Sunday, August 9, 2009

If I Close my Eyes then I won't have to See.

You hear about these child molestation cases where the mother knew what the father or stepfather was up to but didn’t say anything. Other times the mother claimed not to know when further evidence proved she had to know. That last is called ‘denial’. The present state of the American Republic mirrors something exactly like this. Children are being molested and the parents are pretending it isn’t happening but it’s much worse than that. The parents are also being molested and so are the grandparents; the livestock, the wildlife, the Constitution, the courts, the law enforcement and military. It’s a 24-7 gangbang. It’s not happening in the basement or the upstairs bedroom. It’s happening in the living room with the lights on and the TV playing and people don’t see it and they don’t hear anything but the TV.

When I was very young I was fascinated with the world of literature. That’s understandable given that my real life was a horrorshow. That’s called ‘escapism’. I read many things both fiction and non-fiction and many biographies. I learned some history from all of them and read a lot of history too. There was one thing (among other things) that used to puzzle me. Reading about dark, historical periods I could clearly see that people had been given early warning of what was coming. These warnings became increasingly dramatic but... the people didn’t leave. The world would be crashing down around their ears and they would be trying to go on with business as usual.

I was reading an article about Detroit this morning and it was a grim picture that the author was trying to paint a smiley face on; talking about how all the want and struggle had led to community gardens and so on and so forth. It reminded me of the smiley face that Jim Jones painted on that 25 foot pitcher of Kool-Aid at Jonestown. I look at the present state of America and it couldn’t be clearer what is coming but people are still trying to do business as usual. Americans are now taking jobs away from immigrants and even the immigrants have stopped coming over and the band plays on.

The people who caused the circumstances, in which the people of America find themselves, are put in charge of fixing what they damaged and are using it as an opportunity to loot the country from top to bottom. Maybe there’s a little good news here. In revolutionary France, a lot of the aristocrats didn’t leave either and got what was coming to them.

It’s a given that those who are looting the country have plans to migrate somewhere else once they have crowbarred the last nails out of the floorboards and sold them in bulk to the people that bought the 9-11 debris. It’s also a given that they believe they will get away with it and live to steal another day. Some of them believe they will be considered heroes after the fact due to well placed news items and the shine on their teeth. We’ll see about that. The world is a much smaller place these days and the ability to force-feed wholesale lies down the public’s throat is also diminishing by the day but... what to make of these people who watch network TV and twitter about their day shopping? What do you make of all these unreality shows refracted through a fly’s eye into thousands of likenesses?

This is the world where Sarah Silverman can lick her dogs asshole on TV and it’s considered ‘daring’. I don’t know if that’s mainstream media (which I don’t want to link to anymore but it’s a tacky enough site to make this paragraph’s point exponential) but I’ll let it slide for now (grin). This is the world that celebrates octuplets and watered the Terri Schiavo chia plant long after it had composted itself. This is the world where the biggest human rights violators engaged in the most wars can assume the high ground and lecture others about behavior that can’t even hold a candle to their own. You are the people that might have been. We should have gotten in touch with you then.

This is the world where the world’s biggest human rights violators can mastermind an attack on America and then use it as justification for mass murder and increasingly tighter controls on their citizenry. This is the world where ‘in your face’ genocide can take place and the people watching network TV with bags over their heads can’t see it. This is the world where the most fatuous arguments can be used to justify the most hideous crimes. This is the world that sails on a river of darkness.

This world is going to be both shaken and stirred with a twist. Everything you thought was real is going to crumple like cellophane. The early stages are in progress as we approach the middle point. “Anybody see anything?” “No, who’s asking?” “Huh?”

This is the world that used to be the world that is no longer the world you live in. The weather reflects it and you are standing on uncertain ground. They’re burning meat to make fuel to power homes. They’re harvesting organs from victims of genocide and selling them to the genociders. They’re doing everything you can imagine and they are doing things worse than you can imagine but many of you have no imagination left.

What is going to happen to all of these people who are watching Fox and the rest? What’s going to happen to the people who send their children off to fight in the corporation wars? Can anything remove the blinders that cause people to associate patriotism with being canon fodder for those who start the wars …and do not fight in them?

