Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Of Time Monks, Kairos and Benthic Zones.

I was going to take a break from the more materially focused, literary escapades that I have been providing in this sector of this quadrant of this period in the precession of the equinox. Pretty soon we are going to be in the central vortex, where the light shines at the appointed moment on the mysterious hieroglyphs that suddenly appear in holographic form on the gateway to Petra, certain pyramids and whatever other portals may appear. As is always the case, it will be proven that the historical, reality bandits and revisionists are dead wrong and whoever winds up in Petra, it won’t be the people claiming that it will be them.

I was going to let a necessary silence swallow up my thoughts for a time because we are about to enter a new and unpredictable period of cosmic and human events. Imagine my surprise, as I was considering this, when a generous reader purchased and sent me the latest Time Monk’s transmission. Perhaps a little background would be helpful and I’ll also throw in a brief selection of data bursts with some analysis. Previously, I had only seen a short synopsis. Last night I read the entire 47 pages of the data set analysis. There is a serious warning and disclaimer posted prior to the actual file which warns against people with health or consciousness problems reading the body of the work.

After reading the composition, I must say that the warning is not without justification if… what is being predicted should be real. What hit me as I was reading the text was how closely it mirrored many of my own thoughts and much of what you have been reading here for some time now. Nothing has quite the same impact as to see one’s own internal findings measured out and corroborated in an impartial, impersonal mathematic construct. I heard bells going off. I said to myself, “Yes, this is some part of what I am seeing too.”

I was most especially struck by the constant references to TPTB and how they are not nearly as powerful as they imagine and how the summing up of which I have been speaking about here is headed dead on for them. The system recognizes the global danger presented by the Zionists and also points out something I’ve been sensing for some time, which is that Israel’s attack on Iran is going to be the biggest mistake they ever made and will lead to the complete destruction of Israel.

They speak about the punishments and justice that are on their way to ‘the elite’ and those who serve them. There is much mention of the looting of The Vatican and what is to be found there. All sorts of revelations and new capabilities for knowledge and understanding are going to present themselves within the environment of global revolution. Well… you can see it, can’t you? All the signs are manifesting. They say that come September it’s going to heat up like a black and blue steak in the pan. It’s going to be charred on the outside and raw in the middle and come November, it’s “Katie bar the door.”

While I was reading this, I felt like the ball in the pinball game. If certain of your centers are open you are going to be having a similar experience. Otherwise, the denial factor is going to intensify. Lately I’ve seen an assortment of Schmoos and Smurfs manically fixating on conspiracy theorists as if they were dangerous lunatics. As the Zio-fiction press ‘conflates’ (I had to finally use that word for my own amusement; it’s replaced ‘on the ground’ as the new buzz for the upscale, word fashionistas.) the ludicrous no plane at the Pentagon/Apollo moon landing hoax with 9/11 being an inside job, it is good to remember that it is the Zionist infiltrators in the alternative media who are actually pushing the fantastic into the mix to discredit the hard evidence that shows irrefutably beyond doubt that 9/11 was done at the biding of ‘the elite’ through various intelligence agencies, principally the CIA and Mossad.

If you can afford this document (I don’t know what it cost) then you should by all means get it, provided you are not faint of heart or having consciousness problems (grin). I suspect it will floor you. It did me. I saw point after point, already made here by my readers and I, as well as by those few others at various points on the cutting edge of the moment. I was struck by the repetition throughout, of justice coming down on the heads of the formerly rich and powerful. I was struck by the scale of predicted devastation which involves various features converging into a Gotterdammerung of epic proportions. It is a gripping and fascinating read.

There is no insistence that what is portended will happen ‘exactly’ in any way. There is no insistence on being right. Explanations and reservations appear all through the document. However… this item, taken in toto, is riveting. I can only speak for myself when I say that what I was reading echoed my thoughts over recent times based on my observations and the pronouncements of my intuitive witness. I was hearkened back to a mysterious episode last fall where for several days I was the recipient of information very, very much like what I was reading here.

There is a lot of hope in this construct, depending on who you are and what you are up to. It is uncanny how closely it mirrors so much of what has been said here by the majority of the participants. It should come as no surprise that agents of repression within Blogger have made commenting here such a difficult enterprise. The Time Monks are at pains to make it understood that the deceived elite are operating on all available levels to shut down and manipulate the flow of information. They also point out that, as has also been repeated here, that the elite and their representatives are going to turn on each other all over the planet. There is going to be a chaos of exposures; treachery, finger-pointing and every rat for himself behavior.

I feel very much confirmed in many things this morning. This is not to say that any of what Time Monks predicts will come true in the ways presented, or at all. But it is a certainty that something like it is coming. Gerald Celente has been predicting eerie similarities that counterpoint the Time Monks all too closely. Information about the coming upheavals and transformations are appearing from sources at far removes from one another and all with yet more eerie similarities. I will be treating with metaphysical aspects related to what is coming at Visible Origami later today.

It becomes more and more clear that a large portion of the population is in a serious mode of denial and will not countenance what is in their face. I believe this is because they cannot risk the mental atmosphere of having to accept that everything they hold dear is at risk and that everything they think they know is wrong. It appears they would forfeit their lives before they would entertain the necessity for awakening. Awaken they shall however. There is no other recourse. It is a telling thing how Time Monks defines the Zionist agenda as a very bad thing across the board. There is no equivocation in this. Apparently there is going to be some eye-opening the like of which has not been seen before. The whole concept of apocalyptic unveiling is brought forth in myriad aspects. The imagined high and mighty are going to tremble in their shoes and all of their bolt holes and food storage compounds are going to be revealed by those engaged in creating them for them. Truly, evil is going to turn on itself.

There was far, far too much presented in this document for me to treat with it in anything but a general manner. What I can say is that when you read it you are going to be amazed at how it closely it mirrors what you already sense and suspect. It takes a lot to blow my mind. Suffice it to say that that has now occurred, in relation to what I have had the opportunity to read in recent hours.

