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Curly, Moe and Larry got Game.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......


It slips through the jungle like a jaguar in the night. It climbs out of the caverns that lead to the air-vents that sustain the illuminati in their castles underground. It leaks into the glaciers like sleep, slipping from the mouth of Albert Gore. It walks through Paris and waltzes through Vienna. It has a beer at the Oktoberfest and thinks about beer trucks filled with bombs. It wears a condom in Vegas and goes bareback in Salt Lake City. It dreams and it wonders, as it greets the sun in Samarkand and we are riding alongside on the doppelganger express. It’s the future and its possibility. It’s that indefinable something that you can taste in Chinese food and it’s a warning and the witness cause... Santa knows if you’ve been good.

Some of us can feel it when we can’t feel anything else and some of us are fast asleep in the kindling of a burning bed. Some of us have a bone in our nose and some of them are wearing loincloths and some of them are in designer clothes and it just goes to show you that everything is everything now and some part of everywhere is a part of everywhere else. It’s in the water supply. It’s like the gleam in your daddy’s eye except that he’s not laughing and you’re not smiling.

For quite some time it was only a vague sense of uneasiness. There was the feeling that conditions and events were not going in the right direction. Some line had been crossed. We chalked it up to stress or paranoia. Finally something happened and fear became a shimmer over everything we touched... everything that touched us. Then we found out that the original bad guys were windup dolls and that somebody else did the whole shebang. The fear increased. By increments it became apparent that the government itself was behind it. Later it became even more clear that agents of a foreign government had turned our government into a jailhouse punk. Our government was even ordering makeup and making denim skirts for itself. It liked it. Even when it became clear what the public role involved there were people lining up for the opportunity.

The people behind the people behind the people came out of the closet and leered into the eyes of the world. It was some kind of Mae West, Charlie Manson hybrid of a thing. It was some combination of “hello sailor” and “watcha gonna do about it”. Nobody knows what’s happening behind the Hollywood front. What could it possibly be that was powerful enough to make nearly everyone shut their mouths and... open their mouths depending on the demands?

You might say that a lot of people know what happened... or some version of it. You might say it is only because of the nearly complete control of the media that it isn’t sorted by this time. Still... think about it. Think about all the goons that magically appeared like Triffids in public office; on the TV and radio, in uniforms, in universities and behind the counters of the places that deal with paper. I don’t know about you but... the whole thing and all the little pieces of the thing are seriously uncanny.

Here’s a brief outline. A cabal of highly placed government officials, in tandem with foreign intelligence services and most especially... a particular intelligence service, launched a false flag assault on their own country, the most powerful nation on Earth. They used this event to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq. They used this event to launch an even more serious assault on The Constitution and civil liberties of the people. They used this event to dramatically alter the way people move about. They used this event to make the world what you see today.

Just before the event a man entered the White House by means of vote fraud and then it was accomplished a second time the same way. Just last year a new president replaced him with the promise of hope and change and a determination to end the conflicts abroad. In short order he dashed the hope, turned change into more of the same and expanded the conflicts abroad. Now it involves Pakistan as well and Iran is in the gun sights.

For nearly ten years, the lies that justified the invasions have been revealed to the public. For nearly ten years we have watched the same lies being used to justify each new outrage and now... now we are seeing it in real time once again. Even though we have seen exactly the same thing before, several times, we are seeing it again and they are doing it with a straight face. If this were a movie it would be a satire. It would be a black comedy. It’s not a movie however- even though it is a movie- it’s not a movie and it’s not funny.

Iran sends a note to the IAEA to inform them that they are constructing a new enrichment facility. The rules require you to inform the IAEA six months before your facility goes on line. This new facility won’t go on line for eighteen months so Iran was well within the guidelines with lots of room to spare.

Suddenly a thousand tympanis begin to rumble. The stage explodes with pyrotechnic effects and the fog machine- especially the fog machine- goes to work so hard you can’t see your hand in front of your face. Even if you can no longer see them you know the pyrotechnics are still happening. Like magic the fog begins to part on the stage and Curly, Moe and Larry descend from the rafters on plastic quarter moons. The band starts playing “Where or When” Moe pokes Larry in the eye and Larry swings at Moe and hits Curly instead. The crowd goes wild.

They must have had a full facial Botox treatment before they came out because they didn’t even crack a smile when they began to tell the audience that Iran had just violated not only the females of every household represented but also the males and the family pets. It was a stunner ladies and gentlemen. The stooges who front for three powerful nations came out before the eyes of the world and lied like there was no tomorrow and- if it were up to them- maybe there wouldn’t be. They stamped their big clown feet. They howled in outrage. In the wings, Bibi Netanyahoo wiped a tear from his eyes. “Now that’s acting”, he said to Barak who stood near him at a control panel.

Shortly after the stooges had left the stage, following a medley of their routines, the media airwaves lit up like Las Vegas having a Grand Mal seizure. Dogs, ponies, hookers and ping pong balls went flying in all directions. Headlines streamed through print media and across the internet. Somehow, Iran’s full compliance with all of the IAEA’s requirements had been transformed into an unspeakable, international gang rape of war orphans. I guess I don’t have to tell you where those war orphans came from but... I digress.

The level of hubris cannot be measured. People, it is officially off the charts. What power, what motive, what reason can there be for world leaders to present themselves as they have just done in the face of so much hard evidence to the contrary? Here is a mystery. We’ve all got our theories but still, it seems like there must be even more than whatever we may suspect. This brings us to the curious case of The Big Brzezinski and the interception of Israeli planes when the fait accompli goes down.

