Friday, August 14, 2009

The Prophecy of Diseased Whores and Vampire Scum.

I don’t know if what I’m thinking about is proof of anything. I myself don’t need any more proof. I’m surrounded by proof everywhere I go. I step in it and it sticks to my shoes and follows me home. I open my eyes in the morning and I see it and I close my eyes and it’s still there. If proof were a body of water, I would have to move about with inflatable collars around my arms because I would eventually get tired of swimming toward some hope of land only to drown in proof.

I realize that there are many who grapple with the argument of whether there is some invisible hand that guides human affairs. Since you cannot see what is invisible you are left only with the effects of its passage like the movement of the wind. We can and do attribute the causes of behavior and events to all sorts of things and no rational and intelligent mind can long countenance the absurdities put forth by religion as they rake in their end of the global swag; there at the trough with the rest of the pig-snouted opportunists.

Let us consider that area of inquiry known as scriptural prophecy. You can look at the biblical end, the Islamic end, the Hopi and the Mayan. There are many others along with the disembodied entities channeled by a host of entrepreneurs who seem to have found their niche at the international trade show. I remember, some years ago, looking through a large new age catalogue in New York City and noticing that there were five different people channeling Moses, at the same time, as well as some number who had the inside track from Jesus Christ and then there were the outer space entities with the Star Trek names. There were just a whole lot of people doing the Charlie McCarthy thing and that was just in New York City.

You can separate what might be called legitimate prophecies from your weekend hippie fare. I’m thinking we grant a temporary legitimacy label to any institution or school of thought that’s been around for a few hundred years. It’s interesting to note that all of them are in agreement with a general climate of massive upheaval and transformation scheduled to appear sooner or later according to signs and timelines and... 2012 seems to figure into various perspectives and can be easily grafted on to the others as far as the right kind of environment goes.

What I’m thinking about is a little hard to put into words but it has a lot to do with the proof I run across whether I’m moving or standing still. Part of it is something I am feeling and I note that a whole lot of other people are feeling something too. Part of it has to do with world headlines and another part has to do with the lies and blatant distortions of the press. Part of it has to do with world trends and events and part of it has to do with wide people moving through narrow aisles of crap with enormous shopping baskets as well as trampling their fellows when the occasional end of the world sale comes along.

Some of it has to do with the present quality of entertainment and the arts of all sorts. Some of it has to do with the most concentrated areas of human focus. Some of it has to do with the political and religious theaters which now host the biggest pack of venal, lying scoundrels that the world has ever produced. Some of it has to do with a geographical area of prophecy, where a professional victim nation, which was created for the purpose of international plunder, looting and fraud-, wrapped in false flag events –have been practicing bloody genocide for sixty years on an indigenous population while the world turns its head.

Tangentially- or more than that, depending –you have natural disasters yoked like oxen to manufactured disasters along with the gratuitous wars of empire for the gain and control of resources which does not belong to the empire. The Empire is inhabited by a population that uses 25% of the world’s energy resources. That explains a lot. Along with this is the increasingly pervasive social and political control of corporations over every phase of life. We’re seeing real life inventions which mirror that ‘mark of the beast thing’ and laboratory generated flu viruses destined to control, as yet unseen, epidemics that may require mandatory inoculations of the populations.

Over at that backwater forum which regular readers have been introduced to now and again and which is called “The Best of the Fray”, one of the more clueless of the residents demanded to know where I got the information that the flu was a laboratory product. Given the immense amount of proof, readily available concerning this, it is a wonder why people don’t bother to research, study and inform themselves more ...and that leads to the ‘incurious factor’ that was iconically demonstrated by the previous occupant of the White House.

One really has only to take a good objective look at the world around them to come to certain compelling conclusions; most of the population is either hypnotized or insane, real life is imitating prophecy, something bad is coming and the people behind most of the mischief are busy at all levels trying to execute and manage what they have set into motion.

The FEMA camps and the hundreds of thousands or millions of coffin liners by the sides of the highways are not new housing for the foreclosed upon any more than the coffin liners are actually porto-pottys for government sponsored rock concerts. The outrageous theft of the assets of the American people and the following bailout thefts which added insult to injury is not some sort of escrow account for future philanthropic activities. It really looks like there’s a network of super villains engaged in herding humanity on to the playing fields of Armageddon. So, I’ve got to ask... isn’t one of the main tenets of various schools of scientific inquiry based upon the interaction of opposites? What I mean is... doesn’t there have to be a counterbalance to the activities of these diseased whores and vampire scum? Doesn’t night follow day? Is there not regularity in the seasons? Doesn’t science tell us that everything we can see comes from something we can’t see? Haven’t they proven that the universe is thought born?

