Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Tonawanda Whitefish and the Apocalypse.

The stink of it reaches into the heavens. The residents of the moon are experiencing a regularity of dry heaves from the stench of the ugly activities of the world’s number one predator nation. For sixty years, the Zionist Israeli has practiced a vicious genocide upon the Palestinian people; the true Semitics of the Bible whom they seek to displace with their AshkeNazi lies of precedence. Do not wonder at the use of the term Anti-Semitic instead of Anti-Jew. It is for the sole purpose of claiming a Semitic origin that does not exist. It is a manufactured fable.

Their agents in the state department and the cabinets ...the flunkies of preceding administrations, including the present one, have been the single driving force for the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, the regular murder of the ordinary Pakistani and the drumbeats to an Iranian adventure. They and their counterparts in the American intelligence community were the architects of the 9/11 attack and all that followed has been directed from this false flag effort that was blamed on the Muslim community with the intent of wiping the Muslims from the face of the Earth.

This tightly woven band of psychopaths has its operations at all levels of the American and European economy which they have single-handedly brought to its knees through their control of the central banks and their various operations of fraud in the various stock markets around the world. We can see how deeply the corruption goes and how evil is the nature of it. Yes, turn your head from the depravity. In a nation that pays Larry the Cable Guy 30 million dollars a year I can’t expect more.

I look at this and the Armada; the endless ranks of boatloads of demonic engagements and I think… it’s like a Tonawanda Whitefish, glistening in the sunlight as I fish it from the shore of Lake Erie with a broken stick. Whether it’s in New Jersey or Mexico; whether it’s organ harvesting of non-kosher vitals for kosher locations ...or your daily false flag de jour, it’s the same brutal evil finally come round to coming out of the closet and standing forth as what it is.

You may wish that I did not say these things and you may wish that they were not true but regardless of your ability to shit in one hand and wish in the other, these things need be said and these things are true. Point it out and the guilty party screams about discrimination with the stolen goods in his hand. All considerations of pederast priests aside, in the days of the Cosa Nostra they never involved their church in their operations. Of course, that church had long before gone into business for itself.

How naked and blatant is the evil from the banksters and crusaders? Here we see the tip of an iceberg somewhere in The Great Lakes with recently fossilized whitefish, teeming with the DNA of old passions because some of you have been loved, ‘in their fashion’. Alas Cynara, the dancing necrophiliacs have been fed on the blood of small children and it makes them frisky. That link continues to go missing and, for the moment, has found its way back up at the original location which I am using for the irony factor. If this one goes, I will be updating it.

Clunker’s for cash is like old men for young gash. It heats the reptile blood like an Arizona highway in July. The clunker has been processed through the ‘shake n’ bake’ chop shop and what was is now the ‘is’ of what was not, so… soon we will be back at war with Eurasia and Eastasia will be having sleepovers in the kids room, which doubles as a temporary medical facility.

Why are these whitefish being paraded like desiccated blintzes in search of a cheese filling and a special sauce? It’s the apocalypse baby and you don’t need a religious framework for authentication. It’s a natural action of Nature when nature gets bent out of shape and she starts to get into that tarantella thing by way of The Tandava. Here in the cosmic ticker tape room of the Sirius complex, the dog poet has begun to howl and sing Kadish in ways that never made their way through the charnel house, spelunking horror of Ginsberg’s rotten teeth. Time is a striptease baby ...and she’s going public.

This is why the skirts are being lifted from the source of all those discarded and malfunctioning Tonawanda White Fish. This is why we are seeing it in Technicolor and why the compromised bad guys persist in their behavior past all justifications for their exposure. It’s their nature and it’s Nature’s nature to point it out. The real global warming is the heat of the public’s anger and good reason for the persecution of deniers as well as for the serendipitous linking of ‘birthers’ and moonwalk refuseniks with the 9/11 truth movement. Look out for The Pod People. Look out for the invisible, pulverizing laser rays from invisible death drones in the sky.

