Monday, July 13, 2009

The Apocalypse for Dummies.

What can you do besides shake your head and give a rueful laugh at the irony of a high end mole in a Karl Marx suit appointing so many 'Czars'? What can you do except stare in bug-eyed wonder at the overwhelming number of members of The Tribe, in control of the administration, who take the party line to protect the status quo so that their jumped up little nation of goose-stepping fascists won’t be revealed as one of the arch perpetrators of 9/11?

What do we make of all the left-gatekeepers who say the truth about 9/11 doesn’t matter? See the first comment in this link for just a few names and wonder of wonders they are members of The Tribe as well. At what point does coincidence, as Goldfinger explained to James Bond, become enemy action? Look at the second video which is a close up of one of the towers after it was hit. Look at the small injury at the top of the building and you tell me how it managed to heat the support structures all the way down to the bottom to the extent that the building could come down in free fall into its own footprint. Let’s not even mention the natural inclination of fire to burn upward or that it didn’t do much in that direction either.

Then there are the inescapable facts that precede the event. If you’ve got the time, here is a very comprehensive timeline related to 9/11.

We’ve seen one of The Tribe’s blackface operations singing and dancing on the MSM about rising hate crimes recently. We know that all of this is to counteract the relentless engine of the internet revealing what has been hidden and... at what point do the scales tip? At what point is critical mass achieved? Do they shut everything down and make criminals of us all or... does something remarkable happen?

I made a provocative comment in my last posting here (it’s gone now) to see what the general tone of my readers was. At the same time, I’ve been traveling all over the internet to see what the general tenor of the contributing population thinks about America being controlled by a nation that attacked it and then hid and/or spun the evidence in way that an eight year old would find hard to believe. People are angry out there and they’re not afraid to come to the same conclusions as I. It doesn’t matter if you are going to alternative news sites or to the mainstream, it’s being said over and over. For everyone who speaks there are usually a great many more who do not but who also know.

It’s the old story of closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. They really have no choice but to legislate against people speaking out. They have no choice but to bypass and dishonor The Constitution. They have been caught out. Everybody knows. Here’s the ultimate irony; if they can’t even beat a small group of fighters with second class weapons fighting the best armed military in the world in Afghanistan, how are they going to stop the people all over the world who are telling the truth on the internet?

Well... as far as Afghanistan goes, they don’t really intend to win that war. This is the explanation for your puzzlement about why they don’t introduce enough soldiers in the first place. Wars these days are fought only to enrich corporations and bankers. That’s usually the case anyway. Wars have nothing to do with any stated causes and nothing to do with winning at all. They are about controlled murder for money and intimidation for those elsewhere who are resisting corporate theft in whatever corner of the world it is taking place in. You could be next. It’s about land and resource grabs. It’s about psychopathy in action.

I’m guessing that, these days, before anyone becomes president they already have the Polaroid’s and video necessary to maintain fealty. They set these guys up way before hand. You might think the game is so wired that there is no chance of turning the tide, au contraire... au contraire.

The tide has turned and they are scrambling like the sewer rats that they are, doing damage control, while over-extended in gratuitous wars around the globe as they prop up a ‘dead in the water’ economic system, thinking they’ll be in their bolt-holes when the shit hits the fan... au contraire... au contraire. This is the time of summing up and there are just too many people for them to control the world and rape it at the same time.

Many people think the solution to this is mass murder on a large scale and ‘they’ are thinking about that and they are working in that direction. They are attempting what many others before them have attempted and never succeeded at. They won’t succeed at it either. Unlike those they are oppressing who are not afraid to die, they are... afraid to die. They are weak and without the characteristics that make one strong. There is no tensile strength in their bones. There is no righteous passion in their hearts. There is no clarity of virtuous purpose in their minds.

As I have said many times before, they are being set up by forces unknown to them in order to give the world an object lesson. This is a movie and the director is on the set. In the final act they will turn on each other. It is their nature. Imagine the degree of arrogance that wars within them against the uncertainty of their fears. They are divided against themselves and lying in both directions. It’s a wonder that they don’t put their own hands around their necks and strangle themselves. In a sense this is just what they are doing.

In the meantime they are exposing themselves so that there will be no doubt about their crimes. In the meantime they are lying and dissembling without pause as they are being more exposed with each passing day.

