Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Fly on the Wall of a Cosmic Nightmare's End.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I can just see the boys in the back, sitting around a circular, green baize table. Some of them are dressed in American, British and Israeli military wear. Most are dressed in suits, with a scattering of police uniforms and some religious and occult costumes. Given the news of late, I suspect a few of them are dressed in green hospital scrubs with sanitary masks and their remorseless eyes stare out like some parody of a woman in a burka. There are women there who are waiting on the men and they are dressed like the ones who hold up the signs with the number of the next round at the boxing matches.

There’s a long table set back against the length of each of the four walls. There’s just enough room to go behind these tables and sit in a chair that faces out on ‘the boys’ sitting at the main, central table. One table is stocked with various military attaches and representatives of munitions firms. Another table hosts members of the corporate world. The last two tables seat delegations from academia, religion and the media. They’ve got ear pieces that transfer everything being said into their waiting ears and they make notes about actions to be taken in respect of what they hear.

There’s a larger room next door and it looks like a lecture hall or the space for a press briefing. There are rows and rows of chairs all facing a large television screen. There’s a Don Pardo clone on the screen and he’s giving a synopsis of what the boys in the back are talking about and how it affects the wider communities of the world. The people in the audience are the people who write policy at educational institutions and anywhere rules and regulations are formed that affect the lives of the people. These are the ones who are responsible for the lines at the government institutions and they are the authors of all the official documents that are signed by the boys in the back and have to do with who gets hired and fired; who goes to jail and stays out, who gets heard and who gets silenced, who goes to which schools and gets what jobs, who succeeds and who fails and who lives and who dies.

The term you hear most often is, “the internet”. The internet seems to be their biggest concern. Some of them want to eliminate it. Others see it as a sacred, cash cow that just needs to be strictly monitored and controlled. Someone mentions that porn is the single largest money maker and a number of people from a certain nation make it understood that their people need to protect their investment. One of them says that, “It’s no different than the opium except for the medium of delivery.” Someone from Australia wants surfers to get licenses to access the internet. Someone from England wants alarm centers that identify who’s reading and listening to what. An illuminati hack from West Virginia says that it’s the worst thing that ever happened and he can’t imagine anyone wanting to take credit for it now. They all admit it’s dangerous because it is waking people up; something that no amount of wars, privation and calamity has ever achieved before.

An Israeli dressed in green scrubs at the main table is going ballistic about some Swedish newspaper writer who has exposed their organ racketeering. Someone from France says that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to specifically target victims for harvesting from a country they were performing genocide on already. “Why not just do a deal with Burma or Western Papua?” he asks. “Because we can!” the doctor screams.

It’s getting very tense. Faces and whole heads are morphing into various creatures from the dark side of the human imagination. There are vampires, werewolves and Komodo dragon heads. Hot, toxic saliva is hitting the felt on the table and burning through it to the wood below. The Israeli doctor says how his people control the money flow in the western economies and all they have to do is pull in the purse strings. His mouth is like the very purse he’s talking about; looking like he sucked a blood lemon. Then he mentions the small nuclear devices in many western cities and talks some more about a ‘little quid pro quo’.

Hundreds of hands in the larger room are busy writing down what the Don Pardo guys is saying. Around the walls of the ‘special’ room, some of the occupants are becoming incontinent because they know they’re first in line if things get any worse. The smell wasn’t very nice to begin with. Now it’s starting to smell like the insides of the heads of the boys at the main table.

They’re pretty much coming to agreement that Iran should be the recipient of a ‘fused glass policy’. They haven’t sorted out what to do about the Straits of Hormuz thing but, worst case scenario; they’ve all got their own supplies of oil for the moment. There’s some talk about what happens if the public begins to turn on them. It’s at this point that a representative from the Rockefeller Eugenics Institute starts to talk about meaningful numbers.

A break is announced and the boys at the main table head for the refreshment room. Waiters dressed in nothing but chains and various leather fetishes herd a group of young boys and girls over to the buffet table where they cut their throats and the blood gushes into silver goblets that are wiped down and handed around to the distinguished guests. There’s a lot of drinking and back slapping and cries of “Hail Satan” as various toasts are performed and evil men do what evil men do. There’s a certain amount of violent, casual sex performed on the dead children as the frenzy of bonhomie reaches a high level of riotous catharsis. Apparently it’s good to be alive, depending on who you are.

In the other, less privileged rooms, the occupants are also taking a breather and enjoying themselves by discussing death warrants and tales of personal body counts. It’s the usual fish story thing about the ones who got away. There’s a lot of bravado and bombast, counter-pointed by the sour smells of ancient fear as they cast furtive glances at the empty green table or stare at the momentarily blank video screen.

In the VIP party room, anonymous hospital workers are dragging off the bodies of the butchered and violated bodies of children who are packed in boxes of ice and then loaded into Israeli ambulances bound for the parts recycling plants.

American and English powerbrokers are all keeping a stiff upper lip that trembles on the verge of mad, psychopathic laughter at the spectacle before them. There are a few wry comments about the bodies being still warm and how they might just jump start one or two of them with electrical cables. Rumsfield and Cheney are there in a group with Blair and Mandelson. Cheney says, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” They all titter appreciatively. The room seems to be getting hotter and hotter and now I can see wisps of smoke escaping from the curling wallpaper. No one else seems to notice though so maybe I’m imagining that.