You’re reading the text to our once a month Smoking Mirrors Radio Show and this is the end of the blog segment. You can listen live here tonight and catch the second half of the transmission or you can download the show when it appears in the archives Monday or Tuesday. So be there or be square. This is the Dog Poet signing off on the blog portion of our show and sending out a collective ‘big up’ from your homies in the Sirius Cluster. Keep in mind that it’s only castles burning and none of us has one at the moment.


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NotADavidIckeFan said...

One does not have to watch all 14 segments to understand what David Icke is saying. One only has to watch segments 11-13 (a total of about 18 minutes).

I am not a David Icke fan but if you can get past the 'wriggling' mannerism as indicated earlier by DublinMick, the content of these 18 minutes touches all the honest bases and skips none intentionally.

That is to say, these three segments are very worthwhile to view because in them is a summary of the actual (September 2009) world geopolitical situation. He passes the litmus test of 9/11 being done by the American secret service together with Mossad.

I recommend you take eighteen minutes of your life to see this.

Thank you JoMamma for giving us this link. I concur with you, David Icke manages to give a succinct exposé of the actual NWO agenda with little or no personal spin.


WRH 2009-09-26 said...

"Not to be outdone in idiocy, out of Obama's mouth jumped Orwellian doublespeak: “The Iranian government must now demonstrate through deeds its peaceful intentions or be held accountable to international standards and international law.”

The incongruity blows the mind. Here is Obama, with troops engaged in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan demanding that a peaceful nation at war with no one demonstrate “its peaceful intentions or be held accountable to international standards and international law.”

Fuckin' A (for asshole)!

Anonymous said...

You nailed this one Les!

I really enjoyed the imagery of the botox-face condition in order not to break a smile while they descended onto the stage astride plastic half-moons!

Just out of analogous curiosity, which of Larry, Curly and Mo do each of Obama, Brown and Sarkozy represent?


Visible said...

Greetings Dear Mouser;

I couldn't begin to tackle the assignment of which is which. Which one is the shitbag? Which one is the cowpie? Which one is the dung beatle. Here's what I would say, any of them could be any of them. They do what they're told. That makes you and me automatic misbehavers. Our parent would be so proud.

David Icke has raised my eyebrows more than once with the P.T. Bsrnum thing and the fact that you have to scroll for what seems like days (grin) down the page until you are finally past all the self promotional dialogue boxes which seems insanely over the top but... there's something definitely genuine about that man. His research is incredible and he does not fear to tell the truth. He most definitely passes the litmus and smell test and so I can forgive the stagemanship which I do not forgive in several others who will remain nameless but all of you know exactly who I mean.

I'm sure people can find quibbles with my personality too so I'm inclined to cut some slack. David Icke's books are fantastic. I've read most of them.

Anonymous said...

"If this were a movie it would be a satire. It would be a black comedy. It’s not a movie however- even though it is a movie- it’s not a movie and it’s not funny."

Well said.

Elevating willful ignorance to an art form since 1776.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les just listened to your radio show great stuff thanks for that ,tony

Rebel 4E said...

The 3 Stooges...(o___O) Lmfao!!
Right on the usual.

Anonymous said...

I wish you would expound on the Brzezinski pronouncement about intercepting Israhell's planes above Iraq before they made it to Iran. What was that all about.

Xymphora has a long-held theory that the so-called "Old American Establishment" is in total control of the world, and is using Israhell like a puppet. That seems less likely by the day, as it seems that the Establishment's wishes, as represented by Brzezinski are being totally ignored in favor of attacking Iran, a move that would pay absoultely no dividends for the Empire, but would carry a very heavy cost.

So, what exactly is going on? Surely, you have theories....

Visible said...

anon 2:07

It says right here in the post

"This brings us to the curious case of The Big Brzezinski and the interception of Israeli planes when the fait accompli goes down."

and I address that in the second half of the radio show tonight.

Visible said...

Hey Tony;

You know that was last months show right?

This one hasn't happened yet.

(grin) actually I don't know which one you listened to. In any case it's great to hear from you. I hope things are well there in Oz.

Visible said...

There's a new entry up here.

Dr. Lasha Darkmoon.

Anonymous said...

Icke has figured out a release valve for the jewish problem. That is, blame the state of Israel on the Rothschilds (credible), and propose that all jews have been duped (incredible). I guess he figures time is getting short, so might as well make the pitch.

It makes sense, insofar as if the lamebrains in the US energized by Glenn Beck ever get an inkling Mossad was behind the scam, jews will become fair game.

Scarlett said...

Israel has become the litmus test for me. If anyone defends Israel outright or subtly (by omission of critical facts) I know that they are not on the up and up.

Israel is controlling our country. There may be parts of US policy that Israel lets us control, but the foreign policy realm is completely within their grip. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or delusional.

We could easily control the middle east in a heartbeat. All it would take is for us to take a hard stand with Israel. If we did that, we would become a savior nation in the eyes of most Arab nations and we could then easily install our own puppet leaders in them to maintain our control. After all, if we were to reign in Israel -- our endorsement of an Arab leader would be pure gold.

The fact that we continue to bully and maintain mind boggling hypocrisy over the Iran/Israel nuclear question and reap the all negative consequences in doing so proves beyond all reasonable doubt who is in control. And it isn't the US ...