At the same time humanity is waking up. Who knows why this is? Whatever the reason, humanity is waking up and new generations are appearing from locations unknown with a new message for those who have preceded them.

As much as an unfortunate percentage of The Tribe is on the front lines of darkness, they are not exclusive in these pursuits. They are joined by other fell representatives from every nation, race and religion. They are coming out of their holes and being forced out of the inner planes because these are the times that have been written about. You are living in them. These are those ‘interesting times’. The Apocalypse is a mathematical condition. It adheres to the laws of physics. It comes whenever the world has reached the final limits of its forced state of imbalance. This is not a religious condition. It is a natural occurrence that follows the course of natural laws.

Yes… it looks grim. The degree of crime at every level is a wonder to behold. Max Kaiser conducts a brilliant interview with Michael Hudson where you can hear all about it (see the right sidebar for the next two clips). It looks like they can do whatever they want and that their captive governments will just wink and nod all the way through. Don’t be taken in by appearances, this is all part of the show.

I’m writing this because I hear so much despair and uncertainty as the movie moves to the denouement. You’ve heard the phrase, “These are the times that try men’s souls”. Please understand that ‘try’ means to temper. It is just such adverse conditions blanketed in exaggerated fear which is the fire that tempers your metal. If it doesn’t kill you, you’re going to be a lot stronger and... if it does... you’ll probably be back again unless you’ve finally become free of the need and in that case you have my congratulations.

As someone once said in a song; “don’t let it get you down, it’s only castles burning.” The world is the world is the world. Whether we understand the purpose of it, it does have one and it tends to repeat itself in what it offers and in the events that transpire regardless of the age they appear in. We are at a major transit point... major; not just the end of a 2,000 year cycle and the beginning of another but the end of a 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of another. Try not to get composted and stay the course in all of the better meanings of the phrase.

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Anonymous said...

Iraq was/is meant to keep the oil in the ground--need that black ops money from Afghani opium--
Dick Cheneys Secret Service detail will be putting in more overtime for an extended tour--like sticking your head in a toilet that can't flush and it's half-time at the Superbowl--

Minions are being hung out to dry--the musical chairs game is on, and the whole room, their room, is spinning--out of control--their package deal is being rescinded.......

Locally, as the fear that people were under with the bush regime has subsided, you can hear all kinds of anger being talked about from gas station to post office---
The fear has turned to anger---
"Get your swine flu shot here--and get a free toaster"--I don't see folks falling for it--a line in the sand if you will--the states are bitching, but only because they lack the money--which of course will be printed on human skin lampshades from higher up and traded for vials of deathly control.---

The fear is gone and a lot of folks aren't going to fall for it the second time around--
Most don't know the real deal, but they know what they are being told from all quarters of the media and government is bullshit---those raindrops smell a lot like ammonia and look a bit yellow...........

"Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow"

I have to assume that they are watching certain fear indicators and understand what I have just written--people are looking for anything to shoot at, and it doesn't have a towel wrapped around it's head this time--except for the true believers of course--hard to reload with a bible in one hand and your head up your ass---
Carry on Visible---


psychegram said...

Interesting interview. The Chinese are trading worthless FRNs for farmland in Europe and Africa, whilst Russia and her satellites are drawing a line in the sand and saying, that's it, we're not going to finance your empire any more. By all appearances the gig is up for the Empire, and in this case appearances don't necessarily lie but ... don't take that to mean it's game over for the Secret Emperors. We are not out of the woods on that score yet.

There are riots in China, for obvious economic reasons. They are pissed, and so are the Russians, and as for the third world? They hate America's guts. A coalition is forming, just as it did against the Axis of WWII, but this too is according to plan because every Great War needs two main antagonists, or rather of course one antagonist and a protagonist. We'll all be encouraged to see the Russo-Chinese Alliance as the good guys when the truth is, the Secret Emperors will be quietly setting up shop inside the new, nascent Empire, even as the old one crumbles. Hell, they're already there, maneuvering them into place ... like they always are. They only have to pull this shell game off one more time ... and it's a game they've played very successfully since time immemorial. Sumer to Babylon to Egypt to Greece to Rome to Constantinople to London to Washington DC and next up, Beijing ... always as different as could be to the untrained eye but look closely, you'll see the same families in charge ... and the same beings behind them.

