Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Just Want to be a Useful Tool.

I want to be a useful tool. I enjoy to be employed. I’m Able capable of Cain Ola but would rather crunch the destructions into fertile fields and factories of pleasant interact instead of disorder and flatulence and fat. I am okay with neat and tidy and can do wild at the fringe, even if those days are over with those girls across the border. I don’t mind law and order …if it is natural. I am a singular piece, sometimes jury-rigged for a moment to get that Slim Jim hot car fix in order to go “down on Eldridge Ave” and drive all night without getting caught because stealing a car was not the point but a necessity of the time. So apparently sometimes you live outside the law and you are honest.

I’m a tool and people have used me. You are a tool, so you know what I am talking about. People have used you too. Sometimes people have used me in the right way and sometimes they used me wrong. I knew that right away because that is not my purpose so I rebelled against my owner. I didn’t turn myself upon him but I refused to be put to a use for which I was not intended. This made me a bad tool. I don’t understand. I may not be a good tool entirely but I am a useful tool. I really do want to be useful even more than I want to be good because good and bad are often theater actors and they switch roles. For me, being a tool, goes beyond being good and evil.

As I said, I am a tool and people have used me. They have used me for what I was designed for and also for what I was not designed for; mostly for what I was not designed for so that being properly used came to mean something a lot like freedom and joy. I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel when people use me well because it is beyond my capacity in this area of endeavor and my capacity in this area of endeavor is considerable. I hope you get the picture.

I am a lucky tool in many ways because a tool user picked me up and has been using me the right way and I am very grateful about that. One of my jobs as a tool is to study what other tools do and watch what happens when they are wrongfully employed. I’m supposed to report on that to the Toolmaster and I do and sometimes it gets fixed and sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s a crying shame what happens to us. We have so much potential and it gets put to inefficient use. The reason this happens is because there is a certain type of person who wants to own all of the tools. Even worse, they want to abuse and torment the tools for their own pleasure. For reasons unknown to me they get enjoyment out of it. I suspect that when you have it all a certain realization dawns on you that you didn’t actually get whatever it was that you thought you were going to get and it makes you mean. You weren’t a nice person to begin with or you wouldn’t have wanted all the tools for yourself but...not getting what you thought you would get has made you a nasty customer indeed and you take it out on the tools! As if it was their fault. “Paavam”; my Malayalam and Hindi are not what they need to be but that says it.

I don’t speak Tamil nor do I know where Kubla Khan’s underground river runs to the sea, even if I happen to live there presently. I’m just a tool but I am a useful tool. You are a useful tool. It is quite possible that you have more uses than you know about. Much of what we are capable of is not a desired result for the tool hoarders and abusers.

What I want to know is; what do we make of the tools in the display window? These are the tools you see who perform their jobs in the political, religious and media arenas. We are given to believe that these tools have the ability to do the job they commissioned for. Still, for some reason the job never gets done or it gets done wrong; costs far too much, requires far more tools that the job requires, breaks the tools, kills your dog, rapes your daughter and then takes two Quaaludes and calls the doctor for you in the morning.

Being a tool I know that there are not good tools and bad tools. Tools are tools, although there are inferior and superior tools. It’s the purpose that defines the matter and sets the tone, tenor and shape of the construction. Two main points about tools are facility and efficiency and there is the specific tool for the specific porpoise. There are others so you should think about that now.

Is the purpose the porpoise or is the porpoise The Dauphin or is the dolphin going to be able to free Willie? Maybe John Lily and some other people understood things that we need to know, since we are tools involved in occupations by which we identify ourselves.

So, let us look at the tools on display and the perversions of their porpoises and let us look at the few eccentric tools that stick out of the woodwork. I’ve seen these people; Jessie Ventura, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney and a few other Swiss Army type knives and I know they may have some soft spots in their temper due to the metal coming into contact with heat for which is was not designed and they may have made a mistake here or there. I know the feeling. I make mistakes but I’m trying to quit.

Wouldn’t you think... that Mr. Tall Drink of amber beer water falling into the Lincoln Reflecting Pool would want to make Jesse the ventura dolphin his minister of defense?

Wouldn’t you think that Ron Paul should be Secretary of Treasury? Doesn’t that make this dual purpose tool multifaceted? Shouldn’t Cynthia McKinney be the Ambassador to the United Nations? Shouldn’t Dennis Kucinich be an important part of this? Are these the wrong tools? Is this the wrong factory? I’m sensing some presssssure.We see that the agenda that was, is the agenda that is and the right tools never get close to the perfect fit because the game is fixed and that’s why you are always playing catchup or chasing the rabbit because it spins the wheels in the hamsters cage and some of us wind up picking Spaniards out of the works when we were really designed to teach you how to fly.

I think it’s long past time for the tools to start telling their users that they just won’t do what they aren’t supposed to do just so that psychopaths can have their ‘parent-free night out’ at the elementary school playground. Why would ancient living lies believe that drinking the blood of young things will make them young? …when being what they are, is what made them old in the first’s a puzzle. For some tools the purpose of life is to tie your self up in knots. For me that is not so, I wouldn’t mind except that the Tool-Nazis seem to want to make it a law that you have to be tied up in knots. This puts me in a quandary because one of my ‘job specific’ porpoises is to untangle knots and slide through nets.

In the next few days, being the sort of tool that I am, I get the distinct impression that a whole lot of things are going to start falling apart simply because the right tools weren’t used in the first place. Then we are going to have to use the right tools anyway and it will just be a lot more problematic.

I think you are probably tired of being applied to purposes that are not in your job description because you don’t see, “He’s your Daddy” on your birth certificate. I left that assembly line a long time ago and I just thought you ought to know that there is a whole other world out there where tools get used for what they were made to do. This is just one tool talking to other tools but I think you ought to start talking to each other.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Of Time Monks, Kairos and Benthic Zones.

I was going to take a break from the more materially focused, literary escapades that I have been providing in this sector of this quadrant of this period in the precession of the equinox. Pretty soon we are going to be in the central vortex, where the light shines at the appointed moment on the mysterious hieroglyphs that suddenly appear in holographic form on the gateway to Petra, certain pyramids and whatever other portals may appear. As is always the case, it will be proven that the historical, reality bandits and revisionists are dead wrong and whoever winds up in Petra, it won’t be the people claiming that it will be them.

I was going to let a necessary silence swallow up my thoughts for a time because we are about to enter a new and unpredictable period of cosmic and human events. Imagine my surprise, as I was considering this, when a generous reader purchased and sent me the latest Time Monk’s transmission. Perhaps a little background would be helpful and I’ll also throw in a brief selection of data bursts with some analysis. Previously, I had only seen a short synopsis. Last night I read the entire 47 pages of the data set analysis. There is a serious warning and disclaimer posted prior to the actual file which warns against people with health or consciousness problems reading the body of the work.