We want to bankrupt our country, make the country hate us, sacrifice our soldiers in illegal, immoral wars, institute greater instability in countries where our puppets reign (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.) for one tiny piece of land that requires us to provide billions in aid, military equipment (which they sell to our enemies) just to exist and who often bitch slaps us in public with their defiance of our meek requests to please stop their genocidal rampages (or at least to be more discreet when they do them) -- and for what? What exactly do we get out of this deal? Aside from the worst terrorist/false flag event on our soil in the history of our nation?

Israel is the problem. Who could blame anyone for wanting to wipe them off the map? A true American could never love a country who hates freedom as much as Israel does. But, seems true Americans are few and far between. I come to this blog simply to salvage a glimmer of hope from the knowledge that there are others who get what is really going on and that maybe there is a good side willing to fight. My friends, family and neighbors (with a few exceptions) all scare the shit out of me with their willful ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
You know youre doing good when you start getting high praise over at the fray.I tip my hat to you Les. Astounding!


Anonymous said...

This is a good time to remind ourselves that Iran's "nuclear" program is only a pretext.

A few years ago, when Iraq was in the crosshairs, Saddam Hussein tried to appease the aggressors by agreeing to every unreasonable no avail. The more Saddam groveled, the higher they raised the bar.

Likewise, if Iran agreed to end the whole "nuclear" thing tomorrow, it would change nothing. Iran would soon find that it couldn't rid itself of its alleged illicit "nuclear weapons program" anymore than Saddam Hussein was able to get rid of his WMD program, or anymore than Hitler could've gotten rid os his WMD (gas chambers).
Even today, people that try to get rid of Hitler's "gas chambers" go to jail.

Iran's problem is that it happens to be the next target on the Zionist/PNAC (s)hit list.

The object is to destroy Iran's industrial and civil infrastructure, shatter its economy, destroy any self-defense capability, poison its environment, assassinate its scientists and engineers, and subvert its politial system; i.e., to create a failed state incapable of exerting any influence in the region.


Kevenj said...

"It was some combination of “hello sailor” and “watcha gonna do about it”.
A++! You nailed this one Les.

Elevating willful ignorance to an art form since 1776."

Hey! I take great umbrage in that!

Anonymous said...

Inside the PNAC is a description of the 'cyberspace war' and made it clear that 'for the U.S. armed forces to remain preeminent and avoid an Achilles Heel in the exercise of it's power they must be sure that these potential future forms of warfare favor America just as today's air, land and sea warfare reflect United States military dominance.'

They lost.
They barely had a chance on land, nevermind in the space war.

I agree, Mossad played a major role in 9/11 and it's croonies, like Wolf Blitzer, who lost the illusional 'all-knowing head of the media' throne that he scored easier with working for his call-masters in Israel.

The illusion is coming down hard and right on their heads. But, what we all should keep asking ourselves is this part of the plan?

Canada's PM Harper doesn't even show up at the UN, because it his way of telling those they can go 'fuck themselves'. The powers that be, no doubt told Harper he was finished and that he would be replaced by someone else, a better saleman perhaps. One who was schooled in the United States way of working the masses. The same reasons Clinton and Hillary are so pissed-off right now, yelling at reporters all the time, because they were also promised riches and big houses, and now realize they've been used. For the greator good, Billy bum jammer. For the greator good.

Israel's former presidents are on trial for rape and theft, members of Israel are stealing childrens hearts and kidney's and selling them to the highest bidder, and FOX news is selling legs and ass lines to try it's damnedest to keep those former Wolf worshippers from grabbing the ropes and rifles.

When you see how dumbed down the news has gotten, you know just who the ones it is they fear the most.


Anonymous said...

Scarlett has it exactly right. And I would like to add that organized Zionist Jewry now
has enough influence in the U.S. (money, political power and media control) that they can (and apparently did) pull off a 9/11 false-flag "terrorist attack" with a good chance of preventing any kind of investigation and accountability for the foreseeable future.

Yes, 9/11 was obviously a Zionist crime, apparently aidded and abetted by a handful of goy traitors in high places.

Put simply, there is no longer any such thing as a "U.S. government", and anything of value we had as a nation...blood, treasure, "rights", etc., are being sacrificed away on the altar of Zionism.


m_astera said...

They lost. Happened yesterday, afternoon or evening.

Bless and love you all.


Anonymous said...

In a nutshell, this is how it is.
There are five, possibly more factions that actually control the world. Two of them are in 'conflict' with one another. One of them believes in one world government, depopulation, slavery, and their little elite group running everything, and they know they'll get it eventually, they might not live to see it, but their children or grandchildren will. The second group is identical to the first group except they want it in their lifetimes, right now, and they don't care if they have to blast civilization to ashes to get it. They're willing to rebuild it in their own image. This is what we're in the midst of.
David Icke may be right, but as I asked him, So What? It doesn't have to be as convoluted as he makes it out to be. It's good science fiction, though. In fact, I'd like it to be true because there's more room for optimism than what I believe is actually going on
The best part about Iran's new nuclear facility is how they jerseyed the so-called 'intelligence agencies' with their announcement about it. Nothing enrages a pack of bullies more than beating them at their own game. Iran is playing by the rules, and those so-called 'governments' who oppose them are demonstrating that there aren't any. It's a dangerous precedent to set.


mike turner said...

more like a disaster movie and one that we have seen before or a sequel that has the same plot with a different actor playing the lead role and even bigger special effects for the amusement of the blind viewers LIGHTS CAMERAS ACTION.
Mike Turner

Anonymous said...