All that has to happen for them to lose is for enough people to See. Once you know the trick the hand is no longer quicker than the eye ... once you tune out the cheap, rapid banter you see the street hustler for what he is.

They've done this many times before. They are very, very good at what they do, but with an unbroken string of success even the most evolved being will get cocky.

Anonymous said...

Those dark tales of childhood seem to have more truth in them than what is printed in any newspaper of today. It still is amazing how bright the sun can still shine in even the darkest of times, and these times are thankging.

History is about change. That good old delta y over delta x stuff, called slope in some circles. I have family history that goes back to times of change. My mother grew up in Germany during WWII and was even buried alive at one point. The world did not end, but it sure seemed like it to her.

I often think of that when I get called "doomer". Not quite the right label, maybe we should be called changers because things are going to change, rather quickly. Iou could say that the slope of is goinng to get much steeper. Will just have to see who ends up sliding to the bottom and who ascends to the top.

As in any quest worth pursuing, it is the soul that gets tested. Who and what we are becomes the parameters by which we progress. Instead of the game of life it is the game of souls. There is a randomness to and also and most importantly, there are choices. At everyone moment there is a choice to be made. This is where we are tested. this is where things like integrity, courage, truth, compassion, and love are measured. Graduation is coming...


Jack Rabbit said...

es indeedy the word is out, the public knows what it's all about
The lyin' shills on the internet type, always askin' What's all the hype?
The fact that fellow Americans died, some from other countries, all their families cried
No longer the realm of theory, Chomsky Goodman et all
The perpetraitors will take a fall

911 was an inside job

m_astera said...

You be right, Les. The Big Show is on. Glad I'm here; I wouldn't miss it for anything. Just think of the stories I can tell--"You were there? On planet Earth? Then? Really?"

Yeah, me and the other six billion walk-ons.:-)

Visible said...


Trying = temper

Yes, sir I’m moving with that!!!

All is here for interaction of self with the “godhead” and the harder it comes the more work we get out of the way. What a super time to be going this work (the cycles). Much will we gain if we see that this world’s ignorance is your own?

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

The great unveiling continues. Word is that BO was less than impressive on his trip to Moscow. His ineptness was demonstrated in meeting with a real leader. The Russians put a lot on the table, the americans nothing. It was all facade and it will diminish this country greatly.

I sense the circling sharks as the rest of the world sees what really is. This country is a massive facade like a playground bully whose only social tool is ignorant domination. Well, we all no what eventually happens to the schoolyard bully.

The US is either going to fall under its own weight or it will be taken down. The pieces to be gobbled up. Like a cornered wounded animal we will strike out only to our loss since the energy expended only delays the inevitable.

so the real concern should be, where do we sit to watch the show. As in olden times when the elites would go out to watch the battles likeit was a football game only to have to run back inside when things went the wrong way. Where do we go?

We have set up a forum called Shangri La. I am there. I will be a part of this community. I am. Is not shangri La a state of being more than a place? Where I sit I am surrounded by green hills and fields with a river and abundant wild life. Am I in Shangri La? That all depends on what is happening inside me. We are alreadythere. We may manifest a common physical poinnt at sometime in the future, but inn this moment we chose to be in Shangri La or not. The real magic will be when we realize that we don't need this illusion. We are already connected. We may have used this crude thing called the internet to connect, but as the curtain falls that too will be obsolete.

If we are one, then we are together, all time, all space.



Hank said...

Indicators are there, and more seem to be cropping up every day.

There was an op ed in the Washington Post recently and I think it was called, Time for an Israeli Strike?, by former UN ambassador John R. Bolton. The comments were almost completely in rebuke of his assersion, and he was called out by many for being the neo con war monger, and israeli leg humper that he is.

Another article called Defense for a Real Threat, regarding the missile defense system the US wants to deploy as a deterrant to Iranian missiles, written of course by a couple of jews, was almost 100% seen by the readers for what it was, blatant propaganda intended to enrich the military industrial complex.

I have read many more in many places, and the fog is lifting. You fuck with peoples money and their ability to take care of their families long enough, and it seems they start asking questions. In their collective articulate fashion they ask for clarification, with questions like, what the fuck? Well, for the most part they are simple creatures after all, but they are well armed creatures. Guns in the hands of simple minds. That should get the bad guys attention, or one would think.

