Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering the Villains, Seven come 9/11.

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“Seven come 9/11, baby needs a new pair of feet!” “Yeah roll dem bones. Sift me out some bone flour and bake me some 9/11 Victory Bread.” “Oh Yeah, I got to make eleven the hard way.” That’s when you roll snake eyes and convince everyone it was an eleven. “Check it out people. One and one is eleven. Take this here paper and write down a one and then another one next to it. See? That’s eleven.” Next...

I see where Rupert Murdoch’s Fox-Scat news service is going to be having a homage to the heroes of 9/11 on their virtual upchuck site. No sooner had they printed “never forget” than AIPAC sent a lawyer around with a ‘cease and desist’ for copyright infringement.

Certainly there were heroes around the WTC game-board on that fateful day. There were people like William Rodriguez and various emergency personnel who heard the various explosions and saw the controlled demolition of the towers and told their tale. There were others who just did their job and had no idea of what was going on but whose memories lit up afterwards like a K-Mart Blue Light Special with flashbacks and various incongruities that all said... “That ain’t the way that it was.”

Oh, there will be those audio/visual presentations that will fill us with the remembered shock and awe of that day and silverfish from the sewers will crawl up into the news casting booths in suits and ties with blow-dried hair and a Halcyon glare and talk about what happened. They’ll have their little cameos and vignettes as the dutiful graduates of MKUltra and Tavistock share their recovered memories. So… they’ll be doing that and I thought I would do a little something too and that would be to remember the villains of 9/11, the people who planned and carried out the attacks and give them a little face time.

Therefore, in no special order and with a few facts and figures missing here and there, we will name some of the major players. There’s ‘Lucky’ Larry Silverstein who purchased the lease on the WTC a few months before 9/11 and promptly took out big time terror insurance and who knew all about the asbestos problems in the towers. Here’s a humorous puff piece from Haaretz mourning the loss of all of Lucky Larry’s good work. They make mention of how he’s a good friend of Netanyahu, Sharon and Barak. That’s no surprise since 9/11 was planned and carried out by Mossad with the help of American intelligence services which means that Nettie, the Pillsbury Coma Boy and Parrot Squawk were manning the phones at their home base, that ‘just add blood and larceny’ Instant Levittown, Medellin of the Middle East.

There’s Little Georgie Bush who was reading “My Pet Goat of Mendes” to a group of his intellectual peers on the day he lied about seeing a plane crash into the towers. He was attended by one of his handlers, ‘Slippery’ Andy Card who, coincidentally will be on Fox-Scat News today. Another villain of 9/11, one of the big villains would be ‘Dick’em’ Cheney who made sure that all the fighter jets stayed on the ground as he assisted in his role in the treasonous attack on his own country.

There’s the neo-con fun bunch over at PNAC who drafted the charter and floated in the think tanks and fast-tracked and vetted many of the principal players who had to be in place for the festivities of 9/11. There’s ‘Money Honey’ Dov Zakheim who misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars and worked with remote plane technology and who hot-tubs with many of the names already listed. There’s Donald Rumsfield who announced the missing 2.3 trillion dollars on September 10th and who was wearing headphones and laying in a leather sling being procto-scoped by Condoleezza Rice on the 11th.

There’s the Five Dancing Israeli’s who got shipped back to Israel so that they could appear on television to say that they had been shopping for their moms. There’s the cop who found Mohammed Atta’s passport. There’s Rudolph Giuliani who mysteriously got called away from where he was so that he wouldn’t be where the action was. There are all sorts of sidemen like the people who snatched all the video tapes and destroyed the air traffic control CDs and a host of players that you can read about here. And if that wasn’t enough you can go here. I’d skip the video which I find annoying.

There’s “I can’t keep it in my pants’ Paul Wolfowitz who along with Richard Pearle and Douglas Feith were Jonathan Pollard’s spy caper buddies and who left a trail of hissing, radioactive green slime everywhere he went and who chowed down over at the World Bank and leveraged his girlfriend with a forklift into cush city before he got canned and is probably now working in the illegal organ trade.

On this memorial day that serves to remind us about how bad things can get when you let vicious, murdering psychopaths ascend into the realms of government policy, so as to have the opportunity to blame their actions on a particular religious group which they set up as the fall guys, let us remember the people who actually did the deed.

Yes, I’ve left people out and it’s your job to add them to the comments section. There are two groups of people I would like to mention before I head into epilogue country. One group is that large body of the public who actually believes it was a rag tag band of Stone Age Arabs that pulled all of this off. One of my favorite lines that I have heard is, “I was in New York City on 9/11, I know what happened (snicker)". This group has lowered the bar for stupid so that not even light can pass under it now. The other group is those who know that the official story is bullshit but who are restrained from action and comment out of cowardice and fear. The two of you have helped immensely and you need to be recognized for your contribution to the enduring lie that is 9/11.

On this day of remembrance, let’s showcase the actual parties who were instrumental in making your world the place it is today. Let’s not forget who was in charge of security at the WTC in the time leading up to the attacks and let us not forget who was in charge of security at all the 9/11 airports as well as the London Tube on 7/7 AND the Madrid Train Station. (Whistling past the graveyard) Yes, it’s all a series of impossible coincidences. “Seven come 9/11 baby.”

We know who did it. We don’t need the videotape from the crime scene and what thoughts were passing through their heads or what they said to each other. We have the smoking gun and the fingerprints. We have more than enough evidence to prove the conspiracy, after that it is just connecting the dots. It’s time for the Ceausescu solution to be applied across the board.

Take a moment on this day to reflect upon the villains. Across the polluted airways of the captive and lying western media you will be allowed to wallow in the tacky send-ups and reminiscences of pointy headed mynah birds as they trot out the tattered bunting and rain damaged backdrops for yet one more gigantic disinfo extravaganza. Observe these mindless robots as the message flashes over their heads with the words, “sold out whores.”

Finally, take a moment to feel the gratitude that you are none of these people and groups that have been mentioned here. Let your heart swell with thanks that you can see what really happened and that you are not a mesmerized farm animal awaiting your pending date with realities axe. Be mindful of how lucky you are that you can see and think and reason for yourselves. You have retained your humanity and you have not sold out your integrity and conviction for the comforting, crowded darkness of those who have embraced the impossible lies.

Let us remember the villains and the accessories during and after the fact. The unveiling continues, day by day. Critical mass approaches. The collective mind is awakening. Whatever these villains have planned for the future will not be enough to conceal what they have done in past. They are marching to their doom as they imagine triumph within their reach. Nothing can shield or save them from the judgment within. Their judge and executioner has marched with them every step of the way and recorded their words and deeds with their own eyes and ears. The dice are loaded and will perform accordingly at the appointed time.

Note, The Truthseeker has been offline for some days now and not even emails are being delivered. Does anyone know anything?

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Anonymous said...

Morning Les

Here's one from Deek Jackson on this glorious aniversary.


Anonymous said...

“I was in New York City on 9/11, I know what happened..."

I am due a very special treat on this day: I will be on the interstate highways through til tomorrow afternoon, witnessing the intellect of many fine Americans at truck stops, waysides and small towns.

I do remind myself though, that many of these same people, IF they ever do become aware of the real world, would probably be likley to offer assistance when the shit hits the fan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

maby anti "Irishleague" closed The Truth Seeker down

Dejan of the Altered family
"born free and Will depart this dimension free"

Anonymous said...

Greetings Dumballah..I was just commenting about the 911 shit at the 'Dish' when I thought mmm, I'll take a over at look at the new S&M, and fuck me if you aren't bang'n on about the schlongstar channels FOUR, yep 4! That's four(4) mockumentaries on four channels all at once Debunking the truth about 9/11...Faaaark meee! ALL AT ONCE! So I scrapped the comment and rushed right over. Oh, who's "the angry aussie"? "The thing I found that disinfo people and disruption agents ( the "angry Aussie" kind )"-Ellipser. Step outside fucker! What's that shit? Isn't everybody angry that visits here? Or is this just another "healthy debate" - "anger, has no place here"...white-bread middle-class chat-fester.
Squillions more comments than usual Boss, well I never used to comment, I think the first time I had the dander to comment was about 12 months ago(?) I kept mum for three fuck'n years and that's not my style. Now,.. fuck, sum-atha shit I see now makes me feel like an inta'lektya'ell too dude.

