordano Bee said...

Interesting synchrony with Mista C, mind falling silent and all:

(from A Tiny Revolution)

Speaking of matters of life and death - and I recognize this is only tangentially related to the thread's main topic - I'd like to bring this text by Jacob Needleman, professor of philosophy at San Francisco State University, to the attention of the kind of oddballs that visit (and write) this site:

As human life in our era spirals downward toward dissolution in violence and illusion, one central question rises up before us in the shadow of which all teachings . . . must now be measured: How can humanity reverse the process leading to its seemingly inevitable self-destruction?

In the face of this question, the heart is restless, but the mind soon falls silent. It is as though the unprecedented crisis of our modern world confounds and all but refutes thousands of years of religious doctrine and centuries of scientific progress. Who now dreams of turning to religion for the answer when it is religion itself that lies so close to the root of war and barbarism? Who dares turn to science for the answer when it is advancing technology, the very fruit of scientific progress, that has so amplified the destructive powers of human egoism? And who imagines that new theories of society, new social programs, new ideologies can do anything more than wrap the falling earth in dreams of flying?

The mind falls silent.

But in that silence something within can awaken. In that moment an entirely new kind of hope can appear.

Posted by mistah charley, ph.d. at October 5, 2010

Visible said...

Let me see, I was locked up in the John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane at St Elizabeth's Hospital in Wash D.C. for about a year and a half; right where they put Ezra Pound

and I was doing number reduction meaning in a previous offering but in this instance I was leaving the dough to leven on it's own because I didn't bake the cake. It must have something to do with Bethlehem being the House of Bread.

Thank god I don't have to do this on a street corner but then again, "all the world's a stage" meanwhile all I can say is this is the new frontier and a new shangri la and alles ordnung or however it translates. Interesting stuff since I consider Giordano Bruno to be one of my very best friends and a wound that has not healed but love endures.

Anonymous said...

What a lot of wonderful one liners!
My fave was "Your life is either a virtual cathedral or a toilet designed as an object of desire."
I'm aware the Chosen ones have a hankering for shit jokes and waste product jokes but this was a "creative" use of the term! Kudos!
wv: halblene
Hal, get me a bliny!

Anonymous said...

"Don't cost no money,
you got to pay with your heart.."

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

After reading your essay I went to my kitchen and started cleaning up the mess I had made last night and while I was doing it within a period that seemed less than a minute several thoughts came, sort of in a steady succession. The first was this verse of scripture: "Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity." Ps. 37:1

The second was this quote by Nietzsche: "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster."

The third was this quote by Nietzsche: "When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."

The fourth was a statement a friend of mine made to me about fifteen years ago in regard to a research paper I had spent several months writing about the principality (fallen angel) Jezebel. I read out loud to him some of what I considered to be the more important points and this was his reply:

"Over the years I've known lots of guys like you who have taken it upon themselves to expose Jezebel and you all have one thing in common." I asked him "What's that?" He replied: "You're all fighting it. And if you're fighting something it's got you."

The fifth thought that came was that the Lord never intended for us to be people who use malicious language, no matter how appropriate its use may seem at the time.

The sixth thought was that the oligarchs are a lot like a dog that chases cars. He may be obsessed with it but if he were to ever catch one he wouldn't know what to do with it. The oligarchs are like that with their obsession with the New World Order. One thing they haven't the first clue about it that if and when they ever succeed in pulling it off they won't know what to do with it. They mistakenly think they'll be the ones running everything when in fact it'll be a group of very powerful demons (i.e. fallen angels) who will be running everything.

Something else the oligarchs never bargained for is the fact that the demons hate them above all people because they worship them. The demons hate their own selves with a depth of hatred that is incomprehensible to the human mind. They hate themselves for their own stupidity in having joined Lucifer in the proposed overthrow of Christ's heavenly throne. So it makes sense that they would hate the oligarchs above all peoples because their worship of them is like salt in an open wound, a constant reminder of how hellish their existence is and why it is.

So, the oligarchs will be in for a big surprise one day to discover that instead of occupying the highest realms of hell as the demons promised them they would, they'll be facing the worst punishments of it, and rightly so. Even if they were to know all this they couldn't change course now because they've so aligned themselves with the demons that they no longer have control over their own wills. They looked into the abyss and the abyss looked into them.

Anonymous said...

The love of money is the root of all war and evil.

Science was steered into a brick wall when the jews got control of where the grants go. Einstein was a 'dunce become genius' miracle of the miracle faking scribes. Nuclear bombs are fake. What would "billions and billions" of degrees of heat really do?