The Tonawanda Whitefish, like the cheese, stands alone... in ranks of rank, nausea inducing pride at their status as evidence. They wait outside the international laundry. Soon enough they will be hanging on washing lines... ready to be readied to do it all again. Will it continue in one mad, sickening display after another or will the public go nova and render them all into a Dinty Moore, Beef Wellington? We’ll have news at seven from Waterloo.

Let this one thing sink into your heads; those of you with heads still containing a sinking capacity that have not themselves sunk into the mire entire. Someone... somewhere... is blowing the whistle on everything and you ain’t seen nothing yet. Soon enough, lies too massive to entertain as anything other than institutions, are going to be in the crosshairs of the public’s slowly, surfacing awareness. The Lady in the Lake is waking up and she’s going to be pulling whitefish streamers from her hair, her nostrils and her mouth and she’s going to be pissed and looking for explanation. As she pulls away the veils looking for the source of her dishonor, she will be pulling aside the theater curtains for the entire world.

Yes... there have been many bad guys and girls in dark days of the past and they have come from all variations of culture and nation but it is the evil of the moment that concerns us, as do the means and manner of their approach. There is time enough to forget History when you are no longer compelled to repeat it. Let us make our new institutions a standing record of what we endured rather than the usual vain promises of what we’re going to do this time around. There is time enough to remember History when you’re done being an extra in Ground Hog Day.

For all of you who presently despair and wane grim and feeble at the appearance of the dark’s seeming, overwhelming might... look... look at what the moment is revealing and console yourselves with the understanding that some unknown hand is at work using the very institutions of our oppression to expose and bring down those who believed they were in control of them.

It’s ain’t over yet. Yogi Berra is still behind the plate. He’s just not in a Yankee uniform anymore… and on the mound... who knows? The Tonawanda Whitefish is on the endangered list. The New Jersey Meadowlands are a protected marshland and they are giving up their dead.

All for one and one for all” the screener has been released from Sirius... coming to a neighborhood near you, sometime this fall.

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Anonymous said...

Five star comeback Les! Glad you are still shining that light of awareness so bright that there is very little room for the slime to hide in their customary dark corners and caves.

Sadly, I do fear that they will be going for a big distraction, doing what they only know what to do. It will be a race of distraction versus awareness. Just as the door opens letting the light into the long dark cellar with the rats scurrying for cover into the disappearing dark corners, they will become disparate and dangerous.

I dreamed last night that a nuclear bomb had gone off. It was quite disturbing. The magic question is where? Maybe it was that super nova of awareness. Maybe just like in the old west the farmers, the store clerks, the common folk will all be getting together and drive the bad guys out of town. Their reign of terror ended.

Glad you back Les!


Hank said...

Yea, I think it's going to be the jews blues, complete with harp and slide guitar. They have gone into hyper mode sellin what's smellin, and more and more olfactory senses are coming to life.

You can only scare people and keep them afraid for just so long before the adreneline runs out, and awareness returns. People are starting to wake up, and the signs are everywhere. People are starting to see that life, especially in America, has become a mud wrestling match in a pit of shit, and they are noticing that smell. They may only be at the, what's that smell stage, but they are noticing, and I think you're right Les, when they realize that it's not mud they're going to be pissed.

The jews, or to be more accurate, the zionists are the ones that have supplied the venue and the shit and have with no small amount of pride in their work, sold it as reality.

I visit several "news" papers on line, and post on some and have noticed that the tripe that used to just be accepted as fact is being questioned or mocked as blatant falsehood by the majority now. The zionist minions in the field of "journalism" have been doing their damnedest to sell the same old shit, and are finding fewer and fewer buyers. Their attempts to sell Iran as the new boogie man aren't selling well. Their attempts to hide what they are doing to the Palestinians are failing. My latest favorite was the attempt to sell the "tourist hikers" along the Iran Iraq border story. Virtually NO one was buying that one, and it gives me hope.

Even some of the minion rats in the government and media are seeing the zionist ship taking on water, and are, in true jew fashion, jumping ship.