"The level of hubris cannot be measured. People, it is offficially off the charts."
"........agents of a foreign government had turned our government (not OUR government THE government, we the people don't have a government) into a jailhouse punk."

This Iran thing is mind boggeling and it proves your point perfectly. Let me use an analogy for any simple minded Americans (most) who might break away from the porn and MSM and read your blog. If you are six foot six 245 and have a black belt (US military) are you going to be afraid of some five foot three 125 pound weakling who wouldn't dream of attacking anyone (Iran military).

Imagine that, a bankrupt country involved in two wars which they are loosing, starting another war with Pakistan, and at the behest of Israel, our bestest friend, considering an attack on Iran. All financed by China, Japan, Arabs, and the FED printing press. How much rope will they give us? I'm tired of telling people this, fuck um, they deserve what they are going to get. Go get your flu shot!

I emailed a guy a couple of days ago. He was a retired Marine who wrote a bunch of crap on some blog defending Israel, saying the US gov. was involved in the Liberty incident, and 911 might have been a massive intelligence failure. He emailed me back three times letting me know he knew the truth "but didn't want to get his car blown up." He also said, "We have been banging our heads against the wall for years on 911, we have gotten nowhere. The public has accepted, at the behest of Fox, Beck and others, that anyone who goes as far as you is crazy." He had a dirty ass and he knew it. (guilt at what I told him)

Keep up the good work Les, you are as good as it gets. Yep, you me and most of the people who comment here are crazy. Once you are crazy there is no going back. The truth = crazy, war = peace, Obongo is change, Damn Arabs they hate our freedom.


greencrow said...

Borderline Personality Disorder...look it up. The symptomology is the same as the main players on the current political stage.

I like this definition...BPD is the border between neurosis and psychosis. Have you ever met or had to deal with a person with BPD?

It's exactly the same as the struggle of us truth seekers to understand what the PTB are up to.

The shape shifting, the bald-faced lies, the rages and dramatics the sudden switch to compliancy with the proviso that they will "never" comply.

The narcissim and all the other "B" axis traits....BPD is a recognized mental illness and the origins are thought to be at least partially genetic and partially environmental...upbringing.

The "usual crowd" are all inbred and filled with the crap that their crap doesn't stink. They are fanatics and they lash out with hubris, arrogance, haughty dramatics when cornered. They never accept responsibility for their actions and they don't care about the impact on others.

What I'm describing to you is a person I have recently been dealing with who has been diagnosed with BPD. Are you getting any insight into the epidemic of BPD that is afflicting the "Usual Crowd" who have deceived and bullied their way to the front/centre of the world stage?

Just like with the person I am dealing with who has BPD...the only way to deal with them is by keeping our cool and applying the laws (written and unwritten) that have served humanity through the ages.

To get them off the stage or, as in my case, away from those vulnerable folk who are being negatively affected by their actions.


Michael said...

Les, why are you pulling off this "Dog Poet Transmitting" stunt? Because you read the term "dog poet" in Cliff High's "Shape of things to come" web bot report and want to claim it for you? I would find that a bit disgusting.

Visible said...


Why are you making assumptions about something you know nothing about and then- from your anonymous little cubbyhole being all self-righteous and sneering with the routine insecurities that seem to come my way now and again. Maybe you need to reveal your agenda here and I'll be more in a position to treat your condition.

Your entire presentation to begin with shows you to be someone who's up to something other than what is shown. In any case, opinion is running about 99% to 1 so far against your position because this is the first negative hit I've encountered. Maybe look into your own needs that aren't being filled instead of playing Nostradamus when you don't even own a cape.

John said...

Michael, silly Michael.
If you would read Les's blog(s) you would find Les's explanation and answer to your question already. As to your opinion, one smells it like a cheap cologne on a whore before she even enters the room. The title or term is out there for anyone to claim. And, if you would read Clif High's reports and understand them you wouldn't even have to ask questions. And, if you really follow Clif High you would also follow George Ure, Clif's informal partner who has among others a website called which has linked to this little dog poet here numerous times since he "seized the title" (my quotes).

Variety, the spice of life.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

If Les isn't the Dog Poet he will surely do until the hound comes around. I follow this site now because George Ure has been mentioning him and I have been back reading and deep thinking and if he's not the one he is certainly a friend of the one. No one gets to say these things and not advertise at all who is not the real deal. I've seen no one gather such brilliant readers anywhere. Alex Jones and the rest of them would sell their souls (if they have not already done this) to have the readers I see here.

I judge people by the company they keep. I remember the publicans and sinners portrait as well. If he's not the Dog Poet he's easily as great and what was that anyway? It was just a linguistic melange where some highly intelligent guys worked out a prototype for understanding something.

I never even heard about this man until two weeks ago. You can be most sure that I have been reading well back into his history since. I've found punctuation errors and I have found grammatical mistakes. I have noted flights of fancy and I have also watched him grow. Whether he is this mythical dog poet or not does not matter. His words are a keen addiction for me and wherever he is going I want to ge there too.

Albert Franks

John said...

Albert, if you haven't already, please listen to Les's radio show and the old archives. (I enjoyed all of them greatly, there are two sets.) If you like his writing I make a prediction that you'll absolutely love hearing him speak.

I can't wait for tonight's show.