I’m wondering if the greatest collective enemy to the manifestations of the diseased whore, vampire scum might not be a sort of unified field of human thought in concerted awareness of their efforts. It seems to me that dividing us against each other is not just about taking advantage of the criminal opportunities that provide their daily bread but is also a form of self-defense. It appears that hoodwinking the masses is not just about profit and control but also survival. The power of human thought linked together by a collective awareness of the predators in our midst seems to imply their elimination. This is why they don’t want us to touch The Fed.

What I seem to be trying to say is... doesn’t everything that’s happening seem almost too obvious? Meanwhile... isn’t there a gradual awakening taking place? Isn’t the truth of the matter staring us in the face?
Haven’t these soulless miscreants already lost? Are we not in the last gasp of their desperate attempts at survival? Is this not why they pile lie upon lie; absurdity upon absurdity and outrage upon outrage to delay the inevitable?

Doesn’t it seem as if all of those prophecies are actually materializing right in front of us by natural means, as if all prophecy ever was, was the capacity to see the recurrence of cycles and to time them accordingly, based upon the emergence of the proper environments for their expression as... just one more object lesson for the human race?

Do you see why I might be optimistic? I don’t know what’s going to happen to me or you but I get a really good sense of the overall resolution of the thing. Heck... one of the biggest punishments I can imagine for the diseased whore, vampire scum is just to have to be one. Imagine also their disappointment in getting their hands on everything and finding out that it wasn’t what it was advertised as. That’s got to hurt. Anyway, I think there’s plenty of reason for a positive attitude regardless of the way things might look.

My friends, let’s not get trapped in these corporation generated, clouds of depression and despair. Comfort yourself with the fact that you are not a diseased whore or a vampire scum and take even greater comfort in the possession of the thing they thought their wealth and power would provide them. Have a laugh at the understanding that it cost you nothing at all but was just one of life’s mysterious gifts that seem to find their way to a worthy home.

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Anonymous said...

Amen, the parasites can only suck blood from a live vessel. As more of us wake up and remove our minds and bodies from Babylon, fewer vessels will be available for them to feast on. It really gets enjoyable when so few people play their game causing these blood suckers to start to turn on each other. Believe it or not people are starting to wake up. Too bad it takes 20% unemployment and general hard times to snap the sheeple out of their slumber. Poor Arlen Spector, the Israelie flunkie is probably making plans to flee as he knows the fire is getting hotter.

Anonymous said...

The third eyeball has to be the projection stage from which The God views the cosmic over flowing ecstatic university. That eyeball is the seen and the seeing joined to the roots of transcending. The enemy is self that fears, confront IT and laugh out loud. It ALL lives. Death is no Thing that anyone should dread. If I should cease living for a time will not these roots persevere? But Yea Say the multitude? You are a tonic Les visible My Friend. I owe you. I do marvel at the sheer linguistic craft of the collaboration of remote viewing lucid dreaming contactee elite who well know what they are become. Pardon the archaistic style but entertain me here. Some nerve to add endum to a masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Awesome red-pill truth as usual. I applaud you mightly for your valiant efforts to teach and open the eyes of the blind. We need a unification of all races (white, black, yellow, brown, etc..) to stop these Vampire Whores in their tracks and dish out the punishment that they deserve!

You hit the nail on the head and quoted my exact sentiments with the following:

1). One really has only to take a good objective look at the world around them to come to certain compelling conclusions; most of the population is either hypnotized or insane,

2). It seems to me that dividing us against each other is not just about taking advantage of the criminal opportunities that provide their daily bread but is also a form of self-defense. It appears that hoodwinking the masses is not just about profit and control but also survival.

Anonymous said...

Another great post (--_--)
The world appears Insane, truly a world that the psychopathic elements of society desire,
They can't stand the truth, they shy away from the light, they see love for fellow humans as a weakness.
When we shine our light on them, show love for our fellow travelers, and stop following their rules, their power over us diminishes.
None but ourselves can free our minds....

dbdonovan said...

Very nicely stated. The shadow people have put me out of a job and have worked rather diligently to destroy my life, but I continue to fight them, to expose them and I am but one drop of rain to the deluge which will one day wash them away.
Here is another excellent read:

Paranoid shift
By Michael Hasty
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Anonymous said...

Les, This is a bit of a read but well worth it.

salialioli said...

“doesn’t everything that’s happening seem almost too obvious?”


For a while now I bin thinking that the absurdity of the stories comes from a serial killer’s desires to be caught. The two-sides of the criminal brain battling itself saying, “Can’t you see I’m the source of the evil?” A kinda pride in being seen to be the source of the power over life and death of the rest of us?

Why else would Israel say all their actions were totally legal in Lebanon and Gaza, that no illegal weapons were used, that Palestinians are hallucinating or lying when they die?

