Friday, September 4, 2009

A Walk in the Park means Watch your Step

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Civilization, you gotta love it. Some say it’s been here for some time. I’m with the group that’s waiting for it to arrive. The other day someone bit off a man’s finger at MoveOn health rally. Half a day later the missing digit was at a Tel Aviv hospital awaiting transplant to a settler who had spent so much time giving the finger to Palestinians trying to cross a checkpoint that it had frozen in place. Doctor’s at the hospital said that the frozen finger was the result of anti-Semitism.

In more MSM news (or would that be S&MM news?), the guy who invented deep fried Coke and deep fried cookie dough has now invented deep fried butter. The Tin Woodsman’s daughter, Laura T. Coffey wrote this sterling piece of puff journalism in praise of the dish which tastes not unlike an MSM article if you roll it in shit and deep fry it. This makes it sort of like a double chocolate cake due to the redundancy of the ingredients. I can’t link to the story because I don’t link to the S&MM anymore but you’ll probably come across it in your travels.

Gates says, “It’s not the time to leave Afghanistan” and that the conflict is, “only now beginning”. Cue the Chicago song for accompanying soundtrack. There’s a heart rending photo of a young marine kneeling by some objects in the sand. The dead soldier (not present in the photo) was killed in a Taliban ambush. You remember the Taliban? They’re the ones that the U.S. is funding now. They’re the people who stopped the opium trade which got them invaded in the first place so that the opium trade could be restored and man, has it been restored. There’s now so much opium that there’s too much opium for people to buy. It’s only a matter of time before we begin to hear about deep fried opium.

The Zionist controlled western powers are rattling their sabers, because the bankers are bayoneting them in the ass from behind, and demanding that Iran come to terms with addressing what it is that they haven’t been doing. So Iran agreed to talk about it and openly discuss the west’s concerns. The west responded by saying that there was nothing to talk about. What’s implicit here is that it is impossible to stop doing what you’re not doing and that attempts to muddy the water by the people not doing these things is bad form. It didn’t work with Iraq and it isn’t going to work with Iran.

I guess I should mention, on the other hand, that certain things didn’t work for Rome or The British Empire but that was then and this is later. It’s never right now unless you are attending a seminar where they never talk about actual conditions but only about inner convictions. It seems that these two things can exist in separate envelopes and not affect or be affected by each other.

It’s always at the funerals of the famous that you notice everyone who also wants you to know that they are famous. This is the moment for them to give those great speeches that are most noteworthy for containing very little in terms of what actually happened. I’ve often maintained that the bigger the limousine, the bigger the funeral, the bigger the asshole. I’ll suspend that when it comes to entertainers because that’s usually the result of a certain mass hysteria that I call Orpheus Flu but when it comes to politicians the rule applies across the board.

Generally when I look at the legacy of public figures I do not look at what they are purported to have accomplished because that is usually, without fail, business as usual. It goes without saying that all of them accomplish business as usual so it’s not even worth mentioning. When I look at the legacy of public figures, I look at what they didn’t do but could have done. I look at what they could have said but didn’t say. I look for where they stood apart from their fellows and said what needed to be said amidst the clamor of outrage by those who consistently maintain that, “You can’t say that”. I look to see whether they were able to make a fashion statement on The Emperor’s new outfit. If they are not able; were not able, could not find the opportunity to be able, to speak the truth in the face of the frozen finger of tradition then they are empty suits and cowards all.

I didn’t buy into the Kennedy fantasy for one minute. My biggest Kennedy memory was Robert Kennedy assisting Roy Cohn and company. Roy Cohn used to like to go out on Cardinal Spellman’s boat and frolic with naked altar boys in the service of his country. I will allow that ‘maybe’ John F. Kennedy did try to do the right thing now and again because, after all, they shot him didn’t they? So I might give JFK a certain special pass but that’s not my province. There’s a higher court for that sort of thing.

I’m not the Lone Ranger but the prairie is wide and so one can go for long periods without seeing the other rangers. My heroes are not the usual heroes, with a few exceptions because... there have been some real heroes. I have had to walk in this world but that hasn’t inclined me to believe in it because it all turns out to be deep fried butter or deep fried opium but mostly deep fried shit that has been flavor enhanced. Ah the bouquet.

People view dogs with distaste for sniffing at asses and showing an inordinate amount of curiosity in curbside and walkway droppings and never seem to realize how they do exactly the same things themselves. We are conveniently blinded to this reality by the camouflage of collective behaviors given meanings other than the ground zero meaning they actually have. You strip away the cultural colorations and the costumes. You strip away the various veneers and the social games and you’ve got dogs doing what dogs do but everything means something else because we hoodoo the doodoo. We voodoo the obvious and it becomes another thing and by collective repetition, over time, of agreed upon beliefs about what something all means something else.