Now they’ve got doctors lining up to get their flu shots and advising people to follow their lead. These are, no doubt, the same doctors who tour the country shilling for the pharmaceutical firms and don’t even practice medicine, if they ever did. There’s no telling what’s in the photo-op shots and how that might differ from your shot. Some tiny numbers of people have died from this flu and there’s no evidence that it’s running like a brushfire through the communities so... what do the people hyping the paranoia and selling you the flu shots know that you don’t know? We do know that this flu was bio-engineered.

We live in a time of hysteria; religious hysteria, terror hysteria, sexual hysteria, global warming and flu hysteria, economic hysteria and Limbaugh fueled Nimrods are mobbing up over a health care system that you will never see. It has to pass through the hands of the people who profit from it and who control the legislators who compile the details and data for the corporation friendly laws. Nothing is going to change in that respect until the big changes start coming into the lives of the people who couldn’t see the smaller changes, or even the larger changes that followed them.

Yes, I have wondered why the people stayed when they could hear the monster baying in the woods. I’ve wondered about a lot of things and come to realize that some of us are just made differently. Some of us have very different tastes and very different values and that is what allows us to see or not see certain things.

There are people saying that great calamity is going to come upon us and there is a lot of evidence for that. There are people saying it’s all going to work out, even better than before and there’s not as much evidence of that. The fact is that we don’t know what’s coming or how it’s going to manifest. We can be certain of one thing, enormous changes are on the horizon and the world is going to be transformed and the next phase is going to start shortly. You might say that each coming season is going to represent an increase upon the last. What that increase is we shall soon find out.

I’m an optimist. I’m looking forward to greater opportunities and the departure of old evils. I’m looking forward to the looks on people’s faces when their eyes are opened for them and they see what’s been going on. That’s going to happen and that’s going to be one of the biggest changes of all.

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McKenna Enthusiast said...

They think that maybe an asteroid will hit the earth someday.

Don`t we feel like the lone scientist who has discovered this asteroid, but no one will listen to us?

Except that it`s not a rock hurtling at us through Space.

It`s the Eschaton, hurtling at us through Time.

And you are coming to us live, from your observatory high atop Mt. Shambhala.

The weather in Tokyo is f--king strange lately, too.

That`s for sure.

neil said...

I think love will redefine its self in all its majesty it always does everywhere in this world in all of nature that is the nature of the nature

Unknown said...

As the Bible says: Men were having fun and marrying their children while Noah built the Arch, and when Noah entered the Arch, the flood came and swept away men and their children.

As far as I can feel, many will not see anything coming, and it just may be best that way. While others will be chased like rabbits through the woods...

DumbGoyNot said...


Here in the States, the post WW2 period through the early 60's has been referred to as 'The Era of the American Dream'. The period between the early 60's through the mid-70's has been referred to as 'The Era of Rebellion.' The period between the mid-70's through the early 90's has been referred to as 'The Era of Hedonism.' And the period following that up until and including now has been referred to as 'The Era of Narcissism.'

A narcissist in effect makes an idol of self, and then goes on to make an idol out of his country (and his government and the entire status quo) as an extension of self. Because the narcissism is universal amongst everyone's peers there prevails here in America an attitude of oneness, a unity that automatically opposes, with a knee-jerk like response, any challenge to the idol of America.

One of the effects of having an idol is that it causes the person to have a deaf, dumb, and blind spirit, behind which they are seemingly unable to see or have a normal faculty of discernment, or have very much of a desire for the truth. Psalm 115 of the Christian Bible has an interesting take on it, which is this:

4. Their idols are silver and gold, the work of men's hands.
5. They have mouths, but they speak not: eyes have they but they see not:
6. They have ears but they hear not: noses have they but they smell not:
7. They have hands but they handle not: feet have they but they walk not: neither speak they through their throat.
8. They that make them are like unto them; so is everyone that trusts in them.

There is a saying that all anger is the response of the fallen human nature to when someone challenges an idol of the heart. That being the case, the reason most Americans poo poo any challenge to the idol of America, say for example the 9-11 Truth Movement, is because the poo-pooing is a suppressed form of anger.

As long as our citizenry continue to own the idol of America there is no reaching them with the truth. The upcoming calamities will no doubt dismantle that idol in the hearts and minds of most Americans, but by then it may be too late to turn things around.


Anonymous said...

Can anything remove the blinders that cause people to associate patriotism with being canon fodder for those who start the wars …and do not fight in them?