‘Course, could be insiders bound by a Satanic form of “Official Secrets Act” over which they have no say, but which they can break if they are clever about it, lookee here: this doesn’t make sense, does it, people? Please look further, please see behind the curtain. Please read between the lines on this one.

Why else would you find Mohammed Atta’s passport (or whoseever) on the top of a meter-high pile of dust? Why else would forum posters stare at a picture clearly showing a huge bulge on the bottom of Flight 175 and say it wasn’t there? Why else would it occur to anyone to bleat about liquid bombs on planes being mixed in a champagne bucket in the toilet? Or stop the pilot wearing his spectacles?

Waaaaaayy too obvious for me.

Thanks Mr Visible for some great work. Glad your kidney got flushed. Maybe the Vampire Scum will be flushed out too? Your efforts are certainly contributing on both fronts — Well Done!!

from a grateful reader

Frank Fredenburg said...

You did it again Les! Like I said before, you have the gift of gab. Keep at it.
You and your family stay safe! As your audience grows, the Vampire Scum will take notice of you, if they haven't already! I'm afraid that before they go down,they will take a lot of us with them!

Dr Jazz said...

Please forgive this. I know how it feels.

In this posting and the previous one, the word tenant was used where tenet should be.

I point this out because you are a potent messenger for insight, one of the better. Your views should not contain anything a vindictive opposition can point to in order to dismiss the whole because of a misaligned link in the chain of ideas so forcefully presented.

If this sounds too much like the teacher of writing I was, please forgive.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had a paying tenant or tenet to help me make the rent ;)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I see light in the darkness.

I've learned to believe with my eyes.

Though I suspect their may be a guiding hand prodding humanity, it may only be another terrestrial life form to which we, as yet, have not been openly introduced. Were that the case, I suspect the guidance will come as force in the coming years, by not allowing the species to destroy the planet or itself. I suspect we've been engineered on this planet as an experiment by another species who, from time to time, comes to tend their garden and to perhaps weed. But that's just me.

We will see what the near future has in store, but in foresight I always leave open the possibilities that 'they' are free to use the same information as we have (prophecy), and have the distinct advantage of using it as instructions; a recipe so to speak, to bring about certain 'prophecies' intentionally. That doesn't negate the prophetic value of these prophecies, but it does seem to delegitimize them in my view.

For example,one could say, "tomorrow a car will come crashing through the front room window." Publication of this prediction 'could' spawn a whole group of people bent on driving their cars through the front window. See what I mean?

Occasionally there seems to be light in these dark days of corporate goliath steamrollers. Here's hoping those occasions becoming more numerous.

Keep up the good work Les.


Anonymous said...

As Les so aptly stated anyone who has eyes to see doesn't need any more proof. What the diabolical forces are up to is right out in the open. They feel the sheeple are so dumbed down you couldn't beat the truth into them. I remember a statement Jeb Bush made a few years back in a rare moment of honesty, "people shouldn't concern themself with what government is doing because they don't have any money. The people with the money make all the decisions." (not word for word quote but essence of what he said) Just because you have it figured out doesn't mean there is much you can do about it. So are we all in the same boat? In the elite's estimation it would appear so. That is why they can place tens of thousands of coffins on the side of the highway, or spend tens of millions in taxpayer money building FEMA camps, or billions for underground cities.

As far as channeling goes there is a lot of deception out there. A channel might be sincere but dark forces exist on both sides of the veil. You must use discernment. Does the channeling ring true for you. Channeling is a legitimate source of prophecy/information if it originates from a lighted source. I always like to ask prople who criticize channels what method of communication lighted being should use. Send articles to the Jew York Times, make a grand appearance and scare the shit out of every ignorant asshole and then have the government say they are here to take over the planet. I've read a lot of channeled material that definitely didn't have an earthly origin. Ever read the Euranta book? Whether it is completely accurate or not is beside the point. You think a human could have penned it? How about the UFO coverup? Entities with technology thousands of years advanced just might have the afterlife, reincarnation and a lot of other things figured out. You think the controllers would like an honest open dialogue with these entities? I doubt they would talk about Moses, Jonah being swallowed by a whale, or the chosen ones.

"The power of human thought linked together by collective awareness of the predators in our midst seems to imply thier elimination." BINGO, thoughts are real things, and when "awareness" reaches critical mass change occures. The Euranta book talks about different species of animals appearing "suddenly" and the anthropological record bears this out. In later life even Darwin questioned his "Origin of Species." A mouse doesn't evolve into an elephant. When an animal or group of similar animals have reached their "full potential" they can suddenly become something else. (very complicated theory and definitely not completely understood, do your own research)

Anyhow what I'm getting at is as Les said "the universe is thought born." When human awareness reaches critical mass things suddenly change. That is why the "soulless miscreants" (clones, demons) are in such a hurry to bring about this New World Order. With almost absolute control of MSM, CONgress, schools, government etc. they can finally take the gloves off. As Les hinted for them it is do or die. If a sufficient number of people wake up our collective consciousness will turn the tide and "suddenly" we will have a new world, and the miscreants will go the way of the dinasour.