One thing comes to mind, here at the end of this latest posting. It is past time to orient yourself to whatever you find important. According to whatever that is, you will be sorted accordingly.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting report (--_--)

Joe said...

The report is $10 and can be downloaded at Yes, if you are not of strong mind and know who you are as a person, this report will blow your mind.

Basically, The Grand Illusion is about to fall.

Copernicus Kidd said...

Krsna help me. Does anyone know what the hey happened to ""? Has Mike Rivero been disappeared and all his files burned as heresy against the state?

Visible said...

Michael and his site are fine. he was just down for a few hours the other day. If you are having trouble bringing him up then just clear your cache.

Mistertrogdor said...

Discovered something unexpected, on the internets called "The Arrivals"

Just google it, and watch a few short episodes.
Not disappointing, I'm sure of it.

Robert said...

Les... Well reported and good advice. Those who frequent your sites are already well along the road to awareness. For them, the Time Monks' report is important - and, I would argue, invaluable...

I fear it is too late to awaken those who are still mind-controlled. I have tried for years to "educate" and "alert" family and neighbors to reality. Sadly, that is usually not possible, unless they, too, have experienced a "falling away of the scales" at some point in their lives.

Be safe...

Hank said...

Many of the things in this document have been seen and felt by the collective conciousness of the people that come here. I believe Les, whether through concious effort, or by some devine destiny has served as a conduit, or nexus for this collection. It has allowed, by synergism, a greater understanding by all that have been open to it, and has better prepaired us for what may come.

From all indications, we are to be witnesses to, and participants in one of this planets most pivotal times.

There is going to be mass hysteria, as the rats nest is ripped open, and all the rats that have been vying for the best spots within the nest are scattered, and left to deal with the real forces of the universe.

When ones desire to know, overcomes their fear of the unknown, then knowing will reside in them. Many here are among these, and when you are able to see the shit getting ready to hit the fan, it puts you in a much better position to duck. Unfortunately, most are unaware that there is even a fan.

Signs are everywhere, but there are so many rats scurring around in the nest, in anticipation of something they can feel but cannot fathom, there is no way to tell where it will all go or how it will all end up.

It would appear that my feeling of an extraterrestrial influence was not entirely unfounded, but the nature of it still remains vague. The reports that Nibiru can only be seen from observatories in Antartica, and references to said continent further piques my curiosity.

Another thing I find interesting, is that my wife and son have not been able to sleep for almost a year. Drugs will put them to sleep, but will not keep them asleep, and both have a tendancy to wake up in a different room than the one they went to sleep in.

In any case, I'm thinking that the time for warning is fast coming to an end, and battening down the hatches for the coming storm is in order.

The information and knowledge I have gained here from Les, and all who share here has fortified me, and I offer my profound thanks to all.

Remember, "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye". Be who you are, and peace to all.

Nate Wishman said...

Awesome stuff...Looking forward to reading the report... Everybody remember to stay cool as the FEMA National Exercises kick off what will be an interesting Autumn I'm sure....and of course - be conveniently unavailable for those Swine Flu shots, people! :)

Love and Solidarity,


Anonymous said...

I am reading this and I am reminded of what happenes when a golf ball is cut,it flies apart a little then a lot all by itself
if nixon had been tried for his crimes and all his helpers were in jail none of this would have had to happen.Watergate was the wake up call not 911.

Nate Wishman said...

While trolling around to find the Shape of Things to Come paper, I came across this...also well worth reading.


Anonymous said...

Just a reminder to any one out there who might come across an ALTA report anywhere on the Web: There is a copyright that should be respected. We're not all made of money but come on, it's ten bucks!

More important: No part of any ALTA report should EVER make its way to the internet ANYWAY, it completely bolluxes up future reports. They become self-referential and thus less useful. If you ever encounter cut-and-pastes of old ALTA reports online please try to convince the poster to take them down.

Anyone who wants to follow the project at Half Past Human they have a forum that hides behind a firewall so the webbots don't pick up the discussions. Participation is free to anyone who purchases a report

Anonymous said...

If you say it is that good I'll invest a ten spot to check it out. I've followed the urban survival blog for some time. George always makes reference to Half Past Human.

Half Past Human has had some great calls in the past but they aren't always correct. They were predicting a calamity of some sort last Oct. 7 I beleive. Didn't see any significant event on that date. Also they said there would be one or two serious earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest or thereabouts. Didn't happen. So far there hasn't been any summer of rage that they forcast for 09.

Anyhow what they say about this fall and next year is probably accurate. Our economy is in a world of shit with no prospect of meaningful recovery. One in five unemployed with a gutted manufacturing sector. Where in the service sector ane all these unemployed going to find jobs? Well maybe China Mart and McDonalds will open tens of thousands of new stores. Then they can all work parttime for seven dollars an hour with no benefits.

Check out this little gem. "(Bloomberg)..US taxpayers may be on the hook for as much as $23.7 trillion to bolster the economy and bail out financial companies, said Neil Barofsky special inspector general for the Treasury's Troubled Asset Reliegf Program." I have news for Barfsky the US taxpayers don't have that kind of money. Hell twenty percent of them are unemployed and will probably stay that way, and another ten percent or more are on the public dole in one way or the other. These trillions can NEVER be paid back. China Russia and a few others have either stopped or drastically curtailed their purchase of treasuries. The Fed is buying the treasuries on the sly through other central banks. How long can this go on when we are talking trillions? What will it do to inflation? It's all over folks, the only question is when will the shit really hit the fan. The markets don't reflect this YET because they are 100% manipulation which can't go on forever.

The future is a moving target. There are billions of variables to consider which are constantly changing. That is why it can be foolish to assign dates but patterns are being set up. The government and MSM are lying their ass off trying to keep the charade going a little longer. Those in the know are exiting the markets. Corporate insiders are selling eight times as much stock as they purchase.

