Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We'll all be Rewarded when the Shit Hits the Fan

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When the proverbial ‘first matter’ hits the blades of the cosmic fan it is not going to be preceded by general news announcements delivered via radio and television. It won’t be coming in the form of an official letter from some government agency delivered in your post. Bob won’t be telling you at the neighborhood bar that the shit is going to hit the fan at 9:00 AM on this Friday morning. It’s just going to happen. Some will have early warning and that will be the ones responsible for the event.

It is possible to have some ball park awareness of when the shit will hit the fan by observing the sequencing of world events. If you are the sort of person who does pay attention to things like this, then you know that the fleet of ships, trucks and railcars required to transport the shit have already left the various docks, warehouses and stations where it has been stored against the day.

You’ve probably noticed that the Mossad/CIA official terror department, known as Al Qaeda, has announced that they have smuggled nuclear weapons into the U.S. This, of course, is as easy as the apple pie that used to be the national dish before it was replaced by cowpie and before Mom became a crack whore. It’s easy because Mossad and her jailhouse punk, the CIA, are in control of American security and no nukes need be smuggled since they are manufactured on site.

You’ve probably noticed that Mr. Brass Balls, Hugo Chavez, is going to be exporting gasoline to Iran and that Hong Kong is going to be doing something with gold that is likely to have an adverse effect on currency values very shortly.

You’ve noticed the recent appearance of major, talking shitheads like Tom Brokaw; Rudolph, the brown-nosed Giuliani and a host of other lying sacks of shit are going nova about the blogs corrupting the minds of the public with information concerning the government’s role in the 9/11 attacks and making the official line look like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.

You’ve noted the cries for legislation against truth tellers and the association of truth tellers with terrorists and you’ve seen the damning evidence of nano-thermite at all ground zero locations, which proves once and for all that the government and their exploding shit-golem front men are just what they are; road apples for the cosmic fans of history.

You’ve noticed the relentless and sustained attacks against What Really Happened and The Truthseeker which have put them off the air for the last several days and which are being orchestrated by American and Israeli intelligence cyber-hit squads. When they get this dead earnest, it is an indication that a shitnami is on the way.

NOTE; What Really Happened did not go down because of enemy action. It was just the result of a garden variety clerical error. That doesn't mean they aren't out to get him though (grin).

Alex Jones has just announced that he is about to reveal something today that is supposed to be huge. It’s some kind of shitnado; some kind of shitinferno that appears to involve some important figure revealing some important shit. I’m guessing that the shitmeisters at Shit Central are none too happy about this, whatever it turns out to be.

The news of Israel deliberately killing Palestinian youths in order to harvest their organs is rocking the globe. It wasn’t enough for them to mass murder the citizens they’ve sequestered in their Gaza death camp. It wasn’t enough for them to burn them with phosphorous and shoot them down like dogs in the street. They are actually harvesting them like livestock in ways that would make Dr. Mengele blush.

They’ve actually managed to make the Nazis look like good guys. We don’t have a word to describe what they are at the moment. Some new definition needs to be minted but the lack of anything to compare it to has made the job difficult. Add to all of this the daily revelations about false historical records; slave ships, false flags, international crime organizations and the world wide pressure exerted by media and economic cabals and you’ve got more revelations than a thousand St. John’s eating mushrooms on a Patmos Island bigger than Teddy Kennedy’s funeral.

All this and much, much more is a sure sign that some massive wind farm of fans is about to come into contact with something larger than the life long output of those who have brought us to this point and are composed of the same substance.

It’s official, the shit is about to hit the fan.

I’ve presented a simple over view that is easily fleshed out into the visible form of a gigantic shit-monster who stands astride the globe, ten thousand times larger than the Colossus of Rhodes. Ozymandias on steroids with projectile diarrhea is an incontinent child by comparison. All of this has been engineered by an army of shit-soldiers composed of shit, whose every effort is the manufacture of more shit until the Earth is covered a kilometer deep in shit.

You can factor in the economy vis a vis the job market. You can add in the various wars and the disparity in wealth between the few and the many. You can add in the state of the culture and the witless comatose state of some large portion of the public and you’ve got the makings of the perfect shitstorm. Mr. Lahey is tongue tied. The magniturd of shit is beyond shitulation.

The weight of the shit is so great that it is compressing itself against itself and creating the sort of heat necessary for spontaneous combustion. It’s not going to be just the hard and soft shit that is stacked like bricks of opium in Rothschild banks and issuing in swirls like some godawful Dairy Queen machine with King Kong’s thumb on the full speed ahead button. It’s a precipitation of Shit from Outer Space drawn to the gigantic shit magnet of Planet Earth as homing beacon to the stars.

Prepare yourselves for the hour has come. This rough slouching shit is lumbering toward Bethleshit and it’s got a gasoline can in one hand and a Zippo in the other.

Yes, we’ll all be together. Yes we’ll all make a stand. Yes, we’ll all be rewarded, when the shit hits the fan. Full raingear is definitely recommended.

I’m watching all of this from my shitproof saucer, K-1 as I orbit the globe. I’d do something about it but the incredible technology and far future weaponry of my advance saucer has yet to be activated. I can only observe and report. Maybe my superiors will turn on the power. I’ve asked them to but I am told it has to play out the way it was written. There would be no lesson learned if I were to be empowered to wash the planet and hose the bad guys at the same time. My hands are tied.

The Dog Poet’s nose is in a perpetual wrinkle and not all the poets that have ever lived- and they are few enough to begin with- can weave this abondanza of shit into the majesty of immortal lines required. There is no shovel large enough; no boots deep enough and no mountain high enough to move, traverse or stand above what looms over us now.

As Van Morrison predicted long ago, “Yes here it comes… da dum da dum dum” and so on and so forth. The wind turbines of destiny are rotating with enough force to burst the locks of Doomsday’s gate. What can I say except to say, “Back on your heads, coffee break is over.”

End Transmission....... (ahrooooooo...)

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Anonymous said...

Well jumpin Jebus, they haven't got YOU down yet I just see!
Was going to say at 0600 CST WRH is again down.
Gold was at 1006, what's a Bernanke to do?

Anonymous said...

A thousand St. Johns eating mushrooms on Patmos
bigger than Teddy's funeral. Wow, LV has got his
vitamins back! But this shit metaphor, hey
youre stealing their favorite topic, you know hoo
just loves the shit jokes!
Even Jim Sinclair has a lot of stuff up at jsmineset, Israel/Iran, even Sibel Edmonds, the German terroralerts, Chinese buying gold and hoarding
rare earth metals.
This fuel air bomb the Americans made out of fuel tankers in Kunduz and are now blaming on the Germans puts the chosen in a delicate position. They want to whine about Germans killing 120 civilians and roasting many more with 3rd degree burns for the first time since Dresden... but how can they after Gaza & harvesting organs??

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Excellent. With regard to WhatReallyHappened, I tried this morning to check it out, and now I get a message that says "This Account Has Been Suspended. Contact Billing Department."

These shit-eaters are relentless, and running scared, to boot.

Keep up the great work, and I hope Mike Rivero is just as relentless, too.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Dumballah... COOOOOEEEEEE!! O,Oh..Late night News are showing a rerun of the bullshit liquid bomb 'al kinda'oh it's a NEWS story because they expect another similiar blah blah '...wave of several flights, each would be blown up mid-flight - drilled drink bottles with hydrogem peroxide - hidden in digi-cameras...but would the devices have worked.. we asked a bomb expert to simulate the explosive of softdrink bottles with hyge-peroxide. BOOOM!(FUCK OFF - I know bombs and that explosion they just simulated has flame - no flame in chemical blast unless combustive component introduced - Hyge-peroxi' does not flame if it can be blown - very difficult in a drinking bottle , what was the ingniter/detonator? )the principal bomb maker..blah blah" "new calls for travel restrictions". New bomb blast, (somewhere US someone injured) clear and convincing election fraud in Afghanistan. HELLO! Sorry as I was about to comment the 'Schmews at Nine-30'ABC OZ, started with NWO propaganda piece. Tried to hansard the shyte spiel, not much joy hope it makes some nonsense for you. And Yes the Russians are the O. Oh, that child molesting murderer Yid in Lucifers' Yidland is announcing peace agreement while avoiding comments about 345 new settlement houses on top of houses currently housing Palestinians. I'm sorry Les Visible I hate the cunts and want them all to be destroyed NOW! Oh, by the way I am in denial of the Yid holocaust, however I fully accept that many innocent people died as a result of a Yid-made war known as WW2 - this involved all sorts of atrocities including work-camps where many thousands of people suffered, and died mainly due to typhus and influenza.

Darius said...

Hmmm, very interesting. By the way which month is it? Oh that's right, it's September and today is the 8th I believe. Which means tomorrow is the 9th, and then it's the 10th and the next day is ... oooh! Just a coincidence I'm sure, nothing to be concerned about.

I N P h o b e said...

I concur. Plus, it made me laugh :D

Anonymous said...

Someone knows something's up. The boyz are abuzz
in the pit w/ Pt, Au, Ag, Cu futures on CNBC.
The Rothschilds better be on the horn getting their central banks to sell paper gold. Better
check stocks and bonds in LA, Omaha, Portland, Seattle and all other key sites for all that smuggled Al Q. stuff. Maybe SF. They didnt get
the Oakland/SF bay bridge fixed today like they said they was.

Anonymous said...

Shit Happens!! (--___--)


Anonymous said...

You are right on time and right in form!

Anonymous said...

Right now, whatreallyhappened.com returns:
"this account has been suspended".

John said...

Charlie Sheen? Alex Jones? Wow.

AEldridge said...

From: Michael Rivero
Reply-to: wrh@whatreallyhappened.com
Date: 8:08 A.M

There was a glitch with the payment system compounded by the holiday
weekend. Should be back up in an hour.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree, it is time. They were running out of thumbs to plug the leaks in the dam with the rain of truth starting to overfill the lake behind. I guess taking Palestinian thumbs would not work.

WRH still down. Somebody is very scared of some kind of truth coming out. Not that certain folks aren't afraid of the wrath of the dark man when they figure out who was responsible for around 100 million deaths of their relatives. Can you imagine the LA riots times 1000?

Yes, there is a whole lot of truth out there just building up and that dam that worked so well before just not going to be able to do its job much longer. Who would have ever imagined that a blog of truth could scare those big giant multi-billion dollar monsters of fiction? A blog of truth here and blog of truth there. Wow, that dam is coming down!

The last little blog that they want out there is that for the blacks to find out who did all that slaving, who brought in all those drugs to their neighborhoods, who kept them all down while they were up. In the 60's fear ran up the spine of those pin striped white manicured folks who were so afraid that those who they kept down for so long were going to tear down that dam of oppression and lies. Well, history moves slow sometimes and sometimes, well, it moves fast. Hold on to your hats, things are going to moving fast. Fasten your seat belts.

In the times that are a coming it will pay to be very very adaptable.


Visible said...

I'm pretty sure he's not talking about Charlie Sheen; that's just the regular lineup.

Hank said...

WRH and Truthseeker are indeed down. Jeff Rense and Alex Jones are still up though and have much of the same content. I have to admit, on the face of it, it don't look good.