This is the only site I use where most of the time I can't copy and paste and spellcheck doesn't work. Also if you arn't careful you loose your work. It's Zog's little way to harass/discourage posters. If you don't spell check somewhere else it makes you look a little less creditable. Fucken assholes.


Anonymous said...

As a long time reader here I have seen some strange comments but none to rival this gem by djz wherein the dark forces are likely to compromise DP Visible via a simple example of improper usage. Generally it's hard to find errors in this writers work and they are most acceptable given the unequaled content that is the standard fare.

You have provided me with real humor this day in my otherwise hectic passage. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Please register the missing apostrophe.


nina said...

What I mean is… doesn’t there have to be a counterbalance to the activities of these diseased whores and vampire scum? ...
It seems to me that dividing us against each other is not just about taking advantage of the criminal opportunities that provide their daily bread but is also a form of self-defense...
What I seem to be trying to say is… doesn’t everything that’s happening seem almost too obvious?...

I've bunched a few illuminating lines together in an effort to zoom the biggest picture possible and your parts and pieces speak volumes on their own - and as they exist in context. Yes, this "thing" that they do, taking from one another scripts, agendas, images of dark immorality and heinous corruption, initially horrifies, but then ... inures. So they go lower, louder, supra-anxious, bullhorns wired to Marshalls on every window sill, tv set, radio and LDC, drawing blood, shredding credibility, bearing knives on camera. What is different about this than coming across a pack of cornered raccoons on your way to the bathroom at 4 am?

Or as happened to Su, a metaphysical nature walk fringed with unexpected Cobra spittle? The synchonicities and parallels so obvious to you and me are each too freakish to be understood on the grand scale where only one hollow portrait hangs, its pimp motel art, something nasty on black velvet, done by a Mister Jones. The media, enlisted from the same outdated can of mercuried clam sauce where they scraped out the military analysts, thrills to the scent of scandal, vultures anticipating the Thin Man ready to blow, webcams in toilet stalls and contradictions in the details. The Secdef says the people are tired of war. The UAV budget swells.

Who among the panelists and representatives of representatives imagines him/herself face down in flames at the Chino prison riots subject to a facebook twittering? Could they be imagining Cheaters waiting in the kitchen? Autopsy readying scalpels in the servant's wing? Imagining in a "If you build it they will come" sort of way?

But none of it, bunched together, has that much effect anymore, its over-exposed, the bubble bath flat encircling the drain, faster by the twitter, we turn away, who cares, so what, getouttahere! The other day a Lebanese Argentinian shopkeeper related to me his experience in the torture mill. He said when they got going on him, it didn't hurt at all after the initial jackboot in the groin. In fact, he seems to wear his past as a badge of honor, his proof, that it was, that they were, that these things are nothing and never could be anything permanent in relation to the Now.

Everybody in the real world is ready for God.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Dr. Jazz;
Get juiced!
Then focus on the life changing content not on the spelling.

Tom said...

As one poster above mentioned about psychopath serial killers trying to get caught, here's a little game I think they're playing now. 9+11=20. They are spelling out 2012. Next major false-flag operation will happen on a date that adds up to 12. 9/3 is the next possibility, then 10/2, then 11/1. It will never happen in December -- too many Christmas sales going on then and they don't want their retail stocks to drop too much.

Anonymous said...

Dare I suggested that you and something else sees this nature of change! You speak with his voice today! What we hold on to in the world, the devil asked us too. When that becomes all that we see, something else reminds us the fall and creation of the devil's plane (the world). We are never at the will of others but to effect this seemingly ordered world one asked for a "big brother" to glue things together. Fear seems to be the chosen form for the elite to piece meal it into thier own dreams and false visions of worldly gain. They fear for the "knock on the door." Its getting louder by the day!

Visible said...

Heck, I don't mind people pointing out my spelling and grammatical mistakes. I don't think there are that many but I don't suppose that's the point either. I had to leave school in the tenth grade so I'm mostly a product of self-education. I did go to college for awhile some years later but that didn't last either.

I misspelled 'cabbages' the other day in one of the titles but that was an accident and they are often accidents but sometimes they are real like with certain contractions and the like. Most writers have editors, I don't. I suspect it would be a more even playing field if they didn't (grin).

The way I see it. If this part was perfect then the focus would just shift to something else so I might as well stay in the area of error... heh heh.

Anonymous said...

