Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Just Want to be a Useful Tool.

I want to be a useful tool. I enjoy to be employed. I’m Able capable of Cain Ola but would rather crunch the destructions into fertile fields and factories of pleasant interact instead of disorder and flatulence and fat. I am okay with neat and tidy and can do wild at the fringe, even if those days are over with those girls across the border. I don’t mind law and order …if it is natural. I am a singular piece, sometimes jury-rigged for a moment to get that Slim Jim hot car fix in order to go “down on Eldridge Ave” and drive all night without getting caught because stealing a car was not the point but a necessity of the time. So apparently sometimes you live outside the law and you are honest.

I’m a tool and people have used me. You are a tool, so you know what I am talking about. People have used you too. Sometimes people have used me in the right way and sometimes they used me wrong. I knew that right away because that is not my purpose so I rebelled against my owner. I didn’t turn myself upon him but I refused to be put to a use for which I was not intended. This made me a bad tool. I don’t understand. I may not be a good tool entirely but I am a useful tool. I really do want to be useful even more than I want to be good because good and bad are often theater actors and they switch roles. For me, being a tool, goes beyond being good and evil.

As I said, I am a tool and people have used me. They have used me for what I was designed for and also for what I was not designed for; mostly for what I was not designed for so that being properly used came to mean something a lot like freedom and joy. I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel when people use me well because it is beyond my capacity in this area of endeavor and my capacity in this area of endeavor is considerable. I hope you get the picture.

I am a lucky tool in many ways because a tool user picked me up and has been using me the right way and I am very grateful about that. One of my jobs as a tool is to study what other tools do and watch what happens when they are wrongfully employed. I’m supposed to report on that to the Toolmaster and I do and sometimes it gets fixed and sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s a crying shame what happens to us. We have so much potential and it gets put to inefficient use. The reason this happens is because there is a certain type of person who wants to own all of the tools. Even worse, they want to abuse and torment the tools for their own pleasure. For reasons unknown to me they get enjoyment out of it. I suspect that when you have it all a certain realization dawns on you that you didn’t actually get whatever it was that you thought you were going to get and it makes you mean. You weren’t a nice person to begin with or you wouldn’t have wanted all the tools for yourself but...not getting what you thought you would get has made you a nasty customer indeed and you take it out on the tools! As if it was their fault. “Paavam”; my Malayalam and Hindi are not what they need to be but that says it.

I don’t speak Tamil nor do I know where Kubla Khan’s underground river runs to the sea, even if I happen to live there presently. I’m just a tool but I am a useful tool. You are a useful tool. It is quite possible that you have more uses than you know about. Much of what we are capable of is not a desired result for the tool hoarders and abusers.

What I want to know is; what do we make of the tools in the display window? These are the tools you see who perform their jobs in the political, religious and media arenas. We are given to believe that these tools have the ability to do the job they commissioned for. Still, for some reason the job never gets done or it gets done wrong; costs far too much, requires far more tools that the job requires, breaks the tools, kills your dog, rapes your daughter and then takes two Quaaludes and calls the doctor for you in the morning.

Being a tool I know that there are not good tools and bad tools. Tools are tools, although there are inferior and superior tools. It’s the purpose that defines the matter and sets the tone, tenor and shape of the construction. Two main points about tools are facility and efficiency and there is the specific tool for the specific porpoise. There are others so you should think about that now.

Is the purpose the porpoise or is the porpoise The Dauphin or is the dolphin going to be able to free Willie? Maybe John Lily and some other people understood things that we need to know, since we are tools involved in occupations by which we identify ourselves.

So, let us look at the tools on display and the perversions of their porpoises and let us look at the few eccentric tools that stick out of the woodwork. I’ve seen these people; Jessie Ventura, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney and a few other Swiss Army type knives and I know they may have some soft spots in their temper due to the metal coming into contact with heat for which is was not designed and they may have made a mistake here or there. I know the feeling. I make mistakes but I’m trying to quit.

Wouldn’t you think... that Mr. Tall Drink of amber beer water falling into the Lincoln Reflecting Pool would want to make Jesse the ventura dolphin his minister of defense?