This is why patriotism gets wrapped up in the creation and performances of war. What actually happens is that a group of bankers have determined that they can make money six different ways by initiating a conflict between two or more nations. They create the lies and tensions that lead to whipping up the publics anger at a manufactured boogeyman then they lend counterfeit money at interest to all parties; they sell them the weapons and supplies needed, they run the black market operations, they steal the resources and they provide the financing and companies that carry out the rebuilding of what they destroyed but there’s a lot more than that. You would be surprised.

Meanwhile, the public view is all about these brave young men who have gone to defend their country and their way of life against flesh eating barbarians from across the water or over the hills. These young men with their shiny eyes and hopes of heroic engagement, destined to rot on some field in Flanders, which is routinely recreated under a different name and then immortalized in song by whatever Toby Keith kind of whore is responsible for the awful lyrics.

A walk in the park, that we know as Life, is a beautiful image but you’re going to step in a lot more shit than you ever will in the wild. The status of civilization can be seen in the life that inhabits the park at night ...and what it gets up to.

The enduring lies of patriotism are just a few of the lies that we encounter in every area of life from the battlefield to the bedroom. These lies become crystallized into established truth and become the traditions written into the stone over the public buildings and it is no different in the religions and educational systems. If you want the truth you’d better look inside yourself because it might still be there. You can see it in Nature, where the rape artists have not yet been at it and in those special moments of twilight and dawn when she pulls apart the curtains for those brief moments in the hope that someone might be watching.

All that heartbreaking beauty is on display but off to the side on seldom traveled roads. One might find a direct parallel to the hidden beauty within ourselves and come to the same conclusions about what we have spent our time on and what we have ignored. Quo Vadis, humanity? Quo Vadis...

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arthur Musasizi said...

Keep up the great work your doing. The world is so dark and the little light your providing us is helping us to see through the lies that are being peddle and supported by politicians plus their cronies.
Arthur from Uganda

Visible said...

Would those readers who are inclined to pass between the doors of perception on occasion and who live in a European country please email me for a question I have?

Visible said...

Hey Les,

I hope you are well...thank you for taking the time out to write what you do. I appreciate it every time i see a new article...I'd really miss your work if it stopped. Very hard to find people with the strength/energy to share the feelings you do...but anyway...

Take care


Visible said...

If you see your comments altered because I removed information that I am pretty sure you don't want in the public domain then you can be sure that that is probably something that I did. My assumption is that you still wanted your comments in and please note at the Post a comment rap that the redoubtable bholanath has come up with a workaround for the chronic problem of not being able to post that many of you suffer from here.
3:55 PM

Anonymous said...

There you go, tipping sacred cows again! Don't you know that's anti-Semitic?

paolocaruso said...

Ted Kennedy epitomized the corrupt and compromised American populist politician. Christopher Dodd pleaded for the TARP bailout while holding hands with Barney Frank and Henk Paulsen. In eulogy, Dodd lamented about all the things that him and Ted did the waitress sandwich thing at a DC restaurant, and God only knows what else. And I must mention the creepy Orrin Hatch who loved Ted and worked together across the isles. Les aply describes Orrin as dark and bilious. Indeed. You see, these people are all colossal assholes - greedy, corrupt, theiving, selfish, lascivious, weak willed assholes... and they lead what is supposedly the most powerful nation in the world... for now at least.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Kennedy, when considering the type of personalities that go into politics, he is about as good as it gets. Yeah, he seems to have spent some time chasing skirts through the white house but at least he wasn't a draft dodger.

Simply said, most politicians are member of or representatives of one some form of criminal network. Power corrupts and the corrupt seek power.

The youth of this nation (US and others) shouldn't be fighting this governments wars, they should be fighting the government.

I don't know how many here would remember the TV show 'The Prisoner', but it was about people kept on an island that was pretty much a resort only you couldn't leave and as long as you conformed to a certain set of behaviors you were allowed to basically play all day. What a statement!

When you go out into nature and observe, you then realize that humanity is a cancer to this planet and the chemo treatments are not quite working.

I am fortunate to live in the country where I get to observe nature and many forms of wildlife on a daily basis. I can say with confidence that the rabbits aren't going to be nuking squirrels anytime soon. I haven't seen a bear stealing organs from other bears yet. I haven't seen many things in nature. I will keep my eyes open for these developments though.

It does seem you can draw a line between nature and man. Why is that, are we not a part of nature? I think that until I get into nature and there is something there that is gone from the realms of man.

Rambling man

Peter said...