9+11=20 thats true
but this is the same thing 9+1+1=11 or 2
So you need to create a 0 somehow. Good luck with that!!!!! Next problem 12 is real 3? What? 2+0+1+2 = 5. The pattern then is 2+3=5 the 3/2 or 2/3 path is well known and super old and used for all manor of things good and bad?

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, The way I see it, the flu and the Fema camps are what is coming. I see the camps as a way of handling the hundreds of thousands of deaths that this "flu" will cause when they get it right. They're evil bastards sure enough and they'll all be vaccinated with the "good" vaccine. As for balance in the universe and the evil getting what's coming and God's will and all that stuff, well we differ there, but only there. I'm an atheist and also I believe that these bastards will get away scot free. We are viewed as a commodity, however with access to cheap third world labour, we are a commodity with little value. The world belongs to the big guys and we are currently a bit of a drain on their pockets. Till they thin us out to reasonable numbers.
I'd like your world better but I think mine is what we have. Love your stuff Les, take care ian mckenzie.

Anonymous said...

You`re my hero,you inspire,amaze,inform and
amuse me in equal measure.
If I owned Time magazine, I`d make you
man of the year, however, we all know who owns that rag so no chance.
Keep fighting the good fight, we all need you to show us the way, in your unique style.

Anonymous said...

Dear Smokin'

Great column. Here are some proofs for unbelievers. Go to and read when the vaccine for the swine flu was patented. Two years ago. Check out WIPO sometime.


RW said...

Its all a hypnotic dream that fades away until the next absurdity then fades away some more then the even bigger absurdity to recapture awareness. The waves get bigger and bigger with each new hyperdramatized scene.

Its so freaking obvious. They are after all masters of the herds media, so what else would you expect?

I was at a park earlier today that used to be a big laid back party zone by this time on a friday. .

I saw 5 local volunteer cops in the first ten minutes making sure the twowrists were guaranteed the expected experience. Just a near death experience that has been so standardized as to point out its own illusory nature. The kid hippie wannabes kept playing the same bar in the same chord over and over and over. . .

The college students getting the big campus tour like it really matters to have a gold leaf piece of ass wipe anymore.

Wealthiest enclaves are fast asleep still.
At the edges of this effluent town though, I noticed the creeping onset of waking up for the first time. The price of houses is finally beginning to plummet even in these zones.

We nearly have the bastards surrounded and I for one am more than ready to yell CUT!

We just wanna make sure it gets far enough along so we don't get hoarse from having to scream it more than once.


Anonymous said...

I think we are just the end result of the lesson of,this is what happens to us when we starve ourselves of love collectively as a species...peace neil

Tom Dennen said...

"If the love of money is the root of all evil, then it is easy to see how Capitalism - the formalized worship of money - has brought us to the political and economic 'situation' we find ourselves in today." Tom Dennen, author of the free online book, 'Grand Theft, Planet'.

Alan said...

As an energy healer I am, I suppose, part of the New Age movement. Generally speaking there is a lot of good in it but the movement has long been highly infiltrated by those representing the darker forces of this world.

New Agers talk about one source, that we are all one and that everything that exists is energy and that we are all connected to each other, and are mostly against organised religion and preach a general spirituality.

This fits in nicely with the world government crowd that is seeking to destroy organised religion and impose their own Lucifarian based iedology.

Regarding channeling, anybody can of course say that they have channeled this person or that person. Nobody can prove it one way or the other. Hence there are many books and web sites by people who are most certainly phoneys and stooges.

A very good example of this is the "Conversations with God" series that has been a best seller and translated into dozens of languages. If you read the three books carefully you can see that it is clearly propaganda for a world government. However, because 80 per cent of it is what New Agers want to hear, large numbers of them have fallen for it.

This tactic is well used. Give people 80 per cent truth and then mix in some nonsense and propaganda. We are required to see through this.

m_astera said...

nina, wow.

No less for Les, he did the intro, but still, wow. Language is a wondrous art in itself.

Love you all
Michael (who is still one of the keepers of the faith. Cheaters only prosper for a time, and their time is up. That's my tenet.)

m_astera said...

Sorry, Les. You did more than the intro, and we are mostly commenting on what you started, but you get what I mean.

When the world turns to chaos, some have to keep the vision. The new world already is, for those who want it. Sans shopping carts. Hope you are laughing.

Maybe I should just shut up. :-)

RW said...

The CWG building has been vacant for a couple years and is for sale in the town of which I wrote above.


nina said...

The most brilliant people I know never made it past 10th grade. It is no coincidence that 10th grade is a common turning point, when consciousness has developed enough clarity to discern what is and what is not of value. Many of these "best and brightest" even dropped out of reform school. I think that's a very strong indicator school is an unnecessary, punitive and inhibiting day care program, unless you are one so lacking self-structure you feel pressed to forever wander inside obsfucating horseshit. Dr. Jazz? Take note, my link is ON TOPIC. I suggest you click it.