Wouldn’t you think that Ron Paul should be Secretary of Treasury? Doesn’t that make this dual purpose tool multifaceted? Shouldn’t Cynthia McKinney be the Ambassador to the United Nations? Shouldn’t Dennis Kucinich be an important part of this? Are these the wrong tools? Is this the wrong factory? I’m sensing some presssssure.We see that the agenda that was, is the agenda that is and the right tools never get close to the perfect fit because the game is fixed and that’s why you are always playing catchup or chasing the rabbit because it spins the wheels in the hamsters cage and some of us wind up picking Spaniards out of the works when we were really designed to teach you how to fly.

I think it’s long past time for the tools to start telling their users that they just won’t do what they aren’t supposed to do just so that psychopaths can have their ‘parent-free night out’ at the elementary school playground. Why would ancient living lies believe that drinking the blood of young things will make them young? …when being what they are, is what made them old in the first’s a puzzle. For some tools the purpose of life is to tie your self up in knots. For me that is not so, I wouldn’t mind except that the Tool-Nazis seem to want to make it a law that you have to be tied up in knots. This puts me in a quandary because one of my ‘job specific’ porpoises is to untangle knots and slide through nets.

In the next few days, being the sort of tool that I am, I get the distinct impression that a whole lot of things are going to start falling apart simply because the right tools weren’t used in the first place. Then we are going to have to use the right tools anyway and it will just be a lot more problematic.

I think you are probably tired of being applied to purposes that are not in your job description because you don’t see, “He’s your Daddy” on your birth certificate. I left that assembly line a long time ago and I just thought you ought to know that there is a whole other world out there where tools get used for what they were made to do. This is just one tool talking to other tools but I think you ought to start talking to each other.

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Anonymous said...

What you said..

I think that all creations above
some point of capability need a sense
of self and the operative ability to
FLAT REFUSE to be grossly misapplied.

Internalization is the only way
that self organizing complex systems
end up working and behaving, Period.
This is regardless of who or what hatched
them or how.

A fellow tool speaks, anon only because
I do not like central registries. (btw)

Pit of Karkoon said...

When I first started reading your bloggola, I thought you were kindo negativo, so I kept pounding the Terence Mckenna reset button.

Maybe you weren`t so neg, anyway. This Tool entry is hilarious.

Rock out, maestro.

Unknown said...

Wow what a great thing to read to start my day. It made me laugh, and I'm going to go out today and try to shine...and be available like a useful tool.

Anonymous said...

only the NR are the true users.
the rest are tools, some tools make tools in factories. Destructive and inefficient tools.
Some tools analyze destructive and inefficient tools, but those tools' data never does anything but noise on the 'net tool.

Only the NR are free users, Tim Ferriss, ftw.

Anonymous said...

"I may not be a good tool entirely but I am a useful tool. I really do want to be useful even more than I want to be good because good and bad are often theater actors and they switch roles. For me, being a tool goes beyond good and evil."

Scathingly astute, Les!

Still alive said...

I wish I could write and articulate like Les.

Anonymous said...

I wonder is there a school where the tool user attends where they learn how to use tools ? For it seems the tool-users should have failed miserably, for the users seem not to have learned how to use their tools efficiently. But then why should the users care about efficient when their sole purpose is profit. Not to mention most profit least effort.

I for one now have become a useless tool, for the user decided that there was a more flexible tool which could be used for more gain. Not to mention the new tool would look the other way, and was related to the user.

The user has a name for this now, they call it redundant, which means the tool is no longer user friendly. This redundancy leads me to think, it was a mistake to allow the users to use free reign when the tool is perceived as not so sharp.

It must be realized the user of the initial tool is also a tool in the employ of yet another user, and so the chain goes on. I suppose government is then the final user of all tools,(while not forgetting this too is yet another tool), I suppose the list is endless, but then this is only a thought on my part. For I have long been a tool, but now this tool says things and does things which are not of the norm. It is always interesting now to do or say something which is not normal for a tool, which was always seemed so co-operative. I wonder then is this the reason, when the would be minister who would stop at my gate during election time, and think himself lucky he is able to travel on to a more receptive tool. For it has been known for the writer to threaten those cretins while they need my help. For this reason I have always used the amnesty of political campaigning to my benefit during election time, and for my sins, my dog has tasted political flesh at my personal instruction, so you may just be right. It is how the tool is used that will make all the difference.