Back in the early eighties i began to take an interest in the history of the first world war.I started off reading official histories like AJP Taylors 'history of the first world war'.It was stirring stuff;calvary charges,hand to hand fighting,wheeling gun limbers,flashing sabres and dashing escapades behind enemy lines.Who wouldn't want to have fought in this war?

As i began to read more on the subject i came across the persoonal accounts and memoirs of men who had actually foughtin this war both survivors and those that had been wounded or killed.This was not the same war as described by the official historians.
These were accounts of hardship,unimaginable suffering and terror,rats,lice,waist deep mud,endless days of no sleep or food,freezing nights of sentry duty and backbreaking labour.

Many of these accounts were from men well into their 80s and 90's who after a lifetime of silence concerning their part in the war,finally told their stories and the horrors they endured.No wonder they wished to remain silent.

Needless to say i listened to these men and they changed my whole perspective on war
My point is that to remove the blinkers that blind people to the real reasons for war,we need to listen to those who have actually done the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan,indeed any war.They will tell a different story from the propaganda that is spewed out by the MSM.Unfortunately you will not hear them recounting their experiences on the big news sites,you can bet on that!,or that desertion rates among the American forces is at all time high.

I will leave you with these thoughts and the strains of 'dulce est decorum est'....the old lie,fading into the background. peace!


Anonymous said...

Many people who pretty much have it figured out stay because there really isn't anywhere to go. The same demons have control in most countries. There was a time when travel seemed appealing but I was too busy making a living. The best you can do now is get out of the big cities and move somewhere where the majority of people "share your values" (so to speak). When things blow up large cities are going to be an unmitigated disaster. Getting out of debt is also important. Why struggle, stick the man with that underwater mcmansion and while you are at it let him eat those thousands on the credit cards and any other debts that qualify. (with the 05 change in bankruptcy law, best not to be employed when you file). Once out of debt STAY THAT WAY. Next, NEVER PLAY THE GAME AGAIN. Debt is slavery. Interest and taxes can eat up 80% of what you earn. How could anyone "get ahead" with that monkey on his back. Lead a frugal life. Do you really need that plastic santa clause on sale at China Mart?

I was talking to a man yesterday, smart man. Had a masters and considered going for a PHD. In debt up to his neck with student loans. Just lost his 450,000 mcmansion. Also lost some other real estate investments and said his "credit was crap." Unfortunately they don't teach what you need to know in school. You learn to be a good little zombie ripe for the plucking. It is simply amazing what the dark forces have accomplished. Turn people into virtual slaves and they think they are free. Have you waved a flag lately?


European American said...

This article was truly great, Les, and your wrapping it up with

"I’m an optimist. I’m looking forward to greater opportunities and the departure of old evils. I’m looking forward to the looks on people’s faces when their eyes are opened for them and they see what’s been going on. That’s going to happen and that’s going to be one of the biggest changes of all."

says it all. I feel upbeat by the potential. Down, but not out, by the present status quo, and the distance between the two. It' going to take an effort through all this "sorting out," but in the end, or the beginning, as you sow so shall you reap, will be the final truth.


European American

Anonymous said...

Cov Kid. The "great War was fomented by the bankers. My Great Grand Father and Grandfather spoke of this. When you glorify war to children they believe it. When these kids actaually end up there, it takes a lifetime to deal with the fact that they were lied to, and the horrors they experienced took a lifetime to accept. That also goes for a woman I knew (my grandmother) who was there during WW2. She was training to become a Nun with the Catholic Church. At the height of the war, food and any form of support or care disappeared due to the war. The ovens she told me of were kitchen ovens used to cook human remains for human consumption. The people were starving and had no choice. De-lousing was common then and early on used hair removal and chemical treatments for disease control. They also did the same in the U.S. at German POW (logging and farming "camps") in Maine and elsewhere. My Grandmother finally made it home, traumatized by what she had seen (in France) decided that her calling was not to be. She married a French Canadian wood cutter, got a PHD in education and here I am. Thank you Nana&Pepere.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, people will still be able to see the flashes of light, and other stuff, from the nuclear explosions that will be a result of this insane path the US is on. Sadly, they will be blind after the fact but I guess that comes with the territory.

I too, am an optimist. I see heaven down the road. We just are going to have to go through a little hell before we get there.


Anonymous said...