T3E KTA. Bomb Happy, and certified with it!
'Anonymous' cos' I gotta, ta get it up! (grin)

simon said...

The hubris of 911 is the smoking gun to the world-wide-web of deceit that's been used against humanity for, how long? and if it comes apart, then it might just ALL come apart. Whatever it all turns out to actually be

I think it's looking good. Engineer's for truth got an airing on a top architect's web site and never mind the alex jones hoax/distraction, charlie sheen's accusing the us government of complicity was reported in at least two uk national papers - daily mail and the scum - sorry, sun - and read the comments! 90%+ know it for the truth

"critical mass in t minus...."

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick

There is one hell of an organ party going on world wide. This thing looks like it is going to be bigger than the Klondike gold rush. I don't know about you but this is beginnning to feel like a bad B grade horror movie.

It is coming to the point where you need to check people in the isle at the super market for scalpels while you are grocery shopping? That rough slouching beast is spreading out and franchising. The stories of guillotines being smuggled out of Canada years ago doesn't seem so hard to believe any more does it?

Fondation Por Les Enfants led by Abraham Peliant heading up Zoe's Ark of 17 organ harvesters. Israeli nurses and flight attendants were apparently handling logistics. Line me up for a flu shot from that French vaccine maker Novartis. I want to be first in line.

Sarkozy rushes off to Chad to save them?

$3000 a kid but organs are $150,000 on the black market. L' Arche de Zoe in chard and Darfar is under investigation in France. Chad president is helping smooth things over and calling it child molesting. It looks good for him so far he hasn't been accused of being an anti-semite.

Apparently Israeli mercenaries bomb the villages, blame it on the Arabs then send in Zoe's Ark to steal the kids. Ibriss Deby the Chad big dog acts like he is upset. French military flies the kids out of the country and Chad mothers who are frantic are labeled psychos.

Mean while little Napoleon Sarkozy flies into Chad to see what he can do. The people want some necktie parties. That is a good sign Here in Walmart Nation they would just call it a conspiracy.

Meanwhile fat jaws Fallwell is helping them with the fund raising. Key in Sally Strothers, for just $2.00 a day you can harvest a child in Africa. For $99. 95 you can go on a trip to the holy land flying in on Air France of course.

Beer Sheva hospital experts in organ transplants handle the removals. Those who don't make it end up in the crematorium in the basement.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les
The names I want to hear are those media masters, the mouth. To act with fear is one thing, but to create it? I know having the whole world glued to the tube for weeks strait was well worth it to these ugly men, but what a price they paided with their very souls? Its no wonder that TV and the news dropped to the lowest level of human brain power, whats left? People watched death and burning hopes for months, all the while dreaming of a new world full of more burning buildings. Why where they so ready for the 24/7 fake news events. How did we sink so low that no one said a thing or wanted to return to the world pre-911. I say the door was opened much earlier, like the early 80's or so. 911 was a stargate for the weak minded sheep. Off to the salt mines they went. Im pretty sure they wont figure it out till all the salts gone?

Anonymous said...

Good post on 9/11 Les.
Thank you.

Reggie said...

Just got shot down at Huffington Post for being a Truther. No matter what you show these people or what you tell them, they laugh us off as the crackpots - not those with the information they refuse to se.

Thanks for being there.

Anonymous said...

On a side note.
WRH seems to be down...on 9/11 anniversary.

Anonymous said...

I take that back.
I can now get into WRH.

tim said...

Never drink anything while reading the written word of Les Visible. Several bloggers have already expressed concern about this in the past. Reports have indicated nose filling up with said fluid and monitor splashig. Damn it, Les, there are little beer spots on my monitor from the simple line "Bush reading to his intellectual peers".
Of all the 911 information I have read, Mike Ruppert seems to have a unique perspective. What do you think,Les, have you read "Crossing the Rubicon"? Mike believes that physical evidence such as pictures,thermite, etc. are circumstantial evidence and easily thrown out of court. He concentrates on means, motive and opportunity. I have no interest in silly arguments. I have said before that the 911 truth movement is divided and conquered because of all the infighting. We should learn from everyone instead of attacking. There is so much disinfo that cooperation instead of competition should be the tool of intelligent individuals that want the truth.

Hank said...

I hate this day for so many reasons. I hate this day most for making me see the hate in me. It causes me to go to the attic of my mind, and drag out that old trunk where I have tried to hide all those "human" things about myself. Those things I have tried to purge from my everyday life, in my effort to be the better being that is trapped inside this body that, as hard as I try to overcome it, is still subject to the human condition.

I open the trunk, and to my dismay, the lid does not creak, because some of the things inside have not been in there all that long, and I still can't resist opening it once a year, on 911. It's a big box of ugly, this trunk. My hands want to recoil as I rummage through, looking for the hate. Greed, deceit, jealousy, selfishness, lust, perversion...ah, here it is, hate. I am very uncomfortable with the way it still seems to fit every year on this day.

It makes me realize that there are those that have no grace. Morlocks who, even though they look like us, are vile creatures that feed on the rest of us. Knowledge of the things they have done flood into my memory, and I know they deserve no mercy. I daydream about the horrible ways they should meet their demise, and none seem bad enough. Yes this hate still fits far too well for my liking.

Visions of a razor blade that cuts 6 layers of skin deep, carving Dick Cheney's body into 1 inch squares, and skinning him one square inch at a time, with a pair of needle nose pliers. Delighting in the agony on his face, and in his screams, as each newly exposed square is rubbed with a stiptic pencil. It is of no moment, because this creature has no soul. There is nothing that will continue beyond it's demise, except the extacy of the memories of it's screams.

For all the rest, I see acres of little wooden shanties, where one by one, they are taken inside, their guts cut open and just enough intestine is pulled out to be nailed to the floor. Then upon leaving, the place is set ablaze. Hey, at least they have a choice. Stay and burn, or run out of the house, with their trail of entrails.

Yes, I try this hate on every year now, when I see the wholesale perpetuation of the lie, by the perpetrator owned media. When they go to such elaborate lengths to remind me of how truly vile they really are. When they show the evidence of their crime all over again, and resell it with the same propaganda. And to be honest, I don't know which makes me angrier. The fact that they did it, or the fact that the masses fall for the lie. The fact that creatures that look just like me are too stupid to see the truth, even when they are slapped in the face with it every year.

Yes, it fits far too well this hate, and it is just too comfortable still on this day. I know it will go back in the trunk before the day is done, and be relegated once again to that dark corner of my mind, but...I think I will indulge my human condition just a little while longer. I hope you can forgive me. Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

HAH! I got you, you silly 9/11 Konspiracy Theorist, you!

You wrote "realities axe", but you really should have written "reality`s axe"!

That means that everything else you say is wrong, too!

I fart in your ge-ne-ral direction!

May the Eschaton swallow you whole!!!

And I think, by St. McKenna it shall!!

gna! gna! gnaaaaaa!!

Anonymous said...

WRH & rense aren't down, but they're verrrrrry
slow, kinda like dial-up slow. Doubt it's because
everyone at Fauxnews saw the light at once and hurried over there....
Sadly, the 9-1-01 domino was just the first...
the 9-2008 dominoes of Lehman bros., the criminal
$13? $23? trillion bailouts are just at their beginning & it's curtains for Joe & Jane Sixpack,
the two-kid, two-job, 3-car garage w/ Fauxnews & football
every nite. Tent cities, sharecropping and the Global Plantation for you!

Anonymous said...

Billy- "Hey do you know what day it is today..?"
Bobby- "It's what?"
Billy-"It's September 11th...dummy"
Bobby- "Yeah! and...?"
Billy- " Well! It's 8 years since the Twin Towers came down"
Bobby- "Oh right! did they ever catch that Arab bloke who did it..Osammy Ban Leedan ?"
Billy- "Osama Bin Laden"
Bobby- "Oh..yeah...whatever..terrible with names I am lol!"
Billy- "So.... you believe in the 'Official story' do you..?"
Bobby-"Hey was on the news for months...we all know it was those bloody arabs!"
Billy-"Don't you ever think about it and find it all a bit suspicious?"
Bobby- (grinning)"Listen mate, if youre gonna bloody start with all that conspiracy crap..Im not interested ok....Hey!Did you see the game..great result for England eh!..beat Croatia 5 - 1...World Cup here we come!!"
Billy-(resigned look on face) "I dont like football mate"
Bobby-(look of shock horror on face) "You...Don't...Like ...Football???"