Wow! Mentioning Roy Cohn with Robert Kennedy in the same breath took guts. My guess is you will get some blow back as a result. Nevertheless, Robert Kennedy did take a seat at the table next to "tail gunner' Joe McCarthy and the thoroughly reprehensible Roy Cohn in the infamous McCarthy witch hunts of the 1950's. An image that was, no doubt, hoped would disappear down the memory hole but it still makes an occasional reappearance. A shocking image to say the least, but nonetheless, a reality. It's a complex tale but RFK should have known better. He did it as a favour to his father Joseph Kennedy. Politicians makes strange bed fellows and this sordid tale takes first place in the realm of the strange.

Anonymous said...

Well said, I certainly concur on what you are expressing!! Your articles are super great!! Nice to see there are other human beings that can see!!!

Barney said...

Anonymous said man is a cancer.

That's just a trap set for us by the real cancer, the "eugenics" freaks. It's not mankind that's a cancer, but the self-chosen self-worshippers who call us all "anti-septics" (more accurate than anti-semitic) just because we see through their scams.

Better an anti-septic than a village idiot like those inbred monsters.

Anonymous said...


Why can't most folk see that we are all fallible humans and that a funeral is the best time to say what we truly felt about a dead body, not smile and cry and prove that we are as wicked or more so than the deceased. How many folk worship the Kennedys? Many, I am sure. Seems that a bunch of them have succumbed to the no one gets out of here alive syndrome. I am glad I avoid TV, and laugh at the NPR occasionally, and do not read newspapers, as I know the pollution they can be. I did see a pretty Kennedy relative looking very Irish mournful, but is that her remembering Uncle Teddy or Daddy or what he may or may not have done to her and her siblings? The level of lies and bullshit is actually Challenger Deep deep and high. Wow. Actual conditions being artificially separated from inner convictions. This is the deep secret, and you can find it throughout all social reconstruction. Too bad it isn't real. Wish me well this next Tuesday. I will be "supported" by a number of my direct superiors in a "directional" conference. Maybe someday I will be able to farm (correct term?) olives. Keep up the great work. Dark must be forced into Real Light, not the luciferian counterfeit.

Peace, Tom

Anonymous said...

They shot John F. Kennedy because he was the last hope this country had to turn things around. He was double crossing the system. Executive order 11110 is still on the books. It would have put the Federal Reserve out of business and the Federal Reserve is our NUMBER ONE problem. (do your own research) They killed his brother because he would undoubtedly have become president and followed in JFK's footprints. They also killed John Jr. Can't take any chances where money is concerned. No problem with fat ass lush Kennedy. He had a whole cemetary of skeletons in the closset. Yeah, he was one of the boys.

"........brave young men who have gone to defend their country and their way of life against flesh eating barbarians from across the water or over the hills."

It all boils down to the educational system in this country. If young people were taught the truth about why there are wars few would be willing to participate. Get your ass blown off and they give you a medal and discharge. Then you are free to go live on the street. How about bringing some of these "displaced" veterans into the classroom to talk to the students. Let the students read Johnney Get Your Gun. Discuss that live solder they found after a battle who had all his extremities blown off and was blind. They could also read General Smedley Butler's book War is a Racket. This should be a required subject like Spanish and alternate life styles. You want to risk life and limb for corporate America and the Zionists go for it. Might apeal to the gangbangers and such. Albert Einstein once said, "wars will stop when men refuse to fight." Well now it is men and women. I saw a picture in the newspaper a year or so ago of a 110 pound female in Iraq positioned behind a 50cal. The caption was she wanted to kill the bad guys. I couldn't fucken believe it. She should be home in the back seat of some car.............well I won't go there


Anonymous said...

Les, When asked "How Ya doin'?" I often reply "Same SHIT, different foot." As hard as I try, and being well aware of the vast amount of shit that's laid before me every day, sometimes there's just not enough clear ground to take another step without getting in it. I don't have to stoop down and sniff it though, to know where it's coming from.
Later, J.J.

Anonymous said...

It was said Isis was unseen to the mortal man? That if she speaks or shared with one that he couldnt tell others of her words? What does that mean?
She gives us a view that words cant begin to show!!!
I say if you calm the mind and wait, she will share with you too!!!
The more we use the words and pictures created via MSN the more we walk as zombies. The tune is getting faster now, and we will see the masses dance! The flu thing started at the raising of the suns power(spring) and soon it will set(fall) and their work will be harvested. Can you feel the unconfortable waves coming to the surface? People will dance for their flesh, very soon...

Minka said...

If knowing (more) things makes people cynical - is cynism then a natural state of mind?

Great post!

John said...

I read this today, and it seems timely.

(The highlight drag cut/paste trick works great, by the way.)