I have also noticed that the MSM is not touching 911 at all now. That is they don't even ridicule the truthers anymore, because it only serves to put light on something they are desperately wanting to keep out of the light. But my feeling there is that some of those rats are going to see the inevitability of the disclosure of truth, and are going to want to be seen as the one or ones that "brought the truth to light" and are going to jump ship as well. Maybe just wishful thinking but I am prone to that.

In any case, the show is getting interesting, and I will be watching closely. Popcorn anyone? Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

As far as dreams go, I've been having some very apocalyptic ones lately..some of them so strange and disturbing that they actually wake me up...only to continue when I go back to sleep.
I sense that things are in the process of changing/revealing at an advanced pace in the near future.
Rebel4ever (--__--)

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, and obviously ignorant. What is a Tonawanda Whitefish, anyway?

I see no reference to it in the linked article. Les, please lead me through the fog.

Visible said...

Any search engine will give you that information. I deliberately did not hotlink it so that people would go and look for the definition but I think some of my descriptions give a good hint. However... I will go ahead and make it clear that a Tonawanda White Fish is a used condom that is found floating in a the great lake which encompasses the Tonanwanda area. Because the word Tonawanda is mellifluous it came into the parlance as opposed to, say, a Lake Erie Whitefish or somesuch.

I hope this clears that up (grin)

Visible said...

Oh... by the way... don't feel bad. You probably asked a question that a number of others were too shy to ask or even look for.

European American said...

Ahh, what a wonderful way to start out my day. Brutal to the bone. Your mid week madness report leaves no stone unturned. It makes me feel alive.

And to the 27 million Americans on antidepressants, "Better look somewhere's not going to do the job and it will only get worse."

European American

Anonymous said...

"The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet."

Anonymous said...

There was a time when giants ruled this earth.
Take one look at some of the ancient sites that dot the tropical line all around the earth Egypt, Canary Islands Peru , and it becomes clear.

The spirit of those fallen one's will be released when the gates are opened once again.

But what is wonderful about the positive forces are it's universal movements. The crossed lines point in every direction. Where as the negative line can only move in the direction it is pointing, side to side, slithering like a snake. Positive lines always overlap the negative.


Unknown said...

errrrrr my comment was deleted by this slow computer


I have really begun to wonder..crazy as it might sound a lil bit but cant help and wonder about it..ive really begun to wonder if there really was and is a crumbling reptilian agenda..hmm is agenda the right word..i meant certain reptilian figures who are in human form to try to shape the events and thoughts of us people..I've often wondered if you were familiar with this sort of thing and/or hinted at it? Draco..Sirius...and what ive read myself about how the typical reptilian mind works (probably not all sort of reptilians, but certainly the ones that want so much to hide and control here knowing that their time is running out)Started reading about this somewhere some months back and wondered on it, trying to make connections and such. Since we know a force has been at work and is soon losing its power...Sighs, all thoughts running around in my head (grabs head and shakes it)I'd love to hear what you think, Les, and others too :) I can see that this is a time of unveiling and have talked with and seen people from where i am, and they seem to slowly be waking up to the fact that some things are up in the air. May the curtains continue rising up! :)


Anonymous said...

Aye Les u is kicking into overdrive, and the optimism is giving way to euphoria.

It seems as if your guru has given you the heads up on the happenings, or else the pills are doing it for you. Whatever it is it's doing a grand job. I only hope we are all here to see the fake jews get it in the ass as the least of places, as the world and his mammy are sick to death of those sad bastards and the filth they have left in their wake. Lately I was reading of some Israeli soldiers who are sick of it also, which proves there are some good people out there. Better late than never I suppose. Perhaps this is why the US military are barring twitter to the grunts as it informs the human being in us all, and we dare not have informed soldiery. A lesson learned I suppose as to Iran, tweet, tweet.