Respects (-___-)

Visible said...

I use the language as I please. I make the rules. Therefore it is what it is. I considered writing it that way but I was all out of apostrophes and it looks better this way.

Anonymous said...

The idea of google blogging is against my better judgement but here goes a test run. Don't worry about the condition of my blog as I have no idea what I am doing.

Anonymous said...

The wall of deception will come tumbling down soon. As long as their is seekers of truth lies can not stand. The great unveiling will be upon us soon.

Les, the power of your writing proves that the word is mightier than the sword.


Anonymous said...

all those people fell that day,a sacrifice for evils way,but evil dont know what it has done,the evil spell will be undone,thinking it can rule by the gun,by bomb,by smoke by evil spun,mother earth knows what it done,she waits for all men to just come,and reconnect to her nature,naturally is what she favours,but mans heart split by haters,broken minds with many layers,taken down like cut with razors,what she needs is many saviours,so if we join and come as one,bang that universal drum,for our nature we all come,not listening to the hellbent dum, back to earth paradise fun,come lets join come as one...peace harmony love and truth to all

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"...I was all out of apostrophes..."
Les, I think the apocalyptic catastrophes have only just begun.
(Sorry; I just couldn't resist.)

Anonymous said...

9/11 and Israel, link here:

9/11 and Israel

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog today....the good news is that NYC will be placing an initiative on the ballot for a new 911 investigation after over 80,000 signatures were recorded. The light will find its way into the dark places where these scoundrels dwell. There is no place for them to hide and soon we will see the perpetrators and their assistants begin to squirm as the truth finds its way and they are brought to justice. Best Wishes, Doug, A/E 911 Truth

Scarlett said...

I've been laughing all morning thinking about "Pillsbury Coma Boy". I love that one ... I think it is going to be my mantra from now on for when I need a little pick me up. Just saying it makes me smile ... thanks for that. I needed a reason to smile today.

tim said...

Please will you answer my question. I'm not a troll. I never lie or play games.

Visible said...

I'm not sure what your question is. Have I read Mike Ruppert? The name sounds familiar but I don't recall the specifics of what you relate to. I'm not familiar with a great many people who are out and about and I don't read much of anything. I scan things like news items and read the occasional article from WRH or The Truthseeker but otherwise I don't read much of anything. Most of what is going on with me as far as input goes is going on inside my head and I read it off the the internal LED line that is scrolling across the mind's eye.

tim said...

I just wondered if you read "Crossing the Rubicon" by Mike Ruppert. It's an interesting perspective. Most of us are overwhelmed about all the 911 information and we trust your opinion. nothing more...I have no intention of hurting you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, I'm also concerned about Rixon, hope all is well. As for 9/11, I'm worried. If years ago, 19 Arabs could over-run the US security system. Rig the buildings to blow with high grade thermite made in caves. Infiltrate all the security services to destroy the evidence. Destroy all the tapes, control the media to the extent that the terrorists wrote the script, so tv pundits from the BBC knew what was going to happen next. They flew jet liners better than fighter aces could with just hours of training. There's more, but if they could do that then, imagine what they could do now. Regards ian

Visible said...

Hey... I'm not hurt nor anywhere near that thin-skinned. Also, most of the time I'm doing five other things when I'm posting comments and they very often slip by me. I'm sorry about that but between the comments and the emails and everything else that's happening I get lost on a regular basis and often forget what I told myself I would remember.

I didn't read that book as I have not read most of the other things that have come out about these events. I'm pretty internalized in ways I would find hard to describe.

I'm sorry I can't give you a read or a take on the text. I just haven't read it.

Anonymous said...

I have read 'Crossing the Rubican" and found it to be well written and makes a strong case for its arguments. That is, 9/11 was an inside job and had nothing to do with people in caves. It ties the criminal networks together that were involved since it is the same people who did many other crimes of large significance.

The answer can not be an investigation or that would have happened by now. The evidence is so overwhelming that there is only one conclusion. Those who did the evil deed are the same who rule and would be doing the investigation anyway. The people behind 9/11 are a power elite that have been doing crimes on large scale for a lonng time. They are the system. So, the only answer is for 9/11 to become the catalyst for a new system chosen by and for the people. Like it was supposed to be in the first place. Maybe we should be working on a declaration of Independence and maybe a constitution. With a little tweeking I know where we can get one that should work.

for some reason I feel that this is a day of celebration for truth. those with IQ's over a hundred realize that 911 was not an act by cave dwellers. The dark shadows where the evil ones lie is getting smaller as the dawn of truth emerges.

The power within is far greater than the power without. Let the light of truth shine from yourself. Let the power of truth overcome the force of darkness.

Love and light,


Anonymous said...

internally deceptive,degenerates infested,infected with demons who outwardly projected,that day in september,all remember the dismembered,sacrificed by pretenders death cult members,whos hearts disengaged mindset depraved,evil raized,left the true dazed confused and afraid,how could this be,did I just see what I see,now the time come to be what you be just see,truth seekers,truth teachers,peace readers peace receivers right feeders,believers lead us to a better way,it is time to display,fight for earth,true natures way,cos in each man a part of truth is contained,and inflamed by the source when contacted by aim,or intention,activate internal ascension, liberation,redemption,to this dimension stand to attention for the infection we're all the prevention,so the disease greed will soon learn its lesson...peace love harmony

Anonymous said...

Les.keep it up, do not let the 'conspiracy' theory' die. It must be brought up again and again, even daily if necessary. America likes to forget things and something such as 9/11 should not be forgotten until there is justice and the facts are acknowledged and those behind it are brought to justice. I don't expect to see the truth revealed in my lifetime but can only hope for it in my heirs lifetime. The truth of 9/11 will change America forever, but the change will be only for the good of America and for the world, possibly the only thing that will bring light and healing to an otherwise devastated and very mortally wounded planet..a devoted fan. a seventhy year old grandmother...Bless you Les. P.S. I have not been able to access Truthseeker for a few days..has it been 'eliminated?'

Anonymous said...

earth star,moon wind,rainbow take height,heart thunder,truth spring,sprinkle wizard of light,birth cycle peace maker bring word spells to life,corn circle weaver breathe love through the eye, river awe wild peace wise wind bite,life giver read raw wise from the might,river awe raw song bird take flight,star soul tune wind bring love to life,earth nature maker waken earth back to right,peace waken truth,true earth sight...peace harmony

Anonymous said...

Don't bother reading Mike Ruppert he was discredited long ago.

Anonymous said...

Fact is if you are reading Les Visible, Rixon Stewart and throw in a bit of Rense I don't think you get much information outside of this.

I like a little Sorcha for the drama once in awhile as her latest is the Benny Yahoo secretly flew to Moscow and had a screaming match with the Russians threatening to bomb Iran.

The story goes he wanted the 7 agents back who hijacked the Arctic sea and told the Russians to watch their backs they may see mushroom clouds. If the story is true the Russians said if Iran is attacked there will be a counter strike.

It all seems pretty tense.

Anonymous said...

The "Up in Smoke" article referenced is a few years old. It's a bit difficult to decipher, yet full of useful information (and disinformation). At first blush, it would seem the author was targeting a naieve, child-like audience, similar to what Israelis might imagine goy Americans to be like. The accompanying cartoon from some pseudoziowhitesupremecist website even insinuates that Bush was miffed that Silverstein might be profiting from 9-11 as a typical jew profiteer. Fucking childish. One has to wonder if any jews could ever buy into that crap.

On another level, the article makes it quite clear that Silverstein was in fact the largest private donor to Hillary Clinton's senate campaign. I think we can forget about a true investigation coming from these weasels, ever.

No, its going to be a long, hard, slog towards expulsion. But for them, death by a thousand cuts.

Tippy Toe! said...