It is going to be a bumpy ride, some aren't going to make it. Best to hunker down with the four Gs (God, guns, gold, grub) and see what happens. It won't be boaring.


Anonymous said...

Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Les who?
Les see now, who would you like it to be?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:26 pm. Have you have heard the story about Boiling Frogs? or how about the Tower of Babble? The lifting of the veil is in progress.

Joeds said...

Anonymous said "They were predicting a calamity of some sort last Oct. 7 " They were spot on with that it was the start of the current collapse of the economy and the earthquake they referred to happened in China.

I've been a HPH subscriber for a few years now and I've seen event after event happen.

You have to remember that it's not events in themselves that are being predicted, it's language. So something that might cause a stir in peoples language but that doesn't actually occur as an event in itself will show up. If you read their disclaimers they admit to this.

They predict what people will be talking about. I'm convinced and I'm pretty hard nosed. I need evidence that's pretty solid before I'll accept something and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence for me and watching the ALTA reports over the years has provided that for me. I'm as far away as I can get from this so called civilisation.

Anonymous said...

Orhama has extended Cheney's Secret Service protection for the foreseeable future. Why couldn't he have just hired some KBR goons on his own dime? As the cover story for all this bullshit they've initiated disintegrates, that man will be in the crosshairs.

Insane Profit said...

Intellectual law?
Or my right to copy denied, over?
In copying I expand, Roger?
If I ask you to copulate off, whose copycat am I infrigging and to whom should I send my unfortunaïve 10 bucks?
Is truth freedom or binding?
For a spell it can be blinding.
Does it come at a price or as a suprise that sometimes it's just, not nice?
Quit stalling, all these booths are filled with authors of inadvertent advertisements for the same old same, McMiracluelessly mundane home-run truth: It's all up to you, make of it what you will (and thanks to Les for presending no bill, a busker's hat's his only till until kindom come!:)

Anonymous said...

For my thinking, for what it may be worth. I have found that when a rat or any other vicious animal is cornered they are a very worthy foe, and will look for the easiest exit, even at the risk of body-parts. So if they are willing to loose their own parts, they will have little concern for others. Also for my thinking, there are two major agencies which are in contention for power in our world to-day. I am thinking here of the British israeli's, and the Jesuits. It stands to reason there are powers within powers in both of those camps, and perhaps there are just too many to control for either of the groupings. I will assume the Jesuits are the most powerful, and longest in this war, but the British Israeli's are more cunning, and as they came later they will use any and all means to overtake the former.

I would also think either of those groups or their followers are not averse to using witchcraft or Satanic rituals to gain the upper hand. I am thinking, that either of those parties are slightly careless. For evil doers have less care to detail, while a truthful follower will have little fear as to the lie he will not have told or lived.

(The devil is in the detail, anyone).

Your reference to the TPTB is a small item of some significance. There has always been some power which would rule us all, and for any to assume that if the present powers were gone there would not be another to take it's place, for there will always be a greedy elite which will assume power to help those who they see as un-fit to rule. So for the global revolution, I am still thinking. It is without doubt there is untold knowledge within various archives cast about the world, but there are people who would be well aware of those, and are itching to use them, and would least of all use them for the benefit of mankind, as always and ever. There are no more people like, JFK, FDR, and MLK. Look to any of our world leaders, the good ones are hard to find. If I was to take my pick of just one I would pick Mr Putin, as for me I think he is one of the few people in the world to-day with guts, and some sort of plan.

Back to the rat Les, like I say the cornered neer-do-well, well now if any out there are of the opinion the cretins in charge of the weaponry out there are willing to give it up easily, I would say, think again. For we are right back to the loosing body parts again, and they don't care one jot who belongs to that body part.

As a note for what it may be worth, Is it possible Mr Howdy is thinking of the latter part of my madness. For regardless of what we think of him, he has really only one way out of his present abode, if the possible Jesuit, Mr Biden were to replace him. I do not say the latter lightly, and for this reason I would be quicker to utter a prayer rather than a curse in Howdy's favour.

Anyway Les I was going to add a little as to the money in the world,(or lack of it). I will stop now though as my rant may wel have outstayed my welcome. So sorry to scribble so, but you know yourself what those damnable Irish are like.

Regards, Mac.

Anonymous said...

The current collapse of the economy started in September (around 8th) when Paulson got down on his hands and knees and begged Congress for TARP. This is commonly know in financial circles. He also threatened some of them if they didn't vote for TARP. Earthquakes happen all the time. Only give credit where credit is due.


Anonymous said...

Mac, You are right. Like trapped animal, It will chew its' own leg off to escape. Even in the case of Rabies, the animal is vicious and will attack anything before it dies. The current condition should be appropriately named Ziomemetic Psychosis. Trapping them may only exacerbate the problem. Like Rabies the disease consumes the host. Lets hope this happens before the other humane alternative need be applied.

Anonymous said...

vis. we know what's wrong, what's the solution?
can you give them to us in steps?

Visible said...

My solution is not for everyone because my solution is metaphysical and so my fate is in the hands of something much greater than the possibilities of my own judgment and insights.

I am this way because this is where my search has led me and what I have discovered is what has been revealed to me. It is not revealed to everyone the same way.

I should point out that I have no use for religion, cants or creeds. It's an internal affair. I'm just here to do a job and move on. That could be said for all of us.

The world is a kaleidoscope of endless events following each other over and over again. Sometimes it's pleasant and sometimes not but what it is can be seen in the passage of day to night and night to day, in the circular movement of the seasons, in the fetal state of a new born and the fetal curling of old age following its destiny to another womb.

For me this is a cartoon. So... my solution is to make contact with the inner, timeless witness and to... by degrees experience realization. That's all I'm after. If it's possible to be useful then that is desirable.

The bad guys are going to betray each other, kill each other and be strung up alongside each other. They're just playing roles and that's where those roles lead. It's all under control. Life is just a series of object lessons. We learn or the pain continues until we do.

Anonymous said...