RW, I share your sentiments. Great post. We are fast running out of places to park our bodies and just be happy. To "just be" is vagrancy. It appears happy must be illegal? We should be issued rule books.

nina said...

If Michael shut up, I'd stop blogging.

Ray Zerwitt said...

How and why do your commentors take your powerful message and neutralize it? I read your blog and intuit one thing and then I read the comments and it's just stewed, skewed, blued, and tattooed into something else. Reamed, steamed and dry cleaned. Crispy fried, toast.

Allegiance to one creed would bring them to their knees in a day. Even with thoughts. They didn't dare step forward with their shit until they knew they had destroyed all unity. No unity here. Nature won't save you. As a part of "nature's" cure for this, the commentors sound like classic malingerers. One sophistical and childish grasp at a straw followed by another.

Anonymous said...

Strangest blog I've ever seen. I love it.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up.

Kate Gosselin and the SPLC Terror Gang in Disneyland.

nina said...

Mister Zerwitt adds his two cents to the strangeness taking sides with Jazz Phd., not to be confused with Prophets Coltrane, Miles, or Reinhardt. If THIS is strange, we ask what is not strange? Prophesy must illegal, too, like happiness.
You ever go in these people's houses? Eveything is boxed away neatly with printed labels. Over there are the normals, over here are weird things, prophecies and perceptions.

Hank said...

I've been refraining from posting on this because I'm going through one of my impatient spells. I read the "news" papers and watch the "news" on TV, and almost every story is about people fighting for their right to be ignorant, and to drag everyone to the bottom with them.

Conservative Americans fighting for their right to be fucked over and bled to death by greedy corporations. They along with their political minions, steadily milking the cow to death on it's way into the slaughter house.

I hate the fact that I reach these points, being subject to the human condition, where I no longer want to try and save those going over the cliff, because they won't stop kicking and screaming, and help me pull them back from the brink of disaster.

If this was the time of Noah, I'd be hauling ass into the boat, and praying for rain.

There is an incomperable beauty and power to be had in the unity of human spirit, and it has, in rare times past, been used to conquer entire nations with empty hands. The vampire scum know this, and they have arrayed all their forces against it. Religion, government and the media using everything at their disposal to keep something they see starting to happen from happening.

In answer to your rhetorical question Les, yes the proof is everywhere. Like I've said before, it is so pervasive and blatant it could set people on fire, but they don't or won't see it. I am sure it is some of both, but unfortunately the combination covers most of the people. But...but..the unity is so powerful, I don't believe it requires a majority, it just requires focus.

Those of us that know about the power of spiritual unity cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by the constant assault by the vampiric reptillian scum. I believe we must consentrate on each other, and the collection of our forces of spirit, and not worry about bringing in the masses. They will not hear us, and if we, the enlightened, can overcome the illuminati, they will not even know they have been saved.

Are they worth saving? Do they have the potential to reach a state of enlightenment, or are they destined to be the herd animals they were bred to be? I don't know. However, I do believe it is too late in the game, and the moment too crucial to worry about them now. We must consentrate on our unity, and going where the flow of our spiritual energy takes us, because I believe it is taking us directly against the enemy.

They are afraid, these baby killing, diseased whore, vampiric reptillian scum, and they have every reason to be, and I don't know about you, but I want to be part of that reason. May peace fine us all.

Hank said...

May peace fine us all. I guess I didn't want to feel left out in the misspelling bee.

Visible said...

I actually kind of liked that Hank. It made sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Hank, I second that emotion.
I don't watch the snooze but it seeps through anyway.
Impatience, yeah. Chronic impatience at this point.
And the newage morons still "hope" and stay assured that the prosperity ships are hovering just beyond the clouds, and that they definitely won't let "anything really bad" happen!!!
Jeeeezus freakin H. W. kryste!

Anonymous said...

I do believe that the internet wars have started. They will start to control the flow of info and after they get that in line they will start to desend upon the populace and start to fill up those pleasure camps thay have been building.

On msn there was an article about cyberwarriors loking for threats on the internet. Scary! If can figure out that goes next. Ya?

You will also see more passwords required to get into areas of content. These are many things. One thing that this is the beginning of the war against the blogs.

That also implies a timeline on other events of which we may never even find out about. :)

I mentioned this before, if there is any key lines of communication they should start to develop back-ups. One form which is extreme is to set up times and places for meeting in case x or y happens.

People are forgetting many skills and knowledge sets that could become very useful in the near future. Some worlds of knowledge are going the grave without retention.

I don't believe what I am doing right now will be possible in the near future.

Stay blessed, we will be quite entertained inn the near future.

Anonymous said...