(Past Shows)
Smoking Mirrors shows
Visible Origami shows

Anonymous said...

unfukin real. I have one rule in my life. don't criticise what you can't improve on

all i got to say

probably that last joint was too much.


you rok my world.

Anonymous said...

It really is a pity.

Michael said...

Well Les, just imagine, I have no agenda. I know you won't believe me, your answer points to you being a bit too paranoid for that.

The facts are: Cliff High mentions the appearance of a "dog poet" in his July 20th report, then suddenly on Aug 5th you begin to toy around with the term by stating "the dog poet has begun to howl". Then on Aug 23th you turn into the "dog poet" on this blog, as if to finally seize the opportunity for upgrading your Nostradamus profile. A post by the way which George Ure over at Urbansurvival called a "prequel" on Aug 25th (only after readers mentioned it to him). On Sept 9th he mentions you next, but still using quotation marks. In his Sept. 10th and Sept. 23th posts, George Ure dropped the quotation marks, probably finally giving in and playing along.

I find this whole sequence of events quite remarkable and food for thought.
Sorry to have interrupted your 99% fan boy choir here.

Anonymous said...

Les, thanks for posting elsewhere the link to "The Plot Against Art".

Jon Rappaport says:
"The next coming weeks may be our last alive.
So, people, what did you make of planet earth? ANY regrets?
Would you have done things differently?
Oh well, never mind, now back to work you don't want to piss the boss off."


word: disolvo

Anonymous said...

Wrote a post don't know where it went. Tried to send in different places. Fuck this censorship. The Irish government and its media whores will lead the world in internet censorship.
Time was the bastards could export us like cattle, now we have to stay home and be injected with all kinds of crap, mental and physical.
This is Mac, and I am PISSED.
Keep doing what you do Dog Poet, thats right you piss on all o'the bastards.

Anonymous said...

the chosen people......... what is their purpose ? and chosen by who the creator or more likely the TPTB . The jews and the palestinians are both just pawns in a big end game.

Findatroll said...

Ignorance is never an art form!
Get a life Joe...

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Thanks for this post. You mentioned fog parting and that resonates with me because last night I dreamt that someone said to me, "When people awake, there will be a thick, white fog that cannot be seen through. It will drive many crazy, but just wait until the power outages - ugh."

Why is the Google site spelled "Googlle" today? Have we entered another dimension where "Googlle" rules the world?

gramma said...

excellent les visible..been with you for about a year now and you still awe me and crack me up to boot. hugs to ya'

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know, what has happened to the "Truth"???????????????

Anonymous said...

Iran, Iran, Iran…The powers that be have been creating wars since time immemorial. They control about everything in this 3-D world that we can imagine. But somehow they have not been able to get this one started. It has been at least 3 years running that the drumbeat toward an Iran War has been going on. Remember the speedboats? Whatever happened to that one? The election protests have come and gone. The nuclear question comes back in cycles…remember the report of all the spy agencies last year?

All the constant propaganda, on and on and on. Lest we forget the Georgia War. The lost “hikers.” Now the Curly, Larry, Moe Event. All this effort, yet the PTB cannot get a war started. And they are looking silly. The Sufis have quite a sense of humor. It looks like they must be at work…staving off the Iran War.

Something is changing, has changed. Maybe we are seeing the end of the reign of terror as Les has been talking about. Maybe there has, indeed, been a consciousness shift…One would only hope…

Jim G.

Anonymous said...

Never could stand this trio. With their endless slap-stick stupidity, and yet the dummy in this trio was a genius with music. I would have preferred to listen to this dummy on the harp, or piano. Their comedy was an early form of working the masses. The people behind those cretins started out with the examination of wondering just how much crud the young people could fit between their ears. They must have been amazed when they captivated both young and old alike, and then piled it on making them a full length feature of our lives.

In my parish we had no end of Norman Wisdom, Mother Riley, and suchlike to walk into no end of up-turned rakes. Just how many times could a fool walk into an up-turned rake. In real life here a fool was known as an "omadaan", while in reality they were quite clever. I once watched one of those "omadaan's" change coins for notes in a pub one night. He counted the pennies out in tiers of twelve to the tune of 5 pounds, the bar-man scooped the coins up and paid the fiver. As the coins were counted into the till a shortfall was noticed. There were 11 pennies in each tier. No doubt the "omadaan was visiting more pubs that night.
The creators and managers of this trio of stupidity are hopefully seated on the hob of hell trying to cool their arses, as their master is eying up the next well-hung minion to give them their next rear entry. Too late for oops, or Vaseline, and no time for laughter. The creators of this trio should be well pleased were they not otherwise engaged. We seem to have inherited leaders who were weaned on this drivel. Ireland in particular for some reason seems to have inherited more than their share of slap-stick comedian politicians. I would run out of space if I were to talk of the MSM elite who are just the best part of this double act.
Could someone please correct me or has some of the elite of star or stage, or the world political arena, has anyone in the movie of life spoken out to say. Israel is the belligerent, and oppressive neighbour. Israel kills at will with impunity. Israel is a rouge state which is nuclear armed. Israelis are the reason the greatest country on earth is on its knees. Israel is the capital of world usury. Well of course I almost forgot about Mel Gibson, but then he was more than slapped on the wrist for his thinking off script.