The Thoughtful Texan Farmer

A bus load of politicians were driving down a Texas country road when all of a sudden, the bus ran off the road and crashed into a tree in an old farmer's field. The old farmer, after seeing what had happened, went over to investigate. He then proceeded to dig a hole to bury the politicians.

A few days later the local sheriff came out, saw the crashed bus, and asked the old farmer where all the politicians had gone.

The old farmer said he had buried them.

The sheriff asked the old farmer, "Were they all dead?"

The old farmer replied, "Well, some of them said they weren't, but you know how they lie."

Anonymous said...

The why? of the world.

When listening to music I wonder why there is war.

When looking at art I wonder why there is war.

When looking at phots of nature, babies, wildlife I wonder why there is war.

When hanging with friends or making new one I wonder why there is war.

Then when I see mansions, private jets, 100K cars and such, I know.

Fifty million plus people died during WWII. Yet, only one small group seems to get any PR.

How many people watched Stars Wars and did not realize we are the evil empire?

the only answer I can come up with is that there is so much sh** in the world that nobody can see the light of truth.


Scarlett said...

I don't view the Kennedys as saints -- but I do think that they must have posed a threat to the true powers that be or else they wouldn't have been killed off. JFK was threatening the money power by returning the power to issue currency back to the US Govt. Robert Kennedy never accepted the lone assassin theory and wanted to find out who killed his brother. Couldn't let him do that. Ted Kennedy was pretty much only allowed to live because of Chappaquiddick and I'm not entirely convinced that it was an accident. But, since it effectively ruined his chances at ever becoming President -- I guess he made a deal with the devil to be allowed to still sit at the table. All politicians are pretty much evil -- but the Kennedys were like petty criminals compared to the bunch we have now.

As for the McCarthy stuff -- I've grown up believing how horrible the gov't was to target people for their political beliefs. But, I'm beginning to think that maybe McCarthy was a maligned figure. It seems to me that there is a possibility that the hunt for communist traitors may very well have been a hunt for Jewish traitors. Some say the Bolshevik revolution was primarily a Jewish one. Certainly Jews played a big part in the American communist party. Considering how AIPAC runs the country now, I've actually started to wonder in the last years if the communist scare wasn't so much about the dangers of communism but the dangers of those who were behind the communists -- namely the Jews.

I know -- I am being terribly anti-Semitic here. And I may be absolutely and completely wrong. It is just something that I have been contemplating lately.

For the record, I do not hate Jewish people. I believe in freedom of religion -- so I don't want to control what they believe and I'm not offended by their rejection of Christ. That is between them and God or whatever higher power it is that exists out there. I'm not in the business of managing other people's thoughts or beliefs -- I have enough problem managing my own, lol. The ethnicity of the Jewish people is also not a problem for me. I see no reason to find fault with someone simply based on the accident of their birth. Race does not determine good nor evil. It is just a set of physical features that we inherit from our parents.

But I do dislike any Jewish person who supports Israel and its genocide and apartheid. I hate them not because they are Jewish -- but because they are soulless, evil assholes. You can't help who you are born as -- but you damn sure can be held responsible for what you do. I don't consider myself racist or anti-semitic. If the problem was with Swedish Atheists who, though American citizens, put the well being of their fellow Swedish atheists above their own fellow Americans -- I'd be pissed at them, too. I wouldn't hate their blonde hair and blue eyes. I wouldn't hate their lack of organized religion. I would hate their treachery and would want them out of government positions where they could cause damage as a result of their dual loyalty. That is not prejudice -- it is a logical and patriotic reaction

Anonymous said...

Funny thing: At home on my Mac I have no
problem posting. At friend's on his P.C. I
had to do the bholonath thingy. Who knows why,
maybe Zioblogger primarily targets P.C.? (Now
watch me have to eat my words if theyre reading this now!)

Anonymous said...

When I post this is what happens 100% of the time. When I click "post comment" a red line comes up saying "the request could not be processed." I click post comment a second time, type in the word verification and my comments always go through.


Rhett Butler said...

Dammit Scarlett! You've got a mighty fine pen of view there!
I concur wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said...

Read yr latest & then right after heard 70
civilians murdered in Pashtunland. Howdy Doody,
step 'n fetchit for Big Dick Cheney, does it again.
Another wedding one wonders... the usual head
in the sand apologias from the Obots at Kos,
Bluffington Post et al. They just keep stepping
in their shit over and over again dont they?

Anonymous said...

Kilaya here:

Tried posting earlier from my Mac and although I made three attempts, nothing worked, no word verification window.