Now we have all this CIA shit coming out about them lying to congress about Cheney and his clandestined efforts. New information about how far phone surveilence really went. Holder saying he may persue the interrogation stuff, dispite Howdy wanting to look to the future. And to cap it all off, we have the confermation hearings for Sotomayor starting today, where many of those senators are going to be talking about the law applying equally to everyone.

Nitwityahoo bad mouthing Rham Emmanuel, calling him a self hating jew. Finding out that the massive Iranian embassy in Nicaragua that Hillary Clinton said boded ill for the west, doesn't exist. 911 truth gaining so much ground, the NSA has dedicated over a 1000 people to try and contain it and potential internal whistle blowers.

No one can say with any certainty where this is all going or what will happen, but it sure is looking a lot more like steak boiled in shit water for the bad guys. There is always the possibility that it is all just elaborate window dressing, but it sure smells like shit.

Don't know if it's going to be the blitzkrieg or waterloo, but it look like we are going to have front row seats. Popcorn anyone?

Anonymous said...

I got bad news for you all :^(
Them Trillon$ of dollars disappearing are actually gping into Israel,for rainy days. They did the same in the depression,Stoks, properties tanked-pennies to the dollar, and the money changers cashed in. Penny stocks turned into dollars. Re: 911 attacks. Why no Jewish media dares to question it? They know-who did it and not Arabs! Can we do something about it? Too Late--they won and are about to cash in :^/

Copernicus Kidd said...

Hare Krsna!

Vivid End Not Dividend said...

Glorious, Les

The αποκάλυψη keeps coming and in the meanwhile
It is δοξασμένος to read it pronounced with such style

Anonymous said...

The problem with theatre critics, is not that they're critics (who are inarguably the lighthouses for culture in our society ;) ), but that too many of them invest too much attention to the minutiae of the play; analyzing the plot structure, dissecting the character development, voluminously noting the historical and popular cultural references, the costumes, props and backdrops--- instead of taking the experience for what it is as a whole: a work of art, tantalizing in its mystery... that can be enjoyed if approached as intended.

Too many of them forget there is something outside the theatre----

---a perfect summer night.

You got that free ticket didn't you?

And you used it... didn't you?

So why are you complaining?

The play's the thing, and you must be enjoying it--- you're still here.

You can get up out of your seat and leave any time you wish.
The doors are closed, but not locked.

Now who's the dummy?



Anonymous said...

Les Visible wrote: "Let’s not even mention the natural inclination of fire to burn upward or that it didn’t do much in that direction either."

I love your rhetoric, but it occurs to me that steel transfers heat remarkably well, so I would imagine that such a whole steel structure would quickly become very hot if it received enough heat at one spot (but not too much too quickly). For the same reason, however, the amount of heat needed to bring down the building would literally have to be hellish.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog Today.....'Keep Hope Alive', Jesse Jacksons' mantra.....'The Truth will set us all Free' and I am ready for change...too many dead and suffering to ignore.....this evil machine and those that support it must fall...or everyone one of us will fall into a 'Big pile of Nasty Shit' (I dont know how else to say it) a Veteran and Architect for 911 Truth, Father and someone who love this planet and most of the people on it, the time is now for all good people to stand up and take some kind of action...'May the Force be with You', Starwars...Best Wishes, Doug

Anonymous said...

Nuff Said!

Ray Zerwitt said...

Simple minds??? Maybe the questions are simple. Maybe the answers are even simpler. Maybe there are 2 answers to the same simple question and the answer either requires some balls or a token of obedience, in the form of paragraph after paragraph of sophistical bullshit to avoid this simple answer to a simple question. You've waved the white flag, Hank. They know you would rather be castrated than lose your life. They never killed an atheist. You will change your sophistical contrivance whenever they confront you. They know this. You shouldn't be fucking around with this. But, maybe you're covered.

Hank said...

Ray Zerwitt,

Damn man, you're always so serious. It's going to wrinkle your face you know.

Answer me this Ray. Why should I kill someone to try and keep something I am going to lose anyway. I admit there was a time when if I thought I could avoid dying by killing someone, there would be a whole graveyard just for the folks I would have taken out. But not now. That would make me one of them, and in all likelyhood require me to do the earth grade all over again. You're right though, I have waved the white flag, but not in the way you mean.