All of a sudden there is the sound of massive gears grinding, accompanied by powerful blasts of thunder, very much like explosions. I hear a horn blow and then a frenzy of impossibly loud instruments. Whatever it is, it isn’t Enya. The faces in the room go pale. This must not have been on the programs that were handed out at the beginning of the conference. Walls blow away and the various rooms all become one. There are fierce, human-like creatures that have appeared on the scene. Their eyes are flashing with rage and their wing beats are sending people, paper and tables tumbling in the air.

I hear one powerful voice overcoming all of the other noises and it’s speaking in a language I cannot understand but apparently everyone else does. The look of complete terror and panic on the faces of the boys in the back and their attendants is something to see. I’m filled with the most wonderful feeling that seems to be surfacing out of distant memory. It’s at this point that I wake up and realize that it wasn’t a dream but something that happens in the space between waking and dreaming. It’s something that’s always been there but, like a blob of mercury on a piece of glass, it is very hard to stabilize long enough to experience it. Someone else is obviously holding the glass in this moment because it isn’t me.

Maybe it was that Chinese stir fry that I cooked up and ate at 2:00 in the morning last night and maybe it’s the result of not sleeping very well for a very long time. Whatever it is, I’m laying here in the early morning light and thinking about the dead zones coming to life and the fabric of manufactured reality being torn asunder. I’m thinking about a burning, cleansing fire and I’m thinking whatever it was or is… it can’t come too soon. It can’t come too soon for me.

End transmission.......

Visible sings: Songwriter by Les Visible♫ Iridescent Dreams ♫
'Iridescent Dreams' is track no. 10 of 10 on Visible's 2006 album 'Songwriter'
Lyrics (pops up)

Songwriter by Les Visible

Visible on the radio tonight.

Smoking Mirrors mirror.


Anonymous said...

It's the real THRILLER


And it's on

Dream on

Hank said...

And all the while, some few of us get to watch from behind the one way mirror, as a cacophony of bull shit is blasted at the herd animals over the loud speakers as they are being milked dry and arguing over who gets to drive them into the slaughter house.

There are some who have noticed that the mud bank that human society is built on is beginning to move and though they don't know exactly what's happening, they know something isn't right. Some go to town halls and try and voice their fears, but it comes out as inarticulate anger, because they continue trying to become informed by watching TV, unaware that IT is the drug that is killing them, and stealing their ability to speak coherently.

Others though have found the life line of the internet, and have had their drug induced stupor broken, much to their dismay, by the truth and the fact that everything they have ever been told is a lie. For the first time in their santa clause lives, they can feel the milking and smell the slaughter house.

Yea, livin the dream baby. The fire is burning, the stench is overwhelming, the herd is on the verge of stampede and the Dick wallows in, it don't get any better than this.

I'm with you Les. Bring it, I'm ready. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Straight Down The K-Hole
Just like the gun issue in the U.S I think that the lid is off too far to be put back on. Of course they will try to no avail, but I think it's comin back around again and this truly is for the people of the sun.
Stay safe and stay prepared all.......enter lyrics Helter SSkelter......YEE-HAW!!!
Keep it up Les if you're catching flak you must be right above the target.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps in the next life, or the next, or the next.. the vast majority of so-called innocents will realize they are to the innocent animals murdered by the billions, not really so innocent after all..

Life, and death, is funny that way.

Visible said...

Well, I haven't touched my guitar in over a year or recorded a song either. I haven't felt much like doing a lot of the things I used to love to do for a long time but I think that's changing now. I just went and recorded something and I hope that means I can do some thing with all these songs that have been stacking up over the runway in the last couple of years.

It's a rough version since I just basically threw the music together and did a scratch vocal with a harmony but I think it's relevant to a lot of what's been going on lately and so I put it up on the net and here it is Walk Through the Fire or Burn.

Maybe the lyrics say something useful in this time.

Anonymous said...


Were they angels or demons that came in the end? Though either way they're more foe than friend to these skin-clad monsters before whom we bend a knee ... they've excuted their plans with such carefully guarded glee, but when their judgement comes knocking they'll fall to their own knees and plea, "Not guilty!" Liars and cowards to the end....

psychegram said...

Just in case you wanted more confirmation that they are indeed fucking with you: I am on a different computer, using a different operating system (Ubuntu fer chrissakes) and yet the 'no arrow key, no copy/paste' problem persists.

Buncha shit-weasels.

Anyhow, fantastic work on this one! Nothing to add really....

Anonymous said...

That actually sounds great, Les. Your voice, the music and the lyrics all go together well, and it's a great message. Thank you.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best-

One thing those in opposition to the powers-that-be might be advised to keep in mind is Lenin's technique called "organizing the opposition"

In other words, TPTB create an event which brings their opponents or those who they consider unfriendly, out of the woodwork.

Zoner said...

I really appreciated the song after strolling along through that all-too-real nightmare. It is so very easy to imagine that it is exactly like that, and if fire is to be the agent of change and purification, then I say "burn, baby, burn!". At this point, it seems literally anything is possible. ANYTHING.