I am always slightly chary of forecasts that some or other set of advanced dudes are going to arrive in their whirligigs and help us all to freedom.

I've stated here and elsewhere that we are on the cusp of getting past the 'knee' of our technological development curve - as Ray Kurzweil puts it, we are nearing the Singularity, after which our technological development will make the last 10,000 years look like a retarded tapeworm by comparison.

What this entails, is a massive (thousand - or even million-fold) increase in our productive efficiency thanks to Drexlerian nano-manufacture, coupled with the ability to virtualise - to shuffle off our meatbags and become entirely artificial... while still experiencing a complete life thanks to thanks to Kurzweillian "strong" AI.

These two things can combine to produce infinitely-lived creatures whose every desire is satisfied (since all desires would be able to be satisfied virtually, and the only required 'nutrition' would be the power required to run the storage device).

Now what's that got to do with anything? You ask.

Well, think of any 'alien' society which is more developed than ours - developed enough to have the capability for relatively rapid interstellar travel.

Such a society will - a fortiori - have developed nanotech and the capacity for virtualisation. They will have no need for conquest (since resource demands will be REDUCED relative to our state of technological play), and they will likely have no interest whatsoever in visiting a bunch of naked homicidal monkeys living in a not-very-interesting corner of the galaxy.

No NEED to visit, and no compelling reason to WANT to visit, means... no visit.

No, any society just 50 years more advanced than ours, is likely a set of microscopic titanium cubes inside of which a hundred billion virtual personalities live 'perfect' virtual lives - experiencing fully, every experience that any person has ever envisaged, and others besides.

Think "Matrix - Benign Version".

Now I have said before, that homo cheneyensis will do EVERYTHING THEY CAN to stymie the development of nanotech and strong AI, because their development will equalise every individual's perceived wealth... and homo cheneyensis is highly motivated by maintaining the gap between themselves and the masses, which they measure by wealth differential.

But gladly (for us) there is nothing they can do to stop it. It might be as much as 25 years away, but I have the sense that it's MUCH closer than that.



Hank said...

"Live is just a series of object lessons. We learn or the pain continues until we do."

I'm laughing so hard right now. I have always thought that ignorance should be painful. I can't believe I didn't see before that it really is. LMFAO. Thanks Les, I needed that. Peace.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...


you've got full spectrum good wishes from me what ever time/where ever you are/ now and forever.

kind regards.

psychegram said...

"We learn or the pain continues until we do." Or is it, "Beatings will continue until morale improves?" ;)

Great to see you found the Time Monks. I've never read a report but I've heard a couple of interviews and yeah, interesting methodology.

One thing sticks out: they're predicting hyperinflation, in November interestingly enough. Now, November happens to be the beginning of the 6th night of the galactic underworld in the Mayan calender, and on those grounds Carl Johan Calleman predicted, quite some time ago, hyperinflation of Novemeber 2009. So ... probably a good idea to convert all those liquid assets into tangible capital (useful stuff, not iPods) before that deadline. If, of course, you haven't already.

Josey Wales said...


I had a close friend who worked in the mines in S.Africa (an engineer) he told me never kill a rat underground as they give off a special scent.

What happens is the other rats anywhere in the mine pick up the scent and go bizerck attaching anything alive.

Just Sayin


Kaiser Wolf said...

Well, this was only the 2nd HPH report that I have read. I have only been following George Ure, Les's blog, WRH website, Rense, and Educate Yourself website since last October. Since it is pretty common knowledge, that 'the world' came within hours of an economic collapse, HPH got my attention via George Ure. But the larger pull for me has been Les' blog he is the 'puller together of souls who want to grow'...where like minds can though, Les above states he has no reason for religion, religions do serve a purpose, they expose one to teachings about God, and if one can do it, an ever deepening relationship with that creative force...but do you have to 'have religion' to go there? No, can you find God within you without religion, absolutely...Two things I keep in mind are this: is Earth's sentience; the Mary Summer Rain material explains in "Phoenix Rising," that the earth is pissed off at humanity (my words). It is gonna shake, quake, blow, howl, rent and rain, and heat and scorch, etc., it's way back to health. Since we have nuclear reactor sites and waste storage in earthquake prone areas, we are going to reap what we have sowed within Mother Earth. The material also predicts a time when man no longer eats animals...hmmm....I had thought of a lot of scenarios that could bring that about: Mad cow disease, famine where we have to eat the grains the animals normally eat, economic instability, too high transportation and feed prices, too high meat prices, infection/contamination of processed food supply, but I hadn't thought of it in the long-range destruction presented in the HPH material in their latest that is most mind boggling. Also, as I have commented on here before, Dannion Brinkley has been a forebearer, he has a website, and Edgar Cayce, as interpreted by William Hutton (Hutton has a website), will bring one a well-rounded perspective on what 'may' come....I do not think word for word, dot for dot, will occur as HPH says...BUT, I do think they are a WARNING...they are correlating back to humanity, what humanity is spitting out in words! It is correlating the data, the mindless chatter via the written word....Presumably, some of it is thoughts....Imagine if we could do that with thoughts...gather the thoughts out of the air like that? Well, I point is this: the future is not known, the predictions do not run linear, they can morph, change, or stay exactly the experiences with premonitions/precognitive dreams, are that not all of them come true, exact detail by exact detail....but they are WARNINGS....A quote, "for those who have ears to hear, let them hear." So, there must be a positive energy flow amongst you and in must not let fear rule the day! Why? Because fear is of the earth and perfect love casteth out fear....why else? Because, if you believe that the soul is eternal, then the only thing that can die is your body...your soul, if it leaves, will leave to live another day! Maybe it is simply the earth getting ready to teach everyone a respect her, to understand all of the love and bounty she has provided for us, while we have raped, plundered and disrespected her AND made it impossible for the innocence of humanity to live cleanly, and healthily upon her breast...


Anonymous said...