Your man "needleman" is a foo rushing in. He takes false premises and advances the ball.

I sure would like to take a look at Tesla and Nazi science.

Josey Wales ll said...


You said it many times and I listened early and often, it was also something that I felt but could not verbalize then:

"It’s all individual cases and it all has specific details but I am here to tell you that if there was ever a time in your life when you should sincerely try to be your own true self to the greatest degree that you can find possible, that time is now."


Josey ll

Unknown said...

"Everything the government and media say are lies, or the groundwork for lies to come. All of it is especially, sculpted soft stool from the Dairy Queen machinery of a banker's ass."
Poetic Brilliance at its finest! And every word the truth.
"Everything in life that is important to you is affected by the degree to which you compromise your integrity to allow, assist, engineer, something you want to happen" By being true to our own inner Self, taking action from a bases of love and consideration of its affects on others, our light shines more.
"Your own shit is not translucent, its opaque. You can see through it to the degree that your integrity possesses any fire to burn through it." This fire you speak of is nothing other than our own consciousness, but for the majority they are living from a level of unconsciousness. That is exactly the reason why one must live from a level of genuine integrity, and act from a place of love. Greed, pride, anger, hate all lead in the other direction, and that direction is down.
"One thing that doesn't turn to shit is integrity." I totally agree and I also believe that in this present time of darkness it is especially important.
Maybe Durga can be of help here!

Happy Navaratri everyone!

Gee Bee said...

Bruno. I figured. Everynight he broods over the party in the Campo, and then Sunday morn they lay fruits and flowers at his feet.
And still he broods.

smartee said...

Another metaphorical masterpiece Les old mate!
Without doubt the shit is about to hit the old proverbial fan.
My thought on the feminine,I swam into a c**t & was pushed out of a c**t to get here,it's my God given duty not to act like a c**t whilst here!

GTRman said...

Sorry to repeat a post, I just cant recommend this presentation enough:

Neil Kramer - Guerrilla Psychonautics

Good work Les.

gurnygob said...

Les I feel I am going to get strung-up for this, but I haven't got a clue what that post was suppose to be about. You need to remember that there are simple people reading and hanging on every word you say and for me this was just one of those posts I can’t figure out. Sorry to be the spoiler again. Could you please some-up in one or two lines what you are talking about. Okay so I am a dick, sue me.

Visible said...


You're here. There must be a reason for that. Everything that gets written here is not going to be the same as what brought you here but... but, enough happens here and other places that you will soon enough be back to the place that brought you here.

Damn I'm good.

Peter Wakefield Sault said...

"They like their numbers, yes they do. The number I'm thinking about is 10/20/2010 -- nice symmetry that." - Anna Graham

Then you'll also like both the symmetry and kabbalistic sorcery contained in the date 9/11/1990 (or 11/9/1990 in the European date format which Ersatz Israel uses.

That was the day that 'By Way of Deception' (Victor Ostrovsky) was published AND it was the day that President George H. W. Bush addressed Congress, announcing for the first time the emergence of the "New World Order".

Anonymous said...

Keep Fighting! and Great Writing BTW... !


at TIU....!

Anonymous said...

Hey LesVisible,

You may have a look at Ezra Pound getting tracked down by
James Jesus Angleton, trainer of the Mossad and JFK assassin...

Re: Ezra Loomis Pound (1885-1972)

Visible said...

anon 2:01

That link requires registration to read whatever it is. I can probably find it on the internet another way; too late right now anyway. Time to head for the bunkhouse.

Anonymous said...

Now if 6 turned out to be 9,
I don't mind.
I don't mind.

Pure said...


I do not doubt god existince but i read this and it made me wonder...

If god is all powerfull, then the devil must be nothing more than a darkness in the mind of god, but if the devil is something real, seperate, then perfection is impossible and there can be no god except for the aspirations of fallen angels.

estebanfolsom said...

'and if all the

cut their hair

i don't care
i don't care'


oh yeah

rest in peace
brother john

we're doing
what we can

to carry on

back in/to the us-czar

Annsie said...

Its strange Les, The last 2 nights I have a unusual dreams but in both cases there was shit in it too.. I have been trying to figure out the symbolism..Does it mean that what I think is true is shit, or do I have to clean my shit up more or deal with some blocked up shit? I am somewhat confused.. I had to post when I read this because it was full of shit..( you know what I mean. no insult intended)


Visible said...

Shit's not a problem until it starts to go sideways under the hand of mysterious power (grin). I can give you no advice because I don't know shit.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"I can give you no advice because I don't know shit." -- Les

It's when you 'don't know Jack shit' that you should start worrying. (grin)

Anonymous said...