After reading the composition, I must say that the warning is not without justification if… what is being predicted should be real. What hit me as I was reading the text was how closely it mirrored many of my own thoughts and much of what you have been reading here for some time now. Nothing has quite the same impact as to see one’s own internal findings measured out and corroborated in an impartial, impersonal mathematic construct. I heard bells going off. I said to myself, “Yes, this is some part of what I am seeing too.”

I was most especially struck by the constant references to TPTB and how they are not nearly as powerful as they imagine and how the summing up of which I have been speaking about here is headed dead on for them. The system recognizes the global danger presented by the Zionists and also points out something I’ve been sensing for some time, which is that Israel’s attack on Iran is going to be the biggest mistake they ever made and will lead to the complete destruction of Israel.

They speak about the punishments and justice that are on their way to ‘the elite’ and those who serve them. There is much mention of the looting of The Vatican and what is to be found there. All sorts of revelations and new capabilities for knowledge and understanding are going to present themselves within the environment of global revolution. Well… you can see it, can’t you? All the signs are manifesting. They say that come September it’s going to heat up like a black and blue steak in the pan. It’s going to be charred on the outside and raw in the middle and come November, it’s “Katie bar the door.”

While I was reading this, I felt like the ball in the pinball game. If certain of your centers are open you are going to be having a similar experience. Otherwise, the denial factor is going to intensify. Lately I’ve seen an assortment of Schmoos and Smurfs manically fixating on conspiracy theorists as if they were dangerous lunatics. As the Zio-fiction press ‘conflates’ (I had to finally use that word for my own amusement; it’s replaced ‘on the ground’ as the new buzz for the upscale, word fashionistas.) the ludicrous no plane at the Pentagon/Apollo moon landing hoax with 9/11 being an inside job, it is good to remember that it is the Zionist infiltrators in the alternative media who are actually pushing the fantastic into the mix to discredit the hard evidence that shows irrefutably beyond doubt that 9/11 was done at the biding of ‘the elite’ through various intelligence agencies, principally the CIA and Mossad.

If you can afford this document (I don’t know what it cost) then you should by all means get it, provided you are not faint of heart or having consciousness problems (grin). I suspect it will floor you. It did me. I saw point after point, already made here by my readers and I, as well as by those few others at various points on the cutting edge of the moment. I was struck by the repetition throughout, of justice coming down on the heads of the formerly rich and powerful. I was struck by the scale of predicted devastation which involves various features converging into a Gotterdammerung of epic proportions. It is a gripping and fascinating read.

There is no insistence that what is portended will happen ‘exactly’ in any way. There is no insistence on being right. Explanations and reservations appear all through the document. However… this item, taken in toto, is riveting. I can only speak for myself when I say that what I was reading echoed my thoughts over recent times based on my observations and the pronouncements of my intuitive witness. I was hearkened back to a mysterious episode last fall where for several days I was the recipient of information very, very much like what I was reading here.

There is a lot of hope in this construct, depending on who you are and what you are up to. It is uncanny how closely it mirrors so much of what has been said here by the majority of the participants. It should come as no surprise that agents of repression within Blogger have made commenting here such a difficult enterprise. The Time Monks are at pains to make it understood that the deceived elite are operating on all available levels to shut down and manipulate the flow of information. They also point out that, as has also been repeated here, that the elite and their representatives are going to turn on each other all over the planet. There is going to be a chaos of exposures; treachery, finger-pointing and every rat for himself behavior.

I feel very much confirmed in many things this morning. This is not to say that any of what Time Monks predicts will come true in the ways presented, or at all. But it is a certainty that something like it is coming. Gerald Celente has been predicting eerie similarities that counterpoint the Time Monks all too closely. Information about the coming upheavals and transformations are appearing from sources at far removes from one another and all with yet more eerie similarities. I will be treating with metaphysical aspects related to what is coming at Visible Origami later today.

It becomes more and more clear that a large portion of the population is in a serious mode of denial and will not countenance what is in their face. I believe this is because they cannot risk the mental atmosphere of having to accept that everything they hold dear is at risk and that everything they think they know is wrong. It appears they would forfeit their lives before they would entertain the necessity for awakening. Awaken they shall however. There is no other recourse. It is a telling thing how Time Monks defines the Zionist agenda as a very bad thing across the board. There is no equivocation in this. Apparently there is going to be some eye-opening the like of which has not been seen before. The whole concept of apocalyptic unveiling is brought forth in myriad aspects. The imagined high and mighty are going to tremble in their shoes and all of their bolt holes and food storage compounds are going to be revealed by those engaged in creating them for them. Truly, evil is going to turn on itself.

There was far, far too much presented in this document for me to treat with it in anything but a general manner. What I can say is that when you read it you are going to be amazed at how it closely it mirrors what you already sense and suspect. It takes a lot to blow my mind. Suffice it to say that that has now occurred, in relation to what I have had the opportunity to read in recent hours.

One thing comes to mind, here at the end of this latest posting. It is past time to orient yourself to whatever you find important. According to whatever that is, you will be sorted accordingly.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Ringworm Complex and the Federal Reserve.

Lies have always been the soft currency of the world. When people sell houses and cars they lie. When they sell other products they lie. When they sell religious beliefs they lie. When they sell the news they lie; they even manufacture the news out of lies before they sell the adapted lies. When they sell lifestyles they lie. When they sell political systems they lie and the candidates that front those systems lie as well. It starts with them selling themselves and that… was an extension of the primary lie that they told themselves. The lies of the world are like strands of false pearls that shine with false promise, in the currency of belief that buys the lie and gives value to the main industry of existence; pretending to be something else. All of this, being composed of garbage, generates garbage, which winds up down wind and around the bend.

The truth is the original homeless person. Looking for the truth makes you Diogenes as a mental patient. They can’t find anything he’s supposed to have written. Perhaps that is because if they had he would have been Diogenes as prison inmate.

We’ve seen some pretty hideous behavior sweep across the planet at various intervals like a brush fire fever. We’ve noted that it’s usually made possible due to the accelerated ringworm condition of general ignorance. You notice ringworm once the patch gets large enough and you don’t have to worry right away because it takes about ten years to cover your whole body. Ignorance is like that in many ways. Just keep scratching and ask yourself why one of that ancient character’s names is ‘Old Scratch’.

Yes, we’ve had Genghis Khan and Napoleon, who bled his country white in pointless wars of conquest. The beautiful lies of patriotism kindled the youthful and passionate ignorance and an epidemic of scratching in The Ringworm Complex. We’ve had Stalin and Mao and George W. Bush and nobody can conquer the Hindu Kush.

We’ve had Mongols and Turks and Holy Wars. We’ve had inquisitions with white hot tongs and auto-da-fe’s. The ignorance has traveled intact from the mysterious origins of culture and civilization into the present day. History serves a particular purpose, I suppose. It’s there to remind us of where we’ve been and maybe it’s supposed to educate us in the direction we should go but… that hasn’t worked at all.