I think the 'revelation' of these necessary and good, there are side shows amongst side shows, an interplay of all the PTB turning on each other…well isn’t this just like high school? Isn’t this just like jealousy amongst the ranks? Isn’t this just typical for power structures to self destruct from within? Isn’t it just like the slave to finally turn against the master? These predictions will not come sequentially from a logical standpoint, but when they start to come, you will recognize it immediately...make some plans, communicate and reach out...clean up your lives and make them simpler, be nimble...if you chose to stay put, and staying put, puts you in danger of losing your life...then be mindful of the soul's existence, and educate yourself on how it transitions out of this earth plan so that you will be prepared for the soul's journey as it leaves...too many people don't even believe in the life of the soul, and so are confused and lost when their lives end. We are truly responsible for ourselves...if we are lucky, we grow to God on the arm of someone else we have helped (that's a paraphrase quote from Edgar Cayce). don't forget, the hidden tomb/pyramid under the right forepaw of the Sphinx is supposed to be opened in these times AND that hasn't happened yet, although a small hole was drilled down and found water in a cavern area off of the tomb/pyramid. There is still SO MUCH to live for, we must balance the predictions with LOVE, PEACE, JOY, HELPFULNESS, CARING, COMPASSION, LONG-SUFFERING, PATIENCE, TOLERANCE...ALL THE FRUITS OF THE our daily lives..we must live....each day and continue to contribute each in our own not lose faith in the great times we are living in...There is STILL so much GOOD alive and well here on planet earth. This is just a reminder: Be mindful of the goodness as you read these predictions.


Anonymous said...


I won't say any thing about 9-11, because we all know that 9./11 was done by Israeli Mossad Agents and by the US government. It's a waste of energies to keep writting about it in USA when the US government and its justice system won't do any thing about it.

What we need now is a United Socialist Front in this country which would be a tool where the American people who are *awake* and *hungry* for a change, would use it as a revolutionary weapon against the capitalist system that is destroying the USA


Anonymous said...

Hello again Les: how are you? Well i am just writting to you to keep motivating you to keep with your revolutionary-blogger, because as Karl Marx that the task of the thinkers and intellectuals is not just to explain the world, but to change the world. And Nietzsche another great philosopher said that we should be active-nihilists, not passive-nihilists. The passive-nihilist accepts this reality like it is, because he is too weak to revolt against it. But the active-nihilist is closer to his ideal of the superman, the type of person who destroys and defies the current morality and values. So don't worry about the measly insults and hatred against you by dumb people. Specially by the middle-classes. According to class-psychology and Marx. The middle-classes are one of the most reactionary classes in any revolution. Because as long as people are economically stable, they will do any thing to side with the status quo and to conserve the system. The middle bourgeoise classes are real counter-revolutionary, that's why most hardcore Democrat voters and Republican voters are middle class bourgeoise citizens with stable jobs, and stable lifestyles. Only those people who are really beating the bullets economically and who have nothing to lose but a whole world to win like Karl Marx said are the ones who are willing to revolt against this capitalist oligarchic system.

Here is a link to Marxist analysis on Middle Classes:

Marx and the Middle Classes


Anonymous said...

Zellie, I fear Zawi Hawass has already desecrated the Depository under the Sphinx. A friend of mine was in Egypt several years ago and told me there were military men swarming over the whole complex. You couldn't get near the pyramids nor the sphinx.

I tend to believe with my eyes after so much let down, what with election-type-things and criminal non-prosecutions and eternal detentions. I hope in my heart that we are going to see s true shift but I tend to feel that apocalyptic-type freshets don't come about when they're needed most. Then again, perhaps it's my own selfishness that keeps me from understanding what is most needed.

I'll purchase the document because I need to have this information. I want to be part of the new mind. I feel I am at this time. It is however frustration not to find many people of similar mindset in the public arena.

Nice article Les. Thanks for it.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Les. But, your first link to background on the project is for some other 'MONK' not the Time Monk, Clif High. Keep it coming. Thanks.

Visible said...

anon 5:59

Thank you for that. I suspected as much when I put it in but I was of the understanding that it is the same mechanism simply used by another party for another purpose. Is this not so?

Anonymous said...

Les. Thats where Aesops dog "buried the bones";)

Anonymous said...

To all,
Their is a power that we don't have a complete understanding of,but that power has been good to humankind. How can I say this? I look at history. We live in a time of unpresetted prosperity, we have been fruitful and multipied.
Why am I commenting now? Doom and gloomers,people who are seers,those who are sure where close to the end of time.
Are these really new ideas? Has'nt all of this been "fortold" before? What is new under the sun? Please tell me,I'm curious as hell.
I get the feeling that alot of you don't like America that much.Myself I'm pretty much of that same feeling.But I don't confine my feelings toward one country. If you live in Utophia please give me the address,I'd love to visit that place and contribute to the harmony of that place as I learn to understand the Power that has revealed its self to me.
Some of you may have visited the new shagrila,and I hope that you've picked up on some of the things that are going on for that place. I think to keep the phycopaths out we should take measurements of peoples facial features or maybe do the count the bump on the head thing to weed the undesirables out,that's a novel idea,no?
Well I have much more to rant on,but unfortunatly time is not allowing it right now.
For some reason the "slow roll" keeps coming to my mind,and the new messiah coming from the East.
Well take care my friends,and I hope you get a chance to show your better side, of your humanity today.

Anonymous said...

Les, I'm not sure what that other monk project is all about. I have never heard of it, but it seems somehow similar regarding linguistic analysis. I just didn't want anyone to think it was related, but it's none of my business what anyone thinks. :)

A question for you: Clif mentioned that "high level" (my words) practioners in diverse forms of spiritual/meditational practices have found that when entering that "higher/highest state" the quality has become different over recent years. Are you able to comment on that from personal experience or anecdote? Thanks.

anon 5:59

Anonymous said...

Les, do you think that in the aftermath of evil emploding on itself that out of the ashes there will be folks who have the qualities of leadership that they themselves are currently unaware of now but will find the calling to come forth and take the reins to stabilize the social and economic chaos when the time is right?