Although apparently silent to the masses, the crescendo of shit has been building for some time, but as of late, has severely increased in intensity. The truth monster is breaking loose from it's bonds, and the criminals are on the verge of panic. With the revelation that the knowledge of the truth had made it's way all the way into the presidents czar circle, has shaken them to the bone. Yes, the green jobs czar signed a petition that acknowledged the truth, and there is no telling WHAT he told the president. As if the president didn't already know. However, the fact that the MSM hasn't made a big deal of the 911 thing shows how scared they are that it will inspire more people to seek and find the truth on the internet. 911 is the smoking gun for what they have done. It is the one thing that will open the entire can of worms, the entire can of lies, and THEY know it. They just want it to go away, but it won't, and the only thing that might work is something bigger.

Yes, I can hear those turd tips buzzing in the blades as we speak. The jew owned MSM has their fingers in their ears and the la la la la's turned up to full volume. Yes, even the president telling kids to stay in school, study hard and do their homework has become a sinister communist plot in an effort to avoid real news. But I don't know what distresses me more, the fact that the MSM are doing it, or the fact that so many are buying it. There are actually people keeping their kids home from school to avoid letting them hear those evil communist words, like study and homework.

God help me, but I'm not certain a culling is not in order. How can perpetuation of that level of stupidity by justified, knowing that when it becomes so pervasive, it is destructive to all life. The evil doers can only do what they do with the support of ignorant masses, and since the evil doers have made themselves so hard to get to, what's left? I wish it were something else, but it is what it is.

The only real problem is that when the shit storm hits full force, it's going to be like sitting in the front row of a Galleger show with no raincoat for all of us. Well, I have to believe that I chose this time to live for some reason, and I guess only time will tell.

I'm with Susan, let the apocalypse begin. Peace and good fortune to you all.

gurnygob said...

Alex Jones site not showing in the usual format on Firefox or Internet expolrer. Still can't get Trurhseeker site.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you should mention standing on heads. I keep having these recurring dreams of a slutty Paris Hilton looking chick, she has the same American flags tattooed on her thighs and once she wore a sparkly T-shirt that had a diamond encrusted 'WHORE' printed all around it. Everytime for the last four mornings, just before I wake up she makes a quick visual. She always has this same stupid blank smile on her face.

She has showed up sitting next to a ditch with a short skirt on and was spreading her legs, laughing at me everytime I turned my head back to look at her. She once complained that her boobs were uneven and kept hitting other people screaming it was their fault, and just this morning I saw her in another dream, only this time she was doing hand stands on a diving board in the nude, clapping her legs together, yelling out how wonderful her flags looked "against the fluffy blue sky". Bouncing higher everytime she hit the springboard, she flung herself into I guessed was a very deep swimming pool. I didn't hear a splash, so I walked over to see her lifeless body at the bottom of the empty pool (her legs spread and tampons shooting out like bullets). I suddenly ran as fast as I could when the pool suddenly was overflowing with blood.
Thank the maker for the brains automatic breaker switch, and I woke up before it got too nasty.

I thought they shut down The Truth Seeker cause of the recent pics showing fat guys pissing on the freedom fighter initiates?
Yeah, they are getting ready to do another inside 911, they need one like the one they called for to get the whole PNAC "bus ball" rolling. One schlep at a time.

Moores got a new movie coming out and the timing (depending on the movies feel) couldn't be better for the worst. I too believe in lifes unplanned accidents. Where they have "controlled chaos" we have "controlled contingency".


Anonymous said...

Anyone else suspicious of the SF bridge repairs? Just wondering if any Israeli company was doing the repairs ...

Visible said...

It looks like John may be right and there's nothing on Alex Jones that reflects his important announcement. if that is the case then I have no idea what he thinks he's up to. It strikes me as very poor form.

I'll wait to see however but it's not looking good.

Anonymous said...

Herr Dog Poet

This schtick's another meisterstück!

When all is said and dung I am a heap big fan of deep sheet and amongst many otherthinks I am finding your bogs most entrawling. I am hooked line and sinking tomyself - how mulch manure does it take to make a universe grow, let alone a rose?

Scheiße is a hit/you cnn tell/it has got that blutig money smell

Best rearguard,
Olof Ahrant

gurnygob said...

You see..............Infowars.
this is why lots of people find it hard to believe in the so-called truth-seekers sites.
I listened to the clip on infowars and could hardly wait. BIG ANOUNCEMENT. BIG LIE MORE LIKE.
I thougth, at long last something was about to break through the thick ice-sheet of deceit, but all it looks like is more deceit. I can't see where he thinks he is going with this. He could have, with this BIG ANOUNCEMENT, killed any headway the truthseeker sites have gained in recent years. Those who where on the fence and about to jump, in favour of the truthseekers, will be glad they didn't jump after all. I just hope he has not made a balls of it all.

Anonymous said...

Don't know why you would mention anything about Alex Jones when it should be blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that he is a disinfo agent. For example, today he publishes an "interview" between Charlie Sheen & The President and only at the very end you see "Note, this interview hasn't happened...yet."

That is a wilful and shameful attempt to discredit the 9/11 truth movement by playing off the fact that most people don't have the attention span to read the whole 'interview' and instead, will just fire it off to friends as fact.

Alex Jones is NOT a friend of the truth. He is a fear mongerer who subtly stokes the flames of racism that still grips most Amerikkkans thus keeping their eyes off of who the real enemy is.

This racism means that they don't / won't see what he's doing and if they do, they tacitly agree with it.

The age old strategy of divide and conquer at it's finest.

I'll give him his props though, he is very good at what he does.


Visible said...

My biggest problem with that particular oracle is that he will not touch the fact that the Israelis did 9/11. When you start to look into his background... who's related to who and where the money and the advertising comes from it becomes self-explanatory. For those of you who haven't done this bit of research it is worth looking at.

I tend to stay away from just about everyone but Michael Rivero and Rixon Stewart. There are a few others that I trust but not many.

Anonymous said...

you guys are crazy and I love it!

Anonymous said...

It comes back to the old tool of intelligence - control your opposition. I believe that is was mentioned on this site about the connection from AJ into the white house.

to all who look it is apparent that the official story of 9/11 looks like swiss cheese when held up to the light of truth. They know that they have to control the opposition until that stuff hits the fan. then, well, everyone will be to busy to deal with old stuff. hunger has a way taking your mind of matters like how buildings fall down.

Non events make great distractions. I watched a high drama movie the other night and it kept you on the edge of your seat for awhile. Then it was over and after going through all of the emotions of drama and such I realized that nothing happened. I felt all the emotions but in reality nothing happened! I was watching patterns of pixels and a sound stream. Nothing happened!

they that there is a pressure brewing, a pressure of truth building up a against a dam with lots of thumbs sticking in it. Well you can plug a hole with your thumb but cracks are another matter. As long as they can keep the discontent to a controllable minority they can keep on with plans.

This "war by deception" can go on with actors not even knowing they are playing a role.

Whenever that day of shit hitting the fan is, we are a day closer.


Anonymous said...

I think Mike Rivero is sincere, the only problem I have with him is his belief that an airplane hit the pentagon and anyone who thinks otherwise is a disinfo agent.

He could very well end up being right but at this point, I don’t think the evidence supports his position. The crash site photos taken after the impact of whatever hit the pentagon are not consistent with other photos I’ve seen of planes that have hit buildings.

In any event, the pentagon isn’t the smoking gun, WTC 7 is. Truthers should focus like a laser on that one building and if they do, I believe that everything else will come tumbling down along with all the BS about building 7.


Anonymous said...

Think I posted here sev. months ago about hearing Alex J go postal to some caller on the radio
saying that the Israelis DID do 911. Alex went
one further than Pills Limbaugh by exploding in
profanity before hanging up. Then all the "shit"
about the Saudis controlling Hollyweird. People can research his personal associates and understand why he won't mention Israel but I'm not going to go ad hominem as even the SM comments come up on joogle. If the faux Sheen
thing is "it" then it does seem to go beyond bad form. Sort of like all those orange terralerts that Tom Ridge called in...

Anonymous said...

Ive had this feeling about Alex Jones for a while now. He seems to be a filter for dis info. Not that his site doesnt share many important ideas but its a lolly pop for the waking masses? The fact it remains and others are "having problems" is of question. Worse the new 20 mins of poop is well drafted to please the sheep. Its werid to watch Alex turn like this? I have been in the army for years and have red most of the "government" stuff he quotes. Hes not wrong but uses editing of this works to tell a horror story. Its no secert that most US government shit is cruel and ferdal in nature, big deal look at the constitution?
We are at a turning point. I seem to think time is running out for the clowns? If they cant focus all of this nation into one story soon, they'll fall like stones. I dont mean to say things may get better, for the human hive is dark and will soon kill itself. Its just that the door for taking the power sooo needed by the elite is closing every day?
This isnt good, have you ever tried to take a bone for the dog? Fear and more fear will be the dinners and dreams for many years now. What will rain in this brave new world?

Anonymous said...

You may well be what people seem to think you are. Without a doubt you are the best writer on the internet and you shake up your presentations from article to article. You write from different directions and each blog has it's own different focuses and freedoms as well as restraints and points to be made.

You don't use advertising. I don't know what your donations are like but you can't be making much. Your links are few and your blog roll seems to be all long time readers except for that character from Africa and I don't get that.

You don't make any sense as far as the world goes and I don't know what your goal or your game is. I don't get you at all but I really enjoy coming here. I hope you are what you seem to be. It seems impossible in these days that anyone could be but I hope you are because it gives me hope and a little company in my feeling completely alone in a world of shit.

Carson Andrews
Shitville, USA

Anonymous said...

Working this out in realtime. Big day! I think we arent told about the nation of Dave for a big reason. Not because it needs a veil to cover its action(many nations are killing as they do), but the fake stories that created the roman and chirstian world are all based off that one nation. A nation that has no record or history other than what the black pope and the queen have created. If we look too much at the nature of this one little nation, we will question much more?

John said...

I was hoping I was wrong, but I guess that's it. More to come maybe? I don't know if the shit is hitting the fan yet or just being compressed by a big Archimedes screw. And then there's the giant UFO that the Chinese observatory recorded near the sun during the July eclipse. I'm thinking it might be in the shape of a winged horse with a angry guy riding, and maybe he has a sword. Giddyup!

zenndoubt@aol.com said...

dear les,

thank you for thoughts and posts. always rich.

i'm disappointed you leaned on alex jones for anything whatsoever. and you do this after getting taken to task for showing support for AJ a few posts back... (you literally went back and changed your original post because of your reader's criticism over AJ)... here you are again directing attention to the same proven liar and manipulator. a man who says the saudis own and run hollywood! it's obvious who he is an agent for. he is a tool. WHY DO YOU KEEP DRAWING FROM THIS WELL? it looks like water... but it is fecal.i shall not drink from this ladle, thanks but no thanks.


dear anyone,

does anyone know why mike rivero insists that a plane hit the pentagon? this is nonsense. the pentagon is the most survielled building on the planet. cameras are everywhere. we should have a mini-series worth of footage of that 'plane' going into the pentagon. why don't they show it to us? because they can't. because that ain't what happened boys and girls. why does mike rivera clog the drain by insisting it was a plane? what's his purpose in doing this?


Anonymous said...

Xymphora blog has extremely intelligent posters. Most are, however, a bit stingy as to pondering metaphysics.