Just wanted to add a few words to the idea of the dog shit thing. It reminded me of the words of HH Dudjom Rinpoche who stated something to the effect of "lofty positions being akin to dogshit wrapped in satin". I don't think he was referring to anyone in particular and may have been referring to his own highly revered position. In any case, it does confirm, in my mind at least, that there are only apparent lofty positions in this three dimensional world. One may attain the most exalted position in political life or attain the greatest degree of wealth but it ain't gonna help in the long run. We are all still faced with ultimate death, rebirth, aging, sickness and on and on, never being satisfied, never maintaining happiness until we give up that ego based clinging to an illusionary self.
Ahh, but to have that level of wisdom to be able to see all that in this conventional world.
I weep today as I see another atrocity visited upon the people of Afghanistan. When will this madness stop?

Anonymous said...

When I die herself has a few simple, strict instructions. Only those I invite will have permission to attend. All who attend will drink whiskey to excess. Those who would leave the wake must be well on, or they will be sent back to drink more as they must be well sozzeled to participate in my final journey. The graveyard is but a mile away so the walk will sober everyone so they may drive home. Smoking, and bad language is to be allowed, along with the telling of bawdy jokes without vulgarity. If there is to be a speech of sorts, someone who knew me must talk about who is in the coffin. Finally, I am to be buried with my grandfathers people.

My grandfather died as a result of wounds he received in the Great War, combined with the fact he was not able to fight off the great flu of 1918. He did get a few medals for his bravery, so he must have been brave as he was but 22 when he died. In my locality it has been said there were more volunteers per head of population, than any comparable area of the British Isles. I knew some of those old men who said of the time, they thought it the right thing to do, and more who said well there was no work, what else would we do ?

Considering some of my writing it appears little has changed over the years. We have full unemployment, another great flu to kill our children, and old people, and lying political hacks who would tell us they are the government. We have a media who give us diatribe and we are to call it entertainment.

My government now it seems do have a plan, it would appear they are going to pay the Rothschild's to run our banks. No one has stopped to think this could be like getting the fox to look after the chickens. We have crops in the fields rotting for the want of weather, we have had the worse summer ever known and no one seems to care. I somehow think there is a connection between the Rothschild's, the banks, the crops, and the Lisbon Treaty, (but that sounds like conspiracy).

To honestly sit and look as to the legacy of public figures, well that would take some looking at. I could think of a few who I would have had some hope of, but it seems in their gaining power in government they have become mute as the people they replaced. It would give credence to the belief of, power corrupts. When I look at our political or media elite, it beggars belief of how those few creatures who would hold such sway on a continual basis over the mass of the people. It cannot be just MSM alone by which so many could be held in such awe by so few, for such a long time. It must be we are being controlled by fluoride, and such like, for the mass to stay so stupid for so long.

There is a part of all of us in Flanders and such like places. Perhaps in a hundred years it will be an odd sounding name in Iran, and our grandchildren will be told the same old lies, being uttered by the same old liars. The liars wont change, as their offspring will carry on the tradition of patriotism, or religion for their own ends, and will see no wrong for that is the way it always has been. Quo Vadis indeed as you say. Time was when a man might help his fellow if he needed help. Now he is too busy thinking what he is told to think. So we all will now carry our own cross.


Anonymous said...

"Civilization, you gotta love it. Some say it’s been here for some time. I’m with the group that’s waiting for it to arrive." :D and well said!, even if it is rhetoric.

As for the rest except the last, I won't really disagree with it, in fact you're being charitable to the Kennedy's. Still, so what? Every artist works with the material they have on hand.

As for the last, you aren't one of these individuals that demeans and belittles human endeavour by placing human endeavour outside and separate of the natural order of things, are you?

Shame, shame, Les. Humanity is part of Nature and its endeavours, whether you or I approve of them or not, are a part of Nature as well.
You might as well comment on a coral reef or
a termite mound (although as you run out of metaphors to disparage 'civilization', such as it is, you may descend to these as well).

I still can't , or extremely rarely can, read comments past where I post mine, including my own. Weird.


Anonymous said...

Did you see on the news where a former Teddy Kennedy "staffer" told the cute story about walking along with Kennedy when a car on the street backfired? He said it stopped the conversation for a minute, but when he turned to continue talking, Kennedy was flat on his face spread out on the ground. When he helped his big ass up (can you imagine), Kennedy said, “you just never know.”

Of course they reported it as Kennedy being forever “victimized” by the haunting tragedies of his slain brothers. Puhleez. Kennedy knew how expendable he was because his death could be used as an emotional bonanza for any entities that use that sort of thing. They’re dropping like flies – these celebs, these “mythical” icons. Being harvested is what it feels like – do you know what I mean. Whatever’s coming – they need lotsa juice cuz they’re sucking the herd dry.