Ask yourself which hurts more; the cut finger from ten years ago or the cut finger from ten minutes ago? Is what once happened more important that what is happening? The pederast dynasty of The Vatican has had a good long run. They folded, spun and mutilated existence over the stretch of many centuries. I don’t know of any wars that the Vatican is engaged in at the moment besides the War of Information. Just about all the players are involved in that.

People tell me that The Vatican is behind everything. You get some strange information coming down the pike every now and then.

I keep hearing that behind the Zionists there is some really secret cabal that is using them, without their knowledge, to do dreadful things. I can see who the individuals are that were engaged in the 9/11 orchestration and following hocus pocus. I can see who owns the information entities that sold the Bin Laden angle. Is there a secret shareholder that we don’t know about? I can see who was responsible for the lies that led to the Iraq invasion and I can see which interest group is crying out for an attack on Iran. Is there some secret interest group behind them? I can see who ordered the genocide in Gaza and I can see who carried out the genocide in Gaza. Is there some alien or terrestrial entity that is using them without their knowledge?

I can see who the players are in the international banking world. I can read the names of the individuals that exercise the power of these banks. I can see the connections between these individuals and the individuals in the media which provides the explanations for why things happen and what they mean. I realize that when you own the means of printing money then you can decide who you will lend it to and that means it is possible to buy and control nearly everything simply by being the ones who are loaned the money to do so. I can read the names of those who occupy important positions in government and I can see where their loyalty lies by what they support and oppose.

I can see the presence of powerful interest groups and I can see their agenda in the laws that are enacted, which protect the interests of those who are engaged in non-stop criminal enterprise against humanity. Is someone else doing this from a control booth in Mongolia?

When Son of Sam went to trial they didn’t try the dog as well. However, Charlie Manson did get tried although he wasn’t directly engaged in the murders. In neither case was The Process Church of the Final Judgment brought into the courtroom. I didn’t see Robert DeGrimston there or Scientology either. Robert DeGrimston is supposed to be a business consultant in New York now. That makes a certain kind of sense. Was somebody else behind all of the people who did all of the things we hear about or are these things being done by the people that are connected to them in front of your eyes?

History is one thing and the moment is another. Do we march forward into the endless future as an army of blind men gumming each other to death or do we put halt to the evil of the moment? As long as the faucet of money is in the hands of certain people they can control what happens. This is the reason why the Federal Reserve has come and gone and come again and why heads of state who tried to mess with it got assassinated. It’s all about controlling the money. It’s not because someone achieved at something because they were smarter and more industrious. They achieved because they had all the money they required and the competition did not. This is the lie of exceptionalism.

In this world of differences, all of the differences seek to prosper and their prosperity most often comes at the expense of someone else. I can see with my own two eyes, which interest group is behind the majority of today’s criminal activities against the human race. It’s not Genghis Khan and it’s not Berkowitz’s dog. The means of continuance is the control of the issuance of currency and the specificity of lending. The engine which turns the wheels of destructive industry is the power that controls the money which is granted for that purpose.

No nation should have its fortunes held hostage by foreign banks. If a nation’s fortunes are held hostage by foreign banks then the policies of that nation will be subordinate to foreign interests. If any group or individual can control a nation’s money supply they can control the government. They can determine who is elected and who is not. They can make the laws and evade the laws at the same time. God may rule in Heaven but money rules on Earth. There’s a greater mystery at play here but it is not the focus of this polemic.

The solution is simple. The power of making money and exercising control over the recipients of that money must be returned to the people of the nation in which that money circulates. The problem you face is that the counterfeiters control the people who carry the guns which protects the money, which serves foreign interests. The other problem is that world media, which has been purchased with counterfeit money printed exactly for that reason, is in the hands of those who print the money.

Whatever may have happened in history is composting under the leaves of the falling years. Your not having learned from it is one problem. Your not acting collectively in the moment is the other. You are here, if you are here. You are there, if you are there. Which is it?

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Irish and The New World Order

Yeah, it’s the Irish. They did it. It’s the Gang of Two, O’Brien and Monahan; members of POG (Paddy Occupied Government) who ripped off the Harvard Hillel. It is POG that is behind most of the world’s problems. It’s long been known but seldom mentioned how the Irish faked the Potato Famine and all the other things they blamed on the long-suffering British over the course of some 800 years. They’re really milking that victim thing. It’s their trademark and their signature.

No one talks about the Highland Clearances in Scotland but the Irish did that one also. Today, the Irish are engaged in a systematic genocide of The Glorious Orange Order and the noble souls who are dedicated to the spread of its high and honorable ideals around the world. Most recently the brave members of The Orange Order of Malaysia and Indonesia are experiencing horrific acts of terror from Muslim extremists who have taken exception to the Biblical right of The Orange to regain their divine right of control to these ancient homelands of The Orange. Lately it has become clear that The Irish are behind these acts of terror. No heart can remain unstirred by the power and passion of the traditional ballad which begins to play as the website opens.

Last week it was front page news that Frank Collins is a direct descendant of Michael Collins who mass-murdered so many innocent British citizens in their Irish homeland around the time of The First World War (which was caused by an international alliance of Irish Bankers). The blood libel lie that Frank Collins is actually Jewish has been exposed as a vicious rumor perpetrated by The Paddy Media which presently owns 96% of the MSM.

Vic Alhadeff of The New South Wales movement for Jewish Truth has recently proven that for centuries, a secret tribe of Irish insurgents has been operating within the Jewish peoples and fomenting all manner of terrible acts which are then blamed on both the Zionist movement and member of The Tribe worldwide.

One has only to study the names of those responsible for the 9/11 attacks to see who the real perpetrators are. No, it was not Bin Laden and a rag tag ensemble of Stone Age Arabs. It was the Irish. Look at the names that come up in the PNAC (Paddy’s for a New American Century) membership list; William McKristol, Paul McWolfowitz, Richard McPearle, Douglas McFeith and Dick McCheney. One of the main architects of 9/11 and former Pentagon Comptroller who was responsible for the remote control mechanisms in the airplanes, Dov McZackheim can trace his roots all the way back to the High King Magog of Ireland. Philip McZelikow was appointed to control the whitewashing of the 9/11 commission.

Michael Ledeen who has been neck deep in both the 9/11 attacks as well as the lies that led to the Iraq invasion is as Irish as they come. ‘Michael’? ‘Ledeen’? Get a clue.

Every where you look you see the black hand of the Irish pulling the strings behind the curtains that conceal the controllers of world affairs.

What are we to make of The Five Dancing Irishmen who were filming the 9/11 attacks from New Jersey? It was later proven that they were members of McMossad, the dreaded Irish spy and assassination organization.