It is not a good feeling to know one is a cog in a wheel which is conected to an axel which is connected to a bunch of wheels which are bulldozing peoples lives and homes into the ground in the majority of world.
By going to work and paying taxes in any Western 'democaracy' one's money is being siphoned off by the international ruling class and used to perpetuate an extremely unjust world where 20% of westerners are consuming 80% of the worlds resources.
I myself feed at the trough of capitalism and by that feeding and by paying my taxes and everyday western debts I am in fact contributing to the unbalance in the world. a deliberate unbalance which has been carefully planned and orchestrated for centuries by tha families of the less than 2% who own more than 98% of the worlds wealth.
These families and there minions are using my labour and earnings to amass more and more wealth at the expence of the 'developing' nations people who are deliberately prohibited from developing economically or in their standard of living through the unfair trade of their natural ressources and labour to the developed countries.
The ruling families and their minions (like the Clintons for example) know that pennies to the dollar for third world resources and labour is a must to keep the staus quo and the keep on evermore increasing their 98% hold on wealth.
Whenever a person or group or nation (with good reason) challenges this acutely skewed set up, they use exposed to bribery and/or violence and murder to maintain the 'norm'.
By getting up and going to work and paying my taxes, bills and buying goods and services, I am a cog in a corrupt wheel which grossly manipulates and kills to achieve it's goals.
It is a sobering thought on an adverage working Monday morning in western europe.

Can'tSpell said...


Anonymous said...

We are at the end of the beginning. The corruption, greed and diisillusionment will soon vanish from this planet. All it will take is enough of the human heart in all of us to turn the tide.

Humanity is on a grand stage of existance. Growing pains are sure to be vanquished once enough become aware that the final outcome was never in doubt. That outcome is the dissolvement of all the evil that currently oversees our world.

They will cave in on themselves from the weight of their corruption, greed and power trip.The human spirit is tired of being tied down to a monetary and politcal agenda, where we are slaves to the system.

It's time to break free of the bondage that holds humans chained to the evil Elite, and preventing humanity from attaining our true destiny, and that is to clear the human soul of the inner baggage and to explore the vastness of the cosmos.

When this multiverse was created, there was just matter, however minute it was, it was just there, as we are now. Whatever will be will be, but I know that this will only be the beginning of a much better journey!

As with the universe, we are just energy journeying throughout the cosmos. We have eons to maybe find out why we are here in the first place.Maybe we will never really know, but it doesn't matter.

Clear your heart of all the nonsense, and believe in the human consiousness to bring about one true vibrational octave of life that can transcend all the garbage that lies in the road of life.

One day soon, humans and this planet will shed all this bullshit, and reclaim our rightful place in the galactic civilizations of the cosmos, and learn what true knowledge is, and with this knowledge we gain the wisdom to become teachers of other races. That's what is really important. For without sharing and caring for oneanother what is the point of existing.

This economic system is doomed to implode soon, as the train has no brakes and is heading off the cliff. Our planet Earth is beginning to shed the polution humanity has dumped on her. It is our destiny that the political and economic scum will be devoured in the inevitable outcome. We will be then set free to continue our journey!


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Kundalini Rising and The Lake of Material Fire.

Travis said...

I recently took a break from posting on my own blog or commenting here simply because I wanted to sit and contemplate. I went every day for 3 weeks to sit on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River to stare at the water and think.

Mostly to think about the collective stupidity of the American people and their fight to defend something that is killing them. Corporations are killing the planet and we are helping them do it. Actually, we are doing it for them.

Everyone is both a hostage and hostage taker. Everyone has a shotgun or knife to their throat and in turn is holding a knife or shotgun to the next persons throat. They all yell, "I don't want to do this but I have no choice. So do what I say or this guy gets it!"

I can't wait until Mother Nature bites us all in the ass someday soon. Mother Nature never loses, the earth will always cleanse itself before she is ruined by a few idiot psychopaths trying to enslave the other 6 billion of us. It has been tried before and never has it worked. This time is no different.

America is another 3rd rate banana republic with nuclear weapons, except nobody realizes it yet. I truly believe this country is the worst invention ever spawned in history. Read your history and this can be confirmed. This country's foundation was built upon the bones and bodies of the Native Americans. The rest of the "House" was built by slave labor of Chinese immigrants and negro slaves.

Like I said, I can't wait until Mother Nature conducts her spring cleaning.

Party on Babylon, for you dont even realize that you are fallen already.

Masher1 said...