The state department I think is crucial in a lot of ways, as it was them FDR was in great fear of, and it could have been the downfall of his ideas as he had too few trusted aides to follow on in his plans. When first we practice to deceive, oh what tangled webs we weave, springs to mind as I wonder if those evil devils have told one lie too many. They could have thought in their supposed conquest of America, and the mixed cultures it would have been a simple matter to control Europe in like fashion. I think Europe is a more complex problem as the English language is not universal enough. While finance in both continents are the same, the peoples and their cultures are more diverse and unpredictable.

With the new plethora of birthers and the never ending expose of lies, is this where the big rift will come as it was always meant to. Is this the Soros principle to come in the future, whereby, Biden, or Clinton are to be the real POTUS. The skirts are lifted and the shit will really hit the fan. This is where I always thought of Obama being on a one way ticket. So like all the disciples, they are ever expendable by your Tonawanda White Fish. (No, had no idea).

Yes perhaps all our Lady's in all our Lake's will be glad to rid themselves of the filth, and our peoples, and creeds will say with one voice, enough is enough. Take your filth and your seed and sow it somewhere in a different galaxy.

Too right we will not despair, we will try to find, and sow humanity wherever we will, and it matters not where we find it. We will hope that in each of our God's they would all have one creator who would dispense justice in the end for us all.

Keep it up Les, as you are a glimmer in bad times.

Regards, Mac.

PS. My mothers quack cure for your condition looked a tad harsh. So stay with the quack you have.

Phil said...

Hi Les, welcome back! I bought and read the TimeMonks report. Very enlightening. Except, I still don't get the 'Sirius Dog Poet'. You made reference to him now, so who is he/it?
Peace to all

Visible said...

Everyone should read this remarkable piece by-

Mark Glenn; master of the craft.

Zoner said...

Reading the link re: Blackwater (Xe or whatever now), 2 thing occured to me.

First, it pains me to to have to admit that there are people (if I can call them that) that have such a blood-lust that they would relish the notion of slaughtering "Haji" and "Ragheads". I know these hired killer make some decent coin, but something tells me the "lifestyle" is equally attractive. It makes sense that a percentage of the populace is just fully phsychotic, but I really like to tell myself it a tiny minirity and most of them are safely tucked away somewhere out of the mainstream. I suppose I pass folks wired like this all the time on the street, but that mindset is so beyond my comprehension that it leaves me pretty spun out if I dwell on it.

The second point is the relationship to "religion" that so many of these perps have. The Rabbi's are obvious, but Mr. Prince (founder of Blackwater I believe) has no qualms about wrapping himself in the loving arms of Jesus when he spouts off about the way he lives and what motivates him.

Is there a brand-new Vatican shitsstorm waiting in the wings, or maybe some Mormons gonna be hung out to dry coming up in the next installment?

Do you think maybe the Creator is sick and tired of having "spiritual" and "religious" ideology co-opted and used to justify things that simply could never be?

It's easy as a citizen to be critical of or act against a Congress or President, or even a Dictator, but how many will even question their religious dogma or speak out against things done as a result of twisting the message to suit an agenda? Hey, this is ETERNITY at stake, right, so why would I want to risk my soul by questioning my religious leaders or their actions?

As this unveling continues, it will be interesting to see if the trend maintains. It is a perfect way for people to be forced to look to their own strength and inner guidance in trying times rather than turning the job over to those with possible ulterior motives (and questionable fashion sense as well). Showing religious leaders and supposedly devout and righteous actors to be capable of theft, corruption, and murder might really open some eyes.

What next, news that the Pope is a Nazi, or that the dalai lama is working for the bad guys?


Visible said...

I'm fancying myself for the dog poet role at the moment. Of course, if a real dog poet steps in I'll have to look for another slot in the casting lineup. I figure with my connections to Sirius and being born in the year of the dog along with other compelling evidence that- at least has an impact on me- (grin) that I've got a shot at it.

Anonymous said...