It was The Irish again who blew up the British ‘hero of India’, Lord Mountbatten. Lord Mountbatten was noted not only for his military acumen but for his compassion toward the enemy both on and off the field of battle. As he sought to recover the ancient British homeland of India for The Empire as well as her resources, both English soldier and the common man of India spoke of the transformative power worked upon their souls by this inspired philosopher king. What was left of this remarkable hero after The Irish got done with him? We were left with a single shoe. Gaze upon the kind and loving visage of this hero of the people and weep as you read the glowing commentaries that follow. The people know who was behind this and at what cost... what cost! A single shoe... not even a foot attached, just... one lonely shoe. Alas.

It has been The Irish who are responsible, through their control of world media, for convincing the uninformed world public to believe the fantasy that the British MI6 was behind the majority of the IRA bomb attacks.

I know you find this hard to believe. I know you find it hard to believe that The Irish control the international media as well as the world of entertainment in television, music companies and movie studios. So do this for me. Go to any search engine. Go to every search engine and check out the actual names of the individuals in charge of these industries and tell me if you don’t see one Irish name after another. Look at the members of Obama’s cabinet and the names of his chief advisors; every one of them is Irish.

It’s the Lost Tribe of Irish Hassid’s who are responsible for the genocide in Gaza while the ordinary Israeli citizen looks on in horror. You’ve seen the recent youtube video of Irish thugs pretending to be Israelis where they cursed the American president while cavorting like drunken hooligans. Irish thugs routinely burn Palestinian orchards and farms, bulldoze their houses and kill unarmed women and children as IDF soldiers and concerned Israelis attempt to stop them but it is all in vain. They are too powerful and the world just does not care.

It was Irish slavers who brought black people in chains to The New World and who filled black neighborhoods in the 20th Century with pawnshops and liquor stores and who made up the majority of the slumlords and still do today.

A reader of this blog was kind enough to send in this video which shows how far the Irish Plot has gone toward enslaving humanity and gives new meaning to the term, Black Irish.

The Irish funded Adolph Hitler and caused The Holocaust and are today the single driving force behind denying that it ever happened. It is the Irish who publicized the actual numbers of the dead provided by The Red Cross as if to refute the claims made by Jewish historians as early as 1919 of six million dead and dying. Nothing is greater proof of an event than to be able to predict it in advance of its occurrence ...but that means nothing to The Irish.

Do none of you care? Look at the members of the Federal Reserve board and the heads of the banks that comprise its membership. You see nothing but a litany of Irish names. See for yourself. The most sinister dynasty in the world, The McRothschild’s can be traced directly to their Irish lineage here. The history of their despicable red shield is there to be seen by any and all.

Today, due to the draconian push of political correctness, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by The Irish has become something we can no longer talk about. The driving of the Irish moneychangers from the temple has been scrubbed from the history books along with their unbroken worship of the Golden Calf through all the tortured centuries of humankind oppressed by the Irish elite.

It is past time for the people of the world to rise up and thrown off the chains of our Paddy masters. It’s time to stop catering to their bloated victim industry as they simultaneously bathe themselves in the sweat and blood of the people. As the old proverb goes, “The Irishman cries out in pain as he strikes you”. When are you going to wake up? This ancient enemy of humanity is tightening his grip upon every area of our lives. Not a day passes that you don’t hear about another Irishman involved in a financial scam amounting to millions and often billions of dollars. They feast on the fat of the land while the rest of us go hungry.

I know that this is all part of a master plan and I do believe that their long rein of terror shall soon come to an end but we must all of us be a part of the change we want to believe in. God has no other hands than ours. The Irish must be held to account.

With apologies to the Steve Miller Band...
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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Apocalypse for Dummies.

What can you do besides shake your head and give a rueful laugh at the irony of a high end mole in a Karl Marx suit appointing so many 'Czars'? What can you do except stare in bug-eyed wonder at the overwhelming number of members of The Tribe, in control of the administration, who take the party line to protect the status quo so that their jumped up little nation of goose-stepping fascists won’t be revealed as one of the arch perpetrators of 9/11?

What do we make of all the left-gatekeepers who say the truth about 9/11 doesn’t matter? See the first comment in this link for just a few names and wonder of wonders they are members of The Tribe as well. At what point does coincidence, as Goldfinger explained to James Bond, become enemy action? Look at the second video which is a close up of one of the towers after it was hit. Look at the small injury at the top of the building and you tell me how it managed to heat the support structures all the way down to the bottom to the extent that the building could come down in free fall into its own footprint. Let’s not even mention the natural inclination of fire to burn upward or that it didn’t do much in that direction either.

Then there are the inescapable facts that precede the event. If you’ve got the time, here is a very comprehensive timeline related to 9/11.

We’ve seen one of The Tribe’s blackface operations singing and dancing on the MSM about rising hate crimes recently. We know that all of this is to counteract the relentless engine of the internet revealing what has been hidden and... at what point do the scales tip? At what point is critical mass achieved? Do they shut everything down and make criminals of us all or... does something remarkable happen?

I made a provocative comment in my last posting here (it’s gone now) to see what the general tone of my readers was. At the same time, I’ve been traveling all over the internet to see what the general tenor of the contributing population thinks about America being controlled by a nation that attacked it and then hid and/or spun the evidence in way that an eight year old would find hard to believe. People are angry out there and they’re not afraid to come to the same conclusions as I. It doesn’t matter if you are going to alternative news sites or to the mainstream, it’s being said over and over. For everyone who speaks there are usually a great many more who do not but who also know.

It’s the old story of closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. They really have no choice but to legislate against people speaking out. They have no choice but to bypass and dishonor The Constitution. They have been caught out. Everybody knows. Here’s the ultimate irony; if they can’t even beat a small group of fighters with second class weapons fighting the best armed military in the world in Afghanistan, how are they going to stop the people all over the world who are telling the truth on the internet?

Well... as far as Afghanistan goes, they don’t really intend to win that war. This is the explanation for your puzzlement about why they don’t introduce enough soldiers in the first place. Wars these days are fought only to enrich corporations and bankers. That’s usually the case anyway. Wars have nothing to do with any stated causes and nothing to do with winning at all. They are about controlled murder for money and intimidation for those elsewhere who are resisting corporate theft in whatever corner of the world it is taking place in. You could be next. It’s about land and resource grabs. It’s about psychopathy in action.

I’m guessing that, these days, before anyone becomes president they already have the Polaroid’s and video necessary to maintain fealty. They set these guys up way before hand. You might think the game is so wired that there is no chance of turning the tide, au contraire... au contraire.

The tide has turned and they are scrambling like the sewer rats that they are, doing damage control, while over-extended in gratuitous wars around the globe as they prop up a ‘dead in the water’ economic system, thinking they’ll be in their bolt-holes when the shit hits the fan... au contraire... au contraire. This is the time of summing up and there are just too many people for them to control the world and rape it at the same time.