Detroit is like a warzone is what I read in some articles. I also heard those poor kids at the pentagram(gon) have some bulldozer bots to downsize on urban blight. Yea Mike Judge was indeed 500 years off the Idiocracy is here now so let's go down to BF burger and smoke a Tarrylton or two. The German Landser (footsoldiers) used to have a saying in the last banker manufactured global profit fest known as WW2 it said "enjoy the war the peace will be hell." So enjoy the collapse the part after will be even worse.

Anonymous said...

I would like to give a big shout out to those from Muskegeon, Michigan. I did some work at the GD plant (Land Division). I observed the partitions and blue blankets covering the work going on there (for Israel). I asked why that was and recieved this answer. The blue blankets and partitions were there to hide the work being done from the eyes of god.

Anonymous said...

I wondered of that, the photo op injection. To think one of the pillars of the community would tell a lie by injecting himself with a dangerous drug, now that is one hard act to follow. Is it hard to understand then why no-one wants to listen to a conversation killing ignoramus. I do have the worry of when I will have to go against the norm by trying to tell those in my own, and following children, the drugs are not what they seem. This is the result of the plan of the cretins who destroyed the family, and the "wait till daddy gets home idea" was long thrown in the garbage. We now are to be put to the test as fathers, and parents.

When I sit of a night out-side the pub to have a smoke, I look at the disco generation with the lack of clothing, morals, or human decency, and it makes me mad. As those in the disco will continue on to the next disco being soothed by their un-erring media so they know not their arse from their elbow. To think, this is the fruitful plan of generations of evil men. My thoughts in their heads should be the least invasion of God's creation. I tell people things which most would prefer not to hear, with the blank stare in reply. What part of, I don't want you to think as I do, I just want you to think, don't you understand ? Why do they not seem to realize as they jaunt to their discos of life, their heroes are not at this party as it was designed for us and our children. Bono has left with the swag and left you with his music as consolation. Sorry if this appears like a one sided rant, but it is as I was out last night, and perhaps I should stay home more with my thoughts and my whiskey as my own consoling spirit. We are all looking forward to the departure of the evil, and sadly I would prefer I had put a bullet in the head of this evil rather than my thought. I thank Anon 9.13 would sum it up nicely. A blue blanket to blind the eye of God, and is there a story there.

Regards, Mac.

Joe Bloggs said...

Stratospherically well said!
This rocksnrolls mesosphere.

m_astera said...

As you sow, so shall you reap. Isn't that how it works? The harvest doesn't come at once, but as it has been watered and fertilized, it comes eventually.

Franz said...

Les, beautiful!

Muskegeon, Michigan: HERE TOO! Northern Ohio used to be Ford and US Steel country. Now it's that BS too.

It's like this:

The people hated open borders and immigration during economic downturns. But the Rulers said, YOU WILL HAVE THIS and Lo, the people could only agree.

The people hated Free Trade and the blight it caused everywhere but the Rulers said, YOU WILL HAVE THIS and from then on, Lo, nobody wanted to be a "dirty protectionist".

(Lush Rimblow earned his sripes with "Free Trade", BTW. Initially the non-college Rush was cool to the Mexican version of NAFTA and spoke his displeasure on-air. ALAN GREENSPAN HIMSELF went PERSONALLY to Rimblow and told him: This is going to happen. And after the Ruler had spoken, Lush said: "Let's move ALL the stupid people's job to Mexico". Lush don't wanna work at MacDonald's, does he?

Early version of this was: ROME HAS SPOKEN, THE MATTER IS DECIDED. No more questions. You're on the bus or your on the road. You play with the band or your whole life is off-key. The kings way or the highway.

This is misplaced Team Spirit, and that's it. Hitler knew this, alas, but then so did Ralph Waldo Emerson. IF YOU STRIKE AT A KING YOU MUST KILL HIM, Emerson advised. Nothing more dangerous than bad rulers dying in a vacuum. (Re: The poor boobs fighting for Alexander the Great or Attila the Hun when either died.)

America's rulers have become their own religion and it's not enough to turn them out anymore. Emerson was probably right but I still advise Antarctic Exile!

Hei Hu Quan said...

The arrogant violators whom hope to escape the hell they've created are only fooling themselves. People everywhere know their faces and names and when the ball is in the masses court they will all receive instant karmic justice by righteous mortal hand. It's no accident that Cheyney has doubled his security guards and doesn't show his face in public. As a matter of fact has anyone seen a Rothschild, Rockefeller, Oppenheimer's face in the news circuit lately?