Yeah, there is some work to be done here and there (not the REAL work but, still important?), and the little things can stack up quickly it seems. I can't seem to finish my music project after hitting a wall 9 months ago, and all I need to do is cut 4 more guitar solos and mix. I just have lost my desire for it, and my friends/bandmates are quite disappointed to be left hanging after all the work THEY did to get to this point. Your demo was a perfect example of how the true thing, when properly received via a well-tended avenue and passed along to those equipped to benefit from it, doesn't need to be dressed up in finery or pimped and processed to carry weight. Congratulations on being prepared to capture that jewel when it floated down through the ether, and to have the chops to present it so coherently and so quickly. Do you get songs in complete form with all the details (like the poppin' descending bass line)the same as the dreams that come in such fine detail?

In other words, I loved the song, just as it is. Thanks for sharing both experiences with us. Strangely, they both gave me equal doses of optimism, inspiration, and reinforcement. One was just much easier to endure as the mind reacted and painted the pictures for me.

As far as the characters all crowding around their tables plotting and planning and playing at being "in charge", they will do as they will, and will have to react they way they know best to whatever transpires as a result of any "planning" they have done. I don't worry about those types of characters much these days, as they seem to be doing just fine and don't need my help anymore.

Love to all,


Hei Hu Quan said...

Les, your vision is of what is, as an amalgamation of evil intoxicated by a sanctimonious hell. Vengeance is coming upon the wings and hands of the righteous who shall not stay a hand in mercy. Justice like white hot magma lies just beneath the surface building in force awaiting the catalyst to turn the ignition key. Fury stay not thy hand and rend these soulless cowards asunder. The vainglorious psychopaths who know not the heart of a man and the courage of a warrior. Who know not the ferocity of a woman written in a face set stern to task. Fire sanitizes all and it's coming and it's wake and swell shall diminish those who shrink before their task, their mortal duty. These are not time for the weak and the crucible of this age forges steel from those who offer valor and dare to defy.

I once read a line by someone, that for this time means much. It said: "Be the lord that you want to see return". Not being of any religious path (I've studied many and took from all that of worth and cast aside the chaff) I thought this to be a simple transcendental statement. Whatever beliefs one carries must show in their hands or it is deemed worthless by the universal power that despises cowardice. Live not a worthless life but one that makes tyrants shudder and walk steadfast in a legacy that resounds like thunder. Write large your life in valor and honour and be emulatively heroic to the innocent. Guide the young to their mantle of leadership and manifest a world built of life and not of survival.

The war has always been there, declared in silence but campaigned by means covert and overt. Felt through action and aftermath, commanded via stealth and abetted by the weak and pathetic. War has been conducted by them against us for a time known since our ancestors. Those whom awaken now are born on battlefields and their recruitment has been in the form of their declared humanity.

Cheers and respect to you Les for being born in this time and recognizing your destiny.

psychegram said...

Will, that's a very good point, and something for all of us to keep in mind. I think the best way around it is simple awareness: keep an eye on them, know what they're up to. Above all, know their ways.

Hank, brother, I'm with you man. This malfunctioning and depraved World Machine has grown tiresome. Balance - justice - is overdue. And what a ride we'll have as those scales rise into balance! The adventures we'll have on the way, and the stories we shall tell of them after both individually and as a society ... we are living in History, gentlemen, an epic time that shall be studied and retold and wondered about for generations.

I went to a party last night, and found myself the oldest one there with most of the attendants a decade my junior. I talked with all of them: a young man whose father's stage 4 lung cancer had been cured by hemp oil (google: Rick Simpson, Run From the Cure); an intense guitarist who just knew, instinctively, that we all share one Mind; an athletic young guy who totally got the swine flu vaccine; a young girl who agreed unconditionally when I said political representatives don't represent us, no one can, nor can they tell you what to do because even if they pass a law, it's your choice as a free human being to go along with that or not (she added that most of her generation saw things that way.) It was heartening, and refreshing, to find so many of the bright young minds of tomorrow grasping instinctively things that I expect many people here have struggled with.

There was one who didn't, slightly older than the rest, in her mid-twenties, back from a year in Korea and though locally rooted, rudderless as to her life. The conversation moved to politics, by which I mean the conventional kind: Canadian party politics, the Conservatives vs. the Liberals vs. the NDP, Harper vs. Ignatieff vs. Layton. Debating the merits of one shadow play or sock puppet versus another is not my cup of tea, and her insistence that you had to care who was in parliament because they control your life resulted in my comment in the preceding paragraph. Her reaction to that was that I was crazy, utopian, the world doesn't work that way and in her eyes I read a desperation on the verge of panic, as though inside she was screaming (and had been for a while) that the world didn't make sense, things were crazy, and she didn't have any control or power to change it save through empty gestures that even she freely admitted changed nothing.

I tried, but failed to communicate to her the simple concept that if one decided, as an individual, that bureacracies, governments and corporations no longer influence ones life, those institutions would lose most of their power over that individual. And of course the corollary: that if large numbers of people make the same conscious decision, those institutions would effectively cease to exist for when you get right down to it, they are nothing but structures in our mind.

Well, she didn't understand, or at any rate didn't believe, and so that conversation ended on something of a sour note as her agitation disappeared only by distracting herself. An intelligent and passionate young woman, but then such is life when you've let your mind be put in a box.