Many people think the solution to this is mass murder on a large scale and ‘they’ are thinking about that and they are working in that direction. They are attempting what many others before them have attempted and never succeeded at. They won’t succeed at it either. Unlike those they are oppressing who are not afraid to die, they are... afraid to die. They are weak and without the characteristics that make one strong. There is no tensile strength in their bones. There is no righteous passion in their hearts. There is no clarity of virtuous purpose in their minds.

As I have said many times before, they are being set up by forces unknown to them in order to give the world an object lesson. This is a movie and the director is on the set. In the final act they will turn on each other. It is their nature. Imagine the degree of arrogance that wars within them against the uncertainty of their fears. They are divided against themselves and lying in both directions. It’s a wonder that they don’t put their own hands around their necks and strangle themselves. In a sense this is just what they are doing.

In the meantime they are exposing themselves so that there will be no doubt about their crimes. In the meantime they are lying and dissembling without pause as they are being more exposed with each passing day.

At the same time humanity is waking up. Who knows why this is? Whatever the reason, humanity is waking up and new generations are appearing from locations unknown with a new message for those who have preceded them.

As much as an unfortunate percentage of The Tribe is on the front lines of darkness, they are not exclusive in these pursuits. They are joined by other fell representatives from every nation, race and religion. They are coming out of their holes and being forced out of the inner planes because these are the times that have been written about. You are living in them. These are those ‘interesting times’. The Apocalypse is a mathematical condition. It adheres to the laws of physics. It comes whenever the world has reached the final limits of its forced state of imbalance. This is not a religious condition. It is a natural occurrence that follows the course of natural laws.

Yes… it looks grim. The degree of crime at every level is a wonder to behold. Max Kaiser conducts a brilliant interview with Michael Hudson where you can hear all about it (see the right sidebar for the next two clips). It looks like they can do whatever they want and that their captive governments will just wink and nod all the way through. Don’t be taken in by appearances, this is all part of the show.

I’m writing this because I hear so much despair and uncertainty as the movie moves to the denouement. You’ve heard the phrase, “These are the times that try men’s souls”. Please understand that ‘try’ means to temper. It is just such adverse conditions blanketed in exaggerated fear which is the fire that tempers your metal. If it doesn’t kill you, you’re going to be a lot stronger and... if it does... you’ll probably be back again unless you’ve finally become free of the need and in that case you have my congratulations.

As someone once said in a song; “don’t let it get you down, it’s only castles burning.” The world is the world is the world. Whether we understand the purpose of it, it does have one and it tends to repeat itself in what it offers and in the events that transpire regardless of the age they appear in. We are at a major transit point... major; not just the end of a 2,000 year cycle and the beginning of another but the end of a 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of another. Try not to get composted and stay the course in all of the better meanings of the phrase.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Government may be Big but it's not Your Brother.

Your government is not just inefficient, venal and a crack whore for the corporations. Your government is dangerous and out to get you. Here’s a little taste. This is in 4 parts so look at the menu to your right for the rest. You’ll also want to give this a look. I wish Alex Jones would give his guests more time to speak. This seems to be a trend with a lot of hosts and it’s something for them to remind themselves of. I don’t think well of a lot of alternative news gathering sites for a variety of reasons. The best hosts work to extract the maximum from their guests and reserve their editorializing for times set aside for that purpose. Point taken, I hope (grin).

Don’t let the government give you any shots. Let me repeat that, don’t let the government give you any shots. It looks like they want to kill you; “let me count the ways.”

I don’t know what the story is about Obama. It’s obvious that he’s a lightweight and a front man for The Syndicate. I don’t know if there’s something human and courageous lurking below the glad-handing exterior. So far, the evidence is not good. He’s either completely in the enemy camp or he’s as clueless as a Beverly Hills teenage girl (insert ‘boy’ if that makes you feel better).

Right now it looks like the government has got Boomslangs coming out of their ears and once they hit the ground they go into a mating frenzy with the Black Mambas. It’s looking like voodoo on steroids. Meanwhile they have only limited and temporary control over the financial horror show that they are propping up with two by fours and bullshit. From what I can see, the purpose of this is to loot the last bloody nickel from the thing before they bring it down on the heads of the public.

I haven’t listened to all of that radio show but I listened to enough to hear some viable truth. I’m not sure about the Michael Jackson connection. That sounds fantastic and I often hear fantastic things in the alternative media. I question things no matter where they come from. I’m not looking to prove any point. I am looking to see the point and to separate the fantasy from the fact. The information on the Alex Jones web cast is truly scary. It won’t change anything as far as I’m concerned but it does seem to open the door for lockdown meditation retreats in our future. I’ll take that as it comes. It’s not going to change anything and I hope the same applies to all of the warriors out there in the landscapes and woodwork of these troubled times.

I’m thinking that no one should pay any more taxes. There needs to be a groundswell of people who are living in the most threatened locations and those would be America, The U.K., Canada and Australia. Other places are under degrees of threat but the threat is greatest in the just mentioned areas. These areas are also heavily under Zionist control. That makes the situation no big surprise.

Listen up people. They are squeezing you like lemons but they are not making lemonade. You have to go to your most effective weapons. You can’t just run into the street crying “Viva Zapata” and firing your guns into the air. We aren’t at the Red Dawn stage yet but we are getting there (note the year it came out). You have to shut this monster down. That means you have to take away its income. A nationwide tax revolt is the way to go and everyone working in any area that serves the government interest needs to drag their feet and muck up the works as they go. No one should put any money in the stock market. No one should buy anything that is not essential. You have to injure the corporations in whatever way you can. Do not eat in any chain restaurants. Do not shop at any chain stores. Do not buy Intel products or give Starbucks a dime. Educate yourself about everything you buy so that nothing goes to the genocidal maniacs in Israel.

Everyone working in any sensitive area that is involved in the various schemes of killing people needs to start going public with information; anonymously if necessary. Otherwise we need so many whistle blowers it will sound like the world has turned into a gay Disco which, unfortunately, it looks like it already has. I’m hoping I’m hitting enough of the points being made on the Alex Jones web cast. I wouldn’t want to think that I was missing too many.

If you want something to stop operating you have to cut off the water. You have to cut off the petrol. You have to forget to check the oil. Worst case scenario, you sugar the gas tank with Karo syrup. This monstrous lumbering murder machine known as the government has become a self-service operation. It services itself. The people representing you are representing themselves or the vampires who own them. There are a few real people there; Jim DeMint, Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney... maybe some others... few, all too few.

The American people need to form an organization similar to the Oathkeepers. They need a promise organization. “I promise not to give the government one red dime until it either destroys itself in some kind of sexual, auto asphyxiation scenario or it starves to death.” You have to kill the monster and failing that you have to bring it to heel.

The banker’s and their cronies need to be arrested and put on public display in a traveling zoo so that they can be pelted with road apples and sundry. They need to be stripped of their assets and then stripped naked and left quivering in the Jello of their obese, obscene appetites. They need some public Cold Turkey on camera, broadcast around the world. They need to be dishonored (not that they have any) and humiliated.