People are enraged, and there will be no 'Truth & Reconciliation' joke like the one run in South Africa, no free walk, and no immunity even after they rat out each other like dominoes tumbling. Just the same gentle mercy, and grand, magnanimous compassion they've extended to us for so long awaiting them. Believe me these scum know what's coming and have waking nightmares of their eventual Mussolini air dance. That is why they are working so feverishly to get the logistics together for their great 'Swine Flu' cull. Their retro-engineered bio-weapon is in place, their eugenocidal vaccine in place, the "qarrantine" concentration camps are built and waiting, the military contingencies are bring planned and personnel recruited and organized, with all their "laws" being surreptitiously drafted. They're heading us off at the pass with a game, set, match mentality. The "quarantine" will serve two purposes to A) terrorize the populace into submission and B) to brand anyone who dares to defy the state and on the watch-lists conveniently as infected. To be removed and dealt with accordingly. Hell is on the horizon, and those whose faculties have not been sold or compromised can well see it and are readying themselves for a war. A war long declared against themselves and loved ones simply for having the audacity to resist enslavement, exploitation and be amongst the numbers of masses whom constitute a serious threat simply because of their numbers.

This endgame gambit endeavored by these unmitigated scum, is an all or nothing campaign I've watched coming together for over 20 years. Their arrogance, psychosis and disconnection with the populace will play hard against them as they rely on reports and intel generated from the people with their boots on the ground. With loved ones who will be affected along with us all in this ever-constrictive freedom facade and bold onslaught. How do these Illumined Nazis think this will play out for them in reality? Or do they have a 'Night of the Long Knives' contingency planned for them? Those whom are paid to monitor and spy on sites like this should think long and hard about this and perhaps devise their own contingencies that put them on the right side of history and justice. Do the righteous thing before it's too late. They'll be no "I was just following orders" this time and no Project Paperclip to dive into for cover in the future. No one who remembers this history will ever allow it to repeat itself. They're counting on us all to be stupid and compliant as they've been able to time and time again. Will we oblige them this time?

Anonymous said...

Well written Les.
Great posts.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Silverman is in serious need of a exorcism. But I wouldn't expect any help from her boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel. He had a guest on his show during Halloween and wanted to show up dressed as Jesus. Jim's reply; "I'll get out the hammer and spikes."

Nice people on this world are not so silent anymore. And this is starting to confuse the GoodFellas in big government. With the UN , NATO showing it's another Bohemian Grove assembly of the most corrupt and evil minds held together. The final nail in the revolving old order's coffin will be when thinks it's time for the harvest and the meek grow some spines and seriously fight for truth and freedoms which are sincere.


Anonymous said...

"The times, they are a-chang-a-a-ing..."

The Lord moves in mysterious is good that we do not percieve such, for then, 'twould unhinge the simple mind. Evil, rising, as it is, as it does, has gathered about itself all its minions and servile servants, and they think they've got the upper hand. It seems so, to a simple mind. My mind is as simple as they come. I used to try and 'see' what was going on, in the world, but then, I got to see just a bit too much (- I thought/think): a face. The face of Evil. That which sits atop the capstone so revered by the masons et al, and all other weak-willed self-serving despots. It's name: Lucifer...and Dis, and lots of other old names too, are also names to which it answers when called.

Dis already knows it is doomed; and eternity is for a very long time. What Dis hasn't promoted to its band of dis-loyal (ha!) followers is that they've sealed their own respective fates too. Time to pay the Ferryman, it is.

God's Will be done.

Folks, this simple mind offers the Faithful a fatefull solution: pray and make your peace with The Lord. Just ask Him. Then you'll 'see'! DV

God bless one and all

pax verbum

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
It's been a while since i've commented and I'll be brief. You certainly hit all the angles on this one. I have no clue what the hell to think. I haven't read your site for about a month cuz I had to go to LA of all places. Man talk about about frickin fantasyland. These stupid boxed in GOY don't even realize that there is 1200 miles of hot ass dessert to their east that starts at frickkin Needles on a four lane highway that has recently been personalized with a manned checkpoint (only just realized to my horror:)and this is approx 20 million sheep. There can be no possible way that you have any readers in that part of the world who have... just decided to stay. If you do I hope for their sake that they pick up a few clues from your writings about the future.
God bless and stay well

Ondrej Guldar said...