Anonymous said...

Truly a nightmarish scenario,
My thoughts are that the real evil planned and perpetrated in this world is far more banal in nature and all the more dangerous for it.
(--_--) R4E

Andrew said...

Around and around it goes, never stopping but continuing on until we are either consumed or the consumer.

notazombie said...

Superb imagry... stunning power you're wielding! "Waiter!...more Chinese for my friend here!"

Anonymous said...

Excellent. One of your best. An A+ isn't good enough.

But it's true it? Doesn't it feel like you've been sitting in your seat for ages, the popcorn is half gone, you have to go pee, and after endless trailers you're STILL waiting for the main feature? It better be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Never thought it was lemon that did it. I used to call it the sweet mouth, our tvee, and radio elite (even though we could not see we knew) they all had this sweet mouth. They knew the regulator, took his coin and told his lies. They were oh so clever with the knowing it could never happen to them. We had the dark rooms with the dark uniforms here in Ireland a long while back, bright light, good cop bad cop, pick a spot on the wall and try to imagine you were deaf and blind, and nothing lasts forever. Cops got promotion with mental cripples in their wake. No problem, tvee, and radio will give it a good spin.
Internet now that is their next form to control. The government media seem to have it in hand now as they will try to tie it into a licence with your tvee. In a country where it is illegal to smoke in private, or curse in public, no problem, they seem to have it in control. The jobs were always in line with who you knew, not what you know. The know it all could always emigrate, leaving the jobs for the boys, and the brown envelopes for the politicians. A slight problem now, as the unwanted are to stay, and the state pays the bill.
We had our Don Pardo here. The elder statesman now in reward for his blindness in former years. Now with his new found sight he will tell us all the right of it. The tvee he left in solid hands, and more sweet mouths to follow on in his teachings. Him and his ilk thought they knew the regulators. He should have thought for a while and he might have realized, the regulators too must have had regulators. For had you or I mentioned Israel, or the controlled US administrations on sweet mouth tvee or radio in the last twenty years. This point of view would not be heard, while porn or queer was free to air.

There are always the people in back rooms who watch their minions do their bidding. They don't need mirrors to see what their lackeys are doing, for they know the coin and special tit-bits will always have their sway. The lackeys are the real problem, for without them the devils would have no mask to hide behind. Just as civil service of any government, which is the civil service of the next controller in a long line of control by the few in control of the masses. We are blinded daily by a relentless barrage of filth, and stupidity on moron tvee and radio, for the sole purpose of division, plunder, and control. Hopefully the chinks in their armour to which you allude, will grow and grow, and some lackey will break ranks on those satanic bastards.

We can I hope take heart, where there are people like you who will tell what your readers would like to say, but you say it so much succinctly. Your following here seems to have grown if the posts you get are anything to go by, but it is the people who don't post, and the people who do post who must pass on your writings in the hope that it will be the chink in the armour. The internet is what they fear most as Satan's horde fear the knowledge that will stop the vampire sucking the life out of our youth, and their sacrifice to their master.

I am waiting for a powerful voice too, and I hope it is one of their elite, I would like to be a fly on that wall for I suppose I would think if and when this shit breaks out, none of us will know if we are awake or dreaming, but we could hope the next time out, we will get some better leaders.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. And the song is great.

I happened to catch the Kennedy funeral (I don't watch a lot of TV - it makes me sick) and as the family unloaded from the Peter Pan bus service (are they kidding with that) I was overwhelmed imagining the amount of drugs that were consumed for all of those people to get through that day. They must have had doctors/dealers just roaming around handing out goodies like party favors.

I wondered what if Teddy Kennedy's nickname - The Lion - was actually given because he's a predator.

I also thought - you can only imagine the crimes against humanity that go on in and around that family. And I believe myself.

TakeThePowerBack said...

The Call

Your life's not your own
Your mind's in a box
Open your eyes
Open your mind

Money isn't real
It's just a device
To make you a slave
To keep you underheel

I know it's gonna hurt
To see the truth of it
But until we all do
This nightmare will be real

You gotta be yourself
Turn off that damn TV
Release your inner fire
And answer the call


Anonymous said...

You are one hell of a songwriter my friend. That song hit me right where I live. I wish I knew how to say what I am feeling but I don't have the words.

Anonymous said...

"We can I hope take heart, where there are people like you who will tell what your readers would like to say, but you say it so much succinctly."

Anonymous said...

The really powerful, evil people - call them the "illiminati" for lack of a better name - never come out into the light into a meeting.
They're too savy.
The one's like the Clintons and Cheneys and Bushes and even the Rockerfellers are still only high standing lackeys.
If the truth begins to get too close for comfort those unseen, evil ones will just pull the plug on their lackeys and let them all '911' in a room just like the one you have artistically depicted.
Much like putting a hit on the hit men who hit the hitmen who did the dirty deed - in order to break the trail of responsibility though death of those involved.
Afterwards those savy evil ones would be able to slowly build up an new corrupt network all over again.
The human-like creatures with wings will need to visit the Rothchilds and the other untouchable savy evil ones in order to effect long standing apocalypse and change.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your latest song.

Anonymous said...