I expect that many of you know what needs to be done. I know that all across the lands I have mentioned people are very angry. It’s times for some blows against the Empire. The force is strong in you. Darth Vader needs to be put into a continuous loop of that scene from Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis found Ving Rhames in the pawn shop.

There are a lot of savvy people in the military. You see what’s happening and I know you don’t like taking your orders from Israel. It’s past time for you to be talking to each other.

Here’s some good news. As I have indicated at different times here and at the other blogs, the seriously evil Boomslangs are losing their minds. This is going to speed up exponentially. They are losing it. Their reach has exceeded their grasp and they are vulnerable within in ways they cannot explain to themselves. Things are happening in their heads that they don’t understand. I know why this is and so do a number of you. Watch and see just how outrageous this gets. This is a controlled object lesson taking place right now but it requires your participation and presence. It is very important to see these people for what they are and to project that outward and inward in your thoughts so that we can take advantage of our numbers to push the envelope and manifest something similar to that attempt to levitate The Pentagon. It’s the same principle. We can join hands in a virtual way and have effect in the physical realm. Don’t think they don’t know about this. They are doing it to you right now. Our collected numbers can blow them out of the park. The power of just one focused individual is a great deal more than you might assume. That power increases dramatically as numbers are added.

If you only start thinking about these things, that would be a big help. Don’t let yourself down. If you never stood for anything before you had better stand for something now or you will die on your knees. These people aren’t fooling around and we shouldn’t be either.

For those of you wise enough to know that this is just a dream and to understand the implications of non-action versa action and all the possible metaphysical and philosophical constructs that your studies have allowed you, let me say... sure... yeah sure ...but I wouldn’t want to have to live with myself afterwards.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boomslangs in the Treeline, Black Mambas in the Grass.

There’s a Charlie Brown cartoon that features Charlie, Lucy and a football. It says a lot about the world we live in ‘at the present’. Watching it you can apply it to a host of things that move like Boomslangs in the trees. They’re an exception in the Colubridae family which is mostly composed of more benign and useful creatures. You could compare them to the psychopaths who move through the human herd as if they were a part of it. Interestingly, the venom of the Boomslang is of the solenoglypha group, meaning it causes intense pain on delivery. I guess that’s a parallel too.

Camouflage is a big part of nature. It’s got a lot to do with concealing creatures that other creatures want to eat. It’s also in use by creatures that are looking to eat other creatures. Camouflage is basically a lie. Something is made to look like something other than what it is. We’ve got that too. The Boomslang psychopaths in the human herd are big on camouflage; camouflage of their person and the camouflage of lies.

Here’s one of the early lies that will be tumbling out of the tree line like cherry blossoms in Potomac Park. You can ignore the part about the Taliban militants slipping out in burkhas (even though that qualifies as camouflage) and just consider the impression being given about how caring and noble the architects of the unwelcome invasion of Afghanistan want you to think they are. It almost takes your mind off the drones in Pakistan and the ongoing murder of helpless civilians.

You’ll note the telling reference to the Taliban as drug dealers. You won’t hear anything about how it was the Taliban that eliminated the drug trade in Afghanistan. You won’t hear anything about how the war was orchestrated for the profit of London bankers and other n’er do wells slithering through the tree line. You certainly won’t hear about the conflict originating from a joint Mossad/CIA attack on American soil. I’d venture to say that some Afghanis are involved in some aspect of the opium trade but I wouldn’t blame them one bit. There have been other opium wars but the same Boomslangs were involved in those too.

Sure, there’s that oil pipeline and the Israel connection which segues into Iraq. I’m supposing that’s a feature too. The Boomslangs are getting so fat there’s a possibility they will crush the tree line under the force of their weight. So far... not a whole lot of profit has come out of that angle but they’re not done yet are they? In the meantime the Military Industrial Complex is booming as the rest of the world’s economy is sinking into the underbrush except for... the drug industry and the various blood industries.

I’m starting to think that the Boomslangs, masquerading as humans, have the intention of climbing up the ass of humanity and replacing the natural Kundalini with their own presence, in order to host the reptile mind. It makes sense in a twisted and perverted sort of a way. It probably explains the monopoly on the pornography trade and various other trades whose intention is to distort humanities perception of itself and render it open and willing for the intrusion. “You’ll feel a little something cold in the sacral area but after that there will be a warm coiling sensation at the nape of the neck and everything will feel normal and comfy.”

Certain Boomslangs have been up to very bad things for a very long time. I’d give a lot to find out that these things are not true but it’s looking like instead of “where there’s smoke there’s fire” it’s ‘where there’s fire there’s fire.’

The Boomslang in the White House is saying that detainees that are acquitted might not be released from the torture prisons. This goes on in the same time frame as Marines begin to go on duty for routine domestic duties. Looks like the Comitatus Posse got ambushed by Boomslangs in the Badlands. Try to remember that what is happening in front of your eyes is not actually happening. They want you to think that the Boomslang in your bedroom is doing a reinterpretation of Leda and the Swan. It does have certain heterosexual implications so it’s probably not going to be playing in any large cities. Well, even if it’s not what it seems you can be sure it’s what it seems or they will call in the Marines. I hope those Oathkeepers are sincere. I really do.

Lucy was always using different ploys to get Charlie to kick the football. The Boomslangs are no different. They slithered into Afghanistan over 9/11 which they were responsible for. They slithered into Iraq because of non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Now they want to slither into Iran over non-existent nuclear weapons as they manufacture a series of school shootings so that they can slither into your gun cabinet and take your weapons of defense.

It doesn’t matter to me if the Boomslang is actually a Green Mamba. They’ve got a lot in common. The high priest of this whole nasty enterprise is actually another snake that doesn’t live in trees but operates in the more conventional environments that we generally associate with snakes and you’re going to run into him due to checking out the tree lines for the other guys. I’m guessing- and in some cases hoping- that you know the snake is a metaphor the same way that Leda and the Swan are. Does it make any difference in the long run?

I’ve got nothing against the snakes in Nature. I’ve got nothing against crocodiles. I just don’t think they should be allowed to take human form. We’re supposed to be moving into ever more refined expressions; not taking atavistic intelligence and re-seating it in the expressions as we go.

If we can’t isolate the Boomslang culture from the human culture we’re all going to die from the necrotic effects of snake bite. Parts of the culture are already necrotic. Hard choices have to be made. There’s a reason why we as a people chose to lose a limb rather than allow the body to die. It’s the reasonable choice.

I’m not sure how you get rid of these Boomslang psychopaths. Maybe you relocate them to a Boomslang reserve. Maybe you set the Boomslangs tree on fire. You’re not going to make friends with the Boomslang. It doesn’t work like that. It’s you or the Boomslang.