Anonymous said...

Les this is just for you, not to post unless you want to. I have been reading you and the 'web bots' for awhile. I can fill you in on the web bots a little bit.

Clif High's 'web bot' project is his own unique creation. AFAIK there is no connection to any other system or project. The only websites connected to him that I know of are (his site) and (George Ure's site, one of Clif's collaborators and supporters).

Clif's software and servers search hundreds of 'forums' on the net. They look for linguistic changes which precede events. The whole premise assumes that all people whether they know it or not are 'psychic' and that linguistic clues preceed future events and that this can be intelligently found by following changes in language used in common situations.

Arguably, his system provided advance notice (vaguely?) of ninelven, tsunamis, Katrina, power outages, etc.

Clif makes frequent references to karma and Jainism also. He is seems very much a spiritually-connected/concerned guy. For instance, he says that by programming us beforehand via movies, news etc, the TPTB get us to somehow accept into ourselves the bad karma of what they are about to interesting guy.

Thanks, Les.

anon 5:59

Visible said...

Anon 5:59

I posted that because I thought it would be informative for the reader here and their loss if I didn't post it given how well you presented it.

Yes, that is what I meant. Cliff uses it in his own unique way but it is the same thing as far as I know and it gave an explanation to how the thing works which would be of interest to the left brain crowd.

As for your question of whether it is different up there now. I can say, from my own experience, the answer is "Yes."

I won't go into the modalities that I use but I go into the other realms with a certain frequency and I have been doing so for some time. I noted a change in the way the upper astral resonated before and after the Manson affair. I noted a change in the 80's when it became very compressed and the materialism began to appear in places where I had never seen anything but open space. Once there was an enormous amount of empty space and timeless Eastern energies; I say eastern because all the entities had either Hindu or Buddhist aspect.

As time has passed the corruptions on the manifest have intruded further and further up. This is an expression of that 'war on Heaven' that has appeared in literature over the centuries and very similar things can be found in the legend of Shambhala.

last fall I got an extra-ordinary taste of what's happening and what's coming. I wrote about it in a Visible Origami posting called Posting From Central Command.

Since then I have had a number of remarkable events which I can't really talk about either because I don't know how or because they will be too fantastic. I'm about to go there again soon or so I am told. I expect this to shake my world as much as the rest of them have. Along the way in real time it has been crushing, confining and at times near unbearable. Lately that has cleared up because I burned some things away suffering through it.

My biggest problem is to control getting pissed off, rail at Heaven and then hate myself for it which isn't good... God doesn't take it the way we think anyway.. that's all cartoon anthropomorphism.

I've come to see that the straightest way and the most certain way is through simple endurance and without comment except for an outpouring of thanks (regardless of my state) and maintaining a sense of gratitude. It's working better than the former inconsistency of my previous speed circuiting up and down the elevator.

One of the hindrances is in wanting it too much and that is a problem of mine. At the same time, I'd rather have that problem than anything else I can think of. Energetic passion is a very positive accelerant. I've also come to see that the more one loves the more quickly one is forgiven. It's got something to do with making yourself available for grace.

Long story short... things have changed in a big way but nothing like they are going to.

Masher1 said...

Lets just say 'RICH' or 'Wealthy' is a unmissable target Poor folks have been drawing a bead on for some time now.

It's Pretty hard to be stealthy with so much money being flaunted about by these usury experts.

We know who you are... you are not US. We have plenty of protection granted US directly from the good lord. We fear not.

Fear anger and hatred will be our guideposts through the whole lot of them. Every single one.

Anonymous said...

The elite cannot sustain itself, just as evil destroys everything around it including itself. Therefore, Time Monk's predictions for the coming Fall tend to strongly suggest that certain built-in aspects of our existence are inevitable. The question of whether this occurs this Fall or next Winter or next Spring or thereafter is what seems to be less clear. Events themselves between now and the implosion will likely dictate when the implosion will transpire. Again, that it will transpire at all is inevitable, but I must admit I sense something in the wind, something unfamiliar, but nonetheless detectable, palpable. Also, the desperation events, such as the swine flu vaccinations in the Fall, the use of force to assure that the vaccinations obtain the intended massive death outcome, the attack on Iran that will most assuredly backfire and that the Russians and Chinese have determined to be the start of WWW III, are perceivable and knowable by conscious beings. As Les says, we are all here to carry out our roles, and to engage in the learning of the soul. Knowing this, we should have no fear as the earth adjusts itself and returns to balance.

Anonymous said...


The organ harvesters are at it again. What's
a few dozen kidneys between friends when
your rabbi will do all the money laundering,
and your Israeli patient will pay a 1600%

Anonymous said...

btw Anon 5:59 - I think Cliff's work is riffing off the work of, no?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to mention the following observation / idea that I made / thought of tonight. It may be silly, but it may be very important. Here goes.

I like nice watches and am a small-time collector. Thus, I notice the watches that people wear, which can provide interesting commentary on those people. Years ago I noticed how nearly all the top politicos wore cheap black plastic "sport" watches such as the Timex Ironman or similar. Clinton was an excellent example, but so were both Bush's, Tony Blair, Kerry, and a host of others. At that time, I assumed the main reason why all these multi-millionaire types (indeed, possibly billionaires...) did this was purely for good PR, in an effort to convince people (consciously or subconsciously) they were "down to Earth" and "regular" folks, thus warranting trust and their votes. Fine. Even doctors in med school (within their jurisprudence classes) are warned to avoid wearing expensive watches and driving over-the-top luxury cars to the office. Yes, I get it and have followed that advice myself.

But, tonight I was watching "Henry Paulson" getting grilled by some female Congresswoman and noticed his black plastic sport watch. Something clicked because (as some of you might know) Paulson was reported shot and killed within some security circles the X-mas before last, and was reported missing by the Treasury immediately thereafter. This caused quit a stir at that time, although not covered by the MSM obviously. A week or so after, a very strange looking Paulson was wheeled out by Bush Jr. for some economic press conference, which fueled much speculation. The video was studied by a variety of people, with some claiming holographic trick, and others claiming merely body double, but nearly all agreeing that it was not the original (or at least pre-X-mas) Paulson. Fine.