A most excellent, timely and beautiful song. Worth tweakin' to your perfectionist satisfaction.
Same sentiments for the visionary post. I feel very close to "ready" for that day. Sick and tired of bein' sick and tired.

"They say to be alive; to come into creation and to live upon the earth at this time is a great honor.
In the cycle of time, from the beginning to the end, this time we are in now will change the purification of all things. They say this is the hardest time to live, but it is also the greatest honor to be alive and see this."
-Lee Brown at the 1986 Continental Indigenous Council, Tanana Valley, Fairbanks, Alaska


Anonymous said...

Hearing your new song sunday a.m. far better
than going to Mass!! The people in the dark room
in yr latest 'transmission' - all interchangeable!
Throw out minor examples - Babs Bush (or was it Jenna?) as first daughter, as Univ. of Texas drunk, doing daddy's bidding in Paraguay on the Finca, schoolteacher... wife... and now (roll) NBC reporter! Or the current hue and cry from Teddy's senate drinkin/whorin buddies for Vicky K. to take over hubby Teddy's senate throne... Gore Vidal always referred to the "2% who own the country"
but after their crash/bailout one would imagine it's now the 0.2% who do.
Meanwhile, despite Corporate US TV reporting only Michael Jackson, Teddy, Jaycee, Octomom et al., foreign journalists still do a bit of real journalism on Bad Times in America. Have been following guardian uk's 2009 trek down Route 66,
we are on day 4 of the Grapes of Wrath Revisited tour, the carnage is memorable (w/ videos)

Nayon said...

Thank you so much for a wonderful piece, a few good laughs and an inspiring vision. Walk thru the fire will shurely be a great privilege for all the one of us, caressed by the wind coming from the wings of our long lost companions. We all see the cracks in the actual paradigm, and the day has come to build the new one, and I'm looking forward to it.

Love you all

Anonymous said...

That was priceless. I wish I could write like you, but then perhaps, I would not enjoy you so much.

Anonymous said...

Les --

Your new song walks among the gods.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Les --

Yea, though I walk
Through the valley of death
I shall fear no evil


They comfort me

Michael Jay said...

Outstanding. I've had stir-fry like that now and again, but never as lyrical.

Anonymous said...

Good, interesting work again Les I must say. Was that really a dream you had? You must keep a journal of some sorts to be able to recall such detail! Was it real?

You seem a bit on edge either way, I wish you the best on your journey which is affecting each and everyone of your readers(no pressue).

Also to the issue of being enlightened through the internet in ways Tell a Vision can't seems a bit of a stretch? There has to be a billion other things going on on the internet that aren't on TV. Now I know TV really dumbs down the people and like you so elequantly put, "their eyes glaze over when the tv is turned on" and everything is forgotten so to speak, but would you not agree there is just as much if not more nonsense going on throughout the world wide web?
Of course it all is a matter of where your going when "surfing".

Thanks, always enjoy everyones input on the Blog.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog a great deal from what I've been reading. This is the second post I've read along with a lot of the comments.

It is pretty amazing to see a good deal of people with heads on their shoulders. It gives me some hope for humanity. I live in New Jersey - what a complete industrial wasteland if you've ever seen one. I actually live in the nice part a mile or so away from the beach. But it still sucks here anyway because you got tons of liberal neo-con pro-fascist crony capitalist power brokers who do absolutely nothing of real value, talk on the phone all day about money that doesn't exist or resources that haven't been mined yet, and somehow they get paid millions of dollars a year for doing literally almost nothing.

Bunch of mindless drones driving back and forth to the concrete/metal hell which is New York City every day. Anyway, I could go on describing my disgust for these evil bastards that probably smoke their cigars with $100 dollar bills (no doubt in my mind), but I really just want to make a comment about humanity in general.

Humanity as a whole has been so completely mindfucked from mass media, the corrupt education system, corrupt government, crony capitalism, fake synthetic monoculture, and industrial food and all sorts of other cultural/bureacratic/corporate propaganda that most people are just really not human at all I don't think. They are more like walking shells of humans.

Subconsciously, I think that's why there are so many Zombie movies because the notion of a zombie comes from the depths of our consciousness. A zombie is a mindless, unfeeling, drone that just consumes and that is what globalization is. That's what all happy white picket fence Toyota corrolla, caravan driving, McDonald's eating, Disney World venturing, corporate consuming people are.

They don't stop to say - "I'm an animal. My dog is an animal. I might be able to process information more efficiently than my dog and communicate in a more indepth manner, but I'm basically on the same level as my dog."

I think if people realized that they were animals and respected nature and existence instead of bullshit dogmas, religions, governments, which are all just control mechanisms then they would understand life much better. They need to realize that we have the intelligence and ability to control our actions, which means that we shouldn't fucking destroy nature because that's like burning down our own house while we're still inside!

And that the necessity of exponentially growing economies is actually a practice of complete insanity. We're consuming and destroying everything. I mean for all the dogmas in these major religions - it's hilarious how all the stuff about respecting all of God's creatures and nature is ignored.

I think deep down in the depths of these mindless zombies that they are really just hoping there is an afterlife and that they don't give a fuck about whether God exists or not. They just want to do anything and everything they need to do like work hard and respect the law books and pay your taxes and don't question authority so they might be able to float on a cloud.