How many lies must you believe before you recognize the lie? It seems that some people are determined to perish rather than to admit that they were deceived. How can it be that there is anyone left who still believes that 9/11 had anything to do with Bin Laden? I guess the trouble with stupid and deluded is that there’s no way out except for the brutal hand of painful experience. Some life forms are not meant to survive. They’re food for the Boomslangs.

We’d all like an easy transition from the Boomslang petting zoo to a Boomslang free world but the dichotomy rules that out. There’s going to have to be a revolution. Comfort yourself with this, they are already calling you terrorists and you haven’t even done anything yet. They know what your options are as they go about the business of killing and enslaving others on their way to you. They know what your options are and that is why they are exercising their own. None of this is accidental.

It may be that you find an escape hatch where you can sit out the grand finale in which the Boomslangs destroy themselves and maybe not. Wherever you may find yourself, keep it in mind, appearances have no power. There’s something behind the veil and whatever it is, it doesn’t like Boomslangs taking over human forms. Nature doesn’t like it either. It’s going to hurt when the surgeon cuts away the necrotic parts but you’ll feel a whole lot better once he’s done.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Battlestar Galactica, Michael Jackson 4th of July.

Well, he’s probably moon walking across the galaxy now. White bread Christian angels, who probably don’t look much different than Michael did, once he got done with himself, are telling him to go nova with his bad self. Michael’s grabbing his crotch and asking the nearest black hole if it wants its ass turned back into a white dwarf star. All the secrets and mysteries of the universe are bending over and waiting; hoping for an infusion of the absolute superficial and somewhere down the line we get Leonardo Da Vinci in hotpants doing a bikini wax commercial.

I missed out on the Dead Jackson Virus. The total of my exposure has been a short clip about them closing off the streets and area all around the StaplesCenter. I’m assuming that’s named after the office supply corporation and not the singing group. I did happen to see where the bipedal Coca Cola can, Madonna said something about him at one of her ‘sticky and sweet’ appearances (nice picture); “Let’s give it up for one of the greatest artists the world has ever known,”

I used to say (and probably still do), “The bigger the funeral, the bigger the asshole.” Just about anytime the world gets into one of its arranged sob-fests, its planting either a major psychopath or someone with the Hollywood version of hoof and mouth disease. St. Vitus Dance meets Captain Tourette; that appears to be what we’ve got here.

Apart from what you might suspect, I’ve got nothing against Michael Jackson. For a short period he displayed a couple of fairly remarkable, terrestrial abilities. The material was pedestrian but the choreography was compelling... except for the message in the movements. It was mostly comedy though, watching a hyperkinetic tooth fairy pretend to be an urban gang leader. That’s how it is in this world, pretend to be something you’re not and then get dipped into sealing wax and pressed against the parchment of life with a hot iron. Made authentic, so to speak; Madonna has a lot of that manufactured appeal, except in her case she can’t do any of the things Michael could but that doesn’t matter either.

When Madonna checks out at the age of 96, already embalmed for decades, they’ll bury her in a terrarium or put her in one of the display areas at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History next to a pterodactyl.

See... there’s a cosmic justice here. That’s why Mozart got one kind of send off and Kabuki Boy is getting another. The world applauds one kind of presentation and deplores the other. The reason is that, ‘the other’ isn’t ‘giving it up’ for the world and all its temporary ‘sticky and sweet’ goodies. Here in the Halitosis Cathedral of entropic despair, only the vain and useless get the 24 hour LED treatment in Times Square.

This is the place where they gave the Nobel Prize to Henry Kissinger among other notable psychopaths in recent times. This is the place where a six term United States congresswoman and a deserving recipient of the Nobel Prize can be hijacked in international waters by members of a genocidal nation, while attempting to deliver desperately needed supplies to the victims of the genocide and it doesn’t even get mentioned by the people giving Peter Pan his send off to Never Neverland.

This is the place where entertainment icons can engage in all sorts of illegal activities that anyone else would get sixty years for. This is the place where secret societies of wealthy bankers, politicians and sundry can attend pedophile bacchanalias to take the edge off their busy, competitive days. This isn’t the place to be someone else unless there’s someplace else but the jury is, supposedly, still out on that one.

I haven’t come to bury Michael or to praise him. I’m surprised if they don’t hold the same kind of event for the passing of the Hostess Twinkie. I’m guessing they still make them. I’m wondering what they did for Orpheus on his big day.

Yes, it’s the big 4th weekend and so MSNBC wants to treat us to a photo gallery of ‘famous’ Americans born on the 4th. Notice anything funny about the list, besides Stephen Foster, Eva Marie Saint and Bill Withers and others missing from the list? It’s probably just a coincidence. I’m sure we’re all comforted that Geraldo Rivera wasn’t left out.

Meanwhile, in Gaza, as in many places around the globe, people are getting hammered just for being on the land or next to the resources that somebody wants so that that great American culture, beacon of the West, can go right on celebrating the best and the brightest, as we all climb, in a donut-glazed wonder toward that shining city on the hill.

In order for us to go on celebrating the most vacuous portions of ourselves, someone has to pay. In order for the finery and glitter of the deserving few to continue in gaudy, endless spectacle, someone- a whole lotta someone’s- have to go without. In order that massive waste can continue, as proof that some of us will never have enough or spend even a small amount of what we have acquired at the expense of others, some must go without. Given that most of the people suffering have been convinced that they would do exactly the same if they were given the chance well, I guess it works out on some level, somewhere.

Michael’s the real life equivalent (if this is real life) of a Disney character, no different than Mickey Mouse. Mickey turned fifty a little while ago but he’s still going strong. Michael’s one of the gatekeepers that keep you penned in your own wonderland of wanting. He’s the smiling; backwards dancing door warden that says it’s all right here. Eat, drink and be merry because there are people just waiting to clean it up for you and then maybe sell some of what’s left on EBay.

I know they’re going to blow something up again pretty soon. Michael’s funeral would be a consideration if irony were your cup of tea.

Speaking of irony, there’s no small amount of it in the comparison between the stages of change in Michael’s face and the stages of change in the culture in which he thrived over that period of time. The culture now looks like Michael at the end of his journey. It also went under the knife, sculpted into the thing you see in front of you today. It’s no small surprise that Howdy Doody is now the president of the UnitedStates and can make war on three different nations (hoping for four) and talk about how Iran and Russia ought to show more respect for the democratic ideals of all the captive people yearning to be free. There’s got to be another word besides Irony that covers this. This is too big and too grand a thing for what Irony defines. Meanwhile, the caged criminals in Palestine continue in their obstinate refusal to die or depart.

I suppose that Irony would also have to apply to this year’s celebration of the 4th of July. All across the land of excess, thousands of venues are filled with drunken, red-faced Schmoos in a corpulent, teary eyed ecstasy, celebrating something that has turned into it’s opposite. John Philip Schoomsa is marching out of the speakers and... and what?