"look at what the moment is revealing and console yourselves with the understanding that some unknown hand is at work using the very institutions of our oppression to expose and bring down those who believed they were in control of them"

Let this be a gift to us and should we forget all is created by us, with the master, and with us, we wont see anything change. Please dont let a few "jews" sidetrack you. The nations and their groups arent created by us but given to us by others thought. Use not others ideas. No one you have showen us is a follower of true semitic teaching, very few are. There a good reason this bad guys clame to by something they arnt. We let others lable and package ideas for us and then feel a divide between what we see and hear and think. Thats planned folks. Thats far to easy to fix as well. Stop looking at others actions and words. Look inwards. The lady of lake will look upon you then. You will hear her words, words that you have carried with you for many lifetimes. Now we has the chance to use them. Use them. Stop and listen. A song, long as the snake, comes and goes. What does it say?
Last, the "unkown hand" is two fold. At times it is ourself that creates this "evil." Other times it is still ourself not learning for this "evil." Not one object nor person is "outside" of ourself. The matter to which you respond is far more important then the person or thing itself? If you choose to hate or fear the coming events you just support their goal. If you seek to find others that create pain, you create pain? If you think you arent the source of this flipped world, youre walking upside down. Yes we can see others "wrongs" but we never add that to our "wrongs." The world will lose its skin and so should we, or turn that around. We are coming to a point in human history where death of the body is at hand. Be thankful, few people get to learn this lession without death's hand. Just think of the leap we can make now in this cycle?

paolocaruso said...

The rabbi kidney story lasted about a day and a half in the media and was intentionally buried in what they created as a "general media prob". A secret operative named Solomon Dwek, went out and got fished them a few petty politicians (many with Italian names)to bribe for cover. It most almost as outragious as calling Madoff's crime a ponzi scheme, not asking where the money is, and completely leaving his sons and brother out of the headlines.

I agree Les, the jewish scandals seem to be popping up regularly, and the drum beating to attack Iran is growing louder.

The coverage by CNN, BBC and NRP, endlessly claiming the Iran elections were rigged, is also outragious. The Iranians had no reason to kill Neda Soltani. THey are not that stupid. The Mossad killed that poor girl. The zionist media will not let up on the Iranian elections. It is their pretext for war when they feel the scandals and the economy is turninng the people against them.

Someone on ICH posted that a great place for a guillotine is on Wall Street. Too bad they will create a world war before that happens.

Anonymous said...

Forget about the guillotin. Chaisaws are more portable and you can play music with them too ; ) Les, they are really "ratcheting" up the program now. Saw someone on feedjit from tell aveeve a few days ago surfing here. They came from Dnalogly Wealth Management. The aforementioned entity financially sponsored a recent conference regarding The Balfour Declaration by this group.

Anonymous said...

Just putting this out there. The anti-jew thing is a false flag opp. The "rulers" dont give a fly f_ck about who they are or what others call them. They let other define their own struggle than give them the guns to kill with. We see the world as others want us too but WE ready created it. The best form of control is one that knows its battles and fixs the outcome. If we didnt have a buggieman to blame than we would start the path of selfhood. That is what the "bad jew men" really want to hide. They know too well how to hide ourselves from ourselves? We let words and groups do the heavy lifting and do no work on our own. Its always someone else that must change. If that be the case, know you effect others by the ways you see and understand them? Watch and learn, you will see only yourself in these evil men? Then comes growth?

Josey Wales said...


I would like Mr. Joe Biden to explain again how we can't do anything about Israel if they decide to attack Iran and how they are their own democracy (laughable) and we can't prevent it.

For ONE, we are supplying the ENTIRE Israeli military with every drop of refined fuel they want. FOR FREE delivered to their doorstep. I'd say at a cost of about $1 BILLION a year.

When was the last time Uncle Sam bought you a free tank of gas for your car of truck???

Second. We control the air space they want to use to attack IRAN. So we can say NO anytime we want.

Three. I would like to see the receipts for what Isarel PAID for all those F-16i's and other top of the line weapon systems.

Seems to me they got them for free, or bought them at scrap metal prices. These are the best of the best in military equipment and hardware.

Four, since we supplied them with all those bombs before the attacks on GAZA and probably much more afterwards, don't you think we would have some say in them being used OFFENSIVELY against IRAN???