...been tryin' to convince family and friends it was a inside job since the day it went down.
People dont wanna know, to believe it could be true, that their own Government would kill them for strategic/geo-political perposes. they dont want to know. Like a husband knowing but not being able to accept the fact that wifey is cheating. He knows it in his heart but accepts her excuses and explanations as it's easier than the truth. truth is messy. truth is pain. God bless the truth and let it rain down over us. wash away all their evil filth
God bless your old republic, fight to bring it back to life and once again under the rule of Law.
THEY know that WE know what really happened that day and THIS truth terrifies them. we've walked into the room, heard their treason talk and seen the plans strew on their desks. they button their lips and cover up the secret plans and all start jabbering "Tippy Toe!"
-It's too late fuckers. both Les and Lahey
are right, a shitstorm of shitriffic proportions shall soon be shit upon the guilty. hey, it's their "necktie" party, they can cry if they wanna, cry if they wanna, you would cry too if treason charges happened to you! dun..dun..dunna..dunt
-not in u.s.a.

TruthSeeker said...

Hi Les and all dear readers

I remember when it happened.. I was on my way to the University and I met my friend crying on the entrance and asked why. She told me in despair: YOu wont believe, it happened exactly like the movie " Independence day ". I was so shocked and could not believe my ears and asked her in despair as well: I cant believe, the aliens showed up?

Then she told me all the lie we have been told since this tragic day.

Till this day I ask myself some few questions. It's irrefutable that 911 was an inside job with much more than our mind can wonder. This is a fact and not a suposition. However, still nothing has been done and our children will learn in the school that a bunch of bad arab guys blowed themselves and brought the towers down hitting 2 planes in the building, although they also learn that their country is the safest and with the best military artifacts.

We dont need to be that smart to understand that we have been told so many lies. Not only in this case but in everything else. We reached a point that we can not even say with certainty what we really are, let alone the mysterious events that have been happening since world is world.

Shocks me that nothing has been done with the real guilties of this hediond crime. Well, all of them are rulers! They have been in power again and again. They are the same since the beginning of the time, they follow only their hidden agenda and we are all slaves. People are so enslaved, blinded, mind controlled that cant think by themselves anymore to separate what is true and what is not.

--> I'm feeling so sad and orphan without

Anonymous said...

Anyone who investigates 911 can come to only one conclusion 911 was an inside job. Every day more people come to this realization, and there is no turning back. No bullshit government propaganda will change their mind. The official fairy tail will always ring hollow. Everyone in Congress, most government officials, MSM higher ups, military brass, etc. know the truth yet they pretend otherwise. Three thousand murdered on 911 one million Iraqis killed, thousands of soldiers killed or mutilated mentally or physically, two countries destroyed, the US economy hanging by a thread and the beat goes on. It's mind boggling. What a farce! With a system like this how could anyone with two brain cells to rub together play the game.

It is taking trillions of phony dollars to keep the whole charade from coming unglued. 911, the economy, Fed, Wall Street swindles, bankster fraud, wars of choice, swine flu, unemployment, illegal immigration, organ theft, Oprah's fat ass................. What's the use, I'm rambling.

This fall will be very interesting. Best to keep those seat belts fastened. How about that Dow? Rallying in a depression. Four junk financials accounting for over 30% of the volume with 80%+ of total volume flash trades. Unprecedented, unbelievable just like the 911 and all the rest. Maybe it's all a dream and we will wake up in some doctor office with our sleeve rolled up!


Anonymous said...

Les, you nailed it: down to two + others' as yet un-named. Nicely done, sir.

I was thinking...

1. About the 9/11 Truth coming out (in our lifetime...or before 21-12-2012): not so sure on this; just reflect on the JFK murder - we still don't know the truth about that one and that was over 40 years' ago (...and I remember exactly where I was when I heard it, too!)

FWIW: it was the same outfit(s)...just a different crew(s).

2. China - the crime scene metal and other scrap that was 'sold' to PRC by that lucky NY Mayer, sorry, Mayor - I wonder when a few saved samples of that will find its way back to the land of the free (for independent analysis)?

FWIW: Probably when the printing plates have worn out from over-usage.

3. mine, sayeth The Lord - and that's precisely where I'd leave there is NO escaping that everlasting reward for one's earthly travails.

And finally, I still weep for all those poor souls and their families who felt the swipe of Lucifer's tale on 9/11 and thereafter.

Keep the Faith, folks, God is with us...first as a Lamb, then as a Lion...

Watch out, watch out...

Pax Verbum

psychegram said...

Yesterday was 3 Akbal, Action of the Night. How strangely appropriate for the anniversary of 9/11?

Well now, I found this on WRH: the contents of the H1N1 vaccine.

Quite the list. Quite apart from the chemicals (all of which I'm sure are probably toxic at one level or another) the biological ingredients are simply grisly. It reads almost like the recipe for some sort of voodoo black magic poison. All it's missing is the gris-gris.

These past several years, the world's been sorting people out according to those of them who could 'get' 9/11 and those who can't. This, I think, is the test: I can't see anyone who really groks 9/11 Truth letting the authorities stick a needle in their arm. Not easily or quietly. Those who haven't yet gotten it, it's a good bet by now probably won't, and the majority of them will role up their sleeves on command.

"Well, I guess if I can't _____________ unless I get the shot, I'll have to get it, won't I? Besides, it's for my own good."

Last mistake a lot of them will make.

Y'know, I wonder though. Let's say we're in for one hell of a cosmic pummeling soon. Meteors, earthquakes, famine ... the whole bit. I wonder if the Illuminati aren't figuring this is a mercy killing? Euthanize the dumb ones, they won't make it anyway so why should they suffer?

I wonder how many of them understand too what will happen to them as a consequence of the crime? History is a harsh judge of genocide, regardless of motive.

psychegram said...

Another note: had a couple of 9/11 conversations today. One was with a couple of other grad students. Well, not much of a conversation really. More listening on my part, and nodding silence. It was obvious that neither of them placed any credibility on, ah, alternative explanations of certain events based on the acknowledgement of certain anomalies within the data-set. Now, both of them were highly intelligent people - scientists in training, after all - so you might think it odd that they'd take such an unskeptical view of things but sadly this is quite typical, I think, and in more ways than one. I cannot credit that they have not come across the information many times before, and have dismissed it (or, more likely, refused to look at it) and so, I judged in prudent to keep my mouth shut.

Especially as our office is in a military college ... which by the way has the fasces prominently displayed on its gates (I bet I'm one of the only people there who even know what that is....)

The other was with a house mate, a bright young law student who's in the militia. He'd looked at it, gone back and forth, and come to the conclusion that Occam's Razor ruled it out. I pointed out to him that, as a scientist (which I can now sort-of call myself, hehe) the simplest, hence best explanation is the most parsimonious: the one that relies on the least number of postulates to explain the greatest number of phenomena. In this case, that 9/11 was merely the most recent (or at any rate high-profile) of a great number of such incidents that stretch back for thousands of years into the past.

The 'conspiracy' is dirt simple, really. In every age, and every time, there are evil motherfuckers. Psychopaths, antibuddhas, reptile-possessed or just plain evil they are always there. They lie shamelessly, play every dirty trick they can and know that if they get caught they are done for. They kill for sport, and their greatest sport is warfare (though of course they prefer to watch it from a distance, and give their counterparts on the 'other side' -wink, nudge- the courtesy of not directly attacking them.) It's a great ritual sacrifice for them, as they run their minions up against one another, all of them mind-controlled into thinking they're doing it for some cause more noble than slaking the blood-thirst of the ultimate predator.

That's it, in a nutshell. They've always been there, and we've always let them stay in charge (well, maybe not always. I imagine that small village or tribal life might make it more challenging for psychopaths to thrive. However, from civilization's inception the psychopaths have been firmly in charge.) Now, they're about to destroy the fucking planet because their primitive fucking reptile minds (hey, I've got mine, too) have uncontrollable appetites that are fundamentally impossible to feed.

psychegram said...

But you know, just that I know that? That's dangerous to them, I think. Because I get it, I understand their tricks and that makes it a whole lot harder for them to put one over on me. In fact it goes a significant distance towards putting anyone beyond their full control, and the more that knowledge gets out there ... the exponentially more difficult it becomes to manage the human herd.

Think they might at some point just say, fuck it, and start neutron bombing urban centers? Say if the awakened percentage were to start cresting thirty or forty percent? I don't even think it would take that much for society to be effectively wrested from their control.