Mark said...

Well, I don't know shit either, but I know Jack, cause he's my dog. Been seeing lots of references to the Garden of Eden lately. It plays a part, I think, to how we got here, in the land of flaming shit.

I think about the apple and what's up with that. And I think about integrity, and all the rope available by which we can if we wish, hang ourselves.

Have given the garden lots of thought, and all I come up with is a microcosm, as someone dropped a very big hint in plain sight. Les, you once called it a way station, and I have to agree. If not, why all the rope? All hell broke loose after that first bite. It's the only way that all this flaming shit makes any sense, that through our thoughts and actions, by how we treat others (golden rule), and by what we wish for, do we stake our claim and mark our passage to the next level, of which there are delah, or many, or many times many.

Anonymous said...

sorry, if off topic. But, I want to show appreciation for being given the chance to be aware of the quest for knowledge that this Les and this group provide. We could be part of the "norm" and just be entertained, work, eat, and get old without ever knowing why we are here.

We are observers, eyes for the one.

We have the task off finding out whey we are here. We are to grow, learn and become. Why else, do they call it, enlightenment?

for when we get there, we will become light.

The easist thing for a human to do is to be a part of the program. No better than a sheep. We don't even produce wool.

It takes, as I have heard it called, virtues to achieve our goal. MOney is the ultimate distraction. they train the masses to pursue it like mice in a wheel. They don't let us set up a society that doesn't spend it life(s) on the wheel. Money isn't needed. we can have society that rises above the petty quest for money. It is part of the program.

We must step out of that illusion so that we can once again return to the path of our destiny.

Love, trust, integrity, and good ald fashion grit/determination is what we need.

There is a 'Holy Grail'. We must get there. To do so, we have to get off the wheel. Illsions, distractions, all part of the tools to keep us enslaved.

All will not get there, but that has already been determined.



wv: sodidata

Peter of Lone Tree said...

The Garden of Eden is located under the waters of Lake Van in Turkey. It's a landlocked lake, the eastern/southeastern side of which was closed off by a volcano in prehistoric times. Before that, the waters had an outlet to the ocean.

Anonymous said...

top quality mr visibles as usual..neil

gurnygob said...

"You're here. There must be a reason for that. Everything that gets written here is not going to be the same as what brought you here but... but, enough happens here and other places that you will soon enough be back to the place that brought you here."

Damn you are good.

Now let me try and see if I can't work this out.

it was a search for turth that lead me here. not everything i read here is "THE TRUTH" but there is enough truth here and other places that I will soon enough be back to the place that brought me here in the first place. Is that to say, i will be back to searching for the truth or that i will have found the truth?

ps. of course i could be wrong, which in my case is likely.

Origen the heretic said...

Shit, Les. I missed the "Ship High In Transit". People will believe any shit.

"In times of darkness these things are routine." Yeah, you mean like letting your kids go to public school, or attend a church run by pedophiles, or letting them access chat rooms , etc., ad nauseam. Hell, I mean shit, letting them watch TV is more than enough.

Looks like I'm going to miss on 10/10/10. So now, (you did say we could choose again, and I still want black olives and extra cheese) I pick Phoenix on 11/9/10. If I just get either the date or the location right, do I get half a pizza?

Rev. John

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"...the eastern/southeastern side of which was closed off by a volcano..."
Oops! Duuhhh!!
I meant the western/southwestern side.

Anonymous said...


I have been following your blog for some time now, and must say, I feel happy and honored to follow along. Integrity is the ONLY way, and I had to learn that in the past 8 years myself.
Thanks for verbalizing your thoughts here.


estebanfolsom said...

same door

one side's

the other

must be a


Anonymous said...

useful and valuable also speaking of shit warren zevon put out a song near his end called my shits fucked up

Anonymous said...

You are the finest writer working on the internet today. Nobody can match you. You are in a league of your own. I predict your work will shine through the next century and beyond.

Arturo V.

Zoner said...

In the eye if the shiticane we are.

Scanning the horizon for the incoming shitnami.

Hoping the dope and pepperoni don't run out.


DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Here are a few short excerpts from Michael Hoffman's book titled 'Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare' that I thought might be of interest to your audience:

Exposure without action against the perpetrators of the crimes revealed devolves into a kind of perverse advertisement for the prowess of the cryptocrats, who are seen as having performed fantastic feats of criminal enterprise with a genius that renders them immune from the consequences. The entire process as a whole smacks of that familiar occult control device of grotesque mockery of the principle touted, in this case the notion of exposure leading to punishment and retribution. P. 53.