However, some of you may recall my "blither-blather" on the very real tech of cloning, and my thought tonight is: are the innocent looking watches seen on the wrists of our public puppets their "control devices" or "communication receivers"? I remember old Bernie Maddoff wearing one too before he went off to jail, which is ridiculous considering a man of his position and wealth. Of course there are many other hi-tech ways control / communication could be done remotely (including nano micro-chipping), but I still can't help think those silly watches are important somehow. Any comments??


Anonymous said...

anon 5:12

I don't believe there is any connection between Clif's unique project and that other one. Clif can answer this question better than I can. He has mentioned that there are other similar projects run by governments and at other high levels. The implication was that they were copying HIM. Take all this with a grain of salt.

There are many interviews with Clif available on the net. In many if not most he explains how and when he started his project. He was initially trying to perfect a system for prediction for INVESTING and PROFITING from it....he was thinking of selling his system for big bucks.....but then the universe hit him with some unexpected results and he realized he had something much more special and powerful than just an investment predictor. At the very least, it is timely and interesting content.

(Les, I had always assumed you were already a web bot subscriber! But, you're tuned in of course. There are many routes of information.)

anon 5:59

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your stuff, very good
I think, at least you are paying
attention and chucking stuff out there
asbestas you can figure it.

I Commend You.

I think the Mideast Vets are going
to have gobs of problems due to the
mischief they were put up to and the
increasing difficulty of overlooking
that fact.

Again, Thanks

Anonymous said...

Yup, its time to draw the bead. By this I mean a billion beady eyeballs need to watch the sick sick wealthy everywhere they go.

I have limited access to wealthy people. Not on TV or via words and images on the internet.

Yesterday a woman appeared outside my office in her multi million dollar jet. The usual plethora of drones scurrying to make sure she was "taken care of" in a manner appropriate to her status, of course. As the pilot dashed past on his way to the restroom he was asked if he would like a bite to eat as our company was having a bbq for lunch.
He replied "nope gotta go" and went literally running off on his way.

The jet fired up and took off.

The line service person who had attended to the affair told us that the jet was returning to its point of origin 350 miles away to pick up the wealthy heiresses dog and bring the curr back up here because when they had left late yesterday morning she had felt it was too hot for the dog to have to deal with 15 seconds on the tarmac between the plane and the waiting car.

Read that over and over till the reality of it sinks way in. Then you'll be ready for this. .

Her "economy plane" a learjet, is used to transport the dog between her east coast residence and the west coast.

I don't think that an image in a video wearing a plastic watch compares to crap like we witnessed yesterday.

Such people are living in a complete disconnect whether they are remote controlled or not. They need to be identified and the eyes of millions need to be on this crap whenever it happens.

Or perhaps such people are really normal and healthy the rest of us just being losers here to serve their every whim?

Who is to say?

Personally, this makes me want to drop out and hit the road till I find a rich bastards pool to drown myself in.

Anonymous said...

Hey All,

Check out this article on 9/11. It just might change your paradigm on the entire 911 Truth Movement.

Visible, what are your thoughts about this?

Ray Zerwitt said...

That looks like "the power of prayer". What should scare you is : What have we been praying for? We don't like how it was answered, but it was answered.

2 laws my 8th grade sex ed teacher taught me:
law 1: all sexually transmitted diseases ultimately come from animals.
law 2: Std's run rampant in the homosexual communities.
law 3: ______________________

Good teachers teach good students and only good students. There is such a thing as 'eyes to see and ears to hear". They do it right on the scribe's networks too. Right in plain sight. I didn't see an actual gripe with Alex Jones. Did you have one? Isn't it an intentionally shitty job of acting when he defends the jews as if he has a gun to his head? He HAS to know how feeble that looks. See "Why I was fired", by Joe Sobran, to understand. Anyhoo, does it leave room for a student's heart to play tricks? Or is that the gripe of a seat occupier? Define the laws.

If you want absolute zero, you have to find something colder than absolute zero to get you there. You have absolutely no idea what that is. You won't get there by your own devices. You have to submit yourself to what you trust, to get off the fence. Or, you can stay on the fence.

They have just about toasted your website.

Here's the latest method to dodge their tricks: type a letter in the comments box. publish. get the comment didn't go through, try again. Try again. log on to google. get the preview. edit the preview. presto.

Visible said...

I like some of cohen's songs and I can't stand some of cohen's song's. I have enjoyed many, many songwriters and musicians in my time including myself. I don't follow any of them. I don't aspire to be them and I know very well that powerful articulation and passion can come from either place.

I'm not up on that stage. They are. That's their business. I've used tunes by other people to illustrate points. That does not mean I have sex with them (grin)

truth be told I don't listen to music at all these days. I wouldn't even listen to myself but I have to in order to compose it. I'm about to record a lot of new material and I wish I didn't have to.

I live in wild but friendly landscapes these people live wherever they are and do what they do. I haven't made any effort to reach any of these people and they certainly haven't made any effort to reach me.

Anonymous said...

Saw a movie in a theater yesterday (rare for me) - with kids and folks to see Harry P.
But the incredible thing was the preview of 2012! Holy crap!
Continents up-ended, chosen ones flyin around in their corporate jets above whole states crashing into the sea, comets pummeling the earth, etc etc. Brought to us by the makers of Independence Day and Day After Tomorrow - so you know who, and that it's gonna be vomitous.

Just sayin, to point out the newest collective meme production in the works. Yeah, like that's what 2012 is about. As if. 'They' know absolutely diddly shit.


Eugene said...

Here is the and only law coming down from Mount Zion...

Anonymous said...