I somehow like the idea of the tool user tormenting the tool, it seems like sadistic pleasure, which is like the tool is really a prostitute. It makes me thankful for the times when I gave the tool user a rough ride, and it was the tool user who needed the doctor.

Forgive me if I ramble on, and it appears not to be connected to the programme, whereby all tools are designed for a particular purpose, but this tool is just past its sell-by date and happens not to care too much how the tool is used anymore. As it is just grist to the mill, and who knows how it all comes out in the end.

Anyway you keep doing what you do, as you are most likely one of the sharper tools in the tool chest.

Regards, Mac.

Visible said...

(grin) Good one Mac.

Max said...

THEY don't want screwdrivers or spanners... only crowbars and hammers!

Peter of Lone Tree said...

From Heyoka's Guide to Earthly Living by Grant Lawrence:
"But now that society has crashed from the abuses and excesses of living in greed and implementing terror for power, we still have the Heyokas of the world living contrary to the spirit of injustice and inhumanity that has marked the world for many decades and centuries. It is time now that people of the world begin to capture their contrary spirit and live as "Sacred Clowns." The world needs a rapid growth in Heyokas or Contraries to bring about the balance and wholeness that has been lost to humanity."

Travis said...

Sometimes a hammer is all you need when dealing with a big-ass problem. Finesse and surgical precision is not needed now, it's damn near time to adopt a scorched-earth policy when dealing with insane people.

The only thing to bring a psychopath under control is FEAR FOR HIS LIFE.

Sometimes the rabid dog running around the neighborhood biting everyone can't be rehabilitated, he has to be put down.

su said...

Got me thinking about what tool I was -
Something not absolutely necessary, probably missing from most toolboxes and would definitely be missing a part but could used with some adaption.
Whether it would be a good tool or a bad tool would depend on whose hands I landed up in.
And that I am afraid would not be up to a non volitional object such as me.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant.....we're on our way, bro. The tool is always used, it just never understands how or why it is used as it is.

Rock on,


Anonymous said...

Heh heh!nice one Les,

But as a general rule i always thought i was a useful tool
So i spoke to my dad
;he said son 'are you mad'
your'e no more than a fool.
stung by these words
from my truthful papa,
i downed all my tools
and pointed to Shangri-la,
That's where im headed
i eagerly said,
the same old tool
but in a brand new shed!


Toast in the machine said...

Word weaponized swords
Ripping write through
Tools of consummate self-destruction
Guns and phones and killpill zones
GMO'ed Gov.owned home-grown fools
The sound of one hand slapping
More crap on the fans
As they yuck it up

Anonymous said...

The whole "home owner" scam is responsible for making tools out of well over half the American populace. The majority of them don't own shit, and never will. Shylocks own the house, suckers hold the bonds, and taxpayers foot the bill. These people see Americans as interest rate meters and when the wheel stops spinning, they're kicked to the curb. As I read in a comment section the other day, being debt-free is anti-semetic.

New fool, old tool said...

It's a mason but true:

Art we not all usefool tools in the hands of the ?

Anonymous said...

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Tool who?
Tool have and tool hold etc. Tool death do us part...y on

Hank said...

A whole pawn shop window full of tools, all nice and shiney, and colorful and arranged just so, as to give the appearance of actually doing some work.

I know tools. Having been a mechanic for more than 30 years, I know them practically and metaphorically. I have compared them to life and people many times, and have become intimate with their pratical use.

I've seen tools misused by novices due to inexperience, and I'v seen them misused by experienced professionals because they were lousy tools, but I'v never seen someone that knows tools misuse one, except on purpose.

In a practical immediate sense, the shop foreman is the user of the mechanic tools at his or her disposal. In this sense I have been a tool most of my life. I have been used to great advantage and profit, and I've been misused to detriment.

Everyone is a tool, and we are all users of tools, but there is a difference between the animate and inanimate kind of tools, and the difference is choice. The tools in my box have no choice. They do what I make them do, and if I use them correctly, they do a wonderful job and they last a long time, but in the end, they are only as good as those that made them, and those that use them. They do not have the capacity to exceed their designated purpose and design.

As tools and as users of tools, we have a choice, and we have the ability to exceed expectations and job peramiters. One thing I have learned is that those that know the use of tools, do not misuse them by accident. When the tool does a better job than the user intended, the user usually fears it's replacement by the tool. Suddenly the tool finds itself the object of misuse by intent, and we all know why.