This planet is sheit! And before i go most will see very clearly just how foolish they were with their condemnations. Times close. Era's end. Don't become ashes for ingorance. Learn or die. Our world is a prison... WE are allowed to run, See the complete farce it is? See the problem with our getting free without first becoming trustworthy residents of the cosmos? Time of education is short. Times of second chances are almost done. Please try to be worthy of redemption in the serious tests of days to come. Seek truth above all. I saw it clearly for myself from The Way Home book. i have my proof of it's truth, Seen ti plain as day a hundred times now. You CAN learn before it is too late to avoid the END. Seek the prize or perish in fire.


The path is not a simple walk but it IS worth the hard march if you want off this damn fucked up hellhole of a prison.

I will see the door opened for me to become my true self BECAUSE i WANT IT. I hate this life and it's constant mind fuck so i choose to be and do as my jailer asks. If i was you i would too. See ya in the real world.

Alan Reid

pot said...

Our history is mainly a lie made of myths, half truths, some facts, which make monsters heroes and heroes monsters. It is 1984. Inconvenient truths go down the memory hole, and history is rewritten every generation.

For most people, their history begins when they are born. They accept the lies they are taught about what happened before this, and what is happening in the present.

They have lives, die, and pass on some of who the are to their children. Much of which is lost in 1-2 generations.

Some of the ruling elite have a family history going back at least 2000 years, most of them, except for new members picked up along the way to get new DNA for the bloodlines like the Gates. They know the real history, and they know the real agenda, and it gets passed down from generation to generation. They compete with each other for sure, but nobody dares go public as punishment is swift and severe.

The immediate mission is Global Control, and there is a religous component as well where man is believed to be destined to evolve to become one with god (their definition of God is not the same as the herd). Most of us are deemed to be beasts and not man, to them, and are not initiated into this religion.

Many secret societies over the centuries are covers for this religion, seeking those who execute orders and may one day be worthy of membership (very rare). They control the religions designed for the masses as a way to manage the herd. Attaching a name to the religion is counterproductive. Once Global Control is formalized, it is a defacto reality today, the new religion for the masses will have them accept their leaders as Gods, much like the pagan religions of the past.

For example, Global Warming and protecting Gaia is simply a conditioning of the herd to accept this. Man is a sinner and must sacrifice to protect their Gods, the rulers speak for and protect the Gods. Some of the herd have bought into this already.

There may even be an alien component, aliens who were deemed to be Gods long ago before history was erased and what little left was recorded as mythology. I have no evidence of this but perhaps the ruling elite are just designated colonial leaders exploiting our resources and exporting human burgers to other planets and galaxies. In 2012, the aliens will return to take complete control, or something like that, and the designated colonial leaders, our ruling elite, will be rewarded for their good work.

Or perhaps we are just fed this idea for the coming War aganst the Aliens and UFO's. A phony war to keep the herd scared and occupied. As mentioned earlier, fear is a strategy for control. Rule by fear. Divide and rule.

The type of awareness you mention is not possible. People do not want to know. You would be amazed at how many intelligent folks do not know how many buildings collapsed on 9/11. Their heads are buried deep in the sand.

It is what it is. It's been going on a long time. Only now have they become so effective at it, thanks to technology and control over the various institutions and governments. The the herd has become so brainwashed and accepting of the consensus, that the truth literally sounds insane to them. They pose little threat.

Don't sweat what you can not control, so they say. The future is only a probability, and so perhaps is the present.

Still alive said...

Perhaps when the red, white and duh flat earthers have lost most of what they previously had they will snap out of their delusions and start behaving like "free" and "brave" people instead of just talking about it?

That I seriously doubt but I am with you, Les. I remain hopeful.

Masher1 said...

There comes a day along your path whwrw you cannot hide any longer from the things you have done. Forcing your head into the sand is not right. Playing along with the frightened masses is not right. Standing on your own and shouting your views is our only hope. This internets crap is not going to sway enough to the hard work of long needed repairs in vast enough numbers to get any of it done. Man needs to be of far stronger and more inteligent if we are ever going to survive with our diginity intact... if that is even possable. Evil IS going to shoot big holes through it's head. ... How many of YOU will be killed with those shots? I would see a higher form of information to guide you through the valley of death. I fear NO man. I fear no man's deed or actions. Suck it up... get on with the real work or you will be one of the evil ones with your head blown off.

Times are upon us all. Times of being the ostrich with your head in the sand to hide from troubles of your own creation are OVER!

Pull your head up and try to stand a a respectful human or perish. It's that simple. Sorry.

Alan Reid

Anonymous said...

I dunno, "District 9" seemed more an allegory for Gaza than for Soweto -- "Amalek" = "Prawns,"
ghettos and apartheid walls, murdered children
and medical experiments and organ harvests no doubt, even the population figures given seemed to come from Gaza....

TLe said...

TheTruthSeeker page has not been updated since 2009.09.07 if I am not mistaken. I got through just a couple hours ago. I hope that everything is ok there. I share the the worry with many who would like to see the pages open and updated again.



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