Well, the reality is that there's no cloud floating but the nutrients and particles of your body will become part of the earth again. And since the Earth acts like a living organism - if you fucking destroying it - the outlook for the energy, nutrients, and such that your body gives off has a drastically decreased chance of recycling back into life again.

Visible said...

Just thought I would clear up a couple of things. I didn't have any dream such as what I described in this post. It was artistic license. I also don't have any trouble sleeping, that was just to set a mood. I think most people here, by now, are familiar with how I operate but I wouldn't want to give a false impression.

If I suffer from anything (besides what I hope was a one time rarity of a kidney stone) it is a certain amount of ennui and precipitant weariness at the downward slide of the culture. It's difficult not to see what I wish I did not see. I am comforted to know that it's just the natural judgment of the ineffable upon the worship of temporary things.

I'm not always happy in my location but that is just more of the same related to what I see swirling around me. As the conditions of materialism become more tense, the aspiring heart yearns more and more for a rarefied place of light as the sense of light diminishes. This too I know to be false since all real light is an inner light but... as we are all human to some degree we do notice when our living environment is under attack from the nether realms.

It's all going to pass but it doesn't happen without a certain amount of discomfort at certain levels.

We can all take a certain amount of comfort in knowing that we are not a party to the deliberate and unconscious evil proliferating in this period.

Anonymous said...

Enya? My eye's couldn't open fast enough if she entered the scene.

Bill Clinton spoke nearby in Toronto the other day. The owner of the stadium probably lost alot of money on Clinton, because the great Bill 'bum jammer' must have all his cash up front. They figured the (impeached) "former President" would sell-out all 24 thousand seats. He didn't give any long winded views or stick to any particular subject, was more of a hurried passing through than his sharing of deep political thoughts.

The strange dreams some people have aren't anything near the living hell we see getting worse by the hour.

When we live in a world were child molestors are seen as musical geniuses and hero's , and men sitting in the Whitehouse chairs who get blow jobs from male prostitutes and also receive oral from various women who aren't even friends with the recipients wives? They end up feeling they deserve to get top billing through what they say is only being seen the average public's eye's. So when they getaway with such claims and do become the philosophical interests and arouse the majorities interest, then it means the phallic worshippers have pretty much been emptied out of the belly of the beast.

Most of the world's past soul's and now present societies 24/7 sleep walk through it all, I sometimes think we'll never wake up.

Here's a good sign. Clinton only ended up filling half the chairs, and that for me is very encouraging. There is still hope for my fellow Canucks.


Visible said...

New Reflections in a Petri Dish up

The Burrowing Cockroach in a World Gone Mad.

Anonymous said...


Excellent writing as always. I am with you that the divine removal of certain entities can come none too soon. I am glad you are writing. Keep up the good and get some restful sleep. Our bodies demand maintenance, as do our minds.



Anonymous said...

a lovely song les, imediately brought me up,thank you with out doubt your nomadic truth teacher spirit is a lesson for every one,thanks to every one on this site for just being your selves and saying what needs to be said,and know this the filth scum are getting weaker by the day,and we are growing stronger,the truth is the truth that is all it ever could be...peace and harmony to all neil

stephanie said...

oh man i really like your insight and warnings, but this time i'm affraid something might happen to you. please calm down, have a rest, listen to something like eckhart tolle's the power of now or be in nature for a while. i had not only one friend who ended up in a nuthouse...

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Nice... And speaking of the internet, check out this about the takeover that's underway:

Same thing with the cell phone industry as well. During the next false-flag, there will be no Youtube videos or email flying around to sound the truth about these Devils.....

Visible said...


I explained that I was using creative license. There was no dream, no Chinese dinner at 2:00am and no restless sleep. I sleep well and as long as I want to.

I've also spent time in some of the most secure and dangerous mental institutions in the US without much of a problem. though that was long ago. My days are pretty smooth and my stress level is nil.

I get the sense that people do not visualize what my scene is like. It's more pristine and pastoral than anything else.

Finally, Eckart Tolle leaves me cold. He says things I read from other people (and enjoyed more) long before I heard of him. Enough people have brought him up for me to look into him but my eyes just glazed over and I went on to something else.

I see that he apparently has a positive effect on a lot of people and I'm glad for that but I don't get the attraction at all. This isn't a judgment on Tolle. I don't know the man and don't really have an opinion except to say that there's nothing there for me.

I mostly find it difficult to read anything these days except for the occasional novel. I pick the books up but I just put them down again. Maybe that will change.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les and commenters -
Being unable to 'cut&paste', I stumbled upon a solution by accident.
I clicked on (highlighted) the intended lines in Text Edit, then dragged the lines onto your posting screen. Voila! Ok, I'm a computer moron, but maybe this might help someone.

"Another of the Natural Laws is that all life is equal. That's our philosophy. You have to respect life - all life, not just your own. The key word is respect. Unless you respect the earth, you destroy it. Unless you respect all life as much as your own life, you become a destroyer, a murderer." -Oren Lyons, Onondaga

It's still not too late to remember the 'old ways'.


Anonymous said...

Les, sir -
By the way, (speaking of books) just wondering if you've read "The Toebone and the Tooth", now retitled "Stealing Benifacio's Roses" by Martin Prechtel.
I wept through the whole thing.
Crucial Mayan mythic story, mixed with autobiographical. Was pretty life-changing for me.