Niqnaq, by Rowan Berkeley, is also top notch, though for the most part politically inclined.
Rowan does not suffer fools at all. His intellect, is obviously upper echelon.

Visible said...

Difficult as it may be to process, this

"Alex Jones has just announced that he is about to reveal something today that is supposed to be huge."

is know as an announcement. There's no indication of value or meaning placed on it. Alex Jones almost never appears here and implying support on my part for Alex Jones is disingenuous.

You'll note in the comments here that I made mention of an area where anyone can look and find out about Jones.

As for your deep recollection of things from the past in the hopes of diminishing me, as if you hadn't already accomplished that allow me to say this. I'm not perfect and have made many a mistake on my way to greater understanding. You may be perfect and it is always easier to be perfect when there's nothing operating but an opinion on the works of others. So... you may be perfect but I am not, hopefully that answers your questions and you're welcome to the return of all of the investment you've put into me over time that has done so much for funding my work/

Anonymous said...

I don't read where anyone was trying to "diminish" you. I just think a lot of us 12 hours ago
actually expected something "big" from Jones
instead of an ass kick. But we were talking about
shit weren't we? Rather than "diminish" I'd say
"Caveat Lector." I still listen to Jones but
separate the wheat from the chaff. Hell, one
goes to the MSM occasionally to see what kinda shit is floating in the water, but one doesn't drink there!

Anonymous said...

I always used to read Infowars as I thought AJ was an honest, and outspoken individual. I then did some research on him and found he was married to a Jewess. Now I have no problem with, or have no right to judge anyone for their beliefs, but when a man marries into the Jewish religion, the children of such unions are regarded as Jewish. This is how the British aristocracy was subverted by the "Venetians" since the time of Elizabeth l. Since the take-over of Venice by the Jews which were ran out of Spain, those "Venetians" have been working toward their domination of the world.

They have used all and every means to subvert the various words we hear on a regular basis. Words such as, Freemason, Jesuit, Knights Templar, pick any word or name in any age, they are but pigeon holes or compartments where items of use are stored by clever deviants, who are most likely satanic to the core. The pyramid system which is controlled by a select grouping near the top, but the few at the top of this pyramid would would like to think they know what is in each compartment.

British Israelism is the cause of all this evil, and has nothing to do with Israel. This word like others you could use in this evil the world is cursed with, is just a focal point. I am thinking here, when I go to mass and say the creed, Pontius Pilot is mentioned by name as the killer of Jesus. Why remember one name in 2000 years, when in fact we should say Israel killed Jesus. It seems as if, even then it was planned that the word Israel should not be used in a negative fashion. In similar fashion the name Israel as a name for a country was necessary in order to garner support from the religious goyim the fake Jews hate.

Anonymous said...

The use of words is all important, it is the first form of control followed by usury, and a corrupt banking system. It was usury, and money which was the corruption of England. The fake Jews and the "Venetians" came into their own with a hapless British aristocracy, a spendthrift, and wasterell elite was trapped with marriage of fake Jew daughters to stupid aristocratic sons. The bankers were only too willing to take up the tab for wasters knowing full well their debt was all important to their plan. Proof of this is still evident when we look to the elite of England. Their royalty, and elite will hold untold wealth and lands while the people will starve while waving flags, and paying homage. Not to mention, illegal immigrant saturation.

People think the writer is quite mad when he mentions Ireland being a form of experiment in all this. I am of the opinion, when Henry was given the Papal Bull to bring the Irish to heel as they would have the cheek to follow the word of Christ in its true form, and this must be stopped at all cost. From the norman invasion to the late 1700s the "Venetians" had a plan as to the elimination of the population of Ireland. From the 1800s on when elimination was not successful, they used all means, from brutality to conscription to see how much a people, or the world would tolerate inhumanity, or violence.

Forgive me if I seem to deviate but a small point which is evident in to-days world. While TPTB in the US will try to control arms in to-days world. In my world it would appear, the police, who licence weapons are unable to cope with the upsurge in weapon purchase, and licence. The purchase of weapons in Ireland is mainly by a land-owning class, which have freedom to use their weapons in a defensive nature. I, as a house-holder have no right to have any kind of legal weapon, as I have no land to shoot "vermin" on.

Prior to 1847 and famine times, or Black 47 as it is known here, the British confiscated all weapons (land owners were exempt), controlled all the smithy's for fear of making arms. The Great Famine in Ireland was knowingly created and un-necessary, it was just a work in process, by an evil elite. This evil elite has not gone away, it is alive and well. It is ever changing to suit its own ends. I sincerely hope I am around to see the shit hit the fan. I want, I need to see those hoors get their just deserts. I would dearly love to be beside Bono, or Geldoff for this and ask them what they thought of their friends, Howdy, and her Majesty.

I hope I am not too far off the original post, but then what do you care, you have your spaceship, and it most likely has only one seat. So I hope you have your seat belt on and your camera running. No scrub that, you just keep writing like you do. It leaves more to the imagination.



Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is 999, the 9th day of the 9th month of the 9th year of the new millenium. Wonder if it means anything to anyone with nukes?


Visible said...

I'm referring to this-

"i'm disappointed you leaned on alex jones for anything whatsoever. and you do this after getting taken to task for showing support for AJ a few posts back... (you literally went back and changed your original post because of your reader's criticism over AJ)... here you are again directing attention to the same proven liar and manipulator. a man who says the saudis own and run hollywood! it's obvious who he is an agent for. he is a tool. WHY DO YOU KEEP DRAWING FROM THIS WELL? it looks like water... but it is fecal.i shall not drink from this ladle, thanks but no thanks."

There's absolutely no support for Jones in my post, only the mention of his supposed big announcement and the idea that maybe that's why all these sites are having difficulty. It was a 'what if' speculation without any feeling one way or the other on my part. I don't mind being taken to task when I think it's applicable this isn't and drawing up thins out of context from the past as if it relates to the present seems to me to be a kind of dirty pool by implication of something that isn't going on. Ergo why I said what I said.

The idea that I keep drawing from some well when I hardly ever mention the man at all and have never commented on this absurd Saudi thing. There's all this crap that is being made to appear as something I am behind. It just looks like the guy has poor reasoning skills and it's unlikely anyone is going to draw the conclusions he does but I felt like responding to it and I did.

On to other things, that's quite some info on the Irish and the Ventians. There's so much going on behind the scenes and related out of the past that I am unaware of. It's tough trying to get a feeling for what's going on when I don't know what's going on a lot of the time (grin).

Mike Rivero has a whole page on his site devoted to the Pentagon plane thing. He jumped on me about it a couple of months ago without my having actually denied that a plane hit the Pentagon. I don't know what's true about that but he pointed some things out to me that I was unaware of at the time. Michael is pretty good about answering questions. If you just ask him it is likely he will answer you. From what I get his concern is that the no plane hit the Pentagon people are using this point to discredit the truth movement on down the line. he thinks it is a setup for a point yet to be made; sucking people into claiming and believing something and then the authorities will come out with the proof that makes everyone look like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

On Alex Jones:

I don't agree with those of you who criticise him. He has done far more to wake people up to 9-11 and all the rest than any of you ever will. He reaches more people than you jerks ever will. Don't think he doesn't know what is going on, or he is a "disinfo agent". Because if he started spilling the beans about the Israelis etc, both he and all his sites and his hugely popular radio show would vanish in the blink of an eye. You better believe it. Take that shit out of your own eyes before you go picking on someone like Alex Jones. And btw, I listened to ALL of Alex's show today (as I do most days) and he did make good on his announcement... he introduced Charlie Sheen's new request to talk with Obama about 9-11, and that is only the first step, as more is coming from both Alex and Sheen on that in the days ahead. How many of you are putting 9-11 squarely back into the face of the manistream media bastards again? Not even Rivero or Alex Jones could achieve what Sheen is doing by themselves. So lets not turn on Alex Jones at this point. I hear all you Jones skeptics and critics... but you are nobodies without any voice. Just like Les said about himself, the guy isn't perfect, but at least Jones and company is making headway. You assholes and your lamebrain 'attack the messenger' wimpering and bitching isn't helping to bring out the truth on the level that Jones is at all. This thing with Jones and Sheen has much promise and potential. So shut the fuck up until we see otherwise.

You guys want tear Alex Jones down, but in doing that, you are only helping our enemies. I am cheering for Alex to keep on going and succeed. How many of you AJ critics actually LISTEN to Jones' Infowars.com internet radio show on a daily basis? Well if you don't, then you have no stinkin right to criticise. The guy is doing a hell of lot more to fight this battle than you pretentious punks ever will.

Sorry if I offended anybody's ego, but I feel that this needed to be said in defense of Alex Jones.


zenndoubt@aol.com said...

dear les,

doesn't even come close to answering the questions. but i think you know that. i'm not sure what i did to deserve a response from you with the tone that i did. was i wrong in my understanding of what was described?

it doesn't take a deep recollection of anything when one can simply go to the post. who's diminishing who?

i come by my opinions through as much investment as you can imagine. i know you can imagine a lot.

i certainly didn't mean to step on any of your frogs. but it must be made clear that AJ is an agent for the darkside. and that shit you keep talking about... well... sometimes i smell it when i visit WRH. been wondering... does anyone else get a whiff over there? i'm just an honest man asking an honest question to someone who i thought has the sack to answer back. (don't you just love manly man metaphor?)

while i appreciate your response and have considered myself an enthusiastic supportor of your site(s) i feel you intentionally tried to be hurtful in your response to me. you are skilled at this. but you know this.

good luck in the coming shitnami. we've all gained through your manning the compass. hold tight.

as for me. i am CIAO

please no response. and no need to post. thanks. we both see straight through to the end and you've got work to do. cheers.

Anonymous said...

On Alex Jones:

I do not agree with those of you who criticise Alex Jones like the riff-raff and rabble did after Jesus was arrested. Alex Jones and his crew have done far more to wake people up to 9-11 and all the rest than any of you ever will. He reaches more people than you puffed-up jerks ever will.

Don't think he doesn't know what is going on, or that he is a "disinfo agent". Because if he started spilling the beans about the Israelis etc, both he and all his sites and his hugely popular radio show would vanish in the blink of an eye. Your ass better believe it. Take that shit out of your own squinty little eyes before you go picking on some guy like Alex Jones.

And btw, I listened to ALL of Alex's show today (as I do on most week-days) and he did make good on his announcement... he introduced Charlie Sheen's new request to talk with Obama about 9-11, and that is only the first step, as more is coming from both Alex and Charlie Sheen on that in the days ahead.

How many of you are putting 9-11 squarely back into the face of the manistream media bastards again? Not even Rivero or Alex Jones could achieve themselves what Sheen is doing. So lets not turn against Alex Jones at this point.

I hear all you Jones skeptics and critics... but you are insignificant nobodies without any voice. Just like Les said about himself, the guy isn't perfect, but at least Jones and company has made and is making headway.

You assholes and your lame-brain 'attack the messenger' wimpering and bitching isn't helping one iota to bring out the truth on the level that Jones is at all.

This thing with Jones and Sheen has much promise and potential. So shut the fuck up until we see otherwise.

You guys want tear Alex Jones down, but in doing that, you are only helping ot our enemies. I myself am cheering for Alex to keep on going and to succeed.