Anonymous said...

manufactured insanitys,fractured sanctity,unwoken feeding the hearts its a tragedy,but the more hatred they sow ,the way the wind blow,the more hatred they will reap cos that is the way of the soul,and when the true souls have spoken and many souls become woken this unnatural farce will be smashed up and broken,that is the nature of the way,if you try to make the senses sway,playing games with evil only serves your own if we open ourselves see our true wealth as a people we will be as one back to true health,cos the balancer balances with truth not vanities when the truth come the focal point is fixed with reality...peace neil

Anonymous said...

Don'y tread on me

Don't tread on me

Dont'ya ever, ever ever

All Love All the time

Cheers Mates!!!

You don't need my blessing -- bless yourselves all you want tonight!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This modern world 9/1

Anonymous said...

The problem has always been that the majority of people are so brainwashed into thinking that politicans are practically demi-gods, that the once well-to-do people now living with their kids inside cars will ever silently give up their homes, their jobs and their loved ones happiness before they would ever, EVER! think of doing anything about it.

I once heard that long ago, politicians in Greece who failed to live up to the promises they had made to the public must throw themselves off a cliff , or face public humilitation. Today's public figures now see us as being lower then maggot shit droppings.
The telling sign is how tax payers gathering in those American town hall meetings are there just to feel the words "shove it" by the people they pay to represent them. Yup. We must be crazy to let public figures get away with such bravado. For an angry and scared people to show some public discord and then people in office turning the tables to make us feel like we are to blame and should just crawl into a hole and die. I ask, is this what we paid for?

Over in Toronto, Canada, former Ontario general Michael Bryant was responsible for the death of a 33 year old bike courier --hanging from Bryant's car, struck tree's and a mailbox before hitting the ground and getting run over by Bryant's car. There was a shot of Bryant in the back of a police car, glaring at the camera and leaning forward trying to hide his smirk. Since he was among the highest profile members of the Ontario government and a Harvard Law School graduate, one can easily conclude Bryant will never be sent to prison.

When they get a head-start at showing assholes and elbows , nobody can touch a politician. This is the kind of thinking we have to stop.
Politicians are the one's who are the offspring from flies, not us.


xmastri said...

I didn't watch the Kennedy thing. I don't have TV. Tonight I find I am lighting candles and incense all throughout the house and listening to the Fugee's and Bob Marley. Peace all.

Anonymous said...

Scarlet, I could have written your post myself. Only difference is I no longer have doubts. We have been subjected to massive distortion (lies) about almost everything to conceal an enemy whose trademark is hiding in plain sight and making war by deception.

I now believe Bobby Kennedy sat at the table with Roy Cohn because he was as unaware as the rest of the 'gullible goy' American public that 'communism/socialism' was a cover name for JEWS just as Italian mafia has been a cover for jewish mafia. Cohn's job was to disrupt the investigation and discredit McCarthy from the inside. Cohn was a close friend of Hoover, and had access to all of Hoover's insider dirt.

After John was killed, Bobby found out who the real assassins were and wanted another investigation to expose and prosecute them. Jews couldn't risk that. (Jim Garrison discovered who killed JFK but that was covered up too.)

There were many reasons to kill both Kennedys and they all lead back to hidden jewish hands.

The lesson here is that you cannot defeat an enemy you cannot see and who has not been identified and named. Like ghost hunters, John and Bobby were searching for enemies hidden by a dense fog of deception. McCarthy's hearings were easily discredited as a 'witch hunt' because the 'witches' were never clearly defined.

An enemy that can be seen can be defeated.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to the article by Laura T. Coffey les is referring to? I wasn't able to find it.

Visible said...

Easiest thing in the world. How's this for speed?

Laura T. Cofrfey and Fried Butter.

Visible said...

Actually that doesn't look too fast by the timeline but I found it in a flash (grin)

Anonymous said...

Tin Woodsman's daughter! You kill me visible. That's just who she looks like. She also looks a little like your little sister as I spect you noticed. Trippy.

There's nowhere like this place anywhere near this place.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Dumballah... The Kennedys have an almost sacred place in the minds of the sheeple. It's like criticising Yids. For the most past their only points of reference are the MSM Mockumentarys from the History Channel and the Dinner-time current affairs programs. It's simple, Rich people are not nice people, you don't get rich by sharing your bounty equally or being a giver. Anon 9.55pm: Politicians...well fuck them, any body that thinks a politician may have a genuine concern for the well-being of the majority probably thinks Santa Clause is a modern manifestation of St. Niklaus, and not a Coca-cola marketing device. The Kennedys were Bootleggers and crooks just like any other. They were in a power tussle with a crew they couldn't beat. Ellipser 6:17 AM, you are right on the money. They were Systemic and no amount of glamourous Hype will save them from the truth - Rich bastards are the root cause of all our evils, as it is they who do the dirty work for the big cheese: Lucifer. Anyone remember the fantasy flic called The Dark Crystal? Coffey is a Gelfling!


salialioli said...