Oh, and there is a third answer. Have the balls to be disobedient peacfully. Ghandi the motherfuckers, they hate that.

Dave in Toronto, Canada said...

Forty years ago, I wanted to move to your USA and LIVE there! (I had to settle for visiting most of it). And I gotta tell Ya- I always felt more comfortable in the 'States, than the chickenshit country that I live in.
The change is coming- and I am confident that when it does; it will happen in the USA first!
Keep your eyes open, your family safe, and your powder dry!
Time for the ordinary folks in the USA, to get their self-respect back, (and the respect of the rest of the world, along with it!

Anonymous said...

The 9/11 false-flag attack is the USraeli Empire's weak spot...potentially a fatal vulnerability.

The public domain evidence that 9/11 was an "inside job", with Zionist fingerprints all over it, is simply indisputable.

I mean, let's see anyone reasonably dispute this, for example:

or this:

or this:

Why isn't the international community demanding that the Empire come clean? What's wrong with the Russians? The Chinese? Even the Iranians don't seem interested.

Damnit the Empire has handed the world a weapon with which to slay it, and instead the whole world stands mute as the Empire merrily continues on its Zionist mass-murder crusade.

I don't get it at all.


su said...

Two days ago Messiah Ob states that the UK is more likely to suffer a "terrorist" attack than the U.S. Well well what a surprise when a day later the UK retracts its partial arms embargo on Israel.
How transparent is that threat and how few people see it.
Going back to contemplating no-thingness.
This phenonenal plane is just too much.

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

Welcome to the Big Stripe, Chaingang World..

Anonymous said...

While reading as I do bits and bobs on different sites recently. I was reading of the Knesset in Israel, and the in-fighting within the different people. The names elude me now, but then that is how it should be. For the names though they be different, they somehow stay the same.

What struck me was the tone and fear within the names. It would appear they are all afraid and unsure of each other. Much like when the thieves will snarl when it comes time to divi up the swag. The same is true of the internet, the names have lost control for the moment, so they are using the stolen loot from the US to pay their shills to saturate the blogs with more lies, and deception. Perhaps it is possible there are decent people in Israel of which we don't hear, who are sick of the lies and are just unable to be heard. We should hope this is so, and give support to any who would give voice against the Israeli killing machine.

I think people should be aware also that, those names are well aware of the demise of the US as it has been well and truly plundered, and they have little use for it for the present.

It seems to me that they have regrouped to their original stronghold of the London mile, and from here they will lay waste to Europe as they have done to the US.

Their strongest pivot has always been the english language, this is most evident in their MSM which is their chief influence on the mass of the world. They will give us a daily dose of, big brother, neighbourhood programmes, and fringe media. While we look, and live this useless filth they will give us liberated women with no femminity, and men with no balls.

We always knew there was torture in foreign parts, us western people, who would speak British could easily accept this, sure in the knowledge it could never happen to us. Well surprise, surprise, we had it here in Britain, and Ireland, and no-one would believe it could happen in civilized society, but it did.

In my media to-day, we can be judged by elitists dj's, we could cry on any MSM show for the purpose of getting justice only to be given voice for radio ratings in the absence of getting proper justice.

True for what jpsmith say's, we have been given our greatest chance to get those bastards at their own game, and countries in general, and MSM in particular would do nothing.

Anyway Les rant over as this tired old fool will have to go and dig the garden, and sow some new seeds, which will perhaps work off more steam.

So keep the faith, and keep doing what you do.

Regards, Mac.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Good post as always Les.

At a sybmolic level 9/11 simply said "We're outa here". There were at least 7 inside jobs that day to my reckoning. The only one that actually stopped that day was the snuff movie. The rest are still working through our system.

Don't forget the perps have been at this stuff for millenia and so if we think we've caught up with them we're idiots. I've been watching them curry favour on one of their bolt holes for at least forty years.

Why do you think that at each end of the old silk road they've got an operational base?

Good work.

Heads up

Ivan de Coward said...

... And when you loose control, you'll reap the harvest you have sown.
And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone.
And it's too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw around.
So have a good drown, as you go down, all alone,
Dragged down by the stone.

Pink Floyd - Dogs

john c, UK said...



Anonymous said...

quiet disobedience and determination

Anonymous said...