How many of you AJ critics actually LISTEN to Jones' infowars.com internet radio show on a daily basis? Well if you don't, then you have no stinkin right to criticise. The guy is doing a hell of lot more to fight this battle than you pretentious little punks and blowhards ever will.

Sorry if I offended anybody's ego here, but I feel that this needed to be said in defense of Alex Jones.


Visible said...

You are welcome to criticize me. People should because I could hardly learn or improve otherwise. You are not welcome to make claims that aren't true which is to imply that I am constantly boosting Jones and that I am constantly bringing him up and directing people there which i am not. I seldom if ever mention him and I do not go to his sites and I do not follow him.

At the time, some time ago- not as you put it, recently ( a few posts back)... I did not know about him and his connections. People rightfully pointed it out to me and I adjusted immediately. Calling attention to it in the way that you did was not sporting however you might think so. Once a person has made the adjustment and altered their view they don't need to have their nose rubbed in a distorted view of it. I try very hard to say and do the right thing.

And here is yet another example of disingenuous activity and giving an impression of something that just isn't happening; "i feel you intentionally tried to be hurtful in your response to me. you are skilled at this. but you know this."

I would be much obliged if you would show me in my response where I intended or accomplished anything like this. I cannot find any evidence where I am engaging in such behavior. I think you are playing with me and now I am wondering if this is not another visit similar to a certain trend of visitation I have been getting lately.

Your initial commentary toward me was far more emotionally laden than anything I've said here but apparently you are unable to weigh the interaction and see the difference.

Anonymous said...

it just persists the lists and lists the scripts of the lesson like slave whips,and when men raise fists,they raise the crypt,death for many for nothing,if man would just learn, he wont need to burn,in the fires of the lesson that he will learn,the sea of love that is their above that natured man just yearns,but many men their care descends,they're dead already for not making amends,and when they're fired awake but find it to late,cos the state of the earth they tried to take the destroyer,corrupter,becomes blown for his lust of,blown by the one that all must trust of,if they would just take heed read the message in the tree's learn too see learn too be free understand not take and flee then peace for all men will be the creed,peace to the maker the ressurecter, love weaver,the mighty protector,interceptor,waker,the lord,the creator I beckon you...peace come wake us

Anonymous said...

Mac and Les:

Have you guys read this?
(Part 1, mislabeled url)
(Part 2, mislabeled url.)
It's quite long, over 1000 pages maybe. I have the solid version but have also read this online one. Michael Tsarion is a very thorough researcher. "True" or not his works are fascinating. He digs deep and points out connections. Some tidbits.

Phoenecian...Venetian...Hyksos...Shepherd Kings

We aren't talking about ancient filthy sheep herders but the ruling dynasty, the cream of the crop.

Moses...Akhenaten (Sigmund Freud was also onto this. "Moses and Monotheism" is his book. Also check out Ahmed Osman's books.)

(?Somewhere?), Mesopotamia/Sumer/Babylon, Egypt, Rome, London, America...

David, DVD, TVT, TUT, Thutmosid dynasty, house of David.

Oh boy I better stop.

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick here

Mac you are great hang around. Also please tell them the name of the largest bar in Dublin!

By the way I am not in Ireland just Irish.

Visible I knew that someone would spring this on you the moment you did not at least put AJ in a bad light. Visible has never said much about him other than some things he says are right. That is true.

AJ if you read him also has posters always chirping about guns and doing somebody in. Just the thing that gets people flagged and looked at more than they already are. I have no time for Alex Jones, none.

When Rense is up and Rixon is down also tells me something I already knew anyway.

"It seems impossible in these days that anyone could be but I hope you are because it gives me hope and a little company in my feeling completely alone in a world of shit."

Carson Andrews
Shitville, USA
Stay the course Carson it is obvious you are speaking from the heart which is what this site has always seemed to be about at least for me.

I have a special for the Irishman. Just a little humor here but for me humor is important if we can't laugh a bit why are we here?

There is no such thing as freedom in a Bastille of lies
Come to the center of the earth, and there you shall find the Philosopher's Stone - Basilius Valentinus (Fifteenth Century Alchemist)
The problem of evil is, however, not solved with a clenched fist, but with an open, receptive and mutable mind. These characteristics are represented by the Archangel Michael and his mighty sword, by Arthurs Excalibur, by Robins flaming arrows, and by Merlins serpent wand. We overcome the direst enemies with knowledge not might. We seek revelation to prevent revolution, and overcome evil with the force of our example not by the example of our force, by psychological weaponry, and by total conviction in our cause and sovereign power. As said above, we understand lucidly that freedom is never free and that silence is most definitely consent. Whether we are joined by others, or not, we proceed on our quest with vehemence. There is the fairest of damsels to be saved, and a Serpents blood to redden our shields that is all!

Troubling I sit, day and night. My friends are astonished at me: They forgive my wanderings. I rest not from my great task: To open the eternal worlds! To open the immortal eyes of man inward: into the worlds of thought: into eternity. Ever expanding in the bosom of God, the human imagination - William Blake

Unfortunately, most Christians know very little about the origins of their religion, and do not realize that most of what they read and hear about from priests and potentates is pure fiction, with little to no basis in fact. They are not aware of how the Roman Church has fostered and unleashed, upon their unsuspecting minds, a battery of lies and fables in order to disguise the actual origins of religion. They do not know that once, before the rise of the present imposter Roman hegemony, it was known and accepted the world over, that Christianity in its purest and most antique form was nothing more or less than Celtic Druidism from Ireland. This fact was first brought to light in 1873 by Anna Wilkes, and then again at the turn of the century (19th to 20th) by the master American scholar Conor MacDari. It was also a sub-theme in the work of incomparable maverick researcher and author Comyns Beaumont. We find hints of this fact in the work of a few other past writers such as L. A. Waddell, Augustus Le Plongeon and Barry Fell, but few there are who have dared follow in master MacDari's footsteps. We have no such reticence and we understand the importance of Conor MacDari's work and seek to make it known, once again, to humanity. We know that once the the true facts concerning the Irish Origins of Civilization are known, humanity will be able to throw off from its understanding the veils of delusion which have carefully and cunningly been draped there.

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick here

You lost me long john.

Do you think that gollywood is so out of the loop they would not have at least one satanist espousing the truth? Ya know it looks bad when everybody is in lockstep doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

The thing I found that disinfo people and disruption agents ( the "angry Aussie" kind )all leave behind in the afterglow is a great big nothing.
They donot inspire.

And those bold - militant minds who use aggressive methods and hunt down the truth seekers, they are very active people that jump from from one site to the next - (some who may just be teens who need to vent life's frustrations). The agressors technique makes them easy to spot as they simply attack the truth seekers with a forward thinking point A to point B formula. That no matter the proof which is presented they keep hitting below the belt ,attacking one's ego, hoping the target will crawl away to never look past the horizon, C.

I've always said that building 7 is the Achilles heel of the people covering up 911.
Those who set up the camera's and danced with lighters, who bought the buildings, got it's people out of them day's before the put stop option jets crashed into them. Not to mention announcing the building dropping when it didn't happen till later. And all those fucking smiling politicians having a good time during the so-called "war on terror" is all the signs we need that the actions , words they speak donot compute.


greencrow said...

Hi there:

I am also one who was deeply disappointed by Alex Jones' 9/11 memorial hoax of 2009.

We simply do NOT need to have a so-called truther dissemble about 9/11 truth.

And what a cheap, rinky dink trick too. Now, do you ever think anyone will be able to interview the President about 9/11?

I guess thinking that an elected official could possibly be questioned about a public disaster was too much to ask.

Also, I also think it wierd that Rivero makes fun of the people who do not think a plane hit the Pentagon. Why is he like this? Do these folk have an arrangement amongst themselves as to who will spread what disinfo?

In closing, I'm REALLY pissed off that I spent an entire day believing the lie that Charlie Sheen spent 20 minutes with the President...I feel like a fool and a dupe! And the fact that I was duped about something THAT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED A LONG TIME AGO makes me even angrier.


Anonymous said...

I am probably the only one around here who does this. You know we are talking to choir here as most everyone is ahead of the curve. Once in awhile I get the silly urge to raid a mainstream site. This one was an LSU football site with a political board.

I was surprised I lasted a week. I think you all know the routine, your link is not mainstream, a truther, political conspiracy, yada yada.

I threw in Visible's serving the standing army for them. Some of them really liked the comparison of the tourist hitting the beach finding no water and not noticing the incoming tsunami before calling their attorneys to get the ticket money back. Good stuff and one of my favorites.

Anyway this is just for entertainment purposes. Seminole will by my handle by the way. I think you picked up a few new readers here Les.


Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick

I keep forgetting my handle on the above. I like to stand by what I say.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Why doesn't everyone have some chamomile tea, go to bed & get
a good night's rest!
It's like the Tolle discussion. That Tolle is
not my cup of tea doesn't invalidate all he is saying. Same with Jones. I've heard what both of them have to say & continue to listen to Jones.
I've been present at some of Jones' loud "bullhorn sessions" in Austin. It's just a "vibe" I intuit..... So I have a problem w/ Tolle's and Jones'
deliveries. Doesn't legimate the torrent of invective hurled to Jones detractors several posts up. No, we "assholes" haven't done a thing compared to Jones. But I'll tell you what:
I'll bet you if _I_ went out on a busy Austin street with a bullhorn shouting those things, I'd be arrested and hauled of on whatever trumped up charge. And I wouldn't have a crowd of disciples. Yeah, I get a whiff of it at WRH and more than a whiff at rense. But I know LV
is the real deal & I haven't ever met him! Just an intuition.

Sancho said...

Listened to Jones hype the big announcement today. Ya, I was excited. Tuned into infowars at 7 am and saw Sheen was interviewing the President about 911. I copied and pasted the whole thing and sent it to everyone. After all, Sheen's arguments were great and he did not hesitate to call Obama on his flip flops. On finding later the interview was a Sheen fantasy I was pissed. After cooling down I could not deny that this gimmick probably caused many totally closed minds to open enough to hear a lot of facts they otherwise would have never considered. My question is whether these same people will throw all that new info out as soon as they learn they were scammed. As for Jones be a total disinfo I do not agree. All these guys have drawbacks (except Les). Maybe even Les will bum me out one of these days. That's OK-he has good credit. Rixon hates Icke, Alex doesn't want to bum out his wife. What is a hunchback to do?

Anonymous said...

Before anyone tries to say that I am just a naive foolish and gullible listener of Alex Jones, I will say this:

Even if Charlie Sheen does get his requested meeting with President Obama, and even if Obama listens to him and consent to authoriziing a new investigation into 9-11... don't think for one minute that another investigation will ever reveal the truth.

Those who have perpetrated 911 and who have concealed the truth, will continue to make sure that it remains concealed... and you know all who they are.

So even if Obama wants to get to the bottom of it (which he doesn't because he dances to their tune) they are unlikely to allow Obama to open up any new investigation.

And even if in the unlikely case they do, well we all know that the so-called "investigators" will never expose the real truth anyway.

So its all really futile and a diversion to try to get Obama to do anything about 911. Because no official investigatioin will never be allowed to disclose the truth about 911 anyway.

The only way people are ever going to find out and see the truth, is on their own.