As always your thinking is just the "dog's bollocks", and I don't make comment on it for a reason, well how could I, its just the "dog's bollocks". Just had a thought or two there Les. Should I be watching who visits my house in future for using the word Israel in a derogatory manner ? Would it be better for the world in general if we had a few more "omadaan's" running all our governments ? Anyway you keep doing like you do in this our own movie, and we hope for an ever growing audience. For now I am happy to try to play my own part and try to follow your lead.



PS. The word omadaan is my spelling of this word as it might sound in English. The scribbler is not able to write the Gaelic of this word on this computer.

Visible said...

There's a new stew in The Petri Dish today-

The Department of Terror wants You!.

RML said...

ynuk, ynuk, ynuk ...

Not only is youth wasted on the wrong people, all the wrong people have all the money, and what the hell was with Yahweh to openly make deals with Satan, but did you read the blip in one of Robert Monroe's book about his meeting an ET whom he asked, "What is it about humans that's worth studying?"

"Their/your sense of humor." Nope, the ETs aren't here to "conquer" us, steal our fabricated women-folk, or chow down on us for a late afternoon snack. Nope. They're here to figure out what the f**k is so funny?!

If one wants to take a couple of Curly whacks, make sounds and noises that will land you in detention, go ahead and mimic the idiot. You can do every dumb and malicious stunt Moe landed on Curly, but try and get Papal approval for Reiki and you'll wind up on THE list of anathemas.

You know, it's IRONY that's the key to understanding the Cosmos -- not the slap-stick Punch and Judy knock-offs so loved by the Queen-bee and all the minions buzz'n 'round her hive. The reason that Christians would crucify Jesus (again) if he dared show-up in this mess is that they ... well ... hate him. (Because they don’t have a sense of humor) They hate his irony, his non-violent non-cooperation, his unconditional love. If you took a book (has to have a red cover) and ONLY printed the words of Jesus without printing his name, the book would be burned [you could say the same thing about the Prophet... if you dared].

Peace and Love & hoping we all get the Joke.

Anonymous said...

Amerikagulag says:

More lights in the darkness, and on a Monday no less!......

Erdogan:Focus on Israeli nukes not Iran N energy program

Richard Welsh said...

LES -- all morning the sounds of emergency bleeps and gunshots surround my house. Musick to the ears.

Richard Welsh said...

Les -- Based on the activity here in the in the
last half-hour the rapture is definitely on.

JoeSixPack said...

“Findatroll said...
Ignorance is never an art form!
Get a life Joe...”

I said WILLFUL ignorance, Troll.

Old Guy said...

I think J.H. Kunstler has been studying Les Visible's style!

Richard Welsh said...

Joe Six Pack--

You better explain your last post or your ass is grass

Visible said...

I'm a very tolerant sort. That doesn't mean that I don't have eyes in the back of my head. I don't think I need to say any more, do I?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les

Say isnt getting too eazy and slezy to put down the clowns? Your just pickin on the worest that man has created? Where the beef?

Im saying Israel isnt the problem per say. For sure we can see the dark hand at work there. Israel is a storyline, not a nation. Ask who wrote the story? Israel has a very short history and its simple to see her master, the crown? The US is controlled by the same sourse and we are to beleive Israel is acting on its own? Israel is a smoke screen? Both the US and Israel are less than a few hundred years old. Listen to Davis Icke and the lot, they'll tell you the same. On that subject, David gets many things mixed up as we all do. He does have an answer that works, love.
Its not what others do that matters one little bit, it what you choose to do? If we want to be victums of Israel, cry about it? If you want to effect the whole, stop tell the storyline, its just a dark fairytale. Im not say put your head in the sand, more like pull it out your ass. You cant create problems that you have not abilty to fix? What a waist of time?
Many super smart men have shown US actions are linked to other nations (ie Israel) or just plan not what a "free" nation would do. Thats well and good, but they dont say the system as a whole is missed up too, why? It hard to say and then deal with the fact we all are misleading ourselves. Some order is needed to share ideas or have nations and wars. That order is a dream and the real problem? Stop hoping for the same old to change. Just change your minds eye to the problem. Dont worry, the world at large will change and thats what the elites fear the most, use the seasons and time as your weapons not words?

Richard Welsh said...

Hey Joe--

What are afraid of? That you're gonna die????

Anonymous said...

Hey Folks,

World War 3 as told by Albert Pike:

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

Saman Mohammadi said...

Almost everything you write is right on the mark.'m sometimes guilty of skipping over some of your stuff, but on the whole, you provide brilliant analysis.

Anonymous said...

but wise men say,11.12pm thats is not the truth,albert pike was a wicked man he chose the wrong route,his visions were his own mind,divided in its use,his evil done by other men who were lost they were confused,either way they lost their peace they didnt know their root,and when the truth come out to speak,they just will not compute,or so they say,thats how it go,I really do not know,I sit with peace and love to try to harmonize the flow,..peace

Rebel 4E said...

Check out Curly, Moe and Larry at this G20 Pittsburgh Demonstration....
It would be side-splittingly funny if it wasn't so tragically lame.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les.

Here is a link for you enjoyment.

Who really knows?

No Evil!

Later, turey

Richard Welsh said...

Thanks for all your help. IT WILL NOT GO UNREWARDED.

Anonymous said...

I hate to always be the bearer of bad news but another 14 year old girl in the U. K. died several hours after a gardasil shot. It was murder for profit as far as I am concerned. Some guy in Germany began spitting up blood after testing the new swine vaccine. It looks like millions are going to be maimed before reality sets in.