Anonymous said...

Why didnt you post my comment? I made reference to TV and Internet being similar in the abundance of information. I hope your not biased and don't put up comments you dont agree with, otherwise how does one get a different point of view if you pick and choose to tailer your opinion.

Visible said...

Anon 8:00

Did you bother to read the disclaimer right above the white box you are typing in? Why assume that I'm with-holding your comment instead of just asking first without implications? This site is under regular attack and gets half the comments that it used to average. No doubt many have just assumed I'm not posting them when it is certainly not true.

Visible said...

A note for all;

Just in case I've confused anyone about why I'm not interested in Eckhart Tolle let me give you this webpage That Eckhart Tolle thing.

Please read the words carefully and see if you can guess what in the words and connections makes me doubtful about this whole presentation and also keep in mind that I do not believe in quick fixes and anyone who promises them is a phony in my book.

In the bible there is much made about the times of false prophets and one place I would expect to see them is on Oprah. These hard sell all in one inclusive package deals to enlightenment disturb me. I know a lot of you are fond of Tolle because you have sent his name my way before. I just have to say that I've no use for him. When I read his words there is not the light between the words that I look for it's more of that Silva Mind control thing and that other guy who had that big traveling seminar routine from California who used to be a used car salesman before he started selling enlightenment to the men in suits at all the corporations. He made a lot of money but I can't even remember his name now.

I don't get anything from Ken Wilber either with all those confusing color lines and what have you. Call me a purist and I probably am but I am sticking with the ancients and ageless wisdom and I don't want any mail order enlightenment courses and I don't trust people who associate themselves with these big buck schemes.

I know certain techniques that I could put out on Origami and I do offer certain subconscious patterning things sometimes (free of course) but I don't present some of these things because I'm not looking to get myself in trouble by being a dealer of powers that I won't practice myself.

I hope I haven't hurt anyone's feelings but I consider 99% of these guys scam artists and I believe that time will prove me out.

Just to show you the kind of serendipity that happens now and again. I got that link showing up as an ad at the top of my google mail account. The act of typing in the guys name some where must have made it appear or else it's a pretty interesting coincidence and it just showed up moments before I wrote this.

Visible said...

Right! "EST", that's the used car guy.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you les...peace neil

Anonymous said...


What you said about Ekhart Tolle and the Oprah connection and that you think 99% of the so-called "Lightworkers" are scam artists is what I believe, too, although I'm more cynical perhaps and think 99.999% of them are frauds or dupes for the "bad guys." Anyway, you saying what you said merely reinforces my suspicion (smile) that you're cut from an entirely different cloth than all the charlatans/false prophets out there.

Anonymous said...

From Srila Prabhupada lecture on Srimad Bhagavatam 1.2.18

"Now Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has also warned like that, that Mayavadi bhasya sunile haya sarva-nasa. If you hear from a Mayavadi who misinterprets things according to their whims [Tolle fits this discription], then you will be spoiled. You'll not get any benefit."

(I added bracketed mention above)

Anonymous said...

Got a real laff outta the remarks on Tolle,
Wilber, ErhardEST.... cant figure out why
I get all the Tolle spam! NEVER signed up
for any of that crap, ever! Also Skyintology.
Im sure Joogle is to blame. Maybe they have
an algorithm for people who order a lot of
weird books and CDs and health supplements
that spits our emails out to the Tolles
and Hubbards?

Anonymous said...

friend of the earth enemy of the state

6 billion pieces of the puzzel with no lid in sight

just way too many motherfuckers sooo sure that their right

if you can weather the mountains you may see the light

but you must ride the darkness straight through the night

Anonymous said...


The fine print at the bottom is just beyond ridiculous I guess.

"© 2009 Centerpointe Research Institute

This site is neither sponsored by, nor is it affiliated with, Eckhart Tolle,
his publishers, Oprah Winfrey, Harpo Productions, Inc., or any other entity associated with Oprah Winfrey or Eckhart Tolle."

Peace Bro

Kudostothemax said...

Something needs to said.
Something I've been aware of for over one year of reading Les Visible's posts.
Les is not working for money, fame, power or casual female-genitalia.
This fact is paramount to understanding every sentence, every word he writes is his posts and in his answers to comments are motivated only by his love for life and the people who live it - us.
How many of us would write informative, simulative and inspiring 1500 word essays 3 to 6 times EVERY week for no worldly gain?
But not even taking sponsors inorder to pay his rent and food Les is living the life of a true prophet. Giving but taking nothing.
A person so dedicated and sincere in his mission that he seeks no worldly payment in order to be totally free to write the truth exactly as his spirit moves him to, is not only cut from a different cloth, he is by his self and his uncompromised work true white light itself.
Most of us here are in the dark so I applaud his continuing work with all the volume my two hands can muster.
Thank you Les for keeping on keeping on.