I wouldn't be surprised if they try something like that. Then again, they're trying to get everyone to take a swine flu shot and we're now probably still a month out from the date of any really official announcement ... and the alternative media is practically screaming as one: DON'T GET THE SHOT!!! One way or another bound to get people's attention, they'll be asking questions and if they don't like the answers, well, that's a lot of people the elites will probably be wishing were dead a year or two from now.

What I'm saying is, awareness really does protect. Just us, knowing, provides a level of protection to the timeline of the human species against the mischief of these predators. If their movements are exposed early, and a spotlight kept on them, their hand is stayed ... or at least slowed. I doubt it will ever be fully possible to be rid of their attentions, however ... I can't help but think that the wider awareness becomes, the more power will slip from their grasp.

All that stands between humanity and a golden age is awareness and understanding of the Predator, both without and within. Conquer the predator within - or rather, acknowledge it, examine it, and then assimilate what must be kept whilst shucking off the rest - and the predator without ceases to hold the fascination, the unholy glamor it before possessed. One's energies are repossessed for oneself to a certain degree. If those energies were to be freed up on a global scale ... imagine the renaissance that might result....

A.Mouser said...

Uppsala 12 September 2009
All of Charlie Sheen's questions are accurate and even one answer by the Obama government would show the whole 9/11 charrade was orchestrated and carried out in its entirety by the CIA and Mossad.
USA has been hijacked by a foreign Zionist government and she is set up to keep on fighting Israel's wars with USA taxes and the blood of American men and women.
Stop Israel!
Reveal the truth about what really happened on 9/11 and set USA free!
Yours truly,

A.Mouser said...

Rothschild is the family who in 1950 owned 52% of everything in the USA.
Rothschild is the penultimate jewish capitalist family on the planet.
Rothschild is the personal accountant for Queen Elizabeth and the House of Windsor.
Rothschild owns the "Bank of England".
Rothschild employs Rockefeller to do his financial bidding in the USA.
Rothschild is a German word for red-sheild which was the coat of arms over the goldsmith Bauer's shop in Germany, which was taken as their family name when they began to amass thousands of ounces of gold.
Rothschild is the family who leveraged the Balfour document "legalizing" the theft of Palestine to give to Kazar jews who are not related to the indigenous semites whatsoever.
Rothschild is the worldly incarnation of the antichrist in terms of evil - pure evil - inflicted upon the world over several hundrad years.
Rothschild should be guillotined the way the monarchial corrupt ruling clas was in the French revolution.

smile edna - an anagram said...

This is how bad it is: I was living in California and I'd take my friends and family and point up to the sky, interlaced as it was with tic tac toe "cloud" patterns and I said, "Do you ever remember jet trails like that?"

No. But...blahblahblah

It was staring them RIGHT IN THE FACE and they still couldn't see a difference. (a few did, and it changed their lives forever -apologies all around, sometimes the blue pill goes down easier)

Explain the anomalies of 911? Forget about it. I left California and my family. My husband was screaming at me nightly like he was the incarnate of Bill O'Really himself.

I'm depressed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, chemtrails. Well remember September 12,
all flights grounded. Living in NW at the time.
Clear acid azure sky. No tic tac toes. No spiderwebs on the powerlines. No hacking cough and asthma! That was the first Big Lie to fall, as we were puzzling over the white flashes and puffs on WTC and Bldg. 7 going down hours later.
Word verif.: flumm(oxed)

Anonymous said...

Until Les mentioned it I didn't realize Mike Rivero of WRH claims a passenger plane hit the Penagon. Went to WRH and sure enough Les was right as usual. Mike's explination doesn't hold water. I visit his site every day, it is great. Another shocker was George Ute's Urban Survival. Decent site with good links but a couple of weeks ago he had this to say about chemtrails. "He talked to a couple of airline pilot friends and they said the chemtrails were conetrails." He also said they might be "new fuel additives" that the military was testing. He is a pilot and "was thinking about getting his pressure cabin certification so he could go up and take a look." What a crock of shit. It is like Alex Jones saying Arabs control Hollywood and avoiding the Joooz thing. What is with these people? Do they need to expond one bizarre belief as some sort of "protection" from the authorities? These high profile bloggers can't be that stupid.

Hey Les, maybe you better get on the bandwagon although you have truthfully covered most everything. You have a fertile mind, I'm sure you can come up with something equally wierd.


Anonymous said...

I can't say enough about the people who respond here. The perspectives offered are extremely noteworthy. I often find myself thinking I wish I had thought of that.

There is one thing of concern in regards

I recall several years ago Mr. Rixon mentioned on his site that he had been contacted by a lady who wished make his acquaintance. He discussed this with a seer friend and was advised it was the authorities.

I recall he said he was still inclined to press forward because he had always wanted to screw a spook but he wisely declined. He said something to the effect that he had received an email stating something along the lines of we will give you enough rope little man and you eventually hang yourself. We will get you.

That is the most I can remember about it.

John said...

Mick, I like to read Sorcha Faal too. Her explanation of the Air Force One incident over Manhattan was priceless.

About psychopathy: I wonder if this has always been with us or if it entered our history at a certain point. Is there an 'evil' gene?

Hank said...


I believe you are absolutely correct about the Rothschild thing. I think if all the water was boiled out of the pot of evil doings on planet earth, Rothschild would be there. Peace my friend.

tim said...

Dublin Mick;
How was Mike Ruppert discredited? Peak oil is contravertial, and he doesn't directly blame Zionists (but indirectly through the neo-cons and Cheney). Could you point me to something to read? Thanks!

greencrow said...

Hi all:

Les wants us to add other heros of 9/11. I've been thinking about the long journey towards truth that I've taken since April 16/17 of 2003. That's when I began to doubt.

Prior to that I believe just about anything that was written in the MSM. On the night of April 16/17, 2003, however, some US reserve pilots flying F-16's killed four Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. They dive bombed them as they held night time live fire exercies about 15 miles from the floodlit Kandahar airbase.

That night, I was up late studying my online courses. I was shocked and had this sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach that this was a deliberate effort by Bush/Cheney to show the Canadian puppet state who was boss. After all, Chretien had refused to go into Iraq as part of the Coalition of the Willing (although he had agreed to go into Afghanistan as part of a NATO force to root out OBL from his caves...BTW what ever happened to that effort?).

That night, it was as if the scales fell from my eyes. I suddenly was able to see things in a clear, cold light. The global political landscape was illuminated by flashes of lightning intuitive understanding ("Oh, so this is what's really going on!").

I went on The New York Times Forums for the first time that night and my tag line adopted a few days later was "You're cleared, self defense." This was what the air traffic controller had said to the F-16 pilots seconds after their bombs struck the Canadians.

I guess I became open to understanding due to the event happening to me as opposed to unfortunate souls in far off countries.

With my newly acquired perceptive abilities, I was able to look at all kinds of events before and after April 16/17 and understand the truth behind the Official was only a matter of time before I applied this ability to 9/11. On that part of the journey, when I was mopping up information like a parched sponge, certain intellectual mentors were invaluable....Mike Ruppert, the late, great Joe Vialls, Mike Rivero, Alex Jones and some now defunct 9/11 orientated websites.

When I "came out" to family, friends and colleagues, I soon learned that they did not appreciate hearing the truth. It was a cold shower of realization to be called all sorts of unpleasant names and be snickered about behind my back. Even my children could not grasp the this day that amazes me.

I will continue this post later with a part two of my truth journey.


tim said...

Anonymous who was talking about chemtrails:
I spent the last 3 years as an electrical engineer buliding trucks that fill airplanes, both commercial and military. (before I was laid off 4 months ago) The only additive systems inject something called PRIST, which is a chemical for de-icing. You can put other additives in by hand via a barrel and a hand pump, but that is very innefficient.

Anonymous said...

While reading this article a chill ran up my spine. There is talk about proposed de-population programs and inferences to the swine flu and such. What if this is already going on? when I rad that directly or indirectly the US empire is killing over a thousand children a day the picture becomes quite clear.

Anonymous said...