Someone told me today the local news indicated nobody around here was going to be forced to take the shots as they had been overwhelmed with calls asking about it. I couldn't tell you for sure because I only watch an occasional movie on TV or sporting contest. There is not much propaganda in sports. The good guys usually win.

When I was a kid my father used to say always tell the truth no matter what. I thought why is he saying this that is what people do isn't it. I thought that was what normal people did. How foolish I was. I had no idea there were those who had turned lying into an art form and telling the truth could cost your life or insure you live under a bridge.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hey Les and All,

Israel, Iran, Icke, the Crown, etc...

What does it all mean?? Like many of you, I'm still trying to figure it out and offer many solutions, if possible. But as one poster stated, Israel is just part of the story.

I read the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and they spoke about "management" of the LESSER BRETHREN. And that got me thinking how during Hitler's reign, he was financed and handled by wealthy, powerful jews to killed and terrorize the lesser jews... Management of the Lesser Brethren so to speak.

I think Israel will be used as a stumbling block or a pawn for them to achieve their Demonic NWO goals. CFR/TC member Zig Brzezinski already came out and stated for US to challenge Israeli fighter planes if they violate Iraqi air-space... Now, why would he say that as Obama's handler??? Especially when Obama has been bowing down to all of Israels demands? I think his book, "The Grand Chessboard" say it all. Folks, to them (the fighting factions of devils) this is a Chess game of which Luciferian group will be on top when the shit goes down.

Most of these alternative sites are controlled and financed by them. It's called control your opposition. Let out just enough info to keep the "conspiracy theorists" busy & away from the truth but not enough to derail our true plans. In the Protocols of Zion, it even mention of how when "They" come into their kindgom, "they" will even dispose of Masons wheo was duped into helping them achieve their end...

The thing that comes to mind is the movie -"Usual Suspects".. These guys were smart criminals who got played by the imp of the crew.. They NEVER saw it coming until it was too late... So be cautious and guard your mind and spirit.

Also, why would Bill Clinton state that the folks that battled him were after Obama now?? Could it be a ploy? or is old Bill speaking truth b/c he realized the pawn status of he & Hilliary??

Then Seibel Edmonds interview, James Traficant outburst about Israel, CIA prosecutions, talk about suitcase nukes in the country, Telecom companies no longer immune to prosecution, Iran replacing the dollar, Hugo Chavez venting from his corner of the earth, Swine Flu, high unemployment, Blackwater prosecutions, mysterious suicides all around the country, Japan threatening to break away from US, etc...

So much news and even more fear to those who are completely clueless. But I will remain here with you all as we try to piece this thing out and offer solutions if possible.

It goes without saying that one must have their spiritual house in order FIRST, then the physical body second.

I shall leave you all with the bible verse: Luke 21:25-27


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Paste this in Google..

VNN Editorial - Vedic Arabia

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick

Good work!!!


John said... this new, or am I just slow?

"According to a Wall Street Journal report, despite last week’s report of the discovery of the nuclear facility in Qom, America and Israel have been aware of its existence for the a number of years.

In a related matter, the British Sunday Express reported over the weekend that Saudi Arabia will permit Israeli fighter planes to fly through its airspace en route to Iran if an offensive assault is decided upon. The report quotes Britain’s chief of intelligence, Sir John Scarlett, who apparently met with Mossad Intelligence Agency Director Meir Dagan. It appears the news of the Qom facility was enough to finally persuade the Saudis."

And Dublin Mick, thanks for that list. I'm reading the article now.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Never could stand this trio. With their endless slap-stick stupidity, and yet the dummy in this trio was a genius with music. I would have preferred to listen to this dummy on the harp, or piano. Their comedy was an early form of working the masses."

Poor poor anonymous: No one told him there isn't a "Sanity Clause", and he was taking a piss when Chico played "shoot'em" piano, and Groucho was telling some stacked blonde on the verge of a "breakdown" that he could "fix her brakes, but she's have to stay in the garage overnight."

But at least he got a kick out of Harpo demonstrating overt "horniness" chasing down skirts that came in range. "Honk honk" anonymous!

Maybe it all sailed over his head...


Anonymous said...

fly on you crazy dancer. You blow my fucking mind.

John said...

This house sho' gone crazy. Moe, Larry and Curley are not Groucho and his brothers.

Anonymous said...

I see some disinfo people have joined the discussion: "Jews are only pawns", "Israel is only part of the problem", "the problem is really the CFR, Illuminati, NWO, a Cabal of International Bankers, the Crown" blah-blah-blah.

IOW, "hey there, fellas, let's take it easy on the Jews".

What pathetic bullshit.

Well guess what, it wasn't the "CFR" that was dancing in Liberty Park with the WTC towers burning in the background. It wasn't goyim that cashed in on the insurance policies of the WTC towers. It wasn't the British that attacked the USS Liberty, etc. It was Jews.

And as for "Israel", well let me suggest an analogy:

Even though a rapist uses his "tool" i.e., his penis, as a weapon to attack his victim, they say rape is not about "sex", per se, but about "power over the victim" "control", etc. Likewise, Israel is not about being a "homeland" for the Jews, but merely a tool, i.e., it's the "penis" with which Jews rape the world.

I hope that clears things up.

Unknown said...

Everyone should watch the Joan Veon video series ' When the central banks rule the world'. Then tie that in with other info.

Also read SYSTEMIC COLLAPSE--THE BASICS, By Peter Goodchild on Carolyn Baker's site.