Five, since they admitted to being a nuclear power, the Simpson amendment forbids the U.S. with supplying AID until they comply with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

I think the message Mr. Biden was giving was subtle. He was saying, if anything should happen to our President, he would be available to take his place.

I didn't like the sound of it then, and I still don't


Anonymous said...

Good stream-of-consciousness rant, Les. B+ is all I can give, you used 'psychopaths' again, but I'll forgive it next time if you use 'godinpotty' as well.

And as for your stone, didn't I suggest you take a break? Next time around, do it before the break takes you, OK?

Glad you're feeling better. ;)


Anonymous said...

Greetings Les,

I was buzzing around this glorious ever changing planet and came across these interesting thoughts. You know, all this baggage mankind has now saddled himself with, will begin the shift we as humans have been waiting for since we began walking upright for the last say 500,000 years.

Its time to seize the moment of that special vibration of anyone who is attuned to it, and forget what is about to occur. It will dissolve on its own,

Leave your fears behind, and live the moment, and try to be as helpful and kind to as many other humans as possible. Believe that this planet will take care of the rest of it for us. For as we exist, so does the planet and the rest of the multiverse.

We are part of a journey of everthing possibe, if your inner heart truly believes something greater is out there, then we will begin a new chapter for humanity.

Let's not be bothered by the pettiness of a broken system. the virtues of our heart , and our wisdom will carry us thru to a wondrous existance, where we may learn a thing or two from civilizations billions of years ahead of us. who knows, but its the journey that's exciting, not the finish line.For once we hit that finish line the play may be over. It's time to enjoy the ride!


Visible said...


I'm going to go ahead and put your comment up so I can respond publicly. Publicly seems to be your design anyway.

This is the last time I'm going to put a comment up by you that has anything like this because you are too much like this and your objection to the use of the word psychopath is probably because you exhibit the classic signs of being one.

I don't write for your approval and care nothing about it. I don't need a break and if I did it wouldn't be on your advice and finally, I'd wager I can (even though I smoke hand rolled cigarettes) go up the side of a mountain with more ease than you regardless of your age but my suspicions tell what what I need to know about you.

This isn't your personal space to toy with me. This space isn't about me or you, though it is certainly more about me than it is you. You don't get the high seat by your own fiat decree. It's awarded by one and all in consensus and I doubt you have that in any sense at all here.

I've tolerated your sneering game so far but I'm unlikely to tolerate it much longer.

This 'stroke and whip' scenario of yours is not likely to fool anyone here. It might at most sites but it won't here. It's a tactic and nothing more. You're trying to get under my skin either because you are not comfortable in your own or... it's cat and mouse and we know the mind set of the cat when this is translated into the human arena.

Anonymous said...

Arrgh. Internet's been acting funny for me all night.

Anyhow, the previous email was for your eyes only. What I wanted to post publicly was this:

"Su's called us a tribe before. Just that, the tribe ... the tribe with no name.

So I hereby dub our merry band the Dog Poet Society.

Let's Howl."

There's something to this dog poet thing. I felt it in my bones as I read the report. And as soon as I read your comment, I thought, well yeah ... who better to fulfill that role than Visible? It's gotta be someone.

Though as you can see, I'd already taken to thinking 'maybe it's me'. And now I'm wondering if maybe it isn't all of us ... our old friend Frostwolf t'Firerose springs to mind. No mean hand with the verse himself.


Visible said...

I'm certainly cool with that. I remember for years, whenever I would hear about the Second Coming of Christ, I would think to myself; this second coming is going to be in the hearts of humanity and not in the form of a single entity. I could elaborate on this much more (and might at Origami in coming days) because, over time, it has crystallized in my thoughts with various, descriptive features and taken on a life of it's own.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the second coming is the inner light shining through as the vibration increases. Just look at how life has changed in our lifetime.