It has long been a thought of this scribbler that the country of Israel would eventually run its course. For no matter where we travel, we must all at some stage arrive at our destination. We all plan our trip, but we could never fully know the outcome. There are always too many variables within every journey, so to plan for the outcome does not mean it will be the result we planned. The proof of this is in any driving journey, as we will never plan for the involvement of other road users. They like us will plan, it is the collision of both that will determine the future.
Mr Netanyahu, like any driver has his course planned, He, from my reading of him is a most dangerous man. He is a zealot, and of the firm belief of the Judaic laws. He is the equivalent of a modern day Cromwell, as in the babes of grace. Cromwell had his bible and sword, Netanyahu has his bible and nukes. Netanyahu like Cromwell seems to be un-aware of the fact of, he is being controlled by forces outside his control. This is to say, neither of those men are bad, or evil. More like they are both bent on the ideals of what they believe to be the truth, and are being used by other driving forces who are not quite sure, or care as to the collision, and its results.
Consider the crow if he were above the drivers on their journeys. The crow will see if there is to be a collision, if he were a thinking creature he would not know the outcome, but he could make use of the information, and use it to his advantage if he wished. The crow, not having investment in the affairs of us mortals will just move along as he is looking for his next crust. The creatures who would control us is more of a deviant, and has a more malevolent design. Not content with endless stolen wealth, but would more prefer to live in grandiose times with a subjugated serving world at their beck and call. This serving class would serve in modernity, while living in a dark age.
Perhaps Israel in our time is creating a clash within civilization. Perhaps Netanyahu in using the tried and tested methods of annihilation of former times, in an age when it is not to be tolerated. Cromwell in his time could use any and all methods to do his work, as the controllers were the final arbitor. There are surely leaders in our world to-day who will not tolerate the cruelty of a hostile satanic elite. There has to be leaders who would not bend to the will of evil. There has to be people of sanity, while knowing the world is hell bent on some form of destruction, will not allow this destruction to be complete.
Netanyahu it is said by some sources stole the election from Livni, who was possibly the only chance for peace of a sort in the Mid-East. This has resonance with the stolen elections of the US. Which leads me to the thought, some sources will tell of Kissinger who was of the opinion, his NWO was to be up and running by 2001. The only two presidents of the US of dubious origin were, Clinton, and Obama. Is there a plan here I wonder ? Where they failed in the Clinton administration, will they make up this loss in Obamas time ?

Anonymous said...

With the internet and various ways of gaining truthful information in our world to-day, I never cease to be amazed at the gullibility of most people. I heard recently on radio of commentary in commemoration of 9/11, and the reporter would still give it out as the work of arabs, and their hatred of our freedom. The list of links you give in your piece will give the reader any number sub-links to learn at least a half decent idea as to the culprits in all this. Perhaps if I had been looking at TV instead of listening to radio, I might have seen the sign, sold out whore above the announcers head.

I watched this happen while I was on a site as we were about to knock off. Some made remark as to crows coming home to roost, or look at the people jumping. One person remarked of the devil being let loose through a door which would never be closed. There was wisdom in the last response I thought, as it was a deep thought without bias, or malice. There was no conversation at the last response as it seemed to confuse those who would jibe or jeer. The thinker had no thought then of a NWO. Maybe his thinking then would create more thinkers. (We could but hope I suppose).

This scribbling started with the thought of evil men turning the minds of, good or disposable leaders to the will of evil. Makes me think. If those who did this evil, had guided the planes to the base of the towers, it would have made the plot more plausible, but create an un-acceptable level of death. It had to be planned just so, the asbestos will kill for years without count, and no one will be counting. As with all wars we will remember the dead when they are dead, as there has to be a remembrance with the setting, and rising of the sun, the bugles and fan-fare are but distractions to keep us pacified.

PS. Mick I am not familiar with this pub. You should however look up, Me Jewel and Darling Dublin by, Eamonn Mac Thomaise. Regards.



Scaleless said...

Dear April 16/17 2003,
I hear you brother.
Especially about the "scales falling from your eyes".
Mine didn't fall until March 2007.
Nomatter, the understanding of how the world really works both backwards and forwards from that moment has made me also like "a parched sponge for the truth".
Equally hurtful and astounding has been the inability of near friends and loved ones to take in the truth I have realised. Truth that came like a tsunami of information when the scales did fall.
I wonder how many of us there are in the world?
Here at Les' blogs we are "preaching to the choir" so to speak (and to the odd troll...), but out amoung the masses, I wonder if people like you, me, Les, the other posters here and at the other truth seeking blogs even make up 1% of the western world?
It seems 99% of people either cannot see the truth or simply do not care to know it.
Honestly, I cannot get my head around the silence and/or the apathy.
Glad to know there are others feeling as I do.
Sincerely a "displaced" Canadian in Sweden,

Anonymous said...

There is a Utube video about a female physicist who interviewed Wernher Von Braun the German/American rocket scientist shortly before he died. I think the interview took place in the 80s. He described the "terror" thing and a bunch of other stuff the illumanists would pull. He said the last card they would play when nothing else worked would be an alien invasion. I was just wondering how the ignorant sheeple that still believe the official 911 fairytale will react when the government tells them forget OBL aliens are after them. They could lard it on real good. An alien craft was shot down and human remains were found along with cook books. Now it is one thing for terrorists to kill three thousand people the sheeple don't know, but this is personal. The panic would be unbeleivable. With two hundred million guns in this country how many innocent people would be mistaken for aliens and shot? Obongo would be worshiped as a messiah if he would only protect them.

It's coming folks. Everything Von Branu said in that interview came to pass. When the MSM substitutes the word alien for terror watch out. If you are extremely tall/short, fat, ugly etc. better stay off the street.


greencrow said...

So here is part two of my journey towards truth. I stayed on the New York Times forums for about 3 years, honing my ability to argue and debate online. Like a fool, I first posted under my own name! Soon I learned I had to be incognito. There were two other posters I had come to admire greatly out of the dozens of posters. Their ID's were Redomercrow and Yellowcrow. Redomercrow wrote in a beautiful style like the greek philosophers, yet so easy to comprehend. Yellowcrow was an ancient from a western First Nations community. Or, at least so he told us, until I got to know (him) later on on another forum and he revealed himself to be a young woman! But, when we were on the NYT we were the "three crows" and woebetide when we decided to become a "murder" against any poster or false idea.

I want to say a few words about the burden of the truth. As I learned more about the 9/11 was UK MP George Galloway who was the first to refer to it as an "atrocity" (to my knowledge) I began to personally grieve the deaths of the 3,000 innocents who died that day. They took up a place deep in my heart that also contains loved ones lost to death such as my own mother. I think about them every day and resentment grows apace the longer they go without justice.

As long as I live I will grieve them...and its a terrible burden for us truthers to bear...and that forms the foundation of my anger. Why do I have to mourn for 3,000 people I never knew!!! Why do I have to carry the wish for vengence around like an old elephant who cannot forget?!

Why are those who should be in a position to bring justice skimming along on the surface of civil society...skating and piroetting on the cold icy surface, never having to plunge to the black depths where the wrecks of our society lie decomposing like the Titanic???!

Yes, I carry with me an indescribable grief and an anger and a wish for blood vengeance that grows day by day.

Sometimes I think the only solution would be for me to take a can of kerosene and go and sit like a budhha in the city square and douse myself and set myself on fire and leave a detailed note about the reason for my immolation....would THAT work?!


Anonymous said...

Friends, Romans and fellow affluent westerners...only a single person has mentioned Truthseeker and nobody knows what happened to it. Does anyone realize that all of our fringe news sites--ie non-corporate--are being dismantled? Does anyone care, or are we all so absorbed in our own thoughtstream that we can't see clear enough to formulate a care. Wake up and answer Les you morons. Peace be with you

Travis said...

The plane hitting the Pentagon charge is very simple to me: FUCKING PROVE IT with video. Release ALL the security video's the FBI seized.

Everyone has a theory, everyone has an idea. Here is the simple approach. If the Govt says something, it should show hard PROOF that is happened.

Not the "Black guy in the Osama costume" kind of proof either.

I tend to believe it didn't happen, why else cover it up? If a plane truly hit it, and the Govt claims a plane hit it, then it should not be hard to PROVE this. Show me the fucking video.

Errr..... They can't or won't.

The "Aliens" are coming. Prepare to hear voices from them beaming microwaves into your brain via HAARP or your local cell tower.

It's time to get the fuck off of this continent.

Annsie said...