Sam Bolivar said...

Sam Bolivar here. I took a quick peek at this article, and would suggest 2 minor corrections:

You wrote, "... Mr. Brass Balls, Hugo Chavez, is going to be exporting oil to Iran ..."

---> That is incorrect. Iran already has lots of oil - but not enough refining capacity. Venezuela will be exporting *gasoline*, according to what I read.


Also, you made a minor punctuation mistake: "... Rudolph, the brown-nosed, Giuliani ..."

---> "... Rudolph, the brown-nosed Giuliani ..."


Overall, I like your blog. I also like:

www.WRMEA.com , and others.

For truth, justice and the way of peace,

Sam Bolivar

Grantland said...


simon said...

Les, your ordure of the day reminded me of some lines by one of the world's greatest comedians and commentators, who sadly recently died -

"... But when it comes to Bullshit. Big time, major league, Bullshit. You have to stand back in AWE from the major religions.
Hoooooly Shit! ...:"

This shit is old, old shit.

Is the truth finally braking out uncontrollably? Here's hoping,

has anyone emailed rixon to ask him why truthseeker.co.uk is down? I don't have his email address in my email history folder anymore or I'd have done it myself.


Anonymous said...

Visible - you're okay. Any creative person who bares his/her breast with original output will inevitably come up against the opinioned ones.

Perhaps what frightens / amuses people here is that you might have a link or foreknowledge into future events. And if that were then 'true' it would beg the question: who (or what) be they?

Another old trick of lucifer's is to enwrap one despicable lie and bury it within a hundred truths. No shit?!

Don't lose hope, folks...and be sure to make your peace with The Lord, for come what may, it cometh none the less.

Pax Verbum

Anonymous said...

Story's already viral. Geo. Noory began his
Coast to Coast AM show Tues. night blasting AJ, well,
just google "Alex Jones publishes fake interview"...

Visible said...

For those who have been asking about why Michael Rivero thinks the way he does about what hit the Pentagon on 9/11 here is his take and his reasoning.

Michael Rivero on the Pentagon incident and the no plane theory.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust Mike.
He fails to answer simple questions, like why does he promote certain lifestyles of a people who are firmly embedded into the NWO agenda, who now run the media, various entertainment, fashion, movies, are telling our kids in school it's OK cause the kind 'ol satanists were doing it long before we took out the Lord's prayer. They are the the kinds of people who move quickly in the ranks of government and military (just ask "hot tub Tom") and are easily manipulated by the phallic spirits of the past, no matter their intentions.
He, like satanists, voices his hatred for Christians, not so much now as before. I've also picked up two trojans from the ads on his web site and he gives off a Alex Jones feel / A to B / when people ask things he hates.
Like I said , it's the little things that add up the most, and some can't face the challenge. Testing, 1 - 2 - 3


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

The Thought Born Universe in the Undisciplined Mind.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zendobt/Joesixpack/anonymous,
You are a pack of males and females just playing in someone else's frontyard.
Go home!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zionist provacateurs,
Here at these truth seeking blogs we don't appeciate your inputs.
Divide and conquer through deceit.
Go f%&# yourselves.
There are many here trying to get at the truth and get the truth out to the sleeping masses before 1 km of excrement covers our God given planet.
1) Is Alex Jones married to a jewess?
2) Has Alex Jones ever stated clearly he knows the truth that Mossad orchestrated 911?
3) Has Alex Jones brought clearly forward the nanothermite paint-spray used on the inside of the WTC towers 1 and 2?
4Has Alex Jones clearly stated WTC7 was a classic controlled demolition?
Biden ran when questioned about Q3 by WeAreChange.
Care to answer any of these questions before you move on to soil another's garden?

Scarlett said...

Just my own opinion, but I think Mike Rivero is a decent guy. I started my search for truth at his site because I needed to dip my toes in first before I was ready to dive headlong into the truth. His is a great site for people just awakening to the truth. It points you in the right direction without overwhelming you with the sheer awfulness of what the truth really is.

I've also noticed a transformation over the years. When I first started visiting the website, there wasn't much mention of Israel at all. Now he is quite critical of Israel. Perhaps Rivero is evolving just like the rest of us. I hope so, but I don't fault anyone for being cynical. We can't afford to follow anyone blindly.

I do have problems with Rivero over the pentagon plane issue. I understand his logic that you don't want to make it a cornerstone of your argument only to have the proof pulled out at the last minute and all other truths would be tainted by association. However, I think the Rumsfeldian slip "the missile that hit the Pentagon", the testimony of Cheney in the bunker and the order that still stood no matter how close the "plane" got to the Pentagon and the failure to release surveillance footage for the last 8 years is reason enough to doubt that a plane hit the Pentagon. But it is just one inconsistency in a long list of them -- the truth movement doesn't need to be 100% accurate to prove that the "official conspiracy" is wrong.

I also have issues with Rivero with his atheism. Not because he is an atheist because quite frankly I have my moments when I doubt any higher power exists -- but because he is very condescending and often arrogant in his insistence that there is no God. In my opinion, atheism and religion are both a type of faith. One has faith (though no proof) that God could not exist. The other has faith (though no proof) that God does exist. The absence of proof of existence is not the same thing as proof that existence is not possible. There were planets/stars/molecules/etc. that we could not detect nor prove existed. As our knowledge has grown, we have gained the means to detect and study them. Perhaps the same holds true with God. Or maybe God is just a myth created by primitive minds to explain nature. I don't know. But I am not so arrogant that I feel I have the right to ridicule those who hold a different opinion. But, to me, his anger towards religion seems to be driven by some personal experience ... maybe not, just a vibe I get, I guess, that perhaps there is pain there that motivates his stance.

However, I still think WRH is a great source. Rivero is a flawed human -- like we all are. I don't share his view on some things, but I will say that I find him to be a pretty straight shooter for the most part, although he certainly doesn't let me ramble like Visible does. In fact, he never posts my letters to WRH and I haven't subscribed to WRH, so I'm not free to comment as I am here. I must admit that if I had stumbled across Visible's work in my early truth seeking days, I don't think I would have been able to handle that much truth ...

Anonymous said...

People seem to be under the impression that Rixon Stewart's "Truth Seeker" is permanently down, but here's his message from the front page explaining the situation.

"Cyber attacks on this website continue. If you have problems accessing the site please try again later as we will do our best to stay online and countermeasures will be in place soon. This foreshadows open hostilities with Iran and a domestic clampdown across the U.S. and possibly Britain too. It's also no coincidence that What Really Happened is also down "

I notice the site hasn't been updated for a couple of days, which is unusual, but the same seems to apply to quite a few sites lately.

Btw, I've just tried WRH and it's back.

All the best,

Barney ( http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/lesgrotte/ )

tim said...

I've never laughed so hard in my life about something so serious. I have a comparison for them. I once tried to read "the Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology", which is not about becomming a witch, but rather a record of the inqusition mainly from France and Germany. Beautiful illustrations. When they got to the part where they strapped you down, cut your stomach open, cut your intestine and wrapped it around a spiked spit, I could read no further. You have described how something this repugnant is going on today and silly people want to argue about AJ. I don't understand....

John said...

Dublin Mick:

Are you Michael Tsarion? You just summarized his favorite authors above...Wilkes, MacDari, Beaumont, etc etc...who formed the base upon which he composed his books.

The ancient original 'religion'. Yes you know too.

Wow. I could never assemble a group of people in 'real life' like the ones who post here.

Anonymous said...

I’m quite sure that most of the readers of this fine blog are too shrewd to fall for LongJohn’s ad hominem laced ‘defense’ of Alex Jones but just in case there are any who might be seduced by his 'argument' imagine this:

Assume that I am the head of a powerful syndicate that was responsible for JFK’s assassination. All we care about of course, is that nobody finds out that we were responsible so I instruct my media shills that they are free to reveal as much as they want about the assassination except for anything relating to who was responsible. Bonus points will be given for pointing the finger in a different direction.

The bottom line with any great crime is ‘Who done it?’

At the end of the day does it really matter whether we know for certain that it was a plane, train or automobile that hit the pentagon if we never find out who was responsible?

World class disinformation campaigns are about revealing total truth except for whatever it is that the puppet masters don’t want you to know. So don’t be fooled by the fact that Alex Jones and other shills have revealed a lot of truth about 9/11 or any other great crime.

As others have said before me, it’s not about what they’re telling you, it’s about what they’re NOT telling you.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who finds Mouser's 12:35 pm and 1:04 pm posts contradictory?

The 12:35 post seems to be a dig against a couple of skeptics while the 1:04 post seems to be a dig against shills.

Is Mouser trolling or have I missed something?


Anonymous said...

Here’s a cached edition of the Sheen / Obama interview as it was originally presented to readers on Inforwars. Note that there is NO disclaimer at the end of the article stating that the interview hasn’t happened.


Alex Jones is no fool. He knows that pulling such a stunt will discredit the truth movement.

Not Impressed

Animadverto said...

"I'm REALLY pissed off that I spent an entire day believing the lie that Charlie Sheen spent 20 minutes with the President...I feel like a fool and a dupe!"

I read the piece at 10:00 E.S.T. At that time, proper disclosure was provided at the bottom. After all the hype, admittedly, I was somewhat dissapointed. AJ places way too much emphasis on the opinions of "so call famous people". As if this adds to the stew of credibility.

The facts in the piece were, in fact, credible. The delivery, the style is being questioned, with some justification. The bottom line: never believe someone simply becuase of who they are; always find answers for yourself.

michael_astera said...

From CNN:

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Venezuela will begin exporting 20,000 gallons of
gasoline to Iran next month as the nations strengthen bilateral
cooperation, Iranian state media reported.

What a joke.... Three of the four gasoline producing refineries in
Venezuela are down for repairs. Even if they were on line, they do not
produce enough for internal consumption with imports from Brazil
needed to supplement. 20,000 gallons is about like two truck loads.
Still, it's the gesture, isn't it? Right out of the pockets of
Venezuelans, where the poor are still sleeping in cardboard shacks in
the ditches.

Mr Brass Balls is presently in Venice at the film festival, having his
ass kissed by Oliver Stone et al. He bypassed the traditional arrival
by boat at the Lido, claiming he suffers from seasickness. On the
canals of Venice? He did show up though, accompanied by fifty (50)
bodyguards. Such balls.

Yet his whirlwind world tour of heroes has hardly begun; so far he has
only visited Qaddafi and Ahmadinejad. Still to come: Syria's Assad,
Algeria's Bouteflika, Belarus' Lukashenko, and finally Putin in
Russia, where perhaps he will order another round of useless
submarines and aircraft to be left rusting at the Caracas airport.
Four billion US$ worth so far, what's another few billion? Zim's
Robert Mugabe is missing from the tour, but not forgotton, as Mr Brass
Balls did praise him as a "freedom fighter" on national TV a week or
so back.

michael_astera said...

Did y'all know that last Friday there were "No Mas Chavez" protests
in dozens of cities worldwide? By far the largest were in Honduras.
Funny there was no mention of them in the MSM, don't you think?
Aren't they supposed to be the enemy? Who is the enemy anyway?
Pretty obvious that no one here has much of a clue.

I'm not quite done.