If the truth of what the cryptocracy has perpetrated is grasped and acted upon, the consequences for the conspirators will be annihilation. But if the people fail to perceive the truth or fail to act on their perception, thus rendering unto the Process a kind of tacit consent born of apathy, amnesia, and abulia, the consequence for the conspirators will be a giant-step in the advancement of their system of control, that is to say, ever tighter bonds of enslavement for humanity. Why does the cryptocracy bother to gamble so much by going public with what it is doing to us? Because consent fuels their control like no other form of energy. P. 56.

Knight (i.e. Stephen Knight, author of the book titled: 'Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution') believes that one of the key masonic insights into human psychology is the reaction of people to terrorism and "serial" ritual murders executed with great virtuosity: "What a dirty trick but how skillfully executed! What a swindle, but how well and with what courage it has been done!" P. 57.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les

"People are too afraid of what can save them to be able to avail themselves of the opportunity. "

Soooo true this is. For me, Ive just pushed the opportunity ahead of myself while crying for it at the same time.
As Mr Buddha has helped me look within the mind and the nature of human action, I have remembered those opportunities still lay ahead because I choose it that way. A part of myself is still hoping to pull a bait and switch on objects and people I desire. How silly!
The soft voice of our mother laughs at me too! All of this world is formed for love. As a mother learns to leave her child to the world, so I have learned to leave my desire with the world too. The opportunity to change and grow is here and it is now! I wount push this off anymore!

PS Shit, Les that was a good read!

Love Your Life

bholanath said...

Something weird with anyone access?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I just accessed

Wayne Madsen has an interesting article on Obama's mental state and an insider talking to a blogger about it. Not sure about the validity of it.

Greg Bacon said...

The biggest chunks of excrement was pushed down our throats on 9/11, but thanks to the 'net, a lot of that shit got barfed out.

It's good that more truth about what really happened on 9/11 is coming out, but the flip side is that the murderous SOB's who really were behind 9/11 and who start wars to kill people for fun and money, ain't going down easy.

They've murdered millions in the past and millions more after the inside job of 9/11 and if things get too hot and it looks like they might get arrested and worse, they would probably start WWIII and wind up nuking the entire planet rather than go to prison or even better, a more fitting punishment.

And I say, "Bring it on!"

They're going to to destroy the planet anyway and turn damn near everyone into slaves in the process, so let's all do the Neutron Dance.

Anonymous said...

calm of central
peace invoker
stir the notes
rise the woken
the ever free
floating light
in trails of feathers
beamed inside
from evergreen
rainbow bush
tipped by star
in ancient kush
with catching essence
medicine flow
from ground to sky
to high from low.


Hank said...

I'm tired Les. Don't know if just my own shit or the pervasive, ever present shit that has me this way, but either way, I'm tired. '

I'm tired of the perpetual drum roll. This constant state of prelude, that never seems to end. I've discovered that I hate evolution. Takes too long.

I've got my protective eye wear on, so let the shit hit the fan already. Did I mention that I'm tired?

the BCth said...

Inspired by something our honourable host said in his latest audio transmission...


the gods play poker, the gods play dice
lay wagers on the freewill choice
of mortals, watching from above
to see the outworkings of love
within us, or the lack thereof
creating pain or paradise

let the gods themselves amuse
and know that all the world's a ruse
set up within duality
a ring of false dichotomy
exposed for those with eyes to see
with gnostic impartiality
what we might gain, or rather lose

dependent on our heart's desire
for freedom, spirit's holy fire
can burn away what holds us back
but only if we live the fact
of what we are, undo the stack
of karma, penetrate the pack
of lies and seek what takes us higher

create and sing and dance and serve
and learn the place of every nerve
and celebrate what brought you here
the truth that resonates so clear
for all who have the ears to hear
beyond the senses' maya curve

that God is One and All is God
perfection veiled, appearing flawed
evolving through humanity
we manifest the energy
reveal it incrementally
Love is the universal Law.


wv: buysion - Buybuysion, helloshangrila!

Pstonie said...

Les said a little something after 7/11 this year which went along the lines of "you can't make a bargain with the future" and that's true. At the same time I remember an old correspondence to George Ure where someone asked him to point them in the direction of like-minded people to form a community with and his answer was something like "Just wait until July and you will meet them at the barricades." No, George.

We got trapped here through apathy and we're not getting out without action. I haven't completely disentangled myself from the death spiral yet, but I'm a lot better off since I stopped waiting for the prophets to tell me it's okay to start living.