"How are they going to stop the people all over the world who are telling the truth on the Internet?" The engineering of pandemic diseases and mandatory vaccinations have the potential to unleash such totalitarian regimes, chaos, and despair to this world that the Truth on the Internet all of a sudden can turn into a minor obstacle for the Ashkenazi slave drivers who obviuosly own and rule this material world and who are well on their way to cull, imprison, and totally enslave humanity. The WHO is the whip they'll have to drive the Goyim into the slaughterhouses where they will be injected with useless vaccines which contain poisons and which are contaminated with engineered pathogens (mycoplasmas)which weaken our immune system and who knows what else. Vaccine resisters and H1N1 contaminated sheeple will end up in the FEMA concentration camps. Martial Law, no more need for another 911 in order to nuke Iran, and WWIII: one pandemic disease could make it all much easier. Maybe not so for the rest of the world, but the Rothschilds took their faith very serious: their Jewish Messiah will not return to this world before 'Eratz' Israel, the Third Temple, and a Zionist New World Order have all become reality. As for now, the future of humanity seams increasingly depending on the skills of sincere microbiologists (that haven't been killed yet) to unravel the mysteries behind this obviously engineered disease. But no matter what havoc they still have in store for us, Rothschild's Zionist world army doesn't rule this world on every plane and every gene of my human nature assures me: their wicked goal will not be achieved.

Masher1 said...

"Hellish" Is a remarable Point to start. Hellish indeed. The web of steel could cook all the concrete into cinders and just cach a good temper. In fact the woman seen in the hole blow the whole game into 'WTF' land right at the detail of HEAT.

Sixty DAYS of hellish heat.


Whole swimming pools of water dosing it HOURLY and Sixty days it burnt.

Go ahead have any look you need to 'Git-er-Done' and your options run short Real fast on the fuel to sustain said fire.

Have a think on the element.

Some 1200 to 1800 Tons of it.

Anonymous said...

Judenrein, now there is a word which was cast in distain at the German diplomat. It being cast at the subject diplomatic world by this evil man. I can never look at Netanyahu without thinking of a certain Mr Swift, Swift spoke of yahoos, and big endians, and little endians, and their love of war, and strife, and their never-ending battles for good or evil. So it will appear we will always have those evil men in any given time. The problem with Mr Yahoo is, he believes in the coming Saviour, the temple on the mount and all that goes with it. We for our sins have seen this in my parish in history, we have had any number of generals, and leaders who would do the will of their god. Mr Cromwell comes to mind as he was the most fervent. His soldiers were known as the babes of grace for reason of, carrying the sword, and the bible. When Mr Cromwell was asked by his general, Ireton, to have a care lest he would kill those of his own faith with the local catholic natives, Mr Cromwell thought for a while only to say, well then we will kill them all, and God will know his own. Mr Ireton's preference by the way was, to kill the children and thereby perish the seed. Madness you would say, and what would it have to do with the present, or is it the scribbling of a Swift wanabee. Well it has a lot of meaning in to-days world. For if we look to see who the financial backers were we will find to-days names. You will find the same names with Wellington of Waterloo, and those are names of my parish, and yet they are names the world should be aware of.

I remember a post which I sent to one of your previous articles. I don't know the reason why you omitted this post, this is assuming it ever got to your site, as I keep finding it more and more difficult to post on your site. The gist of my rant then was, I made the assumption that I believed most of your posters would never hold office of any import in their local community. My reason in saying this is, people who would have a mind of their own will always be marginalized within their local community for thinking out-side the box. They will also be unlikely to be bullies, and therefore not be inclined to use their fellows in order to achieve.

You might not see where I am going with this, well if you look at it this way, while I like your optomisim, for I think you must be an eternal one and that could only be a good thing. I am firm of the idea, that the names are un-important, it is the evil they will do to achieve their ends.

Anyway Les to use Mr Makows words and to conclude, Ireally have not got an effing clue as to how to stop this madness, but perhaps someone somewhere who is important, (this is not to say but we all have our value), but it is just a case of some are more powerfull than others, and we can all but do our best in the hope that our best features will be what is seen by the reader, and on-looker.

Keep the faith.


Anonymous said...

Too much Jewish music for me. I think you may lead us right back into Jewish hell.

Mel Gibstein



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