A couple of weeks back, Saturday August 22, there was a large and
peaceful march in Caracas, protesting an education bill that would
mandate the teaching of Cuban-style Marxist dogma in all Venezuelan
schools, public and private. The Guardia Nacional were out at dawn
setting up barricades to prevent the marchers from approaching the
National Assembly building. As the first marchers came near the
barricades, The GN commander, Colonel Benavides, ordered the soldiers
to open fire on the marchers with tear gas and rubber bullets. That
ended the parade, but next day Mr Brass Balls was on TV, praising
Benavides. The following Tuesday he had a ceremony and awarded this
brave soldier the Libertador medal, the country's highest honor. For
firing on and gassing peaceful marchers.

Midweek, one of the participants, Caracas Mayor's office prefecto
Richard Blanco, was arrested and jailed in Yare prison, the country's
worst, on a charge of damaging the police barricades. No, I'm not
making any of this up. On Friday, Attorney General Luisa Ortega went
on her weekly radio program to say that the prosecutor’s office will
open proceedings against all those who “protest for any reason”
because they “only seek to destabilize the elected government” and
that they should know “what are now the consequences”.

Do you support the actions of the Guardia Nacional, the imprisonment
without trial of Richard Blanco, the statements of AG Luisa Ortega,
and the awarding of the Libertador medal to GN Commander Benavides for
opening fire on peaceful marchers?

Meanwhile, Mr Brass Balls schmoozes with the rich and famous in
Venice, after which he will eventually return to Miraflores Palace,
while the poor still sleep in cardboard shacks in the ditches.

Does anyone reading this see why I have so little respect for your
powers of discernment? Ever heard the term "useful idiots"?
Something has been done inside your heads, somehow, that I find

If anyone wishes to reply to this, you have two choices. You can call
me a liar, but in order to make that stick you would have to show that
at least one of the statements made here is inaccurate, which you
can't do as they are easily checked. More likely I will be called
names, as has happened every other time I have questioned your
programming and your manufactured heroes. Useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

Well look at that. You are now being referred to as The Dog Poet at the Urban Survival web site.


Is it prescience?

Is it intelligence?

It snatching opportunity from the jaws of the dog?

Whatever it is it made me laugh. A good article to have it happen to as well.

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick here

Scarlet are you sure did not answer your own question?

"Or maybe God is just a myth created by primitive minds to explain nature"

I am one of those primitive minds who actually believe that nature is God insofar as God is the energy of nature. This is what works for me and it is also the basis of the great religions of Buddhism in both India and China, those who first brought the light.

I think of the universe as a gigantic ocean of energy. It pervades everything even a rock. A rock has it's own energy field. If you watch a flower long enough you will see that it grows. What makes this so? There is an uncontrollable force moving within it God/nature whatever one calls it.

Some call it the Christos and some call it nature. I am pretty sure that is what Jesus was referring to as his father. We know however that everything has been turned backwards because he was really talking about his mother. mother nature.The Christos is female in orgin, it gives birth it gives life. It is very clear in words Jesus spoke in the Essene Gospel of Peace. It is on Rixon's site by the way. Jesus refers to the earth mother.

If you try and hold your breath I think you will agree there is a force you have no control over that makes it almost impossible not to take that next breath. If you believe in this you believe in God. At least you believe in my God. So we would be on the same page here.

Many masters have learned to harness this energy using the breath which is alive with energy not just oxygen. Think of the human body as a battery seeking to contain more energy and harness it. This is what the great masters did and why they are revered in the great religions.

This is why the emphasis is on pure food water and air as well as other disciplines the science of yoga among them. You are good soul Scarlet because you speak from the heart. So I am speaking from the heart to you.

What force is greater than nature? Nature is made of positive and negative energy. It causes lightning in the sky, a flower to grow, a baby to form in the womb?

I am convinced that you and I just may share the same religion and religion is only a word from the Greek meaning pathway to truth. There is a sign over the Potala in Tibet that reads "A thousand monks a thousand different religions. "

Scarlett said...

Okay, regarding Chavez -- it appears to me that quite a number of MSM outlets covered the protests and shootings. I'll admit that I am not as well versed in South American politics as my focus tends to be on the powder keg that is the middle east (I have family there so I admit that I worry more about that area). I have to admit that Chavez earned some respect from me when he joked about Bush being the devil (although I think he got it wrong -- Cheney is the devil and Bush is just a minion).

I was just curious, what is your take on the plan to send American troops to Columbia to fight the War on Terror and the War on Drugs? I see it as a warning message to Chavez, but I'm curious if you think that there is something else going on there.

Anonymous said...

You are the best of the best of the bloggers. Each blog is better. This one is priceless, perfect and poetic.
Thank you. It's a relief to realize that there are still intelligent people around.
As for the shitstorm that approaches us?
We are already in it. We are broke. Looted dry. 9/11 was a huge sucess. They outdid themselves. They are crushing the Palestinians, as we speak. They are getting their way. But, the religious nutz/"settlers" have taken over LIKUD. Now, they control Israel, and Israel has nukes.
Still nobody is mentioning these nukes, or Desdimona.

These people are crazy. They are the perfect pawns, as they have been brainwashed from youth. They are going to slaughter anything in their way. They are disadvantaged Bolcheviks, and they made their way to LIKUD.

The shitstorm is now. They don't care anymore what you think. They figure what are you gonna do about it, anyway? They already privitized the government and the military and sit in on the Board of Directors.

Their only duty is to make profit.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. Brass Balls has done more for the poor inn his country than any pres has done here in many decades if at all. As far as anti-chavez protest they are CIA funded, managed and reported. That's a fact Jack. His oppostion is not people sleeping boxes but people sleeping in mansions.


Hank said...

Wow, it's not often that the posters here get so lost in the mundane. Alex Jones this, and Rixon that, and bla bla bla our way into the heart of the minutia. Who cares? Is it really important whether AJ is completely truthful, or Mikey admits there was no plane?

Come on folks, get a grip. Take a deep breath, step back and see the bigger picture. First, there will be no new investigation into 911. It's been a bitter pill for me to swallow, but it is what it is. Every politician on capitol hill knows what happened on 911, and every one of them is guilty of covering it up. Every shill for the jewish owned and controlled media knows what happened on 911, and every one of them is guilty of helping to cover it up. There will be no interview with the president about 911 with anyone, because he already knows.

The government and the media are both just agents for those that actually own and control things. The ones that not only murdered 3000 people on 911, but who have started almost every war in the last 100 years. These are the people that make and control the money, nations and armies, and no one in "power" or position of real influence is going to be pointing the finger at them.

That's the bad news. The good news is that they are in the process of consuming themselves. They think, as they always do, that they have won the game, and are going to kill each other off in their attempt to have it all.

The shit storm is coming, and it doesn't matter what AJ or Rixon or Rivero do or say. It is ourselves we must look to now. It's that time when the plane is in trouble and the oxygen masks drop. If you don't put yours on first, you won't be able to help anyone else. Unity is not only a beautiful thing, it is also a powerful weapon. Do not allow the shit merchants cheat us out of our best weapon. Do not allow them to refocus your attention on the differences.

Grab the mask, breath deep, close your eyes and see. Peace my friends.

Anonymous said...

“In closing, I'm REALLY pissed off that I spent an entire day believing the lie that Charlie Sheen spent 20 minutes with the President...I feel like a fool and a dupe!”

I read the piece at 10:00 am, E.S.T. At that time proper disclosure was provided at the end of the piece. After all the hype, admittedly, I was somewhat disappointed. AJ places way too much emphasis on the opinions of “so called famous people”, as if this adds any credibility, one way or the other, to facts.

The facts presented were accurate; the questions raised were valid. The style and hype is being debated, which adds no value to the pursuit of truth. The bottom line is this: one should always seek truth for themselves and not rely on the opinions of others, regardless of who makes the delivery and in whatever format presented.


Zoner said...

What is the reward to be? A saucer of our own, or merely being covered from head to toe in shit, then tasked with cleaning it all up?

Either way, I'm down I guess, but if the saucers have decent audio systems, I think I'd prefer that route. As if it mattered what I would prefer.


Anonymous said...

Ah! You watch the Trailer Park Boys' Les!

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick

No John I am not Michael Tsarion but I enjoy his site immensely. I hung onto that quote it had me laughing for days.

As far as getting caught up in the mundane, what is mundane to one may not be to another. Most people don't post something unless it is important to them. What is chicken shit to one maybe chicken salad for another.

I have found you get pretty good information on Stewart Rixon's site and have for years.

Rense well I get a bit bored with the links to British newspapers sometimes but still there interesting information there whatever he is all about.

For those interested in Chavez there is an English site for it.


Anonymous said...

If I was going to shill and troll a given truth seeking site of good reputation this is what I would do:
I would get one or two other young MSM brain-washed Zionists to to come over to my home with their laptops. Then we would systematically use spin, misrepresentation and deceit as at least three different posters attacking the honest posters, the site's author and even third party truth seekers of good reputation.
Through false 'arguments' within and between and with a few 'anonymouses' and Hahahahahaha and youguys are nuts but I love you anywat comments comments, I and my two zionist friends would stage an attack on the site leaving all the regular readers doubting almost all the other posters and the site's author himself.
Do you know what is done to sharks caught in commercial fisherman's nets? Well, they cut off the shark's tail and put him back in the ocean to starve to death.
Shills'n'trolls deserve the same fate.

Visible said...

It does matter what you prefer. Choices are the matrix of destiny (does that sound right?)

A little more about my saucer. it accommodates four comfortably and is controlled by a ring on my left ring finger. A twist of the stone (which operates like a dial) renders it visible or invisible. The rays of the sun keep it permanently aloft in what I call the parked position approximately a hundred feet in the air over an apple orchard on a hill near this house.

A portion of the lower face opens for access via a short set of stairs which are otherwise retracted into the surface of what turns into a wall when it closes. the power source is half column that sits in the center of the ship and glows in a Caribbean turquoise when the ship is in operation.

The saucer works on voice activation or can be switched to manual which I've never done because the idea scares the shit out of me. Everything is modular and folds out of the walls or is exposed below and above when any feature needs to be accessed.

There is a sauna room that seats four and operates as a sauna and various other services. It's also the shower compartment and houses all of the usual bathroom facilities except for the toilet which is across the ship from it and which appears inside a small enclosed compartment when needed. Various musical pieces play (much the way Windows has sound for it's different operations and which most of us turn off unless we are under 15 years old.

Visible said...

The sauna also has a rejuvenation bath where the body is flooded with a particular light that acts upon the different physical systems. Something like an MRI scans the whole body, reports on it's status and then addresses any concerns that might be needing attention. It dissolves weariness and adjusts the emotional climate if one should suffer from depression or any other emotional imbalance. It does so many things I couldn't possibly list them. one nice feature is that is has a sound immersion bath where you can feel your entire body vibrate to whatever program may be playing. I have a library of sound programs that are similar to mantras and which have specific applications.

One of the reasons I need to have Ketamine on hand is that I can't turn the ring dial unless I am vibrating at a particular pitch so I can't enter the ship unless I am 'enhanced' as my extra dimensional teacher calls it, I suspect that one of the reasons I have had such extraordinary difficulty obtaining it is because of negative actions on the part of that collection of entities that oppose my work. It's a very common item and it's supernatural how difficult it has been for me to obtain.