Salute Les!
and all the brave and insightfull folks here. As far as the debate mentioning dreams and their particullar meaning and possible interconnection with the breeding reality goes on in this place, here I have one quite fresh, enough to make me gloomy pensive for the rest of the day, I guess.

Tonight, I had a pretty much of an apocalyptic dream. There was a nuclear explosion over Prague, where I was just passing nearby on the train within the dream (I live in northern Bohemia part of Czech rep.).
The train was just going through the surrounding forests and I stood by the open window opposite to the blast side, overlooking wood hills from the bottom of them, when there was a huge flash of light and the tops of the trees were going on fire. In the window facing the blast there was the blaze visible, filtered through the trees and forest vegetation. I knew instantly, what exactly went on and why and continued overseeing the hills´ forests, now sparking with fresh fires, beginning to tremble with the first breaths of wind preceeding the blast. The train stopped and amazed people went reeling out, beginning to panic.
At this point I have to pause and go some minutes or so back through the dream, where I had a fiery opinion exchange (or better quarrel, even altercation) with my friends present in the same train compartment at the moment.
They kept acknowledging and advocating Vaclav Havel (czech ex-prezident, first after the „revolution“ in ´89, one of the main advocates and brain supporters of the NATO genocide of Serbs in the Yugoslavian wars during the ´90s, often nicknamed a „humanitarian bomberman“ by those who know, as well as a supporter/part of any NWO filthy plot to further enslave humanity), Alexandr Vondra and other NWO/Illuminati stooges throughout our decayed and contemptible political spectrum.
I almost went screeming on them and begging them to open their eyes at the same time. There was no understanding in them, they trusted in the correctness of that persons, themselves firmly confident about the reality of the shallow and surface world interpretations these bastards are creating for them. On the other hand, they were thinking I have to be a bit crazy and wrathful for saying such a words. I felt hopeless and sad then, after they left my cabin annoyed and confused about me.
Then the blast occured and I stood there by the window with a strange peace in my mind. In fact, I felt so little understanding and compassion for the common people at that point, that it almost frightened myself. I only felt compassion and empathy for all the children and brave/good/pure souls generally, but internally I sensed they will be taken care of somehow. Which only managed to remind me of my own two beloved sons and woke me up scared.

Ondrej Guldar said...

Back again to the dream at the seconds following the blast I was somehow simultaneusly able (as well as dreams go) to leave my body for a brief spirit trip round the nearby woodlet and wittnessed a conversation of 2 old ladies accompanied by an old gentleman together on their retirement-time hike/trip strolling the countryside and looking to visit some place of their interest there (a castle ruin or cave or something like that), the man was holding them a commentary regarding that place. At the time of the blast with the first trees starting to burn, the ladies started to wonder like „what the hell is that“ and so on, whereupon one of the ladies started to prattle something like „it is good, the light comes at handy to have a better look at the place - ruin/cave“ , or some similar non-sense of that kind.
I do not know, if this parallel passage of the dream is of any substance, all the time of that particular brief moment I was simultaneously standing by the window in the train, no time gap betveen.

So thats for the dream, really sorry for bothering you all with such a long article, but I am probably unable to put it in more brief manner. I do not often enter the conversation here (2-3 times up to now), although I read all of the Les´ blogs regularly including the comments and I must say it REALLY IS the highest quality standard of topics discussed here with the most inteligent and sometimes I almost dare to say wisest sample of people abroad and their insightful opinions. At least for myself, because I do not know af any other places on web where the inteligent mind meets the pure wisdom of heart like here, where I find this amazing works of spirit very often. I really admire that. Thank to all the brave souls here and mostly to you Les, for being the unifying power here, for that part of the matter.

Anonymous said...

Mac 10:17. Those words "a blue blanket to blind the eye of god", were the EXACT words told to me. The blue blankets were placed on the work being done after each shift. Maybe you or someone else could elaborate on this. Anyone out there who has observed the partitions and blue blankets, It might be helpful to post comments about it. The facility I saw this at required a high security clearance. (I wonder who was blessing this equipment). Thanks you Frank for helping here ; ).

Hank said...