The shit has already hit the fan, we all saw it on 9/11. All that's left is the bulk of humanity to catch on and the final chapter to be written. These things happened and are happening. Don't be afraid to just have faith. For now, prepare yourself and enjoy the good things that the dying old world has to offer, because once it's finally gone it's not coming back for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I understand Hank's state. The never ending ending takes a toll. I have put projects aside and then I look over once in a while and see them sitting onthe shelf and wonder why didn't I finsih that?

Reminds me of when you go hiking in the mountains. Just when you think yu are reaching the top and you get over the rise and the mountain just keeps ona going. I know there is a top but sometimes...



Annsie said...

Has any of you heard of the NWO card game that was invented in 1995..The cards pretty much predict 911 and the oil spill and many other things that have happened in the last 10 years. Here is an interesting link for anyone that is interested..

Anonymous said...

Masons and other Luciferian Initiates, Listen Up!
The Following is a two part video by one of your brethren which you should understand and pay attention to, except the part where he mentions future utopia as a result that part is the lie hanging out there, other than that I think he sums things up quite well.

Now I have a few things to say! Those of us who oppose you darkened souls, by those of us who have been initiated into a path of real Light grow impatient waiting for your arrogance to draw you out of the shadows and across the tipping point and into the open for all to see.

Yes you may have the illusion of power and destruction with your many nukes, you may even have fraters with hands upon some buttons, but there exists an abyss between intention and action, who rules there really rules.

just as you have greedy, arrogant, angry, hateful, fearful blood-lusting minions blindly committed to fulfilling their oaths in facilitating the dawning of the NWO, you have apposing you amongst the masses you call the herd Jedi for lack of a better word. They are not subject to the dark impulses of greed, pride, anger, lust or envy who long to fight for the light in the orgy of violence your ilk are currently working to foment.

I can't wait to be put to the test,
Remove your head from its rest,
Plunge my hand down into your chest,
And leave you lying with the rest.

Just as the Dark ones are inviting the weak to join them we are inviting the strong men of character, integrity honor, real honor, and courage that embrace the truth and are otherwise devoted to the path of love in the service of God. We are inviting them to remain vigilant for the dark ones will march forth from the darkness soon expecting to slaughter the herd. With the ones the have trained for just such an event in foreign lands. But in war things never go as planned and in this one that will be especially true. For our leader to is invisible, and we don't need signs and tokens to recognize each other we know in an instant for the eyes reveal the true nature of the soul. A glance will be all that is needed to know if its vibration is that of darkness or that one clear in the light of integrity which can never be faked. The Lucifer worshiping dolts will be unmasked and pay for their treason against humanity.

The time for decision is now, chose your side carefully for the side who will be victorious has already been chosen before the battle has even begun. We are all going to die the question then is where do you want your soul or consciousness to reside once separated from your body?

Chose very carefully! :)

Origen the heretic said...

Here is a link from What Really Happened:

Zan One Man Demonstration

It exemplifies perfectly why I gave up trying to explain to idiots what is going on. You can't beat the TV brainwashing. God it pissed me off watching morons abuse an old man who tried to tell them the truth. I'm sorry Lord, but I'm really going to enjoy seeing the cattle get what they so richly deserve even if it sets me back spiritually a lifetime or two.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

Balls before wisdom, Rev. John
He came to divide. Let's be glad they're exposed. There's opportunity in every crisis. They're weak and impotent and they don't matter. They can serve it all the way to hell. In for a penny, in for a pound. To nod in agreement to such preposterous stupidity is a gesture of obedience, and nothing else. They can't turn back now. The waking up has about reached it's asymptote. 2/3rds will be swept away by the tail (tale) of the dragon, made sick by the sting of the scorpion's tail (tale). And they love it. Fuck em.

Anonymous said...

I'm making this my cutoff date for new wake ups. If they're not awake by now, their loyalties are as bogs as a whore's kiss. Any coming after this day are fickle alliances. Fuck em.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed the erectile dysfunction commercials during NFL games? Limpdick spectators. They sell it where there's a market - feminist flogged men. Maybe they should find new girlfriends for their erectile dysfunctions. Women die without it. The life is in the blood and the blood is in the penis. Up is down in our age.

Anonymous said...

Chin up, Hank. It only means wake up call is over. Any procrastinators will be deluged with the depressing reports of what jews do, to the point of desensitization, apathy and exhaustion. Prepare however you see fit and wait for that green light. It's coming. Too often lately, I detect a note of boastful joy in these reports (incogman) of what jews do. Who could look up a donkey's ass so long without getting depressed? Only a jew. The obvious hasbaras are only a token front. A person immobilized by apathy is a lot less of a threat to the jew than a non-wakeup, if there are any of those left. Don't fall for it.



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