Look at how old games can't be played anymore. Who would believe the skin lampshade now? Who would believe any of that now? The veil is dropping all over. The stories is the bible are turning out to be just stories. Have to admit, some of them are good stories. :)

Money, religion, government, old ideas fading into the background. Just ways of control.

Hey Les, if you ever make it to Colorado I would gladly climb a mountain with you. There are a few l just laying around here not doing much. Oh, I read that article that you pointed to in your comment and chills went up my spine when I got to the end.

it is a beautiful day. think I will go for a bike ride up a mountain. :)


Anonymous said...

Urgent. Sibel Edmonds site has been blocked by blogger. See her last comments here:

Anonymous said...

Extremely urgent, Sibel Edmonds twitter has been shut down too. This is the shot that needs to heard around the world. Everyone who see this please pass it along (worldwide) as fast and furious as possible. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Hey Visible,

You've got a new fan-

Men like Mark Glenn, Curt Maynard, smokingmirrors and Mantiq the Maniac will soon have their wings clipped. They will be suppressed and silenced. With any luck, they will be severely punished under conditions of maximum cruelty.

Personally, I am all for torture under controlled conditions…maybe this option should be kept on the table in dealing with ideological anarchists and islamofascist fanatics such as Mark Glenn, Curt Maynard, smokingmirrors and Mantiq the Maniac.

I will go so far as to say that most of the posters on this site belong in a psychiatric ward.

I saw this in the comments at Mark Glenn's site where you linked the latest article

Anonymous said...

Did I hear someone say that psych word.

Well I haven't heard that word in any number of years. In fact the last time I saw those letters they were on a desk, and the doctor on the other side of that desk was a most eminent professor. He had all sorts of books to his credit, and would teach at all sort of posh schools.

I would visit him on occasion as he sought my assistance in the compilation of what was to be his final achievement. I look back with fondness at the topics of discussion, and could easily remember him as a trusted friend.

When our discussions finally would come to an end I felt I had to enquire as to my sanity. For the reason of him being such an eminent person, and having such great knowledge about his person.

He said it would be most remiss on his part not to avow as to my sanity, and the word psych should never, on no account be used in relation to my name or person.

In fact he was so adamant as to my sanity, he would have given me a citation to hang in my office. I declined the offer on account of me not having an office.

The point of my ramblings in this instance, is to educate the reader, that I have it on very good authority (with proof in an old cigar box) that my mental capacity is not to be questioned by people who have no evidence as to their own sanity, or mental capabilities, or lack thereof.

Regards, Mac.

Visible said...

Fire Chief;

I didn't post your most recent comment because that would make three of them in a day about this Sibel Edmonds thing. I went to that forum and read through the postings because a physician I know contacted me about it.

That 'so-called' censoring is not censoring at all. I've had it happen to me several times. Someone calls in and reports your blog as a SPAM blog and then Google has to go check it and then you're fine. I don't doubt that it might have been caused by malicious mischief but it's kid's stuff.

As for whatever message she has being so world shaking she can go to all sorts of well traveled blogs including this one and be heard well. If it was that striking there are Radio and video venues just waiting for the chance.

I don't mean to diminish your concern but I can tell you this is much ado about nothing at the moment.

Anonymous said...

New Fan

Wow you have far too much pain within to talk right now. Run around, play with yourself some. You need to throw off the billion pound weight of others ideas and stop poking yourself in the eyes. There are few people in this world that need a psychiatric ward visit. The problem you shared is ture. The Glenn piece was out there, but people use ideas from themselves and you havent the balance of self to understand that. I dare to suggest you learned something for these posters and you fear that. Youre just in fear of your own mind. We all have to work with that problem. Humans are the only form of life that can think about torture and worse do it. Ask why you need to share these hateful idea with us? What is it you need out of this. Info and understanding, I say. Read more and share more about yourself with us and dont fear what you might come up with. Stop torturing yourself!!!

DumbGoyNot said...

Dear Les,

We would all do well to remember Nietszche's warning, "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster."