I noticed that some people mentioned Sorcha Faal..She has been accused of being a he and a disinformation hack. I apologise that I cannot provide some information regarding this as it was a few years ago now..Do a bit of research and see what you come up with...I cannot say for sure how true it is but it seems quite plausible.It convinced me.

Truthseeker said...

Les, Fud, Hank, Bholanath, Elipser, Zoner, Pot EuropeanAmerican, M_Astera, Micke and others; has been "down" since the 8th of Septemeber 2009.
Do any of you know WHY??
Something is very wrong I fear.
All information about what has happened is VERY appreciated.

Visible said...

This info has been out of Sorcha Faal for a long time

The name is a play on words for Sucha Fool.

I don't pay any attention to this writer anymore than I do to people who keep trying to prove the same things to me over and over without ever presenting anything but opinion and yelling at everybody because they won't follow suit.

Some here think that the bad guys have complete control of everything and the fact that I'm not dead is proof that I work for them. No matter what the truth of anyone might be, as long as wealthy landowners, corporations, central banks and western imperial nations don't like them they are a few rungs up the ladder from the rest of them (for the moment).

Sorcha Faal takes events and then adds sound and lights to them, stretches them like taffy and Hollywood's them up. This person edges all around the truth with a nitrous oxide gun. None of the events predicted have occurred yet though.

One final note on the other thing. A certain amount of passionate outrage is a good thing because it shows some degree of conviction, even when you're wrong. It's far better than bloodless vipers like Chomsky and others. However, going around with a permanent bad attitude eventually serves to alienate everyone and that is why no one can be bothered to comment much or even care, especially when there are no general onboard facts that corroborate being reported even by the media who has an iron in the fire.

Israel and 9/11 has steamer ship loads of hard associative data and one might suggest that there are degrees of harm. The rape and murder of a single person is a bad thing. the rape and murder of entire nations is something else.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the politically incorrect, racist and holocaust-denying sites joogle blogger is erasing. A gay friend told me the gay sites are being shut down if they won't put pants on the guys! He figured it was cutting into joogle porn ad sales! 158 blogs shut down since 8/15.
Word ver.: HANDEL!!

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami post up now-

The September, Visible Origami Radio Show.

Anonymous said...

I have been doing some digging into the truthseeker site issue as I work in IT

When trying to look up DNS values for this site or domain the only thing i can get is the site's name server. All other values are gone. This means that his web site and even email will fail as no other computer can find them. DNS matches sites and hosts to their public machine internet addresses.

I have found that recently his site was periodically offline - and mainly due to DNS problems. This means that whoever is buggering up his domain is very skilled at what they do. Unless Mr Stewart has some very good technical help he will be off-air for some time

This is not a plug for business - it's just my opinion. I miss this site as it and WRH 2 of my favourite sources.


Mouser said...

Thanks Chuckyman for that info about joogle blogger shutting down nonPC sites (pronounced "jew-gel blog-ger").
These mofo's are everywhere - just like the flying-pig virus!, together with WRH, is one of the best alternative news sites I've found on the net.
At least thetruthseeker carries real journalist articles as opposed to the standard MSM which only writes spin and fluff.
Unflipping believable.

WRH 20090913; ROTHSCHILD said...

The New World Order is "Communism"

By: poorrichard

"Most people think of Communism as an ideology dedicated to public ownership and championing workers and the poor. This was a simple but incredibly successful ruse. Hundreds of millions were drawn to the cause. Idealistic intellectuals debated the fine points into the night. The ideology appealed to people who think they should get something for nothing- rather a large segment.

In fact, Communism is devoted to concentrating all wealth and power in the hands of the central banking cartel (the Rothschilds and their allies) by disguising it as State power. (The State is run by witting & unwitting agents of the Rothschilds.)"

John said...

Sorcha Faal is for entertainment purposes only, and to be taken with a grain of salt. When Air Force One and the F-16's buzzed Manhattan earlier this year, creating a mini-panic, her explanation was that Obama was trying to meet with world leaders to reveal the Swine Flu 'scam' and that rogue elements in the govermnent ordered the F-16's to shoot him down....The tabloids at the grocery store have nothing on Sorcha Faal, alien bat babies notwithstanding. Disinformation agent? Or just a wacky website. Effective disinformation agents usually tell the truth except for the important details. Although I read the website, I am usually chuckling as I do so. The best part is the 'buried news' section on the right side and down a little bit not too far from the top. These are stories linked from all over the world. "Her" own stories seem to be just plain fiction...

Anonymous said...

A lot of us are looking for bombs/explosions (the thing I feel looming has me convinced it's something sudden and frightening even to people like you reading this), but all signs point to the “Next Nine Eleven Superfuck” being financial devastation and all that will bring – Les’ shit hitting fan. Ez Pz. They'll just watch us kill each other fighting over the scraps. A hurricane here, an earthquake there, a real/bullshit pandemic sprinkled on top and this place is fucked. Superbly.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see a single sign about the 'Israel factor' in Dick Armey's and Glenn Beck's million man Teabagger March on Washington. Just more smoke
and mirrors & an anger management safety valve
for the PTB. Where is the $30m given to Ron Paul?
I want my money back.

TheIsraelfactor said...

"The Israel factor"
Now there's a thought provoking title for a rant!
Lets take a highschool analogy - no, on second thought nothing so adolescently complicated - lets take a primary school analogy.
Say we have a normal elementary school with 7 grades of kids and teachers with about 3 classes of each level at the school. That makes about 21 classes and with around 30 kids to a class giving a total of 630 students.
610 of these students are gentiles and 20 of them are jewish.
In the real world what do you think would happen if the 20 jewish students started a gang where they routinely beat up the weaker of the gentile students?
Wouldn't there come a point when the 610 students and there parents and the teachers and the principle would put the hammer down so to speak and say to the 20 jewish students and their parents to STOP their bullying or they will be expelled?
How is Israel behaving any differently than these analagous jewish students except that the deed is not bullying but rather murder (Palestinians), fraud of billions (Madoff and the Fed), threat of nuclear extermination (Iran), harvesting of organs of dead and 'disappeared' Palestinians and Algerian children (Zionist rabbis), orchestrating the sacrifice of nearly 3000 civilian lives for geopolitical goals (Dov Zakheim), organising of NWO slavery for ALL classes (Rothchild and their lackeys, minions).
How long will this go on? How long did the corrupt French monarchy flourish until their unsavory end.
When is enough enough to wake up the 610 non-jewish students and their parents to STOP this minority of bullies from their psychopathic behaviour?
The Israel factor - hmmm.

Anthony said...

Hi Les,

Usually I come to your pieces via the Thruthseeker, but I've been missing him BIG TIME the last few days and kept an eye on you directly to see if you might have something.

Thanks for mentioning this. It is really annoying.

Mick Dublin! I follow two sites, Rense and theTruthseeker.
I also like Michael Rivero, but if you follow Jeff, you can do without Mike, without being disrespectful, because he IS a hero.

Mind you, once a week I look at judicial, because this guy is so bloody razorsharp, although he never once mentions the Freemasons, who are clearly important as well, but Judicial is simply a master in dissecting the psychopath's mind and schemes. His presentation is also revolutionary and I am simply stunned that he is not copied more often, because nobody on planet earth conveys more info with less words than this guy.

Rixon, all the best. From your writing it transpires that you have a highly developed mind, a humble, concise and direct way of expressing yourself. You have taught me a lot.
I pray for you and hope all is well.
I will continue checking for your reappearance.

Les, I like facts more than comment, because I like to search on my own, which you most likely will encourage. But as commentators seem to be necessary, to my mind you do a decent job!
Thanks again for asking about Rixon, if any news is forthcoming I hope to find it here.


arthurdecco said...

Great original post. Funny, sad and defiantly angry like all the best blog posts are.

greencrow said...

Hi all:

Thanks Les and readers for your patience while I posted about my truth journey. This last post will be an epilogue. I realize that Les asked us to also post about villians in the 9/11 truth movement.

In the earlier posts I mentioned my heros and mentors along the way. This post will deal with those I've encountered who have dismissed, dysinfoed, diminished and distracted from the truth.