The ship can travel at light speed but also has the capacity to travel at the speed of thought which requires a dimensional shift. I'm not allowed to use that feature on my own because of the possibility of it affecting the space/time continuum. Faallon has to be supervising that.

Food is materialized out of elements extracted from the air in combination with various kinds of Earth, depending on what I'm looking to eat. I've got quite a collection of different jars of Earth on hand.

There's a great deal more I could say about the ship but it's time for me to do something else now.

Is your back better these days?

Visible said...

The Trailer Park boys is a remarkable achievement. I've never seen anything like it. the creator is a genius at the level of Steven Trask who did "Hedwig and the Angry Inch". I've seen every episode at least twice and if I am having a difficult time it never fails to lift my spirits.

If you have a sense of humor and are a cultural anthropologist like myself then it will have you falling out of your seat with laughter. It nails so many things and the characters are so real. Well, nothing can touch it for sheer entertainment.

Visible said...

Oh right, I was surprised to find every single episode on youtube. Even though I have the collection myself it's nice to have it a click away. My copies are of a much higher quality.

Anonymous said...

"..he knows his time is short"
The first time I heard that warning wasn't from an Iron Maiden album (I got to watch that band's singer get busted the same night he dry humped a poor and very angry teenaged girl on a stage in Buffalo. "up the irons"!? Up your nose, idiot!!). The time is fast approaching when the NWO will execute the most important order. George Lucas called it, "66".
Seeing emperor Blair on a talk show last night in New York, I'm seriously wondering, is the energy building up in that EU sister side of the brotherhood? Numbers. Why is it always numbers and zero points for those idiots.

I don't believe in the Yoko Ono way of doing things. I believe in the God force.
It's what guided once me through turns and bends to a house that a friend said a beautiful girl he had met the night before was living, and wanted me to drive him to see her. As we drove he was giving directions, but a stronge feeling came over, and I told him I knew where we were going.
When we arrived I was shocked to see the person I had gone to church with years earlier that had opened the door. Huh?

It's the same spirit that told me to peak around the schools wall and see a group of older kids planning to beat me up and take my bag of "miners rock gum". I snuck away ,and ran, made it home without a scratch.

There are guides who will help us, or for some strange reason guide us because of a conscious humor they have or to help us learn the higher force that exists in all of us. EGO edges that out.

I thank God for the people I've met in some of the churches I've gone to, and that girl (Debbie) whom I knew as a teenager and shared the same values. Some though, as one the lowlife's who I met at another Church, and killed two of his girlfriends newborn babies within a month of one anther, he was a sick and twisted soul. He figured he could confine in me to tell me he smothered both of his babies in a fit of rage because they cried all the time. There he was smiling, with the babies mother (Liz) beside him. I told him to inform the police what he had done because I will. He went to jail.

I hate it when people think they can hide in a church, what they are inside. And it looks like nobody's going to make it because people fear the lions. Take it to the limit.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Les, truly beautiful work you're doing here now bumped up a notch or two, from whatever source. That's true of all your blogs. The astounding level of comments is evidence of all the various blog angles coming together and zeroing in on the bullseye.

Dublin Mick -
A million thanks for your response to the lovely Scarlett. And for all your other comments. Your take shows me you're a man of my own heart. To a 'T'. Hope we all meet up one day. We'll get through this. I don't know what's gonna befall those stuck in religious fantasies, but I'm done caring about the lot of them. After purification-time we'll all relax and celebrate all we share in common on/within this beautiful mother earth. Jai Ma Jai Ma Jai Ma!


Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick
Once again great site. I would read it for no other reason than watching mouser hammer the trolls!

Saints must do what they do by a special grace, the rest of us heathen must wield the sword of justice.........Sir Lancelot

Zoner said...

Thanks for the virtual tour of your saucer. I'd trade my Triumph AND all my remaining guitars for a ride like that, or just for a trip through the rejuvination bath. I guess I'll have to take my chances on a vine for that kind of work here.

My back has improved much, with only lingering challenges. Thanks for asking. Narcotics are not for me.

The last line about choice was in poor taste and tossed out in a childish moment of self-pity. I apologize and appreciate the reminder. "Choices are the matrix of destiny" works just fine.


Anonymous said...

what would we do without you lot here,I am now addicted to this site,will be trying to send love everyones way in the morning,oh sod it going to send some now...peace to all neil

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick

Thank you for your kind words Bholanath. I knew you and I were on the same page long ago, picked up on it right away.

With the lovely Scarlet I think she is on her way. Once you have rejected all the lies you can move forward much faster. Once you realize that almost everything you have been told is false you can put it in first gear and scratch off.

Jai mai jai mai jai mai deserves a gift in return. Yanni


In the words of Peter the beloved one day the universe will melt and all in it will know everthing.

Scarlett said...

Dublin Mick,
I suppose I identify as a Christian mostly from my upbringing (although we didn't attend church). I am not big on organized religion and most of the Bible I reject (the Old Testament and, a lot of Paul's teachings in the New Testament). I've never been concerned with whether or not there was a virgin birth or whether Jesus was resurrected. I know, I'm a strange Christian :) For me, the message of Christ -- which was and is a very radical message -- is the appeal to me. And I must admit, it is a little hard for me to let go of that.

However, I have also always been drawn to Native American concepts which emphasizes Mother Earth and places, I think, man in a more balanced and humbled position within the universe. I guess that is why I can't embrace atheism because many (though certainly not all) atheists would replace God with man. But replacing God with nature would not be a stretch for me since I do believe that God is within everything. I also have great respect for nature and all its creatures. I do view the earth as a living organism -- not just a "resource" to be consumed. So, perhaps we do have much more in common.

Thank you for your response to me. You have given me a great deal to consider.

Anonymous said...

Well hello,

I've been around here since about 1/2009 I think. Not long after that I read something posted by michael_astera. It struck me as something of great beauty and peace. Below is what it said. Forgive me if I've got the wrong man.

My question is: "If he's the same man that wrote the below thing then what happened?" I'd say troll but I haven't been around long enough to know so who knows? What I think is that someone is angry?

anyone? Hey maybe I goofed and Les wrote it?



by M Astera


I know there is a new world coming, and I know it is real. It is not the nightmare of the New World Order. It is a place of great peace, beauty, and abundance for all. I have walked the country lanes and seen the blue skies and talked to the happy people. It is real. It is coming. And it is no other world than the one we are on right now. Do not fear the Earth changes or the warmongers or the chaos. We need not let the dark and the evil destroy our beautiful home. The forces of darkness cannot access the love, the vision, or the powers that we can. Their path is the rot of decomposition, the path of de-evolution, the downward spiral of destruction. Their rot can only thrive where there has not been sweet fresh air and the light of the sun. They are not who Terra Earth is. They are not who we are. We are the gift of Creation. The powers of Creation belong to us. They are our birthright.

All have heard or read "As above, so below". Now hear the whole passage:

From the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus:

"As above so below for the performance of the miracles of the one thing."

This is how it is done. You wish to change what is happening here? Change it the same way our Creator brought forth the Universes: See it done. Feel it done. With breath and gentle focus, knowingness, and love. Know it is done. Hold the Earth in your loving hands; see her healed and perfect. In your mind, see her bathed in that ultrablue light a little beyond what our human eyes can see, the blue light that cleans away harmful things. With your breath, gently blow away the veil of darkness that now shrouds her glory; see it disappear into the void. Hold the vision of your own place in this new world that will be ours; see what a beautiful place she is. Let the love in your heart go out to her who has given you so much. Know it is so.

This present mess must fall apart because it is too broken to fix, but we get to decide what it will become. Let the broken useless harmful things fall apart. Let them fall, while holding joy and anticipation in your heart. Preserve what is worth preserving. We are those actors with the vision and the talent to stage the new performance. If you are feeling the pain of this world, then comfort her, see her vibrantly whole. Yes there will be chaos, but none of the grand cataclysmic destruction need happen. Out of the chaos will come our chance to create the New Earth.

This is what we came here for.

Anonymous said...

Trailer Park Boys! I know the turf. Move it into post WWII cracker Jack housing development and take it back a decade and it is home. i experienced both ends of that realm and managed to head off into other realms.

when I go back though, it seems that so many have not changed. They look a little heavier and older but not much change. As you mentioned Les, different places, different vibes. I actually got a double dose. I went back to my high school and taught for three years. That was a lesson in cultural anthropology.

It hits me that life is like a chemical equation. You can have all this stuff go on but in the end the equations are balanced and in some ways nothing really happened. Same number of electrons, neutrons, and protons. We think that all of the stuff going on is so important and yet, if you go far enough out into space and look back nothing looks different. The planets circle the sun, the sun is doing its own thing and so on and so on.

what are those people, in the trailer parks, going to do with the tidal wave of change that is coming? I guess the answer is survive, or not.


European American said...

Avast me hearties!

Aye mate. I smells me a Scallywag. Shiver me timbers. I think the "Sea_Cook" is having a "barbecue". I sees me a villainous nature that is gradually being revealed, here...a Son of a Biscuit Eater. Har, har, har.

European American

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

The 9/11 Fish Head Flu Pandemic.

m_astera said...

Anonymous at 3:01 (or 5:55?) a.m

Yes, this is the same m_astera who wrote Onwards, during a time when a lot of the world was focused on fear of natural disasters and "earth changes". Perhaps it did some good, as the poles haven't shifted yet, nor have the volcanoes blown. I still go through the ceremony every night before sleep, holding this lovely planet in my hands and seeing her healed and perfect.

Angry? Yes, that is anger in my comment above, the same anger and disgust that Les focuses on the actions of the Israelis and the Rothshcilds in the post that started this thread. The same anger and disgust I would expect to hear from him if I came here and posted about how wonderful the experiment to make the desert bloom was in Israel, or went on about how Palestine was unpopulated prior to 1948.

I live in Venezuela, have for years. I love the people and the country. In it's own way, Venezuela is a much freer country than the USA or Canada, where I lived most of my life before coming here. Chavez would change that, is doing his best to change that. He has had the advantage of ten years of oil boom money, estimated to be up to 1 trillion $US, to play with. For the most part that money has simply been pissed away and stolen. Do the poor eat more regularly now? Yes, as would be expected in a country the size of California with a population of thirty million that had had an influx of a trilliion dollars cash over ten years. But is the country in better shape? No. Everything is falling apart, from the bridges to the railroads to the hospitals. Far fewer public housing projects have been completed than former governments built. When Chavez took over, about 70% of the food and manufactured goods were imported; that figure is now about 90%. None of his programs have worked; the large farms that were "nationalized" sit fallow and overgrown. I do not know of a single factory co-op that is still working. Not one; the best and last of them I knew was shut down a few months ago because, get this, the managers feared that the government would 'nationalize' it because it was making money. Everything, and I mean everything, that Chavez has put his hand to has turned into shit, from the national oil company PDVSA (three of four refineries down, most gasoline is imported) to the "nationalizing" of the country's two largest family-owned coffee roasters a month ago. There is now no coffee to be had. None on the shelves for weeks.

m_astera said...


I would imagine that Chavez fanatics like Amicus above hang around with those who wear berets and red Che Guevara t-shirts, who go around with their fists in the air chanting "Power to the Workers" or some such. I don't. My friends run restaurants, retail stores, and small farms, work as carpenters, musicians, security guards, landscapers, taxi drivers, apartment managers. I write about agriculture.