Back in the mid 90's I asked my former mentor to give me some feedback to an outline I had put together describing the attributes of the Jezebel spirit and the effects it causes in people, and about mid way into reading it to him he interrupted me and said: "I've known lots of guys like you who have attempted to go up against Jezebel, and you all have one thing in common." I asked "What's that?", to which he replied, "You're all fighting it, and if you're fighting something, it's got you."

And I've always tried to keep that in mind. But get this... what he has done in his agenda to overcome evil by refusing to fight it is that he has since become a dedicated Christian Zionist, mostly out of a refusal to look at the unpleasant truth. So there's a backside to the principle about fighting evil, and that is evil can get us either by our fighting it or by our ignoring it. The trick is to know when to back off and relax and let the Lord sort things out for us and keep us in balance. With that said, I include these two verses from the Christian Bible for your interest:

For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall you be saved: in quietness and confidence shall be your strength: and you would not. Isaiah 30:15

For the Egyptians shall help in vain, and to no purpose: therefore have I cried concerning this: Their strength is to sit still. Isaiah 30:7

You may or may not already know that in the Old Testament, prophetically speaking, Egypt represents worldly power. That would include the soul power of man, which I think means that in our effort to free ourselves and to do the right thing, we may inadvertently end up being our own worst enemy.

In closing let me tell you about a mental picture I had this morning right after I woke up. I saw a fairly large dog growling and repeatedly snapping at a big python. I guess you could call it a vision. But that's all there was, just that scene, kind of like a movie that only lasted a few seconds. But a few seconds after it was over this thought came:

"The python uses itself as the bait, and the dog is doing just what the python wants it to do."

Your friend,


Anonymous said...

Hey Les
man, I am glad you´re back with so eloquent a style - but what else to expect. ;)
A kidney can be a malicious treat with a lot of cold sweat - I can tell, I have a precondition as a "stoner", too. If it would be of any help, check out the works of Paracelsus for some potential alleviation.

Keep it up
Yours Martin

Visible said...

There's a new reflection in the Petri Dish...

Leave Good Footprints- Cave Dei Videt.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up

Like Sand through the Hand of God.

Hank said...

LeMat, I'm thinkin that the New Fan is just another troll. They are out in force everywhere you go on line, especially sites like this that deal in diceminating truth. There is no sincerity in anything they say, so don't concern yourself with their well being. They are like the republicans that are being bussed to the town hall meetings with the sole intent of being a disruption. They can only be one if we respond. Of course I could be wrong, and in that case, just remember that ignorance is painful and delivers it own reward. Peace my friend.

Ray Zerwitt said...

New fan

He offers dialogue. You offer tyranny. And you left out the new kid in town ; Incogman.wordpress.

Ever hear of JFK, you neurotic jew? He said when dissent is forbidden, violence becomes necessary. You're pushing it to violence, puke. The 1st and second amendment are one. This is wisdom. JFK understood.

Keep it up, little tyrant. Just, keep it up. You will even have the 'flower children hippies meet christians and marry' adulterous congregation of those here wanting to see your entrails swinging from a tree. Let's go there, Bozo. Throw down that gauntlet.

Ray Zerwitt said...

And you haven't seen jack, asshole. Go to to find some REAL pissed off people. Then, think of a new planet. It won't be a country you're evicted from this time around. The world hates you.

Anonymous said...

You know, I never liked flyboys, especially the ones that NOW have control of the us nookulear program.... Must be havin a blood klotz...

Anonymous said...

Les, and to follow up regarding Koltz.

Still alive said...

If and when the day comes (and hopefully it will come, and not a day too soon!) I propose humanity have one big hanging party whereby all jews and their equally satanic agents around the globe are strung up one after the other.

It could be a primetime event beamed around the world and my guess is all previous viewing records would be exceeded a thousandfold.

Everyone pray for that glorious day.

It will happen. It has to happen.

Mouser said...

To Josey Wales 7:10,
Well...the last president to deny them anything was JFK - and look what happened to him!
Jack Ruby, Larry Silverstein who's next and who's the next patsie? or??
Anaughty Mouser

Anonymous said...

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