It’s Battlestar Galactica on bad acid and the real possibility of Michael rising from the dead. You broke it, you bought it. I’m going to go celebrate the, sooner or later, end of the perpetuating embarrassment we’ve turned every finer possibility into. It’s the thing that gives me hope... sooner or later this will all be gone. Meanwhile, let’s see how far they push it. I’m curious about the possible, physical limits to the physics of the absurd.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The FEMA Blogger Camps are not a Wi-Fi Zone.

Let’s see now... The Israelis invade Gaza and murder 1500 people in cold blood using banned weapons and destroying the infrastructure so that the people are now living in the rubble and... Obama says nothing. Cynthia McKinney along with a Nobel Peace Prize winner and 20 or so other people get kidnapped on the high seas, while trying to deliver aid to these people and this same psychopathic, thug nation or... should I call it a repug-nation? Well... this same murderous collection of international criminals hijacks their boat and arrests them and... Obama says nothing.

Obama... continuing in the footsteps of his predecessor, as a serving lackey for this aforementioned, pirate nation, sees an American psy-ops, black bag insurgency go to work against a legitimate Iranian election; certainly much more legitimate than most American elections and... turns into Mista Kurtz... “The horror! The horror!”

Meanwhile, furry little critters in the underbrush are working over time to pump the party line out of the rotating spokes of the ZOG umbrella. You might want to google Tara Bahrampour with certain keywords, maybe some Iranian names or the name of a particular religion and well... if you’re in the blogsphere none of this comes as a surprise but if you get your breakfast cereal from the MSM then you’re eating Captain Crunch... not actual food.

MSM revenues are going down, down, down. The TV news and the radio news; the magazines, newspapers and even websites are sinking into the toilet bowl of history and they aren’t happy about that. Of course, a part of this is due to the non-educational system and the newly designed, disposable, trash culture where no one reads anything that doesn’t have tits or the Jonas Brothers on the cover and, for the moment, Dr. Michael, ‘just turn your head and cough’ Jackson. However, apparently a lot of this is also because the MSM lies all the time, in the service of the Zio-Nazi agenda which owns it.

They’re not happy in make-believe MSM land. They are not happy about the bloggers. First came the “9/11 truthers are low level terrorists” and now we have, “digital dickweeds” and “political extremists” who should be jailed the way they are in China and Burma. In keeping with the sort of reportage we expect from the MSM, CEO of News Limited, (accent on ‘limited’) John (I can’t find my) Hartigan, isn’t aware that Burma hasn’t been called in awhile... possibly as much as twenty years. Oh well, it gives new meaning to living in the past which, is right in line with the destiny of those who do not learn from history and are ‘doomed’ to repeat it.

Of course, Hartigan won’t know whether Edmund Burke or George Santayana said that quote or whether the actual word is; ‘doomed’, ‘destined’, ‘condemned’, ‘bound’ or something else. I used ‘doomed’ but I’m just a blogger so it is likely I am wrong or intentionally so or... just messing with you.

I don’t care what Hartigan or the others have to say. I don’t care what the “real reporters” have to say because my interest is in real truth as opposed to manufactured truth, which is their beat and never the twain shall meet. I’m not going to be sipping single malt scotch with these lying whores any time soon. I don’t have a press card which means I didn’t take an oath of prevarication in the official press bathhouse, nor engage in the obvious rituals. I didn’t have sex with Geronimo’s skull and I’m not getting video-taped in a Tel Aviv hotel room.

I’m guessing the Fema Blogger Camps are not going to have Wi-Fi. The truth is, we are winning the information war and they are looking like the lying sacks of shit that they are. They thought they had the situation sewn up. They never imagined that the internet would launch millions of dissident voices that would expose them ‘on the ground’; uncover the inconsistencies in their make believe reports, open the eyes of their hamster clientele, make news out of what they ignore and generally do everything they were supposed to do and didn’t have the honor or the integrity to attempt to do. In fairness to them, I should say, they wouldn’t be allowed to anyway. But... that does mean they are well aware that they are whores and they don’t like it when we catch them gobbling the devil’s knob on our cell-phone cameras.

Yes... they thought it was just an easy walk into Mordor with the whole of humanity behind them. These Judas Goats thought they’d picked the winner and now? Well... now they look like what they are; LA party girls headed home on foot down HollywoodBoulevard at six in the morning. The make-up and the outfit are not what they were before. Now the sunlight presents the true picture and it isn’t pretty.

I guess they’ll have to take some of that Afghanistan, opium money and put together blogger hit squads. I’m not sure they can do that. You see, there’s a mysterious force in the universe that creates a hundred more to replace each one they get. It’s the same mysterious force that has rendered it impossible for anyone to ever take over the world. It’s kind of connected to the fact that there are all these different countries; languages, cultures and customs that goes back to the Tower of Babel. There doesn’t have to be a religious angle for this to have come about. Let’s just say there’s a mysterious force because history shows that all by itself.

“Hey girls, no... I’m not looking for a good time and I doubt I would get one here but... I want to let you know that I know how you feel. I know how you must feel when you sell everything that made you human for the chance to hang out with people who hold you in contempt. I can understand the smoldering rage you feel at the loss of something you placed no value on until it was gone. I can understand how you wanted the money and the associations. I can understand that for a minute or two you felt like you were somebody and how you believed that pretend integrity and the rest of those pretend things work as good as the real things under the right kind of lights. You’re whores. It happens.”

Yes... I can understand how people get caught up in this shit pursuing their own self-interest and I know how it burns inside when they lie to maintain their positions. Their conscience gives them no peace. You can lie to everyone else but you can’t lie to yourself. Even when you manage to do that for awhile it doesn’t last. The light of the real person inside will burn through that and torment you for as long as you continue in this way.

I’m not a saint and I don’t think my kindred spirits in this collective effort are saints either. For some reason, certain things are more important to me than money, power and position. I won’t even put advertising on my sites, nor do I criticize those who do. I understand that we have to make a living and ...there are products worth having. I understand how the world works but... I just cannot go that way. I don’t want to take any chances besides the one’s I’m already taking.

Dear reader... they are ramping up for the main scene. They think they need to do something about the virtues still burning in the hearts of those who oppose them. They’re going to lose and worse but... for awhile it might get iffy and problematic. They’ve got things like this in mind. Let them screech and threaten as they wish. They are being exposed for what they are (courtesy of the apocalypse) and that has got to hurt. The lies and those who serve them are being revealed by the hour. There’s no stopping this. It is part of the cycle of human destiny within the context of every age.

We have a duty to ourselves and each other to be on the right side of history. The villains and the vehicles of centuries of deceit are being revealed. Take comfort in your knowledge that you are not a whore; a liar, a murderer and tormentor of the defenseless. Take comfort in knowing that you do not support these things and that you struggle to speak for those who are denied the opportunity to be heard by the governments, corporations and media at the behest of bankers and demons in human form. They are passing away and they don’t like it. They could stop but they won’t. Ergo... well, I don’t think I need to paint you a picture.

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