When I first moved here in 2006 I knew a few Chavez supporters; they now have all turned away in disgust. I don't know a single one of them who still supports what has become a blatantly criminal and corrupt government interested solely in perpetuating their own power.

Every time I have attempted to tell the truth about Chavez on this or any other "progressive" and "enlightened" website I have been personally attacked. I thought about going back and digging up some of the names I have been called, and may still do so. Not once, not ever, has anyone bothered to check the accuracy of my statements befor attacking me, nor have they ever debated them. Purely and only name calling.

Amicus, Hugo Chavez lives in Miraflores Palace. His cronies, who have stolen billions, live in palaces as well. They are the new oligarchy, only more corrupt than any previous oligarchy Venezuela has known. They are referred to here as the Bolibourgeoise, after their fake Bolivarian "revolution", also known as the "robolution" from robar, to rob and steal.

You know nothing about Venezuela. Nothing true; only the Hollywood propaganda you absorbed from a thoroughly discredited film called "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised". You believe lies, and worship a manufactured hero. And yes, the poor are still living in cardboard shacks in the ditches, and as the oil money is running out they will begin to starve again. Chavez will not, nor will his cronies with their hundreds of millions and billions of US$ in offshore banks.

Dublin Mick: Vheadline.com and Venezuelanalysis.com are both fully funded government propaganda sites. That is easily verified by noticing that they never criticize Chavez' policies or report on government abuses or corruption. I would suggest that you broaden your souces of information a bit to include http://daniel-venezuela.blogspot.com and http://devilsexcrement.com. There are many other English language blogs written by intelligent, caring, and informed Venezuelans.

Please read the comments at those sites, mine among them, and tell me if you think there are any "oligarchs" posting there, or if they are ordinary, thoughtful, caring people concerned about freedom and human rights.

The anger and disgust you rightly read in my words is directed at those who consider themselves informed and enlightened, yet unquestioningly swallow lies and make a hero out of a narcissistic criminal sociopath and proven coward whose only goal is to remain in power as a military dictator. Who pisses away his country's treasury as if it were his personal checkbook, visiting his fellow dictators around the world and taking over a whole floor of a hotel in Venice so he can grandstand at a film festival, solely to promote a propaganda film about himself that was likely financed from the Venezuelan treasury. You not only worship this shit, you attack anyone who questions it. What does that make you?

Visible said...

Hmmm... two things I notice. One is that you appear to be unaware of the name calling on your part as you react to anyone who doesn't agree with you about Chavez. This I say as a simple observation. You get seriously tweaked about anyone who doesn't agree with you.

the other thing I notice (as I notice here) is that you don't link any sites treating with the conditions and information you claim to be so except for a couple of blogs.

The mainstream media is lockstep opposed to Chavez and his policies but I don't see any news that corroborates what you say in the MSM. I see mention of Chavez seeking to change certain legislations. I see him intending to send gasoline to Iran. I see him meeting with different people but I don't see what you are talking about. Except for you I don't see anyone mentioning Chavez much at all.

It's common knowledge that Chavez has upset the international corporate swine who were looking to loot the country and it's common knowledge that the moneyed classes are opposed to him the same way they are opposed to Ahmanedijad in Iran but as for the common man being opposed to Chavez I just haven't seen it.

It might be that you have official reportage of this other than blog commentaries by people who don't like Chavez. I haven't read these yet but it does appear that they are blogs.

I can't understand why the MSM isn't saying the things you are saying so I guess I'm out of the loop.

Chavez isn't one of my main interests so I don't come across much concerning him except when he does something like send oil to the poor in the U.S. or gas to Iran.

I don't know what provokes these occasional rants about Chavez or the general criticism (as seen here) of the readers of this blog or others without Chavez actually being a topic of discussion.

So, I don't really know what to say about any of it except the couple of points of inquiry I stated.

m_astera said...

Hello Scarlett-

Thanks for a real question. I didn't see any mention of the No Mas Chavez rallies, but then I don't read the MSM extensively, so I stand corrected. Also, I read in the Calgary paper yesterday that Chavez only had 26 bodyguards at the film showing, not 50, so I stand corrected on that as well.

Calling GW Bush a devil at the UN; yes, everyone who hates Bush liked that, myself included. However, it is by their fruits that you shall know them, not by their words. I'm not foolish enough to believe that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

You asked: "what is your take on the plan to send American troops to Columbia to fight the War on Terror and the War on Drugs? I see it as a warning message to Chavez, but I'm curious if you think that there is something else going on there."

First off, it's worth mentioning that Chavez has offered to let the Russians build military bases in Venezuela, so I don't know that he has much business criticizing Colombia.

More to the point, here are the "politics" as I see them. Ecuador has refused to renew the lease on the US military base in their country. Ecuador's president, Correa, pushes the same sort of Marxist/Populist line as Chavez, and both are supporters of and supported by the FARC in Colombia. Essentially, Correa got into power through FARC financing his campaign in exchange for providing them safe haven in Ecuador. With Chavez it goes both ways, he supplies arms and safe haven for the FARC in Venezuela, and also makes a lot of money by funneling most of the FARC's cocaine production through VE.

Colombia's president Uribe is somewhat squeezed between Ecuador and Venezuela, and at the same time gets a lot of funding from the USA. Colombia also does a lot of export trade to the US, though not as much as Venezuela, which is dependent for about 90% of their foreign exchange $$'s on oil sales to the US.

So, I think probably the US leaned on Uribe to let them put bases in Colombia to replace the one in Ecuador, and Uribe didn't object too much. I don't see Venezuela or Ecuador actually posing any military threat to Colombia as the armies of both countries are a joke, while Colombia's military has been actively fighting the FARC for decades. Chavez' Russian tanks and aircraft would be hopeless and useless in mountainous jungle warfare anyway.

As for the war on drugs and the war on terror, we both know those are bad jokes. As best I can put it together, the Colombian government and military protect the coke business that the CIA runs up through Central America to the US, while Venezuela and Ecuador do the same for the FARC's coke which moves mostly through the Caribbean, much of it going to Europe.

I see no military threat to Venezuela from US bases in Colombia; why should they bother when Venezuela's oil already goes to the US? One point worth mentioning, though, would be that if, with US help, Colombia did manage to oust the FARC completely, then their establishment could take over the FARC component of the coke trade too, cutting Chavez out of the deal. That possibility has to be making some people nervous about their income.

Anonymous said...

M hysteria,

I may not have the boots on the ground info on Ven but I don't think I am ignorant of who does what there. I spent a part of my career working for the Defense Intelligence Agency and I know what they do and where they do it.

The US via several agencies and puppets have been in a covert war with Venezuela since Chavez took over. That war could become overt at anytime. I have 'friends' who go to
Venezuela on a regular basis and they seem to see a differnet picture ini regards to the quality of life for the common man. I am also quite aware that there are no angels in politics.

The US gets ~15% of its oil from Venezuela. Oil makes strange bedfellows. That is why we did not go into Iraq for oil. If it had been for oil we would have gone into Venezuela.

If the poor were in misery under Chavez he would not have any support base and would be gone quickly. It would be a piece of cake to start a revolution there if that were the case. did not cuba send ~10,000 doctors to Venezuela? I don't think they are all at the beach. How many helath clinics and schools have been built since chavez took office?

if the times were not what they were I would make a visit there, but there are other priorities at the moment.



salialioli said...

Mike Rivero is disinfo.

I know this because I am not.

www.amics21.com/911/ has some very interesting info. Judge for yourself.

It took a while to put together: two parts, personal "on the street" research and the main part which is FROM THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

A Spanish newspaper published 100% proof of an object attached to the underside of Flight 175, which crashed into the south tower. Read about it.

Amics21 has nothing to do with the Body Snatchers or disrupting the 911 movement. We offer these pages as a resource.

Just saying ....

There is also a page on rebuttals.

Sorry to use your blog to remonstrate Les, but I can't stand by and read support for Rivero in this way.

Accounts of planes or otherwise should be investigated by going to the pilots for 911 truth. Someone has gone to a lot of trouble over the flight paths and shows what happens quite clearly as to the Planes or No Planes. Please folks, take the trouble to find the truth here.

Les won't mind me saying I'm sure, but he's missing some important info on this. However I agree with some others here, arguing about this stuff is exactly what we shouldn't do, going around in endless circles breaks unity on one thing: it is the key to everything. We need a public investigation, or for everyone to do their own.

Thanks for the space to vent. Shit may well hit a fan but it's not likely to be 911.

tim said...

The American military has been in Columbia for decades. Conoco (Al Gore is a stockholder) owns a share of a pipeline in Columbia that the locals call "the flute" because of all the attacks on it over the years. Please read "Blood and Oil" by Michael Klare for an excellent discussion on the symbionic relationship between the American/European oil companies and the military. 80% of what they do is protect oil infrastructure around the world. Hitler probably lost WW2 because he ran out of oil, and the military takes oil security as a priority. But we all knew that.

Anonymous said...

Hitler lost WWII largely due to the 20+ million Russians who just said no.

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick
I haven't been able to acces Rixon Stewart's site for days and now today I cannot use the Rense site. Something seems to be going on here.

I notice from the real time counter others seem to switch over from this site to Thetruthseeker with no problem. Why not me?

Jody Paulson said...

For 9-11 truth activists, the real question is not:
-- who is disinfo?
-- what hit the Pentagon?
-- what is the best topic for the movement as a whole to address?
-- what are the best tactics for the movement as a whole to employ?
or even:
-- why bother?

-- what am I (as an individual) willing and able to do to help?

At the risk of sounding a bit self-contradictory, I submit that if we focus more on the last question, the others will sort themselves out in time.

Anonymous said...

Murder it is the real thing. Pass me another diet coke will ya!



Anonymous said...

J. Kim, The Coming Consequences of Bank Fraud

also on jsmineset.com/

m_astera said...

I'm impressed, Les. No need to check, you already know what the links I posted were about, just like those at other sites would know quite enough without ever seeing smokingmirrors.blogspot.com because, after all, it's just a blog.

And Amicus, Former DIA bigwig, I guess? So you know all you need to know as well.

I'm thinking of how a stage magician works, directing the attention of the audience. A good one perhaps knows not only how to direct the attention of the ordinary saps, but also to direct the attention of those clever people looking to see through their tricks?

You are indeed clever to have seen through their ruse of trying to use the Arabs and Muslims. Yes, very good. 9/11 and Israel, that's it. They didn't fool you, nosiree.

If, at some point, TPTB decided they no longer wanted Chavez, Castro, Kim Jong Il, or any of the other useful idiots and foils in power, wouldn't you think they could have, or will, take them out same as they did JFK, in broad daylight, surrounded by thousands and a full security detail?

Never mind. You know better, I'm sure.

Not having all of the answers myself, I am impressed with those so fully in the know that they no longer need to question, no longer need any new pieces because they have the puzzle figured out. Chavez loves the poor. Israel did 9/11. Cheney decided to torture people.

You all have it nailed.

Anonymous said...

I'm really starting wonder about Alex Jones.
On the issue of Chemtrails, his site refuses to post any comments I make on the facts the trials are coming in over Canada from the Eastern United States.




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