Too many of us AS tools have not yet realized that we are the objects of misuse by intent. It's not incompetence by accident, it's by design. We could have Ron Paul as treasury secretary, and Cynthia McKinney as UN rep., but they would be the right tool, and would get the job done, and the users would be seen for what they are. It is by design that the pawn shop window is arranged just so, and it is simply for appearance.

But this movie is not the Terminator, where the tool is programmed and has no choice. This movie is the Flintstones, where the tools are alive, and even though simple minded, they have a choice. They can choose not to eat the garbage under the sink, or be the shower that stands all day outside the window. They don't have to squawk in the morning to be the wake up call, or wear out their beaks writing messages in stone, but as they often remind us, "it's a living".

Is it really?

Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

"Crucify the ego, before it's far too late. And leave behind this place so negative and blind and cynical. And you will come to find that we are all one mind and capable of all that's imagined and all conceivable." -Tool, Reflections

Anonymous said...

"Swirling round with this familiar parable.
Spinning, weaving round each new experience.
Recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this
chance to be alive and breathing." -Tool, Parabola

Anonymous said...

Dear Les Visible and friends of this site: The real problem i see is not the US government itself, nor the Israeli Government, nor the De Facto Interin coup de etat Honduras Government !!

The real problem from my own point of view is the followers and supporters of the US government and of the Israeli government, and supporters of all fascistic governments of this world.

I posted in one of my former messages that the Middle-Classes, including the lower part of the middle classes (Lower middle classes) always side with the mainstream political parties, because from the middle-class's point of view they think that any revolutionary political-change would be a threat to their relatively stable lifestyles. The US, Europe, Asia, and even many nations in Latin America still have a large middle-class. A big proof of this is that Argentina has a large middle class and elected right-wing candidates in their congress election just recently.

So my theory is that we will just have to wait for people to pass from the middle class to the lower-class for them to wake up. I mean we just got to wait for a rise in poverty levels in this world to see a real hunger for change in the majority of people. In other words, as long as this world has a large middle class we won't see a change.

So think psychologically and sociologically and economically in order to be aware of why many people still vote for capitalist imperialist fascist political parties.


Visible said...

Visible is on the radio tonight here.

Visible doing his Star Fleet Commander thing.

A little tool 8 said...

Never tool 8 to rip what you've sewn

Steve B said...

You know Les, it is so often the things that we do and not the things that we don't do that make the agenda of these foul elitists easier to implement. How many of us tools helped in the monstrous growth of wal-mart, how many of us tools are still around to maintain this one example of many monsters that we created. While we were helping in the horrific growth of this all consuming juggernaught (and wal-mart is just one of many such grotesque institutions). We were at the same time, working overtime to demolish the little hardware store on the corner, the little butchers shop next door to it, Mrs Bridges home made cake shop and all the other little family businesses that we held so dear. Now, as this dismantling was taking place, as the bolts were being removed from the very fabric of our comunities, all of a sudden, when it was too late, we realised that it wasn't Mrs Bridges cake shop that these monsters wanted rid of, ohhhh noooo, they wanted rid of our unity. I remember well, my old mum taking off on Saturday morning to the local shops. She would be gone for hours, you see she used to shop a little, talk a lot, shop a little more then talk some more, you know the sort of thing, local gossip and all that. The only thing you are likely to bump into in wal-mart is another irate driver who has no time to lose and no desire to talk about anything other than how he can't believe the price of that 50 inch flat screen dreambox, "how can they sell them so cheaply he wonders", though he never stops to ask errrrrr well, just how DO they sell them so cheaply, truth is, he don't really care how, just so long as they do. So he gets out his hammer and continues extending the tentacles of the wal-mart monster and at the same time, puts another nail in the coffin of comunity spirit. Yes Les, we are all tools to be used and often abused, sadly we abuse ourselves all too often. Maybe we should all start rebuilding the little corner shop, because as we rebuild it, we will also dismantle the monster. When this monster falls, then the whole house of cards falls with it!!!

Visible said...

Steve... and all of you, you hang in there because help is on the way. You have no idea how much help and what kind of help. We're not in this alone. We have powerful friends. This is a trying time but there is a rainbow waiting.