Scarlett, not a word that you have written have I not thought, exactly to the letter, myself.

I just wanted to say I really appreciate the honesty of your words and the effort of writing them down for others benefit. Les captures the moment and from the heart, but a round of applause for others like Mac who manage to say what others think but at times can't express.

Thank you to all

Fryer Tuck said...

Aye, by gum it'sa sweet wee treat

Zoner said...

Guitar great and recording pioneer Les Paul just died recently as well.

If you compare what Les actually DID that contributed to the furthering of our world, he gets a much greater level of respect from me than someone like Ted Kennedy.

What did this cat ever DO for anyone?

Ostensibly, the job of these politicians is to serve the "people".

I just don't see it. Unless I fail to properly understand who the "people" really are. Someone is being served, but I don't think it is the larger portion of our society.

I see two positions; one is a position of creation and giving, the other is all about taking or destroying. What do any of these "leaders" ever create but destruction and death for those beneath them? They create NOTHING - instead they take from us the fruit of our labor, and that energy is used to our general detriment and to support a few assholes that are convinced they are entitled to all of it, but are too chickenshit to come get it themselves.

Fuck the "powers that be", I'm gonna go strap on my Les Paul guitar and celebrate the fact that we are still alive and kicking, in spite of the efforts of those who would presume to rule over us. Time to make some noise in celebration. Maybe it will wash the bad taste from my mouth.


Anonymous said...

Dr. A. True Ott was on RenseRadio last night. He announced that he has tracked down the PATENT to the new culling FLU, the H1N1.
The company which is making the NASAL SPRAY, "MEDIMMUNE" was granted the patent in 2008. (MidImmune is just "down the road from Ft. Detrick, MD".) It is a 148-page doc, which, according to Jeff, will be posted on
Also discovered is a 1994 mil-gov document which sets a goal for a 2009 pandemic.
BTW, the 'nasal spray' is planned for all the kiddies in school.


Visible said...


well spotted grasshopper. We're going to have to promote you to a crunchy granola minder.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's always wise to maske the serpent

Go back in his hole until the mongose passes



Still alive said...

If Americans do not wake up real quick to the fact that their terrorist jew owners are planning their third world war crime against humanity, this time using nuclear weapons, then the red, white and duh flat earthers will one day find out that what goes around comes around.

And it will.

And then what?

Anonymous said...

Speaking about stepping in dogshit....
Ciccone aka "Esther" on the Sickly & Sweet Tour
"Israel is the energy center of the world!"-Ciccone

Peter said...

Humble apologies if this is wildly inappropriate but I thought you'd dig this political dity


Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick testing the new block!

Visible that is funny as I refer to some of my friends as grasshopper. I have done it for years. Two of them very good musicians died recently and there was no funeral, the band was gathered, everyone got drunk and the ashes were poured into the ocean near where they liked to hangout. Who can afford funerals anymore anyway?

I never was much with a guitar as I could never make a bar chord. I did manage to play bad moon rising however only using C,D,G chords. Everyone asked me why I always played that song. It seemed more like a prophecy to me than a song.

Visible said...

There is a new stew simmering in the Petri Dish-

Surfing the Beaches of Deadwood with Lt. Col. Kilgore.

OntheeveofSept.11,2009 said...

”Super-thermite was used to pulverize the Twin Towers. The architects of this false-flag terror never thought that traces of their nano-thermite would be found in the dust. They were wrong. This advanced nano-composite explosive was evidently applied to the interior surfaces of the WTC as a thin film, like a primer or spray coating. Remaining bi-layered chips of this super-thermite detonated at 430 degrees Celsius and released more energy per mass than any other known explosive used in demolition (Jones, 2009). The only questions left to be answered are: Who made the stuff? and Who put it in the Twin Towers? We can say with a high degree of certainty that it was not Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida. There is no Arab state or army that has access to this level of nano-technology. This means the government and media have been lying to us about 9-11 for 8 years.”
Christopher Bollyn

Hank said...

Quo Vadis humanity? Ah, the retorhical question. Why, down the toilet of course.

It's their greed. Humanity is the monkey trying to get the apple out of the jar. They are that woman in the movie, Indiana Jones the Last Crusade, who at the end, with disaster happening all around and impending doom stareing her in the face, was so blinded by greed, she could only see the grail. She was unable to see the certain death that it held within.