Anonymous said...


sorry, but that link IS crap.

certainly the giggling german isn't everyone's cup of tea. presentation style is an individual fit. ;)

tolle's PR machine aside - his lectures freely found on youtoube, publicly written interviews and a limited amount of free material offered on his website - lead me to believe that the message is uncorrupted. he however does offer more in-depth material (babysitting services, for a fee) if one so desires.

in essence what he espouses, even as his leanings are to the oriental mystic schools of thought - is basically occidental, stoic perennialism - even if he fails to name it as such. :)
i can find no 'used car salesmanship', flaky EST, or any 'guru U' type hype in his message.


Visible said...

Sorry Kikz,

I call them as I see them. I have read his rap and it is dead water for me. As I have been very clear about this, this is only me. I go by what I feel and I don't feel it and I've heard it said much better in other places that had nowhere near the hype of this 'sudden discovery' of the truth which has been laying around in plain sight for thousands of years.

there's a lot of money and influence going down here and from the wrong sources. It puts me in mind of that 'fooling the elect' thing.

there's another guy called Aandersen who is hiding and pretending not to hide but then hiding like a coy school girl here in Germany and he's a former banker who has made hundreds of millions of dollars (so he says) and h'e got this inner circle and this movie that can only be released at the proper time and so on and so forth.

I'm running across things I don't feel comfortable about and Tolle is one of them. There's this whole webwork of people who all sit on the dais and read the script. They step around things. they don't confront things. Everything is perfect and none of what we see happening is happening but it is.

I'm all for living on a higher plane. I've been in the company of real masters and none of these people are those people.

I don't know how many new age fairs you attend or how closely you watch this area of operation but it's all good with what is happening and it doesn't address what is happening, like 9/11 and why is that? Because the money stops, that's why. 9/11 is the litmus test. Anyone who doesn't include the hocus poscus side of what's affecting people and fears to lay it out because their higher mission will be compromised does not get to hang with me or get my imprimatur.

I'll talk about this later today at Origami.

Look... I could be wrong and I will admit it when it comes up and taps me on the shoulder in that special spot and says, "Hey Les, this time you're wrong but until then I have my antenna up and one way to lead people in the wrong direction is to talk like you are another direction when both directions go to the bank.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les-
EST! That Eckardt guy STOLE the phrase. It was originally the title of a book, put out in the 70s, called Electronic Social Transformation-EST. I lost, traded, sold it long ago-and regretted doing so later.
The book's premise was , if I remember correctly, that technology and the new electronic methods of communicating were fostering the birth of a new or higher evolutionary phase of human consciousness.
After I lost that book I heard folks talk of EST and I wondered what a guy who looked and appeared like a used car salesman (apologies to used car salesmen for the comparison) had to do with Electronic Social Transformation.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Dog Poet Transmitting..." -- Les

Les, are you being sirius?
(Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

John said...

Les, I just finished listening to your latest radio broadcast. There's definitely something special when you broadcast. Your spoken words really get to me, somehow more than the written ones, not really more maybe, just differently. Perhaps it's the magic of the Muse coming through somehow. It's strange because I'm more of a reader than a listener. I had a fleeting thought that I was hearing a little of Paul Harvey coming through. I listened to all of your old broadcasts from your sociopolitical and metaphysical lists, and they were like some kind of tonic. I FELT better after listening. Weird...but cool. Please don't stop.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up

The Eckhart Tolle Booth onm the Way to Somewhere.

People, more and more of you are having trouble posting comments. For the umteenth time... EMAIL THEM TO ME and Bholanth please explain that trick your discovered again. I think it needs to be repeated... like the comment about emailing the comments (grin)?

Visible said...

Did two separate people just comment at the same time about the same thing that took place 3 days ago?


I don't know.

John said...

I guess we both commented about your radio show.....?

Visible said...

So it appears and that's uncanny to have two comments so close together about something a few days old.

Anonymous said...

What the Masters have planned for middle
class goyim in America, once there is no
more middle class, already a done deal in Hong
'Cage Renters Hell' (aka goyim stockyard)

Anonymous said...

I tried what one of your commenters suggested and it works: write your comment in MS Word or Notepad or whatever you like and then when you're done click Edit > Select All and then drag it to the comment box below.

Obviously, you have to reduce the screen size of Word or Notepad so that the comment box is Visible. Les maybe you might want to add that under POST A COMMENT to help those continually frustrated by the no copy paste BS.

Thanks for your fine blog

Masher1 said...

Well Well... Seems some still can't sniff out the bullshitters. Follow a man... and become lost. Follow the Mind you were given and be found. Trust that mind and be saved! Simple. No man can trick a saved mind Ever.

Anonymous said...

NY Jews Against Zionism were verbally protesting across from the Nakba denial embassy that the Israeli government is in fact conducting itself in a manner completely contrary to their religion and beliefs stating that "Zionism does not represent Jews".
This is a major crack in the dike of denial, propaganda and genocide which has the potential to break the whole corrupt Zionist dam wide open.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les and all

Recently I put up a mirror in an outside cottage bathroom. Looking into the mirror I realised it reflected, through the bathroom window, a view of the house kitchen window.

But when I look through the kitchen window, although I see the bathroom window, I do not see the mirror.

It had me thinking a most delightful thought on dimensions and how there is nothing covered that shall not be hidden nor revealed from these dimensions!


Anonymous said...

Why would comments just stop at 65, I would expect you to get in the hundreds. I can comment find.

I just go to anon, preview comment then type in the letters and send it to you.



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