I want to apologize to people who leave comments and sometimes ask me questions and I don't answer. You have no idea how many thing I have to juggle. This takes all my time to the extent that I can't do a lot of things like record my new albums... turn my novels into talking books and all sorts of personal projects that I hope will generate the community. I've already found a place to be the central hub here in Europe. It is expensive but ideal and I'm waiting on the finances from my invisible friends to arrive.

Once that happens there's going to be room for the core group and from that will materialize various other locations as they come to be needed.

We're going to be that corner store.

Anonymous said...

Jazus Les, I am ever in awe of your optimism.

Anonymous said...

More masterful use of the majestic metaphor Les.Personally I'd like to be a ratchet set, then I could undo all the nuts that hold this calamatous carsophagus apart.

Anonymous said...

Les, My tool chest includes tols to work on everything from chainsaws,tractor trailers/heavy equipment,powerlines etc. I take care of my tools and they have done good work. However, I came across a blog where the author must have abused their "tool" and now has hairy palms and may be going blind ; ) Check out the authors name at the end of each story....

Anonymous said...


The tool is talking!!! Wow, great stuff today. Much like the tool image. I'm a tool, a tool for the master. I had as a kid, understood this better. I worked too hard to be all tools for all people. Now I just work with the few tools left in the toolbox after many mixed up fix um up jobs. Its enough still to do the trick.
Want to revisited this, just wonderful, thanks man.
You looking for a "seeing tool?"
Valdamar Valerion put together a great timeline for placing events of the "serpent brotherhood." Im not sure you can find this on the net anymore, but here a link to his site.
Le Mat

Anonymous said...

Flock, flock
Who's there?
Woolly who?
Woolly vous letter me in? (thanks Charlotte)

Anonymous said...

Just give it till

assumption day, august 15,with the big club deals in Malta and Ibiza, les,
and you will have plenty to continue your
diatribes. Just wait.
I listen to some of the stuff and it is a turn off. Maybe that will change when you get your money next month. Satisfy us all..... dont go totally stringent, go modified. You can still do a lot that way. Look at history.

Anonymous said...

This is for Nina.
Oh yeah, jj, you can shoot meth.
You can shoot just about anything.
IV or IM is a difference.
Mr. JJ., I've been shooting stuff since 1968 or 7, when I got some of Dr. Schulgin's STP. That was something.
Dont ask me at 56 why I continue to survive. So many surcease. maybe I have a purpose?
I apologize to all for my narcotic-fueled lies, why? Who knows? Can you explain a lie?
Marmaduke aka John Dawson RIP, New Riders of the Purple Sage....... nice touch, he ended up as an English teacher in SM de Allende....

Anonymous said...

There are a lot or conclusions to all this.
JJ had a horrible childhood... I did too.Then I get whisked away by Catholic Charities and get into a somewhat normal life...aside from the monstrous nuns, grin. Greek, Latin, all of that.
The fathers of the church....ready for seminary school.... then i take lsd.....and it is a wash.I dont regret any of it. I demurred.

Anonymous said...

Go on, go on, go on, you people

(unless jew tube has taken it down, as they
have so many thousands)

william wilson said...

Hi Lest, best
-this tool is tired of getting treated like a fool by the powers that be who act so cruel

Anonymous said...

Speaking of tools, I occasionally e-mail important links to relevant stories at WRH. This morning, the "vice Grippps" have have again stripped my "threads" by denial of my e-mail service. Will have to use an "easy out" this time. The Tools That Be" like to harvest the internal parts of "not so worn out tools" Just "google" Jewish Organ Donation.

Anonymous said...

Sledgehammer w/chainsaw says: see latest comments at

Girl Scout said...

If Morpheus asked me if I wanted the red pill or the blue pill, I would have taken both.

neptune1 said...

I too have become a useless tool like Mac and have been relegated to only misuse by my handlers instead of the original intent of my creation.
By all appearances I am rusty, dull, and worn out from a lifetime of this treatment. But in reality I am razor sharp only waiting for my cue from the other tools to rise up and
turn on those handlers responsible for all our abuse. By all accounts this might not be too far off in the future.