Hi Les and all,

Re the article on thetruthseeker site: 'Criticizing Israel to be illegal', a similar case is reported on the sott site:

So they are trying to tighten the noose, probably because of all the blog articles that are reporting the ugly truth about them.

As you live in Italy, les, will this mean that you'll have to take down your 'Boycott Israel' sidebar?

Visible said...

The website is not in Italy and I am not a NASCAR Driver, (grin)

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Songs are one thing, careers and contracts are another, and careers and contracts are controlled by the Mafia that ate the music business decades ago. That's my simple-minded thought. To swim in those waters, you must adopt the thinking of a shark. And faced with a choice between being Les or More Visible, some people will make the necessary adjustments to be More rather than Les.

And in the case of a guy (Cohen) who is to some people a public model of Zen enlightenment, although privately he is just another desperately ambitious guy on drugs, there's the potential to mislead a lot of people or put them to sleep at a crucial moment.

Let's face it, I'm not objective. I just watch how the media in Canada have embraced him ever since he went over to the "dark side" -- when at one time in his life he was almost a whistleblower on one of the biggest Nazi-based deceptions of all time, the MKULTRA program, of which he is a product.

I was also thinking how much Obama reminds of of Leonard in his style of speaking, the way he presents himself, so friendly and at the same time mysteriously all-knowing. Then I realized (thanks to Webster Tarpley) they both studied at Columbia, are both likely Manchurian Candidates and learned Ericksonian hypnosis techniques which they use on their audiences.

These are the kind of entertainers we are exposed to these days, and they got their training in Brezinsky's kitchen. I don't know... is that interesting? Surprising? Maybe not.

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

I come from a small city that has been, in some ways, an important hub of evil. I guess that could be said of a lot of places, but Montreal has a special story. After WW2 it became one of the largest human laboratories on the planet. McGill University employed Nazi-trained MKULTRA scientists working together with US military and British eugenicists, and gave them access to thousands of people, including children, for experiments and there are mass graves containing the bodies of lobotomized and tortured kids behind some of our mental hospitals. And this is largely hidden history -- the public does/does not know. McGill used to electroshock thousands of people every week in its various hospitals.

That's the world Leonard Cohen came out of. He was a MKULTRA product. I know him personally and I know the background. Many were called, but few survived. "They" allowed him to live, become famous and attract a certain audience. He is immensely grateful for that. It could happen to anyone, except that most of those they worked on were destroyed. So one who survives is "the fittest." And that's one definition of a Manchurian Candidate. Maybe we are all, these days, in some ways Manchurian Candidates.

Why am I going on about this? Because I'm interested in evil when it manifests in my back yard. I'm fascinated by a certain family that also came out of Montreal, the Bronfmans, and how they began their rise to power as bootleggers, and later in WW2 they were asked by the government of Canada to "help out" with the secret British-American-Canadian chemical and biological warfare program, the largest and most advanced in the world, and the Bronfmans got into trafficking children, especially Quebec's vast orphan population, who were sold with help from the Catholic Church into military experiments in which thousands died.

But it doesn't end there. The Bronfmans moved into the world of entertainment, a natural move when you think about it, and Edgar bought up Death Row Records sometime in the 1990s... and so you have (I am told) rap musicians promoting the values of organized crime, into whose "songs" are mixed the screams of children being murdered in underground laboratories in the UK. And that's "music" to our ears these days. It's one way to subliminally spread fear around the planet using young people as vectors.

The Bronfmans are also heavy into charity, and they control Jewish Family Servives -- child protection. So these bootlegger/human traffickers/music moguls with deep connections to banned weapons programs and the military/ are also major philanthropists. And they manipulate social workers into taking kids away from their parents -- and what happens to some of those kids is something we'd rather not know.

They also show up as players in the story of Israel's "Ringworm Children" which you can google -- Moroccan Sephardi children irradiated in 1951 upon arrival in the Promised Land.

Are the Bronfman's Jewish? On the surface, yes. They control the Jewish community of Montreal, and are said to run Canada but they are Nazis to the core. And that's a big conundrum for many people. Clearly, the Jews need to wake up like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...


i am thinking about the need in USA of a United Jeffersonian-Socialist Front composed of small socialist and alternative anti-war, anti-fascism, anti-rich people, anti-upper classes, anti-concentration of wealth, pro-workers, pro-economic democracy, pro-moralism, pro-humanism, pro-egalitarianism parties in USA.

This is just an idea in my mind which i will suggest to some socialist political leaders of this

country, to see what they think about it, it might be called "United Jeffersonian-Socialist Front", which would be based on the humanist christian traditions of: Jeffersonian, Lincolnian, Washingtonian, Christian, Marxist, Trotskist and humanism ideology. And which would include the following political parties, politicians and independent intellectuals:

The green party, Ralph Nader, Socialist Party of USA, Socialist equality party, workers party, The Labor Party, Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, green party, Ralph Nader, Cindy Sheehan, Howard Zinn, Ray Mcgovern, David Ray Griffin, Noam Chomsky bob bar, Cynthia Mckinney, James Petras, Michael Hudson, Bill Van Auken (President of the Socialist Equality Party), Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez, Juan Cole, Seymor Hersh, Chalmers Johnson, Alan Maass, Michael Parenti, Alexander Cockburn, Paul Craig Roberts, Tariq Ali, Jimmy Carter, Chris Hedges, and many other americans who are moralists, humanists, altruists, and rational human beings.

However this is just an idea in my mind, a work in progress, its is still a utopia and a dream, not realized and materialized yet. I still have to propose this idea to some of the leaders in the US progressive and humanist anti-fascism, anti-war movement. It will be a United Front in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, The Iraqui Revolution, The Palestinian Revolution, The Iran government, The Evo Morales Revolution, the Cuban anti-Imperialist revolution and all movements, liberation churches, and just anybody who has good intentions and morality in this world.


Still alive said...

Wow. This blew me away. I simply have to repeat what I said before-I only wish I could write and articulate like you, Les. And I wish I could get a seat on your intellectual and conscience plane.



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