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Richard I can't help you by publishing crazy rants. I don't know if you are actually in trouble or doing some kind kind of troll work. There's no telling. If you are in need of some kind of assistance you can email me. Wild behavior, death threats and the like do not impress me. My fate is in the right hands and that will determine what happens with me. However if I can provide some advice or something then you should just email me. This comments section is not a graffiti wall.

Anonymous said...

Paste this in Google...

Taj Mahal - A Hindu Temple-Palace

Anonymous said...

I would name DublinMick for the master Troll Award.


Anonymous said...

IOW, "hey there, fellas, let's take it easy on the Jews".

Now take a deep breath and exhale. Im not even going to deal with your use of the word "jew." Im going to say that your right about the rape thing. You have answered your own problem with "they say rape is not about "sex", per se, but about "power over the victim" "control", etc." True man, but the "homeland" isnt the "penis." Your own reaction and hate of "jews" is? The plan is for you to rape yourself and get pissed off at others for doing the same? Dont be duped like that!

Anonymous said...

It was not my intention to infuriate Richard in any way.
I apologize.

Anonymous said...

Which toe did I step on Henri? Let me guess pointing out that Larry Moe and Curly as well as the middle east are not the center of the universe but simply an extension of Vedic culture. Is that the rub?

If you are going to get ad hominem be specific.

WRH 2009-09-30 said...

"Does anyone remember all the lies that they were told by then-president Bush and the "mainstream media" about the grave threat to America from weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? These lies were repeated endlessly in the print and TV media despite the reports from the weapons inspectors, who had been sent to Iraq, that no such weapons existed.

The weapons inspectors did an honest job in Iraq and told the truth, but the mainstream media did not emphasize their findings. Instead, the media served as a Ministry of Propaganda, beating the war drums for the U.S. government.

Now the whole process is repeating itself. This time the target is Iran."

Anonymous said...

Last news,Hindus built the pyramids,the tour eiffel and the Jerusalem temple.The federal reserve,the white house and Mecca.They dug the Amazone,than planned to empty the pacific.They are Amazing.I want to be a Hindu.!?

Anonymous said...

Remember the original Road Warrior movies [with Mel Gibson (long before he began doing romantic-comedies)] where it was post WW3 and there was only so much gasoline(sic) left in the world. ONe of the Mad Max films - the second one I think - saw a band of outlaws bloodthirsty for gasoline that they continually for months tried to attack a peaceful compound which happened to have a fair amount of gasoline and a civilised social order.
My point is this. One can step back from everything that has been, and is happening, and will be happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and see the USA and Israelis like the outlaw bandits in the Mad Max film where the goal is to steal the liquid energy from the people who have it at any cost.
USA and Israel are behaving like jackels for oil - willing to kill as many civilians as necessary to get it.
They have (lots of) it, USA and Israel want it (the oil). Period.

Anonymous said...

Les, Israel just took delivery of two more dolphin class subs from Germany. They now have 5.

Anonymous said...

So you're Jewish, LeMat?

What was supposed to be the Jewish "homeland" turned out to be the collective Jewish "penis" with which Jewry screws the whole world. Sorry if you find that unfortunate truth "hateful", but that's just the way it is.

Anonymous said...

You know anonymous or Henri or whoever you are I enjoy banter myself but this is a serious website and a very good one so I will make it short. I think you are in way over your head.

You seem to be veering toward a position that I am some undercover Hindu posing as an Irishman. I am not I am Irish. The point you seem to be missing is all cultures are partially Hindi at least language wise because that is the root of all languages. They once were part of a world wide Vedic culture. A small part of it exists here in the Americas as the Navajo still speak it.

I hope that clears it up for you and if you are going to troll it is not they dug the Amazone, and than tried to empty the pacific. Correctly phrased it should read they dug the Amazon and then tried to empty the pacific. That is without the comma.

This fact has been suppressed partially because every ethnic group has a tendency to blow it's own horn which in effect has somewhat obscured the Vedic contributions. I get a little carried away at times with the Scythians and the Irish.

I will say that even today ayurvedic medicine is one of the few that is not trying to poison people and uses methods to actually heal them.

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs nor cast pearl before swine lest they trample them underfoot and rend unto you........Jesus

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

It's annoying when people keep stating that this Mideast madness is all about "oil". "Israel and the U.S. want 'oil'". LOL! This nonsense has been thoroughly debunked many times.

Firstly, what, exactly, is the "U.S." in the first place? The "U.S.", in the only meaningful sense I can think of, means the "U.S. government", which is obviously nothing but a coterie of soulless, traitorous, political puppets, who no longer even attempt to maintain even a pretense of acting on behalf of some kind of an American constituency.

Thus to say "the U.S. wants oil" is a completely meaningless statement.

Trying to ascribe some "rational" motive to the madness we're seeing, in this case, "oil", is apparently the result of some kind of psychological defense mechanism.

People, who, from the bounds of a very limited belief system, try, but are unable to grasp the incomprehensible depth of Jewish supremacist evil (where mass murder for example, is not only the means, but also the end) usually make these kinds of statements.

No, people, this is not about "oil", this is about insane, bloodthirsty, mass-murdering, Zionist Jew psychopathology.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mick,Hindu is a Korean expression:H`n-Do,originating from Chinese: hhon-dao,itself,a corruption of English:Hen dew,derived from french on-du whose meaning was lost along the way...Now that`s some archeology...

Verification:defulan,wich means in Malian from Somebody.Go figure.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.



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