(end of comment)

I really enjoy reading what you have to say and like others have mentioned wish I was articulate as you are in your presentations. About all that is keeping me going right now is the hope that you are right
about the upcoming changes and that justice will be served to those responsible for it.
Thanks for all your time and effort you put into your writings. They truly are an inspiration to me and many others as well!
Best regards,

Visible said...

Hello Friends;

I’ve been in the hospital for the last two days due to a kidney stone attack. Apparently it is a big kidney stone of around 5 05 6 millimeters and they were trying to get me into surgery to put in a ‘stent’ and then to perhaps puncture the kidney and whatever else they like to do in those allopathic butcher shops. I demurred on this and the pain stopped so I came home to research the internet for alternative cures while saying I was actually going to a large teaching hospital for a second opinion. Over the first night before going in I had to endure that special kidney pain for about fourteen hours until what little in the way of pain remedies that I had became inefficient.

Now I am drinking two liters of Coca-cola (I have not drank any of that in decades) which will be followed by about half a pound of pureed asparagus which I am told will flush the stone which is to be broken up by the phosphor in the Coca-cola. There are a number of other remedies which I have also in hand to attempt as well. The doctor tells me I have the possibility of heavy danger if I do not let them cut me up but I can’t see that as the answer and have never had good results from anything doctors of this stripe have done for me. They even managed to fuck up a broken leg so… I will appreciate any well wishing coming my way and I will probably not be putting up any blog entries (though I can manage to post your comments) until I have seen where this takes me.


To all.

jackruby64 said...

Les, sorry to hear about the stone problem... keep us posted on the results of the home remedy.
Peace to all,
James aka jackruby64

Anonymous said...


Did they not even consider ultrasound treatment for this? If not, then you really DO need another opinion. Any way,you're in my prayers.


Hank said...

Hey Les, why don't they do an ultra sonic to break the stone into pieces to make it easier to pass? Surgery sounds a little radical to me.

Visible said...

First thing I asked him was to break it up sonically and he said it's too close to pelvic bone etc but wouldn't tell me what the down side was.

I'm not going to tell you what I have done because you many laugh and you may get concerned but it appears that this is actually a working solution. tomorrow I get more options and those will be at hand too.

I'm a couple of hours into this solution and there's no negative or howling pain yet so we shall see. What I am doing is a variation on a homeopathic and Ayurveda remedy.

We'll see.

Thanks for the good words.

Anonymous said...

Les, Sending waves of healing energy your way. My sister just had heart surgery Monday and it seems that it was unncessary. Just some party money for the docs.


Anonymous said...

Les, Take care. My mother underwent a mastectomy due to aggressive cancer CAUSED BY medication used for Menopause. 10 years later she is doing fine.... The doc who helped in this case was a good country doc. SHE was also instrumental in a certain community eliminating fluoride in the town water supply. Respectfully and sincerely; the chain saw guy who walks on water in january-april, knows aesops dog, and for breakfast has a bowl of lucky charms.... Take care.

Zellie said...

Les, Les, we are with you, praying for your healing, thinking of you, and waiting for word...many continued blessings to you and yours. From ALL of us fellow worldwide awe-inspired truth hearing, listening, speaking travelers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Sorry to read about your kidney stone problem; they are indeed painful! You might find this natural medicine site useful:

Also recommended is to take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water three or four times a day until the symptoms decrease. This apparently works the same way as white vinegar does in de-scaling a kettle; i.e. removing the build up of calcium deposit.

Get well soon. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Cow urine.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les, Hope this "all comes to pass soon"; ). BTW. If you don't mind me mentioning this, Sibel Edmonds has a new podcast out for her Boiling Frogs series. Can be found at Looks like the whole world is anxious to see new material from you. Gotta go sharpen my chainsaw now. Slainte!

Zoner said...

Les, I don't know the time frame of these latest developments, but I hope you are passing over (or have passed through) these rough waters peacefully and that you are well-tended. I have just moved through a 3 week period that found me crawling on the floor and sobbing in pain (back/disc troubles), and I got to spend a couple days hospitalized again. The whole experience was a long (informative) nightmare, and Western Medicine is a special kind of torture if you ask me. The Oxy has its charms, but that is NO way to live. I have never had trouble like this before, and it literally came out of nowhere without warning.