This is where humanity is. Funny, but just that word "humanity" illustrates perfectly how something is seen for something other than what it is. "Oh, where is the humanity", as if humanity were actually something good. Humans can be good, and I know many who are, but humanity is not and never has been.

Yes, greed, the self consuming philosophy. It always ends the same, yet "humanity" is too stupid to see it, so they keep doing it over and over again. The whole scenario seems to be caught in a causality loop, where there are always some few who are thrown out of the picture, and are able to see it clearly. They have, and we do, try to tell "humanity" that they are all going to die, but they cannot let go of that apple. They have bought the lie, and are convinced that if they can just get that grail, they will live forever. I don't know whether to cry, or laugh that histerical laughter that comes when the incredulity level goes off the scale.

What is it about "humanity" that causes them to buy one crock of shit after another, and never notice the smell. I can only surmise that they are either like those dump workers, that after working in that stink for so long, simply don't smell it anymore, or they are just stupid. Wait...let me flip a coin, heads they don't notice the smell and tails, they're stupid....and...just as I thought. Of course, I cheated, I used a coin with two tails.

It has to be that, because they buy ALL the lies. Reilgion, patriotism, nationalism, people that look different ARE different, there aren't any UFOs, the government is looking after your best interest, yes I love you, no I won't cum in your mouth, hey, does this ice cream cone smell funny and of course, the check is in the mail.

The shit merchants have got "humanity" by the nose ring, and have sold them on the idea that unbridled acquision and consumpsion is the only path there is. He who has the most wins. The never ending game of king of the hill, with never a collective thought that in the end all you have is a hill. Never a thought about what happens when capitalism is taken to it's ultimate conclusion, and one person has it all.

Of course they never get to that point because they feed on their own, and they will make certain, as they always do, that everyone will lose before they will let one win.

Will "humanity" ever learn? When it all comes tumbling down this time, will "humanity" look around and see, or will they just start clamoring over each other again on their way to the top of the shit pile. I don't know, but at this point, I see that humanity has hung up the pinata, they've blind folded the kid, spun him round and round, given him a stick and are just standing there, and we know what happens next. Peace my friends.

Anonymous said...

Guardian UK: Green Czar Van Jones forced out

Funny how Howdy Doody always delivers on what
Big Dick Cheney, Faux Noose & Repubs are clamoring for.
Evidently for his "controversial" 9/11 statements
as well as the Bush on Crack routine...

reenie said...

What Really Happened is down

Anonymous said...

what really happened is up. Very interesting video on the slave trade. One has to wonder about the real cause of the civil war.

Was not the African slave trade a greater holocaust. With close to a 100,000,000 black Africans dying in the crossing to America a genocide of far greater proportions than what is alleged during WWII.

If as presented in the video the jews were responsible for the slave trade then who has greater blood on their hands? The slave trade was well documented as was the goings on by the German government and military during WWII in which no documents show anything about mass gassing of jews. Interesting!

AS the truth unveils itself in these times the backlash could be uncomfortable for some.

Rambling Man

Anonymous said...

So, are we agreed that we will abandon any further futile discussions about our "unconscious", "brain washed" co-inhabitants? We've been wrong on that. Bring on the Apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

WRH is back up.
I try not to comment here because I'm usually
so angry at the America(ns), and the nuns taught me
anger was a 'mortal sin'....
Well anyway, seems to me the Americans want to deep fry the whole planet and eat it in one sitting, such is their craving and oral fixation --now it's 'labor day holiday,' which as with everything in the U.S. means the opposite, no labor: the great white sharks are off the Cape Cod beaches today while the great white whales safely loll on the beach.
American "consumers" could begin like the scavenger fish and clean up the planet. E.g., they might 'deep fry' all the plastic in the Pacific Garbage Patch in GM flour & DU for seasoning and eat THAT. Put the 2000 brand new Israeli "settlement homes" in the West Bank in the shredder and 'deep fry' and eat that... Modest proposals like that, instead of just killing people on every continent, stealing their lands and goods, and selling 70% of the death weapons in the world? Yes, Michael Moore, 'capitalism is evil,' and I see you've put on another chin while saying so. 'Just can't get enuf!'

Anonymous said...

Tel Aviv has been busy. WRH now up, stating they HAD been hacked earlier; by Monday late pm,
truthseeker in uk still down.

Annsie said...

Whats your email address? I am from Ireland so maybe I can answer your question seeing as though we are the ruling elite.......

Anonymous said...

The Sept. 4 post surprised me by bringing tears to my eyes. It touched upon so many things I think about every day. I often feel so alone as I see everyone around me, even my own husband, swallowing all the lies. Thank you for making me feel like a lucid human again.



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