I've wondered about those faces myself Les, because many of those faces will be the faces of my friends. I have garnered their anger and disapproval in my attempts to break through the fog of their bliss, but in many cases to no avail. I have pictured their faces in my minds eye many times, and I do so with a mixture of smug, I told you so, and sincere heartbreak.

I see them in their white coats and black ties, sitting at their well appointed tables with the assigned seating, eating their gormet meals, lost in their discussions of the latest, according to the news, with no desire to be interrupted with news that they are on the Titanic. So I stand ready at the life boat, cursing my inability to reach them, because in my heart, I love them all.

I feel like some caracture in a movie who is being snatched from one reality to another. I have some control over this process, but not as much as I would like. First I am in the movie, lost in playing my part, then without warning I am watching the movie, viewing the big screen and seeing it for the movie that it is. The problem is that it is the same old movie that the world has seen a thousand times, with different players, and even though we know that the bad guys get theirs in the end, there is less and less satisfaction in it, knowing that it will just start all over again. Or will it?

For those that have read Sitchen, and believe him, there is an understanding that our origins as "modern humans" may not be simply a product of evolution, but of genetic alteration. There is some evidence that since out inception as "modern", there have been times where knowledge and intellegence was lost, and we as a race regressed, and then suddenly were right back to being "civilized", and to a higher degree than before. Has the engineered human race needed upgrading from time to time?

There seems to be a portion of the human race that has achieved a level of awareness that "the masses" have not. An ability to see the forest for the trees, so to speak, and cannot understand the masses inability to do what we see as, this simple thing. Has this condition happened in the past, and the herd been culled, to eliminate those who genetically will never reach this level of awareness? Are we there now? Are we approaching another time of Noah? I have no idea, but I cannot keep these thoughts from invading my mind.

So many possibilities, like a roulette wheel spinning and from the sound, the ball getting ready to drop. I believe one thing is certain though, just like every game of roulette after every spin of the wheel. A few will win, and most will lose, but somehow I get the feeling that this time, there will be much less joy for the winners. After all, those are my friends at that table on the Titanic, and I can't get their faces out of my mind. May peace find you all.

LP Pandora said...

August 6, 2009 at 10:10 am
"Italian/Russian Police Break Up Child Snuff Porn Ring.Jewish Gangsters Raped and Killed Children As Young as Two On Film

Rome, Italy — Italian and Russian police, working together, broke up a ring of Jewish gangsters who had been involved in the manufacture of child rape and snuff pornography.

Three Russian Jews and eight Italian Jews were arrested after police discovered they had been kidnapping non-Jewish children between the ages of two and five years from Russian orphanages, raping the children and then murdering them on film….[Customers] paid as much as $20,000 per film to watch little children being raped and murdered.

Jewish officials in a major Italian news agency tried to cover the story up, but were circumvented by Italian news reporters who broadcast scenes from the films live at prime time on Italian television to more than 11 million Italian viewers. Jewish officials then fired the executives responsible, claiming they were spreading “blood libel.”

Though AP and Reuters both ran stories on the episode, US media conglomerates refused to carry the story on television news, saying that the story would only prejudice Americans against Jews." (sic) Mouser

Still alive said...

"What will happen to all of these people who have been watching Fox and the rest"?

Who cares. These flat earthers will have more than earned what they have coming.

The funniest part will be that afterwards the morons will still not have learned a thing.

More power to you Les. You are a warrior.

Anonymous said...

You ask what will happen to the sheeple? Not sure but they have an idea too? We shouldnt leave them out of the deal? For some, healthcare and the worry of the flesh. Others a sense of loss and wonder. Maybe some will enjoy a big brother. Others may never be willing to leave their first few dreams in life and will give up on selfhood. All is in the eye of one. Each sheep will have and be given the tools and chance. Better still all will grow and change even if its not as we see fit. I think some will become very mean and filled with hate, the Fox viewers for sure! But they still learn and move along their paths? Once one understands the nature of the soul and living life after life it becomes hard to care for the sheep and their paths. But if we want to talk about them or to them we first must remember they havent the ideas we have and thus we havent a clue what they will do or even need? To ships passing in the night?

Anonymous said...

It is just a personal opinion with me Tim but it seems others feel the same way.

I have a site here I do like though an American expatria in Mexico. Pretty good stuff. He is a writer and a pretty good author. Fred on everything.



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