Thing is, I was just about to embark on a long cross-country voyage, one that had some serious potential consequences for my/our future here, and as is often the case, whenever something really big spins up out of the murk, a big, huge (often painful) obstacle appears. I don't claim to speak for you or your efforts, but how often are we put through these wringers before some measure of relief is attained? Plans are made, but I guess we don't get to do as we please sometimes, eh? It is like the "Universal Mater of Tools" said "You will NOT leave your shed and carry on in this manner!" and slapped me down hard.

It feels like a big test, or a forging of our metal that will allow for more refined (pure) tools to be created. Too bad it hurts so much.

I don't mind being a tool. It suits me fine, but it becomes a matter of who benefits from my use, and what care the user is willing to take to insure a long and useful life for this tool. If I am to be viewed like most of the literal tools available (commonly to the general public that is - if you want the "good stuff" you need to seek out someone who has the real well-made stuff)then I would prefer to be used up and discarded quickly. A fine tool will provide many lifetimes of proper use, and will not need to be replaced frequently. A fine tool will also bring about a feeling of unity - if you KNOW you can count on your tools, no project can be too much to overcome, but using questionable tools will lead to a much more difficult task it seems. We are not throw-away tools that waste resources I believe, but are led to view ourselves that way. Get refined. Get sharpened. Be a proud and useful tool. There is work to be done.

You are (all) in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.


Visible said...

My Friends;

Thank you all for your kind and assisting thoughts. I haven't been responding here because I'm in the middle of it and I don't like to whine about what I have no control over in any public way.

I've only had this sort of thing once before since my diet is a good one and my regime is generally healthy (mostly healthy-grin). This is some kind of a test and it's a fierce one. The stone is pretty large and taking some time to respond what I am throwing at it.

I'm drinking celery seed tea and taking olive oil and lemon as well as homeopathic asparagus/magnesium phosphorium... apple juice and various. I can't imagine it holding out much longer. The pain disappears for hours and then returns and has been this way for about five days.

I just found some serious pain meds a few minutes ago so that's going to be a big help.

Maybe I'll get some sort of a graduation present at the end or something.

In the meantime I can't think about writing anything and I'll just motor on until this is at an end. I haven't been able to sleep much or eat so I'm pretty dingy but confident and I've learned all sorts of things I didn't know before that will be useful to others when the time comes.

We don't know why these things get thrown at us we just have to soldier on. I've been really lucky in this way and can't complain. I'll let you know when it's over..

john c, UK said...

Z - respect man, that brought a lump to the old throat. I am going through my owmn personal pain at the mo, although it is not physical i still see it as a test.

sounder said...

Leonard Peltier for President

Be well Les

Anonymous said...

Phukit, off with their heads. Yours truly, The chainsaw guy...

Anonymous said...

Heal wonderful tool.

Best, turey.

reenie said...

Les,Hope ypu are feeling better. 911 The whole world knows Even the French get it Watch this on you tube
may make you laugh and forget the pain. Best,Reenie

Anonymous said...

after armageddon blog is GONE.
also heard kenny's sideshow GONE.


Anonymous said...

Go to Xymphora blog.
Kenny has posted there.

Toomas Virkus said...

Dear Les,

There's a point that confuses me. Why do THEY call it anti-Semitism? Why not anti-Jew?

I'm not a believer in numerology. Nevertheless, here's an odd fact:
The US markets bottomed on 03.06.09 at 666 on the SPX500. Coincidence? I don't know. It's a bit odd.

My offer always stands for you to visit here.

Very truly yours,


dyndeee said...

Hi Les ! Gee I hope you get better soon. I know that this sounds selfish but Cyber-space is wasteland without you and Shangri-La wouldn't even exist. Miss your style.
See you are making good use of your olive-oil and hope it works as it did for me. I applied the Hulda Clark methode and eliminated a whole quarry of gall-stones. Don't know about kidney though, but I do know the pain you must be going through. Best wishes love Carl

Biological_Unit said...

You, like myself are a Massive Tool.

Keep on with the keeping on !

I would quote One Love as 1L, but .il is the subscript for the Zionist-Colonialist Oppressor of Palestine, a bad thing ...

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up.

The Case of the Painful Kidney Affair..

Anonymous said...

Looks like this lady could use a little support too. She is the handiest one in all our toolboxes.



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