First of course were some of the other posters on the (now defunct) New York Times forum that I participated on for over three years. It soon became apparent that there were two camps on the forums...those who were openminded and leftist and those who were close-mined and fanatical right wingers...these were cheerleaders of the two wars that resulted from the 9/11 atrocity. They were the ones who wanted to divide up Iraq into Bhantustans.

A closer look reveal that the war enthusiasts were also, to a poster, zionists. At first I was puzzled by this "coincidence" but later understood the wars were helpful to the Zionist cause and were therefore viewed by jews as positives...ultimately I saw the whole picture. 9/11 was caused by ziofascists to further their middle east agenda and globalist hegemonic agenda.

I used to be amazed at the coinkydink of me coming on line and immediately being followed by posters I called the "Memri Folk" (from the Memri institute that they constantly quoted from). Now I know these spammers and trolls are alerted by a software program called Megaphone ("Calling all Ziofascists!!!") We now call these posters the "Megaphonies".

There are three main villian groups...the perps, the perp supporters (including the M$M and the megaphonies) and the sheeple--who know 9/11 was an inside job but "don't mind".

If you've ever been in a fight between three verus know how truthers feel.

Yes, when you reach the highest echelon of look down and 360 degrees around you, you are surrounded by zionists....

What to do, What to do?!

One thing that I have done is totally shut down about zionism. I can no longer enjoy a Hollywood movie, listen to some pop culture songs, listen to Mainstream Media "News" or follow "celebrities" turned off by "western culture" am I. Western culture has been permeated by subconsciously directed zionist propaganda which grates like fingernails on a chalkboard to me now.

I am alienated from my own dominant culture...which is very isolating.

But I have the Internet sub-culture...the truth family that I have adopted and that has adopted me...that is why when one of us disappears...

like thetruthseeker did this past two weeks.

It hits like a post traumatic flashback.

Where IS the truthseeker????!!!!



Frank Fredenburg said...

Good article Les! Don't let the shills get you down. I'm on a number of different sites and they always nitpick over spelling and any possible little error they can use to try to make someone look bad. They hope to place doubts in the people that frequent your site, so hopefully they can reduce the numbers that enjoy your intelligence and wit! There not going to do that! Your audience will continue to grow!
Les please consider doing an article on the vaccine insanity that is going on. Now they want to give this vaccine for cervical cancer to boys and men, to stop penile cancer. From what I have read about it, they shouldn't even give it to girls, because of the serious side effects. There is also that business with Baxter sending contaminated vaccines to other countries. If my memory serves me right, they was sent to 18 countries. I think you have mentioned these facts in various articles but I don't think you have done an entire post on this subject.
The best to you and your loved ones, Les!

Anonymous said...

Rense & WRH both state they were attacked again today. I can't get on either now. One of these days very soon I know I won't be able to get on anything. Life will go on but prepare your life NOW for the news and info. blackout!

Anonymous said...

Les- Your evident points on 911 are well said, and a person does not need to have a Physics 101 background to know that kerosene/benzene jet fuel could not weaken, let alone melt the steel columns in the Twin Towers, any more than a 757 passenger jet could vanish, yet leave three narrow holes that punched-through the steel reinforced concrete walls of the Pentagon (regardless of the laughable bullshit that was shown on the National Geographic Channel).

It appears that TPTB are disabling the last free WWW bastions of truth, while the disinformation sites like TBR News continue on their merry way; however, with all the talk of shutting-down the Internet, it’s not like we didn’t see this coming. I continually get that Conflicker virus, which is becoming a daily removal task with just about every site I visit (especially Yahoo email). I use SpywareSTOP which removes this virus but I seem to always acquire it again the next time I go online… and I remove it again.

With regard to; I also usually look for your blog postings on that website; however thetruthseeker is obviously gone without notice, and Rense and whatreallyhappened are also being cyber-attacked but they are still online. I have a question that has been going around in my head all day: When/if thetruthseeker finally comes back online, how can we be sure that this website is still being run by the same management? Perhaps the absence of links to your blog will be an indicator? I find it very suspicious that nobody knows what happened to that website, and I was surprised to read that even you, Les, don’t know.

After seeing the MSM trying to avoid the story of approximately 2-million peaceful protestors marching on D.C., tells me that the people are finally waking-up and the Establishment is very worried that protests of civil disobedience may soon escalate to a full-blown revolution. A person who is homeless, unemployed, and hungry - - is a person that has nothing left to lose, and our destiny may eventually be forced to follow the path of the desperate insurgents (freedom fighters) of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine (my opinion).

Ray Zerwitt said...

Welcome to the religion buffet. It's potluck too. Offer your own. Spice your own. Garnish your own. Make it eclectic and controversial. All dishes are allowed except one.

Anonymous said...

John you are basically right about the Sorcha site. I have stated that some of the stuff there you have to take with a grain of salt. I am definitely hesitant to recommend a neophyte to go there. I have made this clear. As with all sites one must be discerning. I am still working on exactly who the Einhar Warriors are. LOL

Most of the people I see here however are perfectly capable of separating the wheat from the chafe.

On the other hand she comes up with stuff you will never see on other sites trust me. Her list of world headlines are not bad. It is kind of like reading the morning headlines to me. So no I am not recommending anybody hang their hat soley on her site.

It can't be all bad as rumornillnews and surfingtheapocalypse would not allow anybody to mention her for awhile. She must be doing something right if these shills are falling out with her.

One site I can tell you to stay away from is godlikeproductions. They will put all kind of crap on your computer. It is deal.

I am trying my hand at blogging for the first time ever but I am coming to the concusion I suck at this. I may just erase the whole thing. I finally did get the links to work but lost the only two comments I had trying to fix it.

simon said...

Anthony, I haven't been to mick dublin's site yet, but I share a similar perspective to you on the rest.

And thanks for the info chuckyman. But even if rixon's site has been completely disabled, surely rixon could get to another computer and email. Why hasn't he contacted anybody and let them know what's going on? where is he?


Hank said...

Regards to Truthseeker, I don't know for sure. I know that the UK is turning into a police state, and the evil forces are very strong there. If the English government has a hand in it, he may not get back up. I don't know his situation in the UK, but if his blog is as important to him as it is to the rest of us, getting out of the UK may be his and our only hope. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick, the einherjar warriors are the men killed in battle who are brought to Valhalla by Odin's Valkyries. At Valhalla they train every day for their fated future final battle with the giants. I don't know if that makes any sense in the context of Sorcha's article(s) but that's what the word means.

Anonymous said...

We are now down two generations. We need to see some results. I can understand my grandmother in the floozy of San Francisco 1950s and I can understand my mother in Madera prune picking, in the 1970s but hey, now it's time, we demand something, you gotta have a resolution.... that is what the Z generation rebels against. That's what the New Punk is against.

Anonymous said...

Go to to BoB Dylan.Laugh.Check wallet and internal organs are intact before leaving site.Have a shower.

Anonymous said...

Here we are on the island of Dr. Moreau. Film footage of Moshe going down.“swine-flu-vaccine-is-bioweapon”/ has obtained a copy of "Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment," published in 1977 and co-authored by Holdren with Malthusian population alarmist Paul R. Ehrlich and Ehrlich's wife, Ann. As WND reported, the authors argued involuntary birth-control measures, including forced sterilization, may be necessary and morally acceptable under extreme conditions, such as widespread famine brought about by "climate change."

To prevent ecological disasters, including "global warming," Holdren argued the U.S. Constitution would permit involuntary abortions, government-imposed sterilizations and laws limiting the number of children as steps justified under the banner of "sustainable well-being."

They never really explained the constitution to me when I was in school. I never realized all this. Czar Holdren saves the day!

Anonymous said...

On the silver you could to down to the flea market and buy yourself silver bracelet like the native Americans wear and boil it in some water.
That is what they do and you get the turqoise essence in it also.

It is getting a little late to be thinking of some of these things though. You can also make tea in a silver teapot.

greencrow said...

So, just checking thetruthseeker site and it's down again.

Rixon Stewart should come on this site and announce when his site is down so his fans and colleagues in the Truth Movement can keep track that he's safe personally.


Warm Clouds said...

Wow, I wish my words so sharp. Of all the hero's I have accumulated and then released, you are the most inspirational. If I could write something with 1/4 of the insight and 1/8 of the inspiration I would be blissfully humane. Thanks for perspective!
Warm Clouds



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